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					                                                                                      Winter ’07/08
                                                             UNIVERSITY TO BUSINESS

 Winner Of £25K Entrepreneur
 On the Innovation TRAIL
 Use University Experience

                  University to Business

Welcome...                                                                                                                    CONTENTS
Success breeds Success
Since the creation                    430% increase in the number of             needs, has led not just to            KNOWLEDGE 2B:                         3
of Ulster’s Office of                 consultancy assignments                    industry recognition, but also         Global Armour
                                      undertaken by Ulster’s                     international acclaim.                 Meedja Ltd
Innovation, as reported
                                      academics, a 240% increase in
in the last edition of                the level of research contracted           I would encourage anyone who
                                                                                                                       Collaborate, Innovate,
U2B, the University’s                 by local companies and a 15%               is interested in any of the           Improve                               4
commercial output has                 increase in technology transfer            stories, or who would be keen         On the Innovation TrAIL               5
continued to accelerate               activity. We are delighted with            to engage with the University to
and grow.                             our increase in performance                see how it might help their           BIG Homecoming                        6
The annual Higher Education -
                                      and aim to build on this
                                      momentum in 2008.
                                                                                 business, to contact our
                                                                                 Business Liaison Office on 028
                                                                                                                       Companies getting SMArT               7
Business and Community                                                           9036 8019 or email                    PEOPLE IN fOCUS:                      8
Interaction (HE-BCI) survey           This edition of U2B highlights                      Peter Devine
which concluded in January            how the application of University                                                 Joel ferguson
2008 highlighted a massive            expertise to a range of business           Tim Brundle
                                                                                 Director of Innovation
                                                                                                                       Front cover picture: Dr David Patterson
                                                                                                                       champions the use of SOPHIA Search as

SOPHIA Search: Don’t just Search                                                                                       a decision making tool.
                                                                                                                       Photocredit: Alastair Nevin for the

your Information, Understand it!                                                                                       University of Ulster

                                    SOPHIA Search Ltd, a spin-out from Ulster in partnership with Saint
                                    Petersburg State University, was named the overall winner at this year’s
Business Profile

        Dr David Patterson
        EDUCATION:                  £25K Entrepreneur Competition, sponsored by Science Parks and
        BSc Biochemistry,
        Queen’s University
        Belfast; MSc
                                     SOPHIA Search has developed a                  Dr David Patterson, CEO of
        Computing and
        Information Systems
                                     sophisticated search engine for                SOPHIA Search explained:
        and PhD, University          organisations with vast reserves of            “SOPHIA just doesn’t find relevant
        of Ulster                    unstructured data.                             information for customers, it also
        CAREER:                                                                     empowers them with an
        David’s first job was        SOPHIA automatically trawls through            understanding of the meaning of the
        as a researcher in
                                     documents, identifies key themes               information returned. Using
        Artificial Intelligence.
        He then accepted a           that they contain and then groups              conventional search is akin to using
        post as a lecturer in        them into themes to which they are             a torch in a dark room (the torch
        computing before             topically most similar. Therefore              represents the search engine and          Dr David Patterson
        becoming a senior            when a user requests information,              the room, an organisation’s
   lecturer in 2006. He
                                     SOPHIA returns coherent themes                 information). Only the parts of the
   co-founded SOPHIA
                                     relating to the query, each one                room that have the beam of light                    for additional
   Search in 2007
                                     containing topically similar                   focussed on them can be seen at                     information on
                                     documents. For example, if you                 any one time, with limited                  SOPHIA Search, please
   David’s links with Ulster
   stem from his days as a           searched for java, possible themes             understanding of the information in         visit the website www.
   Masters student in 1990.          would include programming, an                  view. Using SOPHIA is like flicking,
   Since then he has either          island and coffee. This knowledge              the switch for a bright ceiling light.      telephone 028 9093 0030
   studied or worked at the          improves decision-making as users              The whole room can be seen and all          or email
                                     no longer have to sift through long            information understood at once.”  
                                     lists of topically diverse information to
                                     find what they need.

