Ftp by stariya


									Use of Internet (4)
FTP stands for file transfer protocol

It is an Internet standard that allows you to exchange files with other computers on the

An FTP server is computer that allows uses to upload and download files using FTP.
The FTP server contains one or more FTP sites.

An FTP site is a collection of files including text, graphics, audio, video, and program
files that reside on an FTP server.

Anonymous FTP: anyone can transfer some (but not all) available file without a
designated account in the FTP site. He/she just need to type in the user name
‘anonymous’ and any password.

FTP program is a program to upload / download file to and from the Internet.
(e.g. Cute-FTP, WS-FTP, etc.)

Some Internet sites already contain the FTP functions, so we need not use FTP
program in this site in order to transfer file (e.g. www.cnet.com)

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