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									                                        THE CHARTER SCHOOL OF WILMINGTON

                          CHARTER PARENTS
                                                                                N E WS L E T T E R
                                    Chartered by the Red Clay Consolidated School District • February 2011

     Report Cards Distributed February 1                                          February Board Meeting
The report card distribution date has been changed to                The February Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, Feb-
February 1.                                                          ruary 22 at 6:00 p.m. in Room 321.

  Presidents’ Day Celebrated February 21                                    Celebrating Black History Month
No classes will be held on Monday, February 21, in honor             Posters recognizing the accomplishments of African
of Presidents’ Day.                                                  Americans in science, politics, civil rights, education,
                                                                     business and industry will fill the halls at Charter in hon-
                                                                     or of Black History Month. Check your weekly emails to
      Teacher In-Service on February 22                              see how we are celebrating.
No classes will be held February 22 due to a Teacher’s
                                                                                        Casual Dress Day
                                                                     February’s Casual Dress Day will be Friday, February 25.
      Parent Conferences on February 7                               Although jeans and T-shirts are permitted, modesty and
          No Classes For Students                                    appropriateness are always considerations. The next Ca-
Parent Conferences will be held on Monday, February 7
                                                                     sual Dress Day will be Friday, March 25.
from 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. No classes will be held for stu-
dents on that day. More information will be emailed to
you so you can sign up online for teacher appointments.                           HOBY Winner Announced
                                                                     Congratulations to sophomore Sarah Hartman, CSW’s
The snow day for this event will be Tuesday, February 8.
                                                                     2010/11 Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) Candi-
                                                                     date. She will represent our school at this spring’s HOBY
         9th Grade Career Awareness                                  seminar. HOBY is the nation’s only program designed ex-
         Program Needs CSW Parents                                   clusively for high school sophomores. The program brings
On Monday, February 28 and Tuesday, March 1, the “What               together a select group of high school sophomores who
in the World” career awareness program, sponsored by                 have demonstrated leadership ability so that they can in-
the Business, Industry, Education (BIE) Alliance will be             teract with groups of distinguished leaders in business,
taking place at CSW. For more information, check the in-             government, education, and the professions to discuss
sert in this newsletter. The forms must be returned to the           present and future issues. Sophomore Matthews Lan was
BIE Alliance, not Charter, by February 22.                           designated as our alternate should Sarah not be able to at-
                                                                     tend. Thank you to all seven of the outstanding applicants
                                                                     that expressed an interest in representing our school.
       Thank You to Science Fair Judges
Thank you to our CSW parents, alumni and friends who
judged over 200 10th grade science projects in January.
We appreciate you taking the time out of your work day to
meet with our students and offer them your insights.


                                                           OUR MISSION
                The mission of The Charter School of Wilmington is to engage highly motivated high school students
                 with an interest in math and science by providing a challenging college preparatory curriculum in a
                       safe, friendly and nurturing environment that integrates practical learning opportunities,
                      sets high expectations, develops social responsibility and promotes a global perspective.

                                                   MORE NEWS

     Senior Wins Comcast Leader Award                                        DCAS Testing for Freshmen
Congratulations to senior Rachel Fry. She was our nominee                   and Sophomores in February
for the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Award. Rachel has           The Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System
won a $1000 scholarship from Comcast for her combination          (DCAS) mid-year blended assessment of Math and Read-
of strong academics, leadership and dedication to service!        ing will be administered to all 9th and 10th grade stu-
                                                                  dents on Thursday, February 24 and Friday, February 25.
                                                                  All students are to report to school at the normal time on
Volunteer Job Fair Coming to CSW on March 7                       testing days. Freshmen and sophomore students will be
If your student is looking for volunteer opportunities dur-       apprised of where and when they need to report for test-
ing the summer, stop by Charter’s 9th Annual Volunteer            ing in advance of the test dates. The testing days will be
Fair in the Gym from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. on March 7. Non-            normal academic days for all juniors and seniors.
profits from our area will share their summer opportuni-
ties with our students. You will receive a postcard in the
mail shortly with details!
                                                                            2010 - 2011 School Calendar
                                                                  Our school calendar is available online. It is updated daily.
                                                                  Calendar changes will be announced in the weekly CSW
    Model UN Award Winners Recognized                             emails.
Congratulations to all of the Model United Nations club
members who attended Saturday’s meet at Father Judge                      Building Entry – CSW Parents
High School in Philadelphia. Our special winners include:               Must Pick Up Badge in Cab’s Office
HONORABLE MENTION AWARDS                                          In the interest of our student’s safety, all CSW parents
Anna Lukasiewicz, Dan Thompson, Mae Langrehr, Pra-                entering the building, must sign in and receive a badge at
neeja Matta, Cassie Lukasiewicz                                   Cab’s Main Office before coming up to the third floor. We
                                                                  thank you in advance for taking this extra step!
Kalina Kostyszun, Jack Massih, Alec Hoeschel, Celine
Robinson, Mary Rose Mangan
                                                                                      School Closing
Rose Sun
                                                                  If the weather necessitates a late opening or a school can-
OUTSTANDING AWARDS                                                cellation, the announcement will be made by 6:00 a.m. The
Sunhyun Miller, Tash Zunaid, Lizzy Biener, Ermal                  announcement will be made specifically for The Charter
Hajrizi, Achille Tenkiang, Elise Harmon, Nagela Nukuna            School of Wilmington. The information will be posted
                                                                  on Charter’s website at and an
                                                                  Emergency Alert message will be sent by phone to each
Sarah Hartman, Shivam Patel , Navika Gangrade
                                                                  CSW household and faculty member. Announcements
                                                                  will also be made on local radio stations. If the Red Clay
 Follow CSW College Counseling on Twitter                         School District is closed and CSW is opened, the students
For the latest college counseling news from CSW, link             will be dismissed at noon, since cafeteria service will not
to the College Counseling Twitter Account (you can also           be available.
search “afterCHARTER” on Twitter). If you use Twitter, it’s
a good idea to “Follow” us so that you can receive updates
on college applications, scholarships, and important col-
                                                                                    Illness Reminder
                                                                  If your child has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher,
lege counseling information. It’s fine if you don’t use
                                                                  he/she must stay home until they are fever-free 24 hours
Twitter or if you choose not to follow us on Twitter. This
                                                                  without the use of Tylenol or Advil. When you send your
is just one alternative method for us to send out informa-
                                                                  child to school ill, they are infecting the entire student
tion ASAP. Pertinent information will always be available
                                                                  population and teachers. We appreciate your cooperation
on our website, and communicated via email, announce-
                                                                  in helping us decrease the spread of illness at school.
ments, and newsletters.