  Communicating with Business                                                                                                      for further
  The School of Communication delivers                       As part of current planning and development                           information
  undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in               activities, the School wishes to engage with                    contact Dr Diane Hazlett,
  communication, advertising, public relations,              businesses across Northern Ireland. Market                      Head of School of
  lobbying, health communication, counselling and            Research is being conducted in the form of an                   Communication,
  linguistics. In order to meet the needs of business,       online questionnaire. To access and complete the                telephone (028) 9036 6453
  the School is continually developing its range of          questionnaire, please log on to                                 or email
                                                                                                             University to Business                  3

knowledge B:                               Transferring knowledge and Helping Business Grow

                The University helps businesses to grow through two knowledge transfer programmes
                – Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) and the cross border FUSION programme.

Global Armour - Design for the Future
The KTP between the University of                                 Project leader, Janet Coulter, lecturer     Janet explained: “Kevlar cannot stop
Ulster and Global Armour is focusing on                           in fashion design explained: “The           a knife from piercing the armour so
                                                                  company was making a product that           the challenge is to find a knife
redesigning soft body armour protection                           was technically compliant with              resistant material that can still be cut
for international markets as well as                              Ministry of Defence specifications,         at manufacture stage – we have been
developing new products, including                                but design limitations meant tendering      testing new ways of cutting the knife
shaped body armour for females.                                   opportunities were potentially              resistant materials, including trials with
                                                                  being missed.”                              laser cutters at the University.”

                                                                  Embedding good design practice at           A key part of the project is to
                                                                  the core of the company not only            implement an in-house computer-
                                                                  ensured a more aesthetically pleasing       aided-design (CAD) system for
                                                                  product, but new features are being         technical design and manufacture.
                                                                  factored into the garment design.           This will ultimately enhance design,
                                                                                                              reduce costs and streamline
                                                                  The company has taken the                   production.
                                                                  opportunity to use innovative textiles
                                                                  such as Kevlar; however, an increase
                                                                                                                       To find out how your
                                                                  in knife crime has meant that new
                                                                                                                       business could benefit
                                                                  fabrics have had to be sourced to
                                                                                                                from a KTP Programme,
                                                                  prevent knife penetration.
                                                                                                                please contact the KTP Office,
                                                                                                                telephone 028 7137 5236 or
Building multi-layer Kevlar into 3 dimensional form

Leaders in their Game: Meedja Ltd
Meedja Ltd is a rapidly growing media studio, with
offices in Dundalk and Dublin. It has established itself
as a leading developer of web-based games
and applications.
With an eclectic client base and           (RFID) technology, which enabled
portfolio, the company’s work to date      gamers to be identified accurately
has included projects as diverse as        outdoors, with the help of
web and CD-ROM games, e-learning           electronically tagged objects
content management systems,                ‘broadcasting’ their location to the
television game show software and          mobile devices.
database-driven CD-ROMs.
                                           Peter Mee, company founder said:
In order to develop wide area gaming       “By bringing these two technologies
(WAG), the company enlisted the            together, Meedja are in a strong
support of Dr Kevin Curran from the        position to capture this embryonic
School of Computing and Intelligent        gaming market and become
Systems. Dr Curran proposed the            world leaders.”
use of radio frequency identification

           The FUSION programme is being relaunched by
           InterTradeIreland and more funding has been made available
   to help more companies improve their competitiveness and                            A handheld personal digital assistant (PDA) scanning a tag to
   profitability. For further information on FUSION, please contact                    find the next clue in an outdoor treasure hunt game
   Dr Janet Johnston, telephone 028 9036 8215
   or e-mail
4           University to Business

‘Fresh’ Insight for Farmers
The School of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Strategy has
joined forces with the dunnhumby Academy of Consumer
research at Kent Business School, Tesco and the Department
of Agriculture and rural Development (DArD), in an initiative to
provide consumer insight to Northern Ireland farmers.

