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					                                      NEWSLETTER – July 2011
                                 TRIUMPH SPORTS CAR CLUB NEWSLETTER

                                                                 Editor: Jamie Hart
                                                                 Ph: 084-220-0082
                                                                 Email: jamie.hart@kingsley.co.za

Chairman’s Chat
Just a few comments from me this month as I write this early
before heading off to the UK for four weeks of catching up
with family and old friends which includes some old fishing
and motorcycling chums! I do miss casting a fly to a rising
trout on a remote Scottish loch or standing waist deep in a
freezing cold river trying to catch a salmon.

Let me say welcome to Justin Schwellnus who has just joined
our club. He has a Mk 3 Spitfire which is ‘almost on the road’
and is keen to pick some knowledgeable brains to get his
project running. I look forward to seeing another Spittie on
the road.

We have just had a weekend of two halves in terms of weather. On Saturday we had 8 cars at the
Napier Patat festival on a beautiful day when it was a pleasure to be out at a great event. The roads in
the Overberg are simply brilliant for all forms of motoring. Then on Sunday, Fathers Day at the motor
museum, the cold front passed through and the conditions in the morning were atrocious. I haven’t
heard yet if anyone got out of bed, let alone headed to the museum.

If you look at the events calendar inside you will see the annual concours event is on the Saturday 29th
October. After the success of last year we are returning to the Protea Hotel, Technopark, Stellenbosch
where the building work is now complete. One major addition to this day is the AGM which makes sense
as we anticipate a good turn out of members and cars.

Two things I keep repeating. 1) The National Gathering – make a plan for time off, expenses and your
car and while doing that register with the organisers. Details are in Sabrina or contact Jamie.
Plettenberg Bay is a great drive from here and it promises to be a great few days. 2) The race car
project (Spitfire) being coordinated by John Dobbins is worthy of our support and Ronan will lead
discussion on this at the June noggin.

Tight lines

Editor’s desk
Greetings from a wet and cold Hermanus! Sounds selfish, but hopefully we will have lots of rain and our
water restrictions become a thing of the past and Jenny’s new garden can ‘spring’ into life. Our
Chairman is away catching cold in the UK (calling it fishing!) so Ronan is in charge and things are
progressing well in this relatively slow part of the year.
                                 TRIUMPH SPORTS CAR CLUB NEWSLETTER
On the Editorial front, I know we are a car club but when Tom forwarded me the article by Andre
Bredenkamp on his climbing exploits, I really thought it would make something completely different. For
those of you who do not know Andre, he is a new member who bought Geoff Kriel’s immaculate green
TR6 that was at Timour Hall in January. He has apologized to Tom for not being around to often, with
exploits like this it is no wonder but we look forward to seeing him safely back soon and hopefully to give
a talk at an upcoming noggin, I am sure that would appeal to every one!

Otherwise, hope those cars are getting ready for the year end concours and next years Nationals!!

Forthcoming Events – Please diarise!
July run, Sunday 10th July, organised by Gerhard Vorster
We will meet at the Constantia shopping centre, next to the Engen filling station, at 10h00 to leave at
10h30, along the Rhodes Avenue scenic route past Kirstenbosch Gardens and coming into Hout Bay,
then the coastal road through Camps Bay and Seapoint to the V&A Waterfront. Parking has been
arranged in front of the Brauhaus Restaurant followed by lunch.

The restaurant has an a la carte menu and is very reasonably priced to cater for all. Beer is on tap and
wine available for those that do not want to drink the beers.

We need to know more or less how many people to confirm, but they can cater for lots of people.
Members can phone Gerhard or SMS can be sent to him on 082-776-1835.

We would like to encourage members to participate so we can show as many cars as possible at this
scenic event and to the general public that frequents the Waterfront.

Garage noggin at Dennis Cook’s 16th July
Please would you publish the invite for a garage noggin on Saturday 16 July from 09:30 onwards, with
special invitation to those with sidescreen experience. Our address is 9 Sea Cottage drive,
Noordhoek. Directions are on our website : http://www.horizoncottages.co.za or call 083 243 4881 if you
get lost.

Breakfast will be provided to all, and possibly lunch if the job gets completed competently! Wives are
very welcome to attend and Jo will take them to local attractions such as Noordhoek Farm village and
Imhoff's farm.

July Noggin Saturday 30th 10 am at the clubhouse
This month’s speaker will be Ashley Ellis, a long time member of the club, who is going to chat about the
cars he has had in his life and some of his experiences with them. Anyone who knows Ashley will know
his talents for upgrading and sorting out cars, plus his track exploits are considerable! It should be a
really good talk and rumour has it, our bacon buttie chef will be back from Scotland so the inner man
should be repleat as well.

