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					        Volume 16 #14  March 14th, 2011
              Baja’s English Language Newspaper

                                                                                                                                     Bruce Herman
                                                                  Cowboys, Mexican Style

Protestors Against                                                                                U.S. Consulate Accused
Building On Dunes                                                                                 Of Promoting Certain
 Claiming the natural dunes are needed by
people living behind them
                                                                                                   Which are many times the price of using
                                    BY NIMBY NEIGHBOR                                             competitors
   Taking advantage of the      want their quaint little town                                                                            BY CARRIE DUNCAN
absence of moonlight last       turned into a Cabo or San           Building on Las Tunas
week, protesters used the       José but there is more to this                                        It’s buyer beware when       she needed to use Funerales
                                                                     dunes is protested           United States citizens ask the
darkness of the night to make   story than a no growth men-                                                                        Cabo San Lucas because
their point against develop-    tality.                                                           local Consulate for assistance   they were “approved”.
ment on the dunes in Las Tu-             The sand dunes that     beaches in Todos Santos not      in the event of an emergency.        “We’re tired of this inter-
nas, about one mile north of    front the shoreline of the Pa-   only act as a buffer against     Or, in the latest case, even     ference by the U.S. Consu-
Todos Santos. Armed with        cific coast are known as         high surf, but have the impor-   when they don’t ask for help.    late every time we have an
spray paint, the unidentified   coastal or barrier dunes.        tant function to protect the         Basil Luke Loudas, 79,       American client,” said Caro-
activists left their marks on   Building on this type of dune    low lying inland areas from      died of natural causes in        lina Quinterro, spokeswoman
any sign of development they    is very controversial and gov-   the Pacific Ocean with all its   Especialades Hospital in         for Funerales I. Q. “We have
could find.                     ernment bodies have stepped      possible damaging effects        Cabo San Lucas. The hos-         as much right to do business
   People in the little town,   in over the years to provide     from serious storms and ris-     pital has social workers on      in this town as any other li-
about one hour north of         for very strict requirements     ing water levels to hurricanes   staff to assist the family in    censed funeral home.”
Cabo, have always been          that are not always followed     or tsunamis. These dunes         what steps to take next and          Quinterro goes on to ex-
against development and re-     by the developers.               also form an equally impor-      in this case Funerales I.Q.      plain that when she called on
luctant to change and do not            The dunes behind the     continued on page 6              was present and since they       Trina Brown, Cabo’s U.S.
                                                                                                  are the only such service with   Consulate, to present her cre-
                                                                                                  English speaking staff, they     dentials and show her a flip
   Gringo Gazette                           PRESORTED STD               INDEX                     thought they were the natural    book of their services, she
   P.O.Box 13168                              PERMIT #207
   Palm Desert, CA 92255                     U.S. POSTAGE                                         choice. There are only two       was told by Brown, “I don’t
                                                PAID              Que Pasa?...................2   funeral homes that are li-       care about a new funeral
   RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED                  EL CAJON, CA.        State News...............6      censed to transfer bodies.       home, because we work only
                                                                  Directory of Services...15          But Edgar Arias, an em-      with Cabo San Lucas Funeral
                                                                  Fish Report................20   ployee at the U.S. consulate,    Home.” When asked what it
                                                                  Restaurant Guide...29           stepped in, (The appropriate     takes to become a U.S. ap-
                                                                                                  Consulate is automatically       proved funeral home, Brown
                                                                  Classifieds..............30     called when a foreigner is ar-   said, “It’s me who makes the
                                                                  Calendar...................32   rested or dies), he told the     decisions about who gives
                                                                  Subscriptions.........34        widow, 74 year old Irene         services to my little chickens.”
                                                                  Maps.......................35   Loudas, who was staying at       Actually, she used the word
                                                                                                  Pueblo Bonito Blanco, that        continued on page 6
March 14th, 2011                                                                                   .COM

                                     San Jose estuary
                                 changes hands. After six
    Sign police swoop            years of lobbying, ecology
down. Officials of the City´s    organizations celebrated last
urban image agency (yes, we      week when the state govern-
do have one), began taking       ment turned over the man-
down amateur signs nailed up     agement of the San Jose es-
on utility poles. The city´s     tuary to the city administra-
government delegate, Gabriel     tion. The estuary, a wetlands
Larrea, also said they will be   that is an important part of the
taking down all political ad-    San Jose aquifer, has suffered
vertising that remains more      from fires, sewage dumpings
than a month after the elec-     from the nearby treatment
tions for governor, mayor and    plant, and a general neglect
state congress that took place   from both the state and fed-
on February 6. The candi-        eral governments.
dates are supposed to take           It was first declared a         reason for such a quick trip.
these down and will be fined     state ecological reserve in         Buzz, buzz.
if the city has to do it.        1994 but nothing came of                Science & Tech forum
    Fake Cuban cigars im-        that.. The city administration      held in Cabo. The European
pounded. The city govern-        will now clean the area, de-        Union´s international forum
ment came down on beach          ploy security, and devise a         on science and technology
peddlers who are selling         maintenance plan.                   took place for two days in
bootlegged cigars as genuine         An instrumental part in the     Los Cabos last week. The
imports from Cuba when           change was the civil organi-        forum was led by the ambas-
they are not. The operation      zation Angeles del Estero (an-      sador of the EU in Mexico,
took place after a group of      gels of the estuary) hard           Marie Anne Coninsx. The
legit habano stores who sell     work. Congrats to all!              discussion was centerd in
authentic Cuban stogies dis-         Celebs get a quickie.           projects financed and coor-
covered their dip in sales was   ¨The Aviator¨ actress Scarlett      dinated by the EU in Mexico,
not the result of the economy    Johansson, 26, and                  under the guidelines of the
but rather the number of ped-    Madonna´s ex-husband                scientific and technological
dlers selling fake Cuban ci-     Sean Penn, 50 took a whirl-         agreement between our
gars. Gracias to the city gov-   wind trip to Cabo San Lucas         country and the EU.
ernment for taking action.       last week, staying for only             Charity holds fashion
Established silver stores        one night at a posh resort          pageant. The DIF, a local
should follow suit and ask the   along the fourlane. Celebrity       government run charity, held
government to impound fake       magazines and online                its first fashion pageant last
items from peddlers who sell     paparazazi websites are go-         week, presenting designs cre-
them as real silver.             ing nuts trying to figure out the   ated by local women who
                                                                     have attended the DIF´s
                                                                     workshops. These women
                                                                     come from blue-collar bar-
                                                                     rios and are being taught vari-
                                                                     ous skills by DIF officials in
                                                                     order to increase their family
                                                                     income and become self-suf-       basic small business courses.   rina and the Club Campestre
                                                                     ficient without leaving their        In related news              in San Jose, among other
                                                                     home and children. The DIF           The DIF received a do-       things. The linens will be used
                                                                     has other workshops such as       nation of towels and sheets     at DIF´s physical rehab fa-
                                                                     bakery, hair dressing, cos-       from Grupo Questro, the de-     cility.
                                                                     metology, candle making and       velopers of the San Jose ma-         Turtle huggers get ATV.
                                                                                                                                       The Hilton resort on the
                                                                                                                                       fourlane received an ATV
                                                                                                                                       donated by the Oasis group,
                                                                                                                                       to aid in the hotel’s efforts to
                                                                                                                                       protect sea turtles in con-
                                                                                                                                       junction with the city´s turtle
                                                                                                                                       protection agency. Several
                                                                                                                                       local resorts have started pa-
                                                                                                                                       trolling their beaches at night
                                                                                                                                       to snatch turtles eggs, which
                                                                                                                                       are then deposited in a nurs-
                                                                                                                                       ery to protect them from
                                                                                                                                       predators until they hatch and
                                                                                                                                       are returned safely to sea.
                                                                                                                                            During the current city ad-
                                                                                                                                       ministration, 351 egg nests
                                                                                                                                       have been protected and over
                                                                                                                                       85,000 baby turtles were re-
                                                                                                                                       leased to sea.
                                                                                                                                            Weight loss workshop
                                                                                                                                       held. Dozens of people
                                                                                                                                       showed up last weekend to
                                                                                                                                       Cabo´s first two-day long
                                                                                                                                       Los Cabos Challenge, where
                                                                                                                                       trainers from The Biggest
                                                                                                                                       Loser TV show showcased
                                                                                                                                       their weight loss training
                                                                                                                                            Nutrition specialists also
                                                                                                                                       held conferences on how to
                                                                                                                                       continued on page 7
                                                                                                    .COM                                  March 14th, 2011
SoHowIsOurPresident                                                  inflation of about 3.5 percent,
                                                                     compares well to regional

                                                                     peers, many of which are
                                                                     tightening monetary policy to
                                                                     fend off surging prices.
 Well, economic indicators are perky, and he                            “In our view, the Mexican
                                                                     economy is very much in a
has declared this year the year of tourism                           sweet spot,” Lupin Rahman,
                                              BY JUSTIN TIME         senior vice president of
                                                                     emerging markets portfolio
                                                                     management at bond giant
  For more on this story                                             Pimco, told a Latin finance
  watch the video at                                                 summit this week. “In terms                                               of output, in terms of growth,     improvement over 2009,           America Merrill Lynch in
                                                                     in terms of inflation, all these   when Mexico ranked 51st.         February put Brazil on watch
    Mexico’s improving eco-        sector and are bullish about      dynamics point to a very           Improved services, attractive    for the first time in the survey’s
nomic prospects, coupled           new financial tools which         positive 2011 for the Mexi-        prices and effective advertis-   history, while preferences for
with low inflation, are attract-   could send billions of dollars    can economy.”                      ing were mentioned as rea-       Mexico are increasing. Luis
ing a second look from inter-      into infrastructure and private       Competitively, Mexico          sons for the improvement. Of     Harvey, co-founder of pri-
national investors and fund        equity deals. Expected eco-       now ranks 43rd among 139           course, holding the country      vate equity firm Nexxus
managers. Investors see po-        nomic growth of about 4 per-      countries listed by the World      back are corruption, poor        Capital, said Mexico’s ser-
tential in Mexico’s services       cent this year, combined with     Economic Forum. This is an         policing and overall             vice sector was underrated.
                                                                                                        insecuririty.                    “You have a huge internal
                                                                                                           Emerging market inves-        market which has a per-
                                                                                                        tors surveyed by Bank of         continued on page 9

March 14th, 2011                                                              .COM

Let’s go to the Mall
    Located in the heart of             Puerto Paraiso delivers just that.
Cabo San Lucas just a few               A unique experience that’s still
steps from the marina, you will         comfortable and you’re sure to
find a unique and spectacular           find everything you ever wanted
shopping mall, larger than most         in a shopping mall.A diamond,
malls in the United States and          a pair of sunglasses, beautiful
Canada, and with liberal use of         sandals, exclusive fashion, or just
marble everywhere, even the             relax and enjoy a leisurely lunch
stairwells and rest rooms, you          or dinner. You will even find a
will feel like you’re special at this   casino, fishing excursions and
mall.                                   movie theaters! Fronting the
    Because shopping should             marina, the mall is the perfect
be an unforgettable experience,         place to sit and sip a cup of cof-

                                                                                     With 397 locations, the     ers of coffee. Popular in
                                                                                 Italian Coffee Company is       the United States and
                                                                                 now expanding into Los          Spain, and now in Los
                                                                                 Cabos.                          Cabos.
                                                                                     The warm wood inte-
                                                                                 rior in the style of Italian
                                                                                 Tuscany creates a natural
                                                                                 environment that is unmis-
                                                                                 takably European.
                                                                                     Although we offer the
                                                                                 finest coffees in the
                                                                                 world, the unmistakable
                                                                                 leader of them all is
                                                                                 Espresso mixed, served in
                                                                                 the traditional Italian style
                                                                                 the way the experts expe-
                                                                                 rience it: The Italian toast-
                                        fee or a glass of wine while tak-
                                        ing in a beautiful sunset on the
                                        marina. Everything you want...
                                        We have it. In addition to the
                                        half dozen full service, luxurious
         I wondered why                 restaurants, the mall has a large
                                        food court with quick
           the baseball                 restaruants, including Mexican
            was getting                 and American franchises and
          bigger. Then it               chains. There is also a multi
              hit me.                   screen theater complex with
                                        movies in English with Spanish
                                        subtitles. Then there is the sec-
                                        tion that is Cabo’s Rodeo Dr.
                                        with big names like Guchi,
                                        Coach. 

                                                                                       .COM                               March 14th, 2011
Certifying Local                                                low income, indigenous peas-
                                                                ants who have small farms,

Organic Farm Produce
                                                                (about five acres on average),
                                                                that are organized into coop-
                                                                eratives, which facilitates the
 Here’s why it’s important, and here’s how                     certification and marketing of
                                                                the product..
it’s done                                                           In the other group are the
                                        BY ALBA MONROY          large companies or families
                                                                that have 250 to 5000 acres
                                                                (370 acres on average) which
   For more on this story                                       operate independently. In a
   watch the video at                                           1999 World Trade Organiza-                                         tion (WTO) publication it
                                                                was noted that small scale
                                                                producers in Mexico are
    Throughout the world, ditionally been a fairly isolated 98.6% of the total with a to- tal per sale.                  small, less than 5% of farm
people are coming to under- place. Hostile heat with long tal of 84.1% of the total area        And in 1999, the Mexi-   production was sold in health
stand that that old saying roads, and little accessible and generate 68.8% of capi- can domestic market was              food stores, cafes, and tour-
‘you are what you eat’ might water has slowed down some                                                                  ist areas in cities near the main
indeed be true. We are finally aspects of its progress. But                                                              areas of organic production.
choosing to eat things that nowadays the roads are bet-                                                                  10% of total organic produc-
have not been treated or fer- ter, there is better air service,                                                          tion was sold on domestic
tilized by chemical com- better access to water, so or-                                                                  markets as conventional
pounds for fear that they are ganic farming in the Baja is on                                                            products. According to the
accumulating in our bodies the upswing.                                                                                  WTO the Mexican organic
and contributing to some se-      Organic growers all over                                                               market had not developed
rious health problems.          Mexico fall into two groups:                                                             because of the limited con-
    Hitherto, the Baja has tra- small-scale farmers who are                                                              sumer awareness on organic
                                                                                                                              With better irrigation and
                                                                                                                         more sophisticated knowl-
                                                                                                                         edge of organic techniques,
                                                                                                                         and now abiding by standards
                                                                                                                         that are being formulated
                                                                                                                         world-wide, Baja California
                                                                                                                         Sur has been increasing its
                                                                                                                         international production and
                                                                                                                         is marketing fresh herbs such
                                                                                                                         as dill, thyme, rosemary,
                                                                                                                         oregano, sage and basil and
                                                                                                                         a large variety of different
                                                                                                                         heirloom and cherry toma-
                                                                                                                         toes along with various or-
                                                                                                                         ganic lettuces, mangos, cu-
                                                                                                                         cumbers, eggplant, peas, and
                                                                                                                         strawberries. According to
                                                                                                                         the Rodale Institute, organic
                                                                                                                         farming in Mexico increased
                                                                                                                         by 45 per cent between
                                                                                                                         2000 and 2005.
                                                                                                                              The San Jose Organic
                                                                                                                         Market (SJOM) was started
                                                                                                                         to provide a local outlet for
                                                                                                                         nearby organic farmers. Why
                                                                                                                         should all the good stuff be
                                                                                                                         shipped away, local residents
                                                                                                                         and visitors wanted to know.
                                                                                                                         The Market is encouraging
                                                                                                                         their growers and eventually
                                                                                                                         all of their vendors to partici-
                                                                                                                         pate in a self-regulating pro-
                                                                                                                         cess of certification.
                                                                                                                              The SJOM is affiliated
                                                                                                                         with Red Mexicana de
                                                                                                                         Tianguis y Mercados
                                                                                                                         Orgánicos Tianguis (Red).
                                                                                                                         Under the tutelage of this or-
                                                                                                                         ganization the SJOM has
                                                                                                                         started a certification pro-
                                                                                                                         gram for the growers and
                                                                                                                         small farmers who supply the
                                                                                                                         SJOM. With the help of the
                                                                                                                         Red they will be showing a
                                                                                                                         seal proving their farm is com-
                                                                                                                         plying with the voluntary pro-
                                                                                                                         gram. This is similar to the
                                                                                                                         certification process provided
                                                                                                                         by the USDA (United States
                                                                                                                         Department of Agriculture,)
                                                                                                                         but on a less formal scale.
                                                                                                                              Regarding commercial
                                                                                                                         export, the grower will be
                                                                                                                         certified by the authorized
                                                                                                                         agents of the country that is
                                                                                                                         receiving the produce.
                                                                                                                         Mexico has 18 organic in-
                                                                                                                         spection agencies as well.
                                                                                                                         However with volunteer
                                                                                                                         continued on page 10
March 14th, 2011                                                                                     .COM

                            We are often asked to make our websites, ( and, more
                            interactive. People, it seems, yearn to be arm chair journalists, they want to publish their opin-
                            ions they feel are relevant to Mexico.
          I resist this, although I know it’s an online activity that is wildly popular and might drive more eyeballs to our
      sites. People want to be heard: they blog, they tweet, and they post, and they say whatever is on their mind, often
      throwing civility to the winds. And that’s precisely why I don’t open our site to the masses.
      Every day we get phone calls and emails and pop-ins from people who are mad as hell and not inclined to take                           Published bi-weekly in
      it anymore. They demand I print how they’ve been wronged, and they’re usually not concerned about helping                              Vista, CA. and distrib-
      others avoid their fate, they just want revenge. They want to expose their perceived enemies, embarrass them,                          uted in Mexico & The
      hopefully getting them into trouble, and they don’t mind using myself and my newspaper to deliver their ven-                              United States by
                                                                                                                                             Periodico Americano,
      geance.                                                                                                                                     S.A. de C.V.
      The first thing we do is ask for the contact information for the person they feel has wronged them, explaining we
      need to get their side of the story. Almost half melt away right then. One can only imagine why.
      But many do persist, they give us the information and demand we “do something about it”. Geeze, what can we
      do? Better you should call the police. Call Profeco. Or call your dad and yell at him to beat up the bad guy’s dad.                      Office in Downtown
      But don’t call us.                                                                                                                        Cabo on Leona
      Nowadays when we decline to jot down their diatribe, they stomp out of the office, go home, apparently load up
                                                                                                                                                     Vicario St.
      on liquor, and proceed to surf the internet looking for a site they can use to vent their spleen.
      It’s not going to be the Gringo Gazette sites, because I won’t allow it.                                                                 between Carranza
      The open door policy of these posting sites attracts garbage postings that drives down the quality of the conver-                         and Revolucion
      sation, which then drives away the thoughtful, well reasoned posters who make a site worth going to.                                      Four blocks up
      The New York Times has a staff of eight people who read every post and delete about 14% as being too over the                                from the Mall
      top, ugly, dirty, or just plain garbage. I don’t have the time or the inclination to play kindergarten cop for immature                   (624) 143-5750
      people who can’t express themselves without using rude language, nor do we have the resources or the inclina-                                 & 143 0865
      tion to hire someone.
      All reputable newspapers require letter writers to sign their name to the letters they send in hopes of being
      published in the paper. And many papers do their best to verify that data. But the internet has ushered in the era
      of anonymity, and when a writer’s identify is cloaked in secrecy, the conversation quickly descends to the gutter                         United States
      because when there is no accountability many people play fast and loose with the truth and with their language as                         P.O. Box 13168
      well as their tone. I don’t mean swear words are the problem, they can automatically be filtered out with soft-
                                                                                                                                             Palm Desert CA 92255
      ware. What is worse is the really hateful personal attacks on other people and the wild accusations with no basis
      in fact.                                                                                                                                Ph. (562) 714 6735
      This paper also has a policy of declining to print letters if the writer asks us to not use his or her name. But
                                                                                                                                             Subscriptions available,
      because of the nature of the political climate here, writers very often are too afraid to sign their names. (This is not                  see page 10 or 11,
      the United States, there is no free speech for foreigners in Mexico.)                                                                         maybe 12,
      More often, they sign their name but ask me to refrain from printing it. And even though I usually believe nothing                          sometimes 4.
      will happen to them if they use their name, I have to admit it’s scary when they are complaining about certain                         Or mail $65 for one year,
      problems because any Mexican can complain to immigration officials about any foreigner and the immigration                                (26 issues) or $45
      guys are duty bound to investigate. I have been turned in so often I’m on a first name basis with the investigators.                        for six months
      Often when I ask why they think I should take responsibility for solving their problems when they are not willing                       (13 issues) to the U.S.
      to do so, I am told, “It’s my job.” Yup, that’s why I get paid the big bucks. Not.
      I usually ask these people who request anonymity why they’re living in a country where they’re afraid to speak                          Online subscriptions
      up for themselves. After all, they left a country where they can say anything they want, what was so bad about                               available at
      living there? I get silly responses like, “its the weather” or they “like the Mexicans.”                                     
                                                                                                                                               You may view the
      So these frustrated and angry people, many of whom have a legitimate grievance, (or at                                                   entire newspaper,
      least a grievance that would be legitimate in the United States), go online and vent                                                    just as it appears in
      anonymously.                                                                                                                                 print, online
      They just can’t do that on a Gringo Gazette site, so don’t ask me anymore. 

                                  started up again and other        evening of live music and            called the funeral home and told
PROTESTORS...                     projects look like they are       dancing called ‘Tunes for the        Quintero to release the body,
continued from page 1             about to come on stream.          Dunes’ on Saturday March             He said, “Funerales I.Q.               Who’s to blame:
                                  Profepa claims to have the        19th at Teatro Luna Azul in          should not have the body,” and
tant function as a sand reser-    authority to, and says it in-     Todos Santos. Check the              asked to speak to the Ameri-
                                  tends to demand, illegal con-     blogspot for more informa-                                                     Publisher
voir that replaces sand that                                                                             cans. Pulfer took the phone
erodes from the beach over        struction be torn down. This      tion:             and was told by Arias, “Don’t           Carrie Duncan,
time.                             has not happened yet, and                                             pay them any money and don’t
    The protesters claim that     of course, as ever, rumors                                             sign anything.”
coastal dunes should be pre-      have it that significant bribes                                            When Pulfer asked if Arias              Sales
                                  have been paid to keep con-       U.S. CONSULATE...                    was affiliated with AmeriMed,
served since unlike sand                                                                                                                          David Flores,
dunes in desert areas, coastal    struction going.                  continued from page 1                “or do you have any vested in-
dunes are covered with spe-                                                                              terest in this?” Arias cooled his     Cell (624) 121-1214
cialized grasses that have the                                      pollitos, which is Spanish for       anger and spoke in a milder
ability to survive in shifting                                      little chickens. Then she said,      tone, saying they “should” al-
sand only if untouched by                                           “If you get involved with an-        low Funerales Cabo San Lucas         Alejandra Saráchaga,
human development. This                                             other funeral for an American,       to handle the disposal and that
vegetation, they claim, stabi-                                      the United States will sue you.”     it would cost them $12,000           Cellie (624) 159-7741
lizes the dunes and building                                        (Huh? How does that work?)           U.S. For a cremation? No. See
on those dunes will damage                                          Nevertheless Funerales I.Q.          side bar on funeral costs.               Distribution
the integrity of them and with       Since last fall the people     packed up their presentation             Lynne Skeirik, Deputy
                                  in Todos Santos have been                                                                                      Antonio Fuentes
that the safety of the people                                       book and left.                       Consulate General from the
living behind them.               voicing their opposition to            In another instance of un-      Tijuana Consulate, which is the
     Approval for construc-       building on the dunes by          seemly fighting over a body,         direct supervisor of our little        Graphic Design
tion on the dunes is in federal   signing a petition. A few         Mary Lou Bryant, 77, died of         satellite office here in Los   
hands, and those federal laws     hundred signatures have           a heart attack at her part time      Cabos, delivered a talk here
require many permits with         been collected but if that will   home in La Ribera. Her hus-          in Cabo last month, explain-
specific set-backs.               have any effect, only time        band, Ace Bryant, contacted          ing the Consulate’s roll. We
      Last July, construction     will tell.                        Funerales I.Q. Through the           learned at the meeting that
was completely suspended             A large group of con-          recommendation of the crema-         although Consulate staff is
by Profepa, the consumer          cerned citizens (not the          torium in La Paz. While Bryant       unable to act as an agent for          Phone 14 30865
watch-dog agency which            spray painters) are coming        and his friend, Cliff Pulfer, were   American citizens, they can
jumped in to represent the        together to raise money and       discussing arrangements with         help locate and notify the next
people who live behind the        awareness to protect the          the funeral director, Edgar          of kin, inform families about
dunes. But recently work has      dunes. They will host an          Arias, the Consulate employee,       continued on page 11
                                                                                               .COM                                     March 14th, 2011

   Baby whale rescued. A         that paddle here from 7500       than 60 million brave Gringos
baby gray whale was saved        miles away, making it the        did cross the border if only
by rescuers who dragged it       longest migration by any         for a few hours, that was
out to sea after it grounded     mammal on earth.                 nearly 18 million fewer than
on a beach near Laguna Ojo           Back in business. Lame       four years ago. Part of the
de Liebre in the north pacific   duck governor Narciso            problem may be because
of our Southern Baja state.      Agundez cut the customary        Americans must now carry
   The young whale ended         inauguration ribbon when re-     passports if they want to re-
up on the beach located in a     opening the Las Arenas air-      turn to the U.S. and most
section of the El Vizcaino       strip, located near La Paz       Americans do not have pass-
                                 and the Bay of Dreams re-        ports. This may also have af-
                                 sort and Dreams Peninsula        fected the cruise business.
                                 developments. Felipe
                                 Marcos and Adam Williams,
                                 development executives,
         Did you hear            thanked Agundez for his help
         about the guy           in obtaining all the permits.
       whose whole left              Unhealthy          health
       side was cut off?         products. Almost 250 health
                                 products are being taken off
             He’s all            the shelves at stores and su-
           right now.            permarkets throughout our
                                 state, said Dr. Hector
                                 Romero, commissioner of the
Biosphere Reserve, which         federal commission for pre-
draws more than 1,000 of the     vention of sanitary risks                                                                             gency operations in high risk
marine mammals each winter.      (Cofepris).                                                          QUE PASA?...                     tourist areas such as marinas,
Maybe it will find its mother,       These “miracle” products,                                     continued from page 2               cruise ship docks and air-
or maybe it will get adopted.    which promise to help you                                                                             ports.
   Some 1,406 gray whales        lose 20 pounds a week,                                            eat healthy, self-esteem, and          The Tourist Security Pro-
                                                                                                   gave the attendees tips to          gram was presented to our
                                                                                                   improve their overall image.        military, navy, federal, state,
                                                                  Passenger arrivals have de-          The workshop was part           city and tourist police mem-
                                                                  clined about three percent       of the Health Expo that the         bers, as well as to workers
                                                                  since 2006, when the current     city government organized as        and managers of private se-
                                                                  administration began.            part of its efforts to reduce       curity agencies by Julian
                                                                      No more marinas. Ap-         obesity in our beautiful resort     Bianchi of Kroll consulting, a
                                                                  parently dead in the water is    area. Mexico tops the list of       specialist in this stuff.
                                                                  the Nautical Stairway, much      nations with obesity prob-             See a druggie, drop a
                                                                  promoted a decade ago as a       lems, and our Southern Baja         dime. If you believe that
                                                                  series of ports along both       state is at the first position of   something fishy is going on in
                                                                  coasts of Baja California and    the country´s ratings.              your barrio, the Mexican
                                                                  designed to accommodate              Security workshop               military offers a phone num-
                                                                  yachts sailing south from the    held. With the participation        ber and email address to post
                                                                  United States.
                                                                      Dead too, is the road run-
have been spotted in the la-     grow hair like a grizzly bear    ning across the peninsula for                   Stay Out Of Court
goon so far this year, “This     and enjoy sex for half a day,    sailors who did not want to           Stay out of Local courts in Baja California Sur
year we reached the histori-     are breaking the law, said Dr.   make the roughly two thou-
cal average of the past 15       Romero, as they cannot sci-      sand mile trip down one side            It takes years to settle a case, the outcome
years,” reserve director Irma    entifically prove their prom-    of the peninsula and up along        is a crap shoot, and it’s expensive. Let a feder-
Gonzalez said. Whale-            ised results. The products,      the other side. The road was                    ally licensed arbitrator settle
watching season at El            added Romero, are regis-         proposed to drag boats                             your case out of court.
Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve       tered as a dietary supplement    across the land.
runs until April 30. The
reserve’s waters draw whales
                                 but advertise as medications,
                                 which is against the law.
                                                                       Bureaucrats predicted
                                                                  that the Stairway would at-
                                                                                                             GAMILL ARREOLA
                                     Tourism numbers. Dur-        tract some 5 million boaters              Federal attorney at law

