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									         The                              SUMMER 2 011


Quarterly Magazine of Dyce Parish Church, Aberdeen
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Who‘s Who
MINISTER                          ―LIFE & WORK‖ ORGANISER
   Rev Manson Merchant               Sheena Rosie
   144 Victoria Street               10 Raxton Place
   Tel: 722380                       Tel: 722015

SESSION CLERK                     ROCK SOLID
   Raymond Mack                      Carol Howitt
   16 Glen Avenue                    10 Gordon Terrace
   Tel: 724798                       Tel: 722458

   David Reid                        Carol Howitt
   19 Parkhill Court                 10 Gordon Terrace
   Tel: 725170                       Tel: 722458

TREASURER                         KIDZONE
   Barbara Cruden                    Sheena Merchant
   Standingstones                    144 Victoria Street
   Tel: 770001                       Tel: 722380

   Barbara Cruden                    James Swanson
   Standingstones                    23 Parkhill Avenue
   Tel: 770001                       Tel: 723931

   Morag Reid                        Suzanne Douglas
   19 Summerfield Terrace            8 Berrywell Walk
   Aberdeen                          Tel: 772270
   Tel: 640548
                                  CHURCH OFFICER/HALL
   Robert Gunn                       Pat Sharp
   3 Glen Drive                      8 Goval Terrace
   Tel: 722831                       Tel: 724887

   Craig Wilson                      James Milton
   38 Glenhome Gardens               19 Overton Avenue
   Tel: 729688                       Tel: 723939
   Email: dycemag@hotmail.co.uk
Minister’s Letter
Dear Friends                                      package was, or what good value a certain
I‟m sure that most, if not all of you, have       restaurant might be. However, when it
received one through the post; a leaflet          comes to speaking about our faith, many of
that is thanking you for being such a good        us,
customer, and an offer informing you that         or perhaps most of us, simply keep it to
if you recommend a friend you will receive        ourselves.
a gift, should that friend take up the               Paul writing to the early church in Rome
subscription. I get them regularly from a         wrote, “Everyone who calls on the name of the
well-known satellite television provider.         Lord will be saved.” How, then, can they call
    Marketing professionals have known for        on the one they have not believed in? And
years that a product recommendation from          how can they believe in the one of whom they
a friend is among the most effective means        have not heard? And how can they hear
of advertising. One major corporation in          without someone preaching to them? And
the United States sends out each year,            how can anyone preach unless they are sent?
hundreds of thousands of such offers to their     As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of
customers, or to use the industry terminology,    those who bring good news!”
„connectors‟ – people who spread the word to         As followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, and
others.                                           as members of this congregation, we have
    The gospel of Jesus Christ is much more       been given the privilege of getting the
than a product. It is God‟s redemptive            message out on to the streets. To that end the
purpose for all creation; it is God‟s great       Kirk Session agreed at its last meeting to hold
plan for bringing people into a living, vital     two open-air services during the summer. We
relationship with Him.                            shall be leaving the comfort and security of
    The task of sharing the gospel doesn‟t lie    our building to take the word out onto the
with the minister of a particular congregation;   streets of Dyce. I hope that you will join with
nor does it lie with minister and elders.         us on those two Sundays in order to bear
The task of sharing the gospel lies with each     witness to the Good News of the gospel (see
and every believer. God‟s great plan for the      “Sunday Services” for details).
world is conveyed most effectively by personal       In closing can I say a big thank you is given
witness; through the way we live our lives and    to Craig Wilson for taking on the task of being
through the words we say.                         the new editor for the Parishioner. Ian Milne
    A university professor who trains             did an excellent job and I know it must be
advertising professionals says, “It‟s human       somewhat daunting for Craig to follow in
nature to talk about things that excite us.”      Ian‟s footsteps, but I am sure that he is up
Does your faith in Jesus Christ so excite you     to the task and so we thank him and wish
that you simply cannot stop yourself from         him well in his new role.
sharing it with others? Sadly, the answer to         Can I wish all of you a most peaceful and
that question in most cases is, „No‟!             relaxing summer. Whether you are spending
    We don‟t seem to have a difficulty sharing    it at home or in some exotic location, I hope
with our friends or colleagues how good our       and trust that you have a wonderful time.
new car is, or how wonderful our holiday             God bless you all.
Purpose Statement
We seek to      Proclaim Christ
                Promote Fellowship
                Produce Discipleship

In order that God‟s Kingdom may be
              extended in our midst
              through a believing,
              belonging and becoming
              community of faith.

SUNDAY SERVICES                                    TRANSFERS
July and August:                                   We welcome the following persons into the
10.00am Sunday Service with the following          Fellowship:
exceptions:                                        Mrs Fiona Matthew, 25 Farburn Terrace, Dyce.
Open-Air Services                                  Mr Graeme and Mrs Sandra Hutcheon,
31st July 10.00am Pitmedden Road.                  43 Glenhome Gardens, Dyce.
28th August 11.00am Dyce Central Park,             Mrs Jessie Smith, 18 Berrymoss Court, Dyce
             followed by a BBQ
                                                   BY RESOLUTION OF KIRK SESSION
September-December:                                Mrs Val Collins, 8 Taransay Court, Aberdeen.
9.30am    Second and last Sunday in the month      Lizzie Smith, 27 McIntosh Crescent, Dyce.
11.00am Every Sunday
2.30pm    Service at Fergus House on the first
          Sunday of the month

Please note that there is no longer a 6.30pm
Service. This has been replaced with a mid-week
service, see details below.