                                                    MORE NEWS

     Jefferson Awards for Public Service                           CSW Cheerleading Receives 1st Place Trophy
      Nominations Now Being Accepted                               CSW’s cheerleading team which includes both Cab and
Please consider nominating a student you know for the              Charter students, received a first place trophy at the 14th
Jefferson Award for Public Service. The nominee should             Annual St. Mark’s High School Cheer Competition this
be a student who has dedicated his or her time to extraor-         weekend. CSW cheerleaders received the 2nd highest
dinary community service commitments locally, nation-              overall score in the entire cheer competition with an over-
ally or globally. The nomination form is included in this          all score of 204 points.
                                                                      CSW Committee Meetings in February
              Attendance Reminders                                 The following committees will meet in February:
Student attendance related questions or concerns should
                                                                     February 1    5:30 p.m. - Advancement Committee
be directed to Linda Schuman. Mrs. Schuman can be
reached at or by calling                February 8    5:30 p.m. - Governance Committee
651-2727 and dialing 5 for Attendance. A student must be             February 10 3:00 p.m. - Academic Excellence
present by 11:15 a.m. to be considered present for the day.                                  Committee
If they leave prior to 11:15 a.m. or arrive after 11:15 a.m.
they will be considered absent. If you are viewing class at-         February 10 5:30 p.m. - Finance Committee Meeting
tendance and have a question or concern, parents should            All meetings are held in Mr. Warner’s office in the Main
contact the teacher first. Early Dismissal and late-to-            Office.
school passes are available in the morning in Room 304.

                             CHARTER FUND UPDATE
                         CHARTER FUND AT 41% PARTICIPATION
                              CAN WE COUNT ON YOU?

The Charter Fund has climbed to $119,000, thanks to your generosity. Thank you
to our team of parent volunteers who have been calling fellow parents who haven’t
contributed to The Charter Fund. It’s not too late to give. It is important for every
family to participate.

A high level of participation shows potential grant makers that the school has a strong
level of support from its community. This will help us get grant funds. Contributing
also brings YOU closer to the school by being vested in and connected to CSW and
its future.

To donate, simply send a check made out to The Charter School of Wilmington,
100 N. Dupont Road, Wilmington, DE 19807 and put “Charter Fund” in the memo line.
Or you can make a credit card donation online at

                      Freshmen Are Winners of Dress Down Contest
The results of the Charter Fund “Dress Down” Contest are in: The Freshmen Class won!
Our freshmen beat out their more seasoned classmates with 48% of Freshmen Class families donat-
ing to the Fund. They have earned the right to show off their dress down duds for the entire week of
February 28 - March 4.
Here are the results based on donations received by the December 24 deadline:
        Freshmen:               48% of the class donated
        Sophomores:             33% of the class donated
        Juniors:                28% of the class donated
        Seniors:                30% of the class donated
Propelled by a strong start to the fundraising effort, we have raised $119,000 for the Fund so far, and are
closing in on the $150,000 goal.

                     Charter Fund Matching Gifts Make a Difference
If you have made a donation to the Charter Fund, check with your company to see if they will match
your gift! You just need to complete an additional form. It’s an easy way to double your gift to us!

                   “Kids come to school as natural scientists, and you turn them off if you
                                   don’t build on their curiosity.” ~Jerome Pine

The “WHAT IN THE WORLD?” career awareness program, sponsored by the Business, Industry,
Education (BIE) Alliance, builds on students’ curiosity by exposing them to a variety of science,
math, and technology careers. During the program, volunteers from the business community meet
with small groups of students to discuss their jobs. The discussion focuses on a job-related
“mystery object” shown to students, stimulating interest and prompting questions.

On February 28, 2011 AND Tuesday, March 1, 2011, 9th graders at The Charter School of Wilmington will
have the opportunity to take part in “WHAT IN THE WORLD?” We would like you to become involved by
volunteering as a presenter in your student’s school on those days.

If you would like to volunteer, there are only a few requirements:

1. You need to have an enthusiasm to share your career and its use of Math, Science or
    Technology with the students.
2. You need to be available to be at the school from 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. on one or both days.
3. You need to complete the form below and return it to BIE Alliance at 226 West Park Place,
    Suite 2, Newark, DE 19711 or fax: 302-368-1254.

