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									                                                         ARVO Commercial Relationships Policy

This is a numerical listing by Program Number of the commercial relationship(s) and names of firm(s) with which commercial relationship(s) exists for each First Author and Coauthor as
indicated at the time of abstract submission. First Authors or Co-authors who indicated no commercial relationship at the time of submission are not included in this Index.

This ARVO Commercial Relationships Policy (“Policy”) for authors and presenters is intended to clarify and simplify the reporting procedures with respect to financial interests of
authors and presenters in order to promote a better understanding of, and enhanced compliance with, the Policy.

It is the responsibility of the First, or Presenting, Author to assure that each Co-author is aware of the Policy and to list on the abstract, manuscript, or poster any relevant commercial
relationships code. In addition, for each abstract submission and presentation, the First Author must also disclose the name of the firm with which a commercial relationship exists for
the First Author and each Co-author. Each Paper Presenter is to orally state and display on a slide at the beginning of the presentation all applicable commercial relationship codes, as
well as the name of the firm(s) with which a commercial relationship(s) exists for the First Author and each Co-author. At a poster presentation, the presenter must display the relevant
commercial relationship(s) code and the name of the firm(s) with which a commercial relationship(s) exists for the First Author and each Co-author. Conformity with this Policy is a

Bias in research, presentation and publication can arise from various forms of self-interest. The desire for professional recognition is inherent in academic activity, often with the indirect
fringe benefits of increased stature and authority, academic appointment or promotion, more patient referrals, higher income, more travel, or other perquisites. These potential rewards for
academic success can be strong sources of bias. They are omnipresent and should not be overlooked or excused, however intangible they may be.

More tangible financial benefits can also accrue to the First Author or Co-author in some cases. The ARVO Board of Trustees believes that financial interests should not restrict
presentation or publication, but that the audience is entitled to know that such interests exist. Therefore, authors of abstracts, articles and other communications published in Investigative
Ophthalmology & Visual Science (IOVS) or the Journal of Vision (JOV), as well as Presenters at the ARVO meeting (including poster sessions), are required to provide disclosure of
financial interests pursuant to this Policy.

The Commercial Relationships Committee monitors compliance with the Policy on behalf of the ARVO Board of Trustees and recommends action for non-compliance. Concerns about
the adequacy of disclosures in publications and presentations should be directed to the Commercial Relationships Committee through the ARVO Office.

Approved: Board of Trustees May 2, 1991

Revised and Approved: Board of Trustees, May 7, 1992; April 30, 1994; May 9, 1998; May 4, 2000

                                                                               Disclosure Codes
      Category	                              Code	         Specific	Financial	Interests

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Relationships Index
                                                                                                                                                                                                  ARVO Commercial
      Financial Support                      F	            Indicates if you have received through your employing institution support from a for-profit company, or competing company,
                                                           in the form of research funding or research materials or services (e.g., protein sequencing) at no cost, such support being the
                                                           subject matter of your presentation or publication.

      Personal Financial Interest            I	            Indicates if you are an investor in a company or competing company, other than through a mutual or retirement fund, which
                                                           provides a product, service, process or equipment which is the subject matter of your presentation or publication.

                                             E             Indicates if you are an employee of a company or competing company with a business interest which is the subject matter of
                                                           your presentation or publication.

                                             C             Indicates if you are, or have been within the last three years, a consultant for a company or competing company with a business
                                                           interest which is the subject matter of your presentation or publication.

                                             P             Indicates if you are an inventor/developer designated on a patent, patent application, copyright, or trade secret, whether or not
                                                           the patent, copyright, etc. is presently licensed or otherwise commercialized, which is the subject matter of your presentation or
                                                           publication or could be in competition with the technology described.

                                             R             Indicates if you have received gifts in kind, honoraria or travel reimbursement valued at over $1000 in the last twelve months
                                                           from a company or competing company which provides a product, service, process or equipment which is the subject matter of
                                                           your presentation or publication.

                      CR Disclosure 8 – 119

                                                                       ARVO	Commercial	Relationships	Index

                      This is a numerical listing by Program Number of the commercial relationship(s) and names of the firm(s) with which commercial relationship(s) exist for each First
                      Author and Co-Author as indicated at the time of abstract submission. First Authors or Co-Authors who indicated “None” for commercial relationship at the time of
                      submission are not included on this Index. See ARVO Commercial Relationships Policy on the previous page. Commercial Relationships for Workshops and SIGs are
                      listed on page CR23.

                      8       J.W. Crabb , Alcon Research LTD (C);            52      J.D. Nguyen-Khoa, None; N. Chateau,             91       R.P. Stone, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);
                              Alcon Research LTD., Merck & Co.,                       Imagine Eyes (E); J. Gicquel, None; P.                   L.D. Napier, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);
                              Johnson and Johnson (F); Diagnostic                     Dighiero, None; D. Lebuisson, None                       J.R. Kern, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); V.A.
                              Methods for Age Related Macular                 53      J.F.	McDonnell, None; D.A.                               Parkman, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); J.
                              Degeneration. US Patent Application                     Montgomery, None; W. Trattler, None; B.                  Devenport, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);
                              10/135,196 (P)                                          Larson, Bruce Larson (P); T. Shivan, None                C.	Blalock, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);
                      10      A.F.	Clark	, Alcon Laboratories (E)             58      J.L. Guell, VISIOMETRICS (P); ZEISS,                     D. Keith, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); H.
                      19      M. Singh, None; T. Aung, Carl Zeiss                     MEDITEC (C); F.	Manero, None; M.                         Ketelson, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E)
                              Meditec (R); D.	Friedman, None; J. See,                 Sisquella, None; J.C. Ondategui, None; J.       92       W. Gutstein, None; S.H. Sinclair, Central
                              None; W.P. Nolan, None; S.D. Smith,                     Pujol, VISIOMETRICS (P); M. Arjona,                      Vision Screener (P); Vimetrics (I)
                              None; P.J.	Foster, None; P.T.K. Chew,                   None                                            94       F.P.	Carney, CIBA Vision corporation (E);
                              None                                            59      G. Yoon, Bausch & Lomb (F, C); M.                        W.L. Nash, CIBA Vision corporation (E);
                      21      M. Pantcheva, None; J.Y. Yu, None; M.                   Subbaram, None; S. MacRae, Bausch &                      K.B. Sentell, CIBA Vision corporation (E)
                              Y.	Kahook, None; K. Lathrop, None; J.                   Lomb (F, C)                                     96       R.N. Borazjani, Employee of B&L (E);
                              S. Schuman, None; R.J.	Noecker,                 64      S.H. Chang, Calhoun Vision, Inc. (E);                    J.C. Salamone, Employee of B&L (E);
                              Medtronics (R)                                          D. Tirrell, Calhoun Vision, Inc. (C);                    B.J. Manchester, Employee of B&L (E);
                      22      E. Dahan, Optonol (F); M. Ben-Hur,                      CalTech (P); P.	Nowatzki, Caltech (P);                   M.J.	Stachowski, Employee of B&L (E);
                              Optonol (E)                                             D. Schwartz, Calhoun Vision, Inc. (I,                    V.L.	Barniak, Employee of B&L (E); S.
                      25      F.	De	Feo, None; A. Bagnis, None; G.                    P); R. Grubbs, Calhoun Vision, Inc. (C);                 Groemminger, Employee of B&L (E)
                              Bricola, None; C.E. Traverso, Optonol Ltd               CalTech (P)                                     99       K.A. Lebow, Alcon Laboratories (C, R);
                              (F)                                             66      R. Solomon, None; E.D. Donnenfeld,                       J.L. Schachet, Alcon Laboratories (C, R)
                      28      E. Arrieta, InnFocus LLC (F); A.C.                      Allergan (C); A. Nattis, None; J. Rozell,       100      A. Calossi, Inventor/developer (P); M.
                              Acosta, InnFocus LLC (F); M.A. Orozco,                  None; H.D. Perry, Allergan (C)                           Romano, None; F.	Romano, None; G.
                              InnFocus LLC (F); M.G. Aly, InnFocus            68      J. Matsumoto, None; Y. Chu, Ocusoft                      Ferraioli, None
                              LLC (F); I.	Riss, InnFocus LLC (F); B.                  (C); M. Sell, None                              103      Y. Zhang, CIBA-Vision (F); M. Mowrey-
                              Weber, InnFocus LLC (E); S. Davis,              70      M.J. Powers, Cambrex Bio Science                         McKee, CIBA-Vision (E); L.D. Hazlett,
Relationships Index
ARVO Commercial

                              InnFocus LLC (E); L.	Pinchuk, InnFocus                  Walkersville, Inc. (E, P); L. Amenuvor,                  CIBA-Vision (F)
                              LLC (I, E, P); F.	Fantes, InnFocus LLC (F,              Cambrex Bio Science Walkersville, Inc           104      J.T. Barr, Bausch & Lomb (F); P.A. Kusy,
                              P); J. Parel, InnFocus LLC (F, P)                       (E); Cambrex Bio Science Walkersville,                   Bausch & Lomb (F); Contamac Contact
                      31      D.S.	Minckler, NeoMedix Corp (C); B.A.                  Inc. (P); P. Zeigler, Cambrex Bio Science                Lens (F); Innovations in Sight (F)
                              Francis, NeoMedix Corp (C); R.F.	See,                   Walkersville, Inc (E); Cambrex Bio Science      106      M.C. Coles-Brennan, AMO, Clearlab
                              NeoMedix Corp (C); N.A. Rao, None;                      Walkersville, Inc. (P); S. Hauber, Cambrex               (F); Bausch & Lomb, CooperVision,
                              G. Baerveldt, NeoMedix Corp (I); Patent                 Bio Science Walkersville, Inc (E); Cambrex               Johnson & Johnson (C); N.A. Brennan,
                              Holder (P)                                              Bio Science Walkersville, Inc. (P)                       AMO, Clearlab (F); AMO, Clearlab,
                      32      C. Dozier, New World Medical, INC. (F);         74      Y.R. Chu, Allergan (F); M. Sell, None                    Johnson & Johnson (R); Bausch & Lomb,
                              R.R. Allingham, Duke University (P); New        80      G.A.	Zikos, J&J (C); K.J. Ciuffreda,                     CooperVision, Johnson & Johnson (C);
                              World Medical, INC. (F); S. Asrani, Duke                None; S.S. Kang, J&J (C); A. Selenow,                    H.R.M. Connor, AMO, Clearlab (F); R.G.
                              University (P); New World Medical, INC.                 J&J (C); S. Ali, J&J (C); R. Robilotto,                  McIlroy, AMO, Clearlab (F)
                              (F); Y. Kondo, New World Medical, INC.                  None; L.W. Spencer, J&J (C)                     110      H.A.	Swarbrick, Australian Government’s
                              (F); F.C.	Decroos, New World Medical,           83      D.A. Berntsen, Paragon Vision Sciences                   ARC Linkage Scheme, with industry
                              INC. (F); K.C. Olbrich, Duke University                 (F); G.L. Mitchell, Paragon Vision                       partners Bausch and Lomb, BE Enterprises,
                              (P); New World Medical, INC. (F); B.                    Sciences (F); J.T. Barr, Paragon Vision                  and Capricornia Contact Lenses (F); E.
                              Klitzman, Duke University (P); New                      Sciences (F)                                             Lum, Australian Government’s ARC
                              World Medical, INC. (F)                         85      S. Manzanera, CIBA Vision (F); P.M.                      Linkage Scheme, with industry partners
                      36      L.	Pinchuk, InnFocus LLC (I, E, P); F.	                 Prieto, CIBA Vision (F); D.B. Ayala, CIBA                Bausch and Lomb, BE Enterprises, and
                              Fantes, InnFocus LLC (F, P); Y. Zhou,                   Vision (F); J. Lindacher, CIBA Vision (E);               Capricornia Contact Lenses (F)
                              InnFocus LLC (E); J.B. Martin, InnFocus                 P. Artal, CIBA Vision (F)                       113      R.L. Chalmers, Alcon, CIBA Vision,
                              LLC (E); J. Parel, InnFocus LLC (F, P)          88      L.B.	Szczotka-Flynn, CIBA Vision (F, R);                 Vistakon (C); C. Begley, Alcon (C)
                      43      G.A. Heatley, Canji Pharmaceuticals (F); J.             S. Debanne, CIBA Vision (F); V. Cheruvu,        115      K. Ehrmann, Ciba Vision (F); F.	Conrad,
                              Kiland, None; T. Bunch, None; T.	Nork,                  CIBA Vision (F); B. Long, CIBA Vision                    None; E.B. Papas, Ciba Vision (F); A. Ho,
                              None; T.	Perkins, None; P.L. Kaufman,                   (E); S. Dillehay, CIBA Vision (E); J. Barr,              Ciba Vision (F)
                              Canji Pharmaceuticals (F, C); B.	Faha,                  CIBA Vision (F, C, R); P.	Bergenske,            118      P.A. Kusy, Contamac Contact Lens (F);
                              Canji Pharmaceuticals (E); R.W.	Nickells,               CIBA Vision (F, C, R); P.	Donshik, CIBA                  Innovations in Sight (F); J.T. Barr, Bausch
                              Canji Pharmaceuticals (F)                               Vision (F, C, R); G. Secor, CIBA Vision (F,              & Lomb (F); Contamac Contact Lens (F);
                      51      K.	Venkateswaran, Krishnakumar                          C, R); J.	Yoakum, CIBA Vision (F, C, R)                  Innovations in Sight (F)
                              Venkateswaran (E); G. Pettit, George Pettit                                                             119      A. Keech, None; E. Joyce, None; M.
                              (E); K. Liedel, Kevin Liedel (E)                                                                                 Senchyna, Alcon Research Ltd. USA (E);
                                                                                                                                               L. Jones, Alcon Research Ltd. USA (F)

                                                                                                                                  CR Disclosure 120 – 435

120   M.W.J.	Ferguson, Founder and CEO of           243   S.C.	Pflugfelder, Allergan, Inc (C);             396   R. Wang, None; D.J. Gagliuso, None;
      Renovo (E, P)                                       Allergan, Inc. (F, R); C.S. De Paiva,                  S.M. Podos, Alcon Laboratories, Inc. and
121   G. Schultz, Renovo (C, R); Univeristy of            None; A. Villarreal, None; M.E. Stern,                 Pfizer, Inc. (C)
      Florida (P)                                         Allergan, Inc. (E)                               402   R.N. Sjaarda, None; A.L. Robin, Alcon
122   P.T. Khaw, Cambridge Antibody                 246   J.	Feher, SigmaTau Health Science                      Laboratories (C, P); Alcon Laboratories,
      Technology,UK (F); ISIS Pharmaceuticals             (C); A. Papale, None; I.	Kovacs, None; C.              Merck, Pfizer (R); E.P. Suan, None; A.A.
      (F); Polytherics (F)                                Balacco Gabrieli, None                                 Davis, Alcon Research, LTD (E)
127   G.D. Aguirre, OptiGen, LLC (C, P, I)          247   J.D. Aronowicz, None; E. Uchiyama,               403   J.J. Pintor, Genomica (F); A. Mediero,
136   E. Aguilar, TargeGen, Inc. (F); E.L.                None; I.A.	Butovich, None; J.P.                        None; A. Jimenez, Genomica (E); A.
      Scheppke, TargeGen, Inc. (F); M. Dorrell,           McCulley, Alcon (C)                                    Sesto, Genomica (E); G. Gonzalez de
      None; J. Hood, TargeGen, Inc. (E); R. Soll,   249   S. Srinivasan, None; L. Jones, Alcon                   Buitrago, Genomica (E); A. Peral,
      TargeGen, Inc. (E); S. Yee, TargeGen, Inc.          Research Ltd (F); E. Joyce, None; T.                   Genomica (F)
      (E); M.	Friedlander, TargeGen, Inc. (F)             Simpson, None; M. Senchyna, Alcon                405   A. Jiménez, GENOMICA (E, P); A.
144   B. Ahn, None; Y. You, ALC Eye Clic (E);             Research Ltd (E)                                       Sesto, GENOMICA (E, P); J. Pintor,
      W. You, EyeGene (E); O. Kwon, None; D.        259   R. Lanz, Novartis (E)                                  GENOMICA (F); A. Mediero, None; A.
      Kim, None                                     260   J. Herreras, None; G.	Fuentes-Páez,                    Peral, GENOMICA (F); G. Gonzalez de
149   R.E. Marc, Signature Immunologics                   None; Y. Cordero, None; A. Almaraz,                    Buitrago, GENOMICA (E, P)
      (E); B.W. Jones, None; J.R. Anderson,               None; M. Calonge, Allergan Inc.(USA) (C)         410   C.Y. Kim, None; M.H. Kuehn, None;
      None; D.W.	Marshak, None                      264   J. Wang, Allergan (F); J. Aquavella, None;             A.F.	Clark, Alcon Research Ltd. (E); Y.H.
178   L.S. Kearns, None; J.R. MacKinnon,                  P. Simmons, Allergan Inc (E); J. Vehige,               Kwon, None
      None; A.W. Hewitt, None; S.	Shekar,                 Allergan Inc (E); J.	Palakuru, None; S.          411   A.N.	Whitlock, Lexicon Genetics (E); D.S.
      None; S.A. Brown, None; J.L. Pouslen,               Chung, None                                            Rice, Lexicon Genetics (E)
      None; C.J. Hammond, None; O. Bigault,         271   K.K. Nichols, None; J.J. Nichols, None; P.       412   M.A. McLaughlin, Alcon Research Ltd
      None; N.G. Martin, None; D.A.	Mackey,               E. King-Smith, None; D.J. Kellerman,                   (E); D.E.	Brooks, Alcon Research Ltd (F);
      Pfizer Australia Grant (F)                          Inspire Pharmaceuticals (E)                            D. Earnest, Alcon Research Ltd (E); L.
190   H.G. Lemij, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C); L.     272   I.	Hofmann, Biocia Inc. (E); H.L. Gould,               Klekar, Alcon Research Ltd (E); H. Sapp,
      M.E.	van	Koolwijk, None; L.M. Pardo                 MD,	F.A.C.S., None                                     None; I.	Pang, Alcon Research Ltd (E); M.
      Cortes, None; C.C.W. Klaver, None; D.         274   M.T. Christensen, Alcon Research LTD.                  Hellberg, Alcon Research Ltd (E); W.F.	
      D.G. Despriet, None; B.A. Oostra,                   (E); D.L. Meadows, Alcon Research LTD.                 Holt, Alcon Research Ltd (E)
      None; C.M. van Duijn, None                          (E); M.R. Tudor, Alcon Research LTD.             413   A.B. Kharlamb, Allergan (E); D.F.	
200   F.H.	Grus, None; U. Thiel, None; N.                 (E); R.P. Stone, Alcon Research LTD. (E)               Woodward, Allergan (E); R.M.	Burk,
      Wiegel, None; A. Wirthlin, Proteognostics     275   J.P. Herman, Ocular Research of Boston                 Allergan (E); M.	Holoboski, Allergan (E);
      (I); N. Pfeiffer, None                              (C); S. Kleiner-Goudey, None; D.R.                     M. Posner, Allergan (E)
205   S.G. Schwartz, Genentech (F); S.                    Korb, Ocular Research of Boston (P)              414   H. Wang, None; X. Liu, None; B. Wang,
      Gerzenstein, None; J. Ayala-Haedo,            301   S.D. McLeod, Visiogen Inc, Irvine, CA (F,              None; B.T. Gabelt, None; P.Y. Lee,

