Big Sandy prepares to confer 87associate degrees on students by gjmpzlaezgx


									                                                                                 OF THE WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD
VOL. XI, NO.6                                                                                 PASA DENA, CALIFO RN IA                                                                                       MAR CH 21 , 1983

Big Sandy prepares to confer
87 associate degrees on students
   B IG SAND Y - Gr ad ua ti on                     M r. McC ullough was the lirst            plcrin g a minim um ( If 66 se meste r
plan s to co nfer associate of arts an d       de put y c ha nce llo r in Big Sand )          hou rs . \ Ir. \1c C ullough said .
associa te o f scie nce degrees on 87          servin g from 1964 to 1973. S even                 Students" ho a re g radua ted wit h
stud ents arc se t for Mav II in th e          st ude nts we re g raduated on t he            an ove ra ll grade poi nt average o f 3. 2
campus field house. said evangelist            Tex as campus in 196 5.                        or better will be gr adu ated wit h dis -
l eslie McCu llough. dep uty chan -                 M r. A r mst ron g. chancell or o f       tinct ion sta tus. Studen ts grad uated
cellar of th e A m bassador Co llege           both t he Pasade na a nd Big S and y           wit h a grade point ave rage o r 3.5 or
cam pus here Mar ch 10 .                       cam puses.a ut horized th e reo pening         bette r " ill be co nferred high dis-
    M r. M cC u llou gh. interviewed by        of th e T e xas ca mp us Fe b. 19 . 19KI .     ti nc t ion stat us a nd st ude nts wit h a
tele phon e by The Worldwi de Ne w...    .     as a two-year coll ege . Th e doo rs           J .8 or bette r will receive high est dis-
sai d t hat t he Big Sandy ad m inist ra -     swu ng ope n for 192 st ude nts Au g .         tinc tion sta tus .
tion and faculty hopes t hat Pastor            20 . 1981.                                         M r. M cCull ough not ed t hat 15
Gen era l H erbert W . Arm str on g's               Acc or din g to th e Big S an d y         grad ua tes will be selec ted to contin -
sched ule allows him to cond uc t              Regist rar 's Office. 6 5 sophomores           ue their col lege ed uca tion in th e
commence ment exe rcises.                      will be gra d ua ted with assoc ia te of       four-ye a r bachelor or a rts prog ram
    Big Sand y A mb as sador C ollege's        a rt s degrees in th eology. II with           a t Pasaden a Arnb assud or C ollege.
last com me nceme nt was Ma y 12.              assoc iate or scie nce degrees in dat a            " We ho pe to a n no u nce their
19 77. when III bach elor of ar ts             processing a nd II with assoc iate of                 (See DEGREES. page 61
degre es were confe rred . The cam-            scie nce de gr ees in busine ss .
pus was then a fou r-year institut ion.            Graduati on is cont inge nt upon
The Texas ca mp us was con solida ted          st ude nts main tain ing at least a 2.0
with Pasad ena in the fall o f 1977 .          g rade point average base d on com-

Membership serves Wo rk
in troiting-room program
             By Je ff Z ho rne                 edema . a nemia and a heart conditi on
   PASADENA - From doc to rs'                  finally proved too much .
and de nt ists ' offices to auto a nd mulf-        Meri de n. C onn.• bre th ren have
ler shops. thou sand s or Plain Truths         p ick ed up wh er e Mr s . Fr an co
are being d ist ributed by bre thren in a      stopped . and th e waitin g-room pro-
nationwide waitin g-room program .             gram in tha t part of Co nnect icut is
begun in May. 1980 .                           under the dir ection of Me l S pearm an
    Boyd Leeson . U.S . Plain Trlllh cir·      of the Me rid en church .
c ulatio n manager. said t ha t distri bu t-       The progr am in U nion. N .J.•
ing Plain Tr uth s in waitin g room s was      whe re J ames J enki ns se rves as pas-
a logical step afte r the newsstand pro-       tor . de rives mu ch of its momentu m
gra m.                                         from Pat Ca ffu reli . who. on M ar c h s.
   "U sually we send one copy eac h            10 a nd I I. made more t ha n 600
mont h for everybod y in a wait ing            calls .                                        JAPAN E S E RECEPTION - Top ph oto: Pa stor Gen era l Herbert W . Arms tr ong greets on e of hi s Japanese sons at
roo m to read," sa id M r. Leeson . " O f          " Abo ut 80 per cent of th e places I      a re cept ion bef or e a Feb . 16 dinner Mr. Armstrong wa s host to in the Imperial Ho te l in Tokyo . Japan . Above . Mr.
co urse peo ple ca n't take t hem home.        ca lled sa id yes to receivin g the maga-      Armstrong en c our ag e s th e g roup . c o mposed primarily of Japanese Diet (parliament) members . to pr om ote and
unless a newssta nd is set up in th e          zine : ' sa id Mr . Caffareli. Befor e         pr otect their famil y valu e s . Th e Diet member s a ls o d is c ussed present and future p roje ct s o f th e Ambassad or
waiti ng room - and some have been.            m akin g a se r ies of ca lls, he asks God     Foundation and Amba ss a do r College . (Photos by Kevin Dean]
But they ca n take ... one of t hre e          to open doo rs, "and it usu all y co mes
subsc ription card s in th e magazine."        out ve ry we ll." he sai d .

                                                                                              MPC list s money-saving steps
   S ince it s incept ion almost three              From the bcg inning ofthe wait ing-
years ago . 69 5 donor s. 19 5 co-wor k-       room program in 198 1 in the Ne w
ersand 17 membe rs ha ve bee n added           J e rsey area to Feb . 28. 13.887 calls
(as of M ar ch I ) becau se o f the U.S .      were made. said Mr . J enkins.
prog ram . sa id M r. Lee son .                    " Mo re th an 8,000 of th ose have
   " A bout 40 per cen t of the est ab-        conse nted to receiving Th e Plai n                       By Rich ar d J . Rice              mail ca nnot be re placed if los t or                • Usc indexed envelo pes for a ll
lishm ent s we cont act conse nt to            Tr uth ."he added .                                PASADE NA - Th e W ork                    stole n. Us ing a che ck a lso makes it         donatio ns. S e nd ing your contribu-
rece iving th e magazin e," he sa id.              Ele anor Pede rsen . who lives in          st rives to eco nomi ze by st re tc hing      eas ier to ba la nce your records with          tion s in th e en velopes label ed with
" which re pr esents 150 .000 wai ting         St at en Island . N . Y .ccompiles list s of   ever y dollar as fa r as poss ible in pro-    the itemi zed receipt s MPC reg ula r-          your nam e. ad d ress a nd inde x num -
room s."                                       na mes from t he Ye llow Pages tele -          cla imi ng th e G ospel. Th e following       ly send s .                                     ber ena bles MP C to pr ocess them
                                               phone d irec tor y.                            proced ures show what ca n be done                                                            more efficiently a nd ensu res mo re
         Fourt h-la rges t sou rce                 Sh e first goe s throu gh the Y ellow      by me m ber s to assis t the M a il Pro-            Rich ard J . Rice is directo r of         acc ura te recor d kee ping fo r r e-
    Beh ind tel evision . Plain Truth          Pages co unty by county, then al pha-          cessing Ce nte r ( M PC) in more effi-          th e Wor k 's Mail Processin g                cei pts .
newssta nds and Plain Truth sub-               bericall y. ca lling doc tor s. d ent ist s,   c ie ntly se rving th e Work .                  Cente r and a pastor-rank minis-                   Also. keep in mi nd th at donat ions
scription issues. th e wait ing -room          law yer s . ps ych olog ist s . mu ffl er          • Ple ase notify Mail Pr ocessin g of       ter.                                          a re c red ited to the perso n whose
progr am is th e fourth-lar gest source        shops, beaut y parl or s, veteri nari a ns.    add ress c ha nges . Kee ping MP C up                                                         envelope is used . not the person who
for gaining new Plain Truth subscrib-          acco unta nt s . optic ia ns a nd other        to da te with your c urr e nt address             Ple ase make sure t hey arc prop-           signs the c heck or mone y order .
ers, with 68.704 added in 1982.                establis hme nts.                              will help you to recei ve all lit er atu re   erl y filled out by incl ud ing the c ur-            We a pprec iate those of you who
    Past ors in th e U nite d S ta t es            In C or pus Ch risti. Tcx.. 16 br eth -    a nd cor respo nde nce. If yo u plan to       rent date . giving the sa me writt en           wa nt to save t he Wor k mone y by
rece ive a ma nu al describi ng how to         re n placed 320 calls in Februar y. 34 1        move. please give as m uc h adva nce         dolla r amou nt as the numeri cal               su p ply ing yo ur own e nvel op es .
inst ruc t C hu rc h member s in ca lling      ca lls in J anu a ry and 209 ca lls in          notice as possib le. Be s ure to give the    am oun t a nd prope rly signing t he m.          Howeve r. it is ac t ua lly less expe n-
prospe ct ive pro fession al offices.           Decem ber with 70 per cen t requ est-          da te your address c hange will be               A sur pr ising num be r or c hecks          sive to process th e prelabc led one s.
    " T he program is espe cia lly effec -     inga Plaifl Truth subsc ript ion.              e ffec tive .                                 arr ive inco rre ct ly filled out. Th ese            • Be sure you r acc ount has suffi-
t ive becau se wom e n in the C hurc h             Li ndb e rgh Lane y. a deacon in t he          Most or th e W ork 's publ icati ons      mu st be re tur ned at a n add it iona l        c ie n t fu nd s to cove r d on a ti on
who a re a t hom e during th e day have        Co rpus C hr ist i c hurc h. coo rd inates     arc se nt by the mor e economic al            expe nse lot he Work as well as to th e         che cks . Boun ced c hec ks. which ar e
more o pport unity to ma ke ca lls th an       th e progra m un der past or Robe r t          thi rd-class mail and a rc rout inel y        memb er .                                       or no value beca use th e re is not
me n." sai d J ohn La S issc nie r e.           FloresJ r .                                   d isca rde d by t he pos t office when            • Ind icat e to which fun d I,O U a rc      enou g h mone y in t he acco u nts t hey
assis ta nt to M r. Leeso n.                       Abou t 60 C hu rc h mem be rs too k        they cann ot be de live red .                 co ntr ibut ing . suc h as firs t tii he a nd   arc " nncn on, a rc a se rious pro b-
                                                part in ca lling Pasade na establish -            • Use ca re when pre pari ng tithes       offe ri ngs, ass ista nce (t hird ti the)        lem . Not onlvcan no mc ne v be c red-
            P rogra m pione-ers                 me nts. acco rdi ng to Wa yne Pyle.           a nd offer ings . C hec ks a nd mone y        a nd bui ld ing fund. Unclea r or inac-          ited to t he \Vork's acco unts. but the
    In th e first two mo nths of t his         coord ina tor of t he Pasadena pro -           ord e rs should be made payabl e to:          cu rate bre akdowns ca use del ays and          se nde r also has to be not ified abo ut
 year. 64 5 new Plain Tru th subscr ib-         gr am . " We calle d ma ny places back .      " Herbe rt W _A r mst ron g. a corpora-       e t her prob lem s. C hecks ma y be held         it.
 ers have bee n added in Co nnec tic ut         a nd the tot al re spon se was abo u t a u    t ion sa le:' T he mailing add ress is:        for up to six week s before process-                 It is bett e r not to give at all. or make
 alone. said Mr . LaB isson ier e.              perce nt : '                                                    P.O . Box 4 J I              ing. wh ile ~ 1 P C co ntacts the mem-         a smalle r donat ion. than to send a bad
    A pioneer of the wai ting-room pro-             We' re ready for the Los Angeles                        Tu cson. A Z 8570 2              ber a nd wa its for a respon se. W ith         che ck. Holy Davc hecks at the Feast of
 gram in the grea ter New Haven .               (Calif.) a rea. M r. Pyle added . " It' s          It i:o. bes t to ma ke vour ccnu-ibu-    cle a r brca kdow ns . all offe rings ca n       Tabcrnaclcsur e dc positcd at the Feast
 Conn.. area. Fr ances Fra nco. 67.             virtually unt apped . with thousa nds of      no ns bv c hec k or monc v orde r. as          be P U ( to usc in ( : \.)(1'.'1 Wo rk more     site. so they sho uld be valid on th e day
  helped implemen t th e pr ogr am . until      doc tor s' offices alone."                    co ins o~ c urr e ncy se nt throu gh the       q uickl y.                                                  (Se e MP C. pa ge 6 )
2                                                                                                 The WORLDWIDE NE WS                                                                                       Monday , March 21 , 1983

                                                                                                                                                                                                         o riented G rcen Party has sec u red

Bonn: Chancellor Kohlfaces stormyfuture                                                                                                                                                                  feder al re prese ntat io n. They won 27
                                                                                                                                                                                                         sea ts . Th e G reen s ha ve pr o mised to
                                                                                                                                                                                                         figh t the missiles "i n pa rl iament and
                                                                                                                                                                                                         in th e stree ts."
    PAS AD E N A -           W a shin g to n         Barring an unfore seen ag reement            wor se than in a ny of the preced ing                 " T he ca mpa ig n pro ved th at {So-                " T his is go ing to be a very hot
was please d . Fr anc e breath ed a sig h        be tween t he U nited States and th-             five elections since 1961 ... T he                 vie t Com m unist Part y C hai r ma n ]             yc ..r," sa id J oa chim W ernick e ,
of reli ef and M oscow was gravely               Soviet U nion, t he tt r st Per sh ing 2         most painfu l blows to the SPO wer e               Y uri A nd ro pov isn't t he sop his ti-            sc ie nti fic ad vise r of the G reen s,
d isa p po inte d . S implifi ed . th ese        a nd cruise miss iles are due fo r               deli ve red in it s traditional st ro ng-          cated strategist he 's bee n cracked                sho rt ly after the elec t ion . " Th er e
wer e th e for ei gn reac t ions to th e si z-   d e pl o ymen t in W e st Germ any               holds : the urban , work ing-class ccn -           up to be: ' a na lyze d M ort on M .                will be blockades of depl oyment
able victo ry c ha lked up by C ha nce l-        begin ning in Decem ber.                         tors. T he S PD eve n lost th e sta te of          K ondr ake in the M arch 10 Wall                    sites. Th er e wi ll be block ing of U .S .
lor Helmut Kohl in W est G e r -                     Mr. Kohl ass ure d the voters that           Nort hrhi ne-Wcstphalia . its stro ng-             S Iren j ournal. " In spite of his ea rly           mi lita ry transpo rts . Th er e will be
many' s Mar ch 6 nati on al elec t ions.         while he su pported U .S . Presiden t            est redo ubt in t he ind ust ria l hear t-         lead , Mr. Andropo v blew th e elec-                parli amen tar y a nd nonp arli amen ta-
    M r. Kohl' s Christ ian Dem ocrats.          Ron ald Rea gan' s ze ro-o ptio n plan .         la nd ."                                           tion . H e en courag ed Mr . Vogel to               ry action to stop th e dep loym ent. "
togeth er with th eir Bavari an a llies.         he was not inflex ible. tie eve n to ld                                                             move so far to ward M osco w o n                        T hr ee W est G e rman peace mo ve-
th e Ch rist ian Soc iali st s. plu s the        the vote rs o n e lec t ion eve he had                    Moscow 's tactics fail
slipping Free Dem ocrats, won more               information th at the Un ite d St at es              Th e So viet U nio n had pub licl y
th an 55 per cent of the vote . Thu s            would soo n pro pose a "com mo n-                su ppo rt ed the SPD's Vogel during
Mr. Kohl' s center-right govern-                 se nse" co m prom ise o n the co ntro-           t he el ect ion cam paig n. Mosco w was
ment was g ive n a co ns idera ble man -
date from the West Germ an elector-
ate to continue its moderate -conser-
                                                 ver sial iss ue, lead ing to a so-called
                                                 " interi m a greement " wit h the
                                                 So viet s.
                                                                                                  t herefore disa ppoin ted at t he out -
                                                                                                  co me.
                                                                                                     Surprised by the sizeof the defe at
                                                                                                                                                       WI)RLDWATCH    BY GEN E H. HO GBE RG
vative polic ies with reg ard to th e                                                             of "their ca nd ida te, " th e Sov iet
economy and foreign rel ati on s.                   Crushing defeat Ior Mr. Vogel                 U nio n warned th e gove rnme nt in
   Mr . Kohl weather ed some bad                     The ele cti on proved to be a di sas-        Bonn that any depl oym ent of new
economic new s th at broke o n th e eve          ter fo r Mr. Vogel , the Soci al Dem o-          Am erican mi ssil es o n W est G erman
of the election - th e re por t th at a          c ra tic ca nd idate. In th e cam pa ign,        ter ritory wou ld "d a mag e the enti re           Eu ro m issile policy th at th e SPD los t          me nts procla imed su ppo rt of t he
reco rd number o f We st G erman s -             he de empha si zed heart-and-cor e               co m plex of rel ati on s" - incl udin g           c red ibility with vote rs .                        Green ca use. They promi sed hun ger
more th an 2.5 million - were out of             eco no m ic matt er s, gambling ins te ad        formidabl e t rad e ties - between                     " T he n, for so me reason , Mr .               st rikes and tax str ikes in wh at one
work in th e Federa l Republic 's                o n the peace (a ntim issile ) issuei n an       Bonn a nd M oscow .                                Andro po v c ut the g rou nd from                   act ivist termed " a pea ceful civil
wor st rece ssion to dat e .                     att e m pt to win back defect o rs to the            As the el ection d rew nig h, W est            und er Mr. Vog el by switc hing tac -               wa r" to block ade the mi ss il e s
   The c ha nce llo r co nvinc ed the            fa r left , radical Green Party.                 Germ an s , includin g ev e n so me                tic s, deemphasizing carrots a nd tak -             deployment.
voters that, bein g onl y five months                He lost o n both counts . The vot-           Social Democr ati c su ppo rte rs, had             ing up sticks - or , rather, sled ge-                   (B avar ia 's Fr an z J osef S trauss
in office, he was not to blame . He              ers reje ct ed th e SPD econ omi c plat-         beco me increas ingly per tur bed ove r            hammers .1t wasn 't full y repor ted in             has referred to th e Green s as be ing
poi nted to wh at he called m isman -            form a nd th e G ree ns got in a nyway.          Soviet meddlin g in the ca m paig n.               the U.S., but So vie t threats ag ainst             litt le but Mosc ow' s eat's- paw insid e
ag eme nt by 13 yea rs of Soci al Dem-               "Impressi ve as it was," wrot e                  A Bonn gov ernment spo kes ma n,               the Ge rmans we re c rudely brutal.                 West Germany, a charge th e Gr een s
ocratic-d om inated governments .                J osef J offe in th e M ar ch 10 Wall            Ju ergen Sudhoff . lambast ed wha t                O ne Novosti a rticl e sai d th at ' blind          vehemently rej ect. T he G reen Par-
   The c ha nce llo r was also able to           Street Journal: "C ha ncel lor H el-             he ca lled t he " mass ive and hitherto            fa it h' in the U. S. by Mr. Kohl would             ty, Dr . Strauss says , is like a to mat o:
diffu se the charge by his o p po ne nt,         mut Kohl's triumph ... is perh ap s              unprecedented manner" of Soviet                    lead G erman y to ' t he nuclear ga l-              It sta rts out green - but ends up
H an s-J ochen Vogel, t ha t he was a            less dramatic than the dev astatin g             inte rference. He referred to, a mo ng             lows .' ..                                          red.)
warmongering "missile c ha nce llo r"            defeat of hi s S oci al Democr atic              ot her e xam ple s, a G erman-lan guage                                                                    Despite his im press ive vic to ry
                                                                                                                                                              The G reen cha llenge                      C hance llo r Kohl will thu s have his
bec ause o f his su ppo rt of the 1979           rival s. Ca ptur ing o nly 38.2 perc ent         broadcast o n Radio Moscow that
NATO plan to upgrade NATO's                      of th e vote , the pa rty of Will y              predi cted soc ia l unrest in West Ge r -             The bigge st challenge for Mr .                  hand s full t he re mainder of 19lB ,
nuclear weapons .                                Brandt and Helmut Schm idt d id                  man y if Mr. Kohl won .                            Kohl , how ever , co uld he fro m with -            es pec ially through wh at co uld be a
                                                                                                                                                     in the federal parli ament in Bonn .                long hot sum me r. Wr iting in th e
                                                                                                                                                     For the first time in their br ief exis-            March 8 Wall S Iren Journal. Gor -

                         _-                                                                       co unte r. co me ac ross." As members              te nce , th e a ntie ve ryt hi ng yo ut h-                    (See F U TU RE. page 61
                                                                                                  of G od 's C hu rc h w e c e r ta inly

                                                                                                  sho uld not manufacture t rials .
      ':;"'"\~I'        Jwt 01tfJ rn.o\e ~L; ... n
                                                                                                       Tri als ar c ref erred to as "v a rious"
                                                                                                  or m u ltico lo red -          th e y are as
                                                                                                  di ve rse 3.<;the sha des of co lor of the
                                                                                                                                                     I Letters                                    TO THE EDITOR                                             I
             -                          By Dexter H. Faulkner                                     rain bow . Peter uses the sa me word
                                                                                                                                                     'Ch ildren's Corne r'                               as the joys if I take notes on a small note
                                                                                                  in I Peter I:6: "You have be en                        As a parent of two voune boys f 3 and           pad a, I read. then it is easier for me to
                                                                                                  grieved by various tr ials."                       6) and as a member of God's Church. I               pray about them in a more orderly man-
                                                                                                       Th e trials we face a re not all alike;       deeply appreciate the effort you make to            ner. Like the conditions of our brethren
                                                                                                  th ey a re like varie gat ed ya rn that            write such useful stories for the " Chil-           in Haiti and the trials and hardships of
                                                                                                  the weaver uses to make a n expe n-                dren 's Corner : ' It helps so much to be           Goo's ministers in Ghana and other
How to convert lemon s                                                                            sive rug . God arra nges a nd mix es
                                                                                                  th e colors a nd ex pe rie nces of life.
                                                                                                                                                     able 10 read examp les of Chris and Deb-
                                                                                                                                                     bie to my sons so they can learn from
                                                                                                                                                                                                         countries where their very lives are in
                                                                                                                                                                                                         grave dangers constantly.
                                                                                                                                                     their example and from their encounte rs                                      MaryB . S tein
                                                                                                  The final product is a be autiful
                                                                                                                                                     with Satan 's world.                                                       Columbus, Ohio
    A wr iter on the Editori al sta ff           good c hee r, I hav e ove rco me th e            thing for G od to view a nd use for
                                                                                                                                                         Recently we read the " Different Chil -
                                                 world " (John 16:33) . Paul tell s us            eternit y.
br ought a bag of lem on s to the otlic e
from an overl oaded lemon tree in his            "we mu st thr ough mu ch tribulation                   My famil y a nd I o nc e visited a
                                                                                                                                                     d rcn" story [De c. 131.11 apparently had
                                                                                                                                                     the intended e ffect . My son, Tony, who            Q uick hel p
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            " " "
backya rd . We a ll en j oy ed th em ,           ent er th e Kingdom of God " (Acts               weave r on t he way to th e Feast o f              is in kindergarten, had a friend as k him if           Thank you so much for your continu-
especially since the y were free . On e          14:22) .                                         T abernacl es. W e watch ed se ve ra l             he would be watching a cenain movie: on             ing ever-so -hel pfu l ar ticles . . . T he
of our sec re ta ries even mad e her                                                               men a nd women work o n the                       a Saturda y morning.Tony said. "No" -               latest one (Jan . 24) is especially helpful.
boss a lemon meringue pie . Mmm                                Facing trials                       lo om s . I noti c ed th at on th e                he wou ld be at c hurch. His friend                " Develop God ly Patience." It is exactly'
                                                                                                   und er side s of the r ugs th e pa t-              remar ked in amazement that "no one                w hat I need at this time. Believe it or not,
good! Th is sti m ulated a th ought.                 T rial s occ ur in var iou s forms .
                                                 Some trials com e acc o rdi ng to o ur            terns wer e o bsc u re a nd the loo se            goes to church on Saturd ay!" But Tony              sometimes it is hard to recognize impa-
    Perhaps you have seen the bump-
                                                                                                                                                      replied that he d id - " That's why I'm            tience in one's own self. I really thought 1
e r stic ker th at reads : " W hen life          age. Young people, for example,                  end s of yarn dangled . " Oh pleas e
                                                                                                                                                     diffe rent!"                                        was quite patient. People often told me
ha nds you a le mo n, make le m -                face tri al s th at acco m pa ny th eir          don 't j udge th e work er s o r th e                                                                  so . You did point out some helpful signs.
                                                                                                                                                                      Mrs. Charles Hillerson
onade!" It is easier to sm ile a t th at         d evel opm e nt in to ad ult hood a nd            wo r k by look ing at t he wrong                                    Council Bluffs, Iowa              I file your editorials for quick help to
sta te ment th an to practice it , but the       test s th at com e through learning to           side ," our guide told us .                                                                            bring to mind these thing s when I for-
basic philosophy is sound .
    Past or Gener al Herbert W . Arm-
                                                 keep und er co nt ro l their natural
                                                 desir es a nd bodil y appe tites.
                                                                                                        In the same wa y, we look at the
                                                                                                   wr on g side of life: o nly G od sees th e        Pralerlist
                                                                                                                                                                      " " "                              get.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Anne Panella
st ro ng has qu oted it, and in fact it is           Older peopl e (an yon e 17 yea rs             finished pa tte rn. Let's not judge                  Th e World ... de ,ve ....-s is also a great
                                                                                                                                                                       i                                                       Browns Mills, N.J.
biblical.                                        o lder th an we are ) a re not e xempt             Him o r Hi s W ork fr om what we see             help in keeping one's prayer list growing
    Recorded throughout th e Bib le              from th ese sa me tri al s, since the bat-        in this life toda y. G od 's W ork is not         and changing. One can also thank our
are pe opl e w ho turn ed defea t int o          tle aga ins t sin doe s not g row easier          finish ed ye t!
                                                                                                                                                     Heavenl y Fath er for intervening in the              ~bt ~orlbwibt fttW5
                                                                                                                                                     lives of our brethr en world wide in a tre-
victo ry a nd tri al into triumph .              as we gr ow old er. Furthermore ,                      The key wo rd in J ames 1:2 is                                                                                CIRC UL ATION 51.500
                                                                                                                                                     rnen do us way.
In stead o f be in g vi ctim s , they            ad d it io na l tri als com e with old age,       co unt . It is a fina nc ial term , a nd it          Each is..uc brings the reality close r to         The Wo rldwid e New s is published b iweekly.
be cam e vict or s.                              wh en th ings we wer e once ab le to do            mean s " to eva luate ." Pa ul used it           me that we . as me mbers of God's                    exc e pt du ri ng tne Churc h·s annu a I Fall Fe etr-
    T o live suc cess fully in th e world        we ca n d o no long er .                          seve ra l tim es in Philippian s 3.               Ch urch, arc one big family - God's                  val. b y the Worldwide Ch urc h 01God . Copy -
a nd de vel op as C h ris tia ns, we mu st            S peci fic t rials com e a lso with va r-         Wh cn Paul was co nve rted he                Family. \\ 'e arc all striving for the same          rig ht CI 1983 W orldwide Churc h 01 God. A ll
know how to face up to tri als ( le m-           ious respon sib iliti es of life. Par ent -       eva luate d his life and sci ne w goa ls          goal-, in our lives. no ma tter where we             righ ts reserve d

