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                            Pathfinders of Perry County Meeting Notes
                           Tuesday, December 4, 2007, 5 pm to 6:30 pm
                      Room 419, University of Kentucky Center for Rural Health

   1. Welcome and Introductions

Present: John Chester, John Cain, John Hoppe, Cecelia Stewart, Owen Slone, Margaret Keith, Russell
Oliver, Cynthia Cole

   2. Review and Correction of Meeting Notes

Notes from the meeting of November 6, 2007 were circulated via email and at the meeting. Cecelia
Stewart noted that First Baptist Church has a Deaf Ministry, but no Death Ministry (as noted in the
November notes. Via email, John Hoppe noted that he went down the river in an inflatable raft, not by
walking. He also asked whether Lisa Townes worked for Summit Engineering or for Spaulding
Engineering (she works for Spaulding). Cynthia corrected the notes and sent them again via email.

   3. Community Activities

           a. Downtown Hazard Walking Tour Review

                     i. Hazard Rotary Presentation December 19: Cynthia mentioned that Michelle
                        Gambill and two of the three students who developed the tour are scheduled to
                        make a presentation about the experience to the Hazard Rotary Club on
                        December 19, 2007. Rotarians requested the program so that they could hear
                        from the students first-hand and congratulate them on their achievement.

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                     10/30/2006
                  ii. Kudoes all around for the walking tour: The group noted all the people who
                     contributed to the success of the walking tour, taking a serious risk of leaving out
                     wonderful contributions and wonderful people. (If that happens, please consider
                     yourselves warmly thanked for your help.) Michelle Gambill and the students
                     who developed the tour and served as tour guides were recognized. Cecelia
                     Stewart arranged the trolley and the driver. Cecelia will send a thank you note to
                     the trolley driver (who was very friendly and cheerful throughout). Margaret
                     Keith contacted sites on the route beforehand and was instrumental in arranging
                     publicity before and during. Terry Thies arranged for the public service
                     announcements on the radio. Russell Oliver spread the word and put up posters.
                     John Hoppe made many suggestions, worked with the Bobby Davis Museum,
                     and reviewed the draft brochure carefully. Martha Quigley served as a consultant
                     and gracious hostess at the Bobby Davis Museum. AJ Hall distributed flyers and
                     served as a historical advisor at First Presbyterian Church on the day of the tour.
                     Bill Morton was a historical advisor at People’s Bank and many others added
                     what they knew as the tour went along.

                  iii. Feedback from participant questionnaires: (see attached summary)

                  iv. Analysis of what went right, secrets of success, ideas for improvement next
                    time: Owen Slone said that he and his sister came mostly out of loyalty to
                    Pathfinders and had a very enjoyable time—much more so than they expected.
                    Russell Oliver said it was the nicest event he recalled in Hazard. Many
                    participants said afterward that they learned a number of things about their
                    community that they didn’t already know. (The group briefly discussed whether
                    Hazard Founder Combs was really buried under the pavement on Lovern Street,
                    as one of the student guides reported.) Everyone present said they have heard
                    only very positive comments since the event. The group thought that the secrets
                    of success (and sources of ideas for the future) included: help and involvement
                    from a very wide variety of people and organizations, opportunity to learn
                    something valuable about one’s home, working with and through teachers, youth
                    involvement, tangible rewards to youth that their families value (extra class
                    credit, recognition in the community, contribution to community identity, scout
                    badges, etc.). Margaret Keith suggested that people might complete a
                    questionnaire about their reactions before and after the tour if the tour ended at
                    an attractive location (perhaps Bobby Davis Museum) and refreshments were
                    served or a music performance was offered, or there was some other reason for
                    people to gather at the end. Photos by Margaret Keith can be seen by clicking
                    this link: http://cid-

                  v. Additional guided tours: Pathfinders recommended offering group history-
                    based tours each quarter. Margaret Keith suggested that Pathfinders offer a
                    guided tour (with student guides from AB Combs) on the trolley to senior
                    citizens in Hazard: through the Senior Center, Hazard Nursing Home, the East
                    Kentucky Veterans Center, etc.). This should be done before the end of the
                    school year to take advantage of the AB Combs students who are already trained
                    as guides. (Melissa Vermillion and Neil Napier would be good resources to
                    coordinate this.) Additional student groups to involve include the Perry County

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                     10/30/2006
                       Central and Hazard High School Interact Clubs (sponsored by Hazard Rotary),
                       high school students with service requirements (all of them?), students in the
                       LKLP summer program, students in leadership programs (e.g., Renee Neace’s
                       group of teen leaders through the KY River Health District), scouts, and ROTC.
                       John Cain suggested that Pathfinders take advantage of the experience and
                       helpfulness of personnel at the school’s Family Resource Centers. Everyone
                       agreed that we should ask Michelle Gambill to serve as a consultant to those who
                       undertake similar projects.

                     vi. Brochure placement: Cecelia and AJ volunteered to take brochures to local
                       motels and the Chamber of Commerce. Russell will take some to Perry County
                       Library. John Chester took some to KRADD. Cynthia has already placed some at
                       City Hall, the Hazard Perry County Tourism office and the Bobby Davis
                       Museum. Michelle Gambill took some to Sports World and other locations.

            b. Next Tour to be Historic Businesses?
Cynthia reported that a girl scout troop that attended the Downtown Walking Tour is considering taking
the lead on the next tour (Historic Businesses of Hazard?). Wendy Morris and the co-leader of the troop
have discussed the idea with the scouts and with regional scouting leaders. So far, the idea has received
positive feedback. Wendy will get back with Pathfinders in January.

             c. Buckhorn Walking Tour
John Cain would like to take the lead in getting a group together in Buckhorn to be involved in
Pathfinders of Perry County activities (to be called the Buckhorn Action Team?). Several from that area
want to be involved, including Board member Neil Napier. John Cain suggested that Safe Routes to
School funding might be appropriate for improving sidewalks and developing routes. Some are thinking
about a short walk from the Buckhorn Children’s Center while others are hoping for a longer walk to
historic sites. A problem to be resolved is the traffic—Buckhorn has many more people now and the
roads are dangerous. John would like to have one or more Pathfinders members come to the initial
meeting of the Buckhorn group to get them started.

            d. Youth Gardening Downtown
Cynthia reported that she has invited Linda Campbell and Jan Gibson to be involved in developing
youth-oriented gardening projects downtown. Neither was able to attend the December meeting but
would like to begin working with Pathfinders in January. The group thought it would be great to involve
Montessori students who are nearby as well as other students at various levels. If the kids grow produce
and flowers, they can sell it at the Farmers Market, which will help both enterprises. The group would
like to have the eastern KY version of the Arboretum (in Lexington) by the river, with well-marked
native trees and plants and different areas and themes. If there is wifi downtown, people might like to
work along the river to enjoy the outdoors. Cynthia will bring plans for raised beds to the next meeting.
These might be a good way to do for the gardens.

            e. Pathfinders Activity Days
Trail maintenance at Bobby Davis Park
The next activity day will be Saturday, January 19, 2008 from 10 am to noon at Bobby Davis Park.
Please bring gardening gloves, clippers, brooms, rakes, trowels, leaf bags, etc. We will continue to
remove ivy from the trails. Photos by Cynthia Cole of the Activity Day on December 15, 2007 can be
seen by clicking this link: http://cid-

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                      10/30/2006
   4. Pathfinders Meetings

           a. The regular meeting on January 1, 2008 will be rescheduled canceled because it is New
               Years Day. The regular pattern of meetings will be held unless there is a specific conflict
               that requires re-scheduling.

           b. Pathfinders will have a combined member/Board meeting on Tuesday, January 15, 2008.
               The meeting will take place at 5 pm at the UK Center for rural Health, Room A-429.
               This room is down the hall from the usual meeting room. Pathfinders will meet in A-429
               for the rest of the spring semester because room 419 isn’t available.

   5. Development of Additional Walking/Biking Paths

            a. Planning the Riverside Route
John Chester suggested that a material called GeoTek might be a good option for the riverside trail
surface. He described it as a series of 6-sided green units made of synthetic material. He said that it
won’t wash away, particularly once grass grows through it. Another type of Geotek looks like burlap,
but wouldn’t be as stable as the 6-sided type. John will send Cynthia information about this material.
John also mentioned the Recreational Trail funding program offered through the state. The deadline for
applications is February 1, 2008. Eunice Fitzpatrick works as a planner for KRADD and could help with
the proposal. That funding source requires a 50-50 match of state and local funds. Missie Quillen and
Lisa Townes are working to develop a plan for the first segment of the walking/biking path by the river.

   6. New Business

           a. The group discussed the possibility of requesting that the Laurel Street Bridge be re-
               constructed at least for foot traffic. When it was in place, it provided important access to
               downtown Hazard.

   7. Adjourn at 6:30 pm

   • Next meeting: Tuesday, January 15, 2008. Room 419, UK Center for Rural Health building.


                            Pathfinders of Perry County Meeting Notes
                           Tuesday, November 6, 2007, 5 pm to 6:30 pm
                      Room 419, University of Kentucky Center for Rural Health

   1. Welcome and Introductions

Present: Missy Quillen, Cecelia Stewart, Owen Slone, Lyle Snider, John Hoppe, Cynthia Cole

   2. Review and Correction of Meeting Notes

Notes from the meeting of October 2, 2007 were circulated via email. No comments or corrections were
made at the meeting.

   3. Community Activities Report

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                        10/30/2006
            a. Wetland pond construction at Hazard High October 16, 2007 4 pm

        Russell Oliver, Margaret Keith, Lyle Snider, Cynthia Cole and John Hoppe worked from 4 pm
        until dark (about 7 pm) as their schedules permitted. When their best efforts to remove large
        rocks in the wetland pond site failed to budge them, John Hoppe (project leader) said he wanted
        to consider using machines to do the initial site preparation. John will report on the next steps
        for this project at a future meeting. Despite the large immovable rocks, the group succeeded in
        moving smaller rocks and enjoyed camaraderie and John’s tour of the water management
        projects next to Hazard High that he has been leading.

            b. Other fall projects? Date selections?