Report Backs
Napier Patatfees 18th June by Dennis Cook.
When I had noted that the Patat Fees in Napier was the scheduled monthly run for June, I had not even
seriously considered going along, but a chance chat with our representative in the Overberg, Jamie, and
the prospect of a beautiful sunny day amongst the previous rainy ones to take the TR6 on a nice long
drive that decided me. The chilly early morning start, however, made me keep the top up out of
                                  TRIUMPH SPORTS CAR CLUB NEWSLETTER
consideration for the missus, who does not like the cold, but the rest of the unseasonal warm day made
up for it.
                                                    What I had thought was a rather small group departed
                                                    from the BP on the N2 following the usual, but enjoyable,
                                                    route over Sir Lowry's pass through Caledon to Napier.
                                                    Although many of our events have taken us through
                                                    Caledon, it was our first outing to Napier, and what a
                                                    beautiful drive it was. The road meanders through rolling
                                                    hills which were covered in verdant green wheat; so
                                                    bright and beautiful that it kept me amazed all the way to
                                                    our destination. Our little convoy was made up of Danie
                                                    (TR3); Gerhard (TR7v8), Eddie (TR7), Dennis (TR6), led
                                                    by Tom in his TR6. At the entrance to Napier we were
                                                    met by Jamie in his TR6 and Nic Joubert in his TR3 and
                                                    wife Denise’s lovely Mk 4 Spitfire; and even Tim Crawley
                                                    turned up
in a plastic to greet us, as his TR3 is still in dock. A short
drive followed through the quaint main road to the
school where the event was held.

The turnout of classic cars, I thought, must have been a
little disappointing for the organisers particularly as I
know that there are quite a number of retired people
living in Napier that own MGs and other classic cars,
and your Club had the best turnout of any (it was double
last years total Ed). Nevertheless there were, as always,
interesting cars to be seen and my particular favourite of
the day was a very neat 1954 Hillman Minx, similar to
the first car that I ever owned (this was owned by
Andrew, our intrepid pilot from Struisbaai). The festival included a number of running races (which we by
passed ) and a village market where there was an interesting and wide choice of crafts and home
produced goods including many delicious things to take home to eat. There was also a wide choice of
snack and food stalls to refresh us after the long drive. Nick Joubert’s lovely TR3 received the prize for
                                                         the “Car I would most like to go home in”

                                                      At 1 pm the classic cars followed a parade of
                                                      “drompoppies” and vintage tractors through the
                                                      main street of the town where many people had
                                                      turned out to wave a welcome, take a picture or
                                                      shout encouragement. At the slow pace I could not
                                                      help noticing that there were a number of interesting
                                                      properties for sale in the town so if you are looking
                                                      for an affordable retirement home in the Overberg
                                                      take a drive out to Napier.

                                                     Although Gerhard had to return to hand back a
                                                     Porsche 924 that his son in law had driven in the
                                                     parade, the rest of us drove a short distance out of
                                                     the town to a delightful country restaurant where we
enjoyed a really good lunch and a chat, before splitting up to make our separate ways home. We
followed Tom and Anne back to the N2 being the quickest route to get home before dark, and enjoyed
once again a leisurely top down drive through the farmlands, and all the way home in the great sports
car weather.

Morale of the story - never turn your nose up at something different. It was a great day out in one of
those spectacular sunny days with which we are awarded occasionally during the winter. My only
disappointment of the day was that I could not find any Patat mampoer at the fees (need to ask the
locals!! Ed)
                                    TRIUMPH SPORTS CAR CLUB NEWSLETTER

       Traffic cop, Napier style!                      Lunch at the Red Windmill

Cheers - Dennis

Going to Broad Peak and K2…Andre Bredenkamp.
We all know Mount Everest in Nepal is the highest mountain in the world at 8,850meters. There are
however, 14 “Giants” on this Earth (as high altitude climbers refer to them) being the only mountains
over 8,000meters. They are all in the Himalayas. These are really the only mountains that require
supplementary oxygen if you are trying to climb to their summits.

Most people would have heard of the more dangerous second highest peak, being K2 in Pakistan at
8,612m. Few people have heard of the third highest Kangchenjunga, or the rest; Lhotse, Makalu, Cho
Oyu, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Nanga Parbat, Annapurna, then Gasherbrum - 8,068m, Broad Peak
-8,047m, Gasherbrum II - 8,035m and lastly (but not least) Shisha Pangma in Tibet at 8,013meters.