o ns) . Over th e yea rs I have found t he        hood. for example, is glo riou s a nd             and priorities. T hings that we re               may live or .... hat situation ..... e may find      Editor in chl.f: Herbert W Armstrong
                                                 exciting in pr ospect , but in reality it          o nce im portant to him be came gar -            o urselvesi n.
book of J am es to be a real source of                                                                                                                                           Pauline Earl
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ma n ag in g e d itor: Dexter H Faulkner
e nco urag e me nt a nd instruc tion o n          brings its own tr ials when child re n            bage . When we face th e tr ials ofl ife.                                                                                    la
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Se nior editor: She< Graham associate edi·
                                                                                                                                                                              Beau mont . Tex.
 thi s su bjec t. One sc ript ure in pa rti c-   a re ill o r d o not respond read ily to           we mu st evalu at e th e m in th e ligh t                                                             tor: Tom Hanson . layout editor: Rcnald
                                                                                                    of wh at God is doing with us.                                                                        Grove news e ct to r: MIC        hael Snyder . fea·
 ular.                                           c hild reari ng. J ob pr om o tion is a tr e -                                                          Anot her t ....o wecks gone so fast. 11 0"'"
                                                                                                                                                                                                          l u res: Jeff znome. sta ff wr i t er : Geo rge
                                                  mendous enc ouragement , but the                      Thi s e xplains wh y the dedi cated ,        I do appreciate The Worldwide Ne ws.                 Hague . " l o c al Chur c h Ne w I " edi tor: Oe!OI'
      Att it udes a re all-importa nt             respon sib ilit ies it brin gs may be             co nc e r n e d m ember o f G od ' s             :".:e....-s of the gro w rh of the Work is more      SChroeder editori al aSlistant : Sandi Borax
    "Count it all joy when yo u fall             over w he lming .                                  Ch urc h can ha ve joy in th e m idst of         exciting with each issue. I am reminded              composition: Don Patrotk . Wendv S~ , Debboe
                                                       Becau se we are G od 's "sca ttered "        tri als: He or she lives fo r th e things        of many things to pray about.                         vaveiac. ph o t ography : G A se a   ocneJr . Craig
in to var io us tr ia ls" (James 1:2,
                                                                                                    th at matter most.                                                            Elsie Turkovskv         Clal k, Nalhan Faulkner , Barry Stahl, ci rc ulation:
Re v ised Auth or ized Ver s ion ,                and not God's "s he lte red" as J am es
                                                                                                                                                                                  The Dalles, Or~.        Eileen DennIs pr o o fr ead er : Peter MOOl'e
throughout) . J oy? You 've go t to be            I : I e xplains, we mu st ex per ience                 Tr ial s. therefor e, pro pe rl y unde r-                                                        No tice : tr e wooawo e News caooot be
                                                  tr ia ls . W e ca nnot a l w ays ex pect          stood , ca use joy . W e a re now in a
kidd ing . Ordin ari ly we co unt it all
joy wh en we esca pe tri als a nd tem p-          eve rything to go our way. Som e tria ls          pos it ion to appreciate Jame s' o pe n-          Fanutvlcne r
                                                                                                                                                                       * " "                              -esooosoie tor me return 0 1 cosoic.reo arl,c l",s
                                                                                                                                                                                                          and orotoqrecns
                                                                                                                                                                                                          SUBSCRIP TIO NS : Subscnct-oos are senl
tat io ns. Rig ht ? But are we missing            co me simp ly because .....e a re st ill           ing word s: "My br eth re n co unt it a ll          T h~ WS is some w hat like a family              automa totally to the members ot Ihe wooowoe
so me t hi ng?                                    human - sickness , acc ident s, disa p-           jo y whe n yo u fall int o vario us trials"       kit er thai is passed among family mem-                     h
                                                                                                                                                                                                          ChlMC 01 GOd AOdIess all Commut'llC    aloons 1  0
    Outl ook det erm ine s out com e ,            poi ntm e nts, even tra gedi es.                   ( I :2). Perh ap s the most im po rta nt         bers, ~ y father's family had suc h alcne r          tre woaawae News, Box 11t . Pas adena , Cahl
a nd att it ude determin es ac tion. God               O ther tri al s co me becau se we a rc        lesson ..... e mu st learn fro m wh at           for many years as long a.. most or the 13           91 129 Add,lIonal ma ,~ng oeces Bo x 44, Stal,on
                                                                                                                                                      ramily member.. .... cre living.                     A. Vancouv er. B C V6C2M2. Caf\3da Bo x l t l
tell s us to ex pec t tr ial s. It is not tf      G od 's ch ild re n. S at an fights us dai -       J ame s sa vs is t hat t he benefit we
                                                                                                                                                         Weare anxious to kno.... the .... elfare of      aceeearowocc. Herts . WD6 lLU. England Bo x
yo u fa ll in to vario us tes ti ngs. bu t        ly, t he wo rld o ppos es us and t his             rece ive Irc m trial s de pen ds to a                                                                 202. Buoeqn Heads , Oce ensiaoo . 4220. s csua .
                                                                                                                                                      our family members ..... ho make up the
 wh en yo u fall into va rio us tcst ings.         mak es for a life battle .                        large degree u pon how we look at                                                                      a
                                                                                                                                                                                                          lo Box 2603 , Mamla 280 1, Ph,hppmes, Bo x 2709
                                                                                                                                                      Bod yof Christ and to share thei r joys and
    Th e mem ber of God 's C h urc h                                                                 th em a nd th e spi rit wit h wh ich we          sorro......., and to see how w e should con-
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Auckland I. N" w Zealand
                                                          Tria ls a re mu lticolored                  han d le them .                                                                                      ADDRESS CHANGES : US c hang es a t
 who ex pec ts his or he r C hristian life                                                                                                            duct our prayer.. 10 God on their behalf.            accress are hand led autom a" ca 1 w,m Plalfl
 to be easy is in fo r a shoc k. C h rist             In J a mes 1:2 th e phrase "ful                     Rer cau the boo k of J ames . Tu rn            The W ,\' tru ly fills a need and we               r'fith changes 01addres s Pos tmaster Plea s.'
 wa r ned Hi s d isc iples. "In the wo rld        in to" d ocs not suggest a stu pid.              'yo ur lemon .. ( trials ) into lem on ad e        would be lost in some ....av.. without it. I         sero Fo rm 357 9 to The Wo r!dw 'O" N('w s. Bo «
 yo u wi ll have tri bu lati o n: but be of       clumsy acci de nt. T ran sl ate it "en-            (tr iu mp hs) .                                  tind it easier to pray for the trials a.~ .... 1
                                                                                                                                                                                                   e1      I t ' Pesaoeoe Cal,1 9 1123
Monday, March 21, 1983                                                                     The WORLDWIDE NEWS                                                                                                                           3

                                                                                        Revelation 16: 16) . On to Nazareth by way ot Cana (John 2) to visit
                                                                                        syna gog ue (luke 4 :16) only . Ca tered fish lunch on Galilee shore
                                                                                        included . Tour ruins at Capernaum (Matthew 4: 13·17) and travel
                                                                                        a long weste rn end o f Se a of Galilee. Sl op at southern end 01 Ga lilee
                                                                                                                                                                                               It's Photo
                                                                                                                                                                                         Coruesc Time!
                                                                                        to wade int o u", ...... 0 rilver. Drive do wn Jordan Val ley 10 Jeru sal em
                                                                                        thr ough Jerich o . Evening ser vice at omme Hotel.
                                                                                             Tueanay, Sep t . 27 - Je ru sal em - Mornin g vis it 10 Western
                                                                                                                                                                                           For all Y outh Opportuni t ie s
                                                                                        Wall of Temple Mount , EI Aqsa Mosque . Dome o f the Ro ck (site of
                                                                                                                                                                                        U nited shutterbu gs. i t's your ti me
                                                                                        the fir st and se c ond temples) , and Jerusa lem ar chaeol og ical exca -
                                                                                                                                                                                        of year again. Th e N ati onal YO U
     Pastor General Herbert W . Armstrong has appro ved Jerusalem                       va tio ns. Return to hotels. Afternoon service at laromme Hot el.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Phot ogr aph y Contest for 19M3 is
 as a 1983 Feast site for God 's Church. Arrangements have been                         Sp ec ia l evening reception at Laromme Hotel for the e nti r e Festival
                                                                                                                                                                                        now o pen. Participant s have until
made for 600 people to o b se rve the Feast there .                                     gr oup played host t o by the International Cultura l Cente r for Youth
                                                                                                                                                                                        May 15 to send in their ent ries.
     Brethren from the United Stales and Canada desi ring to transfer                   (ICCY) .
                                                                                                                                                                                           Foll owin g is a sum mary of cc n-
 to Jerusalem must have their church p ast or approve their transfer                         Se c ond- tim ers o n ly - Jerusalem - Early walk through Heze-
                                                                                                                                                                                        test rule s:
 and sign the co upon on this page . Brethren from outside the United                   kiah 's Tunnel (II Kings 20:20; n Chronicles 32 :30) to the Pool of
                                                                                                                                                                                            I . Entrants must be YOU members
 States and Ca nada sho uld make immediate applic ation through                         Siloam (John 9:7,11). Enter Old City through Lions (St . Stephen 's)                                    in good standing
 thei r country's regional office . 00 no t use the coupon o n this page .              Gate. Visit Pool of Bethesda (John 5: 1-9) and the remains of For -                                2 . The name , age and address 0 1
 Th e respective F est ival r egi on a l offices will then contact Gil To urs           tress Antonia .                                                                                         the entrant, as well as the cete -
 in P hila de lphia . Pa .• by telex to re ser ve space . Non-Unit e d States                W edn esd ay , Sept . 28 - Dead Sea ar ea - Early morning                                          gory entered must be listed on
 a nd no n-Can adi an br et hr en will receive information and a re se rva -            departure tor Masada , stopping here for catered lunch . Swim in                                        the back 01the entry.
 ti on co upo n for approval di rec tly fr om Gil To ur s.                              Dead Sea at En-Ged i (I Sa muel 23:29). Visit Qumran (site of                                      3. Negatives or slides must ec c cm -
     All U.S. and Ca nadian bret hre n sho uld use the cou po n below .                 Essenes' settlement and d iscovery of the Dea d Sea Scrolls) . Tra v-                                   pany all entries .
Per son s more th a n 65 yea 'rs o f age an d those w ho ha ve phy sic al               e l to Je ric ho t.. . vis it ruins of J erich o and Eli sh a ' s Spring. Ret urn to               4 . Entries mus t be 5 inches by 7
                                                                                                                                                                                                inches or lar ger .
 disa b ilities must inc lude a ph ys ic ia n' s stateme nt ce rt ifyi ng the y a re    Je rusalem. Eve ning service at l ar omm e Hotel.
                                                                                                                                                                                           5. Co lo r ent ries may be shot on
in goo d heal th and a b le to c limb ste ps and walk lo ng distances.                      Second-timers only - Tel Aviv area - To ur Gezer (J o shu a                                         either negative or slide film .
Th e se p er son s mus t also na me a trave ling co mpa nio n on th e co u-             10:33: I King s 9: 16 -17) e n route to Tel Aviv, passing Ram la a nd lod                          6. All entries beco me the property 01
po n bel ow .                                                                           (Lyd da of Ac ts 9:32 ). Tour Dia sp or a M useum and lunch in one of Tel                               YOU. Negatives will be returned
     Se nd th e co mple te d co upo n with yo ur p a st or ' s ap prova l, s ig na-     Aviv's restau rant s (c o st incl ude d). After lunch vis it Ja ffa (bibli c al                         only when a stamped, eett-
 ture , appropri at e do cum entati on a nd $1 50 d ep o sit (in U.S. funds ) t o       Jop pa of Jona h t:3; Act s 10 :5) .                                                                    ad dresse d envelo pe is incl uded.
 Git To urs, Suite 9 46, 16 17 JFK Bl vd ., Phil adelphia, Pa ., 19 103, t o                Thursday, Sept. 29 - Last Great Day , J eru sal em - Morn ing                                  7. W inners w ill be noti fied by mail .
the att e ntion of J an Sc hwa it . Th e t oll-tree phone number is 800 -              and a fter noo n se rv ices, with c ate re d lunch at l ar omm e Hot el for                         Th is year's contest wi ll again be
2 23-385 5. (Th e non -toll-tre e numb er for th o s e in Pennsylvani a or             entire gro up. Evening fr ee.                                                                    orga nize d i nto t wo di visions -
out sid e th e Unit ed Sta tes is 21 5 -568 -6 65 5 .)                                      Friday, Sept. 30 - Depart for Amm an (J or dan ) ac ross AUenby                             black and white. and color photo-
     Thi s ye a r a choice o f t hree hotel s is offe re d, and pri ce s for the       B ridge and return hom e or co nt inue o n op tiona l pos t- Feast t our s .                     grap hs. Both or th ese divis io ns wi ll
ba si c tr ip o rig ina ting fr om New Yo rk City ar e as follows : Delu xe :               OPTIONAL EXTENSION A - Jo rda n (A mman, Je ras h, Petr a) -                                have the fo llowing entry categories:
l a romme Hotel - a new five-sta r hot el at libert y Bell Park , within               Sept. 30 t o Oct . 4 .                                                                           (I) human i nte rest . (2) natu re, (3)
wa lki ng d ist an c e of th e Old City. Fa ciliti es incl ude swimmin g poo l,             For $230 per person / do uble rate ; $315 sing le ra te ; $ 165 pe r                       hum or ous, (4) unusual, (5) portrait,
co ffe e sho p, fitne s s ce nte r, haird ressers , sho pp ing a rcade, ai r-          c hil d 2 -12 yea rs .                                                                           (6) action and (7) general subject.
co nd itione d room s . Pr ice: $ 1,32 5 per person /do ubl e rat e ; $ 1,575               Price incl udes: transfers from b ridge, ho tel , air po rt; fo ur night s'                    Each photog raph may be entered
si ngle rate ; $1,310 per person / tri p le ra te; $8 8 1 pe r c hild 2 -12            accommodations at the de lux e hotels Ho lida y Inn and Reg enc y                               in onlyonecategory. A n entrant may
years" : $725 land o nly (air fare no t inc luded). (L and -only p rices are           Palace; conti nenta l br ea kfa st and dinn er da ily; porterage a nd ba q -                    enter photos in no mo re rhan five
listed for info rmat io n of those who will be traveli ng to Isra e l fro m            gage hand li ng ; tip s t o gu id es , d rivers and hote l staff; entra nce fe es               d ifferent catego ries and may submit
ot he r ar eas of the worl d .)                                                        to s ites; bridge an d ai rport tax es and permit s ; full-day t our of Petra .                 a maximum of rwoentries in anyone
     Supe rio r: Mor iah Hotel - a mode rn fo ur-s tar hotel just a three-             inc ludi ng box lunc h and snack; half-day tour of Jaresh.                                      category . This li mi ts each entrant to
minute s' wal k from the l ar om me Hotel. F ac ilit ie s inc lude air-condi-               Friday , Sept. 30 - Arrive in Amma n across Allenby Bridge .                               a maxim um of IOentries.
tioned ro om s. coffee s hop and restaurant. g ift sho p . Pr ic e: $ 1,195            Afternoon and evening f ree .                                                                       Entries tnis year will again be
per pe rso n /d oubl e rate; $ 1.345 single rate; $1 .176 per person /                      Sabbath , Oct. 1 - Amman - Full breakfast . American style .                               j udged by a panel of professional
tri p le rate ; $865 per c hi ld 2·12 years· ; $555 lan d only (air fare not           Afternoon services . Evening free.                                                              photographers from the Work's
inclu de d) .                                                                               Sund'ay , Oc t . 2 - Petra - Ea rly departure for Petra (box lunc h                         Photo Services Department. First,
     Europ e an: Kings Hotel - a four -star Euro pe an-sty le hotel wi th              included). Tour Petra . Depart late afternoon for Amman , arriving                              second and third place winners will
mod era te accommodatio ns. a 10-minu te wa lk from the La romme                       late evening .                                                                                  be chosen in each category of both
Ho tel. F ac ili ti es include air-conditioned room s , gift shop, coffee                   Monday, Oct. 3 - Jaresh - Morning fr ee. Early afternoon                                   divisions, and a best all-around pho-
shop a nd re st aur ant. Pr ic e: $1 , 165 per person /doub lerate; $1,285             depart ure for tour of Jaresh . Return to Amman early evening .                                  tog raph will be chosen i n each divi-
si ngle rate; $1,1 49 pe r person /triple rate ; $665 pe r child 2-5                        Tuesday , Oc t . 4 - Depart Amman for home or optional Vienna                              sion . Only one entry per person in
yea rs": $865 per child 6 -12 veers": $525 land o nly (air fare not                    extension D.                                                                                    eachcategory will receive an award .
inclu de d) .                                                                               OPTIONAL EXTENSION B - Greece (Athe ns , Hydra, Po ros ,                                       Send entries to:
     ·If anyo ne will be accompa nied by a child over age 12, please                   Aegina , Cori nth, Mycenae) Sept. 30 to Oct . 4 .                                                    YOU National Photo Conte st
contact Jan Sc hwa it re gar d ing fa mily p la n prices . Infan t s under 2.               For $499 per person / dou ble rate ; $599 single rate; $399 per                                       300 W . Grecn St.
10 per c e nt of ai r far e.                                                           child 2-12 years.                                                                                       Pasadena, Ca lif., 91129
     The above p rices incl ude : roun d -tri p air far e ; round -tr ip tra ns-                                          (See JERUSALEM . page 61
fer s ; ba ggage ha nd ling and porteraqe: 10 night s ' accommo da -
tions; brea kfast and eve ning mea ls da ily; fo ur lun ch e s; tips to
d rive rs, g uides and hotel staff; ai rpo rt a nd brid ge taxes and pe r-
mit s ; sched ule d sightseeing ex penses and site e ntra nce fee s ;
                                                                                       r-----------------------------------i         WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD
                                                                                                                                     1983 FEAST OF TABERNACLES
pe rs o na l t ot eb a g and passport hol ders.
                                                                                                                                     Reservation Coupon for Jerusalem
                                    Iti n e rary
                                                                                            Na mefs }                                                                                A ge (~)---------
    (N ot e - Fo r those who have previous ly bee n to th e Je rusalem                      Address                                                                                                                                 _
Fe a st site, a " Se c o nd-tim er s Only" it iner ar y is av ailable.)
    Monday, Sept. U;. - Evenin g de pa rt ure fr om New Yo rk.                              City                                                 State                     -L. ip
                                                                                                                                                                             7                                              _
    Tuesday, Sept. 20 -             Afte rnoo n a rriva l in Amm an , Jor da n.             Home Pho ne (                       Bus ine s s Phon e (
Tr a nsfer to Isr ae l ac ross Allen by Bridge. Evenin g free.                              Acco mpa nying c hild re n: Nam e s                                                                                                 _
    Wednesday , Sept. 2 1 - Jerusalem - F ree day . Even ing                                _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - 'Age s                                                                                   _
se rvice at l aro mme Ho tel.
    Thursday , Sept. 22 - F irst Holy Day , Jerusalem - Morni ng                            Do yo u wish connecti ng flight s between yo ur home and New Yo rk? Yes                                      No,                        _
and af te rnoo n se rv ices at l ar o mme Hot el , with ca tered lunch fo r                 If yes , nearest air port toyourhome is,                                                                                        _
enti r e grou p. F e ast film sched uled to be s how n in evening .                          Optional Exte ns io n (p lease c ircle):
   Friday , Sept. 23 - Jerusalem - Morn ing visit to Mo unt of                                                        A (Amman, Sept. 30 to Oct. 4)                 C (Vienna, Sept. 30 to Oct. 4)
Ol ives a nd Mt. Scopus for pa nora mic view of Jer usa le m and the
                                                                                                                      B (Gre ec e , Sept. 30 to Oct. 4)             0 (Vienna, Oc t. 4 to Oct . 7)
wilde rness of Ju dea . De s c end to the city through Va lley of Kidron
(Jehoshap ha t) (Joe l 3 :2) . Vis it Ga rde n Tomb and Golgot ha . Drive                    NO TE: If you a re more tha n 65 and zor have any phys ica l disabi lity , a p hysician's certifica te must be sent to
to West Je rusalem to vis it Sh rine of the Book (Dead Sea Scrolls                           Gil To urs . Please name a traveli ng companion :
exhib it) , Isr a e l Mu s eum, Hebrew University, Yad Vashem (Holo-                         Name                                                                                                                            _
caust me mor ia l) . Continue to Ho ly land Hote l to see mod el of Jeru-                    I would like to share a room with                                                                                                  _
salem at time of Christ in first century A.D. Evening service at
Laromme Hote l .                                                                             I prefer single accommodations (cost is additional) : Yes- - N o_ _
    Second-timers only - Ben jamin - Early departure to Gibeah                               I wish to purchase the optional day tour at $25 per person to : _ _Upper Galilee        _ _ Samaria
of Saul (Judges 20:5), Neb i Samwil (burial p lace of Samuel),                               - l ha ve previously attended the Feast in Jerusalem and am interested in the " Second-timers Only "
Gibeo n ( Jo sh ua ' s long day - Joshua 10: 12) and Bethe l (Genesis                        itinerary.
 12:6-8; Genesis 35 :6 ,15).
                                                                                             Enc losed is my check in the amount of $        ($150 per person, U.S. funds only) to confirm-spaces
    Sabbath, Sept. 24 - Jerusalem - Morning and afternoon
se rvices at l ar o mme Hote l. Fam ily da nce in the eveni ng .                             lor the Feast in Jerusalem. Please make checks payab le to Gil TOURS /W CG FESTIVAL.
    Sunday , Sept. 25 - Judea - Mo rning service at laromme                                  MA IL TO : Gil TOU RS , 1617 JFK Blvd .• Sui te 9 46, Philadelp hia . Pa.. 19103 -Attention : Jan Schwa it
Hotel. Afternoon vis it to B eth leh em , So lo mon's Pools , Hebron (Gen-                   TEL EPHON E: 800-223-3855 (Pe nnsy lvania 215-568-6655) TELE X: 84 5405
esis 3 5:27; I Ki ngs 2: 1 1), the glass fa c tor y . the potter and Cave of                 NOTE: Church pastor's signat ure re quired for transfer co nsi deration. No a pplication will be consi dered
Mac hpe lah ( Gene s is 23 ) . On t o Va lley of Elah ( s it e of battle
                                                                                             without signature .
b etween David and Go lia th), and Beth She mesh (associated wi th
Sa mso n's life ). Return t o Je ru sal e m o n main Te l Aviv -Jerusalem
road . (Box lunch included.)                                                                 Chu rch pastor 's signat ure'                                                                                  Date                _
    Second-timers only - Wilderness of Judea - Afternoon
de pa rt ure for Ra ch el ' s Tom b (Gene si s 35 : 19), th e Her odiu m (for-               FOR JERUSALEM FE AST COO RDINA TOR'S INF ORMATI ON :
tress so ut h of the Old City built by, an d buri al place o f, Herod the
                                                                                             I wish to pa rticipate in th e Fea st choir. I am a (ci rcl e one):
Great) and th e Etz io n Blo c k . (B o x lun ch inclu ded .)
    Monday, Sept. 26 - Free day or optional tours to : No .1 -                               sop rano             alto          t e nor          ba s s
Ancient Samaria - Price per p er son $25, lunch inc lude d. Ear ly                           t p lay pia no : (circ le one)           e xcel lent          goo d           fair
dep arture to Mizpe h . Sto p a nd vis it ru ins at Beth el (Genes is 28: 18·                I am a so loist (ci rcle one )             voca l          instrum ent al ist (l ist instru ment)
 19) and Shi lo h (Judg es 21 : 19) . On to Nabl us t o vi si t Ja c ob ' s W e ll           I a m a (c ircle one) : local e ld er           de aco n          d e ac one s s            aud iov is ual t ech nic an
(Jo hn 4:5 -9) , Mount Ge rizim a nd ruin s o f a ncient Sa ma ria (I Ki ng s
 16:24) . St o p at Caesa rea (A ct s 12) . Return t o Jeru salem . Evenin g
servi ce at laromm e Hotel . No.2 - Galilee - Pr ice per pe rso n
$2 5 , lun c h includ ed . Earl y dep arture t o t our M eg idd o (A rmag ed don ,
4                                                                                           Th e WORLDWIDE NEWS                                                                            Monday, March 21, 1983

Tackle ineffective time wasters
by analy z ing personal values
          By Jeff Zhorne                      World Report. "Si nce t he on ly              - th ose regim ented per son s who
  Your time is c o m p r is ed o f            thin g you control is the presen t            seem to have eve ryt hing in co n-
hund reds of thou sand s of major and         moment , you've got to get those              t rol ? A ctu all y they may be in
minor choices you make each year,             goals in to small part s so you can do        di stre ss. M r. La kein says su pe r-
month . wee k, day and minute .               some of them in the next hour. "              orga nized . supe r- busy peopl e who
  Professional co nsulta nts say we              To do thi s, many make a " To Do           ma ke th e most of every seco nd
make th ose de cision s becau se o f          List. " Tim e management co nsul-             wit ho ut bal ance ca n suffer wo rse
hab its and routines. othe rs' de-            tant Alan Lak e in recom me nds               t ha n someo ne totally disorga n-
mand s. escap ism . im pu lsiveness and       keep ing a list of spec ific item s to be     ized .
consc ious ac tio ns.                         don e each d ay. ar ra nging them in             The tw in time ro bbers. 'A-OfT Y
    Your use of time is a h igh ly per-       order of priority and doing impo r-           and tensi on , " ar c al most always
sona l matte r of cho ice ~ you m ust         ta nt thi ngs as soon as possi ble .          the ine vit ab le result of t ryi ng to
decid e.                                          "Don 't skip over the difficult items     do too muc h" (A m erican Man-
   "M ost peo ple co uld be 20. 30 .          on your To Do List," Mr. Lakein said          age me nt Associ ati on s manu al ).
maybe eve n 40 percent more pro-              in his book How to Get Control of
d uc tive . a nd th e ex ci ti ng t hi ng     »>ur Tim e and Your Life.                         In the o ffice , " even a mod est
a bout it is th at t hei r incr ease d pro-                                                 redu c t ion in emo t io nal te ns ion
duc tivity wou ld be more sat isfying                Managing t ime at home                 co uld prod uce a sha rp up swing in
to the m," stated R . J am es St effen , a        Ti me savers in th e home can             imaginati on , for esig ht and judg-
man agement co nsu lt ant in C on -           includ e teaching child re n to help          men t," th e manual point ed ou t.
necti cut.                                    with chores .                                     Tak e tim e to analyze fru str ati on
   Time man agem ent expe rts point               Kathryn Walker, a home eco no-            or bored om and lack of personal
to several thing s that can gr eat ly         mist , states that from age 2 "chi l-         effect iveness and accomplishment.
reduce time wast e.                           dr en can be expect ed to pick up after       " J ust as money m ust be invested in
    Pin pointing your ti me wasters is        th em selves if storage space has been        order to make money , so time mu st           TI ME MANAGEMENT - Effe c tive time ma na g e me nt is essentia l to avo id
like d iscoverin g an acne or hurt on         organized with in reach .                     be invested in orde r to ga in tim e,"        frustratio ns . Proper us e of time sho uld incl ude productive work , Bible
your bod y: " Yo u need to find out               " But the proc ess of ge tti ng chil-     the manu al adde d .                          study, restfu l s leep and qua lity time with the family .
where you 'r e hur ting, wh y you' re         dr en to feel that the y are part o f the
hurt ing and wh at ca n be done to sto p      hou sehold and have cer ta in obliga-
t he pain, " says an American Man-            tion s should begin when t hey are
agement Associati on s manu al de-            sma ll - not at age 15," sa id Mrs .          Need right p ersp ecti ve to allocate time
signed to boost time productivit y.           Walk er.
   " A ud it your time " - t hat is, find         The associ ate edi to r of Parent s
out the ca uses for lack of time and
where yo ur time is going , the manu -
al exp lain s.
                                              m a g azine comme n t ed : "Wh at
                                              ma ny mothers don 't reali ze, howev-
                                              er , is th at the bene fits th at come
                                                                                            Set priorities to conserve time
    Most experts ag ree that ever yone        fro m hav ing som e tim e to th em -
                                                                                                      By Nor ma n L. Shoaf                warned, " S ec then t hat you walk cir-       daily , weekl y and mont h ly will
should have goals in life and be con-         se lves, whether the time is used to
                                                                                               As human bei ngs, our single most          cum spect ly, not as fools but as wise .      make you a more effect ive per son,
tinually edg ing toward them . " Until        relax , read or pur sue some othe r
                                                                                            valuable physical resource is "time.          redee ming the time , because the             and you'll probably get much mor e
we dete rmine what is important and           activity of their own, ma y be more
                                                                                            And time is an area in life whe re weare      days are evil" (Ephesians 5: 15-16            done than you th ink you can ,
identify values and goals , we cannot         important in the end than those ben-
                                                                                            all truly equa l. Rich or poor, young or      Revised Au t horized Vers ion                      Don 't be af raid of scheduling
reall y plan time ," said one author.         efits tha t come from hav ing a clea n
                                                                                            old, tal lor short, sma rt or not sosmart,    throughout) .                                 your t ime . Don't th in k that it' s too
   As a C hurch member , one' s pri -         ca rpet.
                                                                                            everyone has exact ly 24 hour s each              Peter F. Dr ucker , writing to busi -     much t ro uble or that it will regi-
mary goa l, of cours e, is seekin g               "Mothers who have no time to
                                                                                            day to use as he or she sees fit.             ness executives in his book The               ment your life too much. Sched ul-
God 's Kingdom . Per sonal goals fol-         th em selves becom e very ten se with
                                                                                                                                          Hffective Exec utive . says, " No th-         ing your time will give ) O U more
low, and con sult ant s suggest ways of       t hei r husband s ... and th ey beco me
                                                                                                  Thi s article is f rom an inte r-       in g else , perhap s, di stingu ishe s        control of your life . You' will make
dealing with th em.                           irr ita ble with th eir child re n becau se
                                                                                              viewwith Th om as Root .in stru c-          effect ive execut ives as mu ch as th eir     your life happen instead of lett ing it
   " If you get all th ese goals lined        th ey have no relief ," she added .
                                                                                              to r in Ger ma n at Pasad ena               loving care of time ."                        happen to you.
up, you will see th at you have more                                                          A mbassador Cotlege and a local
                                                          'Work s marter'                                                                     The sa me is t rue of ef fect ive              You will not feel gu ilty abou t
th an you can do at anyone time ,"
                                                                                              elder in the Au dito rium P.M .             C hristians. W e need to devel op an          reading a book or magazine for a
Mr. Steffen told th e U.S . News &               Wh at a bo ut the ot her ex t reme
                                                                                              congrega tion. No rm an L. S hoaf           awe of time as a pr ecious tool. As           while when you know th e ca r needs
                                                                                              is assis tan t ma naging editor of          Mr . Dru cker says : " T he out put lim-      washin g or a dr ess need s me nd ing.
                                                                                              The G ood News .                            its of an y proc ess are set by the           You will have scheduled t ime for

