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					Dear Church Family,
       I have wonderful news to announce! Ann and Frank Pursley have donated $80,000 to our
building fund. It is designated for the elevator and given to the glory of God and in loving memory
of Ann’s parents, Martha and James Leslie. They are very excited to make this gift as they can see
our church’s need for better accessibility. We are, of course, most grateful for their generosity!!!
       God, through this gift, plus all the others our members and friends have contributed, is provid-
ing the resources to make our vision of becoming a more welcoming church in a more welcoming
space come true. This whole venture has been about stepping out in faith. At every step God has
provided for us.
       The Pursley’s gift arrived at a crucial time. We had just hit a snag and discovered that the esti-
mates for the project cost were too low. Even before we could become disheartened, we were
greatly encouraged by this major gift.
       The revised cost of the total project is $481,000. As I write this, the contributions (counting
the Pursleys’) to the Building Fund total, in round numbers, $156,795. When we add to this the pro-
ceeds from the sale of the manse and the Graves’ bequest we get $442,795. That leaves a remainder
of $38,205 still to go. Whatever does not come in by the project’s completion (about four months
from now), we will borrow. It is our hope and prayer that this will be little or none.
       Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Building Fund. I know we all could find
other uses for this money. But by hearing God’s call and responding by giving, we each have stepped
out in faith. Our church has stepped out in faith. And God has not let us down!
                                                                              Keep the faith–

Abbeville Presbyterian Church                                                                        Place
PO Box 733                                                                                        Stamp
301 North Main Street                                                                                Here
Abbeville South Carolina 29620

 August 2011
     The Advance                                        In Service to the Church
           The Advance is published                                        Presbyterian Women
           monthly by the staff of Abbe-
           ville Presbyterian Church. We                                      Circle Meetings
           welcome articles and photo-
           graphs from any church mem-                           There will be no Circle meetings this month.
ber. Deadline for submission is the third
Thursday of the month. Articles are ac-
cepted via e-mail text, e-mail attachment,
and typed or handwritten submission to           Serving Communion                                Greeters
the office. The Advance may be viewed
                                                                                               Stuart & Jane Pitts
online by clicking on “news” at our web-       Linda Arnold
site:                    Thurmond Bishop                                     Ushers
  Go to our website to find sermons, the       Steve Davis                                   Russell & Tara Scott
Wonder-Filled Wednesdays schedule, the
nursery schedule, and information on           Mary Alice Hall                           Monday Counters
other church activities.                       Lynette Lindell                           Jane Pitts, Charlotte Smith
                                               Rufus Sherard
Church Office                366-2677                                                   Elder of the Month
E-mail             Scott White                                      Barbara Freese
Pastor       The Rev. Dr. Carol Strickland
Secretary                      Linda Sears
YouthChildren’s Director      Frank Smith                                     Flowers
Organist/Choir Director          Joe Greer
Sunday School Super.         Billy Fleming                         Aug 7         Susanne Greene
Clerk of Session            Linda Arnold                           Aug 14        Morning Circle
Church Treasurer          Wade Caldwell
                                                                   Aug 21        Circle I
Presbyterian Women Mary Anne Tafta
Custodian                    Annie Chiles                          Aug 28        Circle II

         Habitat for Humanity                                         NURSERY HELPERS
     HospiceCare of the Piedmont
    Presbyterian Communities of SC             Date     Nursery Under 2          2-5 yr olds        Alternate/Helper
        Sudan’s Akobo Hospital
                                               8/7        Lynette Lindell       Andrea Dawson         Jane Todd
     Thornwell Home for Children
     Turks’ Ministry in Madagascar             8/14       Laura Randall         J & BA Randall        Shirley Crawford
United Christian Ministries of Abbeville Co.   8/21       Suzie Sherard         Abby Evans            Tiffany Freese
 Volunteers in Medical Missions-VIMM           8/28       Cassie Geer           Lucia Bishop          Rachel Geer