Once you have completed and returned the form, the BIE Alliance program coordinator will contact
you with further information, including tips to help you prepare for the program. Please consider
participating with your student’s school.

                        PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM BY FEBRUARY 22, 2011.

                                    “WHAT IN THE WORLD?’
                  Volunteer Information Form for the career awareness program at:


Student’s Name and Homeroom _________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________________
              STREET ADDRESS                            CITY                      STATE   ZIP

Phone (H)_______________________ (W)_______________________ (Fax) __________________

Email ___________________________________________________________________________

Place of Employment _______________________________________________________________

Career Represented ________________________________________________________________
                                     PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM TO:
                                             Andrea Majewski
                       BIE Alliance/226 West Park Place, Suite 2/Newark, DE 19711
                                Fax: 302-368-1254/ Phone: 302-368-4372
                                              THANK YOU!!
                                                                 Jefferson Awards
                                                                 Students In Action
                                                                 Nomination Form
    Full Name of Individual NOMINATED                            Name of NOMINATOR
    ________________________________________                     _________________________________________
    School Name & Street Address                                 Street Address
    ________________________________________                     _________________________________________
    City                           State                   Zip   City                State                   Zip
    ________________                       ________________      ________________            _________________
    Phone Number                           email address         Phone Number                email address

     Summary Sentence:

     Outstanding Personal Acts:

     Community Impact:

     (See reverse for nomination instructions)

                                                 GUIDANCE UPDATE

                 SATs/ACTs/SAT IIs                                   potential of an $18,000 annual merit scholarship.

Students may register online for the SAT at                                             Student Athletes The CSW Guidance office needs                  Juniors or seniors interested in playing sports at a Di-
an official copy of the score report, so please remember             vision I or II college should go to www.NCAAclearing-
to enter Charter’s high school code number 080164 when      and register online so their academic eligibility
registering. Also, for a fee, students can order the Ques-           can be determined. An official high school transcript will
tion and Answer Service, which allows them to receive                need to be requested by the student and mailed from the
their test back, their reported answers and the answer               high school. After that initial request, final transcripts af-
key for certain months only. Registration for the SAT II:            ter both junior and senior years will automatically be sent
Subject Tests, which some colleges require for admission,            to the Clearinghouse for all NCAA registered juniors and
is also available. These are one-hour tests so students can          seniors. Students must also have their SAT or ACT scores
take up to three in one day. Seniors should remember to              officially sent from the testing service.
list their colleges on the initial registration form or short-
ly after the test date. This will ensure that colleges will
most likely receive their scores electronically within two                    Selective Service Registration
weeks from the test date. Otherwise, it will take longer             Senior boys are reminded that they must register with the
for the college to receive your score. If possible, do not           Selective Service when they turn eighteen or they may
wait until the fall to send your scores. Some colleges are           pre-register now if they like. Without this registration, no
now using the earliest date your scores were received to             boys will be eligible for federal funding for college, which
indicate your interest level to that college. It can be in the       includes the Pell Grant or federally subsidized student
student’s best interest to utilize the four “freebie” mailings       loans. Students may register on the web at
offered by the College Board when registering for each               or through the FAFSA form.
Students may also register for the ACT, another achieve-                         Academic Common Market
ment test used for college admissions. Most colleges prefer
the ACT with the writing portion. Registration is available          The state of Delaware has an agreement with many south-
online at There are many reputable               ern states wherein Delaware residents accepted into an
colleges that have decided to make standardized testing              academic major not offered at a Delaware public college
optional for admission purposes. This list can be found              can receive instate tuition to that southern state univer-
on Always check the college’s website              sity. More information can be found at www.doe.state.
for further guidelines. There is a wonderful website at     Please note that the state of Delaware often which lists the testing require-                 has grants available through financial need for students
ments for over 150 colleges.                                         attending colleges outside the state. Qualifications may
                                                                     differ per state.
Students who qualify for 504 testing accommodations and
have not seen their counselor should do so. College Board
and the ACT company require that accommodations be                                        College Tours
in place at the high school prior to the request for such            Amtrak is offering a “Buy one, get one half price” deal
testing. Additional paperwork is required for requesting             when parents and students purchase tickets in order to
non-standard testing for any College Board program.                  visit colleges. Tickets must be purchased seven days in
                                                                     advance. Additional children may travel at a 50% dis-
              Math & Science Award                                   count. This offer is through the calendar year with a few
                                                                     black out dates. For more information, go online or call
The New College of Florida (previously the Honors Col-               1-800-USA-RAIL.
lege of UCF) is seeking two junior nominations for their
Mathematics and Science Award. Students should be in-
terested in attending this college and plan to continue
their work in the STEM disciplines in college. In addition
to excellent grades in both math and science, nominated
students must share the important core values stated in
the educational philosophy of New College: active learn-
ing, research, creativity, and respect for the individual.
Any interested juniors should contact Ms. Maslar in the
College Counseling Office by March 1. This award has the
                      College Info                                              SEED/Inspire Scholarship
An important tool for assessing colleges is the National             Don’t forget that the state of Delaware offers a full two
Student Assessment Survey, which can usually be found on             year tuition scholarship for any Delaware student who or This sur-                   enrolls in an Associate’s degree program, either at Del
vey is a compilation of students’ viewpoints and is sep-             Tech or the University of Delaware. Students must have
arated into categories based on types of colleges. Not all           received their high school diploma, not have committed
colleges participate but it may still be useful in the college       a felony, and completed the FAFSA (whether or not they
selection process.                                                   have need). No additional forms are needed for the SEED
The Fiske Guide to Colleges is another excellent source              scholarship if applying to the University of Delaware. Del
as well. A rather new website supported by current col-              Tech has a one page SEED scholarship form on their web-
lege students which reflects their honest opinions about             site.
colleges is Another new site is www.                  Our state legislature also now offers full tuition scholar- which measures knowledge                       ships for students enrolling at Delaware State University
gained on campus in key academic disciplines.                        right after high school. For the INSPIRE scholarship, stu-
                                                                     dents must have a 2.75 GPA upon graduation from high
                                                                     school. They also must complete the FAFSA and have had
                     College Fairs                                   no felony convictions. While on campus, they must com-
National and regional college fairs are held throughout              plete ten hours of community service each semester.
the year. The following websites are useful in searching
for   these:,        and
www.ctcl com. Students wishing to research colleges out-                                 Financial Aid
side of the U.S. can check out the following:            For all students requesting financial aid, both parents and
(Canada), or www.britishcouncil-                students will need to complete the FAFSA (www.fafsa.                                                    A Pre-Application Worksheet for the FAFSA is
                                                                     posted in PDF format as well. This worksheet should be
                                                                     used to prepare for the online FAFSA form, as the for-
                      Scholarship                                    mats are more compatible. When you first register online
All seniors have received the Delaware Scholarship                   to complete the FAFSA, both students and parents will
Compendium, which is printed and distributed by the                  have to receive a PIN number. Completing forms online
DE Postsecondary Commission. This is also available on               can save students at least two to three weeks processing Please note that a database of             time. For some colleges, additional forms on their website
many scholarships is listed on the Guidance Department               may be required. The most popular is the CSS/ PROFILE
website as well. Announcements are made in homeroom,                 (, which can be completed after
posted outside the office and within the Guidance/College            October 1. Check college websites for deadlines as well as
Counseling office as well. Students are also encouraged              forms. Some colleges will want this information earlier IF
to register on additional scholarship sites as listed on the         students are applying Early Decision or Early Action!
website handouts distributed last spring (e.g. fastweb.
                                                                     Please note that SENIORS should use the 2011-2012 ver-
org,, etc.). Applying to Honors pro-
                                                                     sion of all financial aid forms as that will be their first
grams (when appropriate) can also help students receive
                                                                     year in college. Also, the University of Delaware will now
additional funding at some colleges. This list can be found
                                                                     fulfill 100% of documented need (as defined by the FAF-
on - the National Collegiate Honors
                                                                     SA) for all accepted in-state students. They also plan on
Council. This website provides a direct link to the Hon-
                                                                     “capping” student loans over four years to $18,000.
ors programs at colleges and universities throughout the
As a member of the National Consortium of Schools                                Financial Aid Workshops
Specializing in Math, Science, and Technology, Charter               Often colleges will offer reduced fees or waivers for stu-
enjoys high visibility amongst colleges who are looking              dents from families suffering economic hardship (inde-
for students from math/science high schools. Some col-               pendently of whether you receive free or reduced lunches
leges that have scholarships specifically designated as              or state subsidies). Some scholarship programs specifi-
NCSSSMT ones include Illinois Institute of Technology,               cally target such students. If your child falls within this
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (potential full tuition or           category, please contact the guidance counselor and in-
full ride), New College of Florida (formerly the Honors              form them of the circumstances. Also, there is subsidized
College of UCF), and Florida Institute of Technology (min-           health insurance for students pending family circum-
imal $15,000 merit scholarship).                                     stances. For more information on that topic, contact the
                                                                     Wellness Center at 651-2100.

