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                 Cumann Geinealais na hÉireann

Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette
                                           (incorporating “The Genie Gazette”)

Vol. 6 No. 10                                                                                    October : Deireadh Fómhair 2011

                                         October—Family History Month
                                   At the very successful launch on                                                               official recognition by the State to
                                   Tuesday 4th October by the Minis-           BACK TO OUR PAST                                   those who have a strong ancestral
                                   ter for Arts, Heritage & the Gael-                                                             connection with the island of Ire-
                                   tacht, Jimmy Deenihan, TD, of                The Irish Genealogy &                             land. The programme is now fully
                                   the enhanced and expanded web-                                                                 operational through the website
                                   site www.irishgenealogy.,ie the              Family / Social History                  how-
                                   Minister spoke of “Family History                  Experience                                  ever, An Tánaiste also confirmed
                                   Month”. In October each year                                                                   “that the Government will shortly
                                   genealogical organisations and                                                                 introduce a new system of recogni-
    GENEALOGY                      family history societies all across
                                                                                          Industries Hall                         tion for sustained and distin-
                                   the United States celebrate                                                                    guished service to Ireland or Irish
      HERALDRY                     ‘Family History Month’ with                          RDS, DUBLIN                               communities abroad by individual
                                   special events, lectures and publi-                                                            members of the Diaspora. This
  VEXILLOLOGY                      cations. This is an excellent na-            Oct. 21st, 22nd & 23rd, 2011                      will not be an honours system, but
                                   tionwide initiative that seeks to                                                              rather will involve the formal
                                                                                    Meet the GSI at Stand 52A
SOCIAL HISTORY                     promote an awareness, apprecia-                                                                recognition every year of individu-
                                   tion and knowledge of the ‘roots’                                                              als from a range of sectors at a
  Heritage Matters                 of the United States as a largely           TD, told delegates from around the                 ceremony in Ireland”. This Society
                                   immigrant nation. The motto of              world that “once, the size of the Irish            proposed something very similar
                                   the US which appears on the Great           Diaspora was regarded as a failure:                in its Genealogy & Heraldry Bill,
    Book Reviews                   Seal and on its currency ‘E pluri-          a symptom of a country that could                  2006 and therefore, applauds the
                                   bus unum’ - (out of many, one),             not provide a decent life, a decent                government on this announcement.
   Open Meetings                   which was agreed in 1776, com-              future, for its own people. Now, the               Two other important initiatives
                                   memorates and celebrates the                talent, the expertise, the influence of            were launched at the Global Irish
  News & Queries                   diverse origins of its people. Look-        the global Irish is one of our biggest             Forum—the new website
                                   ing to our own nation and its dias-         strengths: the envy of other nations.     and ‘The
                                   pora we can certainly be proud to           Our influence stretches further, our               Gathering’ which is a year long
                                   acknowledge that out of one, now            opportunities are wider, than any                  global Irish homecoming festival
                                   there are many around the globe in          other small country in the world”.                 is planned for 2013. It aims to
                                   every continent. Nevertheless, it is        The long overdue official recogni-                 attract over 350,000 visitors to
                                   clear that emigration is still a            tion of the role and importance of                 Ireland to celebrate all things Irish.                controversial and painful aspect of         our diaspora was finally given tangi-              Unlike a similar event held in
                                   our nation’s narrative especially,          ble expression two weeks ago in                    Scotland in 2009, it will not be
                                   since its dramatic return in the            New York, when An Tánaiste pre-                    based on set piece events but
                                   wake of the Celtic Tiger’s demise.          sented the first Certificate of Irish              rather on many local communities
        CONTENTS                   However, in his opening address             Heritage to the mother of Joseph                   and organisations organising their
                                   to the Global Irish Forum held in           Hunter, a New York fire fighter who                own events. Finally, Ireland’s own
Maynooth Studies in            2   Dublin Castle (Oct. 7th & 8th), An          lost his life in the 9/11 terrorist                Family History Month will close
Local History                      Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign           attacks on the World Trade Cen-                    with the ‘Back to Our Past’ gene-
                                   Affairs & Trade, Éamon Gilmore              tre. This new certificate will provide             alogy show at the RDS in Dublin.
Wicklow Villages—A             2
Historic Guide

