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Poster Rubric


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									                                                         Poster Grading Rubric

                         0                     1                     2                     3                        4             Score

                                                            Most components
                Poster lacks                                and content can
                organization and      Poster is             be found, but are     Components and         Components and
                is missing much       organized but is      not clearly           content are easy to    content are easy to
                of the content        missing content       identified and/or     identify/find and      identify/find and
Organization of and additional        and major             not logically         follow. Not as well    follow. Appropriate,
Content         components.           components.           organized.            organized.             logical organized.

                                                                                  The poster has         The poster has
                 The poster is not                                                excellent visual       excellent visual
                 visually                                   The poster has        appeal but only        appeal and shows
                 appealing and        The poster has        good visual           some creativity was    creativity. Thoughtful
                 there is no          adequate visual       appeal and some       used. Layout and       consideration of
Visually         creative thought     appeal with very      creativity was        design wasn't as       poster layout and
Appealing        design used.         limited creativity.   used. contains
                                                            Poster                unique and creative.   Poster was given.
                                                                                                         design reflects a
                                      Poster may be         some elements of                             scholarly presentation
                                      informational or      scholarly                                    and includes
                                      educational and       presentation but      Poster reflects a      components common
                                      may be creative       does not              scholarly              to scholarly
                                      or appealing, but     consistently          presentation but is    presentations (ex:
                                      it does not           reflect a scholarly   missing some of        abstract, research
                 Poster has no        reflect a             approach to           the scholarly          questions, review of
Scholarly        scholarly            scholarly             presenting the        presentation           literature, methods,
Presentation     components.          presentation. or
                                      Little content        content includes
                                                            Content               elements.              results, etc.)
                                      no scholarly          original research     Content reflects       Content includes
                 Content is very      knowledge             conducted by the      scholarly              scholarly knowledge
                 limited and does     (theory and/or        students but does     knowledge (theory      (theory and/or
                 not contain          research) and         not include           and/or research)       research) and reports
                 scholarly            includes no           scholarly             but no original        on original research
Scholarly        knowledge or         original research     knowledge             research conducted     conducted by the
Knowledge        original research.   by student(s).        (theory and/or        by the student(s).     student(s).
                                                         Poster Grading Rubric

                There are no
                graphics or the       A few of the          Only one graphic
                graphics that         graphics              is not directly       All graphics are      All graphics are
                are present are       represent the         related to the        directly related to   directly related to
                not relevant to       poster topic but      poster topic.         the poster topic,     each other and fits
                the poster topic.     a few do not.         Sources are cited     however, sources      into the poster topic.
Graphics -      Sources are not       Sources are not       but credit is not     are not cited         Graphic sources are
Relevance       cited.                cited properly.       given.                properly.             cited properly.
                                      Poster is             Poster is             Poster is neat in
                Poster is neither     somewhat              somewhat neat         appearance but        Poster is neat and
                neat nor              professional but      and professional      lacks professional    professional in
Professional    professional.         not neat.             in appearance.        polish.               appearance.

                                                            The poster is
                The poster does       The poster is         missing 2
                not have any          missing 3 or          required elements The poster is
Required        required              more required         which are vital to missing 1 required       The poster has all the
Elements        elements              elements.             the poster topic.  element.                 required elements.
                Poster contains       Poster reflects
                substantial           minor
                inaccuracies.         inaccuracies.         Poster reflects                             Poster contains no
                Three or more         One or two            minor                 Poster contains no    discernable
                errors in             minor                 inaccuracies. No      inaccuracies. One     inaccuracies. No
Accuracy of the grammar and/or        grammatical or        grammatical or        or two grammatical    grammatical or
Information     spelling              spelling errors.
                                      Poster is difficult   spelling errors. of
                                                            Some portions         or spelling errors.   spelling errors.
                                      to read from 4ft      the poster are not
                Poster is difficult   away, or the font     readable from 4ft
                to read.The font      size was too          away. Some use                              The poster is easily
                size used was         large and             of visuals to                               readable from 4ft
                too large and         consumes most         convey                The poster is         away. Excellent use
                consumes most         of the page.          information.          readable from 4ft     of visuals to enhance
                of the page.          Little use of         Colors may            away. Good use of     the information.
Aesthetics /    Colors distract       visuals to convey     coordinate, but       visuals to convey     Colors coordinate and
Readable        from content.         the information.      still distract.       information.          fonts are uniform.

                                                                                                                  Total Score      0
                                                                                                                         / 36 points

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