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					                                                            Rice & Associates
                                             Legal Advocates in Ecclesiastical Law
                                     Independent Legal Technicians, Clergy and Teachers
                         Lot 57 On the soil of the East half of Northeast quarter and the East Half of the
                         Southeast quarter of Section twenty-five in Township four North of Range one
                               West of The Gila and Salt River Meridian, Arizona [or Post through]
                                                  C/o: SIMPE, Corporation Sole
                                               9163 W. Union Hills #105-30; near
                                                            Peoria [82]
Telephone: (623) 825-1887
Facsimile: By Request
Shawn Talbot Rice Overseer (blessed to advocate in Law by The Ecclesiastical Court of Justice (ECJ No. 601900)) and
Associates. The Partnership principals are not members of the BAR [British Accreditation Regency, a description of those
individuals operating by license agreement in the British Common Law based equity system] Association. The Company
principals have given notice and/or have completed the process of re-vesting their birth right title of themselves to themselves
from the alleged express, revocable, reversionary, grantor trust known as the cestui que trust of the UNITED STATES [of
America, refer to Diversified Metals case USDC 93-405-E-EJL] Corporation in the nature of the Doctrine of the Law of Future
Interest. They are operating in accord with Genesis 17 and the acknowledging contract therein known as the Declaration of
Independence. The Declaration of Independence recognizes man’s unalienable Right to contract. The Declaration of
Independence was acknowledged by the British Crown [et. al.] in the Treaty of Peace of A.D. 1783. The Partnership has
given notice to UNITED STATES by and through its subsidiary corporate states via the Corporation Sole filing process with
the requisite Secretary of State and/or the Corporation Commission as applicable.

                               F.F.D.&R. 2.0 Seminar Outline (January 19, A.D. 2004)

The following is a generic outline of subjects that are taught at the current Federal Full Disclosure and Remedy.
The phrase “Federal Full Disclosure and Remedy” is a phrase that was originally coined by Shawn Talbot Rice in
A.D. 1998. This term is freely available for use by any other instructor. This term was originally coined to
illustrate a metaphor in the mind of the American that the Federal “government” does not provide clear full
disclosure into the workings of how and why the “system” operates and the word “Remedy” is used to illustrate the
availability of a workable remedy and alternative to the system of Social Security, et. al. as created by those
orchestrators of “The New Deal” and other “Deals.”

Warranty/Guarantee: Instructor warrants and provides a guarantee to the student that if the student follows the
requirements stated in the student contract that student will be able to understand how to:

          1. Decrease or eliminate the majority of income taxes
          2. Drastically reduced or effectively eliminate personal income taxes
          3. Have an operational understanding of the manner in which the New World Order operates
          4. Increase the practical benefits, privileges, Rights, remedies and duties outlined in Biblical scripture
             from Genesis to Revelation.
          5. How to better use government Lawyers (a.k.a. Attorneys) in everyday relations
          6. Avoid investment entanglements with improperly formed organizations for the function intended and
          7. To understand how and why certain offshore investments require certain qualifications beyond the
             abilities of U.S. citizens.

A written essay is required as the application. Said essay must be in student’s legible handwriting; stating who
they are, what their intentions are by attending this course, where they are from, why they want to attend, what they
want out of this course/expectations, and where the student would like the course to be taught, if not in Arizona.

A written as well as an oral examination is required upon the student’s comfortable completion of required tasks
and entrance into certain agreements to avoid “system” entanglements. Instructor will be available for a “best-
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effort’s” one-on-one consultation basis, at instructor’s prior arranged telephonic or in-person discretion, for a period
of two years for the 50k program after the initial training period. This will be done in an effort to ensure that the
student has a clear understanding of the course material in order to employ it accordingly without major
catastrophic incident. Student understands that data is for educational purposes only. Whether or not student
employs said data is at student’s discretion and peril. Student further understands that those persons holding office
in “government” especially United States and United States of America offices have a tendency to be arbitrary and
capricious in their dealings through agency relationships.

Phase I - 40 Hours of Instruction

          Bailment by student for Phase I is $4,000.00 in current legal tender. Student has the option of purchasing
          two entities (Corporation Sole and something else (Trust, Partnership or Corporation Aggregate)), formed
          and filed for student with instructions as to operation at a cost of $4,000.00.