               College Acceptances/                                                Military Academies
                Scholarship Offers                                 The United States Military Academies host summer lead-
Copies of all acceptance letters should be given to Maria          ership seminars designed for students who are potential
Fiscella, our college counseling secretary. This includes          recruits. Admission is competitive. Juniors can log onto
any college to which a student has been accepted, not just         the individual sites to learn more about the application
their first or second choice. If a student receives scholar-       process. Deadlines are earlier than usual and selections
ship offers from colleges that have already accepted him           are made on a rolling basis so it is best for students to ap-
or her, those letters should also be given to Mrs. Fiscella.       ply early. Only those who are interested in applying to a
This also includes copies of scholarship offers from orga-         military academy should consider attending.
nizations, companies or the state of Delaware. Any docu-           For any student specifically interested in the Air Force
mentation of gift aid based on financial need should also          Academy, feel free to contact Dean E. Bray, Lt Col, USA-
be brought into the office. For graduation purposes, our           FR, our local AF Liaison Officer, at
office documents the types of gift aid offered to Charter
students. The deadline for submissions is May 16 due to            Also, Senator Carper will be hosting an evening program
our scholarship publication printing deadline.                     on February 22 for all students in the state interested in
                                                                   attending a military academy or applying to ROTC or the
                                                                   National Guard. This program will be held at the Del Tech,
           Summer College Programs                                 Terry Campus in Dover from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. For more
The Guidance website currently lists summer college or             information, contact Lori James at 302-674-3308.
program opportunities as the information is received.
Some application deadlines are quite early! Also, some              West Point Changes Admissions Timeline
programs are tuition or room/board free or scholarships
                                                                   West Point is now asking students to log onto the admis-
are available.
                                                                   sion’s site as early as the winter of junior year to complete
University of Delaware – The University of Delaware                a pre-candidate questionnaire. Students should also con-
holds a residential summer college for highly motivated            tact Delaware’s State Coordinator for West Point admis-
juniors and sophomores each year for five weeks (July              sions, Mr. Stephan Murphy, who will help advocate for
9 – August 13). Students live on campus and earn up to             Delaware applicants. He will walk the students through
seven credits by taking freshmen level courses. The Sum-           the process so they can be as competitive as possible
mer College experience usually coincides with the regu-            within the admissions pool. The timing of submitting the
lar second summer session offered on campus. This will             pre-candidate questionnaire can be critical to determin-
allow for a broader selection of courses for students en-          ing one’s eligibility for being admitted into the qualified
rolled in the program. An information session for students         applicant pool. Families can contact Mr. Murphy at 302-
will be held in February during the school day. The exact          388-3552 or at Students will
date will be announced later in school. For more infor-            need recommendation letters prior to the summer from
mation, visit the website at www.summercollege.honors.             their English, math and science teachers in junior year. or call 831-6560.
UD Summer Aspiring Teacher Internships                                        SAT Test at CSW on April 13
Does your junior or senior have a solid grade point aver-
                                                                   CSW will administer an OFFICIAL SAT test to all juniors
age (2.7 minimum)?
                                                                   on Wednesday, April 13. The testing is free for all juniors
Are they planning to become a science or math teacher?             and paid for by Race to the Top funding from the Depart-
Might they want to pursue an undergraduate degree at               ment of Education. All public high schools in Delaware
the University of Delaware?                                        will administer the test to juniors on April 13.
 If you answered “yes” to these questions, then the Univer-        More information will be forthcoming about the test ad-
sity of Delaware has a great opportunity for you.                  ministration at the Junior Students and Parents’ Night
Your student can apply to be a part of the University of
Delaware’s SMART program and go to the University                        Junior Students and Parents’ Night
of Delaware in 2011 as a Summer Aspiring Teacher In-
                                                                   On Monday, March 14 at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium, fea-
tern. Interns receive a $1,500 cash stipend. Please visit
                                                                   tured speaker and author Peter Van Buskirk will present
                                                                   “The College Admission Game.” Peter is the former Di-
to apply or obtain information.
                                                                   rector of Admissions at Franklin & Marshall College and
                                                                   now lectures nationally on the selective college admis-
                                                                   sions process. He will present an educational and enter-
                                                                   taining program regarding this topic. Charter has invited
                                                                   him back for the tenth year as he does an excellent job of
                                                                   helping parents and students understand the admissions’