GSI Lectures 2011              2
                                                                BACK TO OUR PAST
GSI Archive & Projects             ‘Back to Our Past’ is billed as the         socio-economic circumstances. Member-              Monthly Meetings: 2 nd Tuesday
                                   largest Irish genealogy and family /        ship is open to all with an interest in these      20.00hrs, Dún Laoghaire College of
James Scannell Reports...      3   social history experience. With all the     subjects. As Ireland’s most active genea-          Further Education, Cumberland Street,
                                   exhibitors this year, it is certainly       logical organisation, the Society hosts 12         Dún Laoghaire and 4th Wednesday
                                   going to be a very exciting event for       monthly lectures and 11 monthly dis-               (except December) 10.30hrs, Weir’s,
                                   Irish genealogy. This Society is look-      cussion groups each year; publishes an             Lower George’s Street, Dún Laoghaire,
Précis of Sept. Lecture        3   ing forward to welcoming visitors to        Annual Journal and monthly newsletter;             Co. Dublin. The Society’s Archive and
                                   Stand 52A at the show. If you’re            and organises group projects, including            Research Centre, An Daonchartlann,
GSI Membership Package             visiting the Society for the first time,    the Irish DNA Atlas project which is in            Carlisle Pier, Dún Laoghaire Harbour,
                                   you may like to know something about        collaboration with the Royal College of            provides a Free Family History Advi-
Diary Dates                    4   its history, activities and what it pro-    Surgeons in Ireland. The Society advo-             sory Service. Currently the facility is
                                   vides for its members. The Society was      cates the Principle of Public Ownership &          open on Wednesdays and Fridays from
A New On-line Atlas                founded in 1990 to promote the study        Right of Access to our genealogical heri-          10.30hrs to 16.30hrs (except 4th Weds.
                                   of genealogy, heraldry, vexillology and     tage. It’s a registered educational charity        open at 13.00hrs), so just drop by to
Post-1700 Structures           4   social history as educational leisure       incorporated in Ireland; a Nominating              discuss your own research. For further
                                   pursuits available to all irrespective of   Body for Seanad Éireann and has a grant            information see:
Sarajevo University                age, background, prior-learning or          of arms from the Chief Herald of Ireland.          or visit the Society’s Facebook page.

                            Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                              ISSN 1649-7937

PAGE 2                              I R E LA ND ’ S G E NE A LO G I C A L G A Z E T T E ( I NC O R P O R A T I NG “ T HE G E NI E G A ZE T T E ” )                V O L. 6 NO . 1 0

               Maynooth Studies in Local History
As this is Family History Month and to assist                  over the years genealogists and local historians                apart. Understanding the assumptions, often
those attending the Back to Our Past exhibition                throughout Ireland have benefited greatly from                  unspoken, around which these local societies
in the RDS as they embark on the quest to dis-                 the enormous amount of research undertaken by                   operated is the key to recreating the world of
cover their ancestry, we look at an excellent                  the staff and students at the History Department                the Irish past and reconstructing the way in
series of publications that many will find of                  of NUI, Maynooth. This research is published as                 which those who inhabited those worlds lived
particular interest. Most genealogists want to go              the ‘Maynooth Studies in Local History’ series                  their daily lives’. Without doubt, Prof. Gilles-
beyond the creation of a simple family tree to                 edited by Professor Raymond Gillespie. Most                     pie’s words will resonate with genealogists the
open up an understanding, appreciation and                     of the research is based on the work of students                world over who seek to understand the ‘bigger
knowledge of the lives and times of our ances-                 undertaking the MA in Local History. Describ-                   picture’ in which their own family narrative
tors. Inevitably this brings us to the study of                ing the publications in this series, Prof. Gillespie            was forged. Besides the information in these
local and social histories concerning the places               stresses that they are not ‘a simple chronicling                publications, it is important to note the format
of origin and occupations of our families in                   of events relating to an area within administra-                in which the research is presented and hope-
times past. This aspect of our genealogical                    tive or geographically determined boundaries                    fully, this will become the standard for the
research is essential in the creation of our fam-              since understanding the local world presents                    publication of local history. There are currently
ily narrative and especially so, when we hope to               much more complex challenges for the histo-                     93 titles listed in the series. For full details see:
provide a unique family resource and treasure                  rian. It is a reconstruction of the socially diverse  
for future generations. Unfortunately accessing                worlds of poor and rich as well as those who                    Another series of exceptional interest to the
a huge range of locally produced publications is               took different positions on the political issues                genealogist is the Maynooth Research Guides,
fraught with difficulty due to short print runs of             that preoccupied the local societies in Ireland’.               edited by Dr Marian Lyons. There are cur-
privately published local or parish histories,                 This type of research is of exceptional impor-                  rently 17 titles listed in this particular series.
many of which, for whatever reasons, are not                   tance to the family historian who seeks a greater               For further details see the following website:
found on the shelves of national or regional                   understanding of the conditions and events that       
repositories. Though, a lot of work by County                  impacted on the lives of our ancestors and their                searchguides However, to obtain copies of the
Librarians throughout Ireland is slowly address-               communities. Prof. Gillespie puts it very suc-                  local history publications and research guides
ing this major gap in our collections. Under-                  cinctly in his foreword to each of the publica-                 by the History Department of the National
standing their importance, the National Library                tions that this type of research relies on an                   University of Ireland, Maynooth, Co. Kildare,
of Ireland has also sought to obtain copies of                 ‘understanding of what the people of the differ-                please checkout the website of Ireland’s pre-
these privately produced ‘gems’ of local com-                  ent communities that made up the localities of                  mier publisher of academic works, Four Courts
munity knowledge, history and lore. However,                   Ireland had in common and what drove them                       Press at                 MM