                                                          WELCOMING SPACE PROJECT REPORT
                                                                       As of 7/24/11
                                               Project Funds
                                                 Bldg Fund Donations $156,795        Project Goal $481,000
                                                 Graves Bequest       170,000        Funds Needed $ 38,205
                                                 Manse Proceeds       116,000
                                                 TOTAL AVAILABLE $442,795
                      Session Summary—June 2011 Meeting
  The Session met on 6/19/11. A quorum was present.              congregation during Minute for Ministry. Bids for funding
The minutes of the 5/15/11 stated meeting and the 5/22           up to $150,000 for our building renovation project were
and 6/12 called meetings were approved as written.               reviewed. Participating banks were Commercial Bank, Pal-
  Susanne Greene reported for the APC Foundation.                metto Bank, and Capital Bank. F&A recommended that we
The committee is in the process of choosing a financial          use Capital Bank to provide our funding. This passed
advisor. There is $130,000 left in the Foundation after          unanimously. Because no other candidate came forward
manse money is moved for the renovation project. Al-             to take the treasurer’s position, Wade offered his name for
though the Foundation is a separate entity, because it is        treasurer. Motion was made and passed unanimously with
under the authority of Session that could be challenged.         many thanks.
  Brad Evans, Building and Grounds reported the prob-               Barbara Freese, Missions, reported that Wes McAllister
lem with leaking water remains. Over 350 gallons of fuel         will serve as liaison to help facilitate Erskine student out-
oil were removed from the underground tank. Abbeville            reach. Plans were made for Missions Week (Sept 18-25).
Utilities and West Carolina are meeting to make decisions.       This motion passed unanimously. The Missions Committee
New electric power lines will be installed. The goal is to       will donate $100 for individual youth expenses related to
have no loss of air on Sundays. Air in the sanctuary will be     the mission trip and $200 to help defray group expenses.
on at all times. There is a possibility of removing trees dur-   The Committee will hold a blood drive in the fall. This
ing construction which can be replaced later. Two sanctu-        passed unanimously. Merry Trask will serve on the Habitat
ary chairs have been reupholstered.                              Board. She has applied to participate in a medical mission
  Sherry Thomas reported for the Christian Education             trip to the Dominican Republic with VIMM in January. Bar-
Committee. Thurmond Bishop gave a copy of the sample             bara and Hal will also be on this trip. Barbara will go to
Safe Church Policy for Elders to review; discussion will be      Honduras in July with VIMM. Smitty is serving as volunteer
tabled until the next meeting. VBS leaders were Jennifer         on select Fridays with UCMAC Food Pantry. He reports
Smith, Jacob Reyes, and Lisa Dornberg. Many other vol-           the pantry is well supplied at this time due to U. S. Postal
unteers including Youth Group members assisted. We are           Service food drive. The balance for missions in the Graves
making plans for Rally Day (9/11/11) and would like to           Fund is $5,704.
have a commissioning service during worship. We dis-                Steve Davis, Worship Committee: Average atten-
cussed possible candidates for Sunday School Superinten-         dance for May 2011 was 102.4 (a decrease of 4.5% over
dant to replace Billy Fleming who will be stepping down.         April). Average attendance for the year is 102.2. We will
We hope to have a Teacher Development Workshop in                be adding scribbler pads to the pew racks for children to
August with Frank Smith securing a speaker through Er-           use during the service.
skine contacts. Middle and high school youth will have a            Calendar Review:
movie series available for viewing during the summer             • Contemporary Worship Service-June 26
months. The WFW planning committee will meet in July.            • Session meets-July 24, 2pm
Frank Smith will finalize plans for the Summer Son Fun              New Business:
program when he returns from the Youth Mission trip.             • Over 50 Adult retreat-Sept. 26-28 Camp Fellowship
   Lynette Lindell, Congregational Care, reported they           • Stated Presbytery meeting-Lake Murray Presbyterian in
are still checking on homebound members and sending                 Chapin
cards. Rufus Sherard continues to make appointments for             The Session will meet next on 7/ 24/11. Dr. Strickland
Carol to visit members.                                          closed our meeting with prayer.
  Wade Caldwell, Finance and Administration, reviewed
the May financial report. We took in $2,625 more than we                                              Respectfully submitted,
spent. Building Fund contributions were $25,000 as of                                                    Linda Arnold, Clerk
6/12/11. The Committee discussed methods by which
money could be transferred from an IRA directly to a chari-
table organization. George McKee will present this to the

                              Financial Report—June 2011
          APC General Operating Funds                                                 Graves Bequest
  Opening Balance                            $36,100                Capital Campaign Reserve                    $170,216
  Income                                      43,972                Missions Committee                             5,404
  Expenses                                    20,471                B&G Committee                                  2,757
  Ending Balance                             $59,601                Total Available Funds                       $178,377
                              News, Meetings, Events
                 Calling All Neckties!                                Calling All
              We know you have neckties not
                                                                 Presbyterian Women
            worn in years just gathering dust in                    Annual Gathering
            the back of your closet! Now is the                  Sunday, August 14, 2011
time to let them have a new lease on life!                     6:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall
   Your Stewardship Committee has some crea-          Bring a salad or sandwiches or a dessert to share
tive plans for the fall which will require LOTS           and join us as we begin a new PW year
and LOTS of neckties. (No, men, you will not
have to wear them.)
                                                                      Presbyterian Women
  So, please drop off at church those ties you                        SC Annual Meeting
will never wear again. The ties will be
“repurposed.” It’s a great, guilt-free to dispose       The South Carolina gathering of Presbyterian
of all those Father’s Day gifts. And if you hap-      Women will be held September 16-17, 2011,
pen by any yard sales or thrift shops and spot        Mt Pleasant Presbyterian Church, Mt Pleasant, SC.
some great deals, buy those and bring them,             The theme is, “Confessing the Beatitudes.” The
too.                                                  $60 registration fee is due before 8/1 (or $75
                                                      after 8/1).
       Wide ones, thin ones, wild ones -
                                                          Details are on the church bulletin boards
         We’ll gladly take all kinds.
                                                                 For additional information:

                                              The Book Group
                                            Fall Reading List—REVISED
                Below is the REVISED reading list for this fall’s meetings. We meet September
              through May on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 pm in the church
                 Fellowship Hall.
  For those of you serving as host, please note that you are responsible for the hors d’oeurvres. Con-
tact Remle at 391-8928 if you have any questions.

