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                                                                     Steven Young                       In an increasingly interdepen-
                                                                     Historical phonology, Slavic       dent world, the study of lan-
                                                                     and Baltic linguistics, Russian    guages and cultures, including

Languages and
                                                                     language                           the heritage languages and
                                                                                                        cultures of immigrants to the
                                                                     ASSISTANT PROFESSORS               United States, is a fundamen-

Linguistics                                                          Zakaria Fatih
                                                                     Francophone studies,
                                                                     enlightenment, critical theory,
                                                                                                        tal part of every student’s
                                                                                                        education. Knowledge of at
                                                                                                        least one foreign language
                                                                     Arabic language                    and familiarity with different
                                                                                                        societies equip university
                                                                     Adriana Medina-López-Portillo      graduates for more intelligent
CHAIR                              Stanley McCray                    Intercultural communication,       choices as citizens of today’s
Ana Maria Schwartz                 Historical linguistics, French    intercultural training, Mexican    world, and it enhances their
Language teaching and              studies                           cultural studies                   effectiveness in a range of
curriculum development,                                                                                 career fields, including law,
learning strategies, heritage      Sara Z. Poggio                    Ana Oscoz                          journalism, business, educa-
Spanish speakers                   Sociology, Latin-American soci-   Language teaching, methodol-       tion, health care, banking,
                                   eties, Hispanics in the United    ogy, technology in the             social work, management, in-
PROFESSORS                         States                            foreign-language classroom,        ternational administration and
Alan S. Bell                                                         classroom-based assessment         many others in the public and
                                   Alan S. Rosenthal Emeritus                                           private sectors. The study of
Modern Spanish literature,
                                   Franco-American relations,        Denis Provencher                   linguistics and human commu-
language teaching
                                   French and Italian literature,    French civilization and cultural   nication provides perspectives
                                   language teaching                 studies, language, gender and      and tools of analysis useful
Thomas T. Field                    methodology                       sexuality, conversation and        in every human endeavor.
Sociolinguistics, literacy,                                          discourse analysis, intercul-      The Department of Modern
                                   Elaine Rusinko                    tural communication
language maintenance,                                                                                   Languages and Linguistics
                                   Russian language, literature,
French and Occitan                                                                                      offers an innovative, multi-dis-
                                   culture and society, Carpatho-    SENIOR LECTURERS                   ciplinary program with a triple
Renate Fischetti                   Rusyn studies                     Marie de Verneil                   focus: language, literature and
Emerita                                                              French language, instructional     society. Courses are offered
                                   Judith M. Schneider               systems development
Modern German literature,                                                                               in Arabic, Chinese, French,
                                   Modern French studies,
film, feminist theory                                                                                    German, Hebrew, Japanese,
                                   Latin-American and U.S.           Brigitte May                       Korean, Linguistics, Russian,
Angela Moorjani Emerita            Hispanic literature, French       German language, literature        Spanish and Wolof, as well as
Modern French literature and       and Latin-American Jewish         and culture                        a range of culture and general
culture, feminist theory,          writing
                                                                                                        education courses under the
psychopragmatics                                                     Rosalie Messick
                                   Robert A. Sloane                                                     designation MLL (Modern
                                                                     Spanish language
                                   Golden-age Spanish literature,                                       Languages and Linguistics).
