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                                                                            Issue #9 — September 2011

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Where do you fit along the            Contributions by Bill       Contribution by Mike        Next Club meeting is
political spectrum?                  Hall, Richard Wood, and     Allen from 1998.            September 22nd, 7:15 pm, at
                                     Michael Arth.                                           the DeLand Police Dept.
                                                                                             Community Room on W.
                                                                                             Howry Ave.

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                                               Democrats and who like good              We have just over one month to
An update from the
                                               music and good company will              go before the November 8th
Vice-President                                 definitely want to be there!              run-off between Mayor Harley
Kevin Winchell                                                                          Strickland and Tom Laputka.
                                               1. Orange City Elections:
                                                                                        With only 791 votes cast in the
                                               On Tuesday, September 13th,              election - representing a meager
The month of September was a                   citizens of Orange City went to          12.7% turnout - our club can
busy one for those who enjoy                   the polls voting for the offices of       have a very significant impact
local news and politics. Here's a              Mayor and City Council District          on the outcome if we help out
rundown of the elections and                   3. Although Democrat Paul                by making phone calls and
redistricting news and how they                Rasch did not win the City               helping our friends in Orange
will affect our Democratic club                Council District 3 race, bested          City get to the polls during
and local community. Also,                     by incumbent Thomas Abraham              Early Voting and on Election
mark your calendars for a                      by only 29 votes, Democrat and           Day. Remember: elections are
special event coming on the                    incumbent Harley Strickland              won by those who show up to
evening of November 15th -                     advanced to a November 8th               vote, and in a case like this
more details about it will be                  run-off against challenger Tom           where there is a low turnout our
released soon, but suffice it to                Laputka for the Mayor's seat.            impact on the results is greatly
say that those who identify as

Editor, Wayne Dickson,
     N   O   R   T   H   W   E   S   T   V   O   L   U   S   I   A   D   E   M    O   C     R    A    T    I   C        C     L   U    B

magnified. We CAN make a                      districts, and is characterized              Further, the School Board will
difference here!                             most by ceding almost an entire              be meeting to discuss whether
                                             district to Deltona - our county's           they want to make their districts
Mayor Harley Strickland is a                 fastest-growing city - while                 congruent with the County
long-time friend of our club and             splitting DeBary in to two                   Council's districts. Although the
advocate for the people of                   different districts. You can see             School Board has done so in the
Orange City and Volusia                      the new map on the County's                  past, it is not guaranteed that
County. He places a strong                   redistricting website.                       they will follow suit again this
emphasis on citizen                                                                       year.
involvement, and is known for
working hard to give                                                                      Finally, note that this process is
constituents a voice in local                                                             independent of the Federal and
government. You can read more                                                             State redistricting occurring for
about Harley here, courtesy of                                                            Congressional and State
the West Volusia Beacon.                                                                  legislatures' districts. Those new
                                                                                          districts for the state of Florida
Want to make phone calls and                                                              are being drawn now and will
help Harley win this race? E-                                                             be voted on early next year -
mail me or call me                                                                        though the Republicans in
(386.748.0150) to let me know                                                             charge of the process are
that you are interested, and                                                              dragging their feet because it
we'll get you on the phones to                                                            will dissuade opposition from
our neighbors in Orange City
                                             As we look forward to the 2012               declaring candidacy before the
very soon. It is easy to do, and
                                             elections, it will be important to           June 2012 deadline to file. If you
even a few dozen calls can raise
                                             know which neighborhoods are                 want to fight for fair districts
                                             in which districts. Indeed, the              and work to eliminate
2. Volusia County Council                    district that most of our club               gerrymandering in Florida, visit
Redistricting                                members call home - District 1,              the Fair Districts site. to get
                                             represented by Councilmember                 active.
After several months of
negotiations and receiving                   Andy Kelly and covering
input from citizens, the County              mostly Northwest Volusia
Council has approved a new                   County - has become smaller                  Kevin Winchell is Vice-President of
map for Volusia County's five                 due in part to the growth of                 the Democratic Club of Northwest
districts. The map, known as                 Deltona. Be sure to review the               Volusia County. He can be
"Map 9", puts roughly 99,000                 map at and know your district.               contacted here.
residents in each of the five

                                                                                              Editor, Wayne Dickson,
   N    O   R    T   H   W    E   S    T       V   O   L      U   S   I   A   D   E   M   O   C     R   A   T   I   C   C   L   U   B

