The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 1 by jrskeirwta

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									Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 1

           Word #

                    Word     Meaning                  Sample words

1          1        ante     before       Latin       antedate, antecedent, antebellum, anterior, ante meridiem, antipenult

1          2        anti     against      Greek       antiaircraft, antibody, anticlimax, anticline, antitoxin, antithesis

1          3        bi       two          Latin       bilateral, bicycle, binary, bimonthly, biped, bipolar, binocular, bicuspid

1          4        circum   around       Latin       circumnavigate, circumspect, circumvent, circumlocution, circus

1          5        com      together     Latin       combination, comfort, commensurate, common, complete, combo

1          6        con      together     Latin       contract, confidence, confine, confederate, conjunction, contact

1          7        de       down         Latin       deposit, descent, despicable, denounce, deduct, demolish, decrepit

1          8        dis      away         Latin       distract, distort, dispute, dissonant, disperse, dismiss, dissuade

1          9        equi     equal        Latin       equitable, equilateral, equivocate, equinox, equation, equilibrium

1          10       extra    beyond       Latin       extraterrestrial, extraordinary, extravagant, extrovert, extramural

1          11       inter    between      Latin       international, interdepartmental, interstellar, interject, interlude

1          12       intra    within       Latin       intracellular, intravenous, intracranial, intrastate, intrauterine

1          13       intro    into         Latin       introduce, introspective, introvert, introject, introrse, intromission

1          14       mal      bad          Latin       malevolent, malcontent, malicious, malign, malady, malapropism

1          15       mis      bad          Germ.       misfit, mistake, misfortune, misfire, misdeed, misguided

1          16       non      not          Latin       nonstop, nonprofit, none, nonconformity, nonplussed, nonchalant

1          17       post     after        Latin       postgraduate, posthumous, postscript, posterity, posterior, postlude

1          18       pre      before       Latin       prelude, preposition, premonition, premature, predict, predecessor

1          19       semi     half         Latin       semitone, semiaquatic, semicircle, semiweekly, semiannual, semiformal

1          20       sub      under        Latin       subterranean, subtract, subordinate, submarine, subterfuge

1          21       super    over         Latin       supervise, superb, superior, superfluous, supercilious, supernatural

1          22       syn      together     Greek       synthetic, synchronize, syndrome, synonym, synopsis, syntax

1          23       sym      together     Greek       sympathy, symbiosis, symbol, symmetry, symphony, symposium

1          24       tri      three        Greek       tricycle, triangle, triceps, triad, trichotomy, triceratops, trivia

1          25       un       not          OE          unfit, unequal, undone, unequivocal, unearned, unconventional
Lesson #                           The Word Within the Word Vocabulary Sentences 1
           Word #

                    Word     Meaning     Sentence

1          1        ante     before      The Civil War antedates the Korean War by decades.

1          2        anti     against     The antiaircraft fire shot down the enemy planes.

1          3        bi       two         The two nations have a bilateral agreement.

1          4        circum   around      The circumspect spy is difficult to catch.

1          5        com      together    The two together are an interesting combination.

1          6        con      together    He was confined to the asteroid’s detention center.

1          7        de       down        The lunar lander descended through the atmosphere.

1          8        dis      away        His attention was easily distracted.

1          9        equi     equal       She made an equilateral triangle with three straws.

1          10       extra    beyond      It was an extraordinary achievement.

1          11       inter    between     They were lost in interstellar space.

1          12       intra    within      He received an intravenous solution through a tube in his arm.

1          13       intro    into        The boy was a lonely introvert who kept to himself.

1          14       mal      bad         He looked fearfully at the glowing, malevolent demon

1          15       mis      bad         He had the misfortune to forget his wallet.

1          16       non      not         The foundation is a nonprofit organization.

1          17       post     after       She added a postscript at the bottom of the letter.

1          18       pre      before      Before Romeo left, Juliet had a frightening premonition.

1          19       semi     half        The circle was divided into two equal semicircles.

1          20       sub      under       The lieutenant gave a sharp order to her subordinate.

1          21       super    over        The talkative fool made several superfluous comments.

1          22       syn      together    Please synchronize your watches at this time.

1          23       sym      together    The symbiotic species could not survive without each other.

1          24       tri      three       Rome was sometimes ruled by a triumvirate.

1          25       un       not         Unearned income must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service.
Lesson #                                 The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 2

           Word #

                    Word       Meaning                     Sample words

2          1        archy      government      Greek       monarchy, oligarchy, hierarchy, anarchy, matriarchal, patriarch

2          2        ard        always          Germ.       drunkard, coward, braggart, laggard, dullard, sluggard

2          3        cide       kill            Latin       herbicide, homicide, matricide, suicide, regicide, genocide, fratricide

2          4        ician      specialist      Latin       technician, musician, beautician, physician, statistician, clinician

2          5        itis       inflammation    Greek       appendicitis, tonsillitis, bursitis, arthritis, gastroenteritis

2          6        aqua       water           Latin       aquarium, aquatic, aquaplane, aqueduct, aquifer, aqueous, semiaquatic

2          7        audi       hear            Latin       audiophile, audience, audition, auditory, audiometer, audit, audiology

2          8        bell       war             Latin       bellicose, belligerent, rebel, casus belli, counterrebellion

2          9        cap        take            Latin       capture, captive, captor, captious, captivate, captivity, caption

2          10       cise       cut             Latin       excise, incisors, incision, circumcise, incisive, precise, concise

2          11       bio        life            Greek       biography, biology, biomorphic, biochemistry, exobiology, biogenesis

2          12       auto       self            Greek       autobiography, automobile, autograph, automatic, automaton

2          13       port       carry           Latin       transport, import, report, porter, deport, important, portage, portly

2          14       scrib      write           Latin       scribble, inscribe, scribe, describe, conscription, transcribe, ascribe

2          15       logy       science         Greek       biology, anthropology, geology, entomology, philology, mythology

2          16       dict       say             Latin       dictionary, predict, malediction, dictation, addict, interdict

2          17       cred       believe         Latin       credit, incredible, incredulous, discredited, credibility, credo

2          18       cent       one hundred     Latin       century, bicentennial, centimeter, centipede, centurion

2          19       neo        new             Greek       neologism, neophyte, neon, Neolithic, neoclassic, neonatal

2          20       ad         to              Latin       adhesive, adapt, addendum, addition, adherent, addict, advent

2          21       cede       go              Latin       recede, precede, antecedent, proceed, secede, concede, intercede

2          22       miss       send            Latin       dismiss, remiss, missile, admission, missionary, emission, promissory

2          23       centri     center          Latin       centrifugal, centripetal, centrist, concentric, decentralize, eccentric

2          24       biblio     book            Greek       bibliography, bibliophile, bibliolatry, bible, bibliomania, bibliophobia

2          25       anthropo   man             Greek       anthropology, anthropomorphic, anthropoid, lycanthrope
Lesson #                                    The Word Within the Word Sentences 2
           Word #

                    Word       Meaning         Sentence

2          1        archy      government      England is, or once was, ruled by a monarchy.

2          2        ard        always          The dullard was always boring everyone to tears.

2          3        cide       kill            In killing his father, Oedipus was guilty of patricide.

2          4        ician      specialist      Mustafa is an electronic technician.

2          5        itis       inflammation    The dermatitis on his skin was painful and unpleasant.

2          6        aqua       water           Balthazar, the scuba diver, collects aquatic species.

2          7        audi       hear            The deaf moose had an injured auditory nerve.

2          8        bell       war             Belligerent nations gain nothing from their many wars.

2          9        cap        take            The hostile island tribe captured captives.

2          10       cise       cut             The design was incised into the oaken door with a knife.

2          11       bio        life            Biomorphic abstract sculpture resembles living shapes.

2          12       auto       self            The general wrote a tedious autobiography about his exploits.

2          13       port       carry           The porter will carry your bags to the train.

2          14       scrib      write           Please inscribe my yearbook.

2          15       logy       science         Since he loved insects, he studied entomology.

2          16       dict       say             the grand jury returned a robbery indictment against him.

2          17       cred       believe         A credulous person will believe anything.

2          18       cent       one hundred     Fortunately, the centipede wears no shoes.

2          19       neo        new             Homer was a neophyte in the business world, but he learned quickly.

2          20       ad         to              The adhesive allowed the poster to stick to the wall.

2          21       cede       go              At last the flood waters began to recede from the land.

2          22       miss       send            The unfortunate missionary was sent to the cannibal tribe.

2          23       centri     center          The ripples on the pond spread out in concentric circles.

2          24       biblio     book            The quick-reading Hortense was a lifelong bibliophile.

2          25       anthropo   man             The unsympathetic grouch was sometimes called a misanthropist.
Lesson #                             The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 3

           Word #

                    Word     Meaning                 Sample words

3          1        homo     same       Greek        homogenize, homonym, homophone, homologous, homozygous

3          2        spec     look       Latin        spectacles, specter, specious, spectrum, respect, inspect, prospectus

3          3        duct     lead       Latin        conduct, ductile, induct, product, reduction, deduction, reproduction

3          4        fer      carry      Latin        transfer, infer, refer, defer, conifer, Lucifer, aquifer, auriferous

3          5        pend     hang       Latin        pending, pendulum, pendant, impending, depend, pendulous, suspend

3          6        micro    small      Greek        micron, microscope, microwave, microphone, microcosm, microbiotic

3          7        hydro    water      Greek        hydroplane, hydroponics, dehydrate, hydrant, hydrogen, hydrophobia

3          8        photo    light      Greek        photograph, photometer, photon, photogenic, photosynthesis

3          9        pan      all        Greek        panorama, panoply, pandemic, pantheism, pantheon, Pan-American

3          10       penta    five       Greek        pentagram, pentagon, pentameter, pentathlon, pentarchy, pentahedron

3          11       tele     far        Greek        telescope, telephone, telekinesis, telepathy, teleology, telex

3          12       vid      look       Latin        video, invidious, Montevideo, evidence, provide, videogenic, vide

3          13       omni     all        Latin        omnipotent, omnivorous, omniscient, omnibus, omnipresent

3          14       ex       out        Latin        exit, except, excise, exculpate, elucidate, exorbitant, eccentric

3          15       poly     many       Greek        polyphony, polygyny, polygamy, allopolyploidy, polyvalent

3          16       re       again      Latin        return, review, retouch, reiterate, retail, revive, regenerate

3          17       hypo     under      Greek        hypodermic, hypocrite, hypotenuse, hypothermia, hypothesis

3          18       pseudo   false      Greek        pseudonym, pseudopod, pseudomorphic, pseudoscience, pseudoevent

3          19       neuro    nerve      Greek        neuron, neurosurgeon, neurosis, neurology, neuralgia, neurotomy

3          20       tomy     cut        Greek        tonsillectomy, appendectomy, dichotomy, anatomy, lobotomy

3          21       hema     blood      Greek        hematic, hematite, hematology, hematoma, hemal, hematogenesis

3          22       proto    first      Greek        protoplasm, prototype, Protozoa, proton, protohuman, protomorphic

3          23       phon     sound      Greek        symphony, telephone, phonetic, phonograph, euphony, cacophony

3          24       mono     one        Greek        monotonous, monomania, monocular, monogamous, monolithic, monotone

3          25       viv      life       Greek        vivid, vivisection, vivacious, convivial, bon vivant, viva, viviparous
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Sentences 3
           Word #

                    Word     Meaning    Sentence

3          1        homo     same       The English language contains many homophones like two and too.

3          2        spec     look       It was a specious argument, but it sounded convincing.

3          3        duct     lead       The youth was inducted into the army.

3          4        fer      carry      The transfer was made in the darkness of a moonless night.

3          5        pend     hang       The patent is still pending on that product.

3          6        micro    small      The two bacteria were only a micron apart.

3          7        hydro    water      The fire hydrant stood in front of the school.

3          8        photo    light      An overexposure to the sun’s photons gave her a sunburn.

3          9        pan      all        The god Apollo was a member of the Greek pantheon.

3          10       penta    five       He wore a pentagram on his sleeve, not a pentagon

3          11       tele     far        The strange boy could move distant objects by telekinesis.

3          12       vid      look       The kids played video games for hours.

3          13       omni     all        The all-consuming furry muncher had an omnivorous appetite.

3          14       ex       out        The surgeon was able to excise the tissue with a scalpel.

3          15       poly     many       Johann Sebastian Bach composed polyphonic music.

3          16       re       again      His new novel was carefully reviewed by the literary critic.

3          17       hypo     under      The crash victims suffered hypothermia on the frozen tundra.

3          18       pseudo   false      The amoeba uses its pseudopods to move across the surface.

3          19       neuro    nerve      The brain is said to contain over 100 billion neurons.

3          20       tomy     cut        The clown received an emergency appendectomy in the medical tent.

3          21       hema     blood      Iron ore is called hematite because of its deep red color.

3          22       proto    first      Single-celled animals are known as the Protozoa.

3          23       phon     sound      Musicians play together in a symphony.

3          24       mono     one        The German prince peered through his gold-rimmed monocular.