                                 ing the past four years, tour-   annually and they would
                                 ist arrivals have increased by   spend seven billion dollars in      044.624.14.52481
                                 about 200,000, a growth of       Mexico every year. Private
   DRUGS?                        1.6 percent, but considering     investors, invited to fund the   of the OEA, the Organization        anonymous reports.
                                 the economy, the swine flu,      project, never were con-         of American States, the state          Call (612) 128 6732 or
                                 and the drug problems in         vinced, but the government       and city government held a          Email your concerns to:
   The local Red
   Cross would                   other parts of Mexico, a mi-     did build some installations,    series of workshops in tour-
   like you to                   nor miracle. The biggest de-     mostly just gas stations for     ist security last week.             In Spanish. ,
   donate any                    cline in tourists has been       boaters. The government has          The topics of the five day         Looking for Brits. The
   old medi-                     along the border, where much     been attempting to sell these    workshop were basically se-         British Consulate opened an
   cations                                                                                         curity, evacuation and emer-
   you no longer need.           of the violence is. While more   off, so far with no luck.                                          continued on page 14
    They are also looking
   for volunteers and of
   course money. In ad-
   dition to picking people
   off the highway in their
   meat wagons, they
   provide general medi-
   cal services, minor sur-
   gery, IV hydration, su-
   tures, wound treat-
   ment, and injec-
   tions.They invite you to
   drop by their ambu-
   lance barn next to the
   delegation on the road
   to Todos Santos.
   For information in En-
   glish call 143 3300

March 14th, 2011                                                                                .COM

Timeshare OPC
Defends His Craft
 Saying it’s a win win situation, no word on
the pushiness of some OPCs
                                   BY ENRIQUE ESCONDIDO

   When I first arrived in         and college students. Many
Cabo San Lucas 10 months           work this job in order to
ago, one of the first few things   care and provide for their
I heard and read about were        families in an expensive,
the OPC’s and it was all           much visited, vacation me-
negative. OPC stands for           tropolis. None of whom are
outside personal contact,          tattooed ex criminals de-
                                   ported from the U.S.
                                       And if we were to elimi-
                                   nate OPCs from the local
                                   equation, deported or oth-        petitive or have OPCs help-
                                   erwise, many costly tours         ing facilitate their own per-
                                   would not be available. Each      sonal PR to bring customers
                                   couple that goes to a time-       in or not. The old “Gotta
                                   share presentation offered by     spend money to make
                                   an OPC gets up to $400 in         money” adage is one unfa-
                                   trips, activities, and restau-    miliar to those owners grip-
                                   rant meals.                       ing about their own lack of
                                        Sales rooms at all time      customers, and attempting to
                                   share resorts would be at a       place blame where one
                                   loss for business with no         doesn’t exist.
                                   OPCs doing their job, and             If two owners ask OPCs
                                   timeshare is a huge part of       to help bring them business
                                   this city’s bustling economy.     and one offers a dollar or
                                       Many small family owned       two, while another does not,
                                   restaurants, not on the main      it would seem like a no brainer
                                   tourist-filled strip, also risk   as to whom OPCs will work
and they are the ones who          closing up shop for lack of       harder to send customers to.
bring couples to timeshare         business, that OPC’s daily,           And finally, an OPC does
presentations with offers of       weekly, monthly and yearly,       much to provide visitors with beautiful, wonderful, beach      this and other vacation geta-
free gifts.                        send their way. And really,       basic information and tips on paradise of Los Cabos.           ways humming with people
   I heard of a few restau-        it’s a restaurant owner’s pre-    savings, Willingly answering        Don’t hate the player or   and tourism dollars in their
rant owners complaining            rogative to either be com-        tourists questions about in this the game—It’s what keeps      respective communities.
about being victims of some
racketeering Mafia or orga-
nization that refused to pro-
mote their business without
receiving payments to do so.
And there were the people
ranting about being verbally
harassed during their walks.
Another complaint is the
OPCs who appear to be
working under cover, not
being honest about why they
are chatting up the tourists.
And finally, there were the

observations and comments
by a small number of others,
speculating that OPCs are
tattooed criminal deportees
from the U.S., sent home for
their transgressions against
the law there.
    Actually, a great many
OPCs are Mexican nation-
als who learned their English
either watching Sesame
Street, attending English
courses, or as high school
                                                                                                    .COM                                 March 14th, 2011

2ndAnnualAmputee                                                      all just golfers trying to play
                                                                      this confounding game!”

                                                                      Sounds like the recipe for a
                                                                      great weekend of fun, and
                                                                      also an opportunity for all of
 At Querencia Golf Course, and it’s a fund                           us to support a very worthy
raiser for Mobilize Mankind                                           charity. 

    The 2nd annual Los            of the tournament will be that
Cabos Amputee Open kicks          the first two days will be a best   OUR PRESIDENT...
off on Querencia Golf Course      ball tournament featuring am-       continued from page 3
on May 5th through 8th with       putees paired with “normies”.
three rounds starting on May      The normies will be com-            capita income twice as big as
6th.                              prised of mostly Querencia          Brazil’s,” he said.
    The idea for this interna-    members, but also spouses                New financial instru-
tional tournament was devel-      and friends of some of              ments are helping improve
oped by Pat Lott, a               the amputees coming down            Mexico’s reputation among
Querencia member, and also        to Cabo for the event.              global investors, after bu-
an amputee. Lott played in            A very limited number of        reaucratic hurdles and iner-
numerous amputee events           sponsorship packages have           tia caused many to lose pa-
before he and his wife,           been developed for the tour-        tience.
Laurie, retired here in ’08.      nament, so if you pony up               Mexico is rolling out
“I’ve always wanted to have       some money, you can go out          new investment options,
a tournament here in Cabo”,       to Querencia to watch them          such as real estate invest-
says Lott.. “...the opportu-      play, even riding around in a
nity to have my friends come      golf cart. You can follow any
down and experience the           of the groups. You’ll also be
warmth of the Mexican             invited to the opening cock-
people, and to play our golf      tail party, and the awards din-
course, was too good an op-       ner on Saturday night, May
portunity to pass up”...          8th. You’ll be almost a real
    The tournament is also a      participant in the tournament,
fund raiser for the local char-   doing everything but actually
ity Mobilize Mankind.             swinging a club. Why, you
Started by Greg and Gail          can even help look for lost
                                  balls in the rattlesnake rough.
                                  These sponsorship packages
                                  will go for $250 p/person.
                                  Contact Pat Lott               at
                                      “One thing people have to
                                  realize is that this isn’t looked
                                  upon by the amputee golfers
Edwards, Mobilize Mankind         as “therapy”, said Lott.
provides much needed ortho-       “These men and women are
pedic and prosthetic devices      as serious about their golf
for locals who can’t afford       games as any non disabled           ment trusts (REITs) and a         pension fund financing. “It     proving the nation’s image
them.                             golfer. When I started play-        hybrid security designed          has been a tremendous           and perception as a safe
   Joining the field for the      ing in these, I was amazed that     solely to serve the country’s     amount of work. To some         travel destination.
tournament will be several        the conversation after the          retirement funds. Those           extent cumbersome and to            Private investment in the
disabled soldiers from the        round was exactly like what         Mexican pension funds,            some extent understand-         tourism sector during 2010
Afghanistan/Iraq wars.            you’d hear from any two             which sit on $116.5 billion       able,” said Avila. “These are   amounted to 3.5 billion dol-
   This tournament will have      legged player... A lot of           in assets, are expected to        new securities to Mexico.”      lars, an increase of more
divisions for above and be-       “could a been’s”, and “if           drop sizable investments          Local money managers say        than 19 percent over the
low knee amputees, arm am-        only’s”. I realized that no         into REITs. Joaquin Avila, a      the new securities will bring   previous year. Of this, 1.6
putees, women, and multiple       matter what your disability         Carlyle veteran, expects his      welcome efficiency and          billion went into hospitality
amputees. A unique aspect         might be, in the end, we’re         EMX Capital will soon win         competition to Mexican          and the rest into real estate
                                                                                                        markets.                        development. According to
                                                                                                            “Now we are seeing real     the Tourism Ministry, 374
                                                                                                        sophistication in the finan-    million dollars came from the
                                                                                                        cial marketplace,” said Juan    United States, 61 million
                                                                                                        Leautaud, a local real estate   from Spain and 60 million
                                                                                                        money manager whose in-         from Canada. Nonetheless,
                                                                                                        frastructure investment plan    Pablo Azcárraga, a top man
                                                                                                        recently won $220 million in    at Posadas de México and
                                                                                                        pension fund cash.              president of the private
                                                                                                            The National Tourism        sector’s Tourism Business
                                                                                                        Agreement, a plan that          council, maintains investment
                                                                                                        seeks to turn the travel in-    is 50 percent less than it was
                                                                                                        dustry into a national prior-   in 2008. He blames both the
                                                                                                        ity while turning Mexico into   climate of violence and eco-
                                                                                                        one of the world’s top five     nomic conditions for the de-
                                                                                                        travel destinations by 2018,    cline.
                                                                                                        was revealed last week.             Financing for tourism
                                                                                                            On hand for the signing     projects will be a key part of
                                                                                                        of the pact was a wide ar-      the plan, as will developing
                                                                                                        ray of public officials, leg-   sustainable tourism, which is
                                                                                                        islators and businessmen, all   to say, new eco-friendly
                                                                                                        of whom pledged to do           projects, and improving ur-
                                                                                                        their part to turn the nation   ban infrastructure. Calderón
                                                                                                        into a travel trade power-      said it will be important to
                                                                                                        house. The 10 point plan,       develop national production
                                                                                                        which contains a list of 100    chains and diversify the travel
                                                                                                        specific actions to be under-   product offer. The plan is not
                                                                                                        taken in this, the Year of      much different from a similar
                                                                                                        Tourism, recognizes that        proposal during the previous
                                                                                                        since insecurity is a major     administration, which did not
                                                                                                        problem for Mexico today,       get very far. Perhaps this is a
                                                                                                        efforts will focus on im-       plan who’s time has come. 
March 14th, 2011                                                                                   .COM

                                                                     New Ownership
                                                                                                                                            sold 20 bushels at the mar-
CERTIFYING...                                                                                                                               ket, then something is
continued from page 5                                                                                                                       wrong, and they may be try-
                                                                    Stop by Buzzard’s Bar & Grill and meet                                  ing to sell conventionally
compliance, the farmer is                                           Paul, an enthusiastic young Canadian                                    grown produce as organic.
saying that he is complying                                         owner who’s keeping the same menu,                                         This is what the seal will
with certified organic stan-                                        but with some extra surprises                                           guarantee: that what you are
dards, but without hiring the                                      Sunday Brunch - Eggs Benny                                               buying is truly organic.
                                                                    our speciality
services of an approved in-                                        Monday - 40 peso full dinnner
                                                                                                                                               The current inspections
spector.                                                           special                                                                  are intended to be a learn-
    The SJ Market Inspection                                       Wednesday night live music                                               ing process. Collective rep-
Collective is still in the for-                                    with 2x1 margaritas and beer.                                            resentative Melina Arana
mation process. They have                                          Friday night 2x1 drinks.                                                 said they do not want to ap-
                                                                                                                               e’s   ial
to form a board and submit                                         Free WIFI / Open 6 days 8-8:30 Sunday 9-2:30            Luply Spec       pear to be policing the
their inspection standards to                              624 113 6368                     Nig                farms. What they want to
be approved by the Red
before the market has the                                          beets.
authority to use the seal.                                             The inspection began with
They hope to have the pro-        aged by Natalia Jimenez and      a general view of the farm.
cess in place before the end      only two other workers. She      Were there any obvious con-
of this market season, and if     was not nervous about the        taminants close to the farm
not, definitely in the next.      inspection, perhaps because      plot? Were there plants that
    The Gringo Gazette was        she has been working             might receive pesticide spray,
invited to an inspector train-    closely with John Graham         like mango trees growing
ing course given by Pete          who is one of the founders       close enough to the farm to
Gonzalves, who worked             of the SJ Organic Market,        contaminate the growing
with Oregon Tilth as a            and an organic farming guru.     plants? How many years has
USDA organic farm inspec-         She has a 104 X 147 foot         the land been pesticide free?
tor. He gave the SJOM in-         farm in San Jose Viejo, a        Pete then asked to see the
                                                                   farm logs. The logs are a              with? Natalia explained that     do is guarantee to the con-
                                                                   complete record of all that            she used Apel, Agroneem and      sumer that what the market
Paying To Much To Incorporate?                                     has transpired on the farm.            other approved repellents.       vendors are presenting is re-
  Most foreigners do. It doesn’t have to be so expensive               There are records of the           The inspector also wanted to     ally what is happening.
                                                                   plants: what is planted, where         know where that was stored,          The SJOM is seeking in-
  and it sure doesn’t have to take so much time. Use a
                                                                   it is planted, what seeds are          and suggested that the col-
  federal corredor publico who’s fees are authorized by            used, where the seeds come             lective check it too. Weeds
 the government, not set by what country you hail from.            from, what is harvested,               and caterpillars are taken
                                                                   where it is sent.                      care of individually.
         GAMILL ARREOLA                                                How are the bugs dealt                There are records of what
                                                                                                          kind of fertilizer is used,             TRAVEL AGENCY
        Federal attorney at law                                                                                                              ph 143 1396 fx 143 1397

 044.624.14.52481                                                                                          terested members of the pub-
                                                                                                                                         lic to represent the consumer,
spector some pointers on          couple of hundred feet from                                                                            and join their inspection com-
how to carry out a certified      the fourlane. She grows dif-                                                                           mittee. Contact Melina
organic inspection.               ferent kinds of tomatoes, let-                                                                         Arana                       at
   The farm we visited is         tuces, snap peas, squash                                                                      for
called Conuco. It is man-         and oregano, carrots and                                                                               more information about the
                                                                                                                                         Participatory Organic Certi-
                                                                                                          where it is from, and when it fication Process at the San
                                                                                                          was placed. There are Jose Market and look for the
                                                                                                          records of what is Red de Tianguis and Organic
                                                                                                          composted, how it is done, Market seal, coming soon to
                                                                                                          and when it is used.           the SJOM.
                                                                                                              At Natalie’s farm, the
                                                                                                          water is brought in by a truck
                                                                                                          and it is noted where that
                                                                                                          water is from, and it is also
                                                                                                          regularly tested.
                                                                                                              Pete told us you check
                                                                                                          for the obvious things first.
                                                                                                          You check to see that what                He drove his
                                                                                                          is written corresponds with               expensive car
                                                                                                          what you see. The farmer or
                                                                                                          farm manager must be able               into a tree and
                                                                                                          to produce the evidence of               found out how
                                                                                                          what is in the log. Pete rec-             the Mercedes
                                                                                                          ommended that they check                     bends.
                                                                                                          the numbers well. If the
                                                                                                          record says they harvested
                                                                                                          10 bushels of tomatoes and
                                                                                                          the sales log says they have

                                                                                                                     the settlement company ®

                                                                                                                 Specialist in The    Virtual Closing ®
                                                                                                                 Your Safety Net in Mexican Real Estate



                                                                                                       .COM                                    March 14th, 2011

                                  than 90,000 direct and indi-         creating a sort of mash be-
                                  rect jobs. Also, it can be taken     fore allowing it to ferment,
                                  as an aperitif, and a variety of     and then it’s passed through
   On March 21, Mexicans          Mexican dishes can be pre-           double distillation to obtain a
celebrate the birth day of one    pared with it.                       soft, fine liquor. The first dis-
of the best presidents our             It is said that a daily glass   tillation is 58-60 degrees, the
country ever had. That’s my       of mezcal lengthens your life,       second is 36 to 40 degrees.
opinion. Benito Juarez, was       as people who work in the                 There is a very unique
born in San Pablo in the state    industry, (and presumedly            type of mezcal Called
of Oaxaca.                        sneak tastes,) live very long        pechuga, (breast). The breast                                         Skeirik concluded by saying,
   Oaxaca is one of               lives.                               production season is limited           U.S. CONSULATE... “The next of kin must pay all
Mexico’s states famous for its        Mezcal, which in the             to year’s end due to the spe-          continued from page 6          costs of the funeral home,
Mexican cuisine, native, His-     Nahuatl language means               cial ingredients: Wild moun-                                          shipment of remains, or per-
                                  “moon house” meaning by              tain apples and plums in sea-       the legal requirements for        sonal effects, and carry out the
                                  this, “the essence”, the cen-        son, no substitutions al-           claiming a loved one’s remains,   funeral arrangements with as-
                                  ter, and it has the classic taste    lowed.                              identify remains in certain       sistance from the funeral home
                                  of agave, the maguey. It can              Breast comes from              cases, request official reports   they contract with.”
                                  be found in over 300 flavors,        mezcal that has already been        from Mexican authorities, and         In a Q&A session at the
                                  variations which are due to          double distilled, and now           assist in shipping personal ef-   end of that meeting Skeirik
                                  the cooking process. These           needs a third distillation.         fects to the United States.       was asked if there is a list of
                                  are cooked in ovens which are        They place about 5.5 gallons
                                  underground wells to which is
                                  added hot stones. Flavors
                                                                       of mezcal in the still and add
                                                                       about 25 lbs of wild moun-                          What To Expect
                                  also vary depending on the
                                  type of barrel it is aged in.
                                                                       tain apples and plums, big
                                                                       red plantain bananas, pine-                       When Dying in Mexico
                                      Making mezcal is long            apple, a handful of almonds,                 Urban legends of the cost and hassle of dying in
                                  process, since it takes eight        and a few pounds of un-                  Mexico abound. Tales of ghastly costs, like the
                                  years just for the agave to          cooked white rice. Next, a               $17,000 a British man paid to repatriate his wife’s
                                  ripen for harvest. Then it has       whole chicken breast, skin               remains to England when she died of natural causes at
                                  to be hacked open and the            removed, bone structure in-              Amerimed last year are common.
                                  center, the heart, is cooked         tact, is washed in running                   What makes it so expensive? Not knowing the pro-
                                  for four days.                       water for about three hours              cedure, mostly. And depending on the wrong people
panic and mixed. This state           Next it’s ground down,           continued on page 16                     for help with the language barrier and paper work.
is also home to one of the                                                                                          The actual shipping is a bargain, for instance the
most traditional drinks of                                                                                      cost of a body shipped via Alaska Airlines cargo from
Mexico, mezcal, which is                                                                                        the San Jose airport to British Columbia is $450. The
now being promoted world-                                                                                       cost of an adult cremation at the La Paz crematorium
wide, after many years of                                                                                       is about $600. The cost of transporting the body to
taking a back seat to tequila.                                                                                  the crematorium from Cabo is about $400, which in-
    Like tequila, mezcal                                                                                        cludes hauling the family up there, waiting the three
comes from a plant of the                                                                                       hours it takes to get the job done and obtain the ashes,
cactus family, and can be                                                                                       and the return trip.
drawn from different types of                                                                                       If there will not be a cremation, the body must be
agave, and the flavor is much                                                                                   prepared for shipping, (embalmed), and that costs
more delicate and has prop-                                                                                     about $1600, more if there is reconstructive work in-
erties that tequila may well                                                                                    volved, or if the deceased had a communicable dis-
envy, such as                                                                                                   ease and special precautions are necessary.
    It is 100% natural and                                                                                          You will need to fill out some paper work at the
contains no added chemicals,                                                                                    Ministerio Publico, but each of those forms cost $2 or
you don’t get a hang over                                                                                       less. The service of helping you is free, although don’t
from it, it’s an ancient tradi-                                                                                 expect anyone there to speak English.
tion, and it generates more
                                                                                                                                             local doctors to avoid, and she
                                                                                                                                             answered, “That is not al-
                                                                                                                                             lowed.” When she was asked
                                                                                                                                             if it is within the rules for our
                                                                                                                                             local Consulate, Trina Brown,
                                                                                                                                             to escort Americans to the
                                                                                                                                             hospital where her husband
                                                                                                                                             works, (Amerimed), Skeirik
                                                                                                                                             snapped, “I’m not going to re-
                                                                                                                                             spond to that.” When asked
                                                                                                                                             the same question, Joe Crook,
                                                                                                                                             director of public relations in
                                                                                                                                             the Tijuana office said, “I
                                                                                                                                             don’t see a conflict of inter-
                                                                                                                                             est with that.”
                                                                                                                                                  There doesn’t seem to be
                                                                                                                                             anything we little chickens
                                                                                                                                             can do about being taken ad-
                                                                                                                                             vantage of in times of our
                                                                                                                                             personal crisis, this paper has
                                                                                                                                             gone up the food chain and
                                                                                                                                             the bosses are protecting our
                                                                                                                                             local Consulate personnel.
                                                                                                                                             Just be careful out there, and
                                                                                                                                             do not trust someone just
                                                                                                                                             because they work for the
                                                                                                                                             United States government,
                                                                                                                                             because your own country-
                                                                                                                                             men do not have your back.
March 14th, 2011                                                                           .COM

TodosSantosArt                                                  just learned from our one
                                                                visit to one studio? She also      Canadian Educated
StudioTour                                                                                          Mexican Attorney
                                                                tells us the most difficult of
                                                                the materials for her to find
                                                                here is the wax. Imagine, all
                                                                                                    Member Of The International Bar Association
 27 studios flung open, all serving cookies                    the stories each artist must
                                                                have.                                        & The Mexican Bar Association
and punch, make for one big all day party                           “Each artist in each stu-
                                                BY ART BYER     dio is so different from each            20 years
                                                                other,” Gloria explains.           experience serving
                                                                “Some have a dedicated stu-                                             Omar Quijano
                                                                                                        the foreign                    (624) 14.314.55
    For more on this story                                      dio while others’ creative
                                                                space isn’t so fancy. Never-          community in    
    watch the video at                                        theless, it’s interesting to see          Mexico    
                                                                the wonderful works that
                                                                emerge from each of these
    Todos Santos is a town ture finished work which, in spaces.” Painters, sculptors, March 17th at Visions Gallery location of each studio and
north of Cabo about an hour, most cases, will be for sale potters and mixed-media in Cafelix Coffee & Kitchen information about the artists.
but it’s like an entirely differ- at special tour day prices.   artists will all share what are for just 100 pesos each.         And when you are fin-
ent planet. It’s chock a blok         Gloria Ruenitz is one of                                                                ished with the tour, (or
with artists. There is an arts those artists. She tells us this                                                               maybe pre tour or mid tour,)
group that gets together oc- tour is a great way to meet                                                                      you can eat at a discount all
                                  the artist behind the work                                                                  over Todos Santos. There
                                  and learn how it was created,                                                               will be a list of 18 of Todos
                                  and why, as well as learn the                                                               Santos restaurants that will
                                  importance of the various el-                                                               offer tour goers a discount
                                  ements of the work.                                                                         on meals all day.
          TRAVEL AGENCY               Gloria works in mixed                                                                      Proceeds from this event
    ph 143 1396 fx 143 1397       media, using wood, metal,                                                                   will be given to the Palapa
                                  and a lot of wax. She gets a                                                                Society to support and grow
casionally, drawing 40 to 50 lot of her materials from the                                                                    children’s art programs. Al-
artists at this time of year.     town dump where she’s                                                                       most 30 children are currently
    27 of these artists are made friends with a family                                                                        enrolled in the Society’s
throwing open their studio that lives next to the dump                                                                        weekday and Saturday art
doors one day only to wel- and makes their livelihood                                                                         classes.
come the public into their off it, scavenging. “They often well-kept secrets about Children accompanied by an                    For more information
creative space. The artists’ have learned what I like to an artist’s studio life.                adult are admitted free. No contact: Mike McAllister at
studios range from shade collect,” she says, “And set               It’s also a good excuse to Pets please. Each visitor will www.artistsoftodossantos
canopies to well equipped, it aside for my periodic vis- drive around and see the receive a map showing the .com.
purpose built structures. its. It keeps me out of the imaginative homes of Todos
Each one is uniquely dump, recyles things, and Santos, and mingle with
equipped for the resident art- gives these people extra other art aficionados. Most
ist or artists and will also fea- money.” Now, see what you of the artists will be serving
                                                                munchies and beverages,
                                                                which creates a party, so just
 Need An Iron Tight Contract?                                   multiply that by 27 studios
                                                                and you have got a huge,
  Use a federal lawyer to write a contract for you or to        huge, day long party.
    review a contract you’re about to sign. Protecting              As an preview to the tour,
                                                                Visions Gallery downtown
     yourself from a potentially unfavorable situation
                                                                Todos Santos is currently
                                                                featuring an exhibition of all
                                                                27 participating artists’
            GAMILL ARREOLA                                      work. The show will be
           Federal attorney at law                              open this entire month.
                                                                    The artist tour is March
                                                                20, 2011 from 10am to 5pm.
  044.624.14.52481 Tickets go on sale Thursday,

                                                                                                                                          days are

                                                                                                                                AA                 San

                                                                                                                                Meetings Daily
                                                                                                                                 Nightly at 6:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                 next to the Calvary
                                                                                                                                 Chappel, corner of
                                                                                                                                 Degollado and

                                                                                                                                 Info: Cell 624-147-0478
                                                                                                 .COM                                  March 14th, 2011
A Tomato Bush Grows                                                                                 PAID ADVERTISEMENT

