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					Welcome to
ITB Competence
Assurance Ltd
       Introduction to                 ILM Certified
01                             06
       ITB Competence                  Leadership and
       Assurance Ltd                   Management
02     Management Systems              Provision of
       (CMS) Implementation
                               07      Competence Assessors
                                       and Internal Verifiers
       Assessor and Verifier
03     Training Programs

       CMS Implementation
04     Workshop

       Other CMS Training
05     Services

ITB Competence Assurance Ltd   Email
                               or visit us online
Riverside House
Riverside Drive
Aberdeen AB11 7LH

Telephone +44 (0)1224 224598
Fax +44 (0)1224 224 576
 01 An Introduction to
    ITB Competence
Who are we?                                 Why choose ITB?
ITB have been providing Competence          We at ITB feel we can offer a one stop
Management Systems support and              shop for Competence Management
training to organisations across the        Systems (CMS). This is due to our large
globe since 2001.                           portfolio of services which covers the
                                            entire spectrum of CMS requirements .
We are a friendly team of professional
individuals with one key thing in common,   We also believe that having a team with
a passion for training and competence in    such a diverse array of expertise and
the workplace!                              experience is vital to our success.

We specialise in the delivery of            The demonstration of competence is
accredited training programs aimed          increasingly becoming a requirement
at key roles within an organisations        when bidding for tenders. ITB can work
Competence Management System (CMS).         with you to develop and implement a
                                            CMS that will provide the assurance your
Our Team has extensive experience in        clients are now demanding.
supporting organisations throughout
the whole CMS lifecycle, from design,       We understand that no organisation is
implementation, ongoing operation,          the same, and never aim for the one size
consultancy and auditing.                   fits all solution. We tailor our services
                                            to meet the individual needs and
                                            expectations of each and every client
                                            and their operating environment. We
                                            constantly strive to ensure that these
                                            needs and expectations are met and
                                            exceeded where at all possible.

                                            Why not contact us today for a chat about
                                            becoming your partner in workforce
                                            competence assurance?
 02 Competence
    Management Systems
    (CMS) Implementation

                                             They will work with you at every stage
Implementation and Support
                                             to ensure your CMS is:

More and more organisations                  •	   Fit-for-purpose
are realising the importance of
demonstrating the competence of their        •	   Sustainable
workforce. Not only does legislation
demand it, large organisations               •	   Will	meet	the	needs	of	an	
are expecting their suppliers and                 external audit (OPITO or SQA)
contractors to have a formal documented
Competence Management System                 ITB can also supply a qualified Project
in place                                     Manager to manage the project from
                                             initiation to closure.
ITB Competence Assurance Ltd can
work with you to design, develop and         We believe that the design, development
implement a CMS which will provide           and implementation of the CMS must be
assurance to your clients that you are       owned by the organisation for which it
operating with competent staff.              is designed. Our approach is, therefore,
                                             to guide, advise and fully support you
You will benefit from the vast experience    through the process. We will “dip in” at
and expertise of our team, who have been     agreed intervals to verify any completed
key players in the design, development       work products and provide further advice.
and implementation of CMS globally.
Between them, they have over 75 years        We will carry out a final audit /
in the competency field. Their skill range   health check which would meet the
covers Qualified Assessors, Internal         requirements of an External Audit from
Verifiers, External Verifiers and Internal   external bodies such as SQA or OPITO.
and External Auditors of CMS for
leading organisations.
 03 Assessor and Verifier

Competence Assessors and Internal          There are options available for people
Verifiers are two of the most important    involved in a Competence Management
roles within a Competence Management       System (CMS) who want an accreditation
System.                                    which shows they have the necessary
                                           knowledge of assessment and internal
ITB Competence Assurance Ltd offers        verification, without the need for them to
the full range of accredited Assessor      become an assessor or internal verifier.
and Verifier qualifications from three     Ideal for administrators of your CMS.
national awarding bodies
                                           Our qualified trainers will be happy to
We are an approved centre for the          discuss the various options with you to
delivery of the Assessor and Verifier      ensure your organisation selects the
qualifications below.                      most appropriate qualifications to
                                           meet your business needs.