                                                                                                                                                                 Relationships Index
                                                                                                                                                                 ARVO Commercial
      None; M.	Polk, None; A.S.	Venkatraman,              I, C, P, R); V. Portney, Visiogen Inc, Irvine,         None; S.M. Podos, None; N. Wang, None;
      None; C.A.	Puliafito, Carl Zeiss Meditec            CA (F, I, C, P); L.G. Vargas, Visiogen, Inc.,          P.L. Kaufman, P (P)
      (P); Eyetech, Genentech, Pfizer, Carl Zeiss         Irvine, CA (E, R)                                421   S. Shimada, Kowa Co., Ltd. (E); K.
      Meditec (R); M.E.	Fini, None                  303   H. Zhao, Advanced Medical Optics (E);                  Mizuno, Kowa Co., Ltd. (E); T. Koide,
209   L.M.	Koolwijk, None; L.M. Pardo                     M.A. Mainster, Advanced Medical                        Kowa Co., Ltd. (E); T. Ohshima, Kowa
      Cortes, None; C.C.W. Klaver, None; D.               Optics (C)                                             Co., Ltd. (E); J. Matsumoto, Kowa Co.,
      D.G. Despriet, None; H.G. Lemij,              306   R. Jain, Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. (E)             Ltd. (E); Y. Hattori, Kowa Co., Ltd. (E)
      Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C); B.A. Oostra,       307   S.H. Baumert, Acrimed, Germany (F); F.	          422   T.	Akaishi, Santen Pharmaceutical Co.,
      None; C.M. van Duijn, None                          Fankhauser, Acrimed, Germany (F)                       Ltd (E); N.	Ishida, Santen Pharmaceutical
218   B. Tian, None; P.L. Kaufman, University       309   M. van der Mooren, AMO Inc (E); H.                     Co., Ltd (E); A.	Shimazaki, Santen
      of Wisconsin (P)                                    Weeber, AMO Inc (E); P. Piers, AMO Inc                 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (E)
232   C.W. Roberts, Allergan (R)                          (E)                                              423   N. Orzalesi, Alcon, Allergan, Pfizer (R); L.
233   M.M. Hom, Allergan (F); N. Liu, None; G.      317   F.A.	Bucci, Advanced Medical Optics (R)                Rossetti, Alcon, Allergan, Pfizer (R)
      Kame, None                                    320   P.A. Piers, Advanced Medical Optics, Inc.        426   X. Zhang, patent (P); D. Reigada,
236   C. Garcher, None; M. Passemard,                     (E); H.A. Weeber, Advanced Medical                     None; M. Zhang, None; A.M. Laties,
      None; P. Lafontaine, None; S. Viau,                 Optics, Inc. (E)                                       patent (P); C.H. Mitchell, Patent (P)
      None; C. Joffre, None; P. Elena, None; P.     326   F.	Taketani, None; G. Yoon, Bausch and           431   P. Deng, Duke University School of
      Pouliquen, Théa Lab (E); C. Baudouin,               Lomb (F, C); Y. Hara, None                             Medicine (P); Y. Peterson, None; P. Casey,
      None; A.M. Bron, None                         335   T. Lewis, Allergan (C); R.	Fiscella,                   Duke University School of Medicine (P); V.
241   M.J. Gonzalez-Garcia, None; A.                      Allergan (C); M. Jensen, Allergan (C)                  Rao, Duke University School of Medicine
      Gonzalez-Saiz, None; J.M. Herreras,           357   M.J. Potter, Novartis Ophthalmics (C,                  (P)
      None; B.	de	la	Fuente, None; J. San José,           R); S.M. Szabo, None                             433   G. Hollo, Allergan, Alcon (F); Allergan,
      None; J.	Feijo, None; A. Mayo, None;          369   D. BenEzra, Negma-Lerads (F); D. Blanc,                Alcon, Pfizer, MSD (C); A.G.P. Konstas,
      M.E. Stern, Allergan Inc. (E); M. Calonge,          Negma-Lerads (E); M. Savoldelli, None; J.              Allergan, Alcon, Pfizer, MSD (F, C); S.
      Allergan Inc. (C)                                   Jeanny, None; L. Jonet, None; F.	Behar-                Tsironi, None; M.	Irkec, Allergan (F, C); I.	
242   D.R. Korb, Ocular Research of Boston                Cohen, Negma-Lerads (F)                                Durukan, None; M. Goldenfeld, None; S.
      (P); J.P. Herman, None; J.D. Solomon,         382   A.E. Elsner , Inventor on patents and                  Melamed, Allergan (F, C)
      None; J.V. Greiner, Ocular Research of              applications in retinal imaging (P)              435   R.M.	Feldman, Alcon, Allergan, Pfizer,
      Boston (P); C.A.	Blackie, Ocular Research     384   A. Roorda , University of Rochester,                   Merck (R); Alcon, Allergan,Pfizer, Merck
      of Boston (C)                                       University of Houston (P)                              (F, C); T.C. Prager, None; L.	Baker,
                                                    385   W.	Drexler, Carl Zeiss Meditec (C)                     None; A.Z. Chuang, None

                      CR Disclosure 436 – 658

                      436    P. Denis, Pfizer (R); C. Baudouin, Pfizer       458   J.S. Bryant, None; B.A. Hughes, Alcon,        546   L.	Zickler, VISX, Incorporated (E); M.
                             (R); A. Bron, Pfizer (R); J. Nordmann,                Allergan, & Merck (R); A. Gupta, Bausch             Arnoldussen, VISX, Incorporated (E); S.
                             Pfizer (R); J. Renard, Pfizer (R); J.                 & Lomb (R); M.Y.	Alexander, Allergan                Somani, VISX, Incorporated (E); E. Gross,
                             Rouland, Pfizer (R); E. Sellem, Pfizer (R)            (R); M.E. Citron, None; C. Kim, None; C.            VISX, Incorporated (E); L. Cheng, VISX,
                      437    A. Young, None; J.H.K. Liu, None; R.N.                Crawford, None                                      Incorporated (E)
                             Weinreb, Pfizer (C)                             459   B.A. Hughes, Alcon, Allergan, & Merck         549   E.	Fu, None; R.R. Krueger, Alcon (F, R);
                      438    I.	Goldberg, Alcon, Allergan, Pfizer,                 (R); S.	Muenk, None; J.S. Bryant, None;             M. Chalita, Alcon (R)
                             Laserex, Zeiss (R); Pfizer (F); X. Li,                M.Y.	Alexander, Allergan (R); M.E.            556   C. Campbell, VISX, Incorporated (C); K.
                             Pfizer Ophthalmic (E); P. Selaru, Pfizer              Citron, None                                        Holliday, VISX, Incorporated (E)
                             Ophthalmic (E); D. Paggiarino, Pfizer           461   E.D. Sharpe, Pfizer (F); A.C. Reynolds,       567   I.	Brunette, None; J. Laliberte, None; J.
                             Ophthalmic (E)                                        None; G.L.	Skuta, None; C.L. Passmore,              Meunier, None; P.J. Ousley, None; M.A.
                      439    W.C. Stewart, Alcon (F, R); G. Hollo,                 None; W.C. Stewart, Merck, Pfizer, Alcon            Terry, Bausch and Lomb Surgical (P)
                             Alcon (F); C.L. Passmore, None                        (F, R)                                        568   M.K.	Smolek, NIDEK (C); S.D. Klyce,
                      440    L. Rossetti, Allergan, Pfizer (R)               485   P.C. Galambos, Berlin-Chemie (F);                   NIDEK (C); E.J. Sarver, Sarver &
                      441    N. Bastien, Yes (E); F.	Psaradellis, yes (E);         N. Matthiesen, Berlin-Chemie (F); L.                Associates (E, P); C. Tan, None
                             J. Sampalis, yes (E); M.	Lesk, yes (R)                Wagenfeld, None; A. Wiermann,                 573   K. Huang, None; S.	Iyengar, None; R.
                      442    A.G. Konstas, Merck, Alcon, Allergan,                 None; R. Praga, None; E.T. Matthiessen,             Radecki, None; A.M. Mahmoud,
                             Pfizer (F); S.	Lake, None; A.I.	Economou,             None; G. Richard, None; M. Klemm,                   None; M.D. Twa, None; R.G. Lembach,
                             None; K. Kaltsos, None; J.N.	Jenkins,                 None; O. Zeitz, Berlin-Chemie (F)                   None; C.J. Roberts, Dr. Roberts is a
                             None; W.C. Stewart, Merck, Pfizer, Alcon        489   D.B. Pedersen, Merck, Sharp & Dohme                 consultant for Bausch & Lomb, (C)
                             (F, R)                                                (F); M.H. Noergaard, Merck, Sharp &           583   M. Tang, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc (R); Y.
                      443    V.P. Kozobolis, Alcon, Pfizer (F); A.G.P.             Dohme (F); E.	Stefánsson, Merck, Sharp &            Li, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc (R); M. Avila,
                             Konstas, Merck, Alcon, Allergan, Pfizer               Dohme (F); P.K. Jensen, Merck, Sharp &              None; D. Huang, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc
                             (F); I.	Makridaki, None; R. Efremova,                 Dohme (F); T. Eysteinsson, Merck, Sharp             (P)
                             None; W.C. Stewart, Merck, Alcon, Pfizer              & Dohme (F); K. Bang, Merck, Sharp &          590   S. Schwartzman, Centocor, Abbott (C,
                             (F, R)                                                Dohme (F, E); M.L. Cour, Merck, Sharp &             R); T.	Flynn, None; C.M. Samson, None
                      444    J.	Garcia	Feijoo, Alcon (F); J.M.                     Dohme (F)                                     595   E.B.	Cook, Alcon Labs (F); J.L. Stahl,
                             Martinez-de-la-Casa, Alcon (F); A.              490   S.T.	Venkataraman, None; C. Hudson,                 Alcon Labs (F); F.M.	Graziano, Alcon
                             Castillo, Alcon (F); C. Méndez, Alcon (F);            University of Toronto (P); J.G.	Flanagan,           Labs (F); N.P. Barney, Alcon Labs (F)
                             A.	Fernández	Vidal, Alcon (F); J. García              None; L. Rodrigues, None; A. Mardimae,        599   H. He, TissueTech, Inc. (E); W. Li,
                             Sánchez, Alcon (F)                                    None; J.A.	Fisher, University of Toronto            TissueTech, Inc. (E); S.J. Zhang,
                      445    R.J.	Noecker, Allergan (C); M. Earl, None             (P)                                                 TissueTech, Inc. (E); D. Tseng, None; A.J.
                      446    J.C. Henry, Alcon Research, Ltd. (R, F);        492   K.R. Denninghoff, Provisional patent                Day, None; S.C.G. Tseng, TissueTech, Inc.
                             T.L. Kessler, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);               application submitted on saturation                 (I, E, C, P)
                             S.	Mallick, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);                 measurement technique. (P); R.A.              600   J.V. Greiner, Ocular Research of Boston
Relationships Index
ARVO Commercial

                             D.T. Wells, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);                 Chipman, None; R.I.	Park, None; D.                  (P); T.	Glonek, Ocular Research of Boston
                             S. Hua, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); T.A.                Salyer, None; N. Beaudry, None; T.                  (P); H.N. Bhargava, Ocular Research of
                             Landry, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); M.V.W.              Karen, None                                         Boston (C); J.D. Solomon, None; D.R.
                             Bergamini, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); D.S.       500   R.K. Lai, Allergan, Inc. (E); T. Chun,              Korb, Ocular Research of Boston (P)
                             Krueger, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E)                     Allergan, Inc. (E); S. Lee, Allergan, Inc.    616   A. Kuo, None; J. Yu, None; A. Eller,
                      447    M. Papadia, None; C.E. Traverso, Santen               (E); L.A. Wheeler, Allergan, Inc. (E)               None; R.	Noecker, Alcon (R); Allergan
                             Oy (F); A. Ropo, Santen Oy (E); H.              502   S.H. Poor, (OSI) Eyetech (F); C. Mailhos,           (F, C, R); Lumenis (F, R); Medtronics (R);
                             Uusitalo, Santen Oy (F)                               (OSI) Eyetech (F); J. Bradley, (OSI)                Zeiss (F)
                      451    S. Sonty, Merck, Alcon (F); Pfizer, Allergan          Eyetech (F); L. Mullin, (OSI) Eyetech (F);    617   E. Donnenfeld, Allergan (C); K. Solomon,
                             (R); J. Mulaney, None; W.C. Stewart,                  G.S. Robinson, (OSI) Eyetech (F); D.T.              Allergan (C); R. Chu, Allergan (F)
                             Merck, Pfizer, Alcon (F, R)                           Shima, (OSI) Eyetech (F)                      620   D.A. Ghate, AlconLabs, Fortworth, TX
                      452    R.A. Lewis, Alcon (R); Allergan (R); Pfizer     504   K.M. Harrison, Allergan Inc. (E); J.L.              (R); G. Holley, AlconLabs, FortWorth, TX
                             (R); M.J. Weiss, None; T.A. Landry,                   Edelman, Allergan Inc. (E)                          (R); H. Dollinger, AlconLabs, Fortworth,
                             Alcon (I, E); J.E.	Dickerson, Alcon (I, E);     522   M. Avila, None; Y. Li, Carl Zeiss (P); J.C.         TX (E); K.	Markwardt, AlconLabs,
                             J.E. James, Alcon (I, E); S.Y. Hua, Alcon             Song, None; D. Huang, Carl Zeiss (P)                FortWorth, TX (E); J.	Bullock, AlconLabs,
                             (I, E); E.K. Sullivan, Alcon (I, E); D.B.       525   D.W. Hahn, Alcon (F); B.	Fisher, Alcon              FortWorth, TX (E); H.F.	Edelhauser,
                             Montgomery, Alcon (I, E); D.T. Wells,                 (F)                                                 AlconLabs, FortWorth, TX (C)
                             Alcon (E, I); M.V.W. Bergamini, Alcon (I,       532   J.P.	Fang, None; L. Wang, None; D.D.          648   R.I.	Bergman, Advanced Medical Optics,
                             E)                                                    Koch, VISX, Alcon (C)                               Inc. (E); S. Mannberg, Advanced Medical
                      455    A.M. Pleil, Pfizer (E); M. Rotberg, Pfizer      533   T.	Ripken, None; W. Bernau, SIE AG                  Optics, Inc. (E); M. Lundqvist, Advanced
                             (F); C. Bosworth, Pfizer (E); M. Zhang,               (E); U. Oberheide, None; S. Schumacher,             Medical Optics, Inc. (E); R.W. Shimizu,
                             Pfizer (E)                                            None; C. Rathjen, Ziemer Group (E);                 Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. (E)
                      456    M. Rotberg, Pfizer (F); C. Bosworth,                  F.	Meyer, SIS AG (E); O. Kermani,             652   W.A. Simawi, None; P.G. Söderberg,
                             Pfizer (E); A.M. Pleil, Pfizer (E); M.                None; F.	Ziemer, Ziemer Group (E); H.               None; C.G. Laurell, investor (I); P.
                             Zhang, Pfizer (E); D. Paggiarino, Pfizer              Lubatschowski, None                                 Nordqvist, investor (I); E.	Skarman,
                             (E)                                             535   M.B. McDonald, Allergan (C); W.                     investor (I); L. Nordh, investor (I)
                      457    M. Diestelhorst, Boehringer, Germany                  Trattler, Allergan (C)                        658   M. Grueterich, None; D.	Palanker,
                             (P); M. Hellmich, None; D. Hochrainer,          537   S. Knapp, None; S.T. Awwad, None; J.P.              PEAKfc (P); C. Haritoglou, None; A.
                             Boehringer, Germany (P); G. Roessler,                 McCulley, Alcon Labs, Inc (C)                       Mueller, None; A.	Kampik, None; S.G.
                             None; A. Steinfeld, None; B. Zierenberg,                                                                  Priglinger, None
                             Boehringer, Germany (P)