3          25       viv      life       Laws against vivisection prevent cruelty to animals.
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 4

           Word #

                    Word     Meaning                   Sample words

4          1        morph    shape        Greek        amorphous, morphology, polymorphously, mesomorph, protomorphic

4          2        vest     clothes      Latin        vestry, vestment, vestibule, vest, investiture, divest, divestiture

4          3        bene     good         Latin        benefit, benevolent, beneficial, benediction, benefactor, benign

4          4        pond     weight       Latin        ponderous, ponder, preponderant, pound, imponderable, compound

4          5        corp     body         Latin        corpulent, corporation, corporeal, corporal, corpse, corpuscle

4          6        dorm     sleep        Latin        dormitory, dormant, dormer, dormancy, dormitive, dormient

4          7        pater    father       Latin        paternalistic, patronize, paternity, patriarch, expatriate

4          8        nov      new          Latin        novel, nova, novice, novitiate, Nova Scotia, innovation, renovate

4          9        punct    point        Latin        punctuate, punctilious, puncture, punctual, acupuncture, contrapuntal

4          10       ject     throw        Latin        eject, reject, conjecture, dejected, inject, subject, projection

4          11       tion     act/state    Latin        completion, reaction, devastation, production, creation, transition

4          12       loco     place        Latin        locomotive, location, local, locus, relocate, dislocate, localize

4          13       dox      opinion      Greek        orthodox, heterodox, doxology, indoctrinate, paradox

4          14       amphi    both         Greek        amphibious, amphitheater, amphibian, amphigory, amphibolous

4          15       magn     great        Latin        Magna Carta, magnanimous, magnate, magnificent, magnum opus

4          16       eu       good         Greek        Eucharist, euphony, eulogy, euphemism, Europe, eugenics, euglena

4          17       endo     within       Greek        endoplasm, endocrine, endogamous, endoskeleton, endothermic

4          18       phobia   fear         Greek        claustrophobia, acrophobia, xenophobia, agoraphobia, hydrophobia

4          19       ortho    straight     Greek        orthopedics, orthodontist, orthodox, orthography, orthogonal

4          20       put      think        Latin        reputation, putative, impute, dispute, computer, disreputable

4          21       ver      true         Latin        verify, veracity, veritable, verdict, verisimilitude, aver, cinema verite

4          22       matri    mother       Latin        matricide, matron, matriarch, matrimony, matrilineal

4          23       mega     large        Greek        megalith, megaphone, megalomania, megalopolis, megahertz, megaton

4          24       pop      people       Latin        popular, populist, populate, population, popularize, populous

4          25       sangui   blood        Latin        sanguinary, sanguine, consanguinity, sangfroid, sangria
Lesson #                                 The Word Within the Word Sentences 4
           Word #

                    Word     Meaning      Sentence

4          1        morph    shape        The magic crystal dissolved into a lumpy, amorphous mass.

4          2        vest     clothes      The silk vestments were hanging on pegs.

4          3        bene     good         He never knew the name of his generous benefactor.

4          4        pond     weight       The ponderous burden was nearly impossible to lift.

4          5        corp     body         His corpulent body was a result of his love of sweets.

4          6        dorm     sleep        The evil creature lay harmlessly dormant for centuries.

4          7        pater    father       There was an annual birthday party for the family patriarch.

4          8        nov      new          The recently invented laser toothbrush is a novel idea.

4          9        punct    point        Her punctilious attention to small details was impressive.

4          10       ject     throw        He felt miserably dejected when the expedition left without him.

4          11       tion     act/state    The devastation intensified our need for creation.

4          12       loco     place        Self-motivated people have an internal locus of control.

4          13       dox      opinion      The many-cultured United Stated is a heterodox nation.

4          14       amphi    both         The Martian amphibians emerging from the water had gray, impermeable skin.

4          15       magn     great        His magnanimous victory speech was inspiring in its generosity.

4          16       eu       good         The euphony of Mozart’s beautiful music carried us away.

4          17       endo     within       Human beings have endoskeletons, not exoskeletons like insects or crabs.

4          18       phobia   fear         The trembling dog on the twenty-third floor has acrophobia.

4          19       ortho    straight     The orthodontist straightened Count Dracula’s fangs.

4          20       put      think        the computer hummed once and exploded.

4          21       ver      true         We questioned the veracity of the doctor’s strange and unbelievable story.

4          22       matri    mother       The town awoke to the details of the angry son’s tragic matricide.

4          23       mega     large        The massive granite megalith towered over the ancient ruins.

4          24       pop      people       The populist candidate, a favorite of the voters, won the lunar colony primary.

4          25       sangui   blood        The massed armies joined in sanguinary combat.
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 5

           Word #

                    Word     Meaning                   Sample words

5          1        vita     life         Latin        vitamin, vitality, vital, revitalize, viable, vitalism, devitalize

5          2        demo     people       Greek        democracy, demography, undemocratic, democratize

5          3        stereo   solid        Greek        stereoscope, stereophonic, stereotype, stereopticon, stereotropism

5          4        ism      doctrine     Greek        Marxism, capitalism, Imagism, Cubism, nihilism, pluralism, tribalism

5          5        cogn     know         Latin        recognize, cognizant, incognito, cognoscenti, cognomen, precognition

5          6        sur      over         Latin        surplus, surpass, surcharge, surface, surfeit, surmount, surname

5          7        alter    other        Latin        alternator, alteration, alter ego, alternative, altruism, altercation

5          8        astr     star         Greek        astronomy, astrology, asteroid, disaster, asterisk, astrophysics

5          9        dyna     power        Greek        dynamic, dynamo, dynamite, dynasty, dynamometer

5          10       chron    time         Greek        chronometer, chronological, synchronize, chronic, anachronism

5          11       hyper    over         Greek        hyperactive, hyperventilate, hyperbole, hyperacidity, hypertension

5          12       luna     moon         Latin        lunar, lunatic, lunate, luna moth, lunette, sublunar, lunular

5          13       octa     eight        Greek        octameter, octogenarian, octagon, octarchy, octave, octopus

5          14       gyro     turn         Greek        gyration, gyroscope, gyre, gyrate, spirogyra, gyromagnetic

5          15       contra   against      Latin        contradict, contrary, contrast, contrapuntal, contraband, contravene

5          16       geo      earth        Greek        geography, geothermal, geology, geophysics, geometry

5          17       helio    sun          Greek        Helios, heliotropic, heliocentric, heliograph, perihelion, aphelion

5          18       thermo   heat         Greek        thermostat, thermos, thermotropic, thermonuclear, thermocouple

5          19       tetra    four         Greek        tetrameter, tetrahedron, tetroxide, tetragon, tetrachloride

5          20       meter    measure      Greek        thermometer, millimeter, octameter, hydrometer, odometer

5          21       scope    look         Greek        telescope, microscope, periscope, radarscope, horoscope

5          22       son      sound        Latin        sonar, unison, sonorous, sonnet, dissonance, resonant, supersonic

5          23       dec      ten          Greek        decade, deciliter, decimal, decagon, decathlon, decimate

5          24       stell    star         Latin        interstellar, stelliform, stellar, constellation, stellate, stellify

5          25       amat     love         Latin        amatory, amateur, amorous, amiable, amigo, amour-propre, amity
Lesson #                                The Word Within the Word Sentences 5
           Word #

                    Word     Meaning     Sentence

5          1        vita     life        In the spring of 2215, the rebuilt New York was a revitalized city

5          2        demo     people      The theory of democracy was proven effective by the United States.

5          3        stereo   solid       If there is stereophonic sound, can there be stereo smell?

5          4        ism      doctrine    Is capitalism the opposite of Marxism?

5          5        cogn     know        The Magnum Leader was traveling incognito to avoid recognition.

5          6        sur      over        The overwhelming economic disasters could not be surmounted.

5          7        alter    other       Our previously unchanged plans have suffered an alteration.

5          8        astr     star        If the asteroid struck the earth, it would be a disaster.

5          9        dyna     power       Her dynamic personality made her an obvious choice for the powerful role.

5          10       chron    time        Please synchronize your chronometers.

5          11       hyper    over        The hyperactive child began to hyperventilate.

5          12       luna     moon        Are lunatics really subject to lunar influences on their sanity?

5          13       octa     eight       The octarchy decided to invade Macedonia.

5          14       gyro     turn        The dancers’ spinning gyrations continued into the night.

5          15       contra   against     Their contradictory remarks offered a sharp contrast of views.

5          16       geo      earth       Which earth study do you prefer: geology, geography, or geophysics?

5          17       helio    sun         Galileo thought that the solar system was heliocentric, not earth-centered.

5          18       thermo   heat        The thermotropic plants were killed by the cold front.

5          19       tetra    four        Is a square a tetragon or a tetrahedron?

5          20       meter    measure     The hydrometer measured the flow of the trout stream.

5          21       scope    look        Alien warships appeared on the radarscope.

5          22       son      sound       The senator’s sonorous voice was her best political weapon.

5          23       dec      ten         The Olympic decathlon winner was famous for a decade.

5          24       stell    star        The interstellar spaceship launching was a stellar occasion.

5          25       amat     love        The amateur astronomer was an amiable fellow who loved his hobby.
Lesson #                              The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 6

           Word #

                    Word     Meaning                     Sample words

6          1        germ     vital/related   Latin       germane, germinate, germicide, germinal, germ

6          2        greg     group           Latin       gregarious, egregious, segregate, congregate, aggregate

6          3        mar      sea             Latin       marine, marina, ultramarine, maritime, mariner, marinate, submarine

6          4        prim     first           Latin       prime, primary, primate, primogeniture, primeval, prima donna, primo

6          5        pyro     fire            Greek       pyre, pyromania, pyrotechnic, pyrogenic, pyrophobia, pyrometer

6          6        clam     cry out         Latin       clamorous, exclamation, clamor, exclamatory, clamant, declaim

6          7        plu      more            Latin       plural, plurality, plus, pluralize, pluriaxial, pluralism, nonplussed

6          8        tang     touch           Latin       tangible, tangent, tangle, tangential, cotangent, intangible

6          9        string   bind            Latin       stringent, string, stringy, astringent, stringer

6          10       liber    free            Latin       liberate, liberty, liberal, libertine, deliberate, libertarian

6          11       junct    join            Latin       junction, conjunction, juncture, disjunct, injunction, adjunct

6          12       clud     close           Latin       exclude, include, preclude, exclusive, occlude, conclude, cloister

6          13       se       apart           Latin       secede, secret, sedition, seduce, segregate, select, separate

6          14       trib     pay             Latin       tribute, tributary, retribution, contribution, attribute, diatribe

6          15       dign     worthy          Latin       dignify, dignity, condign, dignitary, undignified, indignation

6          16       luc      light           Latin       lucid, translucent, lucidity, pellucid, Lucifer, elucidate, lucent

6          17       rupt     break           Latin       erupt, disrupt, rupture, corrupt, abrupt, incorruptible

6          18       grat     pleasing        Latin       gratifying, gratitude, ingrate, grateful, gratuitous, ingratiate

6          19       medi     middle          Latin       median, mediate, medium, mediocre, Mediterranean, in medias res

6          20       soph     wisdom          Greek       sophomore, sophisticated, sophist, philosophy, pansophy, theosophy

6          21       curr     run             Latin       current, undercurrent, currently, recurrent, currency, incur

6          22       tempor   time            Latin       temporal, contemporary, temporize, temporarily, tempus fugit

6          23       migr     wander          Latin       migrate, transmigration, migrant, migratory, emigrant, immigrant

6          24       trans    across          Latin       transfer, translate, transmit, transfusion, translucent, transcend

6          25       gamy     marriage        Greek       monogamy, polygamy, bigamy gamete, autogamous, exogamy
Lesson #                                The Word Within the Word Sentences 6
           Word #

                    Word     Meaning         Sample words

6          1        germ     vital/related   His irrelevant comments were not germane to the discussion.

6          2        greg     group           The friendly alien proved to be well-mannered and gregarious.

6          3        mar      sea             The mariner steered through beautiful ultramarine waters.

6          4        prim     first           The anthropologist was primarily interested in primates, especially gorillas.

6          5        pyro     fire            They pyromaniac loved starting fires with pyrogenic materials.

6          6        clam     cry out         The loudmouth’s clamorous exclamations could be heard for blocks.

6          7        plu      more            The candidate received a plurality but not a majority of votes.

6          8        tang     touch           The job has many tangible benefits, such as a salary and a free car.

6          9        string   bind            The regulations were too stringent for the footloose, creative artist.

6          10       liber    free            Did the Emancipation Proclamation liberate the slaves?

6          11       junct    join            There was a jungle near the junction of the Brazilian highways.

6          12       clud     close           Would you rather be excluded from or included in our new group?

6          13       se       apart           There was a secret decision to secede from the Union and to live apart.

6          14       trib     pay             The Amazon has many tributaries which pay their waters into the river.

6          15       dign     worthy          Don’t dignify his unworthy question with an answer.

6          16       luc      light           Your lucid remarks greatly clarified the confusing issue.

6          17       rupt     break           The volcanic eruption of Vesuvius disrupted our lives.

6          18       grat     pleasing        The grateful man was certainly no ingrate; he thanked us profusely.

6          19       medi     middle          It was a mediocre speech, neither excellent nor poor.

6          20       soph     wisdom          The sophomore’s immature philosophy was unsophisticated and sophomoric.

6          21       curr     run             His wandering remarks on current affairs were too discursive to endure.

6          22       tempor   time            Is human life temporal or eternal?

6          23       migr     wander          Do migratory species think about their distant destinations?

6          24       trans    across          The translucent material allowed us to see the events on the other side.

