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History & Overview
     The Mexican Riviera, with its palm-fringed               modest fishing community of 1,500 residents. It was
beaches and luxuriant jungle vegetation, hosts sev-           also a port for silver shipments from nearby Cuale
eral beachside resorts. But no resort better typi-            mines.
fies the classic Mexican beach vacation than does                   For the next 50 years, not much happened in the
Puertoa Vallarta (Pwer-toe Vah-YAR-tah). Set in the           way of development. Then, in 1963, director John
most “Mexican” of all the states—Jalisco—Puerto               Huston came to film Tennessee Williams’“Night of
Vallarta offers travelers an authentic glimpse of             the Iguana,” and the rest is history. Liz Taylor and
Mexico through its natural, cultural, historical, and         Richard Burton left their mark as well, giving Puerto
gastronomical delights.                                       Vallarta an international jet set reputation.
     And of all of Mexico’s resorts, Puerto Vallarta                A bustling town of 220,368 residents (accord-
comes closest to being all things to all visitors. It         ing to the 2005 census), Puerto Vallarta attracts
delivers ‘round the clock activity (or blissful seclu-        more than 3 million annual visitors. Despite its pop-
sion), sophisticated amenities, and a romantic                ularity and the recent flurry of new resort develop-
dream-like natural setting. It’s considered the ideal         ment, the city itself retains much of its “Old Mexico”
vacation spot for the first-time Mexico visitor, while        flair. Downtown Puerto Vallarta is graced with lovely     Zone	(or zona hotelera)—a parade of hotels, condos,
also boasting enough diversity of activities to keep          architecture, cobblestone streets, a popular seafront     shopping malls, and apartments—is between the
people coming back time and time again. From its              boardwalk, and white stucco buildings (city ordi-         Marina and downtown. The Downtown	(or El Centro)
sleepy village roots, it has grown into one of Mexico’s       nance decrees that all buildings are white), crowned      area is the heart of Puerto Vallarta, with its diverse
most loved destinations.                                      by flower-covered balconies and red tile roofs.           dining, shopping, and typically Mexican atmosphere.
     As you arrive by plane, the town’s romance and           Occasionally you may even see a burro headed for          And finally, the South	Shore	is a secluded—yet
                      beauty are evident: a blanket of        market, clip-clopping along the city’s streets.           accessible—area sprinkled with hillside villas, deluxe
                      lush tropical jungle surrounds                The area boasts over 18,000 lodging units           hotels, tropical coves, and sparkling beaches.
                      the quaint colonial city as it          (including several thousand condos and timeshare               Outdoor recreation is limitless. Every imaginable
                      climbs away from the blue Pacific,      units). It offers exclusive private villa hideaways,      water sport is available along Puerto Vallarta’s miles
                      into the Sierra Madre Mountains.        grand class resorts and bargain, beachfront inns.         of sandy shore. Its dining and nightlife are some
                      Nestled on the shores of Bahía de       Lodging is concentrated in one of four zones. Each        of Mexico’s best. A variety of settings, cuisines and
                      Banderas (Mexico’s largest natu-        has its own advantages and personality. Visitors can      prices (more than 400 choices from fast food to ultra-
                      ral bay), Vallarta traces its history   be either in the heart of the action or tucked away       gourmet) ensure visitors dine in style. Shopping is
                      back to the 1500’s, when it was         in a remote tropical villa, depending on which of the     some of Mexico’s finest, thanks to a bevy of Mexican
                      visited by Spanish explorers. It        zones is selected. It is important to make this choice    and international artists that make Puerto Vallarta
                      later became a respite for pirates      carefully, based upon your clients’ vacation desires.     their home. Several intriguing day trips tempt visi-
                      plying the Pacific Coast.                     Just south of the airport is the 440-acre Marina	   tors to explore—either by boat, by air, or on land.
                             It was not until 1851 that       Vallarta	complex, with its deluxe hotels, champion-       Visits to offshore islands, remote jungle coves, snor-
                      the area was inhabited. By 1918         ship golf course, and world-class marina. The Hotel	      keling cruises, and inland eco-adventures are offered
                      (the year it was officially made a                                                                by an assortment of professional tour operators. The
                      municipality), the village was a                                                                  golf scene has grown exponentially since 2001, with

2   Profile:        history & overview                                                                            Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	   <	 >
a total of seven courses now available to visitors.             ones. Ramps in nearly all of the public sidewalks now      By	Sea
     Throughout the resort, a distinct cultural flair           make them handicap-accessible. A pedestrian bridge         Puerto Vallarta is
from the State of Jalisco punctuates Puerto Vallarta’s          built over the Rio Cuale allows for languorous stroll-     the most popular
ambiance. Mariachi music blares and tequila flows               ing along the waterfront as far as Los Muertos Beach.      port of call for cruise
from downtown bars, Wixárika (pronounced vee-RA-                     Puerto Vallarta could be crowned Mexico’s quint-      ships on Mexico’s
ree-ka) Indians sell their distinctive art in the city’s col-   essential beach destination. Yet it’s actually much        Pacific Coast. Most
orful markets, and charros (Mexico’s ornately-dressed           more. Readers of Condé Nast magazine named it              major cruise lines
rodeo riders) perform, along with brightly costumed             the “world’s most friendly” city in 2002. And thanks       include Puerto
señoritas at “Fiesta Night” celebrations. An active cal-        to the city’s desire to re-cast its image as hip, cul-     Vallarta in their Mexican Riviera itineraries.
endar of annual events includes regattas, religious fes-        tured, and cosmopolitan, today’s demanding traveler
tivals, music festivals, gourmet festivals, and the popu-       can have many needs fulfilled at once in “El Día de”       Nearly $18 US million expansion to Puerto Vallarta’s
lar Sea Fest (held each November).                              Puerto Vallarta. n                                         Marina has been done. Now the pier is capable of
     Following an explosion of growth in the 1980’s,                                                                       simultaneously welcoming three passenger ships of
a great effort has been made to beautify the north-                                                                        up to a thousand feet in length. Also, a fourth ship can
ern hotel zone and downtown areas. An attractively                                                                         be anchored out of the pier.
landscaped four-lane highway leads from the air-                Transportation
port into town. Similarly, the downtown area ben-                                                                          G e t t i nG A rou n d
efits from a highway bypass that diverts bus and                                                                           From the airport, frequent regular	cabs and van	
truck traffic off of the city’s bumpy cobblestone
                                                                A r r i v i nG   And   d e pA rt i nG
                                                                By	Air                                                     transfers	are available at reasonable rates. The van
streets. The city has been certified by the Secretary of                                                                   transfer cost will vary according to distance traveled,
                                                                Puerto Vallarta’s airport, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz
Health to have one of Mexico’s purest water supplies.                                                                      with most transfers costing $8-15 US per person.
                                                                International Airport (code PVR), is 6.5 km. north of
A band of “tourist police” in spiffy white uniforms                                                                        Several rental car companies have airport desks.
                                                                downtown. It is well-connected to North America’s
strolls downtown streets, assisting with questions
                                                                main gateways. Year-round and seasonal service
and making streets more pedestrian-friendly.                                                                               The easiest way to get around town is by taxi. There
                                                                is provided by Aeroméxico, Mexicana, Air Canada,
     Puerto Vallarta’s beachfront promenade is look-                                                                       are over 1,000 licensed taxis operating in Puerto
                                                                Alaska Airlines, US Airways, American Airlines,
ing better than ever. A flurry of cleanup and renova-                                                                      Vallarta and fares are set, not metered. Average fares
                                                                Continental, Delta, Frontier, and United, in addition to
tion after Hurricane Kena in 2002 is still benefiting                                                                      range from 40 pesos for a short run to 200 pesos for a
                                                                numerous seasonal charters.
today’s visitors. New sculptures were added and flat,                                                                      cross town ride. Fares are higher for rides to the North
smooth decorative sidewalks replaced older, uneven                                                                         or South areas of Banderas Bay. All fares are posted in
                                                                Typical of most Mexico airports, the recently reno-
                                                                vated and expanded terminal has polished marble            taxis, at hotels and main local newspapers. Travelers
                                                                floors, plenty of souvenir shopping, a bank, an ice        should ask the fare before getting into a taxi.
                                                                cream parlor, a restaurant/bar, car rentals and excel-
                                                                lent duty-free facilities. Facilities for handicapped      The city offers an extensive public	bus	network	that
                                                                travels are also seen throughout the terminal.             runs from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. The bus goes from
                                                                                                                           Mismaloya in the south to the Marina entrance. Look
                                                                                                                           for blue and white signs along the main highway,
                                                                                                                           and buses marked “Centro” if you’re going down-

3   Profile:        trAnsportAtion                                                                                   Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	     <	 >
                                                 transportation, continues
                                             The Wixárika (Huichol)                         of	this	artwork	has	provided	the	com-           there,	she	
                                                                                            munity	with	the	income	that	they	need	          finds	her	way	
                                             	 Jalisco,	and	its	neighboring	state	of	
                                                                                            to	preserve	their	cultural	identity.	           to	her	habi-
                                             Nayarit,	is	home	to	the	Wixárika	(pro-
                                                                                            Huichol-made	products	are	found	in	sev-         tat	off	the	
                                             nounced	vee-RA-reeka),	better	known	
                                                                                            eral	shopping	mercados and	stores	              coast,	return-
                                             as	the	Huichol	Indians.	The	Huichol,	                                                          ing	full	of	
                                             believed	to	be	direct	descendants	of	          around	Puerto	Vallarta	(see	Shopping	
                                                                                            for	details).	                                  renewed	
                                             the	Aztecs,	are	one	of	the	last	indige-                                                        energy	to	the	
town. Fare is about 7 pesos per ride.        nous	groups	in	North	America	to	live	                                                          mountain	peaks.	
                                                                                            W I X Á R I K A	 CE R E M O N I E S
Puerto Vallarta has a new bus station—       according	to	their	ancient	pre-Colum-                                                          	 Most	of	the	traditional	ritual	sites	
                                                                                            	 Every	year,	the	Wixaritari reenact	the	
                                             bian	traditions.                                                                               are	located	in	the	central	mountain	
located a short distance east of the air-                                                   activities	of	their	ancestors	in	elaborate	
                                             	 Huichol	communities	live	in	the	             ceremonies.	In	addition,	they	have	             highlands	where	the	Wixaritari	live.	It	is	
port—that is now used for all bus trips
                                             northern	part	of	the	state	of	Jalisco	in	      numerous	devotions	where	they	give	             in	this	area	at	the	sacred	springs	and	
departing from the area.                     between	high	volcanic	ranges	and	deep	                                                         central	canyons,	where	the	Huichol	
                                                                                            thanks	for	past	sacrifices	that	continue	to	
                                             canyons.	Visiting	the	remote	mountain	         provide	them	with	abundance	and	har-            people	go	to	seek	fertility	and	rain.
Traffic can be a problem through town,       village	of	San	Andres	Coamihata,	                                                              	 The	ceremonial	center	is	the	heart	of	
particularly at peak periods. Parking        tucked	high	in	the	Sierra	Madre	Moun-          	 Towards	the	end	of	June,	the	Wixari-          Huichol	Culture.	This	tukipa is	one	of	
is difficult to find, although improved,     tains,	is	like	taking	a	giant	leap	back	in	    tari celebrate	the	change	of	seasons	by	        three	ceremonial	centers	correspond-
thanks to two underground structures         time,	and	is	an	enriching	cultural	expe-       thanking	Our	Mother	Corn,	Tatei Niwet-          ing	to	the	Wixárika community	of	Tua-
opened in late 2005. With a new bypass,      rience	in	ancient	traditions.                  sika,	for	keeping	her	kernels	ready	to	         puri.	The	larger	circular	building	dedi-
bus and truck traffic has largely been                                                      germinate.	It	is	also	during	this	time	         cated	to	Our	Grandfather	(fire)	is	linked	
                                             	 The	Huichol	are	well	respected	
                                                                                            when	Our	Mother	Rain	prepares	to	               to	smaller	shrines	dedicated	to	other	
diverted off the city’s one-way, narrow      amongst	their	neighbors	for	being	
                                                                                                                                            primordial	ancestors	surrounding	a	
streets.                                     healers,	and	they	have	exceptional	            keep	the	soil	fertilized	in	harmony	with	
                                                                                            Our	Grandfather	Fire.	                          patio.	Selected	pilgrimage	members	
                                             knowledge	of	medicinal	plants.	During	                                                         and	their	families	gather	here	to	carry	
                                             celebrations,	rituals,	and	pilgrimages,	       	 When	the	cobs	are	maturing	on	their	
Rental	cars	can be an option, although                                                                                                      out	collective	tasks,	rituals,	and	celebra-
                                             the	Wixaritari	(plural	for	Wixárika)	paint	    stalks,	the	Wixárika	hold	the	Dance	of	
less so than in other Mexican resorts. All                                                  Our	Mother,	Tatei Neixa,	in	order	to	           tions,	under	the	supervision	of	the	most	
area tours include transportation from       sacred	icons	on	their	faces,	and	cover	                                                        important	elder	shamans.
                                                                                            thank	her	and	Our	Mothers	of	Rain	and	
your hotel and parking can be a chal-        their	heads	and	hats	with	arrows	and	                                                          	 Each	traditional	community	has	five	
                                                                                            Fertility,	including	Our	Father	Sun,	who	
lenge when downtown. Cabs/busses             feathers.	Their	clothes	are	woven	and	         will	ripen	the	harvest	and	disperse	the	        wise	elders	(kawitero)	who	are	consid-
                                             embroidered	with	symbolic	designs	to	          rains.	                                         ered	the	shamans	that	have	mastered	
provide an affordable, convenient ser-
                                             evoke	the	presence	of	their	ancestors.	        	 Once	the	harvest	is	completed,	a	new	         the	chants,	some	of	which	can	be	an	
vice. Consider a car rental for wander-                                                                                                     entire	day	long.	
                                             Art	is	a	daily	part	of	the	lives	of	the	Wix-   cycle	of	pilgrimages	is	undertaken	to	
ings up the coast into nearby Nayarit                                                                                                       	 The	journey	through	the	life	of	a	
                                             aritari and	it	is	rich	in	magic	and	myth,	     sacred	springs,	caves	and	peaks	within	
State or an inland excursion to Tequila.     vibrant	in	color	and	rich	in	symbolism.		                                                      wise	elder	is	compared	to	that	of	a	cat-
                                                                                            Huichol	territory.	These	pilgrimages	are	
Otherwise public transportation is rec-      	 Huichol	art	takes	many	forms	such	as	        accompanied	and	followed	by	gathering	          erpillar,	which	crawls	out	of	the	ocean	
ommended. n                                  weaving,	embroidery,	votive	offerings,	        ceremonies	and	hunting	and	fishing	             in	the	West,	and	begins	a	slow	journey	
                                             chairs,	basketry,	musical	instruments	         expeditions.	                                   that	takes	it	to	all	the	sacred	cardinal	
                                                                                            	 For	the	Huichol,	Our	Mother	Earth	            spots	until	it	reaches	the	East,	where	it	
                                             and	sculptures,	and	is	well	known	for	its	
                                                                                            nurtures	the	seeds	of	corn,	squash,	and		       rises	with	the	sun	to	become	a	butterfly.		
                                             quality	beadwork	using	tradi-	
                                                                                            	 other	vegetables	and	returns	after		          n
                                             tional	methods.	The		
                                             commercialization		                            	 	 the	harvest	to	the	streams.	From		