The names I have typed in blue are all located on the western edge of the Himalayas, in Pakistan close
to the border with China. Very few climbers go there due to the isolated nature of the region (and more
                                                                        recently the political instability
                                                                        of the area one has to travel
                                                                        through      to   get   to    the
                                                                        mountains). All four of these
                                                                        “giants” are significantly more
                                                                        difficult to climb than Everest
                                                                        due to the steepness of the
                                                                        faces, and also the bad weather
                                                                        conditions. On Everest each
                                                                        year the gods normally afford
                                                                        climbers a “window” of five or
                                                                        six days of calm conditions, just
                                                                        before the first rains of the
                                                                        monsoon, when you can race to
                                                                        the summit. In the Karakoram
                                                                        region you rarely get more than
                                                                        two      good     days     before
                                                                        conditions deteriorate. That
                                                                        makes progress slow and
                                 TRIUMPH SPORTS CAR CLUB NEWSLETTER
The Baltoro Glacier seen from a satellite:      K2 (on the red border line) with Broad Peak and the
Gasherbrums below

Only a few South Africans have tried their luck with these mountains. Sean Wisedale (the first South
African to climb the Seven Summits) tried to climb K2 three years ago, but turned back after there was a
death in the party. Alex Harris (the leader of the various Discovery teams) got to camp 4 on
Broad Peak two years ago, but turned back due to the bad weather. I have climbed with Alex and know
he can handle tough conditions. The previous year Alex and Sibusiso Vilane walked from the edge of
Antarctica to the South Pole. It took them two months and they didn’t give up despite the most
horrendous storms. Then last year Mike Nixon (my climbing partner) went to Broad peak and came to
within a few hours of the summit. The small party turned back on the advice of one leader who was
scared of the snow conditions. He was correct to do so as the whole face avalanched two days later.
One of their team, through exhaustion got into trouble and got frost bite. They managed to get him
home but not without losing parts of his fingers.

A few days after Mike turned back whilst we were watching World Cup soccer, the famous adventurer
Mike Horn (who is now a Swiss National but originally from South Africa), managed to get to the summit
of Broad Peak. This was his second attempt having tried once before in 2007. This is a man who has
circumnavigated the world along the equator (in the 17 months) without any form of motorized transport.

                                                So having said all of that I think my chances of getting to
                                                the top are slim. There are a myriad of things that have
                                                to work out on these expeditions to reach the summit.
                                                The most important of which is one’s health. The food is
                                                generally low in nutrition, and awful on the palate. The
                                                conditions are also unhygienic due to the shortage of
                                                water. Remember all the rivers are frozen, so water must
                                                be created through boiling ice. As gas or benzene is
                                                extremely heavy, it is strictly rationed. If one has a
                                                shower more frequently than once every three weeks,
                                                you are in a luxury campsite!

The other thing that makes one ill is the lack of oxygen. On the final few days of the climb the density of
oxygen is less than half of what we are accustomed to in Cape Town. The two most important things to
a human’s survival are oxygen and water. Those are the two commodities that are in short supply on
these trips!

We are part of a small international team of about a dozen climbers - half trying to climb Broad Peak,
and the others trying K2. We will walk in from the last village for about a week, together with more than
500 porters, and establish a joint Base Camp. The porters return, and we start the process of
acclimatisation, and carrying food and supplies to the higher camps. Mike is very keen to crack BP, and
in super-fit condition. Together with his cycling partner, they have just won the Grand Masters category
in the recent Cape Epic Cycle, arguably the most competitive mountain biking event in the world! I am
less determined on reaching the summit this time, having not had a good build-up in terms of training.
Should we be successful with BP, and provided the weather is still reasonable, we will cross over and
see how far we can get up K2. Our thoughts were that it is most unlikely we will ever have the
opportunity to be in this part of the world again, and as climbers we just want to experience some of the
adrenaline that is in such abundance on K2.

I am not sure that we will be able to send any updates of our progress, or lack thereof. The nearest
village is hundreds of kilometres away. I do not know if anybody is taking a PC. We have a satellite
phone (but of course limited battery power) and will probably be able to phone home for a few minutes
once a week.

People often ask me why do I climb these mountains … well there are lots of good reasons. For one
when you get up high the view is indescribably beautiful! In the beginning it was important to challenge
myself and get to the summits. Now I just prefer the solitude of the surroundings, and the genuineness
of the rural people we occasionally encounter. Perhaps the more compelling reason is that one has a
limited time on this earth, and I want to make the most of each day! In the last year I have lost two of my
                                    TRIUMPH SPORTS CAR CLUB NEWSLETTER
closest friends; Chris Drummond and my father. They were both examples of living life to the fullest.
Climbing is not cheap, but I would rather end up with no money, in exchange for memories I truly

  Camp 1 looking down the glacier                             Camp2, no place for sleep walking!!

