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									                                              SATURDAY/SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17/18, 2011
                                               TWENTY-FIFTH SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME
                                              “The Lord is near to all who call upon him!”
                                                           Rev. John Dorton, Pastor
                                                      St. Mary, Portsmouth, Residence
                                                   712-743-2625 (Phone/Fax), Parish Office
                              JULY – SEPTEMBER MASS SCHEDULE                        HOLY DAY MASS SCHEDULE
                              PANAMA         – 5:00pm – Saturday                    HOLY DAY VIGIL – 7:00pm
                              PORTSMOUTH – 8:30am – Sunday                          HOLY DAY       – 8:30am
                              WESTPHALIA    –10:30am – Sunday                       HOLY DAY       – 7:00pm
                                                          St. Boniface                                           ROSARY FOR VOCATIONS…..Please pray on your
                             207 Duren, P. O. Box 86, Westphalia, IA 51578                                       designated day & often for an increase in religious
                               712-627-4255 (Phone), 712-627-4259 (fax)                                          vocations. Your prayers can make a difference!
                    Lorene Kaufmann, parish secretary (office hours: M–W–F–8am–4pm)                                       MASS INTENTIONS – SEPT. 19-26
                                    St. Mary of the Assumption                                                       M – 09/19–NO MASS
                            104 N. 2nd St., P. O. Box 203, Panama, IA 51562-0203                                     T–09/20–11:15am–LFH–Gene, Pat & Jack Smith (d)
                           712-489-2 030 (Phone/Fax) or smpanama@fmctc.com                                           W–09/21–8:30am–West. – Delbert Klein (d)
                                  www.StMaryPanama.parishesonline.com                                                T–09/22–8:30am–Pan. – Sally Finken (d)
                                        Karen Wingert, parish secretary
                             (office hours: M–T–W–F – 8–10am / Thu– 9–11am)                                          F–09/23–8:30am – Leona Buman (d)
                                 Prayer Line Contact: Jolene Blum - 489-2909                                         S–09/24–5pm–Pan.– Nub Assmann (d)
                                     St. Mary Our Lady of Fatima
                                                                                                                     S–09/25–8:30am–Portsmouth – Lisa Miller (d)
                           502 4th St., P. O. Box 98, Portsmouth, IA 51565-0098                                      S–09/25– 10:30am – West. – Pat Gross (d)
                         712-743-2625 (Phone/Fax) or hankhu@iowatelecom.net
                              www.StMaryPortsmouth.parishesonline.com                                                             HOLY COMMUNION AND/OR VISIT
                   Hank Hughes, parish secretary (office hours: M–F – 9:30am–5:30pm)                                     Call Fr. John at 743-2625 if a family member is in the
                  Prayer Line Contacts: Mary Slaven – 743-5612/Arlene Pauley–743-2241                                    hospital or is homebound.
                                                                                                                                              DAILY MASS
VOCATIONS CORNER…―Seek the Lord while He may be found . . .‖ While
                                                                                                                         If school is two hours late or cancelled due to bad
seeking Him in prayer and the sacraments, listen to Him. Could it be you are                                             weather there will be NO MASS. Listen to KNOD.
being called to Jesus to serve as a priest, deacon, sister or brother? If you think                                                        FUNERAL POLICY
He may be offering you this grace, call Fr. David Muenchrath at (515) 237-5050 or                                        NO Daily Mass if funeral is in parish of Mass. There
write: dmuenchrath@dmdiocese.org.                                                                                        IS Daily Mass if funeral isn’t in parish with Mass.
CENTENNIAL CORNER…Did you know…In 1994, Bishop L. Charron, C.PP.S.                                                                SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION
became our diocese’s eighth bishop. Originally from South Dakota, he was an                                                  Panama: after 5 p.m. Saturday Mass until last
                                                                                                                                   confession heard or by appointment.
auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis before coming to                                             Portsmouth: after 8:30 a.m. Friday Mass until last
Iowa. A moral theologian & member of a large family, he enjoyed being with the                                                     confession heard or by appointment.
people, particularly through the sacrament of Confirmation, when families gather                                            Westphalia: after 10:30 a.m. Sunday Mass until
together. He is retired & lives in the Diocese of Des Moines.                                                                   last confession heard or by appointment.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                     SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM
     FIFTEEN-DECADE ROSARY FOR LIFE IS CANCELLED FOR SEPT. 18.                                                           Parents should contact the rectory soon enough for
                                                                                                                         required preparation before baptism.
    IN TODAY’S GOSPEL…..Jesus moves from Galilee to teach in Judea where he                                                           SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE
    is sought out by great crowds and tested by the Pharisees. Jesus shares the                                          Those who are planning on being married must see
    parable of the workers in the vineyard -- a parable that seems to contradict                                         Father AT LEAST SIX MONTHS in advance of
                                                                                                                         desired date. No date can be set before the initial
    common sense. Those who work a longer day ought to be paid more than those                                           interview in person.
    who work just an hour or two, but a close read shows us that the landowner has
    acted completely justly. The parable goes beyond that, however, and we come to see that the landowner is not simply just, he is
    radically just. He has given those who labored in the field for a full day their due pay, but he has also given a full-day's wage to those
    who worked only a single hour. Can God's generosity be quantified? We are occasionally tempted to think that our own actions
    deserve more reward, more of God's abundant mercy, than the actions of others. God's generosity cannot be quantified or
    partitioned into different amounts for different people. When we think that way, we are trying to relate to God on our terms rather than
                               to accept God's radically different ways.
                                       IN THE BEGINNING… (week 26) Thousands and thousands of brain cells are growing in Chris’s head
                                      every day! Soon Chris will have billions of brain cells. I can make a fist and grasp things. My spine is
                                      beginning to form to protect my spinal cord. I’m covered by a white cheesy substance that protects my skin.
                                      Don’t worry, it will come off right after birth. Mom can tell if her baby gets the hiccups. “Before I formed you
                                      in the womb I knew you; before you came to birth I consecrated you; I have appointed you as a prophet to
                                      the nations.” Jer. 1:4-5
                                                                             ST. BONIFACE, WESTPHALIA                                                                      pg. 2