There are no Mid Week services in July or

Keep a look out on Notice Boards and the
Intimations Screen for details of these starting
in September.
NOVEMBER                                                APRIL
5 Peter Grassick Gilbert 13 Corrennie Circle, Dyce      4 Edie Gardiner           Bonnyton, Ellon
18 Martha Tarras Burnett 29 Belrorie Circle, Dyce       11 Iris McIntosh          Fergus House, Dyce
19 Jim Rose              26 Glen Drive, Dyce            26 Darren Singer          10 Parkhill Circle, Dyce
25 Mary Lesley Taylor    Garioch Nursing Home
                                                        2 Williamina Anderson     Fergus House, Dyce
3 Margaret Davidson-Will 29 Northcote Crescent
                                                        4 John Beedie             8 Muirton Crescent, Dyce
13 Ella Brown Main      37 Victoria Grange, Dyce
                                                        9 Jean Corrie             5 Princess Crescent, Dyce
20 Steve Robertson      19 Parkhill Circle, Dyce
                                                        9 Alexander Mackinnon      Fergus House, Dyce
24 Sandy Cruden         Garioch Nursing Home
                                                        25 Mary Hill              18 Berrywell Walk, Dyce
JANUARY 2011                                            26 Ina Oliphant           Fergus House, Dyce
10 Bob Gordon Leslie       Laurels Lodge, Woodside
11 Stella Elizabeth Mather 20 Drinnies Crescent, Dyce   MEMORIAL
12 Ian Dickson             Fairview Nursing Home        JANUARY
13 Marlene Richardson      Goval Villa, Dyce            24 Robin Simpson          Houston, USA
17 William Maclean         3 Corrennie Circle, Dyce
27 Margaret Ann Chivas Fergus House, Dyce               WEDDINGS
                                                        DECEMBER 2010
                                                        4 Mairi Isabel Forrest & Martin Michael Law
8 William Ironside        2 Sluie Drive, Dyce
10 Margaret Robertson     Fairview Nursing Home         JANUARY 2011
10 Sidney Binns           12 Glenhome Terrace, Dyce     22 Kim Evelyn Hardie & George Wood Milne
21 Aileen Mair            130A Inverurie Road, B‘burn
23 J Douglas Milne        27 Dunbennan Road, Dyce
                                                        19 Angela Ruth Harvey & David Paul Savy
25 Jean Cooper            32 Sunnybrae, Bucksburn
25 Freeda Donaldson       1 Pitfichie Place, Dyce       APRIL
28 Danny Milne            Balmedie Eventide Home        2 Gillian Claire Frame Ritchie & Euan Ross McIntosh
28 Ronald Clark           7 Cordyce View, Dyce          16 Sam Stephen & Graham Benjamin Taylor

MARCH                                                   MAY
3 Margaret Somerville     2 Belrorie Circle, Dyce       21 Lesley Louise Thow & Michael John Rennie
14 Margaret Burr          77 Corrennie Circle, Dyce
17 Charles Donald         6 Fetach Walk, Dyce           BAPTISMS
18 Lawrence Clark         31 Corrennie Circle, Dyce     DECEMBER 2010
21 Evelyn Haggart         Hazledene, Parkhill           5 Mia Nicole Yeats        54 Donmouth Court,

                                                        FEBRUARY 2011
                                                        20 Danielle Stewart       6 Dunbennan Road, Dyce
Christian Aid 2011
                              Thank you so much        thanks to Rab & Morag Gunn who really made
                              to everyone who took     it all happen. Your efforts raised £363.51.
                              part in Christian Aid       Thirty four brave souls took part in this years
                              week this year. It       house to house collection. This can sometimes be
proved to be a very busy week and I have been          a daunting task but is a positive witness that
overwhelmed at your generosity in the giving of        Christians are willing to take practical steps to help
your time, talents, prayers and donations.             our brothers and sisters throughout the world so
 Thank you to Morag Gunn and the Social Team           thank you to all who collected and to all who so
for organising the Soup Lunch on Sunday 15th           generously donated. The total so far from the
May. Thanks also to all who provided soup, bread,      collection, concert, soup lunch and other
scones and cakes; the total raised that day was        donations is £4,084 which is an increase from
£225.26.                                               last year, no mean feat in the present economic
 We enjoyed a wonderful concert by the                 climate. There are still some bags to be handed
Acclamations on Wednesday 18th May and I have          back so I will display the grand total in the church
to say a huge thank you to the team who provided       when I have it.
and served refreshments. I appreciate this was no        Final thanks go to those who helped with the
easy task and I‘m so grateful so many of you gave      count and all who held us up in prayer. This was a
of your time and the donations of baking, Wow!         tremendous team effort.
I‘ve never seen so many fancy pieces in one room          Well done everyone,
before! Special thanks to Stuart & Kate Wood for          Sheena Merchant
the posters and publicity which I‘m sure had a            Convenor, Dyce Christian Aid Group
lot to do with the large turnout and very special         (Working to help people out of poverty)

Roll Back the Stone
Edinburgh – 22nd May 2011 – Princess St. Gardens, 1pm-6pm.
What a great afternoon, the Church showing its real face out of doors and in surrounding buildings There
was drumming for the noisy, children‘s choirs, massed choir, Ficshy music in Ross Bandstand, followed by
the Scottish African Choir who got the audience to boogie to their music and organ recitals held in St
Cuthberts for the musical, wandering actors retelling the Gospel, folk singing and storytelling, Souper
Sunday, Guild and BB stall. Crossreach tent, Tradecraft and Fairtrade stalls.

The event ended with a service in the Ross Bandstand addressed by the Moderator, hymn singing with
the choirs and a pipe band from Victoria School in Dunblane.

It was so refreshing to see the Kirk let it‘s hair down (Paul would not have approved). Safe to say there
were thousands of folk there, amongst them folk from Dyce.
 Men of All Ages
Our Area Breakfast at Newmachar      are grateful to Bucksburn/
at the end of March was slightly     Stoneywood for their hospitality.
down in numbers with 40 men
attending. However, all who          Saturday 14th May was another        sandwich lunch. It is hoped
shared this time with us agreed      Area Breakfast, this time hosted     that the change in time will
it was an inspirational message      by the men at St Mary‘s Episcopal    benefit those travelling from
received, not to mention the         Church in Inverurie. Mark Stone,     a distance and also allow for
worship, fellowship and, of          Pastor of Aberdeen Elim Church,      more fellowship time.
course, the food! Douglas MacNab,    was our Speaker and he gave out
the new minister at Newmachar,       the challenge for us to ―live full   Our main speaker this year will
revealed his hopes and aspirations   but die empty and in the process     be Adrian Plass, the noted poet,
for the church and people of         bless others as we have been         author and raconteur—a man
Newmachar. Hugh Wallace of           blessed‖ always remembering that     with a profoundly deep faith.
Newhills shared with us his hopes    what we do today will reflect on
and challenges for the future of     our children and grandchildren.      I would encourage men, young
the church in the north-east.        All in all this was another          and old to join us on 24
There could be exciting times all    wonderful time of fellowship as      September. I have no doubt the
round if we are willing to step      60 men sat down to breakfast         Lord will be present with us and
out in faith!                        before worshipping together.         there will be a message for each
                                     There was also an opportunity        one who shares that time with
The Easter Praise evening at         to have a time to discuss certain    Him.
Bucksburn/Stoneywood church          points which led to us sharing
a couple of weeks later was well     our hopes and inspirations for       Further details will be forthcom-
attended by men and women            the future of the church.            ing but if you have any queries
alike. Thanks go to Maurice                                               in the meantime then please
Maitland for putting together        Our next venture will be our fifth   speak to Rab Gunn or me.
and guiding us through the very      Annual Rally which will be held
meaningful programme of praise       at Newhills on Saturday 24              Yours in Christ
interspersed with words from Max     September from 10am to 3pm.             Ian Milne
Lucado on the events leading up      Instead of the usual breakfast
to and including Easter. We          we will share in a soup and
   Dyce Guild
Dyce Guild usually meets on the first and third        Some of us went to an open evening held by
Monday of the month in Dyce Church hall at             Lakeland, where we had a chance to tour the shop
7.30pm and everyone is welcome.                        and watch demonstrations of cookery and cleaning.
                                                       We received a very welcome goodie bag to take
 We have had some very interesting visits in the       home.
 past few months. Many of us visited JG Ross near
 Inverurie. We had a very tasty meal and then got      The guild walk this year was hosted by Mannofield
 into our protective clothing for a walk around the    Church and took the form of a treasure hunt.
 bakery. As you can see from our photograph we all
look stunning!                                         Although a very wet day we managed the route in
                                                       dry weather and it was very interesting to see this
                                                       part of the town and it was good fun trying to find
                                                       the clues.

