Walmart Employee Exit Rights

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					                                                                                                            Family and Medical Leave Act

                                                                                    ♦   Learn about the new revision to the FMLA law and how it extends
                                                                                        leave up to 26 weeks.

                                                                                    ♦   How do HR managers and supervisors have personal

                                     Presents                                       ♦
                                                                                        Liability for FMLA violations?

                                                                                        Learn how to protect employees rights who have been

   ♦     Family and Medical Leave Act                                                   released to light duty under a workers’ comp injury and
                                                                                        have not exhausted all of their FMLA.
   ♦     Americans with Disabilities Act                                            ♦   What do the federal regulations define as “interfering with

   ♦     Sexual Harassment / Equal Employment                                           the exercise of rights” provided by the act?

                                                                                    ♦   Learn how following the FMLA may put an employer and
   ♦     Employee Handbook                                                              all the employees at risk of losing their tax benefit
                                                                                        under a cafeteria plan, and how you may be required
   ♦     Job Description / Interview Questions Workshop                                 to pay back taxes.
   ♦ ADA and Workers Compensation / Uniformed Ser-                                  ♦   We will discuss the new regulations dealing with FMLA and
                                                                                        Military family members.
         vices Employment & Reemployment Rights Act
         (USERRA)                                                                                       Americans with Disabilities Act

   ♦     I9 (Hiring Illegal Workers) / E-Verify
                                       E-                                           ♦   What may supervisors tell other employees who work in the
                                                                                        same area as an employee with a communicable disease?
   ♦     Fair Labor Standards Act
                                                                                    ♦   Learn what an employer can and can’t tell other employees
       Please join us for this set of seminars. This four day event will give you       when providing a reasonable accommodation under ADA.
         detailed training as well as tools to assist with compliance and the       ♦   At what point may you reject a job applicant or terminate
    Federal Government requirements. You are invited to come to one, or all             an employee with a disability for a safety reason?
           of the seminars. Seating is limited! See the backside to register.       ♦   Learn about resources to assist in “reasonable
 Training qualifies for Contractors Continuing Education (fee applies),
  SHRM Continuing Education (no fee), and training towards all pro-                               Sexual Harassment / Equal Employment
    fessional designations for The National Alliance of Compliance                                                Opportunity

                            Administrators (fee applies)                            ♦   Learn what cost one local company
                                                                                        $175,000 under sexual harassment.                Harassment
  Actual Events That Have Occurred to Utah Employers                                ♦   Do you pay women a different rate of
                                                                                        pay for the same work that a man does
“Utah Contractor misses out on a $300,000 PROFIT job due to having too high of          or did before she got the job?
       an Experience Modification Factor on his workers’ compensation”
                                                                                    ♦   Learn more about the equal pay act.
           “Utah company fined $67,480 for clerical errors on I-9 forms”
                                                                                    ♦   What are supervisors responsibilities in preventing Sexual
“Utah Company forced to pay $400,000 for failing to calculate overtime properly”        Harassment and a hostile work environment?

       “Utah Company pays $486,000 in back wages for conducting training            ♦   May an employer require employees to speak “English only”
                            during lunch breaks”                                        while on the job?

“Prominent Utah Home Builder settles sexual harassment lawsuit for $174,186”        ♦   Learn what to do if employees ask to pray at work.

                 “OSHA fines Utah Electrical Contractor $24,000”                    ♦   Can a leave policy that complies with FMLA violate Title VII?

 “Utah company pays out $51,000 more for workers’ compensation due to mis-          ♦   What rights does the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA)
                     management of worker injuries”                                     extend to pregnant women?

“Utah County Manufacturing company faces $2,000,000 in fines, and the Human
                                                                                                             Employee Handbook
Resource Director arrested and facing potential of 10 years imprisonment for hir-
                              ing illegal workers”
                                                                                    ♦   Does an employer have to create an employee handbook,
             “Utah Drywall Company pays $152,000 in back wages”
                                                                                        and why it might be a good consideration?
                           Give away — Distributed at seminar                       ♦   Learn what is required by law, and what is not required to

                             ♦    Sample Harassment Policy                              be in an employee handbook.

                            ♦    Sample Employee Handbook                           ♦   Learn how to avoid creating an employment contract with
                                                                                        your employees.
                 ♦       Updated I-9 form (including Spanish Version)
                                                                                    ♦   We will be discussing EEOC polices for employee
                     ♦     Improper deductions policy (safe harbor)                     Handbooks.
                ♦    FMLA sample policy and NEW required poster
                                                                                                        Job Descriptions/Interview Questions/
    Seating is limited! Please let us know soon if you are able to attend.                                        Performance Evaluations

     Check below which seminar(s) you would like to attend                                   ♦    Learn how a well written job description can protect
                                                                                                  an employer against potential litigation relating to the

 Utah County– Tuesday, June 17, 2008                                                              Americans with Disabilities Act.

