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   Student Housing

                                                                                                                      Vol. 2
                                                                                                                      No. 1

             Lounge Chair Edition

                                                                                      The Green Initiative

                                                                     The New Face of Apartment Living

                                                                   Fear No Color - The New Bright Look
                                                                          of Upholstery Fabrics Today

                                                                         Chairs, Chairs and More Chairs

                                                                                                 $9.95US $12.95CAN

                                                                                               *71486 03041 6*
                                   Alexis Swivel Chair 102LV04

    The Alexis is the perfect
    chair for relaxing while you
    read a book. This chair cov-
    ered in microfiber provides
    an elegant look that will
    enhance any lounge.

Shown in Absecon TVland Slate     Ashley Armless 31lTV

                  Chair 311TV70

      Ottoman 311TV60
                                              Student Housing Today   3
    The Crowley 133TS31

                                  The Kirkwood
                                  Storage Settee
                                  Need extra storage space?
                                  The Kirkwood provides
                                  the answer. Now you can
                                  store that game console or
                                  extra pillows and linens.

         The Murphy 661TV84

                              The Murphy is a twin day bed with
                              ample storage underneath for pillows
                              and linens or anything you would like
                              to store away.

      Richmond 674LV15

Ottoman 674LV60

                         Student Housing Today   5
    With a subtly curved contemporary design wrapped within comfortable but styl-
    ish upholstery, the “Bedford” upholstered settee flawlessly enhances the beauty and
    comfort of any living room decor. The stylish flared arms beautifully frame the plush
    seating and pillow cushions to create a seating environment that cradles you in com-
    fort while awakening your lounge with an exciting contemporary design. With rich
    finished round feet and an eye-catching accent fabric, this settee is the true essence of
    refreshing contemporary design. Enhance the decor of your lounge with the style and
    comfort of the “Bedford”.

Bedford Settee 734LV55

                 Student Housing Today   7
    With the colorful upholstery fabric and subtle
    contemporary design, the “Hasting” upholstery
    collection creates a refreshing furniture collection
    that is sure to awaken any living area. The slight
    curve of the arms flawlessly blends with the
    plush and supportive back and seating cushions
    to create a contemporary design that brightens
    your home’s decor. Supported by richly finished
    tapered block legs, this collection captures the
    true beauty of stylish contemporary design. En-
    hance your home’s beauty with the bright cheer-
    ful design of the “Hasting” upholstered chair.

Hastings 441LV15

           Student Housing Today   9
     Built for Everyday Life
     Alive with vibrant fabric and rich with contemporary
     style, the “Augusta” upholstered chair can wake up
     any living environment with its dynamic beauty. Cov-
     ered with microfiber upholstery, this furniture adds a
     cradling comfort for ultimate relaxation. With a stylish
     contemporary flair, the “Augusta” upholstery collection
     can transform any lounge.

                                                                Augusta 488LV15

Southaven 612LV15

Relax and put your feet up. This
sturdy chair and ottoman is a styl-
ish way to decorate your lounge.

                                      Ottoman 612TV60

                                                        Student Housing Today   11
                         The rich contemporary design of the
                         “Cascade” upholstery collection features
                         a soft upholstery fabric surrounding
                         plush comfortable frames to create the
                         ultimate in living room furniture. With
                         a refreshing contemporary style and du-
                         rable frame, this upholstery collection is
                         the perfect addition to any lounge envi-
                         ronment. Complete the lounge room of
                         your dreams with the style and comfort
                         of the “Cascade” upholstery collection.


