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IT Outsourcing


									  Nicole Say
Kaitlyn Jones
 Justin Berry

Section 1, Group 3
   As defined by the Information Technology
    Association of America, IT is…

       “the study, design, development,
       implementation, support or management of
       computer-based information systems,
       particularly software applications and
       computer hardware”
   A practice used by companies to reduce costs
    by transferring portions of work to outside
    suppliers rather than completing it internally.

   Outsourcing in IT drastically increased around
    the time of Y2K because so many companies
    hired IT workers in foreign countries to de-bug
    their computer systems
   1) Offshore outsourcing is costing U.S. jobs.

   2) There's a stigma to offshore outsourcing.

   3) The cost benefits of outsourcing are

   4) It's a buyer's market for IT workers right
    now anyway.
   5) There are huge cultural barriers.

   6) What about the other risks of outsourcing
    (ie Expense of initial migration, Fear of losing
    control, Intellectual property issues)?

   7) The ROI of outsourcing hasn't been proved.
   We felt that the average person does not truly
    understand what IT is about yet they may have
    some preconceived notions and know some
    buzzwords that the news media have focused

   Reputable Author
   Author of “Seven Myths about IT Outsourcing”

   Serves as the CEO for Envision Financial Systems
    located in Tustin, CA

   Founded by Mr. Gambhir in 1994, Envision
    Financial Systems has rose to become a leading
    provider of software systems for the financial

   Envision was listed in „05 and „06 on the Software
    500, a list comprised of the world‟s more foremost
    software and service providers
ABC News "India Rising"
   All 3 of our other articles dealt with the security
    risks a company takes when outsourcing their

   We choose articles from a variety of sources in
    order to limit the amount of bias our
    information may be subjected to
   Ivy Schmerken – Editor at large for Wall Street
    and Technology, a monthly publication that
    reaches over 21,000 businesses and IT

   Ariel Coro – A certified security engineer and
    President of The Aptive Group, a leading
    information security and compliance firm

   Chandradeo Bokhoree – Senior lecturer at the
    University of Technology, Mauritius
   1) Personal, private data being sold or seen by
    unapproved personnel

   2) Hidden code written deep within a software
    program that opens a back door to a hacker or
    allows the program to do something it was
    never intended to do

   3) Other countries may not have the same
    privacy protection laws as the U.S. so if a
    security breach were to happen, a company
    may not be able to sue for damages.
   1) Get Your House in Order

   2) Choose Vendors Carefully

   3) Principle of Least Usage

   4) Understand the Privacy and Intellectual
    Property Mindset

   5) Use Protection
   6) Monitor Traffic

   7) Provide Education

   8) Conduct Security Audits

   9) Review Prevention Technologies
    CBS News Video –
Military Software Security
   While none of you may be MIS majors and
    have a direct future in IT, outsourcing of IT
    impacts many areas of a business outside of
    just the IT Department

   Financial managers have to decide whether
    the reward of outsourcing outweighs the
    potential risks and if a company does decide
    to outsource, it is essential for you to know the
    proper steps to protect your company and your

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