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   a specialist provider
of training, qualifications
      & consultancy
                               Introduction                         3

                               Management & Leadership              4
                               Management & Leadership Case Study   5

                               Learning & Development               6
                               Learning & Development Case Study    7

                               Qualifications Consultancy           8

                               Key Client Profile                   10

                               Current / Recent Projects            11

2 :
Polaris Learning Ltd provides specialist training
and consultancy services, designed to assist
with the development of people in the workplace,
and aiding organisations to achieve
a competent and motivated workforce.
The company provides accredited learning solutions from top
management to technical operations.

Key services involving the development of competence include:
•   Management and Leadership programmes
•   Learning and Development
•   Industry-specific solutions
•   Qualifications consultancy

The company takes pride in maintaining close, long—term partnerships
with clients, delivering quality and value to the customer through the
provision of tailored solutions, sector-experienced consultants, and a
focus on seeing real benefits being achieved on an individual and
organisational level.

Client Feedback:
“Uncompromising dedication to quality”
“Quickly understood our business”
“The current needs of the industry”
                                                                         “Flexible enough to work within our
“Confidence and clear direction”                                         timeframes and around our operation”

                                                                                 : 3
                                                    Management & Leadership
                                                    There is no question that an organisation’s supervisory, management and
                                                    leadership team makes a key contribution to the success of a company.

                                                    Many organisations demonstrate the value of these individuals by
                                                    selecting a professional organisation to partner with in the development
                                                    of its key personnel. Polaris Learning Ltd is the chosen partner for many
                                                    organisations and we are one of the largest private providers of in-house
                                                    management & leadership solutions in Scotland.

                                                    Our People, Innovation and Flexibility
                                                    One-to-one support enables us to understand the business situation,
                                                    the individual’s role and, to assist them to make personal changes in
  “Due to the continued growth of PathFinder
                                                    the workplace.
   Energy Services Limited it became clear
   more structure and skills were required to
   get the most out of the onshore workshop         We provide a range of delivery options including short courses and
   team. After due consideration and review         in-house development programmes. We have established a range of
   with a number of training organisations,         innovative options with our customers to support these programmes.
   Polaris Learning Ltd was selected as it was
                                                    This includes building-in coaching and mentoring processes for senior
   felt they were in the best position to deliver
   the management development programme
                                                    management who then support those on development programmes.
   required. The key to the success of the
   programme was the flexibility and patience       Our goal is to make personal development happen in the workplace.
   the training consultant has shown over the
   term of the training as some of the team
   members were working abroad for a month
   at a time. Polaris Learning Ltd quickly
   understood our business and personnel
   in the team and as a result delivered the
   course content and explained requirements
   in a manner that was understood by
   all. We all continue to benefit from
   training received and will continue to use
   Polaris Learning Ltd for future training

   Ian Finnie, Senior R&M Supervisor
   PathFinder Energy Services Limited

4 :
Case Study
Management & Leadership : Subsea7

Subsea 7 were looking for a learning partner to work with to deliver a
long term development programme, aimed at developing the skills of its
offshore supervisory team.

Following a competitive evaluation process, Polaris Learning Ltd was
selected and worked closely with Subsea 7 management to identify the
key issues faced by its offshore supervisory personnel.

The programme was piloted and closely evaluated for the first 3
groups to ensure that content, delivery arrangements and programme
assignments met their needs.

During the delivery of the programme to over 200 of the organisations
offshore supervisors, it was extended to include many workshop based
supervisory and management personnel.

The content and objectives were revised during 2006 to take account of
                                                                         “This programme has been extremely
the fact that many supervisors were being more involved in personnel
                                                                          successful within Subsea 7 and has
coaching, leadership and motivation.                                      helped to establish a common standard of
                                                                          leadership techniques across our levels on
                                                                          the North Sea.”

                                                                         Gavin Smith
                                                                         Global Training
                                                                         Development & Competence Manager
                                                                         Subsea 7

                                                                                 : 5
                               Learning & Development
                               Are you providing effective training and development within your

                               Whether your organisation is starting afresh, or looking to give your
                               in-house training programmes that professional edge, Polaris Learning
                               Ltd provides a range of specialist services to help you get the best out of
                               your workforce.

                               For organisations starting from scratch, we have helped many companies
                               build and implement cost-effective training solutions including:
                               •   Training Matrices
                               •   Individual Training Plans
                               •   Training Programmes and Modules
                               •   Training Procedures and Coaching Sheets
                               •   Skills and Competency Evaluation Tools

                               We have a range of general resources through which we can help to build
                               your departmental training programmes and work with you to develop
                               the specialist technical content.

                               One of our unique services is to build-in your training programmes by
                               working in partnership with your team. We can offer a range of options
                               from undertaking Training Needs Analysis, identifying key competencies
                               and learning outcomes, working with your personnel to design training
                               programmes and offering constructive advice, guidance and expertise
                               when it comes to the delivery and evaluation stages.