Better use of tim e starts                                                                     Th is kn owled ge is of c ritical
                                                                                            importance to the true Christi an .
                                                                                                                                          sca rcest reso urce. In the process we
                                                                                                                                          ca ll ' acco m p lis hme n t : this is
                                                                                                                                          ti me."
                                                                                                                                                                                             Implementing these point s, of
                                                                                                                                                                                        course , requires self-discipline -
                                                                                            We are not going to suddenly wake                 OUf time is lim ited , and we need        character. Deve lop a sense of urgen-

with determining goals                                                                      up in God 's Kingdom somed ay and
                                                                                            wonder how we got there . We will
                                                                                            be in t he Kingdo m of God as a logi-
                                                                                                                                          to use it wise ly. How can we effec-
                                                                                                                                          ti vely manage time ? He re are th ree
                                                                                                                                                                                        cy abo ut what you do with your
                                                                                                                                                                                        time . especially "as you see the Day
                                                                                                                                                                                        app roac hi ng" (Hebrews 10:25) .
                                                                                            cal continuation of t he way we are               (I) Learn to concentrate. Devote               Divide your act ivities into thr ee
              By Alex Pec k                   ing bette r use of t ime is to set goals.     conducting our lives now.                     your enti re attention to the subject         categories:
   "Time is a different kind of               The se mu st be realisti c and practi-           Sat an knows thi s. and influen ces        at hand. Whether you are praying,                  (I) What yo u must do . If there is
resource. You ca n't buy it , sell it,        ca l.                                         our en viron ment in every way he can         per form ing some household cho re ,          a certain cutoff date for en rollin g
rent it , steal it , bor row it , loan it ,       Reflect on your pu rpose in life          to mak e us waste or misu se ou r tim e .     st udyi ng for a te st or working in          your ch ildren in school, you must
sto re it, save it . mu ltipl y it , manu-    and list long-range. lifetim e goa ls -       Lazi ness, lack of se lf-d isc ipline.        your ya rd, follow Solom on' s advice:        enr oll them by that dat e. The items
factu re it. fabr icate it, mod ify it or     includi ng plans and des ires for th e        ind iscr imina te use of tele vision and      " W hatever your hand finds to do . do        on thi s list of what you mu st do will
other wise cha nge it. All you can do         next five, 10 or more years .                 inab ility to wisely plan are all fact ors    it with your mig ht " ( Ecclesiastes           becom e you r top prioriti es.
is spen d it.                                     Med iu m-r an ge plan s are t hose        that preven t us fro m usi ng tim e in        9 :10).                                            ( 2) Wha t yo u sho uld do. The se
                                              for between th e next nths to          ways that would help us qual ify to be            (2) Analy ze where you r time             item s are tho se th at need to be done
      Alex Peck wor ks in the M ail           on e, two or t hree yea rs .                  in God's Fami ly.                              goes. Most peo ple don't realize how          bu t th at are not bound by immed iate
    Processing Center in Pasadena .                     (See TI ME . page 111                  Th at 's w hy th e a pos tle Pa u l         m uch time the y act ually spe nd at         deadlines. If you are tr avelin g to a
                                                                                                                                           vario us act ivities. For example, a         colder clim ate for th e Feast of Tab-
   " T ime is fre e. It neither inflates                                                                                                   per son who says he or she is going to       ernacles, you may need to purch ase
nor deflat es. It is not subject to                                                                                                        watch tele vision for 30 mi nute s may        a warm coat. But the re will be plen ty
d e p ress io n, rec ess io n or bo om .
Everyo ne recei ves exact ly the sa me
                                              Advance planning helps                                                                       end up sitt ing in front of th e "one-
                                                                                                                                           eyed mon ster " for two hours .
                                                                                                                                                                                        of ti me to do so before t he Feast.
                                                                                                                                                                                         Other item s may be mor e pressing
amount each day . Time is the on ly                                                                                                           Or a housewife may est imate that          now.
                                                                                                                                           it will ta ke one hour to clea n a cer-           (3) Wha t you would like to do.
aspect of our lives where we are tru -
lyeq ua l.
    " T ime is life. With eno ugh time
                                              household management                                                                         tain close t, only to find th at t he jo b
                                                                                                                                           take s th ree hou rs. T he res u lt? S he
                                                                                                                                                                                         Th is category would inclu de recrea-
                                                                                                                                                                                         t ional act ivities and other items
you can do almos t anything. W ith -                                                                                                       ends up fr ust rate d, and beca use she       that , though not absolutely neces-
out time , you're finished . To spend                  By Z. H ar lean 80tha                bil it y in cr ea ses . A lso stipulated       has other thi ngs to do , something -         sary, can add to an abundant life .
your t ime is to spend your life . Th e          I f you want to handle t he mun-           should be th e pe nalty if chores are          eit her cleaning the closet or another        The y would not take as much prior i-
way you spend your t ime define s th e        dan e but essenti al as pec ts of hou se-     not done .                                     jo b - is not going to get done .             ty as items that must or s hould be
kind of life you live. To waste your          hold management as expeditiou sl y                Enc our age everyone to clean up               Inventor y wher e your time goes.         done .
time is to wast e your life " (fr om          as poss ible. the following sugg es-          afte r him or her sel f. from snacks in         Wr ite down , for one week , every-               Remember , too, in ch oos ing
Ideas Ab out Time by M err ill E.             tions may be help ful :                       the kitch en to use of t he bathroom .         thing you do. and how much time               recre ati on al and cultural activities
Doug lass ).                                                                                 Fathers and moth er s es pe cially             you spend on each item. You may be           for yourself and your fam ily, to pick
    Each of us has been given only a               Har lean Both a is the wife of           sho uld consi de r th at their slovenli-       shoc ked! The time you spend in               activities that will be most benefi-
certai n amo u nt of time on thi s plan-        S teven Both e , pastor ofthe Par-          ness or neatn ess is a direct example           Bible stud y. for insta nce, may be          cial in perso nal developm en t. Make
et - how m uch is unkn own . Sin ce             ke rsburg. Charl eston and Hu n-            to thei r chi ldre n and an ind icati on of     m uch less th an you th ou ght , while       sure your leisure act ivities are of the
non e of us kn ows wh en ou r sup ply           tingto n. W. Va., chu rches .                th e real es tee m in which th ey hold         you may be " re laxi ng" for several         highe st qu alit y.
will run out , it is vital to mak e the                                                      th ei r mat e and ot her famil y memo          hour s eac h day .                               Jesus sum med up Hi s ow n atti -
most of th e t ime we have. Each day              Enl ist the coo pe ratio n of all fami-    bers.                                             Analyzing wher e your time goes           tud e a bout how He spent His t ime
shou ld be regar ded as preciou s an d         ly members (everyo ne lives th er e.              R eor gani zat ion could help . A          will help you set prioritie s and            when He said, "I mu st work the
should be spent in th e best way pos-          righ t ") . Con siderin g age, child ren     shelf here, a few hooks th ere and              ena ble you to plan a sc hed ule for         work s of H im who sent Me wh ile it
sible.                                         should at least make th eir own beds         some organizers cou ld mak e a big              gelli ng eve ryt hing done you need to        is da y; the night is comin g when no
                                               and clean t heir room s.                     differ ence in red ucing clutt er and           do .                                          man can work" (J oh n 9:4). Thi s is
                Se t goals                        Additional household cho res can           increasin g efficienc y.                          (3) Work o ut a sched ule. Plan-          the perspective all t rue C hristians
     A natural sta rti ng point for rnak -     be ass igned as their level of respons i-           (See PL AN N I NG . pa ge 111            ning how you will spend your time             need in managing time .
Monday , March 21 , 19 83                                                                       T he WORLDWIDE NEWS

Handicapped member combats
disability with aidfrom brethren
   8 )" Denni s and J an e)' .\1i1li J!:an     sis (i\ 1Sl. a di sablin g d isease tha t        first read the C h urch pu blica t ion.
   Y U :\1A. Ariz. - All Christians            pro gres sivel y aunck s the ce nt ra l          l'h t ' Book ofRrvvlatio n Unveiled ut
face va rious tr ials during thei r life-      ne rvo us svstcm . lts victims a rc often        l.a st ,
times . So me in G oo's C h urch. how-         forced tousc wheelchai rs and ..orne                 She explai ned : " T he re v. as never
ever , must st rugg le dail y with the         cvcnt uallv aTC bedr idd e n.                    any doubt in my mind fro m t hat
rea lities of t heir physical handi -              A fte r ,; ser ious bo ut with 1\·(S in       point for w ard . Th e hope o f God's
ca ps.                                         196 2. M rs . M cC lain says . .. , was           Ki ngdom on this earth gives you not
                                               ready to th row in the towel." Real iz-          o nly the reas on for living but a lso
    Dennis and Jane}' Milli gan                ing t hat she wou ld lose mu c h of he r         the ins pirati o n to do the best yo u ca n
  are members of rhe Y um a .                  mobilit y a nd independe nce af te r             doand rea lly e njoy it. Eve n t ho ug h I
  Ariz .. church.                              hav ing led a n act ive, a thlet ic life , she   can 't do mu ch physi ca lly, I rea lly
                                               eve n had t ho ug hts of ta king he r own        enj oy living ."
   Mar y J a ne Mc Cl ai n. a me m ber         life . " T he re was no thing to ho pe                Mr s. Mc Cl ai n is active in th e
of the Yuma church. has lea rned to            for ," she said .                                 Yum a ch urc h. S he aids in dis tribut-
cope wit h her pa rt icu lar d isab ility.         It was during this pe r iod of co n-         ing Th e Plain Trut h an d len ds a
Sh e is th e vic tim of m ult iple sc le ro-   finem ent to bed tha t M rs . McCl ai n          ha nd in Wo men 's C lub ac t ivit ies.
                                                                                                Mu ch of he r ability to rema in ac tive,
                                                                                                a cc o r d i n g to Mr s . M c Cl a in ,
                                                                                                depend s o n th e aid of o the r C h urc h

Members pull together                                                                           members in Yuma.
                                                                                                    " T he on ly way any of us can do it
                                                                                                is with a ll the hel p fro m th e breth -
                                                                                                ren ," she sai d.
to repair burned home                                                                                In s ma lle r co ng reg a t io ns li ke
                                                                                                Yuma. she feel s tha t it 's eas ie r for
                                                                                                o t he r mem be rs to keep tr ack of he r
   BOW ERSTON , Ohio - Tru e                   bo t h in th e co nst ruction bu siness,         and o t hers wh o nee d spec ial hel p.
C h rist ian brotherhood played a big          25 me mbe rs of th e co ng rega t ion of                                        ays thankful
                                                                                                    " M y praye rs a re al.....-
pa rt in putt ing a fam ily back in t hei r    t he W or ld wide Churc h of God of              t ha t t here arc so man y peop le who
hom e a fter a destru c tive fire .            C a nton [O hiol . or which th e A nder-         a re wi lling to se rve." said Mrs .
                                               son s are member s, voluntee red t hei r         M cC lain . " Hav ing lived in bigger
                                               labor . Th e wor k was co m pleted in            c h urc h a reas be fore, ) kn ow tha t
    Thi s article is publi shed b)!
                                               o ne day, s ta rti ng a t 8 o' cloc k o n th e   so meti mes th e han d icapped peopl e
  per mi ssio n of th e Harr ison .                                                             get lost. Eve rybod y t hinks so me-
  Ohio. Ne ws-He ra ld. Th e Rober t           morning of Feb . 20 .
                                                   lI alf the c re w was tearin g off t he      body e lse is go ing to do it and t hey         ENJ OYING LIFE - Mar y Jane Mc Clain o f the Yuma . Ariz., c h urc h. wh o
  Anderson f am ily att ends the                                                                      lSee DISABILITY . page 61                 su ffers from multipl e sc le rosi s , aid s in di stributing The Plain Truth .
  Canton. Ohio. church.                        roo f of t he dam aged up pe r sto ry
                                               whil e th e ca rpe nte rs wer e layin g o ut
                                               a nd mak ing th e trusses o n the jo b.
   On Fe b . 13 , a t 5 a .rn. , fir e
des tr o yed the seco nd sto ry and
roo f of t he hom e of t he Robe rt
A nde rso n fa m ily of A ze lea Road .
                                               By 5 p.m . t hat day, t he t ru sses we re
                                               in place and the te m po rary roo fing
                                               paper was o n, putt ing the hou se in
                                               the dr y.
                                                                                                Member sculpts metal into art
Bow e rsto n.                                      T he followin g day th e roo f shin-                    Bv Bec cv Tanner                        "Get 's kind of co ld in her e: ' M r .         look ing a t t hese part s a nd yo u ca n
   T he hou se has be en rep air ed a nd       g les were insta lled and th e And er -              V I CTO"R IA , · Kan. -      C url y        Le iker sa id. " M y wife a lwa ys want s          see those t hin gs reall y in the re, wait -
rer oo fed a nd th e fa m ily has mo ved       son s moved ba ck in to the ho use.              Leike r's breat h was co m ing o ut in          to kn ow how ' ca n wor k o ut her e.'             ing to co me o ut," M r. Lei ke r said.
bac k into t heir hom e .                          Th e Ca nton con gr ega tion has 280                                  s
                                                                                                little fog puffs. A nd 3.. he st ruck a                                                            " No w. you tak e thi s o ld stove leg . I
   U nde r t he supe rvisio n of H arl ey      me m ber s a nd is pa.sto re d by J ohn          bea d on his welde r that frosty mor n-                                                            go t to look ing at it a nd ... I su re
                                                                                                                                                    T his article abou t Marvin
Hofseu er of Kidr on (Ohio) an d               Fos ter , wh o wa.s a lsoon hand to he lp        ing, t he o ld-fashioned fi re wo rk s                                                             th o ug ht it look ed like a n ele phant. "
                                                                                                                                                 "Curly " Leik er, a m emb er of
Levi Tr oyer of Sugarc ree k [Ohio ].          wit h t he wo rk .                               beg an .                                                                                               Twenty years ag o. M r. Le ike r
                                                                                                                                                 t he li a rs . Ka n .. chu r c h ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    began his avoca tio n as usc ulptor . He
                                                                                                                                                 appeared' In t he Salina , Kan ..
                                                                                                                                                                                                   wo rks as the man ager of th e Sw ee t-
                                                                                                                                                 Jou r na l Feb. 6. Th e sto ry is
                                                                                                                                                                                                    W at er R a nch and sc ulpts mai l-

Wife rescues husband from ice                                                                                                                    reprinted by permission.

                                                                                                                                                    But 1\ r. Le iker . 4 2. says he has a
                                                                                                                                                                                                    boxes. lig ht fixtu res, wat er fo un-
                                                                                                                                                                                                    tai ns a nd ot he r c reat ions in his spa re
                                                                                                                                                                                                    ti me.
                                                                                                                                                motive . f o r he is a sc ulpt o r . . of               " 1 don ' t do thi s thi ng by hours,"
            By J erry Morlock                      " I don't kn ow ho w I got t he boa t        cr uly had be en wea ke ned by ra in            sorts . Not th e cl ay a nd rnarblc kind ,          Mr. Le ike r sa id. "No, it's mo re of
         a nd El iza bet h Slowik              out th er e . I do n' t k now how 1 got          an d warm tempera tures since t hc              but th e nuts-and-bolts, dr ill-a nd-         #     whe n I' ve got th e time - like o n
   G RAN D RAPIDS. M ;ch.                      him in it. Bu t I did, " she sa id.              day befo re .                                   stove kind of sculptor .                          • rainy days or when t he ra nch wor k is
Dcgina W ood b ur y doesn 't kno w                 Archie Woodburv. a retired Iac-                   H is c ries for help ca ught the               He is a creator of fantasy metal                slo w: '
ho w she save d her husband fro m              to ry wo rke r, wal ke'd onto the ice            attent ion of Dcgina. who was inside            ar t.                                                   Mr. Leik er 's fo rte is mai lboxes.
d row ning a fte r he fe ll t h roug h the     abo ut 3:50 p.m . whe n a " tip- u p" sig-       t he co uple's la kesi de ho me . With              And his worl d is o ne in whic h old                W hen he c ha rges between $ 350
ice while fishing M o nday [J a n. 101                                                          the help of a n unide nt ified ne igh -         re frig era tor pa rt s sudde nly becom e           an d $65 0 fo r a mail bo x, Mr. Lei ke r
aft ernoon .                                        Thi s article is reprin ted by              bo r, Dcgina unt ied a lt boat and         Ind ia n c hiefs. stove legs are ele-               says, the c usto mer ca n bet , .. It 'll be
    " I had unseen help fro m so me-             perm ission of t he Grand                      pushe d it o nto th e ice. as it c racked       pha nts, rake teet h beco me d inosaurs             good an d de taile d."
place beca use I co uld ha ve never              Rapid s. M ich ., Press . Archie               be low her.                                     an d impleme nt seats are turkeys.                      .. ) re me m be r the firs t mai lbo x 1
do ne it by myself," sa id W ood bury.           a nd Deg ina Woodbu ry a re                         She reac hed he r husband an d                " I do n't kno w, yo u j us t get to                       (See ART. page 1 21
67 , of sout heas t N e waygo Co unty            mem bers of th e Grand Rapids                  began pu lling him in, as water flowed
[M;ch.j .                                        chu rch.                                       into the tipping boa t. Degina sa id .
    Dcgin u. who re tired from teach -                                                               " lie had on e leg ove r t he side of
ing Ho wa rd Ci ty [ Mic h.] sc hoo l
c hild re n abo ut 15 years ago, pull ed
her 73-year-old, 225·pound hu s-
                                               na ling de vice he ha d se t u p on th e ice
                                               Sunda y ind icated t hat a fish had
                                               struck his bait.
                                                                                                th e boat:' Dcgina sta ted . " I don't
                                                                                                k now ho w he ma nage d to do that.
                                                                                                H e had a bo ut given up . H e said : 'I'm
                                                                                                                                                Decade of uniting yields
ba nd from the icy waters of E ng le-              H e fell t hr ou gh t he ice abo ut 45       going to d row n: I sai d : ' N o, yo u' re
wri ght Lak e a nd into a boat.                to 50 feet from sho re . Th e ice ap pa r-        not" ,.
                                                                                                     " I don ' t t hink I co uld ha ve stoo d
                                                                                                 it m uch lon ge r," sa id Ar chi e, wh o
                                                                                                                                                10yful' reunion with son
                                                                                                 escaped even a co ld from the o rdeal.                    B)' Emil)' luka cik                      her wit h "add ress un k nown " wri t-
                                                                                                 " S he got me in so me way . I gues s             CA LG A R Y, Al ta. - S imilar to                te n o n it.
                                                                                                 G od a lmig hty had a ha nd in it o r I        the b ib lical episode of J ac ob' s                    M rs. G riffin tr aveled to Englan d
                                                                                                 would n't be he re : '                         re un io n wit h Jo seph , Lo uise G rif-           tha t sa me year a nd tr ied to trace her
                                                                                                      Ar c hie estimat ed he was in the         tin . a membe r of God 's C h urc h in              son t hr ough the Sa lvat io n Ar my
                                                                                                 wat e r a bo ut 10 m inutes. By then ,         C a lga ry, A lta .. wa s drama tica lly            hea dq uar te rs. W ith in thre e wee ks
                                                                                                 Sa nd Lak e Resc ue Sq uad wo rke rs           re united wit h he r so n Ma lco lm last            the y had t raced him . a nd o n the day
                                                                                                 had a r rive d at th e sce ne. T he y          Septe mber, a fter be ing separa ted                befo re re tur ning to Ca nada. 1\1 rs.
                                                                                                 tossed rope s to th e el de rly cou ple        for 10 yea rs.                                      G riffin me t a nd tal ked wit h he r son
                                                                                                 an d pulled th em to shor e.                                                                       for ha lf a day.
                                                                                                      Ar chi e was treated fo r exposure                                                                 He sa id he wou ld wr ite. but no
                                                                                                                                                     Emily Luk ocik ; a me mber of
                                                                                                 at Grant Co m m unity H ospital a nd                                                               lett er ca me .
                                                                                                                                                  t he Calg a ry , Alta .. South
                                                                                                 re leased . H e was rec ove ring at ho me                                                               Fo r the next 10 yea rs M rs . G rif-
                                                                                                                                                  church. ~'rot e this article about
                                                                                                 thi s morni ng.                                                                                    fin had no idea wh er e her so n was or
                                                                                                                                                  Louise Griffin, also a Calgary
                                                                                                      T he co up le ma r rie d abo ut 15                                                             if he was sti ll a live. During th at ti me
                                                                                                                                                  me m ber, who ""as re united with
                                                                                                  years ago an d moved to th e E ngle-                                                               she neve r gave up hope , but put the
                                                                                                                                                  her son Ma lcolm, Se pt . 22.
                                                                                                  wrigh t Lake hom e abo ut the same                                                                 matt er in G od 's hand s a nd was co n-
                                                                                                                                                  1982, after waiting 10 yea rs.
                                                                                                  t ime .                                                                                            fident t hat she wou ld see her son
                                                                                                      A rchie said he spe nds mu c h of his                                                          again .
                                                                                                  time fishing, bot h in sum me r a nd              M a lc o lm lef t ho m e in 1966 ,                   O n Sept. 22 , 198 2, whi le she w as
                                                                                                  win ter. BUI he may be putt ing his            depressed abo ut his fat he r's dea th              hav ing brea kfast in he r C algary res-
                                                                                                  tip -ups away for awhile .                     a nd the breakup of his ma rriag e. In              idence, M rs . G riffin recei ved a
 LIFESAVER - De gi na Wo o db ury saved he r h usba nd Arc h ie a fte r he tell                       .. , probab ly wo n't fish a nymore        197 1 he w rote to his mot her wh ile               phone call fro m M alcolm a nnou nc-
 thr oug h th e ic e w hile fish ing Jan . 10 . Th e Woo dburys a tte nd the Gra nd               t bis v in ter." A rc hie said . "Fvc got a    living in E ng la nd, bu t wh en she                ing he was in their ho met ow n of
 Ra p ids , Mich ., c h urc h.                                                                    free ze r full of fish anyway."                an swe red, her le tt er was ret urne d to                 (See REUNION , page 121
6                                                                                                  Th e WORLDWIDE NEWS                                                                           Monday, March 21, 1983

