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					                                      Patient Notes
Contact Numbers
Hospital No:519- 685-8300 Ext 35866
Clinic: 519-645-0146
Procedure Date:
Procedure Time:
Web Site: www.londoncardiac.ca
email: office@londoncardiac.ca

                                                       University Hospital

                                                        339 Windermere Road
                                                      London, Ontario, N6A 5A5
                                                         Phone: 519-663-3746
                                                          Fax: 519-663-3782
Internal Cardioverter / Defribrillator
                                                     Your ICD implantation                                             Risks
                                                                                                      As in any medical procedure, there are
                                                      The ICD implantation operation is
                                                                                                      risks that you should be aware of. The
                                              performed at the hospital (London Health
                                              Sciences Center-University Campus). ICD                 overall risk of complications is only 1-
                                              implantation is a small operation that involves         2%. The risks are:
                                              being admitted the day of the procedure and             • Collapsed Lung
                                              usually you will go home the next day.                  • Bleeding / bruising
                                                                                                      • Infection
                                                        In preparation for the operation, you will    • Damage to heart and/or blood vessels
                                              be given basic instructions by hospital staff.
                                                                                                      • Lead detachment
                                              Usually, you will be asked not to eat or drink
                                              anything the morning of the operation. Someone          • Blood clots in vein
 What is an ICD?                              else should drive you to the hospital and take you      • Mild pain at the implant site
 An ICD (short for “implantable
                                              home afterwards. If you are taking medications,
 cardioverter defibrillator”) is a device     please ask the hospital staff contacting you if it is
 that is used to treat people who are at      all right to take your pills the morning of the         Q. How long will my ICD last?
 risk for dangerous rapid heart racing        operation.                                              A. Most ICD’s will last at least 5 years!
 known as ventricular tachycardia (VT)                                                                Q. How often does it need to be
 or ventricular fibrillation (VF).                    After you arrive at the hospital and               checked?
                                              check in at the Admitting Department, you will          A. After 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 3
                                              come upstairs to the Heart Unit. You will be met        months, 6 months, then annually.
 Parts of your ICD                            by a nurse who will help you change into a              Q. Do I have to be checked in London?
                                              hospital gown, place your valuables in safe-            A. No. We can sometimes transfer your
 ICD’s are made up of a generator             keeping and place you onto a hospital stretcher.        records to a clinic that is more convenient
 (battery) and one or more leads (wires).     Everything will be checked in preparation for the       for you if that clinic can manage ICD’s.
 The generator contains the battery and       operation. The staff will start an intravenous          Q. I am on blood thinners. Does that
 computer circuits. A ICD lead may be         usually in the back of your hand. A doctor will            matter?
 placed in the upper or lower chamber of      explain the procedure to you, including the risks       A. Yes. Please let us know!
 your heart or in both places. The tip of     of the operation. If you are comfortable with the
 the lead is placed against the inside wall   explanation provided, you will be given the
 of your heart and the other end              consent form to sign which gives permission for
 connected to the generator. This allows      the doctor(s) to implant the ICD. You will
 the generator to send small electrical       receive take-home information as well.
 impulses to pace the heart or large
 electrical shocks to stop dangerous heart
 racing attacks.

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