John H. Sinnigen                                                                                        MLL courses are taught in
Modern Spanish and Latin-          language teaching                 LECTURERS
                                   methodology                                                          English and include offerings
American fiction, ideologies                                          William Brown
                                                                                                        on such topics as general
and literature, contemporary                                         Chinese language, literature
                                   John Stolle-McAllister                                               language, linguistics, world
Mexico                                                               and culture
                                   Cultural studies, Latin-Ameri-                                       literature and international
                                   can popular culture, social       Samir El Omari                     film. Majors in modern lan-
ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS                                                                                    guages and linguistics share a
                                   movements                         Arabic language
Omar Ka                                                                                                 common interdisciplinary core
Language planning, phonol-         German Westphal                                                      of courses (MLL 190, 230
                                                                     Susanne Sutton
ogy, African linguistics, French   Generative linguistics,                                              and 301), which provides a
                                                                     German language
language, Wolof language           Spanish                                                              grounding in essential issues
                                                                                                        of human communication
Edward Larkey                                                                                           and social context. There are
German popular culture,                                                                                 four options for the major:
German ethnicity, GDR
studies                                                                                                 ◆ One-language option in
                                                                                                          French, German, Russian
                                                                                                          or Spanish
                                                                                                        ◆ Two-language option
                                                                                                        ◆ Language and cultural
                                                                                                        ◆ Applied linguistics
                                                                                                        The department also offers
Courses in this program are listed under ARBC, CHIN, FREN, GERM, HEBR, JPNS, KORE, LING, MLL,           a minor in modern languages
RUSS, SPAN AND WOL.                                                                                     and linguistics and a cer-
                                                                                                        tificate of achievement in

                                                                     MODERN LANGUAGES AND LINGUISTICS                         141
French, German, Russian           For a complete list of courses    Although not required, MLL          9 credits from RUSS 270,
and Spanish. Additionally, the    and their descriptions, please    191: The World of Language II       271, 310, 311
program in modern languages       consult the Graduate Catalog.     is highly recommended.
combines exceptionally well                                                                             3 credits of elective RUSS
with major programs in many                                         Students may select one of
other departments, where
                                  Teacher Certification              four options for the major:
                                                                                                        courses at the 300 or 400
knowledge of another              There are many openings for
language and culture is           teachers of modern lan-           One-Language Option
                                  guages in public and private                                          3 credits:
often a valuable asset.                                             (Total credits: 39-42)
                                  schools. Students intending                                           RUSS 350
The courses listed as MLL                                           French Interconnections             Complementary
                                  to major in a language and
provide offerings of general                                        With the World (42 credits)         Russian Reading
                                  seek elementary or early-
interest to both the major and    childhood certification or seek      9 credits:
non-major. These courses          secondary certification in                                         Note: It is recommended that
                                                                       MLL 190, 230, 301
present a wide and primar-        their major language should                                        the student take RUSS 350 in
ily international perspective     consult with the Department                                        conjunction with a 300- or
on aspects of language,                                                6 credits:                    400-level course taught in
                                  of Education as early as
literature and culture.                                                FREN 301, 302                 English.
                                  possible for a description
                                  of the certification require-
                                                                       12 credit of foundation       Spanish (39 credits)
Career and                        ments and the procedures for
                                  admittance into the program.         courses:
Academic Paths                                                         FREN 310, 320, 330, 340          9 credits:
MLL graduates have success-                                                                             MLL 190, 230, 301
fully pursued careers in law,     Academic Advising                    3 credits of experiential
medicine, education, social       The modern languages                 learning:                        18 credits:
work, government and interna-     and linguistics department           FREN 399                         SPAN 301, 302, 307, 308,
tional business. Within the ac-   organizes annual informa-                                             311, 312
celerated B.A./M.A. program       tion meetings on the major,          6 credits of elective FREN
offered by the department,        internships and study abroad.                                         6 credits:
                                                                       courses at the 300 or 400
qualified students complet-       Students with an interest in                                          SPAN 401, 421
ing an undergraduate major        majoring in modern languages
in modern languages and           and linguistics should contact                                     Note: 400-level courses rou-
linguistics may, during their     the department office at             6 credits of elective FREN
                                                                       courses at the 400-level      tinely require a term paper or
junior or senior year, apply      410-455-2109. Majors are                                           equivalent written assignment.
