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About GKO

The company was founded over twenty years ago with the purpose of providing
technologically based solutions for the logistics area, emphasizing on shipping

GKO goes beyond the development of the GKO FREIGHT, it also offers
consulting services and support on hiring and managing outsourced freight.

The Software GKO FREIGHT

GKO FREIGHT is the software for managing outsourced shipping that leads the
national market charts since its release in 1995. It was the first management solution
of that sort in Brazil and has been implemented in more than 200 companies today.
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clients of each area)

     Food and Drink                Auto          Fuel and     Construction   Cosmetics         Distribution      Electronics

                                                Hygiene and   Agricultural    Stationery
                                                                                              Metallurgy         Mining
         Packaging             Pharmaceutical    Cleaning      Industry        Industry

         Logistical                                                                                           Clothing and
                              Chemical          Services      Technology     Home Utilities     Retail
         Operator                                                                                               Tissues

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               Food and Drink

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               Fuel and Energy

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               Hygiene and Cleaning

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               Agricultural Industry

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               Stationery Industry

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               Logistical Operator

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               Home Utilities

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               Clothing and Tissues

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       Client List

               AB BRASIL              DPK                  LOJAS MARABRAZ            PORTOBELLO
               ACHÉ                   DUAS RODAS           LOJAS RENNER              PREMIUM
               ALCATEL-LUCENT         DULOREN              LUPER FARMA               PURAC
               AMANCO                 EDITORA RECORD       MANGELS                   QUÍMICA AMPARO (YPÊ)
               AMSTED MAXION          EDITORA SARAIVA      M.AGOSTINI                RANDON
               APOLO TUBOS            EMBELLEZE            M.DIAS BRANCO             RAPIDÃO COMETA
               ARINOS QUÍMICA         ENGETECH             MABE (GE DAKO)            ROCHE
               ASTRAZENECA            ESSO / COSAN         MABEL                     SANDOZ
               ATHLETIC WAY           FABER-CASTELL        MALLORY                   SANOFI-AVENTIS
               AZALÉIA                FABRIMAR             MANTECORP                 SANTANENSE
               B.BRAUN                FARMOQUÍMICA         MANUFATURA KING           SCHNEIDER ELETRIC
               BAUSCH & LOMB          FERRABRAZ            MARILAN                   SCHULZ
               BAXTER                 FERRAGENS NEGRAO     MDX                       SCOPUS
               BIC                    FERRAMENTAS GERAIS   MELITTA                   SICPA
               BIOLAB                 FERRERO ROCHER       MELHORAMENTOS PAPÉIS      SIKA
               BIOSINTÉTICA           FESTO                MERCK SHARP & DOHME       SKF
               BLACK & DECKER         FCC                  METALFRIO                 SKY BRASIL
               BOEHRINGER             FMC QUÍMICA          MILANI                    SLC ALIMENTOS
               BRASCOLA               FRANKE               MITSUBISHI MOTORS         SONY DADC
               BSH CONTINENTAL        GERBER               MUNDIAL                   SYNGENTA
               CADERBRAS BICO         GOODYEAR             NATURA                    SYNGENTA SEEDS
               CANON                  GRAVIA               NEXANS                    TA LOG
               CARREFOUR              GRUPO COMOLATTI      NIELY                     TECH DATA
               CASA & VÍDEO           GSK                  NOVARTIS AH               TEKA
               CASA GRANADO           HALEX ISTAR          NOVARTIS BIO              TIGRE
               CBA-SERRA LESTE        HERBALIFE            NOVELIS                   TOTAL LUBRIFICANTES
               CBC                    HERMES               O BOTICÁRIO               TROMBINI
               CCA LATICÍNIOS         HP                   OFFICER                   UNIÃO QUÍMICA
               CELLOFARM              INDÚSTRIAS ANHEMBI   OI                        VILMA ALIMENTOS
               CERAS JOHNSON          INQUISA              ORSA                      VIQUA
               CHEP                   INVICTA              OSRAM                     VITARELLA
               CHEVRON TEXACO         ITAUTEC              OTM LOGÍSTICA             VOLKSWAGEN
               CORDEIRO               JEQUITI              PANASONIC                 VOLVO
               CORY                   KERRY                PARMALAT                  VONPAR (COCA-COLA)
               COTEMINAS              KILLING              PEPSICO                   WAL-MART
               CRISTALIA              KOMLOG               PETROBRAS DISTRIBUIDORA   WELLA
               DANONE                 L´ORÉAL              PETRONAS LUBRIFICANTES    WHEATON
               DIAGEO                 LIBBS FARMA          PHELPS DODGE              WHITE MARTINS
Back to Main   DPASCHOAL               LIQUIGAS            PLASTUBOS                 WILSON, SONS LOGíSTICA
         System Functions

                                                            Verification of
                                          Security         accounting data
                                                               and tax

                                          Transport        Cost of Shipping,
                                           Request       Billing and Purchasing

                                        Negotiation           Reports

                                                          Dates and Delivery
                                         Simulation            Events

                                       Pre-calculation       Evaluation

                                        Freight Audit         Results

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                       in order

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                 GKO FREIGHT allows you to register users with privileges in a safe way, where it is
                 possible to segregate functions and have the security required by the SOX law.

                 On payment approval of bills containing divergences, it is possible to have selected
                 approvals, in which only users with privileges are able to release the payment.

                 The system allows the tracking of alterations in the database identifying what was
                 altered, by who and when.

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Functions Menu
                 Transport Request

                 Allows a decentralization of the registration of the transport requests, with the use of a
                 WEB application.

                 Allows the area of transports to analyze all the transport requests in order to accept
                 them or not.

                 For the transport request, a scheduling of pickup and delivery can be used, or the
                 terms previously agreed for the route, can be followed.

