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									 e-Government Web Registry:
Support for an e-Government
Dr. Rebhi S. Baraka
Faculty of Information Technology
Islamic University of Gaza
Information Technology Forum-3 May 12-13, 2009
   Overview
   What is a web registry
 Registry Use Scenario (ebXML case)
 Registry Uses (ebXML case)

 ebXML Registry Adoption within Governments

   Examples of eGov Web registry
     Examples: Governments of Canada and Greece.

     Choosing a Registry-Repository

   Our case
   Conclusion
   We propose to use a web registry platform as an
    eGovernment-support information platform.
   The registry, either ebXML-based or UDDI-based and
    either central or federated, can be used as
     an interoperable information and artifacts exchange web
      service for governmental institutions as well as private
  What is a Web Service Registry
A service registry is a network-based directory that
  contains information about available services.
   It is an entity that accepts and stores contracts
    from service providers and provides those
    contracts to interested service consumers.
   The service registry may also act as proxy for
    the provider, enabling the consumer to interact
    with a single point of contact for all required
 What is a Web Service Registry
A Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) registry as well
 as a repository
  Classificationof any type of information
  Managing relationships between information
  Taxonomy hosting, browsing and validation
  File/folder organization of information
 What is a Web Service Registry
A  content management system for secure, federated
  Provides  services for sharing content and metadata
   between entities in a federated environment
  Lifecycle Management (LCM) actions logged in an audit
  Supports automatic versioning of objects
 What is a Web Service Registry

The UDDI information content per the telephone directory model.
    What is a Web Service Registry
   Conceptually, a registry can be seen as
    three inter-related components (UDDI
       “white pages” (address, contact, and other key points
        of contact);
       “yellow pages” classification information based on
        standard industry taxonomies; and
       “green pages”, the technical capabilities and
        information about services.
    What is a Web Service Registry
   Two common standards
       The Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI)
       Electronic business for XML (ebXML) registry/repository
               UDDI Registry                       ebXML Registry and Repository
Has no repository. Cannot store content.
                                             Has an integrated Registry and Repository.
Can only store metadata about (or pointers
                                             Can store content as well as metadata
to) content.
Like a yellow/white pages for listing        Federated information management of any
businesses and services                      type of artifact.

Protocols and information model is focused   Protocols and information model is generic
and specific                                 and extensible
Supports multi-registry topologies using     Supports multi-registry topologies using
replication of every transaction to all      loosely coupled federations with optional
participating registries.                    selective replication
Registry Use Scenario (ebXML case)

                     Source: free ebXML
  Registry Uses (ebXML case)
 SOA   registry repository
 Web content management
 Controlled vocabulary
 Business process catalog
 Electronic forms
 ebXML core components catalog
 Domain-specific use cases
            medical records (IHE-XDS)
   Electronic
   Geological information systems (Open GIS)
   Metadata store for grid computing
     ebXML Registry Adoption within Governments

Governmental bodies are prominent among ebXML Registry
  adopters for electronic information management and
 Norway, Finland

       Registry-based environment for XML schemas and electronic
   UN/CEFACT Information Content Management Group
       UN registry to store core component artifacts
   Korean KIEC federated registry
       Korean ebXML Central Registry and Repository
     ebXML Registry Adoption within Governments

   Taiwan eGovernment Platform
   XDS initiative founded by NIST and Integrating the
    Healthcare Enterprise
       Collaborating with industry to define clinical document
   US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
       Clinical documents
    ebXML Registry Adoption within Governments

 Apelon     – Health Care
       Manage medical guidelines and make them available to
        doctors and nurses.
   France Telecom – Telecommunication Services
     Implement and manage a registry/repository that enables
      francophone sectors to submit e-business requirements and
      to retrieve relevant information (Core Components, BIEs,
      and other documents).
 General      Motors – Automotive
       Manage business processes and partner profiles in GM
        reference Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
    ebXML Registry Adoption within Governments

   Government of Canada – eGovernment
       Standardize processes, roles and business data across
        Government of Canada within Government Strategic Reference
   Republica – eGov Software
       Manage ebXML Core Components and business vocabulary used
        in eGovernment use cases. Republica's freebXML Registry based
        product is deployed at Finnish Ministry of Finance.
   Greece
       Greek e-Government Service Provision and Interoperability
        Framework consisting of Regulations, Standards, Certification
        Guides, XML Definitions and relative Training and Dissemination
        Material for the public an private sector.
    Example: Government of Canada
   Registry/Repository enables e-Government Architecture
                                                  ebXML Registry/

                        eContac                     CSDML
          CALL CENTRE                               CLUS
                        CBSC                         TER
               L                                    MAS
                        CSPN                       SCHEMA
          ENVIRONMENT                               SECU
             FUTURE     CPSIN                       GSRM
           SERVICES                                Models
           - DELIVERY                             COMMON
           SERVICES -                             COMPON
                         BizPal                     ENTS
                                                     FOR PS

      Presentation      Application   XML Integration            Back-End
                          Layer           Layer                   Layer
                                            Source: free ebXML
Example: The Greek eGIF

                          Source: Geek eFIG framework
    Choosing a Registry-Repository
   Which registry-repository to deploy as part
    of an eGovernment infrastructures? the
    choices often fall into the following
     Proprietary registry-repository
     UDDI registry without a repository
     UDDI registry with a proprietary repository
     ebXML registry-repository
     Combination of UDDI registry and ebXML
    Our Case
   We can adopt and use a web registry in our case
     Citizens’and businesses’ oriented service delivery
      including one-stop service provision with support for
     Inter-organizational co-operation among ministries,

     Support for complex administrative decision making,
     National collective knowledge assets for governmental
     Our Case
   The web registry can be implemented in the eGovernment
    plan (the plan of the PNA eGovernment) during:
     Phase 2: Electronic services projects.
     Phase 3: Central DB Projects.
     Our Case
   But to do that we must answer two questions:
     What can we put in such a web registry?

     Are there any governmental institutions ready to apply
      a web registry?
 A service registry is a network-based directory
  that contains information about available services.
 Many governments, businesses, companies, public
  and private institutions use registry for their
 We can use a web registry as an eGovernment-

  support information platform.

             Thanks for your attention

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