4   Profile: the wixárikA                                                                                            Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	    <	 >
                                Sightseeing                               traditional and regional Mexican cui-      contemporary attractions. The ever-
                                & Attractions                             sine to contemporary Mexican and a
                                                                          wide variety of international fare.
                                                                                                                     popular city tour can be a great way
                                                                                                                     to get acquainted with the area.
                                                                                                                     Three-hour trips leave from most
                                MAin AttrActions                          The Puerto Vallarta area provides          hotels each morning and after-
                                In addition to its long stretch of        visitors with a wide variety of out-       noon. The trips include stops at sev-
                                sunny, picturesque beaches, Puerto        door activities and water sports           eral downtown attractions. Contact
                                Vallarta’s authentic Mexican flavor       from scuba diving and snorkeling, to       Friendship Home Tours at Tel:
                                proves a big draw for most North          whale watching, swimming with              322-222-5466.
                                American visitors. The town’s main        dolphins, fishing, windsurfing, kayak-
                                square and malecón (a seaside             ing, hiking, biking, canopy tours, jeep
                                                                                                                     downtown vAllArtA
                                boardwalk that stretches along the        safaris, golf, and horseback riding,
                                                                                                                     Much of Puerto Vallarta’s allure and
                                downtown waterfront) come alive           just to name a few! Many of these
                                                                                                                     charm are found in the downtown
                                on weekends with live music, local        activities are family-friendly. Look for
                                                                                                                     area. The bustling and lively city is
                                families strolling, artists, mimes, and   the icon next to activities that are
                                                                                                                     an irregular grid of narrow streets
                                even the flying dancers of Papantla.      suggested for adventurers all ages.
                                                                                                                     that slope upward away from the sea
                                                                                                                     into the hillside. Begin with a stroll
                                The historic downtown area is a         Day excursions to nearby his-                along the lovely malecón. The lovely
                                charming collection of white-walled     toric towns like Tequila (a UNESCO           seaside promenade serves as the
                                houses, wrought-iron balconies,         World Heritage Site), San Sebastian          city’s main landmark. With the addi-
                                red-tiled roofs and cobble stoned       (a charming 16th century mining              tion of a third pedestrian bridge, it
                                streets. Puerto Vallarta offers great   town) and the remote mountain vil-           now stretches about 3 km from the
                                shopping from local arts and crafts     lage of San Andrés Coamihata, home           entrance to town, over the mouth
                                fairs to indigenous art from the        of the Wixárika Indians. Just up the         of the Cuale River, and on to the
                                local Huichol Indians. The town also    coast is neighboring Nayarit State,          Zona Romantica/Playa Los Muertos
                                hosts one of the most dynamic art       home to several coastal villages             area. Now, the entire downtown sea-
                                gallery scenes in Mexico, offering a    and upscale resort development. To           front can be walked—a welcome
                                wide selection of works by local and    the south, exiting Banderas Bay, are         improvement!
                                regional artists.                       more coastal towns and neighboring
                                                                        Colima State.                           Starting in the north (by the Rosita
                                Puerto Vallarta is alive with culture
                                and hosts numerous festivals year-                                              Hotel) the malecón is lined with
                                round showcasing the best in music,     s iGh tse e i nG                        shops, fine art galleries, balconied
                                theater, film, and culinary arts. Food  Puerto Vallarta is much more than a restaurants, open-air bistros, and a
                                aficionados will find a vibrant restau- sea-and-sand destination. In fact, the few fast food outlets. Several inter-
                                rant scene with talented chefs          area is redolent with things to see     esting sculptures are along the way
                                preparing creative dishes                    and do. In “El Día de” Puerto      (see sidebar next page), includ-
                                that range from                              Vallarta, sightseeing involves     ing a giant bronze seahorse being
                                                                                       historical, cultural and ridden by a small boy. Strollers can

5   Profile:   siGhtseeinG & AttrActions                                                     Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	   <	 >
                                                                                                                                    rest along the way on white wrought-iron
Public Art                                 state	of	Jalisco,	including	Sergio	        	 Created	in	1999	in	honor	of	the	
                                                                                                                                    benches, or duck into a cafe for a cool drink
	 Puerto	Vallarta’s	love	of	art	is	also	   Bustamante,	Alejandro	Colunga	and	         millennium,	In	Search	of	Reason	is	a	
                                                                                                                                    while gazing toward the sea. The malecón
evident	in	the	town’s	impressive	col-      Adrian	Reynoso.	                           30-foot	high	ladder	to	the	sky	with	
                                                                                                                                    continues on to the Seahorse, a popu-
lection	of	public	art	that	lines	the	      	 Ramiz	Barquet’s	La	Nostalgia	rep-        two	kids	climbing	up	and	their	
                                           resents	two	lovers	reflecting	on	life’s	   mother	yelling	after	them	from	below.	        lar meeting spot. Here you’ll also find the
malecón,	the	town’s	seaside	prome-                                                                                                  “flying Indians” of Papantla, performing on
nade.	This	collection	has	greatly	been	    twists	and	turns	and	has	become	a	         The	statue	is	the	work	of	renowned	
                                           romantic	symbol	of	Puerto	Vallarta.	       artist	Sergio	Bustamante.	                    Friday-Sundays at 6:00 pm.
enhanced	since	the	first	sculpture	
adorning	the	malecón,	the	nine-foot	       The	sculptor’s	own	love	story	inspired	    	 Nature	As	Mother,	by	another	
                                           the	piece	as	a	tribute	to	the	woman	he	    native	of	the	state	of	Jalisco,	Adrian	       As you continue southward along the
high	Seahorse,	was	installed	in	1976.	
                                           long	loved,	lost	and	later	married.	Ale-   Reynoso,	depicts	a	spiraling	wave	on	a	       malecón, detour inland for one block to see
The	Seahorse	has	since	become	one	
of	the	most	recognized	symbols	of	         jandro	Colunga	has	contributed	to	         snail,	representing	the	life	and	death	       the city’s small central square (or zócalo).
the	city.	Today,	some	of	the	beautiful	    the	city’s	public	arts	scene	with	The	     cycle.                                        Benches and shade trees surround a pretty
and	eclectic	pieces	embellishing	          Rotunda	on	the	Sea,	an	ensemble	of	        	 On	Tuesday	mornings,	Galería	Pací-          bandstand, and the City Hall is on the pla-
Puerto	Vallarta’s	historic	quarters	       seven	large	pieces,	mostly	sea-            fico	owner	Gary	Thompson	offers	              za’s north side. Stop in for a look at the late
include	works	by	well-reputed	local	       inspired	creatures	within	a	big	           Public	Sculpture	Tours.	Tours	begin	at	       Manuel	Lepe’s	whimsical	mural	of Puerto
artist	Ramiz	Barquet,	as	well	as	from	     rotunda.	The	original	sculpture	con-       9:30	am.	Call	(322)	221-1982	for	more	        Vallarta’s angelical
other	highly	valued	artists	from	the	      tained	16	pieces	but	was	heavily	dam-      information.		n                               flying children.
                                           aged	by	Hurricane	Kena	in	2002.	
                                                                                                                                    Dominating the
                                                                                                                                    square is the fan-
                                                                                                                                    ciful Church	of	
                                                                                                                                    Our	Lady	of	
                                                                                                                                    Guadalupe. It is
                                                                                                                                    the city’s most
                                                                                                                                    endearing land-
                                                                                                                                    mark. It was built over a 33-year period,
                                                                                                                                    from 1918-1951. The steeple of this church
                                                                                                                                    is topped by an enormous replica of the
                                                                                                                                    crown worn by Carlota, empress of Mexico
                                                                                                                                    in the 1860’s. The exterior is decorated with
                                                                                                                                    angels holding hands and supporting the

                                                                                                                                    From this point, you have two choices: stay
                                                                                                                                    inland and cross onto the Cuale River Island,
                                                                                                                                    or head back to the Malecón and continue
                                                                                                                                    your seaside walk (return to the seaside
                                                                                                                                    arches, and continue walking south).

6   Profile:         siGhtseeinG & AttrActions                                                                       Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	   <	 >
    The new Naval Museum (maritime history of           River	Island. This elongated five-acre sandbar is an attraction in
    Banderas Bay) is part of a major urban renewal      itself. Lush vegetation surrounds dozens of fine shops, riverside res-
    that extends the malecón toward a new pedes-        taurants, parks, and a children’s play area. An archaeological museum
    trian bridge over the Rio Cuale. From here you      features weapons, artifacts and musical instruments hand-crafted by
    can either detour onto the Isla Rio Cuale or con-   Indians from the nearby states of Nayarit and Colima. A monument
    tinue into the Zona Romantica (read below).         to film director John Houston is another of the Island’s charms.

    The Cuale River enters the bay a few blocks past    Once across the Cuale River, continue heading south to the shore-
    the zócalo, and bisects the city. Three	bridges	    line and Calle Olas Altas (dubbed by promoters as the Zona
    now	cross	the	river, two near the flea market       Romántica). The street has been widened to allow ample space for
    (inland) and a third along the waterfront. All      sidewalks, open-air and cyber-cafés, coffee houses, and bookstores.
    three provide pedestrian access to the Cuale	       Avenida Basilio Badillo has several trendy eateries. And Avenida
                                                        Vallarta now touts a half-dozen clubs and bars—many with live
                                                        rock, jazz and salsa music. The beach here is quite popular – an
                                                        ideal spot for a morning swim, a seaside lunch, or perhaps cocktails
                                                        at sunset!

                                                        Once in the Zona Romántica there is plenty to explore inland (see
                                                        section on Shopping/Dining later in this chapter). Puerto Vallarta’s
                                                        city streets are safe at all hours, so encourage your clients to
                                                        explore beyond the malecón for some authentic Mexican delights.