                               We provide one-to-one support and mentoring using the national
                               standards of competence for those involved in the delivery of learning
                               & development. Your training personnel benefit from the expert advice
                               and coaching from Polaris Learning Ltd staff and build confidence and
                               professionalism as they develop the skills of your workforce.

6 :
Case Study
Learning & Development : Falck Nutec

Falck Nutec is one of the UK’s leading training providers.
We have been working with Falck Nutec since 2000 to develop and
qualify the skills of their instructors with the primary goal of these
individuals achieving their Assessor and Verifier Awards.

Our relationship is a close partnership. Polaris Learning Ltd has
established Falck Nutec as a satellite centre for a range of Learning &
Development awards which are accredited by SQA.

Our role has been to devise and establish a process that allows the
achievement of these awards while accrediting the instructors with
appropriate Learning & Development Awards.

This has required significant adaptability on Polaris Learning Ltd’s
part as we have worked alongside Falck Nutec during various changes,
including the transition from the “D” to “A & V” units.

                                                                          “In our demanding training environment,
At this stage, we are currently working with Falck Nutec to make the
                                                                           we needed a company who were flexible
process more developmental for the instructors involved by building in
                                                                           enough to work within our timeframes
the national standards for instruction, demonstration and presentation.    and around our operation, yet still be able
                                                                           to address our highest level of quality
                                                                           expectations. Polaris Learning Ltd met this
                                                                           requirement. We chose Polaris Learning
                                                                           Ltd as they not only understand our
                                                                           business and ethos for training, but also
                                                                           for their own uncompromising dedication
                                                                           to quality.”

                                                                          Joe Tierney
                                                                          Manager of Special Projects
                                                                          Falck Nutec

                                                                                  : 7
                                                Qualifications Consultancy
                                                Polaris Learning Ltd has over 15 years of unmatched experience working
                                                with a variety of organisations within the Learning & Development
                                                environment. During this period, the company has established a range of
                                                approaches to assist organisations establish their training, qualifications
                                                and competence resources, facilitating appropriate solutions alongside
                                                in-house personnel.

                                                Qualifications consultancy services include:
                                                •   Coach, assessor and verifier training and accreditation
                                                •   Qualification programme design and implementation
                                                •   Approved Accredited Centre / Satellite Centre development
                                                •   Advice, consultancy and facilitation
                                                •   Industry-specific solutions

                                                The range of services allows for any organisation to establish successful
                                                strategies to in-house training programmes, from those that prefer all
                                                administration and delivery to be implemented externally, to those that
                                                require their own training team and Centre Accreditation.

                                                The company has worked with a variety of Accreditation Bodies,
                                                Quality Assurance Systems and Qualifications Frameworks, and has the
                                                experience to provide pragmatic advice to suit the needs of the client.

  “The advice and support provided has
   been second to none and Polaris Learning
   Ltd have coached and encouraged us to
   approach each phase of our evaluation with
   confidence and clear direction.”

   Pamela Stewart,
   Training & Competence Team Leader,
   ConocoPhillips Ltd.

8 :
Polaris Learning Ltd has extensive experience with organisations
requiring industry or organisation-specific training programmes, which
require the training resources to be tailored to their requirements.
The company has facilitated the development of tailored solutions that
include the following sectors:

•   Local Government                  •   Tourism
•   Manufacturing Operations          •   Textiles
•   Construction                      •   Meat & Poultry Processing
•   Food & Drink                      •   Distribution & Warehousing
•   Customer Services                 •   Paper Manufacturing
•   Offshore Well Services            •   Shipping & Marine
•   Administration                    •   Offshore Drilling Operations
•   Fish Farming                      •   Quarrying

In all cases, Polaris Learning Ltd ensures the success of the training
programmes by developing and building-in ownership, and utilising
in-house skills and expertise.

                                                                : 9
                                                   Key Client Summary
                                                   NorthLink Ferries
                                                   Our relationship with NorthLink Ferries was established four years ago
                                                   when Polaris Learning Ltd was selected to provide advice, consultancy
                                                   and mentoring to enable the organisation to develop their Customer
                                                   Service staff to a recognised standard.

                                                   The objective set by NorthLink Ferries was to establish and maintain
                                                   a minimum quality of Customer Service throughout the organisation
                                                   by implementing an in-house programme of accredited professional
                                                   development for their staff.

                                                   A Customer Service Forum was set up, comprising the managers and
                                                   supervisors from the various terminals within NorthLink. Polaris
                                                   Learning Ltd facilitated and advised at meetings of the Forum to enable
                                                   them to identify what Customer Service meant to them, and what skills
                                                   and behaviours were required of their front-line staff. The National
                                                   Occupational Standards were used as a guideline to build a learning and
                                                   development programme owned entirely by NorthLink Ferries.

   “A close working relationship soon developed
    between NorthLink Ferries and Polaris
                                                   Polaris Learning Ltd provided Management training, accredited by the
    Learning Ltd which helped to create and        Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), to the managers and
    implement the course which was specifically    supervisors within the Forum to provide them with the necessary skills
    tailored to suit the needs of our business.”   to implement the subsequent programme.

