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Product Development Roadmap Overview


									Product Introductions Expected Q1 2011

New & Coming Soon Innovations
RapidRun ® XLR
• Flying Leads, Runners and Wall Plates
  for transmitting balanced audio signals   Technology: XLR
                                            Market(s): Education,
  from XLR-enabled devices such as
  microphones                               Application(s): Balanced
• Supports transmission of balanced         audio signal transmission
                                            from a microphone
  audio signals                             Targets: Integrators, Installers
• One 22AWG dual shield pair per XLR
  connector (Flying Leads and Runners)
• Wall Plates are constructed from
  brushed aluminum for durability and fit
  into a standard single gang J-box
TruLink ® Audio Amplifier (#40100)

• Boosts line level signal from laptops,    Technology: Class D
  DVD players and other electronics to      Market(s): Education,
  drive speakers that disperse sound        Corporate
  throughout a room                         Application(s): Audio signal
• 40 watts of power                         Targets: Engineers,
                                            Architects, Integrators,
• Automatic shutdown for energy             Installers, School IT staff
• Plenum rated
• Compact and easy to install
• Safety features including Over Voltage,
  Temperature and Short Circuit
RapidRun ® Digital Plenum
•Comprehensive line of digital plenum
                                         Technology: HDMI, DVI,
 cabling including HDMI, DVI and DVI +
 3.5mm Audio                             Market(s): Corporate,
•Specifically designed for commercial    Education, Healthcare
                                         Application(s): Distribute
 applications where Plenum (Canada’s     digital signals through plenum
 FT6 rating) is required                 spaces
                                         Targets: Integrators,
•Lengths ranging from 15ft to 100ft
                                         Installers, Specifiers,
•Supports resolutions of 1080p for       Architects
 displays and up to 1920x1200 for
Pro Series Digital CL2 and Plenum
•Comprehensive line of digital plenum
 cabling including HDMI, DVI and DVI +      Technology: HDMI, DVI,
 3.5mm Audio
                                            Market(s): Corporate,
•Specifically designed for commercial       Education
 applications where Plenum (Canada’s        Application(s): Distribute
                                            digital signals in-wall and
 FT6 rating) or CL2 (Canada’s FT4 rating)   through plenum spaces
 ratings are required                       Targets: Integrators, Installers
•Lengths from 6ft to 50ft
•Supports resolutions of 1080p for
 displays and up to 1920x1200 for
Coming Soon
TruLink ® Wireless VGA, HDMI and VGA + 3.5mm Kits (Gen2)
• In-room wireless connectivity up to 30ft   Technology: Ultra Wide Band
• Stream video from a remote monitor,        Market(s): Education,
  projector or television                    Corporate, Home
                                             Application(s): Signal
• Plug and play capability with integrated   Distribution, Sharing /
  driver for seamless installation           Collaboration
                                             Targets: Installers,
• Automatic pairing between receiver and
                                             Integrators, End Users
  transmitter reduces installation steps
  and allows for out-of-box usage
• Highly secure connection ensures data
  cannot be intercepted
• Operating system agnostic to work on
  Windows and Mac platforms
• Allows for up to eight users to connect
  to one display or one user to connect to
  up to eight displays
Coming Soon
TruLink ® Recharging Power Pack for USB Devices
• Functions as both a backup battery and    Technology: USB
  charger                                   Market(s): Consumer
• Easily and conveniently charge your       Application(s): Power and
  mobile digital devices at anytime,        Targets: End Users
• 5000mAh Output Volts: 5.5V ± 0.2V
  Output Current: 1000mA (Max)
• Charge Mode: PC USB port or AC adapter
• Compatible with charging most handheld
  digital devices, such as mobile phones,
  digital music players, game consoles,
  digital cameras and other portable
Coming Soon
TruLink ® USB Wireless FM Transmitter
                                              Technology: Wireless FM
• Transmits a computer-based audio            Market(s): Consumer
  signal via an FM frequency up to 30ft       Application(s): Signal
• Integrated software application that will   Distribution
                                              Targets: End Users
  stream Internet radio to your computer
  then broadcasts over FM frequency
• Broadcast audio for presentations or
  just listen to music
• Supports Mac (OS 10.2.8 or later) or PC
  (Windows 7, Vista, XP) with USB
Coming Soon
Power over Ethernet (PoE) Splitter
• Send power and Ethernet signals over one
   Cat5/6 cable                                  Technology: PoE
                                                 Market(s): Corporate,
• Simplify installations by removing the need    Education
   for power outlets next to equipment such      Application(s): Power over
   as phones, security cameras and other         Cat5/6
                                                 Targets: Installers,
                                                 Integrators, End Users
• Provides an 802.3af PoE port for
   connection back to a PoE switch
• Compact design connects to the standard
   DC power input and RJ45 Ethernet port on
   an IP-enabled device via two “split” cables
• The small form factor allows for the unit to
   be concealed
• Must work in conjunction with our PoE
Coming Soon
TruLink ® USB to VGA and HDMI Adapter (#30510)
• Connect laptops or desktops to monitors
                                              Technology: USB
  and/or displays using both analog (VGA)     Market(s): Education,
  and digital (HDMI) signals                  Corporate, Home
                                              Application(s): Signal
• View the same content across two displays   Conversion
  using the included USB cable, while         Targets: Installers,
  enjoying stereo audio through the HDMI      Integrators, End Users
  and/or 3.5mm audio connection
• Supports primary, extended, mirror and
  rotated displays modes and allows for the
  addition of up to 6 displays with minimal
  configuration and without any additional
  graphics cards
• Bus-powered so an external power cord is
  not required
Coming Soon
TruLink ® Laptop Docking Station
• Universal compatibility through single   Technology: USB 2.0 with
  USB connection to control                DisplayLink Video Driver
  analog/digital video, 4 USB ports,       Market(s): Corporate,
                                           Education, Small Office,
  Ethernet connection and audio            Home
  input/output                             Application(s): Laptop
                                           docking and connectivity
• Can be mounted vertically or             Targets: End Users
  horizontally and includes detachable
• Plug-and-play with no computer reset
  or undocking procedures required
• DVI connection supports video
  resolution up to 1900x1200
Coming Soon
TruLink ® USB 3.0 SATA Enclosure (#29060)
• Durable and convenient housing for 2.5”     Technology: USB 3.0
  external drives used for storing and        Market(s): Small Office /
                                              Home Office
  transferring large data, music, video and
                                              Application(s): Data Transfer
  other files                                 Targets: End Users
• Supports data transfer rates of up to 5
• Can be used with older drives with
  transfer speeds of 48Mbps and 12Mbps.
• Constructed of aluminum and is designed
  for maximum heat dissipation so hard
  drives remain cool to ensure optimal
• The LED front panel lights up blue when
  power is connected to the drive and
  blinks to indicate activity.
Coming Soon
Value Series HDMI Cables

