; Wisconsin Mammal Trunk at the Mead Wildlife Center Stanton W. Mead
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Wisconsin Mammal Trunk at the Mead Wildlife Center Stanton W. Mead


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									Wisconsin Mammal Trunk at the Mead Wildlife Center

PELTS: (15)                     VIDEOS (5)                     TRACK MOLDS (8)
Woodchuck                       The Timber Wolf in             Opossum
Eastern Gray                    Wisconsin and Upper            Black Bear
Squirrel                        Michigan                       Bobcat
Striped Skunk                   What They Say About            Coyote
River Otter                     Hunting                        Porcupine
Red Fox                         Wild and Forever Free          Beaver
Raccoon                         Wisconsin White-tailed         Mouse
Opossum                         Deer: A Valuable               Deer
Muskrat                         Resource                       PUPPETS (2)
Mink                            Balancing Nature               River Otter
Fisher                          TRACK REPLICAS                 Bat
Coyote                          (15 sets)                      MISCELLANEOUS
Eastern Cottontail              Badger
                                Beaver                         Mammal Fact Sheets-
Bobcat                          Bobcat                         Life Tracks Binder
Beaver                          Coyote                         What Makes a Mammal
Badger                          Eastern Cottontail             and WI Mammal Track
BOOKS: (9)                      Rabbit                         Pictures Folder with
Nasco: Field Guide              Fisher                         Wisconsin Mammal
to Tracks of North              Mink                           Pictures
American Wildlife               Muskrat                        What Makes a Mamma
Animal Tracks of the            Opossum                        (PowerPoint CD)
Great Lakes                     Raccoon                        Wisconsin Mammal
Tracking and the Art            Red Fox                        Tracks (PowerPoint CD)
of Seeing                       River Otter                    Mammals of Wisconsin
Peterson First Guide            Striped Skunk                  (Power Point CD)
to Mammals                      Eastern Gray Squirrel          Wisconsin Mammal
A Key Guide to                  Woodchuck                      Track Guides (6 copies)
Mammal Skulls and               SKULLS (8)                     The Great Hunt Debate
Lower Jaws                      Eastern Cottontail             Group Folders
Skulls and Bones                Rabbit                         Mammal Skulls
Animal Lives: The               Mink                           Presentation Binder
Otter                           Raccoon                        Mammal Skulls
A Field Guide to                Bobcat                         Presentation
Wisconsin Mammals               Coyote                         (PowerPoint CD)
Eyewitness Books:               Black Bear (Clone)             Bat Basic Tokens
Mammal                          Muskrat
                                River Otter                    Blindfold (purple)
                                                               Wisconsin Mammal
                                                               Trunk Lesson Binder

              Stanton W. Mead Education and Visitor Center
                       Wisconsin DNR ~ George W. Mead Wildlife Area
                        S2148 County Hwy S ~ Milladore, WI 54454
                                                                             Revised 3/2009

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