                                                                                             ♦    Learn how to tie the Job Description into both the
 Location: Stevens Henager College: 801-375-5455– 1476 So. Sand Hill Rd, Orem (I-                 Interview questions for applicants, and Performance
15 to University Exit, drive east until your first traffic signal, and turn Right (South).        Evaluations for employees.
Just past the Walmart is the College building                                                ♦    Learn how to access a FREE website to assist in the
                                                                                                  creation of Job Descriptions.
        Family and Medical Leave Act—(Time: 8:15 AM—Noon )                                     Americans with Disabilities Act & Workers Compensation

                                                                                             ♦    Learn about the federal requirement to return employ-
        Americans with Disabilities Act— (Time: 1:00—4:45)                                        ees to Light duty work following a workers’ compensa-
                                                                                                  tion injury.

 Salt Lake County– Wednesday, June 18, 2008                                                  ♦    Discuss how workers’ compensation injuries are im-
                                                                                                  pacted by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
 Location: Summit Risk Management—801-438-1472 7430 So. Creek Rd (13th East)
                                                                                             ♦    Learn what you can or can’t say to other
#301, Sandy (I-15 to I-215 East, Exit Union Park, Drive South through 3 traffic lights,           employees regarding Workers’ Compensation
at 4th light (Creek Road) turn Left (East), take your first Right into bldg complex)         injuries on specific employees and how this may impact your
                                                                                             safety training procedures.
        Sexual Harassment / Equal Employment                                                 ♦    Learn about resources to assist in “reasonable
        Opportunity — (Time: 8:15 AM—Noon )                                                                               USERRA

        Employee Handbook — (Time: 1:00—4:45)                                                     Learn what circumstances may extend USERRA be-
                                                                                                  yond 5 years.

   Weber County– Thursday, June 19, 2008                                                     ♦    What does it mean to “submit an application for reem-
 Location: Northern Wasatch Home Builders Association Building – 801-479-5230
                                                                                             ♦    What happens if an employer has filled the position
 5728 South 1475 East, South Ogden (Take highway 89 to 1475 East in South Ogden
                                                                                                  while an employee is on active duty and the new
 (one stoplight N.E. of Albertsons. Turn right and then an immediate right into the               employee is better than the employee returning from
 Association Parking lot. NOTE: Highway 89 turns into Washington Blvd in South)                   active duty?
                                                                                                          I9—Hiring Illegal Workers / E-Verify
        Job Description & Interview Question (Time: 8:15—Noon)                               ♦    Learn how requiring an employee to give you their
                                                                                                  Social Security Card and

        ADA & Workers Comp / USERRA — (Time: 1:00—4:45)                                           Drivers License violates
                                                                                                  anti-discrimination laws.

                                                                                             ♦    Learn the I-9 records
 Southern Utah – Friday, June 20, 2008                                                            destruction practices and
                                                                                                  why you would want to
 Location: AGC Office. 435-628-1346. 230 North 1680 East #B1, St George.                          destroy I9’s.
Behind the Red Cliffs Mall.                                                                  ♦    We will discuss the new
                                                                                                  legislation regarding verifying your employees
      I-9 Employment Verification/E-Verify —(Time: 8:15—Noon)                                      through E-Verify, and which Utah employers will be
                                                                                                   mandated to follow this process.
        Fair Labor Standards Act — (Time: 1:00—4:45)                                         ♦    Learn how to set up the E-Verify system to verify
                                                                                                  your NEW employees SS#’s match up to their names.
                                                                                                                  Fair Labor Standards Act

                            Seminar Registration                                             ♦    Does the Salary Level Test for exemption apply to all
                                                                                                  classes of employees?
                    Contact: Stephanie 801-438-1472                                          ♦    What are the four requirements to meet the Salary
                                                                                                  Basis Test?
                                         Fax: 801-438-1301
                                                                                             ♦    Do you pay overtime on piece rate and bonuses?

                                                                                             ♦    Do you allow employees to “Bank” hours to avoid
Name:_________________________________________                                                    overtime?

Company:______________________________________                                               ♦    Do you pay employees for travel time, and are you
                                                                                                  including this time when calculating overtime?
# of Employees: ____ Phone: _____________________                                            ♦    Learn the difference between “Engaged to Wait”
                                                                                                   and “Waiting to Engage”.
E-mail:___________________________________                                                   ♦    What are the benefits for the employer complying
                                                                                                   with the Safe Harbor rule?

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