     Room Changing
     Stylish Comfort with a Bit of Flair
             Cascade 421TV


                       Student Housing Today   13
360° Design Technology                                       TAILORING and HERITAGE
                                                             • LOFT is a division of
                                                               University Loft, who
FRAMES                                                         develop products
• All frames are precisely cut                                 using the stringent
  using computer cut parts                                     quality requirements
  for perfect fit every time.                                  necessary to pro-
• Hardwood and furniture                                       duce furniture for
  grade plywood frames.                                        heavy duty contract
• All stress points are inter-                                 and College use.
  locked using mortise and                                   • All sewing is done
  tenon joinery, which allow                                   using heavy-duty
  for maximum surface area, PLUS corner blocks are             thread to prevent
  glued and stapled in place for additional strength.          seam slippage or
                                                               inconsistent appear-
                                                               ances on the pieces.
                                                               All seams are fi
CUSHIONS and FOAM PADDING                                      nished with lock stitches to prevent raveling.
                                                             • LOFT Furniture is produced in a region that is rich in
• Seat cushions feature tempered steel pocketed-coil           100+ years of upholstery manufacturing with a long
  springs wrapped in 2.0 density solid foam further en-        tradition of craftsmanship and know-how to provide
  cased in a bonded polyester fiber wrap for superior          the best technology in the industry.
  softness and long term wearability.
• All cushions and accent pillows feature hideaway zip-
  pers to allow the ability to adjust all foam and polyes-
  ter inserts for long life.
• All foam contains a Fire Retardant material
  (CAL #117 Spec) to provide greater fire resistance.
• All fabric seat cushions (and removable fabric back
  cushions) feature reversibility for twice the wear life
  and a custom tailored look.

• Sinuous tempered steel
  springs are used in all
  seats and most backs.
• All springs are attached
  to solid hardwood
  spring rails with spe-
  cially designed delron
  silencer clips to prevent
  failure and noise.
• The seat springs are
  fully covered with a heavy duty woven polypropyl-
  ene, then a heavy contract grade felt deck pad, and
  then the upholstered seat deck for triple protection
  against wear and any telegraphing of imprints.
LOFT Upholstery Craftmanship
• Seats and backs contain solid hardwood spring rails
• All removable pillows are zippered using a hidden pocket for easy adjustment access or
  replacement                                                                                                                     1
• All Dacron backs are encased and “compartmentalized” in bags to prevent fiber migration and
  shifting of the padding
• Sides and backs are reinforced and padded to provide a 360° elegant look
• Machine positioned spring clips provide comfort and stability
• Heavy 8.5-gauge steel springs in seat provide strength and flexibility
• 11-gauge steel springs in back ensures lasting comfort
• Fiber-wrapped 2.0" high density CAL117 compliant (fire retardant) cushion foam
• Fiber-blown pillows provide comfort and consistent shape
• Precision tailoring includes more stitches per inch to meet contract standards, lock-stitched seams
  to prevent raveling, and unique sewing techniques that eliminates the lumps and bumps that result
  when using staples to tailor furniture.                                                                                         3
• Velcro technology allows for easy adjustments and affordable fabric replacements

Detachable Velcro Panels allow for ease and
accuracy in our upholstered products. Each piece of
fabric coming off the line is always exactly
the same, with the exact same number
of pleats and in the same position
for a very precise fit. After simply
removing the 7/16 bolts, it
only takes minutes to re-
upholster the entire chair.
Velcro technology allows
for easy adjustments, affordable
replacement and avoids sharp metal
tack strips. Enjoy our Velcro Magic

                                  I'm Velcro!

                                                      FOAM & pOCKeTeD
                                                                                                 Come see our Velcro Upholstery Video
                                                        SpRing CUSHiOnS             
                                                           The Seating is a combination
                                                            of high-density polyurethane
                                                            foam and pocketed steel coil       CALL US
                                                           inner-springs. each steel coil
                                                        is encased in its own non-woven
                                                      fabric pocket, which allows each
                                                      spring to work independently.                                            UpHOLSTeRy

            Worthington 456LV21
Absolutely, Positively-


                                                                                                         green initiative
Business Model:
the economics
of green                                                     Hevea Brasiliensis Farm