     MINISTRIES                            Sun. Sept. 25 (10:30am)                           Sun. Oct. 2 (8:30am)                        Sun. Oct. 9 (8:30am)
     Tithes                                Frank Rueschenberg                                Joan Musich                                 Darlene Wilwerding
     Counters                              Tony Goetz                                        Joy Schaben                                 Ed Rueschenberg
     Lector                                Darlene Wilwerding                                Judi Schmitz                                John Zimmerman
     Offertory Gifts                       Nick & Sheila May                                 Roman & Sally Leuschen                      Anna & Ed Rueschenberg
     EME                                   Lindsey Kaufman                                   Anna Hastert                                Joan Musich
                                           Karen Brinker                                     Ed Rueschenberg                             Agnes Wehr
                                           John Zimmerman                                    Rose Schomers                                Jerry Gross
     Servers                               Kyle Arkfeld                                      Kyle Schmitz                                Dillon Sears
                                           Laura Kaufmann                                    Scott Schulte                               Brett Sears
     Music                                 Guitar                                            Choir                                       Guitar
     Ushers                                Clarence Brinker                                  Ray Schechinger                             Rae Zimmerman
                                           Jerome Schneider                                  Norman Schmitz                              Glen Gubbels
                                           Don Schomers                                      Roger Schmitz                               Chad Sears
     Rosary                                None                                              Harold & Alice Schwery                      None
                         Please Pray for the Sick & Recuperating!                                              Financial Report: Tithes $641 Plate $30 Votive $6
Mary Vakulskas              Linda Kaufman             Therese Henscheid (Urban)                  Liz Rau       Hall Rent $200 Club House Rent $200
Shirley Herbst              Megan Kohles              Nadine Kenkel                 Betts Jones                -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rita Wageman               Jim Schneider              Marvin Musich                 Glen Schechinger           The St. Boniface Mass September 18 will be held at
Davis Schulte              Frances Schaben Chloe Updike (Lisa Schmitz’s niece)                                 the Ron & Maria Rosmann Family Farm at 2 PM. Tithe
Delbert Rueschenberg                  Bev Jensen                                                               envelopes for Sept. 18 should be offered the week
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   following the celebration.
A limited number of copies of the 5th season for On a Journey are available                                    -------------------------------------------------------------------------
in the back of church. If anyone is interested in having a copy, please feel                                   Parish Council Meeting: Wed., Sept. 21, 7 PM.
free to take one--one copy per family.
     Choir Members: All those interested in singing at the Centennial Celebration in Des Moines please contact Lorene. The music has
     been sent and we will need to make the appropriate number of copies for all those planning on participating in the choir.
     First Fruits: Please consider donating to our ―First Fruits‖ fund. You do not have to be a farmer to contribute. These funds are used
     to help our operating budget & are very much needed. To date we have received $300. Thank you for helping to support our parish!
     Thank You: The Bob Schiltz family would like to thank the St. Boniface's parish and Westphalia community for your prayers and
     support during this time. Your memorial offerings, Shelby County Catholic School donations, and mass offerings were greatly
     appreciated. Your generosity with food, cards, and phone calls were all so thoughtful. Thank you!
     From the Rosary Society to foster our Catholic Spirit: From the Rosary Society to foster a Catholic Spirit: We are all called to
     the religious life, even the laity! Together with our Church community, each of us can discover our personal vocation to serve the
     Church. In our small parish there are many roles open for the taking—enough to go around for all. We have many people who accept
     the challenges our parish offers. Thanks to all of you! You are truly amazing unsung heroes!
                                                 GENERAL NEWS AND INFORMATION FOR ALL ―THREE‖ PARISHES