             ‘Wicklow Villages—A Historic Guide’                                                                                       GSI NEWS IN BRIEF
                                                                                                                              At the 7th International Colloquium on Genealogy and
‘Wicklow Villages – A Historic Guide’ by Pat Dar-             contribute very positively to their character. The Guide
                                                                                                                              the congress of the International Academy of Geneal-
gan, published by Wicklow County Council Heritage             is a very concise and precise one, divided into a series
                                                                                                                              ogy held in Bologna, Italy, between September 26th
Office (Price: €5.50—see below for overseas prices :          of chapters covering the following headings - Wicklow
                                                                                                                              and 29th 2011, the Society was represented by Ca-
48pp : Ills : ISBN 978-0-9569126-0-2.) Each village           Villages; Monastic Settlements; Estate Villages; The
                                                                                                                              thaoirleach (Chairperson), Pádraic Ingoldsby, MGSI,
in County Wicklow has its own distinct identity and           Picturesque; Chapel Villages; Continuity; Catalogue of
                                                                                                                              at which, the Society’s international contacts were
uniqueness which has evolved over time in response to         Villages and finally, Protection and Enhancement. This
                                                                                                                              strengthened. This month the GSI President, Rory
the landscape and the unique historical backgrounds           is a very well thought out and presented publication, an
                                                                                                                              Stanley, FGSI and Cathaoirleach, Pádraic Ingoldsby,
and events that evolved it so that no two villages are        essential acquisition for any interested in County Wick-
                                                                                                                              MGSI, represented the Society at the official launch of
the same. The architecture, layout, building materials        low or local history. The Heritage Office of Wicklow
                                                                                                                              the expanded website by the
used, open spaces created or provided, trees and the          County Council is to be congratulated and compli-
                                                                                                                              Minister for Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht, Jimmy
natural landscape all combine to the visual appearance        mented for publishing this Guide as there is no compa-
                                                                                                                              Deenihan, TD, at the National Library on Tuesday
and attractiveness that defines the character of each of      rable book on this aspect of the county’s history and
                                                                                                                              October 4th 2011. The President and the Cathaoirleach
them, and it is this unique character that provides the       architecture available from any other publisher at the
                                                                                                                              will be at the Back to Our Past show at the RDS.
individual County Wicklow villages with their strong          present time. This A4 sized Guide to County Wicklow
sense of identity and place that appeals to both the          Villages is available at the extremely modest post paid
local residents and visitors alike. This excellent Guide      price of €5.50 (ROI), €7 (UK), €8.50 (Rest of the               EDITOR: Due to the pressures on space in this
to the villages of County Wicklow, which has over 125         World) from Ms. Deirdre Burns, Heritage Officer,                issue, the review of the monumental work ‘A New
superb colour illustrations and maps, charts the historic     Wicklow County Council Buildings, Wicklow Town,                 History of the Royal Hibernian Military School,
developments of County Wicklow’s villages down                County Wicklow, Ireland. So don’t delay in ordering             Phoenix Park, Dublin—1765-1921’ by Howard
through the centuries, highlighting the various special       your copy of ‘Wicklow Villages – A Historic Guide’.             Clarke, BSc. (Econ), M.Sc.(Oxon), FRSA, has been
aspects of both the natural and built environment that        James Scannell                                                  held over for publication in the November issue.

