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									Relay For Life Guidebook

Luminaria Chair
                                Relay For Life Guidebook

                               Table of Contents
                               Volunteer Job Description                         4
                                     Relay For Life Luminaria Chair

                               Luminaria Quick Facts                             5

                               Luminaria Timeline                                6

                               The Luminaria Chair                               8
                                     Recruiting the Luminaria Subcommittee
                                     Working with your Luminaria Subcommittee

                               Luminaria Promotion & Sales                       9
                                     Getting the Word Out!

                               Luminaria Logistics                              10
                                     What Do I Need & How Do I Make Them?

                               What is a Luminaria Ceremony?                    12
                                     Ceremony Tips
                                     Ceremony Contingency Plan                  13
                                     Data Collection

                               Resources & Tools                                14
                                     Sample Scripts                             14
                                     The Empty Table                            16
                                     Lighting of the Luminaria                  17
                                     Torch of Hope                              18
                                     Light Out of the Darkened Room             19
                                     Suggested Music                            21
                                     Inspirational Words & Poems                22
                                     Best Practices                             27

Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook                                             3
                                     American Cancer Society Relay For Life
                                     Volunteer Position Description

    Volunteer Position Title
    Relay For Life Luminaria Chair

    Position Summary
    The luminaria chair is responsible for pre-event promotions, event night promotions and preparation of luminaria.
    This position is also responsible for the planning of the luminaria ceremony during the Relay For Life event.

     Serve on the Relay For Life event committee, attend all committee meetings and report back to subcommittee

     Recruit and lead luminaria subcommittee to assist with all luminaria responsibilities

     Coordinate promotions before and during the event

     Work with committee members to promote public attendance to the ceremony.

     Plan luminaria ceremony, coordinating guest speaker, music, etc.

     Coordinate lighting during the ceremony

     Maintain supplies needed for luminaria

     Recruit volunteers to place luminaria on track on event day

     Clean up of luminaria after the event

     Develop alternative plan if inclement weather

     Write thank you notes to luminaria subcommittee members and volunteers.

    Knowledge of and commitment to the American Cancer Society Mission
    Knowledge of community for recruitment of volunteers
    Organized, able to manage and delegate
    Communication, listening, and organizational skills
    Good interpersonal skills

4                                                                                      Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook
         Luminaria Quick Facts:
         Your Lifeline to being a Luminaria Chair

         In this Guidebook, you have been provided timelines, best practices, job descriptions, etc. along with resources
         and tools. It is highly recommended that you thoroughly read this document for it will provide you with the
         “know how” to successfully execute your duties.

         It is a best practice to have 8 to 10 months to plan the Luminaria Ceremony of your Relay, however, having 8 to 10
         months for planning is not always the case. The million dollar Relay question is “What are the MUST HAVE’S to
         accomplishing my job”. In the event that significant time has passed for planning and your Relay event is right
         around the corner, here is a Quick Fact Sheet to your role as a Luminaria Chair.

         1. Promote Luminaria Before and During Event

         2. Recruit Volunteers to Assist with Luminaria Responsibilities:
                Assembly of Luminaria
                Placement & Lighting of Luminaria
                Set Up & Clean Up

         3. Plan Luminaria Ceremony

         4. Get Luminaria Supplies Needed

         5. Attend all Relay planning committee meetings
            To help keep you “in the know” about the event and the committee “in the know” about the Luminaria
            promotions, you need to attend the meetings.

         6. Develop Alternative Plan if Inclement Weather

         7. Send thank you notes to subcommittee and volunteers.

Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook                                                                                      5
                                      Luminaria Timeline

    8-10 Months Out
        • Recruit Luminaria Subcommittee
        • Work with ACS staff partner to obtain past luminaria promotional data
        • Work with ACS staff partner to develop a luminaria goal
        • Attend Relay committee meetings

    6-8 Months Out
        • Work with ACS staff partner to determine the amount of luminaria forms needed for distribution
        • Determine strategy for pre-sales
        • Work with ACS staff partner and publicity chair to develop a promotional timeline for media market
        • Begin brainstorming creative ideas for the luminaria ceremony (for example, emcee, speakers, performers). Be
        • Work with ACS staff partner to determine what items can be donated and what items must be purchased (for
          example, bags, candles, sand, lighters, markers, tables, tent, signage, etc.)
        • Delegate items needed to subcommittee members to get donated. Coordinate efforts with sponsorship chair
          for donated items.
        • Attend Relay committee meetings

    4-6 Months Out
        • Send initial mailing to past luminaria donors
        • Work with logistics chair to determine luminaria promotion at event location
        • Provide order forms to teams for distribution
        • Ensure that publicity chair has begun using press releases and print PSAs
        • Work with logistics chair to secure items needed for ceremony and on-site sales (tent, tables, chair, stage,
          mics, lighting, etc.)
        • Attend Relay committee meetings

    3 Months Out
       • Begin writing names on bags as they are turned in, keeping them in alphabetical order
       • Turn in forms for data entry and future use
       • Continue gathering materials, helping with pre-sales and publicity
       • Turn luminaria money in to accounting chair and keep track of total sales
       • Continue planning ceremony and confirming speakers and performers.
       • Work with logistics chair on a luminaria ceremony contingency plan
       • Recruit volunteers to help with day of activities: promotion at the event, assembly, set up and clean up
       • Attend Relay committee meetings

    1 Month Out
       • Finalize all details of ceremony: confirm speakers, write script, and confirm supplies needed with logistics
         chair and performers
       • Make sure all materials are secured or are ordered
       • Continue with pre-luminaria promotions
       • Continue writing names on bags and turning in money
       • Attend Relay committee meetings