The dunnhumby data enables local            Dr Gillian Armstrong, School of
farmers and small food producers to         Marketing, Entrepreneurship and
gain insights into consumer                 Strategy, explained: “It is essential that
preferences. An initial pilot project,      farmers and small producers know
focusing on ice cream producers,            how and why consumers behave.”
illustrated that increasing demand for
locally produced food requires sound        The Director of the dunnhumby                The University is delivering consumer insight to local farmers
understanding of the market.                Academy, Dr Andrew Fearne, sees              and small food producers
                                            opportunities to replicate this initiative
Arnaldo Morelli, Morelli Ice Cream, said:   in other agri-food sectors within                    for further details, please contact Dr Gillian
“As an ice-cream supplier, the data         Northern Ireland: “Farmers and small                 Armstrong, School of Marketing,
allowed us to gain a unique                 food producers have benefited hugely           Entrepreneurship and Strategy, telephone 028 9036
                                                                                           6472, or email
understanding of the market which will      from analysing the dunnhumby data to
prove to be invaluable to us as a small     make effective marketing and business
operator.”                                  planning decisions.”

                             Marketing your North West Business
                      The Certificate in Marketing                       Course participant Collette             of international competition entering
                      and Advertising Practice                           McGrade, Studio Manager,                the marketplace, it is vital that
                                                                         Lairdesign, explained: “Lairdesign is   marketing becomes an integral
                      (C.MAP), an initiative
                                                                         a busy design practice operating in     function within local SMEs and not
                      between the University of                          a competitive market. C.MAP is          an adhoc activity that simply reacts
Ulster and Letterkenny Institute of Technology,                          providing me with the opportunity to    to competitive market pressures.”
has just been launched. It aims to support                               think about how we are marketing
small companies in the North West cross border                           our business. The practical focus of    Part financed by the European
region to improve their marketing capabilities                           the course is very useful for small     Union’s INTERREG IIIA Programme
and gain a third level qualification.                                    businesses and the networking           for Ireland/Northern Ireland, the
                                                                         opportunities help us learn from        C.MAP programme provides
                                                                         each other.”                            participants with a University
            for further details, please contact Edel Griffin,                                                    accredited qualification, mentoring
            Course Director C.MAP, telephone 028 7137                    Professor Dolores O’Reilly, Head of     in marketing and access to a small
            5196, or email                        School, International Business,         budget for test marketing activities.
                                                                         commented: “With increasing levels

Collaborate, Innovate, Improve
Through the Innovation Promoters Programme,                              Jonathan Wallace, senior lecturer,      A previous participant on the
the University is partnering with businesses                             Faculty of Computing and                Innovation Promoters Programme,
                                                                         Engineering, said: “Typically the       Peter Donnelly, Bluescope Medical
throughout Northern Ireland to place innovation
                                                                         kind of projects being supported        Technologies, concluded: “The
and research at the core of their development.                           under the programme include a           University has brought a body of
The programme offers support to businesses                               feasibility study of a new business     research and considerable
by matching them with University experts,                                concept, physical prototyping of a      knowledge to supporting
equipped to advance their innovative projects.                           new product or service, process         Bluescope’s technology platform and
                                                                         improvement or applied research.        product portfolio and we can
                                                                         The University is keen to develop       certainly see a long term partnership
                                                                         long term relationships with each       developing.”
                                                                         business and to continue to share
                                                                         knowledge and expertise as the          The programme is currently being
                                                                         business grows.”                        supported by Lisburn City Council,
                                                                                                                 Craigavon Borough Council and
                                                                                                                 Omagh District Council.

                                                                                   To find out more, please contact Kerry Thompson,
from left: Johnny Wallace, senior lecturer in computing science;                   Office of Innovation, telephone 028 9036 8603,
Cllr robert Smith, Mayor of Craigavon; Kerry Thompson, Office of
                                                                                   or email
Innovation; and Alderman Stephen Moutray, Chair of Development
                                                                                                        University to Business                 5