          Note to prospective student: Instructor is Shawn Talbot Rice. Course is taught in the [Phoenix] Arizona area.
          Student will be required to arrive on Sunday and depart on either the following Saturday or Sunday. If student makes
          arrangements for early arrival on Monday or early departure Friday night then instructor will not teach student. Prior
          reading assignments are mandatory – no excuses or exceptions. Read prior or do not come for that session. Course
          will be taught during the day only. Nighttime is for either student/instructor rest or student self study in student paid-
          for room. Course cost is for instructor time at $100 per hour (current legal tender) and for costs of providing course
          facility, videotaping, vending costs, and other support costs. If student believes that course is too expensive then
          instructor hereby informs student that student should not attend.

          Day 1

                             Entities
                             Structuring
                             Word Definitions listed and taught throughout course of Instruction
                             Pros/Cons
                             Taxes – the jurisdictional nexus and the geographical nexus
                             Estate Planning Fundamentals
                             Offshore Strategies
                             Note: to prospective student – the first day will generally be worth bailment of the entire
                              course, alone, as the student is not versed in this data will be able to save bailment from tax
                              avoidance (versus evasion). If nothing else, by the end of the course, as comments from
                              most students indicate, they sleep better when they understand the reasons why the system
                              operates the way it does regardless as to whether or not remedy is executed. “Peace of
                              mind is typically a result of the course of study.” STR

          Day 2, 3 and half of day 4

                             Hierarchy of Agreements
                             Case Law Principles
                             Maxims of Law
                             Numerous Cases demonstrating Law Maxims
                             Legal Research – Principles and Practice
                             Word Definitions listed and taught throughout course of Instruction

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          Day 4 – Second half (“bleed-over” to day 5 depends upon ability of student(s))

                             Remedies
                             Mail
                             Home
                             Income
                             Driving issues – hidden
                             Insurance
                             Agency relationships
                             Introduction to Basic Banking – Domestic and Foreign procedures for account opening,
                              operating and closure agreements
                             Credit
                             Administrative Agencies licenses
                             Principles of Revesting Title and Social Security Termination
                             Investment – foreign and domestic (training only – investment promotions will not be
                              provided) – SEC pitfalls, regulations, Howe Doctrine (Memorandum of Law provided),
                              Domestic and Offshore principles, Biblical precedents
                             Real Property tax fundamentals
                             Dealing with utility companies
                             Escrow remedies when purchasing Real Estate with examples
                             Introduction to Medical Alternatives to AMA system
                             Doing business with “government” – the Arizona example as provided by STATE OF

          Day 5 – Administrative and Judicial Remedies

                             Remedies review
                             Affidavits – ascent, consent, personal knowledge vs. information and belief, elements
                             Collateral estoppel by record, judicial estoppel – example 26 USC 6331(i)
                             Some Uniform Commercial Code principles and pitfalls – example UCC 3-311
                             Billing
                             Business
                             Criminal Court Avoidance
                             Issues of Judicial Representation and assistance – the differences, the contracts, the
                              Common Law, Equity and Admiralty functions
                             Presumptions when sued by or suing United States of America
                             Presumptions when sued by or suing United States (and limitations)
                             Differences between law, equity and admiralty
                             Introduction to Basics of court evidence
                             Civil procedure basics and a comparison to Forms of Action of pre-Erie
                             American vs. British court practice differences
                             How, if able, to return an action from admiralty to equity to law and to commerce
                             Introduction to the Biblical paradigm as it operates today
                             Administrative Procedures Act – Principles of Operation and Practical fundamentals
                              including administrative litigation

                             Corporation Sole – principles, formation, examples, individual development, history,
                              remedies and pitfalls as well as execution and performance (do’s and don’ts)

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Phase II - 40 Hours of Instruction
Time of course depends upon student’s ability to absorb course material
Instructors prepared to teach for Five (5) full days if necessary for student data absorption

Biblical Course

Day 1

0800 - 1700
                   Overall Biblical History – review of all 80 books – most bibles today only have 66 books
                    General Overview of the Biblical Outline – Old and New Testament

                   Biblical Research tools available – logos, Jewish Book of Why I and II, Strong’s Concordance,
                    Hebrew and Greek Interlinear, Lexicons, Bible Works, Davka Hebrew conversion software