   Fiona Anderson
                                                   The programme was established from these foundations with NorthLink
   Service Manager,
   NorthLink Ferries Ltd                           Ferries being set up as a Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Satellite
                                                   Centre of Polaris Learning Ltd, delivering SVQ Customer Service Level
                                                   2 to all relevant personnel. Polaris Learning Ltd maintains the quality
                                                   management and administration of the qualification delivery at NorthLink
                                                   as a Satellite Centre of the company, as well as training in-house assessors
                                                   and verifiers, and providing on-going advice and support.

10 :
Arjo Wiggins Group                 Design and delivery of numerous Leadership & Management Development Programmes for the organisations
                                   management across different UK sites. Established in-house programmes as satellite centre of Polaris Learning Ltd;
                                   training assessors and verifiers in-house.

ConocoPhillips                     Ongoing consultancy, policy and resources development project to steer the organisation through a major change
                                   in its approach to competence as it moves away from the use of SVQ. Commenced in 2007.

Grampian Country Food Group        Ongoing 10 year working relationship with GCFG across all Scottish Operations. Key relevant programmes: Delivery
                                   of approximately 50 Team Leader Awards (ILM) - ongoing, Delivery of over 30 SVQ Management at Levels 3 & 4
                                   – ongoing, March 2007: ILM Level 3 programme for 12 Supervisors, Delivery of Hygiene training to all operatives at
                                   Coupar Angus plant, Delivery of SVQ Meat & Poultry Level 2 to operatives at various plants throughout Scotland.

Halliburton                        Development programme for Training Department leading to the achievement of SVQ Training & Development, Level 3
                                   Delivery of SVQ Occupational Health & Safety Practice at Level 3.

Hydro Electric plc.,               Undertake a major Skills Evaluation and Training Needs Analysis for the Production and Maintenance Teams.
Peterhead Power Station

International Marine Contractors   Producing a Competence Assurance Policy and Strategy for world-wide implementation.
Association (IMCA)

James Jones & Sons Ltd             Over 6 years working relationship contributing to succession planning & management development across all
                                   Scottish operations. Delivery of over 30 ILM Level 2 Team Leader Awards (and NEBS) – ongoing, Delivery of 1st ILM
                                   Level 3 Group (8 individuals) 2004, Delivery of 2nd ILM Level 3 Group (8 individuals) ‘06+.

KCA DEUTAG                         Six year working relationship with KCA DETUAG involving work on Leadership Development, Organisational
                                   Competency & Learning Consultancy, and Supervisory Development Initiatives. Currently working with senior
                                   shore-based management in developing their Leadership & Management abilities in line with organisational goals
                                   i.e. international growth.

OPITO / SQA                        Development of Assessor Guidance for SVQ Drilling Operations, Levels 1-3.

PSL Group                          Implementation of the SVQ Well Services (Tubing Operations) Level 2.
                                   Development and implementation of Competency Grading System.
                                   Undertake a major Skills Evaluation and Training Needs Analysis of management.

Scottish Enterprise /              12 year working relationship involving a range of programmes: The Workplace Training Initiative (1997/8) &
Highlands & Islands Network        The Management Workplace Programme (1998/9).
                                   The development, marketing and delivery of various Management, Training & Development Awards to businesses
                                   throughout the Grampian Area, Organisational Development Workshops.
                                   Design and delivery of a number of organisational workshops to a wide range of organisations in the Grampian area,
                                   Delivery of Management programmes accredited to N/SVQs Levels 3,4 & 5 throughout Scotland (Orkney, Moray,
                                   Aberdeenshire, Tayside, Glasgow, Ayrshire, Edinburgh & Lothian and Dumfries & Galloway) having delivered over 100
                                   awards in the last 4 years alone.

Seadrill Ltd (Formerly Smedvig)    Development and implementation of Drilling Engineering Competence Assurance Programme.

Stewart Milne Timber Systems       Major Skills Evaluation and Training Needs Analysis of all areas of production facility including management as part of
(SMTS)                             organisations expansion plans. Production of organisational development plan covering the Scotland production facility.

U.K.A.E.A (Dounreay & Harwell)     Delivery of NEBS Management programme to a large number of supervisors at both facilities.

                                   Delivery of Management Development Programme leading to achievement of SVQ Management Level 4.
                                   Delivery of ILM Level 3 Certificate to a group of the organisation’s Managers.

Uniq Prepared Foods (Annan)        Delivery of ILM awards & SVQs in Management to supervisory staff as part of Major Implementation Project.
                                   Delivery of SVQ Food & Drink Manufacturing Operations, Level 2 to over 100 candidates. This includes the provision
                                   of Workplace Coach and Assessor Training and the development of training materials and work instructions.

                                                                                                                : 11
Polaris Learning Ltd
12 Meadows Industrial Estate
Aberdeenshire AB51 0EZ

T: 01651 873398
F: 01651 873999

    Polaris Learning Ltd is a specialist provider of training, qualifications and consultancy. We have a track record of delivering
    vocational qualifications and related services to the key private and public sectors within Scotland and beyond.


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