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Meeting held at Brixham Police Station, Monday 10th September 2007

Chairman: Cllr Chris LOMAS
Secretary: Olive FARNHAM
Treasurer: Sgt Dave CASLEY

Attended by: Lynne ARMSTRONG-LILLEY, PC James BOWER, Tracey CABACHE,
Hannah CRUMP, Les CRUMP, Glen DARBY, Alex DRENNAN, Christine GUY, Derek
HARDY, Cllr Brian HARLAND, Megan HART, Dave HODGETTS, Cllr Stuart JOHN, Cllr
Graham SNEATH, Richard TAYLOR.

1.    APOLOGIES : Cllr Morey, Mary THOMPSON, Joan BLAKE, Norman TOPLEY

The following correction was necessary:
Friends of Furzeham Green
Lynne ARMSTRONG LILLEY reported that most of the goals set 2 years ago had been
achieved, but funds still needed to be raised to complete the re-equipment of the playground
Coaching in tennis, basketball and football was taking place at the new multi-use games
area, and FFG was grateful for the input from members of the Brixham force, especially
Jamie CREE. The perpetrators of a break-in at the Bowls Club, shortly after the new bar was
built, had been caught. FFGs efforts to get lighting installed on the path across the Green
between Higher Furzeham Road and South Furzeham Road had so far been unsuccessful.
Les CRUMP promised to take up the matter. Traffic calming was needed in Higher
Furzeham Road, and there is insufficient signage by the Green indicating children at play.
Sgt CASLEY to take up the matter with MPC Lancaster, the Road Safety Manager.
Lynne also reported that she had taken on the lead role for Brixham’s entry to South-West in
Bloom 2008. (This is separate from Brixham in Bloom as part of Bay Blooms, which is
ongoing.) Despite winning Silver Gilt (2nd prize) in 2003 Brixham has not been entered for
SW in Bloom in recent years. Last year Torquay won the Gold Cup. Any groups interested
in assisting in preparing Brixham’s entry should contact Lynne at 882202. A meeting of the
revived Town Action Group was to be held at her house at 4.30pm on Friday 3rd August.

The minutes were otherwise agreed to be correct.

Page 2, Item 5, Police report. Dave HODGETTS noted that the appearance of the traffic
bollard in Fore Street was erratic. PC BOWER believed that the job of installing and
removing it each day had been given to a parking warden but this was clearly not happening
on a regular basis. He would make enquiries.                                         JB

PC WILLIAMS was not present to give an update on the situation at Wren Court but no
further complaints had been made. The option of backless benches was discussed but found
no favour since the spot was much used by elderly residents and as a mustering point for
coach parties, etc. It was considered entirely wrong to penalise them because of the actions
of a few young people.
Page 4, Item 11. There was no news from Cllr Ellery but Nick O’Brien had resigned from
chairmanship of the Chamber of Trade. The secretary was asked to issue an invitation to
Simon Jones, as acting chairman, to join the Partnership, emphasising that in both Paignton
and Torquay chairmen of their Chambers played a significant part in the Partnerships.   OF

Treasurer’s report
       Sgt Casley spoke to the written report. Dave HODGETTS thanked the chairman for
support for the reprint of the Heritage leaflet published by Brixham 21. Lynne
ARMSTRONG-LILLEY also thanked the Partnership for the £30 given for sports trophies
for events held on Furzeham Green. Tracey confirmed that a further £2,000 would become
available. She also confirmed that money not spent in one year could be carried over to the

Requests for funding
Cop Cards scheme. Sgt CASLEY explained that it would be aimed at 7-11 year olds in
Brixham and would involve them in engaging with their local Neighbourhood Policing
Team, to be educated about road safety and enable them to develop an early informal
relationship with the police. The scheme would target 500 of this age-group and, including
their families, would constitute a very large audience. The scheme would last 9 months over
the school year from September during which time the children could obtain cards from any
of the police officers/PCSOs. The problem was one of funding. It was hoped that the Police
Neighbourhood Fund would provide half of the £2,500 cost. Sponsorship had been achieved
from Roger Richards & Co (£500) and Pontins (£500), Sgt Casley was therefore requesting a
grant of £300 towards the balance. The chairman proposed a grant of £300, seconded by
Dave HODGETTS, and unanimously agreed.

