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					                                                                   HR Operational Plan 2008 – 2012

Strategic Objective 1: Performance
Developing and promoting a ‘high performance culture’ to boost organisational performance for the benefit of students, staff and wider partners
which will be underpinned by a focus on results and by the positive behaviours set out in the Leeds Met ACTs (Attitude, Character & Talents)
framework. This priority will be delivered through the implementation of a new Performance and Development Review process for all staff which
will be in place by the end of 2008 and evaluated, reviewed and further developed in 2009 and beyond.

          Action                                                  Deadline   Who/            Risks                   Measurement/Evaluation
1.1       Design of training programme for                        May 08     Performance     Lack of training or     Production of ACTs framework, PDR
          reviewers & reviewees including support                                            poor delivery will      guidance, training booklets and web
          packs and on-line training material                                                impact on roll-out      materials
1.2       Develop customized PDR process for                      Sept 08    Performance,    Customization           Buy-in and active support for PDR roll-
          CARES staff and roll out appropriate                               Cares           effective enough        out from CARES management team
          communication/training                                                             to match roles &        Good attendance & evaluations of
                                                                                             needs of CARES          training
1.3       Develop adapted PDR process for hourly                  Sept 09    Performance,    Failure to incl fixed   Evidence of appropriate
          paid and temporary part-time staff and                             HR Ops          term/part time          implementation through PDR
          produce guidelines to assist senior faculty                                        staff inc risk of       evaluation process
          teams with its application                                                         discrimination
                                                                                             claims & impact
                                                                                             on perf levels of
1.4       Embed the PDR process and ACTs by                       Mar 09     SD & HR Ops     Failure to recruit a    All Faculties have a training plan and
          assisting reviewees and reviewers to                                               full complement of      an up to date annual calendar of
          develop personal and team based                                                    SDA’s                   corporate courses and learning events
          development plans culminating in the                                                                       is in place.
          preparation of an overall faculty training

1.5       Work closely with HR OPs and managers                   Sept 08    Performance     Failure to follow up    Issues identified promptly.
          to identify and resolve challenges/key                  onwards    and HR Ops      on roll-out and         HR Consultants understand the scheme
          issues in the Faculties & Met Office                                               ensure effective        and are able to promote it/advise
          connected with the implementation of                                               implementation          appropriately
          the new PDR scheme.                                                                will undermine          PDR evaluation outcomes
                                                                                              credibility and
                                                                                              appropriate usage
                                                                                              of scheme
1.6       Develop storage system of PDR docs in                   Jun 09      Performance,    Inconsistent input    Standardised record keeping
          each Faculty/Met Office and efficient                               HRIS & Ops      Ability of Trent to   Development of effective faculty SD
          recording of develop needs and PDR                                                  record SD.            plans
          ratings on Trent.                                                                                         PDR evaluation report
                                                                                                                    Annual SD report
                                                                                                                    Data to support contribution reward
1.7       Evaluate the impact of the new PDR                      Dec 09      Performance &
          scheme using both quantitative and                                  Ops
          qualitative data and link this to
          associated HR metrics in the longer term

Strategic Objective 2: Development
Leeds Met regards the development of its workforce as critical to the delivery of its Vision & Character and its ability to achieve sustained high
performance. This commitment is demonstrated through Leeds Met’s annual Staff Development Festival which sets the strategic agenda and
development priorities for the year ahead. Over the period of this Strategy, HR will continue to build on this unique platform to ensure the
delivery of a more varied and creative range of development opportunities including a focus on coaching, mentoring, secondments,
partnerships and volunteering to complement more traditional course-based delivery.

2.1       Review and develop the University’s                     Sept 08 –   Performance &   Lack of skills in     A min of 75 managers to have
          existing coaching resources                             Sept 10     SD              coaching and          attended coaching skills session in mgt
                                                                                              giving feedback       dev prog by Apr 09 and 150 managers
                                                                                              will impact on        by June 10
                                                                                              operation of PDR

2.2       Increase internal coaching capability                   Sept 09     SD              Clear role and        20 University managers qualified to ILM
          through delivery of accredited coaching                                             remit for internal    level 5 and equipped to provide
          programme to small number of faculty                                                coaches               coaching support to talent pool and
          managers to form coaching pool                                                                            management colleagues across uni.