for admission to the Master       assigned to a faculty advisor
of Arts (M.A.) in Intercultural   in one of their areas of focus,   German (40 credits)                 6 credits of elective SPAN
Communication. If accepted,       but they are free to select                                           courses at the 300 or 400
they can apply nine credits                                            9 credits:
                                  a different advisor at any                                            level
of approved B.A. course                                                MLL 190, 230, 301
                                  time and are encouraged to
work to their M.A. degree.        do so if their interests and                                       At least 27 credits must be
Such students may be able         career goals change. Transfer        13 credits:
                                                                                                     taken in courses taught in
to complete both degrees in       students should meet as              GERM 202, 301, 302, 303
five years. Those interested      quickly as possible with the
should contact the director of    coordinator in the area in           6 credits:                    Two-Language Option
the INCC graduate program.        which their main interests lie       GERM 311, 312
A description of the M.A. in
                                                                                                     (Total credits: 39-42)
                                  (French, German, linguistics,
Intercultural Communication       Russian, Spanish) to plan an                                       French Interconnections
                                                                       6 credits:
may be found in the Graduate      efficient program of study.                                        With the World (42 credits)
                                                                       GERM 401, 481
Catalog. Qualified undergradu-
ates may enroll in graduate                                                                             9 credits:
courses offered by the depart-
                                  Major Program                     Note: 400-level courses rou-        MLL 190, 230, 301
                                  All majors who pursue the         tinely require a term paper or
ment. Courses frequently
                                  Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in        equivalent written assignment.      6 credits:
taken by undergraduates
include:                          Modern Languages and                                                  FREN 301, 302
                                                                       6 credits of elective GERM
                                  Linguistics take a common
   MLL 601                                                             courses at the 300 or 400
                                  core of courses, as follows:                                          12 credits foundation
   Language, Discourse,                                                level
                                                                                                        courses: FREN 310, 320,
   Society                           MLL 190
                                                                                                        330, 340
                                     The World of Language I        Russian (38 credits)
   MLL 602
   The Ethnography of                                                  9 credits:                       3 credits elective FREN
                                     MLL 230
   Communication                                                       MLL 190, 230, 301                courses, at the 400 level
                                     World Language
   MLL 603                                                             12 credits:                      12 credits in a second
   The Political Economy of                                            RUSS 301, 302, 401, 402          language (above 202)—
                                     MLL 301
   Culture                                                                                              departmental certificate of
                                     Textual Analysis:
                                                                       2 credits from                   achievement level—taught
                                     Words, Images, Music.
                                                                       RUSS 303, 304, 403               in the target language

                                                                                                          UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG
German (40 credits)                 one course must be at the        331, 332, 438) may be          is extremely cost-effective,
                                    400 level.                       used as substitutes for an     and financial aid is avail-
   9 credits:                                                        equivalent number of the       able. Highly recommended.
   MLL 190, 230, 301                                                 required LING courses with
                                    12 credits in a second
                                                                     the approval of a desig-       Maryland in Taxco, Mexico
                                    language (above 202)—
   13 credits:                      departmental certificate of      nated LING major advisor.
                                                                                                    A six-week, six-credit intensive
   GERM 202, 301, 302, 303          achievement level—taught                                        Spanish language program at
                                    in the target language.       In addition, students may         all levels offered every sum-
   6 credits:                                                     apply to write an honors paper    mer at the Taxco campus of
   GERM at the 300- and          Note: 16 credits must be tak-    representing original research    the Center for the Instruction
   400-level, with at least      en in courses taught in          on a linguistic topic of their    of Foreign Students of
   three credits at the          Spanish.                         choice; the research will be      the National Autonomous
   400-level and with at least                                    defended before a committee.      University of Mexico. This pro-
   one course in literature      Language and Cultural            For details, consult a member     gram is especially appropriate
   and one course in                                              of the MLL linguistics faculty.   for students at the 200 level
                                 Studies (Total credits: 39)
   civilization                                                                                     of Spanish. Students complet-
                                    12 credits:
                                    MLL 190, 191, 230, 301        Study Abroad                      ing level two or higher in Taxco
   12 credits in a second                                                                           will have fulfilled two of the
   language (above 202)—                                          The experience of living
                                                                                                    three courses in the language
   departmental certificate of      12 upper-level credits in     and studying abroad is an
                                                                                                    and culture designation of
   achievement level—taught         one modern language           extremely important asset
                                                                                                    the UMBC General Education
   in the target language           other than English (e.g.,     for all language students.