                                                   clear that there is great                      presidential race is beholden to
The Big 10
                                                   disproportionality in the                      the Big 10 and that insures that
No, not that Big Ten!                              processes of our election                      those states will get a
                                                   system. In other words, the                    disproportionate share of the
Bill Hall
                                                   votes of those who don’t live in               victor’s spoils.
                                                   Florida, California, Texas, New
                                                   York, Illinois, Pennsylvania,
In the election of 2008, 131
                                                   Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina                 The Big 10 are dominated by
million Americans cast a vote
                                                                                                  large urban populations. Those
for a presidential candidate,
                                                                                                  urban areas are also where the
with 129 million of those votes
                                                                                                  ethnic minorities are
going to either Barack Obama
                                                                                                  concentrated. Thus many
or John McCain. That number
                                                                                                  Republican votes are located in
of 131 million voters exceeded
                                                                                                  sparsely populated states such
the entire population of the
                                                                                                  as Wyoming. Indeed, Wyoming
United States in the year that
                                                                                                  has a land mass of 97,000 sq.
Franklin Roosevelt was first
                                                                                                  miles with a total population
elected and 2008 also represents
                                                                                                  that is smaller than the 68 sq
the largest number of votes cast
                                                                                                  mile District of Columbia.
in American presidential
                                                                                                  Consequently, the average
history. Even so, there were 224
                                                                                                  density of the 10 largest states is
million Americans of voting age
                                                                                                  208 persons per sq. mile while
in 2008 with 131 million                           or Georgia have votes that don’t               the 10 smallest states have a
actually voting and 93 million                     count for as much as a Big 10                  density of only 8 persons per
sitting on the sidelines.                          vote in a presidential contest.                sq. mile Thus the “Red” states
Altogether, 10 big states                          There are other consequences:                  look very impressive on a Red
accounted for 52 percent of the                    The top 10 states get most of the              State/Blue State map but it is
total votes cast in 2008 and 55                    advertising dollars spent by the               people who vote – not empty
percent of the population but                      presidential campaigns and the                 spaces.
those same states represented                      most visits by candidates. They                What the biggest states do have
more than 95 percent of all the                    also greatly influence the                      in common with the smallest
Electoral College votes. It                        candidate’s understanding of                   states is their representation in
should therefore be abundantly                     state issues. Thus, the victor in a            the United States Senate.

Contact the Editor, Wayne Dickson, at
     N   O   R   T   H   W   E   S   T   V   O   L   U   S   I   A   D   E   M   O   C       R    A    T    I   C        C     L   U    B

Wyoming has 2 Senators                       Senator, 200 phone calls on the             elites of today, power sharing is
serving the interests of 500,000             same subject is a very slow day.            not the end game.
citizens and California’s 35
                                             If we were designing the                    Today, the Big 10 elect and the
million citizens get the same
                                             republic today, it is doubtful              lobbyists rule.
representation. That’s 250,000
                                             that we would create the
people for each Wyoming
                                             American equivalent of the
Senator vs. California’s 17.5
                                             House of Lords. The Founding                Bill Hall is a DCNWVC member,
million citizens per Senator. If a
                                             Fathers designed the Senate to              and a columnist for the West
Wyoming Senator gets 2 phone
                                             enhance the influence of the                 Volusia Beacon.  This article is a
calls from constituents in a
                                             wealthy elites of the American              reprint of one of his Beacon
single day on the same subject,
                                             colonies and, like the corporate            columns. 
there is a crisis. For a California

                                                 Cartoon by Wayne Dickson.

                                                                                               Editor, Wayne Dickson,
   N    O   R    T   H   W    E   S    T       V   O   L      U   S   I   A   D   E   M   O   C     R   A   T   I   C   C   L   U   B