     Thank you for the generous donations of books for Right to Life. Your kindness will change & save lives. Shelby County Pro-Life
     ―A Day in the Country—Rural/Urban Eucharistic Celebration‖ is held on the Ron & Maria Rosmann Family Farm Sunday,
     September 18, at 2PM. Directions: drive east approximately on Hwy 44, then 2 ¼ miles north on Ironwood Road.
     PLEASE NOTE: Straw bales will be provided for seating. You are welcome to bring blankets and lawn chairs.

     Flu Shot Clinic: Tuesday, September 20, 1:00 – 2:30 PM at the St. Boniface Parish Center.
     Flu Shot Clinic: Friday, September 30 – 1:30 – 3 p.m. at St. Mary’s Religious Education Center, Portsmouth
     INSTALLATION OF 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Knights is October 23 at 10:30 a.m. at the Rosman Parish Center in Harlan.
     Anyone interested in joining the Knights of Columbus, please contact Donnie Kenkel at 743-2060 or 579-9066
     Shelby County Council of Catechesis would like to find out if there is enough interest in CHARTERING A BUS for the day. SIGN-UP
     please prayerfully consider going to this celebration. We will leave from the Vet’s Auditorium at 7:30 a.m. and return 7:30-8pm.
     ***CYO Basketball Commissioner – needed for CYO basketball to organize and schedule teams, recruit coaches and
     keep the season running smoothly. If interested please contact Fr. Frost, Fr. Fontanini, Fr. Dorton or Hank Hughes
                                                                    ST. MARY, PORTSMOUTH                                                                             pg. 3

  MINISTRIES              Sun. Sept. 18 (8:30am)                          Sun. Sept. 25 (8:30am)                   Sat. Oct. 1 (5pm)                    Sat. Oct. 8 (5pm)
  Servers                 Caroline Sondag                                 Cheryl Kleffman                          Brett Croghan                          Al Ohlinger
                          Marie Ohlinger                                  Brianna Martens                          Kelsey Croghan                         Austin Sondag
  EME                     Linda Reinig                                    Donnie Kenkel                            Marlin Smith                           Zita Smith
                          Carmella Grap                                   Julie Stein                              Mel Sporrer                            George Wear
                          Bev Ohlinger                                    Jeanne Fields                            Phyllis Mikels                         Suzy Wear
  Lectors (1 )            Suzy Wear                                       Janet Croghan                            Hank Hughes                            Nyra Sondag
  (2 Rdg/Pet.)            Mel Sporrer                                     Linda Reinig                             Bill Slaven                            Teresa Arkfeld
  Offertory Gifts         Paul & Des Wilwerding family                    Alice Rau/Carmella Grap            Theresa Grote/Mary Slaven                Alvin & Ethel Heller
  Ushers                  Lynn Martens                                    Ken Stein                                Ron Gau                                Jerry Sondag
                          Ross Martens                                    Julie Stein                              Rich Heller                            Bill Slaven
                          Gary Schaben                                    Abby Sonderman                           Dan Lefeber                            Donnie Kenkel
                          Dewayne Stolz                                   Austin Sondag                            Dave Ohlinger                          Maggie Sondag
  Tithes                  Gaylen Smith                                    Sharon Pauley                            Hank Hughes                           Mary Lu Flaharty
  Counter                 Dean Mikels                                     Wayne Mikels                             Deb Muell                              Lloyd Pauley
                          Dick Mikels                                     Mary Mikels                              Dave Ohlinger                          Mary Pauley