In Los Congrejos                                                     Solomon’s Landing
                                                                      It’s all about the food. Great Prices,
 Actually, dozens, and the plan is to cultivate                     Excellent Quality, Consistent Large Portions.
several victory gardens
                                   BY ALFREDO MARTINEZ                   With over 15 years of success with Solomon’s Landing Restaurant, Brian Solomon
                                                                     is excited to now offer Personal Catering Services for your dinner parties, special events,
    I got into gardening last   something in the first planter,      weddings and corporate events. Contact us at (624) 143-7606 or Catering@
year by accident. In my own     and went for my glasses. The
kitchen I happened upon a       planter was full of tomato
cutting board with tomato       sprouts! So many it looked               If you order Lobster, this is Solomon’s claim to fame, it is the Pacific Spiny- tailed
seeds left on it during prepa-  like a Chea Pet.                     Lobster, which has a larger tail and is sweeter, full bodied flavor, they steam it, then sear
ration of a meal. I took the       So I prepared a plot of dirt      it in New Zealand butter, it comes out sweet and tender, not tough and rubbery like a
cutting board out to my back-   in my back yard by turning           Goodyear tire!
yard, and with a pencil I       over the soil and fluffing it up,        If you order Fish, it is fresh, never fishy or over cooked, They can prepare it 10
poked holes in the soil in a    and then I transplanted all the      different ways.
planter that had nothing        seedlings into the ground. To            If you like BBQ, Solomon’s has a large Mesquite Grill. He makes his own New
growing in it at the time.      my surprise all the plants sur-      Orleans barbeque sauce from his old chef days in New Orleans. The Baby Back Ribs
     I scraped off the cutting  vived the transplant and pros-       almost fall off the bone.
board directly into the holes   pered, and I now had a nice              If you like Steak, the 20 oz Ribeye USD Certified Angus Beef is Mesquite Grilled
with a knife, smoothed over     garden.                              and comes with Idaho baked potato or garlic mashed potatoes and homemade chopped
the dirt, sprinkled a bit of       The neighborhood I live in        garlic parmesan bread and vegetables al dente. All for $25.00 USD. There is a kids menu too.
water on the whole thing, and   has dozens of vacant lots that           Solomon’s breakfast will please you as well. For example, omelets are light and fluffy not
waited for nature to take its   have been sitting idle for
course. I watered daily. Soon   years. Some have unfinished          greasy made with Tillamook Sharp Cheddar or Monterrey Jack
I happened upon tomato          buildings on them, many are          cheese. The pan sautéed potatoes are light and crispy, not greasy.
seeds on the cutting board      riddled with graffiti. Trash         Also ¾ inch honey baked ham steaks. Don’t forget the pan-
again. I repeated the process   accumulates on these lots and        cakes with bananas & pecans. Overall a large breakfast menu.
                                they become eyesores. I think        As Brian says, “it’s the SH**!. You won’t be disappointed.
                                community gardens can im-                Lunch was how they started, IT’S “GOOD”. Their taco bar
                                prove this situation, and now        has been mentioned in several magazines and this year Alaska
                                I know how.                          Airlines listed Solomon’s as one of the top 5 places to dine in
                                   The seeds for my garden           Cabo.
         TRAVEL AGENCY                                                   The Bar is rectangular, giving it the aura of a Cheers Bar.
                                were all free and I now know
   ph 143 1396 fx 143 1397      how to raise five different          There is no designated happy hour because drinks are reason-
                                types of chile peppers and           able priced all day long. They also have a special bar menu with
thinking I must have done tomatoes so I can calculate                VERY reasonable prices.
something wrong the first time how many seeds or seedlings               Oh, and one more special surprise – there is an incredible
since no tomato plants grew are needed for the available             Sushi Bar which opens every day at 1:00 pm.                        Restaurant Hours
in the first planter. I now wa- space                                    Solomon’s Landing is located right on the Marina, in the cor- Breakfast:
tered both planters daily.         Last February new moon            ner, Wyndham Resort, formerly Tesoro Hotel.                        7:00am-12:00pm
Time passed and nothing hap- I planted red and yellow chile              Restaurant Phone: 143-3050 (Spanish) Office Phone: 143- Lunch: 11:00am-5:00pm
pened. Once more I hap- peppers in two five gallon                   7606 (English) Email: info@solomonslanding Dinner: 5:00pm-11:00pm
pened upon tomato seeds on planters. All right, so they     or Bar: 7:00am-12am or
the cutting board. (We eat a were made from fabric soft-                                                                               later
lot of salsa in my family.) I ener boxes I picked up from
repeated the process a third a full service laundry, I’m on doing well and I now know (opportunity) on each street the cylinders in the ground as
and final time. While water- a budget here. Those plants how many plants fit per making it convenient for any- bottomless planters because
ing the third planter I noticed are now in the ground and square meter. Soon I will one who wants to participate. when seedlings are just
                                                                  know how much each yields              I am also experimenting sprouting they need delicate
                                                                  at harvest.                        with bottomless planters. I care. Even watering can dam-
                                                                      This past new moon I cut the bottoms off 30 three age and or kill the tiny plant.
                                                                  planted about 200 seeds in liter plastic bottles to use as If that doesn’t kill them, then
                                                                  six planters. By the next full planters. I cut the top off leav- there is the transplanting itself.
                                                                  moon they will be ready for ing a cylinder then I placed continued on page 18
                                                                  transplant to the community
                                                                  garden I have my eye on, I
                                                                  am just waiting for permis-

                                                                   sion from the couple of land
                                                                   owners I contacted. There
                                                                   must be some people who
                                                                   would will prefer to have a
                                                                   garden on their semi-aban-
                                                                   doned lot.
                                                                        I have two recruits on
                                                                   board with the community
                                                                   garden project. Another
                                                                   neighbor is collecting seeds
                                                                   and planting them in planters.
                                                                   I’m still looking for a few
                                                                   more people to share join in.
                                                                   I’m hoping that once the gar-
                                                                   den starts looking like a gar-
                                                                   den people will become in-
                                                                   terested and want to partici-
                                                                   pate. There are dozens of lots
                                                                   fit for a garden and they can
                                                                   all function independently.
                                                                   There is at least 1 empty lot
March 14th, 2011                                                                                             .COM

                                          nationals may continue to          vided at no cost for people
QUE PASA?...                              contact the consulate in           with serious health problems.
continued from page 7                     Mexico city for assistance.            Students work for ecol-
                                             Thankew, thankew.               ogy. The Ecology Project
office here just a short while            Governor Narciso Agundez           International (non-profit) cel-
ago, and right away ap-                   received a check for               ebrated six years in La Paz
pointed Mark Watson to the                $100,000 from the Dolphin          with a ceremonial cruise
position of honorary consul,              Center people.                     around La Paz Bay. The EPI
a non paying job which offi-                 Felipe Diaz-Cando and           studies are done by students
cially takes up to 10 hours a             Eduardo Segura director and        getting their masters or doc-
week. Unfortunately, due to               manager of Cabo Dolphins           torate. The data they collect
work and personal commit-                 presented the check to the         is important to better under-
                                                                             stand the sea and its inhabit-
                                                                             ants. Hundreds of students
                                                                             come from the U.S. to do
                                                                             research and to study at the
                                                                             University of La Paz. Bet you
                                                                             didn’t know there are Ameri-
                                                                             can students there.
                                                                                 After receiving numerous         reports of illegal activity go-       front of their hotel.
                                                                             complaints from hotel work-          ing on in broad daylight came             The security guards claim
                                                                             ers on Cabo’s Medano                 from hotel security guards            people are selling more than
                                                                             Beach, the Cabo San Lucas            who are charged with guard-           trinkets on the beach. He said
                                                                             police finally took action. The      ing people on the beach in            continued on page 15
                                                                                                                   PAID ADVERTISEMENT

ments, he was unable to pro-
                                                                               Spa Cielo a Laser Medical Spa
vide the service and attention            Governor at the Governor’s            2009 Recipient “Best Medical Spa” by Mexican Association of
required for the position so              official office, called the Pal-     Medical Tourism, Offers Rejuvenation Vacations here in Los Cabos
he has quit. All you Brits out            ace in Spanish.
there, stay out of trouble un-               The money will go for the            These days everybody              featured on Doctors, Dr. Oz,       incisions or recovery time
til they find a replacement. Or           new San Vicente de Paul se-          wants to look beautiful.             and Oprah. Cielo starts the        and takes an hour or less to
                                                                                  As 78 million "baby               rejuvenation process with          perform, leaving patients to
                                                                               boomers" near retirement,            VISIA recently seen on             resume normal activities or
                                                                               age is beginning to show. But        Oprah and Dr. Oz. This com-        their vacation. Titan delivers
                                                                               with the fast pace of today's        puterized skin scan which          a very uniform volume of
                                                                               society, an aging society now        records surface and subsur-        heating under the skin to
                                                                               wants that fresh look without        face skin conditions such as       bring about collagen contrac-

apply for the job if you would            nior center.
like. It’s actually a job we                 The Governor expressed
foreigners can hold down                  his gratitude for help for the                                                                               tion and then regeneration for
                                          people who really need it .He        spending weeks of painful re-        wrinkles, spots, pores, even-
without begging for a work                                                     covery. A rejuvenation va-           ness, early skin cancer and        months afterwards. It’s pain-
permit. Diplomatic immunity               also thanked Cabo Dolphins           cation is their solution.            photo damage from too much         less and can be used on the
and all that. For now British             for the dolphin therapy pro-             Many people think about          sun exposure. The VISIA            face or any part of the body
                                                                               going on vacation for a little       gives us the information nec-      which requires skin tighten-
                                                                               rest and relaxation hoping to        essary to determine the best       ing such as the abdomen, un-

   TimeshareTony.Com                                                           go home feeling and looking
                                                                               refreshed. Spa Cielo Laser
                                                                               Center takes it one step fur-
                                                                               ther offering skin rejuvena-
                                                                                                                    treatment options, yielding the
                                                                                                                    most rejuvenation in the
                                                                                                                    shortest amount of time.
                                                                                                                    Vacationers, which return
                                                                                                                                                       derarm, elbows, knees, or
                                                                                                                                                           Included in Cielo’s non-
                                                                                                                                                       surgical face lift procedure is
                        Buy - Sell - Rent                                      tion. Now they can return            here to Los Cabos year after       Laser       Genesis       and
          Mexico, Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona                          home looking years younger,          year, can take advantage of        LimeLight, IPL together they
                                                                               without any loss of vacation         the AAD recommended an-            work to shrink pore size, re-
     Hawaii – Marriott, Sands of Kahana, Kahana Beach                          time.                                nual UV skin scan. The scan,       duce fine lines, wrinkles and
     California – San Francisco, Big Bear Lake                                     "People want to look bet-        which is stored in the com-        age spots.
     Nevada – Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe
     Arizona – Lake Havasu
      Here Are Just A Few Of Our Units For Sale In Cabo
     1) Junior Suites ..........$1,000   1) Junior Suites..........$1,500
     2) Luxury Suites.........$1,500     2) Luxury Suites.........$2,000       ter, but they don't want to give     puter, allows Cielo to follow          When asked about prices,
     3) Master Suites..........$2,000    3) Master Suites.........$2,500       up any time from their daily         changes in their patient’s skin    Dammann replies, “prices
     4) Executive Suites.....$3,500      4) Executive Suites.....$3,000        lives or vacation," said Cathy       from year to year.                 vary based on procedure, but
     5) Presidential Suites...$5,000     5) Royal Suites...........$5,000      Dammann, Medical Aesthet-                Cielo’s most popular pro-      my clients often say, “I am
                                                                               ics Practitioner and Owner,          cedure is the non-surgical         so surprised, this cost me no
                                         6) Presidential Suites...$7,500
     PUEBLO BONITO SUNSET                                                      of Spa Cielo Laser, a Medi-          face-lift. Its signature service   more than a round of golf or
                                         7) Penthouse Suites....$15,000
     BEACH                                                                     cal Spa that offers the new-         incorporates the Cutera Titan.     a day of sport fishing, and I
     1) Junior Suites...........$2,000   VILLA DEL PALMAR                      est in safe, non-surgical cos-       Titan has been the recipient       have something to show for
     2) Executive Suites.....$3,500      1) Studio Suites...........$500       metic skin treatments. "The          of numerous awards includ-         the money I’ve spent.”
     3) Presidential Suites..$5,000      2) 1 Bedroom Suites....$1,000         public is demanding, transfor-       ing: 2008 Aesthetic Medicine       People can now enjoy their
                                         3) 2 Bedroom Suites....$1,500         mation without pain or down-         Award for “Best Customer           vacations and return home
     VILLA DEL ARCO                                                            time" states Dammann.                Experience and Satisfaction”       looking years younger! Call
     1) Studio Suites...........$1,000   4) Penthouse Suites....$10,000
                                                                               Cielo, which specializes in          and Aesthetic Trends and           for your complimentary con-
     2) 1 Bedroom Suites...$1,500 Contact me regarding my                      light and laser treatments.          Technologies “Best non-laser       sultation 624-105-2209.
     3) 2 Bedroom Suites...$2,000      Low Rental Rates                             Many of Cielo’s treat-          for skin tightening and wrinkle
              QUALITY TIMESHARES                                               ments have been recently             reduction”. Titan requires no
            AND THE LOWEST PRICES                                                                 Cathy Dammann-Fleishman is a Certified Advanced Medical Aesthetics Prac-
  Call for pricing on AZ, CA, HI, NV or see us online                                             titioner and has certifications in Aesthetics, and Light and Laser Therapies.
                                                                                                  Spa Cielo’s Physicians and staff are trained and certified in the United States -                                                   and Mexico and are Bilingual. Spa Cielo Laser Center has the experience you
                       (714)841-4541                                                              look for in a laser medical spa, with 7 years in the Los Cabos area, 4,000
                                                                                                  patients and over 20,000 procedures performed, Cielo is your answer to skin
               17111 Beach Blvd., Suite # 203 B                                                   rejuvenation. Spa Cielo is located in San Jose del Cabo, Plaza Los Portales,
                 Huntington Beach, CA 92647                                                       3rd Floor next to Mega and McDonalds.

                                                                                                                            .COM                                             March 14th, 2011
                             beach in front of her hotel.                              hotel owners with the police.
QUE PASA?...                 The guard reported it to his                                  So the police pulled a sur-
continued from page 14       supervisor and up the chain                               prise caper on Medano
                             of command it went all the                                beach, arriving in several ve-
a hotel guest reported being way to the hotel owner. That                              hicles and with a plan. They
offered drugs right on the led to the meeting of local                                 checked suspicious looking
                                                                                       people and made several ar-
                                                                                       rests for various crimes. They
                                                                                       also checked the beach
                                                                                       venders’ permits, as the num-
                                                                                       ber of vendors on the beach               uniform, making them easy to                  More police equipment.
                                                                                       vastly exceeds the number of              identify. The police have                 Los Cabos is getting a com-
                                                                                       permits that exist. The beach             pledged increased presence                munications and monitor cen-
                                                                                       venders are supposed to                   and surveillance. They prom-              ter for public safety, includ-
                                                                                       wear white clothes as their               ise to be back.                           continued on page 21

  Directory Of Services
  Directory Of Services
                       MASSAGE FACIALS                                                       CHIROPRACTOR
                                                                                                                                                                          t $16
                                                                                                                                                               ere for jus
                                                                                     Bill Sniechowski, D.C.
                                                                               25 Yrs Chiropractic Experience in US & Mex
                                                                           • Acute &    • Certified in      • Personalized Diet,
                                                                                                                                                    Advertise h        5
                                                                                                                                                           Call 143086
                                                                           Chronic      Sports Medicine &   Exercise & Rehab
                                                                           Injuries     Clinical Nutrition  Program
                                                                          Feel Better - Look Younger - Last Longer
                                                                               Better Look Younger Last Longer
                                                                          Hotel Los Patios Office # 2 ½ Mile Down From Costco Toward Cabo
                                                                                                 Cell. 044 624 118 1603

  BOATS & YACHTS                           CONDO RENTALS                  SPECIALIZED FINISHING              CELEBRATE RECOVERY                      BEAUTY SALON                    INVESTMENTS
                                                   C.S.L. Props
                                            Affordable downtown
                                                CONDO RENTALS
                                             Studio & 1 bedrm by
                                                 month or week
                                           Cel.624-1147-008 Ph.143-3262

                               CABO INFO                                                                                               DENTIST                                        HANDYMAN
                                                                                                                          Cosmetic Dentistry, Porcelain,

             got cabo?
    w w w . g o t c a b o . c o m
                                                                                                                          Orthodontic Treatment, Dental
                                                                                                                            25% OFF IN LA
                                                                                                                                         SER WITHEN
                                                                                                                                                                 Leona Vicario
                                                                                                                                           Between I. Green and Lopez Mateos
                                                                                                             Ph. 172-0474 • Cel. (624)122-4036    Next to Camarena Autoparts

                                                                          MASSAGE SERVICES                                         PAPERWORKS

                           st $16
      Advertise here for ju
             Call 143086

   CHIROPRACTOR                                    HOSTEL                                                            SAILBOAT                        TRANSLATOR                       INSURANCE
      Back Pain                                                                                              45' Private Sailing, Snorkel or    Local Legal Translator
                                                                                                             Sunset Cruise Charters. Bar &      English-Frances-Español
      Dr. Stanley Song, D.C.                                                                                                                    & Viceversa
                                                                                                              Lunch, 1/2 price for locals.      TSJ de BCS
       Palmer Graduate with 28
          years U.S. experience.                                                                                    Only $350 USD.              # SGA-466/992 & 179/996
                                                                                                             Book up to 10 people - 4hours.     Ph. 143-3262
Office. 143-9597 Cell. 044 624 122 1426
  Plaza Tamaral # 8 in Cabo, Between                                                                             Ph.173-0046 anytime.           Cel 624-1147-008
     immigration and 7 Crown hotel                                                                                                    
       across from Bancomer Bank

           FISHING                            YOGA STUDIO                   PRINTING SERVICES                                 INTERNET SERVICES

                                                                                                                                                                                   for just $
                                                                                                                                                                                   Call 1430
  BAJA CHRISTIANS                                           CHURCH SERVICES                                                    CHURCH SERVICES                                    CALVARY CHAPEL

                        CHURCH SERVICES                                                     JEWISH SERVICES                                     CATHOLIC CHURCH
                                                                                                                                                 Main Church in
                                                                                                                                                 Square San Jose
                                                                                                                                                            Bilingual Mass
                                                                                                                                                          every Sunday at
                                                                                                                                                           Noon Come join
                                                                                                                                                              all residents
                                                                                                                                                               and tourists
                                                                                                                                                            Father Juvencio

March 14th, 2011                                                                                 .COM

                                 the story of mezcal. A few querors, they soon found a                              PAID ADVERTISEMENT
 MEXICAN COOKING... months after the arrival of the moderate alcoholic bever-

continued from page 11           Spanish people in Mexico, age, which was obtained
                                 they already had distilleries from the sap of some spe-
to remove grease and stock. in operation and began the cies of maguey, and the ex-
Then this is suspended in the search for raw materials.
still by string and a 24 hour,
                                                                     periments revealed that still
                                     Fortunately for the con- other species of agave                    Palmilla Shoppes
third distillation is begun. The
vapor passes over the breast                                                                             Buy fresh, buy direct, buy
and condenses into a crystal                                                                            the very best!
clear liquid that has an amaz-                                                                             Locally grown fruits      pet treats and so much
ing taste and smoothness.                                                                               and vegetables directly      more organic products. In
The reason for the chicken                                                                              from the farmers who         addition to the best food,
breast, they say, is so the                                                                             grow them organically,       the market also offers
mezcal is not dominated by                                                                              right here in Cabo. With     artisanal jewelry, books,
the fruit, allowing a balance                                                                           the most convenient loca-    art and crafts just to name
of taste.
    The Indians were not
used to drinking beverages
with high alcohol content,
and the introduction of liquor
was disastrous for them, as
it was for their northern
neighbors with the arrival of
alcohol with the British. Un-
like the Indians, the Spanish
were heavy drinkers, the
small amount of strong drink
that they had brought with
them to the new world was
soon gone and a substitute         Its hard to believe this innocent looking shrimp dish is laced
had to be found, so begins                    with mexcal. Look out fro the caterpiller.

                                                                   could, through the distillation    tion, this market is open      some. Visit early for the
                                                                   process, provide a potent          every Friday from 9am to       best selection and enjoy a
                                                                   alcoholic drink. The Span-         1 pm offering the freshest     complimentary cup of de-
                                                                   ish discovered that this type      greens and “just caught”       licious Starbucks coffee.
                                                                   of agave (one of 200 that          seafood from La Playita,       
                                                                   exist in our country), pro-        cheese, eggs, chicken,
                                                                   duced food, drink and fiber
                                                                   as well as fire water.
                                                                       Here is a recipe using         6 cascabel chiles (bell
                                                                   shrimp and mezcal               peppers)
                                                                       Ingredients:                   2 large spoons of butter
                                                                       24 large shrimp, peeled        4 cloves garlic, minced
                                                                       2 ancho chiles                 6 ounces mezcal

Who Needs An Art
                                                                                                      Juice of 4 lemons
                                                                                                      Roast the chiles on a                 Police were called
                                                                   world working on ships, so
                                                                   my work includes the influ-     griddle, just a little, if they             to a daycare
                                                                   ence of many countries. I burn, they will produce a bit-                  where a three-
 Not this artist who set up a group                               left home at 16 after grow- ter flavor. Next soak them in                  year-old was
participation studio in the Wal-Mart plaza                         ing up in Mexico City and hot water for half an hour.                    resisting a rest.
                                                                   finished school in Mazatlan. Drain and remove veins and
                                                                   After that I worked on seeds. Then blend and strain
                                       BY ADRIANA KENLAN           cruise ships, and spent time to get a smooth paste.
                                                                   in different parts of the
   Shopping now at the           paint, or sculpt some hours       world, including Italy, Ja-
Walmart plaza in Cabo can        away.                             pan, Spain, Greece, Russia,
bring you into contact with          According to Marco,           and Austria. Now I am
more than veggies and            his style could be classified     ready to settle down and
home products. Walk past         as “expressionist with a          commit myself to my lifelong
a couple of local shops to       touch of surreal”. His favor-     goal of painting and I have
the right of the Walmart en-     ite artist, Salvador Dali, has    found that Los Cabos of-
trance and you will find         long been the inspiration         fers the perfect environment
‘Poetry in Color”, a work-       into his realm of acrylics,       for me and my work; great
ing art gallery, unlike any      oils, watercolor, and use of      air and weather, and nice
you have ever seen. The          any material that exists          people, and beautiful
master artist, Marco             within reach, in order to         places from which to draw
Bejarano, has brought his        make works of artistic de-        inspiration.”
incredible talents to Cabo       light. He can transform mu-           Marco’s paintings adorn
San Lucas, offering people       sical instruments into living     the walls and he displays
the chance to view his           beings with their expressive      them in front of the studio.
amazing paintings and            faces peering out of guitars,     He has just finished the
sculptures, as well as the       a bass fiddle, or anything        AMOR carving that stands
                                                                   in front of the Plaza. He en-      Heat a heavy skillet and
opportunity to take art          else.                                                             melt butter, fry the shrimp
classes from a maestro               Enter his studio, and you     joys working and teaching
   Whether you are a com-        are likely to find Marco hard     in every medium, and loves with garlic, salt, and pepper
plete novice or an experi-       at work, leaning over a huge      to work with his hands in- for 4 minutes or until they turn
enced painter, Marcos            canvas, or working on a           stead of brushes. His paint- pink.
                                                                   ings and works of art are          mezcal is added, tilting the
Bejarano can teach you           massive sculpture, while in-                                      pan to raise the heat and
techniques that you have         ternational music surrounds       rapidly becoming collector
                                                                   pieces.                         flames. Add the ground chile
probably never even imag-        you. “I really prefer to work
ined. His art covers the         at night ,” Marco says with           Visit Marco at his studio and lime juice.
                                                                   on the way to picking up           Cook covered for 15
walls of his studio, a con-      his ever-present smile, add-                                      minutes over low heat.
verted retail shop. A long       ing, “because there are no        tonight’s dinner at Wall-
                                                                   Mart. Open from 10am to            They can be served to
table and chairs are on the      distractions, and that’s when                                     accompany rice or as a
plaza walkway, bekoning to       I am inspired.”                   7pm or schedule private
                                                                   or group classes.              snack. 
anyone who wants to draw,            “I have traveled the
                                                                                               .COM                                    March 14th, 2011

New Solmar Opens                                                  De Interiores. HKS was
                                                                  recently ranked the number
                                                                  one hospitality architecture
 Designed by the guy who brought us                              firm in the world by Hotel
the new Dallas Cowboy’s stadium,                                  Business magazine, and is
this too is spectacular                                           most famous for designing
                                                                  the new $1.2 billion Cow-
                                                                  boys Stadium with its ri-
                                            BY VIC VERTIGO        diculous 11,200 square
                                                                  foot video screen, as well
    The Grand Solmar Land’s      and Pacific Ocean is within      as the Montage Hotel in
End Resort and Spa had a         easy walking distance of         Beverly Hills. Interior de-
soft opening for guests last     downtown Cabo San Lucas.         sign will feature the oft used
month, with ongoing con-         The owners of those bunga-       model of old world Mexi-
struction efforts dictating      lows, (all of Bulnes’ proper-    can decor with wood
that plans for a full-scale      ties are timeshare), were        carved furnishings and
grand opening be tentatively     pretty unhappy campers           wrought iron and stone fin-
scheduled for sometime in        when they were torn down         ishes (new world Mexican
May.                             to make room for this six        decor is apparently not in
    This is the latest project   story high rise. Those own-      high demand among local
from the legendary Don Luis      ers wanted their timeshare,      hoteliers).
Bulnes, who left Spain in        and in fact all of Los Cabos,        The soft opening in Feb-
1948 to work in a Mexico         to never change from the         ruary is phase one for
City cannery, and eventually     quaint accommodations            Grand Solmar, with 119
settled in San Lucas in 1955     popular 40 years ago. But        suites, the restaurant La
                                                                  Roca, and three on-site
                                                                  bars now available to the
                                                                  first guests. Phase two will
                                                                  consist of the remaining
                                                                  170 suites. La Roca and
                                                                  another restaurant named
                                                                  Don Luis will be overseen        the local Sea of Cortes,           Quinta Del Sol, and the Ridge
                                                                  by Chef Hector Lucas,            which is known for its rich        Luxury Villas at Playa Grande.
                                                                  with La Roca specializing in     mineral content.                   The 289 suite Grand Solmar
                                                                  local seafood, traditional          Other amenities include a       will be offer the most accom-
                                                                  Mexican dishes, as well as       beauty salon, fitness center,      modation of the four, topping
                                                                  American fare, and Don           tennis courts, business center,    Playa Grande’s 260 suites,
                                                                  Luis featuring Baja Medi-        airport shuttle and limo ser-      Ridge’s 98 suites, and Quinta
                                                                  terranean cuisine (a culinary    vice, beachside massage ca-        Del Sol’s 72 junior suites.
                                                                  style featuring locally                                                Room rates at Grand
                                                                  sourced organic ingredi-                                            Solmar begin at $401 USD
                                                                  ents, seafood, and free-                                            per unit, per night based on
                                                                  range meats). The bars                                              double occupancy. Or you can
                                                                  consist of Las Olas pool                                            buy into it with a one week
                                                                  bar, The lobby bar, and the              TRAVEL AGENCY
to manage the Empresas           change it has, and that prop-    Brisas snack bar, which of-         ph 143 1396 fx 143 1397         
Pando tuna cannery. Don          erty is just too valuable for    fers healthy salads and
Luis partnered with Luis         one story bungalows spread       wraps, as well as fresh fruit    banas, and an on-site accred-
Coppola Sr. to build the         so far apart on the sand. But    smoothies and juices.            ited romance coordinator. At
landmark Finisterra in 1970,     those owners were given              Whether unforeseeable        this point we have been un-
and build the Hotel Solmar       sweet heart deals in the new     construction difficulties will   able to determine where ac-
shortly afterward.               high rise, so most of them are   allow the Grand Solmar to        creditations are available for
   Grand Solmar is sitting       fairly calmed down. Sad but      meet their May grand             wannabe romance coordina-
on the sand where the            calm.                            opening goal (there is no        tors, but rest assured that the
former Solmar’s beach bun-           The Grand Solmar was         set date at this point) re-      Gringo Gazette will continue
galows sat for more than 30      designed by the architectural    mains to be seen. Interval       to investigate. Wedding and
years. The historic land’s       firm HKS (Hill Glazier Stu-      International has nominated      renewal of vow services are
end location, overlooking the    dio) out of Dallas, with in-     Grand Solmar as one of the       also available.
juncture of the Sea of Cortes    terior design by Arquitectura    best resorts in North                More adventurous guests
                                                                  America, with the winner to      can go marlin fishing (Solmar
                                                                  be announced in the Baha-        Hotels & Resorts recently
                                                                  mas on May 12th. Which           sponsored the 12th annual Los
                                                                  means, ironically, that          Cabos Billfish Tournament),
                                                                  Grand Solmar could be            and will have access to the
                                                                  awarded the title of best        Solmar sport fishing fleet, with
                                                                  resort in North America          diesel powered sport fishers
                                                                  well before they finish con-     ranging from 28 to 36 feet.
                                                                  struction (tentatively sched-        Other local properties in
                                                                  uled for 2013).                  the Solmar portfolio include
                                                                      When complete, Grand         Playa Grande, Solmar,
                                                                  Solmar’s amenities will in-
                                                                  clude full spa services, in-
                                                                  cluding a Thalassotherapy
                                                                  Center. Thalassotherapy is
                                                                  the use of seawater and
                                                                  seaweed as a kind of cura-
                                                                  tive therapy. It is believed
                                                                  by some people that trace
                                                                  elements like magnesium,
                                                                  potassium, calcium, so-
                                                                  dium, and iodide, all of
                                                                  which are found in seawa-
                                                                  ter, have a beneficial effect
                                                                  when absorbed through the
                                                                  skin. Grand Solmar ’s
                                                                  Thalassotherapy Center
                                                                  will feature seawater baths
                                                                  and seaweed treatments in-
                                                                  corporating the waters of
March 14th, 2011                                                                                .COM