                                                        B O AT 	 T R I P S                                                        The five most popular boat trip destina-
                                                        Banderas Bay is home to some of Mexico’s prettiest coves and              tions, listed from south to north are:
                                                        inlets. In fact, it is the third largest bay in the Americas, spanning
                                                        some 13 miles at its mouth with more than 40 miles of shoreline. A        Yelapa
                                                        half-dozen secluded beaches are found far south of town. They can         A small village of about 1,500 residents
                                                        only be reached by boat, all of which depart from either the marina       that has the feel of a small South Pacific
                                                        north of town, the downtown pier at Playa Los Muertos, or from            island, Yelapa is a laid-back retreat for art-
                                                        Playa Mismaloya. Check with the hotel’s front desk for details and        ists and for those in search of a very infor-
                                                        schedules. Operators include Princesa Cruises, tel. (322) 224-4777,       mal lifestyle. Yelapa still lacks most of the
                                                        Vallarta Adventure, tel. (322) 221-0657, and Alegre Cruises, tel. (322)   modern world conveniences such as cars
                                                        223-0206. Alegre Cruises also offers several sunset cruises and ele-      and telephones. The town provides the
                                                        gant dinner cruises.                                                      ideal getaway for those seeking complete
                                                                                                                                  relaxation in a very simple environment.
                                                                                                                                  Yelapa is a 45-minute water taxi ride away
                                                                                                                                  from Puerto Vallarta.

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Las	Caletas
Las Caletas is an unspoiled cove and the former site                                                                  d Ay e xc u r sions ,
of film great John Huston’s private home. Tall palms,                                                                 A rou n d p u e rto v A l l A rtA
a white sandy beach and calm, clear waters are now
the backdrop for excursions offered only by Vallarta                                                                  San	Sebastian	
Adventures (who holds an exclusive lease to the                                                                       Head inland to San Sebastian, one of the oldest
property). By day there’s kayaking, snorkeling, diving,                                                               mining towns in Mexico that dates back to the 17th
spa services, and lunch. By night, dine by the light of                                                               century. The town’s main attractions are the main
candles and tiki torches before being entertained by                                                                  cobble stoned square, an 18th century church,
native performers. Tel. (322) 221-0657.                                                                               Hacienda Jalisco, a museum that showcases the
                                                                                                                      town’s rich historic heritage, and a coffee plantation
Quimixto		                                                                                                            where visitors can buy the specialty blend—coffee
Another deserted tropical paradise—and truly              the largest sailing ships ever built, makes a daily trip    lightly flavored with chocolate and cinnamon. The
authentic Mexican village by the bay—is Quimixto.         to this beach. Alternately, independent travelers           town itself is a living museum of how villagers once
Try a diversion on horseback to the nearby waterfall      can take the water taxi departing from Los Muertos          lived and worked in a remote mountain village.
and natural swimming pool. Quimixto (pronounced           pier each morning at 10:30am, returning at 4pm.             Flights aboard a 14-seat Cessna Turboprop take visi-
key-MEESH-toh) also has good diving. Dive out-            Cost is $15/rt US. It also departs from the beach at        tors on the 10-minute hop to the town and a 4-hour
ings can be arranged by Chico’s Dive Shop, tel. (322)     Mismaloya at an hourly cost of $13.                         guided exploration, meeting local residents and
222-1895.                                                                                                             stopping for lunch at the Paradero San Sebastian.
                                                          Marietas	Islands                                            Contact Air Adventures, tel. (322) 221-0657 or
Playa	Las	Animas                                          Located at the northern edge of Banderas Bay, this          Vallarta Adventures who also offers San Sebastian
A little closer to Puerto Vallarta, though still only     cluster of two main islands plus rock outcroppings          excursions by land. Tel. 1-888-303-2653;
accessible by water, Las Animas Beach is a bit more       is visited via a fun-filled, full-day boat excursion. The   www.vallarta-adventures.com.
civilized. The enormous Bora Bora Trimaran, one of        islands are now a nature sanctuary (with over 40
                                                          native and migratory bird species, including blue
                                                          footed boobies). The surrounding waters are replete
                                                          with marine life (giant manta rays, turtles, plus whale
    Pirates of the Bay                                    watching Nov.-April)—great for snorkeling, diving                How’s Your Español?
                                                          and kayaking! Various local operators offer boat
    The	Marigalante	is	an	exact	replica	of	Columbus’	     excursions to the Marietas from the Puerto Vallarta              Universidad	de	Guadalajara:	Language	and	cul-
    ship	the	Santa	Maria.	It	was	built	in	honor	of	the	   cruise port. Vallata Adventures (1-888-303-2653;                 ture	classes	are	offered	in	two-	and	four-week	
    500th	anniversary	of	his	voyage	to	the	Ameri-         www.vallarta-adventures.com) and others operate                  curriculums.	A	lodging	program	is	available,	
    cas.	Daytime	“pirate’s	cruises”	($85	per	person)	     daily trips to the Islands.                                      along	with	a	quality	computer	lab	and	either	
    are	available.	The	adventure	includes	picnic	bar-                                                                      group	or	one-on-one	instruction.	For	informa-
    beque	and	a	treasure	hunt.	A	sunset	dinner	                                                                            tion,	call	(322)	223-2082;	fax	(322)	223-2982.	
    cruise	with	fireworks,	open	bar	and	disco	is	                                                                          Another	option	is	the	Spanish	Experience	Center,	
    another	option	($85	per	person).	www.mari-                                                                             offering	weekly	classes	at	their	location	at	Calle	
    galante.com.mx                                                                                                         Rep	de	Chile	#182	(downtown)	tel:	322-223-5864;	

8   Profile:         siGhtseeinG & AttrActions                                                                  Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	    <	 >
                                                   San	Andres	Coamihata	                                                       San	Blas	
                                                   A visit to the Indian community of San Andres Coamihata, home               Just a three-hour drive north of Puerto
                                                   to the Wixárika Indians, more commonly referred to as the Huichol           Vallarta, San Blas is an authentic Mexican
                                                   Indians, will prove a highly educational experience for parents and         village housing an old fort, as well as inter-
                                                   children alike. Visiting this remote mountain village, tucked high          esting colonial buildings including the
                                                   in the Sierra Madre Mountains, is like taking a giant leap back in          ruins of the Temple of San Basilio. This vil-
                                                   time, and an enriching cultural experience in ancient traditions. The       lage was an important port and shipbuild-
                                                   Wixárika, believed to be direct descendants of the Aztecs, are per-         ing center during Mexico’s colonization by
                                                   haps the last indigenous group in North America to live according           Spain. San Blas also provides a great set-
                                                   to their pre-Columbian traditions, a feat they have achieved thanks         ting for birdwatchers and nature lovers.
                                                   to their seclusion in the mountains. Visitors are welcome to learn          The village is surrounded by a rich tropi-
                                                   about the community’s rich mythology, ceremonial rituals and spir-          cal flora and fauna and some of the differ-
                                                   ituality. San Andres Coamihata can be reached by a scenic one-hour          ent plants and animals that can be seen in
                                                   flight from Puerto Vallarta’s airport.                                      the area include orchids, mangroves, cai-
                                                                                                                               mans, whales, tropical fish, and land and
                                                   Boca	de	Tomatlán                                                            sea turtles.
                                                   Heading south just past Playa Mismaloya, is a small village at the
                                                   mouth of this jungle river. The main attractions are large palapa res-      Mascota	and	Talpa	de	Allende
                                                   taurants and freshwater pools for wading. Water taxis depart here,          Two traditional Mexican villages that pro-
                                                   traveling to Las Animas, Quimixto and Yelapa.                               vide a full insight into authentic Mexican
                                                                                                                               rural life and the area’s religious tradi-
                                                   Chico’s	Paradise,	El	Edén,	Nogalito	&	Chino’s	Paradise	                     tions, Mascota and Talpa de Allende are
    Traditional	Mexican	Ranches	                   Tired of the beach? Head south towards Mismaloya, then travel               easily reached by a panoramic flight over
    An educational experience for the entire       inland a few miles to one of three tropical parks. These day-use            the beautiful valleys of the Sierra Madre
    family, learning about life in a traditional   areas each feature riverside dining (open only for lunch) and swim-         Mountains. Mascota’s quaint cobblestone
    Mexican ranch will make for a memo-            ming between gigantic boulders, surrounded by small pools and               streets are lined with colonial haciendas and
    rable vacation. The small town envi-           waterfalls. The newest, El Nogalito, is closer to town up the Boca          adobe houses. Visitors can tour the town’s
    ronment allows for interacting with            Negra River and offers a beautifully-kept hiking trail.
    the locals as well as an immersion into
    their local customs and traditions. Some       Sayulita
    ranches also offer tours on horseback,         A 35-minute drive north of Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita is a charming little
    by motorbike or hikes through sur-             fishing village that is a surfers’ paradise with many surf breaks along
    rounding ecosystems. Guests also have          the beach. Numerous beachfront restaurants serve fresh, locally-
    a chance to savor some of the Mexican          caught seafood. It is also possible to rent kayaks and surfboards on
    delicacies prepared at the ranch where         the beach.
    meals are often cooked in traditional
    Mexican kitchens.

9   Profile:      siGhtseeinG & AttrActions                                                                     Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	    <	 >
 monumental main church, dedicated to the Virgin of              The site is part of an expansive landscape of blue         suburbs of Guadalajara, are
 the Sorrows, which was completed in 1880 and took               agave, shaped by the culture of the plant which has        known for their rich craft
 100 years to construct, and sample some of the locally          been used since the 16th century to produce tequila        industry where visitors
 produced raicilla, a typical spirit distilled in the area, in   spirit and over at least 2,000 years to make fer-          can purchase creative jew-
 an authentic raicilla distillery.                               mented drinks and cloth. Within the landscape are          elry, arts and crafts, ceram-
                                                                 working distilleries reflecting the growth in the inter-   ics, pottery, and glassware.
 Talpa, a pastoral village, is home to one of Mexico’s           national consumption of tequila in the 19th and 20th       Contact Marina Tours, tel.
 most revered icons, the Virgin of Rosario Talpa, one            centuries. The area encloses a living, working land-       (322) 221-1885. n
 of the three “Sister Virgins” of the state of Jalisco,          scape of blue agave fields and the urban settlements
 believed to grant miracles with her healing powers.             of Tequila, Arenal, and Amatitan with large distill-
                           Thousands of pilgrims from            eries where the agave ”pineapple” is fermented and
                           throughout Mexico make the            distilled.
                           journey to the Gothic church                                                                     Eco-Adventure
                           that’s home to the Virgin in    The property numbers numerous haciendas, or
                           order to receive her blessings. estates, some of which date back to the 18th century.            The Sierra Madre Mountains around Puerto Vallarta
                                                           The site also covers archaeological sites which bear             are home to some of the largest biodiversity in
                           Tequila                         testimony to the Teuchitlan culture which shaped the             North America. Various local tour companies offer
                           One of Mexico’s authentic       Tequila area from 200–900 A.D., notably through the cre-         soft adventure type excursions to explore the dif-
                           cultural expressions, Tequila   ation of terraces for agriculture, housing, temples, cere-       ferent flora and wildlife of the region that include
                           is grown and distilled in       monial mounds, and ball courts.                                  hikes on rocky terrains and repelling. Some of the
                           the state of Jalisco, where                                                                      sightings that visitors can look forward to include
                           Puerto Vallarta is located. In  Contact local excursion operators for trip details, or
                                                                                                                            orchids and bouganvilias, dyewood trees, parrots
                           2006 the area was named a       head there on your own via rental car or luxury bus.
                                                                                                                            and several types of migratory birds, iguanas, and
                           UNESCO World Heritage Site.                                                                      armadillos.
                           There are many small distill-   Guadalajara
                           eries around Puerto Vallarta,   Travel to Jalisco State’s colorful and historic capital
                                                           for a day of Mexico’s best shopping, historic sight-             Several top-notch operators (see chart for con-
                           but a visit to the authentic                                                                     tact information) offer a wild assortment of nature-
                           town of Tequila—just a short seeing, fine dining, and a taste of one of Mexico’s                 based trips on both land and water. A few of these
                           35-minute flight away (3        grandest colonial cities. A visit to Guadalajara is a
                                                                                                                            are especially appealing to families and children.
                           hours by bus)—is well worth great complement to any vacation in Puerto Vallarta.                 Here’s a sampling (contact details are on p. 12):
                           the visit. The entire region is Known as “the most Mexican city” and birthplace of
                           carpeted with the blue-green many Mexican traditions including mariachis and                     3 A wonderful array of ecological and cultural
                           agave plants that are vis-      tequila, Guadalajara houses a rich cultural tradition
                                                           and some of Mexico’s finest architecture, both colo-             outings is provided by Vallarta	Adventures. They
                           ible for miles around. This is                                                                   also offer several air excursions to outlying areas.
                           the only region in the world    nial and contemporary. Guadalajara also offers a
                                                           wealth of shopping options.                                      Recent additions include day trips to the villages of
                           where the authentic spirit                                                                       San Sebastian, Talpa de Allende and Mascota. Highly
                           worthy of the name tequila is Tlaquepaque and                                                    recommended!
                           distilled.                      Tonalá, two

