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					               Topics in Education Speakers Series
            MBA 294.3, Tuesdays 4-6pm, C325, 7 meetings, 1 unit
                         Dates: 1/24, 1/31, 2/7, 2/14, 2/21, 2/28, and 3/7

“This academic year, the better part of $1 trillion will be spent on education in the United
States….approaching 10 percent of the overall economy.”
                                  - New York Times, December 11, 2005

Course Objectives:
This course is part of the Non-Profit and Public Management Program at the University
of California, Berkeley. It is meant to serve as an educational forum for students as well
as a vehicle through which local and national leaders can access the UC Berkeley talent
pool. The course will run for seven weeks at the beginning of the semester and is open
to graduates students across the university.

Students can expect the course to deepen their understanding of the challenges and
opportunities facing leaders working to create a more equitable education system in the
United States, as well as the potential for MBAs and MPPs to assume leadership roles
in the education sector.

This course is ideal for students interested in a career in education as well as those who
are curious about this fast-growing industry.

The Haas Education Club has asked that speakers focus on answering three guiding
questions from their vantage point in the education sector:
    What are the key levers for impact on closing the achievement gap in education?
    Where do MBAs and other graduate students fit in the sector? What kinds of
       roles do you see us taking on?
    How do we tip a district like Oakland toward high-achievement for all students?

Each student is expected to prepare for and attend each of the 7 sessions and write a
brief paper of no more than three pages in length.

The assignment for the paper is for students to develop a personal theory of change for
creating more equitable and excellent educational opportunities for all students.
Students might assume the role of an urban school superintendent, and briefly outline
their strategy and priorities.

Students’ course grades will be determined as follows:
 70% on class attendance and participation in discussions
 30% on the quality of the final paper
                           Haas School of Business – UC Berkeley
           Topics in Public Education – Speakers Series
Date            Topics & Speakers
Session 1       The Achievement Gap
January 24       Russlyn Ali, Executive Director, The Education Trust – West
T 4-6pm, C325
Session 2       District Level Reform
January 31       Becca Bracy, Vice President, The Broad Center for the Management of
T 4-6pm, C325      School Systems
                   Katrina Scott-George, Chief of Community Accountability, Oakland Unified
                    School District

Session 3       Educational Service Providers
February 7       Jill Vialet, Executive Director, Sports4Kids
T 4-6pm, C325
                   Merril Vargo, Executive Director, Springboard Schools

Session 4       School Site Entrepreneurship
February 14      Steve Sexton, Executive Director, Lighthouse Community Charter School
T 4-6pm, C325
                   Jenna Stauffer, Founder & Director of Strategic Development, Lighthouse
                    Community Charter School
                   Sehba Zhumkhawala, Founder & Principal, KIPP Heartwood Academy
                   Aylin Kaya-Bell, COO, KIPP Heartwood Academy, Haas 2005

Session 5       Charter Management Organizations
February 21      Larry Rosenstock, Founder & CEO, High Tech High
T 4-6pm, C325
                   Don Shalvey, Founder & CEO, Aspire Public Schools

Session 6       Investors in Change
February 28      Ted Mitchell, President & CEO, New Schools Venture Fund
T 4-6pm, C325
                   Steve Seleznow, Education Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates

Session 7       Talent Recruitment
March 7          Aimee Eubanks Davis, Senior Vice President of Human Assets, Teach
T 4-6pm, C325      For America
                   Troy Christmas, Executive Officer, Human Resources, Oakland Unified
                    School District