                                  seed, the transplant process
TOMATO BUSH...                    is eliminated. When the
continued from page 13            seedling grows it will re-
                                  ceive water in a small con-
. I have learned that this is a   centrated area, a substan-
delicate process, but by          tial water savings. That’s the
placing the cylinders in the      plan and I’m sticking to it.
prepared soil and planting a      Unless it doesn’t work.
                                      I took the bottoms of
                                  those 33 bottles I cut up and
                                  filled them with soil and
                                  rosemary cuttings from a
                                  rosemary plant I planted last
                                  year around this time. A tiny
                                  four inch cutting grew into
                                  a four foot tall rosemary        ter graffiti and any other il-   when they see my commu-
                                  bush, and the 30 I planted       licit activity that goes on on   nity garden.
                                  a month ago are doing well.      those vacant lots.                  It’s almost free. The only
                                  I intend to sell them when           You ever notice that         cost is water and that is
                                  they grow into rosemary          when someone on your             cheap in this barrio. (Due to
                                  plants and use the money to      block does something to          government price sup-
                                  fight graffiti, which is my      their house or yard, before      ports). The seeds are free,
                                  passion. Yes, I am the graf-     long another improvement         as well as the labor. And the
                                  fiti man who goes around         takes place at another           best part is the shared har-
  When protected in these         with a bucket of paint to
  bottomless coke bottles,                                         house, soon after?. We are       vest. Community gardens
                                  clean up other peoples’          inspired when we see some-       leave a smaller carbon foot-
    the seedlings have a          walls. I also believe the
      better shot at life                                          thing happening. I hope my       print as well as a financial
                                  community gardens will de-       neighbors become inspired        savings. Harvesting at the

                                                                                                                                      This is how many seeds
                                                                                                                                     come in one tomato. Each
                                                                                                                                    one has the ability to become
                                                                                                                                         a new tomato plant

                                                                                                                                    perfect point of freshness is
                                                                                                                                    another benefit. When is the
                                                                                                                                    last time anyone has eaten
                                                                                                                                    fresh vegetables, picked the
                                                                                                                                    same day? I am looking for-
                                                                                                                                    ward to it, as soon as my gar-
                                                                                                                                    den ripens.
                                                                                                                                       I did a little research on
                                                                                                                                    the web and was pleasantly
                                                                                                                                    surprised to find so much
                                                                                                                                    about community gardening.

                                                                                                                                     Ta da! A tomato plant grows
                                                                                                                                          in Los Congrejos

                                                                                                                                    Turns out I didn’t invent this,
                                                                                                                                    this type of gardening is
                                                                                                                                    popular worldwide. In Eu-
                                                                                                                                    rope there are community
                                                                                                                                    gardens that have been func-
                                                                                                                                    tioning for over a century, the
                                                                                                                                    tradition passed down for
                                                                                                                                    generations. I would like to
                                                                                                                                    start a tradition here. If you
                                                                                                                                    have any tips on community
                                                                                                                                    gardening, e-mail me:
                                                                                                                                        Alfredo lives in Los
                                                                                                                                    Congrejos, a neighborhood
                                                                                                                                    off the road to Todos Santos
                                                                                                                                    that started as a squatter
                                                                                                                                    camp but now is acquiring
                                                                                                                                    city services. Like many
                                                                                                                                    neighborhoods, many of the
                                                                                                                                    homes are in various states of
                                                                                                                                    (non) completion because
                                                                                                                                    families build them cinder
                                                                                                                                    block by cinder block, pay-
                                                                                                                                    day by payday, poco a poco.
                                                                                                 .COM                                   March 14th, 2011

Ron Swenson Dies
 Long time Cabo resident and owner of
downtown real estate
                                        BY WENDY KNAPP

   The Cabo community           gether.
joins in mourning the loss of       Ron & LaVonne made
long time Cabo resident Ron     many friends along the way,
Swenson, who died of a          from their early days in their
massive heart attack on Feb-    ultra-luxurious motorcoach
ruary 28.                       at Villa Serena, to their first   beautiful beachfront home at
   Ron was born in Preston,     home at Santa Carmela, then       Villa Serena.
Idaho and attended              on to their swanky downtown           As a well known and re-
Westminster College of Salt     penthouse at Plaza Nautica        spected businessman, Ron
Lake City, Utah where he        and most recently to their        always took a hands on ap-
                                                                  proach. On his daily walks
                                                                  through their holdings at
                                                                  Plaza Nautica and Plaza de
                                                                  La Danza, Ron was fondly
                                                                  called the “Unofficial Mayor
                                                                  of Cabo” as he stopped to
                                                                  visit not only with his business
                                                                  acquaintances, but also the
                                                                  many people who made up
                                                                  the colorful backdrop to
                                                                  Cabo. His long list of friends     Querencia.                        played for Weber State in
                                                                  also included their golfing pals      The March Madness sea-         Ogden, Utah, Colorado
                                                                  from San Jose Fonataur days,       son was always an important       State University and West
                                                                  to Cabo San Lucas Country          time for Ron, as he relived his   Minster.
                                                                  Club, Palmilla and finally         basketball days when he           continued on page 24
was student body president
while earning a Bachelors
degree in business and psy-
chology He achieved his
Master’s degree at the Uni-
versity of Utah.

       Ronald Swenson
      March 17th 1938-
     February 28th 2011

   Ron came to Cabo in
1989 and through the intro-
duction of mutual friends,
Ron met LaVonne and
brought her to Cabo to start
their 21 wonderful years to-

March 14th, 2011                                                                                   .COM

                                          BY GARY GRAHAM

   Baja Sur in March so far        to. A couple of marlin were
has been a mixture of cold,        caught on the Pacific side. A
warm and then cold again,          swordfish in the range of
reinforcing the transition         300-400 pounds was caught
theme in fishing. Some re-         not far out from the
ports are promising, others        lighthouse…a very nice, rare
are just so-so and a couple        fish for our area.
are downright ‘sucky’ (their           Yellowfin tuna were found
word not mine). Just like the      in the Gorda Banks, Inman
adage about the weather, if        Banks, Punta Gorda
you don’t like the fishing, wait   area…still small fish at 10 to

                                                                    water moving the fish,
                                                                    schools were found scattered
                                                                    along the temperature break
                                                                    at the 1,000 fathom line on
                                                                    both sides of the Cape, out-
                                                                    side the 1150 and south of the
                                                                    San Jaime.
                                                                        Few flags were flying for
                                                                    smaller fish caught by boats
                                                                    fishing right along the beach
                                                                    for sierra.
                                                                        Things were good with
                                                                    plenty of sierra and good
                                                                    numbers of yellowtail show-
                                                                    ing up in the fish boxes. Then,
                                                                    it started to shut down. Re-
                                                                    cently, we had clients who
                                                                    were lucky to come back with       ditions while throwing their         Anglers found lots of fin-
                                                                    trigger fish and a few sierra.     bait nets. There were            icky yellowfin tuna mostly in
                                                                    It may be that the change in       caballito available as another   the 15 to 30 pound class
                                                                    water temperature, while not       option, though the smaller       schooling on the Iman Bank,
                                                                    large, was too abrupt and          sardina were the bait of         feeding on the surface but dif-
                                                                    they moved overnight.              choice for inshore panga ac-     ficult to entice to bite. Using
                                                                    Whatever, the inshore bite         tion.                            lighter leader material down
a day or two and it will           20 pounds but there were                                                                             to 20 to 30 pound resulted in
change! Gary Graham,               several fish to 50 pounds                                                                            higher hook up percentages.               caught. Kite fishing worked                                                                          An occasional 40 to 60
    Cabo San Lucas. Fish-          on the larger fish and a few                                                                         pounder mixed in usually
ing was decent for striped         boats also caught some of the                                                                        ended up breaking off due to
marlin, but it dropped as the      nice ones using down-riggers                                                                         light line. There was even a
fish moved farther offshore        with large sardina. Surface                                                                          worse sea lion situation, as a
following that 72 degree wa-       drifting fly-lined sardina was                                                                       group of these aggressive
ter. Some fish were found at       the best method for catching                                                                         mammals fed on tuna that
a distance of 35 miles to the      football-sized fish. Farther                                                                         anglers are battling to bring
east; a lucky boat might have      offshore there were scattered                                                                        to gaff on lighter tackle, add-
had two hook-ups out of four       school, but you had to be the                                                                        ing variety to the anglers’ fish
or five fish seen, most boats      first or second boat, either                                                                         stories. Average catches per
were happy to have seen a          that or stay until everyone                                                                          charter have averaged any-
couple of marlin to throw bait     else had given up! With the                                                                          where from one to four tuna,
                                                                                                                                        continued on page 24
                                                                    really dropped off. There
                                                                    were a few roosterfish still
                                                                    biting, a few of them were
                                                                    nice fish to 25 pounds, but
                                                                    most were in the 10 to 12-
                                                                    pound class, and there were
                                                                    bonito as well. Many of the
                                                                    pangas ran all the way to San
                                                                    Jose for the yellowfin action,
                                                                    but it was a long run up and
                                                                    back for a few fish. Hope-
                                                                    fully the water will settle
                                                                    down and the bite will come
                                                                    back on!
                                                                        There are still plenty of
                                                                    whales to be seen, but not for
                                                                    long so if you want to smell
                                                                    one up close and personal,
                                                                    get out there now!
                                                                        San Jose. Fluctuating
                                                                    ocean conditions caused a
                                                                    bit of inconsistent action,
                                                                    though there were a variety
                                                                    of fish found, with the best
                                                                    reports coming from inshore
                                                                    rock piles or trolling along the
                                                                    beach. Supplies of sardina
                                                                    were scarce, schools of the
                                                                    baitfish were scattered, and
                                                                    commercial pangeros en-
                                                                    countered stronger tidal con-
                                                                                         .COM                                March 14th, 2011
                             who have no other business     questions.
QUE PASA?...                 association.                      The meeting begins at
continued from page 15          This time, the speaker      6:00 pm and there will be
                             will be Gabriel Larrea, the    free munchies and booze for
ing a new building and equip-Cabo San Lucas govern-         sale at special prices. No
ment featuring radio and     ment delegate, and he will     need to be a member, no fee
video. This will provide 24  speak about what his office    required, just confirm your
hour call response among     is doing to improve this       attendance               to
other things, something not
always available in the past.
This was announced by in-
terim Mayor Mirna Xibelle
who also stated it was made
possible by the co-opera-
tion of all three levels of
    Business people meet
this week! The group
known as the Baja Business
People will meet this
Wednesday the 16th at the
so called “Green Home” in
the Pedregal. The group is
all about networking among
business owners and man-
agers, and it’s all English beautiful town. There will be
spoken for the benefit of a Q&A session after that, so
our foreign business people be prepared with your

                                                            Be there or be square! Oh,
                                                                                                            Emergency Number
                                                            the house is just about at the            Our public safety honchos have launched emer-
                                                            tippy top of the Pedregal,          gency phone numbers to call the police. No, it’s not
                                                            across the street from El           911, If you are caling from either a cell phone or a a
                                                            Rincon spa.                        land line, call 066. 

March 14th, 2011   .COM

                                                                                               .COM                            March 14th, 2011

                                 broke so he hung up his sales   240 suite hotel and time-
            Zman up close        manger’s boots while he and     share. Look for 120 hotel
“The Marina Fiesta inventory     his wife Katie traveled         units and 120 villas, very high
is back on line as their 15      around Mexico and Central       end and all ocean front. I am
year old contracts have ex-      America for eight months.       being told the exchange com-
pired. For sale are fixed or     Back in our four lane not       pany will be none other then
floating weeks for studio, one   penniless but almost, Villa     Registry Collection which is
or two bedroom suites.           del Arco welcomed him and       the cream of the cream in the
They have partnered with         he was prompted to assis-       Resort Condominium Inter-
Vacation Rewards to offer        tant manager early last year.   national ( RCI) portfolio. A
the buyer deeply discounted      Currently his management        Starwood management com-
cruises, airfare and car rent-   team includes Luis Gomez,       pany is currently in negotia-
als. Additional timeshare in-    sales manager and Jay Ellert,   tion to manage their new
ventory is available at re-      assistant to Luis.              property.
duced prices depending               Zman Baja news Call-            There are more timeshare
upon booking time frame. A       ing all Sheraton Hacienda del   suites under construction at
huge plus is no maintenance      Mar (SHdM) timeshare            the existing Sheraton which
fees, exchange fees or           owners, I bring you joy.        is inside Cabo del Sol, so
blackout days, sales man-        Quinta del Gulf, owner of       there will be more inventory
ager Blaire Clinton tells us.    SHdM, is about to expand,       for the owners and ex-
    In 2009 Olamar private       again. This according to Bill   changes in the number one
residence club, which at that    Amazaga, sales director who     requested Mexico destina-
time was under construction,     tells us the property is lo-    tion, Los Cabos. Zman ku-
offered him the position of      cated near Dreams Resort        dos.
sales director and he jumped     on the fourlane and will
ship. But that project went      break ground soon on their                                                                   parted Globe Quest at Casa
                                                                                                                              del Mar for Club Regina at
                                                                                                                              The Westin. That is where I
                                                                                                                              first met him in the mid 90s
                                                                                                                              when he was an up and
                                                                                                                              coming timeshare manager.
                                                                                                                              He now has returned to his
                                                                                                                              roots and the Casa Del Mar
                                                                       PHOTO BY DICK MYERS
                                                                                                                              sales room has a newly ap-
                                                                                                                              pointed sales manger replac-
                                                                    The Los Cabos Chapter of the Knick NAC tour threw         ing Jorge. It is Yosie Cohen
                                                                    their 2011 charity event at Querencia. They raised        whom I first met many moons
                                                                    $1000 for Liga MAC and the balance went directly to       ago in Puerto Vallarta. He
                                                                    the Payne Stewart Foundation which helps under privi-     brings 23 years of timeshare
                                                                    leged children. This years’ field had over 30 players all sales and marketing experi-
                                                                    decked out like golf legend Stewart himself in plus 4s.   ence to the job. Congratula-
                                                                    Others wore kilts, and what not. We’re not too sure       tions!
                                                                    about the what nots.                                          When Barcelo Los
                                                                                                                              Cabos opened their 619 suite
                                                                    Fernando Solis has been ship of BelAir Collection all inclusive hotel just over 15
                                                                 appointed sales manager of soon. Stay tuned.                 months ago, I raised the
                                                                 Club Presidente/Interconti-         Jorge Arroyo has de- continued on page 26
                                                                 nental Resort in San Jose.
                                                                 The appointment by Edgar
                                                                 Bello, project director, “re-
                                                                 flects management adjust-
                                                                 ments as we move full steam
                                                                 ahead into high season. We
                                                                 have plenty of qualified
                                                                 prospects and I expect this
                                                                 trend to continue through
                                                                 May. I am hiring three to
                                                                 four experienced front to
                                                                 back closers.”
                                                                    Sadly, Playa del Sol Re-
                                                                 sort and Spa has closed their
                                                                 sales room. I expect it to re-
                                                                 open under the new owner-

March 14th, 2011                                                                               .COM

                                Lake City, Brad Stewart, 49
RON SWENSON...                  of Denver and Charles
continued from page 19          Stewart, 49 of Flagstaff. He
                                is also survived by his brother
    Ron will be sadly missed Max Swenson of Tasco,
by all his family and friends, Washington. 
and was fondly remembered
at a celebration of life memo- FISH REPORT...
rial on March 4th at the Plaza continued from page 20
Nautica courtyard, where his
many, many friends from all with black skipjack and bo-
facets of his life shared sto- nito mixed in the same areas.
ries and toasted his time with      Red snapper are being
us.                             caught near the rocky
    Ron is survived by his wife beaches on the Pacific. Sierra

                                                                   be interesting to see if the          Not many dorado found        the cruiser fleets trolling off-
                                                                   larger yellowtail show in any      the past week, fewer wahoo,     shore from 6 to 15 miles,
                                                                   significant numbers near the       as the water temperature        blind jig strikes and casting to
                                                                   San Jose del Cabo area, as         conditions warm we will see     finning fish. Still no schooling
                                                                   the big yellows are now re-        these fish become more ac-      mackerel found on local fish-
                                                                   ally hitting out of the East       tive. There were scattered      ing grounds.
                                                                   Cape and La Paz areas.             reports of striped marlin for   continued on page 31
LaVonne         Livingston       have been fairly plentiful for
Swenson, daughters Sally         anglers targeting them with
Swenson, 44 and Julie            sardina, some nicer sized fish
Wakeman 48, their mother,        up to six pounds were caught.
his first wife Annett E.         Roosterfish, jack crevalle
Swenson, who he married in       and a few pompano rounded
1958, and granddaughters         out the inshore action. The
Kaci 20 and Emily 16, all of     roosters were mostly all
Salt Lake City.                  smaller sized.

    He is also survived by           Anglers found less consis-
LaVonne’s children, his step     tent bottom action, though
children, Sherri Bodell, 44 of   there were some nice yellow-
Los Angeles, Jolene              tail, amberjack, snapper and
Summerhays, 48 of Salt           cabrilla accounted for. It will

.COM   March 14th, 2011

March 14th, 2011                                                                                 .COM

                                  Mar, Dreams Los Cabos,
TIMESHARE...                      and Me Cabo by Melia.
continued from page 23            Barcelo has over 186 hotels
                                  in 17 countries. 13 are lo-
question in this rag, when will   cated in Mexico, a majority
they join our timeshare indus-    in the Mayan Riviera near
try? The answer is now and        Cancun. Happy selling to all
Grupo Questro has been            those non timeshare owners!
awarded the marketing and         Zman advice: you sales
sales contract. They are the      agents who reside in San
timeshare development com-        Jose and don’t want to com-                                       tomer service. Specifically      confirmation, guest certifi-
pany of Casa Dorada on            mute, go see Karim or Alex                                        here are some of the benefits:   cates are free, free suite up-
Medano Beach, Casa del            at Casa Dorada.                                                   deposited weeks are good for     grades, trade your week to-
                                                                                                    36 months, request exchanges     wards a cruise, all major
                                                                                                    24 months in advance; only       cruise lines with no block out
                                                                                                    pay an exchange fee upon         dates, discounted rates on

                                                                     Interval International
                                                                 has added a new tier of
                                                                 membership, calling it plati-
                                                                 num. This tier has all the
                                                                 benefits of the Gold mem-
                                                                 bership, plus enhanced
                                                                 travel related products, ex-
                                                                 panded getaway and ex-
                                                                 change benefits, the highest
                                                                 level of discounts, and of
                                                                 course the ultimate in cus-
                                                                                                                                     sell off weeks, full service
                                                                                                                                     travel concierge and best
                                                                                                                                     prices guaranteed.
                                                                                                                                        A brand spanking new
                                                                                                                                     sales center has opened on
                                                                                                                                     Medano Beach. Casa
                                                                                                                                     Dorada Beach and Golf Re-
                                                                                                                                     sort has moved from the

                                                                                                                                                Show me a
                                                                                                                                               piano falling
                                                                                                                                               down a mine
                                                                                                                                               shaft and I’ll
                                                                                                                                               show you A-
                                                                                                                                                flat minor.

                                                                                                                                     lobby of this ocean front
                                                                                                                                     property to the fourth floor.
                                                                                                                                     You want a view? This sales
                                                                                                                                     center is high enough to see
                                                                                                                                     our world famous arch, the
                                                                                                                                     cruise ships in the bay, and if
                                                                                                                                     you squint, you can make out
                                                                                                                                     the coastline of China. It
                                                                                                                                     houses 20 sales tables and
                                                                                                                                     60 chairs. Alex Orsorno and
                                                                                                                                     his team of 20+ sales agents
                                                                                                                                     are closing sales at a net rate
                                                                                                                                     of 38%! Ouch! They’re sell-
                                                                                                                                     ing a vacation club that in-
                                                                                                                                     cludes timeshare inventory at
                                                                                                                                     Hilton, Dreams, Casa del
                                                                                                                                     Mar, Me Cabo, Casa
                                                                                                                                     Dorada, and of course,
                                                                                                                                     worldwide through their ex-
                                                                                                                                     change company. But if
                                                                                                                                     you’re looking to park your
                                                                                                                                     car in another developer’s
                                                                                                                                     parking lot, do not look
                                                                                                                                     here. Alex is full with a wait
                                                                                                                                     list. Instead, catch him at the
                                                                                                                                     Barcelo property in San
                                                                                                                                         Zman just a thought:
                                                                                                                                     He or she who has con-
                                                                                                                                     quered doubt and fear has
                                                                                                                                     conquered failure! Until
                                                                                                                                     next edition Happy and shar-
                                                                                                                                     ing time Zman, mike
                                                                                                  .COM                                       March 14th, 2011

New Product Whitens                                           Stuff that is being sold
                                                              throughout the rest of the

Teeth In 20 Minutes
                                                              world in spas, salons and den-
                                                              tist offices. Heck, even Wal
                                                              Mart in the States has gone
 You can turn your soon to be pearly whites to into the tooth whitening busi-
the sun and bleach them our while you tan                     ness. No medical training or
                                                              license is required, as this is a
    You can now whiten your ernment has now issued the cosmetic procedure, not a
teeth and darken your skin in permits to bring this stuff in. medical procedure.
20 minutes flat. And since
most of us here in Cabo
spend more than 20 minutes
working on our tans anyway,
why not multitask your way
to a pearly white smile?
    Mexico is finally allowing
Rich Smith who is now a full
time Cabo resident from
Canada, to import White
Science, a teeth whitening
product developed and pro-
duced in the U.S. After six
months of red tape and bu-
reaucracy the Mexican gov-

                                                                       Rich and his partners of-
                                                                   ficially launched their White
                                                                   Science product line at a
  2002 Blackman                                                    press conference at Sunset            but this time it’s activated by     ting still for 20 minutes. Next
                                                                   Point bar last week. I tried it,      the sun, which is the same as       time they might call for a less
                                                                   I liked it.                           sitting in front of an ultra vio-   hyper test subject.
                                                                        There are two ways to            let light.                              There was no real dis-
                                                                   go. One involves stuffing a                A volunteer was solicited      comfort in the process and
                                                                   tray filled with the secret hy-       from the audience at the            absolutely no sensitivity. The
                                                                   drogen peroxide formula into          project launch and the guinea       mouth guard was inserted,
                                                                   your mouth and sitting in front       pig had to sit 20 minutes un-       the light placed over the
                                                                   of an ultraviolet light for 20        der an ultraviolet light until my   mouth, and the timer was set.
 29 ft with flybridge. 3 bait tanks, generator, A/C, Yanmar        minutes. The second prod-             teeth actually lightened 14         Once the 20 minutes passed
 diesels, underwater lights. Too much to list. Trailer included.   uct is a formula, again, poured       shades of white! Impressive.        the mouth guard was re-
 $160,000 (619) 561-5510                 into upper and lower trays,           The only tough part was sit-        continued on page 36

March 14th, 2011                                                                                   .COM

                                                                                                                      TRAVEL AGENCY
     Marriot resort project        Rodriguez, president of             Rabago, coming from the
may revive. At a meeting last      Canadevi, building condo-           State of Mexico. Sergio will                             Corner of Leona Vicario &
week with Loreto mayor             miniums reduces the cost of         be AMPI’s 2012 President.                                Revolucion
                                                                                                                                (across from GG new office)
elect Jorge Aviles, Marriot        transporting water through          AMPI, with sections in 64                                Tel: (624) 143-1396
executives Jim Spano and           large land developments, be-        cities, has nine regions. The
                                                                                                                                Fax: 143-1397
Niel Weiseberg announced           cause the pipelines are             Regional Coordinators meet                     
that they might begin building     shorter. Swear to god, that’s       on a regular basis across the
the J.W. Marriot condo-ho-         what he said, we don’t make         country.                                                 Los Delfines in San Jose:
                                                                                                                                Plaza Chicos, 4-lane next to
tel this same year. The Marriot    this stuff up.                          The meeting was held at                              Nissan
will be located where the old          The Canadevi will hold          Querencia and was hosted by                              Tel; (624) 142-0752
Presidente resort was, with        housing expos in La Paz and         long time San Jose resident                              Fax: 142-5952
Marriot investing some $50         Los Cabos this summer,              Nacho Bancalari who has
million in its first phase.        showcasing current and fu-          been with Querencia for more
Loreto is located on the Sea       ture condominium and hous-          than 11 years. The presidents      and places like Vegas,       Puerto Los Cabos is one
of Cortez, about a six-hour        ing projects in the area, as        discussed various activities                                of those situations. The $600
                                                                                                          Florida, and Hawaii are all
drive north of Los Cabos.          new credit channels are be-         and Sergio Gomes outlined                                   million development, called
                                                                                                          feeling the effects of the slow-
The project was stalled two        ing launched.                       AMPI.’s work plan for                                       by then President Fox the
                                                                                                          down, so naturally they are
years ago due to the                   AMPI Meeting. Presi-            2011, and invited everyone to      going to bad-mouth Mexicolargest private development
economy meltdown and the           dents from the Mexican As-          attend the AMPI Congreso                                    in Mexico when he dedi-
                                                                                                          and tell people to spend their
swine flu hysteria.                sociation of Professional Re-                                                                   cated it, runs a particularly
                                                                                                                                   tight ship. There is no intimi-
                                                                                                                                   dating these guards with your
Puerto Los Cabos For Golf!                                                                                                         Gringo license plates and
                                                                                                                                   Gringo appearance, they stop
 Reasonably priced and free booze.                                                                                                everybody, they speak fluent
What’s not to like?                                                                                                                English, and your name had
                                                                                                                                   better be on their list, or you
    You don’t have to own a swanky house in Puerto Los                                                                             might as well turn back to San
Cabos to sneak a peek at the ritzy titzy residential develop-                                                                      Jose a ten minute drive south.
ment. For now you can play golf there. It’s cheaper than                                                                           They also don’t allow open
comparable courses, but still a tad pricey compared to most                                                                        house events, so you’re not
courses in the States. However, if you’re a local or a big             coming up in Merida next money stateside. They have going to get in that way. The
drinker, it’s a screamin’ deal.                                        October.                      a travel advisory for Mexico usual, “Voy a ventas” is not
    Right now at high season 18 holes is $195, nine holes or               There were no major de- but not Cairo or Tripoli...what going to swing that gate open
twilight is $140. Now that’s smart, offering nine holes, we’ve         cisions made at this meeting, is all that about?”           for you.
been trying to talk the CSL Country Club into offering nine            various topics to improve         Open house tour in            So Dream Homes has set
holes so locals who work can come out late in the afternoon            AMPI’s presence in region Puerto Los Cabos. Security up a sales office in a trailer
and squeeze out nine, but they won’t do it. Puerto Los Cabos           three were discussed, as well in a residential development very near the entrance. If
will, although it would be cool if it were half price, at least it’s   as ways to counter all the is a double edged sword. It’s you’re turned away at the
discounted quite a bit.                                                negative press on travel to great for the residents, once gate, try to B.S. the sales
    For locals who live here the cost is only $95, a very good         Mexico.                       you become one, but it’s agents there into vouching for
deal. In addition to that, if you play Mondays and Sundays                 Jay West said, “ Hey the tough to get to know the de- you.
the second person gets 50% off.                                        economy is slow stateside velopment before buying in. continued on page 36
    Special packages that are available now for people just
visiting are a two day pass for $290, and all you can play in
three days for $399. If you come out with three friends,
your special cost is $480 for the round, which is only $120
each. Heck, Palmilla and Cabo del Sol charge twice that
for one lousy round and the courses aren’t as nice.
    Puerto Los Cabos is a Jack Nicklaus and Gregg Norman
hybrid, each one designed nine of the holes, and it’s interest-
ing to see how their philosophy differed. There is an awe-
some ocean view from nearly every hole. Interested? Maybe
just a little? Well, to sweeten the deal, they have an all you
can drink beverage cart! You would think that with a deal
like that, the cart would be hard to find, but no, it comes
around plenty often enough, even for this golfer. They have
beer, wine, mixed drinks, good margaritas, bloody Marys,
or soda pop if you’re Amish or something.
    Phone (624) 173 9400 for more info or for reservations.
Or go to The course is less
than 10 minutes from San Jose.