6                                                                                          Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook
         2-4 Weeks Out
             • Confirm speakers, performers, etc.
             • Finalize script of ceremony
             • Share plans with Relay committee and team captains
             • Continue with luminaria promotion and preparing bags
             • Attend Relay committee meetings and share ceremony outline

         1 Week Out
            • Visit Relay site with logistics chair for ceremony run through, including testing lights
            • Meet with event volunteers for a quick overview of how to make a luminaria
            • Go over ceremony agenda with subcommittee
            • Finish preparing all bags from pre-luminaria promotions

         At the Event
             • Make sure that all supplies are on-site and ready
             • Set up luminaria promotion area
             • Set up luminaria assembly area
             • Set out luminaria bags to spell special message (for example: HOPE, CURE, LIFE)
             • Oversee on-site activities and luminaria ceremony

         After the Event
             • Ensure luminaria are cleaned up at appropriate time
             • Send thank you letters to all in-kind donors, volunteers and subcommittee members
             • Turn in any luminaria forms for data entry and future use
             • Send thank you letters to speakers and performers
             • Attend wrap up committee meeting for evaluation and help plan wrap up party
             • Attend wrap up party and recognize in-kind donors and subcommittee members
             • Start recruiting subcommittee for next year!

Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook                                                                 7
                                     The Luminaria Chair...
                                     Recruiting the Luminaria Subcommittee

    The job of the luminaria committee is magical! The Luminaria Ceremony, often called the Ceremony of HOPE, puts
    the emotion into your event. It is a ceremony, which if planned and carried out effectively, will leave a wonderful
    memory for years to come for those who witness it. The Luminaria Ceremony is a time of reflection. It is moving,
    touching and probably one of the most important components of the evening. This is the time where loved ones
    can remember those who have lost their battles with cancer, support those who have been newly diagnosed, and
    rejoice with those who have conquered the disease.

    •   Recruit 6-8 individuals to assist with the planning and implementation of all aspects of the

    •   Be sure that all members are equipped with accurate American Cancer Society and Relay For Life

    •   Meet and communicate frequently with subcommittee to plan strategies for luminaria
        promotion and to plan luminaria ceremony.

    •   Make assignments of duties to each member of subcommittee with clear deadlines for
        reporting back.

    Working with your Luminaria Subcommittee
    To provide a luminaria ceremony everyone will remember, you will need a committee. Having a subcommittee will
    allow you to divide the workload into manageable tasks. You and your subcommittee should focus your efforts on
    these areas:

        Luminaria Promotion & Sales
    ∑   Develop a plan to pre-sell as many luminaria before the event as possible, and work closely with the logistics
        committee for on-site luminaria sales.

        Onsite Coordination
    ∑   Work closely with the logistics committee to coordinate the set up and clean up of your Ceremony of HOPE.

        Luminaria Ceremony
    ∑   Plan and coordinate the luminaria ceremony.

8                                                                                        Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook
        Luminaria Promotion & Sales...
        Getting the Word Out!

         Advance sales of luminaria will support your committee by providing needed time to prepare the luminaria bags
         with names, etc. They will also support your efforts in reaching your luminaria sales goal.

             • Develop a promotional schedule and set up a display booth in key areas such as Wal-Mart, your local mall
               or the entrance of a basketball/football game. Display a luminaria bag with the forms at your booth. Find
               other ways to be creative to draw attention to your booth.
             • Mail a bag and order form to past luminaria donors to give them the opportunity to decorate their own
               bag. They can mail their bag along with their donation back.
             • Plan to distribute luminaria order forms at medical offices, oncology offices, hospitals, hospice, funeral
               homes, house of worship newsletters or bulletins, bank mailers, payroll envelopes of your sponsors’,
               pharmacy bags, newspapers, florist shops, utility bills and dry cleaning hangers
             • Do not leave on car windshields. This leads to littering and bad PR.
             • Work with publicity chair to send radio PSAs to local stations and ask to speak on radio shows to encour
               age community support.
             • Make posters for your promotional outlets and use pictures from previous events to show what the
               ceremony is about
             • Make sure all sponsors are given an ample supply of forms for their employees.
             • Team members are excited to help support the luminaria ceremony. Placing luminaria forms in team
               packets and encouraging team captains at meetings is a great way to engage them in pre-sale efforts.
               Remember to be clear that luminaria do not count toward team totals.
             • Work with the survivorship committee to include luminaria forms in any communication going out to
             • Luminaria may be promoted for a minimum donation. Be sure to share that this is the minimum donation
               but participants are welcome to contribute any amount.

         Especially for first year events, anticipate selling many of your luminaria on-site at your event.

         During Event
            • Set a promotional booth at the event
            • Work with logistics chair to be placed in an area that is well recognized by Relay participants. Placing the
              booth near the survivors’ area will encourage family members to get last minute luminaria.
            • Consider promoting luminaria throughout the night of the event past the luminaria ceremony. Make it
              special. Get art supplies donated and set up an area that encourages participants to be very creative with
              their luminaria bags.
            • Recruit high school clubs or organizations to volunteer
            • Arrange volunteers in an assembly line at the event to handle high volume from visitors. Set up multiple
              tables using the following set-up:
                          Table 1- Luminaria donations
                          Table 2- Write names on luminaria bag
                          Table 3- Assembly of bag

Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook                                                                                     9
                                       Luminaria Logistics...
                                       What Do I Need and How Do I Make Them?

