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									                              Camp Merrowvista Packing List
     Below is a list of clothing and equipment needed for the 5 grade trip to Camp
 Merrowvista. Please keep in mind that the weather in New Hampshire can fluctuate at
    this time of year. Nearly all activities take place outside, regardless of the weather
 conditions, so please come as prepared as possible. As you are packing for the week, be
   sure to check-off each item as you go. All the bunk rooms are heated, so a regular
                     sleeping bag or comforter should be adequate. 

_____ 1 Sleeping bag/bedding _____ 3 pairs of jeans/pants              ____ 3 pairs of shorts
_____ 4 long-sleeve shirts         _____ 4 t-shirts                    ____ 2 sweatshirts/sweaters
_____ 1 pillow                     _____ 6 pairs of socks              ____ 5 changes of underwear
_____ 2 bath towels                _____ 1 pair of pajamas             ____ 1 fall/spring jacket
_____ 1 warm hat                   _____ 1 toothbrush                  ____ shampoo
_____ 1 one-piece swim suit        _____ 1 beach towel                 ____ 1 ball cap (to block sun)
(For the Girls: “tankini” are only permitted if NO mid-section is showing)

_____ toothpaste                   _____ deodorant                     ____ flashlight
_____ gloves/mittens               _____ ChapStick                     ____ soap
_____ hairbrush/comb               ____ alarm clock                 _____ 1 raincoat/poncho
_____ Sunscreen                    _____ Bug spray                      ____ reading book
_____ 2 pair sneakers/hiking boots (not new!!)
  *Please Note: Swimming will be weather dependent but please bring a suit just in case*
      Optional                                             Not Permitted
Disposable Camera                                            Money
Wristwatch                                                   Jewelry
Deck of cards                                                Candy/gum/snacks
Drawing paper & crayons/colored pencils                      Dressy or good clothing
Bathrobe                                                     Cell phones
Extra batteries
Paper, envelops, & stamps
*** NOTE: Electronic devices (iPods, hand-held video games, CD players, etc.) can be brought to be
used on the bus ride to and from Merrowvista. They are not permitted at Merrowvista, so teachers will
collect electronics when we arrive and return them before we board the bus to return home.

 Please keep in mind that YOU DO NOT NEED ANYTHING MORE than what is on the list
 above. It is extremely important that you do not bring items that are not allowed. Candy
and gum attracts animals to the lodging areas at night. Be sure to either put your pillow in
a large bag with your clothes or wrap it inside of your sleeping bag. Be certain to clearly
place your name on each bundle before arriving at school Monday morning. Questions or
            concerns should be directed to either Mrs. Field or Mr. Skiba. 

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