    Condo construction             altors® (AMPI) north west-
promoted. The national as-         ern sections assembled re-
sociation for housing devel-       cently in San Jose. Repre-
opment, Canadevi, is pro-          senting Baja California Sur
moting the construction of         were Luis Aceves (Los
condominium buildings in our       Cabos) Jose Luis Gayton (La
state in order to reduce the       Paz) and Alexander Ogilvie
expense of bringing water to       (Loreto), as well as National
residents. According to Edgar      Vice President Sergio Gomez

Gricelda cleans, vacuum packs and freezes your catch
             for easy transport back home.
 Her secret marinade and smoking process assures
      your catch is the best smoked fish south or
  north of the border! And filleting is no extra charge!
   Cabo Marina, by the Baja Cantina,(01 521) 1437266. VHF Ch. 71.
                                                                                                                              .COM                                           March 14th, 2011

We have arduously eaten                    in San Jose. Accross the street from                                                   and dinner daily as well as weekend      Sabor de Amor / Organic
                                           the soccer park. $                         San Jose                                    brunch; you’ll find Habaneros has        Bistro. Surrender to love at this
our way through every
                                           El Ameyal. Vegetarian Restau-              Baja Blue Bar & Grill, located              something for everyone! Full bar,        delightful organic bistro. Breakfast,
restaurant in Southern Baja                rant. 100% Natural fine cuisine with                                                   wine list and over 100 tequilas. Res-    lunch and dinner, all organic menu:
                                                                                      where the old Rusty Putter was,
for you, and jotted down                   a variety of entrees, soups, salads,
                                                                                      below the Mega Plaza, has a new
                                                                                                                                  ervations at 142-2626, Visa M/C; A/      pizzas, live food, soups and sand-
an accurate description of                 specialties and desserts. Open Mon-        exquisite international menu using          C Happy hour 3-5 daily Located at        wiches, hummus and mouth-water-
                                           day through Saturday from 8:00 am                                                      Plaza la Mision Local #4, Blvd.          ing daily specials at affordable
many of them here.                                                                    fresh products that offers something
                                           to 0:00 pm. Sunday buffet from 8:00                                                    Mijares.www.habanerosgastrogrill.        prices. Teas, smoothies, regional
                                                                                      for everyone. This menu is popular
                                           am to 3:00 pm. Packages and menus          among the locals for its fabulous           com.                                     wine and local beer. Live Entertain-
MC is for Master Card                      100% healthy. All of our ingredients                                                   La Choya Burger Free soda                ment: Wed. Jazz and Sushi, Thurs-
                                                                                      tastes, presentation, and price. They
 V is for Visa                             are whole with no preservatives.                                                       with burger, Tues. and 3 X 2             day: Open Mic, Fri: Reggae, Sat:
                                                                                      do a fantastic job preparing your fresh
                                           Pool available. Just outside of Cabo       caught fish. Open for lunch & dinner        Wednesday! Ground beef, steak,           Luna Itzel, amazing Mexican Singer.
AE is for American Express                 at El Ameyal hotel (formerly Hotel                                                     chicken, or nut burgers! All $5 – $6,    Mon – Fri 8am to 10pm, Saturday 6
                                                                                      (11am to 11pm), Happy Hour: M-F
                                           Vista Azul), 100 yards from                                                            served with wedge fries.Tues-Sun.1       to 11 pm (at the SJ Organic Market
                                                                                      4pm-7pm, Monday 2 x 1 Pizza,
                                           Artesanos. Phone. (624) 144 4727           Ladies Night Tuesday 9pm, Happy             PM - 12 AM. Downtown, on Morelos         during the day!),Sunday Brunch
The price ranges break                     Fax (624) 144 4799 www.ela                                                             between Zaragoza and Obregon.            11am-3pm.Call 624 142 3794
down like this:                                                                       Hour ALL DAY Thursday, Live Music
                                                                                                               624 129 55 40. $               
                                                                                      Friday 7pm, Saturday DJ, Sunday
$ - Average Entrees $7                     La Trattoria Restaurant –                  NFL Football. CATERING AND                  La Internacional: The BEST               amor for map and menu.Go past the
$$ - Average Entrees $15                   Delicious Italian casual dining. In-                                                   view of the entire San Jose Historic     Hangman on Pescador. Turn left into
                                                                                      SPECIAL EVENTS CALL: 624-130-
                                           door and outdoor seating available.                                                    Centro from our second floor terrace.    the arroyo at Milo’s Restaurant, and
$$$ - Average Entrees $22                                                             7205,       infobajablue@gmail
                                           Pasta, wood-oven pizzas, chicken,          .com.                                       Full bar, great food and live music      take dirt road on Left for ¼ mile. Look
$$$$ Yikes!!                               veal, and seafood. Large, profes-                                                      most nights. Daily Specials. Wed.        for sign and VW bus. $$
                                                                                      7 Seas Restaurant. Fine
                                           sional wine selection. Attached open-                                                  Trova Demian Medina. The                 The Hill Top Restaurant & Bar So-
If any restaurant would                                                               dining with the best view in town.
                                           air bar facing main strip is perfect for   Open air restaurant steps away              Speakeasy’s old time Jazz trio ev-       phisticated menu that blends a clas-
like to be included here,                  before/after dinner drinks and people                                                  ery Thursday. Fridays Oporto             sic French style with Latin and local
                                                                                      from the ocean. Watch the surf from
please call 143 0865 or                    watching. Open for lunch and dinner,                                                   Salado Reggae Jazz world music           accents, under the experienced chef-
                                                                                      your table. Sea food specialties -
                                           12 pm - midnight. Call for dinner res-     Great wine list - Fantastic desserts.       and free bar vodka or tequila drinks     owner Gabriel Cambon. With a loca-
143 5750 and we will zip
                                           ervations Tel: 143-00-68. Downtown                                                     for Ladies from 8-10PM. Saturdays:       tion that its superior to anything else
right out with our fork                                                               Good experience guaranteed. You
                                           Cabo, Plaza Bonita, Between Hard                                                       Andres Cantisani, El gallo de Blues.     in the surrounding area, The Hill Top
                                                                                      will be back! Located at Cabo Surf.
and bib.                                   Rock Café and Starbucks Coffee. $          To reserve call 14 22676 ext 307            Closed Mondays. Located in front of      offers an unbelievably romantic pan-
                                           Maro Shrimp House Re-                      or call Mercedes cell 1586900.
                                                                                                                                  the Palacio Municipal on San Jose’s      oramic view of San José coastline.
                                           member the old Shrimp House with                                                       Historic Centro. ( at the huge flag )    Fine extensive wine selection. Lunch
                                                                                      Cynthia Fresh Organic
                                           the great food that used to be on the      Restaurant. Outdoor, patio es-              624-142-1092 or on facebook at           is a great option for budget. Special
                                           main drag of Cabo? Well, it’s back!                                                    lainternacionalbar. $                    Events. At Vista Encanto condomi-
                                                                                      tablishment with delicious, fresh, or-
                                           A Canadian named Phil owned it for
                                                                                      ganic dishes for lunch and dinner
                                                                                                                                  Molly’s Restaurant : is air              niniums. Col. Campo de Golf. Open
                                           many years. When his lease ex-             with hefty portions. Freshly prepared       conditioned and open 8am-11pm all        daily from 12:00 to 22:00 hrs. Res-
                                           pired and the rent tripled, he decided                                                 week. Located downtown San               ervations 105-2990. www.thehillto-
                                                                                      , homemade teas, salads, breads,
                                           to retire. But he gave his blessing                                                    Jose, across from the church.   for menu and map.
                                                                                      sandwiches and dinner dishes. Look
                                           and support to Maro, one of his loyal      for the big carrot sign. Between Mega       Breakfast, lunch and dinner at rea-      MC, V $$
                                           employees of 16 years, and now
                                                                                      and Las Mananitas (parameter road).
                                                                                                                                  sonable prices. Menu has Variety         Zippers Bar and Grille:
                                           Maro serves up the same great reci-                                                    of Salads, Deli Sandwiches, Pas-         On Costa Azul Beach. Best Grille in
                                                                                      Open Mon-Sat Lunch11:30am-5pm
                                           pes and sauces. In addition to the         Dinner 5pm-9pm Sundays Closed               tas, Traditional Mexican, Soups,         Town. This restaurant is preferred by
                                           delicious fresh boiled shrimp (you                                                     Steak and Shrimp. Plenty of seat-        local Gringos. Baby Boomers mu-
                                                                                      .Live Music, Great atmosphere! Cell:
                                           order it by the half or full kilo), Maro                                               ing. Has a bar in the back under a       sic Wednesday and Friday and Blues
                                                                                      044-624-155-5874 $$$
                                           is also offering lobster, some Mexi-       Don Sanchez Restau-                         large palapa to enjoy a good meal        on Saturday. All Sports Events by
                                           can plates, BBQ ribs and some                                                          and a cold beer. Also, there is a        Satellite. Angus Beef Charcoal Ham-
                                                                                      rant Supper club by Award Win-
                                           steaks. He also has coconut or                                                         swim wear store in the restaurant        burgers, Mexican meals, Nachos,
                                                                                      ning Chef Tadd Chapman is a place
                                           chocolate ice cream which is home-         to enjoy the finer things in life without   so you can purchase swim wear,           Deli Sandwiches are just a few on
                                           made by his wife. It’s a down home                                                     floppers or just lotion. Come see        the menu. Enjoy your meal and cold
                                                                                      overpaying. Offering the best Nuevo
                                           place, with hugely attentive waiters,                                                  us and enjoy the food and atmo-          drink with a beautiful scenic surfing
                                                                                      Mexican Cuisine in Los Cabos in-
                                           who are all trying their hearts out to     cluding FREE stone bowl salsa               sphere. No reservations needed..         view. 624-172-6162 Open 11am to
                                           see that you have the same great                                                       $                                        10:30pm all week.
                                                                                      made fresh table side. Voted best live
                                           food and experience as the old
                                                                                      music venue in Los Cabos 6 days a
                                                                                                                                  Mi Cocina International                  Filippi’s Pizza Grotto.
                                           Shrimp House. The recipes are the          week featuring an 8 piece Cuban Or-         Restaurant. Serves seasonal              Family style Italian restaurant from
                                           same, but the location has changed.                                                    specialties with an emphasis on          San Diego. Over 60 years in the biz.
                                                                                      chestra Thursday – Saturday. Try
                                           Maro’s Shrimp House is now on                                                          fresh local seafood, grilled meats and   Good quality, reasonably priced.
                                                                                      our incredible list of creative Mojitos,
                                           Hidalgo, the street that goes up from      Bellinis and Margaritas (Voted best         pasta. Open from 3:30 to 10:30pm.        Pizza, Lasagna, Veal Parmigiana,
                                           the main drag in front of Tesoro, on                                                   El Deck Martini Bar, Happy Hour          Eggplant Parmigiana, Pastas. Base-
                                                                                      in Los Cabos and 2x1 every Mon-
                                           your right, past Pancho’s and                                                          from 3:30 to 6pm, Saturdays until 11     ball sized homemade meatballs (fi-
                                                                                      day), over 140 different tequilas (2
                                           acrosss from Mama’s. Don’t forget          x1 every Tuesday) as well as an             PM.                                      nally!), Italian sausage, plus, plus.
                                           to try the special “Bulldog” cocktail                                                  Located at Chic Boutique Hotel Casa      Full bar, flat screen T.V’S, air condi-
                                                                                      extensive Wine list (25% off
                                           that was made famous at the old                                                        Natalia in downtown San Jose del         tioning. This is their 15th location and
                                                                                      Wednesdays). Kitchen open daily
                                           Shrimp House. (624) 143 4966 $$            from 11am-12pm with happy hour              Cabo, closed Tuesdays. Reserva-          first in Mexico! Open 7 days a week
                                           Solomon’s Landing. Consis-                 11am-6pm. A/C MC VISA. Reserva-
                                                                                                                                  tions at 146-7100 All credit cards       from 4 to 11 p.m at Blvd Mijares and
                                           tently good food,fun & friendly. Beau-                                                 accepted casa.natalia@casa      Juarez corner, San Jose del
                                                                                      tions 142-2444 or online at
                                           tiful setting right on the marina wa-      w w w. d o n s a n c h e z c a n t i n a         Cabo. Phone 624-130-7744. $$
                                           terfront. Good people watching.                                                        $$
                                                                                      .com $$
                                           Large breakfast menu (American-
                                                                                      Gold Falafel – Authentic                    Paoli’s Pizza. The best Gour-
                                           style fried potatoes, cheddar and                                                      met Pizza made in a wood burning
Cabo San Lucas                             Jack cheese omelettes, half-inch
                                                                                      Israeli Home Cooking
                                                                                                                                  oven. We have over 30 different piz-       La Paz
                                                                                      Falafels and gyros served with
Apostolis Restaurant                       thick honey-baked grilled ham, apple
                                                                                      tzaziki or tahini in pita bread. Chicken
                                                                                                                                  zas to choose from. Our pizzas are
I invite you to visit my cuisine! I will   sausage. For lunch and dinner An-          and beef shish kebabs, couscous             thin crust made with the finest prod-    Rancho Viejo. Open 24 hrs.
share with you my famous dishes            gus beef, cold water lobster, the full                                                 ucts. Tired of regular greasy piz-       Breakfast your choice of eggs $3.
                                                                                      and hummus. Scrumptious daily
with lobster, shrimp, crab, fish, octo-    bodied, sweet lobster, the kind with       specials, all served with free salad        zas?? We have pizzas you will not        Arrachera tacos, carne asada,
pus, lamb and duck, with a                 the big tail. Brian’s special BBQ ribs                                                 believe with special sauces includ-      american cuts, menudo, pozole,
                                                                                      buffet. Personal attention from own-
mediterranean touch. Please allow          and steaks grilled over mesquite                                                       ing our signature tomato sauce, or       fish, salads, seafood. Carne asada
                                                                                      ers Shuval and Vered. Open from
me to give you my personalized ser-        wood. Has the ambiance of a Cheers         12:00 - 9:00 P.M. Closed Mondays.           pesto, Mexican bean, cilantro, and       and arrachera by the kilo, w/salsa
vice, I am sure you and your family        bar, where everybody knows your                                                        many others. We also serve appe-         and tortillas. La Paz locations:
                                                                                      Phone: 105 2587. In the Oxxo/
will experience a real gastronomic         name. Reasonably priced. Right on                                                      tizers, salads, desserts, wine and       Manuel Pineda at Belisario
                                                                                      Banamex plaza on the fourlane. $-
pleasure with reasonable prices.           the Cabo marina,                           $$                                          beer. Located in the Banamex and         Dominguez and Alvaro Obregon,
Hope to see you soon in my Restau-         in the corner, inside the Tesoro ho-                                                   Oxxo plaza on the fourlane just after    Corner of Marquez de Leon &
                                                                                      Habaneros Gastro Grill &
rant. - Chef Apostolis, Blvd. Marina,      tel. Reservations 9:00 am to 5:00 pm                                                   the city golf course. Open Tuesday       Belisario Dominguez and Malecon
                                                                                      Tequila Bar Blends an Euro-
Plaza Nautica, Interior Local C6,          Office phone 143 7606, or call the         pean bistro with Eclectic Mexican           to Sunday from 2 to 11 PM. Visa/         next to Jungle Bar. In Ciudad Consti-
Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Ph. (624)          Restaurant 5:00 to 11:00 p.m. phone                                                    Mastercard.Phone 146-9010, 146-          tution at Blvd. Olachea near road to
                                                                                      Fusion cuisine all the while keeping
144 4177, Also behind Blockbuster          143 3050. $$                                                                           9020. Delivery in San Jose. $$           San Carlos. Cell 612 348 9294 $
                                                                                      things Baja casual. Offering Lunch

March 14th, 2011                                                                                                               .COM

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 Walk it in - We've recently moved, so listen                   10.                            11.                            12.
 up. We’re on Leona Vicario Street, four
                                                                13.                            14.
 blocks up. The street dead ends into the                                                                                     15.
 main drag kinda across from the mall. It’s                     16.                            17.
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  Total amount owed                                             Name_______________________________________Phone________________                                              rear axle. $6000.
                                                                                                                                                                              2006 RAGEN BLACKHAWK 36
                                                                      Businesses send one dollar a word. Sorry, we're trying to keep                                          ft., 5th Wheel Toybox tráiler. Bed-
                                                                                  this as a service for private parties                                                       room slide, full kitchen, 2 A/C units,

                         P Box 13168 Palm Desert CA 92255
                                                                                                                                                                              Onan 5.5 generator, 40 gal. gas tank,
                                                                                                                                                                              150 gal. fresh wáter and 50 gal. black
                                                                                                                                                                              and grey tanks, Moto-Sat F1 auto-
                                        COMMERCIAL LOCALES for                       OUTDOOR LIVING AND CON-                        MONTECRISTO ESTATES 4                     matic satellite on roof. Internet Ac-
                                        lease - need office or retail space?         CEPT company now hiring for 2011               STAR Fractional share 2/1 – 2/15          cess anywhere in the Baja thru
glish (La Paz) Crossroads Christian
                                        300 square feet to 10,000 square             expansion. Commission sales people             home overlooking the Pacific ocean        HughesNet. Large basement with
Fellowship. Sharing the living wa-
                                        feet. Cabo/San Jose. Cyndi 624-              needed, bilingual, car required. If you        3500 sq. ft. Magnificent views and        slider tray. Will email details and pic-
ter of Jesus with thristy people.
                                        158-8650 (tf)                                live in Cabo, San Jose, La Paz, Loreto,        accommodations. Sleeps 10. Swim-          tures, and will deliver anywhere in
3124 Abosolo between Sonora and
                                                                                     Ensenada call today. (612) 612 550             ming pool, hot tub, concierge, every-     Baja.         $30,000           O.B.O.
Sinaloa. (Up the alley under the        SELLING A VEHICLE AND
                                                                                     99 (14)                                        thing you want including 50% off golf
Crossroads sign) Contact Joyce and      TAKES TOO LONG? Display &
David Reed 12-25436. www.cross          sell cars, boats, RV’s on a super vis-       LONG TERM RENTAL 1 BED-                        and much more at lower prices than        RENTAL 2b 2b IN TOWN pet ok / (tf)                     ible airport lot for $1 a day! Great         ROOM second floor, furnished in                resort. USA 803-514-2582 (15)             garage duplex. $800 includes util
                                        exposure! Mention this ad and you            gated Aloha Condos on the San Jose             BEACHFRONT HOME FOR                       excpt elec. $800 624 113-3959
CABO PEROGIES 5 delicious
flavours! 624 113 8376 (tf)             will get a special phone service for         malecon across the street from                 LEASE-3 BD- 3-1/2 BA @ Zippers            FOR SALE COMPUTER EQUIP-
                                        free! 624-172-2319 Cell 624-100-             Crown Plaza. $5500 pesos a month.              Surf Break. Prime location. $2800/        MENT. 4 PC’s Coren Dual 2.5 GHZ
SOLAR sales &service. Phone 14                                                       Contact Ramona bajafix@
                                        1183 USA 303-545-2279 cabo@                                                                 mo – Call 714-654-4658 (19)               processor. 1GB DDR2 RAM. 250
25000 (tf)                                                                  (624) 142 1574, (909)
                               (tf)                                                                   EXQUISITE BEACH HOUSE                     GB hard drive memory. Perfect
WANTED: donations of used                                                            557 7921 (tf)                                                                            Choice earphones and webcam. 15-
                                        CABO 4 SALE REAL ESTATE and                                                                 priced to sell www.thecabobeach
Books, all kinds & languages, &                                                      GOT CABO?                                                                inch Acer monitor. Also: Epson
                                        Development. Now hiring experi-                                                    (23)
used clothing & small housewares,                                                    (tf)                                                                                     printer /scanner / copier, B&W
                                        enced agents. 624-172-0069 (tf)                                                             SELL AND BUY YOUR Products
can be dropped off at the Liga MAC                                                                                                                                            Samsung printer and tables and
Used Bookstore & Donation Cen-          FOR SALE, Pueblo Bonito                      PEDREGAL GUEST UNIT. Fan-                      and Services Online 24/7 -                chairs. Like new. Information:
ter, pickup of large amounts can be     Timeshares Junior $900, Luxury               tastic views 1 bed 1 bath kitchen.    (tf)                      Claudia. Cell (624) 121-0351 (22)
arranged.         $1400, Executive $1750 214-732-              W/D, furnished, private pool, sat
                                                                                                                                    PALAPA FOR SALE in nice park              3 BEDROOM HOUSE in San Jose,
144-5611 all funds raised supports      8580                                         TV, internet. $800 p/month call 624
                                                                                                                                    close to Cabo. (209) 469 4881 (15)        good area, dog ok, walled yard, furn.
local     families      in    need.                                                  100 5240 (tf)
                                        PROMOTE YOUR PROPERTY                                                                       TOYOTA TACOMA 1998. 4 x 4,                $1200 a month. 624 113-3959 (tf)                    for Sale or Rent in The All Cabo             EAR CANDLES. Cell 624-113-8376
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INTERPRETER services .English-          Real Estate & Rentals Publication,           (tf)
                                                                                                                                    $4,500 US. 044 624 141 7636 (# 15)        Privanzas, 3 bed house. Gated com-
spanish Any and all documents.          w w w. M a r k e t i n g C a b o . c o m /   SANTIAGO FARM 35 ACRES.
Civil-legal-social security-real es-    Order_All_Cabo (tf)                                                                         COMMERCIAL SPACE FOR
                                                                                     Fruit trees, blackberries, palms, bam-
tate. Or take me with you to legal                                                                                                  SALE. Warehouse space included and
                                        PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRA-                       boo. Near waterfalls and hot springs.
meetings. Al Martinez cel.624-122-                                                                                                  already rented. Great opportunity to
                                        PHER available. www.cabophoto                $85,000.
8116 (tf)                                                                                                                           earn automatically 9% per year. In-
                               (# 19)                            (tf)
                                                                                                                                    formation: 01 800 718 6572 Email:
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bdrm condo, sleeps 4. Beachfront.       Quickly with The All Cabo Real Es-           PERS SURFBREAK San Jose, 3 BD,
$349,000 US. 624-122-2690. (tf)                                                                                                     1986 WINNEBAGO CHIEFTAN
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                                                                                                                                    23’ motor home. 47K miles. 4KW
BRAND NEW RV/TRAILER                    w w w. M a r k e t i n g C a b o . c o m /   $2500/MO (#16)
PARK. Near beach, between               Order_All_Cabo (tf)                          RENT CENTRAL SAN JOSE.
                                                                                                                                    Onan generator. Driver side door. Ex-
                                                                                                                                    terior (fiberglass) all original. Good
                                                                                                                                                                                       There was a sign
Cerritos and Todos Santos. Limited      HEALTH INSURANCE. World wide                 Large. Private Studio Casita. Garden           condition. $4,850 USD Cell 624 121                 on the lawn at a
leases available now. Nice, small,                                                   patio. Laundry. A/C. Parking. $400
quiet. Water, electricity, Wi-Fi,
                                        coverage. Up to $5 million. Includes
                                        $50,000 Air Evac, A rated coverage           US plus electricity. Internet and Sat-
                                                                                                                                    2611 or (808) 276 5339                               drug re-hab
                                                                                                                                    NEED RENTALS! Have renters–
Fenced and gated with 24hrs secu-       $4700 U.S. Hospital direct billing net-      ellite. Available now. 142-6080 (tf)
                                                                                                                                    Want to rent your house of condo?
                                                                                                                                                                                        center that said
rity. Big Spots. Nice palapa also for
sale $14,500 USD. Cell (612) 139
                                        work plus Amerimed. As low as $40/
                                        mo for age 30-34, $75/mo age 50-54.
                                                                                     LARGE INVENTORY OF LOTS                        Call Sharon RENTnCABO: 624                           ‘Keep off the
                                                                                     and homes. Los Cabos, Pescadero,               113-3959
2713 (tf)                      624 129 2179             you name it. Maritza, 624-159-5154                                                                     Grass’.
HAPPY HOUR IS GOING TO                  U.S. 800-608-5743 roger@protecplan                                                          DRIVING TO ARIZONA IN MAY
                                                                                     Email: (tf)
THE DOGS! Spend an afternoon            .com (tf)                                                                                   via the Baja Ferry / Nogales, would
                                                                                     FINALLY READY TO BUY in Cabo                   like to convoy with someone or a
making homeless shelter dogs            RARE          2004       HARLEY              but can’t get financing? Private seller        group driving back to Arizona some-
happy, giving them walks and at-        DAVIDSON Road King Custom                                                                                                             munity. Pool. Gym. $1,000 USD /
                                                                                     will finance brand new home in gated           where around May 14th - 17th,
tention. Los Cabos Humane Soci-         Show room condition. Low kilome-             community. Granite, marble, solid              dates negotiable, taking the Baja Ferry   month. 624-147-7217 Email:
ety is seeking volunteers to walk       ters, chrome everything. Big bore            wood windows and doors, stainless              and crossing the border at Nogales. I (15)
dogs in the afternoon from 5-7pm.       kit, detachable Shield, Candy Apple          appliances. 3 Bdrm, 2.5 Ba. 2-story.           speak fluent Spanish and can help         MONTECRISTO ESTATES
Please contact Marci:Volunteer          Red, Imported. Over $40,000 in-              Garage, community pool, Spa, gym.              with translating for you. No fee, just    spring break 2 Weeks Villa 70 2nd (tf)             vested. Asking $15,995. Also                 Fully landscaped autosprinklers.               want to find some people or some-         half March Annual $100K plus main-
BUSINESS          FOR       SALE.       leather jackets chaps available at a         Ready to move in. $359 K. 624-147-             one traveling back up north via the
                                        great price. 624-129-9091 (tf)                                                                                                        tenance. Bernd 714-493-0352
Laundromat. High traffic area, low                                                   5807 or 330-474-0470 (15)                      ferry and Nogales. I live in Los
rent. New energy efficient machines.    LONG TERM RENTALS, 6 to 12                                                                                                            TEACHING POSITION Available
                                                                                     WESTIN TIMESHARE 2bd3ba for                    Barriles, my phone number is 624-
105-2048 (13)                           months, Casas/Condos, Professional,                                                                                                   immediately for elementary Grade 5
                                                                                     sale. $3750. Call 480-241-7476. (17)           141-0332             or         email
                                        personalized service, 40 years expe-                                                                                                  boy. Must be accredited and fluent
FSBO, LOVELY, 1 BR, 1 BA, gated                                                                                            (15)
                                        rience 22 years in Cabo. I work 7 days,      LA JOLLA 2 Bdrm/Bthrm Condo for                                                          in English both written and oral. Po-
Club LaCosta end unit, golf course                                                                                                  EXECUTIVE RENTAL – 3,000 Sq               sition will be approximately three to
                                        answer my phone and return calls. I          Sale, San Jose del Cabo.
view, l block from beach.Pools, Hot                                                                                                 Ft. Custom built, 3 masters, great        five hours per day teaching the Ca-
                                        am very responsive and responsible.          $349,000.00USD Call Owner 624
tub, like new furnished. $167,000.                                                                                                  room and unobstructable arch view         nadian BC Curriculum at our home
                                        Many options, Sharon Armstrong 624           172 6236 (18)
Garage $18,000, 707-481-0628 or                                                                                                     100 ft to ocean. Garage, pool $2,000      in San Jose Del Cabo. Must be a
707-322-8812 (15)                                 FOR SALE OR RENT HOUSE in                      mo. Villa Serena Possible lease/op-
                                                                                     Miramar. 2bd, 2 bth. A/C, alarm sys-                                                     kind and outgoing person who
                                                                                                                                    tion 145-8073                             knows how to keep a child engaged
                                                                                     tem. Cistern. Fully furnished. 612-
                                                                                     141-7772               VENTANAS LUXURY oceanview                 and interested while learning. Sal-
                                                                                     (14)                                           property $182,000. Line. (Lynn)           ary negotiable. Please email a cover
                                                                                                                                    624-157-2569 line@portusmexico            letter detailing your experience and
                                                                                     WANTED PARTTIMEASSISTANT                       .com                                      how you approach teaching, along
                                                                                     for the Golden Cactus art gallery. 25 hours                                              with your resume, credentials and
                                                                                     a week, $500 USD a month plus com-             VENTANAS’S 3 B/R RENTAL
                                                                                                                                                                              references to
                                                                                     mission structure. Able to climb ladders       with private pool, granite, leather, 3
                                                                                     and lift heavy paintings with impeccable       flat screen TV’s, $1900 mo. 624 113-
                                                                                     presentation. English a must. Please email     3959                                      MEXICO BASED private investi-
                                                                                     your CV to celyne@goldencactusgallery                                                    gator seeks occasional helper in
                                                                                                                                    1983 TOYOTA          Sunrader
                                                                                     .com                                                                                     CSL. Call Mike, 01 415 152 7757
                                                                                                                                    Motorhome: 122K, 18. Self-con-
                                                                                                       .COM                                   March 14th, 2011
                                       La Paz. Right now, you                                                 PAIDADVERTISEMENT
FISH REPORT...                     could fish for a day or two
continued from page 24             and dink and dip on cabrilla,
                                   sierra and all the bonito you         So Is Any Real Estate                                               HOA doing the yard work.
                                                                                                                                             There are also HOA rules