Andre welcoming Mike back from the Summit of Everest -2007                  Walking home

Best regards until we meet again…        Andre

Noggins and Runs for 2011
    JULY                 10   Sunday      Run        Gerhard Vorster
                         30   Saturday    Noggin     Ashley Ellis – The cars in his life!
    AUGUST               14   Sunday      Run        Neil Cameron - Ed’s Place Riebeck Kasteel
                         27   Saturday    Noggin     Peter Inskip - Metallica chrome plating
    SEPTEMBER            11   Sunday      Run        Tom and Anne Dougan - Brunch in Kleinmond
    OCTOBER               1   Saturday    Run        Hermanus Wheels and Whales Jamie Hart
                          9   Sunday      Run        TBA
                         29   Saturday    Noggin     Club concours and AGM
    NOVEMBER             13   Sunday      Run        TBA
                         26   Saturday    Noggin     10 am TBA
                                 TRIUMPH SPORTS CAR CLUB NEWSLETTER

2010/11 Committee Members
    Chair                  Tom Dougan          072 913 2392       tom.dougan10@gmail.com
    Treasurer/Secretary    Anne Dougan         079 438 2619       tom.dougan10@gmail.com
    Committee member       Neil Cameron        082 323 9999       drivelines.neil@gmail.com
    Committee member       Peter Inskip        082 651 9581       peterinskip@iburst.co.za
    Committee member       Ronan               082 443 3704       ronan.sanderson@gsb.uct.ac.za
    Committee member       Alan Sheard         082 257 2635
    Committee member       Gerhard Vorster     082 807 8011       gerhard.vorster@telkomsa.net

2010/11 Portfolios
      Editor              Jamie Hart            084 220 0082      jamie.hart@kingsley.co.za
      MMC                 Ronan Sanderson       082 443 3704      ronan.sanderson@gsb.uct.ac.za
      Webmaster           Ronan Sanderson
      Regalia             Gidion Snyman         076 427 6854      snymangidion@xsinet.co.za
      Clubhouse           Richard Graham        083 683 6179      richardsg@webmail.co.za
      Club Registrar      Alan Sheard           082 257 2635
      Spares              Peter Inskip          082 651 9581      peterinskip@iburst.co.za

Heard around Town
Gerhard’s son in law, Wynand Van Wyk has bought Nick and Denise Joubert’s Spitfire Mark 4 1500
following lengthy negotiations! Denise decided her Landie was what she wanted to cruise Struisbaai in
and the rest was history. We wish Wynand great enjoyment from what I believe is the best of the
marque and we look forward to seeing him at club events.

Nick Joubert has sold his chromed wire wheels as he felt they were too “blingy” and has bought a set of
painted wires off Dennis Cook who can’t fit them into his spare wheel slot.

                                             Happy birthday to “Ricky”, Margaret’s long suffering Herald!

                                             Technical mutters
                                             The rebuild of my TR4 continues, albeit a bit slower than I
                                             would like. Neil Cameron and Malcolm Stuart – Findlay
                                             arrived early one Saturday morning, after coffee to warm
                                             them up and some 10 minutes later the body and chassis
                                             were re united for the first time in about 4 years. I had great
                                 TRIUMPH SPORTS CAR CLUB NEWSLETTER
intentions of taking lots of photos but the process with 3 people was speed itself. Having the use of the
pit was a huge help to align all the holding down bolts and rubbers needed to ensure the body stays on
and doesn’t vibrate, a great difference to when we put the body on my old TR3 on the flat outside the
spray painters.

Shortly afterwards Tim Cruise arrived and bits such as the wiring loom was added and trial fitted into the
correct place, plus the best place for the add on brake servo was found and the unit plumbed in place.
Bits like the brake and clutch pedal mounting boxes were added and the fuel tank negotiated into place,
all in all a great weekend’s work and cause for opening a good bottle of red wine.

Since then items like the windscreen wiper mechanisms have been renovated and new bits ordered,
these fit behind the dashboard and are almost impossible to fit once the dashboard is in place. I have
been able to get a veneered dash from a friend in the UK and this is off with our cupboard supplier being
polished ready to have wiring and instruments installed. I know the TR4 came with a white dash, but
blame Dale Jacobs as his dash looked so much better that a plain one that reminds me of our old

These are the latest beanies in the club’s regalia stock, please
contact Gideon Snyman to order yours (076 427 6854).

Mark 3 Spitfire for sale
I am interested in selling my Triumph Spitfire Mk3 1969. I have
attached a couple of old photos. She is not in running condition at the moment. Shall we say it is a
project that has been running too long. Everything is complete and probably 95% - 98% original. She
has a soft and hard top. Do you think you will have members from your club would be interested? My
contact details are below.

Pierre Malherbe: Cell: 083 261-7654 Tel: 021 913-3962

Tailpiece from Marion Went
The Good Lord gave us two ends to begin with - one to think with and one to sit on.
One's success in life depends on which you use - heads you win, tails you lose!


WEBSITE www.capetriumph.za.org

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