10   Profile:        siGhtseeinG & AttrActions                                                                       Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	   <	 >
                                  3 Several journeys venture into nearby Nayarit	State.        Puerto Vallarta. Every night throughout this season,
                                  Sierra Madre Expeditions operates open-air Mercedes          hotel employees from various beachfront hotels gather
                                  Benz vehicles into the heart of the surrounding jungle       the turtle eggs from the shore and take them for incu-
                                  mountains.                                                   bation still in their nests (to best preserve natural condi-
                                                                                               tions). Once the hatchlings are born and are ready to be
                                  3 Ecotours	de	Mexico	offers a wide array of adventure        released into their natural habitat, the hotels invite their
                                  tours including whale watching, turtle camp, sea kayak-      guests to aid in the release of the newborn hatchlings
                                  ing, hiking, and bird watching trips. Founded in 1991 and    on the beaches so they find their way into the water.
                                  one of the area’s best operators.
                                                                                               3 In the winter months, humpback whales migrate
                                  3 XPLORA	Aventours	operates both water and inland         to Puerto Vallarta from Alaska. Great	whale	watching	
                                  day trips. Visit them at the Sierra Madre store along the opportunities, including some shore viewings, are a spe-
                                  malecón.                                                  cial Vallarta treat. Trips range from “photo safari” expedi-
                                                                                            tions which seek up-close encounters, to “sail with the
                                  3 Open	Air	Expeditions	offers low-impact eco-tours of whales” boat trips. Banderas Bay also provides a natural
                                  hiking and kayaking with specially trained guides includ- habitat for dolphins. Offered by several tour operators.
                                  ing Marine biologists.
                                                                                            3 Mountain	Biking: Several mountain biking tours
                                  3 Pathfinder	Tours	operates ATV and dune buggy tours allow for the more adventurous to discover some of
                                  to points around Banderas Bay.                            Puerto Vallarta’s neighboring locales from a different
                                                                                            angle. Tours of varying difficulty are offered to several
                                  3   Dolphin	Adventure, run by the same world-class        locations such as Yelapa, San Sebastian, Emiliano Zapata,
                                  trainer who initiated the dolphin swim at Xcaret near     and Las Juntas y Los Veranos. Riders enjoy beautiful
                                  Cancún, now offers interactive dolphin options in nearby jungle scenery, even riding along trails used for silver
                                  Nuevo Vallarta. The 2-part program begins with a taped    and gold mining in the 1700s. Eco Ride specializes in
                                  education program on dolphins and follows with a chance biking tours around Puerto Vallarta.
                                  to touch the dolphins or actually swim with them. This is
                                  an extremely well-run and popular program that fills up   3 Catamaran	Tours: Enjoy whale watching or beach
                                  quickly. Reservations are recommended. There are now      excursions via a catamaran cruise. Offered by several
                                  three dolphin swim programs in the Nuevo Vallarta area.   tour operators.

                                  3 The Sea	Turtle	Release	Program	is an educational           3 Jungle	Canopy	tours	remain one of the most
                                  experience for the entire family, and specially endearing    fun ways to see and learn about the varied tropical
                                  to younger children who can release newborn tiny sea         flora and fauna of the rainforest surrounding Puerto
                                  turtles into the ocean. From May to September of every       Vallarta. Three canopy tour options are offered around
                                  year, thousands of sea turtles                               Puerto Vallarta and all are located within ecological
                                  come to lay their eggs on                                    reserves that contain a wealthy biodiversity. The adren-
                                  the beaches of                                               aline mounts as one zips from treetop to treetop, hov-

11   Profile:   eco - Adventure                                                               Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	   <	 >
     E C O 	 T O U R 	 O P E R AT O R S
                                     AREA CODE 322
     ATV	Tours	                  	 223-0392
     Birding	in	Mexico		         	 222-7407		
     Canopy	de	los	Veranos	      	 223-6060		
     Eco	Ride	                   	 222-7912	
     Eco	Tours	de	Mexico	        	 223-3130	
     Natura	Expeditions	         	 224-0410
     Open	Air	Expeditions		      	 135-9260	
     Outdoor	Vallarta	           	 293-1142	
     Pathfinder	Tours		          	 221-1875
     Puerto	Vallarta	Tours	      	 222-4935	
                 www.puertovallartatours.net         ering over the canopy of the lush vegetation of the Sierra Madre
     Sierra	Madre	Expeditions	 		 221-0657           Mountains. The jungle vegetation and bird life look spectacular from
     Twin	Dolphin	Resort	Center	 	 293-1905          this truly privileged vantage point. Each canopy tour offers a differ-
     Vallarta	Adventures		       	 291-1212	
                                                     ent thrill including tours on a total of 14 cables, lines over 1,300 feet
     Wildlife	Connection	        	 225-3621	         long, some 90 feet above the forest floor. Tours: Vallarta Adventures
     	           www.wildlifeconnection.com          (tel. 322-297-1212); Canopy Tours de los Veranos (tel. 322-23-0504); or     3 El	Zoológico	de	Vallarta: Puerto Vallarta now
     Xplora	Aventours	           	 221-1401          Canopy Tour El Eden (tel. 322-223-6003).                                    has a facility in Mismaloya, just south of town,
                                                                                                                                 where the public can view 550 animals from 70 dif-
                                                     3 Horseback	Tours: Memorable, full-day excursions on horseback              ferent species at a cost of $100 pesos for adults
                                                     provide a challenging experience through diverse terrains amidst            and $50 for both children and seniors. Inaugurated
                                                     some of the finest scenery surrounding Puerto Vallarta. Riding high         in 2005, the initial phase of this 64-hectare facility
                                                     atop the mountains, through trails of lush tropical vegetation, can-        covers four hectares. Endangered species housed
                                                     yons, streams and waterfalls, riders can witness life in picturesque        here include Mexican wolves and white tigers,
                                                     jungle villages, relax by refreshing cascades, and stop for a swim in       cared for with the hope that with excellent care
                                                     the river. Horseback riding excursions can also be combined with            they will reproduce in captivity. Half the animals on
                                                     visits to working ranches where lucky visitors get to savor a traditional   display are indigenous to Mexico, and most every
                                                     Mexican barbecue lunch. Tour operators include Rancho El Charro, tel.       creature found in the area is represented— includ-
                                                     322-224-0114, Rancho Ojo de Agua tel. 322-224-0607 and                      ing jaguars, pumas, coyotes, ocelots, tlacuaches,
                                                     Hacienda Doña Engracia,                                                     coatimundis, various bird and reptile species, croco-
                                                     tel. 322-224-0410.                                                          diles, and iguanas.

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   Sports & Recreation                                                                                                             as part of boat trips to secluded islands such as the
                                                                                                                                   Marietas or Caletas. The rich marine life that the area
   w At e r s p orts                                                                                                               houses include turtles, spotted eagle rays, needlefish,
   Banderas Bay is a natural haven for water sports of                                                                             and many varieties of tropical fish. Several snorkel-
   every variety. Since the water is generally quite calm,                                                                         ing tours can also be combined with sea kayaking or
   sailing, windsurfing and parasailing are exceptional.                                                                           simply relaxing on a deserted beach.

   FishinG/Fly FishinG                                                                                                             scubA divinG
   Puerto Vallarta has never aggressively promoted                                                                          A variety of dive sites around Banderas Bay offer
   itself as a world-class sport fishing destination.                                                                       world-class diving options for both beginners and
   Nevertheless, its deep waters provide an excel-                 sAilinG                                                  experienced divers. The complex marine ecosystems
   lent haul of sailfish, marlin and smaller game fish.            Sailing cruises provide an adventurous way to spend a of Los	Arcos	National	Marine	Park	and the Marietas	
   October through February is the best time for sailfish          day relaxing in the sun, to go swimming and snorkel-     Islands	contain large reserves of marine wildlife. The
   and black or blue marlin. Smaller game fish, such as            ing in protected coves, or catch a glimpse of dolphins best diving at Los Arcos is around the gigantic rock
   wahoo, tuna, dorado, and roosterfish are caught year-           and humpback whales. There are also romantic sunset archway from which the area derives its name. The
   round, with May-October being the better months.                cruises for a memorable evening under the stars. All     Quimixto	coves and Caletas	also offer good diving,
   Trips can be arranged through travel agencies or                cruises offer a briefing on the sport of sailing before  as does Punta	Mita	further north up the coast.
   through the Cooperativa de Pescadores (fishing                  departure so that everyone has an opportunity to
   cooperative) on the malecón north of the Rio Cuale,             enjoy and participate in the ride.                       Divers can explore underwater caves, canyons, reefs
   next door to the Rosita Hotel. Fishing charter costs                                                                     teeming with tropical fish, and see turtles, octo-
   vary, but should start at about $250 to $400 a day for          pArAsAilinG                                              pus, sea horses, dolphins, manta rays, jacks, yellow-
   four to eight people. (Though prices at the agencies            A thrilling way to catch breathtaking views of Puerto    tails and sailfish. The waters of Banderas Bay are also
   and co-op are the same, you might be able to nego-              Vallarta and the Banderas Bay, parasailing is offered at home to whales, dolphins and wahoo that can be
   tiate with co-op prices as they do not accept credit            numerous beaches and major hotels around Puerto          spotted almost year-round. Many specialized opera-
   cards.) Puerto Vallarta also hosts an annual fishing            Vallarta. Visitors can choose from either beach or boat tors offer scuba diving excursions and offer various
   tournament every November.                                      takeoffs to see the sights from above.                   levels of PADI
                                                                                                                                                    L O C A L 	 	 D I V E 	 	 O P E R AT O R S
                                                Fishing enthu-     snorkelinG & kAyAkinG                                    Water condi-                                                AREA	CODE	322
S P O R T F I S H I N G 	 	 O P E R AT O R S    siasts also have                                                            tions are gener-
                                                                   Banderas Bay, with its warm blue waters, beautiful                               Chico’s	Dive	Shop**	               	 222-1895	
                                AREA	CODE	322
                                                the option of      coral reefs, natural rock formations, and abundant       ally best during        	 www.chicos-diveshop.com
Fishing	with	Carolina	          	   224-7250	
Charter	Dreams	                 	   221-0690
                                                fresh water        marine life is a magnet for snorkelers and kayakers.     the winter              Pacific	Scuba		                    	 209-0364
                                                fishing in the                                                              months.                 Bandera	Scuba	Republic	            	 223-4103
Strike	One	Charters	            	   221-2595                       There are numerous snorkeling options in the Puerto                                      	 www.bs-republic.com
Pesca	Deportiva	Vallarta	       	   224-2261    rivers that wind   Vallarta area, whether close to shore in Mismaloya,                                      Vallarta	Adventures**	      	 297-1212	
Pesca	al	Atardecer	             	   297-1212    through the        Yelapa or                                                                                	 www.vallarta-adventures.com
                                                Sierra Madre       Majahuitas, or                                                                           **5-star	PADI	dive	centers	

13     Profile: sports & recreAtion                                                                                          Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	        <	 >
 surFinG & windsurFinG                                       l A n d s p orts
 With over 60 places to surf along the Banderas Bay,
 including many secluded surf beaches, the Puerto            GolF
 Vallarta area is a true surfers’ paradise. The best surf-   Golfers headed to Mexico now have an even broader
 ing conditions are usually found in the late summer         assortment of world-class choices—thanks to Puerto
 and early fall when hurricane season often drives           Vallarta’s recent ascent into the golf market. With
 huge swells ashore all along the Pacific coast. Some        seven courses, world-renowned designers, and set-
 of the more popular locales for surfing include             tings that range from seaside to jungle hillside, Puerto
 Ipala and Las Peñitas (on the Cabo Corrientes coast         Vallarta offers an experience sure to satisfying the
 south of Tehualmixtle), Playa el Tecuán, Playa la           most discriminating of golfers.
 Manzanilla, and Barra de Navidad (at the jetty).
 Farther north, Sayulita is very popular with surfers        Puerto Vallarta area golf courses rank high among
 as well as Playa Matanchen, near San Blas.                  the best in Mexico. According to the 2007 list of
                                                             Top 30 Resort Courses in Mexico (published by Golf
 wAter skiinG & Jet skiinG                                   Guides to Mexico), Four Seasons Golf Club at Punta
 The calmer waters off the coast of Puerto Vallarta          Mita ranks 4th, Vista Vallarta courses rank 7th and
 allow for some exciting water skiing, while catch-          8th, El Tigre ranks 15th, the Marina Vallarta came in
 ing spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, the pic-        23rd and the course at the Mayan Palace finished
 turesque towns along Banderas Bay and the ver-              25th. The Four Seasons Golf Club at Punta Mita was
 dant slopes of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Most             rated #1 above courses spanning six continents by
 resorts along the beach as well as concessions on           readers of Condé Nast Traveler in their Golf Poll 2006.
 the more popular beaches allow for water and jet-           Here’s a review of the area’s courses:
 ski rental by the hour or the half-hour.
                                                             Vista	Vallarta: With the opening of Vista Vallarta
                                                             Club de Golf and its two dynamic courses in 2001,
 wAter pArk                                                  Puerto Vallarta is destined to become a major
 The newly remodeled Sea Life Park (near the                 golf destination. Unlike other notable golf offer-
                                                             ings in Mexico, the terrain chosen for Vista Vallarta
 entrance to Nuevo Vallarta) offers a wealth of fun          appears more appropriate for a Tarzan movie.
 for the entire family with swimming pools, slides,          The first course, a Jack Nicklaus Signature Design,
 toboggans, tube and thrill rides. Some water parks          measures 7,057 yards and features long par-5
 also offer dolphin, seal and sea lion shows as well         holes. Located on the property’s highest eleva-
                                                             tions, golfers play across rolling, grassy hillsides,
 as the opportunity for children to get up-close             through dense forests of palms and giant ficus
 and personal as they swim with the dolphins.                trees, and across the natural creeks and arroyos
 Age restrictions apply for certain activities. Tel:         in at least a dozen places. The second course, a
                                                             Signature Design by Tom Weiskopf, has a signature
 322-297-0708.                                               par 3 that appears to be carved out of the hill-
 n                                                           side. In dramatic contrast to the Nicklaus course,
                                                             Weiskopf’s course plays
                                                             through towering