     You will need LOTS of help on the day of your Relay. Plan to arrange for several work crews the day of your event to
     help in the setting up and cleaning up of luminaria. Great places to go for this type of support might be the Girl
     Scouts, Boy Scouts, high school clubs or local organizations.

     Luminaria logistics consist of filling, distributing, and lighting the luminaria. Plan to start filling the bags early.
     To make a luminaria, you need:

     Lunch-size white paper sacks
     Fold bag down at least two inches from the top. This allows for ventilation, and it helps the bag stay upright.
     ∑ Use golf carts or wagons to transport luminaria around the track.
     ∑ Arrange bags in alphabetical order. It allows participants to find their loved ones.
     ∑ Place the bags with names on the inside of the track with even spaces between them.
     ∑ Utilize blank bags to spell a special message in the stands (HOPE, CURE, LIFE)

     Dry sand
     Fill two cups of sand per luminaria to hold the bag down and protect from the candle.
     ∑ Laundry detergent scoops work great to pour sand in bags.
     ∑ Make sure the sand is dry; otherwise your bag will burst.

     10-12 hour votive candles work the best. For fire-restricted areas, glow sticks work well.
     ∑ Candle retailers may be willing to donate old candles they can no longer sell.
     ∑ Freeze the candles. This will make them burn longer.
     ∑ Use baby food jars to place candles inside. This will protect them from wind.
     ∑ Stand wicks up as candles are placed in bags
     ∑ Leave candles lit throughout the event. They will extinguish on their own.

     Permanent waterproof markers
     Write names on sacks after you have folded the top down, but before you put the sand inside!
     ∑ Some committees print names on address labels with their computers.
     ∑ Print names legible and large enough for people to read as they circle the track.

     6-10 lighters
     ∑ The longer lighters are safer and quicker to use.
         To offset your event expenses, get these supplies donated and acknowledge donations in your Relay For Life
         event program.

10                                                                                             Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook
         Other Logistics
          Set up near promotional booth with candles and sand
          Recruit volunteers to help place sand in bags and place around track
          Utilize volunteers for cleanup the following day
          Have several heavy-duty trash bags and a truck to dispose of the luminaria. They will be much heavier once
            the morning dew sets in the sand.
          Be sure luminaria are offered to participants to take home before you begin cleaning up.
          Do not stomp out the luminaria bags or throw them away during the event. Some people will find that
            disturbing if they view the bag as a representative of their loved one.

         Other Ideas
          You can use wood to hold the candles. You can place the candles in Dixie cups to prevent the candles from
            melting to the wood. Then place the cup on the wood in the bag. It makes for a MUCH easier clean up

          Use 2 Liter bottles instead of bags. Cut them in half, take the labels off and then use a label to adhere over
           the bottle. They are easy to fill with sand, easy to light, easy to clean up, never burn or melt, and look great
           since they are clear and the candles really shine.

Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook                                                                                      11
                                       What Is a Luminaria Ceremony?

     One of the most poignant moments of the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life is the luminaria ceremony.
     This candle lighting ceremony is a way to honor survivors and those who have lost the battle to cancer. During the
     luminaria ceremony, the stadium lights are turned off and loved ones are honored. A special guest speaker, a cancer
     survivor and/or a local celebrity can give a brief speech. The only lights will be the lit luminaria that line the track,
     symbolically lighting the way to find a cure for cancer. The luminaria ceremony is open to the public and allows
     more people to become involved with Relay For Life.

     It is important that your luminaria ceremony conveys a message that welcomes everyone in your community to
     participate. Because the mission of the American Cancer Society is to reach all people who have a concern for the
     fight against cancer, it is strongly encouraged that your Luminaria Ceremony is not directed towards any particular
     religious belief.

     The American Cancer Society has a volunteer base of over 2 million volunteers who represent different back-
     grounds, ethnic origins and faith. We encourage and appreciate all who serve towards the ultimate goal of a cancer
     free world.

     You will find sample luminaria ceremony programs in the Resource section of this guidebook.

     Ceremony Tips
        • Have volunteers with flashlights in the stands where the public sits during the ceremony when the lights are
           turned off
        • Make signs reading “Quiet Please” for children to walk the track with and to carry throughout the campsites
           during the ceremony
        • Have volunteers stationed around the track and in the stands to light bags prior to ceremony or allow Relay
           participants to take part in lighting luminaria bags during ceremony
        • Turn off stadium lights during ceremony and for safety, ask everyone to stop walking.
              Have a flashlight handy for any readings that may take place during this time
              Remember it usually takes about 10 minutes for stadium lights to re-light
        • Ask a local band, pianist, saxophonist, etc., to play soft music that reflects on the moment
        • Reading names is strongly discouraged. Investigate alternative ways to recognize loved ones.
              Have a “Mile of Hope” lap, a silent lap where participants are invited to find their loved ones’
                  luminaria. Ask a survivor to begin this lap by walking with a torch.
              Show pictures of loved ones submitted by friends and families on large projector screen.
              Scroll names on projector screen in alphabetical order while soft music plays.
              List names on a memory wall that participants can walk through. For additional donations, pictures
                 can be placed on walls. Encourage volunteers and family members to write a message to loved ones on
                 this wall. It can be made of plywood or butcher paper. Attach colorful pens. Light it up during
              Offer luminaria to participants to take home
     ∑ • Give everyone an opportunity to reflect before you jump back into loud music or event announcements
        • Suggested luminaria ceremony scripts are available to you in the Resources and Tools section of this
        • Take lots of pictures!