        The group established dates for the next two activity days: December 15 from 10 am to noon
        and January 19, 2008 from 10 am to noon. The group remains interested in working on Bobby
        Davis Park (removing poison ivy and maintaining trails). The poison ivy will become dormant
        after a frost/freeze so scheduling the exact activities will depend on the weather. The group
        thought that it was possible to go to Bobby Davis Park in December, but the final decision will
        be made at the next meeting. John Hoppe will talk with Paul Feltner about clearing the brush on
        Memorial Drive that makes it necessary for walkers to step into the street. If Paul agrees that this
        is a good project for Pathfinders, John will work with him to set a day/time and arrange for
        needed city support (truck to take away cleared brush, police assistance with traffic while this is
        underway). If Paul prefers that the City handle it, John will find out when that might get onto the
        City maintenance schedule.
An additional possible project would be to clear brush from property between the riverside parking
structure and the Baptist Church (permission has been granted by Mr. and Mrs. Mike Barnett, the
owners). This would need to be done consistent with Army Corps of Engineers requirements.

            c. Downtown Walking Tour Planning

        The group spent the greater part of the meeting planning for the unveiling of the Downtown
        Hazard Walking Tour on November 17, 2007. Cecelia reported that the Deaf Ministry at the
        Baptist Church would need the sanctuary on that day, so it wouldn’t be available for walkers.
        The bells outside the church and the exterior would be available as major points of interest on
        the tour. Cecelia will ask church elder, Nancy Eversole, if she can be available to talk with
        walkers. Recommendations included:

            • Revise the publicity flyers to include ―old YMCA building‖ in addition to the address for
                the starting point of the tour.

            • Distribute and put up many more flyers around town.

            • Send updated flyer via email to distribution list.

            • Cecelia will ask to use City trolley during the tour for those who can’t walk. Michelle
                Gambill will arrange to have a parent with a car available also. If trolley isn’t available,
                try to get a church bus.

            • Possible enhancements to use of trolley: have designated pickup points, have trolley do
                entire route with student guide aboard, provide student with portable microphone and
                loudspeaker to be heard over the trolley engine.

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                         10/30/2006
          • Ask Michelle Gambill to do a complete dry run beforehand with each student who will be
              a tour guide.

          • Consider having umbrellas available if rain threatens.

          • Cynthia will invite community ―historians‖ to be available at various stops on the tour.

          • Cynthia will bring 50 tee shirts donated by the ―Get Fit Kentucky‖ program to be given
              away at this event. Cynthia asked Meriwether Hall to estimate the price of putting the
              Pathfinders logo on the tee shirts and found that the cost wasn’t feasible so the shirts will
              be given away as is.

      Publicity has been excellent—the Hazard Herald printed an excellent article about it, Terry
      Thies arranges for radio public service announcements, WYMT has agreed to provide coverage
      before and during the event. Pathfinders should invite as many people as possible to participate.
      Cynthia reported that feedback on the project has been very positive, though several people who
      would like to attend will be out of town.

   4. Development of Additional Walking/Biking Paths

          a. Planning the Riverside Route

      Missy Quillen said that she has long envisioned a trail along the river that would go from
      Christopher to Walkertown. She is very glad to find people with a similar idea in Pathfinders.
      The group noted that Long John Silvers has already cleared the part of the riverbank they own
      and that they have a garden there already. John Hoppe has gone downriver in an inflatable raft
      from the tennis courts downtown to the Perry County Park with a group of scouts. He
      anticipated that it would take an hour or less, but it actually took 4 hours because the river
      moves pretty slowly. John Hoppe suggested getting a map of the riverside and plotting a
      potential route for the path on it to begin the conversation with potential supporters. Cynthia said
      that she would askJohn Chester if he could prepare a map of the area from the tennis courts to
      McDonalds that includes the names of owners for review at the December meeting. Missy will
      talk with Lisa Townes (a local engineer) to enlist her help in planning a feasible route. Jack
      Couch and Larry Pratt were also mentioned as possible resources.

          b. Possibilities in Bobby Davis Park

      The group discussed the possibility of planning some connector paths in Bobby Davis Park so
      that walkers could follow circle routes rather than a number of short ―out and back‖ routes as
      currently exist. Lyle suggested that it would be useful to review photos of the park as originally
      designed and sketches of the overall plan that was laid out. He suggested that these might be
      available from the archives of the Bobby Davis Museum. If available, he suggested that they be
      circulated to the Pathfinders email list. Owen said that he would write down a plan for circle
      paths at Bobby Davis to begin planning for a recommendation that could be submitted to the
      Mayor and the City Council. He will bring his ideas to the next meeting or circulate a draft to
      the group at tonight’s meeting for discussion first.

          c. Trail by Hardees?

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                       10/30/2006
       Missy Quillen mentioned that there is a little-known trail that begins at Hardees. She noticed
       that the land has a for sale sign and wondered what that might mean about the future of the trail.

   5. New Business (no new business was raised)

   6. Adjourn at 6:30 pm

   • Next meeting: Tuesday, December 4, 2007. Room 419, UK Center for Rural Health building


                           Pathfinders of Perry County Meeting Notes
                           Tuesday, October 2, 2007, 5 pm to 6:30 pm
                     Room 419, University of Kentucky Center for Rural Health

    1. Welcome and Introductions
Present: Tim Dunn, John Hoppe, Margaret Keith, Michelle Gambill, Owen Slone, Cynthia Cole,
Russell Oliver, Cecelia Stewart (Pathfinders has 11 voting members, of whom 7 were present,
constituting a quorum as defined by the bylaws.)
    2. Review and Correction of Meeting Notes
Notes from the meeting of September 18, 2007 were circulated via email. No comments or corrections
were made at the meeting.
    3. Community Activities Report
            a. Wetland pond construction at Hazard High October 16, 2007 4 pm
        Pathfinders will meet with John Hoppe at Hazard High at 4 pm on October 16 to continue work
        on this project. The primary activity will be digging in rocky soil. John recommends that
        workers bring a mattock, a shovel and gloves. Work will continue until dusk or tiredness bring a
            b. Other fall projects? Date selections?
        Possible fall projects include removing a cable over the nature trail at Hazard High School,
        maintaining and upgrading the trail above the horse ring in Perry County Park, clearing brush
        from property between the riverside parking structure and the Baptist Church, beginning work
        on pocket parks on those sites, improving the steps to the river behind City Hall, and removing
        poison ivy from Bobby Davis Park.
     John Hoppe will coordinate the project to remove the cable when the wetland pond project is
     Cynthia spoke with Judge Executive Denny Ray Noble about when Pathfinders could work on
        the trail above the horse ring. Judge Noble said that he would contact the gas drilling company
        and ask that they fence and secure their equipment so that the public could use the trail safely.
     Brenda Nease will ask her aunt for permission for Pathfinders to clear brush behind her aunt’s
        property next to the Baptist Church. Cecelia Stewart will ask Mike Barnett, the owner of the
        adjacent property for permission to do the same on the property next to the parking structure.
        When the property owners have given permission, Pathfinders will need to be in touch with the
        Army Corps of Engineers to be sure the work meets Corps requirements. (They don’t allow
        cutting trees along river banks, for example.)
     The Perry County Conservation District would be a good partner in carrying out the project to
        improve the steps and fishing opportunities behind City Hall. A year ago, they said that they
        were interested in a project like that and might be able to help find funds to do it. Cynthia
        suggested that John Hoppe and Russell Oliver work together on this. John said that he wanted

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                      10/30/2006
      to finish the wetland pond project first. This would be an excellent companion project to the
      development of the pocket parks between the parking structure and the Baptist Church and
      would be a good start on the Riverwalk concept.
    Cynthia talked with Nan Gorman. Nan has seen the work Pathfinders has done at Bobby Davis
      Park and is very pleased with it. Nan encouraged Pathfinders to continue their work on the park.
      The poison ivy removal at Bobby Davis Park would best be done when it is cold enough to put
      the plant into dormancy (perhaps January?). Specific scheduling for workdays will take place at
      a later date when the cold weather is clearly here.
           c. Downtown Walking Tour Review
      Michelle Gambill brought a draft of the brochure for the downtown walking tour to the meeting.
      Pathfinders members were very pleased with the draft and made numerous suggestions to
      Michelle for wording edits, placement of topics in the brochure, ideas for a few additional
      interviews, pooling of historical information, etc. They suggested that a map of the route be
      added (contact John Chester at KRADD for this) and history about Hazard’s name. Cynthia
      asked that Michelle give credit to Pathfinders as a co-sponsor of the project on the back page of
      the 12-page brochure and will send Michelle a draft of how that could be done. Cynthia
      suggested that there might be others who should be acknowledged too (the sponsors of
      Michelle’s fellowship, Michelle and her students, etc.) Cynthia also recommended that an
      official name be chosen for the walking tour. The brochure should have contact information for
      inquiries (someone at City Hall? Tourism? Perry County Museum?). The group tentatively
      chose the morning of Saturday, November 10, 2007 as the date for the dedication of the walking
      tour. Michelle asked that all suggestions be sent to her by Tuesday, October 9, 2007. Michelle
      plans to circulate the next-to-last draft to as many constituents as possible for the final
      corrections. This will include those some of those who were the source of information, City and
      County officials, and others who can ensure accuracy. Pathfinders and Michelle will work
      together to publicize the dedication of the walking tour as soon as it is clear that everything will
      be ready in time for November 10. The Partnership for a Fit Kentucky provided 50 white cotton
      tee shirts with their logos and permission for Pathfinders to put our logo on the tee shirts too.
      Cynthia will work with Meriwether Hall to get the logos put on at the lowest cost possible.
      These can be given out at the dedication. Michelle said that she was very grateful for the help of
      Becky Shipp, Sandy Stults, Martha Quigley, and many others who have been generous with
      their time and expertise on this project.
   4. Placards for Tabletop Signs
           a. Review Photos
      Cynthia showed the group one of the completed tabletop signs with placards that were used at
      the Black Gold Festival in the Hazard Perry County Tourism booth. Everyone was very pleased.
           b. Provide recommendations to Meriwether Hall
      The group recommended that photos be taken at Pathfinders activities and meetings. When
      there are enough good ones, these could be used to make two more placards so the tabletop sign
      could be double-sided. All Pathfinders are encouraged to take lots of photos. These can be sent
      to Cynthia, who will archive them with other Pathfinders photos.
   5. Membership Drive
      Pathfinders materials (flyers, membership forms, and petitions) were at the ARH booth and the
      Tourism booth during Black Gold. There will be one more Cruisin’ on Main event this season.
      Pathfinders are encouraged to continue to recruit new members.
   6. Annual Meeting Business
           a. Report on the State of Pathfinders
                    i. 16 official members (11 voting), more than 100 on email list, 450 signed petition
                   ii. Funds available: $252 in savings account, $544.32 in checking

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                      10/30/2006
                iii. 3 grant proposals submitted in past year, 1 funded ($1400 from Foundation for
                     Healthy Kentucky to support downtown walking tour)
                 iv. Activities: Bobby Davis Park cleanup, wetland pond construction, walking
                     interest survey at ARH
          b. Nomination and election of Board members
      Cynthia Cole, Tim Dunn, John Hoppe, Margaret Keith, Russell Oliver, Owen Slone, and Cecelia
      Stewart agreed to serve on the Pathfinders Board of Directors. The 7 nominees were elected by
      acclamation. The two unfilled positions can be filled via a special election, or at the next annual
   7. New Business (no new business was raised)
   8. Adjourn at 6:30 pm
          a. Announcements:

      Continue construction of the wetland pond at Hazard High School from 4 pm until dusk,
       Tuesday, October 16, 2007.
      Next meeting: Tuesday, November 6, 2007. Room 419, UK Center for Rural Health


                                        Meeting Notes
                             Pathfinders of Perry County Meeting
                                Tuesday, September 18, 2007
                                       5 pm to 6:30 pm
                    Room 419, University of Kentucky Center for Rural Health

   9. Welcome and Introductions
       Present: Russell Oliver, Margaret Keith, Cynthia Cole, Lyle Snider
   10. Review and Correction of Minutes
       There were no corrections to the notes of the previous meeting.
   11. Community Activities Report
          a. Wetland pond construction at Hazard High September 4, 2007
              Margaret said that she is very interested in wetlands and thinks they are very
              important. She wanted to attend this work event, but had family responsibilities that
              prevented her from going. She mentioned that the second week of September,
              students in local schools received awards for wetlands projects for which they had
              received grant funds (possibly via PRIDE?). She met a UK faculty member who
              wrote a beautiful book on wetlands that she will share with Pathfinders. Lyle
              reported that he and John Hoppe made good headway on the pond but said it wasn’t
              completed when the sunlight failed for the day. They ran into rock as they dug, and
              a possible sewage problem near the high school field house. John was planning to
              investigate that further with Carlos Combs (Hazard City employee). The group is
              very supportive of the wetlands project and would like to schedule another workday
              in the fall with John Hoppe. Cynthia will let him know of Pathfinders interest in
          b. Project for October 16 (5 – 7 pm)

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                      10/30/2006
             During the summer, John Hoppe suggested that Pathfinders might like to help with
             maintenance of the Nature Trail above Hazard High School. The group was
             interested and Cynthia will contact John to see if that would still be useful.
          c. Other fall projects? Date selections?
             The group noted that it is about time to switch the work activities to Saturdays
             because the days aren’t long enough to accomplish much work in the evenings.
             Cynthia will ask John Hoppe to schedule a Saturday morning to work on the wetland
             pond (perhaps 10 am to noon?). Lyle Snider and Margaret Keith were particularly
             interested in this.
             Lyle recommended that Pathfinders schedule a Saturday morning in December and
             January to pull up poison ivy in Bobby Davis Park (while it is dormant).
          d. Neil Napier’s class
             Cynthia reported that Neil Napier has a group of students in a course on outdoor
             management that meets on Tuesdays. The outdoor component of the course will be
             ending soon and Neil will be able to attend Pathfinders meetings again.
          e. Downtown Walking Tour
             Cynthia said that Becky Shipp from the Kentucky Heritage Commission will be
             meeting with Michelle Gambill on September 27 and they will plan the completion
             of the downtown walking tour project. Ad East is all ready to prepare the brochures
             for this when they are ready and the governor’s office donated 50 tee shirts to be
             given away at the event dedicating the walking tour. Pathfinders has permission to
             add its logo to the others on the shirt (Team GHK on the front and Get Healthy
             Kentucky on the back-including the unbridled spirit logo.). Sizes include 10 small,
             10 medium, 15 large, 10 extra large, and 5 2X Large.

   12. Annual Meeting October 2, 2007
          a. At various times, 9 individuals have expressed interest in serving on the Board of
             Pathfinders (Cecelia Stewart, Neil Napier, Shane Combs, Cynthia Cole, Margaret
             Keith, Kenny Dunn, Tim Dunn, Owen Slone, Angela Duff). Cynthia will contact
             each of these to see if they are able to be part of the slate of nominees for the annual
             meeting on October 2, 2007.
          b. Develop slate of nominees
             Assuming that some will find themselves unable to serve on the Board, Cynthia
             asked for suggestions for additional Board members. Lyle Snider nominated John
             Hoppe and Margaret Keith nominated AJ Hall if there are vacancies. Cynthia will
             contact them to see if they are willing to serve if there are vacancies.
          c. Other business to conduct at annual meeting?
             The group didn’t have suggestions for additional business for the annual meeting.
   13. Update on ARH Sidewalk Improvement Project
          a. ARH employee survey by physical therapy students
             Two physical therapy masters students are carrying out a walking interest survey of
             employees at ARH Hospital-Hazard. This project is part of the Pathfinders goal of
             improving the sidewalk network in various parts of Hazard. The results of the
             survey should be available at the end of October. Cynthia showed the group a copy
             of the proposed survey.
          b. Support from Donnie Fields and other ARH administrators

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                    10/30/2006
              Donnie Fields and Rick King, ARH administrative leaders, are very interested in
              improving walking opportunities for ARH employees and are providing exceptional
              support for the project to survey employees.
   14. Placards for Tabletop Signs
           a. Review Photos
              The group reviewed photos taken by Kenny Dunn, Cynthia Cole, and Shelli Deskins
              for possible inclusion in the tabletop signs for Pathfinders. Four photos by Kenny
              Dunn were given top priority to include. Cynthia really wants a photo of a family
              walking. Lyle suggested asking Chris Gooch and his family to be photographed
              walking and Margaret Keith suggested taking the photos by the riverside since
              Pathfinders wants to develop a walking path there.
           b. Provide recommendations to Meriwether Hall
              Cynthia will let Ad East personnel know which photos to use for Black Gold and
              will work with Margaret Keith and the Gooch family to get some additional photos if
   15. Membership Drive
           a. Report on community festivals
              Cecelia Stewart has been taking Pathfinders materials to Cruisin’ on Main Saturdays.
           b. Black Gold Festival planning
              Cynthia will make sure that Pathfinders materials and a tabletop sign are at the Black
              Gold Festival. The materials will include the petition (without the deadline), the
              flyers, and membership forms.
           c. Cynthia will send the membership form out to the email list again.
   16. Assistance with Proposals
       Cynthia said that Pathfinders really needs help preparing proposals to get projects funded.
       She will let the email list know of the need.
   17. Adjourn at 6:30 pm.


                            Pathfinders of Perry County Meeting
                                 Tuesday, August 21, 2007
                                      5 pm to 6:30 pm
                   Room 419, University of Kentucky Center for Rural Health

   18. Welcome and Introductions (Present were: Tim Dunn, Cecelia Stewart. Cynthia Cole, Lyle
       Snider, AJ Hall, Margaret Keith)
   19. Community Activities Report
          a. Pathfinders Table at Events—Cecelia Stewart will take membership forms and flyers
               to Cruisin on Main events for the rest of the summer season (August, September, and
               October). Others will look for opportunities to publicize Pathfinders.
          b. Pathfinders sign at worksites—The sign is available for checkout upon request.
          c. Pathfinders Delegates at community meetings (Fiscal Court, Conservation District,
               Chamber of Commerce, City Council, etc.) Cecelia Stewart will contact these
               groups to find out when they meet. Pathfinders will seek people who can attend at
               those times.
   20. Annual Meeting October 2, 2007

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                  10/30/2006
          a. Membership Drive—AJ Hall will call the people on the Pathfinders email list to
              invite them to join. The group recommended that Pathfinders get more publicity.
              Cynthia mentioned the very helpful news story that Luke Keith wrote earlier in the
              summer. Tim Dunn volunteered to prepare an announcement to send to local papers.
              Tim will copy Cynthia when he sends an announcement to the paper and Cynthia
              will send photos to go with the announcement at that time.
          b. Board positions: There are 9 positions available on the board. Gabriele Napier had
              to withdraw because of health problems. Other individuals who expressed interest in
              serving on the board have had irregular attendance. Margaret Keith said that she
              would be willing to serve on the board. Individuals who have expressed interest in
              serving on the Board (Cecelia Stewart, Neil Napier, Shane Combs, Cynthia Cole,
              Margaret Keith, Kenny Dunn, Tim Dunn, Owen Slone, Angela Duff)
          c. Develop slate of nominees—A slate of nominees will be developed at the next
   21. Proposed Activities
          a. Upcoming Tuesday evening projects
                   i. Wetland Pond Construction—John Hoppe would like to have a Pathfinders
                      crew help him build a wetland pond at Hazard High on September 4, 2007
                      from 6 to 8 pm.
                  ii. John Hoppe has also requested assistance from Pathfinders for maintenance
                      of the nature trail at Hazard High School. The date for this will be October
                      16 from 5:30 to 7:30.
          b. Proposed Saturday Morning Projects—The group thought that Saturday mornings
              would be a good time for projects in the fall, but not too early. 10 am is probably a
              good starting time.
                   i. Memorial Drive Sidewalk Cleanup—This project will require coordination
                      with the city. Cynthia said that she would call BJ Ewen and/or Paul Feltner
                      to ask if they are interested in having Pathfinders help with this. The group
                      then suggested that there should be a written request to the city asking that
                      the sidewalk on Memorial be cleared and offering to help. If Pathfinders is to
                      help, the request should ask for help stopping traffic, for a truck to carry
                      away the debris and whatever tools might be helpful. It is possible that the
                      City would prefer to carry out this project themselves since the location is
                      challenging for volunteers.
                  ii. Pathfinders should continue to help with clearing paths at Bobby Davis Park
                      with permission of Nan Gorman. Cynthia will invite her to take a tour of the
                      work already done and will find out what should be next.
                 iii. Clear path from Memorial Gym to Eblen Apartments (suggestion from
                      Debbie Campbell). This project will involve multiple property owners.
                      Cecelia will call Debbie about what she has in mind for this project. The
                      Property Valuation Administrator should be able to tell Pathfinders who
                      owns the affected property.
          c. There is a need to advocate for basic infrastructure improvements to facilitate
              walking in Hazard and Perry County. Margaret Keith is willing to request additional
              stop signs to improve walkability. Lyle Snider suggested taking field trips to other
              towns (Prestonsburg, Paintsville) to see the quality of their infrastructure
              improvements and to find out how they did it. Margaret thought that they might

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                  10/30/2006
              have been awarded grant funds or have received a ―Downtown‖ designation to
              improve their waterfront walking opportunities.
   22. Preparing for Next Year’s Big Projects
           a. Defining the project—the group discussed a variety of options. Several were eager
              to move the riverwalk project forward. They suggested that one or more proposals
              for funding be written to start with that, going in either direction from downtown.
              The group would like to see improvements made so that it is comfortable to walk
              across the bridge from the Community College. There is a need to clean up on the
              Hardees side and to clean up the crossing at Hardees. Another idea would be to
              acquire land for pocket parks along the desired route, then to link them into a path
              over time. Pathfinders should let the City know how much Pathfinders likes the
              Peoples Park as a beginning pocket park downtown. Pathfinders would like to
              encourage the city to develop more of them and to link them with a walking/cycling
              path. The City might develop a land trust to enable progress on this.
           b. Seeking funds for projects—The group encouraged Cynthia to request funds for a
              route selection study, perhaps from the newly established Community Foundation.
              Funding from that source requires that a group have federal tax-exempt status, so it
              may not be possible for this year. (Pathfinders doesn’t have this status yet. It might
              be possible to request another agency to serve as fiscal agent.) The group suggested
              that some entity might have done a feasibility study for a riverwalk already since the
              idea has come up before. The group suggested contacting Spaulding Engineering for
              more information and their possible involvement. Paul Feltner might have
              information about this also.
   23. Announcements—Cynthia mentioned the meeting sponsored by SEKDTA and asked for
       volunteers to attend. Cecelia Stewart said she would like to attend and would invite AJ Hall
       to go with her. Margaret Keith said that SEKDTA had hired a wonderful marketing person
       in Debbie Geiger. For more information, folks can check the website at tourseky.com.
   24. Adjourn at 6:30 pm.