Central American m an killed                                                                                                                                       JERUSALEM
   PA S AD E N A - Amid continu-                   1981. Mr. W a lke r said.                       four people," La Na cton continued .                                        (Cont inued from page 31
ing political conflict in Ce ntral                                                                    l.a Nacion also reported : "The                   Price inc ludes : round -trip Iran sters a nd port er a ge ; ho tel serv ice
                                                      Th e M a r ch 10 issue of 1.0
America. Church member Patricio                    N acion. a newsp aper in Sa n .tosc.            AID representa tive in o ur coun try.            c ha rge and ta xe s ; four nights ' acco mmo da tio ns a t first c la ss Divan.
O rt iz was kill ed by G ua te ma la n sol-        Co st a Ri ca , said: " It was officially       Daniel Chaij. said that in spite of not          Zal oli Pala c e Hotel ; co nt ine nt al br e akfa st and dinn er da ily; tw o
di er s Feb . 9, acco rd ing to eva ngelist                                                        having. enough information, he con-              lunch e s ; ha lf-d ay Athen s sightseeing ; full-da y to ur; one-day cr uise;
                                                   re port ed yesterday tha t four Inte r-
Leon W alk e r , reg ional dir ector of                                                            sidercd it 'obvious that thev we re              At h e ns -b y -niqh t tour ; fully e scorte d .
                                                   na tional Agency for Develo pment
God's W ork in Span ish -speaking                  (A ID ) of ficia ls. w ho had di sa p-          nOI involved in subversive ' act ivi-                Frid a y. Se pt. 3 0 - Athens - Arrive in Athen s . Tour ci ty incl ud -
areas.                                             peared Feb . 9, were kill ed by a mili-         ucs                                              ing Nati onal Library, University. Academy , Ho us e of Parliament ,
    Wire services re por ted that th e             tary patrol . whi ch a rreste d the m               M r. W a lke r sai d the acc usations        Te m ple of Zeus , Hadrian 's Arch , Pan atheni an Stadium. Aftern oon
U. S. am bassa dor to Gu at em ala.                ' whe n th e y atte mpted to nee: ,-            that Mr. Ortiz W ,IS involved in sub-            guided to ur 01 th e Ac rop olis with the Parth en on. Temple of Wing -
 Frede ric Chapin. was reca lled to                                                                versi ve acti vity were "categorically           less Vic to ry , Ere chth eum . Vis it t he Nati on a l Arc h a eo log ical
Washingt on , D.C. . as a "s ignal of                 Mr. W alk er said de tails of M r .          untrue:' H e -vtdcd that ofte n the              Mus eum . empha s izing Ihe most imp ortant e xhibit s . Dinn er at
disple as ur e ove r th e recent murd er           Or ti z's dea t h we re " ske tc hy." I .a      governm ent do cs not have control               hote l.
of a Gu atemalan wh o was working                  Nadon report ed that M r . Ortiz was            ove r the action s of its soldiers. es pe-           Sabb ath . Oc t. 1 - Ath en s - l a te breakfast . Ameri can s ty le.
on a n Am eri can -sponsored a id pr oj ·          offic ially accu sed by G ua te mala n          cia lly in t he rem ote areas.                   Afternoon servic es . In e ve ning. an Athens-by-night tour w ith dinner
cct."                                              military sou rces o f bei ng "involved              M r . O rt iz is the second Ch urch          a t a typ ical Greek taverna in PIaka area . inc lud ing hal t a bottle of
   Mr. Ortiz , 34. dir ector of th e               in vario us subve rsiv e ac tions."             me mbe r to be a vict im of th e polit i-        wine p er person .
Int ernational Agency for Devel op-                   The military co m m uniq ue as-              c al turm oil in Guatemala (se e                     Sunday , Oct. 2 - Fu ll-da y c ruise to Hydr a. Poros and Aegina ,
ment (AID) mi ssion in th e west ern               se rted that when th e four a rrived a t        " Me m be rs neal With T errorism ,"             inc lud ing lunch . Evening ret urn to hotel for din ner .
par t of G uat ema !a. was kill ed a lo ng         a bridge west of Gu at em ala C ity,            WN. J a n. 24). J ose Lui s Meri da De               Monday. Oc t. 3 - C orin t h , Myc ena e - Morning dr ive fro m
with his niece . Ca tar ina O rtiz d e             the y " tr ied to esc ape and wer e kill ed     la Rosa was presu med dea d a fte r              Athens to ancient Corinth. visiting the museum. Temple of Apoll o
Jacint o; an assis ta nt. Abe l Orti z             by a mi lit ar y pa tro l; the bodie s fell     C h urch literature add resse d to him           a nd ruins. Continue to Mycenae to see the tombs of Agamemnon
J acinto; a nd M r. Or tiz 's dri ver .            into the river . . As of now t here is          was re turne d and the minis ter the re          a nd Clytemnestra , th e lion Ga te a nd Pa lace . Afte r lun ch (inc luded)
Obi spo Santos. M r . O rtiz had been a            no information r e g a r d ing the              learn ed h is v i ll ag e h ad b een             a visit to the theater of Epida urus . Return to Athens for dinner at
C h u rc h member since O ct ob er ,               w he rea bo uts of the bodi es of the           des troye d.                                     hotel.
                                                                                                                                                        Tu e sd a y . Oct . 4 - Depart for home or Vienna Extension D.
                                                                                                                                                        OP TIONAL EXTENSION C - Vienna , Aust ria , Sept. 30 to O ct.
                                                   relativi sm that detente taught. equat-
Future                                             ing the U.S . wit h the U.S .S .R. at
                                                   every half opportunity ."
                                                                                                                                                        F o r $349 per person /doub le rate; $437 single rate ; $299 per
                                                                                                                                                    c hild 2- 12 years .
        (Continued fro m page 21                       Th e G reen s and their sy m pat hiz-                                                            Pri ce inc ludes : transfers by Alia Airline s from Amman to Vienna ;
                                                                                                            (Continued f rom pllge 1)
don C rovit z a na lyzed th e "gene ra-            e rs have con siderable influence in                                                             porterage and round -trip tr a nsf e rs from a irport, hotel and airport ;
tion gap" in W est G erman y.                      the med ia and ed ucational fields . As         names sometim e during the Spr ing               fo ur nights' accommodat io ns at the fo ur-sta r Steta nie Hote l; c o nt i-
    Poll st ers her e constantly remind            a Dutch ana lyst of the West German             H oly Day season," he ..a id, add ing            ne nta l breakfast daily ; one full-course Vienna-style dinner; specia l
th e parties th at there is a g row ing            sce ne, J an van Houten re ports :              th at th c hig h cal ibe r of pr ospect ive      dinner at Grinzing ; half -day sightseeing historic Vienna ; on e -day
bloc of vot ers under the ag e of 35                   " T he Eur opean r ig ht mu st finall y     g rad ua tes made t he selec t ion pro-          to ur of classica l Vie nna with special performa nce of lipizzaner
with out wh om the G reens couldn't                grasp that electoral victories will be          cess " ve ry difficult ."
                                                                                                                                                    horses ; tips to g uides. drivers a nd ho tel s taff; hotel service charge
have been elected to pa rli ament .                of litt le avai l as lon g as they leave the        He sa id that extra room for tran s-
                                                                                                                                                    and taxes .
Mr . Koh l kn ow s th at thi s passing of          inst it ut io ns of t he con sciou sn e ss      fers is expe cted to be made a litt le               F rid ay. Sept. 30 - Ea rly c rossing to Amman . Arrive Vienn a late
generati on s isn 't o n his s ide .               ind us t ry to the left. Un less the pres -     mo re t han a year from now when the             afternoon . Full course vren na -stvre dinner.
    " T he youn g left is ts in th e               ent att it ude cha nges. even the be st         198 )-8 4 Pasaden a senio r class is grad-           Sabbath , Oct. 1 - Vienna - La te breakfast . Ameri can s tyle .
Gree ns," co nt inue d Mr . C rovi tz,             of policie s will fa il. There is no            uated . " S pace co uld possibly allow as        Afternoon service . Even ing free .
"are n' t Berkele y-style hippies. but a           doubt that the batt le for the prese r-         many as another 20 Big Sa ndy                        Sunday. Oct. 2 - Classical Vienna - Atter visiti ng the interior
m ixed bag of pacifi st s, commu nist s            vat io n of a free Eu rope will be won          grad uates in the 1983 class to be               of the Hol bu rg (winte r pa lace of the e mperor) . continue to the
an d a na rc hists wh o sha re little bu t a       or lost not in the parl iaments but in          acce pte d at Pasad en a," he said.              Heldenplatz (Heroes ' Square - stat ues of Prince Eugene o f S avoy
vag ue se nse of bein g the inh eritors            sc hoo ls, churches . un iver si t ie s .          " T he 198 3 g raduates would o nly           a nd Archduke Charles). Wa lk through courtyards of the Hofburg to
of a sort of G e rman rom antici sm                newsp apers and radio and tele vision           del ay their academ ic car eer by a              the Joserpratz . a nd visi t the P runksaa l (Ha ll of Ceremon ies) of the
and th e hope fo r a new nati onalist              sta tio ns."                                    yea r," he co nt in ued. Th e Big Sandy          National Libra ry . View a trai ning session of the Lipizz a ne r ho rses at
spirit . Th ey ta lk of fore st s and t ree s.         Thus as " D (fo r deployment )-             facult y will selec t an add it io na l          the Spanish Riding School. Fina lly. a tou r to the Imperial Crypt in the
of reunifyin g th e two Ge rmanies as              day" ap proac hes, we ca n expect an            g roup of stude nts wh o can th en be            Church of Capuchin Monks (near the opera) . Return to the hotel.
a prelude to wh a t the y re fer to as             unpre c edent ed fl u rry o f a nti-            reco m me nded for tra nsfe r int o the          Evening fre e .
' true Ge rman g reat ne ss' .                     NATO ac tivity throug hout We st -              Pasade na ca m pus a yea r a fte r 15 of             Monday . Oct. 3 - Historical Vie n na - The Ringstrasse was
    " It's not surprising," co ncl uded            c r n Eur ope. and especiall y th e Fed-        their fellow stude nts ent er ."                 co ns truc te d along the line s of the ancient city wa ll and along this
Mr. Cr ovitz, "that a pa rty like the              eral R epublic.                                     Th e d eput y c ha nc e llo r a lso          avenue are the State Opera. Museum of Fine Arts. Na tu ral Hist ory
G ree ns in Germany a nd t hei r fellow                H ow m uch longer befo re W es t            refe rred to Chancello r A r mstr on g's         Museum. House of Parliament. C ity Hall . the Burgtheater, the Uni-
tr av el er s e lsew he re in We st ern            G er ma ns . tired of ever incr easin g         ne w policy of acce pti ng all inc o ming        ve rs ity. Votiv Ch urch and s tat ues of Goethe. Mozart and Emp ress
Europe are so appealing to the young.              turmoil. tu rn to a st rong man to sav e        stude nts for th e assoc iate degr ee s          Ma ria Ther e s a . Th e hig hlight ot thi s visit is the interior of the
Such gr oups th rive on th e politi cal            the m from impe ndin g a narc hy?               o nly (Se e "U pd ates," WN, M ar ch             Scho nbrunn Pa lace (s ummer pa lace of the emperor) . Return to the
                                                                                                   7) .                                             c e nte r of town past the Karlskirche and Belevedere P a la c e . Atter-
                                                                                                       Under t his new ad missions poli -           noon free . Evening , special dinner at Gr inzing with music and s ong .
                                                                                                   cy, all students ad mitted to t he Big               Tuesday . Oct . 4 - Depart for home .
Disability                                         d a lly for th ose who suffer w it h
                                                   handicaps . In order to keep go ing
                                                   you mu st d o the best yo u ca n wit h
                                                                                                   Sand y a nd Pasad ena ca m puses wi ll
                                                                                                   ente r a n assoc iate deg ree pro gram .
                                                                                                   At t he e ndof the two yea rs, st ude nts
                                                                                                                                                        OPTIONAL EXTENSION 0 - Vie nna, Austria, Oct. 4 to Oct . 7.
                                                                                                                                                        For $289 per person /double rate ; $355 single ra te ; $259 per
                                                   d ie t a nti exercise."                                                                          c h ild 2- 12 ye ar s.
        (Continued f rom page 51                                                                   desiring to e nter the fou r-year bach-              Pri ce includes : tra ns fe rs by Alia Airlines from Amman to Vienna ;
j us t don ' t re ali ze t ha t th e ha nd i-          Bu t she beli eves a sp ir itual diet is    e lor's prog ram at Pa sadena mu st              porterage and ro und -trip transfers from ai rport , hotel and airport ;
ca pped are the re and need help ."                t he most im po rta nt thing . " T he           mak e a no the r application .
                                                   spirit ua l life is th e st re ngt h," sa id                                                     three nig hts ' accommo dations at the fo ur-s tar S tefan ie Ho tel ; con-
     Som ctimes the phy sicall y handi-                                                                Facu lty members and the co llege            tinental breakfasts daily; one full-c o urs e vienna - style d inner ; see-
ca pped have trouble acce pti ng help              M rs. McClain . " If yo u do tha t first ,      adm inist ra tors will th e n se lec t pr o-     ci a I d inner at Grinzing ; half-day sightsee ing histori c Vienna ; tips to
offe red th em . Mr s . McClai n put s             the n the rest of it comes a long pre tt y      spec tive st udents for th e ne w j unior
                                                   easy."                                                                                           guides , d rivers and hotel s ta ff; hotel service cha rge and ta xes .
the situa tio n in a d iffer ent lig ht.                                                           class. based o n aca de mic qu alifica-              Tu esday . Oct, 4 - Arrive Vienna la te a fternoon . Full course
     She says: " W he n I am be ing                                                                tio ns, spir itual maturity , leader sh ip       Vie nna -sty le dinne r.
se rved, that pe rson d o ing th e service                                                         pot enti al a nd other factors, Mr .                 Wednesday , O ct . 5 - His torical Vienna - (See d e s c riptio n
 is bein g ble ssed . Not o nly bec au se
 t hey' re doin g th e se rvice ... bu t
 becau se I pr ay for a ble ssing fo r
                                                   MPC     (Co ntinued f rom page 11
                                                                                                    McCullou g h said.
                                                                                                       T hc ne w policy will a llo w st u-
                                                                                                   dents of eit he r ca m pus an equal
                                                                                                                                                    under o pt io na l Ex te ns io n C. ) Evening free .
                                                                                                                                                        Thursday. Oc t . 6 - F ree day . Evening . special dinner at Gr inz-
                                                                                                                                                    ing with music and song .
 them . The only way I can get by is to                                                            oppo rtunity to complete their bach-
                                                    they are writt en .                                                                                  Fr iday , O c t . 7 - De p a rt for ho me .
 ha ve the se rvice."                                                                              elo r' s ed uca tion in Pesade na, the
      Ifapcr son w ho need s help refu ses             • Brin g receipt probl em s to M a il       evange list said.
 it out of prid e , he c heats him self a nd        Proce ssing's atte ntio n im mediately.
 t hose wi lling to se rve, o ut of a won -         Th e itemized don a tion receipt s yo u
 derful bl essin g from God. M rs.                  recei ve should be care fully c heck ed
  McCl a in sa id.
      N onh andicappcd Ch urc h mem-
  be rs m igh t be hesitan t to ass ist th e
                                                    a nd co m pared with your bank sta te-
                                                    me nts as soon as possible. Proble ms
                                                    a re much mo re easily resolved if
                                                                                                   Nutritionist encourages pupils
  ha nd ica p ped bec a us e th c y don ' t         M ail Processing is notifi ed with in
  und er stand th eir a ilme nt o r ma y
  fea r hurti ng th e ir pride .
      Mr s. McC la in advis es: " If yo u
  take th e time to ge t acq uai nte d with
                                                    two mon th s o f don at ion dat e. Other-
                                                    wise, se ve ral length y (and cost ly)
                                                    le tt er s o r pho ne ca lls ma y be
                                                    req uir ed to clea r up th e difficulty.
                                                                                                   to consider daily dietary habits
 a physicall y di sab led per son . you                 I f yo u noti c e th at a c heck has not
  will ha ve tim c to learn what their              cle a red your account within a rea -                    By Brent 1>. E bersole               inst ructor at Pasadena C ity Co llege ,      ve ins. constan t fatigue. skin cancer ,
  nee ds a rc.                                      so na ble amo unt of tim e or if you                    a nd Ran da ll C. Go rdo n            blame d diseeses preva lent in the            night blindness . sun bli ndn ess a nd
      " Phys ically hand ica pped peop le            find an y ot her disc re pancy, please             PA SADE N A - " Wo uld you                U nited S tat es o n th e " A me rica n       a rt hti tis as a direct resu lt ofherd iel.
 arc not me nta lly ret arded ," s he               co ntac t M PC' s Don a tion File Con-          like to be you ng at 120 T' Th is ques-       Di et " of high pro tei n. fats a nd          S he began st udy ing nutrition , an d
 ad ded, but a re ofte n t re ated as                tro l rig ht a way. either by lett er o r      tio n was posed by nutrit ion ist J oyce      suga rs .                                     by c ha ng ing her diet she was able to
  th ough th ey hav e a mental handicap.             WATS linc n um be r ~ 800- 423 -               John son in a forum pre sented to th e            S he c ited several examp les of          rid herself of many a ilme nt s.
      S he sa id t hat when she has as ked           4444 . In Ca liforn ia, Al a sk a o r          Im pe ri al Sch oo l stu de nt bod y a nd     studies don e with the diets of differ-            Mr s. J ohn son co m pa red the bod y
  ot he rs for di rections : " T he y' ll tur n      H aw aii call collect -           213-304-     guests Feb . 28.                              ent people, incl udi ng Ol ympi c ath-        to a ho use, sta ting: "G od gave us this
  to t h e non han d ic apped per son               61 11.                                                                                        let e s , j u venil e d elinqu ent s and      body, th is hou se th at we are living
  ass ist ing yo u a nd tell th em where it            While so me of thes e tip s may                                                             rem ote c ult ure s free from modern         in ... W e are the ones that de str o y
                                                                                                            Th e au thors are Imperial
   is, ign orin g yo u. Wc have the sam e           see m small, the y a re important a nd                                                        di seases . These st ud ies indicated         it by eating the wro ng food s ."
                                                                                                          High S chool students.
   mi nds in us t ha t we had bef or e              if followe d wi ll ma ke a no ticeable                                                         th e importa nce of diet in maintain-            S aid Da vid Fei th , st ude nt body
   becomi ng handicapped            . it's j ust    diffe rence in savings to God's W o rk .                                                       ing a so un d min d and body.                pres ide nt of Imperial Sc hools : ·' 1
   that no w we need a lo t mo re help ."           If yo u eve r have q ues tions, please              M rs. J o hnso n, vice chair man of            H er life illu strat ed the im po r-     th ought it was e xce lle nt. We all
       M rs . M cCl ain has found th at di et       write to t he Mail Pr ocessing C en-             the Los A nge les Co unty Ta sk Force         tan ce of pr ope r diet . she said . Wh en   s ho ul d b e l ak ing c a re o f our
   is importa nt for every body . "espe-            ter.                                             o n N utr ition a nd Beh avior . a nd         yo unger she suffe red from varic ose         hea lth ."
Monday, March 21 ,1983                                                                      Th e WORLDWIDE NEWS

Feast in Czechoslovakia offers
trip s, tours, action-filled sites
          By Fra nk Sc hnee                  ings of Brno, a ha lf-day tr ip to spec-       p.m . Th e cost for thi s tr ip is abo ut
   Brethren will once again have the         tacul ar limesto ne caverns, a film            $ 140 an d includ es t he train fare.
op po rtunity to keep the Feast of           evening and a d ance evenin g with             lu nch pack age both ways and room
Tabernacles in Brno , Czechoslo-             mu sic provided by a top C zech                with br eakfast in Vienna Sept. 20 .
vakia.                                       band .
                                                                                                If you are inte res ted in atte nd ing
   T he Feast in Bm o has proved to             Th e Fest ival pack age price for the
                                                                                            thi s yea r's Feast in Brno, please
be an enjoya ble time for th ose who         entire stay at Brno (th is incl udes
                                                                                            write by air ma il to A mb assador
atte nd. and has success fully enabled       room, bre akf ast , on e warm meal a
East German members and the ir                                                              Co llege. Poppel sdorfer Allee 53,
                                             da y, plus d inner s at th e Quee n Elisa-
fam ilies to keep the Feast in the way                                                      5300 Bon n I , We st Germany (o r
                                             beth rest aur ant and th e hunting
God intended. For the East Germ an                                                          ca ll 49 (228) 2 1·806 1), or Ambas-
                                             lod ge Zidlochovice. and th e buffet
                                                                                            sado r Co llege , Ministeri al Se rvices,
brethren it is of utmost importance          mea l at t he far ewell party) is as fol-
                                                                                            c/o Rod Matthews , 300 W . G reen
that this door be kept ope n.                lows:
                                                                                            St., Pasa dena. Calif. , 91 129 (o r call
                                                S ingle occupan cy : (o ne bed in one
                                                                                            21 3· 304-6140), and detailed in for -
     Frank S chnee ts regi onal              room) pcradult $4 15. per chi ld ages                                                        CZECH FEAST -        Aus trian mem b er s Ton i a nd Hel en e Hirber join voices
                                                                                            mati on and application forms will be
 directo r of God 's Work in Ger-            3 to 12 yea rs, $320 .                                                                       du ring song services a t the 198 2 Fe a s t of Tab e rna cl e s in Brno . Czec ho -
                                                                                            sen t to you by return mail.
 m an-speak ing areas.                          Double occ upa ncy (tw o beds in                                                          slovakia. This yea r the Ge rman Office will accept 150 overseas tra ns fe rs .
                                             one room) per ad ult $3 70 , per child            We hope to sec you in Br no!               (Photo by Tom Ha ns on)
    The C hu rch has official permis-          Triple occupancy ( three beds in
sion from both the C zech oslovakian         one room) per ad u lt $300 , per child
Mini str y of Commerce and Mini s-
tr y of Cu ltu re to cond uct t his Festi-
val and has agreed on 250 tra nsfe rs
                                                 For t hose flying in to Frankfurt ,
                                             West Ge rmany , t he German Office
                                                                                            West German Festival site open
to Bmo . 100 of which will come              has arranged for a del uxe bus tour to
from the German-speaking area of              Brno and return for 120 peopl e. The             For t he sevent h cons ecut ive year,      more: a youth da nce ; brunch ; hor se       ing on the type of accommodation
Eur ope . The German Office ca n             bu ses depart M ond ay, Sept. 19, at 8         Bonnd orf, West Ge rm an y, will be           and buggy ride s; and a formal dance         desired .
acce pt 150 from overse as, wh ich           a .m . from the Sheraton A irport              offered as an inte rnat ional Fes tival       evening.                                         For further infor ma tion, write
mean s that you ca n play an impor-           Hotel in Fr ankfurt a nd go t o               loca tion.                                       Gu ests will be housed in either          either to Ambassador College, Min-
tant role in keeping the door open .         Munich , W est Germany, for lunch                 In the heart of the Black Fores t,         Bonndorf or the vacati on village            iste rial Services.c /c Rod Matthews,
    At Bmo. the official government          and sightseeing and on to Salzburg,            Bonndorf otTers Feast participants a          of Ruhb uehl , which is abo ut 8             300 W . Green sr., Pasadena, Calif. ,
tourist agency Cedok goes all out to         Aus tria, for an overnight st ay and           cozy and fami ly-like atmosphere .            m iles (13 kilometers) away from             91129 (or ca ll 213· 304·6 140) or
make th e Feas t of Tabernacles a            sightseeing the next day.                                                                    Bonn dor f. Cos t for lod ging, which        Ambassador College, Poppelsdor fer
wonderful experie nce. A ll guests              The second ove rnight stay will be              The Worldwide N ews re-                   inclu des breakfas t, wi ll be be-           AIIeeS3 ,5300 Bonn I , wcsi Ge rma -
st ay in the new , first class , Hotel       in Vienna, Au st ria . "A fter sight-           ceived this articlef rom the Ger-            'ween DM 25 and DM 100 (S IS                 ny (or ca ll 49 (228) 21-806 1), and
Voronez on the outskirts of Brno             seeing, the bus then travels on to              man Office.                                  to $4 5 a person , a nig ht) , depend-       information will be sent toyou.
near the city' s trade-fair grounds.         Brno and reache s the Festival loca -
    Services take place in a modern          tion abo ut mid afternoon , W edn es-             The more th an 700 in att endance
convention hall in the hotel , which         day.Sept. 21.
eliminates long dri ves to the hotel
and offers more oppo rtunities for
                                                 The return tr ip Friday, Sept. 30,
                                             takes breth ren to Prag ue, Cz ech o-
                                                                                            will give brethren the opportunity to
                                                                                            become acq uainted with members
                                                                                            from Austri a. Switzerland, France,
                                                                                                                                          Student bodies conduct
fellowshi p. By film and videotape,          s lovakia, for lunch and sightseeing,          Liec htenstein, Greece and Wes t
Pasto r Genera l Her be rt W . A rm -
stro ng will be gue st speaker, and
other ministe rs will bring Engli sh-
                                             the n N urembe rg, W est Germany,
                                             the next afternoon for Sabbath se r-
                                             vices. Arrival at the Frankfurt air-
                                                                                            Germany. Up to 150 t ransfe rs from
                                                                                            Engli sh-speak ing countries can be
                                                                                                                                          annual speech banquets
langu age sermons on one day and             port is that evenin g. It is an int er est -      The Ge rm an Office has varied
                                                                                                                                               PASADENA - Both campuses                Car lton Green , director of Food
German-langu age the nex t. There            ing t rip. The cost is a bout $240 a           and in tere sting activities planned
ar e professional qu alit y sim u lta-       per son, and incl udes room s, bus t ri p      for the famil y thi s year , wh ich offer     of Amb assad or Colle ge had their           Services, in recognition of his and
neous tr ansl ations of the Ge rman          and bre akfast, lunch or dinn er every         fun and fellowship for all.                   annual speec h banquet s for thi s           his staff' s work in serving Ambassa-
sermo ns into Eng lish and vice ver-                                                                                                      sc hool yea r.                               dar College .
                                             day .                                             A folklore evening with an area
sa.                                              Th e German Office is also plan -                                                             In Pasad en a the event took place          Afte rw ard Mr . McN air pre-
                                                                                            folk group will provid e much oppor-
    In add it ion to the above, unu sual     ning a gro up train trip, beginni ng in                                                      with the sop homore ball in the st u-        sented each of the four spea kers
                                                                                            tu nity for danc ing and fun. Ot her
and interest ing activi ties have been       Fra nkfu rt Tuesday. Sept. 20. at                                                            dent ce nte r Feb . 13 wit h t he t heme     with a plaque for be ing chosen to
                                                                                            activities incl ude a recept ion for
planned for you ng and old al ike. For       a bout 7:30 a. m. After ar rival in                                                          "An Evening in Par is:' T he Big             re present t heir clubs at t he ban -
                                                                                            over seas gu ests in the Bonndorf cas-
example, there will be a festiv e meal       Vienna there will be t ime for s ight-                                                       Sandy banqu et was in the college            q uet.
                                                                                            tle: a film evenin g ; aconcert evening
at the Czech gove rn ment's hunting          see ing and a spec ial even ing in a           presen ted by the Boden see S ym-             gy m nasium March 13 with a dan ce               After Mr. McNai r's rem ark s
lodge guesthou se.                           Vien nese con cert ca fe togeth er with                                                      af te rward in the din ing hall .            Past or Gen er al Herbert W . Arm-
                                                                                            phon y Orchest ra (fea turi ng guest
    Oth er act ivities planned include a     th ose wh o are on the delu xe bus                                                                At both campuses t wo men and           st rong announced th at sta rt ing ne xt
                                                                                            pian ist R uth W alt er and g uest
folklor e eve ning with entertainment        tour . Arrival in Brno is th e following                                                     two women were ch osen from the              year all incom ing freshmen at both
                                                                                            soloist Roger Bryant , bot h from Big
                                                                                                                                          Ambassador and Women 's speech               ca m puses will be accept ed for onl y
presented by one of the best Cz ech          day, Wedne sday, Sept. 21.                     Sand y Ambassador Colle ge) : an
                                                                                                                                          club s to spea k at the banquet.             an associ ate of ar ts degree (see art i-
folk dance groups, a d inne r at hilltop         Th e return trip begin s Friday,           excu rsion to the financia l ca pital of
                                                                                                                                               In Pasadena the speakers and            cle, page I).
fortress Sp ilberk, a din ner at t he        Sept. 30, by bus to Vien na earl y in          Z urich, Switze rland: a fami ly day
Queen Elisabeth wine cella r rcsta u-                                                                                                     t it les were: sop homo re Ter ri Con ti ,       Afte r din ner the guests da nced to
                                             the morn ing . The tra in then br ings         with opportunit y for spo rts, party
rant, a hike through the surround-                                                                                                        "Confessions of a Facultyphobic";            m usic provided by t he Ambassador
                                             everyone back to Frankfurt abo ut 6            ga mes, a hike , a film and much
                                                                                                                                          se n ior Mike McAl lister. "Test             College stage band d irected by Ross
                                                                                                                                          Panic Zone " ; sophomore Joe l               Jutsum, d irector of M usic Services.
                                                                                                                                          Meeker, " Point Counte rpoint" ; and         The sophomore class planned th e
Worst natural disaster since 1 931                                                                                                        part-t ime st udent Joanne Richards,
                                                                                                                                          " W ha leofa Tale."
                                                                                                                                                                                       banquet in conjunction with th e
                                                                                                                                                                                       Ambassador and Women 's clubs ,
                                                                                                                                               Speakers and tit les in Big Sandy       with sophomore cl ass P resident

Tropical cyclone ravages Fiji                                                                                                             were : sophomores Al anna Ad kins,
                                                                                                                                          " Sounds of S ilence " ; Eric Evans,
                                                                                                                                          " It's How You Look at It " ; A my
                                                                                                                                                                                       Gerard Land reth helping to coordi -
                                                                                                                                                                                       na te the even ing.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Big Sa ndy
                                                                                                                                          Thomas , "The Way We We re, Are
           By Pete r Na than                 Th eir four chi ldren perc hed on a            food supplies .                                                                                In Big S andy the guests had a
                                                                                                                                          and Will Be" ; and C liff Par ks,
   NADI, Fiji - "Tonight the                 coffee table , suppo rted by kitchen               Co m ing as ho re at Na di, Fiji's                                                     buffet d inner with Chicken Kiev as
                                                                                                                                          " C hili T ime Disaster."
E ter nal may take our lives," Em osi        ch air s, to keep out of the delu ge .         seco nd lar gest city and inte rnat iona l                                                 the entree. After th e four speeches
                                                                                                                                                At both ca m puses th e st ude nt
Ralulu sa id to his wife and four chil-         The girl s sa ng "U nto God I Lift          ga teway, Oscar turned south along                                                         Larr y S alyer , dean of students, co rn-
                                                                                                                                          b od y pr e s id e nt s a nd ov e ra ll
dren the evenin g of Mar ch I, as            My Voice " from page 59 in the                 the coas t, devastating sugar ca ne                                                        men ted about the evening and pre-
                                                                                                                                          women 's cl ub presid ent s were host s
tropical cyclon e O scar st ruck Fiji .      C hurc h hymn al. "It really helped            fie lds, pin e plantations, coconut                                                        sented each of the speakers with a
                                                                                                                                          and host esses for th e evening - in
Th e Ra lulu s, C hu rc h member s           encourage us:' Mr. Ralulu said.                groves and villages.                                                                       plaque . He also in troduced the club
                                                                                                                                           Pasadena G ary R ichards and Jan
here , prepared for t he worst.                 Whe n mo rni ng came , t he Ra lu-              Coastal touri st hotels, towns and                                                     di recto rs and presiden ts to receive
                                                                                                                                           Mer riman and in Big Sandy Ra lp h
                                             Ius, althoug h wet and shaken, had             ca ne fields were inu ndat ed by th e                                                      recogniti on for th eir serv ice to th e
                                                                                                                                           Lucia and T heresa Mei sne r.
                                             su rvived th e ordea l. Their on ly            sea, add ing immensel y to the dam-                                                        cl ubs.
     Pet er Nathan is re gional              losses: a chicken, thei r water su pply                                                                        P asadena                      He said, " You ju st can 't find that
                                                                                            age .
  dir ector of God's Work in New             and ban an a tree s. Ar ound them ,                                                                Acc or d ing to Miss Merriman , in     ki nd of activity - the combination
                                                                                                Turning eas t along th e southern
  Zea land and th e S ou th Pacifi c.        however. ch aos reigned .                      coast , Oscar edged to ward S uva, th e        Pasad ena the me al was de signed to        of the mu sic , the decorations, the
                                                S ome neighbors' ho mes were                larges t city and home to mos t of the         be " typically French " with pepper         d inne r, th e speeches a nd the fine
   March I was a beau tiful day,             wreck ed by the ferocit y o f Oscar 's          Fij ian brethren . Bef ore reaching the      stea k as th e entree. Some of the           fellowship - anywhe re else in the
unti l Oscar , lurking at sea off the         ISO-knot -pl us winds. Others had              Feast site at Pacific Harbour, it             Fr ench- spe aking mini ste rs from t he    world:'
west Fiji an coast , st ruck .               hidden in the cliffs above the ir              cu rved a brupt ly sout h again , away         M inisterial Refreshi ng Pr ogr am              Afterwa rd evan gelist Les lie
   At 8 p.rn. t he sca advanced more         homes . held on to coconut palms or            from the islands.                              were present for the eveni ng.               McCu llough , de puty chance llor of
than a m ile from the beach and              clu ng to a ra ilway line to avoid be ing           Although lashed by 80-m ile-per-               Cl ub pres iden ts presented certif-   the Big Sa ndy ca mp us, made clos-
lapped on t he Ralulus' front door.          blown away .                                    hou r wind s. both S uva and th e Feast       icates to the Ambassador Club               ing co mme nts, urging the students
Th e wind speed increas ed.                      Mr . Ralulu's cmployer s could not         site esca ped se rious dam age . But           di recto rs and Women 's Club dir cc-       to make the most of the ir Ambassa -
   By 10:30 p.m . the hou se was              bel ieve his hou se s u rvived . Hi s          f ij i's eco nomy will be und er st ra in.    to rs and wives for their service to the    dor College education .
knee-deep in wat er and th e front           em ploye r's asphalt-batching plant ,          The prin cip al vegetabl e-gr owin g           clu bs. G reg Albrecht , dean of stu-           After the dinner, the faculty and
door broken open. The hou se q uiv-           next to t he Ralulus" hou se, lay              reg ion was demol ished . Th ere was          den ts, announced the se presenta-          stude nts danced to music provid ed
ered und er th e pummeling force of           broken on its side.                            major da mage to th e tou rist indu s-        tio ns.                                      by the Amb assad or Co llege Dance
O scar 's winds.                                Oscar is de scribed as th e worst            t ry and sug ar c rops .                           Aft er th e fou r speeches, evange -    Band , di rected by sopho more Mark
   The Ralulus retreated to the               natu ral disa st er to st rike Fiji since          The Ralulu s and oth er Fijian            list Raym ond F. McNair, deputy              Sa lcedo. The eve ning was cospon -
bat h room - some places in the               193 I and left one t hird of Fiji 's pop-      brethren arc g ratef u l for Go d's pro -     chancell or of the Pasadena ca mp us,        so red by t he Am b assad or a nd
 house were thig h deep in water.             ulation of 600 ,800 in need of relief          tcction.                                      spoke and presented a plaq ue to             Wo men's clubs .
8                                                                                                      The WORLDWIDE NEWS                                                                                       Monday, March 21, 1983