(Junior Students and Parents’ Night cont.)                                    Mid Year Grades for Seniors
decision process. ALL junior families will receive an edu-          Senior mid year report cards are automatically sent to all
cational packet that night regarding the search and ap-             colleges to which a student has applied. The Common App
plication process within Charter. Our speaker will also             organization mandates mid years to be uploaded. Our of-
have handouts for you. Please try and arrive early so that          fice will send all others through regular mail. Mailings
you can receive your literature prior to the start of the           will occur between February 2-5.
program! Juniors and their parents are asked to confirm
attendance by calling Maria Fiscella at x204 or email
her at Mark you calendar                           9th, 10th and 11th Grade
NOW! You can read more about Mr. Van Buskirk online at                         Classroom Guidance Visits
                                                                    The guidance department will meet with freshmen, soph-
Ms. Maslar and Mr. Mitchell will be meeting with juniors            omores and juniors this month. They will be working on
through their history classes during the third marking pe-          their Student Success Plan (SSP), a program used to help
riod about the college application process. Students and            in career and college planning.
parents are encouraged to make an appointment with
either college counselor after midterms. Juniors should
request a meeting first, prior to the parent meeting.                            Discovery Law Program
                                                                                  Diversity Outreach for
            Summer University of MD                                               High School Students
              Program for Women                                     Widener University School of Law will host the annual
            Exploreering Engineering                                Diversity Day on Saturday, February 26, from 10:15 a.m.
                                                                    - 1:30 p.m. This program will provide an excellent oppor-
Exploring Engineering at the University of Maryland                 tunity for our students to take part in a mock law school
(E2@UMD) is a one week summer program for high                      class and talk with law school students, faculty and staff.
school women (rising juniors or seniors) who are consid-            In addition, practical information regarding the law
ering engineering as a possible major and career.You will           school, paralegal programs and financial aid will be dis-
live on campus for one week and explore the world of                tributed. Seating is limited. For more information, please
engineering through fun, hands-on activities, laboratory            see your Guidance Counselor.
experiments, informative workshops, team challenges,
and seminars with professional engineers. The program
runs July 10-16, and July 17-23, 2011. Sample Engineer-                   Applications Being Accepted for
ing Disciplines covered include: Aerospace Engineering,                Hispanic Student Recognition Program
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Civil and En-
vironmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Bio-               Applications for the Outstanding Hispanic Student of the
engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Fire              Year Award are now being accepted online. Awards will
Protection Engineering and Materials Science and Engi-              be presented to the top male and female student in the
neering.                                                            high school and middle school categories. The program
                                                                    is open to all grades. Please see your counselor or visit
                                                                    the website for a downloadable
The cost of the program is $800 per student. This fee cov-          application. The deadline to submit nominations is Friday,
ers all expenses except transportation to and from the              February 18, 2011.
University of Maryland and spending money. If addition-             Outstanding Hispanic students will be showcased during
al grants are secured, this fee will decrease. Please do not        the annual event, hosted by the Latin American Commu-
include the fee at the time of application.The fee is due           nity Center. This special event recognizes and acknowl-
upon acceptance to the program. Full and partial scholar-           edges high achieving Hispanic students in Delaware in
ships are available based on financial need.                        the following categories:Academics, Art, Science/Tech-
The Application due by March 28, 2011 and you can apply             nology, School/Community Service, and Sports.
online at

     AP Bulletin Assembly on February 2
All students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses will
attend the AP Bulletin assembly in the auditorium on Feb-
ruary 2. Students will obtain information on the registra-
tion process for the AP Exams that will be held during the
first two weeks of May.