                                                                                                    Program (GEP) requirements.
                                    FREN, GERM, RUSS,             Students should discuss
                                    SPAN).                        study abroad options with         French, German and Russian
Note: 16 credits must                                             their advisor early in their
be taken in courses                                               studies. In general, finan-
                                    15 elective credits                                             Students are encouraged to
taught in German.                                                 cial aid may be applied to
                                    minimum – nine or more at                                       spend a semester or at least
Russian (39 credits)                                              study abroad programs, and        a summer working abroad
                                    the 300 or 400 level – in
                                                                  credits earned in the tar-        or studying in an approved
                                    MLL, LING and/or modern
   9 credits:                                                     get language through study        university program in a
                                    language courses as part
   MLL 190, 230, 301                                              abroad may be transferred to      country where the language
                                    of a major program
                                                                  UMBC. Students interested         is spoken. Although UMBC
                                    designed in consultation
   9 credits from RUSS 301,                                       in co-ops and internships         does not sponsor any specific
                                    with a departmental
   302, 401, 402                                                  abroad are encouraged to          programs in these languages,
                                                                  consult the Shriver Center.       MLL faculty will advise
                                                                                                    students on their choice of
   2 credits from                   Up to two appropriate
                                                                  Spanish                           program and assist them in
   RUSS 303, 304, 403               courses from other
                                                                  UMBC in Mexico                    course selection and credit
                                    disciplines may be applied                                      transfer. Information about
   6 credits from RUSS/MLL          to the major with written     UMBC cooperates with other
                                                                                                    programs in French, German
   270, 271, OR ANY 300- or         approval of the student’s     University System of Maryland
                                                                                                    and Russian is available in
   400-level RUSS course.           advisor.                      (USM) campuses in two study
                                                                                                    the International Multimedia
                                                                  abroad programs in Mexico.
                                                                                                    Center (AC IV 219), in
   1 credit RUSS 350             Applied Linguistics                                                the Office of International
                                                                  UMBC in Mexico City
                                 (Total credits: 39)                                                Education (AD 222), as well
   12 credits in a second                                         Each fall, a group of advanced    as from MLL faculty members.
                                    9 credits:
   language (above 202)—                                          (SPAN 201 and above)
                                    MLL 190, 230, 301                                               Credits toward any language
   departmental certificate of                                    undergraduate students study
                                                                  at the main campus of the         major may be earned through
   achievement level—taught
                                 Although not required, MLL       Center for the Instruction        study abroad. All courses
   in the target language
                                 191 is highly recommended.       of Foreign Students of            submitted by a student in
                                                                  the National Autonomous           fulfillment of the require-
Spanish (39 credits)                21 credits:                                                     ment for the major must be
                                                                  University of Mexico (UNAM),
                                    LING 210, 290, 310, 320,                                        completed with a grade of “C”
   9 credits:                                                     one of Latin America’s oldest,
                                    360, 410, 450 or 490                                            or higher. Students must earn
   MLL 190, 230, 301                                              largest and most prestigious
                                                                  universities. Courses are         a grade of “C” to continue in
                                    9 credits of other LING       offered in intensive Spanish      the next course in a basic lan-
   9 credits:                       courses, three credits of                                       guage sequence (101-202).
   SPAN 301, 302, 401                                             language and Mexican and
                                    which must be on the 400      Latin-American studies.
   3 credits:
                                                                  Courses also may be taken         Minor Program
                                                                  in other UNAM departments.
   SPAN 311 or 312                                                                                  A minor in modern languages
                                    One cognate course in         Students earn an average
                                                                                                    and linguistics (MLL) allows
                                    another discipline (e.g.,     of 15 credits per semester.