                               GSI Archive & Projects                                                                             GSI LECTURES 2011
The Society’s Director of Archival Services, Séamus            tion on the project, please contact Séamus O’Reilly by         The lecture programme this years has been excellent
O’Reilly, FGSI, and Dr. Gianpiero Cavalleri of the             e-mail at The Director              with a very wide range of very interesting topics
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) will               of Cemetery Projects, Barry O’Connor, FGSI, has                covered since January. This high standard continues
officially launch the Society’s new group project ‘Irish       confirmed that a new collection of Memorial Inscrip-           with the following lectures for the remainder of 2011.
DNA Atlas’ at the RDS this month. The first issue of           tions is due out shortly on CD. In the meantime,               On Tuesday 11th October - Court and Prison Records
the ‘Irish DNA Atlas Project Newsletter’ will be               members have been extremely busy with An Daon-                 - Brian Donovan. On Tuesday 8th November -
available at the Society’s stand at the RDS and will be        chartlann now open two days a week offering a Free             Barrack Obama’s Benn and Donovan ancestors - Fiona
circulated to GSI members via e-mail. A link will be           Family History Advisory Service. This services has             Fitzsimons. On Tuesday 13th December - National
posted on the Society’s website and Facebook page.             proven to be very popular with the numbers of visitors         Library of Ireland - Recent Developments & Future
The aims of this important project are twofold (1) to          increasing each day. The Society offers this service           Plans - Katherine McSharry. The lectures for the first
further our knowledge of the population history of             each Wednesday and Friday from 10.30hrs to 16.30hrs            few months of the new year will be published hope-
Ireland and (2) to help us understand how genes influ-         (except 4th Weds. open at 13.00hrs). The Society’s             fully in the December issue of the Gazette. All lectures
ence health in Ireland. Participants may opt to take part      Archive & Research Centre or An Daonchartlann is               are held at the Dún Laoghaire College of Further
in the medical or historical research or both. The             located at the Carlisle Pier (Old Mail-Boat Pier), Dún         Education, Cumberland Street, Dún Laoghaire, Co.
project seeks participants with all eight great grandpar-      Laoghaire There is full internet access allowing for           Dublin. Directions to the venue have been posted to
ents from the same general area, say a radius of 30-           visitors to be introduced to the myriad of on-line             the Society’s website Please
40kms, to present a Birth Brief and to provide a DNA           resources for genealogy as well as learning of the             send any suggestions for lectures to Séamus Moriarty
sample (kit provided) for analysis. For further informa-       many resources available in our national repositories.         at e-mail:

                                 Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                                ISSN 1649-7937

          V O L. 6 NO . 1 0         I R E LA ND ’ S G E NE A LO G I C A L G A Z E T T E ( I NC O R P O R A T I NG “ T HE G E NI E G A ZE T T E ” )                              PAGE 3