                                Pathfinders of Perry County
                            Meeting Notes Tuesday, July 17, 2007
                                        5 pm to 6 pm
                    Room 419 University of Kentucky Center for Rural Health

Present: John Hoppe, Cynthia Cole, Cecelia Stewart, Luke Keith, Margaret Keith
1. Welcome and Introductions
Cynthia and Cecelia welcomed John Hoppe, Luke Keith, and Margaret Keith. Cynthia noted that
John Hoppe joined Pathfinders a couple of weeks ago and provided very helpful feedback on the
membership form, which has been incorporated into a new version. She also noted that Luke Keith,
new editor of the Hazard Herald, published a very helpful article about Pathfinders in the most
recent edition of the paper. Margaret Keith has been involved in tourism efforts in several parts of
Kentucky and shared that expertise with Pathfinders.
2. Community Outreach
Cynthia asked the group for ideas about how Pathfinders can reach out to the community and
become better known. Suggestions included:

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                  10/30/2006
       a. Pathfinders table at events: Cecelia Stewart said that she would set out Pathfinders
           flyers and membership forms at events sponsored by the CHICKs Committee (especially
           the car shows that occur on the second Saturday of each month from April through
           October). The group suggested that Pathfinders have a table at all festivals that occur in
           Perry County (Vicco, Black Gold). Flyers and membership forms should be at
           Buckhorn State Resort Park and at the town of Buckhorn. John Hoppe said that he
           would put some around at Hazard Community and Technical College. Cynthia will ask
           for volunteers to do these things and also additional ideas for where to have flyers and
           membership forms. Cynthia can provide flyers to those who would like to distribute
           them. Membership forms can be printed from files that Cynthia sends to the email list.
       b. Newspaper, radio, other publicity: Luke and Margaret Keith suggested that WSGS
           (101.1) would be a good place for radio spots, especially about events. Pathfinders
           should also let WEKU know about events, and the Community Happenings segment on
           WYMT (television station). Cynthia will ask for volunteers on the email list who would
           like to work on publicity.
       c. Sidewalk sign at work sites: Cynthia put the new sidewalk sign outside the meeting
           room so all could admire it. She will ask for ideas from folks on the Pathfinders email
           list about the design of the two table top signs.
       d. Pathfinders delegates at meetings: the group agreed that important meetings for
           Pathfinders delegates include the Perry County Fiscal Court, the Perry County
           Conservation District, the Chamber of Commerce, the Hazard City Council, and the
           SEKYTDA (Southeast Kentucky Tourism Development Association?). Cynthia will
           solicit volunteers for each one to ensure that communication flows well between the
           organization and Pathfinders and back.
       e. Projects to work on now: the group suggested enlisting the aid of 4H Clubs, church
           groups, and other teen groups to clear vegetation along the river bank. They estimated
           that a path could easily be constructed from Long John Silvers through town. It should
           be possible to put in a blacktop path that would be 6 to 8 feet wide. It would be ideal to
           have rental paddleboats to use on the river between the two dams. The group thought
           that Roy Campbell would be willing to do the clearing of the path. Cynthia noted that
           the river bank is cleared behind the Baptist Church and Peoples Bank. It might be good
           to request permission to clear the river bank adjacent to those owners to get started.
           Margaret Keith said that she would check to see the current status of legislation that
           would allow property owners to donate an easement for public purposes in return for
           protection from liability for the public use. Cynthia will check to see who functions as
           Hazard City Planner to see if there is a plan in place for the use of the river bank. The
           group noted that the area around City Hall has been cleared and maintained beautifully
           and would like to see the rest of the river bank looking that good.
3. Recruitment of Members and Board Nominees
The group was encouraged to use the membership forms available to sign up new members. They
were also reminded of the first annual meeting that will occur in October.
4. Adopt and maintain local sites for walking?
       a. Which ones? (Possibilities--Bobby Davis Park, downtown landscaping, nature trail at
           Hazard High, Memorial Drive sidewalk, Englewood Cemetery) The group
           recommended that Pathfinders recruit students and other volunteers to help with
           community projects. They thought that middle school students might be more focused
           and available than high school students for such projects. Sources of youth: Jan Gibson
           for 4H, scout leaders, pastors for church groups (Lothair Baptist, First Presbyterian, First

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                    10/30/2006
           Baptist, etc.). John Hoppe said that he talked with Judge Engle about involving people
           from Drug Court in his projects and this might be a resource for Pathfinders also.
        b. Administration of adoption program? Pathfinders could ask for adult supervisors as well
           as youth workers to help with supervision. John Hoppe (an experienced youth leader)
           said that youth need good, clear leadership and supervision to be productive.
        c. Pros and cons? See above!
5. Meeting and Activity Schedules: Planning meeting once a month and an activity meeting
    once a month?
The group endorsed this revision of the meeting schedule. Cynthia and Lyle will be out of town for
the August 7 meeting and Cynthia will plan an activity for that day, recruit a leader for it, and send
the information via email.
6. Preparing for next year’s big projects
Cynthia encouraged the group to begin thinking about designing projects and applying for funding
to get them accomplished. The group should begin working on this in earnest early in the fall.
        a. Defining project
        b. Writing funding proposals
        c. Collaborators
7. New Business
No new business was proposed.


                                          Meeting Notes
                                  Pathfinders of Perry County
                Work Meetings Tuesday, July 3, 2007 & Wednesday July 4, 2007
                                6 pm to 8 pm and 10 am to 7 pm
                                    Bobby Davis Park, Hazard
Present: Adrienne Bush, A.J. Hall, Lyle Snider, Cynthia Cole

   8. Welcome and Introductions: On July 3, A.J. Hall, Adrienne Bush, and Cynthia Cole met
      in front of the Perry County Museum at 6 pm. (As a true Pathfinder, AJ biked to the work
      party.) Adrienne agreed to clean out the basement below the former greenhouse, AJ tackled
      some serious weeding and provided historical perspective for us workers and Cynthia
      focused on cutting back ivy on the paths.

   9. Roles and Results: AJ provided much historical background about the Bobby Davis Park
      while weeding. She said that a hard-working man named Bill maintained the grounds of the
      park by himself in the ―good old days.‖ She also pointed out that the small basement where
      Adrienne was cleaning had a multi-colored coat of paint that was relatively new. The paint
      was added by a man who was living in the room while down on his luck. Sometime in the
      last 3 months, he was assisted with finding new quarters. Adrienne did an amazing job of
      making the room completely clean. She filled at least 5 large trash bags with the results of
      her work. Cynthia produced additional large bags of ivy from the section of the walkway
      near the basement room (and by stealing AJ’s weeds!).

       The next day, Lyle Snider and Cynthia Cole returned to the Park to clean the lower part of
       the stairway (that begins next to the Black Gold building on L.O. Davis Drive). They must
       be compulsive because they couldn’t bring themselves to leave the Park (except for a lunch

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                   10/30/2006
      and shower break) until they had completed clearing the stairs of ivy. The showers reduced
      the size of their poison ivy eruptions, but didn’t eliminate them completely. While they
      were cleaning, a number of regular Park users came by to use the stairway, to supervise a
      little and to help pick up some trash. Several asked what group we represented and we were
      proud to say ―Pathfinders of Perry County.‖

      By the end of the day, the lower stairs looked great and were clear and ready for walking.
      Martha Quigley, Museum Director, reviewed the work of Pathfinders the next day and said
      she was extremely pleased to see a community group take an interest in the Park. There is
      much more that could be done, however. Cynthia would like to see a small group (perhaps 4
      to 7 individuals or families) ―adopt‖ the Bobby Davis Park and plan to spend time regularly
      cleaning the ivy off the paths and increasing the use of the Park. It is a fabulous resource for
      Hazard, well-worth caring for and enjoying. Prospective volunteers who want to be part of
      the adoption team should contact Cynthia Cole.

   10. Future Projects: The sidewalk sign with the Pathfinders logo is now ready to be used
       when Pathfinders groups are at work. The sign has two sides. The logo and the wording are
       the same on each side but on one side is a bicyclist and on the other is a family walking.
       The sign is approximately 2 feet wide by three feet tall and will stand up on its own. It was
       prepared by Ad East, using funds provided by FITKY. Designer Deronda helped choose the
       clip art and laid out the design and Meriwether Hall shepherded everything through the
       production process. Owen Slone came up with the idea to have a sign like this when
       Pathfinders works in the community or has a special event (for example, the dedication of
       the downtown walking tour later in the summer). Below, see the two sides of the sign. The
       handle on top and the light weight of the sign makes it easy to carry, especially for tall
       people. Pathfinders will also have a two-sided tabletop sign that holds 8.5 by 11 inch
       placards with the same designs.

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                   10/30/2006
           a. Summer in the Park: Meriwether Hall invited Pathfinders to have a table at the
              Summer in the Park event at Bobby Davis Park on June 30. Cynthia Cole and Lyle
              Snider gave out information about Pathfinders and solicited new members. Cecelia
              Stewart was there serving food and many other Pathfinders were volunteers for the
              event. New members joined, others carried information away, and a lovely time was
              had by all. One of the new members, John Hoppe, gave some very helpful feedback
              on the membership form. This has been incorporated into a new version of the form
              which will be circulated via email.

       NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2007. We will meet at 5 pm in Room 419 of the
       UK Center for Rural Health Building.


                                          Meeting Notes
                                  Pathfinders of Perry County
                                  Meeting Tuesday, June 19, 2007
                                         5 pm to 6:30 pm
                                        Downtown Hazard
Present: Owen Slone, Mary Rhoda Slone, Russell Oliver, Lyle Snider, Cynthia Cole

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                       10/30/2006
   11. Welcome and Introductions: the group met at the picnic shelter next to Hazard City Hall
       and discussed business until 5:20 pm. They checked out downtown and the river from 5:20
       until 6:30 pm.