                                                                                                                                CR Disclosure 664 – 905

664   N.	Sekhon, None; A.S.	Venkatraman,               795   C.D. Brocard, Haag-Streit (F); A.           857   I.	Lengyel, None; C.J.	Frederickson,
      None; J. McSoley, None; D.L. Budenz,                   Kawasaki, None; M. Monhart, Haag-                 NeuroBioTex (F); T. Peto, None; A.C.
      Zeiss Meditech (F, R); D.R. Anderson,                  Streit (E)                                        Bird, None; F.J.G.M.	van	Kuijk, None
      None                                             803   L.M. Hamm, None; B.M. Tam, None;            858   E.F.	van	Kuijk, None; D.H.	Linkous,
668   M.T. Coroneo, P (P); S.K. Pandey, None                 O.L. Moritz, Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Inc           None; I.	Lengyel, None; C.J.
679   M.S. Seward, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc.               (F)                                               Frederickson, P (P); K.E. Cano, None; B.
      (C); D.L.	Cooke, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®,          829   J. Pang, None; B. Chang, None; S.                 F.	Jones, None; J.M.	Flinn, None
      Inc. (C); L.R. Grillone, ISTA                          Nusinowitz, None; J.H. McDowell,            866   J.Z. Cui, Allergan Inc. (F); J.A.
      Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E); R.M.	Sacks,                None; S.M. Noorwez, None; V.A. Chiodo,            Matsubara, Allergan Inc. (F); A.L. Ning,
      ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E)                        None; T. Doyle, None; Q. Li, None; S.             None; P. Baciu, Allergan Inc. (E)
683   S. Tauber, Alcon (F, R); J. Gessler,                   Kaushal, None; W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC         869   R.F.	Mullins, Alcon Laboratories (F); J.
      None; W. Scott, None; C. Peterson,                     (P)                                               M.	Skeie, None; M.A. Olvera, None; E.A.
      None; P. Hamlet, None                            832   A.M. Komaromy, None; V.A. Chiodo,                 Malone, None
684   R.E. Evans, Allergan, Inc. (R); F.A.	Bucci,            None; J.J.	Alexander, None; W.W.            875   C.A. Toth, Alcon Laboratories (P); M.
      Allergan, Inc. (R)                                     Hauswirth, AGTC (P); G.M. Acland,                 Stopa, None; G.	Malek, None; C. Bowes
687   T. Ogawa, Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.               None; G.D. Aguirre, None                          Rickman, None; D.W.	Rickman, None; K.
      (E); K.	Miyake, Senju Pharmaceutical             834   L. Molday, None; S. Min, None; B.H.F.	            Winter, None; M. McCall, None
      Co., Ltd. (C); T.R. McNamara, ISTA                     Weber, None; W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC,          890   C.J. Scott, None; L.A. Levin, Patent
      Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E); J.A. Gow,                  Inc (P); R.S. Molday, None                        application (P)
      ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E)                  835   L.L. Wei, GenVec (E); M. Hamilton,          891   D.V. Pow, None; L.T. Macnab, None; E.
688   J.A. Gow, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc.                  GenVec (E); C.R. King, GenVec (E);                WoldeMussie, Allergan Inc (E); R.K.P.
      (E); B.A. Aird, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®,                 D. McVey, GenVec (E, P); D. Brough,               Sullivan, None
      Inc. (E); T.R. McNamara, ISTA                          GenVec (E, P)                               898   R.T.	Tzekov, cc (E); T. Lin, cc (E); A.
      Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E); C.K. Song,           837   L.G.	Glushakova, None; M.	Gorbatyuk,              Oyejide, cc (E); W. Orilla, cc (E); K.
      ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E); T.W.                  None; Y. Lu, None; S. Song, None; T.              Zhang, cc (E); C. Ghosn, cc (E); C.
      Joe, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E); G.A.             Shinohara, None; W.W. Hauswirth,                  Spada, cc (E); B. Kuppermann, in (I); L.
      Baklayan, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc.                  AGTC inc (P)                                      Wheeler, cc (E); J.	Burke, cc (E)
      (E)                                              838   S.E. Haire, None; J. Pang, None; S.         900   M.	Nozaki, Quark Biotech, Inc. (F); B.J.
697   J.M. Miller, Travel Funds Right Mfg Inc                Boye, None; A. Robinson, None; I.	Sokal,          Raisler, Quark Biotech, Inc. (F); I.	Mett,
      (R); E.M. Harvey, None; V. Dobson,                     None; C. Craft, None; K.	Palczewski,              Quark Biotech, Inc. (E); N.	Notkin, Quark
      None; C.E. Clifford, None                              None; W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC (P); S.L.              Biotech, Inc. (E); I.	Papismadov, Quark
702   A.J. Rowatt, None; C.G. Crosby,                        Semple-Rowland, None                              Biotech, Inc. (E); L. Shalom, Quark
      None; S.P. Donahue, Vision Research              839   W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC (P); H. Petrs-               Biotech, Inc. (E); A.	Takeda, Quark
      Corporation (C)                                        Silva, None; S. Min, None; J.M. Liu,              Biotech, Inc. (F); J.Z.	Baffi, Quark Biotech,
703   C. Crosby, None; A.J. Rowatt, None; A.                 None; S. Mani, None; V.A. Chiodo,                 Inc. (F); E.	Feinstein, Quark Biotech, Inc.

                                                                                                                                                               Relationships Index
                                                                                                                                                               ARVO Commercial
      C. Hudson, None; S.P. Donahue, Vision                  None; M. Ding, None; R. Linden, None; S.          (E); J. Ambati, Pfeizer (R); Quark Biotech,
      Research Corp. (C)                                     L. Boye, None                                     Inc. (F, C)
706   W.E. Sponsel, None; C. Hennessey,                843   J.	Alexander, None; Y. Umino, None; M.      901   Q. Li, None; R. Miller, None; J. Pang,
      None; C. McCash, None; G. Lindhorst,                   A. Raven, None; S. Min, None; D.                  None; S. Boye, None; V. Choido, None;
      None; B. Moomaw, Hamamatsu (E)                         Everhart, None; N.L. Hawes, None; R.              A. Scaria, Genzyme (F); P. Pechan,
711   D.A.	Mackey, Pfizer Australia Grant                    Barlow, None; B.E. Reese, None; B.                Genzyme (F); H. Rubin, Genzyme (F); S.
      (F); A. Ponsonby, None; S.A. Brown,                    Chang, None; W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC                 Wadsworth, Genzyme (F); W. Hauswirth,
      None; L.S. Kearns, None; J.R.                          (P)                                               AGTC Inc. (P)
      Mackinnon, None; L.W. Scotter, None; J.          844   J. Liu, None; S. Min, None; V. Chiodo,      902   M.C. Wills, Charles River Laboratories (E);
      A. Cochrane, None                                      None; S.L. Boye, None; J.	Alexander,              C.	Flaxel, Charles River Laboratories (C);
734   J. Guy, None; X. Qi, None; L. Sun,                     None; M. Ding, None; T. Doyle, None; S.           T.	Hack, Charles River Laboratories (E); T.
      None; A. Lewin, None; W. Hauswirth,                    Mani, None; A.S. Lewin, None; W.W.                Fenn, Charles River Laboratories (E)
      AGTC (P)                                               Hauswirth, AGTC, Inc (P)                    903   N. Nagai, Boehringer Ingelheim (F); Y.
740   T. Sherwin, None; R.S. Huang, None;              846   H.	Ishikawa, I Have Nothing To Disclose           Oike, None; K.	Izumi, None; T. Urano,
      D.L.	Becker, CoDaTherapeutics (NZ) Ltd.                (F)                                               None; Y. Kubota, None; Y. Ozawa,
      (P); C.R. Green, CoDaTherapeutics (NZ)           852   S.L. Boye, None; J.J. Peterson, None; H.          None; M.	Inoue, None; K. Tsubota,
      Ltd. (I, P)                                            Petrs-Silva, None; S. Min, None; J. Pang,         None; T. Suda, None; S.	Ishida,
751   A.A. Sadun, Pfizer (F); F.N.	Ross-                     None; S. Haire, None; Q. Li, None; V.             Boehringer Ingelheim (F)
      Cisneros, None; M.N. Moraes, None; M.                  A. Chiodo, None; M. Ding, None; W.W.        905   K.	Izumi, Chugai Pharmaceuticals (F);
      N.	Moraes-Filho, None; R. Belfort,                     Hauswirth, AGTC (P)                               N. Nagai, Chugai Pharmaceuticals (F); Y.
      None; A.	Berezovsky, None; S.R.                  853   I.	Sandoval, None; B.D. Gerwin, None; S.          Ozawa, None; T. Kurihara, None; M.
      Salomao, None; V. Carelli, None                        Boye, None; W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC                  Inoue, None; K. Tsubota, None; M.
775   C.A. Westall, Aventis Pharma Inc.,                     (P); T.G. Wensel, None; T.W. Kraft, None          Mihara, Chugai Pharmaceuticals (E);
      Ovation Pharmaceuticals (C); Ovation             854   P. Pechan, Genzyme (E); H. Rubin,                 Y. Ohsugi, Chugai Pharmaceuticals
      Pharmaceuticals (R); R. Nobile, None; J.R.             Genzyme (E); M.	Lukason, Genzyme (E);             (E); H.	Okano, None; S.	Ishida, Chugai
      Buncic, None                                           J. Ardinger, Genzyme (E); D.	Woodcock,            Pharmaceuticals (F)
778   J. Paetzold, Haag-Streit Inc. (F); Pfizer Inc.         Genzyme (E); J.	Jaworski, Genzyme (E);
      (F); E. Krapp, Pfizer Inc. (F); R. Vonthein,           H. Qiu, Genzyme (E); W. Hauswirth,
      None; U. Schiefer, Haag-Streit Inc. (C);               Genzyme (C); S. Wadsworth, Genzyme
      Pfizer Inc. (C)                                        (E); A. Scaria, Genzyme (E)

                      CR Disclosure 906 – 1338

                      906    S. Kachi, None; K. Binley, Oxford                998    M.B. Landers, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®,          1135   J.C. Javitt, (OSI) Eyetech (C); S.R.
                             Biomedica (E); N. Umeda, None; H.                       Inc. (C); A.R. Bhavsar, ISTA                         Earnshaw, Pfizer (I); Pfizer, (OSI) Eyetech
                             Akiyama, None; K.	Yokoi, None; M.                       Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (C); R.K. Pearson,            (F); C.N. Graham, Pfizer, (OSI) Eyetech
                             Kachi, None; W. Xiao, None; M. Espa,                    ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (C); A.M.                (F); A.J. Brogan, Pfizer, (OSI) Eyetech (F);
                             Oxford Biomedica (E); S. Naylor, Oxford                 Hochberg, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®,                     G.P. Zlateva, Pfizer (E); A. Pleil, Pfizer
                             Biomedica (E); P.A. Campochiaro, Oxford                 Inc. (C); T.R. McNamara, ISTA                        (E); S.N. Shah, Pfizer (E); A.P. Adamis,
                             Biomedica (F)                                           Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E); J.A. Gow,                (OSI) Eyetech (I, E)
                      908    K.M. Binley, Oxford BioMedica UK Ltd                    ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E); L.R.         1187   S. Norrby, AMO Groningen BV (E)
                             (E); S. Kachi, None; N. Umeda, None; H.                 Grillone, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E)     1188   Y. Chen, E-Vision Technologies, Inc. (P);
                             Akiyama, None; K.	Yokoi, None; W. Xiao,          1015   I.E.	Zimmer-Galler, EyeTel Imaging, Inc.             J.W.L. Lewis, E-Vision Technologies, Inc.
                             None; M. Kachi, None; S.	Iqball, Oxford                 (F, C); R. Zeimer, EyeTel Imaging, Inc.              (P); B. Tan, None; K.	Baker, None; M.
                             BioMedica UK Ltd (E); S. Naylor, Oxford                 (C, P)                                               Wang, None; L. Shi, None
                             BioMedica UK Ltd (E); P. Campochiaro,            1027   T.A.	Walker, None; A.E.	Faulkner,             1192   B.T. Eagan, Bausch & Lomb (E); J.
                             None                                                    None; M.K. Kim, None; V. Chow,                       McBeth, Bausch & Lomb (E); M.
                      910    S. Palii, None; S. Caballero, None; S.                  Optobionics (I, P); A.Y. Chow, Optobionics           Merchea, Bausch & Lomb (E)
                             Jurczyk, RFE Pharma (E); A.	Franklin,                   (I, P); M.T. Pardue, Optobionics (F)          1193   T. Noda, None; K. Ohnuma, None; Y.
                             RFE Pharma (E); G. Robinson, RFE                 1028   I.V.	Glybina, None; R.	Iezzi, None; P.               Iida, None; M. Shibutani, Topcon (E); K.
                             Pharma (E); G. Shapiro, RFE Pharma                      Ashton, Control Delivery Systems (E); G.             Kobayashi, Topcon (E)
                             (E); M.B. Grant, None                                   Abrams, None                                  1196   E. Alcon, Essilor International (F); E.A.
                      913    T.	Funakoshi, Sponsored research grant           1030   P. Schrittenloher, Retina Implant AG                 Villegas, Essilor International (F); P. Artal,
                             from EntreMed, Inc. (F); A.E. Birsner,                  (F); H. Sachs, Retina Implant AG (F); U.             Essilor International (F)
                             Sponsored research grant from EntreMed,                 Brunner, Retina Implant AG (F); T.	Zink,      1204   S.M. Pantanelli, None; G. Yoon, Bausch &
                             Inc. (F); R.J. D’Amato, Sponsored                       Retina Implant AG (F); E. Zrenner, Retina            Lomb (F, C)
                             research grant from EntreMed, Inc. (F)                  Implant AG (F, I, P); V. Gabel, Retina        1205   R. Sabesan, None; L. Carvalho, None; T.
                      967    T.A. Ciulla, Genentech, Inc. (C); L. Yu,                Implant AG (F, I, P)                                 Jeong, None; G. Yoon, Bausch & Lomb
                             Genentech, Inc. (I, E); J. Lowe, Genentech,      1031   B. Niggemann, None; G.F.	Weinbauer,                  (C, F); R. Somasundaram, Bausch &
                             Inc. (I, E); N. Yu, Genentech, Inc. (I, E); M.          None; H. Gerding, retina implant (P)                 Lomb (E); I.	Cox, Bausch & Lomb (E)
                             Maia, Genentech, Inc. (I, E); L.A. Damico,       1053   S. Rahmani, Ocumed Inc (F); R.E. Marc,        1207   P.S. Binder, Ophthonix Inc. (C); L.
                             Genentech, Inc. (I, E); N.	Ferrara,                     None; S.A. Shippy, None; J.R. Hetling,               Warden, Ophthonix Inc. (E); A.W.
                             Genentech, Inc. (I, E)                                  Ocumed Inc (F); L.B. Bogdanowicz,                    Dreher, Ophthonix Inc. (E)
                      968    D.V.	Palanker, Optimedica Inc. (C);                     Ocumed Inc. (E, P)                            1220   T.J.T.P. van den Berg, OCULUS
                             Stanford University (P); D. Yellachich,          1059   A. White, None; W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC                 Optikgeräte GmbH (P); L.	Franssen,
                             Stanford University (P); D.E. Andersen,                 (P); Q. Li, None; A.S. Lewin, None                   None; J.E. Coppens, None
                             Optimedica Inc. (E); M.W. Wiltberger,            1070   M.K. Kim, None; T.A.	Walker, None; A.         1221   J.E. Coppens, None; L.	Franssen,
                             Optimedica Inc. (E); D. Mordaunt,                       E.	Faulkner, None; A.Y. Chow,                        None; T.J.T.P. van den Berg, OCULUS
Relationships Index
ARVO Commercial

                             Optimedica Inc. (E); G.R. Marcellino,                   Optobionics (I, P); V. Chow, Optobionics             Optikgeräte GmbH (P)
                             Optimedica Inc. (E); M.S.	Blumenkranz,                  (I, P); G.Y. McLean, Optobionics (E);         1234   F.A.	Lattanzio, P (P); A. Hosseini, None;
                             Stanford University (P)                                 M.T. Pardue, Optobionics (F)                         T. Delahanty, E (E); P (P); P.G. Loose-
                      969    J. Jang, Eyegene (E); Y. Cho, Eyegene            1071   L.L. Chan, None; B.B. Thomas, None; A.               Thurman, None; P.B. Williams, None
                             (E); H. Lim, Eyegene (E); I.	Lee, BS Eye                Ray, None; J.D. Weiland, None; M.S.           1312   J. Buehren, None; C. Kuehne, None; T.
                             center (E); O. Kwon, None                               Humayun, Second Sight Medical Products,              Kohnen, Bausch & Lomb (C)
                      973    A.R. Bhavsar, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®,                    Inc. (I)                                      1319   K.L.	Fry, None; P.S. Hersh, Consultant,
                             Inc. (C); M.B. Landers, ISTA                     1111   T.	Kawakita, TissueTech, Inc. (E);                   Refractec Inc. (C)
                             Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (C); R.K. Pearson,               A. Hornia, TissueTech, Inc. (E); S.           1325   R.N. Khurana, None; Y. Li, None; M.M.
                             ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (C); A.                     Shimmura, None; K. Higa, None; H.                    Lai, None; D. Huang, Carl Zeiss Meditec,
                             Hochberg, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®,                        Miyashita, None; K. Tsubota, None; J.                Inc (F); Optical Coherence Tomography (P)
                             Inc. (C); T.R. McNamara, ISTA                           Shimazaki, None; S.C.G. Tseng,                1327   K.R.	Huxlin, Bausch & Lomb, Inc. (F); L.
                             Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (C); J.A. Gow,                   TissueTech, Inc. and Ocular Surface Center,          Nagy, None; M. Wyble, None; M. Beha,
                             ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E); L.R.                   (C, I, E, P)                                         None; J. Wang, Bausch & Lomb, Inc.
                             Grillone, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E)        1115   S.	Shaunak, Inventor (P)                             (F); I.	Cox, Bausch & Lomb Inc. (E); S.
                      974    G. Zamora, Kestrel Corporation (E); S.           1118   M. Young , SERI (P)                                  MacRae, Bausch & Lomb, Inc. (F, C)
                             Bursell, None; S.C. Nemeth, Kestrel              1123   C.A. Johnson, Welch Allyn (F, C, R); S.K.     1328   R.C. Will, None; S.R. Uhlhorn, None; W.
                             Corporation (C); Y. Srinivasan, Kestrel                 Gardiner, None; G.A.	Cioffi, None                    Lee, None; A. Bernal, None; M. Aly,
                             Corporation (E); B. Raman, Kestrel               1124   T.L. Maddess, Licensed Patents FD stimuli            None; E. Arrieta, None; F.	Fantes,
                             Corporation (E)                                         (P); I.	Goldberg, None; E.C.	Figueira,               None; F.	Manns, None; C.	Puliafito, Carl
                      979    S. Ahmad, None; S.S. Stinnett, None; G.J.               None; A. Valencia-Estrada, None; A.                  Zeiss, Inc. (F, C, P); J. Parel, None
                             Jaffe, Bausch & Lomb (F)                                Zeldovich, None                               1331   J. Stoiber, None; O. Seyeddain, None; R.
                      994    D. Yellachich, Stanford University (P); D.       1127   N.G. Strouthidis, Heidelberg Engineering             Eilmsteiner, US patent 6045503 (P); C.
                             Palanker, Stanford University (P); D.E.                 (F); A. Scott, None; A.C. Viswanathan,               Steindl, None; J.	Ruckhofer, None; R.
                             Andersen, OptiMedica Corporation (E);                   None; D.P. Crabb, None; D.F.	Garway-                 Mattioli, None; W.	Husinsky, US patent
                             M.W. Wiltberger, OptiMedica Corporation                 Heath, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C);                    6045503 (P); G. Grabner, US patent
                             (E); D. Mordaunt, OptiMedica                            Heidelberg Engineering (F); Talia                    6045503 (P)
                             Corporation (E); G.R. Marcellino,                       Technologies (F)                              1333   B. Meinhardt, None; O. Stachs, None; A.
                             OptiMedica Corporation (E); V. Morales-          1129   R. Klein, Pfizer, Eyetech, and Genentech             Zhivov, Heidelberg Engineering (R); R.
                             Canton, None; H. Quiroz-Mercado,                        (C); B.E.K. Klein, None; M.D. Knudtson,              Guthoff, Heidelberg Engineering (R)
                             None; M.S.	Blumenkranz, Stanford                        None; S.M. Meuer, None; S.M. Meuer,           1338   A. Ruggeri, Nidek Technologies (C); F.	
                             University (P)                                          None; R. Gangnon, None                               Scarpa, None; E. Grisan, None