Green Plan
Since 1994, University Loft has made a com-          and harvested. These facts demonstrate the
mitment to help the environment. At that time,       sustainability of this natural resource.
ULC made a conscious decision to use Hevea
Brasiliensis (HB), also referred to as Environ-      In addition to accelerated growth, HB has also
mentally Farmed Timber.                              tested stronger in independent lab tests. It was
                                                     discovered HB broke at 160 lbs. of pressure,
HB is grown using a managed forestry method.         while Northern Red Oak snapped under 140
It is laid out in sectors and harvested on a 20-     lbs. of pressure.
year plan. At the ages of 3 to 4 years old, HB
trees are tapped for latex. This latex secretes     Deforestation is happening at an alarming rate.
from the vessels                                                                   Statistical records
of the trunk and                                                                   show that 7 to 14
is used in the pro-
                         “In the past, HB trees that had exhausted their
                                                                                   million acres must
duction of tires,        latex supply were normally burned or left to rot.”        be replanted right
surgical gloves and                                                                now in order for
other latex-based products.                         our forests to replenish. By making the decision
                                                    to use sustainable products in the construction
In the past, HB trees that had exhausted their      of our furniture, we help to educate the public
latex supply were normally burned or left to        on alternative methods to manufacturing.
rot. It was discovered in the late 1800’s that this
wood could be dried and used in the construc-                       Learn More
tion of fine furnishings.                             U.S. Green Building Council •
                                                         Forest Stewardship Council •
The farms where ULC purchase their timber             Environmental Protection Agency •
are certified by The Malaysian Timber Council
                                                               Our Website •
and from SCS Forest Management Program,
                                                     Friends of the World •
who is endorsed by The Forest Stewardship
Council. Having these accreditations ensure
quality land management and ethical work prac-
tices on the farms.

HB vs. The Competition
It takes 80 to 100 years for an oak tree to fully
mature. In this time, five HB trees can be grown
     Like a breath of fresh air, the clean
     contemporary design and unique fabric
     colors of the “Southbridge” upholstery
     collection brightens the atmosphere of
     any lounge environment. The beauti-
     fully shaped armsless design makes
     this chair a perfect conversation chair.
     With skillfully matched throw pillows
     and dark finished legs, this collection
     is the essence of crisp, clean decor.
     Awaken your lounge with the rich con-
     temporary design of the “Southbridge”
     upholstery collection.

      Southbridge 4009TV15

Ottoman 421TV60       Student Housing Today   19
     Caribbean 148LS15
     Beautiful design and plush comfortable cushioning come together to create the
     stylish look of the “Caribbean” upholstery collection. Gentle sloping arms meld
     into the back to provide a comfortable, cozy chair. You can lose yourself in the
     extreme comfort of this furniture. Design and comfort meet in the “Caribbean”
     upholstery collection making this chair a beautiful addition to any lounge ar-

Caribbean 148LS15

             Student Housing Today   21
                                           Vegas 775TS70
     Enjoy fashion forward colors when you purchase this beautiful striped “Vegas” chair.

      * Covered in a woven fabric featuring a fun striped design.
      * The perfect addition to a lounge or living room, family room or bedroom.
      * This chair allows you to custom design your room, your way!
      * It’s about color, comfort and choice.

                                           Silverton 548LV15
The stylish contemporary design of the “Silverton” upholstered chair offers a
straight-line look that beautifully complements the atmosphere of any living room
decor. The soft comfortable upholstery beautifully covers the straight-lined arm and
stitched bustle back design of this stylishly crafted furniture. With supportive cush-
ions and rich finished feet, this upholstery collection is the perfect addition to any
contemporary living decor. Enhance your lounge’s beauty with the style and com-
fort of the “Silverton” upholstery collection.

                                                                             Student Housing Today   23
     Woodbury 459TV15
     Enter into a world of casual elegance
     by furnishing your lounge with our
     beautiful “Woodbury” chair.

       * A Tennessee American exclusive.
         * Covered in a gorgeous fabric
     exhibiting a beautiful sheen.

     Scottsdale 403TS14
     Simple, casual, but oh so comfortable.
     The “Scottsdale” is the answer to your
     lounge decor needs!                      Woodbury 459TV15
       * Features a fun, geometric pattern.
       * Coordinates perfectly with the ac-
     cent pillows.

            Scottsdale 403TS14

A touch of class is added to the
“Vegas” armless chair with the solid
brush metal legs. Vibrant colors help
to liven the mood in any lounge. As
always the quality of workmanship
in this conversation chair exceeds
current standards today. Only the best
construction, wood and fabric go into
the creation of our upholstered works
of art. This chair would accent the
modern louge in a beautiful way.

