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									                                 Warrington and Halton Hospitals

Lovely Lane,
01925 635911

Staffing establishment:
Clinical Lead:        Dr Hilary Furniss
District Tutor;       Mr Nigel Holland
Consultants:          8
Associate Specialists: 2
Post CCT Fellow:      1
ST3-7:                8
FY/GPVTS              8
The Hospital has approximately 3,500 deliveries per annum.

Consultant Body                     Special interest

Mr Hugh Griffith                    Infertility/Colposcopy/Gynaecological Surgery
Mr Gordon Ramsden                   Minimal Access Surgery
Mr Ezzat Kozmann                    Urogynaecology
Mr Nigel Holland                    Gynaecological Surgery/Colposcopy
Dr Hilary Furniss                   Fetomaternal Medicine/Scanning
Mr Mustafa Sadiq                    Fetomaternal Medicine/Scanning
Mrs Asra Saleem                     Gynaecology Scanning/Early Pregnancy/Benign Gynaecology
Dr Rita Arya                        Fetomaternal Medicine/Scanning

ATSMs                               Educational Supervisor
Advanced Labour Ward Practice       Mr Sadiq/Dr Arya
Advanced ANC                        Mr Sadiq/Dr Arya
Labour Ward Lead                    Mr Sadiq/Dr Arya
Fetal Medicine                      Mr Sadiq/Dr Arya
Acute Gynaecology                   Mrs A Saleem
Benign Surgery                      Mr N Holland
Vaginal Surgery                     Mr E Kozman
Colposcopy                          Mr N Holland/Mr H Griffith
Urogynaecology                      Mr E Kozman

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