14   Profile: sports & recreAtion                                                                                    Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	   <	 >
                             forests of palm and papaleo trees, across           perched in the heart of El Tigre offering           tennis
                             deep natural ravines and swift creeks char-         spectacular views in all directions. The 440-
                             acteristic of the property’s lowest elevations.     acre course, designed by the team of Von            Tennis is a popular sport in Mexico,
                             Green Fees: $130. Tel. (322) 290-0030;              Hagge, Smelek and Barril, is a 7,239 yard, par      and Puerto Vallarta holds no excep-
                             www.vistavallartagolf.com.                          72 Bermuda grass course with a 74.5/133             tion. Tennis lovers will find an excel-
                                                                                 rating. Managed and operated by Troon Golf,
                             Marina	Vallarta	Golf	Club: Joe Finger               twelve of the holes feature water. Green
                                                                                                                                     lent option of courts around town,
                             designed this par-71, 18-hole course with           Fees: $70-$130. Tel. (322) 297-1830; www.elti-      from open-air to covered, clay and
                             6,701 yards; part of the $400 million Marina        gregolf.com.                                        asphalt to synthetic grass. Most of
                             Vallarta mega-resort, just north of town.                                                               the clay courts are turned around
                             Fairways are dotted with lakes, ponds and           Four	Seasons	Golf	Course	at	Punta	Mita:
                             lagoons (water comes into play on 11 holes).        The Jack Nicklaus signature golf course at
                                                                                                                                     several times a week to ensure their
                             The course winds its way through countless          the Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita is one          freshness.
                             palm trees, with a number of holes afford-          of Mexico’s premier courses. This spectacu-
                             ing outstanding views of Banderas Bay.              lar par-72 course features a drive to a small
                             Green fees are $99 US per person, plus cart or                                                          Some of the more popular tennis
                                                                                 island on the third hole, and luxury club
                             caddy (mandatory). Play is open to the public,      facilities that will set a new standard for golf    courts are located	within	hotel	
                             although preferential starting times are given      in Mexico. Its signature hole, an optional          complexes	such as the Hotel Canto
                             to guests staying at member hotels. Special         “19th” par-3 hole, referred to as “the Tail of      del Sol Tennis & Beach Resort, the
                             midday rates (11am-2pm) are only $53,               the Whale,” known as a site for whale watch-
                             including cart. Tel. (322) 221-0073.                ing, is set on a natural lava-rock island that is
                                                                                                                                     Sheraton Buganvilias, the Playa de
                             www.marinavallartagolf.com                          only accessible at low tide. 5 sets of tees and     Oro Resort, and Los Tules Resort.
                                                                                 7,014 yards (slope 131; rating 72.7). Green         Many of these hotels offer tennis
                             Los	Flamingos	Country	Club: This older              fees $170. Tel. 329-291-6037;
                             course (6,452 yards), designed by Percy                                                                 instruction courses, host annual
                             Clifford, has been carved from the ever-                                                                tennis tournaments and also allow
                             encroaching jungle, lined with orange, lemon        Mayan	Palace	Golf	Course: Designed by               non-guests to use their installations
                             and mango trees and with a wide variety of
                             birds and many lakes. Located 13 km. north
                                                                                 internationally-renowned Jim Lipe, this             for a fee.
                                                                                 imposing 6936-yard, 18-hole, par-71 course
                             of the airport in the neighboring State of          is located on the spectacular beaches of
                             Nayarit, the course was bit rough around the        Nuevo Vallarta between the Western Sierra           In addition to the dozens of courts
                             edges, but challenging for all skill levels. A $3   Madre Mountains and the Bay of Banderas.            at area resorts, there are fine tennis
                             million refurbishment was completed in 2003         Green fees $129. Tel. (322) 226-1517;
                             and the course is under new management.                                                                 centers at Canto	del	Sol, tel. (322)
                             Green fees: $99 US. There is also inexpen-                                                              224-0123 and Iguana	Tennis	Center,
                             sive shuttle service from town, beginning at        Puerto Vallarta also played host to                 tel. (322) 221-0683.
                             the Sheraton Buganvilias and heading north.         the inaugural edition of the PGA’s
                             Carts/caddies are optional. Tel. 329-296-5006;
                                                                                 Puerto	Vallarta	Blue	Agave	Golf	
                                                                                 Classic	in March 2006. The Blue
                             El	Tigre	at	Paradise	Village	in	Nuevo	Vallarta      Agave Golf Classic was the first
                             is the newest addition to the impressive list
                             of courses in Puerto Vallarta and is ranked
                                                                                 Champions Tour event in Mexico
                             in Mexico’s top 20. Golfers enter the club          since the MasterCard Classic at
                             through an impressive stone archway                 Bosque Real Country Club in 2004.
                             resembling a Mayan temple, beside which a           Puerto Vallarta also hosts an annual
                             real Bengal tiger lives securely in
                             his habitat. Further in, the                            golf tournament every
                             45,000 sq. ft. clubhouse sits                              November.

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                             Adventure sports
                             Puerto Vallarta is a sports lover’s paradise offering an
                             endless array of outdoor adventures under the warm
                             Mexican sun. Water sports enthusiasts can choose from
                             every imaginable activity from snorkeling and scuba
                             diving to kayaking, sailing, water skiing, and surfing.
                             The abundant marine life in the warm Pacific waters
                             of Banderas Bay are known to be a fisherman’s para-
                             dise offering some of the best deep sea sports fishing

                             Those in search of more adventure can go mountain
                             bike riding, opt for a jeep safari or go horseback riding
                             in challenging terrain. Following is a brief description
                             of the many adventures that await travelers in Puerto

                             ATV	Tours: An adventure-filled tour of the back roads
                             of Puerto Vallarta, a ride on an ATV (all-terrain vehicle)
                             is fun-filled. The tour takes riders to the rural country-
                             side and along dirt roads and through rivers. It is rec-
                             ommended to bring old clothes and sneakers for this
                             excursion as drivers end up completely covered in dust
                             and mud. The tours are also open to children over 6
                             years old who ride with an adult holding a valid driver’s

                             Bungee	Jumping:		The natural beauty of Banderas Bay           Jeep	Safaris:		Jeep safaris combine visits to traditional
                             provides a picturesque backdrop for bungee jump-              towns outside Puerto Vallarta with nature walks and
                             ing, overlooking the verdant slopes of the Sierra Madre       drives through mountain streams and the dense forests
                             Mountains and the emerald blue waters of the Pacific          of the Sierra Madre Mountains. The tours are conducted
                             Ocean. At a permanent bungee jumping structure                in all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and offer a wide overview
                             located on the south shore of the bay on the road to          of all facets of life in and around Puerto Vallarta, from
                             Mismaloya, the adventurous let their inhibitions loose        interacting with the locals in small towns and suburbs
                             by jumping 120 feet from this cliffside free-fall over the    to exploring the flora and
                             ocean. Tel: 322-228-0670.                                     fauna of the Sierra.

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 other Activities                                                                                                                             SOUTH OF TOWN
                                                                                                                         As you leave the city heading south, the coast
 BEACHES                                                                                                                 becomes a series of coves and bays, backed by jun-
 What’s more fun than spending a day at the beach?                                                                       gle-clad, rugged hills—ideal for swimming and relax-
 The Puerto Vallarta area offers 26 miles of beauti-                                                                     ation. Since few rivers enter the ocean here, the sand
 ful beaches along picturesque Banderas Bay, set on                                                                      is whiter, water is clearer. The setting is quiet and
 the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Most of the                                                                       serene.
 area’s beaches are also kid and family-friendly. Kids
 can enjoy playing on the sand, building sandcastles,                                                                    Mismaloya	Beach: a pretty cove that is now the
 playing ball and throwing Frisbees, or simply enjoy                                                                     home to a major resort development. The area’s
 wading and swimming in the clear waters of the                                                                          once dilapidated movie set (from the 1963 film
 ocean.                                                                                                                  “Night of the Iguana”) was recently restored and
                                                                                                                         opened as a restaurant. There are two beachside
 Puerto Vallarta has three distinct beach zones and                                                                      restaurants, and some good shoreline snorkeling.
 nearly forty different beaches. The area’s beaches are                                                                  Admission is free.
 typically of golden colored sand and water of a deep
 blue color. Note that during the rainy season (June       for an honest assessment if you have clients with             Boca	de	Tomatlán: a jungle-fringed beach and
 to September) several rivers empty into the bay and       specific beach concerns.                                      bay; boats can be rented here for visits to Yalapa,
 cloud the sea.                                                                                                          Quimixto and Las Animas beaches.
                                                                             NORTH OF TOWN
 Beach conditions are subject to change as Mother          To the north in neighboring Nayarit State, the                N E W 	 R E E F 	 F O R 	 B A N D E R A S 	 B AY
 Nature has her way with currents that can shift           beaches of Banderas Bay stretch out uninterrupted             The construction of reefs, similar to those built in
 sand and expose rocks. This is especially true of the     toward Punta Mita. Surf is good at Punta del Burro            the water off Barra de Navidad, is promoted as a
 beaches in downtown and to the north of the city, all     and Punta de Mita.                                            possible option for Banderas Bay. Recent meet-
 the way to Marina Vallarta. It’s best to ask each hotel                                                                 ings in Bahía de Banderas and Puerto Vallarta con-
                                                           Playa de Oro and the Marina are where most of the
                                                           area’s newer resort development has occurred. This
                                                           generally is a wide sandy beach, broken up by sev-
                                                           eral jetties; some areas are a little rocky; lots of activ-
                                                           ity, water sports, and people-watching.

                                                                                  IN TOWN
                                                           Playa de los Muertos stretches along the city’s palm-
                                                           lined waterfront; lots of vendors, sunbathers and
                                                           seaside restaurants.

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 cluded that once the environmental
 impact studies indicate that the proj-                                                                              Puerto Vallarta’s
 ect would have no negative impact                                                                                   Modern Art Scene
 on local beaches, the final step would                                                                              Puerto	Vallarta	is	home	to	one	of	the	most	dynamic	
 be assigning the work and setting the                                                                               and	fastest	growing	arts	scenes	in	Mexico.	With	over	
 timetable. In simple words, the reefs                                                                               30	art	galleries	displaying	works	by	local,	national	
 are constructed of a combination of                                                                                 and	international	artists—from	native	indigenous	art	
 cement blocks and PVCs connected to                                                                                 and	traditional	Mexican	silverware,	glasswork	and	
 the sea floor by cables. The openings,                                                                              pottery	to	folk	art,	contemporary	paintings	and	
 both small and large, allow fish of dif-                                                                            sculptures—the	local	arts	scene	has	been	revitalized	
 ferent sizes to congregate and feed in                                                                              by	a	cosmopolitan	group	of	resident	artists	that	have	
 the protection of the spaces, encour-                                                                               decided	to	call	Puerto	Vallarta	home.	
 aging a diverse community of species.
 The depth of the reefs depends pri-                                                                                 Arts	aficionados	will	enjoy	the	numerous	gallery	
 marily on the average water temperature,   Shopping                                                                 openings	and	weekly	art	walks	that	are	held	year-
                                                                                                                     round	and	are	an	integral	part	of	the	local	social	
 while the actual locations of the reefs
                                                                                                                     scene.	For	up-to-date	information	on	the	arts	and	cul-
 would be determined with the aid of sat-   For fine works of art, exquisite folk art, jewelry, designer             ture	scene,	four	local	publications	in	English—Val-
 ellite photos of the bay. n                and casual clothing, and of course tequila, no beach resort              larta	Today	(daily)	Vallarta	Tribune	(weekly),	Bay	Val-
                                            in Mexico can beat Puerto Vallarta. Not only is it close to              larta,	and	Vallarta	Lifestyles	magazine	(quarterly)—
                                            Guadalajara, but Puerto Vallarta has become a mecca of                   provide	venue	listings	and	reviews	of	local	entertain-
                                            sorts for Mexican and foreign artists, many of whom can be               ment	options.	Online,	visit	Banderas	News	at		
                                            seen at work in studios and workshops along the city’s bus-              www.banderasnews.com.
                                            tling streets. (There are more than 40 galleries.) Most shops
                                            are open from 10 am until 8 pm, closing from 2-4 pm.