12                                                                                           Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook
         Luminaria Ceremony Contingency Plan

         In the event that weather is hindering the luminaria ceremony, a contingency plan should be

         If event is still able to be outdoors:
             • If rainy weather is forecasted, do not place the luminaria bags until the weather permits or until the
               ceremony is moved indoors or rescheduled.
             • If rain is forecasted, get Ziploc-type bags donated or white plastic shopping bags and place luminaria in
               them and place around the track. Don’t open the bags to light them until weather lets up or event is
               rescheduled or moved.
             • Place the luminaria on a covered walkway if available, or arrange for the bags to be placed under a large,
               open tent to protect the bags from the weather.

         If event is moved indoors:
             • Use hand-held candles with protection from melting wax. Candles should not be placed in bags due to fire
             • Display bags indoors, possibly arranging bags by making a trail with them that attendees can walk during
               a moment of silence. Invite people to take loved ones’ luminaria home after the ceremony.

         The following should be rescheduled to take place at a later date if they did not occur on the
         night of event due to cancellation:
            • Survivor celebration
            • Luminaria ceremony
            • Sponsor and team recognition, awards and announcements

         Data Collection
         As luminaria forms are collected, ensure that they are completely filled out with donor name and recipient’s
         name. It is vital that recipient’s name is legible to ensure that the name is spelled correctly on the bag and on any
         print material such as an event program.

         After event
         Retain the sold luminaria forms and give to staff partner. This will ensure that all luminaria donors are recorded
         and notified during next year’s luminaria promotions.

Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook                                                                                         13
                                       Resources & Tools...
                                       Ideas and Best Practices for Luminaria

     The following are suggestions on how to structure your event’s luminaria ceremony. Each event is
     unique in its own way. Hopefully these tools can help you develop an impactful luminaria

     Suggestion #1: Luminaria Ceremony Outline
         • Special song
         • Survivor speaker
         • Lights off
         • Background music
         • Reading of a poem
         • Special song during acknowledgement of luminaria (i.e., participants walking around the track viewing lit

         • Closing

     Suggestion #2: Sample Script
     Welcome to our luminaria ceremony during the Relay For Life in ___________. Darkness has settled around us
     tonight, and yet this field glows with the enthusiasm of each participant, survivor and spectator. It glows with the light
     of more than _________ candles that have been made possible by the generosity of this community. Let us admire
     the candles that represent our love and respect for those who have battled cancer and our hope that someday there
     will be a cure for this disease. Please remember those who have lost their battle, those who have beaten this enemy,
     and those who are currently enduring the treatments for cancer.

     Let’s take a moment of silence to reflect the luminaria given in memory of loved ones who have lost the battle.
     (Participants can light all candles that are “in memory of ” at this time.)

     Let’s take a moment to celebrate luminaria given in honor of cancer survivors.
     (Participants can light all candles that are “in honor of ” at this time.)

     Let us celebrate these survivors with a round of applause and a prayer in our hearts for their continued health.


     At this time I invite everyone to join me in walking a lap in honor or in memory of someone who has battled cancer.
     Let each step be a remembrance of the past, a celebration of today, and a step forward in the journey to a cure.

14                                                                                            Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook
         Suggestion #3: Sample Script
         Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please?

         Now comes the most special part of our celebration…. the luminaria ceremony.
            • The paper sack represents our thick skin – what you need when you hear a cancer diagnosis.
            • The sand offers us a firm foundation when we feel weak and falter.
            • The candle is as solid as a rock. It’s what our caregivers, family, friends, doctors and nurses are to us.
            • The flame is the light of hope that a cure will be found before more luminaria are lit. It’s the burning desire in
               each of us to extinguish cancer now.

         As the light of the candle burns bright in the darkness, we are mindful of the people who have been touched by
         cancer. We remember those we knew and loved who have lost their battle with cancer. We honor and are thankful
         for those who are here with us tonight that have suffered from this disease, but are now survivors.

         We will pause to remember all of the people who have been touched by cancer.

         By being here tonight, we are all doing our part so that the flame will continue to burn and a cure will be found.
         Let us all keep the flame alive and help to make it burn bright until the day comes when we have conquered cancer!

         Suggestion #4: The Empty Table
         The Empty Table can be used in place of the poem or as part of another script. This script is also good to use at a
         kickoff or mini kickoff.

         Supplies needed: small table, chair, white tablecloth, clear glass, plate, salt shaker, slice of lemon, one candle and
         candleholder, one rose and vase, pink ribbon and makers.

         The Empty Table script can be found on the next page.

Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook                                                                                           15
                                        “The Empty Table”

     “The Empty Table”

     Those of us here are ever mindful of the triumphs and tragedies represented by these people whose names you have
     just heard. We should never forget that while we enjoy our daily pleasures and the company of family and friends,
     there are others who have endured and are presently enduring the misery, deprivation, and discomfort of the diagno-
     sis and treatment of cancer.

     We call your attention to the small table that occupies a place of dignity and honor. It is set for one, symbolizing the
     fact that some of our loved ones are missing from this gathering. They have been diagnosed with cancer, and they are
     some of the names and faces behind the luminaries.

     The chair is empty. Many of those who fought the battle with cancer are no longer with us, but rather than mourning
     their loss, we choose to celebrate their life.

     These people are unable to be with their loved ones and families now, so let us join together to recognize and honor
     them, and to bear witness to their struggle and their memory.