                                                                         Selling Around Here?
   East Cape. Spring is            wanted. Or you could fish                                                                                 about parking cars and
emerging slowly as air tem-        all day and get all the frigate                                                                           keeping dogs on leashes,
peratures creep up and windy       and pelicans you wanted and                                                                               the usual rules that drive
days are equal in number.          figure it was just “one of those       A little bit, here’s one development that’s                       some people crazy. Until
Mark Rayor, Vista Sea Sport        days.” Suddenly, your rod                                                                                 they pay a lot of money for
                                   goes double-bendo and
                                                                         selling.                                                            a nice neighborhood and
reports, “on a good note I
had to kick the covers off last    GAME ON!!!                                                                                                then watch it slide into a
night and open the door be-            Big yellowtail up to 40                                                           BY BILL DING        slum within a few years.
cause the weather has be-          pounds and pargo up to 25                                                                                 Won’t         happen        at
come noticeably warmer.”           or 30 pounds would sud-                                                                                   Ventanas.
   There has been a decent         denly roll up and then, it                Ventanas means win-           now, and they’re competing            The homes have first
up and down show of quality        would be two, three, four fish        dows in Spanish. It also          with the second phase for         class finishings, with gran-
yellowtail for the few boats       on and hanging…and huge               seems to mean marketing,          buyers who are snapping           ite and stainless steel kitch-
heading out. The even fewer        mossback ‘tails in the chum’.         as there are no fewer than        homes up for less than what       ens, marble floors, and
                                                                         three projects named              the first phase paid for their    some even have swimming
                                                                         Ven-tanas in and around           home several years ago.           pools up on their roofs.
                                                                         Los Cabos. We’re talk-                But that’s life these days,
                                                                                                                                             They all have private BBQ
                                                                         ing here about the full           and Ventanas homeowners           areas. Some of the homes
                                                                         ownership stand alone             we talked to weren’t blam-        have garages and the rest
                                                                         homes built up the hill be-       ing the developer. In fact,       have car ports. There is a
                                                                         hind Costco. It’s a great         homeowners we talked to           wonderful clubhouse, first
   Photo Jonathan Roldan
                                                                         view from up there.               were pretty happy. And we         class, and a small deli that
                                                                             The collection of two         were there on annual              will make you a light
                                                                         and three bedroom                 homeowner’s meeting day,          breakfast or lunch. The
                                                                         homes first came on the           where other HOAs are firing       pool is large and affords a
                                                                         market several years ago          bullets at each other, these      great view.
                                                                         and sold well. Then the           folks were all getting along.         So if you need or want
                                                                         market took it’s dump,            HOA fees are only about           a home here, you can’t go
                                                                         and Ventanas sales, like          $200 a month, not bad for all     wrong with Ventanas, bet-
                                                                         every development, came           the amenities you get: A state-   ter hustle over there before
                                                                         to a screeching halt. But         of-the-art gym, heated pools      the real estate market
                                                                         Ventanas did something            & Jacuzzis, a Deli, a Business    comes back and the prices
                                                                         most developments have            Center and the landscaping        go back up. Now is the
                                                                         been unwilling to do:             services.                         time to buy. Their website
                                                                         They dropped their                    The guard gated commu-        is only somewhat helpful,
                                                                         prices. A lot. They’re sell-      nity looks very, very attrac-     you’re going to have to
                                                                         ing in a second phase             tive as you drive in. Notice      drive out there to get a feel-
                                                                         now, and the homes are            we gave it two varies.            ing for it. www.
                                                                         a little bit different, so it’s   Maybe it looks so nice be-
                                                                         hard to compare exactly,          cause the homeowners as-          624 104 3775. Drive up
                                                                         but the second phase has          sociation is responsible for      the road that goes up the hill
                                                                         great homes for at least          keeping up the maintenance        across from the Pemex on
                                                                         $150,000 less for a com-          of all the front yards as well    the fourlane. Keep going.
                                                                         parable value, and they           as the common areas. We           Further. Keep going. When
                                                                         have just introduced              were told that many of the        you think you’ve gone too
   Roger Thompson from Long Beach shows off the kind of                  ocean view condos from            homes were bought by for-         far you will see a sign on
            yellowtail we’ve been ripping lately.                        $145,000. Of course this          eigners who are not always        your left indicating you need
                                                                         doesn’t make the early            here, so they could not be ex-    to go a little further. You’re
                                                                         buyers in the first phase         pected to keep up the ap-         almost there. Like we said,
boats fishing farther offshore     And, you either had your “A”          very happy, especially the        pearance of their yards.          it’s a great view from up
are seeing a remarkable num-       game on and put a fish or two         ones who need to sell             Problem solved with the           there. 
ber of striped marlin. The bad     in the boat or…you had your
news is they don’t seem to         chance and the waters would
be very hungry yet.                go silent again as you “zing-      single one of the yellowtail or      Gordo Bank Pangas                     The toughest part of the
    Farther up north on the        powied” a fish and got busted      pargo broke them off! A lot                entire process was not drink-
non-windy days there is a          off or just got unbuttoned ‘cuz    of first timers have a real          East Cape                         ing red wine or coffee or
serious pargo and yellowtail       you weren’t ready or be-           healthy respect for some of          Rancho Leonero Hotel              Coke for 24 hours, try that
bite. The trick is to keep them    cause of “pilot error” not to      our “winter” fish right now             at a wine party.
                                                                      having been humbled more             Hotel Buena Vista                     The treatment lasts for up
                                                                      than once!                            to a year, depending on your
                                                                          Hopefully, this is just the      Vista Sea Sport                   habits like drinking coffee
                                                                      start. In addition to the larger             and red wine. The length of
                                                                      yellowtail and pargo, like I         La Paz                            the results is extended with a
                                                                      said, we also got into some          Jonathan Roldan’s                 second, take home product
                                                                      decent cabrilla, sierra, rain- Tailhunter International                called white ice. It’s a white
                                                                      bow runners, bonito and even         w w w. t a i l h u n t e r-       lipstick you roll across your
                                                                      an occasional dorado or two.                        teeth before bed which con-
                                                                      Some roosterfish were up on                                            tinues to remove stains while
                                                                      the beach and there was an NEW PRODUCT...                              you sleep. Similar to a stain
                                                                      unusual winter tuna whack at continued from page 27                    stick you use to get the red
                                                                      the north end of Cerralvo Is-                                          wine out of the white shirt.
                                                                      land.                                                                      White Science, which
out of the rocks or grins turn     mention that these fish are                                         moved, and I had to swish a           started in Georgia, has been
to grimace quickly.                just horses when it comes to                                        sealing wash around my                in business for over 10 years
    On the beach front there       fighting attitude and are                                           mouth for 90 seconds. Al-             and has invested well over six
have been some large fish          hunkered down in the rocks.                                         though it was a long 90 sec-          million dollars in research and
boiling on the sardina schools        Honestly, if you were                    TRAVEL AGENCY           onds of swishing, it was a            development, and this is the
in front of the hotels, luring a   judging our fishing simply by                                       small price to pay for 14             first time it’s available here.
                                                                         ph 143 1396 fx 143 1397       shades of whiter. Rich has a          His partner, Noemi Romero,
few guests away from the bar       looking at the numbers you
long enough to fling flies or      might think fishing stunk! In                                       sample row of teeth that show         will be the official distributor
small spoons at the boils. So      some cases, boats came                 Cabo San Lucas               progressively yellower teeth          throughout the country, on
far the effort has yielded a       back to the beach with ab-             George & Mary Landrum and marks before and after,                  both the mainland and Baja,
lower bar bill along with a        solutely nothing but finding out            to show how many notches              but all products will be dis-
few sierra and even fewer          that they hooked five, six,            Tracy Ehrenberg              you have moved up. Some               tributed from right here in
yellowtail.                        seven or more fish and every  people whiten more than oth-            Cabo.
                                                                          San Jose del Cabo            ers.                                  continued on page 39
March 14th, 2011                                                                             .COM

Ocean Treachery 101                                       the rocks, and it can too of-
                                                          ten be a pathway to drown-
 Here’s why some of our beaches are                          Swimming on the Pacific
particularly tricky and how to protect                    side beaches has long been
yourself                                                  known to be dangerous, but
                                                          the latest tragedy with two
                                       BY VIC VERTIGO Canadians drowning there
                                                          provides a very strong re-
                                                          minder that swimming is not
   By now, just about ev-    off Divorce Beach. That’s the only danger at Divorce
erybody in San Lucas is fa- the beach on the Pacific side Beach. Rogue waves can
miliar with the story many of Lover’s Beach, there is a pull beach strollers into the
stories of tourists drowning pass through there, between water, and the local rip cur-           and in slightly different direc-   counter to the wave direc-
                                                          rents can sometimes make it            tions fuse and become one.         tion, wave frequency short-
                                                          very difficult to regain the           The heights of the crests of       ens and extreme waves can
                                                          beach. The U.S. National               these wave patterns are ad-        be generated.
                                                          Weather Service cites three            ditive, meaning an abnor-             The third type of
                                                          typical causes for rogue               mally large wave can de-           aggresive wave is a normal
                                                          waves.                                 velop.                             part of the wave spectrum.
                                                              The first is known as con-            The second is a focusing        Waves don’t have a uniform
                                                          structive interference. This is        of wave energy. When               height, but a spectrum in
                                                          when several wave patterns             storms force waves to de-          which smaller or larger waves
                                                          moving at different speeds             velop in a water current           continued on page 38

 Every Tuesday & Saturday. 9am-1pm. Liga              as the San Jose organic market. (Across from           moon to raise money and awareness to pro-
 MAC used bookstore and donation center, San          the old Jockey Club).                                  tect the dunes near Todos Santos. Teatro Luna
 Jose. cell 044-624-177-8507          Every Sunday. 7:00 – 11:00 a.m. Bicycle, walk,         Azul       in     Todos       Santos.       Info:
 during business hours for directions.                skate or drag your pet around downtown Cabo. 
 Every 2nd Tuesday. 7:00 p.m. Baja Foreign            The main drag in Cabo San Lucas closes to ve-          March 20th. 2nd Annual Artists’ Studio Tour
 Business Group (BFBG) meeting. In La Paz, at         hicle traffic. Great opportunity to exercise and       in                Todos                 Santos.
 the Tailhunter Cantina on the Malecon. Meet          mingle with local families. Each week a differ-
 your fellow English speaking business people         ent activity, like spinning, aerobics, zumba les-      March 24, 25, 26, 27. The 11th Annual Baja
 in this Baja network. 612-122-7763                   sons.                   Shakespeare production of The Wild Adven-
 Every Wednesday, 8 pm. Free movies from              March 1 - 7 Todos Santos Film Fest. All flicks         tures of Pericles - Cosmic Space Traveler
 independent studios for teenagers and adults         in        Spanish         with         subtitles.      at Rancho Buena Vista’s Theatre Under the
 at the City Theater in San Jose.                     w w w. t o d o s s a n t o s c i n e f e s t . c o m   Stars. 7:00 pm, cocktails/beverages from
 Every 3rd Wednesday.6:00 p.m. Baja Busi-             March 3 to 8. La Paz annual Carnival. At the           6:00 pm. $20. Baja Shakes encourage you to
 ness People meeting. Meet your fellow English        malecón in La Paz.                                     go to your favorite restaurant in town, many
 speaking business people in this Baja                March 4. Marti Gras Carnival - East Cape Ro-           of which will be offering “Shakespeare Spe-
 network.New venue each month. Information:           tary. Information:                 cials”. Tickets at Smokey’s Cantina or will call                        or    March 7 to 9. 9:00 - 2:00 pm. Sarahuaro foun-          (624) 142-8008                              dation week. See a community effort to em-             March 30, All week. 5th annual Palmas De
 Every Wednesday. 8:00 to 11:30 a.m. Organic          power low-income women. At Tierra y Libertad           Cortez Archery Classic. Palmas de Cortez hotel
 market at Pedregal. Just before Colegio El           neighborhood.                624125          0828.     in Los Barriles at the East Cape. Shoot arrows
 Camino at the back entrance to Pedregal. 8:00                                  at cool fake fish on the golf course, and fish for
 to 11:30 a.m. cell 624 113 8376.                     March 10, Thursday. 7.30 pm. Conference                real. Butch Herold 573-406-4192 or email
 Every Thursday from 8 to 9 am. Los Cabos             “Primero Tu,” by Gaby Vargas. Hilton on the  
 Rotary Club breakfast at Casa del Mar Hotel.         fourlane. Presenting her 11th book on self-im-         April 1, Friday. From 3:00 pm. Mike Hill,
 On the fourlane at Km 18.5 RSVP: 124-0224            provement. In Spanish. 250 pesos. Benefits             singer and owner of Miguel Loco bar, intro-
 extension #3                                         Sarahuaro foundation. 624125 0828                      duces his tequila and sings at the Golden Cac-
 First Thursday. Yo Reciclo sets up tents to                                  tus Gallery on Hidalgo, corner of Zapata in Cabo
 receive plastic, aluminum, cardboard, batter-        March 12. Baja Ha Ha Golf - East Cape Guild.           San Lucas. 143-6399. Free samples!
 ies, computers, printers, cell phones, green,        Information:                      April 3, Sunday. Humane Society’s 6th An-
 clear or brown glass in San Jose, Plaza Dorada       March 12, Saturday Casino Night at Casa                nual Paws & Claws Golf Tournament. Puerto
 at the roundabout near the Pemex. 8 am to 2          Bellísima in the Pedregal, to benefit the Green        Los Cabos with Dinner at Campestre Beach
 pm.                            Scholarship Program. $100 U.S. Cecilia Avalos,         Club. Dianne Person 044-624-168-4527.
 Every Thursday, 7:30 pm. English worship             Cell. (624) 355-4314 or look up:                       $350. Dinner only $100.
 and bilingual message. Turn at Office Depot to learn               April 1-7 Festival La Pax. Art & Culture. Spe-
 and stay straight almost to the crest of the hill.   more about their program.                              cial guest country: Australia. La Paz. Informa-
 Tezozomoc at Zapotecas on the left side of the       March 14 to 20. San Jose days. Carny rides,            tion:
 street. (624)151-5843.                               food booths, trinkets, loud music. Kind of like        Saturday, April 2. Golf Tournament to benefit
 Every other Thursday. You guess which one.           Carnaval, but this is to honor the patron saint of     Sarahuaro foundation. 624125 0828
 Los Cabos Tomatoes, ladies social group. All         San Jose, which is a guy who was named Jose. 
 women who aspire to be a tomato are wel-             Go figure.                                             April 3. 18th annual Art Festival at Hotel Palmas
 come. Info:               March 16. Wednesday. 6:00 pm. Baja Busi-               de Cortez in Los Barriles, East Cape. Info at
 Every Thursday Evening 5:00 to 9:00 pm               ness People meeting. At the Green House,      English 624 158
 Art Walk Night in San Jose’s Historic Art Dis-       Pedregal. Info:                6309 Spanish 624 141 0380.
 trict. Wine and munchies, live entertainment.        March 16 to 20. Annual San Jose Fiestas. Great         April 9th, Saturday. Home And Garden Tour
 Along Obregon St. behind the church.                 photo opp. Mingle with the locals and enjoy re-        Todos Santos. 612-
 Every Friday 9 to 1 Farmers’ Market Palmilla         gional food, shows, music, a small carni, arts         157-6080 or 145-0882
 Shoppes                                              and crafts exhibits and nightly entertainment.         April 25-29 10-4pm First annual Jr. Lifeguard
 Every Saturday. 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Or-         Downtown San Jose.                                     Training. Todos Santos. Swimming ability is not
 ganic market at Pedregal. 8:00 to 11:30 a.m.         March 18th, Friday. 7th annual Liga MAC                a requirement. Registration fee $1,000 pesos/
 Cell 624 113 8376.                                   JazzFest. Club Campestre. Dinner, drinks and           week.,
 Every Saturday 9 to 3 San Jose Organic Mar-          entertainment.           Limited         seating., (612) 145.0353
 ket at Huerta Maria on the Las Animas road                                    April 14. Bocce Ball Tournament - East Cape
 across from the Jockey Club. No dogs, please.        March 19, Saturday. 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.            Guild. Information: Cell 624-108-4235                    Casa de Artes Tour. In Los Barriles at the East        May 14. Scholarship Awards - East Cape Guild.
 Every Sunday, 11 am. Movie Club.                     Cape. Sponsored by the East Cape Arts Ass.             Information:
 “Lumiere.” Childrens’ classic movies at the          JoAnn at                        If you would like to list your non profit event
 marine museum in San Jose.                            March 19 Saturday “Tunes for the Dunes’ -             here, send your info to david
 Every Sunday 9 to 3. Flea market same place          An evening of music and dance under the full  There is no charge. 

                                                                                                       .COM                                      March 14th, 2011

Always Another Fiesta                                                                                      PAID ADVERTISEMENT
                                                                                                                                                I went for the meat lover’s

Coming Your Way                                                        Italian Food That Makes                                                  pizza, a mesquite-fired oven
                                                                                                                                                pizza with Italian sausage,

 Green beer, the beginning of spring and a                            Your Mouth Water                                                         ham, pepperoni, mozzarella
                                                                                                                                                cheese, onions, and green
                                                                                                                                                peppers. This again was first
fiesta about a National hero                                                                                            BY JULIA CHILD          class and quite substantial.
                                              BY DON PARTIE                                                                                     My friend ordered the lobster
                                                                           I love Italian food. Ever       life. His American upbringing        ravioli served in a shrimp-
                                                                       since I arrived here I have         helps; Juan has a unique under-      based red sauce. Very tasty
    It’s time to get your green   body; he had to move to the          been searching for a good           standing of what his mostly          indeed!
underwear out of the drawer       city of Oaxaca and educate           Italian restaurant that serves      Gringo clientele expect from a           Dessert: For dessert I
because this week, we have        himself. After learning the          the kind of food that makes         fine dining experience in terms      went for the chocolate cake
St. Patrick’s Day on Thurs-       Spanish language he became           your mouth water and leaves         of service, quality and presen-      with vanilla ice cream, since I
day the 17th. You don’t have      interested in law and politics.      you wanting to go back again        tation. Another big advantage        have a sweet tooth, was very
any green undies? Well at         But before he even practiced         and again. I tried many Ital-       to dining at La Trattoria is the     much to my tasting. My friend
least find a green hat, you can   law, he became a strong de-          ian restaurants in Los Cabos,       price. The tab you run here          loved the tiramisu, which he
do that much, can’t you? If       fender of Indian rights. So he       but they all fell short of what     will be considerably less than       ate while knocking back an
not, no corned beef and cab-      became a lawyer, a judge and         I was looking for, until one        what you would expect to pay         espresso. Not Mexican
bage for you.                     eventually the governor of the       day a friend and I stumbled         if you were to eat in your hotel     espresso, but the real deal:
     This is always a great       state of Oaxaca. There he            across a gem of a place             or at one of the many over-          Caffee Diemme coffee, an au-
party time, particularly if you   supported the national legis-        called La Trattoria.                priced Italian restaurants in the    thentic Italian brand that’s
can get your hands on some        lation to confiscate church              It’s often said that the best   area. I grew up eating Italian       even better than Illy or
green beer. St. Patrick’s Day     lands. This was too liberal for      restaurants are unassuming          food, and make it a point to         Lavazza.
celebrations have become          the dictator that was ruling         places that are usually found       travel every year to Italy on            After dinner, we stepped
more common now, so it            Mexico at the time and poor          off the beaten path, far from       business. La Trattoria has all       outside to enjoy an after din-
shouldn’t be that difficult to    Juarez got himself kicked out        the usual tourist haunts.           of the elements of an authentic      ner drink at the horseshoe
find your party spot. There’s     of the country with a group              But that’s not the case with    Trattoria in Sorrento or Rome.       shaped wooden bar on the
always the perennial favorite,    of similar thinkers. He ended        La Trattoria, which is not              The interior of the restau-      terrace facing Marina Blvd.
                                                                       tucked away on some side            rant is in the traditional Italian   and Squid Roe. Our intent
                                                                       street far away from the            style – simple and spacious          was to dine at La Trattoria
                                                                       hustle and bustle of down-          enough to accommodate                and head out for a night on
                                                                       town. In fact, this Italian res-    groups. There is even a back         the town somewhere else, but
                                                                       taurant is right in the heart of    room with it’s own bar that can      we had such a great time sit-
                                                                       Cabo on Marina Blvd., at            seat up to 30 people, which          ting at the bar, listening to
                                                                       Plaza Bonita mall, smack in         they often close off for private     music, people watching and
                                                                       between Hard Rock Café              parties. Juan mentioned to me        laughing it up with the Mar-
                                                                       and the new Starbucks,              that they are going to start us-     tini-making Mario and the
                                                                       across from Squid Roe. It’s         ing this room to host a monthly      bottle-flipping Jonathan, that
Roadhouse, where Mike             up in New Orleans for a              been there for almost 15            wine and food tasting with their     we didn’t leave until closing –
pours it green and even corns     while making a living as a ci-       years. Just a few years ago,        executive chef, so make sure         at 4 am!
his own beef.                     gar factory worker.                  La Trattoria changed hands,         to ask about this when you               If you like good Italian
    In Pescadero, you have             The liberal movement in         and the new owners have             stop in. Overall, La Trattoria       food, this well-known Cabo
your chance to drink green        Mexico attracted the return of       done a fine job with the place.     can entertain a large group          Italian restaurant won’t disap-
beer and eat genuine Irish        Benito Juarez. Soon the tables           For one, La Trattoria has       while at the same time main-         point. The food and service
fare at the annual St.            were turned and the dictator         an excellent selection of           taining a quaint, elegant envi-      are first class – so much so
Patrick’s festivities at the      by the quaint name of Santa          wines from all over the world.      ronment that is perfect for          that I’ve lunched or dined
Sandbar. They will also have      Anna was sent into exile.            The owner of La Trattoria,          couples seeking a romantic           there regularly since writing
shepherd’s pie and corn beef      Juarez became minister of the        Juan Castaneda (or “Don             dinner                               this review. They have $10
with cabbage. And of course       interior and he used his power       Juan”, as his employees know                                             dollar lunch specials, which
there will be music, all this     to curtail the supremacy of the      him) was there when we                  Now for the food…                include food and beer. For
starting at around five.          church even further, but rock-       stumbled in one day, he rec-            First Course: I chose the        me, La Trattoria was great
     By week’s end, actually      ing that boat backfired badly.       ommended a great bottle of          Caesar salad for the first           value for the quality of food
on Sunday March 20,               A general led a coup, congress       Malbec from Argentina, Al-          course. It was delicious, and I      and service. And when you
primavera or spring will start    was dissolved, and Juarez was        tos Las Hormigas Reserva.           decided to order a glass of the      stop by, make sure to say hello
early this year. In many coun-    arrested. Then the general be-       It paired perfectly with our        house Pinot Grigio, which was        to Don Juan!
tries this is a day of celebra-   came president, and Juarez           main course. During the             crisp, dry and refreshing. My
tion with music and dance, so     got a get out of jail card as a      course of our meal, I discov-       friend ordered the fried             La Trattoria
why not in Mexico. It will be     counter move. It was a cat           ered that Juan imports most         calamari, which was also ex-         Italian Restaurant
a long weekend for Mexicans       and mouse game and you               of his wines himself and sells      cellent, and paired well with the    Address:
anyway because of the na-         wonder if Juarez ever had a          them to hotels and restau-          Pinot Grigio. We also sampled        Blvd. Marina, Plaza Bonita,
tional celebration on Monday      chance to celebrate his free-        rants all over Mexico, not just     Lupe’s famous baby back ribs         across from Squid Roe, be-
March 21st of the birth date      dom, sipping a fine Bohemia          Cabo.                               cooked on a mesquite-fired           tween Starbucks and Hard
of one of Mexico’s most cel-      cerveza. Beer had just became            Aside from being a top-         grille. (Lupe is a local institu-    Rock
ebrated heroes; Benito            fashionable at that time, but        notch wine critic, Juan is a        tion; he also serves the best        Kitchen Open for
Juarez. Count on all banks        that’s another story.                personable guy who grew up          after hour burritos in Cabo          Lunch and Dinner
and government offices to be           A few years later Juarez        in Southern California, where       from a cart right next to El         (11 AM – Midnight),
closed that Monday. The fun       got himself into a real pickle.      he was a computer scientist         Squid Roe.)                          Reservations:
starts with musical parades in    During the bloody Reform             before chucking it all for              Main Course: Because I           (624)143-0068
the morning while all day long    War, liberals fighting the con-      Cabo for a different kind of        was feeling particularly hungry, 
you can find interesting food     servatives and vise versa, he
and craft stalls on busy inter-   was picked up by the general’s      poet Guillermo Prieto, now an- we can toast that with any long weekend in March. The
sections or street corners.       forces and prepped for execu-       other common street name. Mexican beer you like. With- more fiestas the merrier. 
The Juarez holiday is a true      tion. He escaped the firing         The short, stocky Juarez made out Benito there would be no
fiesta for Mexicans of all        squad only at the last minute       another comeback, becoming
ranks. Benito Juarez is to        thanks to the intervention of the   the first indigenous President of
Mexico what Abraham Lin-                                              the United States of Mexico Corporation Minutes Out Of Date?
coln was to the United States.                                        and lasted in office for 14 years. It is legal to go back and fix them now, and we will do
Every town, large or small,                                           He showed himself to be a pro-       that for you. Don’t wait until your corporation is in a
has a street called after                                             gressive reformer, leading the
Juarez.                                                               Mexican opposition against the     legal jam, regularize it now and be prepared to defend
     He fought for Mexican                    The dead                French invasion, kicked them                      your business and yourself.
independence and brought in                batteries were             out and had their puppet em-
huge reforms. Not bad for                 given out free of           peror Maximilian executed.                   GAMILL ARREOLA
an orphaned boy from a                         charge.                        Now more then 200
                                                                      years later, Mexico still cel-              Federal attorney at law
Zapotec Indian family. Being
a shepherd and basically illit-                                       ebrates Juarez’s birthday with
erate until the age of 12, he                                         a national holiday and this time 044.624.14.52481
realized to become some-
March 14th, 2011                                                                                        .COM