                                            The national currency is the Mexican peso but for shopping             old town Art wAlks
                                            convenience many stores also accept U.S. Dollars converted             Seventeen downtown galler-
                                            at the day’s exchange rate and accept major credit cards.              ies host Old Town Art Walks
                                            A wide majority of the town’s shopkeepers speak English                every Wednesday, 6-10:00 pm
                                            - making Puerto Vallarta an ideal shopping destination for             during the high season. Now
                                            North American travelers, no matter what their shopping                in its eleventh year, this self-
                                            preferences may be. Tip: the definitive guide to area galleries        directed art walk is an impor-
                                            is produced by Vallarta Lifestyles. Get a copy of their annual         tant component of Puerto
                                            Art Issue, or see them online at www.virtualvallarta.com.              Vallarta’s social and cultural
                                                                                                                   calendar, giving residents and
                                                                                                                   visitors alike the opportunity
                                                                                                                   to catch up with friends old
                                                                                                                   and new, enjoy free cocktails,

18   Profile: shoppinG                                                                                        Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	   <	 >
 meet the artists, and get a great over-     a destination of its size, with world-class Catrinas, hand-sculpted clay and paper     with colored yarn. Authentic paint-
 view of the thriving local art scene in a   galleries continually coming on board. maché female figures, were a popu-              ings are usually made with wool yarn,
 street party atmosphere. The range of                                                   lar symbol during the Mexican revolu-      but acrylic yarn pieces are very popu-
 genres and the quality of the art avail-    l o cA l & r e GionA l w A r e s tion and a common staple in the Day                   lar for their vibrant colors. The beaded
 able in Puerto Vallarta is surprising for                                               of the Dead celebrations. Catrinas are     Huichol crafts are created from various
                                                                                         named after the Mexican term which         wood pieces, often in the shape of dif-
                                             conteMporAry Art                            refers to a chic and elegant individual,   ferent animals, most traditionally deer,
                                             Puerto Vallarta is notorious for having
                                                                                         and are often decorated with color-        snakes, wolves, and scorpions, but sou-
                                             Mexico’s most impressive and trendy
                                                                                         ful painted clothing, and adorned with     venirs can also be found in the shape
                                             contemporary art scene outside of
                                                                                         sequins and lace. Alebrijes are another    of iguanas and frogs as well. The pieces
                                             Mexico City. Works from well-known
                                                                                         original Mexican folk art creation found   are first covered with wax, and artisans
                                             local artists, such as Manuel Lepe, the
                                                                                         in Puerto Vallarta’s shops and markets.    apply the tiny chaquira beads one by
                                             creator of the naïf painting style often
                                                                                         These winged, majestic, and sometimes
                                             referred to as “Vallarta Art,” mix with
                                                                                         frightful creatures are created from
                                             international artists who have been
                                                                                         copal wood, and have their roots in
                                             drawn to the natural beauty of the
                                                                                         pre-Hispanic culture.
                                             region and now call Puerto Vallarta
                                             home. Visitors can search for original
                                             pieces in the many galleries that rival     wixárikA hAndicrAFts
                                             those in large world capitals, or dis-      Puerto Vallarta is home to the beautiful
                                             cover unique and wonderfully made           Wixárika (pronounced vee-RA-ree-ka)
                                             paintings and sculptures lining the sea- handicrafts, known for their brilliantly
                                             side promenade of Puerto Vallarta. The colored and beaded sacred designs.
                                             public is often invited to attend gal-      Historically, artwork was used to honor
                                             lery exhibitions and art walks are regu- the gods, but in more
                                             larly held, and it is not uncommon that recent years Huichol
                                             visitors have the chance the meet the       handicrafts, which take
                                             artist, and to enjoy the distinctive works the form of “yarn paint-
                                                             ranging from watercolor     ings” and beaded objects,
                                                             and oil pieces, to acrylic  are in high demand in
                                                             and charcoal.               the locally-run shops of
                                                                                         Puerto Vallarta. The yarn
                                                                                         paintings are made on a
                                                             crAFts & Folk Art           piece of wood, which is
                                                             Visitors to Puerto Vallarta
                                                                                         first coated in wax, and
                                                             can find very typical
                                                                                         is subsequently covered
                                                             Mexican-made crafts
                                                             and folk art.

19   Profile: shoppinG                                                                                         Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	   <	 >
 one to create the beautiful designs. The unique and      consistently create new and distinctive dishes, vases,
 supernatural images are a reflection of the visions      tiles, sinks, garden ornaments, etc.
 experienced during sacred religious ceremonies.
                                                          Local artisans are also notorious for their beautifully
 cerAMics & blown GlAss                                   made hand-blown glassware, a tradition that was
 Puerto Vallarta also boasts a wide variety of pottery    brought to the area by glass blowers from Jalisco.
 in a multitude of designs and colors. Talavera pot-      Shoppers have their pick of colorful stained-glass
 tery, a tin and lead-glazed ceramic, was introduced      windows, door panels, mirrors, glasses, vases, and
 to the region in the 16th century. Detailed, colorful,   more, found in a variety of furniture and craft stores
 and authentic, Talavera potters have preserved the       around Puerto Vallarta.
 traditional techniques of earlier years; however, they
                                                          Mask-making is another remnant of the traditions
                                                          of the local indigenous communities. Many stores
                                                          offer a variety of masks, designed to represent the
                                                          Indigenous, Caucasian and African races of Mexico.
                                                          Most masks are made from carved and painted
                                                          wood, and are characterized by the combination of
                                                          human and animal features. Masks designed using
                                                          traditional lacquer technique of pre-Hispanic origin,
                                                          a patina process in which natural ingredients are
                                                          rubbed in to the masks by hand, can be found even

                                                          Mexico is a world producer of silver, and Puerto
                                                          Vallarta is no exception. Jewelry and other silverware
                                                          can be found throughout the area. From the fine jew-
                                                          elry stores offering high quality silver, gold, pearl,
                                                          semi-precious stones, precious stones, ethnic and
                                                                                                                    tequilA & tobAcco
                                                                                                                    Puerto Vallarta is located in the state of Jalisco, birth-
                                                          antique pieces, to the beach vendors selling a unique
                                                                                                                    place of Mexico’s most authentic traditions, includ-
                                                          assortment of bracelets, rings, and earrings, visitors
                                                                                                                    ing tequila. It just makes sense that a fine selection
                                                          have no shortage of choices when searching for that
                                                                                                                    of tequila is offered in shops around town, including
                                                          perfect gift.
                                                                                                                    locally-distilled brands. Travelers can also enjoy a tour
                                                                                                                    of tequila distilleries surrounding Puerto Vallarta,
                                                                                                                    or even take a trip to the town of Tequila where
                                                                                                                    the liquor originates. Also not to be missed are the

20   Profile: shoppinG                                                                                         Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	   <	 >
                                                       AlonG the MAlecón                                          MArinA vAllArtA MAlecón
                                                       Dozens of chic boutiques and souvenir shops line           High quality artisan works, stylish boutiques and
                                                       the waterfront walkway.                                    cafes border the walkway surrounding the exclusive
                                                       MArinA terMinAl
                                                       An outdoor flea market provides a gathering place          MercAdo MunicipAl
                                                       for vendors selling folk art, t-shirts and souvenirs at  Don’t miss Puerto Vallarta’s fine craft market along
                                                       the cruise ship docks.                                   the banks of the Cuale River. This indoor/outdoor
                                                                                                                market is a maze of stalls and shops with a good
                                                       downtown                                                 selection of clothing, leather goods, and several
                                                       Along Juárez and Morelos streets, are a wide range of good food stands on the second floor. Bargaining is
                                                       shops with high quality goods and plenty of authen- expected at most mercado stalls.
                                                       tic Mexican atmosphere. This area is better than ever
                                                       with the addition of new shops!                          Arts & crAFts
                                                                                                                Alfareria	Tlaquepaque: stoneware, pottery, and
                                                       beAch vendors                                            glassware from the Guadalajara area. Av. Mexico
                                                       The shopping comes to you! Every imaginable item 1100.
                                                       is peddled by an army of vendors that work the           Azul	Siempre	Azul: religious figurines, antique retab-
                                                       beaches in town, and to the north. Expect to bargain los (painted scenes on tin backgrounds depicting the
                                                       for best prices.                                         granting of a miracle), artistic jewelry and enormous
                                                                                                                beeswax candles. Ignacio L. Vallarta 228, across from
                                                       shoppinG MAlls                                           Club Roxy, just over the south bridge.
                                                       Several shopping centers dot the area. Some are          Banderas	Bay	Trading	Company: antiques, handi-
                                                       American-style, while others have walkways, colo-        crafts and furnishings. Lázaro Cardenas 263.
 numerous cigar bars and tobacco shops offering the    nial architecture, fountains, and outdoor cafes. Try     Blue	Dolphin: Majolica and Talavera pottery, handi-
 visitors the finest of Cuban cigars.                  the Plaza	Malecón	on the north end of town, Plaza	       crafts and religious icons. Malecón.
                                                       Marina	near the airport, Plaza	Neptúno	at Marina         Galería	de	Arte	Huichol: native beaded tapestries
                                                       Vallarta, Villas	Vallarta	across from the Canto del Sol, from nearby Nayarit; Corona 164.
 M A i n s hoppi nG A r e A s                          and the Plaza	Caracol	with its huge “Gigante” super- Galería	Vallarta: impressive collection of handicrafts
                                                       market (both north of town). The Plaza	Peninsula	in plus sculpture, paintings, and lithos by Mexican art-
 the cuAle river islAnd                                the Hotel Zone has shopping, entertainment, fine art ists. Juárez 263.
 Look here for interesting boutiques and shops,        galleries, and its open area boasts the larger-than-life Galería	Indígena: fine Talavera tile, Oaxacan wood
                                                       sculptures of renowned artist Juan Soriano.              carvings, jewelry.
 including the Vallarta	Cultural	Center, an excel-                                                              Lucy’s	Cucu	Cabaña: fine folk art including painted
 lent place to get acquainted with Vallarta’s eclec-                                                            animals and Zapotec wool rugs. Basilio Badillo 295.
 tic fine arts scene. Most stay open until 11:00pm.                                                             Huichol	Collection: Two locations in Colonial Centro,
 Complimentary art workshops are given most                                                                     with live examples of Huichol art in the making. A

21   Profile: shoppinG                                                                                       Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	   <	 >
 portion of sales is donated to sustaining the culture.      Peyote	People: native Mexican folk art, including
 Marsar: hand-formed copper from Michoacán.                  Huichol yarn paintings. El Centro.
 Mundo	de	Azulejos: wall to wall handmade and                Querubines: Guatemalan fabrics, pewter, and fine               Spa in the Sky
 hand painted tiles, sinks, plates, etc. The only Talavera   quality items. Juárez & Galeana.                               Terra	Noble	Spa,	Art	&	Healing	Center
 tile factory in Puerto Vallarta.                            La	Reja: fine handicrafts and hand-blown glass items.          High	on	the	hill	over	Puerto	Vallarta,	this	open-
 Mundo	de	Cristal: handmade glass factory. Basilio           Juárez 501.                                                    air,	adobe	day	spa	is	at	home	in	its	tropical	land-
 Badillo y Insurgentes.                                      Sierra	Madre: Mexico’s version of The Nature                   scape.	It	offers	massages,	body	treatments,	
 Nevaj: Central and South American weavings, bags,           Company. Ecologically-themed gifts, clothing, art              facials	and	spa	packages.	Guests	can	also	partic-
 and shawls; Morelos 223.                                    work. Malecón.                                                 ipate	in	clay	workshops	to	learn	how	to	make	
                                                             Talavera,	etc.: ceramic dinnerware, tiles and murals           traditional	pottery.		Tel.	(322)	223-3530;	
                                                             from Puebla; hand-made jewelry.