                                                                                                                            CR Disclosure 1345 – 1652

1345   M.	Akiba, None; K.	Yumikake, None;          1487   M.G. Aly, InnFocus LLC, Miami, FL (F);        1545   W. Wang, Alcon (E); L.G. McNatt, Alcon
       Y.	Fukuma, Topcon Corporation (E); T.              H. Yamamoto, InnFocus LLC, Miami, FL                 (E); I.	Pang, Alcon (E); P.E. Hellberg,
       Soma, None; K. Nishida, None; N.                   (F); E.M. Espana, InnFocus LLC, Miami,               Alcon (E); C.J. Millar, Alcon (E); A.F.	
       Maeda, Topcon Corporation (F); Y. Tano,            FL (F); M.A. Orozco, InnFocus LLC,                   Clark, Alcon (E)
       None; K. Chan, None                                Miami, FL (F); M. Aguilar, InnFocus LLC,      1546   W.W. Dawson, Alcon Research Ltd (F); E.
1357   R. Holzchuh, None; N. Holzchuh,                    Miami, FL (F); E. Arrieta, InnFocus LLC,             C. Ogle, None; J. Dawson, None; M.A.
       None; R.Y. Hida, None; F.C.	Abib,                  Miami, FL (F); L.	Pinchuk, InnFocus LLC,             McLaughlin, Alcon Research Ltd (E)
       inventor (P)                                       Miami, FL (I, E, P); J. Martin, InnFocus      1547   L.E. Pillunat, Allergan (F); Allergan,
1359   M.M. Lai, None; M. Tang, None; R.                  LLC, Miami, FL (E); W. Smiddy, InnFocus              MSD, Pfizer (R); A.G. Boehm, Allergan
       Khurana, None; D. Huang, Carl Zeiss                LLC, Miami, FL (F); J. Parel, InnFocus               (F); Allergan, MSD (R)
       Meditech Inc. (P)                                  LLC (F); InnFocus LLC, Miami, FL (P)          1574   L. Zhong, (OSI) eyetech Pharmaceuticals
1373   Y. Tamada, Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.   1503   J. Tabernero, Advanced Medical Optics                Inc. (E); J. Bradley, (OSI) eyetech
       (E); T.R. Shearer, Senju Pharmaceutical            (F); P. Piers, Advanced Medical Optics (E);          Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E); A. Adamis,
       Co., Ltd. (C); M. Azuma, Senju                     P. Artal, Advanced Medical Optics (F)                (SOI) eyetech Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E); D.
       Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (E)                1523   G.J. Jaffe, Bausch and Lomb (F, R);                  Shima, (OSI)eyetech Pharmaceuticals Inc.
1382   Y. Le, None; L. Zheng, None; W. Zheng,             D.F.	Martin, Bausch and Lomb (C); D.                 (E); Y. Ng, (OSI)eyetech Pharmaecuticals
       None; Y. Chen, None; H.P. Gerber,                  Callanan, Bausch and Lomb (C); B. Levy,              Inc. (E); G. Robinson, (OSI)eyetech
       Employee and reserach material (F); N.             Bausch and Lomb (E); T.	Comstock,                    Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E)
       Ferrara, Employee and reserach material            Bausch and Lomb (E)                           1591   L.H. Suh, None; C. Zhang, None; S.
       (F); J. Ma, None                            1524   E.B. Suhler, Centocor (F); J.R. Smith,               Naylor, Oxford BioMedica (E); K. Binley,
1403   N. Yaji, None; M. Yamato, None; M.                 Centocor (F); A.K. Lauer, None; M.S.                 Oxford BioMedica (E); A. Behrens,
       Hiramoto, None; A.	Kikuchi, None; H.               Wertheim, None; D.E. Kurz, None; L.                  None; R.S.	Chuck, None; S.	Chakravarti,
       Namiki, None; T.	Okano, CellSeed, Inc.             L. Lim, None; F.	Mackensen, None; T.D.               None; A.S. Jun, None
       (I); S. Hori, None                                 Pickard, Centocor (F); J.T. Rosenbaum,        1595   J. Lee, None; Y.S.	In, None; J. Ko, None;
1406   M.J. Seiler, Ocular Transplantation                Centocor (F, C, R)                                   M.	Park, MD bioalpha (E); W.R. Wee,
       LLC (P); S. Chadalavada, None; B.           1525   M.D. de Smet, consultant (C)                         None; J.H. Lee, None; M.K. Kim, None
       B. Thomas, None; Z. Chen, None; S.          1527   T. Missotten, None; J.A.M. van Laar,          1600   B.K. Ambati, Medical College of Georgia
       Arai, None; M.J. Mahoney, None; S.                 None; T. van der Loos, None; P.M. van                (P); N. Singh, Medical College of Georgia
       R. Sadda, None; R.B. Aramant, Ocular               Hagen, patent pending (P); G.S. Baarsma,             (P); P. Jani, None; R. Caldwell, None; K.
       Transplantation LLC (E, P)                         patent pending (P)                                   Smith, None; M.	Nozaki, None; B.
1412   S. He, None; R. Subramanyan, p (P); V.      1534   B.B. Thomas, None; A. Ray, None; L.                  Raisler, None; D. Samuelson, None; A.
       Krasnoperov, p (P); D. Zhu, None; S.               L. Chan, None; J.D. Weiland, None; M.                Orecchia, None; J. Ambati, University of
       Hoffmann, None; E.A. Barron, None; A.              J. Seiler, None; M.S. Humayun, Second                Kentucky (P)
       Rodriguez, None; S.J. Ryan, None; P.S.             Sight Medical Products, Inc. (I)              1604   D.G.	Harkin, Tissue Therapies Ltd (I, C,
       Gill, p (P); D.R. Hinton, None              1535   J.G. Eng, None; F.N.	Ross-Cisneros,                  P); S.L. Ainscough, Tissue Therapies Ltd

                                                                                                                                                            Relationships Index
                                                                                                                                                            ARVO Commercial
1428   T.W. Lauer, None; S.F.	Hackett,                    None; D. Güven, None; J.D. Weiland,                  (I); Z. Barnard, None; Z. Upton, Tissue
       None; R.	Formica, None; K.	Yokoi,                  Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. (F);             Therapies Ltd (I, C, P)
       None; N.H. Khu, None; S. Henry, Isis               M.S. Humayun, Second Sight Medical            1606   G.W. Laurie, UVa Patent Foundation
       Pharmaceuticals (E); P.A. Campochiaro,             Products, Inc. (F, I, P); A.A. Sadun, None           (P); N. Wang, None; R.W. Raab, None; R.
       Isis Pharmaceuticals (F)                    1536   C.G. Veraart, NeuroTECH (I, P); I.	                  L. McKown, None
1430   E.	Furfine, Regeneron Pharmaceutical Inc           Obeid, None; M.E. Brelèn, None; J.            1626   Y. Liu, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals,
       (E); A. Coppi, Regeneron Pharmaceutical            Delbeke, NeuroTECH (I, P)                            Inc. (E); J. Cao, Regeneron
       Inc (E); E. Koehler-Stec, Regeneron         1538   E. Zrenner, Retina Implant AG (F, I, P);             Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E); R.A. Renard,
       Pharmaceutical Inc (E); E. Zimmer,                 D. Besch, Retina Implant AG (F); K.U.                Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E);
       Regeneron Pharmaceutical Inc (E); W.               Bartz-Schmidt, Retina Implant AG (F);                H. Song, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals,
       Tu, Regeneron Pharmaceutical Inc (E); C.           F.	Gekeler, Retina Implant AG (F, I); V.P.           Inc. (E); D. Hylton, Regeneron
       Struble, Covance Laboratories (E)                  Gabel, Retina Implant AG (F, I, P); C.               Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E); J.S. Rudge,
1443   M.C. Aguilar, InnFocus, LLC (F); M. Aly,           Kuttenkeuler, Retina Implant AG (F);                 Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
       InnFocus, LLC (F); E. Arrieta, InnFocus,           H. Sachs, Retina Implant AG (F, I, P); H.            (E); N. Papadopoulos, Regeneron
       LLC (F); M. Orozco, InnFocus, LLC (F);             Sailer, Retina Implant AG (E); B. Wilhelm,           Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E); G.D.
       H. Yamamoto, InnFocus, LLC (F); E.                 Retina Implant AG (C); R.	Wilke, Retina              Yancopoulos, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals,
       Espana, InnFocus, LLC (F); L.	Pinchuk,             Implant AG (F)                                       Inc. (E); S.J. Wiegand, Regeneron
       InnFocus, LLC (I, E, P); S. Dubovy,         1540   P.R.	Troyk, None; D. Bradley, None; M.               Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E)
       InnFocus, LLC (F); W. Smiddy, InnFocus,            Bak, MicroProbe, Inc. (I); S. Cogan, EIC      1630   W. Li, TissueTech, Inc. (E); H. He,
       LLC (F); J. Parel, InnFocus, LLC (F, P)            Laboratories (E); R.	Erickson, None; Z.              TissueTech, Inc. (E); S.C.G. Tseng,
1446   R.M. Lieberman, ISTA Pharmaceuticals               Hu, None; D. McCreery, None; E.                      TissueTech, Inc. (I, E, C, P)
       (C, R); C. Zatezalo, None                          Schmidt, None; S. Sung, None; V. Towle,       1633   E.B. Hume, Viswa (F); N. Cole, Viswa
1463   J.H. Dresp, Bausch & Lomb (F); D. Menz,            None                                                 (F); A.K. Vijay, None; R. Krishnan,
       Pharmpur (I)                                1541   A.L. Robin, Alcon Laboratories, Inc (C, P);          Viswa (C); M.	Willcox, Viswa (F)
                                                          Merck, Pfizer, Alcon (R); T. Landry, Alcon    1652   M.K. Menz, None; M.D. Menz, EDI (E);
                                                          Research, LTD (E); M.V.W. Bergamini,                 E.E. Sutter, EDI (E, P)
                                                          Alcon Research, LTD (E); A.F.	Clark,
                                                          Alcon Research, LTD (E)
                                                   1542   J. Tung, None; J.D. Lindsey, None; R.N.
                                                          Weinreb, Pfizer (C); M. Angert, None; C.
                                                          A. Morris, None; J.G. Crowston, Alcon,
                                                          Pfizer (R); Pfizer (F)

                      CR Disclosure 1657 – 1881

                      1657   S.E.	Eklund, Ovation Pharmaceuticals,       1750   R.A. Renard, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals        1795   L. Schmetterer, Honoraria and Travel
                             Inc. (F); A.	Moskowitz, Ovation                    Inc. (E); I.B.	Lobov, Regeneron                      Reimbursement from MSD and Novartis
                             Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (F); A.M. Barnaby,           Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E); Y. Liu,                    (R); Unrestricted Grants from MSD,
                             Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (F); R.M.            Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E);                  Novartis, Allergan, Pharmaselect (F); J.
                             Hansen, Ovation Pharmaceuticals,                   J. Cao, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals                    Kolodjaschna, None; F.	Berisha, None; E.
                             Inc. (F); A.B.	Fulton, Ovation                     Inc. (E); K.D. Anderson, Regeneron                   Polska, None
                             Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (F)                          Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E); N.J.                1807   S.A. Burns, None; A.E. Elsner, None;
                      1661   R. Blanco, None; J.L. Liang, None; P.              Papadopoulos, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals              D.R.	Ferguson, PSI, Inc (E); D.X.
                             Martinez, None; J.A. Alvarado, None;               Inc. (E); J.S. Rudge, Regeneron                      Hammer, PSI, Inc (E)
                             E.E. Sutter, EDI (P)                               Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E); G.D.                1808   A. Roorda, Univ. Rochester, Univ. Houston
                      1662   M.G. Todorova, Pfizer (F); A.M.                    Yancopoulos, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals               (P); E.A. Rossi, None; Y. Zhang, None; S.
                             Palmowski-Wolfe, Pfizer (F); S. Orguel,            Inc. (E); S.J. Wiegand, Regeneron                    B. Stevenson, None; D.W. Arathorn,
                             None; J.	Flammer, None; M. Brigell,                Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E)                             General Intelligence Corporation (E);
                             Pfizer (E)                                  1751   E. Zimmer, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals                 Montana State University (P); C.R. Vogel,
                      1669   S.G. Coupland, Diagnosys LLC (C); D.               (E); B.J. Christian, Covance Laboratories            Montana State University (P); A.	Parker,
                             Wu, None                                           (E); P.E. Miller, Comparative Ophthalmic             None; Q. Yang, None
                      1670   Y. Tsau, lkc technologies, inc (F); O.             Research Laboratories (E); M.T.	Nork,         1810   Y. Zhang, None; S. Poonja, None;
                             Dembinska, None; K.	Burke, None                    Comparative Ophthalmic Research                      A. Roorda, University of Rochester,
                      1672                                 ˇay,
                             B. Hermann, None; B.	Povaz None; A.                Laboratories (E); J.N. VerHoeve,                     University of Houston (P)
                             Unterhuber, None; M. Lessel, None; H.              Comparative Ophthalmic Research               1817   H.	Flynn, ALCON, ALLERGAN,
                             Sattmann, None; U. Schmidt-Erfurth,                Laboratories (E); C.J. Murphy,                       EYETECH, GENENTECH, NOVARTIS
                             None; W.	Drexler, Carl Zeiss Meditec (C)           Comparative Ophthalmic Research                      (C)
                      1675   J.A. Jamison, Alcon Research Ltd (F); S.           Laboratories (E); J.M. Miller, Covance        1828   M.B.	Wax, Alcon (E); G. Tezel, Alcon (R);
                             Ball, Alcon Research Ltd (R); C. Miller,           Laboratories (E); R.A. Leedle, Covance               J. Yang, Alcon (E); R. Patil, Alcon (E); R.
                             Alcon Research Ltd (F); T.S. Kern, Alcon           Laboratories (E); J.	Lesniak, Regeneron              Sappington, None; D.	Calkins, Alcon (R)
                             Research Ltd (C); D.P. Bingaman, Alcon             Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E); E. Bentley,        1831   J. Ambati, Quark Biotech, Inc. (C);
                             Research Ltd (F)                                   Comparative Ophthalmic Research                      University of Kentucky (P); M.	Nozaki,
                      1680   H. Arvind, None; A. Klistorner,                    Laboratories (E)                                     None; E.	Sakurai, None; J.Z.	Baffi,
                             ObjectiVision Pty Ltd, Sydney (C); S.L.     1752   A.B. Maier, None; N.	Kociok, None; G.                None; A.	Takeda, None; B.J. Raisler,
                             Graham, ObjectiVision Pty Ltd, Sydney              Zahn, Jerini AG (I); R. Stragies, Jerinia            None; B.K. Ambati, None
                             (C); J.R. Grigg, None                              AG (I); P.S. Muether, None; A.M.              1842   H. Thieme, Alcon Germany (R); R.
                      1681   S. Graham, ObjectiVision Pty Ltd (C,               Joussen, None                                        Rosenthal, None; G. Münzer, None; L.
                             P); C.	Fraser, None; A. Klistorner,         1753   L.D. Waterbury, Allergan (C, R)                      Choritz, None; F.	Grus, None; N. Pfeiffer,
                             ObjectiVision Pty Ltd (C, P); R.	Garrick,   1755   R. Landers, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); R.             None
                             None; F.	Billson, None; J. Grigg, None             Yang, None; G.W. McCollum, None; D.P.         1844   R.J. Wordinger, Alcon Research Ltd.
Relationships Index
ARVO Commercial