• Full 1080p resolution                        Technology: HDMI
                                               Market(s): Education,
• High bandwidth (340 MHz/10.2 Gbps)           Corporate, Consumer
                                               Application(s): Signal
• DMI-CEC system control compatibility         Distribution
• 3ft, 6ft, 10ft lengths                       Targets: Installers,
                                               Integrators, End Users
• Gold-plated connectors ensure long-
  lasting, dependable connections
• PVC jacket adds flexibility and durability
• Fully molded connectors provide
  excellent strain relief
Coming Soon
TruLink ® USB to 10/100/1000 Ethernet (#39950)
• 480 Mbps of available bandwidth for
                                          Technology: USB 2.0
  true 10/100/1000 network access         Market(s): Corporate
• Plug-and-play design makes this         Application(s): Networking
  adapter the most convenient and         Targets: Installers,
                                          Integrators, End Users
  efficient way to connect a laptop or
  desktop computer to a fast Ethernet
• Hot-swappable and 100% compatible
  with USB 2.0 hardware
• IEEE 802.3u 100 BASE-T, TX compatible
• Supports full duplex or half duplex
• Supports suspended mode and remote
Coming in 2011

TruLink® Media Gateway
Hassle-free in-room connectivity geared for the
hospitality market

TruLink® Classroom Controller (AVC1000)
Innovative signal control designed for classrooms
and conference rooms

TruLink® WirelessHD (4-port) Kit
Proven performance and flexibility for transmission
of high definition content from up to four devices

TruLink® USB 2.0 Superbooster Extender
Signal extension (dongle & wall plate) with power
capabilities for interactive white boards
and other devices up to 330ft at 480MBps

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