On the Innovation TRAIL
The University of Ulster’s TrAIL (Technologies for rurality,
                                                                                           Doing the Twist!
Ageing and Independent Living) laboratory has joined the                                   Whale (Munster Simms
European Network of Living Labs (ENOLL). The concept of                                    Engineering Ltd.), a Bangor
Living Labs represents a new approach to research, development                             based manufacturer and supplier
and innovation, engaging stakeholders in the innovation process.                           of Marine & rV equipment, has
Dr Maurice Mulvenna, senior lecturer,           The establishment of TRAIL will build on
                                                                                           worked with the University to
School of Computing and Mathematics,            the University’s research and teaching     design and produce an innovative
explained: “TRAIL is a new kind of              excellence in innovation. The lab is       deck shower.
laboratory, called a living lab, which          supported by the University and project
stimulates innovation and empowers              funders include the Northern Ireland       Patrick Hurst, Managing Director said: “Having
people – it offers ageing and disabled          Department of Health, Social Services      attended a trade show, I realised that
people in Northern Ireland new ways to          and Public Safety (DHSSPS) R&D Office      manufacturers and suppliers of deck or transom
participate in designing products that can      and the European Commission’s              showers were not providing customers with a
make a difference to their lives. For           Information Science Technologies (IST)     well-designed and innovative product to integrate
example, giving people with dementia            Programme and INTERREG                     into their vessels.”
more meaningful reminders during their          Programmes.
day or alerting carers when these people                                                   The company had a sound vision of how the
wander”.                                                                                   product should evolve and approached Stephen
                                                                                           McGilloway and Justin Magee, lecturers in
         To find out more about TrAIL, please contact                                      product design at Ulster, to provide support.
         Dr Maurice Mulvenna, School of Computing
   and Mathematics, telephone 028 9036 8602,                                               Working alongside the University, the team
   or email                                                       examined the aesthetics of the product and the
                                                                                           design for manufacture and assembly. The
                                                                                           finished product centres on a single ‘wand’

Avec finds ‘Solutions’ with Ulster                                                         design that integrates the hot and cold function
                                                                                           inside the shower handle, with no external ‘taps’
Ulster is committed to supporting business growth within                                   necessary. This also provides a very cost-effective
                                                                                           solution, by reducing part and labour costs.
social enterprises through a range of bespoke services and
training. The focus is on helping social enterprises provide                               The product was very well received by the
an innovative, client-focused business service, which                                      industry at its European launch at Amsterdam
strengthens their social impact at community level.                                        RAI, organiser of the annual Design Award METS
                                                                                           (DAME Award) competition, where it was short-
Among those social enterprises that have                                                   listed for the prestigious DAME Award.
benefited from consultancy support using                                                   At the US launch, the product was also
University of Ulster academic expertise, is                                                nominated for a National Marine Manufacturers
Avec Solutions.                                                                            Association (NMMA) Innovation Award at IBEX
                                                                                           2007, Florida.
Avec works throughout Northern Ireland,
providing cost-effective consultancy and
support services. Their range of services
includes ICT and management
consultancy, finance and accounting
services, computer network installation
and support, website development, VoIP
phone systems and internet hosting.

Avec had identified a need for support on
employment law and Pat Maxwell, Ulster’s
School of Law provided an immediate and
tailored response, as well as carrying out a
review of Avec’s contractual
documentation and employment                                                                       for information on consultancy
handbook and policies.                                                                             support please contact Joel ferguson
                                                         To find out more about
                                                         support available to social       at UU Tech Ltd, telephone 028 9093 0016 or
Maurice Kinkead, Chief Executive, Avec                                                     email for design
                                                  economy businesses, please
Solutions said: “I gladly acknowledge the                                                  queries, please contact Stephen McGilloway,
                                                  contact Kerry Thompson,
help we received from the University of                                                    lecturer in Product Design, telephone
                                                  Office of Innovation,
Ulster; the support was excellent and                                                      028 9026 7298, or email
                                                  telephone 028 9036 8603,
offered in a very professional, user-friendly                                    
                                                  or email
                  6          University to Business

                  ManageMint Ltd ‘SPEED’ towards Success

                                                                               The faculty of Business and Management provides a range
                                                                               of opportunities to assist students undertaking either full-
                                                                               time or part-time courses, in starting their own businesses.
                                                                               The SPEED (Student Placement for         They launched their own property
                                                                               Entrepreneurs in Education) Initiative   management and maintenance
                                                                               and Invest Northern Ireland’s Start a    company specialising in ‘student lets’
                                                                               Business programme, provided crucial     in the Coleraine area. ‘ManageMint
                                                                               seed funding for Jeremy Baird and        Ltd’ was formed using entrepreneurial
                                                                               Alistair Smith, after they completed     skills inherited during their time at
                                                                               their Masters in Business with            the University.
                  Jeremy Baird, ManageMint Ltd                                 Information Innovation at Ulster.