                                                       Our new session starts on the 19 September 2011
                                                       and our theme is “called to walk humbly with God”
                                                       We already have some very interesting speakers
                                                       lined up to inform and entertain us.
We watched a batch of rowies being made and had
a very interesting tour followed by a presentation     We would be delighted if you could join us!
on the history of the bakery. A very enjoyable trip,
with a bag of rowies to take home!                       Kate Wood
                                                         Vice President

 Sales at the Fair trade table in Church after the
 Sunday service (usually the second Sunday of the      everyone. Prices range from 40p to £12.00. I would
 month unless the date clashes with other events)      be so pleased to see you at the sales table.
 continues to be very well supported by the folks      Imagine the difference we could make to so many
 interested in the concept of a fairer deal for        lives of the small producers if we all bought one
 the people of the developing world who seek to        thing next Fair trade Sunday. A lovely thought!
 support their families with some dignity. The small
 developers are not seeking hand outs but would        The new Spring/Summer catalogue is available now.
 like to get a fair wage for a fair days work. Not     Just ask me and I‘ll be delighted to give you one.
 many of us would like to eke out an existence on
 around 60p a day I‘m sure! Anyway, as ever, the       Thank you all again for the support given. It really
 support given on Traidcraft Sundays is very much      is much appreciated.
 appreciated and as often mentioned there is a wide
 variety of products on offer and something for           TH ELMA
Dyce & District S.W.R.I.
Once again time seems to have        very much against us but quite a   come along and enjoy an evening
slipped by.                          few ladies made it and enjoyed a   with us.
                                     lovely evening with the talented
We have had a very enjoyable         children from our Area.            Like all organisations we are
session.The highlight of this was                                       striving to recruit new members
our 80th birthday party which        We had our business meeting        so everyone, regardless of age
was held on 10th February in the     as usual in April and I was        etc. would be welcome to join us.
Church Hall. We were pleased to      very pleased to be re-elected      Why not come along as a guest
have with us our new Federation      President. We had two ladies       and see what we get up to –
President, Past Presidents of our    stepped down from the              you will always enjoy a warm
Rural and the Presidents from        committee and I would like to      welcome, some fine company
the other rurals in our group.       thank them for the efforts and     and a cup of tea with a fine
We enjoyed a lovely meal and         work over the last two years.      piece. We always have a number
entertainment. It was such an        Consequent to this we have two     of posters around shops etc in
honour to be President at such       new committee members plus we      the area that give information
a milestone.                         have co-opted another member       about our meetings, so unless
                                     who is now our new Secretary.      the poster says differently, we
We had a visit to the Happy Plant    I say new but we are lucky         meet on the Second Thursday of
Centre in Mintlaw, where the         enough to welcome back three       every month at 7.30 pm in the
staff provided a very tasty after-   ladies who have served before      Church Hall.
noon tea and we had a chance to      so thank you to them as well.
have a look around the shop and                                         If you or anyone you know would
garden centre. We were lucky         We have had a variation of         like information about the Rural
with the weather, it was glorious,   speakers and some very enter-      please contact me on 722983,
which made it a lovely journey       taining demonstrations over the    Sheena Reid (Vice-President) on
and as usual most ladies came        previous months. Our last meet-    771506 or Elaine Lind (Secretary)
home with either gifts or plants     ing of this session will be on     on 725234.
or in some cases both.               June 9th and we will be having
                                     a fun evening, with games,         I look forward to welcoming you
In September our Fashion Show,       quizzes and a fine piece with      to our happy band of ladies.
which was provided by Asda, was      our tea.
a great success and we managed                                             Best wishes
to raise a tidy sum towards the      We are in the process of              Joan Burbeck
celebrations of our 80th birthday.   organising our programme for          President – Dyce S.W.R.I.
                                     the coming session starting in
Our December outing was to the       September. We have a number
Evening Express Carol Concert in     of excellent speakers and demon-
the Music Hall. The weather was      strations lined up so why not
 Rock Solid & Ichthus
It‘s been quite a long time since I have done a little article about the Youth Groups so I thought it was
about time I gave you an update!

Ichthus                              They are absolutely delighted         fever pitch! By the time you
The young people have had a          and have found the children are       read this we will have been. The
busy year, what with the             much happier, comfortable and         experience of going to Teenranch
planning and work involved in        eager to stay in the crèche than      is very special – it really is an
the transformation of the lounge.    ever before. Indeed so pleased        extraordinary place. In these
They are delighted with the          were they that the crèche ladies      days of technology overwhelming
results and very happy with the      bought us pizzas for one of our       every aspect of young peoples
very positive feedback they have     sleepovers to celebrate!              social interaction, to get away
received from the other lounge                                             from it all for a weekend and
users. Manson has had many           We can‘t thank the whole              just play – in
compliments from families            congregation enough for the           a very old fashioned way –
attending baptisms and funerals.     support and encouragement you         is priceless. The message they get
At the design stage, catering for    have shown us throughout the          about their faith is very positive
the families attending the funeral   whole project and can only hope       and affirming and the young
of a loved one by providing them     and pray that you are all as          people who run they activities
with a comfortable and calm area     happy with the result.                at the centre are so encouraging.
to contemplate the service to                                              If we do nothing else for our
come, was an aspect which was        Rock Solid                            young people at the church,
uppermost on the list of what        We haven‘t had quite such a busy      allowing them this opportunity
they wanted to achieve by the        year in Rock Solid as in Ichthus      every year is something for
redesign. It is therefore very       but are very much enjoying the        which I, as a leader and I know
gratifying to know that they         fantastic group of kids we have       all the young people who have
achieved their aim.                  there. They really are a special      gone to Teenranch in the past
                                     bunch and get on so well              and will go in the future, will
Another group which they were        together.                             be eternally grateful.
anxious to make a special and
dedicated space for was the          At the moment we are preparing             Thank you
crèche. Again the feedback from      for our annual pilgrimage to               Carol Howitt –
this group has been phenomenal.      Teenranch and excitement is at             Youth Leader