     The table is small, symbolizing the frailty of a single patient, sometimes alone in the fight against his or her disease.
     The tablecloth is white, symbolic of the medical profession: doctors, nurses, and researchers who helped fight the bat-
     tle for life.

     The single rose in the vase signifies the enduring love of their families and friends and the strength of the patients’ will
     to fight the disease that ultimately claimed many of them.

     The pink ribbon on the vase represents the ribbons worn on the lapels of millions who support a continued search for
     a cure not only for breast cancer, but for other cancers as well - cancers that are expected to kill over half a million
     people in the United States this year.

     A slice of lemon on the plate reminds us of the bitter battle against a deadly disease, a battle fought by more than 1.2
     million new patients each year.

     The salt sprinkled on the plate reminds us of the countless tears of personal anguish shed by the patient and those
     shed by family members and friends who have lost a loved one.

     The glass is inverted in memory of those people who are not here to join our celebration of successes.

     But, the candle represents the light of hope that lives in the hearts of all of us - hope represented by cancer survivors
     and the hope for a cure discovered as a result of the detailed work of the medical profession made able through funds
     generated through events such as the Relay For Life.

     On the table you will find markers that will be used to write on the cloth the name of a person you want to honor, or to
     write a message of love to them. You may visit the table anytime during the remainder of the Relay.

     There will be a song offered now in honor of cancer patients everywhere. As the song begins you are invited to make
     your way to the table and reflect on what it means, and to leave a special message to your loved one. We ask that you
     take a few moments in the stillness and quietness of the night to walk around and view the luminaria while remem-
     bering from personal experience a friend, family member, or colleague who is not with us tonight.

16                                                                                             Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook
         Suggestion #5: Sample Script —
         Lighting of the Luminaria

         Ask Relay participants to stand in front of their loved ones’ luminaria and pick it up. They will be instructed to
         light it at the appointed time. Once everyone is stationary on the track, turn the lights off.

         Several lighters will be needed. This can be shared at team captains meetings and everyone who wishes to partic-
         ipate can bring a lighter.

         Lighting of Luminaria

                  We come together today to renew our fight against cancer through Relay For Life and to celebrate our
                  efforts thus far.

                  One aspect of this celebration is to honor those touched by cancer who were, and are an important part of
                  our lives.

                  Cancer has no preference. It takes young, old, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, best
                  friends, old friends, and dear friends.

                  Please pick up your luminaria.

                  Those honoring your mother, please light your luminaria.

                  Those honoring your father, please light your luminaria now.

                  Those honoring a husband or a wife, please light your luminaria.

                  Those honoring a son or daughter, please light your luminaria.

                  Those honoring grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives, please light your luminaria.

                  Friends are treasures that can never be replaced. Those honoring friends or neighbors, please light your
                  luminaria now.

                  For those whose memory we honor tonight, this light represents the love we shared. It still burns for others
                  to see, but it burns brightest in our hearts and in our souls. You were and will always be a part of us.
                  Though we do not see you, we know you are with us.

                  For those who are currently fighting the battle or who have won, we light these candles as our continued
                  commitment to the fight. These lights glow in honor of all of you today.

Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook                                                                                         17
                                       Suggestion #6 — Torch of Hope

     Torch of Hope Luminaria Service

     Ladies and gentlemen – as we approach the beginning of the (enter event name) Luminaria Service, may we direct
     your attention to the (enter location) where our Relay For Life Torch of Hope is beginning its journey for the opening of
     the Luminaria Service. As the Torch of Hope enters the area, we ask that you greet the torchbearer with applause
     while observing a quiet, reflective time in preparation for the Luminaria Service.

     Together we remember – good evening and welcome to the Luminaria Service – a celebration of life for survivors – a
     memorial for loved ones – a special time for all of us. As our symbolic Torch of Hope approaches, we begin the light-
     ing of luminaria as together we remember life and memories.

     Carrying together the Light of Life. The light from that single flame of or Torch of Hope now goes forth to bring the
     Light of Life to thousands of candles. Candles burn with a beauty and a brilliance that captivates all who look upon
     them. Their flame can be warmth, strength and calm. But their flame is delicate, and can be put out with one breath.
     The individuals who are honored during this ceremony are like candles.

     Candles in the wind.

     They accept the possibility that at best they are in danger of being extinguished by a gust of wind from nowhere, and
     yet they flicker and dance to remain alive, their brilliance challenges the darkness and dazzles all of us who watch
     their light.

     The flame of these candles have even more meaning. Each and every individual that encounters someone who is liv-
     ing with caner – a friend, a loved one, or cancer patient – knows that a flame burns inside them all. This flame is
     their strength, their determination, their hope and their optimism.
     Let us now come together in respectful reverence and carry that Light of Life in our minds and hearts.

     Ladies and gentlemen – now let us take a moment of silence.

     We light candles – a brightly shining flame for all the ones who’ve gone before – remembering each by name.

     We light candles for victories today – for survivors who have fought the fight, we celebrate today.

     And we light candles that one day we shall light no more and offer up this simple prayer – praying one day for a cure
     – we light our candles.

     As we conclude the Luminaria Service, we invite you to take some quiet time and walk among the Luminaria and
     reflect on all that they represent – life and memories.