The “Jennings II” utilizes foam and
pocketed spring cushions. The Seating is
a combination of high-density polyurethane
foam and pocketed steel coil inner-springs.
Each steel coil is encased in its own non-wo-
ven fabric pocket, which allows each spring to
work independently.                              Vegas 775TS70

   Jennings II 665LV15

                                                                 Student Housing Today   25
                             Today, variety and vibrant
                             color drive the trend in
                             furniture. Comfort is key to
                             every design trend at Uni-
                             versity Loft Company. The
                             styles that appeal most keep
                             the functionality of furniture
                             in focus. Elegant designs
                             such as the Southampton re-
                             flect a modern approach and
                             designs such as the “Little-
                             ton” have elements that are
                             modern but more clearly
                             reflect a traditional form.
                             Both designs are executed
                             with great skill and craft-
         Lafayette 471TS15

     Southampton 210TV71

                  manship at our Tennessee factory.
                  Many of the components are taylor
                  made and carefully handsewn to
                  ensure quality of construction. The
                  inner frameworks are constructed of
                  solid hardwood. Competitors often
                  construct frames with cardboard but
                  not at ULC. Each and every piece
                  from our contract grade furniture
                  lines are warrantted for 5 years. If
                  your area is a heavy traffic area our
                  furniture will meet and exceed the
                  challenge of durability. Be sure and
                  place your order today!

Norwood 476TS14

                  Littleton 443LS15

           Ottoman 443LS60             Student Housing Today   27
     Bright, warm colors of nature grace
     these modern, super comfortable
     chairs. These chairs become the focal
     point to any lounge and invite guest
     to relax in their plush design. The
     Lexington, with modern, straight
     lines and sculpted seat cushion, is the
     perfect addition to any lounge.

                                               Lexington 425LV15

                                 Camden 513TS40

Relax in the Camden.
Perfect for reading a
book, watching TV, or
resting comfortably. Its
armless design invites one
to ease into its soft, cushion

                                      Student Housing Today   29
Selma 450TV15

         Student Housing Today   31
Stanton 509LV14

           Student Housing Today   33
             RF Arm 419TS09

     Exquisite Style,
     Exquisite Durability
                  phoenix 419TS

LF Arm 419TS66

                 Ottoman 419TS60

                              Student Housing Today   35
                               Armless Chair 213TV170
      LF Armless LS 213TV273

           McKenzie 213LV272

RF Armless LS 213TV272

                         Table 213TV813

                               Student Housing Today   37
                           Graceful, clean, modern lines well
                           suited to any lifestyle dominate these
                           pieces. Decidedly comfortable, with
                           thick padding and loose cushions up-
                           holstered in richly textured , stain-resis-
                           tant fabric make these chairs a desirable
                           addition to any lounge decor. Kiln-
                           dried hardwood frame produces a long
                           lived, durable piece of furniture. You
                           can mix and match or follow a series
                           line to enhance your living spaces.
      Belvedere 189LV38

     Abigail 103LV04
                                  Cameron 659LV09

          Langley131TV69      Langley131TV68

                             Bold colors produce
                             eyecatching, centers
                             of attraction uphol-
                             stery that is sure to
                             please. Bright solids
                             or wild patterns are
                             the trend of the day.
                             These chairs will
                             make your lounge
                             stand out and bright-
                             en the day of any who
                             occupy these comfort-
                             able seats.