   12. Improving Walkability of Sidewalks Downtown: The group agreed to work on several
       areas to enhance the walkability of the new Downtown Walking Tour and the downtown
       area in general. Nan Gorman and Martha Quigley requested that Pathfinders help maintain
       stairs and trails on or near Bobby Davis Park. The group agreed and will review the work to
       be done at a day and time to be arranged. (Cynthia will let everyone know when this is

      Cynthia sent an email to Paul Collins asking about sidewalk ownership and what sort of
      permission Pathfinders would need to trim overhanging vegetation that is making it less
      likely that pedestrians will use the sidewalk. She also asked Mr. Collins if there were plans
      to provide for pedestrians and bicyclists on the new bridge over the river. Lyle said that he
      would follow up on the specifications for pedestrians and bicycle lanes on the new bridge
      and he would also see if the exact location and plan for the new bridge is known yet.
      Cynthia also sent an email to BJ Ewen asking if he would mind if Pathfinders volunteers
      trim the boxwood overhanging the sidewalk on Memorial Drive. (The group thought that
      this area might be at the very bottom of his property.) She hasn’t heard back for these
      emails yet.

   13. Riverside Walkability Assessment: The group set out with umbrellas on a rainy walk by
       the river to see what possibilities there are for enhancing that area. The group noted that the
       Baptist Church has done an admirable job of landscaping and using their riverfront property.
       They have raised beds with attractive plants, mowed grass, a badminton net and have
       generally done an excellent job of making the area attractive. The group thought that if
       Pathfinders cleared the vegetation for other property owners along the river, there were
       already the makings of an extremely attractive area to walk along the river. The following
       ideas were thrown out:
           a. Establish Pathfinders Beautification Awards (or some such) to recognize efforts like
               those made by the Baptist Church to enhance the riverside.
           b. Downtown sidewalks are in good shape and look attractive with the brick. (There
               are a few places where a person in a wheelchair would find it difficult to negotiate
               the cutdowns from sidewalk to street level which might make it hard to cross the
               street safely. The same is true of someone walking a bicycle on the sidewalk. Of
               course, no one should be riding a bicycle on the sidewalk because of danger to
           c. Request permission to make improvements from property owners. Improvements
               might include clearing brush, removing trash, making walkways/steps to the
               riverside, making raised walkways where there is mud that would make for an
               unpleasant walk.
           d. Do a lot of weeding with permission of property owners and/or City. Take weeds
               out of landscaping near parking structure and from parking lots and sidewalks.
               Remove vegetation and poison ivy that is obscuring the river view.
           e. Enhance landscaping along riverside (raised beds, benches, sculpture, other

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                   10/30/2006
           f. Ask City to collect and compost vegetation piles generated! Return composted
               material to new landscaping.
           g. Build pedestrian bridge across the river, using the existing (and historic) stone piers.
           h. Consider making specialty ―pocket gardens‖ in the area of the river. These might
               include general ornamental gardens, an Oriental garden, a meditation garden, a
               fragrant garden, a demonstration flower/vegetable/herb garden. These could be
               strung out along the river with a connecting path along the river and walkways down
               to the river from Main Street. Service and special interest clubs (e.g., the Garden
               Club) could each be offered the opportunity to ―adopt‖ and maintain one of the small
               specialty gardens. These could be good settings for engagement and wedding
               photos, so local photographers might be interested in participating.
           i. Request that the Perry County Conservation District seek funding for a fishing
               pavilion or dock plus a walkway down the bank where people are already going to
           j. Request that the proposed road that will run behind the stores along the river to the
               new bridge be planned with bicyclists and pedestrians in mind (bike lane and
               sidewalk). This could connect with the bike lanes and sidewalk on the bridge,
               offering the opportunity to walk or bike to shopping areas on both sides of the river.
           k. Whenever Pathfinders is carrying out a project, set out a sidewalk sign with the logo.
               This will alert motorists for safety and also let the community know when
               Pathfinders is at work on their behalf.
   14. Building Community Awareness of Pathfinders: Owen Slone recommended that
       Pathfinders make items available for sale with the logo on them, especially at larger
       community gatherings. He recommended tee shirts in appealing colors (pink, green, yellow,
       etc.). Lyle suggested that darker tee shirts would be practical for Pathfinders work crews to
       use (show less dirt). Darker shirts could have the logo in white rather than black.
       Additional items to sell would be yoyos and hats with the logo.

   15. Preparation for Downtown Walking Tour: Cynthia will ask Ad East to prepare a
       sidewalk sign with the Pathfinders logo on it. This can be used for work projects as well as
       for the dedication of the Downtown Walking Tour.

       NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, JULY 3, 2007. We will meet in Room 419 of the UK
       Center for Rural Health Building.


                                         Meeting Notes
                                Pathfinders of Perry County
                                Meeting Tuesday, June 5, 2007
                                        5 pm to 6:10 pm
                     Room 419 University of Kentucky Center for Rural Health
Present: Owen Slone, Mary Rhoda Slone, Neil Napier, Lyle Snider, Cynthia Cole, AJ Hall, Cecelia Stewart
   16. Welcome and Introductions: the group welcomed Mary Rhoda Slone, who was introduced
       by Owen Slone, her brother.

   17. Recruitment of Members and Board Nominees: Pathfinders are encouraged to take
       copies of Pathfinders membership forms and recruit new members.

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                    10/30/2006
   18. Update on Downtown Walking Tour: Cecelia Stewart reported that she and Cynthia Cole
       met with the Mayor, Michelle Gambill and the group of students who are working on the
       downtown walking tour. The mayor was very interested in the project and gave everyone a
       City of Hazard mug to encourage this activity. He also provided some information about the
       history of Hazard and recommended additions to the tour. Cynthia and Michelle Gambill
       are working with Ad East to produce the 6-page brochure detailing the tour and are very
       grateful for the financial support from FITKY ($1400) for the project. Michelle has also
       received financial and much other support from the Kentucky Heritage Council in the course
       of her three-year fellowship on Documenting American Democracy. The Downtown
       Walking Tour is the final project for her fellowship.

   19. Set dates for Activities in Downtown Hazard: Owen Slone suggested that the group meet
       downtown for the regular meeting on June 19. We agreed to meet at 5 pm at the picnic
       shelter next to City Hall. (Parking is available in the City Hall parking lot if needed.) The
       group will begin walking at 5:15. Everyone should bring cameras and notepads. The
       purpose of the meeting will be to:
           a. Identify key areas near the river that need to be cleaned up.
           b. Check out riverside walking routes (other than the downtown walking tour).
           c. Identify needed sidewalks.
           d. Check out key components of the walking tour route that might need maintenance.
       The group will develop a list of activities that Pathfinders volunteers could undertake
       downtown. AJ Hall will invite Cris Ritchie from the Hazard Herald to join the group on
       June 19 for a possible article in the paper. Cynthia will work on making a sign that includes
       the new logo and says ―Pathfinders at Work‖ to use when Pathfinders is working on projects
       like these. The group also want to have tee shirts with the new logo (AJ Hall suggests green
       shirts with white lines for the logo).

   20. Followup on horse trail in Perry County Park: Cecelia Stewart talked with Angela Duff
       to find out how the gas drilling is going in Perry County Park. Neil Napier also talked with
       Denny Ray Noble. Both found out that the drilling is continuing and there isn’t a target
       completion date yet. As soon as the drilling is complete, Pathfinders will organize some
       trail maintenance activities and encourage folks to use the trail again.

   21. Review Logo Possibilities: The drafts of the logo were reviewed. The group loved all and
       thought that each one would be useful for various purposes. AJ commented that the one
       with block lettering was more readable for those with vision impairments. The group
       recommended that the first one (with cursive writing) be used for design reasons, but that
       readability be improved by increasing size of letters or using all caps. They also requested
       that some versions have ―Kentucky‖ added. For Version One, the group requested that the
       swirls on the left and right be thinned down and the upper path through the mountains be
       lengthened or emphasized somehow. Cynthia will meet with Rebecca Weaver to work on
       the revisions requested in the logos.

   22. New Business: Neil Napier will contact Perry County Officials about having a Pathfinders
       representative attend key county meetings (fiscal court, etc). This would allow Pathfinders
       to be aware of planned development (roads, bridges, sidewalks, etc.) and to suggest ways to
       increase walkability/bikeability during the planning phases.

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                  10/30/2006
       Cynthia will contact Chris Gooch about the paperwork needed to obtain 501(c) 3
       designation from the Internal Revenue Service (non-profit status).

       Owen suggested that Pathfinders carry out some projects to help improve walkability as
       soon as possible. He suggested beginning with a section of sidewalk (across from the Pantry
       Shelf on Memorial Drive) that is overgrown with boxwood and other vegetation. He
       frequently observes young people using the sidewalk who step out into Memorial Drive
       traffic because they can’t stay on the sidewalk at that point. He pointed out that this is
       dangerous for the young people and for the drivers, as well as discouraging everyone from
       walking on that sidewalk. Owen recommended that when Pathfinders are working on such
       projects, they use a sidewalk sign with the Pathfinders logo and the message ―Pathfinders at
       Work‖. This will warn motorists that Pathfinders volunteers are working in the area and
       provide some advertising about the group’s activities as well. For the Memorial Drive
       project, he recommends asking the Hazard Police to close the lane on Memorial Drive that is
       closest to the sidewalk while the work is in progress (about 2 hours). Cynthia will contact
       Paul Collins to find out if the City has any concerns about the project and will contact the
       person who probably owns the property on which the boxwoods are growing to be sure they
       don’t have concerns about the project.


                                Pathfinders of Perry County
                              Meeting Tuesday, May 15, 2007
                                        5 pm to 6 pm
                    Room 419 University of Kentucky Center for Rural Health

Present: Owen Slone, Cynthia Cole, Cecelia Stewart
   23. Welcome and Introductions: Introductions not needed, welcomes accomplished.
   24. Distribution of Membership Forms: All Pathfinders were encouraged to distribute
       Pathfinders membership forms. Cynthia agreed to develop a receipt to acknowledge
       membership. This can be distributed by email if we know the email address or by regular
       mail if that’s all we have.
   25. Recruitment of Board Nominees: Gabriele Napier said that health issues will prevent her
       from serving on the Pathfinders Board. Pathfinders are asked to help identify individuals
       interested in serving on the Pathfinders Board. A slate of nine will be proposed in
       September and elected at the first annual meeting of the membership in October, 2007.
       Cecelia recommended that Betsy Clemons would be an excellent addition to the Pathfinders
       Board. She is Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce. Cecelia will get her email
       address and invite her to consider being nominated for the Pathfinders Board.
   26. Plans and Leadership for Activities in Downtown Hazard
           a. Cleanup: Discussion deferred until later meeting.
           b. Checking out walking routes: Deferred to next meeting.
           c. Regular walking/riding events downtown? On the second Saturday of each month
               (April through October), the CHICKs Committee is sponsoring Cruisin’ on Main.
               Main Street is closed from 3 pm until 7 pm from the Hazard City parking structure to
               Lovern St. There is a festive atmosphere, antique car shows, food booths and much

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                 10/30/2006
              else to bring people downtown. It would be a good time for Pathfinders to join in
              and perhaps encourage walking tours of downtown when that is developed. On June
              30, CHICKS is sponsoring the Picnic in the Park event at Bobby Davis Park. The
              picnic begins at 4 pm and there will be a play suitable for families and children at 7
              pm. Cecelia will ask the CHICKs Committee if they mind if the Downtown Walking
              Tour is dedicated on June 30, 2007 in conjunction with their event, if it is ready by
              then. Cynthia will send an email to Michelle Gambill to see if the tour is likely to be
              ready for dedication by June 30.
          d. Identifying needed sidewalks and requesting them: Cynthia shared an idea about
              improving the sidewalk network around the hospital/UK Center for Rural Health
              complex and inviting both organizations to participate in encouraging employees to
              use the improved network. Cynthia agreed to talk with Donnie Fields to find out if
              ARH would be interested in such a project. The group recommended talking with
              the wellness coordinator at the hospital if there is one.
  27. Followup on horse trail in Perry County Park (need volunteer to find out how gas
      drilling is going and if we can do trail maintenance yet): Cecelia volunteered to contact
      Angela Duff to find out if the gas drilling is completed yet.
  28. New Business: None at this time
  29. Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 5, 2007.