                                   James Scannell Reports...
    THE HISTORY OF GLASNEVIN                                          FAMILY TO VISIT CONGO                                   7000 tonnes of mixed cargo including pig iron,
                                                                                                                              tea, and a large quantity of silver bullion esti-
Retired chartered engineer Tony Doherty has                   The Government has indicated that it is pre-                    mated to be in the region of 200 tonne. She
published a history of the old village of Glas-               pared to provide assistance to the family of                    sailed from Calcutta for Liverpool in convoy
nevin, Co. Dublin, called ‘A History of Glas-                 Trooper. Patrick Mullins, who was killed in the                 until North Atlantic high seas and a heavy swell
nevin: Its village, lands and people’ which                   Congo in September 1961, and officially re-                     forced it to reduce speed and running low on
covers the history of the area, beginning back                corded as ‘missing in action’, to visit the loca-               coal on 14 February 1941 she had to sail inde-
as far as the 6th century when St. Mobhí                      tion where it is believed that he met his death.                pendently. Three days later it was torpedoed by
founded a monastery there. In 1178 AD follow-                 Trooper Mullins, who was from Kilbehenny,                       a German submarine commanded by Ernest
ing the arrival of the Normans, the lands of                  Co. Limerick, was 18 when he left on United                     Mengersen which then surfaced and opened fire
Glasnevin were granted to the priory of the                   Nations service for the Congo in June 1961, as                  on the vessel’s lifeboats as they were being
Holy Trinity attached to Christ Church Dublin                 a member of the Armoured Car Group, 35th Bn.                    lowered into the water. Eight European and
and a papal decree the following year con-                    ONUC. In September 1961 the armoured car in                     twenty-seven Asian crew members survived in
firmed this arrangement and defined the area’s                which he was member off, was ambushed while                     one of the lifeboats but most subsequently died
boundaries. In the 18th century, Glasnevin be-                on patrol in Elizabethville but his body was                    of exposure and seven were lost when the life-
came a fashionable area for the prosperous                    never recovered and currently Trooper Mullins                   boat overturned within sight of the southwest
classes of Dunlin’s literary circle followed by               remains one of Ireland’s two soldiers still clas-               coast of Britain. Prior to undertaking the search
the establishment of many famous educational                  sified as ‘missing in action’.                                  for the SS Gairsoppa, Odyssey Marine Explo-
institutions in the area including the Botanic                                                                                ration (OME) secured a salvage contract from
Gardens. In 1901 Glasnevin was incorporated                           WW2 BULLION LOCATED                                     the British Government under which it would
into the Dublin Corporation municipal area and                                                                                retain 80% of the cargo with the balance going
over the next 30 years evolved into an elegant                At the end of September American marine                         to [British] HM Treasury if located. It expected
red brick suburb, but the post Emergency saw                  exploration company Odyssey Marine Explora-                     that the recovery of the bullion will commence
the gradual decline of the old village. Fintan                tion announced that it had discovered the WW2                   during 2012 and if successful will be the largest
O’Toole, Irish Times columnist, broadcaster                   wreck of British registered cargo steamer SS                    known precious metal cargo recovered from the
and resident of Glasnevin formally launched                   Gairsoppa, torpedoed on 17 February 1941 by a                   sea. OME has also been reported to be conduct-
this book, published by Original Writing Ltd,                 German submarine, some 300 miles off the                        ing side scan sonar sea bed searches off the
based in the Spade Enterprise Centre, Smith-                  Irish coast in 4700 metres of water. At the time                Irish coast outside Irish territorial waters but
field, at a reception in the Botanic Gardens.                 of its sinking the SS Gairsoppa was carrying                    has refused to divulge details of this operation.

                                              Précis of the September Lecture
On Tuesday 13th Sept. 2011, Rosemary Raughter                 neglect of the children in the institution, and corrup-        supported by the prestigious Philharmonic Catch Club
delivered an excellent lecture with the intriguing title      tion in its management. An exception to the almost             in the 1760s when they performed ‘in aid of the asylum
‘Unbounded Charity and Unfortunate Females: Lady              universal disregard of such reports was Denny's inter-         for penitent prostitutes’. Rosemary Raughter’s paper,
Arbella Denny and the early years of the Leeson Street        vention in the Hospital's affairs, an initiative which she     delivered at this meeting, utilized those records to
Magdalen Asylum’ In her research, academic publica-           justified by the argument that “the wants of young             recreate the history of the charity during its first years.
tions and lectures, Rosemary Raughter, has opened up          children the negligence of nurses, and the general             Her research focused particularly on the registers of the
the fascinating and largely untold stories of women           management of such an institution” fell decisively             Asylum, which offer a unique insight into the experi-
and, sometimes religious women, in Irish history. This        within the conventional female “sphere of observa-             ence of the inmates themselves, and into the lives of
particular historical narrative is often forgotten or         tion”. For twenty years, beginning in 1758, Denny              poor women generally in eighteenth-century Dublin.
shamefully treated as mere footnotes in our published         supervised the day-to-day running of the institution           Rosemary Raughter also assessed Denny's various
histories. The women at the heart of this lecture, Lady       and introduced a range of reforms which according to           achievements, the factors which may have motivated
Arbella Denny, was significantly important in her day         a contemporary “put a stop to barbarity and murder             and her claim to be considered a pioneer, both in the
to have been elected as a honorary member of the              and saved the life of thousands”. But it was Denny’s           field of child care and in the creation of a public role for
Royal Dublin Society for her charitable works. It is          role in another institution that Rosemary Raughter             women. A fascinating lecture which was greatly appre-
worth remembering that the RDS at the time was a              outlined in her lecture. The Leeson Street Magdalen            ciated by all in attendance.
staunchly male preserve. Rosemary Raughter has also           Asylum, founded in 1767 by Lady Arbella Denny, was
brought to the fore Denny’s association with the              the first institution of its kind in Ireland. Its surviving              MEDAL SOCIETY OF IRELAND
Dublin Foundling Hospital writing “In the decades             records are an invaluable source of information on
fo1lowing the establishment of the Dublin Foundling           rescue work and women’s philanthropic action at this           Researching ancestors or relatives who served in the
Hospital, a succession of parliamentary committees            period. Her work at Leeson Street was, it seems,               Irish or other armed forces or in the mercantile marine?
reported unacceptably high mortality rates, abuse and         highly valued in society as it was very conspicuously          Checkout the Medal Society of Ireland on