   6 credits:                                                                                       students to develop profi-
                                    PHIL 445, PSYC 316,           Students placing at the proper
   SPAN at the 300 or 400                                                                           ciency in a foreign language,
                                    ENGL 407, ENGL 490) and       level may complete 15 of
   level, to be chosen in                                                                           to learn about the nature
                                    up to two language-specific   the 18 credits required for
   consultation with the                                                                            of language and to become
                                    linguistics courses (e.g.,    the Spanish minor through
   student’s advisor. At least                                                                      familiar with the societies in
                                    FREN/GERM/SPAN/ RUSS          this program. The program

                                                                     MODERN LANGUAGES AND LINGUISTICS                            143
which dif ferent languages        The MLL minor in Chinese          and skills in their chosen          or Spanish and two other
are spoken. A minor in MLL        language and culture will         careers and in their lives as       courses in the same language
will assist students in the       require a total of 18 credits     citizens. The acquisition of        at the 30 0 or 4 0 0 level with
developing of communication                                         competence in intercultural         a grade of “B” or higher will
                                     3 credits:
skills and in understand-                                           communication is absolutely         receive a depar tmental cer-
                                     one MLL core course (MLL
ing the complexities of an                                          necessary to function ef-           tificate of achievement in that
                                     190, 191, 230 or 3 01)
increasingly interdependent,                                        fectively in the 2 1st century      language. A student majoring
multilingual and multicultural       6 credits:                     era of economic, social and         or minoring in MLL may earn
world. It will enrich students’      CHIN 301, CHIN 30 2            cultural globalization.             a cer tificate of achievement
learning experience and en-                                                                             in a language that is not par t
hance their career potential.        9 credits in CHIN or           Requirements:                       of their major or minor track.
                                     MLL (CHIN) electives:                                              That is, a student following
                                                                       6 credits:
The MLL language minor                                                                                  the one-language track in
                                                                       MLL 305, MLL 3 0 6
requires a total of                  CHIN 309                                                           French, for example, may
18 credits:                          Business Chinese                                                   earn a cer tificate of achieve-
                                                                       4 credits:                       ment in Spanish, German, or
   3 credits:                                                          CHIN / FREN / GERM / HEBR /      Russian but not in French.
   one MLL core course               CHIN 319                          RUSS / SPAN 2 02
   (MLL 190, 1 91, 230, 3 01)        Chinese Translation
                                                                    (A more advanced student
                                                                                                        Evening Options
All the rest of the required         CHIN 300                       may substitute a three-credit       A wide range of basic lan-
courses must be chosen               Independent Study              higher-level language course.)      guage courses is of fered
from one language area:                                                                                 in the evenings. Other
                                     MLL 328                           3 credits:                       courses required for the
   301                               Traditional Chinese Fiction       CHIN / FREN / GERM / HEBR /      major are often available in
   FREN / GERM / RUSS / SPAN         and Drama                         RUSS / SPAN 3 01                 late afternoon or evening
                                                                                                        time slots, but the entire
   302                            Students may petition the            6 credits of elective            major cannot be completed
   FREN / GERM / RUSS / SPAN      MLL depar tment to have rele-        courses from language,           in the late afternoon and
                                  vant courses from other disci-       MLL or related disciplines,      evening hours at this time.
   9 credits in electives in      plines be counted for the            to be chosen in consulta-
   FREN / GERM / RUSS / SPAN      minor in Chinese Language            tion with the faculty            Special Opportunities
   at the 30 0- or 400-level      and Culture.                         advisor. At least three of
                                                                       the six elective credits will    Intercultural Living
                                  For all three tracks, courses        come from outside the            Exchange
The MLL applied linguistics       are to be selected with the ap-      student’s primary language
                                                                                                        The Intercultural Living
minor will require a total of     proval of a designated minor         of study.
                                                                                                        Exchange is a living learn-
21 credits:                       advisor. All courses submit-
                                                                                                        ing community of UMBC.