                                        Meeting Notes
                                Pathfinders of Perry County
                                   Tuesday, May 1, 2007
                                        5 pm to 6 pm
                    Room 419 University of Kentucky Center for Rural Health

Present: Michele Gambill, Casey Smith, Rebecca Weaver, Neal Napier, Owen Slone, Cynthia Cole,
Russell Oliver, Lyle Snider.

    31. Welcome and Introductions
Michelle Gambill introduced Casey Smith, who is one of the A.B. Combs students working with
her on developing the downtown walking tour. Cynthia brought the two digital voice recorders that
the students will use to record their interviews and the group familiarized themselves, Casey, and
Michelle with the operation of the recorders. The recorders and their components were then
checked out to Michelle for use in the project. The recorders were purchased with funds awarded to
Pathfinders from the FITKY Coalition.

   32. Brainstorming the Route for Hazard Walking Tour with Michelle Gambill and
          a. Developing the Tour: Michele said that she and the students have spent several
             afternoons in downtown Hazard to review potential tour sites recommended a variety
             of Hazard residents and community leaders. Some of the recommended sites don’t
             have remaining buildings or other things to ―see‖ but still might be interesting stops
             on the tour because of their significance in Hazard’s history. She and the students
             think they will have two walks that might be described as the ―mild‖ and the ―wild.‖
             Each will be at least 1 mile long. Lyle suggested that one might start at the

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                  10/30/2006
              basketball parking lot and have a stop to look at the interesting architecture on that
              corner. Owen said there used to be a closed circuit TV station on that corner. The
              group thought that there could be three loops in the tour. One would be a level
              downtown loop, the second could go uphill from downtown and a third loop could
              go to the railroad yards across the river. There used to be a depot where the Home
              Lumber paint store is now. The depot appears in some of the historical photos of the
              first passenger trains arriving in Hazard.
           b. Contracting with AdEast for Brochure: The FITKY Coalition also provided some
              funding to produce the brochures for the downtown walking tour. Pathfinders plans
              to contract with AdEast for the services of Rebecca Weaver in designing the
              brochure and for printing the brochures. Michelle will talk with AdEast about
              deadlines and Cynthia will talk with them about the contract with Pathfinders.
           c. Designing the Brochure: Michelle Gambill hopes to use 11 by 17 inch paper for
              the brochure so she can fit as much information on it as possible. Cynthia mentioned
              that John Chester at KRADD does GIS mapping and has offered to help Pathfinders
              in the past. Lyle Snider suggested that John could very likely help the group get a
              digital map of Hazard to use as the basis for the brochure route description.

   33. Review of Membership Form
The draft of the membership form that was circulated was approved without changes. The group
would like to add the Pathfinders logo to the membership form as soon as it is ready. Rebecca
Weaver said that she would need to use the program ―Illustrator‖ to convert the logo to digital
format. She has this software, but doesn’t have the new computer she needs to run it (MAC based).
Cynthia will continue to try to obtain the Productivity Suite from Adobe that includes Illustrator.

   34. Activities in Downtown Hazard
          a. Cleanup: Lyle and Russell suggested that Pathfinders sponsor a downtown riverside
              cleanup so that people can get to know the area and take an interest in it. The group
              was very supportive of this and thought that it would be a positive step to take. It
              would be good to have a leader for this who will be sure that City officials know the
              plans and dates. Recruitment for a leader is now open!

           b. Checking out walking routes: The group also thought that the Pathfinders Outings
              Committee could schedule walks downtown to scope out additional walking
              opportunities and perhaps have ―Volksmarch‖ events where people walk in town.
              Tim Corey would be a good person to involve in this. He was also interested in
              geocaching, which might go well with this activity.

           c. Regular walking/riding events downtown: The group thought that it would be
              very helpful if the CHICKS committee could request that a walking/cycling event be
              scheduled once a month, perhaps by closing Main St. or other roads for 2 hours or
              so, or perhaps just with advance notice to minimize traffic problems. It would be fun
              to make this a family event with food booths, contests, a tricycle race for 3 to 5year
              olds, etc. The National Guard has a climbing wall and might be willing to bring that
              for such an event. (Neil Napier could coordinate this.) Owen said that Faron

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                  10/30/2006
                  Sparkman has offered to help Pathfinders and would likely be able to advertise these
                  events on the radio.

               d. Identifying needed sidewalks and requesting them: Cynthia suggested that
                  Pathfinders could work with City and County officials to identify areas near large
                  employers or concentrations of potential walkers (e.g., the hospital, the community
                  college, the high schools) and improve the sidewalk network in those areas to
                  encourage people to walk rather than ride to restaurants, parking areas, etc. Neil
                  Napier recommended that safety and accessibility to all (including mobility
                  impaired) be emphasized. The group would like to see the Laurel Street Bridge
                  restored for pedestrians to help walkers get downtown. Pathfinders would also like
                  to see the City restore the pedestrian walkway to Hazard High School that fell down
                  and to make it possible to walk comfortably to and from town to Hazard High and to
                  the community college.

       35. New Business
             a. Source for Jewelry: Russell Oliver said that he talked with Helen Brunty about the
                possibility of making jewelry with the Pathfinders logo on it when it is ready. Helen
                expressed interest in this and Russell gave her card to Cynthia.
             b. Pathfinders Representation on City and County Planning Bodies: Pathfinders
                would like to have a member serve on planning committees for the city and county.
                This could provide information about projects and plans in the future and help
                incorporate walking and biking into future plans. Roads built with state and federal
                funds often require provision for walking and biking, but other needs can
                overshadow this if there isn’t someone to bring this up when the planning is done.
                Neil Napier said that he would be willing to serve on such committees for the city or
                the county. He will contact folks at the county to introduce the idea.


                                            Meeting Notes
                                    Pathfinders of Perry County
                                      Tuesday, April 17, 2007
                                            5 pm to 6 pm
                        Room 419 University of Kentucky Center for Rural Health

   Present: Shane Combs, A.J. Hall, Owen Slone, Cynthia Cole, Russell Oliver, Lyle Snider, Regina
   Hall, Ray Tackett.

36. Welcome and Introductions: All Pathfinders introduced themselves to Regina Hall and Ray
    Tackett, visitors from the Big Sandy region who are interested in the possibility of starting a
    Pathfinders group in their region to generate and coordinate community support for trail
    development in their area. Regina is a planner for the Big Sandy Area Development District who is
    working to establish a 36-mile rail-to-trail conversion that will cross 3 counties. Ray Tackett is an
    Agricultural and Natural Resources Extension Agent who works in Floyd County and lives in
    Johnson County. He is an avid bicyclist and would like to start a Pathfinders group that covers both
    counties to help build support for the trail that Regina is working on.

   Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                    10/30/2006
37. Brainstorming Pathfinders Group for Johnson/Floyd Counties:
    a. Pathfinders of Perry County strongly encouraged the formation of a Pathfinders of the Big
        Sandy group. Cynthia said she didn’t think that it was necessary to wait because each group
        would have the ability to support and strengthen the work of each other group. Joint activities
        could include outings to bike trails in Kentucky counties or even to West Virginia or Virginia to
        visit the Hatfield McCoy trail or the Virginia Creeper Trail. The groups could also collaborate
        on the maintenance of trails throughout the eastern Kentucky region. The group thought that it
        would be useful to have an annual meeting of all Pathfinders groups and to stay in touch through
        sharing of minutes and activities and to build synergy. Ray Tackett said that he believes
        Pathfinders groups can foster communities with excellent quality of life, where people will
        enjoy living. Such communities build economic security naturally because they appeal to those
        who live there and to visitors.
    b. The group shared much relevant information. Regina pointed out that the state of Kentucky is
        now re-writing its bicycle and pedestrian plan and will add a greater emphasis on bicycling as a
        form of transportation. This news was greeted with general acclaim! The T21 funding stream
        has shifted from an emphasis on funding historic developments to approving a larger proportion
        of their funds for bicycle facilities (13% to 42%). They will probably have somewhat less than
        $10,000,000 to allocate next year, but this is still a potential source of larger amounts of
    c. The group thought that it would bring increased tourism if the TransAmerica bicycling route
        brought cyclists into Hazard rather than staying on the edge of town. It might also be useful to
        consider services for cross-country cyclists (food, bicycle repairs, overnight accommodations,
        etc.) that are right on whatever route is on their maps.
38. Create Membership Form: The group reviewed the draft membership form that Cynthia
    distributed and made suggestions for revisions. Cynthia will incorporate the suggestions into a new
    draft and will circulate that to the email list for further comments. Those comments can be
    considered at the next meeting and a final version of the membership form developed. (When the
    IRS grants non-profit status to Pathfinders, that should be added to the membership form for the
    information of those considering donations.)There will then be a membership drive during May in
    preparation for a called meeting in June for the purpose of electing permanent Board members to
    replace the interim Board created when Pathfinders was incorporated.
39. Email Reminders of Meetings: AJ Hall suggested that an email reminder of the meetings go out
    to the distribution list on Friday before the Tuesday meeting. Cynthia said that was a great idea and
    asked AJ if she would be willing to do that for the group. AJ said that she would consider doing
40. Funding Proposals: Cynthia reported that three proposals were submitted on behalf of Pathfinders
    so far this spring. Cynthia prepared one with a request for $1400 to support the oral
    history/downtown walking tour in Hazard that is led by Michelle Gambill and her students. Lyle
    Snider wrote a second one requesting just under $5000 to design a ―Woodland Walking Path‖ for
    Perry County Park in conjunction with the County Judge Executive and to begin the first segment
    once the design and location is approved. Cynthia Cole requested just under $5000 to design two
    more oral history/walking tours in Buckhorn and one other small Perry County community (to be
    selected if the funding is awarded).