6          25       gamy     marriage        Is the crime of bigamy a variation of monogamy or a form of polygamy?
Lesson #                              The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 7

           Word #

                    Word     Meaning                  Sample words

7          1        numer    number      Latin        enumerate, numeral, numerous, supernumeraries, numerology

7          2        fort     strong      Latin        fortitude, fort, fortify, fortification, comfort, forte, fortissimo

7          3        osteo    bone        Greek        osteopath, osteology, osteopathy, osteoblast, osteocyte, osteotomy

7          4        ornith   bird        Greek        ornithology, ornithologist, ornithopter, ornithomancy, ornithosis

7          5        polis    city        Greek        metropolis, megalopolis, police, polite, policy, acropolis, necropolis

7          6        fus      pour        Latin        transfusion, infusion, refuse, fusillade, fusion, infuse, confusion

7          7        ego      I           Latin        egomaniac, egocentric, egotistical, egotist, egotize, egoism, alter ego

7          8        spir     breathe     Latin        inspire, respiration, perspiration, expire, spirit, aspire, conspire

7          9        dia      across      Greek        diagonal, diameter, dialogue, dialect, diatribe, diaphanous, dialectic

7          10       acr      sharp       Latin        acrimonious, acerbity, acrid, acridine, acrimony, acerate

7          11       acro     high        Greek        acrobat, acronym, acropolis, acrophobia, acromegaly, acrocarpous

7          12       culp     blame       Latin        culprit, culpable, exculpate, inculpate, exculpatory

7          13       derm     skin        Greek        dermatologist, dermatitis, pachyderm, hypodermic, ectoderm

7          14       zo       animal      Greek        zoo. protozoa, zoophilous, zooplankton, zoophagous, Mesozoic, zodiac

7          15       per      through     Latin        perception, perforation, percolate, perambulate, peregrination

7          16       pac      peace       Latin        pacify, pacific, pacifist, pacifier, pacifism, Pax Romana, pacification

7          17       brev     short       Latin        brevity, abbreviation, breve, breviary, brevirostrate, brief

7          18       necro    death       Greek        necropolis, necromancer, necrophobia, necrotic, necrobiosis

7          19       urb      city        Latin        urban, urbane, suburbs, urbanite, urbanologist, urbanism

7          20       pugn     fight       Latin        pugnacious, repugnant, pugilist, impugn, oppugn, inexpugnable

7          21       ecto     outer       Greek        ectoderm, ectozoa, ectomorph, ectothermic, ectoplasm, ectoparasite

7          22       plasto   molded      Greek        plastic, dermoplasty, rhinoplasty, plaster, plasticity, plastid

7          23       agog     leader      Greek        demagogue, pedagogue, synagogue, agogics, pedagogy, mystagogue

7          24       cle      small       Latin        molecule, corpuscle, follicle, miniscule, ventricle, particle, vesicle

7          25       il       not         Latin        illegal, illiterate, illicit, illogical, illegible, illiberal
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Sentences 7
           Word #

                    Word     Meaning    Sentence

7          1        numer    number     Please enumerate your reasons.

7          2        fort     strong     Her character is one of great personal fortitude.

7          3        osteo    bone       The osteologist was called in for consultation on his bone condition.

7          4        ornith   bird       Ornithology is a science for the bird lovers of the world.

7          5        polis    city       Metropolitan policy called for the police to be polite.

7          6        fus      pour       The stubborn old man refused to have the blood transfusion.

7          7        ego      I          Vic is not just egocentric; he is an egomaniac.

7          8        spir     breathe    The ancient poet was inspired by the Muse of poetry.

7          9        dia      across     Ralph expected a pleasant dialogue but received a scathing diatribe.

7          10       acr      sharp      The acrimonious dispute was disturbing to everyone.

7          11       acro     high       The unfortunate acrobat suffered from acrophobia.

7          12       culp     blame      Unfortunately, the culprit was exculpated and escaped punishment.

7          13       derm     skin       A pachyderm rarely suffers from dermatitis on its trunk.

7          14       zo       animal     Does the zoo have a protozoan exhibit with microscopes to look through?

7          15       per      through    The perforations let water percolate through the membrane.

7          16       pac      peace      The angry pacifists were not pacified by the president’s militaristic speech.

7          17       brev     short      A long discursive speech lacks brevity.

7          18       necro    death      If you have necrophobia, avoid the necropolis.

7          19       urb      city       The wealthy urbanite in Chicago had urbane manners.

7          20       pugn     fight      His pugnacious attitude was repugnant to his peace-loving friends.

7          21       ecto     outer      Ectothermic species enjoy the summer warmth.

7          22       plasto   molded     A plastic surgery question: “Is rhinoplasty a form of dermoplasty?”

7          23       agog     leader     Is a corrupt politician a demagogue or a pedagogue?

7          24       cle      small      Is a blood corpuscle larger than a molecule?

7          25       il       not        Your corrupt suggestion is both illegal and illogical.
Lesson #                             The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 8

           Word #

                    Word    Meaning                   Sample words

8          1        sed     sit          Latin        sedentary, sediment, sedan, sedative, sedate, supersede, assiduous

8          2        leg     read         Latin        legible, legend, illegible, legendary, legibility, alleged

8          3        anim    mind         Latin        equanimity, animal, animated, animosity, magnanimous, animadversion

8          4        tort    twist        Latin        contorted, torture, tortuous, retort, distort, torturous, tort, tortilla

8          5        nym     name         Greek        homonym, acronym, pseudonym, anonymous, patronymic, anomaly

8          6        sanct   holy         Latin        sanctity, sanctimonious, sacrosanct, sanctuary, unsanctioned, sanctify

8          7        meta    change       Greek        metamorphosis, metaphor, metaphysics, metastasize, metabolism

8          8        petr    rock         Latin        petrify, petroleum, petrology, petroglyph, petrophilous, petrochemical

8          9        mir     wonder       Latin        miracle, mirage, mirror, mirabile dictum, admire, mirabilia

8          10       man     hand         Latin        manual, manicure, manipulate, manacles, amanuensis, legerdemain

8          11       rect    right        Latin        correct, rectitude, direct, rectilinear, rectangle, rectify, rector

8          12       volv    roll         Latin        revolve, involved, devolve, convoluted, volvox, revolution, volvulus

8          13       demi    half         Latin        demigod, demitasse, demisemiquaver, demiurge, demimonde, demirep

8          14       retro   backward     Latin        retroactive, retrofire, retrogress, retrospection, retrofit, retrorse

8          15       sens    feel         Latin        sense, sensitive, sensation, sensory, extrasensory, insensate

8          16       fy      make         Latin        fortify, rectify, horrify, solidify, reify, transmogrify, sanctify, pacify

8          17       ocul    eye          Latin        binocular, monocular, ocular, oculist, oculomotor nerve, oculometer

8          18       cur     care for     Latin        cure, curator, curative, cure-all, sinecure, secure, curate

8          19       ultra   beyond       Latin        ultramarine, ultraconservative, ultraviolet, ultramundane

8          20       oid     appearance   Greek        android (droid), anthropoid, asteroid, adenoid, xyloid, haploid

8          21       gest    carry        Latin        gestation, digest, ingest, congestion, gesticulate, gesture

8          22       apt     fit          Latin        adapt, aptitude, maladapted, adaptation, aptly, aptness

8          23       tact    touch        Latin        tactile, contact, tactful, intact, tactility, taction

8          24       voc     voice        Latin        vociferously, vocal, sotto voce, invocation, vocabulary, convocation

8          25       rid     laugh        Latin        ridicule, deride, derision, risibility, ridiculous
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Sentences 8
           Word #

                    Word    Meaning      Sentence

8          1        sed     sit          His sedentary job left him weak and out of shape.

8          2        leg     read         The college student’s handwriting was illegible.

8          3        anim    mind         The bitter animosity made him lose his equanimity.

8          4        tort    twist        The tortuous highway was torture to drive.

8          5        nym     name         NATO, RADAR, SCUBA, and OPEC are acronyms made of initials.

8          6        sanct   holy         For many Americans, the principles of democracy are sacrosanct.

8          7        meta    change       The werewolf is famous for his metamorphosis from man-shape to wolf-shape.

8          8        petr    rock         Is the Petrified Forest a desert?

8          9        mir     wonder       After the surgery, it was a miracle to look in the mirror.

8          10       man     hand         After the manual labor, she needed a manicure to restore her hands.

8          11       rect    right        Follow the directions, if you want the correct answers.

8          12       volv    roll         The wheels of the Volvo slowly revolved.

8          13       demi    half         The beautiful near-human demigod drank from a dainty demitasse cup.

8          14       retro   backward     The class reunion left me in a sentimental, retrospective mood.

8          15       sens    feel         The explorer could sense the presence of the beast.

8          16       fy      make         It is time to solidify the gains we have made before they evaporate.

8          17       ocul    eye          Primates are known for binocular vision which helps them judge distances.

8          18       cur     care for     The curator of the Pacific Museum cared for the Polynesian artwork.

8          19       ultra   beyond       Which color do you prefer, ultramarine or ultraviolet?

8          20       oid     appearance   If an asteroid resembles a star, what does an android resemble?

8          21       gest    carry        Congestion is an unpleasant symptom of a cold.

8          22       apt     fit          It can be difficult to adapt to a new environment.

8          23       tact    touch        The electrodes sparked at the point of contact.

8          24       voc     voice        The noisy crowd made vociferous objections to the announcement.

8          25       rid     laugh        When she was derided by her friends, she responded with ridicule.
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 9

           Word #

                    Word     Meaning                    Sample words

9          1        path     feeling        Greek       sympathy, pathetic, pathos, telepathy, empathy, apathy, idiopathy

9          2        a        not            Greek       amoral, amorphous, atheist, apathy, agraphia, apolitical, aphasia

9          3        nomy     law            Greek       astronomy, economy, Deuteronomy, taxonomy, heteronomy

9          4        fid      faith          Latin       infidel, fidelity, confidence, diffident, bona fide, fiduciary, perfidy

9          5        caco     bad            Greek       cacophony, cacography, cacodemon, cacoëthes, cacodyl, cacology

9          6        hetero   different      Greek       heterodox, heteromorphic, heterogeneous, heterosexual, heteronym

9          7        sci      know           Latin       science, conscience, prescience, omniscience, scientism, sciomancy

9          8        graph    write          Greek       bibliography, photograph, autograph, polygraph, stenography

9          9        lat      side           Latin       bilateral, unilateral, lateral fin, multilateral, collateral, latitude

9          10       lith     rock           Greek       Neolithic, Paleolithic, lithograph, megalith, monolith, lithium, laccolith

9          11       tract    pull           Latin       tractor, detract, retraction, attractive, protractor, contract

9          12       in       in or not      Latin       inscribe, insane, infidel, indefinite, incorrigible, insomnia

9          13       co       together       Latin       cooperate, coordinating, coterminous, colloquy, coauthor, cotangent

9          14       phile    love           Greek       philosopher, audiophile, bibliophile, philologist, philanthropy

9          15       ine      nature of      Greek       porcine, crystalline, saturnine, canine, ursine, vulpine, bovine

9          16       -ar      relating to    Latin       pulsar, stellar, lunar, solar, secular, columnar, linear, circular

9          17       hexa     six            Greek       hexagram, hexagon, hexapod, hexameter, hexahedron, hexarchy

9          18       fract    break          Latin       fracture, infraction, fraction, refraction, refractory, fractious

9          19       platy    flat           Greek       plateau, platyhelminthes, platypus, plate, platitude, platyrrhine

9          20       theo     god            Greek       theology, pantheism, atheism, monotheism, apotheosis, henotheism

9          21       fin      end            Latin       final, define, infinite, finial, finis, Finisterre, infinitive, fin de siecle

9          22       hedron   sided object   Greek       polyhedron, tetrahedron, heptahedron, octahedron, icosahedron

9          23       ambul    walk           Latin       ambulatory, somnambulism, funambulist, ambulance, perambulate

9          24       ous      full of        Latin       luminous, glorious, loquacious, vivacious, garrulous, anomalous, zealous

9          25       topo     place          Greek       topographical, topology, topic, topiary, toponym, topognosia
Lesson #                                    The Word Within the Word Sentences 9
           Word #

                    Word     Meaning         Sentence

9          1        path     feeling         The pathetic child received sympathy.

9          2        a        not             The unexpected anomaly was amorphous in shape and atypical in structure.

9          3        nomy     law             What is the difference between astronomy and agronomy?

9          4        fid      faith           Does a diffident person have self-confidence?

9          5        caco     bad             If cacophony hurts the ear, what sense organ does cacography hurt?

9          6        hetero   different       The heterogeneous mixture of odd substances had a noisome odor.

9          7        sci      know            If science could give us prescience, would it be a good idea to know the future?

9          8        graph    write           Would you like a photograph of my autograph?

9          9        lat      side            Is this treaty bilateral or multilateral?

9          10       lith     rock            Did the Neolithic age come before the Paleolithic age?

9          11       tract    pull            The shiny red tractor attracted many buyers.

9          12       in       in or not       Please inscribe something insane in my annual.

9          13       co       together        He refused to cooperate with the copilot.

9          14       phile    love            My friend, the audiophile, has a wonderful collection of recordings.

9          15       ine      nature of       The crystalline substance began to evaporate.

9          16       -ar      relating to     The lunar surface is bombarded by solar rays.

9          17       hexa     six             What is the difference between a hexagram and a hexagon?

9          18       fract    break           It’s an infraction of the rules to fracture someone’s nose.

9          19       platy    flat            The platypus has a plate-like bill.

9          20       theo     god             The Greek pantheon of gods was not a monotheistic religious system.

9          21       fin      end             Is outer space infinite or finite?

9          22       hedron   sided object    Is a tetrahedron a cube or a pyramid?

9          23       ambul    walk            Can an ambulatory hospital patient somnambulate without waking up?

9          24       ous      full of         The luminous moonlight was glorious to behold.

