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									                                              MAJOR RESEARCH PROJECT
                                                      Mechanical Engg

1   Dr. K.V. Sharma       Ms. P.          J.N.T.U. Hyderbad          Development of solid sorpation
    Dept. of Mechanical   Bhramara        College of Engineering     refrigeration system using solar
    Engg.                                 Kukatpally, Hyderabad-     energy/waste heat with different
    8.11.1959                             500085                     working pairs.

                                         not mention
2   Dr.S. Malarvizhi      Dr. V.         Annamalai University        Develoment of friction welding
    Dept. of Mechanical   Balasubramania Annamalai Nagar-            windows for dissimilar materials
    Eng.                  n              608002, TN                  joining.
3   Dr. R. Sellamuthu     Sanjivi Arul    Amrita Vishwa              Indigenous development of high
    Dept. of Mechanical                   Vidyapeetham               specific strength spinodal bronze
    Engg.                                 Coimbatore- 641105         alloys and evaluation of their
    15.1.1948                                                        castability, wedability and wear
4   Dr. Adusumilli.       Dr. A.V.S. Ram Koneru Lakshmaiah           Development of an expert system for
    Srinath               Prasad         College of Engineering      desigh of an optimum manipulator for
    Dept. of Mechanical                  Guntur- 522502, AP          any medical/surgical robot with the
    Engg.                                                            incorporation of neural networks and
    18.5.1979                             Acharya Nagarjuna          fuzzy logic concepts for sensing.
                                          University, Guntur
5   Dr. T.K.              Dr. Abdulla     Sri Siddhartha Institute   Studies on homogeneous charge
    Chandrashekar         Sharief         of Technology              compression      ignition   (HCCI)
    Dept. of Mechanical                   Maralur, Tumkur-           enginefor improved performance &
    Engg.                                 572105                     Reduced emission, Fuel consumption
    11.1.1965                                                        in automotive applications.
6   Dr. S.P. Tewari                       Banaras Hindu              Vibratory stress relieving of non
    Dept. of Mechanical                   University                 ferrous welds.
     Engg.                                    Varanasi- 221005

7    Dr. A.S. Varadarajan   Dr. P. Sam Paul Karunya University        Investigation on schemes to suppress
     Dept. of Mechanical                    Karunya Nagar,            tool vibration during hard turning
     Engg.                                  Coimbatore- 641114        with minimal fluid application.
8    Dr. Ram Chand          Dr. D.        Dayalbagh Educational       Design, development, testing and
     Gupta                  Ganeshwar Rao Institute                   optimization of a non-polluting
     Dept. of Mechanical                  Dayalbagh, Agra-            renewable energy driven vehicle with
     Engg.                                282010                      on - board battery charging for
     21.6.1968                                                        personal use with specific relevance
                                                                      to Taj Trapezium Zone.
9    Dr. D. Ganeshwar                         Dayalbagh Educational   Modeling and optimization of diesel
     Rao                                      Institute               engine for bio-disel blends uisng
     Dept. of Mechanical                      Dayalbgh, Agra-         artifucial neural networkds and
     Engg.                                    282010                  evolutionary algorithms.
10   Dr. Saroj Kumar        Mr. Satish        Thapar University       Study on performance characteristics
     Mohapatra              Kumar             Patiala- 147004         of a centrifugal slurry pump handling
     Dept. of Mechanical                                              water and ash.
11   Dr. D.V. Patil         Dr. K.S. Pujari   SDM College of Engg     Optimization ofprocess parameters
     Dept. of Mechanical    KLS's VDRIT       and Technology          and improving quality of (TIG) are
     Engg                   Haliyal           Davalgiri, Dharawad-    welding.
     9.7.1961                                 580002
                                           University, Belgaum,

12   Dr. SP. Nachiappan                    Thiagarajar College of   Exploration and development of
     Dept. of Mechanical                   Engineering              environmental regulation management
     Engg                                  Madurai- 625015          system for Indian manufacturing
     19.1.1973                                                      industries
                                           Anna University,
13   Dr. P. Ravi Kumar     Dr. P.          National Institute of    Performance and emission studies of
     Dept. of Mechanical   Nageswara Rao   Technology               C.I. Engine fuelled with biodiesel
     Eng.                                  Warangal- 506004         using exhaust gas reciruculation.
14   Dr. Kailash Jha                       Indian School of Mines   Construction of 3D surface from
     Dept. of Mechanical                   University               incompatible curves
     Engg,                                 Dhanbad- 826004, JH
15   Dr. Randip K. Das                     Indian School of Mines   utilization of waste heat from diesel
     Dept. of Mechanical                   Dhanabad- 826004         engine exhaust gases for Air-
     Engg                                                           conditioning     and     performance
     28.8.1969                                                      enhancement of the engine.
16   Dr. P.                Prof. P.        Kongu Enineering         Waste heat recovery from kitchen
     Navaneethakrishnan    Sathiamurthi    College                  furnace
     Dept. of Mechanical                   Perundurai- 638052,
     Engg.                                 Drode, DT,TN
                                           Ann University,
17   Dr. Somnath           Dr. A.K.        Indian School of Mines   Investigations & modeling of wear
     Chattopadhyaya        Mukhopadhyay    Dhanbad- 826004          rate and service life of cutting picks in
     Dept. of Mechanical                                            surafce miners.

18   Dr. Soamidas          Dr. Ram Chand   Dayalbagh Educational    Design, development, testing and
     Dept. of Mechanical   Gupta           Institute                optimization of a non-pulluting
     Engg.                                 Dayalbagh, Agra-         renewable energy driven vehicle with
     4.1.1961                              282005                   on-board battery charging for personal
                                                                    use with specific relevance to Taj
                                                                    Trapezium Zone.

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