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									Life Insurance
 Story of insurance is probably as old as
 Oriental Life Insurance Company started in
  1818 in Calcutta.
 The Indian Life Insurance Act passes in
Protect your
  life from
Reasons For Life Insurance

   Protection to family
   For other Debt like personal loan and credit card
   To protect the business
   Fund for quality Education
  Buying Life Insurance cannot
  ever be compared with other
 investment decisions since it is
    very much in contrast with
those stock market investments
   where you wait for the right
       time to buy and sell.
What does life insurance provide?

 Final expenses resulting from death
 Guaranteed maintenance of lifestyle
 Replacement of income
 Mortgage or liquidation payments
 Costs of education
 Estate and other taxes
 Continuity & security of interests
What does life insurance have to

 Insurance Buys Time and Money
 Insurance Offers Peace of Mind
 Multiple Applications
 Enduring Elasticity
 Financial Security
 Regard for Family
 Insurance is Safer
Types of life insurance

  Term insurance
  Whole life insurance
  Endowment insurance
  Annuities
LIC v/s the others!
Case study
Thank you!
                    Ami Shah – 90
             Dhruvesh Rathod – 73
                  Parth Mehta – 64
                Nidhi Sakaria – 83
              Saloni Thakker – 115
                Shreni Sapani - 85

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