9          25       topo     place           The topography of the region was a fascinating topic.
Lesson #                              The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 10

           Word #

                    Word    Meaning                     Sample words

10         1        ped     foot or child   Latin       orthopedist, pedagogue, centipede, expedition, pedestrian, pedestal

10         2        mort    death           Latin       mortal, mortician, mortified, immortality, mortuary, moribund

10         3        carn    flesh           Latin       carnivorous, incarnate, reincarnated, carnival, carnation, carnage

10         4        psych   soul            Greek       psychology, psychic, psychopathic, parapsychology, psychosis
                            race or
10         5        ethno   culture         Greek       ethnocentrism, ethnic group, ethnography, ethnologist

10         6        gen     origin          Greek       genetics, hydrogen, progeny, engender, gene, ingenuous, indigenous

10         7        nat     born            Latin       prenatal, native, natural, nativity, nation, nascent, natal, perinatal

10         8        paleo   old             Greek       Paleozoic, Paleolithic, paleontologist, paleoanthropic, paleography

10         9        curs    run             Latin       cursive, discursive, incursion, precursor, cursory, cursorial, cursor

10         10       crypt   hidden          Greek       cryptic, cryptologist, crypt, cryptogram, encrypt, cryptesthesia

10         11       cad     fall            Latin       cascade, cadaver, cadence, cadenza, cadaverous, decadent

10         12       capit   head            Latin       decapitate, capital, recapitulate, capitulation, capitulum

10         13       loqu    talk            Latin       loquacious, circumlocution, eloquent, soliloquy, somniloquy, dialogue

10         14       sacro   holy            Latin       sacrosanct, sacred, sacrifice, sacrament, sacrilege, consecrate

10         15       uni     one             Latin       unicycle, universe, united, union, uniform, unison, unique, unicorn

10         16       ness    quality         OE          softness, redness, politeness, kindness, darkness, vagueness

10         17       alt     high            Latin       altitude, alto, altimeter, altar, altocumulus, altiplano

10         18       ics     art             Greek       politics, economics, aesthetics, graphics, ethics, calisthenics

10         19       iso     equal           Greek       isothermal, isometric, isosceles, isomer, isocracy, isotope

10         20       vert    turn            Latin       convert, revert, inverted, divert, vertex, controvert, extrovert

10         21       ate     cause           Latin       domesticate, implicate, create, procreate, insinuate, placate, dominate

10         22       cor     heart           Latin       core, concord, discord, misericord, cordial, courageous

10         23       ess     female          Greek       lioness, empress, princess, baroness, seamstress, governess

10         24       muta    change          Latin       mutant, mutation, mutagenic, mutable, transmutation, immutable

10         25       fug     flee            Latin       centrifuge, fugitive, tempus fugit, subterfuge, refugee, fugue
Lesson #                                    The Word Within the Word Sentences 10
           Word #

                    Word    Meaning           Sentence

10         1        ped     foot or child     The orthopedist went on an African expedition.

10         2        mort    death             The mortician was mortified at the sight of the mortal wound.

10         3        carn    flesh             The carnivorous beasts of Venus are reincarnated after death.

10         4        psych   soul              The psychologist viewed the parapsychologist with suspicion.
                            race or
10         5        ethno   culture           Ethnocentrism is disturbing to all ethnic groups.

10         6        gen     origin            The geneticist’s hobby was studying pathogenic substances.

10         7        nat     born              Prenatal care is important to natives in natural environments.

10         8        paleo   old               The paleontologist was an expert on the Paleozoic era.

10         9        curs    run               The discursive speech gave only cursory attention to the problem.

10         10       crypt   hidden            The cryptologist worked all night to break the enemy secret code.

10         11       cad     fall              The cadaver was discovered near the rushing cascade.

10         12       capit   head              Decapitation was once a common form of capital punishment.

10         13       loqu    talk              The loquacious bore answered every question with a circumluction.

10         14       sacro   holy              The hero’s sacrifice was a sacrosanct memory.

10         15       uni     one               the United Plants of the Universe soon celebrate their union.

10         16       ness    quality           The sky’s redness and the clouds’ softness were beautiful.

10         17       alt     high              The broken altimeter no longer measured the altitude.

10         18       ics     art               Computer graphics enhance books on politics and economics.

10         19       iso     equal             The isothermal piedmont region escaped the extremes of temperature.

10         20       vert    turn              The new convert soon reverted to his previous views about advertisement.

10         21       ate     cause             To calibrate one’s response is to obviate one’s apology.

10         22       cor     heart             the extreme discordance of viewpoints prevented concord.

10         23       ess     female            The lioness ate the empress but not the princess.

10         24       muta    change            The post-war mutants lived in a mutagenic atmosphere.

10         25       fug     flee              “Tempus fugit,” said the escaped fugitive caught in the whirling centrifuge.
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 11

           Word #

                    Word     Meaning                   Sample words

11         1        -i       plural        Latin       bacilli, fungi, nuclei, alumni, magi, octopi, Gemini, homunculi, literati

11         2        jus      law           Latin       justice, justify, unjust, jus soli, justiciary

11         3        lum      light         Latin       luminary, luminous, illuminate, luminiferous, superluminous

11         4        ann      year          Latin       annual, superannuated, anniversary, annuity, perennial

11         5        apo      away or up    Greek       apotheosis, apogee, apoplexy, apology, aphelion, apostasy

11         6        sen      old           Latin       senile, senior, senator, seniority, senescent

11         7        sol      alone         Latin       solitude, solitary, solo, soliloquy, desolate, solipsism, consolidate

11         8        bas      low           Latin       bass, base, basic, basal, bassoon, debase, abase, bas-relief

11         9        rogat    ask           Latin       interrogation, abrogate, derogatory, arrogate, supererogatory

11         10       parl     speak         Latin       parliament, parley, parlor, parlance, parlando

11         11       potent   power         Latin       potential, potentiometer, potentate, plenipotentiary, omnipotent

11         12       surg     rise          Latin       resurgence, insurgence, surge, surgent
                             word or
11         13       log      reason        Greek       logic, neologism, philologist, logician, illogical, monologue

11         14       gram     writing       Greek       telegram, pentagram, hexagram, hologram, grammar

11         15       cant     sing          Latin       recant, cantata, incantation, descant, canticle, canto

11         16       reg      rule          Latin       regal, regiment, regulate, regent, interregnum, regicide, regime

11         17       pro      forward       Greek       provide, pronounce, program, prognosticate, prospect, prognosis

11         18       gyn      woman         Greek       androgynous, gynecologist, polygyny, misogynist, gynephobia

11         19       ag       to do         Latin       agile, agent, agency, agitate, aggression, aggrade, agree

11         20       act      to do         Latin       transact, react, action, activate, abreact, counteract, interact

11         21       mob      move          Latin       mobility, mobile, immobile, mobilize, demobilize

11         22       sess     sit           Latin       session, sessile, insessorial, sessility, obsessed

11         23       fic      make          Latin       fortification, fiction, prolific, horrific, soporific

11         24       nounce   tell          Latin       denounce, pronounce, announce, renounce, enunciate

11         25       andro    man           Greek       androgynous, android (droid), androgens, androphobia, polyandry
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Sentences 11
           Word #

                    Word     Meaning      Sentence

11         1        -i       plural       Do bacilli and fungi have nuclei in their cells?

11         2        jus      law          Can a system of justice ever be unjust?

11         3        lum      light        The luminous moonlight illuminated the aluminum sculpture.

11         4        ann      year         The superannuated doorman celebrated his fiftieth anniversary.

11         5        apo      away or up   At the satellite’s apogee we could not find it with binoculars.

11         6        sen      old          The senior class president befriended the not-so-senile old man.

11         7        sol      alone        On his solo transcontinental flight, he enjoyed the solitude.

11         8        bas      low          Basic instructions are included with each new bassoon.

11         9        rogat    ask          The interrogation was derogatory in tone.

11         10       parl     speak        Several members of Parliament had a parley in the parlor.

11         11       potent   power        The plenipotentiary met twice with the potentate.

11         12       surg     rise         The surge of the sea portended the resurgence of violence.
                             word or
11         13       log      reason       The philologist delighted in inventing neologisms.

11         14       gram     writing      The grammar in the telegram was not correct.

11         15       cant     sing         During the holy man’s incantation, the spirit began to appear.

11         16       reg      rule         There were no regal ceremonies in the interregnum.

11         17       pro      forward      The doctor’s prognosis was not favorable.

11         18       gyn      woman        The musician’s androgynous appearance was widely imitated.

11         19       ag       to do        The secret agent spilled the deadly chemical agent.

11         20       act      to do        There may be little time to act or react.

11         21       mob      move         When the National Guard was mobilized, the mobile units were ready.

11         22       sess     sit          Dozens of chairs were arranged for the general session.

11         23       fic      make         Is that wall supposed to be beautification or fortification?

11         24       nounce   tell         Pronounce your announcement clearly.

11         25       andro    man          The metal android grappled with the furry anthropoid.
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 12

           Word #

                    Word      Meaning                  Sample words

12         1        an-       without      Greek       anemia, anechoic, anaerobic, anorexia, anarchy

12         2        ab        away         Latin       abnormal, abjure, absent, abroad, abrogate, abrupt, abduct, abdicate

12         3        mel       song         Greek       melody, melodrama, melodeon, melodious, melodia

12         4        aden      gland        Greek       adenoid, adenine, adenoma, adenovirus

12         5        aer       air          Greek       aerobic, aerie, aerosol, aerial, aerobes, aerodynamics, malaria

12         6        alb       white        Latin       albumen, alba, album, albino. albinism, albedo

12         7        ase       enzyme       Greek       permease, galactosidase, proteinase, luciferase

12         8        epi       on           Greek       epicenter, epidemic, epigram, epidermis, epigraph, epitaph

12         9        hum       earth        Latin       humum, exhume, posthumous, humble, humiliate, human

12         10       -be       life         Greek       microbe, aerobe, anaerobe

12         11       bon       good         Latin       bonny, bonanza, bon mot, bonus, bon vivant, bonhomie, bona fide

12         12       struct    build        Latin       construct, destruct, substructure, instruction, infrastructure

12         13       chlor     green        Greek       chlorophyll, chlorine, chloroplasts, chlorella

12         14       cyan      blue         Greek       pyocyanin, cyanide, cyan, cyanophyta, cyanosis, cyanotype

12         15       cyt       cell         Greek       erythrocyte, leucocyte, cytology, cytoplasm, melanocyte

12         16       diplo     double       Greek       diplococcus, diploid, diplomacy, diplopoda, diplopia

12         17       dys       bad          Greek       dysentery, dyslexia, dystrophy, dysfunction, dysphonia

12         18       eco       house        Greek       ecology, economy, ecosystem, ecotone, economist, ecologist

12         19       emia      blood        Greek       bacteremia, anemia, hypoglycemia, toxemia

12         20       enter     intestine    Latin       enteritis, dysentery, gastroenteritis, enterozoan

12         21       erythro   red          Greek       erythrocyte, erythroblastosis, erythrism, erythromycin

12         22       idio      peculiar     Greek       idiot, idiosyncrasy, idiomorphous, idiom, idiot savant

12         23       exo       out          Greek       exotoxin, exogenous, exodus, exorbitant, exorcism, exotic, exobiology

12         24       im        not          Latin       impossible, impassable, improbable, imperfect, immobile, impecunious

12         25       fil       thread       Latin       filiform, filicineae, filament, filarial, filigree, defile
Lesson #                                  The Word Within the Word Sentences 12
           Word #

                    Word      Meaning       Sentence

12         1        an-       without       The anarchist had a severe case of anemia.

12         2        ab        away          The absentee landlord was abruptly abducted.

12         3        mel       song          The melodeon played a sappy melody during the melodrama.

12         4        aden      gland         The sullen teen had his adenoids removed.

12         5        aer       air           The pilot studied aeronautics and aerodynamics.

12         6        alb       white         The albino stared at the white pages of the blank album.

12         7        ase       enzyme        Luciferase is the enzyme in the luminous organs of the firefly.

12         8        epi       on            Does Benjamin Franklin’s tombstone epitaph contain a witty epigram?

12         9        hum       earth         At the exhumation, the rich humus was removed from the humble grave.

12         10       -be       life          Microbes are a favorite subject of biological studies.

12         11       bon       good          The bonny lass discovered the bonanza by accident.

12         12       struct    build         The superstructure was constructed in three days.

12         13       chlor     green         Chlorine from the pool damaged the chlorophyll in the plants.

12         14       cyan      blue          He held the cyanotype to the light and admired the sharp, blue lines.

12         15       cyt       cell          The cytologist saw the leucocytes and erythrocytes through the microscope.

12         16       diplo     double        She folded the diploma double and handed it to the waiting diplomat.

12         17       dys       bad           His dyslexia made it difficult for him to pronounce words.

12         18       eco       house         The ecologist was fascinated with the living things in the ecosystem.

12         19       emia      blood         The senator had hypoglycemia, not anemia.

12         20       enter     intestine     A specialist in dysentery and enteritis explained the rare intestinal ailment.

12         21       erythro   red           The blood’s erythrocytes are generated by erythroblasts in the bones.

12         22       idio      peculiar      The idiot savant was a handicapped artist with idiosyncrasies.

12         23       exo       out           The crowd made a sudden exodus when the exorcism began.

12         24       im        not           The journey is impossible because the roads are impassible.

12         25       fil       thread        The gold filigree in her jewelry resembled the bright filaments in a light bulb.
Lesson #                              The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 13

           Word #

                    Word     Meaning                    Sample words

13         1        chrom    color          Greek       chrome, chromatic, chromatin, chromosome, polychrome, monochrome

13         2        form     shape          Latin       coliform, formation, formative, formula, uniform, oviform, reform

13         3        sequ     follow         Latin       consecutive, sequence, sequel, obsequious, consequence, subsequent

13         4        glyc     sweet          Greek       glycemia, glycerin, glycerol, glycogen, hypoglycemia, glucose

13         5        hemo     blood          Greek       hemoglobin, hemorrhage, hemophilia, hemolysis, hemoid, hemostat

13         6        ultima   last           Latin       ultimate, ultimatum, penultimate, Ultima Thule, ultimogeniture

13         7        infra    beneath        Latin       infraorbital, infrared, infrasonic, infra dig, infralapsarianism

13         8        leuko    white          Greek       leukocyte, leukemia, leucocytosis, leucite, leucoplast, leucocratic

13         9        lys      break down     Greek       hemolysis, electrolysis, electrolyte, analysis, dialysis, lysis

13         10       meso     middle         Greek       mesophilic, mezzotint, mesomorph, Mesozoic, Mesopotamia, mesophyll

13         11       milli    thousandth     Latin       millimeter, millipede, milligram, milliliter, million, millimicron

13         12       mem      remember       Latin       memory, memorandum, commemorate, memorial, memo, memoir

13         13       gress    step           Latin       congress, egress, digress, progress, aggression, regress, ingress

13         14       labor    work           Latin       labor, laborious, collaborate, laboratory, elaborate, labored

13         15       myo      muscle         Greek       myocardium, myopia, myoglobin, myogram, myocarditis, myotomy

13         16       vac      empty          Latin       vacant, vacuum, vacation, evacuate, vacuous, vacuole, vacuity

13         17       oligo    few or small   Greek       oligosaccharide, oligarchy, oligocarpous, Oligocene, oligoclase

13         18       ose      sugar          Greek       lactose, fructose, sucrose, glucose, dextrose, dextroglucose

13         19       osis     condition      Greek       neurosis, psychosis, ichthyosis, erythroblastosis, thrombosis, meiosis

13         20       tude     state of       Latin       pulchritude, multitude, solitude, turpitude, rectitude, aptitude, similitude

13         21       patho    disease        Greek       pathogenic, psychopath, sociopath, pathological, idiopathic

13         22       phag     eat            Greek       phagocyte, bacteriophage, geophagy, anthropophagite, sarcophagus

13         23       phor     carry          Greek       euphoria, conidophore, metaphor, chromatophore, dysphoria, anaphora

13         24       phyt     plant          Greek       phytotoxin, sporophyte, neophyte, gametophyte, phytochrome

13         25       phyll    leaf           Greek       chlorophyll, phyllotaxis, phyllopod, phyllophageous, monophyllous
Lesson #                                  The Word Within the Word Sentences 13
           Word #

                    Word     Meaning        Sentence

13         1        chrom    color          Polychrome sculptures have more colors that monochrome ones.