Dyce Church Toddler Group
Our toddlers group continues to be busy on both Monday and Thursday mornings .
We have enjoyed playing with a range of toys, doing various crafts including
Valentine, Easter and Royal Wedding activities. We also enjoyed a teddy bears

We are always happy to welcome new faces – just pop in between 9.30 and
11am or phone Fiona on 729688.
New look lounge
Social Team
The team have been quite busy this year. We             to help people in poorer countries.
started off in February with a Soup and Sweet for          For Christian Aid Week the Acclamations choir
Senior members of the congregation and we had           came to Dyce Church for Daphne, their conductor‘s
a very happy lunch in the church hall where there       last concert and we had a very good audience for
were around 60 present. The team are great at           a great evening of singing. The team with a lot of
making soup and I challenge you to get better           helpers served tea to the 40 strong choir and juice
in any hotel.                                           and cakes to the audience
   In March we had another Soup and Sweet as               In September we are planning another Soup and
a fund raiser for Lisa Gunn (granddaughter of the       Sweet for Senior Members who we were unable to
Gunns) who is going to Thailand in August to work       accommodate the last time. If you would like to
for one year with an organization called Project        attend and have not had an invitation by August
Trust. This was held after the church service           please contact Morag Gunn 722831.
and £1,000 was sent towards her total fund.                Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone
   At the start of Christian Aid Week we had            who has helped by making soup, baking, washing
a Souper Sunday where a selection of soup, scones       dishes and making posters.
and bread were served, with donations collected            MG

A new local project is being piloted in Dyce and Bucksburn by NHS Grampian to set up short health walks
for those with diabetes.

Would you like to help?
We are looking for volunteers to help lead weekly short health walks in Bucksburn or Dyce.

Free training
A one day training course will be provided free of charge which will equip volunteers with the practical
skills and ideas to lead short local health walks.

What’s involved?
It is envisaged that there will be a team of volunteers in each area, working on a rota basis (2 volunteers
per walk) so there would not be a big commitment from anyone. Volunteers do not have to be members of
existing walking groups.

How do I get in touch?
A group meeting will be held locally for those who wish to take part.
If you would like to help others get active, then contact:
Mary.mccallum@nhs.net or m.c.darcy@talk21.com or telephone Marjory D‘Arcy on 01224 722546
  Women Walking with God
In March this year 14 ladies from our Church went to the Women Walking With God (WWWG)
conference in Edinburgh. This year the conference theme was “Free”, and gave us all the
opportunity to explore our relationship with God through worship, seminars and scripture.
    The weekend started on Friday night with a two    combined and enthusiastic voices of 1200 followers
hour evening celebration. The Conference Centre       of Christ.
became the venue for around 1200 Christian women          Awesome…… I personally didn‘t want the
praising the Lord through devotion, stirring song     weekend to end and wished all the participants of
and amazing interpretation of the scripture.          WWWG could meet on Sunday morning for
    The band Phatfish, with Lou Fellingham, lead us   worship.
in praise through well known worship songs. Amy           As we couldn‘t, the Dyce ladies walked to the
Orr Ewing then used her intelligent and in-depth      nearby Destiny Church. It was great to find that
knowledge and understanding of scripture to bring     unlike Aberdeen, where churches have turned
this to life and help us to understand how this       to clubs and casinos, the building which is the
applies and is important to us in our daily lives.    Destiny Church used to be a Mecca bingo hall –
Amy has had a very interesting life as her            surely that‘s a shout for the Lord!
evangelism has taken her to many countries and            We were fortunate to be present for the baptism
given her the opportunity to meet many Christians.    of three adult men who spoke honestly about their
Many of those she had been privileged to meet         desire to be baptised, before a full body ‗dook‘ in
had been persecuted for their faith, yet stood        a wee swimming pool.
strong in their desire to worship God and share           The speaker for the rest of the service (a man
their faith with those around them.                   from Huntly) then spoke frankly and passionately
    Saturday‘s programme allowed everyone to          about his faith before and after a random accident
choose from a range of seminars based on this         left him paralysed from the neck down. Despite his
year‘s theme. Most of us thoroughly enjoyed the       injuries and the challenges his situation presented
seminars although some were emotionally very          he continued to bring others to Christ through his
difficult – but truly inspiring.                      faith and belief in God‘s plan.
    Saturday also included a drama production of          Over the weekend, in between lots of singing,
Genesis (in an hour). It took a bit more than an      praying, laughter, tears and worship, we also did
hour but was brilliant. A very funny whistle-stop     lots of chatting and catching up with people met
tour of Genesis – with audience participation and     at last years conference or from other churches
loads of laughs thrown in.                            (and lots of eating).
    WWWG does not make money from the                     It was a fantastic weekend. The weekend offered
conference, however, they take an offering toward     something for everyone whether at the beginning
a project which provides financial support to the     of their Christian journey or much further along
Dalit women of India. Two representatives spoke to    the road.
us about the plight of the Dalit women and their          Last year there were three ladies from Dyce
hopes and prayers that one day they will be           Church, this year 14.
released from the modern day slavery and class            Lets hope there will be even more next year.
oppression in which they are forced to live.          Put it in your diary now – 2nd-3rd March 2012.
    The conference ended as it had begun – with       Look forward to seeing you then.
thought provoking and inspirational interpretation        ―Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your
of scripture and roof raising worship from the        spiritual fervour, serving the Lord‖ Romans 12:11
The Future of Dyce Community
Centre – Can You Help?
As a result of Aberdeen City Council budget cuts,     several multipurpose rooms, offices and out of
there will be radical changes to the way that         school hours the use of the large sports hall and
Dyce Community Centre operates over the next          small training pool. It also operates a minibus.
few months. The Community Learning and                The centre currently offers activities and
Development and Administrative staff based in         classes for all age groups and there is scope for
the centre are being removed and a committee          further development.
of volunteers will become responsible for the all        The City Council will keep the building wind
aspects of the operation and management of the        and watertight, meet the cost of heating and
centre by the end of March 2012.                      lighting and give a small annual grant. The new
   Are you interested in becoming involved in         Management Committee will retain the income
organising or advising on the transition to the       from membership and group fees and from
new system and ensuring that the centre               letting accommodation to outside groups.
continues to play an important role in life of the    The committee will be able to use these
Dyce community? We are also looking for               funds to employ appropriate staff.
individuals with a commercial and financial              For further information please contact Phil
background.                                           D’Arcy, Chairman, Dyce Community Centre
   The Community Centre in Gordon Terrace is          Management Committee. Tel 722546 or email
linked to Dyce Primary School. It contains a wide     phil.darcy@talk21.com
range of facilities including a computer suite,
pottery room, large hall and stage, coffee bar,

