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									                                 CITY OF GREENFIELD
                             MINUTES OF THE CITY COUNCIL
                                 Tuesday, May 1, 2007

1. CALL TO ORDER AND           The regular meeting of the City Council as called to order at 7:00 PM
2. PLEDGE                      by Mayor Krout with the Pledge of Allegiance.

3. ROLL CALL                   Present: Mayor Krout; Council members Harff, Jankowski, Lee and
                               City Attorney Jeff Carson,
                               Administrator Okerman.

4. PUBLIC COMMENT              Rick Storck - 7200 Woodland Trail
                                    Crow River Trail Master Plan meeting in Hanover 5:00 p.m. to
                                       8:00 p.m., put on by Three Rivers District

                               Sue Kavanaugh - 8022 Davis Street
                                   Copies of the Hoffman law suit available for residents wishing
                                      a copy

                               Roger Mattila - 5475 Town Hall Drive
                                   Requested update on status of Hoffman suit
                                   This suit and suit by Jill Teetzel speak to lack of fiduciary
                                      responsibility of previous council and Councilman Jankowski
                                      by hamstringing this council with regard to Teetzel contract
                                      and actions taken by previous council with regard to former
                                      administrator Sue Hoffman Johnson
                                   Asked Councilman Jankowski who he represented because it
                                      didn't appear to be the residents of Greenfield

                               Attorney Jeff Carson responded that the Hoffman Johnson suit is
                               being defended by League of MN Cities' staff; accordingly,
                               council/staff has been instructed not to speak about it.

                               Mayor Krout did state the city is looking at the pros and cons of
                               considering a charter for the city.

                               Theodore Turnham - 7260 Pioneer Trail
                                   Suggested that litigation be allowed to proceed through court
                                      before bringing it up over and over; wait until end result is

                               Mayor Krout responded that suits are matters of public record and
                               sharing information as it becomes available is simply keeping
                               residents informed

5. CONSENT AGENDA              5.1     Agenda
                               5.2     Bi-Monthly Payables ($94,428.85; revised to $76,327.77)
                               5.3     Pre-written Ck. #20714, $300.00 postage for Newsletter and
                                       bulk mail account

                               Administrator Okerman stated that all invoicing to ADP could be taken
                               off ($18,891.08) as they are payroll checks that were written but not
                               posted; report was run on Thursday as opposed to the typical Friday
                               run. Revised payables report total is $76,327.77.

                               Motion by Lee with second by Harff to approve consent agenda

GREENFIELD CITY COUNCIL MINUTES OF MAY 1, 2007 / APPROVED ON 11/20/2007                     Page 1 of 5
                               as presented and payables as revised. Voice vote followed;
                               motion carried (5-0).

                               5.4     Financials
                               5.5     Building Permits: 07-020A - 07-025

                               Motion by Harff with second by Lee to approve the financial
                               statements and building permits as presented. Voice vote
                               followed; motion carried (5-0).

6. HENNEPIN COUNTY             Mayor Krout reported the county's response to questions raised
   ASSESSOR CONTRACT           regarding the amount of time spent on behalf of Greenfield properties
                               to justify amount proposed in new contract.

                               Administrator Okerman reported that the contract term of four years is
                               not negotiable.

                               In response to council question on viability of employing or
                               contracting with a private assessor, Attorney Carson suggested that
                               there are not many contract assessors available. Further, assessing
                               considers more than current market conditions only and councils
                               cannot control assessor's role; assessors must perform per statute (or
                               county will take over duties anyway).
                               Jim Van Somern - 6000-76 Lane
                                    Suggested discontinuing Hennepin County Assessor contract
                                      on basis that it does disservice to residents and seemingly
                                      assesses Greenfield a disproportionate portion for Hennepin
                                      County (verses Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, etc. who have not
                                      seen values increase for multiple years)

                               Councilman Lee suggested a conflict in that the county sets the rules
                               for assessing properties, sets the values for properties and charges
                               accordingly with no real recourse for cities or residents.

                               Motion by Harff with second by Krout to approve proposed
                               contract with Hennepin County for assessing services as
                               presented. Voice vote followed; motion carried (4-1; Lee

7. THREE RIVERS PARK           Administrator Okerman reported on the land alteration permit
   DISTICT - Land Alteration   application by Three Rivers Park District. The District wishes to move
   Permit                      dirt to extend a trail at Lake Sarah, which per Greenfield code
                               requires a permit. City Engineer has reviewed plan and specs and
                               recommends approval.

                               Motion by Jankowski with second by Walsh to approve land
                               alteration permit application as submitted by Three Rivers Park
                               District. Voice vote followed; motion carried (5-0).

8. CHILDREN FIRST/             Request from City of Rockford for assist with funding a celebration
   NATIONAL NIGHT OUT          and music in a park.
                               As before, Councilman Harff recommended funding for the senior
                               center in Delano over this request. More Greenfield residents utilize
                               Delano's center than Rockford's park.

GREENFIELD CITY COUNCIL MINUTES OF MAY 1, 2007 / APPROVED ON 11/20/2007                     Page 2 of 5
                               Mayor Krout asked for public comment on the matter. Audience
                               comment was thumbs down.

                               Motion by Walsh with second by Jankowski not to contribute to
                               the City of Rockford celebration. Voice vote followed; motion
                               carried (5-0).

9. ADMINISTRATOR'S             9.1    Assessment Hearing/Billable Project - Update
   REPORT                             Administrator Okerman updated the council on two projects
                                      (Cherry Tree Cabinets water main extension, affecting one
                                      property, and 79 Street construction off Pioneer Trail,
                                      affecting two properties) that will require assessment
                                      hearings yet this year to get on assessment rolls to county.
                                      Contract amounts are $18,046 for Cherry Tree Cabinets and
                                      $24,088 for 79 Avenue.