13         2        form     shape          The formation of troops in formal uniforms was impressive.

13         3        sequ     follow         Three consecutive sequels were of no consequence.

13         4        glyc     sweet          His hypoglycemia made him watch his diet.

13         5        hemo     blood          The patient’s hemophelia made it difficult to stop the hemorrhage.

13         6        ultima   last           The expedition’s Ultima Thule was the north pole.

13         7        infra    beneath        She felt that it was infra dig to eat fried chicken with her fingers.

13         8        leuko    white          Leukemia produces an excessive number of leucocytes.

13         9        lys      break down     If hemolysis breaks down red blood cells, what does analysis do?

13         10       meso     middle         Did mesons strike Mesopotamia in the Mesozoic Era?

13         11       milli    thousandth     Would you walk a millimeter to drink a milligram of milk?

13         12       mem      remember       The memo helped him remember the commemoration ceremony.

13         13       gress    step           Don’t digress; discuss progress with members of congress.

13         14       labor    work           The collaborators spent laborious nights in the laboratory.

13         15       myo      muscle         The myocardiograph showed the jogger’s myocardium to be strong.

13         16       vac      empty          The evacuation left vacancies in the vacation resort.

13         17       oligo    few or small   The elite members of the oligarchy decided national policy in secrecy.

13         18       ose      sugar          Did the fructose from the apples raise his glucose level?

13         19       osis     condition      Unfortunately, the neurosis developed into a psychosis.

13         20       tude     state of       The celebrity’s pulchritude was only equaled by his turpitude.

13         21       patho    disease        The pathological behavior of the psychopath was pathetic.

13         22       phag     eat            The anthropophagites welcomed the plump visitor with broad sharp smiles.

13         23       phor     carry          Why is a pigment cell called a chromatophore?

13         24       phyt     plant          The young artist was a neophyte in the New York art scene.

13         25       phyll    leaf           Why is the arrangement of leaves on a stem known as phyllotaxis?
Lesson #                              The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 14

           Word #

                    Word     Meaning                    Sample words

14         1        pleo     more           Greek       pleomorphic, pleonasm, pleochroic, Pliocene, pleophagous, pleopod

14         2        pod      foot           Greek       pseudopod, arthropod, diplopoda, cephalopod, podiatrist, gastropod

14         3        soror    sister         Latin       sorority, sororicide, sorosis, sororize, sororal, sorites

14         4        -a       plural         Greek       data, phenomena, bacteria, Cephalopoda, phyla, effluvia, trivia

14         5        val      worth          Latin       valiant, valid, equivalent, devaluate, evaluate, ambivalent, covalent

14         6        para     beside/near    Greek       parable, parapsychology, parabola, paradigm, paradox, paraphrase

14         7        dom      rule           Latin       dominate, predominant, dominion, domineering, subdominant, domain

14         8        erg      work           Greek       energy, ergonomics, erg-second, ergatocracy, exergonic, synergy

14         9        rhiz     root           Greek       rhizoid, rhizome, rhizomorphous, rhizophagous, rhizanthous

14         10       sapro    rotten         Greek       saprophytic, saprophyte, saprogenic, saprolite, saprophilous

14         11       schizo   divide         Greek       Schizomycetes, schizophrenia, schism, schizocarp, schizoid, schizopod

14         12       hippo    horse          Greek       hippopotamus, hippodrome, hippogriff, hipparch, eohippus

14         13       som      body           Greek       somatic, chromosome, lyosome, somatoplasm, psychosomatic, somatology

14         14       spor     seed           Greek       endospore, sporophyte, sporangia, Sporozoa, sporogenesis, macrospore

14         15       sta      stop           Latin       hemostat, stasis, station, stationary, status quo, apostasy, hypostatize, static

14         16       rhodo    rose           Greek       rhododendron, rhodolite, Rhode Island, rhodium

14         17       taxis    arrangement    Greek       syntax, chemotaxis, taxidermy, phyllotaxis, taxonomy, ataxia

14         18       vol      will           Latin       volunteer, malevolent, benevolent, volition, involuntary

14         19       frat     brother        Latin       fraternity, fraternal, fratricide, fraternize

14         20       trich    hair           Greek       monotrichous, trichina, trichocysts, trichinosis, trichosis

14         21       troph    nourishment    Greek       autotroph, eutrophication, atrophy, dystrophy, trophism

14         22       tox      poison         Greek       toxin, toxoid, nontoxic, antitoxin, detoxification, toxicity, phytotoxins

14         23       sect     cut            Latin       dissect, intersection, vivisection, bisect, section, sectarian, sector

14         24       zygo     yoke           Greek       zygote, zygospore, zygodactyl, zygomorphic, zygoid, zygoptera

14         25       zym      ferment        Greek       enzyme, zymology, zymurgy, zymogenesis, zymoscope, zymogen
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Sentences 14
           Word #

                    Word     Meaning       Sentence

14         1        pleo     more          A pleochroic crystal shows different colors from different directions.

14         2        pod      foot          The podiatrist couldn’t treat the injured arthropod; he only treated humans.

14         3        soror    sister        The sorority was located between two fratertnities.

14         4        -a       plural        The data revealed no one phenomenon but several phenomena.

14         5        val      worth         The valedictory address contained valid arguments and evaluations.

14         6        para     beside/near   The parapsychologist told a parable that contained a paradox.

14         7        dom      rule          The baron was dominant over his entire dominion.

14         8        erg      work          Do the workers in this country want a meritocracy or an ergotocracy?

14         9        rhiz     root          Rhizophagous jungle animals dig up and feed on delicious rhizomes.

14         10       sapro    rotten        Saprogenic bacteria soon caused the material to decay.

14         11       schizo   divide        The schism in the party could not be healed before the election.

14         12       hippo    horse         In Mesopotamia, the hippopotamus is allowed to use the hippodrome.

14         13       som      body          Did his chromosome problem have a psychosomatic cause

14         14       spor     seed          The Sporozoa are Protozoa that multiply by sporogenesis.

14         15       sta      stop          The people in the station voted to preserver the status quo.

14         16       rhodo    rose          The rhododendron was in bloom on the high mountainsides.

14         17       taxis    arrangement   The taxidermist was interested in the taxonomy of animal species.

14         18       vol      will          The new volunteer had a curious, malevolent expression.

14         19       frat     brother       The candidate tried to fraternize with the local politicians.

14         20       trich    hair          Trichinosis is a disease caused by the trichina worm.

14         21       troph    nourishment   His muscles had begun to atrophy from disuse.

14         22       tox      poison        The high toxicity of the toxin made a powerful antitoxin necessary.

14         23       sect     cut           Dissection is legal, but vivisection is not.

14         24       zygo     yoke          A zygote is the cell produced by the union (yoking) of two gametes.

14         25       zym      ferment       If zymology is the science of enzymes, why is zymurgy winemaking?
Lesson #                                 The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 15

           Word #

                    Word       Meaning                        Sample words

15         1        tropo      turn               Greek       heliotrope, troposphere, tropism, trophy, phototropism, apogeotropism

15         2        gastro     stomach            Greek       gastronomy, gastroscope, gastropod, gastroenteritis, hypogastric

15         3        arthro     joint              Greek       arthritis, arthropod, arthralgia, arthrospore, arthroscopic

15         4        ventri     belly              Latin       ventriloquist, ventral, ventricle, dorsoventral, ventriculus

15         5        dors       back               Latin       dorsal, dorsoventral, dorsum, dorsal fin

15         6        macro      large              Greek       macrobiotic, macrocephalic, macrocosm, macron, macroscopic

15         7        dextro     right/clockwise    Latin       dextrose, dextral, dexterity, dextrous, dextrorotation

15         8        brachy     short              Greek       brachycephalic, brachypterous, brachycranic, brachylogy

15         9        brachio    arm                Greek       brachiopod, brachiation, brachiate, brachium

15         10       branchio   gills              Greek       branchiopod, branchiate, branchia

15         11       kin        motion             Greek       kinetic, kinescope, hypokinesia, hyperkinetic, telekinesis

15         12       phylo      kind               Greek       phylum, phylogeny, phyla, phylogenesis, subphylum

15         13       blasto     embryo             Greek       blastocyst, blastogenesis, erythroblast

15         14       dactylo    finger             Greek       pterodactyl, dactylic, dactylology, dactylography

15         15       phos       light              Greek       phosphorus, phosphene, phosphoroscope, phosphoresce

15         16       gon        angle              Greek       pentagon, tetragon, decagon, hexagonal, diagonal, orthogonal

15         17       lite       mineral/fossil     Greek       anthracite, perlite, cryolite, stalactite, halite, coprolite

15         18       vore       eating             Latin       omnivore, herbivore, carnivore, voracious, devour, fructivorous

15         19       holo       whole              Greek       holocaust, hologram, holometabolous, holograph, holophrastic, holistic

15         20       haplo      single or simple   Greek       haploid, haplopia, haplosis, haplology

15         21       opia       sight              Greek       myopia, hyperopia, hemeralopia, synopsis, diplopia, biopsy

15         22       lent       full of            Latin       corpulent, virulent, turbulent, excellent, succulent, insolent, indolent

15         23       ef         out                Latin       effusive, effulgent, efflux, efficacy, effeminate, effluvium, effluent

15         24       ium        an element         Latin       radium, sodium, uranium, germanium, iridium, einsteinium

15         25       dicho      in two parts       Greek       dichotomy, dichotomize, dichogamous, dichotomist
Lesson #                                  The Word Within the Word Sentences 15
           Word #

                    Word       Meaning            Sentence

15         1        tropo      turn               In the tropics the leafy heliotropes turn toward the sun.

15         2        gastro     stomach            The gastrologist studies the stomach; the gastronome prepares the food.

15         3        arthro     joint              The aged arthropod suffered from arthritis and arthralgia.

15         4        ventri     belly              The popular ventriloquist had a heart operation on his left ventricle.

15         5        dors       back               Dorsiventral leaves have distinct upper and lower surfaces.

15         6        macro      large              The universe is sometimes referred to as the macrocosm.

15         7        dextro     right/clockwise    Are right-handed people really more dextrous?

15         8        brachy     short              Brachypterous insects have short wings.

15         9        brachio    arm                Brachiate trees have widely spreading branches in pairs, like arms.

15         10       branchio   gills              The branchiopods are underwater crustaceans that breathe through gills.

15         11       kin        motion             The hyperkinetic little boy did not possess telekinesis, fortunately.

15         12       phylo      kind               The vertebrate species Homo sapiens belongs to the Chordata phylum.

15         13       blasto     embryo             Reproduction by budding is also called blastogenesis.

15         14       dactylo    finger             If fingerprinting is dactylography, is sign language dactylology?

15         15       phos       light              If you press your closed eyelids, you will see phosphenes.

15         16       gon        angle              What is the difference between a pentagram and a pentagon?

15         17       lite       mineral/fossil     Perlite is a volcanic glass that resembles obsidian.

15         18       vore       eating             The voracious carnivore devoured the small herbivore.

15         19       holo       whole              The glowing hologram could be viewed from all sides.

15         20       haplo      single or simple   The diploid structure divided into two haploid structures.

15         21       opia       sight              Far-sightedness is sometimes known as hyperopia.

15         22       lent       full of            For the corpulent boy, dieting was a turbulent and strenuous mental effort.

15         23       ef         out                The effeminate host made an effort not to be effusive.

15         24       ium        an element         Which element does society more harm, uranium or sodium?