          Sterling 750LV15

Laurel 444TV704

                                   Student Housing Today   39
                Sidney 445LV15


Cromwell 695LV90

            Student Housing Today   41
     Transform your Lounge

     LF Armless 421TV09   Corner Chair 421TV74


                      Cascade 421TS

                        Chair & Half 421TV17
 RF Armless 421TV08

Ottoman 421TV60

                                 Student Housing Today   43
                  ASHLey 311LV15
                  New to our lineup, the Ashley Collection is complimented by
                  finished wood top arm trim and matching pyramid feet. Durable
                  and comfortable, the Ashley Collection is great for the University
                  Environment. The covers can be easily removed for cleaning, repair, or
                  replacement thanks to the use of Velcro® Technology. Choose from
                  over 16 different patterns and in a wide array of colors.
                  Sofa: 311LV05
                  79" W x 34-1/2" D x 34-1/2" H
                  Loveseat: 311LV10
                  55" W x 34-1/2" D x 34-1/2" H
                  Chair: 311LV15
                  29-1/2" W x 34-1/2" D x 34-1/2" H

     RICHMONd 674LV15

                                 WITHOUT WINgS
                                 Combining great style and functionality will make
                                 this group one that will stand the test of time.
                                 Features of the Sterling include a tight fitted seat
                                 with generously plump seat cushion, slightly flared
                                 arms and chunky block Merlot feet.

                                 Sofa: 750LV05
                                 81 1/2" W x 36" D x 31" H
                                 Loveseat: 750LV10
                                 59-1/2" W x 36" D x 31" H
                                 Chair: 750LV15
                                 31-1/2" W x 36 1/2" D x 31" H

                    SeBRINg 770LV156
                    CHAIR WITH
                    STORed OTTOMAN
                    One of our most popular styles, the Sebring
                    Collection’s sleek lines and subtle sophistication
                    go hand-in-hand with its strength and durability.
                    Choose from over 16 patterns in a wide array
                    of colors. The covers are easy to clean, repair, or
                    replace due to Velcro® Technology.
                    Sofa: 770LV05
                    79-1/2" W x 36" D x 32" H
                    Loveseat: 770LV10
                    57-1/2" W x 36" D x 32" H
                    Chair: 770LV15
                    33" W x 36" D x 32" H

SeBRINg 770LV157
CUpHOLdeR                                      Student Housing Today      45

King L Series 8511                            Rivet Sable J273                                  everston gold Dust J225

                     Hurricane Surf J206                               Aloha Blue Fin A1024

Del Mar Ash A1067                             Aladdin Charcoal BS001                            interveave Walnut J16

                     everston Khaki J60                                Canterbury Beryl J250

Mirage Amber J255                             imperial Blue pTR1                                icon Cranberry A950

                     eclipse Cordovan J244                             Coventry Sable J87

Optik pewter J270                             Hurricane Pine                                    Highlands Topaz J275

                     Optik Tepenade J64                                Highlands Jet J277

Optik Olive J271                              Highlands Verdig J279                             Jewel Cordovan J241

                     palour Blue nova A1060                            Optik Lapis J67

popcorn Khaki                                 Carrington Amber J260                             Cranberry Pewter

                     Mirage Drab J245                                  plantation Stripe V054

Kudos Maroon A1080                            Optik Chocolate J111                              eclipse pewter J266
Folio Biordeaus J180                                  Carrington Olive J262                               Highlands Cordovan J278

                          Carrington Spice J56                                Carrington galaxy J61

eclipse Olive J267                                    Mirage Sky J254                                     element earth eCM005

                          Highlands Chocolate J295                            Carrington Ruby J134

eclipse Chocolate J268                                Mirage Olive J258                                   eclipse Wintermoss J264

                          Highlands Amber J276                                Mirage Raven J256

everston Aubergine J238                               Mirage Sable J259                                   eclipse Sky J263

                          Carrington Chocolate J243                           Folio peridot J181

Carrington Black J261                                 Haven Khaki D043                                    Canterbury Olive J252

                          Hewitt Midnight A231                                Optik Aristocrat J106

Chat SWp004                                           Folio Sailor J182                                   Canterbury Burgundy J234

                          Canterbury Sand J233                                Canterbury navy J249

Conover gold MAC03                                    Optik Wintermoss J269                               Bubbles navy J92
                                                                                                      Student Housing Today         47
Shire Tiger Lily A1020                                      Sherpa Billiard A652                                Sherpa Academy Blue A531

                            Shire patina A1003                                       Sherpa grey Heather A521

Sherpa Black A520                                           Synergy Taupe J93                                   Wanderlust Red Alert Crypton A1091