                   Old vs. New Testament as they relate to today’s world

Day 2

                   One day Torah review provided by instructor Uri Harel – Hebrew, encryption, nuclear language
                    training, frequency harmonics – full day (Scottsdale, Arizona at the Center for Biblical Hebrew)

Day 3

0800 - 1200

                   Legal defenses
                       a. The Treaty of Verona
                       b. Law conversion to private international equity by individual contract using international
                       c. Romer vs. Evans – the alleged “culture war” and how to keep it a culture clash vs. a war
                       d. Sir John David McKaylis and his 4 Volume Legal Treatise on Homosexuality
                       e. Why the Homosexual movement will end. Why it always ends and why it tends to take
                            each society with it as it self implodes. The Sodom and Gemora model.
                       f. The role of the Pastor in the American revolution
                       g. The flaw in the “501(c)(3)” filing and its real clash – not a tax issue – a philosophy issue –
                            list of other authors available

1300 - 1700

                   The American Societal “Cultural Airplane Crash” – historical patterns, linear examples, pattern
                    analysis of two previous societies’ implosion and the comparison to the American version of the
                    cultural/social “Airplane Crash” as it occurs around the student.

                    Note: Includes four (4) hours of videotape from PBS purchased for each student for use in class or
                    after hours as homework – students choice – Instructor recommends students watch tapes prior to
                    class on either Tuesday or Wednesday night.

                   American Religious Case law studies – review of case law affecting religious rights in America

                   Jural Society Model – law form discussions and future student study possibilities in students local
                    community – how that model affects students everyday life without his current knowledge –

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                    Roman Commercial Law merger with Hebrew Ecclesiastical Law Forms and there enforcement
                    effects in today’s secular world

                   The Ecclesiastical Court of Justice
                       a. Comparison to current Universal-Circle-Secular-Court-System
                       b. Various courts available and practicing
                       c. The Jewish model for the “Get” for divorce
                       d. The Catholic annulment as opposed to the divorce
                       e. Contract disputes within a Biblical common unity (community)

Day 4

0800 - 1700
Instructor Kristin Rice

                   Two House doctrine

                   Torah vs. Talmud – VERY generic and general in discussion – a comparison

                   Jew, Gentile, Christian and Israelite described from various perspectives

                   Stephen Collins data discussion with copy of his book provided, overview and book review

Day 5

0800 – 1200

                   Case law references and concepts in protecting religious issues in a secular world
                   Brief Introduction to Keely Principles of frequency harmonics and how they affect students
                    everyday world

1300 - 1700

                   Introduction to meaning of “Execute on Exodus” and what it means to Israelite believers
                   Question and answer and overview

Note to student: This course is a must to better understand the Biblical “controls” of “the system”
operators. Some of these principles are described in the book by F. Tupper Saussy, “Rulers of Evil.”

Phase III - 40 Hours of Instruction
Banking – Theory, Practice, Origins, Operating Principles and Practices in Today’s World
5 Days
Instructors prepared to teach for Five (5) full days if necessary for student data absorption

Day 1
              Sources of materials
              Research sources
              History of Banking in a nutshell. Brief Only
              Religious Groups historical banking practices
              Government Documents v. Private Documents – why they sometimes merge
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              The Banking Families – House of Rothschild, Rockefellar, Carnegie, Melon, Perot, etc.
              Banking Family Enforcement organizations – What to avoid and how to live in peace.

Day 2
              UCC Fundamentals
              Filing Procedures
              Prerequisites to filing secured notices
              Flaws in Government alleged Secured Notices – how to correct them from both Government
               perspective and from private perspective – how to operate around them from both sides

Day 3
              World Banking
              Bullion Banking – Most Known Bullion Banks and their uses
              What is Bullion? What is currency? What is Functional Currency? How to use either.
              Setting the law form in Law and Equity agreements by using different forms of “money”
              What is money? – T. Cushing Daniel.
              What is debt? What is Credit? Mechanics of each.
              Collections.
              Opportunities in the Collections arena.