                                                   reducing the income received                   Instead, we should be
First Priority –
                                                   by countless restaurants, retail               providing temporary assistance
Jobs or Deficits?                                   stores, and other local                        to state and local governments
Richard Wood                                       businesses or—as economists                    to stop further layoffs and
                                                   say—generating a negative                      encourage these governments
                                                   multiplier effect.                             to re-hire laid off workers.
Which is our key problem
                                                   This will also reduce                          Instead, we should provide a
today, jobs or deficits? Those
                                                   government revenues and tend                   temporary reduction in the
peddling fear—especially
                                                   to increase demand for                         payroll taxes for companies that
Republicans—want to focus our
                                                   additional spending on social                  have a net increase in
attention on budget deficits and
                                                   programs, such as                              employment over, say January
the public debt. They try to
                                                   unemployment compensation.                     2011. (Thus, companies would
scare us into believing that we
                                                   Thus, much of the supposed                     not have an incentive to lay off
must have a balanced budget or
                                                   benefit from a reduction in the                 workers and re-hire after such a
we will go the way of Greece.
                                                   deficit will be lost, output will               law passed.)
But we are not Greece and this
                                                   fall, and unemployment will
is not our major problem today.                                                                   Instead, we should fund major
                                                   rise. This is not necessary.
More on this later.                                                                               construction programs to fix
                                                                                                  our deteriorating infrastructure
The U. S. economy today is in
                                                                                                  (bridges, sewage system, etc.),
the midst of an extraordinarily
                                                                                                  to build new public
severe recession with the
                                                                                                  transportation systems
national unemployment rate
                                                                                                  (including roads, trails and high
over 9 % (about 11 % in Florida)
                                                                                                  speed rails) and to encourage
and no end in sight. Today we
                                                                                                  private investment in
need to focus on Jobs, Jobs,
                                                                                                  renewable energy. These
                                                                                                  programs should generate
Cutting government spending                                                                       directly and indirectly much
and laying off government                                                                         needed employment.
workers is clearly the wrong
                                                                                                  Instead, we should invest more
way to go in any recession,
                                                                                                  in education at all levels,
especially this one. Every
                                                                                                  especially in pre-K programs
government worker laid off will                    High Speed Rail Transportation                 for low income children.
be spending less, thereby

Contact the Editor, Wayne Dickson, at
     N   O   R   T   H   W   E   S   T   V   O   L   U   S   I   A   D   E   M   O   C     R    A    T    I   C        C     L   U    B

Investment in our children is the            record lows (less than 2 %).                government expenditures. In
best investment we can possible              Thus, the U. S. government is               the meantime we should
make for our future.                         having no trouble borrowing,                eliminate or phase out the
                                             regardless of what Standard and             regressive Bush tax cuts that
But what about our huge and
                                             Poor’s may say. The U. S. dollar            helped turn the Clinton budget
growing debt? We must learn to
                                             is the key reserve currency of              surpluses into the Bush deficits.
live within our means; our debt
                                             the world and this is not likely
cannot continue to grow as a
                                             to change anytime in the near
percentage of GDP over the
                                             future.                                     Richard Wood is a professor of
long run. However, the U. S.
                                                                                         economics at Stetson
bond market is not too worried.              In the long run when we finally
                                                                                         University.  He can be reached
The interest rates on U. S.                  emerge from this recession we
Treasuries bonds have been at                will need to raise taxes and cut

                     Michael E. Arth

                                             acres of publicly owned land to             Marchman/ACT, Pinegrove, a
 A Local and National
                                             the Tiger Bay Village non-profit             detox and mental health facility,
 Solution to                                 corporation in order to develop             on Red John Rd., just off
 Homelessness                                a comprehensive solution to                 Highway 92. The property has a
                                             chronic adult homelessness that             bus stop, and lies on the
 by Michael E. Arth                          is more compassionate and                   western edge of Daytona Beach.
                                             more cost effective than the                If the infrastructure is not built
                                             current approach. The proposal              within 10 years, the ownership
                                             has already gone through three              of the land would revert to the
 Tiger Bay Village is currently in
                                             county reviews in various                   county.
 proposal form and available for
                                             forms, and the land is already
 viewing at the website,                                                                 There are currently 476 social
                                             zoned for this purpose.                                                         service agencies in Volusia
 A request is before the Volusia             The village would be built next             County, with 271 of them in
 County Council to donate 80                 door to the existing Stewart                Daytona Beach. Despite years

                                                                                             Editor, Wayne Dickson,
   N    O   R    T   H   W    E   S    T       V   O   L      U   S   I   A   D   E   M   O   C     R   A   T   I   C   C   L   U   B

of scattershot, often reviled                      those adults who fall through                  Club of Southwest Volusia has
efforts by many of these                           the cracks of the system would                 written a unanimous
agencies, the homeless problem                     get comprehensive help at Tiger                endorsement letter to the
has still not been solved or                       Bay Village. The Village would                 county council, and a petition in
adequately addressed. Tiger Bay                    especially help those with co-                 support of the Village was
Village would not replace these                    occurring disorders, including                 collected at a recent Republican
agencies, but would                                mental health and substance                    summit in DeLand.
complement them by providing                       abuse, and it would
a wide range of services related                   complement the 3-5 day detox
to work, health, rehabilitation,                   facility at Steward Marchman/                  Please check out the website,
housing, and counseling in                         ACT.                                           read the proposal, and let your
order to solve adult                                                                              council members know that you
                                                   This is a rare, non-partisan issue
homelessness.                                                                                     also support Tiger Bay Village.
                                                   supported by people across the
It is presumed that “Housing                       political spectrum that will help
First” type of solutions, and                      everyone in Volusia County and                 Michael E. Arth is chair of the
care for children and families,                    serve a model for others                       Tiger Bay Advisory Board. He can
would remain in town, while                        elsewhere. The Democratic                      be reached here.