                                                                                            for further information on SPEED, please contact,
                   Real Estate Initiative                                                   Patrick Ibbotson, senior lecturer in E-Commerce,
                                         Daniel Libeskind,                                  telephone 028 7032 4148 or email:
                                         world renowned
                                         architect and
                                         visionary behind
                                                                               Star of the North West
                                         the masterplan to                     following shortlisting by the European Commission for
                                         rebuild the World                     regioStars 2008, the work of the University’s EpiCentre is
                                         Trade Centre site                     being considered for an award. regioStars – the Awards
                                         in New York, gave                     for Innovative Projects aim to identify good innovative
                                         the keynote speech                    practices in regional development
                                         at the University of                  The EpiCentre provides technology        EpiCentre, a cross border venture
                   Daniel Libeskind
                                         Ulster real Estate                    support, supervised access to            brings together industry and
                                         Initiative (UUrEI)                    equipment and knowledge transfer to      academia in the North West region.
                   launch. Ulster Honorary Graduate, Wendy                     local technology companies. Since its    The project is led by the Intelligent
                   Austin acted as compere.                                    inception, EpiCentre has assisted over   Systems Research Centre (ISRC) at
                                                                               70 companies and facilitated cross       Ulster, in collaboration with the North
                   The UUREI is a partnership between the University, a        border training and networking.          West Regional College and
                   number of major property developers and a range of                                                   Letterkenny Institute of Technology.
                   financial institutions across Ireland. Its aim is to fund
                   research in disciplines related to the sector and to
                   provide a forum to enable the partners to collaborate
                   with public sector bodies to drive sustainable growth.

                          for further information on the real Estate
                          Initiative, please contact Veronica farrell,               for further information, visit
                   telephone 028 90 66112 or email                                   the EpiCentre website

                                                                               BIG homecoming support for big idea!
                                                                               Dr Jo McKelvie, a County                 academic institutions for mentoring,
                                                                               Down vet, has established                training and research was fundamental
                                                                                                                        to the development of my business.”
                                                                               ‘Evita Services’, developing
                                                                                                                        Encouraging new participants, Kieran
                                                                               products to support                      Fegan, Centre Manager of
                                                                               pharmaceutical veterinary                Greenshoots Newry Ltd, commented:
                                                                               clinical trials.                         “The BIG Programme is part financed
                                                                               Jo participated on the Border            by the EU through Interreg IIIA, it is free
                                                                               Innovation Gateway (BIG) pre-            of charge, and recruitment is now
                                                                               incubation programme run by              underway for the next course.”
                                                                               Greenshoots, Newry Ltd, the
                                                                               technology and business incubator                for further information on
                                                                               joint venture between Southern                   BIG, please contact
                  Kieran fegan, Centre Manager of Greenshoots Newry Ltd        Regional College (SRC) and Ulster.         Kieran fegan on 028 3026 5402
                  with Dr Jo McKelvie, Evita Services                                                                     or email fegank@
                                                                               She explained: “The programme has
                                                                               been invaluable to me – the access to
                                                                                                              University to Business               7