                                                     Geny Sutto n . Stan Kin organiz ed arra nge-      family at a potluck soc ial after Sabbath
CHURCH                                               ments for the eve ning. Emily Lukuc ik,
                                                         Th e a nn ua l wint e r soc ia l of th e
                                                                                                       services Feb . 5. The Smith fam ily is
                                                                                                       going to ser ve the Gadsden , Ala . , c hurch
                                                     CHA RI.ESTON . W . va.. c h urch was              after serv the area for 31,7 years On
ACTIVITIES                                                                  e
                                                     Jan. 29 . Service s .... re followed by a cov -   behalf of the YOU Pam Nic ke lsen pre-
                                                     ered -dish d inner , after which Leland Pars -    sented the Smiths with a wooden che st
                                                      le y pre sented a fil m o n sea t belt           filled with !>aying!> from eac h membe r.
   The f in! wee kly se rvices o f t he               usage . T he evening we nt on to include         one to be read each day . Ministe rs Bob
ALAMOSA and DURANGO, Co lo .•                         sq uare dancin g to the calls of Dayton          Bort on and Jim Nick el -en presented them
c h urc hes <forme rly (he Fa r mi ngto n,            Richar dso n and a film for the children . A     o n behalf of the brethre n a chec k, a desk
N. M.. church) were Feb. 12. Attenda nce              sing-along w as acco mpa nied by Hart)           cha ir, a c arpet sharnpooer , a photo album ,
in Alamo sa was 3 3. with 67 prese nt in              Ridd le , John Harrison, Gary Ml:C1ure ,         a silver ice buc ket and a bott le of cham-
Durang o . The c hurches are pastorec by             G lenn Taylor and Bo nita Bud . Decora -          pagne . Ginn)' Marrin .
Walle r Dickin son . Assoc iate pastor Gary           tions were pro vided by Burdell and Ga il               Some 171 pe op le att end ed th e
Pendergraft spoke on fulfillin g our pur -            Buck . L. Duvid Stone.                           GA INESVILLE. Fla .. church' s second
pose in God ' s Chu rch . Th e Alam o sa                 Jan.22 was the inaugu ration dal e of the     internationa l night and talent show Jan .
church had a potluck follow ing services 10           new C HICAGO, III .. NO RT H c hurc h.           30 . The evening's the me was .. Around
welc ome Mr. Pende rgraft and his famil y .          The Chicago Nort hwest Cho ir and En-             the World . " The first half of the fes-
MarJ~lI~   Goenr .                                   semble , co nducted by Willia m Woo d,            tivities focused o n eig ht forei gn co un-
   Membe rs of the APPLETON and                      performed a so ng by Don wertzen . The            tries , repr e se nted in separate boot hs .
G REEN BAY. wis .. c hurches mel for                 scrmc nette was given by minister Lowell          Each offer ed factual info rmation , decora -
co mbined services and a winte r social              Foster , and the sermon was deliv ered by         tions and a vari ety of ethnic foods to be
 Feb . 5. A polluck followed services . Des-         pastor Ro y Holl aday . Refre shm ent s           sam pled. A variety o f talen t was di s-            APPRECIA nON GIFT - Pastor Robert Harrison (left) presents deacon
sen was prov ided by yo uths who parti ci -          baked by the mem bers were served after           played durin g the ta lent sho w, whic h co n-       Bill Adli nglon and his wife Dorolhy wil h a crystal rose bowl at the liver-
 pated in a cake-bak ing co ntest. Judg es           serv ices . Inclu ded was a cak e with the        sisted of 18 acts. The c hildren's c hoir            pool. England. ch urch 's eighth anniversary celebration Jan. 29. (See
were Hel en Barron . Rub y Ve rHa agh .              inscription " In the beginning , G od .           ended the eve ning-s ent ert ainme nt by             "C hurch Activities," this page.) (Photo by Jim Rowntree)
Ste ve Co le. Bill Miseo , Sam Stafford and          Rita Thomas.                                      singing " It's a Small World ." Ter rie
Milt on Pant zloff. Winn ers in the 7 10 12              Feb. 5 th e C H ICAGO, Ill. ,                 Payne ,                                              Steve Elliott of the Wash ingto n, D.C.,         joes and salad were served for lunch .
a ge gro up we re Ni an Fiedl e r. first ;           SOUTHEAST church welc omed its new                       A cos tume part y for the GENEVA,             ch urc h ga ve the sermoneue, and pastor         Mary Wagler conduct ed a euchre tourn a-
Nat han Fiedler , secon d; and Eric Fisc her .       pastor. John Riten baugh , and his wife           Ala .• and FORT WALTON BEACH,                        Dan Rogers gave the sermon . Following           ment and Peter Dyke had a bin go game fo r
third. In the 13 to 18 age group the win-            Evely n, as well as Richard and Sharon,           A a.• brethren too k place Jan . 29. Chili           services a meal of fried c hicke n wa s          tho se who preferred the indoo rs. A sock
ner s we re Sa ndy So ntag, firs l; Dave             two of their seve n chi ldre n. A tea was         ..... ~s served by the YO U c hee rlea ders          served . Later th at eve ning the Fifth Av-      hop with disc jockeys Dan and Cannel
Dan iels , sec o nd; and Wa yne Mark s .             served in hone r of Mr. Ritenba ugh and his       dre ssed in the ' 50s fashion . Co stume             e nue prov ided entertainment for a fami ly      Jen nings co mpleted the day 's activ ities .
third . Square dan cing filled the remainder         family . Richard S. Cygan .                       prize s were awarded to winner s in three            dance . Baske tball games began Saturday         Mamie Hi/ Is.
of the e vening . Linda Fiedl er ,                       At a c a rd party soci a l fo r the           age divisions: Trina Carnley. YES; Jame s            evening and continued Sunda y morning .               Th e LAKE C RYSTAL. M inn . •
   Women o f the AUGUSTA. Ga. .                      DICKINSON, N .D .• brethren Feb. 5                Gri mes . YO U; a nd Mr. and Mrs . Charles           Vicki Han .                                      c'i urcb had a bowlin g party Feb . 5 fo l-
church enjo yed a fell owship tea Feb . 20.          yo ung and old participated in a variet y of       Brook s. 20 and above. Membe rs da nced                  T he Feb. 5 soci al o f the                  lowed by a Mexican fiesta potluck and
They brought a favorite d ish to be sa m-            card and board game s. The evening was             and feltow sb ippe d througho ut the e ve-          HA R RIS BURG, Pa. , church featured a           sing -along . Almost half the brethren are
pled , and recipes were e xc hanged . Lynn           to pped off with feasting on homemade ice          ning. So nd ra Thompson .                           co vered-d ish supper and a square dance         se nior c itizen s, and se ve ra l of them
Day .                                                cre am made by Mr. and Mrs . Albert                      The G RAN D ISLAND and NOR T H                with a profess ional ca ller . The you nger      bow led for the first time in thei r lives . The
     The Hilton Hotel in St. Michael was the         Olheis orand Mr . and Mrs . Ernie Prociw.          PLA TIE, Neb .• c hurches met at the                o nes had two square s of their o wn. and the    potluck took place at Stan Erickson ' s
loc ation of the 15th annivers ary serv ice          Timothy G . Lov e .                                Kearne y Junio r High Sc hool Feb . 19 for          c hild ren had game s and prize s in a sepa -    farmhouse o utside Fairmont . Minn . The
a nd a d inn er an d sho w fo r t he                     Ne arly 80 Irish me mber s fro m the           an e ve ningof family activ ities . Follo wing      rate area for them . Bob Cox.                    church band entertained after the Me xica n
BAR BADO S c hurch Feb . 5 . The first               DU BLIN and GALWAY c hurches got                   a potl uck supper the YO U boys ' basket -               The HELENA and GREAT FAL LS,                fiesta . Victor Kubik .
pastor of the c hurch was Stan Bass , who is         together Jan. 29 for thei r combined a n-          ball teams , coa ched by Everett McDow e ll                                                               Brethren of the LA KE OF THE
                                                                                                                                                            Mont . • c hurches had a pot luck supper and
now regio nal directo r of the Caribbean .           nual dinner-dance . After a four -co urse          and Do ug Schrad er, played . The chee r-           talent show fo llo wing servi ces in Helena      O ZAR KS, Mo.• church enjoyed an eve -
Mr. and M~ . Bass att en ded the anniver-            meal at the Killeshin Hotel, brethren fel -        leaders . coached by C ind i Hohnholt and           Feb . 5 . Variou s musical acts and sk its       ning of fun and fellow ship Feb . 12. A
sary serv ice , and Mr . Bass gave the ser-          lo wsh ipped and danced . Spot prize s were        Me l va Ge iser , led the s pect a to rs in         were performed . including the ch ildren         potluck was followed by a bunco party for
mon . Before the sermo n Ke ith Lynch,               give n o ut during the eve ning . and Tim          chee rs . Other activit ies included men's          acting o ut " Old McDonald Had a Farm "          the adul ts and games for the children .
Leslie Murra y and Step hen Cros by were             C ha mbers prov ided so me mu sical enter -        basketb all . wrest ling , volley ball, girls'      under the direction of Lynne Neer and            Winners of the bunco game were David
o rdained to the rank of deacon . After ser-         tainment playing so lo accord ion. Richard         basketba ll, games for child ren o rganized         Sandy Glatz . Irvin Bastian served as mas -      and Rusty Surface . first place; Tammy
vices the members enjoyed a buffet mea l             Dempsey and Christopher Murr ay .                  by Monty and Linda Blackburn . senio r              ter of ceremo nies, and Shirley Beck was          Non hrip and Nikki Sm ith, second; and
and a sho w by the YOU chor ale , YES                    The Great American Cake Bake -Off              o lympics and no velty o lyrnpics o rganized                                                         Frank Sheldon and Amber Bricker , third .
                                                                                                                                                            the one in a litte r barrel who provided
danc ers and the Allegro S inge rs . After-          No .3 o f th e FARGO and GRAND                     by Lyndall and Bonnie Bargen . table ten -                                                            Doreen Mayhew the winner in a
                                                                                                                                                            lau ghs throu ghout the show . A door prize
w ard gifts w ere prese nted to the minis-            FO RKS , N . D.. c hurches occ urred Feb .        nis and chess . Teens from North Platte                                                              child ren' s bean -gue ssing co ntest. In a
                                                                                                                                                            was given away . Mar gie Ca rpenter .
te rs . de aco ns a nd deaco ness . A n n            5. Once again the church activity funds             were in charge of the co ncessio n stand .                                                           men ' s cake-deco rating co ntest , winners
                                                                                                        The finale for the e ve ning was the view-               After Sabbath services Feb . 19 the
Hamp ton .                                            gained from the ef forts of the men and                                                                                                                 were John Hutch ison , first place with a
                                                                                                                                                            H UNT SVIL L E, Ala . , brethre n had a
     Feb . 13 B ING HA MTON , N .Y . ,                teenage boys, who baked c akes w itho ut           ing of a videotape of the activities re-                                                             duplication of the Ambassador Co llege
                                                                                                                                                            pot luck and the n viewed th e mov ie
membe rs met at the home of Dick and                  help from femal es or co mme rcial cake           cord ed by Geo rge Reinhardt and pastor                                                               seal; Allen Hec kman, second ; and Tom
                                                                                                                                                            Fiddler on the Roof. Popcorn and fruit
Cote en C lose for a snow party, and took             mixes . Prizes were awarded in adu lt and          Do" Hooser . Christi ne Spitz ,                                                                      Smith and Chri s Edwards . in a tie for
                                                                                                              The third annual pre tee n talen t show o f   ju ice we re served d uring the mo vie. and
part in sno wmo biling . sle dd ing, ic e -           teenage catego ries , and then the 4{) cakes                                                                                                            third . After the jud ging the ca kes we re
                                                                                                                                                            afterwar d the childre n were given bal-
skating and ll throwing. To tha ......    were auctio ned off. Earl D . Jackson .           the GRAND RAPIDS. Mich. , c hurch                                                                     given o ut as prizes in a cakewalk. Don na
                                                                                                                                                            loons . Ga}' Cnonev ,
 out , the party moved inside . where beef                Breth ren of the FLORENCE, S .c..             occu rred Feb . 12. The program, w hich                                                              Roberts.
 ste...... and ho memade bread were served .          c hurch are prep aring to mo ve into a dif-        rang... from piano piece s to dancing:and a
                                                                                                                 d                                                " Winter Wonderland" was the theme              Evange list Gerald Waterhouse spoke to
 Breth ren who remain ed insid e partic i-            fere nt churc h hall. The rental hall re-         quart er. included the Bernard c hildre n           of the first soc ial of the year for the          the LAWT ON,Okla . , churc h f eb. 13. A
 pated in table ga mes and a sing-a long with         qu ired some refurbishing, which was ac -         (Abraham , Racheal , Zeb, Rebecc a. Ben             JONESBORO. Ark. • brethr en Jan . 29 .            potlu ck follow ed the se rmon a nd the
 Jim Rafferty playing the guitar. Eleanor            co m plis he d th ro ugh don at e d t ime.         and Ezra) . Stac ie Ca in, Lea h Klein , Jef -       Alfred Harrell and Frank Brewer were             breth ren visi ted with Mr . Waterhou se .
V. Lul koski ,                                        money . materia l and labor . A co nstrue -       frey and Mellissa Hall eck. Marie Hel-              masters o f ce remonies fo r a va riety ho ur     Durin g the even ing pastor David Carle y.
     Th e BING HAMTON a nd CO R-                      no n crew of Fayetteville , N .C . • mem bers     mers . Stev en Ho man , Kerr y Kissell ,            that featured talent and skits . Durin g the      o n behalf of the brethren , presented Jud y
 NING, N .Y ., churches met in Wave rly,              cons isted o f Arnold and Alfred Burn s.           Alicia Leona rd, Elizabeth and Shari Mil-          intermissio n YO U membe rs served re-            Burt , church pianist . with a co rsage and a
 N. Y.. feb . 5 and were hosts for gue sts            Emo ry Bullard and Delbrid ge Peterson.           ler , Malt and Tim Rohr and Maure en                 fresbrnem s . For the remai nde r of the         mus ica l emblem pendant for her 13 yean;
 from t he LONG I S L A ND, N . Y . ,                 To fund the project membe rs had a work           Waters . Other eve nts at the soc ia l in-          eve ning Kathy Holme s read a winter vaca-        of servi ce. Dancing. and games co mpleted
 c h urc hes . Long Isl and pa stor Fr ank            pan)' Fe b. 13 and 20. at wh ich time a           clu ded a pot luck . mo vies fo r the ch ildre n    tion story and incorporated several games         the evening. Elle n Jackson ,
 McCrad y Jr. gave the sermon , a fter wh ic h        half-mile -lo ng d rainage d itch and field        and a YOU -orga nized ' 50s dan ce featur -         and activities for all age groups throughout         At the eighth anniversary ce lebration of
 a potl uck wa s se rved . In the eve ning            windbreak were cleared of trees. Deaco n           ing disc jockeys Lonnie Neff and John              the tale . Richard Doyle, as Mr. Clown,           the LIVERPOOL, England, church Jan .
 Richard Fume y acted as master of ce re-             A J . Pre sser spear heade d the windbre ak        Helm er s . Dale an d Paula Jo ne s were            a. .. is ted with the games. Kmh )' Holme s ,
                                                                                                                                                              .s                                               29 the co ngregatio n honored deaco n Bill
 moni es for a variety show consi sting of 18         o peration, while pastor Larry Greider             award ed the prize for the most authen tic                Brethren of the KIT C HE NER, Oru..         Adlington and his wife Doroth y with a
 acts . The fin al judging in a bak ing co ntes t     coo rd ina te d all e ffo r ts . C ha rles B .     ' 50s cos tume . Bill Mill er .                     church mel together Feb . 6 for a sno w           presentation by pastor Robe rt Harrison of
 took place after the show . Tho se placing           Ed wa rds                                                Brethren from seve ral c hu rch areas         pany . Foo tball , skat ing. and inner -tube      a hand blown crys tal rose bowl featurin g a
 first were Barbara Simpson, bread cate-                  The FO RT WAYNE. lnd. , brethren               lo o k part in a fami ly .... e ke nd at
                                                                                                                                            e                s lid ing gave the o utdoor e nt h usi as ts      meadowland sce ne and entwi ning inuials .
 gory ; Betty Gear hart, cake category ; Do-           bid farew ell to pas tor Steve Smit h and his      G REENS80 RO, N .C . , Feb . 19 and 20 .            plent y of invigorating exe rci se . Slopp y    The bowl was e ngraved by Welsh e n-
 lores Bock . coo kie catego ry; and Nancy                                                                                                                                                                     graver Carryl Jone s. The singl es of the
 Sylor , pie category. In the youth catego ry                                                                                                                                                                  ch urch served refreshments and cake s
 Julie Carl placed first in the YOU d ivi-                                                                                                                                                                    Elizabeth Rodgers.
 sion, and Lisa Lambert was first in the                                                                                                                                                                           Fami ly ga me da y for th e LONG
 Ju nior YO U judging. Membe rs of the                                                                                                                                                                         BEAC H , Cali f., church was Feb. 20 at
 c hurches met Su nday for a da y of basket-                                                                                                                                                                   Californi a State Univers ity Long Beach ,
 ball and vo lley ball. Mr . and Mrs . Mark                                                                                                                                                                    w here member s participated in bowlin g,
 Borgna ,                                                                                                                                                                                                      billiards, tab le tennis and other fam ily
      YOU member s and sing les in th e                                                                                                                                                                        activ ities. The fac ilities were arranged for
  Germ an -speaking area attended their an-                                                                                                                                                                    by Pat William s . Lucy Ma y .
  nual Win ter Night's Ball in BONN , West                                                                                                                                                                         Brethren o f the LONGVIEW. Tex .•
  Germa ny, Feb . 19. To set the mood for                                                                                                                                                                      c hurch att ended an internati onal Fea st
  th e eve ning a gro u p of yo ung                                                                                                                                                                            night Feb . 19 . After Sabbath services the
  peopl e workin g in the Bonn Office sang                                                                                                                                                                     members feasted on inte rnational cuisine
  vwinter Wonde rland," D isc jock ey                                                                                                                                                                          and then viewed slides of d iffere nt Feast
  Kuno Pfeiff er provid ed a variety of dance                                                                                                                                                                  s ites and examined sc ra p boo ks an d
  music . A . 50s danc e show was performed                                                                                                                                                                    souvenirs. To top off the evening the
  by the brothe r-sister tea m of Sus anne a nd                                                                                                                                                                adult s played the game bunco , and the
  Johan nes Eisermann . Later five coupl es                                                                                                                                                                    c hildren watched the mov ie Annie and ate
  participated in a ballroom dan ce co ntest .                                                                                                                                                                 popcorn . Debbie Clark .
   Another act ivity was the challenge for                                                                                                                                                                         The home of Arno ld and Joann Rup-
  five girl s to mak e the best snowman out of                                                                                                                                                                  ka lv is wa s the selling fo r th e
  lheir pa rtner with pro ps such as toilet                                                                                                                                                                    MARY80RO UGH , Australia , breth -
   pape r and ca rrots . Yo ung judge David                                                                                                                                                                    ren' s family fun day Feb. 13. Spons ac-
   Karlson chose snowm an Andre as Dros-                                                                                                                                                                       tivities were swimming and tennis, with a
   dek , who was created by his sister Eva.                                                                                                                                                                     barbecue in the afternoo n. A Bible study in
   After a brun ch Sunday morning everyon e                                                                                                                                                                     the eve ning was co nducted by pastor Terry
   traveled back home . Eleono re Rupprecht .                                                                                                                                                                   Villiers. Ron Manitzky .
       The CALGARY , Ana. . NO RT H and                                                                                                                                                                            An e ve ning of famil y fun and enter -
   SOUTH c hurc hes ' ann ual win ter form al                                                                                                                                                                   tainme nt was e njo yed by the ME DFO RD
   dance took p'ace Feb . 5. Music was pro-                                                                                                                                                                     and KL AMA T H FA LLS , Ore . , brethren
    v ided by t he Or ville Br id ge s Tr io                                                                                                                                                                    Jan. 29. Combined afternoon services
   Throu ghout me evenin g the re were spot                                                                                                                                                                      were followed by a potluck . After the
   d a nc es and o ver -au d a nces, Hor s                                                                                                                                                                       Sabbath the meetin g room was tran s-
   d' oe uvre... beve rages and a cas h bar were      DISTR ICT WINNERS - Pictured above is the Somerset. Ky.• YOU basketball team , whic h won the District 26                                                  formed into a co rnbm auo n bal lroom and
    ava ilable . T he doo r prize .... " .... n by
                                     a      o         tournament in Lexington , Ky., Feb. ' 2 and' 3. (See " Youth Activit ies," page" ) (Pho to by Je rry Jeffers )                                                lSee CHURCH NEWS. pave 9 1
Monday, March 21, 1983                                                                                 Th e WORLDWIDE NEWS                                                                                                                                9