2.3       Evaluate Mentoring Pilot                                Jun 09      SD in           Take up               Evaluation of outcomes by mentees,
                                                                              conjunction     Clear focus of        mentors and mentee line managers
                                                                              with HR Ops     project               based on the pilot aims.
2.4       Implement Leadership & Management                       June 08 –   Performance,      Lack of mgt           75 managers completed programme
          Development programmes inc design                       June 10     SD & Ops          interest.             by April 09 and 150 managers by June
          (plus integration ACTs), liaison with                                                 Quality of prog       10.
          internal/external providers & scheduling                                              content and           Positive evaluations from participants.
                                                                                                delivery doesn't      Improved feedback re quality of line
                                                                                                meet needs of mgt     mgt through LML.
2.5       Evaluation of Leadership and                            June 10     Performance &     Lack of clear         Evaluation report incl participant & line
          Management Development Programme                                    SD                criteria/objs         mgt feedback – immed and longer
                                                                                                                      term impact on performance
2.6       Contribute to programme content and                     Sept 08,    In consultation   Resource              SD Festival Evaluations
          delivery for the Staff Development                      Sept 09 &   with Staff Dev    commitment            Increased visibility of HR and Staff
          Festival                                                Sept 10     Festival Team                           Development.

2.7       Develop & agree a talent management                     Easter 09   Performance &     Resource              Agreed mechanisms for identifying and
          strategy including a succession planning                            HRIS              implications.         supporting future leaders.
          process                                                                               Lack of buy in        Clear timescales + resources

2.8       Design and delivery of Development                      Sep 09      Performance &     Raise expectations 1st talent management cohort selected
          Centres for talent management inc                                   SD                of identified 'talent' by early 2009
          integration of ACTs into (OPQ) profiles &                                             Keep disappointed
          diagnostics                                                                           candidates

2.9       Develop structured programme for                        Sept 08     Performance &     Additional
          graduate trainees inc development of                                SD                resources req to
          placement tracking, performance                                                       coordinate &
          monitoring and workshop programme                                                     support inc no. of
                                                                                                grad trainees

2.10      Manage the Talents to the Full                          Jan 09      Performance       Lack of mgt           A group of internal secondments are
          secondment programme                                    Jan 10                        support/coop          organised
                                                                                                releasing staff.
                                                                                                Significant time
                                                                                                input req
2.11      Review, improve and promote range of                    Mar 09      SD                Viability of online   SD services are clearly accessible
          Staff Development services eg online                                                  booking               through well run website and online
          booking, corporate programme, improve                                               Appropriate SD         booking system.
          website etc                                                                         resource               Online materials are available and
                                                                                                                     usage is monitored.

2.12      First annual Staff Development report is                Sept 09     SD              Access to data via     Ability to demonstrate value added by
          produced                                                                            Trent.                 SD and range of services, volume of
                                                                                              Local record           delivery.
                                                                                              keeping up to

2.13      University wide Staff Development Policy                Easter 09   SD              Securing faculty       A model established to support
          is produced and agreed                                                              buy in to set of       consistent decision making re SD
                                                                                              generic principles     funding and access to SD opportunities
                                                                                                                     – greater transparency should support
                                                                                                                     LML feedback

2.14      Apply for re-accreditation against                      Mar 09      SD,             Variable practices     Accreditation successfully secured.
          Investors in People Standard                                        Performance &   across faculties
                                                                              Ops             and impact of
                                                                                              local change e.g.
                                                                                              re Deans