15         25       dicho      in two parts       There is a sharp dichotomy between your ideas and mine.
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 16

           Word #

                    Word      Meaning                     Sample words

16         1        Anglo     English         Latin       Anglophile, Anglophobe, Anglican, Anglicism, Anglo-Saxon

16         2        ist       one who         Greek       artist, funambulist, anthropologist, solipsist, centrist, atheist

16         3        saur      lizard          Greek       dinosaur, pterosaur, tyrannosaurus, saurian, plesiosaur

16         4        pithec    ape             Greek       pithecanthropus, Australopithecus, dryopithecus, oreopithecus

16         5        calli     beautiful       Greek       calligraphy, calliope, calisthenics, calliopsis, callithumpian

16         6        austro    south           Latin       australopithecus, Australia, austral, Austronesia, austromancy

16         7        cephalo   head            Greek       cephalic, cephalopod, cephalothorax, microcephalic, encephalitis

16         8        chiro     hand            Greek       chiromancy, chiropody, chiropteran, chiropractor

16         9        caust     burn            Greek       caustic, holocaust, cauterize, caustically, causticity

16         10       terr      land            Latin       extraterrestrial, subterranean, Mediterranean, terrain, terra firma

16         11       cata      down            Greek       catapult, catastrophe, catacombs, catalepsy, cataclysm, cataract

16         12       jur       swear           Latin       abjure, adjure, perjure, jury, jurisdiction, jurisprudence, jurist

16         13       flu       flow            Latin       confluence, fluid, influence, fluent, superfluous, effluent, fluvial

16         14       here      stick           Latin       coherence, adhesive, adhere, inherent, incoherent

16         15       pos       put             Latin       position, deposit, superimpose, transpose, depose, imposition

16         16       mund      world           Latin       mundane, transmundane, intermundane, mundanity, mundo

16         17       cracy     government      Greek       autocracy, democracy, aristocracy, plutocracy, meritocracy

16         18       mania     madness         Greek       kleptomania, egomania, pyromania, dipsomania, megalomania

16         19       ize       make            Greek       victimize, harmonize, temporize, mobilize, fossilize, polarize

16         20       antho     flower          Greek       anthology, anthozoan, anthocyanin, anthophilous, anther

16         21       algia     pain            Greek       neuralgia, analgesic, arthralgia, hemialgia, algometer, algophobia

16         22       somn      sleep           Latin       insomnia, somniferous, somnolent, somnambulate, somniloquy

16         23       quadr     four            Latin       quadruped, quadratic, quadrant, quadruplet, quadrilateral, quadriplegic

16         24       err       wander          Latin       error, erratic, Knight-errant, erroneous, erratum

16         25       sine      without         Latin       sinecure, sine qua non, sine die, sine prole
Lesson #                                  The Word Within the Word Sentences 16
           Word #

                    Word      Meaning        Sentence

16         1        Anglo     English        He is a member of the Anglican church, but he is not an Anglophile.

16         2        ist       one who        The anthropologist studies human cultures the world over.

16         3        saur      lizard         The pterosaur and pterodactyl were both flying dinosaurs.

16         4        pithec    ape            Fossilized pithecanthropus and australiopithecus skeletons were discovered.

16         5        calli     beautiful      Her calligraphy is ornate, like the music of the calliope.

16         6        austro    south          The austral winds raised dust storms over the dry Australian outback.

16         7        cephalo   head           The microcephalic boy held the cephalopod, a nautilus, in both hands.

16         8        chiro     hand           The physician accused the chiropractor of practicing chiromancy.

16         9        caust     burn           The survivor of the holocaust made a caustic comment about social Darwinism.

16         10       terr      land           The extraterrestrial admired the high terrain and the subterranean grottoes.

16         11       cata      down           The cataract after the cataclysm caused a catastrophe in the catacombs.

16         12       jur       swear          The lying criminal perjured himself as the jury listened.

16         13       flu       flow           A fortunate confluence of influences made him fluent in Spanish.

16         14       here      stick          The senator’s adherents thought the opponent’s speech was incoherent.

16         15       pos       put            The corrupt ruler was deposed when his foreign bank deposits were found.

16         16       mund      world          His mundane conversation bored her to tears.

16         17       cracy     government     Do we want a democracy and a meritocracy or a plutocracy for the aristocracy?

16         18       mania     madness        The host’s egomania kept him from noticing the kleptomania of his guest.

16         19       ize       make           He was victimized by his own ignorance of his civil rights.

16         20       antho     flower         The anthology article discussed the anthozoans, including the sea anemones.

16         21       algia     pain           The over-the-counter analgesic didn’t help her arthralgia much.

16         22       somn      sleep          The mayor’s somniferous speech put even the insomniac to sleep.

16         23       quadr     four           The quadruped from Neptune gave birth to quadruplets.

16         24       err       wander         The Knight-errant’s error was to save the dragon from the maiden.

16         25       sine      without        A sinecure in the bureaucracy was the sine qua non of his dreams.
Lesson #                              The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 17

           Word #

                    Word     Meaning                      Sample words

17         1        lingu    tongue           Latin       bilingual, linguist, lingua franca, linguini, language

17         2        mot      move             Latin       motor, motivation, demote, emotion, promote, motile, commotion

17         3        nav      ship             Latin       navy, naval, navigate, circumnavigate, unnavigable

17         4        und      wave             Latin       inundate, undulate, undulatory, undulation

17         5        flect    bend             Latin       reflect, inflection, genuflect, deflect, reflection

17         6        coron    crown            Latin       corona, coronation, coronary, coroner

17         7        aur      gold             Latin       aura, auriferous, Aurora, auric

17         8        liter    letter           Latin       literature, illiterate, preliterate, literati

17         9        rat      think            Latin       rational, ratio, irrational, ratiocinate, rationalize

17         10       sis      condition        Greek       arteriosclerosis, osmosis, mitosis, meiosis, catharsis, symbiosis

17         11       par      equal            Latin       parity, disparity, par, compare, incomparable, disparate

17         12       mens     measure          Latin       commensurate, immense, incommensurable, mensurable, dimension

17         13       mony     condition        Latin       acrimony, harmony, matrimony, ceremony, simony, parsimony

17         14       quin     five             Latin       quintet, quintillion, quintuplet, quintuple, quintessence, quindecagon

17         15       socio    society          Latin       sociology, sociable, socialism, sociopath, dissociate

17         16       ovi      egg              Latin       oviducts, oviparous, ovipositors, ovisac, oviform, ovary, oval

17         17       phasia   speech           Greek       aphasis, dysphasia, apophasis

17         18       pter     wing             Greek       pterodactyl, helicopter, pterosaur, archaeopteryx, chiropteran

17         19       phen     appearance       Greek       phenomenon, phenotype, phosphenes, fancy, fantasy

17         20       hist     tissue           Greek       histopathology, histolysis, histology, histogenesis

17         21       glott    tongue           Greek       epiglottis, polyglot, glossolalia, glottal, monoglot, glossectomy

17         22       phan     appearance       Greek       phantom, epiphany, diaphanous, sycophant, cellophane, theophany

17         23       peri     near or around   Greek       perimeter, perihelion, perigee, periphery, periodical

17         24       pot      drink            Latin       potable, potion, potation, potatory, compote, symposium

17         25       via      road             Latin       via, viaduct, trivia, via avion, obviate, obvious, via media
Lesson #                                 The Word Within the Word Sentences 17
           Word #

                    Word     Meaning          Sentence

17         1        lingu    tongue           The linguini-loving linguist knew the lingua franca.

17         2        mot      move             Motile microorganism have powers of spontaneous motion.

17         3        nav      ship             The navy circumnavigated the globe by precise navigation.

17         4        und      wave             The undulant waves soon inundated the low regions.

17         5        flect    bend             As she genuflected, she saw her reflection in the glass.

17         6        coron    crown            A hazy corona circled the moon the night before the coronation.

17         7        aur      gold             The goddess of the golden dawn, Aurora, held the auriferous rocks.

17         8        liter    letter           At the party the literati discussed the glories of literature.

17         9        rat      think            The rational person will not rationalize his wrongs away.

17         10       sis      condition        Singing was an emotional catharsis for the vocalist.

17         11       par      equal            There was a disparity between his story and the facts.

17         12       mens     measure          Are the rewards of the job commensurate with the duties?

17         13       mony     condition        We must decide whether we wish to live in harmony or acrimony.

17         14       quin     five             The quintet played Mozart to a group of quinquagenarians.

17         15       socio    society          The sociopath used his knowledge of sociology to evil purposes.

17         16       ovi      egg              Ovoviviparous fishes produce eggs that hatch inside the mother’s body.

17         17       phasia   speech           The dysphasia resulted from injury to the speech center of his brain.

17         18       pter     wing             The stunned shepherd watched the pterodactyl fly off with his ram.

17         19       phen     appearance       Are you studying these phenomena or this phenomenon?

17         20       hist     tissue           Histology is the study of the structure of plant and animal tissues.

17         21       glott    tongue           The famous polyglot spoke seventeen languages.

17         22       phan     appearance       Soft light came through the diaphanous curtains.

17         23       peri     near or around   The moon’s perigee and the earth’s perihelion are both tomorrow.

17         24       pot      drink            The magic potion was to vile to be potable.

17         25       via      road             His resignation obviated the need for impeachment proceedings.
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 18

           Word #

                    Word      Meaning                      Sample words

18         1        atmo      vapor            Greek       atmosphere, atmolysis, atmometer, atmospheric, atman

18         2        cardio    heart            Greek       cardiology, cardiovascular, cardiac, electrocardiogram

18         3        cosmo     world/universe   Greek       cosmos, cosmopolitan, cosmonaut, cosmology, microcosm

18         4        counter   against          Latin       counteract, counterproductive, counterpoint, counterinsurgency

18         5        cranio    skull            Greek       craniology, intracranial, craniotomy, cranium, dolichochranic

18         6        cyclo     circle           Greek       cyclone, cyclotron, bicycle, encyclopedia, recycle, cyclical

18         7        gno       know             Greek       agnostic, prognosis, Gnostic, Gnosticism, diagnosis, ignominy

18         8        oss       bone             Latin       ossify, ossuary, ossicle, osseous, ossiferous, ossein, ossification

18         9        xylo      wood             Greek       xylophone, xylograph, xyloid, xylophagous, xylose, xylotomy, xylem

18         10       monger    seller           Latin       fishmonger, warmonger, costermonger, ballad monger, phrasemonger

18         11       sept      seven            Latin       septangular, September, septuagenarian, septillion, Septuagint

18         12       xeno      stranger         Greek       xenophobia, xenolith, xenon, xenogenesis, xenodiagnosis

18         13       vas       vessel           Latin       vasoconstrictor, cardiovascular, vase, vesicle, vascular, vasectomy

18         14       fore      front            Latin       forehead, foreboding, forecast, forethought, foresail, forefront

18         15       ish       like             OE          greenish, smallish, outlandish, snobbish, ghoulish, squeamish

18         16       less      without          OE          fruitless, hopeless, motherless, bootless, pointless, hapless, feckless

18         17       baro      pressure         Greek       barometer, barograph, barometric, barogram, barometry

18         18       ferro     iron             Latin       ferronickel, ferromagnetic, ferrous, ferric, ferrite, ferroconcrete

18         19       quasi     somewhat         Latin       quasar, quasi-military, quasi-stellar, quasi-official, quasi-judicial

18         20       nesia     island           Greek       Micronesia, Polynesia, Melanesia, Austronesia

18         21       lepsy     attack           Greek       narcolepsy, epilepsy, catalepsy

18         22       let       little           Latin       booklet, piglet, aglet, hamlet, coverlet, omelet

18         23       nano      billionth        Greek       nanosecond, nanoplankton, nanosomia, nanogram

18         24       pico      trillionth       Ital.       picofarad, picosecond, picogram

18         25       ideo      idea             Greek       ideograph, ideology, ideologue, ideogram, idée fixe, idealism
Lesson #                                   The Word Within the Word Sentences 18
           Word #

                    Word      Meaning          Sentence

18         1        atmo      vapor            The atmometer measures the rate of evaporation of water.

18         2        cardio    heart            The cardiologist studied the cardiac patient’s electrocardiogram.

18         3        cosmo     world/universe   The orbiting Soviet cosmonaut had cosmopolitan views and tastes.

18         4        counter   against          The command was countermanded by his British counterpart.

18         5        cranio    skull            The craniotomy was performed by a skilled brain surgeon.

18         6        cyclo     circle           The cyclone hurled the bicycle fifty yards.

18         7        gno       know             Agnostics are not usually attracted to Gnosticism.

18         8        oss       bone             Over the years, his habits had ossified beyond hope of change.

18         9        xylo      wood             Xylophagous insects had eaten the antique xylophone.

18         10       monger    seller           The costermonger and the fishmonger shouted out prices to passersby.

18         11       sept      seven            September was the seventh month of the Roman calendar.

18         12       xeno      stranger         The flood of immigration stirred the xenophobia of the citizens.

18         13       vas       vessel           The cardiovascular system responded gradually to the exercise.

18         14       fore      front            The storm forecast filled her with foreboding.

18         15       ish       like             The smallish object had a faint, greenish tint.

18         16       less      without          Their assault on the mountain summit proved hopeless, bootless, and fruitless.

18         17       baro      pressure         Some think that high fashion is a barometer for stock market trends.

18         18       ferro     iron             The company geologist studied the ferrous rock with care.

18         19       quasi     somewhat         The quasi-military operation into Cambodia has failed.

18         20       nesia     island           We visited Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia.

18         21       lepsy     attack           His uncontrollable narcolepsy made it hard for him to stay awake.

18         22       let       little           The booklet circulated through the hamlet.

18         23       nano      billionth        The computation is made in less than a nanosecond.

18         24       pico      trillionth       There are a thousand picoseconds in one nanosecond.

