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                SIGNET Earns Coveted Award Onto
                Commonwealth of MA State Contract

    Norwell, MA - SIGNET has been awarded the coveted Commonwealth of Massachusetts FAC64
    Contract, only the most qualified and experienced security integrators may earn this award. The FAC64
    Contract is a means for any public state entity or agency to procure security equipment, systems, and
    installation services in a controlled selective basis without the limitations and restrictions of public
    bidding. For additional information, please visit our website at

    "This state contract award comes at a perfect time for SIGNET to work with our public and state clients
    on summer projects, particularly our K-12 clients looking to upgrade public address and emergency
    notification systems this summer" states Bradford Caron, President of SIGNET.

    The FAC64 Contract includes the procurement of security, access control, video surveillance,
    emergency communication and public address systems and many other related systems. For more
    information or to schedule an appointment please contact
    Founded in 1974, SIGNET Electronic Systems, Inc. has grown from an installation services contractor
    to a complete integration solutions provider. SIGNET's mission is to provide our clients with innovative
    solutions and superior service that enhance life safety, security and communications.

    Linda Lee Anderson
    SIGNET Electronic Systems, Inc.
    Phone: 781-871-5888 (ext. 1315)

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