18                                                                                           Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook
         Suggestion #7 – Luminaria Ceremony Script
         “Light Out of the Darkened Room”

         In a darkened room (PAUSE)

         With drapes drawn (PAUSE)

         door shut (PAUSE)

         & lights off (PAUSE)

         Head in hands. (PAUSE)

         How did this happen to me? (PAUSE)

         How could I have gotten this disease? (PAUSE)

         Can I be strong enough to survive? (PAUSE)

         Who will take care of my family? (PAUSE)

         Where is the light out of this darkened room? (PAUSE)

         The question most frequently asked of American Cancer Society volunteers, of Relayers, is why do you do this event
         year after year? And you look at the person and you realize that they don’t “get it” and you wonder is there any way
         to explain how Relay changes people’s lives. (PAUSE)

         How do you explain the story of the newly diagnosed cancer patient who attends a Relay and meets another
         cancer survivor who has had the same exact disease and is still alive? (PAUSE)

         How do you explain the story of a caregiver who has traveled down a path of compassion, love, joy, sorrow, guilt,
         loss, and depression. Explain how at Relay a caregiver can talk to the only other person who could possibly under-
         stand this difficult journey - another caregiver. (PAUSE)

         How do you explain the story of a friend or coworker who has seen someone they know battle this deadly disease
         and could do so very little to help. Yes they could take the person to treatments, or mow their yard, or bring them
         dinner, but it isn’t enough. Yet at Relay you can form a team, raise money, educate people on cancer, fight back
         against a disease that takes too much. (PAUSE)
         All these people have found at Relay what you have found - Hope. You can feel it in the air at 3:00 am when you
         walk into a Relay. Wandering across a damp football field, mist in the air, you can almost touch the energy in the
         air. That energy is Hope, the combined power of hundreds, thousands of people come together in common cause to
         eradicate a disease. (PAUSE)

         The American Cancer Society Relay For Life is held to remember those we have lost to cancer, to support all those
         who are battling the disease, and to work towards the day that know one has to hear the words - “you have cancer.”

         And when the final book is written on how cancer was eliminated - the American Cancer Society Relay For Life will
         have the last chapter - explaining how a grassroots event, with millions of people, in thousands of communities, in
         the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Singapore, Jamaica, Honduras, Guatemala, came
         together united in common cause to eradicate a disease - forming the largest not-for-profit fundraising event in the
         world - the largest in humankind’s history. (PAUSE)

         On behalf of millions of Relayers everywhere - thank you (neighborhood / town / city / county) for providing the gift
         of Relay. Thank you for providing the gift of Hope to so many people. Thank you for providing the “Light out of the
         Darkened Room”.

         Bagpipe Player begins and participants start to walk the track in silence.

Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook                                                                                         19
                                        Sample Luminaria Ceremony Schedule

     8:40 p.m.          Stop selling luminaria and begin lighting the “HOPE” in bleachers area.

     8:45 p.m.          Begin lighting luminaria candles, depending on how many you have you may need to more
                        volunteers. Be careful not to light the candles too early. It will not have the same impact.

     8:55 p.m.          Announce Luminaria Ceremony will begin in 5 minutes.
                        Let participants know that the lights will go out and ask them to gather in front of the stage.
                        All lap walking should stop during ceremony.

     9:00 p.m.          Lights go out.
                        MC should explain symbolism of Luminaria Bags as tributes.

     9:02 p.m.          MC Introduce Minister/appropriate speaker - Invocation.

     9:05 p.m.          MC Introduce artist or recording - Special Song.

     9:10 p.m.          MC Introduce Survivor Speaker to offer brief comments.

     9:15 p.m.          Read Names with soft Background Music.
                        Depending on the number of luminarias at your event this may not be practical.
                        Use your best judgment. You will only have the crowd’s attention for a half an hour at most.

     9:45 p.m.          Close with a Special Song.
                        Lights on, they will take a few minutes to warm up.

     HOPE in the bleachers
     To enhance your Luminaria Ceremony, consider this: Spell HOPE in the bleachers with luminaria bags. You can put
     these out during the day. (If it’s hot, don’t put the candles in until the sun sets... they’ll melt!) Use plain bags... since
     all the ones with names on them should go around the track so people can find the bags they dedicated. When the
     Luminaria Ceremony begins, have a crew light the HOPE.

     Another idea... is to change HOPE to CURE during the ceremony. People will be awe-struck! Simply move some of
     the bags around to transform HOPE to CURE. Have a crew of at least four people to do this. Try to keep it a secret
     so people will be surprised. Example below.

     You may want to consider changing CURE back to HOPE at the end of the Luminaria Ceremony... since we have not
     yet found a cure. Let these candles burn through the night.

20                                                                                              Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook
         Suggested Music for Luminaria Ceremony

         Choose appropriate songs for the luminaria ceremony, some choices include:

                           “I’ll Stand By You” – The Pretenders

                           “Wind Beneath My Wings” – Bette Midler

                            “Greatest Love of All” – Whitney Houston

                           “Hero” – Mariah Carey

                           “Circle of Life” – The Lion King Soundtrack

                           “I’ll Never Walk Alone”

                           “Amazing Grace”

                           “Live Like You Were Dying” – Tim McGraw

                           “You Raise Me Up” – Josh Groban

                           “I Can Only Imagine” – Mercyme

                           “I Will Not Forget You” – Sarah McLachlan

                           “In the Enchanted Garden” – Kevin Kern

                           “Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye” – Beth Nielsen Chapman

                           “Streets of Heaven” – Sherri Austin

                           “The Color of Roses” – Beth Nielsen Chapman

                           “To Where You Are” – Josh Groban

                           “The Prayer” – Charlotte Church & Josh Groban

                           “Gone Too Soon” – Michael Jackson

Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook                                              21
                                      Inspirational Words and Poems