Sgt CASLEY went on to describe the Baptist Youth Project, co-ordinated by the United
Reformed Church and Brixham’s Youth Enquiry Service. The Baptist Church committee
had set up a youth club in their Bank Lane premises. URC funding would amount to
£24,000 over 3 years to allow appointment of a youth worker. The youth clubs would not be
church-orientated in any way. Cllr JOHN welcomed all efforts to engage Brixham’s
youth in worthwhile pursuits and proposed that a grant of £300 be made, again
seconded by Dave HODGETTS.

Mrs Pat OSBORN, chair of the Brixham Heritage Festival Committee, explained to the
meeting that in spite of all efforts to contain expenses and acquire sponsors, money for next
year’s festival was urgently needed. Her request for a grant of £300 was discussed and on a
motion from Cllr John a grant of £400 proposed by the chairman and seconded by
Glen DARBY was unanimously agreed.


       This item was taken ahead of the agenda since Alex DRENNAN had to leave the
meeting as soon as practicable. He reported that the Community Service Team had been
asked to carry out further work on the Skate Park and commented that they had now put in
around 50 hours by means of 5 placements at Douglas House. That said, there was still
spare effort that could be used in Brixham. Glen DARBY welcomed the team’s interaction
with people in the community but felt that it should happen under close supervision. Alex
was able to give that assurance. It was decided that all requests for the team’s assistance
should be channelled via the secretary.                                              ALL


         The performance report covered the period 1st April to 15th August over the last 4
                              2004            2005           2006            2007
Dwelling burglaries            47              29             23              10
Criminal damage               127             136            157             173
Vehicle crime                  36              44                              7
Violent crime                  95              88             87              61
Total crime                   594             575            598             576

Some incidents of damage had occurred at the Old Dairy Garage in St Mary’s Road and on
the Northfield Industrial Estate.

       Sgt Casley went on to describe the “Week of Action” probably to be known as
Brixham Spring Clean, proposed for next year which would involve police, community
groups, both councils, and individuals in making a concerted effort to improve Brixham.
Update to be available for the next meeting.


Brixham 21 now had 4 Director/town councillors, 2 of whom were also members of Torbay
Council. The relationship between the council and the partnership had still to be worked
upon and Tracey CABACHE said that Bernard PAGE as the Torbay Partnership Manager
was a resource to be used, perhaps in adopting elements from a number of options and
models. She went on to discuss a further possible submission to the Market & Coastal
Towns scheme. The last one had failed for a number of reasons - because Brixham was
awaiting the election of a town council, the fact that we already had a regeneration scheme in
progress, and the partnership was already fairly well advanced. No-one knew when the next
scheme would be on the table but we would certainly be well prepared to make another bid.

      Richard TAYLOR reported that persistent legal problems had held up the transfer of
responsibility for allotment gardens.

        Lynne ARMSTRONG-LILLEY wondered when the town council would take
responsibility for public toilet provision. It was unreasonable that the toilets at the old
Furzeham putting green were abandoned because not used, when there was a need for a toilet
facility at the other end of the site. The chairman said that responsibility for provision could
well happen in the future but in the meantime Cllr JOHN as a Torbay councillor would take
up the matter of the Furzeham Green needs.                                                   SJ

Planning Les CRUMP said that shortage of time for mounting objections to applications
was a bay-wide problem. He would try to get agenda items to Brixham council in good time
for comments to be made before the next Torbay planning committee meeting. Site review
had been extended to include Brixham councillors as well as a district councillor where a
number of objections had been made.                                     LC
Friends of St Mary’s Park Megan HART reported that they had had a few comments
about the Happen’n, chiefly from residents in Eventide bungalows, but the day had
otherwise been successful.