 Month              Book                     Author                          Hosting
 September       The Confession            John Grisham           Susanne Greene/Mabel Hemminger
 October         The Lincoln Lawyer        Michael Connelly       Debbie Johnson/Lura Jean Chandler
 November        Eventide*                 Ken Haruf              Jennifer Smith/Barbara Freese
 December        Holiday meeting**
 January         Winter Garden             Kristin Hannah         Rosemary Copeland/Suzanne Smith
 February        One Thousand Gifts        Sue Voskamp            Jill White
 March           As I Lay Dying            William Faulkner       Linda Arnold/Jane Todd
 April           Unbroken                  Laura Hillebrand       Mary Alice Hall/Remle Johnson
 May             In Zanesville             Jo Ann Beard

*Follow-up to Plainsong.
**Special meeting with poems, oral interpretation and Christmas story.
             The Book Group is open to all Presbyterians and the public.
                              Over-50 Retreat
                              THE PROGRAM

Bible Study Leader
•Dr.Robert A. Bryant
 Associate Prof of Religion
 Chair, Department of
   Religion and Philosophy
   Presbyterian College
Worship Leaders
•Rev.Amos Disasa
 Pastor, Downtown Church
   Columbia, SC
•Rev.Dr. Alice Ridgill
 New Faith Presbyterian Ch,
 Greenwood, SC

•Rev.Dr. Jeri Perkins
 Dean of Religious Life
 Director, Cornelson Center
 Presbyterian College
                  Youth Mission Trip—Sea Island H4H

                                                                                        Cody shovels gravel.

Enjoying an afternoon at the beach the day before hard labor begins.

 Jesse and Frank shovel gravel.                                               Drew working hard while Frank supervises.

                                                Lisa holds siding while an-
                                                    other youth cuts it.
                                       Youth News
             “Praise the Lord…Let everything that breathes praise the Lord! Praise the
             Lord.”                                                          -Psalm 150:1, 6

                  Can we ever praise the Lord enough? I don’t think so! As if we didn’t have enough
              already to be thankful for, it seems like our Youth Group has really been blessed so
much this summer. This year’s mission trip may have been the best ever. We worked hard, getting
siding put up on two houses and working on several others. Not only did we get a lot of work
done, we had a great Bible study from the book of James. As an added blessing, our group
really got along well and worked together as a team. I can’t say enough about how proud
I was of how they represented APC.
                 Our youth praise band “Stained Glass” has performed numerous times, including
              Relay for Life, taking a road trip to perform at Carowinds, and serving as the music for
              the contemporary worship service trial run. This group has so much musical talent, I
              am constantly amazed when we practice and play together.
    That said, life hasn’t been perfect for the group. Everyone has had challenges and their own strug-
gles; but as we learned from James, these trials and challenges are opportunities for us to be patient,
to pray and listen to God, and to use wisdom to grow and mature. In the days ahead, I continue to
look for great things from the Youth Group. They each have been blessed with talents and abilities
and will continue to shine as they mature as Christians. Thanks be to God for placing them in the life
of APC.

           Abbeville Youth Week
Join us as we praise and worship God together                                       Looking
with other Abbeville youth! Bring a canned good
for UCMAC each night if you can.                                                    Ahead…
Tues, Aug 2nd Grace United Methodist
                                                       •   We’re still trying to get a rafting trip worked
    Praise band, testimony, and pizza supper
                                                           out…stay tuned for details!
Wed, Aug 3rd Abbeville Presbyterian                    •   We’ll also be having a back to school get to-
     Praise band, games, hot dog supper                    gether this month…details coming soon.

Thurs, Aug 4th Main Street UMC                         •   August 28th—Contemporary Worship Service
    Mobile scavenger hunt, spaghetti supper

     Starts promptly at 6pm each night.                    Check text, Facebook, and the bulletin.
          Groundbreaking Ceremony—June 19, 2011

                                 Children and youth take a turn digging.


Session members and Mark Hall, project supervisor, take the first dig.
                                                                            1   Nancy Peeler
                                                                            3   Lucia Bishop
                                                                            6   Jennifer Smith
                                                                            7   Nancy Morgan
                                                                            8   Debra Cook
                                                                            9   Lib Loftis
                                                                           16   Hal Freese
                                                                                Tom Trainor
                                                                           18   Pat Corrigan
                                                                           20   Carolyn Webb
                                                                           22   Virginia Sides
                                                                           24   Michael Morgan

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