        (Continued from page 8)                     to-ie s . for the: fourth ye ar , members
chi ldre n' s playroo m. Dave Coo ke. Vern          helped at th e inv e ntory of th e lwo
 Bran son a nd Bob Bruc e we re in cha rge o f      Thal himer s stores. Jan . 17 and 18 . T hey
the music for danc ing and liste ning . Th e         also look inve ntory at the Mill er and
music wa s slop ped three li mes and a               Rhoa d s department sto re Jan . 9 . T he in-
ca ke w al k took pl ace to he lp the YO U           venro ries nett ed about $ 1.600 . Th e first
c heerleade rs with the cos t o f their new         contact wit h Tha lhim e rs was thr ough
o utfits The them e o f the night was cos -          Roger Shige hara. and the add ilion o f Mil-
tume s. Be th and Steve Bruce o rga nized            ler and R hoad s came after Dan Su mme rs
the c hildf('n' s activities.                       saw a wa nt ad in a ne wspaper. Harlan K .
    Mr. Coo ke served as maste r o f cere -         Brown .
monies for a n en tertainment program,                  All age s we re o n the da nce floor atthe
whic h incl uded a duet by Co lleen Can a-          R ED DEER and W E T AS KI WI N.
day and Lori Grantham . a Mart y Robbin s           Alia .• c hurches' dance soc ial Feb. 12.
song sung by Lee Bailey, a c hildre n's             Ear lier in the evening the mov ie Star
group ca lled the Even Do zen dire cted by          Wars was shown for the childre n by Ton y
Karen Canaday, an all-women ' s singin g            Smith . Snacks o f vegetables , chee se and
group c alled the Ear ly Century Singers. a         cookie s wer e ava ila bl e . P astor W ill
song perfonned by the Don Bail ey fam ily           Woo ster superv ised the eve ning . Jean€'lre
and a hu morous bride -and-groom skit by            Eng bio m ,
Dale Wood s and Melinda Perkinss . Karen                Chu rch ville Park was the selling for the
L . Ca naday .                                      RO C HEST ER , N .Y . • c hurch ' s annu al
    A distri ct week end look place for the         sno w parry Feb . 13. Me mbers enj o yed
MELBOURNE WEST, BALLARAT.                           skating a nd sledd ing outd oo rs and playi ng
BESDIGO and GEELOSG, Austra lia,                    cards and o ther board ga mes in front o f a
c hurche s Jan . 29 and 30 at Baachu s Marsh        fire indoors . A lunch o f chili was served,
in Victo ria . Sabba th morn ing bega n wi th       and be verage s we re available throu ghout
a Bible s tud y, follow ed by lunch in the          the da y. Jok e Han nold .
surround ing park lands . AI Sabbath ser-               ST . PETERS BU RG . Fla. • membe rs
vices in Ihe afternoon Melbourne w est              e njoye d a fish fry social Feb . 6 . The fish -
pastor Rod Dean gave the sermo n on the             ing expediuon s were o rganized by Jackie          M O T H E R S AND DAUGHTERS - Partic ipants in the mother-da ughter fashion show presented by the Ch icag o.
theme of the fam ily. A Bible bow l was             Cor le y . with Bill G a ll o way, Paul            III., West Ladies' ClUb Feb . 6 tak e time out for a group pictur e. (See " Club Mee tings ," this pag e.)
pla yed after serv ices, and in the eve ning        McGuire, Joe Terry , Mae Brown and
the activi ties were a lea and social game s.       Linda wainwright doi ng the cookin g .             Lain g. Th e talent sho w. with Sharon           ning . A topics sess io n preceded three             David Drawdy was Sam C hiles. Associa te
Many brethren staye d unti l Sunday and              More than 200 fish were caught and co n-          Ty nd all as mistress o f ceremo nies, was       speeche s and evaluations, as well as a              pester Carlos Nielo is the ove rall directo r o f
participated in a barbe c ue . swimming and         sumed . The gro up was e ntertained by a           orga nized by Hugh and Rosie Fisher.             lecture by pastor and dire ct or Harold              the cl ub. Paul Nowkn .
sports . Rosemary P;~TCY .                          five-act talent show. with Mr. Terry as            Membe rs were entertai ned by Warw ick           Rhodes . John Jarr ett ,                                  l he Wome n' s Club o f CORNING,
    Jan . 29 the MOULTRIE, Ga .• and                master o f cere mo nies . Fo llowing the           Hall , Roger and Dorothea wesuey . the                The BI NGHAM T O N a nd C O R·                  N .Y ., met Jan. 30 for a breakfast meet -
TALLA IIASSEE. Aa . , members en-                   sho w the film The Miracle of Life was             Fisher c hildren, Mr. Ma ney, Rebecca             NI NG , N . Y.. Spokesman C lubs had a               ing . Ope ning remarks were made by ho st-
jo yed an e vening o f fun . bargai n huntin g      sho wn. Lavene L. voret.                           Tyndall, the Chirnside chi ldren, me El-         breakfast mee ting Feb . 13 . After the meal          e ss Ja nice Pruden . Sall y Murra y w as
and fellow ship at the ch urches' co untry              The SANTA FE. N .M . • church was              drid ge c hildren and Jan Maney and c hil-       Ch arl e s Pi scit e ll o told joke s for a           CO OOSIeSS, and Esther Shennan served as
fair. Members do nated flea mark et items ,         rai sed u p Feb . 12 with 167 members and          dren . John a nd Ros Chimside ,                  half hour , aft er which ea ch member                 acting secretary . Tabi empics were led by
b aked good s , c ra fts and prof es sional         c hild ren pre sent for the oc casion. For             Th e third win te r socia l of the           hum orou sly introduced ano ther membe r              Bo nnie Cart wright. Coordinator Haul
 skills suc h as haircutting and po rtrait          spec ial music a chamber e nsem ble played         VANCOUVER , B .C., ch urch was Feb.               in a round rob in fash ion. Voc al exerc ises,       Lambert gave an iceb reaker , fo llo wed by
drawing . Among the activ ities were a              a p ie ce from Elija h . Walter M .                5 . The members viewed the films Beh ind         led by Ed Bock . were followed by ta-                 Nancy Sylorpresenting a sketc h of tile life
c akewalk . a YOU pie -eatin g cont e st and a      Dick inson ,                                       th€' Work and the Youn g Amba ssadors            blet opics presented by Mark Borgna .                o f Rachel. The meeting concluded with a
drawing for door priz es . Ta co s, coo kies            Th e SASKATOON. Sa sk . , church                Feas t film . Steve Lukinuk was projec -        Toesrmaster Leon ard Ladodge introduced               lecture by pastor Britton Tayl or . Nancy
and drink s wert: sold by the YOU mem -             had a sports night Feb . 12. Game s o f            tio nisl for the ev ening . Before the mo vies   the speakers. T he Most He lpf ul E vat ua-           Sylor .
bers . Proce ed s from the faii went into the       vo lleyba ll. ba sket ball , indoor baseba ll      d inner was e aten in the Thompson School        tio n was given by AI Fuller. the Mo S!                    Fathers of the DAUPH IN . Man. ,
chur che s' funds . Ann Terrett ,                   and floor hockey were played in two gyms           c afe re ria , where hot beverages were          Improved Speak ers we rt' James Raf ferty             Spo kesma n Club had their children pres-
    MUNCIE, Ind ., bret hre n. on the eve -         at the Walter Murra y Co llegiat e . Before        served . Fred Whirelu>ad .                       and Dick Clo se and the Most Effe ctiv e              ent at thei r meet ing Feb . 13. Top icsm as-
nin g o f Feb . 12. enjoye d seve ral hours o f     lunch was served a slide show o f the 1982             VICTORIA. B.C. , brethren e njoyed a         Speech was give n by Mr. Clo se . Past or             ter was Eugene FosIY. The children en-
 fun lime at lhe Bo ys' C lub. Amon g the           church acti vities was sho wn in the au-            Polyne sian socia l at the C rystal Gar den s   Britton T aylor made clo sin g remark s , and         jo yed doughn uts and ju ice during inter-
activities were volleyba ll. floor socce r ,        d ito rium. Thanks were e xpresse d 10 Jerry        Feb. 13 organi zed by Dave and Jean ette        the meetin g adjourned. at whic h time                mission . Bill Fydirc huk served as toast -
ba sketball , basi c billiard s , table tenni s ,   Luck y and Bruce Ecker for the produ c-            C be perd ak. Members of the Ladie s' C lub      most traveled to the ho me of Mr. Close               ma. .ter , Awards were presented to Bill
euchre and races and gam es for the chil-           lion , and to Wayne Rouse ll and Mih on            spent the even ing of Jan . 26 making paper      for a sno w party in the afternoon . Charte s         Sass . Mo st Imp ro ve d Speaker; Roy
dren . Ed S . Rud iaJ.                               Dahl seid e for assist ing with sound and                                                    I
                                                                                                        leis and flo we rs. which were g iven OU at     Mol'mea ux .                                          Shaw . Most Effect ive Speech; and Ken
    The c hurch in NASSAU, Bahama s.                 present au on . Edie Cle mens .                   the door , and they pro vided table ce nte r-         Th e B RAINE RD an d G RAND                      Alme. Most Helpful Evalua tion . Pastor
cele brated its ninth ann iversary Jan . 8              So me 139 brethren were present for the         piece s. Mura ls painted by Anita Jone s and     R AP ID S. Minn . , Spoke sman C lub had              De nnis Lawren ce lectured o n expressin g
with an e ve ning o f relent . gam e s and          inaugural servic e of the SLI DELL. La.,            Muriel Brenda graced the wall s, whi le in       its firs tladies' night oflhe season Feb. 13.         thank s . Eugene Fosty ,
finger food s . Clifford Barten acted as            church Jan . R. Pastor James Servid io wel-        one co mer an erup ting . ' vo lcano" made        Members a nd guest !'> enjo yed a roast beef              The S po kesman Cl ub of ED ·
 maste r o f ce re mo nies for IRe talen t sho w.   co med tbe members and preached the                by Mike Jodrell added 10 the atmos phe re.        and c h ic ke n buffet , aft er which ta -            MONTON, Alt a.• had its first lad ies'
 wh ich co nsis ted o f musical item s inter -      sermo n. Co ffee and coo k ies were serve d         Polynes ian dishes prepared by the me m-         blet o pic s wer e prese nte d b y Andrew             night of lhe year Jan. 30 . The tbeme for
 spe rse d with members g iv ing a o ne-            at the gel-acquainted ga theri ng follow ing       bers we re serv ed throughout the evening .       Freeman . Toastmaste r Ray Boe sse l intro-           the even ing was mon ey matters . After a
 minut e c hat on their heritag e . So me of the    services. David G . Huffman .                       Da nce rr " ,ic was provided by the Wood y      du ced the speakers : Je ss Mc Alli sler .             buff et mea l Preside nt Satl Ba lroop wel-
 high point s o f the music al segm ent were            An outdoor soci al for the SU DBURY            Woodland band . Othe r activities incl uded      Geo rge Howa rd , Da ry l Kir t , Ra lph               comed the me mbers and guests and intro-
 a song composed by Joseph Wood and a folk          and NORTII BAY, Onr. . bret hren ICKlk             a lim bo co ntes t. the giving o f pri zes for    Ma yer and LeR oy Smith . The ov era ll               due ed Ben Hofer . wbo led the topic s ses-
 song by Edward Robin son Jr.                       place Feb . 6 at Shuswap Lod ge at Lake             lhe best cos tumes. as well as two doo r        e val uatio n was give n by dire ctor Stan             sion. To astmaster Gerry Sinkler imrc-
     Nine NEW PLYMOUTH, New Zea-                    Nip iss ing , Th e day began with a panc ake        prius , and duri ng the band ' s break enter-   Mc Nie L And rew Fre ema n ,                           du ced the speake rs: G ary Schult z, Ian
 land , members cli mbed 8. 260 feel to the         breakfast coo ked by pastor Leo van Pelt            tainmern by so me o f the brethre n. Laurel          Th e B UFF ALO , N .Y . • Spok esman               Armi tage , Jim Diakur , Ro lf Seiz and
 summit of sno wcap ped Ml. Egmont Feb .            and Haro ld Cbeley . lnside aciivuies in-          E . McCre a .                                     C lub :.ponsored a ladies ' brunc h Ja n. 30 .         Ge ne C hrnilar . Awards went to Mr. Seiz .
  13. The cl imbers reached Ihe summit al           cluded c ard game s and table ten nis. OUI'                                                          Pre:sidem Nonn Ca se presented the top ics             Mosl Improved Speaker; Mr . C hmilar.
 midda y and co mpleted Ihe nine -hour ad -         door sport s ran ged from IOboggan ing and                                                           for di scu ssion . and Wah Wojk ow ski                 M o st Effec live Speech ; and Colin
 vent ure in Ihe afternoon . W hile Ihe climb
 was in progress o lher members of the
                                                    cross·co untry sk iing to ice fishing and
                                                    hncke y . Chi li prepared by the women was         CLUB                                              served as 10aslm aSler . Spe akers were Joe
                                                                                                                                                         TTzyn a , Ron On gley , sec re lar y Jerry
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Bishop , Mo st Helpful E valual ion . Roben
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Berendt evalualed the firsl half of !he
 c hurch enjoy ed a lunchlime picnic at             served . Paul GOUlhiu .                                                                              Weidn er. sergeant al arm s Peter Kle in and           mee ling . Gordon G raham eva lua led the
 Br ooklands Park . The picnicke rs ad -                TEMORA , Aust rali a , brethren met            MEETINGS                                           Vice Presidenr Doug Fi nne rty . Af ler               speec h sessio n and Doug Smith gave an
 journed for a fternoo n tea 10 Dou g and Val       Jan . 29 for aflernoon services and wel-                                                             co mme nts from pastor Dave Pack and di-               o verall evaluatio n and lect ure. 1be eve-
 Bro adm or e ' s hom e, wher e Ihe y were          come d Ihe new pastor , Bruce De an. and                                                             recto r Ch ris Beam , the mee ting ended               ning was capped off with adanc e led byd isc
 jo ined by the relurni ng mo untain cl imb--        his famil y. as well as Fred and Carme n             AUSTIN , Tex . , Spo kes ma n Cl ub            wilh a slide present ation o n IwO mountain            jockey Geny Brown . &rry Sinkkr .
  ers . Rex Morgan .                                 Mancy . who were married in Perth . Aus-          members and guests enjo yed a lad ies'             parks of the Pac ific Northwest. Gail Ann                Forty -six wome n altended Ihe Feb . 10
     Brethren of the NE WCASTLE, Aus-                lralia . A potluck and a talem show fol-          night Feb . 13 . Presid ent Frank Fridric h's      Biegalski and Val MaIUSzkil'wic z..                   meet ing of the I-UNT, Mich ., Wome n' s
 Irali a , church participated in a soc ia l         lo wed . A toast was propo sed by J im            openin g remarks set lhe lo ne for the e ve-          The Feb . 2 meet ingoflhe BUF F AL O,             Club . Spee che s were given by Mary Lou
 e venin g o f games and fellow ship Feb . 5                                                                                                              N .Y . , Women' s C lub. with hoslesses               Edwards and Linnea Ha~ . and hoste ss
  and bid fare we ll to de acon Garel h Loc k                                                                                                             Mary Wh alen and Joann C iecie rega, had              for the eve ning was Or a Bourdeau . Linda
  and his wife Sha ron . who are mo ving 10                                                                                                               a Me xican almos phere . Six lopi c que s·            Miese l shared her earl y experi ences in her
 Ipsw ich , Australia . Fo llowing a speec h                                                                                                              lion s were presented by Amber Dav is.                icebreaker . Topi c q uestions were pre-
 by pastor Gary Harvey , Ihe Lock s were                                                                                                                  Jo an Wo lf and Sand y Pe reboom gave                 senled by Ge raldi ne Gilbanks . Pat Chi lds
  pre senled with a sandwic h toasler and a                                                                                                               Iheir ice breakers . The main presentation            coo rd inaled !he refre shment co mmillee ,
  piclorial boo k o f the are a . G"um€' Mills.                                                                                                           was o n furnilure repair , restoration and            and winter decorations were provided by
     The P L ATISB UR G II , N. Y. • church                                                                                                               upholsle ry lip s given by Joe and Shir ley           Darl ene Wood . Paslo r Nelson Haas gave
  had its an nua l "snoc ial" Feb . 6 . The pre -                                                                                                         Baumgaertner . Cleaning helps and buy-                a closing talk . Joann Whi/~heud.
  viou s eve ning a Bible slud y was con ·                                                                                                                ing hinls were followed by quesl ions and                T he Wome n's C lub of th e F O RT
  duct ed at lhe home o f ho st Sid Ma icu s in                                                                                                           answe rs . Prove rbs 3 1 was the subjecl o f          W AL T O N BEA CH , Fla ., and GE -
  Frog Ho llow . N.Y . A sing- along fol -                                                                                                                an add ress given by dire clor Dave Pack .            NEVA. Ala . • c hurc hes mel Feb . 6 . Karen
  lowed. wit h pastor Philip Shi elds al lhe                                                                                                            Joann~ Ko ~n jg .                                       Wal erhou se began the meeling wilh the
  piano . Sunday morning the wo men pre-                                                                                                                    More tha n 100 members and guests o f               inlrodu Clion o f old busi ness and new bus-
  pared a hearty breakfast in the Maicu s                                                                                                                the C H ICAG O. Ill . , W EST Ladies'                  ine!'>s proposals . Ho sless So ndra Thomp·
  kitchen. Even thoug h Ihere was no snow                                                                                                                Club mel fo r the club's month ly meeling              so n presented lrene Brooks and Lucy
  members had fun as Ihey ice -skaled and                                                                                                                Feb . 6 . which featured a mOlher-daug hle r           Whil e, who were in c harge o f helpful
  pla yed to uch foolball . At a pollu ck lunch                                                                                                          fashion sho w . Ta bletopi c s we re prese nted        hin u . Louise G r imes pre sented la ·
  "Smokey the Bear " appe ared and pre -                                                                                                                 by Je anett e Jahnk e . and Calh y Voit gave           bl elopic s . Fo ll owing snack s Mi s s
  sented Smok ey Bear comi c books 1 the     0                                                                                                           an icebreake r . T he 35 part icipant!'> in the        Thompson and Betty Leonard gave
  children . In the afl ernoon ho me made ice                                                                                                            fa..hion show we re introduced by Jan                  speec hes on c roc het, macrame and liquid
  cream was mad e by lhe membe rs . The ice                                                                                                               Weinmann . Ref reshments prepared by                  e mbro ide ry . Dire ctor and pa stor Don
  cream was served wilh an asso rtme nt o f                                                                                                              Ihe mOlher s a nd Ih eir da ug h te r!'> o r           Waterhou se gave clo sing co mme nls .
  cakes . Brenda Bar ton .                                                                                                                               " ado pt ed" da ug hte rs wer e ser ved .              Sond ra Thomp son .
      P RIf'lriCE GEORGE , B.C.. brethren                                                                                                                Dolo rn Coc o.                                             The Feb . 8 meet ing o f the HO UST O N.
  attended Iheir annual formal d inner and                                                                                                                   Th e combined CO LU M BIA. S.C. ,                   Te x.. E AST Women '!'>Club loo k place al
  dan ce Feb . 5 . During the e venin g a fa~h ­                                                                                                         and AUGUSTA . Ga . , Spoke sma n C lub                  Ihe hom e o f Nanc y Bukowsk i, who was
  io n show was prese nted by the YO U girls ,                                                                                                            had a meelin g at the We slern Sleer res -             ho!'tess for the meeling . After the busi-
  who each made and modele d an o utfi!.                                                                                                                 taurant in Col umb ia Feb. 13 . Me mbers'               ne !'>s se ssio n , Su zann e Ja mison intr o -
  Th e girls had "x e n inst ructed by Jan                                                                                                                wive s and da les allended , as well as 10             duced lopi cs for di scussion . A rece ss fol-
  Cril chl ow for abo ul two monlh s . Gle n A.                                                                                                          gue sts . Topi c s .... re led by C le Be lcher ,
                                                                                                                                                                               e                                 lo wed , a fler which the speech ponion
  Wl'bto .r                                          YOU FORMAL DANCE - Teens dance 0 the music at a form al dance                                       and toaslm asler was Paul Nowlen . Timer                began . Doris Ro ge rs , Ann Sl oe and
      RALE IG H. N .C., breth ren partici -          sponsored by the Los Angeles , Calif ., YOU Feb. 6. (See " Youth Ac-                                 for spt..'Cches given by Dann y Co gdill, Ron          Mar ge Se iver gave speec hes on Ihe theme
  pated in Ihree depa nme nl store inve n-           tivit ies ," page 11.)                                                                              Siank y. Joh n Keith, Lester Kilpat rick and                  (se e CHURCH NEWS. page 101
10                                                                                                                                    The WORLDWIDE NEWS                                                                                                             Monday, March 21, 198 3

ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                                                                                                                                   BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT
                                                                                                                                                                                                           We 'd like to let the read·
                                                                    K" noeha , W,e .boy.JoeephRsymond .Feb 18. 1 13
                                                                    .m .I Opounde I2ounce s .now I b oy . 3 1l,rl.
                                                                                                                                      St olley . IS h".d cttbe "mb. n.dor Co lle<;l Secun ly
                                                                                                                                                                                        c                  er s of The Worldwide
                                                                                                                                      O.. p.rfmenl Tl>eb'ide . ndgrOOlll.'ebolh e,~ployed
 BIRTHS                                                             SHEVlA NE. TCltIy.nd Cheryl. 01 Ha lfield . Eng l. nd .
                                                                                                                                      ,n B'QS . nojy. lld .. ,lI m. k.ll>etf t>om.. th"'9                  News know about your
                                                                    g,rI. UeI. lHeK.le. F.. b 21. 10:IO . m . l pound.1I                                                                                   new baby as soo n as it
                                                                                                                                      """ J .ger . d.IJQI\' ... o l Ad.mJ.ger 01 $a n
 BAAuot..A.'(l Atn~ (DeShong) , of And... son.              ounce•• now3boys .lglrI
                                                                                                                                      O'lIQo. C.lil, .•nd John M. , " W.I"... son 01 M! .nd                arrive s . Just fill out this
 Ind.• II..... KiIl'Ibowty JNn. Dec . 8 . '" 15. m..II pounds                                                                          '
                                                                                                                                      "" s
 31tounce.,1>OWI boy . 19orl                                        SIBERT . G eo flre y .nd Reb . c c . (M,tch "Ul. 0 1                    Ed Wall<e' 01 croul. Vi.t •. C. IiI,             led
                                                                                                                                                                                         OO. ...           coupon and send it to the
                                                                    T~ • . K.n .Q Ifl.AshleyBr_    e .Feb 5. • SI .m .                m.rn. Qe feb 13 In La Ma . .. C. lif           11'1 NorlNln
 BROOKS . Tomm y .nclJvcty IOdey). of• .                8DOund .15 ~ ounc"s . I\O. 3g ,rl.
                                                                                                                                      $ml th . p.,Ior oi 1!'Ie Sa il   o,ego               '
                                                                                                                                                                           c h urCh. OIll-c. tlllQ         address given as soon
 g..... Ra chel MIl . Feb 3 . 11:30 pm.• 8 pounds 10                                                                                  Thebrid e·s . ,sler. Cry .I.1"". n a Rofl . • ". m.lfon ol           as po s sib le after the
 ounce. ....lchdd                                                   S MITH. Gary .nd E~lAbelh (En.l. oJ Peon e . UI. boy .
                                                                                                                       .                     .
                                                                                                                                      ho tlOl' • nd ""IhonyOwrnnel se rved . a bnt m. n The
                                                                    Ian M,ch e . '. F eb . 1 1.S:-48 .m.. 1 poood. 9 OurK;IIIS .                                      C
                                                                                                                                      co uple . iMre" ldeln EIC.ICltI. a lrl                               baby is born .
 BUMP ,   e.rry.nd Kar en       (Brown I Ofl , o l l .lllbndge,
                                           )                        now I boy . 'll,rl
                                                                                                                                      V. nge r Ann Rlg . b y e nd Lou,e E. S,mmCltl ...reunlled
 Alt • .• lllf1. NlCo"   Sh.,ee, Dec . 18. 10:05 p ,m....                                                                             ,n m.rr,.geby Ed.ard F.u lk. p.alor o llh.. Norl olk .                 O u' co upo n b aby III,s ,sSU" IS
 pou nd . IO OUll e •. now 'l boys , Ig ,rl
                c                                                   SP ENCE. Sle",n . nd li nd . {l. ne}. 01 OI., lIe. I(S1l .                                                                             ASCh,,1 Su • • n Jarboe . da uQhl 6 ' 01
                                                                    hoy , Eric Brend on . Feb . 3.• ,01 .m. e pou nds 1-4             Va . Cllu'CII. J a ne R'll . by • • • lhem. id ofho nOf s nd
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Paul .nd Sheffle Jarboe 01 B,g
                                                                    ounces . ftra l c h ild.                                          Anlhon y Willia mss.. rved. ab nlm.nB IIl " " erv ,c..
 BURAK , Mark . nd Oi. "". (L,ngl, 01 Fon Collii'll ,                                                                                 Fo b. S , 0 Iive r 8 e rrill g a . .. , h.. bri d.. a wa y           Sandy
 Colo_.boY, John Mark ,FItb 1, 8 :29 a m.• 7 pound. 6
 ounC8a,Ilr ai chiid                                                WEINEL. John .nd Sand'. (Go lf ) , 01 Armon k. N,Y.•
                                                                    girf. Ch ri.hneTamara . J .n. 2 1. IOp .m.. 8pOU1ld . S                                                                                BIRTH "' NNO U NC EMENT
CASSITTY. Ga ry a nd Robin (Howie), 01 Champaig n,                  ou nc .....r. l ch ild                                                                                                                 'THE WO RLDWIDE NEW S '
III.• boy • .10." " . OII.n.e , Feb . " , 10:30 p .m.• 1 poullda                                                                                                                                           BO X 111
 13 ounce,.     now 2 boy .                                         WENDT. D. nlel .nd P . m.. l. (Hurrm.II ). 01 F. roo .                                                                                                              .
                                                                                                                                                                                                           PASAOE NA.C"'Ll F •• 1l1 1211 U.S .....
                                                                    N O .girl. Allsh . o - e.J.II, 30 . • 08 . m.. 8 pound.
Dl.INLAP 5 ' ..... ItICl Rene (Col,,".). ot Oklal\oma
         .                                                          3oun< I boy . 'llicl
City, Ok
              oort, Slep/'Mtft R. e . 0lK: . 76. 'l • m , 8
           ourocn. _ :I girl.

 FOSTER . SI...., .nd V.1ene CO   .....). of            Be"..'.
                                                                    Wl.KWSOH. D.......1Id Bect<y (AId\eIIbr_). 01
                                                                    P ortt.ftd. Or.... boy. J u.'.. L. _ence. F eb 1• . 9:.5
                                                                    p m.• 8pound. 80"""e • . now 2 boy • • 2gir1.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Last n a m e                        Fa th er ' s fi r st name       I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mother's fi rst name

 ~ .. elIond.owt . l ..... M..... J . n.29.2:35 p_m.•
8 ~ 15 _ , _ 2 bQy$ . 2 goo1 .                                      WOlRIGE. Allan.nd        Cor., (Gobba). 01 Toowoomb• •
                                                                    AU.l r. ~ • • boy . Darr en Todd . ho n IS . 12:08 •. m.• 1
                                                                                                                                                                                                            M o th e, ' S maid en n a me        Chu r Ch ar ea o r c i ty of res ldence/Sta te / eou n try
FRA.NI(S• .t;m and<I (Bo ...), Ql U.bodge,                    pound. IO OUftC. .. now3 boy • . IlllrI
"'-..... girl , KilIlbet1ee ~nel. Feb , 1. 730 p.m.• 8
pound. 1,( ounce •. now 3 0,n.                                      WOO STER . W," a nd Linde . 01 Red Dee r.         "."
                                                                                                                      Ab oy .
                                                                    O. vid Willi. m. F. b 1 1. 12: 16 p ,m.• 8 poun d s I.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Baby ' S sex             Bab y 's first and middle names
HALSAlL. Dorl and Loru in. (W. .t) . o f Princ. Alben,              o unc ••. now 2 boy.                                                                                                                     o B oy      D G lr l
S. .k ,.gil1,Mell. .. lee h , U ..rch 3 . 11 •. m,,9pound s
tt eu ee .... now3 gir1.                                                                                                                                                                                    M onth o f b i r t h     Day o f m onth           T im e o f da y    ~. l welgh t
HARS ANJE . Robeft . nd K.t h.l .en (Oi.m.r) 01
Toledo.OtIio.boy.JofI. lh.n D.vid Mic h • • l, Dee . 29 .           ENGAGEMENTS                                                                                                                                                                                             O P.M.
5 :. 1 .,111" pourld. 12 ounc • • • now I boy. I girl
            8                                                                                                                                                                                              N u m be r o f so n s y ou n o w I'lav e -        Number o f daug h te rs you n ow have -
I1ElNl. Edg.'.nd l~ CW.g.').oI We1 ••1". ;n. AHe..                  Mr . IId Ur. CartlonGr_oJ P. . .den. wouId lik"IO
g ll1. l OlilylWl F.tI 5 . 3 p ,III.• 1poun.d.OOWlC. ..... 1
                .                                                   . lInounceltle engaoemenl o l!tlelr da llQhlet M. 1inda               MR. ANDMRS. STEVEN DIGGINS
                                                                    to lkr,-1:lGlIrreM 01 P . . .d ...... An ApriI11 .. edOOg i.                                                                            I nc lu di n g newborn                                                                   3- 83
""'~                                                                p la nned InIheP.Uden. Amb-e esorColeQe Low ...
                                                                                                          ...                         Mr .IIdMr. , R.yrnondL . CoIlon.wiah lo announce ltle
                                                                    Go......                                                          mama~ of!tHrir da ughl .. Rhonda D. nce l o SI.ven
HONGERlOOT . 8enIard Pel l inda Sue (W ....I. 01
P . Ndefta. girl . Rebecca Jol'uI_ l eila .... Jan. 11• •                                                                             W. yne D;og;n • • _of Mr .• fIll.... W. yneE . OlQQ       in.
p.m.• 1 pounda 7 oon:H. now 1 boy. 3 gIl't$                         Mr . • 1IdMr . RCltI oodbndg.. of We ltngton . K. n.• • re
                                                                                         W                                            The eetenlor!J' W• • p.erfol'noed AUlI . 8 . 198 2 . b y Roy
                                                                                                                                      Dema,e". paalor of I"" Bellmore. WeI. ch ch     ,               Sefcak serves as a local chu rch elde r in                 to Mr. Sefcak by evangel ist Jose ph
JOHNSON. Jerrr . 1Id """"eI C8igg. l. 01 R.......
                                                                    IIeppylo.nnounc.. Ihe el\Q.o-tol!IINd"lJQ
                                                                    I<.r .... K• .,. toDa'ofld
                                                                                             Paui F ergen. _ 01...... and Mr .        S .... n Coli,",. ".' ..·in·". olltle bOda               Iron
                                                                                                                                      of honor • • fIllR.ndy ();gQ", •. br OillefolltleQll'oom .      th e Ba nning. Calif., c hurc h.                           Tk ach S r., dir ector of Minister ial Ser-
Wyo .• girl . Rebecca Dawn . Feb . 8 . 0 01 p.m.• 1
pounc1a 10 ounce• • nowlboy. I girl
                                                                    Robeft Fergen 01 P . . ....... Wr Fetgen i• • 1982
                                                                    or . d ual. o IP. . .d_       Amtt. . . .dor Col IeQe .nd         . a.   be.,m.n, The couple r.1Ide In BaHiIIIore                     The Sefcaks have two children. Ga ry,                  vices , on behalf of Pastor Ge neral Her-
                                                                    M,n Woodbfidge '-; I or .duel e In M. y A mid sUmmer                                                                              a deacon in (he San Bern ard ino. Ca lif.,                 bert W. A rmstrong recognizing his 25
JONES Doug .nd a.t.W (HoHeldtIr l . 01 l al.y.. Me.
          .                                                         .edding i. p la nned in Wichi l• • K.n
Ind " g irl. Jenice lynn. F.. b 11 , 1:18 p.m ,. 1 poll<lda                                                                                                                                           churc h, and Joyce Ca t herwood who                        yea rs of se rvice in t he Work .
13 0unc .. .. now 2boys, 3girf•.
                                                                                                                                      ANNIVERSARIES                                                   works wit h he r husband Cam in the Ital-
                                                                                                                                                                                                      ian De part me nt , a nd five gra ndch ildre n.               LAK E OF T HE OZAR KS. Mo. -
KRANCH, Doug . nd Ke1hy (He in l) . 01 CI. rh b urg .
W.Va., gir1. Allly Ell• • bel h. Feb . 1 1,8 . ,m.,9pound.          WEDDINGS                                                          To th e beal couple th            c ould eve' be . Happy        t hree of whom are e mployed by the                       Mr . and Mr s. T hurston Karr were given
3ounce., now3git1.
                                                                                                                                      AnniY....rylY O<lrd.lIllht        Chri . Ii....                 Work .                                                    a reception Feb . 20 in honor of t heir 50t h
LINTON. Roch.nd Berb (Smith). 01 Buen. P . rk . Ca lil.•
boy . 5 1 _ Jann EIwQod. J . n 2 1.8 poullds 12                                                                                       To L. . my    """'ad   0139 y• • , e. M. ,ch 8, You ·,e ••
                                                                                                                                      d... r ••• vM .lO'ill. M. ry . nd eon . O....1Id
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                weddi ng ann ive rsar y.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Th e rece ption was arrang ed by t heir
ounce• . now 2 boya. I gir1
                                                                                                                                      De• •
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                c hild ren . M r. a nd M rs. w endalt Karr
MARSHAll. E.-.I .1Id Andre . (S IIIilh_). 01
Edmonton. Alt • .• boy. Todd Lionel . Feb . 24 . 10:30                                                                                Happy lourt h .............,.,.LetQhl Tho. compleled year                                                                 a nd Mr . and Mrs. Harold Flaughe r.
•. m.• 1iI ounde 1 oon:H. _
         p                   2 boy• • 1 g.r1 .                                                                                        '•• VlHYiroIporI.n1mo!e.lone T""kondna • • . p. henc e                                                                    membe rs of t he C hurc h here. More than
                                                                                                                                      .ncf.lrenglh yo........ poured 0lIl lome .........' • ••n
MeOOHAlO.Matk.1Id L. ut. (Priebe). of St . Anthony ,                                                                                  .fIt"'9a".rnple, In ChIld r... nng yOll COflIIfllMl lobe                                                                  100 people. includ ing sc hool frie nds. rel-
M inn ., Qtl1,<:::tMnynR••, Fab _l . 3 • .III_ 8povrw:l• . _
                                              .                                                                                       . nOlll.I.ndongl.!IIer .LO'rlI.YowCarol
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                at ives and C hurc h breth re n, atte nded
1 boy,2 gir1.
                                                                                                                                      ()w;gh 1 .IldThelm.Gib aon :He.ppy 3Olh.nniY.... ry                                                                       the ope n house to offer thei r congratula-
MERRIlL Herlry .nd Sue (S.wyw). 01 Gr-..;lkt.                                                                                         Momm • • nd O. ddy , Th.nk you lo r b e ing o u'                                                                          tions.
S.C •• boy. rllllOltty A..... F.tI. 1 1. lk33 p. m.• lil poulld .                                                                     ...onclerf ul,loving p. ren l• . W. Iov. you bO!h . o very
5 ounce• .now2 boy• • I g n .                                                                                                         muc hl Vo ur children . Bobby . Hom .. ' .nd J.. nny .                                                                        T he Karr s were married Feb. 2 1,
                                                                                                                                      8obl:ly, C. rl• . Sh..-.y.ftd Kri. lin•.•nd Br.. nd.                                                                      1933. and ba pt ized togeth e r in t he sum·
MURRAY. M. lcolm .nd F r. nc ie (Kele n"" e ), 01 Flint.
Mich" boy .M.Mh _,Fab. 16 . 9 • .III.,llpound.                                                                                                                                                                                                           me ro f l9 55.
4 '" ounc••• now2 boy • .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Joe Doblion, pasto r of t he Lake of th e
NICCUM. ........,. . nd s.r. (Simonton ). 01 S poh n...
Was h., boy . FIy.n Willi.III . F eb 10. 8 :52 p ,m.. 8
                                                                                                                                               Weddings                                                                                                         O zarks and Rolla. Mo ., churc hes, pre·
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                sented the couple with a doze n yellow
po ufllla 1 ouncea. " a l chi ld

PRYOR. David.nd Kar en (Ric..). 01 lgn. IU.
boy.   ._
       J        L. .. Feb . 9. 10: 30 • .111.• 8 pound. 2
                                                                                                                                              Made of Gold                                                                                                      roses a( Sa bbath se rvices.

ounce• . now 2 boy .
                                                                          MR. AND MRS. DANSTOLLEY                                          PASADEN A - Lee and Florence
ROB ERTS ON . ........ . n d ..... n. (Hanelet8Oft). 01
Briabaroe. Aua lr.lie . 0Ir1 Jemima ....... Oee . 18. 1
pounc:I. 5ounc• • • now 2 girla .