  Al Neuharth Free Spirit Scholarship and                            Women in Engineering Dream Conference
     Journalism Conference for Juniors                                   at the University of Maryland
Do you have a passion for journalism? Fifty-one fortunate           The Women in Engineering (WIE) program at the Univer-
students from across the country will be selected to par-           sity of Maryland will host the 2011 DREAM Conference
ticipate in the Al Neuharth Journalism Conference July              on Saturday, February 26! Their mission is to recruit, re-
9 through July 14. Juniors can apply for this potentially           tain and advance women in engineering and this confer-
life-changing event and scholarship opportunity at www.             ence provides a forum to reach out to students and share The deadline is February 15, 2011. For more         the wonderful innovations, applications and opportuni-
information, please see your counselor or go to the web-            ties engineering has to offer.
site to download additional information and an applica-             This spring, over 300 participants will be welcomed to the
tion form.                                                          University of Maryland campus for a series of workshops,
                                                                    forums, demonstrations and discussions that will truly ig-
                                                                    nite interest in engineering. Registration is open at:

                                                   SPORTS NEWS

     Gatorade Player of the Year Named                                 Sports Boosters Beef and Beer Tickets
Junior Kelly Perillo has been named the 2010-11 Gatorade                           Now on Sale!
Delaware Volleyball Player of the Year. The award recog-            The Sports Boosters are proud to announce our first an-
nizes outstanding athletic ability and also high standards          nual Beef and Beer!
of academic achievement and exemplary character on
                                                                    When: Saturday, February 26, 2011
and off the court.
                                                                    Time: 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Kelly, a 6-foot outside hitter, recorded 268 kills, 136 digs        Where: The DAP Delaware Association of Police
and 26 service aces this past season while posting a kill                  2201 Lancaster Avenue
percentage of .575 leading the Force (14-4) to the state                   Wilmington, DE 19805
                                                                    $25.00 per person.....DJ, Door Prizes, 50/50 raffle, open
            CSW Alumnus Drafted by                                  bar for beer and soda, cash bar for mixed drinks
              Philadelphia Union                                    Please come and support The Boosters! This is a fundrais-
The Philadelphia Union last week selected CSW soccer                er for all CSW sports!
alumnus star Matt Marcin in the Major League Soccer
Supplemental Draft. Matt, (class of 2006), a midfielder at          If you are interested in attending, please contact Joe
Providence College, was the 41st overall pick. He was a             Nitsche at or Yvonne Johnson at
team captain his last two years at CSW and led all Dela-  
ware players in scoring as a senior with 34 goals and 15            It will be a blast! We hope to see everyone there!
assists. Matt was also named the 2006 Delaware Gatorade
Soccer Player of the year.

                       First Annual
                   CSW Sports Boosters

                   Saturday February 26,2011
                           7 to 11pm

             Where: Delaware Association of
                      Police Hall

                      2201 Lancaster Ave

                     Wilmington, De 19805

   *Ti Tickets are $25.00 per person.
  D    DJ, Door Prizes, 50/50 raffle
       Open Bar for Beer and Soda, Cash Bar for mixed drinks
       Contact Joe Nitsche at for tickets

                                 NURSE & WELLNESS CENTER NEWS

                                Spring Sports Physicals Due February 16
Spring Sports tryouts begin March 1. No athlete will be permitted to tryout, practice, or play without a current DIAA
sports physical on file. The DIAA form is available for download on the website. Please call your family physician
or the Wellness Center (651-2100) to schedule a sports physical. Return all completed sports physicals to the school
                             Stress Management Series Starts in February
The Wellness Center social worker, Mary Brent Whipple and CSW school nurse, Karen Micale, are planning to run a
six week stress management group in February. The group would be run during activity period once a week. Topics
would include time management skills, priority setting, health issues and relaxation skills. Enrollment is limited. If
interested, please call the Wellness Center at 651-2100 or the School Nurse, 651-2727 ext. 225.

                                         New Sports Medicine Center
                                         at Alfred I. duPont Hospital
In October, the new Center for Sports Medicine for children and adolescents was opened on the ground floor of the
Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children. The Center cares for injured athletes and offers a variety of programming to
help prevent injury and enhance performance. All programming is supervised by the Center for Sports Medicine’s ex-
perienced athletic trainers, physical therapists and strength and conditioning specialists. Programs include rehabilita-
tion, injury prevention, multidisciplinary concussion clinic, personal assessment, sport-specific training and Next-Step
training. For more information or to see the Center for Sports Medicine, visit, or