                                      Councilman Lee suggested holding the assessment hearings
                                      sooner rather than later.

                                      Administrator Okerman also provided an update as to escrow
                                      accounts. At year-end 2006, the city is owed approximately
                                      $96,000 and the city owes $43,000 on older projects that
                                      should get billed out to get projects closed out. Vernon Street
                                      is not included, but the city can bill out approximately
                                      $400,000 on that project per the developer's agreement. In
                                      order to give that bill to the developer, further breakdown is
                                      first required from the engineer.

                                      Responding to council questions regarding the Schumacher
                                      acquisition of an Outlot for which he was to pay $10,000,
                                      Administrator Okerman responded that she was not able to
                                      find anything. Councilman Harff suggested she look to the
                                      Street Fund, where the money was to be directed.

                               9.2    Secretary/Receptionist Hiring - Request
                                      Administrator Okerman reported that she had interviewed six
                                      candidates and recommended Audra Etzel at $15.00 per hour
                                      on a contract basis for three months with the understanding
                                      that she would move to employee status at conclusion of
                                      administration's city benefit package review.

                                      Motion by Harff with second by Walsh to authorize hiring
                                      of Audra Etzel as recommended by Administrator
                                      Okerman. Voice vote followed; motion carried (5-0).

                               9.3    Water and Sewer Rate Workshop - Request
                                      Administrator Okerman reported on a workshop being put on
                                      by MN Rural Water and requested authorization for employee
                                      Todd Anderson to attend. The workshop is a one-day event in
                                      St. Cloud at a cost of $75.

                                      Motion by Walsh with second by Jankowski to authorize
                                      Todd Anderson's attendance at a Rural Water workshop
                                      as presented by Administrator Okerman. Voice vote
                                      followed; motion carried (5-0).

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10. COMMUNICATIONS/            Roger Mattila - 5475 Town Hall Drive
    MISC.                          Commends Mayor and council on financial acumen in
                                      reviewing all costs
                                   Asks council to continue seeking options regarding the
                                      Commerce building
                                   Stated School Board is considering outsourcing its bussing
                                      service and already contracts out its snowplowing service;
                                      perhaps we can make use of their building for equipment
                                      storage in exchange for snowplowing or something
                                   Does Greenfield give everyone free rent (i.e. Sheriff,

                               At Mayor's request, Administrator Okerman responded that the
                               assessor had been informed that Greenfield wished to store
                               Greenfield files only and $500 annual rent that would have been paid
                               by the county would instead by used to reduce the assessor's

                               Ted Turnham - 7260 Pioneer Trail
                                    Doesn't know if Commerce building was a good deal at the
                                      time or not, but nonetheless building was acquired
                                    Recommended doing nothing until market changes and
                                      cautioned care before pursuing new construction for a
                                      building designed to suit all city services
                               Mayor Krout recognized space limitations of both current buildings
                               and noted city would be cautious in resolving facility needs.

                               Options will be reviewed regarding disposal of the city's trailer, which
                               has been hardly used. Council recommended selling. Suggestions
                               were to post on website, post on League of MN Cities website, and
                               contact blacktop firms.

                               Councilman Harff reported on an article written (April 24) by Paul
                               Douglas recommending residents' not rely on weather sirens; NOAH
                               weather radios were better investment. Harff also reported that Fleet
                               Farm has these radios on sale for $20 and Cub has them for $29.99.
                               Sirens are effective if people are outside.

                               Siwek Property
                               Administrator Okerman also reported that the appraisal on the Siwek
                               property is expected next week. Two parties do remain interested and
                               Okerman requested authorization for Attorney Carson and/or Interim
                               Assistant Administrator Spiotta to negotiate a sale subject to council

                               Council recommended property be sold as one parcel. Administrator
                               Okerman, however, did point out that current parties are interested in
                               specific parcels, per marketing materials currently in place.

                               Cleanup funding options will be researched prior to negotiations.
                               Administrator Okerman did note, however, that clean up pertains to
                               one parcel only.

                               Motion by Jankowski with second by Walsh to authorize staff to
                               negotiate the sale of Siwek parcels, subject to final council

GREENFIELD CITY COUNCIL MINUTES OF MAY 1, 2007 / APPROVED ON 11/20/2007                      Page 4 of 5
                               approval. Voice vote followed; motion carried (5-0).

                               LMCIT Insurance Limits
                               Attorney Carson reported that every year cities have the option of
                               waiving limits on general liability coverage thereby allowing for higher
                               limits. Carson recommended not waiving limits, leaving limits as
                               statutorily set at $300,000 individual and $1,000,000 total in an

                               Motion by Jankowski with second by Harff not to waive statutory
                               limits on general liability coverage as recommended by City
                               Attorney Carson. Voice vote followed; motion carried (5-0).

                               National Day of Prayer Breakfast
                               Mayor Krout reminded council that a National Day of Prayer breakfast
                               is scheduled for 6:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 3, 2007 at the Medina
                               ballroom. Volunteers have been scheduled for cleanup.

                               Mayor Krout requested potential dates for begin workshops for the
                               purpose of developing a strategic plan to resolve facility needs for the
                               city, the goal being to get to one usable facility.
                               Administrator Okerman to follow up with Northland Security to
                               determine restrictions on sale of the building. First bond call is
                               believed to be not until 2010. Council agreed to tentative dates
                               between May 22 and May 24.

11. ADJOURNMENT                Motion by Walsh with second by Jankowski to adjourn the
                               regular City Council meeting of May 1, 2007 at approximately
                               8:50 p.m. Voice vote followed; motion carried (5-0).

Approved this 20 day of November, 2007.


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