                                                                                                                             or if you prefer, simply download the form, complete it

                      GSI Membership Package                                                                                 and send it to Mr. Billy Saunderson, MGSI, Director
                                                                                                                             of Finance, ‘Suzkar’, Killiney Avenue, Killiney, Co.
                                                                                                                             Dublin, Ireland. New Members always welcome!
The Annual Review of the Membership Package was               occasional group projects; Members’ internet forum;
undertaken by the Board of Directors at its meeting on        genealogical, heraldic and vexillological advice; and               WILL YOUR RECORDS WELL
Thursday November 4, 2010. It was agreed under Res:           the facility to publish your research in the GSI Journal.
10/11/798 to keep the cost of the Annual Subscription         Special Membership concessions on products and                 As genealogists, heraldists and local historians we
for 2011 for Irish and Overseas Members at €40.00.            services obtained, from time to time, by the Society.          naturally amass a huge amount of paper and computer
The Membership Package for 2011 includes the fol-             The Board also agreed to provide a number of conces-           records during our many years of research. We love
lowing: Member voting rights; optional second house-          sionary rates at €20.00 for persons under 25 years of          these records, we’ve worked hard to collect the infor-
hold member with voting rights; Membership Certifi-           age and persons attending recognised genealogy                 mation—it’s of great value. Books, photographs, charts,
cate [Res: 11/09/859]; right to use GSI post-nominal;         courses etc. This Membership Package shall be applied          interview notes, copy certificates, parish register and
copy of the Annual Journal; monthly newsletter by e-          as and from January 1st 2011 and be subject to annual          census transcripts—all lovingly collected over many
mail; use of the Society’s Archive; monthly meet-             review, however, existing Membership Packages shall            years. But how many of us have made provision for the
ings/lectures; special prices of up to 50% off selected       be honored until their annual renewal date. NOTE: In           preservation of our own records, files and notes after we
Society publications; right to register your own as-          accordance with Res: 10/09/785 all Membership                  die? Don’t let your hard work end up as landfill or your
sumed Arms or emblems with the Society free of                Packages fall due for renewal on the anniversary of            genealogy, heraldry & local history books be sold off
charge; right to have your Club, School or Institutions       joining—please check your Membership Certificate               piece meal after you’ve gone. Why not make provision
assumed Arms or emblems registered with the Society           for details. Membership can be obtained or renewed             in your Will to donate them to the Society’s Archive for
free of charge to a maximum of ten registrations;             via the Society’s website            future generations?

                                Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                             ISSN 1649-7937