                 Provides a price table or allows a negotiation for each request.

                 After the transport confirmation, GKO FREIGHT allows an automatic discharge of
                 emails to the carrier, the requestor, the responsible present in the pickup point and the
                 responsible present in the delivery point.

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Functions Menu

                 Contracts: control of balance and maturity.

                 Price Table: the software allows the user to register formulas and any price table wished.

                           •   Definition of the basis for calculation such as: gross weight, value, hours stopped,
                               days stocked, etc.

                           •   Specific events such as: devolutions, repeated deliveries, storage, escort, etc.

                           •   Conditions to price differences such as: means of transport, type of vehicles, urgent
                               delivery data, and others.

                 Combined freight: GKO FREIGHT allows negotiations of prices, disregarding pre-existent price

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Functions Menu

                 The software can, from various alternate freight tables (from one or more carriers),
                 make comparisons of the charged values for the transport. The result is the
                 identification, with transparency and objectivity of which calculation model (or which
                 carrier) is the best option for each cargo profile.

                 This simulation can be executed in the application itself based on:

                        •       Historic data already stored in the database.
                        •       Specific cargo profile to be informed.

                 The possibility to couple this function to your corporate system also exists. GKO
                 FREIGHT will then allow the user to obtain possible freight values for a determined
                 cargo profile informed by the corporate system, trough the availability of a DLL or WEB
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Functions Menu

                 With the registration of price tables and with the interface between the ERP and the GKO
                 FREIGHT of the data of the shipped checks and also the ones still to be shipped. The system
                 identifies the freight value and related taxes.

                 The pre-calculation is the basis to all the results that depend on correct calculation of the
                 amount to be paid for the transport.

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Functions Menu
                 Freight Audit

                 Allows pre-billing to the carrier.
                 In the process of freight conference, it’s possible to make the following validations:
                               Freight value divergence
                               Tax value divergence
                               Tax rule divergence (Credit and Tax Relief)
                 Payment blocking is also allowed for the following conditions:
                               Deliveries not made
                               Registration of pre-parameterized events such as: accident, cargo loss
                               Charging of additional values
                               Unauthorized complements
                               Complements above certain values
                               Divergence above a determined value

                 These blocks can be liberated after an electronic signature of an authorized user.

                 There is no need for typing, GKO FREIGHT will receive, through the EDI, the files from the
                 carriers (billing, CTRC and events).
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Functions Menu
                 Verification of Accounting Data and Tax

                 After the freight and tax values are identified, the system can provide data for their
                 provision, which will help the financial area with the cash flow. Later, when the carrier
                 billing occurs, it will be possible to prepare the accounting entries associated with the
                 freight, making the necessary tracking. This information can be exported directly by the
                 corporate system, in a simple, correct and easy way.

                 Amongst the calculated taxes by the system are: ICMS, ISS, IR, PIS, COFINS, CSLL,
                 INSS, SEST/SENAT.

                 GKO FREIGHT also exports the carrier’s CTRC to the tax book, with all necessary
                 data for this activity.

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Functions Menu
                 Cost of Shipping, Billing and Purchasing

                 With the support of GKO FREIGHT, the manager is able to obtain important and accurate
                 numbers such as:

                       •     Correct percentage of the freight regarding the shipped values

                       •     Cost of freight per kilogram or cubic meter

                       •     Cost of freight per ton and kilometer

                       •     Indicators divided by clients, carrier, state, city, region, line of product, product,
                             mode, amongst other information

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Functions Menu
                 Management Reports

                 GKO FREIGHT offers a wide range of management reports, such as:

                              Statistics about freight costs
                              Statistics about delivery punctuality
                              Statistics about the carrier’s punctuality to send information
                              Statistics about the quality of the services provided by the carriers, such
                               as charging, events involving transports and other quality indicators

                 Various reports allow the configuration of layouts, to satisfy specific necessities.

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Functions Menu
                 Dates and Delivery Events

                 The data related to the delivery process, sent by the carrier in a personalized layout,
                 can be obtained by electronic means (EDI, WEB, email or even floppies). This data
                 may not necessarily be the date of delivery, but also loss signs, cargo loss, accidents,
                 repeated deliveries, returns or cargo tracking.

                 Other events can be added, inserted directly by the users such as client complaints,
                 comments about the carrier or the cargo and everything necessary to maintain a
                 complete historic of each delivery process.

                 With all this information it is possible to approve or not the return, repeated delivery,
                 discounts for compensation, as well as measuring the delivery performance of the

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Functions Menu
                 Carrier Evaluation

                 From the delivery and events data registered, added to the data that can be linked to
                 the shipping (such as document validation, evaluation of how adequate the available
                 vehicles are, the carrier staff, compliance with delivery deadlines, accuracy when
                 charging for the shipping), the GKO FREIGHT user can create an evaluation structure
                 of the carrier’s service quality, defining the quality indicators and the weight of each
                 indicator in the composition of the general evaluation of carriers. It is possible to have
                 more than one model of registering evaluations in the system, and also chose from
                 which model the carrier will be evaluated.

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Functions Menu

                 •    Elimination of losses caused by undue charges

                 •    Cost reduction as a result of the simulations function

                 •    More control from the pickup until the delivery

                 •    Better service quality by carriers

                 •    Release of staff to tasks of higher value

                 •    Results from conference: reduction of at least 2% of the whole freight cost

                 •    Results from simulation: 5% to 10% can be reduced from the shipping cost

                 •    Results from carrier evaluation: deliveries on time; reduction of repeated
                      deliveries, returns and cargo loss

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Functions Menu
More Information

email:     info@gko.com.br

Phone:     21 2533 3503

Website:   www.gko.com.br

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