                                  his work since 1983, partici-        fathom.
                                  pating in over 30 group and               Ron Sanford was born in
                                  solo shows all over Mainland         Los Angeles in 1943 and be-
                                  Mexico, Baja California and          came known as “Ronsai” while
    Saturday March 26th           Europe. Join Rafael Chavez           carrying out his bonsai business
marks the opening night of a      and El Lunario Gallery in cel-       in the world famous Pike Place
new exhibit at El Lunario         ebrating his latest body of          Market in Seattle, Washington.
Gallery featuring the paintings   work.                                Early in his Baja adventures
of local artist Rafael Chavez         The Etruscans prized it as       Ron met a German traveler
Gonzalez. The show entitled       highly as gold. The Greeks           who created works using am-
Entre Lo Figurativo y Lo          mythologized it as the tears         ber. This began Ronsai’s love
Abstracto (Between the            of Apollo’s daughter that so-        affair with the living gem from
Figurative & the Abstract)        lidified when she cried for the      Chiapas. After many heart-
will have its soft opening on     death of her brother Phaëton.        breaking hours of self-taught
March 19th, to give clients       The Romans considered a              amber sculpting, drilling and
a sneak peek before the of-       single piece worth more than a       polishing, he became unable to
ficial event on the 26th, and     slave. Cultures stretching from      procure more amber in Baja.
will close on March 31st.         Central America to the Far           Finding the area of amber min-
Born in La Paz, Rafael in-        East have used it both as a          ing in Chiapas on the internet,
herited his love for the fine     powerful medicine and as a           Ronsai embarked on a blind
arts from his grandmother. In     medium for exquisite jewelry         trip into some of the most re-
1983, he decided to take his      and works of fine art. The Los       mote areas of southern
first drawing and painting les-   CabosAmber Gallery and Fine          Mexico, unaware that the am-
sons at la Casa de la Cultura     Art Annex displays exquisite,        ber producing area was at the
in La Paz with Professor          one-of-a-kind, jewelry and           epicenter of the Zapatista
Armando Manriquez, and            sculptures made from 22-25           revolution in Chiapas. Luck
continued his studies at El       million year old, 100% natu-         came through for Ronsai when
Instituto Cultural Cabañas in     ral, untreated Chiapas amber.        he connected with a family of
Guadalajara. In 1988 he           The artist known as Ronsai           Mayan descendant miners in
came back to La Paz, where        travels to Chiapas, Mexico           Simojovel.
he became an active mem-          twice a year to handpick the              Millions of years ago, trees
ber of the local fine art com-    finest raw stones to create his      from now vanished forests pro-
munity and achieved recog-        one-of-a-kind collection of          duced deposits of resin that
nition as a watercolorist.        perfume bottles, amulets and         transformed into what we
Rafael Chavez paints the          jewelry. As Ron talks about          know today as one of nature’s
Baja landscape with a sen-        these individual pieces there is     most beautiful gems, Amber.
sibility and grace only ac-       no doubt of his strong passion       The forces that caused the
quired after many years of        for his craft, his uncanny knowl-    sticky resin to slowly harden
studying the nuances of the       edge of his materials and his        remain a mystery. While still vis-
area. His color and his com-      love of the stories each piece       cous, the resin acted like flypa-
positions portray the Baja        tells; not only is each a work       per and tenaciously held insects,    from his yard. The Fine Art         also found time to partici-
landscape in its full glory.      of art but each has a history that   plant parts and even small ver-      Annex features the works of         pate in group and solo
Rafael has been exhibiting        is older than most can even          tebrates that touched it. Even-      award-winning local photogra-       shows in the North East. Ida
                                                                       tually, partially hardened yellow    pher Bruce Herman.                  loves Mexico and especially
                                                                       clumps fell from the trees to the         After graduating from          Los Cabos. She moved here
                                                                       earth. There, first leaves and       Parsons School of Design,           permanently in late 2003
                                                                       debris, then soil and rock cov-      with a BFA in Illustration, Ida     and began the planning and
                                                                       ered and buried them. All this       worked as a freelance illus-        construction of Galeria de
                                                                       time, the resin was developing       trator and independent art-         Ida Victoria, which has been
                                                                       the hardness, density and all the    ist in New York City. During        described in the local press
                                                                       character of amber. Not only is      this period she had a wide va-      “as the finest gallery south
                                                                       Amber a feast for the mind and       riety of her work published,        of Los Angeles.” Galeria
                                                                       the eyes, but now for the nose       i.e. magazine covers, book il-      de Ida Victoria is in San
                                                                       as well. Out of the dust that he     lustrations, children’s books,      José in the heart of the Art
                                                                       collects from shaping his amber      local and regional newspa-          District. Ph. 011.52.624
                                                                       art, Ronsai has created a couple     pers as well as doing some          .142.5772 www.idavic
                                                                       of perfumes. One is solely from      corporate identity work.   
                                                                       Amber dust and the other is a        However, never straying
                                                                       blend using Arabian Jasmine          far from the fine arts, she

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                                                                                                                                                     March 14th, 2011
                                                                                                                                                One final suggestion: Do
                                                                                                                                            not let your boat captain talk
                                                                                                                                            you into killing a fish that you
                                                                                                                                            would like to return to the sea

                                                                                                              on. Make a deal inside a real alive. He may claim the poor
                                                                                                              office. There are many of villagers need it, but more of-
                                                                                                              them ringing the basin that ten he sells it to local restau-
    There are two kinds of           town of San Jose. Don’t be         ments the day before. Your            holds the marina.             rants. 
fishing boats to charter:            confused, La Playa is often        fishing license is usually in-

pangas and cruisers. Pangas          called La Playita.                 cluded in your charter fee, but
are basically big row boats              Both Palmilla and La           verify this when you make the
with outboard motors and not         Playita are beach launch ar-       deal. All prices are negotiable,
much in the way of amenities.        eas that specialize in pangas,     so talk to several companies.             Los Cabos, (literally, The        the moderately priced 20 to 24
The cruiser is the more mod-         although they will also take you       Be very careful when re-          Capes,) is known as the marlin        foot pangas, (big rowboats with
ern looking fiberglass boat          out through the surf in a panga    turning with your catch, as           capital of the world because          outboard motors,) to custom fit-
with shelter from the sun and        to meet up with a cruiser          there will be guys approach-          there are more striped marlin         ted pangas to custom fitted state
bathroom facilities, and usu-        that’s anchored out and can’t      ing you offering to smoke your        caught within 20 miles of Cabo        of the art luxury fishing yachts
ally electronic fish finding gear.   get through the surf. People do    fish overnight, returning it to       San Lucas year round than any         for hire.
Expect to pay more for the           this to avoid driving in to        your hotel the next day. Do           place in the world. Catches of            Charter arrangements can
cruisers. There are three main       Cabo, but it’s a messy, often      not let your fish out of your         over 1000 pounds are not un-          be made in advance through
areas to charter boats: the ma-      wet experience. You usually        site. Also, be very cautious          common.                               tour operators, local suppliers,
rina in cabo San Lucas, the          need to pick up a box lunch        about chartering a boat on the            But marlin is not the only fish   hotels and fishing fleets. Mak-
Palmilla beach near the              is offered at many local res-      docks. It’s common for men            you can catch. -Dorado (mahi-         ing your deal the day before with
Palmilla hotel on the corridor,      taurants. Ask you captain          to stand by, or even on, a boat       mahi), yellowfin tuna and even        a guy wandering around the
and La Playa beach near the          when you make your arrange-        that is not theirs, and collect       wahoo, to name a few, are             marina is not recommended.
                                                                        money for the following days’
Phone Numbers
                                                                                                              known to jump into your boat.         Better you do business with
                                                                        charter. When you show up                 The deep water canyons at         somebody who has an office,
                                                                        the next day the real owner of        the mouth of Cabo San Lucas           in their office. Fishing charter
                                                                        the boat is not going to let you      harbor and the warm waters of         offices can be found by stroll-
Cabo Marina                                                                                                   the Sea of Cortez waters cre-         ing along the malecon. (concrete
143 1251
U.S. Consulate
143 3566
                                       Emergency Number                                                       ate favorable fishing conditions
                                                                                                              most of the year. Generally, the
                                                                                                              peak season for marlin is mid
                                                                                                                                                    boardwalk that runs along the
                                                                                                                                                        You can book half day, full
Canadian Consulate                           Our public safety honchos have                                   October through December,             day or multi day fishing excur-
                                        launched emergency phone num-                                         but after January varying spe-        sions. Expect a full day trip to
142 4333                                                                                                      cies run well each month.             cost about $400 per boat, in-
Humane Society                          bers to call the police. No, it’s
                                                                                                                  Catch and release is the          cluding tackle, bait and food.
San Jose 130 3171                       not 911, If you are caling from                                       name of the game with the mar-        Check out the quality of the
Cabo San Lucas Cell                     either a cell phone or a a land                                       lin and other trophy fish, but        tackle before hand, the it varies
624 151 6046                            line, call 066.                                                      dorado and tuna are yours to          widely. Half day trips in smaller
Hospital                                                                                                      keep. There are 500 fishing           boats cost between $80 and
                                                                                                              boats based in Los Cabos, from        $120. 

                                           Ferry Info
143 1594
Red Cross
143 3300
City Hall                                 The ferry leaves from La Paz, about two hours
143 2676                                 north of here, and will take you to the mainland of
Feds                                      Mexico in about 18 hours or less, depending on
143 0004                                            which type of boat you take.
Port Captain                                   For schedule, price and reservations,
                                                  call Baja Ferries (612) 123 6658
143 0002                                                 or (612) 123 6600
State Police
143 1210
Highway Patrol
143 0296
Aero Mexico
146 5097
Alaska Airlines
122 1015
America West
145 5380
American Airlines
146 5309
146 5050
146 5355
Aereo Calafia
143 4302
Golf Courses
Cabo Real
144 0040
144 5250
Cabo del Sol                                   North
145 8200
El Dorado
144 5451                                                                                                                                     MARINA
San Jose Public
142 0905                               CABO SAN LUCAS
CSL Country Club
143 4654
     March 14th, 2011                                                                                          .COM

                                         a spa treatment administered
     NEW PRODUCT...                      by a trained teeth whitener
     continued from page 27              under the ultraviolet light or
                                         $125 for a do it yourself job
         You can expect to see           in the sun. Either treatment is
     White Science’s Spa White           guaranteed to lighten your
     and Solar White products in         teeth at least six shades.
     local spas, hair salons, resorts        For more information on
     and you betcha at a couple of       this new product being distrib-
     the Medano beach hangouts.          uted right here in Cabo you
     Don’t laugh if you see a slew       can contact Rich Smith or
     of tourists sporting plastic        Noemi Romero at their
     mouth guards in the lounge          Shamrock language school
     chairs next to you whitening        across the side street from
     their teeth while working on        McDonald’s, behind the
     the tan. Only bummer for them,      bank, in the San Augustin
     they have to put down their         plaza or call them at 144-
     beer for 20 minutes.                3689 office. 624-183-8807
         The cost is about $200 for      cell.                           are The Ritz Reserve Hotel
                                                                           and a new dolphin exhibit in
                                                                           the marina. All this is much
     REAL ESTATE...                      People will see some beauti- closer to the international air-
     continued from page 28              ful new homes in one of port than Cabo San Lucas,
                                         Cabos’ most exclusive com- and if you don’t like the hyper
                                         munities, all perched on a activity of that town, you never
         Ampi, (the association of       gently sloping hill overlook- have to see it.
     local Realtors,) has started        ing the Sea of Cortez.               In addition to this develop-
     giving guided tours of the              There will also be infor- ment, which is poised to be
     sprawling ocean front golf          mation about available home the gateway to an East Cape
     development. The kick off           sites for anyone who wants to real estate boom, the com-
     guided tour will be Thursday,       build their own house. Re- pany owns such local suc-
     March 24th between 1:00             freshments will be served in the cesses as Cabo Real, Club
     and 5:00 and after that, ev-        Dream Homes sales office. Compestre, Casa Dorada,
     ery Friday afternoon, be-           (We promised not to call it the and about a dozen more high
     tween 1:00 and 4:00 on the          Dream Home trailer, and they end real estate projects scat-
     hour. You rendezvous at the         have got it pretty dolled up with tered around Los Cabos.
     Dream Homes office, they            bushes.)                             For more information on
     stuff you into their van, and            It’s all owned by Grupo the development go to
     show you the marina, golf           Questro, the largest developer
     course, clubhouse and beach         in Los Cabos. They built the For more information on this
     club, and actually get you into     San Jose marina, the dry stack tour, go to www.ampilos
     four to six homes that are for      storage out there, and the new Or call Cindy Lee
     sale. The homes range in            bridge that zips us across the Siegen on her cellie at (624)
     price from just under one mil-      arroyo minus the dust. The 355-3180                     cindy@
     lion to over six million dollars.   two latest nearby additions
                                         PAID ADVERTISEMENT
           The All New Crossroads Country Club
                    is Open for Business
           Like the Phoenix rising       are world class. The whales         breaks, whale watching all
        up out of the “sand”, the        are so spectacular here that they   the way at this time of the
        Crossroads Country Club is       will make you shriek…. many         year.     When you see
me      finally in it’s new building.    do. Bring your binoculars.          Vinorama Estates you are in
        We have completely rein-             Coming Events                   Vinorama/Punta Perfecta,
        vented ourselves, right              We are now planning our         continue just a little further
        next to our old palapa. Our      Spring “Joanstock” Festival.        to the junction of the Palo
        new building, a Tobias           The event will be on April 9,       Escopeta Road. Look for our
        Dodge design, was com-           starting at 1PM and playing till    bright yellow water tanks up
                                                         midnight we are     on the hill as you pass the
                                                         featuring Green     junction. It sounds like a long
                                                         Button singing
                                                         Reggae tunes in
                                                         the afternoon.
                                                         Later in the day
                                                         we have Pura
                                                         from last years
                                                         big event and the
                                                         Headliners, the
        pleted this summer, after        Los Pulpos Band. There will
        many years of hard work.         be food booths and vendors.
        We now offer indoor and          Camping is available. Tickets
        outdoor seating, a new glow      on Sale at the concert for 150
        in the dark swim up bar          pesos for all day music and en-
        (swim up the beach and           tertainment.
        walk up to the bar), lounge          We have a menu of new
        service, and a beach club        services, Happy Hour Mon-
        atmosphere, with our same        day through Friday from 3-5.        drive but is well worth the
        incredible view of Punta         A new tapas menu if you like        trip. We will pamper you and
        Perfecta.                        to sit at the bar. Play darts or    make you laugh. Join us at
           We are off the grid and       horseshoes, or at your table.       the Crossroads Country
        environmentally friendly,        Feel free to bring your Scrabble    Club, 7 days a week for
        family owned and operated,       Board and spend the day. WiFi       breakfast, lunch and dinners.
        and celebrating our 8th sea-     too.                                Music on Saturday nights.
        son. Our beach is very pri-          Our location, driving North         For info: # San Jose 142-
        vate, offering, swimming,        from San Jose del Cabo, start-      1165 or 624 157-7456 624-
        surfing, boat or kayak           ing on the new marina road just     129-6320 Nextel 92*933
        launching. The surf and          22 miles of sensational coast-      604*3 , crossroadscountry
        WHALE WATCHING                   line and Baja’s best surf 

                                                                                                    .COM                                          March 14th, 2011

                                   selections. After a little help   and delve into the combo for
                                   from our very patient waiter,     two which includes fish filet,        Federally licensed
                                   I decided on the fish filet       big shrimp, lobster and filet mi-
                                   stuffed with seafood. The         gnon for $68. Or the big                    Real Estate Attorney
                                   fish of the day, tuna for $21.    Kahuna combo for four, four
    It’s been cold lately, really My amiga went for the filet        lobster tails, coconut shrimp,          Use the best for your real estate transaction,
cold especially at night. Where mignon for the same price.           garlic shrimp, rib eye and lamb               assuring trouble free ownership.
to eat that we wouldn’t Of course we started out                     chops all for only $100.
                                                                        The décor is authentic old
freeze? Puerta Vieja, of with the crab cakes, no dis-
course, it’s one of the few res- appointment there, crab             Mexican, somewhat reminis-                       GAMILL ARREOLA
taurants with lots of inside seat- cakes as they should be with      cent of an old mission. If mis-                 Federal attorney at law
ing and a rustic Mexican at- just a little hint of zing. My          sions had bars. The huge or-
mosphere.                          amiga said her steak was          nate bar is made of carved
    We arrived to a parking lot cooked perfectly and ac-                                                    044.624.14.52481
full of cars and a line half way companied by fresh sautéed
out the door. We made our veggies and killer mashed                                                        and a great glass of wine, at        turn onto Benito Juarez
                                   potatoes. My fish was a                                                 a great price with a great at-       Street, and go past the
                                   huge portion of tuna cov-                                               mosphere. And that is what           Telmex. Turn right at the next
                                   ered with shrimp and baby                  The police are               you’ll find. The courtyard           block, Morelos Street, and
                                   scallops in a pumpkin seed                looking into it.              restaurant and open kitchen          follow it for one and a half
                                   sauce, accompanied by                       To some -                   and grill are set in front of an     blocks, it’s on the left. Listen
                                   fresh veggies and rice.                    marriage is a                eye-catching wall which is           for the funky music. Once you
                                       Our choices of entrees                                              reminiscent of French bistros        try it, you’re guaranteed to
                                   were fine for us but how do              word ... To others             and painted by waiter Arturo         become a regular! Open
                                   you really decide on one                   - a sentence.                Alvoradejo.                          Tuesday through Sunday
                                   thing with a menu like this?                                                Barrio de Tango is known         from 6pm to midnight. Call
                                   Appetizers from $5 to $16.                                              for its delectable cuts of           624 125 3023. 
                                   Soups from $4 to $7 and                                                 steak, delectably prepared
                                   salads from $7 to $11. They                                             and sold by 14 ounces for
                                   have fish dishes for $15.50,
                                   shrimp dishes for $25.50,
                                                                     wood. The tables and chairs
                                                                     of Mexican woods and leath-
                                                                                                           $15 or 1 lb 12 ounces for
                                                                                                           $28.75. Gina and Amadeo                 Emergency
                                   three cuts of steak from the
                                   grill for $21, chicken selec-
                                                                     ers. Life size candle holders
                                                                     that dripped wax to the floor,
                                                                                                           are also serving the amazing
                                                                                                           Argentinian              style           Number
                                   tions for $16, and if you’re      Mexican artwork and marble            empanadas. We hope they
                                                                     floors. It was obvious that           add more selections of                       Our public safety
way past the large group sent really don’t know what to
from one of the hotels and do, why not go for one of                 owner Manuel Bobadilla put            these.. They are lightly fried,        honchos            have
were immediately seated in the the specials?                         his full attention in the detail      stuffed with delectable meat,          launched emergency
main dining room. There is a            The specials were three      when he built his 200 seat,           olives, and pepper ($2) or             phone numbers to
benefit in being only a party      lamb chops, jumbo shrimp          two story restaurant in 2003.         spinach and cheese ($3).               call the police. No,
of two.                            and lobster tail all for $36.         There is a private dining             Their small but satisfying         it’s not 911, If you are
    The waiters informed us There are six different surf             room which can be booked              menu also offers milanese
                                                                     for parties of eight, and a wine      chicken, which is like the na-         caling from either a
the crab cake appetizers ( two & turf combos to choose
cakes), were $4.00 and from all at $36, and for the                  cellar with a huge selection of       tional meal of Argentina, and          cell phone or a a land
somehow that’s where he lost real adventurers go ahead               wines, more than 140.                 this is with or without Italian        line, call 066. 
me. I am constantly in pursuit                                            The restaurant is avail-         sauce, tortas, and a lovely
of the perfect crab cakes. He                                                                              selection of side salads. ($3-
returned with a basket of chips                                                                            6). Wine and sangria, along
and salsa and a plate of fresh                                                                             with non alcoholic beverages
marinated veggies.                                                                                         are available.
    Everything on the menu                                                                                     It is located behind the
looked good. The big deci-                                                                                 Telmex building. From
sion, a steak, the fish of the                                                                             Mijares Boulevard (the main
day, the lamb chops or the                                                                                 San Jose downtown street)
$19.95 lobster tail. So many
                                                                                                                              PAID ADVERTISEMENT
                                                                     able for private parties and
                                                                     special events. Puerta Vieja            Baja Peppers A Refreshing
                                                                     is on the fourlane just past the
                                                                     Missiones exit on the lateral           New Restaurant
                                                                     road. There is a fabulous view           Great breakfast at rock bottom prices
                                                                     during daylight hours.                       At the new Baja Peppers restaurant inside the Mar de
                                                            or                   Cortez hotel in downtown Cabo.
                                                                     624-104-3252 or 624-04-                      The restaurant changed hands in December, slashing
                                                                     3354. ,                                  prices in half and bringing us quite possibly the best eggs
                                                                                                              benny in all of Los Cabos.
                                                                         Barrio de Tango                          The eggs benny for $5.75 was all we heard it was. Hot
                                                                         This funky little outdoor            buttered English muffins, Canadian-style bacon, and poached
                                                                     restaurant is discreetly tucked          eggs are topped by a heavenly drizzle of hollandaise sauce
                                                                     away just a couple of blocks             accompanied by country fried potatoes and a small bowl of
                                                                     from downtown. It is an Ar-              fruit. The breakfast menu was loaded with options and at
                                                                                                              prices a blast from the past. For $3 you get three eggs,
                                                                     gentinian restaurant with a just         bacon, country fried potatoes, fruit and toast.
                                                                     a hint of Mexico says the                    Huevos Rancheros, Mexican eggs, pancakes or French
                                                                     owner. The restaurant has re-            toast can all be had for under $4.50. How about a cup of
                                                                     cently changed management                coffee for $1.25?
                                                                     and is now being run by Gina                 For later in the day they have a great selection of appe-
                                                                                                              tizers, including mussels and carpaccio ranging from $5 to
                                                                     Granados, from Mexico City               $7. The pastas, all unique concoctions including shrimp
                                                                     and Amadeo, from Puerto                  stuffed raviolis for $15 and lobster stuffed tortellini for $17.50.
                                                                     Vallarta. The two of them                There is also a large selection of main courses including
                                                                     were regular customers and               polenta with sausage and portobello mushrooms for $13
                                                                     big fans of the menu, locale             and coconut shrimp for $13. We had the filet mignon for
                                                                                                              $12 and it included onion soup which was wonderful.
                                                                     and ambience, so when the                    The presentation is impressive, with garlic mashed po-
                                                                     previous owners decided it               tatoes and steamed vegetables as a side to most entrees.
                                                                     was time to move on, these                   The charm of the old hotel lends itself to a casual envi-
                                                                     two motivated youngsters de-             ronment, and there is a 30 seat bar overlooking the pool
                                                                     cided to jump in.                        with Sports on TV and a full bar. Email:
                                                                                                     or look up Baja Peppers on
                                                                         Their motto: a great cut,            Facebook. On Lazaro Cardenas St, inside the hotel. 
March 14th, 2011                                                                                          .COM

Low Cost Health Screen                                                   cer, pelvic and pap for
                                                                         women, and PSA test and