        IRELAND’S GENEALOGICAL GAZETTE                                                     WARNING ON POST-1700 STRUCTURES
                       is published by the
             Genealogical Society of Ireland Limited
      11, Desmond Avenue, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland                    The Institute of Archaeologists has expressed grave concerns about proposals by the
                                                                                Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht to exclude all post-1700 archaeological
                                                                                and historic structures from the national record of Monuments and Places which is it
                      Charity Reference: CHY10672                               felt will leave holy wells, bridges, mile-stones, vernacular buildings and other indus-
       The Society is a Nominating Body for Seanad Éireann                      trial sites that are post-1700 without any protection. It believed that the Department
                                                                                favours this approached due to lack of uniformity in approach by local authorities as
               Board of Directors 2011-2012                                     some have very comprehensive records while others have none or very little. The
                                                                                Department maintains that the review that it carried out aimed for the adoption of a
Pádraic Ingoldsby (Cathaoirleach : Chairperson); Gerry Hayden
(Leas-Chathaoirleach : Vice Chair); Michael Merrigan (General                   standard approach nationally that will ensure that all elements of the built heritage will
Secretary : Company Secretary & Publications); Billy Saunderson                 continue to be adequately protected and that there no question of any change to the
(Finance); Tom Conlon (Sales, Marketing & Membership); Séamus                   current arrangements before it is completed. However the board of the Institute be-
O’Reilly (Archive); Barry O’Connor (Cemetery Projects); Séamus                  lieve that that any delisting would be detrimental to the country’s archaeological
Moriarty (Lecture Programme), John Hamrock (Education & Social                  resource and is now seeking the views of its members with the aim of placing
Inclusion) Bartosz Kozłowski (Poland) (Internet Services) and Eddie             practical proposals before Jimmy Deenihan, T.D., Minister for Arts, Heritage and the
Gahan (Research Info. Services).
                                                                                Gaeltacht. The Archaeological Survey of Ireland has been recording archaeological
                                                                                monuments for several decades including significant numbers of post-1700 monuments
                JOIN ON-LINE                                                    which have been included in the Record of Monuments and Places for Cork, Galway
                                             and Dublin. The Institute believes that the ASI proposals to de-list post-1700 monu-
                                                                                ments is based on the limited resources available to them and a processing backlog of
         Checkout the Society’s Facebook Page                                   information collected previously. The Institute further maintains that the cut off date
              for regular up-dates on the                                       1700 has no basis in law and as according to a 1999 statements issued by Dúchas – the
           World of Genealogy and Heraldry                                      heritage service - which stated that any material remains may have an element of ar-
                                                                                chaeological significance. By way of contrast the ASI plans to de-list post-1700 monu-
                                                                                ments, the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland notes that the Northern Ireland Envi-
                     DIARY DATES                                                ronmental Agency already lists 16,000 features and that a second survey of historic
              Tuesday Oct. 11th & Nov. 8th 2011                                 buildings is currently under way.                                       James Scannell
                   Evening Open Meeting
                                                                                FREE FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH ADVISORY SERVICE available each
         Dún Laoghaire College of Further Education
                                                                                week at the Society’s Archives & Research Centre, An Daonchartlann, Carlisle Pier
             Cumberland Street, Dún Laoghaire
                                                                                (Old Mail-Boat Pier), Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, every Wednesday and Friday—
                                                                                10.30hrs-1630hrs (except 4th Wednesday of each month when it opens at 13.00hrs).
            Wednesday Oct. 26th & Nov. 23rd 2011
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        Weir’s, Lower George’s Street, Dún Laoghaire
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   A New On-line Atlas                                       ham has made some interesting observations based on
                                                             their statistical analysis. Many local areas of the West of
                                                                                                                                       WEEKEND COURSES
                                                             Ireland lost between 40% and 60% of their population
                                                                                                                              The Saturday Morning Genealogy Course in conjunc-
Much has been written about where immigrants from            but north Carlow and south Wicklow also lost higher
                                                                                                                              tion with John Hamrock of Ancestor Network Ltd
Ireland went when the Great Famine struck this country       than average numbers. Some areas of the country where
                                                                                                                              commenced on September 17th 2011. The aim of the
in the mid-to-late 1840s. We are familiar with the           a compassionate landlord lived suffered much less than a
                                                                                                                              course is to help beginners unlock the mysteries of
countries on whose shores they landed, especially the        neighbouring part of the same county; examples in Mayo
                                                                                                                              their ancestry. The course includes guided tours at the
US and Canada, and how these immigrants fared subse-         were the tenants living on the Moore Estates. And some
                                                                                                                              National Library, Dublin City Library, and other
quently. Indeed, more and more enquiries about these         parts of the West of Ireland, from Donegal to Galway,