IOWA CANS FOR CASH 2011 NCYC TRIP…..Please put your cans in                                        FINANCIAL REPORT: Tithes $715 Plate $140.61 FF $185
the wire enclosure NW of church. Thank you for your great support!!!!!                             Votive $26.55
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
First Friday–8:30am Mass in church / Exposition/Benediction at 10am.                               HY-VEE/COUNTRY FAIR UPC LABELS - $319.54 to date.
First Saturday Holy Hour – 9 a.m. (note time change) in church.                                    Thank you for your contributions & please continue to save.
First Monday – Catholic Daughters – 7:10 Rosary / 7:30 – CDA Mtg.                                  CATHOLIC DAUGHTERS COURT ST. MARIA GORETTI
Second Friday – W.O.W.S. at Club 191 at 11:30 a.m.                                                 #2498 FOOD COLLECTION is first weekend of the month.
Wed., Sept. 21 – 6:45 – 8:15pm – 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12 R. E. Classes in                                           Please pray for the sick & homebound
the Religious Education House                                                                      Rita Leinen, Vi Skalla, Nola Schiltz, LaVonne Springman,
Sun., Sept. 25 – after Mass – 11:15am – P/K – 6 R. E. Classes in the                               Jerry Waltz, Jean Schechinger, Betts Jones, Thelma
Religious Education Center.                                                                        Schoemann, Ed Leinen, Delmar Mikels and all others on the
NO Coffee and Rolls on September 25 – please support the benefit for                               prayer line. Please pray for our young man serving in
the family of Megan Kohles.                                                                        Afghanistan: Eric Pitts.

  RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CLASSES ON SEPTEMBER 18 and 21 are on the Liturgical Calendar of the Roman Catholic Church.
  The students will learn the different seasons of the church year, colors and what church celebrations are held during each season.
  Please pray for our youth and teachers as they begin anew their journey of faith and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
  Choir Members: All those interested in singing at the Centennial Celebration in Des Moines please contact Hank. The music has
  arrived and I need to get enough copies for all planning to participate in the choir.
  A card shower is being hosted by the family of Helen Barta who turns 100 on September 27. She and her husband Victor
  (deceased) have been members of St. Mary’s Parish since 1974. Cards may be sent to Helen at PO Box 236, Persia, IA 51563.
  She is the mother of Jerri (Max) Handbury of Persia.
  Portsmouth Athletic Association Annual Appreciation Cookout is at the Portsmouth City Park on Sunday, September
  18. Drinks/games begin at 3:00 with meal beginning at 5:00. New this year, George & Suzy Wear will be doing the cooking, serving
  up meat sandwiches, baked beans, pasta salad & cooked onions. PAA will supply the beverages and table service. Additional sides
  and/or desserts are appreciated. All players, parents, season ticket holders, and supporters are welcome to attend.
                                            GENERAL NEWS AND INFORMATION FOR ALL ―THREE‖ PARISHES

  RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CORNER: Blessings to all the parents and youth attending the Opening Crossroads Mass at St.
  Michael’s, Harlan on September 14. It was very moving to see church almost full with parents and youth of Shelby/Harrison County
  as one body in Christ. What an inspiring way to begin our faith journey as our Religious Education classes begin! God bless!
  Registered parishioners will receive a letter & brochure in the mail from Bishop Pates. Gifts to this collection support the education &
  formation costs associated with seminarians, which continually rise. There are 15 seminarians in our Diocese & we pray the number
  will continue to increase. The need for your support is critical so that we may continue providing for those seminarians.

  Fundraiser Benefit for Megan Kohles is Sunday, September 25, at St. Boniface Parish Center in
  Westphalia. Free Will Donation breakfast serving from 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM. All proceeds will go to help
  Megan and her family during this difficult time. Megan is the daughter of Glenn & Paula Bruck Kohles and
  granddaughter of Delbert & Yvonne Bruck of Westphalia and Denny & Joanne Kohles of Earling.
                                                                 ST. MARY, PANAMA                                                                     pg. 4
 MINISTRIES                     Sat. Sept. 24 (5pm)                       Sun. Oct. 2 (10:30am)                     Sun. Oct. 2 (10:30am)
 Greeters                       Keith Schwery family                      4–H                                       David Mages family
 Lector                         Jane Tremel                               4–H                                       Linda Fahn
 Offertory                      Dick & Kathy Keane                        4–H                                       Allen Hoffmanns’
 EME                            Keith Schwery                             Mariann Wingert                           Mary Fahn
                                Eileen Schwery                            Karen Muell                               Jamie Fahn
                                Marilyn Keane                             Jan Theulen                               Lauretta Kenkel
 Servers                        Kelsey Freund                             4-H                                       Ashley Arkfeld
                                Tiffanie Wingert                          4-H                                       Haley Arkfeld
                                Chelsea Assmann                           4-H                                       Dani Arkfeld
 Musicians                      Mary Ann Wendt                            Bob Mages                                 Jodi Wingert
 Song Leader                    Tracey Kenkel                             Bob Mages                                 LuAnn Schwery
 Cantor                         Eileen Schmidt                            Jodie Wingert                             Tracey Kenkel
 Ushers                         Richard Arkfeld                           Alfred Wingert                            Alfred Wingert
                                Bud Chamberlain                           Dave Kenkel                               Dave Kenkel
                                George Schwery                            Kenny Pauley                              Kenny Pauley
 Rosary                         Damian & Pat Kenkel                       Dave & Joyce Kenkel                       Damian & Pat Kenkel
 Tithes Counters                Damian & Pat Kenkel                       Mariann Wingert / Kris Wingert            Jamie & Mary Fahn
                                Dean Gubbels                              Shirley Arkfeld                           Jean Keane