Name of Unit / Award                       Approved by:
  OPITO Competence Assessor Award           OPITO

  OPITO Internal Verifier Award             OPITO

  L&D9DI Assessor Award                     SQA

  L&D9D Assessor Award                      SQA

  L&D11 Internal Verifier Award             SQA

  City & Guilds – Understanding the         City & Guilds
  Principles and Practices of Assessment

  City & Guilds – Assessing Competence      City & Guilds
  in the Work Environment

  City & Guilds Internal Verifier Award     City & Guilds
 04 CMS Implementation

A new ITB initiative which will empower   You will be armed with everything you
organisations to design, develop and      need to know, and do, to implement a
implement	their	own	in-house	CMS,	        CMS that is:
giving them ownership and ensuring it
is “ever green”.                          •	   Fit-for-purpose	

Why pay high consultancy fees when        •	   Sustainable
we can equip you with all the necessary
understanding and knowledge to “do        •	   Will	meet	the	needs	of	an	external		
it yourself”.                                  audit (OPITO or SQA)

                                          You will gain from the vast experience
We offer the following                    and expertise of our team, who have been
workshops:                                key players in the design, development
                                          and implementation of CMS globally.
                                          Between them, they have over 75 years
CMS Workshop for Delivery                 in the competency field. Their skill range
Team Members – 2 days                     covers Qualified Assessors, Internal
                                          Verifiers, External Verifiers and Internal
                                          and External Auditors of CMS for leading
An Introduction to CMS – 1 day

                                          Let our team pass on their expertise
                                          to you, through these workshops,
                                          enabling you to create the CMS for your
 05 CMS Training

Tailored Training Courses                    Our Facilities
As well as our various accredited            We have modern training rooms to suit
training courses, itb can also develop       any sized group on site at our Aberdeen
and deliver bespoke training to suit the     offices. All of our training rooms are
varying needs of our clients. During large   comfortable and utilise state of the art
implementation projects, training needs      technology to ensure that all our clients
to be carefully developed to target the      have a first class learning experience.
different levels within an organisation.     Training at your Premises

Some examples of courses we                  We can also deliver training at your
                                             premises, wherever in the world that may
have developed and delivered
                                             be. We are all experienced travellers and
to our clients:                              have delivered our training programs all
                                             over the world. If there is nothing suitable
•	   Coaching	Courses                        at your premises, we can arrange to
                                             setup the training on neutral ground, we
•	   In	House	Competence	Assessor
                                             can organise all the logistical aspects so
•	   In	House	Internal	Verifier              that all your people have to do is arrive on
                                             time and participate in the learning!

Competence Management Systems
awareness training for:                      Flexibility
                                             We take a very flexible approach to
•	   Management	(various	levels)             training delivery. This has been proven
•	   Onshore	/	Offshore	Technicians          when working overseas and offshore
                                             when standard working hours do not
•	   Administrators                          always apply.
06 Certified Leadership
   and Management
   Qualifications (ILM)
Leadership and Management                      ILM was formed in 2001 with the merger
Qualifications                                 of NEBS Management and the Institute
                                               of Supervisory Management. They are
                                               part of the City & Guilds group, the
ITB Competence Assurance Ltd are an            UK’s largest vocational qualifications
approved Institute of Leadership and           awarding organisation.
Management (ILM) centre which offers
certified Leadership and Management
qualifications through flexible learning
methods.                                       Why Partner with ITB and ILM?
                                               ITB are currently working with energy
                                               sector clients to determine career paths
What is the Institute of                       based on ILM qualification frameworks.
Leadership and Management?                     The result is industry leaders and
                                               managers at all levels getting a globally
                                               recognised qualification by taking part in
ILM are the UK’s largest awarding
                                               our training and assessment programs
organisation for qualifications in
                                               for supervisors and managers.
leadership, management, coaching and
enterprise. They work with over 2,500
                                               ITB will review your current Management
ILM-approved	centres,	including	private	
                                               and/or Supervisory Qualifications and
training providers, further and higher
                                               accredit these into your ILM Qualification.
education colleges, and employers
delivering	in-house	management	
                                               Contact us to discuss how we can
                                               build accredited leadership and
                                               management qualifications that meet
Around 92,000 learners register for ILM
                                               the requirements of your business.
qualifications every year, well over half of
all	UK	qualification-based	management	
training, at all levels. They are also a
professional body with over 30,000
practising managers as members.
 07 Competence
    Assessors and
    Internal Verifiers
                                              •	 The	amount	of	resources	required	
Provision of Competence
                                              can be fully tailored to the number of
Assessors and Internal                        assessments that need to be completed
                                              •	    More	cost	effective

ITB Competence Assurance Ltd can              We have experienced Competence
provide fully qualified discipline experts,   Assessors and Verifiers in the
with proven track records, to act as full     following disciplines:
time contract Assessors and/or Internal
Verifiers for your in house Competence        •		   Production
Management System.
                                              •		   Control	Room
Some of the benefits of                       •		   Maintenance	(Instrument,	
utilising external full time                        Electrical, Mechanical)
assessors are:                                •		   Supervisors

•	 A	more	objective	approach	to	
competence assessment

•	 Eliminates	some	of	the	difficulties	
reported when peers are required to
assess each other

•	 Allows	your	employees	to	focus	on	
doing their intended jobs

•	 A	more	realistic	approach	
to reporting on competence and
developmental gaps

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