Randox Laboratories has Designs on the Future
randox Laboratories, a large diagnostic reagent and                           towards future-proofing their         Owing to the success of this
equipment manufacturer, was founded in 1982. Since                            brand and to begin design on a        project, further collaboration will
                                                                              new rapid diagnostics product         take place between the University
its inception, the company has developed revolutionary
                                                                              called the ‘Evidence Multistat’.      and Randox.
technology in the field of medical diagnostics.
                                         The Engineering division at          Commenting on the programme,
                                                                              Justin said: “Aiden is being                   for information on
                                         Randox has successfully
                                                                              trained to develop new skills and              consultancy
                                         launched a range of award-
                                                                              knowledge transfer towards              support please contact
                                         winning diagnostic analysers,
                                                                              integrating intensive concept           Joel ferguson at UU
                                         using their exclusive biochip
                                                                              generation methods, ergonomic           Tech Ltd, telephone
                                         technology. Aiden Walsh, the
                                                                              analysis and embedding the              028 9093 0016 or email
                                         company’s senior design
                                                                              emotional domain within       
                                         engineer, is currently enrolled on
                                                                              products, bringing added value.”        for design queries
                                         the MDes Design and
                                                                                                                      please contact Justin
                                         Communication programme, in
                                                                              The Multistat product is now at         Magee, senior lecturer in
                                         the School of Creative Arts.
                                                                              working prototype stage and has         Product Design,
                                                                              already been exhibited at               telephone 028 7137 5355,
                                         Justin Magee, senior lecturer in
                                                                              MEDICA, the world forum for             or email
                                         Product Design at Ulster is using
                                                                              medicine, where it has received
                                         his international design
                                         experience to mentor Aiden           positive industry feedback.

                                                                              Companies getting SMART
                                                                              with Ulster
                                                                              The Office of Innovation at Ulster is assisting
 The University of Ulster
                                                                              a range of local knowledge-based start-up
 and Durham University
                                                                              companies to develop future products and services
 have collaborated on the
                                                                              by applying scientific and technological know-how.
 design and development
 of a surgical gown                                                           Clearway Medical, through a           the University’s biomedical
 named ‘Incisions’ as a                                                       SMART award from InvestNI, has        scientists to validate our
 unique tool for teaching                                                     developed novel technology to         approach.”
                                                                              improve the respiratory health of
 medical students.                                                                                                  Another SMART Awardee, Ian
                                                                                                                    Savage from Spark Innovation
 The garment, one of a series
                                                                              Gerry Burke, Business                 said: “University of Ulster
 developed by the universities, will
                                                                              Development, Clearway Medical,        researchers have provided us
 be worn and studied by medical
                                                                              said: “It would be extremely          with first class advice and
 students in their training to give
                                                                              difficult for Clearway Medical to     direction in relation to our
 them a better technical and           Artistic Lead, Karen Fleming,
                                                                              develop this product locally          product research and
 emotional understanding of what       Reader in Textiles at Ulster said:
                                                                              without assistance from expert        development.”
 will happen to their patients on      “The body and garments are
                                                                              engineers, designers and
 the operating table. The team         common objects in art and
                                                                              scientists within the University of
 believes it could also improve        design but collaboration with
 communication between                 medical knowledge brings a new
 surgeons and patients.                dimension.”                            Rory O’Loughlin also secured a
                                                                              SMART Award to help design,
 Professor John McLachlan,             The research team aims to share        protect and further develop a
 Associate Dean in Durham              their research with medical            new innovative health and safety
 University’s School for Health,       schools around the UK and              product to relieve dental anxiety.
 explained: “Current anatomical        beyond.
 teaching aids describe but they                                              He said: “From the beginning, we
 don’t evoke; they take no                                                    received practical advice from
 account of emotional involvement               for more                      staff and have collaborated with
 or the feel of the material.                   information on
                                         ‘Incisions’, please
 “The silk and rubber gown               contact Karen fleming,                        If you would like more information on support
 echoes the texture of human             School of Art and                             programmes for innovation and how the University
 muscles and zips have been              Design, telephone                      of Ulster might assist you in the research and
 placed over the major sites of          028 9026 7267 or email                 development of new products or services, please
 surgical incisions, named on                   contact the Office of Innovation, telephone 028 9036
 the cloth.”                                                                    8019. or email
       8                 University to Business

                      fLEX is the University’s foreign Languages for Export service. It
                                                                                                                        People in Focus
  Did U know?
Business Facilities