                                      PARENT ASSOCIATION NEWS

     Casino Night Needs Your Donations                                       Please Support CSW Official
The holidays are over and how many of us received gift                            After Prom Party
cards to stores we don’t shop at or to restaurants that we         Our prom is just around the corner on April 15. The Par-
aren’t wild about? Consider donating these gift cards to           ent Association hosts an After Prom party following the
CSW!                                                               prom. This event is held to encourage our students to at-
 To make Casino Night a success, we need donations of              tend a controlled party. We are all interested in keeping
the following items:                                               our children safe. I want to encourage all parents and stu-
                                                                   dents to support this event and consider not holding any
 • Vacation home for a week or weekend as an auction               after prom parties in your own home. The Parent Associa-
   item                                                            tion spends a lot of time and money on this event and we
 • Tickets to professional sporting events, gift cards, and        would appreciate your support.
   other new items that would make great silent auction            Yvonne Johnson
   items or prizes.                                                CSW Parent Association President
 • Medium and large baskets for packaging prizes
 • Monetary donations that will be used to purchase                         After Prom Volunteers Needed
   prizes                                                          We need many volunteers to make our After Prom a suc-
                                                                   cess. You can help in a variety of ways by joining the Af-
We have included a sponsor form and letter in this news-           ter Prom Committee, by donating food and our prizes
letter if you or your business would like to be a sponsor.         (gift cards such as ITunes) and donating your time for set
Donations may be dropped off in the Main Office. For ques-         up, party activities and breaking down the event. After
tions, please contact Regina Fody at,             Prom is held in the lobby and the gym. Please consider
Kathy di Girolamo at or Kim Hoe-             helping out with this event. If your child is a freshman
schel at Thank you! All dona-             or sophomore, we need you to help so the junior and se-
tions are greatly appreciated!                                     nior parents can be at home with their children to see
                                                                   them leave for the prom. Please contact Karen Harris at
                                                                   Thank you, as always, for all your continued support.
    Shout Out for After Prom Decorations                           Parent Association Meeting on February 2
Check your closets and garages for the following to help          A Parent Association Meeting will be held on Wednesday,
turn our gym and lobby into an Outer Space Odyssey!!!             February 2, at 7:00 p.m. in Room 321.

• Large cardboard boxes like appliance boxes
  (please do not drop off at Main Office)
                                                                       Don’t Forget Your Car Raffle Tickets!
• Black Lights                                                    Don’t miss out on your chance to win a new 2011 Volk-
                                                                  swagen Jetta from Smith Volkswagen of Wilmington.
• Spot Lights (used for uplighting)
                                                                  Only 300 tickets will be sold and the proceeds benefit The
• Track Lighting                                                  Charter School of Wilmington! Visit the Charter website
                                                                  ( and click on the “Parents” link
• Automated Bubble Blowers
                                                                  for the information and order form. Please support your
• Fog Machines                                                    school!!!
• Bolts of (preferably sheer) fabric

• Any “Outer Space” themed props/posters

• Neon Paints

• Sparkle Spray Paint
We need parents for cutting and/or painting at home. Stay
tuned for painting party dates in the weeks ahead to paint
and construct wall sets. Please contact Deborah Paraskie-
wicz at or

                 CSW Parent Association
                   Membership Form
Welcome to The Charter School of Wilmington (CSW) !!
Active parent involvement is a key contributor to CSW’s success and we are
organized around this simple compelling principle.

The CSW Parent Association supports our school through volunteer efforts and
fundraising. There are many opportunities for parent involvement … from a
simple helping-hand all the way up to committee leadership and everything in
between! Our sponsored events and programs include After-Prom, Teacher
Appreciation, Holiday Gifts, Freshman Picnic, Science Fair Hospitality, town-hall
meetings on topics of interest to parents, and fundraisers such as our magazine
sale, used uniform sales, and our springtime Casino Night event. We aim to
contribute more than half of the funds we raise each year to support “enrichment”,
i.e. to fund new equipment or assets which support the school’s core mission and
which will be widely enjoyed by all students.

DUES: All CSW parents are members by definition. To also participate in votes
concerning our financial priorities we ask that you become a dues-paying Member
each year. The annual cost of dues is $10.00 per person.

MEETINGS: We meet the first Wednesday of each month during the school
year. Please come to our meetings, hear about our efforts, and get involved any
way that you can! We always welcome ideas and suggestions from our members
at these meetings … the success of our organization and our school is based on the
tremendous and continuing support of all CSW parents.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
Yvonne Johnson, President 2010-11 302-998-4744
Member Name(s)……………………………                                       Dues Payment
Email Address ………………………….. ….                                   Check $ ............... (*)
Telephone #.................................................... Check # ..……
Student Name………………………………                                        Cash $ …………
Student Grade 2010-11……………………..
(*) Checks should be made out to CSW Parent Association
                            SPIRITWEAR IS NOW AVAILABLE!
                     Don’t forget spiritwear can be ordered throughout the year.

         The Charter School of Wilmington Spirit Wear Order Form

Dear Parents,

The CSW Sports Boosters Association is excited to offer our students and staff an opportunity
to purchase School Spirit Wear with our school logo on it.

The CSW Sports Booster Association

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

                                         ORDER FORM

                  Student Name____________________________________
                  Home Room_____________________________________
                  Grade__________ Home telephone#_________________
                  Email Address___________________________________

 Please indicate the desired size and design.

  item                                                 adult sizes             Unit prices
  Royal T-Shirt                                        S, M, L, XL, XXL        $10 EA= $_______
  Royal Hoodie (CSW)                                   S, M, L, XL, XXL        $30 EA= $_______
  Grey Hoodie (CSW)                                    S, M, L, XL, XXL        $30 EA= $_______
  Royal Plaid PJ Pants (Charter)                       S, M, L, XL, XXL        $20 EA= $_______
  Royal “Soffe” Shorts (Charter)                       S, M, L, XL, XXL        $14 EA= $_______
  Grey Sweatpants (with Charter down leg)              S, M, L, XL, XXL        $25 EA=$_______
  Royal Basketball Shorts                              S, M, L, XL, XXL        $15 EA= $_______