41. New Business:
             a. Owen Slone reported that he talked with Paul Collins about the downtown park for
      which there is a sign. Paul told Owen that a grant of $100,000 to create a park has been
      obtained, but planning can’t begin until the state completes the new bridge over the North Fork

   Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                    10/30/2006
   of the Kentucky River. Owen also said that the city is planning to build a road behind the First
   Baptist Church. Pathfinders would be very supportive if it were possible to include planning for
   pedestrians and bicyclists when that road is built. This could be another important link in the
   Pathfinders’ vision to provide safe non-motorized travel along the river. Pathfinders noted that
   when federal highway funds are used, there is a requirement that provision be made for non-
   motorized travel wherever feasible. In discussing potential routes for this along the river, Owen
   found that Paul Collins was intrigued by the opportunity to use the existing bridge piers in
   downtown Hazard as part of a pedestrian bridge across the river and perhaps to build other
   pedestrian bridges across the river.
           b. Everyone was very excited to hear about the prospective park and would like to
   recommend coordinated planning for the downtown area to include better opportunities to
   incorporate physical activity into every day activities. The group at the meeting thought that it
   would be important to gather more information about plans the city of Hazard and the county of
   Perry might have that would be related to the goals of Pathfinders. One way to keep
   information flowing would be to have Pathfinders representatives serving on relevant planning
           c. Russell and Lyle were clearing kudzu behind the basketball courts and found that
   there is a great deal of trash as well as kudzu that needs to be cleaned up. They recommended
   that this would be a good Pathfinders project on a Saturday afternoon.
           d. Owen Slone recommended that Pathfinders use all approved logo designs in some
   way (tee shirts, pins, jewelry, brochures and flyers, etc.) and others suggested that there be one
   universally recognizable one with other ―special occasion‖ logos. Owen suggested that we
   inquire with the Knott County School of Craft to see if students would like to make jewelry for
   Pathfinders to sell to generate money for projects.


                                Pathfinders of Perry County
                              Meeting Tuesday, April 3, 2007
                                        5 pm to 6 pm
                    Room 419 University of Kentucky Center for Rural Health

   42. Welcome and Introductions
   43. Funding Proposal updates
          a. Funding from FITKY for downtown walking tour probable
          b. Project to design new walking path in Perry County Park (proposal to Foundation for
               Healthy KY—will hear results about May 25)
          c. Proposal for walking path in Buckhorn & 1 other small community in Perry County
               (proposal submitted March 30)
          d. Other possibilities—Hamburger Helper grant?
   44. Downtown Hazard Oral History/Walking Tour Update
          a. Michelle Gambill and students will meet downtown tonight and Thursday. They
               welcome Pathfinders members to join them.
          b. Mini grant proposal
   45. Public Image?
          a. Logo

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                   10/30/2006
         b. Flyer
         c. Articles in paper
         d. WYMT Coverage
   46. New Business

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration   10/30/2006
I am taking my students downtown today to begin taking pictures of the downtown buildings and such. If
anyone wants to join us, we will be in the area until at least 5:30. We are open to suggestions as to where to
take the walk AND still want names of who to talk to, although we have quite a few ideas in that area, too.
Thanks for all the help and sorry we can’t attend today—we have WORK to do!!!!

Also, tell the group we are meeting at City Hall at 4pm on Thursday as well, if anyone wants to join us and
show us historical “stuff” or share info


                                          Meeting Notes
                                  Pathfinders of Perry County
                                Meeting Tuesday, March 20, 2007
                                          5 pm to 6 pm
                      Room 419 University of Kentucky Center for Rural Health

Present: Owen Slone, Cynthia Cole
   47. Welcome and Introductions
   48. Funding Proposal updates
          a. Funding from FITKY for downtown walking tour probable
          b. Project to design new walking path in Perry County Park (proposal to Foundation for
               Healthy KY—will hear results about May 25)
          c. Proposal for walking path in Buckhorn & 1 other small community in Perry County
               (proposal submitted March 30)
          d. Other possibilities—Hamburger Helper grant?
   49. Downtown Hazard Oral History/Walking Tour Update
          a. Michelle Gambill and students will meet downtown tonight and Thursday. They
               welcome Pathfinders members to join them.
          b. Mini grant proposal
   50. Public Image?
          a. Logo
          b. Flyer
          c. Articles in paper
          d. WYMT Coverage
   51. New Business

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                           10/30/2006
I am taking my students downtown today to begin taking pictures of the downtown buildings and such. If
anyone wants to join us, we will be in the area until at least 5:30. We are open to suggestions as to where to
take the walk AND still want names of who to talk to, although we have quite a few ideas in that area, too.
Thanks for all the help and sorry we can’t attend today—we have WORK to do!!!!

Also, tell the group we are meeting at City Hall at 4pm on Thursday as well, if anyone wants to join us and
show us historical “stuff” or share info


                                            Meeting Notes
                                     Pathfinders of Perry County
                                      Tuesday, March 6, 2007
                                         4:30 pm to 5:40 pm
                                 Room 224 First Federal Center, HCTC

    52. Welcome and Introductions: Michelle Gambill, Shane Combs, Neil Napier, A.J. Hall, Owen
        Slone, Cynthia Cole, Linda Campbell.
   53. Update on Use of Pathfinders name by other counties
Ray Tackett is an Agricultural and Natural Resources Extension Agent who works in Floyd County
and lives in Johnson County. He would like to start a Pathfinders group that covers both counties.
Cynthia asked if Pathfinders had any objection to this plan. A.J. Hall said she thought that the two
counties had a history of collaborating and the rest of the group supported the idea. They welcomed
Ray’s initiative and hope to meet him at a Pathfinders of Perry County meeting.
   54. Downtown Hazard Oral History/Walking Tour
No A.B. Combs students were able to attend the meeting. Michelle Gambill asked Pathfinders for
suggestions about who the students should interview. Pathfinders made a number of suggestions.
Among them were the Baptist Church historical committee, Jay Lasslo and other residents of the
East Kentucky Veterans Center, Faron and Earnest Sparkman, Sadie Pray, Bobby Charles Turner,
and a multitude of others. Cynthia also forwarded a list via email that included Bill and Nan
Gorman, Bill and Betty Morton, Stanley Slone, and Wayne Smith.

The group suggested that the tour might start at City Hall or the old bridge pier near City Hall.
They suggested including key buildings on Main St., the fire station, and the Bobby Davis (Perry
County) Museum. Additional sites will emerge from the oral histories. Michelle plans to assign
one interview per student, for a total of about 25 interviews. A.J. Hall suggested that the students
might submit the recorded interviews to an oral history center that was in Frankfort. Cynthia
suggested that the students have an interview format to follow.

Cynthia prepared a brief proposal to the FITKY Coalition for $1400 in additional funding for this
project. If awarded, the funding would support buying audio-recorders for the students to use when
doing interviews, design and printing costs for the brochure describing the tour, and paint to mark
the tour. (Cynthia reported that Paul Feltner agreed to let Pathfinders mark the tour using paint on
the street adjacent to the curb.) The group suggested using numbers for stops along the tour and a
unique marker between numbers to help people see where the path goes. They also recommended
using a subdued color that would show up but not be too intrusive. Michelle thought that students
in high school art classes would do a good job of painting the markers on the street. The group
recommended using a unique and appealing marker.

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                          10/30/2006
    55. Logo and Flyer
Owen Slone sketched another possibility for the Pathfinders logo. Cynthia will scan it and send it
to Rebecca Weaver. A. J. Hall asked when the updated flyer would be ready, as she would like to
distribute the version with local photos as soon as possible. Rebecca has had computer and
software issues and Cynthia will ask Rebecca if Pathfinders can help address those.
    56. Project Teams
Dewayne Shouse and Owen Slone have volunteered for the team to plan for the downtown river
walk. This team will need additional participants who are willing to spend some time developing
this project. It will be expensive and will need to involve many people in the planning. Additional
volunteers are highly encouraged!

Cynthia reported that another team is writing a proposal for the new path in Perry County Park.
They are trying to make a deadline March 15 for the Recreational Trails funding opportunity. This
proposal was somewhat complicated and the team hopes to meet the deadline, but may not be able
to. Neil Napier said he has had computer issues at home, but could stay at work to help write or
pull together pieces of the proposal.
    57. New Business
Neil mentioned that he will be teaching a trail-oriented general studies course through Morehead (at
HCTC) in the fall. He hopes that student projects will be helpful to Pathfinders. He will report
back to the group as he develops the course.

A.J. Hall suggested that it would reduce hassle and increase privacy if Pathfinders put the email
addresses in the bcc area when emails are sent. Cynthia will do this for most email. About once a
month, she will put the list in the cc area so Pathfinders will have updated email addresses for the


                             Pathfinders of Perry County Meeting Notes
                                    Tuesday, February 20, 2007
                                         4:30 pm to 5:30 pm
                               Room 227 First Federal Center, HCTC

Present: Russell Oliver, Shane Combs, Linda Campbell, Lyle Snider, Cecelia Stewart, Taylor Miniard,
Cynthia Cole
    58. Welcome and Introductions
The group welcomed new participant, Linda Campbell.
    59. Use of Pathfinders name by other counties
Cynthia reported that a group centered in Johnson County has expressed interest in using the
Pathfinders name. The Pathfinders of Perry County reaffirmed its interest in sharing the name if
groups adopt the established Pathfinders of Perry County mission statement and maintain
communication among Pathfinders groups. Over time, the group would like to see Pathfinders
groups form a loosely knit federation of like-minded organizations that support one another and
plan together when possible and useful. Cynthia will share the mission statement, minutes, and
other documents that might be helpful in helping them get started.
    60. Review Bylaws
           a. Define Member—Fee? Paperwork?