Tuesday Coffee Mornings
Coffee Mornings resumed on Tuesday 5th                Musical coffee Morning on Saturday 14th May
October, 2010 and finished on Tuesday 10th            raised £952 donated to
May 2011.                                             Maggie‘s Centre
                                                      Street Pastors
Money raised from Tuesday Coffee Mornings             Red Bus
went to:-                                             Tillydrone Lighthouse

Church Heating and Lighting                  £1,000   If anyone feels they could spare a couple of
Community Alarms                             £500     hours on a Tuesday morning to help with the
Senior Citizens                              £200     Coffee Mornings, please contact Mrs Margaret
Dyce in Bloom                                £300     Mack, 724798.
                 Coffee Mornings resume on Tuesday 4th October, 2011.
Thought for the Day
from Today on BBC Radio 4 on Friday 20 May 2011
The “Thought for the Day” slot at 7.50 most mornings varies from day to day. The BBC have the
good sense to use a wide range of speakers – mainly religious. A recent broadcast by John Bell of the Iona
Community was immediately arresting because of his strong Scots tongue and the conviction it brought to
the broadcast.
   John Bell started by speaking about the Queen‟s recent visit to Ireland and the questions that had been
raised about how far there should be an apology to the Irish people for some of past British history. The text
of his talk, copied from the BBC web-site, was as
Should she have apologised?                                   If we walk through the corridors of history, where
If she had been my mother’s child, she would have          does the apologising stop?
had to. My mother spared her offspring no                      It is perhaps strange that for a religion which sees
embarrassment by sending us to apologise to                reconciliation as central to its faith, the Christian
whatever adult we had offended by name-calling or          Gospels don’t witness much to corporate apology.
kicking a ball into their sweet peas.                      Jesus – as a Jewish rabbi – doesn’t apologise to Hittites,
    But what if she is the Queen? And what if the          Gibeonites, Samaritans and a host of other nations
possible apology would not have been for a childhood       which his genealogical ancestors demeaned, persecuted
offence, but for colonising an unwilling people, deny-     and murdered.
ing them food in a time of famine, and using them as           Was he in denial of his history? Or was it that he
the butt of racist jokes?                                  recognised that what was done in the past was done
    There is always an awkwardness about one nation        when people lived by very different and very dim lights.
apologising to another. It has partly to do with the       The historical sins of our nation’s past were committed
perceived necessity to avoid admitting guilt, lest         when people believed that non-European races
restoration - economic or political - might be required.   were innately inferior, that minority cultures were
It also has to do with the fact that many corporate        primitive, that women were naturally subordinate,
offences happened a long time ago.                         that gay people were psychologically disordered.
    If Britain were to apologise to Ireland, should we         We cannot separate past iniquities from value
also apologise to every other former colony? Should we,    systems, and from religious beliefs which have long
along with Portugal and Spain apologise to the             since been discredited. If we still hold fast to these
American descendants of African slaves? Should             damnable perspectives then we are the most benighted
lowland Scots apologise to highland Scots for their        of creatures.
involvement in the Clearances? Should Scotland                 But if these perverse attitudes no longer infect us,
apologise to England for the Battle of Preston, and        then acceptance of and openness to those our ancestors
England likewise for Culloden? Should protestants          once oppressed has to be our enduring hallmark.
apologise to catholics for centuries of persecution?       Thus reconciliation becomes real.
Should men apologise to women for centuries of                 It was powerful stuff, powerfully said. And
chauvinism? Should heterosexuals apologise to              was followed on the Saturday morning by an
homosexuals for centuries of discrimination?               equally thought-provoking thought about the
ridiculous “End of the World” prediction by          far greater challenges to our Church today
Harold Camping in the USA. Taking the two            than anything behind or ahead of us.
“thoughts” together, what came over was the             AN Elder
need for Christians to put past attitudes and        PS Isaac Newton apparently predicted that
wrongs behind us, not worry about the future         the end of the world would come in 2060 –
and get on with the work of today. There are         we‟ve a year or two yet to be working.