18         25       ideo      idea             The stubborn Chinese ideologue wrote his ideas in ideograms.
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 19

           Word #

                    Word      Meaning                     Sample words

19         1        ven       come            Latin       convene, convention, avenue, vent, circumvent, advent, prevent

19         2        ichthy    fish            Greek       ichthyosaur, ichthyologist, ichthyoid, ichthyosis

19         3        pulse     drive           Latin       impulse, repulse, pulsate, impulsive

19         4        calor     heat            Latin       calorie, calorimeter, calorific, caloric

19         5        sol       sun             Latin       solar, solstice, solarium, solarize, solar plexus

19         6        strat     layer           Latin       stratosphere, cirrostratus, strata, substratum, stratified

19         7        nuc       center          Latin       nucleus, nucleate, nuclide, nucleon, nucleotide, nucleoplasm

19         8        sat       enough          Latin       satisfy, dissatisfaction, saturate, insatiable, sate

19         9        protero   early           Greek       Proterozoic, proterandrous, proteranthous

19         10       mont      mountain        Latin       piedmont, Montana, Montevideo, montane, cismontane

19         11       kilo      thousand        Greek       kilometer, kiloton, kilowatt, kilogram

19         12       myria     many            Greek       myriad, myriapod, myriameter, myriarch, myriophyullum

19         13       tachy     quick           Greek       tachometer, tachycardia, tachylyte, tachygraphy

19         14       fiss      split           Latin       fissile, fission, fissipalmate, fissiped, fissure

19         15       cumu      heaped          Latin       accumulate, cumulus, cumulonimbus, cumulative

19         16       meteor    high            Greek       meteorite, meteoric, meteorograph, meteorology

19         17       hibern    winter          Latin       hibernate, hibernal, hibernaculum

19         18       di        two             Latin       diverge, dicotyledon, diencephalon, diffusion, differ, dilemma

19         19       bath      deep            Greek       bathymetry, bathyscaph, bathysphere, bathos, batholith

19         20       cirr      hair            Greek       cirrus, cirrostratus, cirriped, cirrocumulus

19         21       grav      heavy           Latin       gravity, gravid, gravimetric, gravamen, aggravate

19         22       solv      loosen          Latin       resolve, dissolve, absolve, solvent, insolvency

19         23       ophthal   eye             Greek       ophthalmologist, ophthalmoscope, ophthalmic, exophthalmic

19         24       oma       tumor           Greek       melanoma, carcinoma, hematoma, glaucoma

19         25       rub       red             Latin       rubric, rubious, rubicund, ruby, rubescent, rubella
Lesson #                                 The Word Within the Word Sentences 19
           Word #

                    Word      Meaning        Sentence

19         1        ven       come           We convened at the Hilton on Third Avenue.

19         2        ichthy    fish           The ichthyologist removed the petrified ichthyosaur bones.

19         3        pulse     drive          The impulsive commander repulsed the enemy.

19         4        calor     heat           the calorimeter measured the heat of the calorific reaction.

19         5        sol       sun            Heliophiles catch few solar rays at the winter solstice.

19         6        strat     layer          The bride and groom were not from the same social stratum.

19         7        nuc       center         There were nucleotides in the chromosomes of the cell nucleus.

19         8        sat       enough         He tried to sate his insatiable appetite for pizza.

19         9        protero   early          Male proterandrous insects appear earlier in the season than females.

19         10       mont      mountain       The montane vistas of Montevideo are as beautiful as those in Montana.

19         11       kilo      thousand       A kilometer, one thousand meters, is 0.62137 miles in length.

19         12       myria     many           Myriad explanations exist of unidentified flying objects.

19         13       tachy     quick          At the first sign of tachycardia, he was rushed to the hospital.

19         14       fiss      split          Is nuclear fission the opposite of nuclear fusion?

19         15       cumu      heaped         The cumulus clouds accumulated as the sun baked the sea.

19         16       meteor    high           The meteorologist reported that the meteorite did no damage.

19         17       hibern    winter         The hibernal winds did not reach the hibernating bear.

19         18       di        two            The dilemma was whether to study the dicotyledon or the diencephalon.

19         19       bath      deep           The bathymetry of the Pacific was easily studied with the bathyscaph.

19         20       cirr      hair           Barnacles and other cirripeds covered the marina’s pilings.

19         21       grav      heavy          The gravamen of the charges is that he left his post under fire.

19         22       solv      loosen         The solvent did not dissolve the old paint on the brush.

19         23       ophthal   eye            The ophthalmologist treats the diseases of the eye.

19         24       oma       tumor          The exposure to carcinogens produced carcinomas in the workers.

19         25       rub       red            The red rubric at the beginning of the text was beautiful.
Lesson #                              The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 20

           Word #

                    Word     Meaning                     Sample words

20         1        mela     black           Greek       melanin, melanite, melancholy, Melanesia, melanoma, melanocyte

20         2        vice     in place of     Latin       vice versa, vice president, vice consul, viceroy, vice-regent

20         3        foli     leaf            Latin       folio, foliolate, bifoliolate, foliation, defoliate, portfolio, folium

20         4        atom     vapor           Greek       atomic, atomizer, atomize, atomism, subatomic, diatomic

20         5        orb      circle          Latin       orbit, exorbitant, orbital, orbicular, orbital decay, supraorbital

20         6        multi    many            Latin       multifarious, multitudinous, multilateral, multiped, multiply

20         7        ign      fire            Latin       ignite, igneous, ignis fatuus, ignition, reignite, ignescent, ignitron

20         8        moll     soft            Latin       mollify, emollient, mollusk, mollescent

20         9        lin      line            Latin       linear, delineate, lineation, lineal, rectilinear, lineage

20         10       hemi     half            Greek       hemisphere, hemialgia, hemiplegia, hemipterous, hemicrania

20         11       oo       egg             Greek       oophyte, oocyte, oology, oogenesis, oogonium, oophorectomy

20         12       grade    step            Latin       gradual, grading, retrograde, downgrade, gradualism, degrading

20         13       pneumo   lung            Greek       pneumogastric, pneumonia, pneumonectomy, pneumobacillus

20         14       radi     ray             Latin       radiation, radian, radial, radiolarian, radiance, irradiate

20         15       oscu     mouth           Latin       osculum, osculation, osculant, osculate

20         16       ob       against         Latin       abloquy, obdurate, obsequious, oblique, obsolete, obstinate

20         17       vect     carry           Latin       convection, vector, invective, vectorial

20         18       digit    finger          Latin       prestidigitation, digital, digitations

20         19       gymno    naked           Greek       gymnasium, gymnastics, gymnosperm, gymnosophist

20         20       plasm    form            Greek       cytoplasm, endoplasm, ectoplasm, plasma, plasmodium

20         21       narco    sleep           Greek       narcotic, narcolepsy, narcotine, narcotism

20         22       vermi    worm            Latin       vermin, vermicelli, vermicide, vermivorous

20         23       lign     wood            Latin       lignite, lignify, ligneous, lignocellulose

20         24       dendr    tree            Greek       dendrology, dendroid, dedrochronology, dendrite, rhododendron

20         25       lachry   tear            Latin       lachrymose, lachrymatory, lachrymal
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Sentences 20
           Word #

                    Word     Meaning       Sentence

20         1        mela     black         The gloomy soul was unable to overcome her melancholy.

20         2        vice     in place of   The vice president greeted the vice consul and vice versa.

20         3        foli     leaf          Agent Orange was a toxic defoliant used in the Vietnam War.

20         4        atom     vapor         The atomizer was filled with a wonderful perfume.

20         5        orb      circle        Orbicular leaves are circular and flat.

20         6        multi    many          Her multifarious nefarious deeds landed her in prison.

20         7        ign      fire          The ignis fatuus seemed to ignite and hover over the swamp.

20         8        moll     soft          We could do nothing to mollify the man’s anger.

20         9        lin      line          Quickly delineate your proposal.

20         10       hemi     half          Hemiplegia is paralysis of one side of the body.

20         11       oo       egg           The obsessed oologist painted his house robin’s-egg blue

20         12       grade    step          We gradually became aware of the ship’s retrograde motion.

20         13       pneumo   lung          The pneumococcus bacteria gave him pneumonia.

20         14       radi     ray           Skeletons of the microscopic radiolarians show radial symmetry.

20         15       oscu     mouth         The sponge expels water through its osculum.

20         16       ob       against       The lawyer objected to the obvious lie told by the defendant.

20         17       vect     carry         The convection current distributed the heat of the flames.

20         18       digit    finger        Houdini accomplished feats of prestidigitation.

20         19       gymno    naked         The gymnasium is the perfect place for gymnastics.

20         20       plasm    form          An amoeba’s cytoplasm includes endoplasm and ectoplasm.

20         21       narco    sleep         The nodding man was a narcotics addict but a victim of narcolepsy.

20         22       vermi    worm          Vermin had gotten into the box of vermicelli.

20         23       lign     wood          Lignocellulose strengthens woody cells in plants.

20         24       dendr    tree          The rhododendron fragments were useful to the dendrochronologist.

20         25       lachry   tear          The cadet’s lachrymose pleadings did not move the drill instructor.
Lesson #                              The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 21
           Word #

                    Word               Meaning                   Used in a sentence

21         1        equivocate        to hedge                   The equivocating politician praised both groups.

21         2        superfluous       unnecessary                A superfluous comment is a waste of time.

21         3        bilateral         two-sided                  The two nations formed a bilateral agreement.

21         4        unilateral        one-sided                  The U.S. made a unilateral withdrawal.

21         5        circumspect       cautious                   A circumspect reply is safer.

21         6        commensurate      of like measure            A big job needs a commensurate reward.

21         7        malevolence       evil intent                The creature cast a malevolent glare.

21         8        neophyte          beginner                   She is a neophyte in the art world.

21         9        misanthropist     people-hater               The grouchy misanthropist wouldn’t contribute.

21         10       bellicose         warlike                    The bellicose tribe attacked without warning.

21         11       anthropomorphic   man-shaped                 They believe in an anthropomorphic god.

21         12       captious          fault-finding              The captious remarks were not sincere.

21         13       neologism         new word                   Create a neologism, like televoracious.

21         14       malediction       a curse                    The convict’s muttered malediction was inaudible.

21         15       incredulous       not believing              Her incredulous expression showed her feelings.

21         16       omniscient        all-knowing                You can’t keep secrets from an omniscient god.

21         17       monomania         obsession with one thing   It was a hobby that became a monomania.

21         18       specious          false                      You have a convincing but still specious argument.

21         19       excoriate         verbally flog              His speech excoriated the opponent.

21         20       prototype         first model                We saw an early prototype of the Mustang.

21         21       xenophobia        fear of foreigners         It was a hostile, xenophobic country.

21         22       benediction       blessing                   The Pope’s smiling benediction was televised.

21         23       amorphous         shapeless                  A gray, amorphous mass was in the corner.

21         24       preponderance     bulk                       The preponderance of the evidence indicates guilt.

21         25       magnanimous       great-minded               His magnanimous victory speech showed generosity.
Lesson #                             The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 22
           Word #

                    Word              Meaning                 Used in a sentence

22         1        mollify          make soft                It can be difficult to mollify someone’s anger.

22         2        ichthyologist    fish scientist           Up splashed a water-logged ichthyologist.

22         3        polyglot         multi-linguist           She is a brilliant polyglot who speaks seven languages.

22         4        diaphanous       semitransparent          Look through the diaphanous draperies.

22         5        somniferous      bringing sleep           The somniferous speech put him to sleep.

22         6        sinecure         an easy, lucrative job   He has a comfortable sinecure in his uncle’s firm.

22         7        soliloquy        speech to oneself        Hamlet’s famous soliloquy is the question.

22         8        adherent         supporter                The adherents of a militaristic foreign policy want war.

22         9        abjure           renounce                 To abjure one’s former beliefs is stressful.

22         10       caustic          burning                  The caustic comments about her clothes hurt her.

22         11       confluence       a flowing together       The idea was formed by a confluence of other ideas.

22         12       depose           topple from power        He was deposed without violence.

22         13       egomania         self-obsession           The offensive egomaniac praised himself.

22         14       egregious        blatant                  It was an egregious act of vandalism.

22         15       analgesic        painkiller               Take an extra-strength analgesic for the headache.

22         16       chiromancy       palm reading             Try to divine the future through chiromancy.

22         17       oligarchy        government by a few      The corrupt Greek oligarchy kept control.

22         18       intractable      stubborn                 The bigot’s intractable opinions were unchangeable.

22         19       intransigent     not compromising         The intransigent true believers wouldn’t budge.

22         20       perfidious       treacherous              His perfidious cowardice made him infamous.

22         21       perspicuous      brilliantly clear        Her perspicuous essay won her the scholarship.

22         22       ingenuous        innocent and naïve       The ingenuous—but not ingenious—girl believed it.

22         23       circumlocution   talking in circles       He used a circumlocution to avoid answering the question.

22         24       gregarious       sociable                 He has a friendly, gregarious personality.

22         25       discursive       rambling                 It was an illogical, discursive speech.
Lesson #                            The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 23
           Word #

                    Word             Meaning                    Used in a sentence

23         1        egocentric      self-centered               The egocentric snob didn’t notice who he hurt.

23         2        tangible        touchable                   A paycheck is one of the tangible benefits of a job.

23         3        demagogue       corrupt politician          The demagogue played on public prejudices.

23         4        preclude        forclose                    Don’t preclude that option.

23         5        cryptologist    code breaker                British cryptologists cracked the German code.

23         6        ethnocentrism   racial/cultural prejudice   We deplore his narrow ethnocentrism.

23         7        pedagogue       teacher                     A humorless pedant is a poor pedagogue.

23         8        recant          retract                     Galileo was forced to recant his heliocentric statements.

23         9        revoke          cancel                      Permission to travel has been revoked.

23         10       pugnacious      combative                   The pugnacious bully got his comeuppance.

23         11       incisive        sharp                       Her incisive questions cut deeply into the issue.

23         12       diatribe        abusive criticism           The German leader delivered a diatribe against France.

23         13       anomaly         abnormality                 There is an inexplicable anomaly in the data.

23         14       enumerate       to list                     Please enumerate your reasons.

23         15       circumscribed   limited                     You must choose among the circumscribed alternatives.

23         16       intercede       mediate                     We are forced to intercede on behalf of the orphan.

23         17       disputatious    argumentative               The disputatious reporter irritated the official.

23         18       loquacious      talkative                   The loquacious fellow wore their ears out.

23         19       abrogate        annul                       We abrogate an agreement only out of dire necessity.

23         20       prescience      foreknowledge               A prescient vision came to him in a dream.

23         21       sacrosanct      sacred                      He would not endanger his sacrosanct bowling night.

23         22       androgynous     masculine and feminine      The androgynous rock star danced across the stage.

23         23       acronym         initials-name               The acronym NATO means N. Atlantic Treaty Organization.

23         24       congenital      at birth                    The problem is a congenital defect.

23         25       cacophony       bad noise                   The cacophonous roar of the crowd was deafening.
Lesson #                           The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 24
           Word #

                    Word            Meaning              Used in a sentence

24         1        advocate       speak for             It is time to advocate a new policy.