                                                                                                                              important centres of research. You can learn how to be
people come from their descendants living in those           actually experienced a population growth perhaps due to
                                                                                                                              your own researcher. All you need is some curiosity
countries today. But what has not been well explored         the continuance of labour-intensive mixed farming rather
                                                                                                                              and some expert guidance. Topics to be covered
until now is the impact that mass immigration had at a       than pastoral activity. Again, in Mayo, the town of West-
                                                                                                                              include the principles of genealogy, computers and the
local level. We all have commonly accepted perceptions       port experienced a 15% growth in its population during
                                                                                                                              internet, place names and surnames, location and use
about the impact of the famine here in Ireland, namely,      this period; this was partly due to it being a busy Famine
                                                                                                                              of census, vital, valuation, church and other records.
that the West was hit harder than the East and that the      port and partly because it was the location of a large
                                                                                                                              Practical advice will be shared with participants as
spectre of Famine stalked the greater part of the coun-      Workhouse. Contrast this with the nearby Electoral
                                                                                                                              they embark on the quest to trace their ancestors.
try. The new publication by NUI Maynooth called The          District of Killavalley which lost 65.3% of its population,
                                                                                                                              Courses are held at the Society’s Archive and Research
Atlas of Irish Famine Data 1841-1851 enables us to           the largest decline in the country. And this is not all. The
                                                                                                                              Centre, An Daonchartlann, Carlisle Pier (Old Mail-
take a detailed look at the local data based on the almost   same Portal has another atlas called Irish Population
                                                                                                                              Boat Pier), Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, where com-
3,500 Electoral Divisions in the country. We can click       Change Atlas 1841-2002 which compliments the Famine
                                                                                                                              puter access ensures that the major online resources
on any ED and we can take in at a glance the population      Atlas as it brings the statistics on population changes
                                                                                                                              will be covered in a ’hands-on’ way for best results.
changes which took place between the highest ever            right up to the present time. The screen layout is much
                                                                                                                              For more information on these courses please contact
level of our population and the 1851 snapshot of the         the same as the Famine Atlas except that above the map
                                                                                                                              John Hamrock, MGSI by phone 087 050 5296 or by
country immediately after the Famine. This new Atlas is      of the county there is a Select Time Period button. Out of
                                                                                                                              e-mail at
the work of the National Centre for Geocomputation           curiosity, I selected the time period 1951 to 1961 to see
(NCG) based at NUI Maynooth and is freely available          what the immigration of that decade was like in percent-
online at This is the       age terms and on the graph. Many EDs in Co Mayo                        SARAJEVO UNIVERSITY
NCG online Atlas Portal with a home page which               suffered a population decline of between 20% and 30%.
allows you to select the county you are interested in.       More recent periods can also be examined like from the           Over two million volumes, including priceless manu-
When you have selected the county all the EDs appear         1970s to the 1990s when many places saw their popula-            scripts, were destroyed in the fire that engulfed the
on the map and can be highlighted by positioning the         tions fall first only to rise later. The publication online of   National & University Library in Sarajevo on August
mouse over them. On the top right corner of the page,        these Atlases and their use free of charge should be             26th 1992 during the Bosnian civil war—just over
there is a complete list of the EDs for the county and,      welcomed as another resource for communities wishing             seventy years after we lost our Public Records Office
below this, a space for a graphic representation not only    to understand the population shifts in their own areas.          during our bitter Civil War. Now a group of Bosnian
of the population in its many different aspects but also     Aiden Feerick, MGSI, MAPGI                                       students is seeking donations of contemporary aca-
of agriculture, population density and housing. The                                                                           demic works in any discipline to restock their univer-
different aspects of the data can be accessed by using a            TRACING YOUR IRISH ANCESTORS                              sity’s library which was totally destroyed. Have you
button called Select Indicator just above the map of the          by John Grenham, MA, MAPGI, FIGRS, FGSI                     any books that you could donate? Please forward your
county. The map of the EDs can be superimposed on                                                                             donated volumes to the University Library by mail to:
the modern map; and, as these name are not always            The Society strongly recommends this very comprehen-             Mr. Muris Rahmanovic, University of Sarajevo—
commonplace, they can be seen in relation to better          sive guide available at                    Campus, Zmaja od Bosne bb., 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia
known areas like those around the principal towns. The                                                                        and Herzegovina. Please share this appeal with your
Maynooth team headed by Professor Stewart Fothering-           Doing your Family Tree? You need this book!!                   friends and colleagues. For further information see:

                                 Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland

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