Friends of Furzeham Green The Shipwreck was installed and was due to be officially
opened on Thursday at 6.0pm. The children are very keen. So far it has not been
vandalised. A teenage group sit in it in evenings and some residents have been worried
about this in connection with drug dealing. The situation would be improved if the
requested lighting could be installed. Ian Carney was looking into the matter but we
understood that the responsibility was with parks department and not highways. Whose
responsibility was it?

Neighbourhood Watch PSCO CREE is taking it forward. There needs to be an appropriate
system in place in the next 2-3 weeks. In response to a concern from Cllr JOHN, Lynne said
that the lighting was not intended for a playground, only for a path.
Cllr JOHN was asked to expedite lighting.                                        SJ

Traffic calming in South Furzeham Road PC LANCASTER said that road conditions
did not comply with the need for this. He and Sgt CASLEY would apply to Torbay Council
Highways Department for erection of “Children at Play” signs.                CL/DC

In relation to Spring Clean Brixham, John SMITH referred to the rickety fence at the
Northcliffe site and asked whether the owner could be prosecuted for lack of maintenance
and leaving the site vacant for so long. The chairman will look into this.         CL

Brixham in Bloom
Lynne reported that the first meeting it had been decided to try to get hold of a small boat, to
hold plants and flowers at the entrance to the town. They would be glad to hear from anyone
who had one. In town the watering system was a problem, inspection had revealed that re-
instatement was not possible. The group was trying to get some co-operation from
businesses in the town to erect and maintain flower displays but empty shops meant that
there would inevitably be gaps. The next meeting would be held on 12th October at Ann
Jones’s house, 22 Great Rea Road.


Joan Blake, secretary of the Broadsands & Elberry Residents’ Association had let us know
that the street weeds, etc had as yet received no attention from either Torbay Council or the
Probation Unpaid Work Unit.


Glen DARBY explained that he was standing in for Norman TOPLEY. They were trying to
enlist PCSOs’ help in filling in gaps in numbers of schemes and local co-ordinators. They
hoped to compile a data base. 48 schemes were at present active.

John SMITH reported that the Horticultural Society were planting plants and bulbs at the
Cheshire Home. The plant container at Bolton Cross had not been replaced in its old,
satisfactory position. Richard TAYLOR will discuss and investigate.                      RT


Chris GUY reported that the latest tea dance had been highly successful. The Beacon
Wheelchair Dancers’ contribution had been especially welcomed and proceeds from the
event had netted £100 for their funds. The perennial problem was lack of funds for YES.
Dave HODGETTS proposed and Cllr JOHN seconded a grant of £300 which was
unanimously agreed.

Chris went on to describe future plans which included an aim to initiate a recall therapy
programme in old people’s homes; opening the skate park for younger people, etc. The
anniversary of the opening of the skate park would be celebrated with a barbecue between
11am and 2pm. The older teens had received prizes. On a general front over 300 issues with
young people had been dealt with, the chief issues were health and challenging the young
people with a variety of situations. The Brix Awards were scheduled to take place on 19th
March 2008.


Derek HARDY described the problems being experienced in Gillard Road. The installation
of traffic signs at the Centry Road and the Berry Head Hotel ends of the road had resulted in
de-restriction at the centre where Landscove Camp and his own residence were being badly
affected by speeding drivers. He requested speed restrictions and speed humps at the
entrance to the single-track stretch between “Due South” and the entrance to the Berry Head
car park. PC LANCASTER said that all restrictions were the business of the highways
deparment and were impossible to enforce, particularly at the time of night being mentioned.

Dominic Acland and Nigel Smallbones of the Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust were in
agreement with residents’ proposals since the Head suffered from overnight speeders,
drinkers and drug users. Derek said that they all felt that engineering solutions were the
answer, possibly with gates at either end of the problem stretch. PC LANCASTER
undertook to install covert speed monitoring equipment for a 1-2 week period, for which a
power source would be necessary.                                                     CL

   Tracey handed round leaflets with a suggestion that we all submit one as a protest against
threatened cuts in the fire and rescue service cover.


Monday 10th December 2007, 7.0pm at the Police Station, Rea Barn Close.

There being no further business the chairman closed the meeting at 9.35pm.

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