                                      Rendering by Michael E. Arth of a proposed cottage
                                                   for Tiger Bay Village.

Contact the Editor, Wayne Dickson, at
                                                 S    E   Q   U   O   I   A   C   L   U   B

               Blast from
               the past!
Editor’s note:                                                                                civil rights; make industrial
                                                     One Little Piece At A
                                                                                              polluters clean up their act;
Written by Mike Allen, the                           Time                                     enforce industrial safety
following statement was published                    By Mike Allen                            standards…. These were all Big
in the Club newsletter in 1998. It’s
                                                                                              Government initiatives.
an excellent reminder that, while                    Rep. Fred Lippman (D-
details might change, most of the                    Hollywood), who spent the last
same questions, principles, and                      20 years in the Florida House,
                                                                                              But people don't want laws that
issues we faced then continue to                     announced his retirement in
                                                                                              smack of Big Brother poking his
confront us now.                                     April of this year. As a going-
                                                                                              nose into our private lives.
                                                     away present, his colleagues
Considering the dramatic erosion                                                              Example?
                                                     unanimously passed his bill
of Americans’ constitutional rights                  (CS·HB 447), which they had              In the name of the War on
and guarantees since passage of the                  rejected several times in the            Drugs, laws were passed
initial Patriot Act, Mike’s                          past. CSHB 447 would allow               allowing the government to
statement seems even more apropos                    police to pull over drivers              seize your home, your car, and
now than at the time he first wrote                   solely for … not wearing their           your bank accounts. Using "no
it. His topic is the distinction                     seat belts.                              knock" search warrants, the
between government’s fulfilling its
                                                                                              police can kick your door in.
legitimate function, and its                         Some might say it promotes the
                                                                                              Your cash can be seized in a
intruding on citizens’ privacy and                   public good to have such laws.
                                                                                              traffic stop; then you must sue
civil rights.                                        I, on the other hand, would say
                                                                                              and perhaps plea-bargain to get
                                                     this law is a good example of
(I’ve edited the statement for                                                                your own money back!
                                                     what the public does not want
length and consistency of grammar                    to see from government. It's an          We have lost our freedom as
and syntax.)                                         ideology thing, which I will             individuals – supposedly for
                                                     attempt to explain.                      our own good. One little piece
                                                                                              at a time.
                                                     Protecting the public from big
                                                     business takes big government.           There are two kinds of people
                                                     People do want government to             in this world:
                                                     enact minimum-wage laws,
                                                                                              1) The live-and-let-live people:
                                                     anti-pollution laws, national
                                                                                              They figure that as long as
                                                     health insurance; … protect

Contact the Editor, Wayne Dickson, at
                                                 S     E   Q   U   O   I   A   C   L   U   B

you're not hurting someone                           way to live.They want to put              That's how they live, and they
else, you should just be allowed                     the world in order, the way they          want you to live that way, too.
to do your own thing. I'd like to                    want it to be. They “know”
                                                                                               These are the people who are
think lots of those people are                       what any righteous, God-
                                                                                               eating away at our freedom,
agreeing with this column.                           fearing person ought to believe
                                                                                               one little piece at a time.
                                                     about life. They “know” how a
2) The other kind of people are
                                                     decent person ought to live.
those who “know” the right

How do you compare?                                  Coming Events                             Links
See where you fall along the                         Next Club Meeting                         Northwest Volusia Democratic
liberal, centrist, conservative                                                                Club
                                                     Thursday, Sept. 22, 7:15pm,
                                                     DeLand Police Dept. Community             American Jobs Act
Sample:                                              Room on W. Howry Ave.
                                                                                               National Democratic Party
Poor people today have it easy                       Guest speaker Orange City
                                                                                               Florida Democrats
because they can get                                 Mayor Harley Strickland will
government benefits without                           present his vision for Orange             Blog for informal Democratic
doing anything in return.                            City and explain how our                  conversation
                                                     members and friends can help
                                                     with his mayoral re-election
Poor people have hard lives                          campaign.
because government benefits
don't go far enough to help
them live decently.                                  The DeLand Area Chamber of
                                                     Commerce announced a “Trade
                                                     and Jobs Mission" to meet with
See how you compare.                                 state Legislators in Tallahassee
                                                     on Oct. 5.

                                                     For details, contact Kevin
                                                     Winchell via email.

Contact the Editor, Wayne Dickson, at	                                                                      9

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