Music Theory – by hedongchenchen


									                                 Music Theory Syllabus
                                             Brian Glosh
                                   Ridge View High School
                                     Choral Department
                               Room C-74, 803-699-2999 ext. 245

Course Descriptions
Music Theory –
         Music Theory is the discussion of the mathematics and notation of music.
         Students are not required to perform, but will be expected to write musical
         compositions at a intermediate level. Students will be expected to take part in
         vocal exercises in order to physically experience the music theory.

Sequence:                                                    Intervals
Week 1: Basics                                           Week 10: Counterpoint
    Labeling Notes                                          Two part counterpoint
    Understanding Basic music notation                      First and Second Species
            o Staff, clefs                               Week 11-12: Minor
Week 2-4: Major Scales and Key Signatures                    Minor Key Signatures
    Write a Major Scale                                     Minor Scales
    Relationship between Major Scales                   Week 13-14: Triads
       and Key Signatures                                    Major, Minor, Diminished and
    Composition in Major Keys                                  Augmented Triads
Week 5-6: Rhythm                                             Inversions
    Basic Rhythm Notation                               Week 14-15: 7th Chords
    Meter and Time Signatures                               Major, Major/Minor, minor, half
Week 7-8 Intervals:                                             diminished, fully diminished
    Major and Perfect and Minor                             Inversions
       Intervals                                         Week 16-18: Compositions
    Aural Skills of Intervals and Scales                    Chord Progressions
Week 9: Major Test                                           Basic Cadences
    Major Scales                                            Melody and Harmony part writing
    Major Key Signatures                                    Review for Final Exam
    Rhythm

Materials for Non Performing Classes
Each student should have the following items in class everyday:
       a sharpened pencil
       1 inch, 3 ring binder
       Staff paper – (Music Theory only)
       Notebook Paper
Choir Room Rules

   Be on time and ready to succeed.
   Respect others, their property, and their right to learn.
   Clear Bottled water is the only food (including gum) or drink allowed during
    rehearsal or in the classroom.
   Students will be held to the Academic Integrity policy of Richland District II.

Discipline Procedures
1) Verbal warning
2) Notification to parents and/or lunch detention
3) Administrative referral

                 Music Theory Letter Of Mutual Consent
I, the undersigned student, understand that I am responsible for all the policies as set forth
in the syllabus. I fully agree to carry out my responsibilities to the very best of my

        (Student name, please print)

__________________________________________                    __________________
            (Student Signature)                                      (Date)

I, the undersigned parent or guardian, have read and understand the policies as set forth in
the Syllabus.

        (Parent name, please print)

__________________________________________                    __________________
            (Parent Signature)                                      (Date)

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