                                  ted by a student in fulfillment
   3 credits:                                                                                           Students residing in the inter-
   MLL 19 0
                                  of the requirement for the        Honors Program                      cultural suites interact with
                                  minor must be completed           The Honors Program of               international student resident
                                  with a grade of “C” or higher.    the Depar tment of Modern
   12 credits:                                                                                          mentors (native speakers
                                  Note: Minor through study         Languages and Linguistics           of each cluster language:
   LING 21 0, 290, 3 10, 320
                                  abroad. Students at the ap-       provides a small group of ma-       Chinese, French, German,
                                  propriate level may complete      jors with additional intellectual   Korean, Japanese, Russian
   6 credits chosen from                                            experiences, both individually
                                  up to 15 credits of a minor                                           and Spanish), who organize
   other LING courses at the                                        and as a group. The central
                                  in modern languages                                                   cultural and social activities
   300 or 40 0 level.                                               components of the program
                                  and linguistics through a                                             for their language clusters as
                                  semester of study abroad.         are an honors seminar taught        well as for the UMBC commu-
   A cognate course in                                              in English and the develop-         nity. These activities include
   another discipline (e.g.,                                        ment and writing of an honors       par ticipation in UMBC’s
   PHIL 455, PSYC 31 6,
                                  Certificate Program                project, an experience that         International Week, intercul-
   ENGL 49 0) or a language-      Certificate in Intercultural       provides exceptional prepa-         tural presentations and work-
   specific linguistics course    Communication (18-19              ration for the work world or        shops, language chat hours,
   (e.g. FREN / GERM / RUSS /                                       graduate school. Students           study abroad presentations,
   SPAN 331, 3 3 2, 438) may                                        who complete the program will       international film festivals,
   substitute for one of the      This cer tificate program         graduate with depar tmental         field trips, culinary projects,
   LING courses with the          is intended for students          honors. Information is avail-       intercultural holiday celebra-
   approval of a designated       who wish to combine the           able in the depar tment of fice.    tions, lunches with faculty
   LING major advisor.            study of intercultural com-                                           and excursions to concer ts,
                                  munication with advanced                                              plays and museum exhibits.
                                  foreign language study.           Certificate of
                                                                                                        Residence in the ILE provides
                                                                    Achievement                         excellent preparation for study
                                  The advance language study
                                                                    A student who does not              abroad, as well as continuity
                                  plus the instruction in issues
                                                                    intend to major in modern           for those who have previously
                                  of communication across cul-
                                                                    languages and linguistics           gained language proficiency in
                                  tures will help such students
                                                                    but who completes 3 01-3 02         a study abroad experience.
                                  acquire useful knowledge
                                                                    in French, German, Russian

                                                                                                             UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG
Internships                       Delta Phi Alpha, the
                                  National German Honors
In collaboration with The
Shriver Center, the depart-
ment provides majors in           The German area offers
Modern languages and              membership in Delta
linguistics full information      Phi Alpha, the National
and support for internships.      German Honors Society.
Internships and community
service projects are available    Russian Chorus
for activities ranging from
                                  All students have the
teaching language to children
                                  opportunity of participating
to working with foreign travel-
                                  in the Russian Chorus;
ers for VISA International.
                                  contact the Russian area
In addition, internships
                                  for more information.
abroad have, in recent years,
become a significant way of
combining study abroad with
work experience. Students
interested in earning MLL
credit for internships should
consult with the department’s
internship coordinator.

Financial Aid
Financial aid is available for
majors to participate in study
abroad programs. In addition,
the German area offers the
Knapple and Plogman scholar-
ships for students in the
German track. Applications
are due each April; awards
are announced in May. Music
students who also study
German may apply for the
Elterman scholarship through
the music department.

The faculty encourages and
supports undergraduate par-
ticipation in faculty research.
Advanced Spanish students
may join in a research
project based in a Spanish-
speaking area in Baltimore.

Student Organizations
MLL Council of Majors,
Linguistics Club, Language
The department has an
active council of majors, a
linguistics club and several
language clubs, often orga-
nized by native speakers.


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