                      was established nearly 19 years ago and has, since then, been                                                            Peter Devine has
                      providing language services to the public and private sectors in                                                         recently been
                      Northern Ireland in over 60 languages.                                                                                   appointed to the
                                                                                                                                               post of Business
                      FLEX provides a translation, interpreting        prominent part in helping local industry,                               Development
                      and tutoring service for people in business,     commerce, public services, the                                          Manager of The
                      industry and public services and has twice       professions and individuals to meet the                                 Intelligent Systems
                      received the Regional Award from the             demands of an ever expanding multi-                                     Research Centre
                      Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for       lingual market and society. At a time of        (ISRC) at the Magee campus. Peter will be
                      the provision of specialist language             increasing competitiveness, being able to       responsible for promoting and monitoring
                      material.                                        communicate effectively is of growing           the commercialisation of the Centre’s
                                                                       importance in all sectors of economic life      research output and its contribution to the
                      Regine McCullough, Flex Director                 and may often be the decisive factor in         economic regeneration of the region.
                      commented: “FLEX has played a                    securing contracts.”                            He joined the University in 2005 having
                                                                                                                       worked previously for Ericsson Services
                               for further information on fLEX interpretation, translation and tuition                 Ireland. Prior to his current appointment,
                               services, please contact regine McCullough, Director, telephone                         he worked as manager of EpiCentre,
                               028 9036 6546 or email                                        focusing on technology transfer between
                                                                                                                       academia and local industry.
                                                                                                                       To contact Peter, telephone 028 7137
    University Of Ulster – Purchasing Card Scheme                                                                      5263 or email

    Companies currently supplying                                and is suited for use in procuring high volume,
    goods or services to the                                     low value items. The Purchasing Card is similar
    University, or considering bidding                           in principle to credit cards used by consumers,
                                                                                                                                                 has over six years
    for future contracts, may be                                 but with extra features which make them more
    interested to learn about new                                suitable for business-to-business purchasing.”
                                                                                                                                                 working in
                                                                 University policy only permits using the
    procurement policies.                                                                                                                        biomedical
                                                                 Purchasing card with those suppliers who can
                                                                                                                                                 research and has
     Ulster has introduced the University Purchase               supply ‘line item detail’ which provides details of
                                                                                                                                                 also worked in
     Card (PCard) to streamline the procurement/                 the transaction, a description of each item in
                                                                                                                                                 sales and
     payments process and to expedite the delivery               the transaction and for each transaction, the
                                                                                                                       marketing in the biotechnology sector for
     of goods and services, as the administrative                net amount, the VAT amount and the total.
                                                                                                                       over fours years. Barry currently works as
     costs involved in procuring such items are often
                                                                                                                       a Business Liaison Executive, Office of
     disproportionate to the actual cost of the goods            Suppliers will benefit from guaranteed payment
                                                                                                                       Innovation, based at the Magee campus,
     and services involved.                                      within 3-4 working days resulting in improved
                                                                                                                       developing collaborative research links
                                                                 cash flow and reduced overdraft charges,
                                                                                                                       between Ulster’s centres of excellence
     Clare Egan, Procurement Manager, said: “The                 reduced process costs and reduced
                                                                                                                       and industry. A key role within his current
     PCard is designed to reduce transaction costs               administration.
                                                                                                                       position is the fostering and development
                                                                                                                       of academic, business and clinical
                       for further information on the Purchasing Card Scheme, please contact                           linkages.
                       Clare Egan, Procurement Manager, telephone 028 7032 4227                                        To contact Barry, telephone 028 7137
                       or email                                                                   5564 or email

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            to the University of Ulster. Contact us with                                                               of U2B, please log on to our
                                                                     Fill out our short questionnaire online at
            any business enquiry.                                                                                      registration page:
                                                            and you will be
            Business Liaison Office,                                 entered into a draw to win an iPod Nano.
            University of Ulster                                     There were a number of anonymous                  This publication is funded by
            Shore Road, Newtownabbey,                                competition entries, following our last
            BT37 0QB                                                 issue. Entrants wishing to be included in this
                                                                     draw should insert contact details.
            T: 028 9036 8019 F: 028 9036 8265
            E:                                  U2B is a Business Liaison Office
            W:                                Publication

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