                                                             Fine Art
                                                             A	Spot	of	Africa: beautiful art from South African tribes   extraordinary masterpieces by some of Mexico’s
                                                             and original paintings by Bridget Lot, South African        greatest classic masters, such as Rivera, Orozco and
                                                             painter. Malecón Uno L-2A.                                  Coronel. Leona Vicario 248.
                                                             Arte	de	las	Américas: this gallery features works           Galería	GN: featuring works by several well-estab-
                                                             from Mexico’s most celebrated artists and emerging          lished Latin American artists. Josefa Ortíz de
                                                             artists as well. Marina Vallarta. Malecón.                  Domínguez 233.
                                                             Galería	de	Arte	Latinoaméricano: this two-floor gal-        Galería	Manuel	Lepe: Vallarta’s most popular painter
                                                             lery features works by Marta Gilbert and Raymundo           has his colorful works for sale. Ave. Juarez.
                                                             Andrade, as well as painters and sculptors such as          Galería	Mata	Ortiz: exceptional collection of clay
                                                             María Fernanda Matos, Eduardo Mejorada, César               pottery. Plaza Peninsula.
                                                             López, Yolanda Marroquin, Jose Guerrero and Jaime           Galería	Omar	Alonso:
                                                             Rodriguez.                                                  specializes in photography, engraving and sculpture
                                                             Galería	Corsica: a favorite gallery of many national        and is a magnet for art collectors and artists from
                                                             and international collectors. Plaza Peninsula.              around the globe. This gallery has featured exhi-
                                                             Gallería	Dante: features Puerto Vallarta’s largest gal-     bitions with works of Sebastiao Salgado, Wouter
                                                             lery and sculpture garden with works by more than           Deruytter, Michal Macku, Ron Van Dongen, Luis
                                                             50 artists including: Gabriel Colunga, Guillermo            González Palma, and Anderson & Low, among others.
                                                             Gómez, Meg Munro, Oscar Capeche, Jonás Gutiérrez,           Leona Vicario 249.
                                                             and Rocio Sánchez. Named Best Art Gallery by                Galería	8	y	Más: a collection of eight owner/artists
                                                             Vallarta Lifestyles readers in 2006. Basilio Badillo 269.   support this space thus eliminating large commis-
                                                             Galerie	des	Artistes: houses an eclectic display of         sions and providing buyers with reasonable prices.
                                                             works that range from small decorative items and            Guerrero y Miramar.
                                                             avant-garde paint-                                          Galería	Pacífico: features some of the stars of Puerto
                                                             ings to                                                     Vallarta’s art scene, such as the highly acclaimed

22   Profile: shoppinG                                                                                             Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	    <	 >
 sculptor Ramiz Barquet and Patrick Denoun, a masterful     plus Mexican Indian art. Lázaro Cárdenas 274.            Xitlal: silver jew-
 French painter. Other artists based in the area include    Sergio	Bustamante: magical and mesmerizing life-         elry with precious
 Richard Baker and Alfredo Langarica. Aldama 174.           size animals done in bronze, ceramic and paper           stones, in both pre-
 Galería	Rosa	Blanca: very fine art gallery with works      maché. Not to be missed! Paseo Diaz Ordaz and Isla       Columbian and
 by leading local artists and those from Mexico City.       Iguana Shopping Center.                                  modern motifs. El
 Galería	Uno: an excellent selection of art from                                                                     Centro.
 throughout Mexico, including originals by Mexican          Jewelry
 and foreign artists. Morelos 561.                          Astrid	Jewelers: finely crafted gold and silver jew-     resortweAr &
 Hecho	a	Mano: exceptional collection of furniture,         elry in 14K and 18K. Camino Real, Sierra Hotel, Plaza    clothinG
 art, and decorative items. One of the city’s best. Along   Iguana, Marina Vallarta.                                 Aranpelli	Leather:
 the Plaza de Armas.                                        Corsica	Arte	Joya: jewelry made by some of Mexico’s      wallets, purses, jack-
 Olínala: the most magical shop in Puerto Vallarta,         most innovative designers. El Centro.                    ets, belts, and lug-
 offering fine lacquered boxes from Michoacán, and          Daniel	Espinosa: sterling and 24K gold plate by          gage. Morellos 600-A.
 an incredible selection of masks from all over Mexico,     famous Mexican designer. Morelos 600.                    Casa	Josefa:
                                                            Galeria	June	Rosen	Lopez: One-of-a-kind pieces           designer, hand-
                                                            with colored gems. El Centro.                            woven caftans and dresses; embroidered and appli-
                                                            Jades	Maya	Gallery: jade jewelry and fine gifts.         quéd skirts and blouses; Juárez 533.
                                                            Leona Vicario 226-A.                                     Katy: beautiful Native clothing from all around
                                                            Joyas	Finas	Suneson: gorgeous display of unusual         Mexico; Cuale River Island.
                                                            top-of-the-line silver jewelry, enamel and sculptures.   Mosaique: extensive selection of silk, cotton, and
                                                            Morelos 593.                                             cashmere pareos and shawls, plus resort bags, jew-
                                                            Jymmy’s	Jewelry: gold and silver jewelry. Artisans       elry and home decor. Basilio Badillo 274.
                                                            crafting on site. V. Carranza 377.                       Originales	Yolanda: hand embroidered hand-made
                                                            Leona	226: Cassandra Shaw’s creations boldly trans-      clothing for men, women and children. Juárez y Iturbide.
                                                            form shells, bone, wood, horn and stones into daring     Mar	de	Sueños: exclusive lingerie, beachwear and ele-
                                                            and versatile pieces. El Centro.                         gant eveningwear for women. Basilio Badillo 227-B.
                                                            The	Old	Onyx	Factory: hand-carved onyx jewelry           Sucesos: easy-care all-cotton clothing for women;
                                                            and gifts. V. Carranza 368.                              unusual accessories and hand-painted fabrics;
                                                            The	Opal	House: huge selection of opals. Morelos         Libertad y Hidalgo.
                                                            536.                                                     Tangas: the latest in women’s swim suits; Morelos y
                                                            La	Piedra: create your own jewelry with an assort-       Abasolo.
                                                            ment of materials. Two locations in El Centro.           Touché	Lingerie: elegant lingerie and swimsuits for
                                                            Viva: the shop and the jewelry are equally stunning;     women. Plaza Peninsula.
                                                            exquisite jewelry from over 450 international design-    Unicornio: boutique featuring jewelry, cotton
                                                            ers. Basilio Badillo 274.                                dresses, and designer gems; Morelos 170.
                                                                                                                     Viva: huge selection of espadrilles, ballet flats and
                                                                                                                     sandals. Basilio Badillo 274.

23   Profile: shoppinG                                                                                         Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	   <	 >
 Numerous outlets also sell international designer
 brands, such as Ellesse and Tommy Hilfiger, plus                                                                             Six 5-Star Choices
 Mexican designers like Bye-Bye and Carlos ’n
 Charlie’s.                                                                                                                   Six	Puerto	Vallarta	restaurants	were	
                                                                                                                              included	in	a	ceremony	held	in	Mexico	
 ciGArs                                                                                                                       City	to	present	the	Five	Star	Diamond	
 Guantanamera	Cigar	Co.: best selection of Cuban                                                                              award	to	leading	Mexican	restaurateurs.	
                                                                                                                              Those	six	were	Bianco,	Café	des	Artistes,	
 and Mexican cigars. Corona 186-B.
                                                                                                                              Kaiser	Maximillian,	La	Palapa,	Los	Xito-
 Vallarta	Cigar	Factory: cigar-making in action.
                                                                                                                              mates	and	Trio.	In	addition,	Los	Xitomates’	
 Libertad 100-3.                                                                                                              Luis	Fitch	received	the	Star	Diamond	
                                                                                                                              Award	as	one	of	the	best	chefs	in	Mexico.
 La	Casa	del	Tequila: over 50 brands to sample (free
 tastings), patio bar, plus essential tequila parapher-
 nalia. n                                                 Dining & Night Life
                                                                                                                          continentAl cuisine
                                                          G A s t ronoMy                                                  Abadía	Bassó: gourmet French cuisine, live
                                                                                                                          music. Near the zócalo.
     Puerto Vallarta                                      Puerto Vallarta sets the stage for one of the finest culinary
                                                                                                                          Adobe	Cafe: Santa Fe-style decor and fine
                                                          experiences in Mexico. The city offers endless alternatives
     Gourmet Festival                                     for food aficionados. Some of Mexico’s top chefs along with     international cuisine. Basilio Badillo.
                                                          numerous chefs from around the world call Puerto Vallarta       Barcelona: rooftop dining with a tapas bar and
     In	November	of	every	year,	Puerto	Vallarta	                                                                          Spanish-influenced menu. Matamoros y 31 de
     reigns	as	Mexico’s	capital	of	culinary	arts	with	    home. From small, family-run taco stands to internation-
                                                          ally acclaimed restaurants serving everything from regional     Octubre.
     the	annual	International	Gourmet	Festival.	                                                                          Benito’s: Light breakfast, substantial gringo-
     During	this	ten-day	celebration	that	is	a	feast	     Mexican cuisine to creative contemporary Mexican fare and
                                                          the most varied international options, Puerto Vallarta’s gas-   style sandwiches for lunch. Fondue and wine
     for	the	senses,	about	20	guest	chefs—amongst	
                                                          tronomic scene will impress the most sophisticated palates.     in the evenings. Inside Plaza Neptuno at the
     the	finest	in	the	world—in	addition	to	talented	
     local	chefs	offer	special	tasting	menus	in	21	       Most midday dining is done at the beach, where barbecued        Marina.
     participating	restaurants,	cooking	classes	and	      fish on a stick (sarandeado) is a local specialty.              Le	Bistro: lovely tropical setting on the river,
     wine	tastings.	Past	participants	have	included	                                                                      jazz music, extensive menu. Rio Cuale Island.
     Anton	Mossimann	of	Club	Mossimann	in	Lon-                                                                            AAA: .
                                                          coFFee shops & bAkeries
     don,	winner	of	numerous	international	                                                                               Bogart’s: prix-fixe menus in a gorgeous and
                                                          The	Coffee	Break: coffees, smoothies, sandwiches and
     awards;	internationally	acclaimed	Mexican	                                                                           romantic setting. Hotel Zone.
                                                          sweets. Internet. Mexico 1222.
     chef	Patricia	Quintana;	and	Gerard	Dupont,	                                                                          Café	des	Artistes: fine French fusion cuisine by
                                                          Pie	in	the	Sky: Named Best Bakery by Vallarta Lifestyles
     president	of	the	Académie	Culinaire	de	France	                                                                       acclaimed Thierry Blouet; possibly the city’s
                                                          readers in 2006. Lazaro Cardenas 247.
     (the	French	Culinary	Academy).	Dates	for	2007	                                                                       finest gourmet dining experience. Live music,
     are	November	8-18.	More	information:		                                                                               classy bar. Guadalupe Sanchez 740. AAA: .
     www.festivalgourmet.com.                                                                                             Named Best Overall restaurant by Vallarta
                                                                                                                          Lifestyles readers in 2006.