2.15      Develop and implement consistent                        Jan 2009    SD, HR Ops &    Failure to establish   A good quality induction in place at
          standards for staff induction – at faculty                          Recruitment     and operate high       faculty and university level via online
          and corporate level                                                                 quality induction      delivery, training events and
                                                                                              will impact on IiP     preparation prior to start date. Impact
                                                                                              and on                 monitored via LML, HR Consultants, IiP
                                                                                              employment             etc
Strategic Objective 3: Reward
Having modernised and simplified the university’s pay arrangements through the implementation of a single pay structure, HR will further
develop a competitive and flexible total reward package which rewards high performance and enterprise and is responsive to the differing
aspirations of our diverse workforce. This approach will include the implementation of contribution pay, the extension of the pay structure to
incorporate senior staff, a continued commitment to delivering and monitoring equal pay and an enhancement of the range of benefits
available to all.

3.1       Develop & extend the pay structure to                   Oct 08      R&B             Buy in from SET        Implementation of extended structure
          facilitate the inclusion of LM/SMs                                                   Individual appeals
                                                                                               Involvement from
3.2       Introduce Total Reward Statements –                     June 08       R & B, HRIS    Technical               Delivery of annual written statements to
          both on line & paper copies                                                          problems                all staff
                                                                                               Difficulties in         Availability of on line details
3.3       Conduct equal pay audits to ensure                      June 08 –     R&B            IT & systems issues     Production of summary and detailed
          compliance with legal requirements                      12                           Sufficient training &   reports
                                                                  (periodic)                   experience of
                                                                                               team members to
                                                                                               run reports
3.4       Review market supplements to test the                   May 08        R&B            Reliable                Reports supplied by market research
          validity of continuing payments                         Oct 09 - 12                  benchmarks              partner
                                                                                                                       Recipients of supplements to be
                                                                                                                       notified of review outcome
3.5       Develop & implement a flexible benefits                 Sept 10       R&B            Costs                   Creation of a menu of benefits from
          package                                                                              Complexity of           which staff will be able to select
                                                                                               communication           Positive feedback

3.6       Review, enhance & promote the range                     Mar 11        R&B            Lack of interest/       Improved awareness of benefits
          of staff benefits based on survey and                                                participation from      measured by hits on website & sign up
          focus group feedback from staff                                                      staff                   Develop benefits on the basis of
                                                                                               Time & resources        received feedback
                                                                                               to devote to
                                                                                               developing the
                                                                                               benefits package
                                                                                               Out of date
3.7       Implement the Contribution Reward                       Nov 09 - 12   R & B and HR   Uneven distribution     Awards made to individuals and an
          Scheme, monitoring awards & outcomes                                  Ops            of awards               even distribution of outcomes
          – incl possible non-financial rewards                                                undermines
                                                                                               credibility of

3.8       Develop & implement policy on payment                   Sept 08    R&B             Cost                    Publication of policy which is used to
          for external work                                                                  Agreed                  make payments as appropriate

3.9       Carry out a comprehensive review of                     May 09     HR ops          Protracted              Harmonised and updated terms and
          terms and conditions consulting /                                                  negotiations may        conditions accessible online
          negotiating with the trade unions.                                                 delay progress

3.        Develop a comprehensive Pay Policy for Jul 09            R&B                Agreement within    Production of policy document.
          the University to incorporate a range of                                    HR and from SET.    Availability on line
          elements such as market pay, starting                                       Variable practices
          salary & incremental progression
Strategic Objective 4: Engagement
The successful delivery of the university’s Vision & Character depends on our ability to engage and motivate staff who understand the
organisation’s goals and are committed to its values. Leeds Met will reinforce its reputation as an ‘employer of choice’ through the development
of a well communicated employer brand based on a range of engagement strategies that include an ongoing programme of feedback from
staff about their perceptions of the quality of the employment experience.

4.1       Complete Phase 1 Leeds Met Listens                      Mar 08     Performance     Buy-in from staff,      Min 200 participants in phase one.
          focus group process                                                                T.U.’s – balanced       Data demonstrating numbers &
                                                                                             distribution of         participation of groups of staff.
                                                                                             groups                  Evaluation records.

