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									  Good evening, Ladies and
Gentlemen! My name is Simón
 Molón and this is “Bum, Bum
Corazón”. Welcome everybody!
   Thank you, thank you very
 much, dear audience. Tonight
we have an extraordinary show,
   with lots of surprises and
intrigues, and you, yes you, my
  dear viewer, you could win a
     fantastic car if you keep
       watching our show!
    But let’s get to it! As I was
    saying, this is going to be
interesting… Let me sum up the
  facts. Everything starts when
 these controversial photos are
  published on the cover of the
   latest issue of the magazine
  “Is Churry double-dealing?”
That’s the question! The sexiest
  singer of the moment caught
cheating on his girlfriend Katia.
    And we couldn’t help but
     wonder: What is Katia’s
 reaction? What does she think
about all this? Who’s the other
We need to reveal the mystery.
    So we have invited the
protagonist much to her regret
   to our show. Tonight, in
 exclusive interview for BUM,
   How do you feel, Katia?
What do you think? My life has
        no meaning!
 I understand, Katia. I know this
is not a good moment for you…
   But in order to help our dear
      friend Katia to tell her
 confidences, we have the most
     reliable and meticulous
 journalists of the yellow press.
  Please, give a great hand to:
  My dear friends, this is your
turn. The floor is yours. Pepita, I
  know you are dying to talk to
Thank you, darling. Good
    evening, Katia.
Good evening.
Even if I pride myself on always
being very well-informed, I think
 that it is you who must tell us
   how your relationship was
 before this greeeeeat scandal
came to light. In my opinion, you
  don’t know much about your
Well, I suppose I don’t… Churry
was so romantic, so sweet, he
was such a gentleman… I can’t
  believe it… I feel so bad…
  Anyone would feel bad in a
   situation like yours but… I
admire your courage for coming
here to this TV-set and talking to
         the audience…
 Well… I …, I just want to show
all the women in the world what
it feels like for a cuckolded girl
 and I hope that that rotter gets
        what he deserves.
Excuse me, Pepita, I don’t mean
 to interrupt you, but I have a
 question for our friend Katia:
Are you coming here for free or
are you getting paid for talking
    about your misfortune?
That’s off the point right now!!
Maybe you have something to
I don’t!!! Why do you pick a
      quarrel with me?
Nobody is picking a quarrel with
    you, dear. Our duty, as
 prestigious journalists, is the
   search of the whole truth.
If the cap fits, wear it.
I don’t allow you to treat me like
 That’s enough! Stop it! Kika is
waiting for her turn to speak. Go
 ahead, Kika.You look stunning
 Oh, Simón! You are always so
charming! I just want to give her
my support, because no women
should bear a situation like hers.
 We all know about Churry and
 his reputation as a womanizer
  before he began dating Katia.
These photos don’t surprise me.
In fact, I know the identity of the
         girl in the photo…
What a surprise for us!!! Tell us,
  She is a Caribbean girl. Her
name is Tiffany and she works
   as a salsa dance teacher.
Apparently she met Churry last
summer at a party and they got
         on very well…
 Well, I have a different hot tip,
    and you know, Kika, that I
 always check my information.
That’s what I have learnt during
my years at University, because
  I have a degree, of course…
It’s unnecessary to reproach me
for not going to University, but I
dare to say that, when you were
   still studying and living with
    your parents, I was already
       working as a reporter.
Stop it! That’s enough! Both of
you are excellent professionals.
  Please, Pepita, what do you
  have to say about all this?
According to a reliable source,
  Churry was already dating
 Tiffany before he met Katia.
Well, what a scoop!!!
  always wants to give you the
 trustworthiest information, so
tonight we have a special guest
 that will help us to understand
    this story much better. In
  exclusive interview for BUM,
 Welcome to our show, Churry.
It’s a pleasure to have you here
Thank you very much. The
    pleasure is mine.
What are you doing here, you