24   Profile: dininG & niGht liFe                                                                             Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	   <	 >
                              Kaiser	Maximilian: bistro-style cafe       fully selects ingredients every morn-   Bianco: elegant and ultra chic river-
                              with traditional Austrian dishes.          ing in the local market. Next to the    side dining with innovative Italian
                              Hotel Playa Los Arcos.                     Fiesta Americana Hotel.                 specialties.
                              Casa	del	Naranjo: orange-themed            Picnic	Restaurant	and	Bar: former       La	Galleria	del	‘Gusto: new
                              gourmet restaurant. Located in the         Chiles owners’ new endeavor. Púlpito    Mediterranean-Italian eatery with
                              South Side, joins the ranks of the fast-   154.                                    art-filled décor. Hidalgo 550.
                              growing colonia Emiliano Zapata.           River	Café: pleasant riverside dining   La	Piazzeta: Named Best Italian res-
                              Felipes: yet another terraced restau-      with varied menu of Mexican and         taurant by Vallarta Lifestyles readers
                              rant with fine views and good food.        Continental dishes. Named Best Live     in 2006.
                              Le	Gourmet: charming colonial set-         Music Venue by Vallarta Lifestyles      Mezzaluna: Fine Italian dining. On
                              ting; flaming desserts, international      readers in 2006. Cuale River Island.    Calle Hidalgo.
                              menu. Posada Rio Cuale Hotel.              De	Santos: fine Mediterranean cui-      La	Dolce	Vita: Italian pizzeria. P. Diaz
                              Hacienda	Alemana: authentic                sine and hip bar with rooftop DJ mix    Ordaz 674.
                              Bavarian food served in an open-air        and live bands.                         Porto	Bello: spectacular Marina
                              garden. South Shore.                       Trio: the local’s choice for            Vallarta view; fine Italian dining.
                              Kabul: different nightly themes,           Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. El      Tarantino’s: a family business serving
                              including lobster, Italian and Tex-        Centro. AAA: .                       20 varieties of pizza as well as such
                              Mex. Mayan Palace hotel.                   Vitea	Bistro	&	Bar: oceanfront bistro   Italian favorites as fettuccini Alfredo,
                              Le	Kliff: dine overlooking lovely          with a casual, artistic atmosphere      lasagna and spaghetti al pesto.
                              Banderas Bay along a steep, ter-           and excellent food. Next to the Rio     Dolcetto: specializing in seafood and
                              raced hillside. South of Mismaloya         Cuale pedestrian bridge.                gourmet Italian. Wine bar. Aldama
                              Beach.                                     Vista	Grill: creative contemporary      109 & Malecón.
                              Maria	Bonita	Restaurant: at the            cuisine accented with regional fla-
                              Dreams Resort. Considered dressy.          vors; set high above town overlook-     seAFood & veGetAriAn
                              Cuisine is international with a            ing the city and bay. Named “Best       The	Blue	Shrimp: the choice for deli-
                              Mexican flair. Live music, awesome         Dining with a View” by Vallarta         cious shrimp. Morelos 779.
                              views.                                     Lifestyles readers in 2006. Colonia     Bolero: lovely riverside dining at
                              La	Palapa: contemporary haute cui-         Alta Vista.                             the eastern end of Rio Cuale Island.
                              sine in a romantic beachfront set-                                                 Seafood is the specialty.
                              ting. Named Best Sunset Dining res-        itAliAn                                 Chez	Elena: since 1954, one of
                              taurant by Vallarta Lifestyles readers     Alfredo: fine Italian cuisine.          Vallarta’s best. Cuatro Vientos Hotel.
                              in 2006. Púlpito 103.                      Presidente InterContinental Hotel.      Planeta	Vegetariano: Good value
                              La	Petite: the city’s best authentic       Andrea: Italian cuisine with a New      and great food. Named Best
                              French cooking. Live piano sets the        World touch. Velas Vallarta Hotel.      Vegetarian restaurant by Vallarta
                              atmosphere, but the delicious food         Angelo’s: Italian cuisine, steaks and   Lifestyles readers in 2006. Iturbide
                              is the real draw. No fixed menu            seafood with generous portions and      270.
                              but left to the inspiration                    good prices. South Shore and        Tino’s: the local’s choice for sea-
                              of the Chef, who care-                           Nuevo Vallarta locations.         food, crab tacos, fresh fish saran-

25   Profile: dininG & niGht liFe                                                          Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	   <	 >
                                                               Chico’s	Paradise: great for a jungle lunch and a fresh-   El	Dorado: since 1961 a Puerto Vallarta favorite for
                                                               water swim.                                               seaside breakfast, lunch or dinner. Playa los Muertos.
                                                               Daiquiri	Dick’s: an eclectic menu that includes a         Fajita	Republic: excellent steak, chicken and seafood.
                                                               sophisticated blend of Tuscan, Thai and Mexican cui-      Fajitas served in a festive mango garden. Great value.
                                                               sine. Named “Best Margaritas” by Vallarta Lifestyles      Hacienda	San	Angel: reservations-only dining at this
                                                               readers in 2006. Open-air location on Los Muertos         unique boutique hotel. El Centro.
                                                               Beach.                                                    Mestizo: this sister restaurant to the River Café offers
                                                               El	Nogalito: beautifully landscaped ranch located         contemporary Mexican cuisine in a pretty courtyard
                                                               beside a clear jungle stream, serving lunch and           setting. El Centro.
                                                               snacks. Several hiking trails from the ranch where        Los	Milagros: lovely Mexican setting with traditional
                                                               a guide gives nature talks about the local flora and      and seafood specialties. Calle Juarez.
                                                               fauna. South of PV, follow signs to Calzada del Cedro.    Las	Palomas: power breakfast place of choice.
                                                               No credit cards accepted.                                 Awesome fajitas. Guadalupe Sanchez 804.
                                                               De	Santos: chapel inspired architecture with              Pipi’s: Sizzling fajitas and guacamole prepared at the
                                                               Mediterranean inspired cuisine in what has become         table. Named Most Fun by Vallarta Lifestyles readers
                                                               THE hot spot for late night dining and bar action. Live   in 2006. Guadalupe Sanchez 804.
                                                               music some nights; DJ on others.                          Quimixto: a new Mexican grill by La Palapa’s Alberto
                                                                                                                         Perez. Basilio Badillo 370-5.
                                                               MexicAn                                                   Red	Cabbage	Cafe: food has been called “pure art-
                                                               Agave	Grill: award-winning chef Oscar Galvan offers       istry,” and “exceptional traditional Mexican cuisine.”
                                                               a different take on Mexican cuisine, in an Old World      Adorned with Frida and Diego art.
                                                               hacienda setting. Morelos 589.                            Remembranzas: regarded by locals to serve the
                                                               El	Arrayán: Chef/owner Carmen Porras uses authen-
                                                               tic techniques and ingredients to preserve family
                                                               recipes in an intimate patio setting. Named Best
                                                               Mexican restaurant by Vallarta Lifestyles readers in
                                                               2006. Downtown.
                                                               Banana	Cantina: contemporary Mexican cuisine in
                                                               a super-comfy open-air ambiance. Named Best New
                                                               restaurant by Vallarta Lifestyles readers in 2006. El
 deado. Named “Best Seafood Restaurant” by Vallarta
 Lifestyles readers in 2006. 3 locations: El Pitillal, Nuevo
                                                               La	Chata: traditional Mexican dishes, with ocean
 Vallarta, Punta de Mita.
                                                               view. On the malecón.
                                                               Coco	Tropical: open-air beachfront dining in a
 AtMosphere                                                    romantic setting. Playa Los Muertos.
 La	Bodeguita	del	Medio: authentic Cuban restau-
 rant and bar. Known for its casual energy, terrific live
 music and mojitos. On the malecón.

26   Profile: dininG & niGht liFe                                                                                 Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	   <	 >
                                                                                    Brasil: tasty beef and chicken dishes served on traditional sword-like skew-
                                                                                    ers with table-side carving. Named Best All You Can Eat restaurant by Vallarta
                                                                                    Lifestyles readers in 2006.
                                                                                    Café	Olé: charcoal-grilled steaks, salad bar and “global” cuisine.
                                                                                    Los	Pibes: fine imported beef prepared in authentic Argentinean style. Basilio
                                                                                    Badillo and at the Marina malecón. AAA: .
                                                                                    Rincon	de	Buenos	Aires: Argentinean steakhouse and international cuisine.
                                                                                    Marina Vallarta.
                                                                                    Tango: Argentine restaurant with delicious steaks. Krystal Hotel.
                                                                                    Thierry’s	Prime	Steak	House: American-style steak house with a French flair.
                                                                                    Peninsula Village.

                                                                                    n iGh t l i F e
                                                                                    Several romantic cliff-side bars draw visitors for breathtaking sunsets. Dinner
 city’s best haute Mexican cuisine. Romantic setting and impeccable service.        generally starts after 9pm, with the discos rolling by midnight.
 Sí	Señor: classical Mexican cuisine. Menu includes four kinds of mole, an out-
 door quesadilla bar, as well as a substantial grill. Gdlp. Sanchez 274.            South of the Rio Cuale in the Olas Altas area are several restaurants and clubs.
 Tacos (the dish, not a restaurant): head to Parque Hidalgo (downtown and           Strolling along Calle Olas Altas and Calle Basilio Badillo, you’ll be treated to
 north of the malecón) and take is any of several authentic taco stands.            cyber-cafes, street-side restaurants, nightclubs, and coffee houses. This section
 Los	Xitomates: owned by award-winning chef Luis Fitch, this hip downtown           of town is very popular with locals, including Vallarta’s 35,000+ American and
 restaurant serves unique Nouvelle Mexican cuisine. Morelos 570.                    Canadian residents.

 AsiAn                                                                              FiestA niGhts
 Archie’s	Wok: fine Chinese cuisine originated by the late John Houston’s private   An introduction to popular Mexican culture
 chef. Named Best Asian restaurant by Vallarta Lifestyles readers in 2006.          for the entire family, Mexican fiestas are held
 Bai	Sri: new Thai-Vietnamese in a serenely beautiful ambiance. South Shore.        weekly in various hotels and restaurants in
 Boca	Bento: Asian flavors with a Latin soul. South Shore.                          Puerto Vallarta with fun-filled activities for
 Hashi	Sushi: fresh sushi and hot dishes. Juarez 797.                               everyone including dancing, games and com-
 Ici Sushi: excellent authentic Japanese sushi. Downtown.                           petitions accompanied by extensive buffets of
 Tsunami	Sushi	Bar: authentic Japanese sushi and assorted beverages. Named          traditional Mexican food and drink specialties.
 “Best Sushi Restaurant” by Vallarta Lifestyles readers in 2006.                    Most would agree that the best of these takes
 Ztai: international cuisine with a touch of Asian, in three different environ-     place at the NH	Krystal	on Tues. and Sat. at
 ments. Morelos 737.                                                                7pm. Also consider the very authentic show in
                                                                                         a patio setting at La	Iguana. Their
                                                                                            “Moonlight Fiesta” is held each Thursday

27   Profile: dininG & niGht liFe                                                                       Contents		|		Search		|		Screen		|		Print		|		Exit	   <	 >
                                                                              and Sunday. Also try the “Rhythms	
     Two of the Hippest Night Spots                                           of	the	Night”	cruise	to	Caletas, the
                                                                              pristine cove where the late John
     Nikki	Beach,	super-classy	beach	club	by	day	and	swanky	party	by	         Huston had his home. www.val-
     night,	originated	in	Miami,	with	clubs	in	St.	Barts,	Marbella,	St.	      larta-adventures.com
     Tropez,	and	now	Puerto	Vallarta.	Attracting	jetsetters	and	those	
     attracted	to	a	hedonistic	lifestyle,	its	décor	and	menu	are	exotic,	
     its	oceanfront	setting	gorgeous.	Whether	you	feel	like	dressing	         clubs & discos
     to	the	nines	or	wearing	a	bikini,	this	is	one	of	the	coolest	places	      La	Cantina	de	los	Remedios:
     to	do	it.	Named	Best	Sunday	Brunch	by	Vallarta	Lifestyles	read-           serves little complimentary plates
     ers	in	2006.                                                              of food from 1-5pm. In the eve-
                                                                               nings, listen to recorded music
     Tribu	Bar	&	Lounge	has	a	sophisticated	ambiance	combining	eth-            from sultry boleros to the hot-
     nicity	with	modernity,	photographs	of	tribes	around	the	world	            test in Mexican rock, resulting in a
     evoking	a	primal	mood.	Relax,	play	pool,	and	try	one	of	their	            romantic clubby atmosphere. No          Mariachi	Loco: live Mariachi bands, dancing, and
     special	martinis	as	the	DJ	spins	Latin	music	and	invites	requests.        credit cards.                           authentic “Jalisco” atmosphere.
                                                                               Christine’s: plush setting and a        J&	B	Salsa	Club: THE spot for salsa music and Latin-
                                                                               spectacular light show each eve-        style dancing. Live bands Fri/Sat and holidays.
                                                                               ning. Krystal Hotel.                    Named Best Dancing Place by Vallarta Lifestyles
                                                            Club	Roxy: currently the most popular live music           readers in 2006.
                                                            club in Vallarta playing a mix of Reggae, blues and        De	Santos: state-of-the-art club adjacent to the res-
                                                            rock. Live music from 10pm-2am, Monday-Saturday.           taurant drawing an urban, hip, crowd to what is one
                                                            Collage: Marina Vallarta’s most popular night spot;        of Puerto Vallarta’s most popular
                                                            live music, dancing and sports bar. It’s also great for    clubs.
                                                            kids with bowling, basketball and video games.             Sr.	Frog’s: Carlos Anderson chain outlet set in large
                                                            El	Faro	Lighthouse	Bar: a circular cocktail lounge         warehouse. Good food, cute waiters and fun!
                                                            at the top of the Marina lighthouse. One of Puerto         The	Zoo: paper maché animals add to lively dance
                                                            Vallarta’s most romantic nightspots with live or           club atmosphere. Terrific sound system and variety
                                                            recorded jazz, and conversation is manageable.             of music, including techno, Reggae and rap.
                                                            Hilo: the hottest new disco on the malecón.
                                                            Kit	Kat	Club: swank and reminiscent of a New York          See newest additions via press release in the Digital
                                                            Club. Leopard patterned chairs and cream-colored           Library.
                                                            overstuffed banquettes. Attracts a hip, generally gay      n

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