                      1700   R.	Allikmets, None; J. Zernant, None; K.           Bingaman, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); J.S.             (F); D.	Fleenor, Alcon Research Ltd. (E);
                             Jaakson, Asper Biotech Ltd (E); I.	Lopez,          Penn, Alcon Research, Ltd. (C, F)                    P. Hellberg, Alcon Research Ltd. (E); I.	
                             None; E. Haamer, Asper Biotech, Ltd.        1759   R.N. Mames, None; A. Mattheus,                       Pang, Alcon Research Ltd. (E); T. Tovar,
                             (E); A. den Hollander, None; C. Ayuso,             None; J. Butler, None; G. Brown,                     None; G. Zode, None; J.	Fuller, None; A.
                             None; S.	Banfi, None; F.P.M.	Cremers,              None; M. Jorgensen, None; E. Scott, P (P)            Clark, Alcon Research Ltd. (E)
                             None; R.K.	Koenekoop, None                  1763   S.A. Mousa, Othera (F, C); L. O’Connor,       1855   T.O. Tovar, None; A.F.	Clark, Alcon
                      1718   S. Kwon, EyeGene (E); S. Byun, None;               None; A. Aljada, None; D. Armstrong,                 Research Ltd. (E); R.J. Wordinger, Alcon
                             S. Hong, GeneMatrix (E); J. Kim, BS                Othera (C)                                           Research Ltd. (F)
                             Eyecenter (E); O. Kwon, None                1768   Y. Li, None; P. Atmaca-Sonmez, None; C.       1857   K. Keller, None; M.J. Kelley, None; Y.
                      1721   J.K. Krady, Vasogen, Inc (F); S.W.                 Schanie, None; S.T.	Ildstad, Regenerex (I);          Chen, None; T.S. Acott, Alcon (F)
                             Levison, Vasogen, Inc (F)                          H.J. Kaplan, Regenerex (F); V. Enzmann,       1862   A.Y. Rose, None; K. Song, None; Y. Chen,
                      1742   D.P. Bingaman, Alcon Research (E); Z.              Regenerex (F)                                        None; T.S. Acott, Alcon (F); M.J. Kelley,
                             Wei, Alcon Research (E); K.P. Thomas,       1773   M. Tomita, None; T. Mori, None; K.                   None
                             Alcon Research (E); S. Stacy, Alcon                Maruyama, None; T. Zahir, None; M.            1864   X. Liu, P (P); L. Guo, None; J.	Park,
                             Research (E); N. Lin, Alcon Research (E)           Ward, None; A. Umezawa, None; M.J.                   None; M.S.	Filla, None; N. Wang, None;
                      1745   J. Cao, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.            Young, SERI (P)                                      P.L. Kaufman, P (P)
                             (E); H. Song, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals,    1784   C.J. Dougherty, None; G.W. Smith,             1865   J.M. Bradley, None; A. Rose, None; M.
                             Inc. (E); Y. Liu, Regeneron                        None; S.S. Evertz, None; H.M. Prentice,              J. Kelley, None; Y. Chen, None; K. Song,
                             Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E); R.A. Renard,            None; C.K. Dorey, None; K.A. Webster,                None; T.S. Acott, Alcon (F)
                             Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E);               Patent on the HRE-S element. (P); J.C.        1870   M. Aga, None; M.J. Kelley, None; T.S.
                             I.B.	Lobov, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals,             Blanks, None                                         Acott, ALCON LABS (F)
                             Inc. (E); N. Papadopoulos, Regeneron        1786   H.S. Zhang, Sangamo BioSciences Inc.          1871   M.J. Kelley, None; K. Keller, None; J.R.
                             Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E); J.S. Rudge,             (E); S. Kachi, None; M. Kachi, None;                 Samples, None; T.S. Acott, Alcon (F)
                             Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E);               P. Liu, Sangamo BioSciences (E); H.           1872   K. Osada, None; K. Kashiwagi, Takagi
                             D. Hylton, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals,              Akiyama, None; N. Umeda, None; K.                    Seiko Inc (P)
                             Inc. (E); G.D. Yancopoulos, Regeneron              Yokoi, None; S.	Hackett, None; P.D.           1880   L. Katz, Glaukos (C)
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                      1746   D.L. Gierhart, ZeaVision,L.L.C. (P); R.     1789   A.S. Lewin, None; M.S.	Gorbatyuk,                    A. D’Arienzo, None
                             Kowluru, Grant from Dennis L. Gierhart             None; J. Pang, None; W.W. Hauswirth,
                             Charitable Gift fund (R); Research                 AGTC, Inc. (P)
                             materials and services (F)

                                                                                                                                  CR Disclosure 1884 – 2199

1884   H. Mino de Kaspar, Santen, Germering,           1978   J. Moncaster, None; M.	Sadowski,               2152   G. Zlateva, Pfizer (E); M. Patel, Pfizer (E);
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1905   F.S.	Mah, Allergan (F); Allergan, Alcon                Zarbin, None; G.J. Jaffe, None                        Lomb (C); B. Paccou, None; I.	Carrière,
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       Allergan, Inc (C); S. Trocme, Allergan,                Laboratories (P)                                      Hampton, Novartis (C); P.F.	Torrisi,

                                                                                                                                                                    Relationships Index
                                                                                                                                                                    ARVO Commercial
       Inc. (C); W.F.	Davitt, Allergan, Inc. (C); H.   2109   J.S.	Slakter, Alcon Laboratories, Inc (C, R)          Novartis (C)
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       Inc (E); E. Safyan, Allergan, Inc (E)                  Li, None; P. Presti, Major Stockholder (I)            Nork, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (F);
1926   M.C. Callegan, Allergan Inc. (C); B.            2144   Q.D. Nguyen, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals,               P.E. Miller, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals,
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1928   I.	Chan, None; H. Dhatt, None; J.                      Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (F); P.               Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (F); J. Cao,
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1933   T.	Nakajima, Senju Pharmaceutical                      Inc. (E); A. Lucas, Regeneron                  2196   I.U.	Scott, Pfizer Inc (F); J. Mo, Pfizer Inc
       Co., Ltd. (E); R.D.	Walkup, Senju                      Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E); J. Cedarbaum,              (E); R. Klein, None; M. Patel, Pfizer Inc
       Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (E); T.R. Shearer,            Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       (E); Y. Duan, Pfizer Inc (F); K. Huang,
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1955   C.G. Begley, Alcon (C); R.L. Chalmers,          2147   G. Lalwani, None; A.E.	Fung, Eyetech                  Novartis (C); J. Monès, Pfizer, Inc. (R);
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       Christensen, Alcon (E)                                 S.	Venkatraman, None; C.A.	Puliafito,                 D.	Pauleikhoff, Pfizer Germany (R); G.
1966   M. Mazzone, SIFI SpA (E); O. Peri, SIFI                Carl Zeiss Meditec (P, R); Eyetech                    Soubrane, Pfizer, Inc. (R); G. Zlateva,
       SpA (C); V. Moschetti, SIFI SpA (E)                    Pharmaceuticals (R); Genentech (R); Pfizer            Pfizer, Inc. (E); T.F.	Goss, Pfizer, Inc.,
1977   D.R. Neal, WaveFront Sciences, Inc.                    (R); P.J. Rosenfeld, Alcon (F); Eyetech               Novartis (C)
       (I); WaveFrontSciences, Inc. (E); W.J.                 Pharmaceuticals (F, R); Genentech (F, R);
       Donnelly, None                                         Novartis Ophthalmics (F, R); QLT (F)
                                                       2150   G. Staurenghi, Novadaq (R); G. Levi,
                                                              None; P. Danzi, None; C. Veronese,
                                                              Novadaq (R); R.	Flower, Novadaq (C)

                      CR Disclosure 2208 – 2622

                      2208   R.R. Buggage, Pfizer, Inc (E); X. Xu,           2374   J.M. Wall, None; K. Hoar, None; M.A.         2408   M.F.	Chan, Bausch & Lomb (F); C.
                             Covance Market Access Services (E); A.                 Terry, Bausch and Laumb patent on                   Onyenekwu, Bausch & Lomb (E); T. Vaz,
                             F.	Cruess, None; G. Zlateva, Pfizer, Inc               instruments used for surgical procedures.           Bausch & Lomb (E); B. Levy, Bausch &
                             (E); T. Knight, Covance Market Access                  (P)                                                 Lomb (E); C.M. Kalsow, Bausch & Lomb
                             Services (E); T.F.	Goss, Covance Market         2375   K. Hoar, None; M.A. Terry, Patent on                (C)
                             Access Services (E)                                    surgical instruments developed for Bausch    2411   M.L. Ajello, CIBA Vision Corporation
                      2209   S. Shah, Pfizer (E); G. Zlateva, Pfizer                and Laumb (P); J. Wall, None                        (E); M. George, CIBA Vision Corporation
                             (E); S. Zhou, Pfizer (E); J.C. Javitt, (OSI)    2376   M.A. Terry, Patent on surgical instruments          (E); M.	Mowrey-Mckee, CIBA Vision
                             Eyetech (C)                                            devloped for Bausch and Laumb (P); K.               Corporation (E)
                      2211   R.	Kawasaki, None; G. Ji, HuBit                        Hoar, None; J. Wall, None                    2412   I.	Jalbert, CIBA Vision (F); N. Carnt,
                             Genomix, Inc (I); B. Taylor, None; J.           2378   F.W.	Price, IntraLase Corp. (C); M.O.               CIBA Vision (F); T. Naduvilath, CIBA
                             J. Wang, None; T.Y. Wong, None; H.                     Price, None                                         Vision (F); E. Papas, CIBA Vision (F)
                             Yamashita, None; P. Mitchell, None              2380   M.F.	Mowrey-McKee, CIBA Vision               2414   M. George, CIBA Vision Corporation (E);
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                             Shah, Pfizer (E)                                       Vision Corporation (E); A. Sills, CIBA              J. Carter, CIBA Vision Corporation (E); C.
                      2223   J. Elison, None; N. Claros, None; L.                   Vision Corporation (E); D. Tan, CIBA                Tolliver, CIBA Vision Corporation (E)
                             Vassilev, Hoffman LaRoche (P); T.C. Lee,               Vision Corporation (E)                       2415   S. Zhang, Bausch & Lomb (R); R.N.
                             None                                            2381   Y.	Feng, None; K. Dumbleton, None; N.               Borazjani, Bausch & Lomb (E); J.C.
                      2258   P.M. Garcia, R (R); M.E. van Velthoven,                Keir, None; C.A. Woods, None; L.W.                  Salamone, Bausch & Lomb (C); D.G.
                             None; P.T.	Finger, None; S. Schneider,                 Jones, Alcon (F); T.L. Simpson, Alcon (F);          Ahearn, Bausch & Lomb (C); S.A. Crow,
                             None; J.P.S. Garcia, None; R.B. Rosen,                 D.	Fonn, Alcon (F)                                  Bausch & Lomb (C); G.E. Pierce, Bausch
                             None                                            2382   M. Guillon, Consultant for Vistakon                 & Lomb (C)
                      2266   D. Luce, Reichert Inc. (E, P)                          Johnson&Johnson Vision Care (C);             2489   W. Payne, Cambridge Research Systems
                      2267   J.P. Sanderson, None; M.A. Qazi, None;                 Investigation sponsored by Vistakon                 (E); C. Harris, Cambridge Research
                             C.J. Roberts, Ziemer, Reichert (C, R); J.S.            Johnson&Johnson Vision Care (F); C.                 Systems (F)
                             Pepose, Ziemer, Reichert (R)                           Maissa, Investigation sponsored by           2526   K.J. Lampi, Bruker and IonSpec
                      2270   D.G. Johnson, ReVision Optics (E); R.F.	               Vistakon Johnson&Johnson Vision Care (F)            Corporations (F); N.E. Robinson, Bruker
                             Steinert, ReVision Optics (C); C.M.             2384   B. Long, CIBA Vision Corp. (E); P.                  and IonSpec Corporations (F); R.T.
                             Cunanan, ReVision Optics (E)                           Bergenske, CIBA Vision (C); Cooper                  McIver, IonSpec Corporation (E); R.H.
                      2271   C. Timms, None; P. West, Cambridge                     Vision (F); R.L. Chalmers, CIBA Vision              Williams, IonSpec Corporation (E);
                             Research Syetems (F)                                   Corp (C); CIBA Vision Corp. (R); S.M.               W.C. Muster, IonSpec Corporation (E);
                      2290   T.G. Murray, Oxigene (F); M.E.                         Dillehay, CIBA Vision Corp. (E); J.T.               G. Kruppa, Bruker Corporation (E);
                             Jockovich, Oxigene (F); F.	Suarez,                     Barr, CIBA Vision Corp. (C); P.	Donshik,            A.B. Robinson, Bruker and IonSpec
                             Oxigene (F); E. Hernandez, Oxigene                     CIBA Vision Corp. (C); G. Secor, CIBA               Corporations (F)
Relationships Index
ARVO Commercial

                             (F); W.	Feuer, None                                    Vision Corp. (C); J.	Yoakum, CIBA Vision     2543   H. Matsushima, HOYA Corporation (P);
                      2333   L.Q. Shen, None; A. Child, None; D.                    Corp. (C)                                           H.	Iwamoto, HOYA Corporation (E, P); K.
                             Magoon, None; G. Beebe, None; G.                2385   A.M. Wright, Ciba Vision (E); M.                    Mukai, None; Y. Obara, None
                             Weber, None; J.	Folkman, None; L.P.                    Mowrey-McKee, Ciba Vision (E); A.            2589   C.H. Mitchell, patent (P); M. Zhang,
                             Aiello, Eli Lilly and Eyetech (C)                      Renaud, Ciba Vision (E)                             None; X. Zhang, patent (P); W. Lu,
                      2335   C.G. Wong, Corinne G. Wong (P); R.A.P.          2388   H. Sheardown, J&J Vision (C); L. Liu,               None; D. Reigada, None; A.M. Laties,
                             Carvalho, RAP Carvalho (P)                             None; L. Jones, J&J Vision (C)                      patent (P)
                      2336   H. Quigley, Alcon, Allergan, Pfizer, Zeiss      2391   M.R. Romano, None; A. Calossi, Inventor/     2590   Y. Guo, None; S.L. Bernstein, Inventor (P)
                             (F, R); Alcon, Allergan, Pfizer, Zeiss                 developer (P); F.	Romano, None; G.           2602   L.M. Amico, Allergan (R); F.A.	Bucci,	
                             Meditec (C)                                            Ferraioli, None                                     M.D., Allergan, Inc. (R); D. Waterbury,
                      2338   A. Weiner, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E)             2392   G.J.	Andrasko, Alcon Research Ltd. (R,              Ph.D., Allergan, Inc. (C)
                      2340   S. Dowdy, I consult for multiple companies             F); K.A. Ryen, None; R.J. Garofalo,          2603   M.C. Acosta, Alcon Research (F); C.L.
                             on drug delivery (C); I have been issued               Alcon Research Ltd. (E); J.M. Lemp,                 Luna, Alcon Research (F); G. Graff, Alcon
                             multiple patents on drug delivery (P); I have          Alcon Research Ltd. (E)                             Research (E); J. Gallar, Alcon Research
                             received >$1000 in consulting fees. (R)         2394   A. Croll, None; K.	Dalnoki-Varess,                  (F); C. Belmonte, Alcon Research (F)
                      2341   W. Tao, E (E); F (F)                                   None; L. Liu, None; H. Sheardown, J&J        2604   C. Belmonte, Alcon Research (F); V.
                      2352   D.B. Soll, Cleo Cosmetic and                           Vision (C)                                          Meseguer, Alcon Research (F); G. Graff,
                             Pharmaceutical Co. (I, C, P, R); I.	Ruiz-       2395   C.	Lakkis, CooperVision Inc (F); K.                 Alcon Research (E); F.	Viana, Alcon
                             White, None; T. Smith, None                            Weidemann, CooperVision Inc (F)                     Research (F)
                      2358   E.Y. Tu, None; R. Kapur, None; S.               2396   A.	Suzaki, Menicon Co., Ltd (E); Y.          2605   C. Civiale, SIFI (E); A. Blanco, SIFI (E);
                             Pendland, None; R.	Fiscella, Pfizer (F); J.            Hirohara, Topcon Corp. (E); T. Mihashi,             F.	Giuliano, SIFI (E); E. Mattei, RTC (C);
                             Sugar, None                                            Topcon Corp. (E); N. Maeda, None; T.                M.G. Mazzone, SIFI (E)
                      2365   D.L.	Skelnik, Numedis, Inc. (I, P); R.R.               Fujikado, None                               2622   F.M.	Richards, DanioLabs Ltd (E); G.
                             Wilson, Numedis, Inc. (I, P); J.R. Wilson,      2400   L.N. Subbaraman, None; L. Jones, Alcon              Kimber, DanioLabs Ltd (E); P. Butler,
                             Numedis, Inc. (P); D.P. Welch, Numedis,                Research Ltd (F); S. Srinivasan, None; J.           Pfizer Global research & Development
                             Inc. (P)                                               Varikooty, None; M. Glasier, None                   (E); G. Waldron, Pfizer Global Research
                      2370   B.T.H. van Dooren, None; P.G.H.                 2402   T.C. Vaz, Bausch & Lomb (E); S.                     & Development (E); T. Knight, Pfizer
                             Mulder, None; W.H.	Beekhuis, None;                     Groemminger, Bausch & Lomb (E); L.                  Global Research & Development (E);
                             G.R.J. Melles, Dutch Ophthalmic (C, P)                 Stiffler, Bausch & Lomb (E); M. Robboy,             P. Goldsmith, DanioLabs Ltd (E); A.L.
                                                                                    Bausch & Lomb (E)                                   Fleming, DanioLabs Ltd (E)
                                                                             2403   N.A. Brennan, Bausch & Lomb,
                                                                                    CooperVision, Johnson & Johnson (C)