24         2        ponderous      weighty               He is crushed by the ponderous burden of the decision.

24         3        retribution    revenge               Expect a brutal retribution for what you have done.l

24         4        android        robot                 The android’s metallic eye glistened redly.

24         5        infidel        unbeliever            The crusade against the infidels was unsuccessful.

24         6        resurgence     rising again          The resurgence of patriotism began slowly.

24         7        punctilious    precise in conduct    She liked his punctilious formal conduct.

24         8        condescend     lower oneself         His condescending attitude was infuriating.

24         9        collateral     side by side          The two collateral issues could not be separated.

24         10       irrevocable    beyond recall         The past is irrevocable and answers no call.

24         11       elucidate      explain               Please elucidate the matter for our curious guest.

24         12       epigram        witty comment         Benjamin Franklin’s epigrams amuse us still.

24         13       eccentricity   oddness               The genius’s eccentric personality began to moderate.

24         14       cognizant      aware                 Please be cognizant of the laws regulating investments.

24         15       stringent      binding               The stringent regulations seemed excessively severe.

24         16       anthropoid     manlike               The anthropoid apes have familiar facial expressions.

24         17       diffident      shy                   Her diffident glance caught his eye.

24         18       pandemonium    demonic clamor        Sheer pandemonium erupted on the playground.

24         19       urbane         sophisticated         The diplomat’s urbane manners set the tone.

24         20       tractable      docile                The tractable little boy was a pleasure to teach.

24         21       supersede      replace               This directive supersedes all previous directives.

24         22       temporize      delay                 Begin without temporizing, if you please.

24         23       somnambulist   sleepwalker           Lady Macbeth’s famous somnambulism is unforgettable.

24         24       sanguinary     bloody                We still mourn the sanguinary battles of the war.

24         25       inanimate      lifeless              The inanimate stones tell no tales.
Lesson #                            The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 25
           Word #

                    Word             Meaning                 Used in a sentence

25         1        introspective   inward looking           The quiet boy is an introspective loner.

25         2        intervene       come between             We should not intervene in their dispute.

25         3        syndrome        complex of symptoms      Down’s syndrome has some well-known symptoms.

25         4        subordinate     lower                    He resented his subordinate rank in the military.

25         5        dissonant       inharmonious             A dissonant clamor arose in the streets.

25         6        belligerent     warring                  The belligerent nations refused to negotiate.

25         7        credible        believable               It takes money to become a credible candidate.

25         8        impending       overhanging              “The shadow of impending doom” is a trite phrase.

25         9        polyphonic      multi-melodic            Bach’s polyphonic concertos are beautiful.

25         10       exculpate       free from blame          He wished to be completely exculpated.

25         11       euphemism       pleasant name            “Rest room” is a euphemism.

25         12       benefactor      helper                   Who was the anonymous benefactor to little Pip?

25         13       megalomania     delusions of greatness   A Napoleon complex is a form of megalomania.

25         14       magnate         powerful person          The oil magnates in Saudi Arabia control billions.

25         15       vivacious       lively                   Her vivacious personality cheered us all.

25         16       heliotropic     sun-following            The heliotropic vines clogged the window.

25         17       amour-propre    self-love                There is no lack of amour-propre in her!

25         18       octogenarian    an eighty-year-old       The spry octogenarian won the race.

25         19       cognoscenti     those who know           This wine is preferred by the cognoscenti.

25         20       surfeit         excess                   He consumed a painful surfeit of food and drink.

25         21       primate         monkeys/apes/humans      Were the higher primates made first?

25         22       pellucid        crystal clear            Pellucid waters and pellucid prose are equally beautiful.

25         23       circumvent      get around               It is unwise to circumvent the rules in prison.

25         24       hemiplegia      paralysis on one side    We helped the victim of hemiplegia.

25         25       narcolepsy      attacks of sleep         She suffered uncontrollable attacks of narcolepsy.
Lesson #                             The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 26
           Word #

                    Word              Meaning                        Used in a sentence

26         1        delineate        to outline                      He will quickly delineate the options.

26         2        emollient        softener                        A bottle of creamy emollient is for the skin.

26         3        retrograde       backward                        The planet seems to move in a retrograde motion.

26         4        melancholy       dark sadness                    Some people feel a black melancholy on rainy days.

26         5        intracranial     within the skull                Intracranial surgery will not exorcise her demons.

26         6        cardiovascular   of the heart and vessels        You need cardiovascular exercise.

26         7        epiphany         revelation                      The epiphany was a sudden appearance of insight.

26         8        histology        study of living tissues         The classic histology textbook was out of print.

26         9        perihelion       orbital point nearest the sun   The planet reached perihelion.

26         10       inherent         built-in                        Americans possess an inherent right to free speech.

26         11       plutocracy       government of the wealthy       Is the nation controlled by plutocrats?

26         12       sine qua non     essential element               Money was the sine qua non for acceptance.

26         13       corpulent        full-bodied                     His corpulence was caused by his gluttony.

26         14       dichotomy        two-part division               The right/wrong dichotomy seemed simplistic.

26         15       pathological     diseased                        The fascist dictator was a pathological liar.

26         16       cryptic          having hidden meaning           We found a cryptic inscription on the stone.

26         17       isosceles        having two equal sides          He drew an isosceles trapezoid on the board.

26         18       pathogen         disease-causer                  The team’s careful search located the pathogen.

26         19       vociferous       loudly-voiced                   His vociferous protests could be heard for blocks.

26         20       rectify          correct                         Please take steps to rectify the situation.

26         21       sanctimonious    affectedly holy                 His sanctimonious lectures were hypocritical.

26         22       tortuous         twisting                        The tortuous mountain highway wound steeply up.

26         23       rectilinear      right-angled                    Do you like the building’s rectilinear architecture?

26         24       metamorphosis    change of shape                 The insect’s metamorphosis was miraculous.

26         25       petroglyph       rock carving                    The prehistoric petroglyph was high on the wall.
Lesson #                            The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 27
           Word #

                    Word             Meaning                 Used in a sentence

27         1        chronic         lasting                  His chronic illness dragged on for years.

27         2        hyperbole       overstatement            His colorful hyperbole livened his conversation.

27         3        sonorous        full-sounding            Dr. King’s sonorous voice echoed over the crowd.

27         4        germane         related                  Her germane comments really hit the mark.

27         5        convivial       jovial, festive          His convivial friends loved to celebrate.

27         6        cognomen        nickname                 His cognomen is “Sterno.”

27         7        anarchist       one against government   The anarchist passed out leaflets to passersby.

27         8        animadversion   criticism                Your animadversions on his behavior are superfluous.

27         9        pusillanimous   small-minded             The deliberate snub was a low, pusillanimous act.

27         10       subterfuge      evasive dodge            The mayor ducked a question with a clever subterfuge.

27         11       saturnine       gloomy and remote        Her saturnine personality won her few friends.

27         12       luminary        enlightening person      We met the amiable luminary, Carl Sagan.

27         13       exorbitant      unreasonable             Their exorbitant prices are in an orbit of their own.

27         14       expatriate      banish                   They were forcefully expatriated from the fatherland.

27         15       filigree        lacy design              The delicate filigree around the diamond was beautiful.

27         16       eulogy          words of praise          The reverend delivered a moving eulogy at the funeral.

27         17       sedentary       sitting                  Flagpole sitting is a highly sedentary occupation.

27         18       euphoria        joy                      Their love brought them a blissful euphoria.

27         19       bonhomie        good-naturedness         He was a popular fellow of appealing bonhomie.

27         20       bona fide       good faith               The company will make a bone fide offer.

27         21       bon vivant      indulger in luxury       The wealthy bon vivant lived the good life.

27         22       mutable         changeable               The mutable laws of high fashion can’t be predicted.

27         23       impute          attribute discredit      It is unnecessary to impute evil motives to opponents.

27         24       status quo      the present state        It can be dangerous to disrupt the status quo.

27         25       paradigm        model                    The incident offers an instructive paradigm for us.
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 28
           Word #

                    Word                Meaning                Used in a sentence

28         1        schism             division                The debate created a schism in the Democratic party.

28         2        bootless           useless                 His bootless effort to win acceptance was pathetic.

28         3        rubicund           red                     Her rubicund cheeks matched her rosy outlook.

28         4        apotheosis         raising to god status   the media created the champ’s apotheosis.

28         5        precursor          forerunner              The rumblings were the precursor of what was to come.

28         6        transpose          switch                  Dyslexics sometimes transpose letters in a word.

28         7        invective          bitter denunciation     She endured her opponent’s scathing invective.

28         8        prestidigitation   sleight of hand         Presto! The magician’s prestidigitation was fun.

28         9        cosmology          study of the universe   The origin of atoms is a cosmological question.

28         10       effusion           outpouring              His effusion of joyful greetings made us wince.

28         11       anthology          literary collection     The anthology contains the flowers of modern poetry.

28         12       posthumous         after death             It was bittersweet to present a posthumous award.

28         13       euphony            beautiful sound         He loved the euphony of the wind in the trees.

28         14       refractory         stubborn                The refractory child broke and rebroke the rules.

28         15       platitude          flat trite remark       We need fresh ideas, not hollow platitudes.

28         16       acrophobia         fear of heights         He began to feel acrophobia in elevators.

28         17       agoraphobia        fear of openness        Some visitors feel agoraphobia in Red Square.

28         18       veracity           truthfulness            Slowly, we began to question her veracity.

28         19       verisimilitude     similarity to truth     Notice the fable’s eerie verisimilitude.

28         20       idiosyncrasy       peculiarity             We even loved his many idiosyncrasies.

28         21       alumni             graduates               The college alumni wrote to the missing alumnus.

28         22       casus belli        cause for war           The government chose to regard the act as casus belli.

28         23       interregnum        time between rulers     The nation enjoyed a peaceful interregnum.

28         24       infraction         breaking                It was an unintentional infraction of the rules.

28         25       condign            worthy                  He will receive a condign punishment for his offense.
Lesson #                               The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 29
           Word #

                    Word                Meaning                    Used in a sentence

29         1        colloquy           conversation                They had a private colloquy in the corner.

29         2        viable             able to live                Is the fetus mature enough to be viable?

29         3        synopsis           summary                     Here is a brief synopsis of the course.

29         4        terra firma        solid ground                The Argonauts longed to stand on terra firma at last.

29         5        sanction           authorize                   We cannot sanction the use of our name.

29         6        Russophobe         one who fears Russia        The editor was an unapologetic Russophobe.

29         7        prognosis          medical forecast            The doctor presented a prognosis of the disease.

29         8        polychrome         many-colored                We purchased a large polychrome sculpture.

29         9        philanthropy       love of mankind             Her deeds of philanthropy were legendary.

29         10       perspicacity       insight                     Everyone admired the perspicacity of her mind.

29         11       mobocracy          mob rule                    The text showed the mobocracy of the revolution.

29         12       gerontocracy       government of the old       The Soviet gerontocracy is losing control.

29         13       magniloquence      great eloquence             His magniloquent oratory was impressive.

29         14       kleptomaniac       pathological thief          The police tried to arrest a kleptomaniac.

29         15       joie de vivre      joy of living               Her joie de vivre was inspiring.

29         16       in loco parentis   in place of parents         The school must act in loco parentis.

29         17       mundane            worldly                     The thinker was reluctant to deal with mundane matters.

29         18       synthesis          combination                 This product represents a synthesis of many ideas.

29         19       unequivocal        direct                      He gave a refreshing, unequivocal answer.

29         20       nihilism           belief in nothing           the icy nihilism of his mind could be unnerving.

29         21       audiophile         stereo buff                 He reads a magazine for audiophiles.

29         22       entomology         insect zoology              The oft-bitten entomologist finally caught the beetle.

29         23       omnifarious        of all kinds                His omnifarious exploits earned him fame.

29         24       invidious          causing envy                He paid one of them an invidious compliment.

29         25       deduction          reasoning from principles   Deductive reasoning is idealistic.
Lesson #                            The Word Within the Word Vocabulary List 30
           Word #

                    Word             Meaning                Used in a sentence

30         1        induction       factual reasoning       Science uses a process of induction.

30         2        hagiocracy      government of saints    The Iranian hagiocracy banned swimsuits.

30         3        diction         word choice             The pedant confined himself to a scholarly Latin diction.

30         4        disconsolate    inconsolable            The disconsolate widower missed his best friend.

30         5        disingenuous    insincere               His disingenuous offers of assistance fooled the ingénue.

30         6        fractious       unruly                  The fractious, dissatisfied mob clamored for vengeance.

30         7        nondescript     of no category          The beggar wore a nondescript garment.

30         8        prolific        productive              The prolific writer wrote seven books in two years.

30         9        chronicle       a history               We read the chronicle of the brave knight-errant.

30         10       primeval        of the first ages       Coal is the remains of a primeval forest.

30         11       panegyric       elaborate eulogy        His speech was a panegyric on her engineering talent.

30         12       fidelity        faithfulness            He required the fierce fidelity of his lieutenants.

30         13       magnum opus     great work              Read Dante’s magnum opus, the Divinia Comedia.

30         14       antediluvian    from before the Flood   He loved his grandfather’s antediluvian ideas.

30         15       comport         behave                  Leadership requires one to comport oneself with dignity.

30         16       insurgence      uprising                The insurgence was as soon defeated as it was begun.

30         17       expeditiously   rapidly                 We need to process a customer’s request expeditiously.

30         18       renovate        restore                 It would be expensive to renovate the apartments.

30         19       carnage         butchery                They viewed the sickening carnage on the battlefield.

30         20       decadent        downfallen              The decadent, luxurious century saw no greatness in art.

30         21       supercilious    scornful                His arrogant, supercilious manner offended everyone.

30         22       inexorable      inescapable             Her inexorable fate followed her everywhere.

30         23       emissary        messenger               They greeted an emissary from the Queen.

30         24       improvident     without foresight       The improvident spendthrift went broke.

30         25       moribund        dying                   The moribund corporation fired half its work force.

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