It is with great affection that I remember my        the Calmac ferry from Oban arrives. I preached
first student placement, in 2006–2007, with          for the nominating committee to hear me on
Rev Russel Moffat and your good selves in Dyce       Easter morning, and spent Good Friday night at
Church. Thankyou all, and especially to those        the manse. Eating my breakfast in the dining
who have kept in touch, and have kept me in          room, looking out at ewes with new lambs, and
your prayers.                                        a long stretch of glorious white sand, turquoise
  I am delighted to be able to tell you that I am    sea and with folk kite-surfing at the far end of
now Minister Elect for Tiree. Tiree is the most      the bay, was a wonderful experience. It is very
westerly of the Inner Hebrides, a very beautiful     exciting to know that is where I am going to live
fairly flat and sandy island. It is one of the       for the next 5-10 years or more!
sunniest and one of the windiest places in              It is going to be a huge change in lifestyle,
Scotland, and is very popular with watersports       not only will I have the challenge of adapting
enthusiasts especially surfers, including wind-      to life as ―the minister‖, but also adapting
and kite- surfers. The island is about 10 miles      to island life with all its advantages and
long and about 5 miles wide at its widest point.     disadvantages (if the weather is bad, the ferry
The population is 720 in the winter, 2–3 times       doesn‘t get in, which means no fresh bread,
as many during the summer!                           fruit, veg, etc in the shop). I have a very strong
  The Church of Scotland has two buildings,          sense that God is calling me to Tiree, and
Kirkapol and Heylipol, but both are requiring        I know that He will equip and guide me, but
major repairs, so it is planned to eventually sell   I still welcome your ongoing prayers.
Kirkapol and use the proceeds towards the
costs of repairing Heylipol. The congregation        Blessings and prayers to you all,
numbers 93 at present, and those who I have
met are all absolutely lovely, very welcoming to        Elspeth
me. The manse is near Kirkapol church, at one        (no date yet for my ordination and induction,
end of Gott Bay, quite close to the pier where       but hopefully July this year).
  Guiding in Dyce
Girl Guiding UK celebrated our centenary year           where all the units contributed a song, dance, craft
between September 2009 and September 2010.              or information on a country. We are now looking at
Our units have had a busy year taking part in various   taking part in the Rotary Fun Day in August to raise
celebrations. The celebrations were launched at         funds for our District.
Seaton Park in September 2009 where we all spent           We would also like to mention Dyce Friends
an afternoon doing various activities and we had our    of Guiding team who already do an excellent job
celebration finale in October 2010 at the AECC where    fundraising for us to keep our subscriptions down.
we were treated to songs from Stacey Solomon and        If you would like to help then we would love to hear
Olly Murs. We all renewed our promise together.         from you. Recently they held a Ladies‘ night where
The girls (and the leaders) had a great night. In       profits will go towards either a district outing or
between that we managed to fit it Rainbow Princess      for some other interesting activities for each of
Parties, Brownies took over Templars Park for the       the units.
day, sleepovers, holidays, camps and various other         At the moment we have two Rainbow units, two
events. We also completed lots of tasks towards our     Brownie units and a Guide unit which are all run
Adventure 100 badges.                                   by a great team of volunteers. If you would be
   We now have two District Commissioners, Fiona        interested in joining our team please do not hesitate
Thomson and Christian Davidson, so hopefully this       to contact Christian Davidson (722233) or
is the start of us beginning to do more things as a     Fiona Thomson (631655).
district again. We had a joint Thinking Day event
A Mile in Another
Man’s Shoes…
I had this article written prior to finding out there would be no spring edition of the church
magazine. The message is still as relevant though.
   In December         I was              religious and racial tensions can be      you me, it is another thing entirely
   lucky                                  raised, and quite often it is the         to be sitting in a church of over
enough to escape the worst of the         Catholic     church,   indeed      the    2000 worshippers, wondering if
snow that had hit the UK. I found         ethnically Chinese Catholics that         there is going to be an explosion or
myself working in Egypt, had a            get targeted. My girlfriend is            madmen with machine guns.
night in Belgium on the way home          Catholic     and   also      ethnically      In the end, everything passed of
thanks to the failure of Heathrow         Chinese and this would have a             peacefully, the service was great,
to keep its runway open, and only 1       bearing     on my celebrations that       and singing along to various songs
full day in Scotland in the freezing      Christmas.                                I didn‘t know and carols I did in a
cold     prior    to flying out      to      On Christmas Eve 2000, there           language I am not entirely familiar
Indonesia to visit my girlfriend and      were 15 bomb explosions across            with was a great laugh, and a great
her family for Christmas. I would         Indonesia, mostly targeting Roman         way of being with these fellow
like to think that escaping the cold      Catholic      Christmas Eve Mass          Christians who have the threat of
wasn‘t the best Christmas present         services, but other          Christian    persecution looming over         their
that God could give me, but the           churches as well. As a result, 13         heads in a very real way. It was also
two lessons I received from him           people died and 95 were injured.          good to see the Muslim policemen
during my trip.                           As I approached the church with           wish departing       worshippers a
   Indonesia is the most populous         Lauren and her family, I noticed          happy Christmas. The thought of
Muslim country on earth. There            that there was a large police             Jesus replying to the Sadducees
are around 200 million Muslims in         presence around the church. I             about the Greatest Commandment
Indonesia, with most of the popu-         asked Lauren why that was, and she        was in my head – ―Love the Lord
lation of the country living on           told   me the      history    of   the    with all your heart, soul, mind and
the island of Java. Indonesia has six     bomb- ings, and on the 10th               strength. That is the Greatest
officially recognised religions –         anniversary, there had been more          Commandment. The second great-
Islam,      Protestant,    Catholic,      threats    made by             Muslim     est commandment is love your
Buddhist,        Confucianism     and     extremists     against worshipping        neighbour as you love yourself.
Hindu. There are also           various   Catholics.      What unnerved me          There is no other commandment
traditional beliefs across the whole      even more was that the majority           greater than these two‖ (Mark 12
country. It is interesting how            of the police were Muslim.                v30-31)
despite both being Christian, the            It is one thing to be told of the         In this I could see, regardless of
Protestants and       Catholics     are   suffering    and    persecution     of    the threats     given, it is still
defined separately. Despite the           Christians from the pulpit, from          important to worship the Lord, and
various religions, and the predomi-       the TV or even in the publications        also to love my neighbour, regard-
nance of Islam, by and large              by the Barnabas Trust, but believe        less of his religion. If it wasn‘t for
everybody gets along. However,
those policemen doing their job,                      suffers – all the rice crops in                 feet were slipping. And then it
things might have been different at                   the                                             happened…I lost my balance and
the service…                                          area were wiped out, as well as                 down I went. Thankfully my well
     If this wasn‘t enough, I was to be               people     losing     their     homes.          cushioned posterior wasn‘t needed
blessed with another very simple                      Although Yogyakarta city was                    to absorb the shock, as I managed
lesson later on that week.                            spared, lava and ash blocks several             to get a hand down, but the local
     The city that Lauren‘s family live               rivers, and after heavy rains, some-            people found my misfortune funny,
                                                      times these blockages give way. The             and many of them laughed. As the
in is Yogyakarta. It is in very fertile
                                                      resulting flash floods wipe out                 only white person in the area, I
land,     and           has      a       population
                                                      bridges and more farmland, mak-                 stuck out like a sore thumb, and
                                                      ing the lives of the population even            seeing me trip was highly amusing
500,000. Yogyakarta is Java‘s, if
                                                      more miserable. I have to confess,              for the people at the side of the
not Indonesia‘s cultural centre.
                                                      even though I love photography,                 road.
However,           it       has a very big
                                                      I found taking pictures of the area
draw- back – it is only 20 miles                                                                         I      have   to    admit     for     a
                                                      hard,    and    even now when               I
away from Mount Merapi, one of                                                                        split second I could feel              the
                                                      look back        at     my          snaps,
the most active volcanoes in the                                                                      anger rise inside of me. How dare
                                                      especially comparing          the        area
Pacific ring of                 fire.      Funnily                                                    they laugh at         my     misfortune!
                                                      before          and    after,       it     is
enough,        I        had questioned the                                                            But     then     it struck me – I had
presence of steam coming from                                                                         only lost my foot- ing and a little
                                                         We stopped at a barren area,
the peak while on a visit to the                                                                      bit of dignity. These people had
                                                      and Lauren‘s father showed me the               lost absolutely       every- thing       –
city in June last year, only                    to
                                                      remains of some motorcycles at
be      told            ―It‘s        a      cloud‖.                                                   houses,     food,     work     and some
                                                      the side of the road, and then we               had     lost loved ones. I             had
Unfortunately, Merapi erupted four
                                                      started to walk up the tarmac road              nothing to be angry about. In the
months             later,        the       volcanic
                                                      towards the peak. Scores of people              following split        second,    all I
activity lasting about two weeks.
                                                      were     trying to dig out                the   could do was laugh as well.
     Lauren‘s parents took me to the
                                                      access roads to their property.                    We all hear the expression that
area where I had visited back
                                                      I was thinking that maybe people
in                                                                                                    it is better to walk a mile
                                                      trying to dig themselves out of
2008. I could not                    have     been                                                    in another       man‘s shoes before
                                                      snow back home didn‘t seem so                   making a judgement about them,
pre- pared for what I saw. The
                                                      bad all of a sudden. Many people                but it is so easy to not really
heavily forested area had been
                                                      were begging at the side of the
decimated. It            wasn‘t          lava that                                                    appreciate what others          have to
                                                      road, some were trying          to sell
devastated the area, but the hot                                                                      go through. Sometimes it is so
                                                      DVD‘s about the disaster to try
gases from              the volcano roaring                                                           easy to get caught up in our
                                                      and      raise funds to try              and
down the hillside in a massive                                                                        own problems that we don‘t often
                                                      rebuild the area. After walking up
pyroclastic flow. I saw the remains                                                                   truly appreciate that we do have.
                                                      the hill for about 30 mins, it                  How would you react under the
of a village I had once visited,
                                                      was getting hot, so we decided                  same circum- stances? It certainly
which used to have a popu- lation
                                                      to turn back.                                   made me think for a long while.
of 3,000. All that was left was
                                                         Walking down the hill was even
rubble,    charred remains and the                                                                       Quite a sobering thought…
                                                      more treacherous than going up.
concrete foundations of buildings.                                                                       Scott S
                                                      Lots of fine volcanic ash, which
Not a single house was left stand-
                                                      was like a fine sand and loose grav-
ing. And that was only one village –
                                                      el was scattered on the steep road.
several more suffered the same fate.
                                                      In keeping a decent pace up, my
Amazingly, only about 300 people
 1st Dyce Scout Group
The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts meet in the Scout Hut,       Challenge Badge. Over the past year, many of the
Pitmedden Road:                                           Cubs worked very hard to gain the Chief Scout Silver
Beavers (age 6–8yrs) –                                    Award, the highest in Cub Scouting. At the end
Thursdays 6.00pm–7.00pm                                   of last year, we raised £1,000 for the Stop Polio
Moira Milligan (724156) & Sue Pettet                      Campaign, through the Rotary – all are so proud
                                                          of this achievement.
Cubs (age 8–10½ yrs) –                                       There are currently 23 Cubs in the pack, made
Wednesdays 6.30pm–8.00pm                                  up of boys and girls, so if anyone is interested in
Moira Milligan, Karen McKessack and Eric Digweed          joining please let me know.