 Order Total:______________________ Check #: ______________________
Total received. Cash________________ Check_________________________

Please make checks payable to the CSW Sports Boosters Assoc.
      Join us for
                                                                                                                              Please join us in paradise for
                                                              Check for event updates
Charter’s biggest,                                           on the Casino Night section
                                                                                                                           The Charter School of Wilmington
                                                                                                                                  Parent Association’s
                                                               of Charter's web site—                                          Annual Spring Fundraiser
most sensational                                    

night of the year...                                                         � � �
                                                                                                                   Casino Night
                                                                Don't forget to get your
                                                                                                                    & Auction
                                                                    Car Raffle Ticket
                                                              for a 1 in 300 chance to win
                                                                                                                          Saturday, April 2, 2011
                                                                a brand new VW Jetta!                                               7 pm - 11 pm
                                                                                                                                Hockessin PAL Center
                                                                                                                          7259 Lancaster Pike • Hockessin, DE

                                                                                                             Reserve your tickets now!
  Casino in Paradise!                                                                                        Reserve your tickets by February 28 to
                                                                                                             make sure that you receive $30 in free chips!
                                                                                                             Final order deadline is March 23!

                                                                                                             Make checks payable to: CSW Parent Association
                                                      New this year...
                                                                                                             Send your check with this order form to the
  Tickets are $40 per person and include:
                                                      The CSW Derby                                          CSW office. You may send it in with your student
                                                      To add to the evening’s excitement, the CSW Derby      or mail it to:
    • Casino games
                                                      will feature ten video horse races. You will be able     The Charter School of Wilmington
    • Poker chips                                     to place bets on the horses. Winning bets will be        100 North Dupont Rd.
    • Light refreshments                              paid in raffle tickets.                                    Wilmington, DE 19807
    • Cash bar                                        You can even name your very own thoroughbred                          Please print clearly.
                                                      horse and have a chance to win the $500 CSW
    • Chance to win fabulous prizes
                                                      Derby Grand prize. The winning horse from each         Name____________________________________
      by turning in your chips for raffle
                                                      of the ten races will be entered into a drawing for
                                                      a $500 Visa gift card! The first 100 named horses
                                                      will run in a race. All additional horses will be      Phone __________________________________
  Additional events include:
                                                      entered into a drawing for a cash prize!
    • CSW Derby horse races
                                                                                                             Email ____________________________________
    • Silent auction                                  Ticket questions?
                                                      Contact Marie Botta at
    • 50/50 raffle
                                                      General event questions?                               I would like to order:
    • Car raffle drawing
                                                      Contact Regina Fody at,               # of Casino Night tickets:_______@$40 each
  Order tickets before February 28 and                Kathy di Girolamo at, or
  receive $30 of free chips. Order after              Kim Hoeschel at
                                                                                                             Name a horse:_______@$25 each
  that date and receive $20 of free chips.            The Charter Parent Association looks
                                                      forward to an evening of fun and festivity              ________________________________________
                                                      as we raise money to support our school.                (Please indicate your horse’s name)
                                                      We hope you will come!
                                                      Thanks for your support!
                                                                                                             � I am unable to attend, but would like to
                                                                                                                contribute to the fundraiser. $_____________

                                                                                                             Total amount enclosed: $ __________________

                                                                                                             Your registration will be confirmed via email.
                                  Th i s i s a n a du lt- o nl y eve nt.
                                         W H O TO C A L L t
   SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION – 651-2727                                            BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Walter J. Warner                                            Irwin Becnel, Jr.
Dr. Kurt Hollstein
                                                            Community-At-Large Representative . . . . . . . . . . . 239-4295
Vice President for Student Affairs
Jed Desmond                                                 Keith Wing
Vice President for Finance, Operations                      Vice Chair,
and Human Resources                                         DuPont Representative. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 695-7562
Donna Urban
Vice President for External Affairs                         Lynn Srivastava
Danette Day                                                 Delmarva Power Representative . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 454-4150
Vice President for Academic Affairs
                                                            Henry Clampitt
Dr. David Brown                                             Parent Representative. . . . . . . . .
Vice President for Technology and Research
Attendance                                                  Robert Fry, Jr.
Linda Schuman                                               DuPont Representative. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 774-2421
Sharon Bryant
                                                            Bruce Hough
                                                            Ashland Inc. Representative . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 995-3404
Jon Gillespie
Counselor                                                   Brian Magee
Mary Maslar                                                 Verizon Representative . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .215-351-6051
Director of College Counseling
                                                            Nancy Crain
Ryan Mitchell
Asst. Director of College Counseling                        Parent Representative. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Holly Schaefgen                                             Marsha Gilmore
Counselor                                                   Christiana Care Representative . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 623-0630
Karen Micale
Nurse                                                       Robin Lober
Pat Liberato                                                Faculty Representative . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 651-2727
Director of Technology
Chris Eddy
Athletic Director
Cathie Kennedy
Department Head, Foreign Languages
Rosemary Basquill
Department Head, English
Steve Satalino
Department Head, Math
Tom Fleetwood
Department Head, Science
Dr. David Brown
Department Head, Computer Science
Stephanie Messinger
Department Chair, Social Studies
Stewart Wilson
Department Head, Driver’s Ed, Physical Ed & Health

                                          The Charter School of Wilmington
                                              100 North DuPont Road
                                               Wilmington, DE 19807

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