     Cancer Is So Limited

             It cannot cripple love.
             It cannot shatter hope.
             It cannot corrode faith.
             It cannot destroy peace.
             It cannot kill friendship.
             It cannot suppress memories.
             It cannot silence courage.
             It cannot invade the soul.
             It cannot steal eternal life.
              It cannot conquer the spirit.
             (Excerpt from Ann Lander’s column)

     Every Candle Has A Name
     by John Storey

     We’re like sailors in the night... being guided by a light.
     Just a beacon on the shore, giving hope and strength and more.
     Walking through this sea of lights... I sense unity and might.
     The power of passion in this place, every memory has a face.
     These are loved ones we have known... some still here, but some are gone.
     In this time, in our own way... As the footsteps melt away.
     We see love in every flame... like a never-ending chain.
     And we know... that every candle has a name.
     There’s a name of the ones who still are here...
     There’s a name of those gone - we still hold dear.
     There’s a name, each one shining in the flames,
     And I know... that every candle has a name.

     I Light A Candle

     I light a candle, A brightly shining flame
     For all the ones who’ve gone before, Remembering each by name.
     And I light a candle, For those who live today
     Who suffer with uncertainty, Praying one day for a change.
     And I light a candle.
     I light a candle for those who are still yet to come
     That they will never face the pain, when the battle has been won.
     And I light a candle, For victories today
     For survivors who have fought the fight, We celebrate today.
     And I light a candle.
     I light a candle, That every child will have the chance
     To ride a bike, learn how to swim, walk barefoot in the grass.
     And I light a candle.
     That one day we shall light no more and offer up this simple prayer,
     Praying one day for a cure.
     And I light a candle.

22                                                                               Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook
         The Glory of the Glow
         by Linda Yeager, Luminaria Chair, Missouri

         First the shock and then the fear that fills the heart with pain;
         Why me? Why us? Why now? Will someone please explain?
         Then begins the real routine of doctors and machines,
         Of hope, of gloom, of suffering, of giving up of dreams.
         One loses hair one loses friends, one loses sense of place,
         One loses cells, both good and bad, that time will not replace.
         Amidst this time of agony, of distress and of despair,
         Sometimes we rage at God. How could He be so brutal;
         How could He leave us facing life with a future that’s so futile?
         Not all survive to face tomorrow, more peaceful about death,
         But some survive with added thanks for each and every breath.
         We come today to celebrate with those who still survive,
         And to remember all those whose deaths have touched our lives;
         To honor those who fight on, to win their war each day.
         We laugh, we cry, we celebrate, and especially we pray.
         We pray that while we do not know why some are singled out,
         We know that God is with us in our pain and in our doubt.
         We thank you, God, for Your presence here today and every day.
         We ask that You will bless each one who takes part in this Relay.
         May all our loved ones find their peace in your safe and loving embrace,
         And may we all stay strong until we’ve finished our own race.
         Our race of life where all may win who put their trust in You,
         And when we reach the Finish Line, we begin our life anew.
         We light our candles one by one, and with each flame we know
         That the ones we love will shine forever in the glory of Your glow.


         Dreams may come then dreams may go
         But hope should never be let to run low
         A bird will sing then fly away
         But hope will last for way more than half a day
         A tear will fall straight to the ground
         But hope will float around and around
         Touching ice will make it melt
         But hope is something that can always be felt
         Footprints are what we leave behind
         But hope is what we always carry within our minds

Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook                                            23

     It’s just one little candle
     One tiny flickering light
     A challenge to the darkness
     A small beacon in the night

     It could be just a gentle touch
     A reminder that you’re there
     Or a warm, compassionate hug
     That shows you understand and care

     Maybe it’s a helping hand
     A thoughtful, practical deed
     A casserole, some laundry
     Whatever meets the need

     Sometimes it only takes your smile
     To encourage and uplift
     And should that smile lead to laughter
     You’ve shared a precious gift

     There’s comfort in shared silence
     Or in a softly spoken word
     Or in taking time to listen
     To feelings that must be heard

     Yes, it’s just one little candle
     Softly glowing in the night
     But it can overcome the darkness
     If it will only share it’s light

     Just one candle at a time
     Each one giving from its heart
     Reaching out to those nearby
     Asking them to do their part

     To make sure the light keeps growing
     Reaching out to those in sorrow
     Offering comfort, warmth and hope
     Strength and courage for tomorrow

24                                            Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook

         As we light the “H” in hope let us take a few moments to delve further into the true meaning of the word. Emily
         Dickinson refers to hope as “The thing with feathers that perches on our souls” while Webster’s defines it as “A
         desire for some good, accompanied with at least a slight expectation of obtaining it, or a belief that it is obtainable.”
         Everyone with cancer and those who surround them must have hope, we must embrace it as we awaken to a new
         day, and we must tuck it in with us as we dream in the night, we must place it deep within our hearts, and know it
         is the very thing that gives us strength when all seems lost, for it is the core of our being. It is with hope that the ill-
         ness is at all even bearable, for hope is at times the light at the end of the tunnel. It is with hope that our souls are
         nurtured, our dreams are fulfilled, and our lives are lived. When hope is all you have, know that you hold the key to
         serenity, for it is obtainable, it is believable but, most of all, it’s what truly feeds our souls.

