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					               ‘Capture Climate
          Organised by: People Institute for Development and Training
        You may print or Xerox as many copies of the Registration Form as you like.

        I.        Still Photography
        II.       Still Photograph Essay (the no. of photographs in the series can be 2 to 8)
        III.      Short Film making – 3 min (max.)
        IV.       Painting Competition
        V.        Poster Competition

Details of Prizes
Category                          1st Prize              2nd Prize              3rd Prize            Consolation Prize
Still Photography                 Rs 5,000                Rs 3,000              Rs 2,000                       ×2
Photography Essay                 Rs 5,000                Rs 3,000              Rs 2,000                       ×2
Short Film Making                 Rs 10,000               Rs 5,000              Rs 3,000                       ×2
Painting Competition              Rs 5,000                Rs 3,000              Rs 2,000                      ×10
Poster Competition                Rs 5,000                Rs 3,000              Rs 2,000                      ×10

Rules of the Competition
       Each Institution can send a maximum of 5 entries per category.
       Individual entries will also be entertained. Each individual can participate in more than one category.
       Every entry must be properly captioned.
       It is desirable that the entry has a small story, description or poem that illustrates the authors’ frame of
        mind while ‘Capturing’ the shot.
       The size of the photographs either in ‘Single Shot’ or ‘Photography essay’ must be 12 inches × 10
       The entries under ‘Short film making’ must be sent as DVD format only. Entries under this category
        must not exceed the time limit of 3 minutes or less than 2 minutes.
       The photographs must only be sent in prints (12” × 10”).
       The size of entries under Painting Competition must only be of A3 size (8.27 inches × 11.69 inches).
        While that of Poster must only be A2 size (16.5 inches × 23.4 inches). A high quality sheet for Poster
        and Painting categories is advisable.
       The participant must not mention his/her name on their entry. The particulars must only be mentioned
        in Block Letters at the back of the entry. Name, Age, Class, Institution Name, House Address and
        Personal Contact No. must be given in the particulars.
       The entries must reach us by 30th October 2009. The mailing address is given at the bottom of the
        Registration form.
       The declaration of winners will be done on 5 December 2009, to mark International Volunteer Day
       The best entries judged, will be given a cash prizes along with a trophy and the certificate respectively.
        Certificates will be issued to all those who have participated within the rules, and are of minimum
        standard. Consolation prizes will also be given away.
       The photos and films must be original and clicked or shot by the participant only. Entries if found
        copied from Internet or some other source will be disqualified.
       The discretion of selecting judges lies with PIDT and GSDS.
       The photographs will not be returned and the rights of all the entries submitted could be reproduced
        by PIDT and GSDS.
       The discretion of selecting and using the best entries lies with People’s Institute of Development and
        Training and Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti. No person working in these two institutions can
        participate in the competition.
       Entries can be sent to any address given at the bottom of the registration form. No photographic
        entries or short film entries sent via e-mail or fax will be entertained, though, registration form could
        be sent via e-mail or fax.
              ‘Capture Climate
                                    REGISTRATION FORM
               The Registration must be duly filled and submitted along with all the entries.
         You may print or Xerox as many copies of the Registration Form as you like.

Name of Institution/Participant(s):

Address of Institution/ Participant(s):

Contact no. of Institution Participant(s):

Email:                                                   website:

Name of supervisor/Group Leader:

Name of Participant(s):                       1.

Tick under which category the entry should be marked (tick only one in each section) Note:
Each entry should be accompanied by a separate form. Forms may be photocopied by the
institution. For more than 5 group members, a separate sheet could be attached with this

                I.        Still Photograph
                II.       Photograph essay ( the no. of still photographs in the series can be 2-8)
                III.      Short Film Making – 3 min (max.)
                IV.       Painting Competition
                V.        Poster Competition

     “People’s House”, A 12 Paryavaran Complex, Saket-Maidangarhi Road, New Delhi 110030
                       Fax: 011-29532408, 29531282/1296 Fax: 29532995
                             GANDHI SMRITI AND DARSHAN SAMITI
                5, Tees January Marg, New Delhi-110011, Ph: 23012843; 23011480

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