Scouts –                                                  Scouts are gaining in numbers and are an active
Friday 6.45pm–8.30pm                                      troop, gaining badges and camping. They helped to
Jerry Morse (714727)                                      organise the Jamboree on the Trail up Bennachie and
Group Scout Leader Jack Digweed (723526)                  all sections really enjoyed the day. Two Scouts,
                                                          Jamie Topley and Lee Riley, were also in the Gang
Beavers are always very busy working towards              Show again this year. Jerry is helped by a couple of
their many badges from a varied programme. They go        young leaders but another couple of leaders would
on outings and do various crafts and projects. This is    really be beneficial. If interested, please speak to
the Beaver 25th Birthday year, with several special       Jerry, or any of the leaders.
events planned. We give thanks to leaders Rhoda and
Aileen Law, who left us this Easter, for their years of   World Jamboree – Zoe Donaldson, one of
dedication to the colony. Many Beavers gained the         our young leaders, if off to the World Jamboree in
Chief Scout Bronze Award, a real testament to the         Sweden in July. We wish her well in this and I‘m sure
hard work of the boys and leaders. Sue Pettet, a          she will have loads to tell us on her return – Have
member of Adult Scouting Support, and two young           Fun Zoe!!
leaders are working with us at the moment but if
anyone is interested in becoming a leader, please         Jack Digweed and I have been very proud and
contact myself or Jack.                                   honoured to accept the Chief Scout Silver Acorn,
                                                          awarded to us in the St Georges Day Awards.
Cubs work towards many different badges, from             We would like to thank all boys, girls, leaders and
easier ones such as Home Help, up to Entertainers.        families over the years for their support to enable
Four Cubs joined the Scout Gang Show cast this year       us to accept this award. Thank You!
and all had a great time. Finlay Morse won the Cubs
Scout Award. We are just back from Area Cub Camp             Moira Milligan
at Templars Park where we, along with 160 other              Email: mosiemilligan@aol.com
Cubs from across Aberdeen, gained our Scotland
Dyce Gardening Club
and Dyce in Bloom
By the time you have got this magazine the
lamppost baskets and tubs should be in flower and
hopefully delighting those who live here and those
who pass through. For the fact file, the 140 baskets    year will also have an area of four square metres
have been filled with 2336 plants by 60 local               o
                                                        to d experimental planting. The school hopes that
volunteers. The considerable cost is covered by         villagers will want to sit and enjoy this feature
generous donations from individuals, organisations      bet
                                                        between the school and Central Park.
in the community, shops and businesses plus the            In April the Club went by coach to Brodie Castle
proceeds of the Gardening Club plant sale which         whe re the daffs showed their very best and in June
this year netted £800.                                  some members drove to Tomnavoulin, Glenlivet to
   Previously the City Council was responsible for      see a high-level garden lovingly developed over the
planting and maintaining all large tubs in the          last ten years in difficult conditions. A Bennachie
village, but the response to cutbacks is that it will   Ran
                                                        Ranger who came to speak at a winter meeting then
maintain only the large planters on the roundabouts     gui
                                                        guided a walk to the Squatters‘ crofts in July.
at either end of Dyce. So that we do not lose the       Ag
                                                         garden party in the Community Garden was held
pleasing colour, some residents have undertaken to      in t Have a Go week and a Scarecrow Party is also
plant and look after large tubs at the War Memorial     planned for 9th July when families and groups can
and Victoria Street and the watering team will add      enj
                                                        enjoy making wonderful or scary creatures.
these to its twice-weekly round. The Christmas lights      On 21st September the Winter programme begins
that brighten the winter gloom on the main street       wit
                                                        with an Inter-club quiz at Kemnay, then meetings
have been bought through the years and belong to        are in the Carnegie Hall monthly. New members are
Dyce, but this year, we will possibly have to search    alw
                                                        always welcome whether or not they want to be
for a way to cover the cost of electricity needed.      involved with the physical activities. As always,
   With assistance from a couple of young lads,         notices are posted with the dates, and details can
Gardening Club members planted over one hundred         be got from secretary, Kevin Mavor, 722011.
mixed saplings on the bank of the Don between
Riverview Drive and the road to the car park.              Evelyn Shearer
Amazingly this was completed in the one hour which      p.s. Spotted in June by the marshy ground at
volunteers are asked to give. Some members are          Riverview car park, a wonderful show of about 100
working with Primary School pupils in choosing          Northern Marsh Orchids. They are on the left bank
plants which stimulate the various senses for the       abo
                                                        above the trees as one faces towards Parkhill Bridge.
sensory garden and outdoor classroom. Each primary
JUNE                                                   SEPTEMBER
5   Mrs C Duncan, Hillcrest, Station Road, Newmachar   4 Miss M Reid, Top Left 19 Summerfield Terrace,
12 Mrs J Yule, 179 Victoria Street                     Aberdeen
19 Mrs M Parley, 23 Berrywell Place                    11 Mrs M Strachan, Cardenwell Glen Drive
26 Mrs H Strachan, 35 Parkhill Circle                  18 Mrs S Rosie, 10 Raxton Place
                                                       25 Mrs C Macintosh, 155 Victoria Street
3   Mrs D Daun, 143 Victoria Street                    Flower Convenor for January, February, March/July,
10 Mrs M Gunn, 3 Glen Drive                            August, September
17 Mrs A Marjoribanks, 13 Brucklay Court               Mrs Audrey Ross      Tel: 773121 (Home) / 772424 (Shop)
24 Mrs P Henderson, 163 Victoria Street
31 Mrs J Johnstone, 253 Stoneywood Road, Stoneywood    Flower Convenor for April, May, June/October,
                                                       November, December
AUGUST                                                 Mrs Lucy Thurley     Tel: 722396
7   Mrs J Harper, 25 Garmaddie Lane
14 Mrs L Wilkie, 15 Parkhill Crescent                  NOTE: The church is open on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.
21 Mrs E Middleton, 18 Glen Road
28 Mrs H Barrie, 1 Overton Walk                        Please remember it is the duty of the provider to
                                                       collect flowers for delivery after the 11am Sunday
9.30am Services      First named TWO in roster will officiate at early morning services
11am Services        First named TWO bring in offering for dedication during singing of last verse of first hymn
                     First named SIX will officiate as follows:-
                     a) TWO at door
                     b) TWO at inner doors and
                     c) TWO within Church directing worshippers to seats
                     ALL EIGHT will assist at count in four teams of two.
Communion Services A separate detail will be issued for Communion Services