         We light the letter “O” to symbolize what people who are afflicted with cancer are taught, but how everyone
         should live there lives, “One day at a time.” Everyone should be blessed with this knowledge of awakening to one day
         filled with lives blessings, so that it is not shadowed by weeks of lives necessities. To know that today was given to
         you to enjoy, whether it be the sun glistening on the trees, or the rain falling on your doorstep, it’s a gift that’s yours,
         live it as if it will never come your way again, for it belongs to you only once. As the sun begins to set, take a few
         moments to reflect the day’s treasures, and know that you were truly given a gift, that today is yours to keep. Know
         that One Day at a time is more than any of us could ask for, because tomorrow is never guaranteed, it’s only prom-
         ised. So when the promise of a new day is fulfilled, don’t merely exist in it, live in it, and by all means love in it. For it
         is the hope of a new day, that gives us all a reason to dream about tomorrow.

         Let the “P” in hope stand for progress. It is with progress that a cure is obtainable; each year research has pro-
         gressed in a way unachievable without the help of people such as you who are dedicated to the cause & ultimately
         the cure. People who are searching to find a way out of the pain, struggle, and ultimately the fight, it’s through peo-
         ple like you and all who are dedicated to finding a cure that it is truly obtainable. It is with progress that the very
         thing with feathers that perches on our souls, will one day take flight, and soar through all of our hearts who have
         been touched by this disease and put an end to the hope of a cure but give us an answer to the illness.

         As we light the letter “E” in hope. Know that it is what ends the word, but by all means is not the end of the
         word, it is just the beginning of what all of us hold in our heart of hearts. It also brings the word together, as we all
         stand here tonight, together in the fight, together for the cause together defining hope, together learning from one
         another, searching each others faces for the meaning to all this, knowing that one day we will discover that hope is
         each of us together, and those who are no longer with us that fought so valiantly, united in the fight to find a cure for
         cancer. We light up the night together with our hearts in our hands, our spirits on our shoulders and with hope in
         our souls at the very depth of our being. We stand confident that one day the hope we have will put an end to the
         search for a cure. It is with this belief, and it is with this yearning in our hearts that we will see the day cancer ends
         for us all. So that our mothers fathers, our sisters brothers, our children, and grandchildren, our friends and loved
         ones can live in a world cancer free, forever. As we light up this night, together, let’s stand in hope that one day we
         will see that bright, beautiful light at the end of the tunnel, and that all we had ever hoped for will one day be
         achieved simply by believing, that it is always better to light a candle than it is to curse the darkness.

Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook                                                                                                  25

     Candles are lit for numerous reasons.
     Candles are the focal point of a birthday celebration.
     They change an ordinary dinner into a romantic one.
     They burn with a beauty and a brilliance that captivates all who look upon them.
     Their flame can be warmth, strength and calm.
     But their flame is delicate, and can be put out with one breath.
     The individuals who are honored during the luminary ceremony are like candles.

     Candles in the wind
     They accept the possibility that at bet they are in danger
     of being extinguished by a great wind from nowhere,
     and yet as they flicker and dance to remain, alive,
     their brilliance challenges the darkness and dazzles all of us
     who watch their light.

     The flame of these candles have even more meaning.
     Each and every individual that encounters some
     who is living with cancer- as a friend, a loved one, or cancer patient-
     knows that a flame burns inside them all.
     This is the strength, their determination,
     their hope and their optimism.

     Erma Bombeck once wrote,
     “Cancer and optimism are not considered compatible on the planet.”
     However all of you gathered here in support know the opposite is true.
     Cancer and optimism are almost inextricably linked.

26                                                        Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook
         Best Practice Ideas

         Best Practice Idea – Lighting of the Candles
         Prior to the lighting of the luminaria candles, an announcement was made for everyone to stand behind a lumi-
         naria bag. Two or more people could stand behind a bag if there are more people than bags. People were asked to
         take out the candles from the luminaria bags. Four or more committee members were located at strategic spots
         around the track and started by lighting a candle around them. People would then turn to the person on each
         side of them and light their candle. This went on until all candles were lit and placed back into the bags. It was a
         nice way to involve everyone in the lighting of the candles.

         Everyone was able to see the candles being lit and placed in the bags. It involved the attendees and made the cer-
         emony even more special than it normally is.

         Best Practice Idea – Stories behind the bags
         We wanted to focus on the fact that each and every bag represents a story - a life. We asked 3 people to tell us
         why they purchased the luminaria that they did and to tell us a bit about that person, what they cared about, how
         they lived (or continue to live). We used 2 survivors and 1 “Memory”. The stories were short (around 8 minutes
         total to tell all three). As the stories were read, we had two torches walking the track representing Honor and
         Memory - they started in front of our home grandstands and each walked in opposite directions to meet at the
         visitor grandstands where HOPE was set up to be lit. After the stories, we invited all to light the luminaries begin-
         ning with “If you are a survivor, please light your luminaria now. If you are lighting for your spouse, please light
         now.” We pause a few seconds to allow the lighting and then move to Child, Parent, Grandparent, ending with any
         other loved one or friend, please light now. After that, we ask that any unlit luminaria be lit. IMMEDIATELY we
         played The Dance by Garth Brooks. When that was finished, we read the story of Eva Cassidy, a singer who lost
         her battle with cancer several years ago but who lives on through the beauty of her voice. We invite all to either
         stay and reflect where they are or to walk a quiet lap as we listen to the strains of Eva Cassidy singing
         “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”... a song that reminds us “dreams really do come true”. While we played the
         song...the lights of HOPE were lit.

Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook                                                                                         27

28           Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook

Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook   29

30           Relay For Life Luminaria Chair Guidebook
The American Cancer Society is the nationwide
community-based voluntary health organization
dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health
problem by preventing cancer, saving lives and
diminishing suffering from cancer, through
research, education, advocacy, and service.



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