RUS SE LL. Ken.nd Ptl ylh. (KaMady). 01 Toledo.
                                                                    D. nie1 L. Siolley .nctCarolynJ HoIw rU ...... . INlme(l
                                                                    F~ 19 .. 1.... Btg Sandy AIIIb....dor CoIege Gold
                                                                    Room The groom '. bf o lt>er...· l• • • nd p. al or olltle
                                                           Cfly . S, O.. . fIllCtledr on . NeI) .•cllurche• • $111\(
                                                                                                                                      Scfca k were honored by their children
                                                                                                                                      .... th a recepti on Feb . 6 celebrating t hei r
                                                                                                                                      50th wedd ing anive rsa ry.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           MR. ANDMRS. LEE SEFCA K
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Th e recep tion took place in th e Pasa·
Ohio . boy . K_   'hDw..... J.n. 25. 851. "' .• 8                   Buchlm . lI. perlormed Ille c _ _ y. ThfI bride '.                     Mr . and Mrs. Scfca k were married                         de na Am bassador Co llege Fac ult y
pound. 1 1 ounce•• now I boy. I girl                                p. ren te . Mr . "lid t.4r. , Weldon Hohert z• • Mend 11M                                                                                                                                        BIRM I NG HAM . Al a . - Ma rie
                                                                    f or1W orth .T • • .• c hurc h. 'fhe groom·. p. ren l s. U...d    Jan . 28. 1933 . Mrs. Se fca k was bapt izcd                    Loun ge a nd was atte nded by many long ·                  Levert , 17 , died Feb . 7.
                                                                    the Big S.ndy c hurch. Th.. groom '. leth er . L.. e              in 195 1 and M r. Sefca k in 1952. Mr.                          tim e me mbe rs. A plaqu e was prese nted                     S he was bapti zed Feb ruar y, 1965,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 in to the Wor ldw ide C hurc h of God and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 was the only mem hcr in her family. A

                                                                                                                                      Lea ders hip C lub met at the She raton                         Terry McQuire, Mike Maher, Ron McLar·                      nat ive of Akro n. Ala ., she resided in Bes·
                                                                                                                                      River House Jan . 30 for a lad ies' night                       en and Co lin Sweet entertained with in·                   se me r. Ala .•a t the time of he r dea th .
                                                                                                                                      din ner meeting. Pastor AI Kersha ope ned                       fonn ati ve speec hes . The awards for the                     Mrs. (.evert is survived by aso n, Wal·
                                                                                                                                      the activ ity a nd introd uced the the me for                   Most Improved S peaker and tile Most Ef ·                  ter . of Besseme r. and a brot her. Melvin
                                                                                                                                      the even ing. cult ural e nrichme nt. Top'                      fective Speec h were both won by Mr.                       Harper of Fairfield. A la.
                                                                                                                                      icsmaster was Phil Garland . and toasl·                         McQui re . The award for ttlc Most Helpful
         (Co nt inued from p.lge 91                                 Nat Stephe ns and Paul Kunz . Dan Pal·                            master was Johnny He ndr ic ks . The                            Evalualion went to Brian Gale . The direc-                    FLO RENCE. S.c. - Creo la Powell
of etiquette . After an eval uation by pastor                       misano was toas(masler for the evening.                                   e
                                                                                                                                      s pe a k. rs wer e Roge r Ba gwe ll , Ron                       tor concluded the meeting with a lecture .                died Feb . 16after a recur ring battle with
Hal Baird . the membe rs were dis missed                            and Larry Tay lor presented tabletop icli.                         Davis . Tony Fontao , Lawrence Caldero n                       Philip Perry .                                            ca nce r.
for a pollock lunc heon. Martha Coole.                              Mr. Turner received the Most Improved                             and Co un Greenfie ld. Evaluators were                              The RO CH EST ER and SYRACUS E.                           She is surv ived by her husband Clif·
    " Arts and C rafts in Home ma king"                             S peaker cup, Mr. Stephens was awarded                            Jim Ste wan. Raymond Joh nson . Billy                           N.Y., Spokesman C lubs combilll:d for a                   ford and c hildre n Bett y Ryall, Jeanett e
was the theme for the third meeting of the                          the c up fort he Most Effective Speec h and                        Hodge and Carl Crawford. Receiving lhe                          ladies' night Feb. 19. After the opening                 Ardi s. Pat ricia and C lifford Powell.
H UNTSVILL E and FL O RE NCE. Ala.•                                 Keith Cottrill and Dre ..el Shiver shared                         c ups were Mr. Fontao. Most Improved                            prayer by minister Fred Diehl, Syracuse                       Th e fu ner al service was conducted
Women's Club Feb . 6. Preside nt Jud y                              the c up for the Most Hel pful Evaluation.                        Speaker; Mr . Calderon, Most Effect ive                         Preliident Wayne Son lier called the meet ·                                          to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Feb . 20 by Florence pa'> r La rry G reid ·
Patrick presided . TablelOpics were led by                          Sha ron S hiver .                                                 S peec h; and Mr. Hodge . Mo st Helpfu l                        ing to orde r and introduced lopicsmaster                 e r in Hemingway, S .C .
Josephi ne Howe ll, and hostess was Deb-                               Th e KI NGSTO N a nd S M I T HS                                 Eva lual ion. The meeting concl uded with                       Harold Peck . Ministe r Charles Denny
orah Ward . Speeches pen ainin g to the                             FALLS, Ont .• Spokesman and Ladi~ s '                             comme nts from Mr. Ke rsha . Lout'ttu S .                        evalualed the flTSt half of cl ub. After the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    LO NG BEAC H. Ca lif. - Th el ma P.
theme were give n by Faith Fulmer , Jeanie                          d ubs had the ir annual wine and cheese                           Jo nt's .                                                        mea l Dick O rr vick , presi de nt o f the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Wilkins. 65 , died at home Feb . 12. She is
Thompson, Helen Brothers and Shelba                                 part y Jan . 30. The afternoon bega n with a                                                                                                 r                        o aster
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Roc heslo: club , inuud uced toa. ;tm
                                                                                                                                         Nineteen men assemb led Feb . 14 for                                                                                    survived by Jack, her husband of 41
Stanl ey. Evalua tors were Peggy Mon·                               !W:ssion of tableto pics. after which lhe                                                                                          Chip Sumner. Speaki ng were Brian Con·
                                                                                                                                      the beginning of a Spokesman Club in                                                                                       yea rs, a brother. th ree sons, a da ughter
tano. Linda Boswell . Belly Philli ps and                            ITKmbers and guest s sampled the wine s                                                                                           very . Bern ie Kolczy nski . Ron Gullo.
                                                                                                                                      SA PIE R , Ne..... Zealand . Pastor Lyall                                                                                  a nd more tha n a dozen grandchi ldren .
EJizabe(h Pope . Director La..... son J. Tuck                        and c hee~s. Durin g the second half of rhe                                                                                       JerT)' Smi(h and Burt ~hrtnbac h . Their
                                                                                                                                      Jo hnsto n was accompa nied o n hi s                                                                                          Mrs. W ilkins was born in Long Beach
e valualed the topics and speaking por·                              mee(ing a variety of speeches was given                                                                                           e valuators were Mark Hardway, Doug
                                                                                                                                      monthly visit to the area by minis ter                                                                                     and lived her e most of he r life. Sh e had
tions . and assistant directo r Joan Tuck                            by the me n' s d ub. Ramo na Juozapait;s.                                                                                         Bengou gh. Ton y Bruner, Roger Sher·
                                                                                                                                      Co lin D. Sutcl iffe . who delivered the                                                                                   been a membe r of God 's C hurc h since
gave a lect ure . Refreshments were served                              The fourth meetin g of the LAK E O F                                                                                           wood and Dave Hoadle y . The Most Help·
                                                                                                                                      sermon on the Sabbath. Stan Bull led the                                                                                   A pril. 1976 .
after the meeting. and an s and crafts ,of                           TH E O ZARKS. Mo., Women ' s Tra in·                                                                                              ful Eva luation award we nl to Mr. Ben·
                                                                                                                                      tabletopics session, and President Ron fos -                                                                                  G raveside services wer e conducted by
the mem be rs were d is pla ye d . Gay                               ing Program was Fe b. 20 . The (heme for                                                                                          go ugh, the Most Improved Speaker was
                                                                                                                                      ter acted as toalitmaster for the speaking                                                                                 Leste r McCol m. pastor of the Long
Chancy.                                                              the prog ram was c hild rea ri ng . T a·                                                                                          Mr. Convery and the Most Effe c tive
                                                                                                                                      session, 'Warren McGhie . Geoff Bignell,                                                                                   Beac h church.
    The J ACK SON, Miss.• Spokesman                                  blelOpics were prese nted by Mary Hutch i-                                                                                        S peech was given by Mr. Fehrenbach.
                                                                                                                                      Keith Curle and Michael Andrews were the
Club had a ladies' afte rnoon d inne r meet ·                        son. and a speec h was give n by Rita                                                                                             Pastor Leslie Sc hmedes e valuated the
                                                                                                                                      inaugural speakers . Mr. Johnstone valuated                                                                                   C R AN DON. Wis. - Florance Hazel
 ing Feb . 6 . Topics were led by Wayne                              Smith. Kim McKee won the door prize.                                                                                              seco nd half and ga ve a lec ture . Jake
                                                                                                                                      borh sessions of the club . The m«ting                                                                                     Bellom y. 56, died Feb. 17 at her Ke no-
 Nash. Toa stmaster Hilton Ball introduced                           Hostess for (he meeti ng was Marjori e                                                                                            Ha nno ld .
                                                                                                                                      concluded with an address by Mr. Sutcliffe                                                                                 sha. Wis.. home.
spe a kers Ma r zin e G ree n. No rma n                              Bel l. A minibaza ar took place after the                                                                                            T he Spo kesman C lub of ST .
                                                                                                                                      on leadership. The dub members will con·                                                                                      Ba ptized in 1969. she is survi ved by
 Ashcraft. James McCr aw. Jim Quarles                                meeting . Nanc)' B ridc~r .                                                                                                       PE T ER S B UR G , Fl a . , had its f irst
                                                                                                                                      tinue to travel monthly to Palmerston NoM .                                                                                her husband Noah of 42 years: th ree
 and Jerry Walker. Evaluators were Or·                                  Hostess Alve ra Baker called the Feb . 8                                                                                       ladies ' night of the year Feb . 23. Ac·
                                                                                                                                       New Zealand, for services and comb ined                                                                                   daughters. Jea n S anford of Kenosha .
 ville Ashcra ft, John Barlow. Sid BOleler.                          meeling o f tbe LA NSI S G , Mich., LIFT                                                                                          tivities began with a chicke n and steak
                                                                                                                                      cl ub. as well a.'i have local meetings later                                                                              Sa rah Kulaf of C ra ndon . both members
 James Miller and H.B . Wells. Pasto r Bob                           (Lad ies in Final Training) Club 10 order.                                                                                        dinner. followed by (abletopics led by
                                                                     The to pics sess ion was led by Bonnie Wil ~                     each month. Colin Riseborough .                                                                                            of God 's C hurc h. and Dia na Martin son
 Peo ples gave an overa ll eva luation and                                                                                                                                                             Wayne McChesne y. After an intenn is·
 addresse d a ta n.: to the wome n Ann                               Iiams. Linnea Haas covere d the topic of                            Th e NOTTI NGH AM , Eng la nd,                                liion while des ~n was served. the meet·                  of Kenosha; two sons. Goebe l of the U.S .
 Quarles.                                                            tactfulness , and Peggy Haskins gave her                         Spo kes man Club had a lad ies' nighl Jan.                       ing was recalled to order by Presidem                     Ar my in Korea. and Lawr ence of Keno·
    Th e ladi es ' night o f the J ACK .                             ice breaker. Pastor Nelson Haas· subject                         3 1. The cheese and wine evenin g was                             Vern Gould , who imroduced toastmaster                   sha; her mothe r; two sistcrs ; 10 grand-
 SO NVIL LE . Fla ., Spokesman Club Feb.                             for the e vening was " How to Live With                          org anized by Alan and Sue Walwin .                               Dave Blackw ell. Spea kers we re Ken                     ch ildre n; and two great ·g ranc hild ren .
 9 took place at the Red Barn Res taurant.                           an Unconve rted Mate .,. Refreshment s                           Barry Bourn e, pastor of the Midlands                             Pearson . Mik.e Wille , William John son                    A c hapel service wa'i conducted in
  where the group e njoyed a barbecue buf·                           were prepared by Ha.l.el Nance . Marsha                          churches. was guest director. Tableto pics                       and Clint Massey. with eva lualOrs Chuck                  C ra ndo n by Norm Str aye r, pastor of the
  fet dinner before listenin g to speeches by                       Cha/~ rs .                                                        were presented by Philip Pe rry, and Neil                        CalVin. Jack ie Co rley. Bobby Somme r·                   Wausau and W iscon sin Dells, W is.,
  Bob Perry . Ton y Peacock , To m Turne r.                             T he MIAMI, Fl a . , S po kesman ·                            Hanley acted as toastmaster . Sam Gray .                              (See CHURCH NEWS , page 111                          ch urc hes.
Monday, March 21, 1983                                                                                Th e WORLDWIDE NEWS                                                                                                                          11

Time                                                    If yo u m iss norm al s leep for seve ra l
                                                   co nsecu t ive nights you will fun cti on
                                                   be low par . Lac k of exe rc ise can lead to
                                                                                                          • Keep unnecessary interru pt io ns
                                                                                                      to a mi nimum - d on't get s ide -
                                                                                                      tr ack ed .
                                                                                                                                                        c y o r tim e matters, th e rest of you r
                                                                                                                                                        mon e y o r t ime will go furthe r.
                                                                                                                                                            God A lmighty has gi ven each of us
                                                                                                                                                                                                          littl e wo r k t he nigh t before. Fa m ily
                                                                                                                                                                                                          m embers can layout their cl othes;
                                                                                                                                                                                                          as sem ble homework , briefcases a nd
         (Continued from page 4 )                  mental sluggish nes s a nd fatigue -                                                                 th e bre ath oflife andacertain number            o t he r material s; and pa ck lunches.
                                                                                                         • A sk yo urs el f freq ue nt ly, " Is thi s
   Sho rt- range goals ca n be from                again, val uable t ime can be lost in a            the best use o f my time ?"                       o f da ysof life . H e has also provided t he         In addition , the hou se can be
now to th e next six mont hs or so.                d ay's pe rformance .
                                                                                                        • Lea r n to tac t full y and po litely sa y
                                                                                                                                                        needed guidelinesthrough His Holy                 st ra igh t e ned up (so mu ch nice r lo
   Throu gh purposeful goa ls, t he                    Poor d iet wi ll take its toll as we ll,       "No. "                                            W ord to e ns ure a b unda nt fulfill m en t      wake up t o ) a nd the br eak fas t t a bl e
future is no longer left to chance.                re sulting in a weakened physical co n-                                                              a nd happiness. We a lone mu st c hoose           laid . Many hands make lightlabor.
                                                                                                       • E lim ina te unim porta nt read in g
Goals provide dir ecti on and motiva-              d it ion, d etrim ental t o bo t h good                                                              whet he r o r no t to foll ow th ose livin g           Purch ase as mu ch pe rmane nt -
                                                                                                      ma tter - and lea rn to rea d faster .
tion . G oals give your life grea ter              health an d effect ive ness .                                                                        la ws.                                            p re ss clothing as poss ibl e to ligh te n
purpose . T ime is too prec ious to fr it -            T o ma ke th e optimum use of you r              -sei time lim its fo r t ask s.                     Noone will force you to s pen d your          th e ir on in g loa d .
ter away wit h indec ision.                        ti me, ge t e no ug h res t. Sched u le t ime         • G enerate as little paperwo rk as            time effectively or to was te it. W e                  Pl a n th e w e e k's me n us in
   Numbero r rank each goal from the               fo r regul ar e xercise . C hoos e a fo rm of      possible .                                        m ust lea rn to m a nage o ur ti me an d to       adva nc e . Not o nly will t h is a id in
most to least importan t.                          phys ica l ac t ivi ty yo u e njoy -        fo r      • C a r ry not e cards to wr ite down          s pe nd it wisel y.                               m or e intell igent groc er y s ho pping,
  Planning meansassigning a time to                example, vigorouswalking ,jogging or               ide as and reminders. (Don 't rely on                                                               it wi ll also e lim ina te 5 p .m . " W hat 's
each goal. Without plan s, goals                   sw im m ing.                                       memory.)                                                                                            for dinner ?" panic .
remain daydreams . Remain flexible                     A bas ic ingredient of s uccess is                                                                                                                      M ak e s u re c h ild ren ta ke ca re o f
- be prepared forth eunexpected .
  Plann ing your time will take lime.
                                                   d esire o r mot ivati on . Desire co mes
                                                   th roug h th ou ght. Think a nd med ita te
                                                                                                          • Fini sh wh at yo u s tart ~ u nfi n-
                                                                                                      is he d tas ks ta ke ex tra t ime to co m-
                                                                                                      plet e later wh en moment um is los t.
                                                                                                                                                        Planning                                          th ei r pets. Teach them th e re s pon s i-
                                                                                                                                                                                                          b iliti es of caring fo r pets . It' s good
However, in th e lon g ru n it will save           about yo ur purpose in life as we ll as                                                                      (Continued from page 41                   fo r t hei r character growth an d it w ill
                                                                                                          • Improve the use o f yo ur t ime -
time -    more th an the time tak en for           yo ur goal s. This will st ir im agi nati on .                                                           M ost importa nt of all , plan wh a t         sa ve yo u t im e too.
planning. You willachieve more than                                                                   seek to co n t inua lly elim inate ti me          nee ds t o be do ne dai ly, weekl y a nd              A ccom pli sh fir st the m ost impor-
                                                   E nv ision th e rea lity o f fu lfilli ng yo u r
those who live spont aneou sly from                                                                   wasters fro m yo u r life .                       monthly t o keep the hou se cle an .              tant thing for that day. A ssign prior-
                                                   dream s and hopes .
day today.                                             Review yo u r goal s eve ry da y. To               • Do t h ings ri ght the fir st time, o r     De vise a cleaning sch edule .                    iti es for the d ay a nd work o n those
  Wi se planners don't allow their                 ac hieve goal s yo u have se t, the y mu st        yo u '11 lose t ime doing t he m over.                Of co u rse , pl an s ca n go a w ry , bu t   first. That wa y, th e most essent ia l
lives to beco me filled wi th non ess en-          be et ched indelibly in yo ur mind .                   • Dele ga te toorhers.                        it is bene r t o hav e a s t ra tegy th an t o    job s ge t d on e .
t ia ls, or d r if t and get sid et racked             The n , pu rs ue yo ur dreams a nd                 T hos e wh o have dedicated th eir            wake up and wo nder whe re to star t.                  Look for books o n the d et a ils of
fro m life' s purpose .                            goals with all yo ur st re ng t h. Pu s h o n      lives to see ki ng G od 's w ill find t hat       Sprea di ng cleaning c ho res ove r a             h o u s eh old ma nage me nt in t he
                                                   wh e n yo u fed like t a kin g it easy or          th eir time is well spe nt. A lso, t hey          time pe r iod. mean s th e hou se won 't          librar y o r a t a bookstore.
                Goodh••lth                         le tti ng do w n .                                 avoi d pe nalti es br ought a bo ut by            be clean all a t o nc e, bu t neither will            L ast bu t. not least, lea ve time for
    M aintaining peak fitness and men -                Keep up yo ur momentum to m ak e               t ran sgression of G od's divine law s -          it be di rty all a t once .                       yourself. You need time fo r s pir it ua l
ta l ale r t ness can save dozens of hours.        each minute and hour count m ore .                 whi ch can be greatly time con sum-                   C lea n up s pills, mud and other             pursuits a nd your o w n person al
Don 't lose precious tim e th roug h               Y ou 'll be s u r pr ised wh a t ca n be           ing.                                              litt le messes as the y occ u r. M ore            in terest s . Remember th er e is m or e
ina deq ua te s lee p, poor d ie t o r neg lec t   accom plish ed with extr a effort.                     W ise ti me m an agemen t is lik e            wo r k.later w il l result if yo u d on' t .      to life th an pe rfect ly pl u mped pil-
ofexercise.                                            H e re are a few tim e- sav ing id eas :       tithing. If yo u p ut God fir st in mon -             Reduce "morni n g m adness " by a             lows o n th e co uc h .

                                                                                                      to the fun. The highest scorer for the             men' s A; Jack sonville, men ' s B; Mel-         Sponsmanship : Anthon y Hamons , Vietor