                                                                                                                                CR Disclosure 2623 – 2959

2623   M. Patel, Pfizer (E); L.	Whitfield, Pfizer     2737   G. Milazzo, SIFI SpA (E); S. Russo,           2925   R.J.	Zawadzki, None; S.M. Jones,
       (E); M. Hutmacher, Pfizer (E); K.                     SIFI SpA (E); D. Rasà, SIFI SpA (E); P.              None; M. Zhao, None; S.S. Choi,
       Kowalski, Pfizer (E); P. Burger, Pfizer (E);          Perri, None; M.	Ferri, None; P. Monari,              None; S. Laut, None; B.A. Bower,
       B. Dessalegn, (OSI) Eyetech (E); M. Modi,             None; C. Costagliola, None; G. Lamberti,             Southeast TechInventures, Inc. (C); S.S.
       (OSI) Eyetech (E)                                     None; V. Papa, SIFI SpA (E); A.                      Olivier, None; J.A.	Izatt, Bioptigen, Inc.
2630   D. Cabrera, None; H.M. Salinas, None;                 Sebastiani, None                                     (I); Southeast Techinventures, Inc. (C);
       C.A.	Puliafito, Carl Zeiss Meditec (C);        2745   M. Wyble, None; J. Wang, Bausch &                    Southeast Techinventures, Inc. Bioptigen,
       University of Miami, Carl Zeiss Meditec               Lomb Inc. (F); S. MacRae, Bausch &                   Inc. (P); J.S. Werner, None
       (P); R.W. Knighton, Carl Zeiss Meditec                Lomb Inc. (F, C); W.	Fischer, None; K.R.      2927   D.X. Hammer, Physical Sciences Inc. (E);
       (F); University of Miami (P)                          Huxlin, Bausch & Lomb Inc. (F)                       C.E. Bigelow, Physical Sciences Inc. (E);
2631   G. Somfai, None; C.E. Denis, None; H.          2746   K.	Mireskandari, Cambridge                           N.V.	Iftimia, Physical Sciences Inc. (E);
       M. Salinas, None; Z.Z. Nagy, None; J.                 Antibody Technology (F); A. Khalili,                 T.E. Ustun, Physical Sciences Inc. (E);
       Németh, None; C.A.	Puliafito, Carl Zeiss              None; S. Tuft, None; M. Sleeman,                     D.H. Vu, Physical Sciences Inc. (E); R.D.
       Meditec (C); University of Miami, Carl                Cambridge Antibody Technology (E);                   Ferguson, Physical Sciences Inc. (E)
       Zeiss Meditec (P); D. Cabrera, None                   I.K.	Anderson, Cambridge Antibody             2928   M.V. Sarunic, None; B.E. Applegate,
2633   W.D. Dilworth, None; T. Mumcuoglu,                    Technology (E); P.T. Khaw, Cambridge                 None; S. Asrani, None; J.A.	Izatt,
       None; E. Wu, None; G. Wollstein,                      Antibody Technology (F)                              Bioptigen, Inc. (I); Southeast
       None; H.	Ishikawa, None; L. Kagemann,          2749   S.E. Pascucci, Allergan (F); J. Wittpenn,            Techinventures, Inc. (C); Southeast
       None; M. Gabriele, None; R.J.	Noecker,                Allergan (C); S. Silverstein, None; D.               Techinventures, Inc., Bioptigen, Inc. (P)
       None; J.S. Schuman, Carl Zeiss Meditec,               Katsev, None; S. Kaufman, None                2929   J.F.	de	Boer, NIDEK (F); Patent
       Inc. (C, P)                                    2752   G.E. Noguera, None; W. Lee, None; J.                 application (P); M. Mujat, None; B. Cense,
2650   D. Nelson, Optical Imaging, Ltd. (E, P); R.           Castro, None; B. Soltz, Tissue Adhesive              Patent application (P); H. Lim, None; J.
       Ben-Cnaan, None; M. Rosner, None; M.                  Technologies, Inc (P); R. Soltz, Tissue              You, None; C. Kerbage, None; T.C. Chen,
       Belkin, None; A. Grinvald, Optical                    Adhesive Technologies, Inc (P); A. Kim,              None
       Imaging, Ltd. (I, P)                                  None; R.	Chuck, None; A. Behrens, None        2935   P.P. Schmidt, Welch Allyn (F)
2684   R. Silverman, Cornell Research                 2759   P.A. Simmons, Allergan (E); Q. Garrett,       2944   N.A. Sharif, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);
       Foundation (P); Ultralink, LLC (I)                    Allergan (F); S. Xu, Allergan (F); Z. Zhao,          C.R. Kelly, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); J.Y.
2685   S.	Strenk, MRI Research, Inc. (E)                     Allergan (F); J. Vehige, Allergan (E); M.            Crider, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); G.W.
2686   G.	Baikoff, Carl Zeiss Meditec (C, R)                 Willcox, Allergan (F)                                Williams, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); M.A.
2688   O. Magalhaes, None; L. Chong, None; C.         2760   G. Graff, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); J. Wei,          McLaughlin, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);
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       Bausch and Lomb (F)                                   Murray, Alcon (F)                             2945   C.B. Toris, Alcon Research, ltd (F); S.	Fan,
2692   J.C. Van Meurs, None; G.	Vijfvinkel,           2810   N. Mitsiades, None; V.	Poulaki, None; V.             None; M.A. McLaughlin, Alcon Research,

                                                                                                                                                                 Relationships Index
                                                                                                                                                                 ARVO Commercial
       president of DORC (I); T. Misotten,                   Kotoula, None; J. Negri, None; J.W.                  ltd (E)
       None; B. Kirchhof, None; P. Mulder,                   Miller, None; C.S. Mitsiades, Advisory        2949   M.J. Ogidigben, Merck & Co (F); T.
       None; H. Heimann, None; A. Joussen,                   Committee (Millenium) (C)                            Yamakawa, Merck & Co (F); S. Yufu,
       None; K. Maaijwee, None                        2833   M.E.	Jockovich, Oxigene (F); Y. Pina,                Merck & Co (F); L.A. O’Neill-Davis,
2694   C.S. Spada, None; R.	Zuckerman,                       Oxigene (F); F.	Suarez, Oxigene (F); E.              Merck & Co (F); L.A.	Hettrick, Merck &
       Biometric Imaging, Inc. (E); J.	Burke,                Hernandez, Oxigene (F); T.G. Murray,                 Co (F)
       None; M. King, None; T. Lin, None; R.                 Oxigene (F)                                   2952   E. Götzinger, None; M. Pircher, None;
       Tzekov, None; K. Zhang, None; L.A.             2882   I.Y.	Leung, DSM (F); D.M. Snodderly,                 C.C. Hitzenberger, Carl Zeiss Meditec (C)
       Wheeler, None                                         DSM Nutrition (F); M. Neuringer, DSM          2954   B.J. Kaluzny, None; J.J. Kaluzny,
2695   T.C. Chen, None; M. Mujat, None; B.                   Nutrition (F); D.L. Gierhart, Zeavision              None; A.	Szkulmowska, None; I.	
       Park, None; J. de Boer, NIDEK (F);                    (F); M.O. Tso, None                                  Gorczynska, None; M.D.	Wojtkowski,
       Patent applications (P)                        2894   E.A. Seidler, None; L.A. Levin, Patent               Optopol sp. z o.o. (R); A.	Kowalczyk,
2699   A. Di Polo, P (P); M. Almasieh, None; Y.              application (P)                                      Optopol sp. z o.o. (R)
       Zhou, None                                     2906   Y. Horibe, Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.    2956   S.D. Klyce, NIDEK, Inc (C); J. Tabernero,
2715   C. Kuo, TissueTech, Inc (E); W. Li,                   (E); K. Shinomiya, Santen Pharmaceutical             None; E.J. Sarver, Sarver & Associates
       TissueTech, Inc (E); H. He, TissueTech, Inc           Co., Ltd. (E); S.	Fujii, Santen                      (E); P. Artal, None
       (E); Y. Matsumoto, TissueTech, Inc (E);               Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (E); O. Katsuta,     2957   M.H. Criswell, QLT Inc. (F); W. Hu,
       S.C.G. Tseng, TissueTech, Inc (I, E, C, P)            Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (E); T.              None; T.J. Steffens, None; R. Li, QLT Inc.
2723   F.E.	Kruse, P (P); T. Dietrich, None; M.              Ikuse, Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (E);          (E); P. Margaron, QLT Inc. (E)
       Zenkel, None; A. Ohlmann, None;                       K. Kawazu, Santen Pharmaceutical Co.,         2958   P.J. Rosenfeld, Alcon (F); Eyetech
       J. Joergensen, E (E); U. Schloetzer-                  Ltd. (E)                                             Pharmaceuticals (F, R); Genentech (F,
       Schrehardt, None                               2921   A.W. Taylor, Schepens Eye Research                   R); Novartis Ophthalmics (F, R); QLT
2730   J.M. Merayo-Lloves, None; T. Blanco-                  Institute (P); D.G. Yee, None; D. Li, None           (F); A.E.	Fung, Eyetech Pharmaceuticals
       Mezquita, None; C. Martinez, None; L.          2923   K. Kim, None; G.N. Maguluri, None; M.                (R); G.A. Lalwani, None; S. Michels,
       Fabiani, None; A. Alvarez-Barcia, None;               Puoris’haag, None; Y. Umino, None; R.B.              None; A.S.	Venkatraman, None; C.A.
       P.	Ferrara, Ferrara Ophthalmics (P)                   Barlow, None; J.F.	de	Boer, MGH (P)                  Puliafito, Carl Zeiss Meditec (R); Eyetech
2731   A. Kesler-Diaz, None; R. Kurtz, None; N.       2924   E.J.	Fernandez, None; B.	Povaz   ˇay,                Pharmaceuticals (R); Genentech (R); Pfizer
       Morishige, None; T. Juhasz, None; M.                  None; B. Hermann, None; A.                           (P, R)
       Sarayba, Intralase Corp. (E); J.V. Jester,            Unterhuber, None; H. Sattmann, None; P.       2959   J.S. Heier, Genentech, Eyetech (F, R);
       None                                                  Artal, None; W.	Drexler, Carl Zeiss                  H. Shapiro, Genentech (E); A.A. Singh,
                                                             Meditec (C)                                          Genentech, Inc (E)

                      CR Disclosure 2960 – 3212

                      2960   U.M. Schmidt-Erfurth, Novartis (F,            3147   Y. Nawa, None; A.	Nakagawa, E (E); M.        3202   R.	Wilke, None; C.	Kuttenkeuler,
                             P); P. Gabel, Novartis (F); T. Hohman,               Kanzaki, None; Y. Hara, None; Y. Ejima,             None; B. Wilhelm, Retina Implant AG,
                             Novartis (E)                                         None; H. Uozato, None                               Reutlingen, Germany (C); H. Sailer, Retina
                      2962   R.F.	Spaide, Genetech, Novartis, QLT,         3161   H.P. Apple, Apple Medical Incubator Inc             Implant AG, Reutlingen, Germany (E); H.
                             Eyetech, Miravent, ISTA (C); J.	Klancnik,            (E); J.M. Miller, None; E.M. Harvey,                Sachs, Retina Implant AG, Reutlingen,
                             None; J. Sorenson, None; J.	Slakter,                 None; D.C. Apple, Apple Medical                     Germany (F); Subretinal Implant (P); V.
                             Genetech, Novartis, QLT, Alcon (C); L.               Incubator Inc (E)                                   Gabel, Retina Implant AG, Reutlingen,
                             Yannuzzi, Pfizer, Eyetech, Alcon (C); Y.      3163   S.	Friderichs-Gromoll, None; B.                     Germany (F, I); Subretinal Implant (P); D.
                             Fisher, None; M. Cooney, None; K.                    Niggemann, None; H. Gerding, retina                 Besch, Retina Implant AG, Reutlingen,
                             Freund, None; C. Mayerle, None; H.                   implant (P)                                         Germany (F); K. Bartz-Schmidt, Retina
                             Fine, None                                    3164   D.	Ivastinovic, None; G. Langmann,                  Implant AG, Reutlingen, Germany (F); E.
                      2963   D.M. Brown, Genentech, Eyetech, Alcon                None; W. Nemetz, None; R. Hornig,                   Zrenner, Retina Implant AG, Reutlingen,
                             (C); Genentech, Eyetech, Alcon, Allergan,            IIP-Technologies (E); A. Meyer, IIP-                Germany (F, I); Subretinal Implant (P)
                             Oxygene,Pfizer, Acuity, Allergan (F); H.             Technologies (E); M.	Velikay-Parel, None     3203   A. Uji, None; T. Matsuo, Hayashibara
                             Shapiro, Genentech (E); S. Schneider,         3165   S.I.	Fried, Second Sight Medical Products,          Biochemical Laboratories, Okayama
                             Genentech (E)                                        Inc. (F); F.S.	Werblin, Second Sight                City, Japan (P); T. Uchida, None; K.
                      2965   H. Yang, None; X. Yang, None; J.C. Lang,             Medical Products, Inc. (F)                          Shimamura, None; H.	Ohtsuki, None
                             Alcon Research Ltd. (F); Author (P); E.       3176   H. Ezelius, None; H. Gerding, Retina         3205   M.	Velikay-Parel, None; D.	Ivastinovic,
                             Chaum, Alcon Research Ltd. (F); Author               Implant (P)                                         None; A. Langmann, None; G. Richard,
                             (P)                                           3177   V.T. Ciavatta, None; M.	Chrenek,                    None; T. Zehnder, IIP Technologies (E);
                      2972   B. Zangerl, Patent on the presented                  None; P. Wong, None; J.M.	Nickerson,                R. Hornig, IIP-Technologies (E)
                             gene/mutation (P); O. Goldstein, Patent              None; M. Pardue, Optobionics Corp (F)        3206   C.	Kuttenkeuler, Retina Implant AG,
                             on the presented gene/mutation (P); S.J.P.    3183   G.Y. McLean, Optobionics Corporation (E,            Germany (F); R.	Wilke, Retina Implant
                             Lindauer, None; S.E. Pearce-Kelling,                 P)                                                  AG, Germany (F); M.	Völker, Retina
                             Patent on the presented gene/mutation         3184   M.J. McMahon, Second Sight (E); I.	Fine,            Implant AG, Germany (F); H. Sachs,
                             (P); A.R. Philp, None; A. Antosh,                    Second Sight (F, C); S.H. Greenwald,                Retina Implant AG, Germany (F, I, P);
                             OptiGen®, LLC (E); J.S.	Felix, OptiGen®,             Second Sight (E); A. Horsager, Second               V.P. Gabel, Retina Implant AG, Germany
                             LLC (I, E); Patent on the presented gene/            Sight (F); G. Palmer, Second Sight                  (F, I, P); F.	Gekeler, Retina Implant AG,
                             mutation (P); E.M. Stone, None; G.M.                 (E); B.V. Mech, Second Sight (E); R.J.              Germany (F, I); D. Besch, Retina Implant
                             Acland, OptiGen®, LLC (I, E); Patent                 Greenberg, Second Sight (E); M.S.                   AG, Germany (F); K.U. Bartz-Schmidt,
                             on the presented gene/mutation (P); G.D.             Humayun, Second Sight (F, I, C)                     Retina Implant AG, Germany (F); E.
                             Aguirre, OptiGen®, LLC (I, E); Patent on      3185   R.	Freda, None; D. Gouven, None; H.                 Zrenner, Retina Implant AG, Germany (F,
                             the presented gene/mutation (P)                      Ameri, None; R. Agrawal, None; O.                   I, P)
                      2977   B.W. Jones, None; K. Kinnard, None; D.               Auciello, None; J. Weiland, None; M.         3207   H.G. Sachs, Retina Implant AG (F); U.
                             W.	Marshak, None; R.E. Marc, Signature               Humayun, Second Sight Medical Products              Bartz-Schmidt, Retina Implant AG (F);
Relationships Index
ARVO Commercial

                             Immunologics (E)                                     Inc. (I)                                            U. Brunner, Retina Implant AG (F); F.	
                      2986   M.D. Twa, Heidelberg Engineering (F); C.      3189   T. Laube, None; C.	Brockmann, None; C.              Gekeler, Retina Implant AG (F); D. Besch,
                             Bottjer, None; C. Roberts, None; M.                  Krüger, None; J. Lang, None; A. Meyer,              Retina Implant AG (F); E. Zrenner, Retina
                             Giese, None                                          IIP-Technologies GmbH (E); R. Hornig,               Implant AG (F, I, P); V. Gabel, Retina
                      2992   B.E. McCarey, Alimera Sciences (F); F.E.	            IIP-Technologies GmbH (E); N. Bornfeld,             Implant AG (F, I, P)
                             Kane, Alimera Sciences (E); K.E. Green,              None                                         3208   H.M. Sailer, Retina Implant AG (E); H.
                             Alimera Sciences (E)                          3191   N. Stupp, None; B. Niggemann, None; H.              Loeffler, Multi Channel Systems (C);
                      3020   Y. Hayashida, TissueTech, Inc. (F, E);               Gerding, IIP/Bonn (P)                               R.	Wilke, University Eye Hospital (F);
                             W. Li, TissueTech, Inc. (F, E); H. He,        3192   D.C. Rodger, None; W. Li, None; H.                  E. Zrenner, Retina Implant AG (I, P);
                             TissueTech, Inc. (F, E); Y. Matsumoto,               Ameri, None; A. Ray, None; T.                       University Eye Hospital Tübingen (F, P)
                             TissueTech, Inc. (F, E); S.C.G. Tseng,               Ratanapakorn, None; J.D. Weiland,            3210   R.A. Schuchard, None; A. Chow,
                             TissueTech, Inc. & Ocular Surface Center             None; M.S. Humayun, Second Sight                    Optobionics Corp. (E); C. Barnes, None;
                             (I, E, C, P)                                         Medical Products, Inc. (I); Y. Tai, None            J.	Kotowski, Optobionics Corp. (E);
                      3032   W.	McIntosh	Ambrose, None; S. So,             3194   U. Thelen, None; H. Gerding, retinal                G. Dagnelie, Optobionics Corp. (F); J.
                             None; J. Elisseeff, Bausch and Lomb (C)              implant (P)                                         Pollack, Optobionics Corp. (C)
                      3040   J.D. Kriesel, U.S. Patent Pending (P); B.B.   3198   H. Ameri, None; T.	Ratanapakorn, None;       3211   H.L. Hudson, VisionCare (C)
                             Jones, U.S. Patent Pending (P); G. Herpin,           S. Ufer, Premitec Inc. (E); H.	Eckhardt,     3212   M.S. Humayun, Second Sight Medical
                             None; C. Grissom, U.S. Patent Pending (P)            Premitec Inc. (E); M.S. Humayun, Second             Products, Inc. (I, P); J.	Hopkins, Second
                      3060   H. Dadgostar, None; G.N. Holland,                    Sight Medical Product (I); J.D. Weiland,            Sight Medical Products, Inc. (F); S.H.
                             None; X. Huang, None; A. Tufail,                     None                                                Greenwald, Second Sight Medical
                             None; A. Kim, None; T.	Fisher, None; W.       3200   E. Greenbaum, None; C.A. Sanders,                   Products, Inc. (E); A. Horsager, Second
                             G. Cumberland, None; H.J. Meiselman,                 None; D. Zhou, Employee of Second Sight             Sight Medical Products, Inc. (F); A. Roy,
                             None; A. Benjamin, None; D. Bartsch,                 Medical Products (E)                                Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. (E);
                             Heidelberg Engineering (R)                                                                               K.H. McClure, Second Sight Medical
                      3091                             ˇay,
                             R.	Pflug, None; B.	Povaz None; B.                                                                        Products, Inc. (E); G. Palmer, Second
                             Hermann, None; K. Bizheva, None; Q.                                                                      Sight Medical Products, Inc. (E); I.	Fine,
                             Ping, None; H. Sattmann, None; B.                                                                        Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. (F);
                             Hofer, None; W.	Drexler, Carl Zeiss                                                                      M.J. McMahon, Second Sight Medical
                             Meditec C (C)                                                                                            Products, Inc. (E); R.J. Greenberg, Second
                      3139   G. Giraudet, ESSILOR INTL (E); C.                                                                        Sight Medical Products, Inc. (E)
                             Pédrono, ESSILOR INTL (E)

