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                                        MBA 298 B
                                   Fall Semester 2006

Instructor: Sebastian Teunissen
Office:     F 447
Hours:      by appointment
Contact: Telephone: (510) 643-4999
            Fax: (510) 642-8228

MBA 298 B is the continuation of MBA 298 A which runs in the spring semester each
year. Participation in 298 B is only possible after successful completion of 298 A.
In order to successfully complete 298 A, a student must have participated in the
overseas consulting project portion of the IBD program and complete 298B. See
eligibility and application details.

Classes will meet on Friday, October 13(8:00 AM to 6:00 PM) and Friday, October 20
(08::00 AM to5:00 PM). Both sessions will be held in the Arthur Andersen Auditorium.
Attendance is mandatory.


The International Business Development course provides real world, hands-on
consulting experience to course participants while providing assistance to client
companies. MBA 298 A prepares students for the consulting projects. MBA 298 B
provides an opportunity for students to share their findings and experiences with their
classmates and clients. The Fall semester classes are therefore structured somewhat
differently from those of the Spring semester. Each team will present its project, in a
case format, to the class.


Subject to client requirements, each team is expected to satisfactorily conclude the
relationship with their client. This may involve meetings or presentations to the client,
submission of a revised report, clarification of outstanding issues, etc. The scope of this
work is not open-ended. You must satisfy the conditions under which the project was
originally undertaken. However, this is not a "blank check" for the client to expand the
project scope. Rather, it is a process to successfully complete the consulting
engagement and bring it to a satisfactory close. In the event that the project is on-going
and will be passed on to the next generation of IBD, the team(s) will also be expected to
brief the incoming team(s) and to assist them in their preparations.
** I will schedule a debriefing meeting with each team during the first few weeks of
Also please note the information session schedule below.

Team Presentations (October 13)

The objective of these presentations is to share your IBD experience with the other IBD
participants. Therefore you should include the following points:

      brief description of the project scope as understood before the in-country phase
       of the project
      brief review of work done prior to departure
      in-country "realities" and how they differed from preconceptions
      work performed, problems encountered
      client interactions
      final result
      things learned
      critical appraisal of your own performance

Each presentation should run no more than 15 minutes, including 5 minutes for Q&A
and discussions.

Information Session Presentations

In addition to the in class presentations you will also be expected to present a brief (5
minute) summary of your IBD experiences to the incoming MBA class. These
presentations will be spread over a number of information sessions to be held at the
following times. Only one person from each designated team need be present at any
information session.

                         INFORMATION SESSION SCHEDULE

DATE                     Time                                                   Room
Tuesday, September 19, 5:00 to 6:00                                           Andersen
Wednesday, September 20, 12:30 to 2:00                                        Andersen
Thursday, September 21, 5:00 to 6:00                                          Andersen


Grades will be based on the quality of the team presentation(s), assessment of the
project and team by the client, classroom participation and evaluation of the written
report(s) submitted by the team. Each team member will also be required to submit an
evaluation of the other team members and their relative contributions to the project.