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									       RSH TRAINING                                                  ENDEVOR FOR THE USER
COURSE DESCRIPTION                                                             COURSE OUTLINE
This course is specifically designed for individuals who                       1.     Endevor Concepts
need to become proficient in the use of Endevor to                                    a. Introduction to Endevor
properly manage software changes. Attendees will gain a                               b. Endevor’s life cycle map
fundamental understanding of Endevor including all of the                             c. Features & files
functions associated with the management of source code                               d. Initial terminology
such as COBOL programs, copybooks, and JCL, and the
features associated with source code migration and                             2.     Endevor Files
production implementation. They will be given                                         a. Master Control File purpose, contents & access
instructions, examples, and practical exercises for                                   b. Package File purpose, contents, & access
performing the common Endevor functions they are most                                 c. Base & Delta file concepts
likely to use. Attendees will also be shown how to                                    d. Output Files overview
troubleshoot typical Endevor execution errors.                                        e. Listing Files purpose, contents & access
                                                                               3.     Processing
                                                                                      a. Endevor processor concepts & functions
DURATION                                                                              b. Foreground & batch action options
2 Days                                                                                c. Endevor footprint contents & purpose
                                                                                      d. Signout purpose & restrictions
                                                                                      e. Migration concepts
WHO SHOULD ATTEND                                                                     f.  Introduction to Packages
Anyone who requires general Endevor knowledge and                              4.     Endevor Roles & Security
skills in order to perform basic software change control                              a. Characteristics & responsibilities
functions.                                                                            b. Functional requirements & limitations
• Application Developers and Application Team Leaders                                 c. Endevor actions divided by role
• Application Change Control Administrators                                    5.     Inventory Management
• New Endevor Administrators                                                          a. Environment purpose & restrictions
• Technical Support Staff                                                             b. Entry stage concept & limitations
                                                                                      c. System & Subsystem hierarchy
                                                                                      d. Type definitions and characteristics
WHAT YOU WILL LEARN                                                                   e. Introduction to Processor Groups
•   What Endevor is and what functions it performs
                                                                               6.     Inquiry
•   How to determine your Endevor configuration
                                                                                      a. Environment menu access
•   Typical software configuration management roles
                                                                                      b. System & Subsystem display commands
•   Understanding Endevor panels and options
                                                                                      c. Type & Processor group display commands
•   Common Endevor functions such as DISPLAY, ADD,
                                                                                      d. Element source, listings & footprint interrogation
                                                                                      e. Inventory restrictions
•   What Endevor packages are and how they are used
•   How to create, cast, approve and execute Endevor                           7.     Code Modifications & Migration
    packages                                                                          a. Concepts & command overview
•   Displaying and interpreting Endevor listings                                      b. Element modification actions & commands
•   Understanding common Endevor messages                                             c. Component List overview
                                                                                      d. Element migration actions & commands
                                                                               8.     Endevor Packages
PREREQUISITES                                                                         a. Build, modify & cast commands
Familiarity with the mainframe and using TSO and JCL                                  b. Approval purpose & function
                                                                                      c. Introduction to component validation
                                                                                      d. Troubleshooting cast errors
INSTRUCTOR - ROSE A. SAKACH                                                           e. Package execution options
Ms. Sakach has worked with CA-Endevor since 1992 as an                                f.  Package back-out
administrator, auditor, consultant, and trainer. She is a                      9.     Troubleshooting Common Errors
prominent speaker on Endevor security and technical                                   a. Understanding Endevor execution errors
topics at conferences and user groups throughout the U.S.                             b. Analyzing Endevor Listings

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