4.2       Develop Leeds Met Listens website                       Sept 08    Performance     Resources.              Publication of materials on website.
          including publication of feedback,                                                 Effective               Polling results & evaluations. Feedback
          action plans & on-line polling                                                     promotion of            from staff
                                                                                             initiative and

4.3       Develop strategy for achieving action                   Sept 08    Performance     Management buy-         Structured & measurable action plan
          points & communicating progress & get                                              in                      endorsed by key stakeholders
          buy-in from stakeholders – HR, unions &
          senior managers
4.4       Establish key metrics for longer term                   Dec 08 -   Performance &   Qualitative data        Production of data to support
          evaluation of the process & to enable                   ongoing    HRIS            difficult to quantify   feedback and track progress over next
          measurement of progress towards action                                                                     2-5 yrs
4.5       Roll out phase 2 & 3 Leeds Met Listens                  Jan 09 –   Performance     Staff participation   Min 500 participants over 2nd & 3rd phase
          Focus Groups                                            Apr 09                     levels.               focus groups.
                                                                  Jan 10 -                   Progress on action
                                                                  Apr 11                     plans
4.6       Develop & promote a competitive                         Jun 09     R&B             Lack of funding for   Stable/reducing annual turnover rate
          employment package (through various                                                all initiatives
          means e.g. posters, focus groups) which                                            Low take up
          will encourage the retention of existing                                           Poor circulation of
          staff                                                                              information
4.7       Support the University wide                             Ongoing    HR Ops
          communication strategy by working with
          Chief Op Officers and FLTs to improve
          team meetings, briefings and local
          communication processes.

4.8       A more comprehensive review of the use                  Dec 2008   Performance &   Limited response      Data available to support LML metrics.
          of exit questionnaires, undertaking                                HR Ops          levels. Hard copy     Electronic exit questionnaire process
          appropriate analysis to support                                                    forms.                established and increased response
          employee engagement moving forward.                                                                      rates

Strategic Objective 5: Recruitment
Leeds Met will promote itself as an ‘employer of choice’ through the development of a high profile and sustained external branding strategy
based on the university’s distinctive vision, total reward package and employment proposition. This ‘promise’ will be delivered via a range of
innovative and cost-effective recruitment techniques that can support efficient high volume recruitment and creative, high impact senior level

5.1       Monitor and review the use of                           Mar 09     Recruitment /   Limited data          Cost savings and improved data re
          recruitment sources                                                Ops / Systems   availability.         recruitment advertising

5.2       Develop the use of appropriate                          Sept 09    Recruitment     Costs and             Monitoring of tests used against no’s of
          recruitment techniques including                                                   management buy-       vacancies recruited to at grade 6 &
          psychometric tests for all posts at grade 6                                        in.                   above
          and above.
5.3       Develop the use of aptitude tests and                   Dec 09     Recruitment     Resources input
          assessment centres for ‘high volume                                                required and
          recruitment’, normally grades 1-5.                                                 management buy-
5.4       Develop Trent V10 to its full capacity,                 June 09     Recruitment &   Lack of use of        Monitoring e.g. against vacancies
          including the recruitment module to                                 Systems         module within         approved via VRP/numbers of new
          stream line the recruitment process and                                             Faculty HR teams      starters/Trent reporting information and
          to provide corporate as well as relevant                                                                  targets for use across faculties.
          management information.
5.5       Development of appropriate policies                     Dec 08      Recruitment     Possible penalties    Revised arrangements to ensure
          and procedures, including appropriate                                               imposed by UK         improved control and monitoring.
          training to ensure compliance with                                                  border agency if
          statutory requirements. This will include                                           not compliant.
          the new immigration points based system
          and a review of the CRB and related
5.6       Incorporate Leeds Met ACTs into policy,                 Dec 08      Recruitment &                         Revision of Recruitment & Selection
          practices and processes to underpin                                 Performance                           policy and documentation, plus
          recruitment within the University.                                                                        associated guidance & training.
5.7       Evaluate the recruitment and selection                  July 09     Recruitment                           Recruitment report summarising key
          process through surveying applicants                                                                      findings.
          and interview candidates.
5.8       Develop online-application facility and                 June 09     Recruitment     Potential lack of     Online facility availability, no’s of
          improve web-based employer branding                                                 linkage with Trent    application forms submitted online,
                                                                                              system.               feedback from applicants
5.9       Promote employment package to                           June 09     R&B             Lack of funding for   Level of response to vacancies and
          attract new employees                                                               all initiatives       offers

