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					                                         RYAN NADEAU
            61 St Botolph St Boston, MA 02116 (682) 552-1852 • Ryanmn2009@gmail.com

  Boston University, Boston, MA B.A. in International Relations                                 May 2009
  Concentration: Foreign Policy/Security Studies in the Middle East and North Africa
  Honors:         Dean’s List, Fall 2007, Spring 2009
  Activities:     President of United Students Against Poverty: an organization charged with raising
                  awareness of extreme poverty and tools to combat world hunger
  Projects:       Co-wrote an 80-page policy paper on the international recognition of Somaliland.
                  Predicted that piracy off the coast of Somalia would become an international crisis

  International Relations Group LLC, Boston, MA – boutique consultancy focused on social issues
  Founder and Managing Partner                                                            June 2010 - Present
      Launched a Facebook/Youtube campaign which raised $3,500 for the flood victims of the worse
       natural catastrophe in Pakistan’s history
       o Set up ambulatory health clinics staffed by local M.D.s. Treated 287 families. Distributed food
           supplies donated by Minister Sumara Malik
      Established high-level contacts in Pakistan’s government, military, and business networks
       o Brokered relationship between Telenor (Pakistan’s largest cellular service) and a crisis mapping
           company to provide free SMS capability used for analyzing flood data
       o Lobbied Pharmacare to donate 20 boxes of medical supplies, including cough syrups, fever
           reducers, anti-amoebic, antibiotics, water purification tablets, medicated skin ointment
       o Toured Swat valley with GEN Javed Iqbal, Head of Operation ‘Restore Smile,’ the Army’s relief
       o Lobbied Shahnaz Wazir Ali, advisor to the PM on social affairs, to direct aid to a flood devastated
           area of 20,000 people neglected by government response teams

   Hamilton Boston LLC, Boston, MA – strategy and organization consulting boutique
   Business Analyst                                                                   May 2009 – May 2010
       Prepared materials for client workshops and followed up on clients requests
       Conducted in-depth Internet research used as analytical background for consulting work
       Processed Managing Partner’s external mail and took care of daily administrative duties

   Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
   Weekend Swim Instructor                                                     February 2009 – Present
      Customized swimming lessons and physical training programs to selected members
      Managed scheduling and personal objectives for clientele

  Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa, Chennai, India                                    October 2007
  Clerical/handy work. Provided money for medical expenses that resulted in saving three children suffering
  from dehydration.

   Extensive Worldwide Travel: Aruba, Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, China, Croatia, Egypt, France,
   Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Spain,
   Turkey, UK, Vietnam

   Soccer, swimming, languages, cultural immersion, LDC’s, poverty solutions, NGO’s, global politics

   Languages: Proficiency in Spanish

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