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									                         Town of Hempstead
                      Workforce Investment Board
                           Meeting Minutes
                     HempsteadWorks Career Center
                          November 10, 2005
I.       Welcome and Introductions

The meeting was called to order at 12:15 P.M. by Henry Graber, Financial Secretary,
who asked the attendees to introduce themselves. John Durso introduced himself as a
new member. He explained that he is the President of Local 338 of the Retail, Wholesale
and Department Store Union and also as the President of the Long Island Federation of
Labor. Waldbaums workers are one of the groups represented by Mr. Durso’s

II.      Review of Minutes

A motion to accept the minutes was offered by Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan, seconded by
Rosanne Maraia and adopted by the Board.

III.     Performance Reports

Mr. Graber explained that prior to our meeting, copies of the following reports were
mailed to each member:

        HempsteadWorks One-Stop Operator Annual Report for
         Program Year 2004
        HempsteadWorks Annual Report to the Governor for Program Year 2003
        Return-On-Investment Report for Program Year 2003

Edward Kenny summarized the reports in terms of the performance of the
HempsteadWorks System, as well as the performance of our Workforce Investment Act
(WIA) Title I-B Program. He explained that the One-Stop Operator had submitted a
Corrective Action Plan to the Board in response to its failure of two (2) of the seventeen
(17) WIA performance standards. The failed standards are Adult Earnings Gain and
Older Youth Earnings Gain. The corrective action will include reassignment of
counseling staff and implementation of a process to analyze customer wages prior to
enrollment and also before exit. It was noted that since the inception of WIA, the
Operator had passed ninety-four percent (94%) of its annual performance standards. Mr.
Graber indicated that the Board will issue a response to the HempsteadWorks One-Stop
Operator Annual Report for Program Year 2004.
IV.    Mapping Career Ladders in Aerospace

Mr. Graber explained that the Business Services Team of the WIB is engaged in a
regional initiative to map career ladders in the aerospace industry. He introduced David
M. Bottomley, Executive Director of Aerospace Defense Diversification Alliance in
Peacetime Transition, Inc., otherwise known as “ADDAPT.” Mr. Bottomley explained
that he had addressed the WIB in October of 2004 to describe the planning stage of the
Mapping Career Ladders Project. Now that the project has been completed, he
summarized the project findings.

V.     Community-Based Job Training Initiative Planning

The Board was informed by Mr. Kenny that in the Spring of 2005 the U.S. Department of
Labor issued a solicitation for grant applications under its Community-Based Job
Training Initiative. The only eligible applicants for these grants are community
colleges. HempsteadWorks supported an application submitted on behalf the Long Island
Region, which was submitted by Suffolk County Community College. In anticipation of
a second round of grant solicitations, HempsteadWorks has convened planning meetings
with Nassau Community College and several health care industry partners. A needs
survey was conducted by HempsteadWorks and compiled into a report by the college.
Copies of the report were distributed to the Board. Mr. Kenny stated that this
information will be utilized to support future grant applications, including the
Community-Based Job Training Initiative. He also reported that the proposal
submitted by Suffolk County Community College had been funded in the amount of $2.4
million dollars, which will fund training in advanced manufacturing. A key element of
the College’s grant proposal was the information gathered under the Mapping Career
Ladders Project. Mr. Kenny explained that the Hempstead Workforce Investment Board
will continue to participate on the grant steering committee.

VI.    Work Readiness Credential Pilot Test

Ana-Maria Hurtado directed the members’ attention to a handout entitled The Work
Readiness Credential. She indicated that national and state leaders in business,
government, and labor have come together to build a new tool for assuring that
jobseekers have the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to succeed. The Work
Readiness Credential provides a common, national standard for defining, assessing, and
certifying that individuals can meet the demands of entry-level work tasks. Ms. Hurtado
explained that because employers are needed to field test the credential to assure that it
meets quality criteria for validity, practicality, and fairness, tests have been conducted in
five sites around New York State, including at the HempsteadWorks Career Center on
November 4, 2005.

VII.   Self-Assessment for Workforce Boards

The Board was informed by Mr. Kenny that the New York State Department of Labor
has recommended that local workforce investment boards assess their own effectiveness.
They recommend using an assessment tool designed by the National Association of
Workforce Boards. He discussed the tool and informed the members that they will
receive a written request to complete this survey and return it for compilation.

VIII. New Business

Judy Young described the planned visit of Dr. Haruna of the Japanese Institute of
Vocational Rehabilitation, who will visit HempsteadWorks and Abilities, Inc. to study
the Whatever It Takes (WIT) Customized Employment Grant. Dr. Haruna’s visit was
suggested by the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Disability and Employment Policy.
Mr. Graber offered a motion to recognize the staff of HempsteadWorks for their
accomplishments. The motion was seconded by Ms. Lovaglio-Duncan and adopted by
the Board. It was agreed that a letter of appreciation would be sent by Mr. Graber to the
HempsteadWorks staff on behalf of the Board.

IX.    Adjournment

A motion to adjourn was offered by Ms. Maraia, seconded by Mr. Goldstein and adopted
by the Board. The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 P.M.


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