And Mobile Doctors
                                                                         exam for prostate cancer for
                                                                         men. The children’s screen-
                                                                         ings also include vision ex-
 Fast, affordable, and handy health care and                            ams.
                                                                              In addition to offering
they speak your language!                                                complete routine blood and
                                                                         bacterial testing, the lab is
                                            BY ESTELLE HURTZ             focusing on tests not offered
                                                                         at other labs here in Cabo,
    “Spa Cielo’s Mobile Phy-        Cielo if needed. There will          such as Vitamin D testing for
sicians and their onsite lab are    also be free educational in-         deficiency and cancer tu-
teaming up with Costco to           formation in both English and        moral markers. Until re-
help provide free health            Spanish on a variety of health       cently, such tests were sent
screenings,” announced Spa          and wellness issues.                 to Mexico City or the United
Cielo owner Cathy                      “During previous health           States. Now doctors in the
Damman.“We screen for hy-           fairs, I have witnessed how          Baja can get their results the
pertension, heart disease,          these free screenings can be         next day rather than taking
diabetes, metabolic syn-            a life-saving resource and           weeks.
drome, parasites and cancers        we’re proud to carry on with             In addition to the free ba-
of the skin, cervix, breast,        that tradition”, says Dr.            sic health screenings and low
prostate and colon. People          Odette. “Joining with                cost in depth health screen-
who would not otherwise             schools, community employ-           ings, Spa Cielo is launching a
have the time or money to get       ers and Costco makes great           physician’s outcall program.
preventive health screenings,       sense. Together we can tap           The new Mobile Physicians
including the retirees of our       into our strong community            Division of Spa Cielo sends
community, visitors who             networks to make sure that           an English speaking doctor
never take time from their          health screening reaches the         out to your home or your
work schedules at home, and         people who need us the               hotel. The average cost of a
the local community which           most.”                               mobile house call is less than
might not be able to pay. We           Schools or companies              $100.                                or sleeper waves, and for
want to reach them all.”            wishing to offer screenings to           Dr. Odette Avalos Zúñiga         beachgoers not paying at-
    The free screenings —           their employees or students          is onboard this traveling            tention, can seemingly ap-
                                                                         health mobile. She has been          pear out of nowhere.
                                                                         serving the local Los Cabos             “Any open water area                      Old lawyers
Federal Appraisals                                                       communities for the past 10          may have dangerous waves,”              never die they just
                                                                         years and has degrees and            according to The Red Cross               lose their appeal.
                                                                         certifications in general,           primer Swimming and Div-
     Commercial, residential, maritime, aircraft
                                                                         naturopathic and emergency           ing. “A sudden wave may                  If you step onto a
         Acepted as law by the courts.                                   medicine. She has provided           carry or push a non-swim-                     plane and
        Be armed before you go to court.                                 emergency and urgent care            mer into deep water. Any                recognize a friend
                                                                         medical services to the local        swimmer can be knocked                    of yours named
                                                                         community in the General             over by a wave breaking
             GAMILL ARREOLA                                              Hospital which is funded by          close to shore. A breaker                     Jack don’t
         Federal attorney at law                                         the Mexican government.              may roll you under the sur-               yell out Hi Jack!
                                                                         Many Gringos are familiar            face or slam you into the
                                                                         with Dr. Odette from Médica          sand. Children playing at the
 044.624.14.52481                          Los Cabos or North Ameri-            water ’s edge can be              back on the ocean. Respect
                                                                         can hospitals and clinics lo-        knocked down and pulled           her power at all times.
which include blood pressure,              are encouraged to contact     cated in San José where she          into the water by sudden,            2) Stay well back from
glucose levels, visia comput-              Cielo Mobile Physicians at    has served the community             large breaking waves.”            where the waves are break-
erized skin analysis, body                 624-105-2209 about pro-       with primary, urgent and                This doesn’t mean you          ing (sleeper and sneaker
impedance analysis, (BIA)                  viding a health screening pro-emergency care for the past          can’t enjoy a day at the          waves can sometimes run up
scans and body mass index                  gram at their location. Or, call
                                                                         three years.                         beach, but you should use         to a hundred yards past the
(BMI) — will help with early               to learn about the dates,         So, if you want a good           common sense and remain           tide line).
disease detection and pre-                 times, and locations of free  English speaking doctor to           attentive to your surround-          3) Don’t put yourself in a
vention.                                   screenings or to schedule a   zoom out to you, call Cielo          ings at all times. The follow-    position where you are un-
     In addition, Cielo and                complete, affordable health   Mobile Physicians at 624-            ing tips are an example of this   able to move quickly away
Costco will be providing, at               examination package.          105-2209. Beats hanging out          common sense approach.            from an abnormally large
extremely discounted rates,                     For more complete physi- at the doctor’s waiting room             1) Don’t ever turn your       continued on page 40
bone density test for os-                  cal screenings, Spa Cielo of- and getting sneezed and
teoporosis and vitamin D                   fers basic packages, includ-  coughed on. 
testing. Results are instantly             ing a review of patient and
provided and everyone is
encouraged to schedule fur-
                                           family medical history, EKG’s OCEAN..
                                           to check for heart problems, continued from page 32
                                                                                                                 Ready For Walkies!
                                                                                                                 And you don’t have to pick up poop
ther exams with their family               total cholesterol panel, fast-
doctor or with Cielo’s Mo-                 ing glucose for diabetes, have a probability of occur-                      The local humane society needs dog walkers and that
bile Physicians at their San               parasite check, occult blood ring. The wave height most               can be fun. The dogs awaiting adoption are cooped up in
José Clinic located inside Spa             test for possible colon can- commonly observed and                    their pens all day and re-
                                                                                                                 ally look forward to their
                                                                            forecast is called the signifi-      walkies but most of the vol-
                                                                            cant wave height, although
           Consignment Store                                                the random nature of waves
                                                                                                                 unteer walkers are gone for
                                                                                                                 the summer.
                                                                            implies that individual waves              To beat the heat,
   New & Used Furniture & Home decorations can be substantially higher                                           walking time is in the
                                                                            than the significant wave            morning and early evening,
             TIENDA 17 FRUTAS                                               height. Waves higher than

                           SELECTAS                                                                              and they walk in the desert
                                                                            roughly twice the significant        near the shelter just a few
                                SIGNAL                                      wave height fall into the cat-       minutes out of town on the
      FOURLANE TO AIRPORT       ISHER FURNITURE                             egory of extreme or rogue
                          RIGO’S REST.                                                                           road to Todos Santos. It’s
  San Jose                                  Now in Two Locations!
                                                                            waves.                               fun and it’s a social oppor-
                                                                               Rogue waves happen in             tunity for both the people and the dogs because the volun-
   Phone. 624105-2323
   Steve´s Cell. 044 (624) 122-4869                 Tienda 17-santa rosa is coastal areas with some fre-         teers walk in clusters of leashes, dogs and people.
                                                       the same as always. quency, although they are    I think you don’t even
   New store located next to Veterinaria                                    smaller than the so-called
   Chiapa on Centenario Blvd., near the                                                                          have to like dogs, yours will be on the other end of the
                                                                            freak waves sometimes seen
   entrance to the organic market /                            day Thru in the open ocean. These ab-             leash from you. And there’s no picking up dog crap, you’re
   huerta. Phone 624-142-2121.                    Open Mon 10 to 4                                               out in the desert. So call.
   Hours are 10 am to 4 pm.                         Saturday tment. normally large coastal waves
                                                   & by appoin              are often known as sneaker
                                                                                                  .COM                                March 14th, 2011

RecentColdSnapEffects                                               decoration, and makes
                                                                    lovely chimes or single hang-

                                                                    ing decorations. Some can
                                                                    hold water for a living flower
                                                                    vase, and others just sparkle
 But many of the more plucky plants                                in the sun. Some are mixed
                                                                    with beads and offer a light-
survive                                                             hearted joy to any setting,
                                                                    kind of like the creator her-
                                          BY ALBA MONROY            self.
                                                                        Barbara Feeley is the
    It may be cold out, but the   Miraflores, and Santiago          owner of Dustbunnies, a pro-
San Jose Saturday Market is       were hit pretty hard and oth-     fessional cleaning service in
always sunny and warm with        ers like San Bernabe, San         the Los Cabos area. She
good organic produce, pro-        Jose Viejo, Las Animas and        cleans houses by day, and
cessed food, and handmade         Santa Catarina were af-           let’s her imagination run wild
goods that warm the soul.         fected minimally. Much of         by night, coming up with
The thrill of being able to do    the plant damage I’ve seen        spunky little outfits for her
all your gift shopping and        locally, especially in toma-      new clothing business she
your food shopping outdoors
in February will never leave
those of us who are accus-
tomed to northern February
temperatures that threaten to
freeze your various append-
ages. Entertainment by jug-
glers, stilt walkers, tree
climbers and volunteer mu-
sicians jamming everything
from blues to punk, add to
the cheer.
    The recent cold snap did
do some damage to our lo-
cal organic produce. Farm-

                                                                                                                       Free Love!
ers are saying they have
never seen such three un-
commonly cold nights in a                    San Jose Market vendors are sometimes
row, and with hitherto un-                                                                                Canela
                                                   each other’s best customers                            Hi - i am Canela. I am a
heard of frost. Most local
                                                                                                          young girl and like to
                                                                    calls Butter Buns. Her ladies         play. Please come and
                                                                    and girls clothing have a fairy       see me at the center and
                                                                    tale glitter side, and though         spend some time playing
                                                                    hard to imagine in these              with me and walking with
                                                                    somewhat cooler days, the             me. I would love to
                                                                    gypsy flare pants and halters         become part of your
                                                                    look great for lounging on            family.
                                                                    those 100 degree plus days.                                      Dina
                                                                       Monica applies detail                                         If you want an energetic
                                                                    work to kids’ mirrors,                                           and super playful boxer - I
                                                                    brightening up boring frames                                     am your girl. I am small
                                                                    with local flora and fauna.                                      and full grown. My only
                                                                        All three ladies enjoy                                       limitation is that I am not
                                                                    their afternoons of sales and                                    good around cats - and
                                                                    chatting while getting to                                        who needs cats anyway?
                                                                    know new people who stroll                                       I am really cute and really
                                                                    by. The vendors are also                                         need to get into a forever
                                                                    some of the best consumers                                       home - I have been at the
                                                                    of their fellow vendors..                                        LCHS center long enough
                                                                    Clothes sellers trade with
                                                                    jewelry makers, artists with             Please come and visit the newly improved
                                                                    food vendors and voila, a             cattery at the center and cuddle some loveable
                                                                    self-perpetuating, and self-            cats. All friendly and ready for a loving home.
                                                                    sustaining community is cre-              All animals ready for adoption at the Los
                                                                    ated.                                  Cabos Humane Society are spayed/neutered
homes don’t have furnaces,        toes and herbs will make a           There are wheat grass
                                                                    shots, and prepared food for                 and up to date with all vaccinations.
and for sure barns aren’t         comeback; the damage did
heated.                           not reach the roots of the        immediate consumption.                   The LCHS is seeking dedicated volunteers
   According to local San         plants. These plants will be      There are tamales, salads,             from the community to help walk dogs, cuddle
Jose Organic Market Farm          pruned down and with this         quesadillas, chicken, roast              cats and help us to continue our work in the
inspector Melina Arana, “San      wonderful weather we are          corn, empanadas and ice                            community. Please contact
Pedro, Santa Anita,               having now they will enjoy a      cream. There are fresh
                                                                    drinks and organic coffee.     to help.
                                  re-birth. In our case there

                                  may be a few weeks where          There are wood carvers and           
                                  products are limited but we       carpenters, and nonprofit or-
                     Cabo         will see a comeback from          ganizations getting the word
                     San                                            out on their good works.
                     Lucas        our crops. Our mango pro-
                                                                       There are children’s              Hold Your Attorney Responsible
                                  duction in June/July might be
                                  reduced, as I did see some        crafts and massage tables.
                                  mango trees with extensive           Open 9-3 Saturdays. Go            When you use a federal corredor publico, he is
 Meetings Daily                   damage.”                          past the San Jose Pemex at            financially responsible for malpractice, negli-
                                     But the crafts at the mar-     the downtown exit, veer left                gence, and errors and omissions.
  At ACE hardware store,          ket are always available.         onto Centenario Street. Past                  Some notaries have not been.
                                  Denise Linnet has been a          the OXXO, and follow the
  Second floor, on the old
  road to San Jose. That is,
                                  crafts person all her life. She   brightly colored Mercado                    GAMILL ARREOLA
                                  sells at other craft sales, but   Organico signs. Visit                      Federal attorney at law
  kitty corner to McDonald´s.     mostly just enjoys creating for ven-
  Daily at 6:00 p.m. and M-F      her decorative danglies. She      dor and product information.
  at 4:30 p.m.                    uses glass baubles and                                                044.624.14.52481
March 14th, 2011                                                                                   .COM

                                  underwater, but that it pulls     sandbars, or near jetties and
OCEAN..                           them away from shore, of-         piers, and may be shallow or
continued from page 38            ten hundreds of yards from        extend out to sea for up to a
                                  shore, and some people are        quarter mile. Look for any
wave (i.e. buried up to your      unable to regain the shore        of the following clues to spot
neck in sand by your frater-      due to fear, panic, fatigue, or   rip currents: choppy waters,
nity buddies).                    poor swimming skills. Most        a change in water color, sea-
    4) If you have children,      drownings are attributed to       weed or other objects mov-
keep them closely super-          rip currents.                     ing out to sea, or a break in
vised at all times.                   Rips generally form at        the wave pattern. Unfortu-
    Of course, rogues and
other large waves can also
exacerbate the local rip cur-
rents (often incorrectly re-
ferred to as rip tides or un-
dertow). The website of the
National Oceanic and Atmo-
spheric Administration
(NOAA) notes that “the
strength and speed of a rip
current will likely increase as
wave height and wave pe-
riod increase.”
    A rip current is a horizon-
tal current. The danger of the
rip is not that it pulls people

                                                                    nately, rips can also occur
                                                                    without any of these clues
                                                                    being present, although po-
                                                                    larized sunglasses make the
                                                                    clues easier to spot.
                                                                        If you are caught in a rip
                                                                    current, the NOAA recom-
                                                                    mends the following:
                                                                        1) Remain calm to con-
                                                                    serve energy and think
                                                                        2) Never fight against the
                                                                        3) Think of it like a tread-
                                                                    mill that cannot be turned off,
                                                                    which you need to step to
                                                                    the side of.
                                                                        4) Swim out of the cur-
                                                                    rent in a direction following
                                                                    the shoreline. When out of
                                                                    the current, swim at an
                                                                    angle—away from the cur-
                                                                    rent—towards shore.
                                                                        5) If you are unable to
                                                                    swim out of the rip current,
                                                                    float or calmly tread water.
                                                                    When out of the current,
                                                                    swim towards shore.
                                                                        6) If you are still unable
                                                                    to reach shore, draw atten-
                                                                    tion to yourself by waving
                                                                    your          arm           and
                                                                    yelling for help.
                                                                        If you see someone in
                                                                    trouble off one of our
                                                                    beaches, remember that
                                                                    many people drown trying to
                                                                    save others. Your best bet is
                                                                    to try to throw them a
                                                                    flotational device, and to call
                                                                    for help immediately. And
                                                                    don’t bother looking for a
                                                                    lifeguard. There aren’t any.

                                                                                                   .COM                                 March 14th, 2011

Let’s All Go For A                                                    Boating Business For Sale
Camel Ride!                                                          LOVEBOAT CRUISES INC.                                                         Turn Key
 Beat you to the truck!                                            Fun Business. Have fun on the                                               Business Ready
                                                                    water and earn up to $1,000 a day.                                            To Finance
 For more on this story                                             Second story love shack caters to a                                           Your Cabo
 watch the video at                                                 specialized niche in the market for                                            Lifestyle                                               private parties and honeymooners.
                                                                    Versatile Business. This boat is
      Yep, you betcha, Cam-       seen around town. They are        perfect for snorkeling, scuba, whale
els right here in Cabo. Leave     big yellow Mercedes Benz          watching, and sunset tours.
it to Cabo Adventures to          monsters, and you ride in the     Carefree Business. Powered buy a  for more photos.
come up with this one just        back like soldiers in Afghani-    newly rebuilt Yamaha 90 H.P.                  email dvd.houser@gmail or Call David at
when I believed they had al-      stan. Except everyone is          outboard, it has a great new solar              624-161-3000 for more information.
ready thought of offering us      singing and carrying on and       electrical system, new stereo sound
                                                                                                                     Priced to sell fast, illness forces sale
every other adventure. They       there are no roadside bombs.      system, new bathroom, new carpet,
                                                                    new paint, and new seats.                               Only $39,000!! Firm

are the company behind the        When you climb aboard
dolphins, the sail boat racing,   those trucks, you know the
the desert tours and the zip      party has started. The truck
lines.                            rolled through town, big
      They call this adventure    truck, little streets, and onto
their Outback Safari and          the road to Todos Santos.
Camel ride.                             After a while we turned
      We travel out to the        toward the ocean, entered
camel camp in those the big       their domain, and found these
yellow safari trucks we’ve all    magnificent beasts of burdens
                                                                    all saddled up and ready to        true last nomads from North-    with camels in the desert
                                                                    take us for a ride                 ern Africa. Soooo sorry. Cidi   where he spent most of his
                                                                          It was then I realized       Omar, our camel whisperer,      life and that his whole life was
                                                                    why they saved the tequila         was brought here just to take   camels. First time I had ever
                                                                    tasting for the end of the tour.   care of the camels. He told     met anyone who lived in a
                                                                    We were greeted by a kind          us how he had been raised       continued on page 42
                                                                    man all dressed in what I
                                                                    thought was Arab garb. He
                                                                    immediately corrected me,
                                                                    telling me he was one of the
                                                                                                            What does the Semana Santa (Easter) holi-
                                                                                                          day mean to you?
                                                                                                              1. Abela Mendoza.
                                                                                                              To me it is a time to remember the sacrafice God
                                                                                                          made for us. God sacrificed his only son for us. It is
                                                                                                          more important than Chrismas. The birthday of Jesus
                                                                                                          is never mentioned in the bible like his death.
                                                                                                             2. Maria Cosia.
                                                                                                             It is a time to remember Jesus and the sacrifice he
                                                                                                          made for us. It is the most important time to go to
                                                                                                             3. To me it is a time to spend with the family. Re-
                                                                                                          membering together as a family the sacrifice Jesus made
                                                                                                          for us all. The food is also special this time of year.
                                                                                                          Special holiday meals.
                                                                                                             4. Jose Rason.
                                                                                                             It is the week to remember Jesus and the sacrifice
                                                                                                          he made. His suffering was great.
                                                                                                             5. To me it means no meat for a week. We sacri-
                                                                                                          fice meat in remeberence of the sacrifice Jesus made
                                                                                                          for us. I always get extra days off to spend with my
                                                                                                          family. 
                                                                                                                       1                   2                    3

                                                                                                                                  4                   5

March 14th, 2011                                                                                 .COM

                                 they are a lot more stable with-
CAMEL RIDE...                    out female distractions.
continued from page 41                We also learned camels
desert and whose life re-        have two stomachs like cows.
volved around taking care of     And we were told they are
camels.                          actually not mean spirited ani-
     We were then given our      mals that spit and bite but truly
blue helmets (helmets??? Cidi    tranquil even tempered giants.
must think we’re a bunch of      The humps are not for storing
weenie nuts! This is embar-      water, they are merely fatty
rassing!). Now, thoroughly       deposits. A camel grows to

feeling like a tourist if we     seven feet tall at the shoulders
weren’t already, we climb up     and over eight feet at the hump
the wood platform erected to     and live to be 40 to 50 years
help we weenie nuts onto the     old. These domesticated ani-
creatures.                       mals don’t begin training for
     The “saddles” were ac-      taking passengers until they
tually big metal framed two      are 6 to 7 years old, a long
person seats covered in a col-   childhood.
orful blanket for additional          Camels can run at top
comfort. In a single file we     speeds of 40 mph for short
were led to the beach.           distances and they can sustain
     Cabo Adventures pur-        speeds of 25 miles an hour
chased eight male camels         on treks through the desert.
from a breeder in Texas. The     When fully grown they weigh
all male theme is because the    in between 1,000 and 1,500
boy camels are stronger and      lbs and can carry cargo up vores and eat alfalfa, oats and          edgeable guide told us all        us to the dining camp.
more stable. Left unsaid was     to 900 lbs. They are herbi- corn. They are truly amazing            about desert life and we                 We all got our turn at
                                                                  animals that can withstand         learned about numerous spe-       making tortillas, but I will con-
                                                                  temperatures in excess of 100      cies of cactus. Some bear         tinue purchasing my tortillas
                                                                  degrees and go five to seven       fruit, some you can use the red   at Wal-Mart. That process
                                                                  days without food or water.        sap for lip gloss, and some       takes some serious work
                                                                  No other mammal compares           where 700 years old. We saw       starting out with raw corn and
                                                                  in that department. Maybe a        road runners nests high above     making one little tortilla. We
                                                                  cactus. Their gait is similar to   the ground nestled in the         had chicken mole, tuna,
                                                                  a horse, strong and smooth,        thorns of the cactus and          Mexican beef, rice and beans
                                                                  the ground is just a little fur-   learned that this was the one     and our handmade tortillas
                                                                  ther away.                         place the snakes couldn’t get     for lunch.. There was punch
                                                                       Back in our safari truck,     to. Those cactus have some        and plenty of cold beer while
                                                                  we motored over to the other       serious don’t-mess-with-me        we warmed up for the Te-
                                                                  side of the ranch where we         prickles. We wound our way        quila tasting contest. We took
                                                                  unloaded ourselves and took        down the mountain to the ar-      a short break to look at and
                                                                  a hike through the rolling hills   royo where the yellow truck       purchase the pictures taken
                                                                  of the desert. Our knowl-          waited to pick us up and take     while we were perched on top
                                                                                                                                       of the camels.
                                                                                                                                              Ok, finally time for te-
                                                                                                                                       quila school. We learned
                                                                                                                                       about white tequila, dark te-
                                                                                                                                       quila and mescal. When to
                                                                                                                                       drink it, when to sip it, when
                                                                                                                                       to mix it, and when not to eat
                                                                                                                                       that worm that really is a cat-
                                                                                                                                       erpillar. The samples were
                                                                                                                                       very generous, and they had
                                                                                                                                       to pour some of us into the
                                                                                                                                       truck, and we headed off
                                                                                                                                       down what was now the dark
                                                                                                                                       desert highway singing Eagles
                                                                                                                                       songs. We did better with
                                                                                                                                       those than with the old Maria
                                                                                                                                       Muldaur song, midnight at
                                                                                                                                       the oasis, put your camel to
                                                                                                                                       bed. This was a crazy group,
                                                                                                                                       encouraged by our guides
                                                                                                                                       who were a lot of fun.
                                                                                                                                             There are so many ac-
                                                                                                                                       tivities and adventures to em-
                                                                                                                                       bark upon when you are here
                                                                                                                                       in Cabo, whether you are a
                                                                                                                                       lounge chair surfer or an ulti-
                                                                                                                                       mate sport adventurer, Cabo
                                                                                                                                       has it all. Take the time to
                                                                                                                                       smell the cactus and while
                                                                                                                                       you’re doing that, ride a
                                                                                                                                       camel. 
                                                                                               .COM                                  March 14th, 2011

Not Reporting Your                                                to anyone (it does not have
                                                                  to be a U.S. person) who

Offshore Income?
                                                                  supplies them with informa-
                                                                  tion on Amercians who are
                                                                  not paying their U.S. taxes.
 IRS gives you one more chance                                   Under that program we
to come clean                                                     know of one foreign
                                                                  banker now stands to make
                                           BY DON NELSON          millions of dollars for giving
                                                                  the IRS a list of U.S. de-
   Last week the IRS an-          alties of 20% for any unre-     positors who were not re-
nounced its 2011 Voluntary        ported taxable income.          porting their offshore assets
Offshore Disclosure Pro-              The IRS is getting a lot    and earnings. He is being
gram which provides for re-       tougher with Americans          paid a percentage of the
duced penalties and assur-        who have unreported in-         taxes ultimately collected.
ance of non-criminal pros-        come and assets abroad.             The IRS in the past few
ecution if U.S. Taxpayers         The rules do not distinguish    years has hired approxi-
who have not been report-         between the wealthy or av-      mately 20,000 new em-
ing their foreign bank ac-        erage individual taxpayers.     ployees in its international
counts, foreign corpora-          Based on the history of their   department to conduct
tions, foreign trusts             previous 2009 Offshore          these new programs. The
(Fideicomisos), etc. come         Disclosure program, the         new budget for 2012 in-
forward and tell all. The         agents conducting the pro-      cludes an additional 5,100
previous such program             gram generally follow the       employees for the IRS. Due
which existed for part of         rules closely and are not al-   to the changes that are tak-
                                                                  ing place it would appear to     report foreign assets and        which is not available from
                                                                  be wise to come clean be-        income, and you do not en-       CPAs or other tax
                                                                  fore things become worse.        ter the Voluntary Offshore       preparers.
                                                                      The good news if that if     Disclosure Program, and ,
                                                                  you have been reporting all      are later discovered by the      U.S. Phone (949) 481-
                                                                  of your foreign income in        IRS, it has stated it will im-   4094,
                                                                  Mexico, but have failed to       pose all penalties to the        w w w. Ta x M e L e s s . c o m
                                                                  file the reporting forms such    maximum extent allowed by        
                                                                  as the FBAR form (foreign        law and very likely seek

                                                                  bank account reporting) or       criminal prosecution. As
                                                                  Form 5471 (foreign corpo-        computers and information

                                                                  rations) or Form 3520 (for-      sharing become more com-
                                                                  eign trusts-Fideiciomisos),      mon, it is not wise to ignore
                                                                  you do not have to enter the     this opportunity. The IRS
                                                                  program, but do need to file     has indicated they do not               Our public safety
                                                                  all applicable past year re-     plan to keep offering this        honchos            have
                                                                  porting forms in compliance      program in the future.
                                                                  with the law prior to the            You can read more
                                                                                                                                     launched emergency
                                                                  deadline. This rule will ap-     about the program and its         phone numbers to
2009 flushed out over             lowed to negotiate or make      ply when your Fideicomiso        58 frequently asked ques-         call the police. No,
15,000 taxpayers who had          any special deals outside the   just owns your personal          tions which describe all as-      it’s not 911, If you are
not been filing and report-       guidelines of that program.     house which is not rented,       pects of its operation at         caling from either a
ing their foreign activities.        Many taxpayers have          or when your Mexican cor-         cell phone or a a land
                                                                  poration is not of the type      offshoredisclosure.html
    The new program re-           asked how can they find out
                                                                  that generates any income            Don D. Nelson is a U.S.
                                                                                                                                     line, call 066. 
quires you file returns or        about their activities in
amend returns if you have         Mexico. There is a US/          taxable to you or you al-        attorney and CPA who has
failed to include your for-       Mexican tax treaty which        ready reported any salaries      been assisting clients in
eign income for the past          allows the IRS to get infor-    or dividends paid to you         Mexico for over 20 years
eight years. Your incentive       mation on U.S. Citizens and     from that corporation.           with their US/Mexico Tax
to enter is reduced penal-        their activites in Mexico           The program ends on          Planning and preparing
ties for failing to file or re-   from the Hacienda. The IRS      August 31 of this year and       U.S. expat tax returns. He
port the following items on       also has a very successful      the IRS may not do this          offers his client the privacy
the proper forms: (1) For-        program of paying a bounty      again. If you have failed to     of “attorney-client”privilege
eign bank account forms (2)
foreign corporation, part-
nership or LLC forms (3)
foreign trust forms (required
from Fideicomiso beneficia-
ries in Mexico) and report-
ing passive foreign invest-
ment company income.
    Many of the required
IRS reporting forms for
these activites provide for
penalties of $10,000 or
more per year for filing the
form late or not filing it at
all. The 2011 program re-
duces these penalties to
25% of the highest value of
those assets (for any one
tax year which is part of the
eight years involved) which
can often be less than the
$10,000 per year normal
penalty. In certain specific
circumstances set forth in
the 28 page document the
IRS has issued describing
the rules of the program the
the regular 25% penalty may
be reduced to 5 or 15%.
The IRS will also assess in-
terest and negligence pen-
March 14th, 2011   .COM


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