Day 4
              Investing
              Types
              SEC Rules and Acts – Howe Doctrine – Aggregating Unlicensed “Don’t Do it!”
              “Catch me if you can”
              Introduction to How to get licensed with State Securities and SEC
              US Currency bank principles and their evolution – “Theory and History of Banking” by
               Charles Dunbar
              Alternative Banking – how to hold substance in alternative forms and storage options

Day 5
              Functioning in Today’s world
              The BioChip/Verichip – American Express “Blue” card precursor to cashless society –
              The “Black” Card
              Electronic “Footprints” – Investigators Techniques
              Banking On-Line
              Banking in person
              Banking Security techniques

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Phase IV - 40 Hours of Instruction
Everyday Medical Course
How to Survive in the New World Order
Instructors prepared to teach for Five (5) full days if necessary for student data absorption

Brain Storm List
  Insurance: PPO, HMO, Hey where’s Moe?
  Assurance:
  Naturopathic Health vs. Allopathic Health. Examples: Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. John Christopher,
     Dr. Loraine Day, Dr. Hulda Clark
  Staying Healthy – “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”
  Diet – American vs. Everybody else?/ Weight Lose / Candida Cleanse / 12 hours diet and nutrition
  Food Storage Today and Sources
  Politics of Diet and the Report from Iron Mountain (1960’s) – abortion, pitfalls medicine,
     psychological & spiritual pitfalls
  Raw: To Eat Raw or Not to Eat Raw
  Mega Corporations – Planned or Acidental Poisoning? Ex: Monsanto, Nabisco and Aspartame
  Immunizations – Avoiding, taking and simple remedies. ADD, ADHD, Ritalin, etc.
  Colloidal “Fill in the Blank”
  Water – Isotopes, Isotopes, Where did they go? Your Body’s many cures.
  History of AMA. American Cancer Society v. Big Business, Fast Food Nation
  Supplementation – quality of supplements
  AIDS – Organized Immune System destroyers
  Doctors Available –
  Religious Groups aiding in Healthy living
  Torah and Kosher/Kashrut – What is it?
  Dr. Mair ? of Tucson
  Everyday Psychiatric techniques to maintain sanity in a world gone secular
  Laws of Nidah
  Health Maintenance for the Complete Idiot?
  Alternative Tests: BTA, Kinesiology, Iridology/Sclerology, Reflexology, and more
  Easy Exercise
  Vacation – RE-Create

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                             Requirements are specified in Phase I
                             Termination of Social Insurance Agreement/Revest Title of the Cestui Que Trust –
                              Explanation provided in Phase I Training – day 4 and/or 5 depending on student
                              speed of comprehension
                             Bailment is TBD in current legal tender (rates for this service are subject to
                              increase without notice)
                             Administrative Phase may take up to six weeks to complete after student provides
                              requisite data through General Information Form
                             Revesting Judicial Collection phase may take months or even years, if successful at
                              all (no guarantees). Each judicial action is on a basis of contingency and for sole
                              and exclusive remedy. Each judicial action may include a judicial non-disclosure
                              agreement (to be determined). Previous reported payouts have been very large.
                              Proper estate planning is encouraged.

50k Program – Includes Entity Structuring:

              All four courses
              Two Year, 50k program includes nine (9) entities – 6 in US and 3 overseas (choice of student)
              Two Year course includes 80 hours of counseling/consulting support – use it or lose it.
              Any on site travel expenses covered by the Student on retainer basis

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Talbot Rice Ovs
SIMPE, religious corporation sole
Attempting to improve and learn daily

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Instructor: Shawn Rice,
has spent in excess of nine years developing course and materials. Instructor has completed course of
study with Barristers’ Inn of Boise Idaho, has graduated from Kaplan College of Legal Studies of Boca
Raton Florida, and is licensed to advocate by The Ecclesiastical Court of Justice. Studies by instructor, in
capacity as, instructor, student and researcher continue daily unabated. Therefore, description of duties
by instructor is that instructor “is engaged in the study of law – Biblical and secular.” Quote from
Captain Marsh, USMC (Summer 1985 in Quantico, Virginia, Officer Candidate School) to Shawn Talbot
Rice, “The day I cannot learn something from a private in the Marine Corps is the day I should quit.”
Resume Available upon request.

Instructor: Kristin Rice, Master Herbalist

Instructor: Uri Harel, Hebrew Teacher

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