                                                                                                                               CR Disclosure 3213 – 3371

3213   A.K. Kiser, Optobionics Corp. (F); G.       3311   J.H. Salmon, None; E.	Buckland,                 3355   A.S. Khouri, None; B. Szirth, Nidek
       Dagnelie, Optobionics Corp. (F); R.A.              Bioptigen (I, E, P); S. Woo, Bioptigen (E);            (R); F.	Gilliberti, None; P.J. Lama,
       Schuchard, Optobionics Corp. (F); J.S.             J.A.	Izatt, Bioptigen (I, E, P); B.C. Gilger,          None; R.D.	Fechtner, None
       Pollack, Optobionics Corp. (F); A.Y.K.             None                                            3356   T. Mumcuoglu, None; E. Wu, None; G.
       Chow, Optobionics Corporation (P)           3313   C.K. Hitzenberger, Carl Zeiss Meditec                  Wollstein, None; H.	Ishikawa, None; R.A.
3214   H. Gerding, Retinal Implant (P); H.                (C); E. Götzinger, None; M. Pircher,                   Bilonick, None; L. Kagemann, None; M.
       Ezelius, None; B. Niggemann, None                  None                                                   L. Gabriele, None; T. Capozzoli, None; R.
3215   P. Huie, VISX Inc. (P); I.	Chan, None; A.   3315             ˇay,
                                                          B.	Povaz None; A. Unterhuber,                          J.	Noecker, None; J.S. Schuman, Carl
       Vankov, VISX Inc. (P); A.	Butterwick,              None; H. Sattmann, None; B. Hermann,                   Zeiss Meditec (C, P)
       None; M. Marmor, None; M.S.                        None; H. Arthaber, None; W.	Drexler,            3357   B. Szirth, Nidek (R); A.S. Khouri,
       Blumenkranz, VISX Inc. (P); B.W. Jones,            Carl Zeiss Meditec (C)                                 None; R.D.	Fechtner, None
       None; D.	Palanker, VISX Inc. (P)            3338   P. Gunvant, None; Y. Zheng, patent              3358   M. Mujat, None; T. Chen, None; R.C.
3216   R. Hornig, IIP (E); M.	Velikay-Parel, IIP          application (P); R.S.	Parikh, None; S.                 Chan, None; B. Cense, patent application
       (F); M.	Feucht, IIP (F); T. Zehnder, IMI           Prabakaran, None; J.G. Babu, None; A.                  (P); B.H.	Park, patent application (P); R.
       (E); G. Richard, IIP (F)                           U. Kumar, None; G.	Chandrashekar,                      Jones, None; J.F.	de	Boer, NIDEK (F);
3220   J.L.	Wilkinson-Berka, Research Support             None; R. Thomas, None; E.A.	Essock,                    patent application (P)
       from GkaxoSmithKline (F); D. Jones,                patent application (P)                          3360   M. Lalezary, None; F.A.	Medeiros, None;
       None; G. Taylor, None; K.	Jaworski,         3340   K.A. Vermeer, CZM (F); N.J. Reus, CZM                  R.N. Weinreb, Carl Zeiss Meditec (Dublin,
       None; D.J. Kelly, Support from                     (F); F.M.	Vos, None; A.M. Vossepoel,                   CA) (R, F); Heidelberg Engineering
       GlaxoSmithKline (F); S.B.	Ludbrook,                None; H.G. Lemij, CZM (F, C)                           (Dossenheim, Germany) (R, F); C. Bowd,
       Employee of GlaxoSmithKline (E); R.N.       3341   C. Bowd, None; J. Hao, None; I.M.	                     None; P.A. Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec
       Willette, Employee of GlaxoSmithKline              Tavares, None; L.M. Zangwill, Carl                     (Dublin, CA) (F); I.M.	Tavares, None; A.
       (E); S. Kumar, Employee of                         Zeiss Meditec, Heidelberg Engineering                  Tafreshi, None; L.M. Zangwill, Carl Zeiss
       GlaxoSmithKline (E); R.E. Gilbert,                 (F); Heidelberg Engineering (R); F.A.	                 Meditec (Dublin, CA) (F); Heidelberg
       Support from GlaxoSmithKline (F)                   Medeiros, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Heidelberg               Engineering (Dossenheim, Germany) (F, R)
3222   J.J. Peterson, None; M.	Lukason,                   Engineering (F); T. Lee, None; P.A.             3361   E.M. Hoffmann, None; C. Boden, None;
       Genzyme Corp (F); A. Scaria, Genzyme               Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Welch-Allyn,               L.M. Zangwill, Heidelberg Engineering
       Corp (F); P. Pechan, Genzyme Corp (F);             Haag Streit (F); R.N. Weinreb, Carl Zeiss              (R); Heidelberg Engineering, Carl Zeiss
       R. Hillard, Genzyme Corp (F); Q. Li,               Meditec, Heidelberg Engineering (F, R); M.             Meditec (F); C. Bowd, None; F.A.	
       None; R. Miller, None; S. Boye, None;              H. Goldbaum, None                                      Medeiros, Heidelberg Engineering, Carl
       S. Wadsworth, Genzyme Corp (F); W.          3344   R.	Zuckerman, Biometric Imaging, Inc                   Zeiss Meditec (F); I.M.	Tavares, None;
       Hauswirth, AGTC (P)                                (E); Ralph Zuckerman (P)                               P.A. Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Welch
3225   K.	Jaworski, None; C. Wraight,              3345   R.W. Knighton, Carl Zeiss Meditec,                     Allyn, Haag-Streit (F); R.N. Weinreb,
       Employee of Antisense Therapeutics Ltd             Inc. (F); University of Miami (P); D.R.                Heidelberg Engineering, Carl Zeiss Meditec
       (E); G. Tachas, Employee of Antisense              Anderson, None; G. Gregori, Carl Zeiss                 (F, R)

                                                                                                                                                               Relationships Index
                                                                                                                                                               ARVO Commercial
       Therapeutics Ltd (E); S. Lofthouse,                Meditec, Inc. (F); University of Miami (P);     3362   G. Li, None; O. Tan, None; R. Varma,
       Employee of Antisense Therapeutics Ltd             J.E. Legarreta, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.               None; D. Huang, Carl Zeiss Meditec (P)
       (E); J.	Wilkinson-Berka, Support from              (F); R. Lee, None; S. Gojraty, None             3363   H.	Ishikawa, None; G. Wollstein,
       Antisense Therapeutics Ltd (F)              3346   R.	Inoue, None; M. Hangai, None; T.                    None; R.J.	Noecker, None; D.	Greenfield,
3234   S.J. Bass, Laser Diagnostics Technology            Tanabe, None; S.	Makita, None; M.                      None; C.	Mattox, None; R. Varma,
       (R); J. Sherman, Carl Zeiss Meditec (R)            Yamanari, None; Y. Yasuno, None; T.                    None; R.A.	Bilonick, None; J.S. Schuman,
3246   T. Adewoyin, None; E.C.	Fletcher, None;            Yatagai, None; T.	Kikawa, TOPCON (E);                  Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. (C, P)
       N.H.V. Chong, Novartis (C)                         Y.	Fukuma, TOPCON (E); N. Yoshimura,            3365   T.	Fayers, None; N.G. Strouthidis,
3250   Y.	Ito, Nagoya University (P); Y.                  None                                                   Heidelberg Engineering (F); D.F.	
       Kurimoto, None; M.	Nakamura,                3348   M.L. Gabriele, None; H.	Ishikawa,                      Garway-Heath, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F,
       None; M. Kondo, None; R. Mizutani,                 None; G. Wollstein, None; R.A.                         C); Heidelberg Engineering (F); Talia
       None; H.	Terassaki, None                           Bilonick, None; L. Kagemann, None; M.                  Technologies (F)
3261   O.J. Bigault, None; S.	Shekar, None; S.            Wojtkowski, None; J.S.	Duker, None; V.          3367   R. Mora, None; N. Harizman, None; J.R.
       A. Brown, None; J.L. Pouslen, None; L.             Srinivasan, None; J.G.	Fujimoto, Carl                  Zelefsky, None; E.	Ilitchev, None; J. Wen,
       S. Kearns, None; A.W. Hewitt, None; N.             Zeiss Meditec, Inc. (P); J.S. Schuman, Carl            None; C. Tello, None; R. Ritch, None;
       G. Martin, None; C.J. Hammond, None;               Zeiss Meditec, Inc. (C, P)                             J.M. Liebmann, Heidelberg Engineering,
       D.A.	Mackey, Pfizer Australia Grant (F)     3349   G. Wollstein, None; Y. Pan, None; R.A.                 Carl Zeiss Meditech, Inc., C; Heidelberg
3294   H.S. Reddy, None; Y. Li, None; S.C. Yiu,           Bilonick, None; H.	Ishikawa, None; L.                  Engineering, Carl Zeiss Meditech, Inc. (R)
       None; J.A.	Irvine, None; D. Huang, Carl            Kagemann, None; J.S. Schuman, Carl              3368   D.L. Budenz, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, R);
       Zeiss Meditec Inc. (P)                             Zeiss Meditec (C, P)                                   M.	Fredette, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C);
3298   G.F.	Schmid, Vision CRC, University of      3350   G. Gregori, Carl Zeiss Metitec, Inc (F);               W.J.	Feuer, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); D.R.
       New South Wales, Australia (F)                     University of Miami (P); R.W. Knighton,                Anderson, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F)
3305   C. Wu, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); S. Jiao,            Carl Zeiss Metitec, Inc (F); University of      3370   D. Khoramian, None; A.P. Tanna, Carl
       Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); University of              Miami (P); S. Jiao, Carl Zeiss Metitec,                Zeiss Meditec (C); J.	Shankle, None; A.W.
       Miami (P); G. Gregori, Carl Zeiss                  Inc (F); University of Miami (P); J.E.                 Rademaker, None
       Meditec (F); University of Miami (P);              Legarreta, Carl Zeiss Metitec, Inc (F); N.      3371   K. Sung, None; H.	Ishikawa, None; G.
       R.W. Knighton, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);             Sekhon, None; D.L. Budenz, None; D.                    Wollstein, None; L. Kagemann, None; R.
       University of Miami (P); C.A.	Puliafito,           R. Anderson, None; C.A.	Puliafito, Carl                A.	Bilonick, None; M.	Wojtkowski,
       Carl Zeiss Meditec (C); University of              Zeiss Meditec, Inc (C); Carl Zeiss Meditec,            None; J.S.	Duker, None; V. Srinivasan,
       Miami (P)                                          Inc, University of Miami (P)                           None; J.G.	Fujimoto, Carl Zeiss Meditec,
                                                                                                                 Inc. (P); J.S. Schuman, Carl Zeiss Meditec,
                                                                                                                 Inc. (C, P)

                      CR Disclosure 3373 – 3573

                      3373   M. Hangai, None; M.	Akiba, None; K.             3445   J. Loensmann, None; T.Y. Toh, None; J.         3528   H. Uusitalo-Jarvinen, None; P. Andrade-
                             P. Chan, None; Y.	Fukuma, TOPCON                       R. MacKinnon, None; A.W. Hewitt,                      Gordon, Johnson & Johnson PRD (E); W.
                             (E); N. Yoshimura, None                                None; L.S. Kearns, None; L.S. Scotter,                Ruf, None; M.	Friedlander, None
                      3378   B.C. Marsh, None; L.B. Cantor, Carl                    None; C.J. Hammond, None; N.G.                 3530   M.E. Stern, Allergan, Inc. (E); S.C.
                             Zeiss Meditec Inc. (F); D. WuDunn, Carl                Martin, None; D.A.	Mackey, Pfizer                     Pflugfelder, Allergan, Inc. (C); K.F.	
                             Zeiss Meditec Inc. (F); J.	Lipyanik, Carl              Australia Grant (F)                                   Siemasko, Allergan, Inc. (E); J. Gao,
                             Zeiss Meditec Inc. (F); M. Patella, Carl        3447   M.A.	Mychaskiw, Pfizer Inc. (E); G.F.	                Allergan, Inc. (E); R.M. Corrales,
                             Zeiss Meditec Inc. (F); D.L. Budenz, Carl              Schwartz, Pfizer, Allergan, Santen (F);               None; C.S. De Paiva, None; J.Y.
                             Zeiss Meditec Inc. (F); D.	Greenfield, Carl            Pfizer, Merck (R)                                     Niederkorn, Allergan, Inc. (C)
                             Zeiss Meditec Inc. (F); J. Savell, Carl Zeiss   3450   D.C. Musch, Allergan, Inc. (F); B.W.           3536   R.A.	Sack, patent application (P); S. Sathe,
                             Meditec Inc. (F); J. Schuman, Carl Zeiss               Gillespie, None; L.M. Niziol, None; P.R.              patent application (P); A. Beaton, patent
                             Meditec, Inc. (F); R. Varma, Carl Zeiss                Lichter, None                                         application (P); T. Hawasly, None
                             Meditec Inc. (F)                                3451   L.M. Niziol, None; D.C. Musch, Allergan,       3539   J.W. Miller, Genentech, Inc. (F, C, R); H.
                      3387   F.	Djafari, None; J. Lachaine, None; P.                Inc. (F); B.W. Gillespie, None; P.R.                  Shapiro, Genentech, Inc. (E); N. Acharya,
                             Harasymowycz, Pfizer Canada (R); D.                    Lichter, None                                         Genentech, Inc. (C)
                             Desjardins, None; M.R.	Lesk, Pfizer             3454   M.J.	Atkinson, Pfizer (E); A. Pleil,           3540   D. Pieramici, Genentech, Novartis,
                             Canada (R)                                             Pfizer (E)                                            Neovista,QLT (C); Genentech,Novartis,
                      3388   M.M. Hermann, no company (P); G.                3466   A.P. Ginsburg, C (C); E (E); F (F); P (P);            Neovista, QLT (R); R. Avery, Genentech,
                             Georgopoulos, None; M. Diestelhorst, no                S. Subraminan, E (E)                                  Alcon, Neovista (C); Genetech,Alcon
                             company (P)                                     3468   K.D.	Frick, Allergan (C); Pfizer (F); E.              (R); M.D. Rabena, None; A.A.
                      3404   L. Racette, None; F.A.	Medeiros, Carl                  West, None; J. Kempen, None; J. Wolff,                Castellarin, None; M.A. Nasir, None; M.
                             Zeiss Meditec (F); Heidelberg Engineering              None                                                  J. Guist, None
                             (F); C. Bowd, None; L.M. Zangwill, Carl         3469   G.N. Scarlatis, Second Sight Medical           3542   S. Wolf, Novartis (F); Novartis, Pfizer (R);
                             Zeiss Meditec (F); Heidelberg Engineering              Products, Inc. (F, C); R.J. Greenberg,                P. Gabel, Novartis (F); T.C. Hohman,
                             (F, R); R.N. Weinreb, Carl Zeiss Meditec               Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. (E);              Novartis (E); U. Schmidt-Erfurth,
                             (F, R); Heidelberg Engineering (F, R); P.A.            J.W. Judy, Second Sight Medical Products,             Novartis (F, R)
                             Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); Haag-                  Inc. (F)                                       3543   D.T. Wong, Occulogix (R, C); I.	Siegel,
                             Streit (F); Welch-Allyn (F)                     3471   C.	Tamaki, UNIFESP (P); C.S. Kallie,                  Occulogix (E); S. Jain, None; K. Wong,
                      3406   G. Lindhorst, None; W.E. Sponsel, None;                University of Minnesota (P); V. Carelli,              None
                             M. Sinai, HEIDELBERG ENGINEER                          None; A.	Berezovsky, None; P.A. Quiros,        3545   A.C. Acosta, InnFocus LLC (F); E.M.
                             (E); Y. Trigo, None                                    None; C.F.	Chicani, None; F.	Sadun,                   Espana, InnFocus LLC (F); M. Orozco,
                      3412   M.A. Kass, Pfizer (F)                                  None; A. DeNegri, None; A.A. Sadun,                   InnFocus LLC (F); H. Yamamoto,
                      3414   F.A.	Medeiros, Heidelberg Engineering;                 None; S.R. Salomao, None                              InnFocus LLC (F); L.	Pinchuk, InnFocus
                             Carl-Zeiss Meditec (F); C. Bowd, None;          3472   S.L. Mansberger, None; G.A.	Cioffi,                   LLC (I, E, P); S. Dubovy, None; F.	Fantes,
                             L.M. Zangwill, Carl-Zeiss Meditec;                     None; D. Choi, None; C.A. Johnson,                    InnFocus LLC (F, P); J. Parel, InnFocus
Relationships Index
ARVO Commercial