                            Swirly grass J94                                         Sherpa Mahogany A1120

Sherpa Bayville A1149                                       Sherpa Amber A1018                                  Sherpa navy A537

                            popcorn peridot                                          Riblet Black A1094

Sherpa Autumn A1022                                         Sherpa newport A1148                                Rivet Sand J209

                            Recess Chive A1052                                       Rhythm Burgundy J191

Recess Cocoa                                                Sherpa ivy League A426                              Rivet Sage J74

                            Sherpa Jade A564                                         Sherpa purple Sage A1056

Quirk Black Currant A1076                                   Shire Heath A613                                    Rivet Briar J90

                            Vignette Harbor Crypton A1107                            Sherpa Melon A1150

Sherpa Hunter A562                                          Shire Country A743                                  Rivet Delft J131
Wilderness Cappuccino A1129                           Sherpa purple Velvet A1097                                 Birds eye Tweed SWp002

                              Sherpa gargoyle A230                                 Bission 4123 Celadon SWp003

Sherpa indigo A436                                    Sherpa Maroon A582                                         Canterbury Sable J253

                              Sherpa Rosewood A1031                                Asset Smoke green

Windmill Sailor J179                                  Sherpa Clove A1147                                         Atmosphere True Blue J119

                              Sherpa grape A585                                    Windmill Khaki J177

Rivet pewter J272                                     Sherpa Concord A897                                        Atmosphere ebony J202

                              Sherpa Dark Blue A536                                Catalyst Denim eCM009

Sherpa Cardinal A486                                  Sherpa Scarlet A576                                        Denim navy LL01

                              Sherpa Teal A565                                     Bowtie garden R005

Shire Black Cherry A676                               Sherpa Royal A538                                          eclipse Amber J265

                              Sherpa Moss A1019                                    Bendeau Tigerlily A1114

Sherpa Viola A853                                     Athens pyrite M453                                         Carrington Khaki J80
                                                                                                             Student Housing Today        49
     Legs & Feet

     05494    05502    05580    05525    05511

     05495L   05502C   05580A   05526    05579

     05495R   05531    05581    05526R   05575

     05496L   05571    05504    05527    05500

     05496R   05571B   05508    05528    05498

     05497    05572    05509    05514    05499

     05497A   05574    05510    05517    05578A

     We stand by our furniture.

     We Bring the Quality
     In every aspect of our products we build strength,          tion at the seems, dye transference or fabric shrinkage.
     durability, and quality. University Loft Company is very    You will get years of wear out of the fabrics we help
     proud our products and our service to the you the           you select from our large stock of inventory.
                                                                 We Are Ready to Serve you
     Frames                                                      Should you need us you can count on us to be ready
     Skilled craftsmen as-                                       to serve you. You can always expect a courteous
     semble our frames. We                                       response for our staff and sales representatives. In the
     inspect every piece                                         unlikely event you experience a problem with our
     before the upholstery                                       products during the warranty period you can count
     goes on.                                                    on us for prompt repair or if we deem it necessary
                                                                 replacement of your product. You can contact Cus-
     Seat and Back                                               tomer Support at (800)433-LOFT or email at custom-
     Spring Construc-                                  
     Our seat and back spring construction is rigorously         Beyond Warranty
     tested to insure an unprecedented level of quality.         Beyond our excellent warranty pro-
                                                                 gram you will be delighted to learn
     Seat Cushion Cores and Filling Material                     that our upholstered pieces are de-
     Our cushioning and padding maintains its resiliency for     signed to allow replacement of the
     years.                                                      fabric. This can be done at the your
                                                                 at your location. We have made it
     Sleeper & Recliner Mechanism                                so easy that all you have to do is
     We build only the best and our sleeper pullout mech-        order the piece(s) that you need.
     anism is no exception. You will get years of quality        Once you get it follow the instruc-
     use out of our sleeper sofas. And with the same great       tions we provide and you will be able to restore your
     care our recliners provide the same relaxing glide into     upholstered furniture. The pieces are attached via
     the recline position for many comfortable years of use.     Velcro for easy repair. The upholstered pieces may be
                                                                 disassembled, repaired and assembled in a very short
     Sleeper Mattresses                                          timeframe. Individual arm covers, seat deck cover, back
     Should you experience any problems with our sleeper         cover or an individual cushion cover are available. The
     mattresses in the first year we will repair or replace it   cushion cover may also be ordered with new foam
     free of charge.                                             and a complete set of sewn covers is available for war-
                                                                 ranty or replacement purposes.
     Upholstery Fabrics/Leather
     Our upholsterers use only the best fabrics. You can be      For complete details on how we stand by our product
     assured that our products will be free of yarn separa-      just ask one of our representatives.