  liar? How do you dare?
  Calm down, please! Don’t lose
your composure! We are here to
 inform the audience about your
love story and you must help us
     instead of quarrelling…
I’m gonna kill him!!! Damn you!
    Go to hell, you bastard!
I can explain everything…!
And it is about time! This is
   getting interesting…
Would you like to win a fantastic
car? Call now 12345678 or send
a text message to 6666 with the
 word “CAR”. Let’s go on with
      the show, Ladies and
Gentlemen. I think it is Churry’s
 turn to share his point of view
            with us…
Yes, thanks. Everything that has
 been said here is false and I …
  False? And what about the
magazine cover? Don’t deny the
You look very happy with that
      Caribbean girl…
But that’s not…
The magazine MARUJOLA is the
best and always works with the
 best paparazzi. Look at these
      wonderful photos!
We could also say that you have
 been dating the photographer,
     haven’t you, Pepita?
If you are jealous, just tell me,
Come on, girls, calm down and
     let Churry speak…
Uff, thank you Simón, as I was
The photos are as clear as
Let me speak, damn it!
 Churry is right, please don’t
interrupt him anymore. Go on,
 I don’t know this woman. I just
love my Katia and no one else. I
    would kill and die for her…
Oh, Churry. Is that true? And
  what about the photos?
  Sorry to interrupt you, but we
 have someone on the line. Who
  is it? Who? Tiffany!!!!! What?
She has something important to
 reveal? She is coming into the
set right now? Yes, of course, let
       her come in, please…
  Ladies and Gentlemen, this
   wasn’t expected. What an
exciting night!!! Please, come in,
You villain!!! How could you do
     this to me?!!! We were
engaged!!! This baby is yours!!
   I’m gonna kill this man!!!
I’ll help you!!!
All this sounds like a hoax to
me. It’s maybe a set-up to earn
         lots of money…
  Would you like to win this
wonderful chinaware? Call this
  number now or send a text
   message with the word
 “CHINA”. What a nice gift for
      your household!
 One moment, dear friends, we
have another phone call. Who is
it now? Who? Rudy Chuliguay?
Churry’s brother? Oh, my God!
 This is amazing! But, where is
  he? At the front door? Yes, of
   course, let him in, let him in.
Thank God!
Hi Tiffany…
He…, hello. Who are you?
I’m Rudy. Your baby’s father, the
   man in the photo and your
   boyfriend. My brother has
    nothing to do with this…
You never told me about your
       twin brother…
That’s because you never let me
I’m so sorry I didn’t trust you.
Oh, darling, please forgive me!
          I love you!
Oh Churry, my love, please
 forgive me too! I was so
Anyway, you got a lot of money
 for this, so let’s buy a car and
       marry in Las Vegas!
Let US do it too, sweetheart!
Of course, honey…
Dear audience, what a wonderful
happy ending for our guests and
     what a let-down for our
    journalists! Do you have
 anything to add, dear friends…
   always so well-informed?
Well, this is the end of our show.
 Thank you very much for your
 attention! See you next Friday!
        Don’t miss it! Bye!
                                           THE CAST

SIMÓN LOMBARDERO as Simón Molón (aka Super Simon): Host and presenter of the talk-

DIEGO GARCÍA TEIXEIRA as Churry Chuliguay (aka Johnny Cool): Famous singer. Caught by
the paparazzi with two different women.

MARCELA OVEJERO as Katia: Churry’s deceived girlfriend. She goes to the talk-show in
order to tell her story and to take revenge on his boyfriend.

YISETH LLANOS as Tiffany Pérez: Professional salsa dancer. Churry’s presumed Caribbean
lover. They were caught together in a disco in an embarrassing situation.

MIRIAM FOLGUEIRA as Pepita Lerchana (aka Miss Bigmouth): Yellow press journalist. She
has a strong character and is very persistent with the guests.

NEREA FERNÁNDEZ as Susi Metichota (aka Miss Busybody): Yellow press journalist. More
polite than Pepita but as annoying as her.

SILVIA IGLESIAS as Kika Lareteira (aka Miss Chatterbox): Yellow press journalist. She is very

DANIEL GARCÍA TEIXEIRA as Rudy Chuliguay (aka Tony Cool): Tiffany’s real boyfriend. He
will tell the truth at the end of the show.

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