If you cannot attend please arrange a substitute.

July    3   Service at 10am only                           August 21     Service at 10am only
            Messrs Innes, Mrs Irvine, Messrs Kelly,                      Messrs Roach, Ross, Mrs Shearer,
            Kelman, Knight, Mrs Marjoribanks,                            Messrs Smail, Thurley, Mrs Whyte,
            Messrs Martin, Mrs McCulloch                                 Mrs Aitken, Dr Barber
                               A Lamb                                                        D Dunne

        10 Service at 10am only                                     28 Service at 10am only
           Mr Milne, Mrs Milligan, Messrs Milton,                      Mrs Barbour, Mrs Baxter, Mrs Beagrie,
           D Murray, E Murray, Dr Orr, Mr Paul,                        Mr Brown, Mrs Bruce, Mrs Cattanach,
           Mrs Pirie                                                   Mr Cheyne, Mrs Clark
                               D Dunne                                                    B Cruden

        17 Service at 10am only                            Sept      4   Service at 11am only
           Messrs Ramsay, Roach, Mr Ross,                                Mrs Cumming, Mrs Drummond,
           Mrs Shearer, Messrs Smail, Thurley,                           Mrs Greenhorn, Messrs Gunn, Henderson,
           Mrs Whyte, Mrs Aitken                                         Howitt, Innes, Mrs Irvine
                               B Cruden                                                     J Thomson

        24 Service at 10am only                                     11 Services at 9.30am and
           Dr Barber, Mrs Barbour, Mrs Baxter,                         11am Messrs Kelly, Kelman,
           Mrs Beagrie, Mr Brown, Mrs Bruce,                           Knight, Mrs Marjoribanks, Mr
           Mrs Cattanach, Mr Cheyne                                    Martin,
                              J Thomson                                Mrs McCulloch, Mr Milne, Mrs Milligan
                                                                                          R Mack
        31 Service at 10am only
           Mrs Clark, Mrs Cumming, Mrs Drummond,                    18 Service at 11am only
           Mrs Greenhorn, Messrs Gunn, Henderson,                      Messrs Milton, D. Murray, E Murray,
           Howitt, Innes                                               Dr Orr, Mr Paul, Mrs Pirie, Messrs Ramsay,
                             R Mack                                    Roach
                                                                                           M Reid
August 7    Service at 10am only
            Mrs Irvine, Messrs Kelly, Kelman, Knight,               25 Services at 9.30am and 11am
            Mrs Marjoribanks, Mr Martin,                               Mr Ross, Mrs Shearer, Messrs Smail,
            Mrs McCulloch, Mr Milne                                    Thurley, Mrs Whyte, Mrs Aitken,
                                M Reid                                 Dr Barber, Mrs Barbour
                                                                                           A Lamb
        14 Service at 10am only
           Mrs Milligan, Messrs Milton, D Murray,
           E Murray, Dr Orr, Mr Paul, Mrs Pirie,
           Mr Ramsay
                               A Lamb
       2 Rubislaw Place Aberdeen AB10 1XN Contact
     Margaret B Waldron   LL.B.(HONS), Dip.L.P., NP, Partner T   01224
                      F 01224 621540

         6 Rubislaw Terrace Aberdeen AB10 1XE
            Contact Gregor Howitt T 01224 639411

                   Parkhill, Dyce AB21 7AT
                     Tel 01224 722167
                 OPENING HOURS (7 DAYS)
         Centre 9am to 5pm Restaurant 9am to 4.30pm

                    Dyce Caravans Ltd
                    Pitmedden Road Dyce Aberdeen AB21 0EY

                    Tel 01224 722227


                    Farburn Motors
                    21A Farburn Terrace Dyce Aberdeen

                    Tel 01224 770471
                    Fax 01224 772254

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