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                      10/30/2006
Tim Dunn reviewed the draft Bylaws and raised a concern about who would be considered a
Pathfinders of Perry County member. If a quorum of the members is required to elect Board
members, it is essential to know who is eligible to vote. Those present made recommendations for
revisions to the draft bylaws in Section II, article 1.
     Establish voting and nonvoting categories of membership.
     Ask all prospective members to complete an application form and submit it. The form will
         ask prospective members to select the type of membership they are seeking.
     Voting members would be asked to pay a membership fee of $5, attend at least one meeting
         per quarter or perform equivalent service for Pathfinders, and to attend the annual meeting at
         which the Board is elected. If an individual is eligible for voting membership but unable to
         pay a membership fee, he or she may request a waiver of the fee.
     Supporting members would be asked to apply for membership and make a donation to
         Pathfinders but would not be required to attend meetings and would not be eligible to vote
         for Board members at the annual meeting. The suggested donation would be $25, but could
         be higher or lower at the discretion of the prospective Supporting Member.
     Pathfinders meetings should continue to be open to anyone interested in attending. Those
         who attend would be invited to apply for membership and encouraged to continue to attend
     For purposes of establishing the number of members who constitute a quorum for the annual
         meeting (at which members of the Board of Directors are elected), a list of members eligible
         to vote will be established before the annual meeting. A quorum will be the majority of
         those members.
             b. Review other provisions
No other issues were raised about the draft Bylaws.
             c. Set annual meeting date
The group recommended that the first annual meeting be held on April 17, 2007. Thereafter, the
annual meeting will be held on the first Tuesday of October each year.
             d. Discuss slate for Board and officers
There wasn’t time to discuss the initial slate of candidates for the Pathfinders of Perry County
    61. Proposal development for funding
             a. Recreational Trails
                      i. Proposal Due March 15, 2007
Cecelia Stewart, Lyle Snider, Owen Slone, and Neil Napier are working on a proposal to meet this
deadline. There is still a lot to accomplish and it may be difficult to get a proposal completed by the
                     ii. Committee Planning Trail in Perry County Park
The group discussed the need for planning as part of the proposal for a new trail in Perry County
Park and brainstormed the type of expertise needed. Shane Combs said that Vanessa Stamper
Combs Pollard has a degree in recreation planning and he would ask her where Pathfinders should
start in outlining the expertise needed for the proposal. The group also thought that it would be
useful to find out what land use planning was needed to develop the civil war re-enactment site and
mentioned Angela Duff, Paul Taulbee, and Brenda Nease as knowledgeable about that.
             b. Potential Funding for Oral History/Theme walk
Cynthia mentioned that there is a request for proposals due at the then of March that might provide
funding for a small project. The source of funding is the ―Take Action: Healthy People, Places,
and Practices in Communities Project‖ and each project can apply for $2000 - $5000. Cynthia

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                    10/30/2006
contacted Robin Gabbard, a city official in Buckhorn, who was interested in pursuing a project to
develop an oral history/walking tour in Buckhorn. Possible collaborators would be the Home
School Association and Perry County Central High School Interact students from Buckhorn.
   62. Public Image
This topic was deferred to the next meeting because of lack of time and expertise.
           a. Logo
           b. Flyer
           c. Articles in paper
           d. WYMT Coverage
   63. New Business
No new business was raised.


                                   Pathfinders of Perry County
                 Notes from Meeting of Tuesday, January 16, 2007 (5 pm – 6:30 pm)

Present: Becky Shipp, Sandy Stults, Neil Napier, Owen Slone, Angela Duff, Michelle Gambill, Dewayne Shouse, Lyle
Snider, Rebecca Weaver, Russell Oliver, Carolyn May, Cecelia Stewart, A.J. Hall, Cynthia Cole
    64. Welcome and Introductions
        The group introduced themselves to one another and welcomed visitors Becky Shipp, Sandy
        Stults, Michelle Gambill and Dewayne Shouse.
    65. Discussion of role of Army Corps of Engineers in river development (Dewayne Shouse).
        Dewayne works for the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) as a park ranger at Buckhorn State
        Park. He hoped to bring one of the two ACE public outreach officers, but they weren’t
        available. Dewayne grew up in Owsley County and has worked for the ACE for 6 years.
        He described the purposes of the 1977 Water Resources and Development Act to help
        organizations and provide planning support for water-related projects. The act also
        addresses community water supplies and environmental infrastructure related to public and
        recreational use of water. ACE deals with waster water treatment, navigation, mitigation of
        shore damage, and restoration of aquatic systems. Dewayne briefly described some possible
        assistance that might be available through ACE funding and directed the group to the
        statewide contact person who could provide additional help. The ACE outreach coordinator
        is Amy Sharp who works in the Louisville ACE office (502-315-6861). She provided
        Dewayne with a notebook of resources and guidelines for groups interested in projects near
        or related to water.

        Dewayne described a few projects in eastern KY that were supported by ACE through
        Section 219 funding and suggested that Section 22 would be an appropriate funding
        mechanism for Pathfinders of Perry County projects if they are primarily recreational in
        nature. The ACE website http://www.usace.army.mil/ says that: The mission of the Corps
        of Engineers Regulatory Program is to protect the nation’s aquatic resources, while
        allowing reasonable development through fair, flexible and balanced permit decisions.
        The Corps evaluates permit applications for essentially all construction activities that
        occur in the nation’s waters, including wetlands. Corps permits are also necessary for
        any work, including construction and dredging, in the nation’s navigable waters.

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                            10/30/2006
      Dewayne said that the Corps typically gives a lower priority to proposals to fund
      recreational projects but having support from a local congressperson is very helpful. He said
      that it is possible to ask the Corps to help fund a master plan for a project which would
      address recommended materials, slopes, drainage, etc. Typically, the Corps requires a 50/50
      match, with 50% federal funds and 50% local funds. In-kind matches can be successful.
      The river itself belongs to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, as well as a portion of the
      riverbank. He suggested that Pathfinders should identify the owners of property affected by
      a proposed project before submitting the proposal. He recommended obtaining information
      from the website and developing a proposal to be submitted in time for the Fiscal Year 2008

       The group discussed previous projects in Perry County that were carried out in the context
       of multiple owners. Owen Slone mentioned Perry County Park as an example of a project
       with multiple ownership to consider. He suggested that becoming familiar with the process
       that led to the development of the Perry County Park might help suggest how the riverwalk
       idea could be implemented in downtown Hazard. The group suggested the importance of
       involving Eunice Fitzpatrick and KRADD (Kentucky River Area Development District) in
       Pathfinders planning.
   66. Discussion of collaboration between Kentucky Heritage Council and development of theme
       walks (guests). Becky Shipp from the Kentucky Heritage Council, Sandy Stults a master
       teacher from the Documenting American Democracy project, and Michelle Gambill, a
       teacher at A.B. Combs Elementary school who has a multi-year fellowship from the
       Documenting American Democracy program under the guidance of consultants and master
       teachers (Shipp and Stults) attended. The guests presented information about Michelle’s
       fellowship project and the group discussed how Pathfinders could be involved with and
       support Michelle’s project. Last summer, Michelle Gambill carried out her first fellowship
       project in collaboration with the Bobby Davis/Perry County Museum. For her second-year
       project (to be completed by June, 2007), she plans to develop a historical walking tour of
       downtown Hazard. Michelle showed a brochure from Bowling Green, KY that illustrated a
       walking tour there and said she will develop a similar one for the Hazard walking tour.

      Michelle’s project needs a connection with Hazard’s history and will involve 7th and 8th
      grade student volunteers in designing and carrying it out. Sandy Stults (originally from
      Letcher County) mentioned the photo archive that Jenkins KY maintains. Becky suggested
      that Michelle and her students could use the online archive of Hazard photos. She also
      suggested that community groups like Pathfinders could share their ideas for historical sites
      downtown with the students. She recommended that Pathfinders convene a meeting at A.B.
      Combs so the students could participate in a Pathfinders meeting. Michelle’s fellowship is
      intended to help teachers increase civic participation and historical knowledge among
      students. Becky Shipp asked that Pathfinders add value to Michelle’s project by
      encouraging suggestions from the public, by providing ideas and historical input (Fess
      Holcomb, Martha Quigley, and Bill McGraw were suggested as resources). She also
      recommended that Pathfinders schedule an event (an unveiling) to announce the completion
      of the project and to get publicity for it.

      Neil Napier said that he would be willing to talk with Michelle’s A. B. Combs students at
      school about Pathfinders and the Eastern Kentucky Veterans Center and hoped that the
      students could include some oral histories with the veterans. Cecelia Stewart and Owen

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                 10/30/2006
      Slone also volunteered to help with the project. Michelle said that she would need a graphic
      designer and would contact Rebecca Weaver to discuss a possible role in the project.
      Michelle has a very small amount of funding for project expenses (about $400).

   67. Proposal development for funding
           a. Information reports and project selection
               At the 1/2/2007 meeting, the group suggested that Pathfinders select a project within
               Perry County Park for this year’s round of funding deadlines. Several suggested
               developing a trail that begins across the street from the Senior Center and goes along
               the hillside to connect with the uphill trail above the horse ring.
           b. Formation of committees to work on projects selected
               Cecelia Stewart, Owen Slone, Neil Napier and Lyle Snider agreed to help with
               writing a grant proposal for this year’s deadlines. Cecelia Stewart and Owen Slone
               are willing to coordinate the group’s work.
           c. Funding Opportunities
               Links to some funding sources are included below:
                     i. Recreational Trails (Letter of Intent to apply due January 30, 2007) Full
                        application will be requested if review of Letter of Intent is successful.
                    ii. PRIDE (March, 2007?) On the PRIDE website, deadline dates for 2007
                        aren’t listed. Contact PRIDE for details for this year.
                   iii. Land and Water Conservation (March 1, 2007)
   68. Petition Drive
           a. Plan meetings with community leaders to present petition list (Chamber of
               Commerce, City Council, Fiscal Court, Tourism Board, list others)
               Angela Duff and Cecelia Stewart volunteered to make Pathfinders presentations with
               the petition results. They will schedule these.
   69. Publicity
           a. Updated flyers (Rebecca Weaver)
               Rebecca plans to have the updated flyer ready in a week. Cynthia will send her
               updated copy about Pathfinders meetings and the mission statement. Rebecca will
               incorporate the new photos and text and send back to Cynthia and Pathfinders
               interim board for review.
           b. Hazard Herald articles
               Many compliments were offered for Tim Dunn’s articles in the paper and the group
               encourages him to continue writing them.
           c. WYMT interviews? Issues and Answers?
               Rebecca Weaver will let Steve Henson know that Pathfinders would be happy to
               have some publicity.
           d. Other opportunities?
   70. Incorporation, non-profit status, bylaws
           Pathfinders of Perry County was officially incorporated early in January, thanks to the
           work of Paul Collins and Melissa Vermillion. Cynthia will send out electronic copies of
           the articles of incorporation and the draft bylaws to the Pathfinders email distribution

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                   10/30/2006
           list. The first annual meeting for Pathfinders will be March 6, 2007. At that meeting,
           the first board will be elected by the membership and officers will be elected from within
           the board. The bylaws (revised according to recommendations from the membership)
           will also be voted upon at the first annual business meeting.
   71. New Business
       Carolyn May encouraged Pathfinders to become involved with the Vision 20/20 process
       sponsored by Hazard Perry County Community Ministries. So far, Vision 20/20 has
       interviewed more than 100 people and included 150 people in focus groups to discuss the
       future of Hazard and Perry County. From that information, four task forces were developed
       to address the concerns that came up. The Physical Infrastructure task force is one of the
       four and links well with Pathfinders. That task force will meet on Tuesday, January 23,
       2007 at 5:30 in room 123 E at the First Federal Center at HCTC. The group suggested that
       it would be wonderful to include students (including Interact students at Perry Central and
       Michelle Gambill’s students at A.B. Combs )in the Democracy/Government group that will
       meet on February 13, 2007.

Pathfinders of Perry County: A Community-CREEK Collaboration                  10/30/2006

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