        2 position Chair
            The 2 Position Chair from University Loft         iTILT
             Co. is one of the cornerstone pieces
              in our Graduate Collection. This chair
               can be found in over 1200 colleges
                & universities across the country.
                 Because of it's solid construction
                 featuring mortise & tenon joints,
                  it's built to withstand the toughest
                  situations. This chair is designed to
                  allow students to do what feels
                 natural, tilt.

1   2       3                 4                  5        6
Chair with Kneeling Bench
                  Padded seat
                  and back.

                            Kneeling Bench
                            folds easily out
                            of the way.
Solid wood


 Kneeling Bench
             Contract Grade Stack Chairs   Exceeds ANSI/BIFMA Testing Standards

Model   #   SC101 Stack Chair
                                                 Padded seat and
 Seat and back                                   back provide
 contain fire                                     utmost comfort
 retardant foam
                                                                         Stack bar
                                                                         for extra

Maximize storage
space by stacking


                             nylon glides               Heavy gauge steel frame
                             protect your               combines strength and
                             floor                       durability

                                                                  See all available models at


                                                                                       O F F I C E           B Y

              Manufactured by                                Customer Service:

University Loft Co.                                            800.423.LOFT
                                                              Monday - Friday
  2588 Jannetides Blvd., Greenfield, IN 46140             8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. (EST)
             Replaceable Upholstery
             with Velcro Technology
                         Detachable Velcro Panels allow one to easily remove and
                          upholster these units. After the bolts that secure the arms are
                          removed, it only takes minutes to re-upholster the entire chair.

                             important Features
                                     • Seats and backs contain solid hardwood spring rails
                                       • All removable pillows are zippered using a hidden
                                       pocket for easy adjustment access or replacement
                                       • All Dacron backs are encased and
                                       “compartmentalized” in bags to prevent fiber migration
                                      and shifting of the padding
                                      •      Sides and backs are reinforced and padded to
                                      provide a 360° elegant look
                                     • Machine positioned spring clips provide comfort and
                                 • Heavy 8.5-gauge steel springs in seat provide strength and
                     • 11-gauge steel springs in back ensures lasting comfort
                • Fiber-wrapped 2.0" high density CAL117 compliant (fire retardant)
             cushion foam
             • Fiber-blown pillows provide comfort and consistent shape
             • Precision tailoring includes more stitches per inch to meet contract
             standards, lock-stitched seams to prevent raveling, and unique sewing
             techniques that eliminates the lumps and bumps that result when using staples
             to tailor furniture.
             • Velcro technology allows for easy adjustments and affordable fabric

            WATCH IT
            O N YOUTUBE                                                  r Velcro Uph
                                                                                      olstery VideoDc
                                                          Come see ou m/watch?v=U19zmc1TF
On the Road to Style…
                 Bio-based foam cushions.                    Today, we can provide green
                 100% certified hardwood from                upholstery that uses soy-based foam
                 sustainable renewable forests.              and recycled, eco-friendly fabrics.
                 Recycled fabrics.                           We give you the comfort, durability
                 That’s how ULC goes green!                  and style ULC is known for, while
                                                             continuing our mission to conserve the
                 Since 1994, ULC has supported green         earth’s natural resources.
                 initiatives by choosing to buy the wood
                 used to construct our products from         We can support you in developing your
                 farms that utilize safe lumber practices.   own green plan and help you earn
                                                             points towards LeeD Certification.
                                                             Check out to learn more.

Furniture Built to Last

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                                                                                   Leading the green initiative since 1994

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