                           Meetings & Events                                        Financial Report: Tithes - $430.00 Plate - $93.00
Tuesday, September 27, Finance Council meeting, 7:00 p.m.                                     Please pray for those on the prayer line
Wednesday, September 28, RE, 7th grade to Earling, 7:00 p.m.                        Hunter Powers, Harold Zimmerman, Carmen Ratigan,
  RE Class, grades 1-6, 7:00 p.m.                                                   Norene Mahlberg,
  RE Class, grades 8-12 grades, collect food for Food Pantry, 7:00 p.m.             Food Collection for the Needy….You may drop items
Thursday, September 29, Groups 3 & 4 will clean the kitchen and cafeteria           off any time in the basket at the church entry.
beginning at 5:30 p.m.                                                              ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                    Cemetery Mowing: Group 5 is on to mow in
Thursday, September 29, Fireman's meeting, 7:00 p.m.                                September. Chairs are Gene & Pat Kenkel and Denny &
                                                                                    Kari Kohles
 St. Mary's Parish Wednesday Night Drawing. Local businesses have the chances available & the drawing will be at City Hall at
 7pm on Wednesday. Tickets are $5. If present, the winner will get 50%. If not present, they take home 45% of the money taken in.
 All proceeds will go to St. Mary's Parish. There will be a monthly report in the bulletin on money taken in and the winners.
 Panama Knights of Columbus will pass out Tootsie Rolls after Mass September 24. A free will donation will be gladly accepted
 on behalf of our "Persons with Intellectual Disabilities" Drive, 2011 to support Southwest Iowa Special Olympics and Concerned, Inc.
 Please remember our Stewardship Fund. Donations are welcomed all year long. With the good prices right now, we hope that you
 can help the parish with a donation.
                                     GENERAL NEWS AND INFORMATION FOR ALL ―THREE‖ PARISHES

 FOOD FOR THE POOR – Fr. Delich will be in the three parishes the weekend of September 24 & 25 to tell us about this important
 ministry and what they do help the poorest of the poor in 17 different countries, aiding some of the most destitute. Their ministry is
 based on ―As often as you did it to one of the least of My brothers & sisters, you did it to Me.” Matthew 25:40
 ***ANNUAL LIFE CHAIN is SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 at HARLAN AUTO MART (stand on Chatburn Ave. & Hwy 59) from
 1:30–2:30pm. This important event gives silent, reverent witness to the sacredness of human life as participants prayerfully
 hold signs with messages that proclaim the dignity & sacredness of life & the evil of abortion. Signs may be picked up after you
 park your car in the Auto Mart lot. Please consider participating. Your presence gives a powerful witness to all who pass by as
 you proclaim your belief in the value of each person, no matter how small or weak or defenseless. Those who cannot stand for
 the full hour are invited to bring a lawn chair. This is NOT a Catholic issue; it is a HUMAN LIFE ISSUE.
 PARISH ANNUAL FALL DINNERS ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25: ***St. Patrick’s in Neola from 11am – 2pm – Pork Loin
 Chop, Baked Potato, Coleslaw, Dinner Roll & Dessert – Adults $10 / Children 6 to 12 – $5 and under five – Free.
 ***St. Patrick’s in Walnut from 11am – 1:30pm – Staley’s Chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetable, salad, roll & pie.
 Adults $9 / Children 10 & under - $6 and Preschool Free.
 Love: Education – October is Pornography Awareness month. The CDA will distribute White Ribbons after Mass on the
 weekend of October 8/9 to raise awareness of this moral issue. Pornography destroys thousands of families each year, and does not
 value human dignity. Please join us in prayer for all those affected to receive God’s healing grace.

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