Strategic Objective 6: Wellbeing
Leeds Met’s commitment to developing an engaged, high performing workforce will be underpinned by an effective range of strategies that
ensure the university is a safe, healthy and productive place to work. HR will continue to develop a holistic approach to employee wellbeing
extending from health awareness through to risk assessments, occupational health and the effective management of attendance.

6.1       Review and negotiate improved/more                      Ongoing     R&B, H&S                              Increased value for money and
          cost effective packages for health                                                                        improved range of benefits.
          related benefits eg Bupa and EAP
6.2       To establish a ‘Wellbeing Group’ to                     Sept 2008
          consider and advise University an
          appropriate strategy relating to health
          and wellbeing, including risk assessment.

6.3       To support the Wellbeing Group develop Aug 2009
          and embed a comprehensive strategy
          relating to health and wellbeing incl risk
6.4       To develop and implement training for all Aug 2009
          managers on health, wellbeing and risk
6.5       Undertake a programme of health and        Ongoing
          wellbeing awareness raising eg via
          health centres, wellbeing website, events
6.6       Review and develop the University's        Dec 09         HR Ops
          attendance management policy and its
          practical application.
Strategic Objective 7: HR Performance/Service Delivery
The HR team will continue to deliver a range of high quality, professional advisory and support services that equip managers and staff to respond
to this period of transformational change and the demands of an increasingly competitive HE market. HR service delivery and performance will
be underpinned by a focus on evaluating and benchmarking performance against a range of HR metrics that are relevant to the organisation.

7.1       Undertake survey on HR performance                      Sept 09   All
          and service delivery and agree HR
          performance standards between teams
          and between HR and customer base
7.2       Cross Service Working – improve working                 Sept 10
          across internal services to develop overall
          service provision (e.g. devolved and
          corporate HR, Finance, Registry and
          Faculty / Resource Centre teams).
7.3       Develop Internal Consultancy / Strategy                 Sept 09
          Engagement skills – shifting focus from
          reactive to more proactive input and

7.4       Supporting Roll-out of Trent Self-Service               Mar 09
          functionality - across the University and
          within Faculties
7.5       Launch rebranded HR incl self-service                   Dec 08
          and new terms and conditions on-line.

7.6       Provide faculty based training and                      Sept 09    HR Ops        Lack of training     Line managers will have access to local
          support on relevant University policies                                          and support will     training support to help them deal with
          and procedures, for example Probation                                            have a negative      people issues confidently. Evident
          Policy, Capability Procedure, Grievance                                          impact on            through LML feedback and 360
          and Disciplinary Procedure.                                                      developing a         feedback
7.7       Roll out Probation Policy to all externally             December   HR Ops / HR   Lack of such
          advertised support staff vacancies and                  2008       Recruitment   policies risks not
          to appropriate academic posts. .                                                 giving new
                                                                                           appointees every
                                                                                           opportunity to
                                                                                           succeed at Leeds
7.8       Use improved management                                 Sept 09    HR Ops &
          information to develop effective                                   Systems
          workforce planning for faculties

7.9       Review use of part-time hourly paid                     Sept 09
          lecturers contracts

7.10      Establish Joint Consultative                            Oct 08
          Committee involving both trade                          onwards
          unions and senior managers

7.11      Undertake Business Process Review to                    Sept 10    Payroll &
          identify improved efficiencies                                     Ops


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