CHURCH NEWS                                                                                           adult s and children at each eve nt received
                                                                                                      a prize at the end of the evenin g. Stuart
                                                                                                      Tweedie ,
                                                                                                         An o uting and o rganizatio nal meeting
                                                                                                                                                        bourne, YOU A; Orlando, Fla. , YOU B;
                                                                                                                                                        and Lakeland , Fla., YOU C . Robert G.
                                                                                                                                                           Teams with a mix o f playe rs of varying
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Denny, Patrick Hamilton , Loren Hens-
                                                                                                                                                                                                          ley, Dave Scott, Steve Price , Gary Evans
                                                                                                                                                                                                          and Dan Reedy. The prese ntations and
                                                                                                                                                                                                          awards concluded the weekend. Derrick
                                                                                                      for singles and young marrieds of the             ability were fielded at the OKLAHOMA              T. Wilso n.
         (Continued from page 101                     Th e O ver -50 Gro up of t he NEW               SASKATOO N, Sask.• churc h took place             CITY, Ok la ., invitatio na l basketba ll            Dressed in their fonna l bes t YOU
kamp and Nick Bratniek. After giving an            ORLEANS, La., c hurch had a planning               Feb . 6. The day began with an ice-skating        tourname nt Feb. 20. The tourn ament in-          members from 10 churches atten ded the
overall e valuation director and pastor Bob        meeting after a potluck lunch Feb . 6. The         pany on a pond at the farm home of Mr.            cluded men ' s, YOU boys ' and girls' and         WS ANGELES , Calif., YO U' s formal
Jones gave a lecture . La vene L . voret.          them e was " Look ing Back to Look                 and Mrs. Eugene Messier. Follow ing a             peewee boys' team s from Tulsa , Ada-                                              e
                                                                                                                                                                                                          danc e Feb . 6atthe Marriott HOI l near-the
   Th e fir st SASKATOON, S ask. ,                 Ahead." Irby Toups , Helen Thurt on ,              potluck lunch pastor Maurice Yurkiw ap·           Lawton and Oklahoma City, Okla . After            Los Angeles airport . Two c hurc h bands,
Ladies' Club meeting was Feb . 13. After           Peter Harri s and Pearl Ledet were com -           pointed Merv Olson as preside nt, with            a morning of play the teams and spec -            LA' s Own and S pecial Delivery , pro-
opening remarks pastor Maurice Yurkiw              mended for their perfect attendance o f all        Lou ise Olson , (je ri Garbett , Rita Nichol-     tators paused for a potluck lunch . Mike          vided the dance music . Four door prizes
turned the meeting ove r to hostess Joan           the activities and suppo rt given to the           son. Gord Tel ford. Vera Regier and Doug          Crist .                                           were given away. Pastor Abner Wash ing-
Gill is. The topics sessi on , conducted by        group . Nelson Eugene auended for the              Atk inson to assist. Mr. Yurkiw then con-             An afternoon of roller -skating for a         ton made closi ng comme nts and thanked
Jan Trisc huk. preceded lunch . The over -         ftrst time . The next three act ivities were       dueled a Bible study on leadership . The          group of WllIiDSOR, Om. . YOU teens               e veryone for making the eve ning a soc-
all theme of the meetin g was ente rtain -         decided upon and approved . The meet ing           day ended with more skati ng and a game           and Church members took place Feb. 13.            ces s. Frank Buries and Aaron Dougla s .
me nt. First -time s pea ke rs we re Ed na         concluded after a Bible study co nduc ted          of ice hockey. Edi e Clemens,                     Patricia K tem,                                      Feb. 13 was the date the MAGOG,
Manning , Lorrie Reiche" and Ed ie Cle -           by pasto r Jim Servidio, who was acco m-                                                                    e
                                                                                                                                                   76ers,' "";th ColIl"lIin Mark Hofer .    Que ., YOU membe rs combined with the
mens. Mr. Yurktw stared (hat the speak-            paaied by assoc iate pasto r Tom Damour.                                                             were the undefeated champion s of the             MONTREAL . Que .• Eng lis h YO U
ing will be on a voluntary basis. Edie             Maurice Ledet ,                                                                                      WINNIPEG and MORDEN, Ma n. ,                      members for a cross-cou ntry ski outing at
Clemens .                                             WINDSOR, O nr.. c hurch seniors en-             SPORTS                                            YOU mixed basketball tourname nt Jan .
                                                                                                                                                        30 . The team was directed to victory by
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Waterville, Que . To finish off the day the
                                                                                                                                                                                                          group me t al the Knutsons' home where
   Pre side nt Mar gare t Hagem a n wel-           joyed an after noo n outi ng Feb . 6 or-
come d 35 women to the monthly meeting             ganized by Darwin Brandt. The members                                                                coach Dave Sollevel d. About 50 teen-             several brethren served a meal . St~pht'n
of the SEDRO-WOOLLEY, Wash .,                      assem bled at Cleary Auditoriu m to view               The B UFFALO, N .Y ., c hurc h                 agers and t 2 ministers and deacons made         Posiak ,
Wom en ' s C l ub Feb . 13. Me mb er s             the World -O-Ram a Travelogue presenta-            families enjoyed their second gym night            up t he si x pan ieipa tin g tea ms. Mark            MIAMI, Fla ., YOU members . their
brought something they had made to carry           tion of It"s a Small World . Afler the film a      this winter at Williamsville East High             Bilinski and coac h Rick Fisher guided           parents and other Church members took a
out the theme of creativit y . Brenda Dees         dinner was served at the home of local             Schoo l Jan. 29 . Emphasis was on basket-          their team to second place, while Neil           foot tour of the Everg lades National Park
se rved as hostess and introduced the              church elder Len Brown . Nancy Toit ,              ball and volleyball. Dave Turgeon scored           Hunter and coach Ike Hofer ' s team placed       Feb . 6 . A movie was first shown by the
speakers . JoAnn Anneburg read a poem                 Senior citizens o f the WISCONSIN               20 points in leadin g the YOU boys' team           third. The ministers-deacon s' team , the        Parks Depart ment on the eco logy of the
she had written . The topics session was           DELLS, w is., church attended a lun-               over the men 53-47. In the peewee games           Super Pickles, was co mprised of John             park. Stops were made at various scenic
conducte d by Bunny Kon huis, and eval u-          cheo n at the Holid ay Inn Feb . 10. A             C hris Buc zek totaled 8 points for the            Buck, Roy Page, Paul Linehan, Al Nord-           spots, and wildlife, including alligators,
ations were given by director Richard              quest ion-and-answer session was co n-             boys' Yellow team as they beat the Gree n         strom , John Stry ker, Steve Bilinski, Dave       was observed . A fried-c hicke n luncheon
Duncan. Virginia Owen .                            duc ted by pastor Norma n St rayer.                team 12-8. Cindy Cy man scored 16 points           Ado lfson, Ben Hofer , Bob Hunter , Rudy         was prov ided on the way . Shirley Segall .
   The TEXARKANA, Tex ., Spokes-                   Patr icia Gaude n ,                                 in leading the girls' Yellow ream over the        Kempin , Dave Hofer and team captain                 Bu s y Be t s ys Cl ub mem ber s of
man Club had its firs t ladies' night Feb .                                                           Gree ns 32- 16 . In vo lleyball the women 's       Cliff Davis. Coac h was Randy Zacharias .        PALMER, Alaska, learned how to use
 12. Gifts of appreciation were presented to                                                          team played the YOU girls and took the             Dressed in granny costume s the wive s of        measuring cups and spoon s at their Feb . 6
pastor William C . Bradford and his wife .                                                             matc h 3 game s to 2. Fran Kurnik and             the mini sters and deacon s organized into a     meetin g. The girls practiced using frac-
James Neff conducted the tableropics ses-          SINGLES                                             Bobbie Kowalczyk combi ned for 5 serve            c hee rle ad ing squa d . Included wer e
                                                                                                                                                         Dorothy Nordstrom , Jan linehan , Beth
                                                                                                                                                                                                          tions as they measured dry and liquid in-
sion, and following Ioterrnissio n toas t-                                                             points apiece in the deci tii"" game . stop-                                                       gred ients. They also learned how to clean
mas te r G a ry Shelt on introd uced the           SCENE                                              ping the girls 15-6. Julie Rissinger led
                                                                                                      both teams in scoring , with 16 points .
                                                                                                                                                         Stryker , Bere nice Buck , Sara Ho fer,
                                                                                                                                                         Georgi na Ado lfso n, Susa n Kem pi n ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                          a dra wer , a cha ir and a bed in preparation
                                                                                                                                                                                                          for Passover seaso n. Eight-year-o ld Co r-
speakers: Billy Hamm, William Turle y,
Charles North. Caleb Brunson and Don                                                                  Ga il     Ann      8 ie gah ki and       Va l      Esther Hofe r and Chris Hunt e r. Teri           nelia Angol was we lco med as a new
Gilbe n. Arthur C . Bu rton Jr .                     Th e Singles ' Cl ub of BARBADOS                            e
                                                                                                      Matuszlci wicz .                                  Cat hro .                                         member . Heather Hunieke served coo kies
   Feb . 12 marked the seco nd monthl y            was host Jan . 30 to the brethren married               The CLEVELAND , Ohio, WEST                                                                     and goat's milk . Undo Orchard ,
meeting of the YOUNGSTOWN , Oh io,                 10 years or more at the Hampton s' home             c hurc h played host to sill othe r Ohio                                                               SAN ANTONIO. Tex ., YOU mem-
                                                   in Pine Gard ens, St. Michael. Masters of           churches for an invitational basketb all
and MERCER, Pa. , G raduate Cl ub .
Most of the men ' s wives attended . The           cere monies for the e venin g we re David           weekend Feb. 5 and 6. Participa nts at-          YOUTH                                              bers were host s for a d inner fo r the
                                                                                                                                                                                                           widows of the c hurch Feb . 12. The youths
theme was the Bible. Cha irman Charle y            Gibbs and Wayne Smith . The couples                 tended a fam ily dance Sat urday evening .                                                          served the meal to the 45 guests , includ -
Moore conducted a question -and-an swer            were e ntertained by singing, dancing ,
                                                   poetry , instrumental numbers and con-
                                                                                                       Winners of the basketball games were
                                                                                                      Canton , men's division : Cleveland West ,
                                                                                                                                                        ACTIVITIES                                         ing pastor Greg Sargent and his wife
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Marian and the church elders and their
sessio n, and toastmaster Cl iff Redanz in-
troduced speakers Paul Co lema n, Bill             edy . During the inte rmission the grou p           YOU ; and Findlay, Junior YO U. AI and                                                              wives. Master of ceremo nies Sam Patter-
 White, Nelson Tric kett and Oran Tel ford .       was served refres hments . Ann Hampton.             Pa ul ine Pa tc hin ger coo rd ina ted the          Feb. 21 the EUGENE, Ore .• YOU                  son we lcomed the guests and introduced
 Pastor and director Gene Noel concl uded                                                              weekend activities. R enee William s .           me mber!'> , parent s and pastor Leonard           the after -dinn er e nte rt ainme nt. Sam
                                                      Ninet y-six singles from eight states met
 with a lecture . The addition of refresh-         at C a mp Vir gil Ta te Fe b. \ 8 fo r a                The FORT WAYNE, lnd.. church                 Schreiber and his wife visited the Loch-           Paltt' .
 me nts rounded out the eve ning . Cliff                                                               was host 10 an inv itational basketball          mead Dairy in J unction City , Ore. . and              A week e nd of ac ti vities fo r t he
                                                   weekend sponsored by the CHARLES-
Redanz.                                            TON . W. Ya .. singles. One of the main             tourname nt Feb. 13. Pan icipating teams         toured the farm of 500 cow s and the pro-          TRINIDAD YOU mem bers and their
                                                   events was a Bible study and workshop for           we re from Find la y . Ohio , and In-            cesste g plant . The da iry gave e verybody a      families took place Jan . 29 and 30 . After
                                                   single parents conducted by pastor Sieve            dianapolis , Elkhart and Fort Wayne . Ind.       carton of juice or chocolate milk. Heidi           morning Sabbath services pastor Victor
                                                                                                        A pre-YOU boys' game was played be-              Wern~r .                                          Simpson was host to lunch at his resi-
SENIOR                                             Borha. Saturday e vening a sing-along was
                                                   followed by ballroom dance instruction by           twee n Find lay and the winne rs . Port              The LEXINGTON, Ky.• church was                 dence . The youths and their parent s then
                                                                                                       Wayne. Co nces sions were served by the           host for the District 26 YO U basketball          participat ed in a Bible howl. Saturday
ACTIVITIES                                         associate pastor David Stone. A general
                                                   discussion period took place Sunday morn-            YO U membe rs. Ginn)' Martin ,
                                                                                                           Co lonial Lanes was the locatio n of a
                                                                                                                                                         tourn ament and Bible bow l contest during
                                                                                                                                                         family weekend Feb . 12 and 13. Youth s
                                                                                                                                                                                                           night the YOU members played charades
                                                                                                                                                                                                           and enjoye d a dance . Sunday' s activities
                                                   ing, with the wee ke nd co ncl uding with
                                                   a sandwic h buffet and prize draw ings.              bowling party for about 25 bret hren o f the     and families from eight c hurch areas at-          at the Chag uanas Senior Compre he nsive
    Mem bers of the Half-Ce ntury Gro upof                                                              IOWA CITY, Iowa. church Feb. 12. The             tended . The Bible bowl comest took place         School included lawn tennis, table tennis,
                                                   M r. a nd Mrs . Cal Vall et were in
lhe EDMONTOS, Alta., c hurches at -                                                                    c hildren played miniature golf and elec-         before Sabbath services. and the lexing-           basketba ll and volleyball, wi t h the
                                                   c ha rge of or ga n izing the w eek end .
tended a fonna l dinner Fe b. 6 sponsored                                                               tronic games. Ge raldine Tenold,                 ton Bleam won , with Pon smout h, Ohio ,          church brethren participating in the after-
                                                   Wilma Gr oves.
by the ministers , deac ons and deacone ss-                                                                The third a nnua l MELBOURNE ,                as runner-up . Roger Abels, pastor of the          noon. The finale was a prese ntation of
es of the area . Jerry Oz ipko . a profes-            Singles of the LOlliG BEACH, Cahf. .              Fla., invitational baske tball tournamen t        Louisv ille, Ky., c hurch, gave the ser-          awards to YO U members Kenrick Bobb
sional violinis t, played requests as he           c hurch enjoyed a meal at AI Esul uns                was Feb. 12 and 13. Five area gyms were           monette . Special music was provided by           and Yasmin Khan for outstanding per-
moved from table to tabl e while the senior        home after Sabbath Feb . 12. Pastor Les              used for the 45 games Saturday night and          Lori Rose playing the flute, acco mpanied         formances in spans. The weekend culmi -
citizens enjoyed their dinner by candle-           McColm co nducted an informal Bible                  Sunday. Pro pe r perspec tive and                 by Pal Reedy on the piano . Dave Tre ybig,        nated with a film show for the churc h.
light. After d inner (hey participated in a        study. Lucy May .                                    spo rts ma ns hip we re se t as the ma in         pastor of the Pon smouth and Chillicot he,       Elna Ca rrington .
name-that-t une contest and were treated              NORTHAMPTON. England, sing les                    themes of the weekend by pastor Cra ig            Oh io, c hurches, gave the sermon. Tha i             Norman and Mary An ne Rop p or-
to an impersonation of AI Jolson by Dan            sponsored a games evening for the breth-              Bacheller. Th e large st trophies. for          e ve ning the basketball tournament began .        ganized an outing for the WllIiDSOR,
Strarhe rn. The e vening conc luded with a         ren Jan . 22. "Uncle Roger" Clark , the              sportsma nship. were awarded to Mel-              Later in the even ing (he YOU members             Ont. , pre- YES mem ber s and t heir
se lection of eth nic tunes played on the          singles" represeruauve, began tbe e ven ing          bourn e . men' s A: Sarasot a, Fla. , men ' s     enjoyed a sock-hop . The tourna me nt re-         families Feb . 6 . The group met at Cobo
acco rdion by Nigel Goods rr. Pastor Doug          with relay games for the childre n. After             B: Jack sonville , Fla .• tied with Mel -        sumed Sunday. and Somerset, Ky.. cap-             Hall in Detroit , Mich.. 10 watch Sesame
Smith. coo rdinator of the activity . hopes        dinner. stalls were set up for such activities        bourne , YOU A; St . Peter sburg, Fla..          tured first place over Lexington 49-39,           Stru t"s production of Big Bird : r Super
10 ma ke it an annu al even t. Gor do n            a!> ninep in bowlin g. video squas h and              YO U 8 ; and Mel bourne . YO U C. First-         with Louis ville placing third . The follow-      Sp f'Cw cu la r Totally Am ate ur Sh ow .
Gmham .                                            shuffleboard . Two guessin g games added              pliK trophies went to Gaine sville. FJa .
                                                                                                             'e                                           ing players were awa rded Bes r                   Nancy Tait
12                                                                                                       The WORLDWIDE NEWS                                                                             Monday, March 21, 1983

                                 PD l""'\.IT E
                                                                                                         ab o from Cor respondence Course            Ohio; April 14, Mansfield. Ohio;               dOTCollege academic years .
                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Envoy will be pub lished by

                                                                                                         students .. In France the GN is             April 16, Co lumbus,Ohio, A.M and

                                     A                                                                   rather exclusive because the on ly
                                                                                                         oth er religious publications arc
                                                                                                         Catholic. It is something that the
                                                                                                                                                     P.M., Sabbath se rvices; April 17,
                                                                                                                                                     Cambridge, Ohio; Apr il 18. W heel-
                                                                                                                                                     ing. W .Va.; Apri l 19. Chillicothe,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    the Graphic A rts Ce nter of Port -
                                                                                                                                                                                                    land , Ore . Mr . Warren said, "They
                                                                                                                                                                                                    are conside red one of the finest
                                                                                                         readers want. and it challenges                :
                                                                                                                                                     Ohio April 20.Portsmouth. Ohio.                printers in thecountry. specializing
EVENTS IN THE WORLDW IDE CHURCH OF GOD                                                                   them."                                         April 21, Morehead, Ky.; Ap ril             in excellent picto rial books ."
                                                                                                            The GN contains tran slated              22, Lexington, Ky .; April 23, Lon-               For t hose who have not ordered
                                                                                                         articles from The Good News.                don and Somerset. Ky., Sabbath                 an Envoy. Mr. Warren said the book
  MIAMI, Fla. - Pablo Gonzalez.                national editions of The Good News                                                                    services; Apri l 24, Midd lesboro,             can be purchased at the Feast of
                                                                                                         Youth 83 and The Worldwide
pastor of the San Jua n. Puerto Rico,          increased circ ulation during the                                                                                                                    Tabernacles. Those who have paid
                                                                                                         News.                                       Ky.: April 25 . Hazard, Ky.: April
congregat ion . conducted two Pura             past year, according to Ron lJrwiller                                                                                                                for the Envoy can pick their copie s
                                                                                                                      1:1 'i- tI
                                                                                                                            ,                        26, Pikeville. Ky.: April 27, Louis-
Verdad (Spanish Plain Truth)                   of the Intern at iona l Ma il Center, a                                                                                                              up at that time.
                                                                                                                                                     ville. Ky.: April 28, Evansvi lle, Ind.:
Bible lectures March 3 and 4 in                section of the Mail Processing Cen-                          PASADENA -            Ministerial
                                                                                                                                                     and April 30. Cinc innati, Ohio .
Miami. acco rding to Keith Speaks.             ter , March 15.                                           Services here released t he itinerary
                                                                                                                                                     North. South, East and West, Sab-
circ u lat ion and promot ion director            The circulations are:                                  of evangelist Gerald Waterhouse for
                                                                                                                                                     bath services.
of La Pura Verdad .
   Mr. Speaks. who assisted Mr.
Gonzalez with the lectures . said 83
                                                  • Dutch. 522. up 18.1 percent
                                               over last year .
                                                  • French , 9.428. up 216. 2 per -
                                                                                                            April 2. Bluefield and Lewis -
                                                                                                         burg. W.Va .. Sabbath services:
                                                                                                                                                                    * * *
                                                                                                                                                        PASADENA -- T he /982-83
                                                                                                                                                                                                            (Continued fr o m page 51
new people attended . These were               cent.                                                     Apr il 4. Huntington. Charleston            Envo v:A Pictorial Recordw ill bedis-
the first Pura Verdad lec tu res in               • German, 8,699. up 185.2 per-                         and Parkersburg. W . Va., last day of       tributcd at the Feast of Tabernacles            ever made." he said. "The guy who
Miami completely in Spanish.                   cent.                                                     Unleavened Bread; Apri16, Clarks-           this year, according to Te rry Warren,          wanted it wanted something as
   AI Kersha , pastor of the Miami                • Spanish, 2.318, up 13.1 per -                        burg, W .Va .; Apri l 7, Washington         design graphics manager of the Pub-             somew hat of a landmark - sornc-
congregation. has con ducted lec-              cent.                                                     and Belle Vernon, Pa.: April 9,             fishing Se rvices Depar tment .                "t hi ng a litt le different than your
tures for Engl ish-speaking readers                Evangelist Dibar Apartian, re-                        Pit tsbu rg h. Beaver Valley and               The Envoy will in clude two                  average mai lbox.
with Spanish translat ions provided,           gional director of the Work in                            Mckeesport . Pa. , Sabbath services:        school yea rs instead of one as origi-              "Now, I don't dothis forthe mon -
accord ing to Mr. Speaks .                     French-speaking areas, said : "The                        April 10. Youngstown. Ohio.                 nally pla nned. according to Mr.                ey . I do it for the fun . But now if you
  At least five adults attended Sab-           GN has received tremendous com-                              April I I , Mercer. Pa.: April 12,       Wa rren . The book will cover the               wa nt just a ma ilbox , you can get
bath services afte r hearing the lee-                                                                    Akron. Ohio; April 13, Canton.              1981-82 and the 1982-83 Ambassa-                them anywhere for $]0               . Naw.
                                               ments. not only from members. but
lu res.                                                                                                                                                                                              mine are diffe rent ."
   "The new people had ma ny doc-                                                                                                                                                                        So much different. Mr . Leiker
trinal and re ligious questions. You                                                                                                                 more than 40 ,OOOcopiesamonth. In               claims, tha t he' s willing to say his
could tel l that these people rea lly                                                                                                                additio n, an average o f 42,350                mai lboxes are "tailored exclusively
read the Pv. A good number of the                                                                                                                    copies of each Plain Truth were                 for a customer ."
nonmembers brought their Bibles,"
Mr. Speaks said.
                                                                            INTERNATIONAL                                                            mailed to subscribers. As of Decem-
                                                                                                                                                     ber, it is calcu lated t hat one in eve ry
                                                                                                                                                                                                         '" always try and put something
                                                                                                                                                                                                     personal into t he scu lpting," Mr.
                                                                                      BY RO D            ~b
   The Church also gave away about
40 Spanish cop ies of Pastor General                                        DESK ~ MATTH EWS                                                         13 .7 New Zea land house hol ds
                                                                                                                                                     receives the magazine.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Leiker sa id... , me an, the average
                                                                                                                                                                                                     person traveli ng in a ca r down the
                                                                                                                                                                                                     road probably won't not ice the sub-
Herbert W. Armstrong's boo k, The                                                                                                                       Tough eco nom ic conditio ns and a
Incredible Human Poten tial .                                                                                                                        govcr n rne nt -i m posed yearlong              tleties - but they are there .
   "We hope to have about 20 other                                                                                                                   wage-and-p r ice freeze bega n to                   "Like I'll try and incorporate the
lect ur es in North and South Ameri-                                                                                                                 a ffect income as t he year pro-                ( rancher's) brand into the work . Or
                                                  PASADENA - The scattered                                   Four lect ures in Santiago, Chile.                                                      if the guy smokes, I'll put a cigarette
ca th is year," Mr. Speaks said.                                                                         were to take place in March for sub-        gressed. Mail income e nded t he
                                               French -speaking breth ren in Africa                                                                                                                  or pipe in the mouth ... When the
                                                                                                         sc ribers to La Pura Verdad (Span-          year at a n increase of 13 .7 pe rcen t
             1.f   -c:   fI                    rejoiced over t he long-awaited visit by                                                                                                              pe rson comes to me and wants me to
                                                                                                                                                     ove r last yea r. T his lagged a little
                                               Berna rd And r ist Nov. 30 to Dec. 22.                    ish language Plain Truth), con-                                                             do a mailbox, I go through a list of
  PASADENA -             A ll four inte r-                                                                                                           be hi nd t he inflat ion rate, a nd new
                                               As office manager in Geneva, Swit-                        duc ted by Mario Se iglie, past or of                                                       quest ions. It 's so I know that person
                                                                                                                                                     growth will be restr icted next yea r
                                               zerJand , and pastor of the Geneva and                    the Sant iago chu rch.                                                                      better."
                                                                                                                                                     unless t he income picks up.
                                               Neuc hatel, Switzer land, churc hes,                          Other Spanish lect u res arc                                                                 Requests fo r ma ilboxes hav e
                                                                                                                                                         Numero us o ppo rtunit ies are
                                               Mr . A ndr ist is a twice-yearlyvisitor to                planned' for Ap ril 24 in Caracas ,                                                         come largely by word of mouth .
                                                                                                                                                     avai lab le, a nd t he poss ibi lity of pri-
Edward                                         the 23 members in Zaire, five in
                                               R wanda and 69 in Cameroon.
                                                  Mr. Andrist, who lived in Zaire,
                                                                                                         Venezuela. late April in Buenos
                                                                                                         Aires. Argen tina, ea rly May in
                                                                                                         Guatemala City, Guatemala. and
                                                                                                                                                     vate television ope ning its door to
                                                                                                                                                     the Wo rk next October is an exci t-
                                                                                                                                                                                                     "Some guy sees anot her down the
                                                                                                                                                                                                     road has one and he wantsonethen ,"
                                                                                                                                                                                                     M r. Le iker said. Sti ll, he has mail-
                                               met with Melvin Rhodes, pas tor of                        late May in Li ma . Peru. Lectures          ing prospect.
Eckert                                        _ l h u .   , c h .u r c h e £. ~....a. Q d
                                               together they worked on regist ra -
                                                                                                         WCFe conducted for Snanish sub -
                                                                                                         scribers in Miami , Fla .. and San
                                                                                                                                                         An encouraging indicato r of
                                                                                                                                                     potcnuat Cburch growth through
                                                                                                                                                                                                     boxes a nd metal art scu lpture " all
                                                                                                                                                                                                     across the cou ntry ."
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Muc h of his supply for his cre -
                                               tion of the Church in bi ling ual                         Antonio, Tex .                              l':nn was an increase of 5 1 perce nt
                                                                                                                                                                                                     ative metal work comes from sal-
d ies at 87                                    Cameroon. It is hoped, for the bene -
                                               fit of members there. that thisappli-
                                                                                                             In the Philippines, 12 Bible lec-
                                                                                                         tures were planned fo r Marc h.
                                                                                                                                                     in the number of new visits con-
                                                                                                                                                        The region ended last yea r in
                                                                                                                                                                                                     vage yards and farm auctions.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          "I buy just about any thing 1 can
                                               cation is successfu l soon .                              being conducted from Tuguegarao                                                             get ahold of," he said , "you never
                                                                                                                                                     1982 with 665 mem be rs, 600 co-
     TUCSON, Ar iz. -            Edward                                                                  in the north of Luzon to Davao in t he                                                      know when it'll come in hand y."
                                                            French growth                                                                            workers an d 1,658 donors suppo rt-
Eckert, 87, died Ma rch 7. Mr. Eck-                                                                      sou th of Mindinao.                                                                             Underly ing his art, he hopes , is a
                                                                                                                                                     ing the Wor k. The C hurc h meets in
ert lived here for 12 years and served            Last November Pastor General                                                                                                                       t heme - "that I'm an honest man
                                                                                                                     New Zealand                     14 locations, with a n ave rage
as a deacon in the C hurch. Funeral            Herbert W . A rmstrong offered the                                                                                                                    and t hat people know what t hey 're
se rvices were conducted by Larry                                                                           Last year was a year of solid            month ly atte ndance of more than
                                               internat iona l edition of The Good                                                                                                                   getti ng with my work.
Neff, pasto r of the Tucson church,                                                                      growth for God's Work in New Zea-            1,000 . Good News ci rc u lation
                                               News to Correspondence Cou rse                                                                                                                            " I f a person isn't satisfied with
                                                                                                                                                     increased by 18.6 pe rcent to 1,423,
a t East Lawn Cemetery he re March             students in a letter. The response                        land and the South Pac ific. It began                                                       what I prod uce, the n I 'll work until
                                                                                                                                                     and Youth 82 circu lat ion of 1,638
9.                                             was overwhe lming. Circu lat ion of                       with a series of Mr. A rmstrong's                                                           they are. I don't know, I guess that's
                                                                                                                                                     was seven times greater t han t hat of
     Mr. Ecker t and his wife Irene first      the French edition jumped from                            full-page ads bei ng run in New Zea -                                                       how I was raised.
                                                                                                                                                      You th 81.
heard Pastor General He rbert W .              3,118 to 9,428 , up 16 percent in two                     land 's two top da ily newspape rs.                                                              "That's why I try and get to know
Armst rong on the radio in 1946 a nd           months . Of t hese copies : 5,076 go to                   plus a series of ful l- page Plain                           Tra nsfers
                                                                                                                                                                                                      the peop le. I t ry and ta ke thi ngs that
wrote to him in Eugene, O re. He was           Ca nada and 4.352 to other French-                        Truth promotional ads in the co un-            Several internat ional tr a nsfer s           have long si nce been cast aside , hop-
bapt ized by Mr. Armstrong in Ap ril,          language areas.                                           try's highest ci rculation magazine .       have taken place in rece nt mo nths .            ing someone will find some beauty
1947, in Pasadena and they began                  Now there arc 1,255 French-                               I n October fou r stat ions began        Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ellis, forme rly               in my creation. I hope, maybe. they
attend ing Sabbath services there.             speaking members scattered                                airing the program eve ry Sunday            serving in t he Rep ublic of Ireland,            might begi n to see life the way I
The re were five at the first Sabbath          throughout 24 countries. There arc                        evening - the first time Mr . A rm -        we re t ra nsfe rred to Australia a nd           do."
meeti ng in Pasadena - M r. and Mrs.           23 French -speaking chu rches - in                        strong has been heard on air in New         now serve the Sydney So ut h congre-
Armstrong, Gene Ca rter and Mr. and            Canada, Guadeloupe, Marti nique,                          Zea land since 1978.                        gat ion.
Mrs. Ecke rt.                                  Hait i, France, Belgium and Swit-                             The Plain Truth newsstand pro -            Jo hn Jewe ll moved to N orthern
     The Ecke rts kept the Feast of            zerland.                                                  gra m swung into full gear in 1982,         Ireland fro m Eng land to become
Tabernacles in 194 8 in Belk nap                                                                         with just under half a mi llion maga-       pasto r of ch urc hes in Irelan d . M r.
                                                  Med ite rranean a nd Middle East
Sp rings, Ore . Mr . Eckert was
ordained a deacon in 1955,and M rs.                Some scattered brethren were
                                                                                                         zines dist ributed on t he newsstands.
                                                                                                         a n increase of 33 1 percent over last
                                                                                                                                                     an d Mrs . Col in S utcliffe moved
                                                                                                                                                     from Australia to New Zealand to                                                              ..,
 Eckert a deaconess in 1960.                    visited by eva nge list Frank Brown,                      year. Abou t 5,5 00 ne ws s t an d         serve the re , a nd t he tra nsfer was bal-                                                   a
     In a June 2, 198 0, Worldwide
 News ar ticle about t he Eckerts,
                                                re gional director in the United
                                                King dom, Sca ndi navia, East and
                                                                                                          response cards were ret urne d to the
                                                                                                         office, up 364 percent ove r 1981 .
                                                                                                                                                     anced by Mr. and M rs. Ka rl Kar-
                                                                                                                                                     lov's retu rn to their homeland of
 eva ngel ist He rm a n L Hoeh, a pic-          West Af ricaand the Mid d le East, in                        Newsstand distribut ion averaged        Austra lia from New Zealand.
 neer Ambassador Co llege st udent ,            early February.                                                                                                                                                                               '"
 descr ibed t he Eckerts as "two of the             He met wit h 22 bre thren for a                                                                                                                                          '"               0
 few remaining members of the
 C hu rc h who, by t heir good example,
                                                Sabbat h serv ice a nd Bible study in
                                                Malta. and then flew to G reece for
                                                                                                                                                         W it hout mea ns at the time, Ma l-
                                                                                                                                                      colm felt it would serve no pu rpose                                   '"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             '"               '"
 played a significant role in t he lives        more meetings to pro mote the Work                                                                    to return to Ca nada. Fo r 10 yea rs he                                 '"              ..J
 of the ea rly Ambassado r students."           there.                                                                                                lived wit h the thought tha t his fami-
     The article stated: " In t hose ea rly
 days mo ney was tight. So meti mes
                                                    M r . Brown discussed the licens-
                                                ing of The Plain Truth in Greece
                                                                                                                (Cont inued fro m page 5)
                                                                                                          Hanna. Alta. O vercome with emo-
                                                                                                                                                      Iy was dead. almos t as long as J acob
                                                                                                                                                      and Joseph we re separated. (G ene-                                     '"

 even food was scarce. But God                  with Geo rge Voyadzis. a member of                        t ion, Mrs . Griffi n co uld on ly thank    sis 37:2. 41 :46) .                                                      1         <w
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              iJ'    <~>
 would always provide. And no stu -             t he parl iament who has met Mr.                          God that he r praye rs had been                The n. by a sur pr ising twist of
 dents wen t hungry if there was food           Armstrong a nd addressed st udents                        a nswered.                                  eve nts. in the M iddle East Malcolm                                    '"     en<",
 on the Eckerts' table ... they were            at Pasade na Ambassador College.                              When the shock of hearing her           met a fellow Canad ian from his own
                                                                                                                                                      hometown . l t surfaced "accidental-
 always willing to listen to t he stu-           Discussions took place with advcr-                       son's voice had subsided a bit. Mrs.                                                                                U'l    N <Z
 de nts and give encourage ment.                tising age nts with the ai m ofinc reas-                  Griffin learned that Malcolm had            ly" dur ing the conve rsation that his                                            0
      Mr. Eckert was hired by the col-
  lege in Jan uary, 196 1, to work in t he
                                                 ing the c ircu lat ion of The Plain
                                                 Truth in Greece . wh ich stands at
                                                                                                          been remarried for seven years and
                                                                                                          that she had a granddaugh ter and a
                                                                                                                                                       mother and brother were indeed
                                                                                                                                                      still a live and as far ali he knew st ill
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              0      ""'1-
 campus inf irmary . Mrs. Eckert
  played the organ a nd piano and
                                                 1,646, 80 perc e nt of which are in
                                                                                                              Duri ng the reunion Mrs . Griffin
                                                                                                                                                       residing in Hanna.
                                                                                                                                                          By anothe r "coi ncidence" Ma l-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ....   ~   .... :o:
  arranged the flowers for Sabbath                  Mr. Brow n a lso new to Kuwai t to                    learned the startli ng reason she hadn't    colm was abo ut to be sent to the
  services. weddings, cl ubs and execu-          visit three member s t her e.                            heard from Malcolm for so many               United S tates. He decided to visit
  tive offices. She has presented rose                                                                    years in his "fa r country.' Someone         Canada first. The resu lt was a very
  bouq uets to graduat ing women at                       Pla in Trut h lect ures                          from thei r hometown had mistaken ly        joyful. happy reu nio n Sept. 2_,
  every Pasadena Ambassador Co l-                   Lectures for Plain Truth sub-                         written him that his mother and his          proof that God does answer the
   lege commencement since the first             scribe rs arc unde rwa y in several                       brother De nnis had been killed in an       patient and persevering prayers of
   in 1951.                                                                                               automobi leaccident.                         his people (Luke 18: 1).

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