                             Heidelberg Engineering (F); Heidelberg                 Welch-Allyn (F, C)                                    LLC (F, P)
                             Engineering (R); P.A. Sample, Carl-             3489   A.R. Bowers, Chadwick Optical, Inc. (F);       3546   S. Mosaed, neomedix (C); D.S.	Minckler,
                             Zeiss Meditec, Welch-Allyn, Haag-Streit                K. Keeney, Chadwick Optical, Inc. (P);                neomedix (C); G. Baerveldt, Trabectome
                             (F); R.N. Weinreb, Carl-Zeiss Meditec;                 D. Apfelbaum, Chadwick Optical, Inc.                  (P); M.A. Ramirez, Neomedix (C); B.A.
                             Heidelberg Engineering (F, R)                          (F); E. Peli, Chadwick Optical, Inc. (F, C);          Francis, Neomedix (C)
                      3419   A. Anton-Lopez, Humphrey-Zeiss,                        Schepens ERI (P)                               3547   F.	Fantes, InnFocus LLC (F, P); A.C.
                             Heidelberg Engineering (R); F.	Blazquez,        3492   D.R. Williams , Bausch and Lomb (F, P);               Acosta, InnFocus LLC (F); J. Carraway,
                             None; M. Sebatian, None; S.	Fernandez,                 Bausch and Lomb, Ophthonix Optos (C);                 InnFocus LLC (F); L.	Pinchuk, InnFocus
                             None; M. Reyes, None                                   Bausch and Lomb, Optos (R)                            LLC (I, E, P); B. Weber, InnFocus LLC
                      3425   R. Moosavi, None; T.A. Ho, None; G.M.           3502   A.N. Moshfeghi, None; C. McKeown,                     (E); S. Davis, InnFocus LLC (E); E.
                             Verdon-Roe, None; I.E.	Murdoch, None;                  None; A. Berrocal, None; W. Lee,                      Arrieta, InnFocus LLC (F); J. Parel,
                             D.F.	Garway-Heath, Carl Zeiss Meditec                  None; R. Will, None; A. Bernal, None; S.              InnFocus LLC (F, P)
                             (F, C); Heidelberg Engineering (F)                     Uhlhorn, None; F.	Manns, None; C.A.            3554   P.	Foster, Travel reimbursement and
                      3426   P.J.	Foster, None; D. Broadway, None; A.               Puliafito, Carl Zeiss Meditec (R, P); J.              honoraria from ophthalmic pharmaceutical
                             Viswanathan, None; D.F.	Garway-Heath,                  Parel, None                                           companies (R)
                             Honoraria and Travel Reimbursement from         3504   L.E. Kagemann, None; H.	Ishikawa,              3559   L.E.	Fernandez, Allergan (F); H.P.
                             equipment manufacturers (R); S. Hayat,                 None; M.L. Gabriele, None; G. Wollstein,              Sandoval, Allergan (F); D.T. Vroman,
                             None; P. Lee, None; K.T. Khaw, None                    None; M.	Wojkowski, None; J.S.	Duker,                 Allergan (F); K.D. Solomon, Allergan (F)
                      3430   N.G. Congdon, Pfizer, Inc.; Alcon, Inc.                None; J.G.	Fujimoto, Carl Zeiss Meditec        3563   J. Wong, Alcon, Fort Worth, TX (R); Y.
                             (F); S.R. Krishnadas, Pfizer, Inc.; Alcon,             (P); J.S. Schuman, Carl Zeiss, Meditec (P)            Pan, None; T. Magone, None; S. McLeod,
                             Inc. (F); A. Robin, Pfizer, Inc.; Alcon, Inc.   3505   J.A. Martin, None; A. Roorda, University              Alcon, Fort Worth, TX (F, R)
                             (F); J. Tielsch, None; D. Gilbert, None; D.            of Houston, University of Rochester (P)        3571   S. Schatz, Allergan Inc. (F); H. Laubach,
                             Friedman, Pfizer, Inc.; Alcon, Inc. (F); H.     3507   A. Unterhuber, None; B.	Povaz    ˇay,                 Allergan Inc. (F); M. Clements, None
                             Quigley, Pfizer, Inc.; Alcon, Inc. (F)                 None; B. Hermann, None; H. Sattmann,           3572   H.E. Laubach, Allergan Inc. (F); S.
                      3444   J.J. Rouland, Pfizer (C); A. Bron,                     None; A. Chavez-Pirson, NP Photonics                  Schatz, Allergan Inc. (F)
                             None; C. Baudouin, None; J. Nordmann,                  (E); W.	Drexler, None                          3573   C.N. Ta, Santen (F); D.F.	Sahm, Ortho-
                             None; F.	Thomas, None; K. Bean,                 3521   G. Duncan, Milvella Ltd (F); L. Wang,                 McNeil Pharmaceutical (F); A.	Ingerman,
                             None; B. De Clercq, None; A. Bénétos,                  Milvella Ltd (F); I.M.	Wormstone,                     Johnson & Johnson (E)
                             None; A. Solesse de Gendre, Pfizer (E); S.             Milvella Ltd (F); G.J. Neilson, Milvella Ltd
                             Lefebvre, Pfizer (E)                                   (E)

                                                                                                                             CR Disclosure 3577 – 3846

3577   E.J. Holland, Alcon (F); S. Lane, Alcon      3632   L. Camejo, None; G. Wollstein, None; H.       3663   S. Miglior, Carl Zeiss (F); Heidelberg
       (F); T. Kim, Alcon (F); M. Raizman,                 Ishikawa, None; R.J.	Noecker, None; M.               Engineering (F); Merck (F); Pfizer (F); M.
       Alcon (F); S. Dunn, Alcon (F); A. Martin,           Y.	Kahook, None; J.S. Schuman, Carl                  Guareschi, None; I.	Riva, None; F.	
       Alcon (E); D. Jasheway, Alcon (E); H.               Zeiss Meditec, Inc. (C, P)                           Romanazzi, None; M. Vavassori, None; L.
       Katz, Alcon (F, C); S. Robertson, Alcon      3633   R.A.	Bilonick, None; Z.	Burgansky-                   Buffagni, None; E. Rulli, None
       (E); D. Dahlin, Alcon (E)                           Eliash, None; G. Wollstein, None; H.          3667   D.C. Hood, Zeiss, Pfizer (C); N.
3578   J.M.	Griffin, Alcon (E); O.	Dembinska,              Ishikawa, None; L. Kagemann, None; R.                Harizman, None; F.N.	Kanadani,
       Alcon (E); R. Rice, Alcon (E); J. Wheeler,          J.	Noecker, None; J.S. Schuman, Carl                 None; T.M. Grippo, None; S.
       Alcon (E); J. Heaton, Alcon (E); J.                 Zeiss Meditec (C, P)                                 Baharestani, None; V.C. Greenstein,
       Hiddemen, Alcon (E)                          3634   N. Harizman, None; J.R.	Zelefsky,                    None; J.M. Liebmann, None; R. Ritch,
3579   M.O. Price, Allergan Inc. (F); F.W.	Price,          None; E.	Ilitchev, None; O. Antequera,               None
       Allergan Inc. (F, C)                                None; C. Tello, None; R. Ritch, None;         3668   D. Ng, None; C. Bowd, None; F.A.	
3589   M.B. Abelson, InSite Vision (C); E.E.               J.M. Liebmann, Heidelberg Engineering,               Medeiros, Carl Zeiss Meditec,
       Protzko, None; A.M. Shapiro, Ophthalmic             Carl Zeiss Meditech, Inc. (C, R)                     Heidelberg Engineering (F); L. Racette,
       Research Associates (E)                      3636   A. Poli, None; N.G. Strouthidis,                     None; I.M.	Tavares, None; P.A. Sample,
3591   A.J. Lang, ReVision Optics (E); T. Miller,          Heidelberg Engineering (F); T. Ho,                   Carl Zeiss Meditec, Welch-Allyn, Haag-
       ReVision Optics (E)                                 None; T.A. Ho, None; D.F.	Garway-                    Streit (F); R.N. Weinreb, Carl Zeiss
3592   A.	Bakri, VISX, Incorporated (F); N.                Heath, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C);                    Meditec, Heidelberg Engineering (F,
       Farooqui, VISX, Incorporated (P); D.                Heidelberg Engineering (F); Talia                    R); L.M. Zangwill, Carl Zeiss Meditec,
       Myung, VISX, Incorporated (P); W.G.                 Technologies (F)                                     Heidelberg Engineering (F); Heidelberg
       Koh, VISX, Incorporated (P); J. Noolandi,    3638   E.A.	Essock, patent application (P); P.              Engineering (R)
       VISX, Incorporated (P); M. Carrasco,                Gunvant, None; Y. Zheng, patent               3671   C. Vass, None; C. Hirn, None; C.
       VISX, Incorporated (P); C.	Frank,                   application (P); R.S.	Parikh, None; S.               Leydolt, None; W. Geitzenauer, None; B.
       VISX, Incorporated (P); C.N. Ta, VISX,              Prabakaran, None; J.G. Babu, None; A.                                            ˇay,
                                                                                                                Hermann, None; B.	Povaz None;
       Incorporated (P)                                    U. Kumar, None; G.	Chandrashekar,                    W.	Drexler, Carl Zeiss Meditec (C); U.
3603   G. Dai, VISX, Incorporated (E)                      None; R. Thomas, None                                Schmidt-Erfurth, None
3606   M.M. Merchea, Bausch & Lomb (E); H.          3642   J.S. Kim, None; A.	Manassakorn,               3689   P.T. Quaid, None; J.G.	Flanagan, Carl
       Lee, Bausch & Lomb (R); I.	Cox, Bausch              None; H.	Ishikawa, None; G. Wollstein,               Zeiss Meditec, Heidelberg Engineering (C)
       & Lomb (E)                                          None; R.A.	Bilonick, None; L.                 3749   E. WoldeMussie, Allergan, Inc (E); M.
3607   L. Ng, Alcon Labs Inc (F); E. Myung,                Kagemann, None; K. Sung, None; J.S.                  Wijono, Allergan, Inc (E); G. Ruiz,
       Alcon Labs Inc. (F); A.L. Nguyen, None              Duker, None; J.G.	Fujimoto, Carl Zeiss               Allergan, Inc (E)
3608   K.A. Tuan, E (E)                                    Meditec, Inc. (P); J.S. Schuman, Carl Zeiss   3756   C. Dong, Allergan Inc (E); Y. Guo,
3610   M.V. Subbaram, None; S.M. MacRae,                   Meditec, Inc. (C, P)                                 Allergan Inc (E); W.A. Hare, Allergan
       Bausch & Lomb (R); G. Yoon, Bausch &         3643   P.J. Lama, None; S. Walsman, None; A.                Inc (E)
       Lomb (R)                                            S. Khouri, None; R.	Thaker, None; R.D.        3784   L.A. Mawn, Inventor (P); D.R.

                                                                                                                                                             Relationships Index
                                                                                                                                                             ARVO Commercial
3611   C. Dorronsoro, CSIC (P); J. Merayo-                 Fechtner, Carl Zeiss Meditech (C)                    Sztipanovits, None; R.L. Galloway,
       Lloves, None; S. Marcos, CSIC (P)            3644   L. Nguyen, None; W.E. Sponsel, None; G.              Inventor (P)
3616   S.T. Awwad, None; R.W. Bowman,                      Lindhorst, None; M. Sinai, Heidelberg         3793   M. Guareschi, None; M. Goisis, None; R.
       None; H.D. Cavanagh, None; S.M. Verity,             Engineering (E); Y. Trigo, None; J.                  Angeli, None; E. Dalpasso, dalpasso
       None; J.P. McCulley, Alcon labs, Inc (C)            Hendricks, None                                      ocularist service (E); G. Castellani,
3622   R.F.	Steinert, IntraLase (F, C); F.	Price,   3646   I.M.	Tavares, None; C. Bowd, None; F.A.	             dalpasso (E); S. Miglior, None
       IntraLase (F, C); W. Culbertson, IntraLase          Medeiros, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Heidelberg      3800   A.	Iannaccone, Bausch & Lomb; Kemin
       (F, C); M. Sarayba, IntraLase (E)                   Engineering (F); L.M. Zangwill, Carl                 Foods (F); E.J. Johnson, None; S.E.
3623   S.M. MacRae, Bausch & Lomb (R); M.V.                Zeiss Meditec, Heidelberg Engineering                Perry, None; K. Gallaher, None; E.
       Subbaram, None                                      (F); Heidelberg Engineering (R); E.M.                Kenyon, None; T. Harris, None; S.
3627   P.G. Schlottmann, None; J.M. Shewry,                Hoffmann, None; P.A. Sample, Carl                    Satterfield, None; K. Yeum, None; K.C.
       None; E.T. White, None; F.C.	Ikeji, None;           Zeiss Meditec, Welch-Allyn, Haag-Streit              Johnson, None; S.B.	Kritchevsky, None
       D.F.	Garway-Heath, Carl Zeiss Meditec               (F); R.N. Weinreb, Carl Zeiss Meditec,        3806   R.A. Bone, Cognis Corporation (F); J.T.
       (F, C); Heidelberg Engineering (F); Talia           Heidelberg Engineering (F, R)                        Landrum, Cognis Corporation (F); B.
       Technologies (F)                             3649   P.T. Chang, None; P.W.	Park, None; D.L.              Brener, None
3629   L.M. Zangwill, Carl Zeiss Meditec,                  Budenz, Carl Zeiss, Inc. (F, R); N.	Sekhon,   3807   L.M. Renzi, Kemin Foods (F); A.J.
       Heidelberg Engineering (F); Heidelberg              None; D.R. Anderson, Carl Zeiss, Inc. (F)            Wenzel, None; B.R. Hammond, None; J.
       Engineering (R); L. Racette, None; C.        3650   J.L. Hougaard, None; C. Ostenfeld,                   Curran-Celentano, None
       Bowd, None; F.A.	Medeiros, Carl Zeiss               None; A. Heijl, Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc. (F,   3810   J. Mellerio, Cambridge Research Systems
       Meditec, Heidelberg Engineering (F); P.A.           C); B. Bengtsson, Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc.            Ltd (C); F.	Eperjesi, None; H. Bartlett,
       Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Welch-Allyn,            (C)                                                  None; P. West, Cambridge Research
       Haag-Streit (F); R.N. Weinreb, Carl Zeiss    3654   V.H.M. Gong, None; A.L. Jones, None; G.              Systems Ltd (E)
       Meditec, Heidelberg Engineering (F, R)              Powell, None; R.V. North, None; J.E.          3822   K.H. Eibl, Alcon Retina Scholarship 2004
3630   Z.E.	Burgansky, None; G. Wollstein,                 Morgan, Cardiff University (P)                       (R); G.P. Lewis, None; K. Betts, None; A.
       None; R.A.	Bilonick, None; H.	Ishikawa,      3658   F.	Oddone, None; A. Kotecha, None; R.                Gandorfer, None; A.	Kampik, None; S.K.
       None; L. Kagemann, None; J.S.                       Malik, None; P. Schlottmann, None; G.                Fisher, None
       Schuman, Carl Zeiss meditec (C, P)                  L. Manni, None; D.F.	Garway-Heath,            3823   W.J.	Foster, Saint Louis Veterans Affairs
3631   R.D.	Fechtner, Carl Zeiss Meditec (C);              Carl Zeiss Meditec (C, F); Heidelberg                Medical Center (P); P.A. Janmey, None; L.
       M.	Fingeret, Carl Zeiss Meditec (C); A.             Engineering (F)                                      A.	Flanagan, None
       S. Khouri, None; M.J. Sinai, Heidelberg                                                           3846   G.K. Shah, (OSI) Eyetech (R)
       Engineering (E)

                      CR Disclosure 3850 – 4042

                      3850   S.M. Shah, Regeneron Pharmaceutical           3909   J.	Onderka, None; F.	Bock, None; T.           3988   P.A. Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec,
                             Inc. (F); Q.D. Nguyen, Regeneron                     Dietrich, None; B.	Pytowski, InClone                 Welch-Allyn, Haag-Streit (F); F.A.	
                             Pharmaceutical Inc. (F); S. Harriprisad,             (E); F.	Kruse, None; C. Cursiefen, None              Medeiros, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Heidelberg
                             Regeneron Pharmaceutical Inc. (F); K.         3915   J.N. Weiss, Micron Ophthalmic, Inc (P)               Engineering (F); L. Racette, None; J.
                             Chu, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E);     3918   A.S. Brown, None; V. Cucevic, None; M.               P. Pascual, None; C. Boden, None;
                             N.	Holekamp, Regeneron Pharmaceutical                Zhang, None; F.	Foster, Visualsonics Inc.            L.M. Zangwill, Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc.,
                             Inc. (F); J.	Buskey, Regeneron                       (F, E, P, R)                                         Heidelberg Engineering (F); Heidelberg
                             Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E); D. Nadler,         3920   I.	Pang, Alcon (E); H. Zeng, Alcon (E);              Engineering (R); C. Bowd, None; R.N.
                             Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E); J.              D.L.	Fleenor, Alcon (E); R.T. Libby,                 Weinreb, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Heidelberg
                             Cederbaum, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals,                None; S.W.M. John, None; A.F.	Clark,                 Engineering (F, R)
                             Inc. (E); P.A. Campochiaro, Regeneron                Alcon (E)                                     3998   M.	Fredette, Carl-Zeiss-Meditec (C); D.
                             Pharmaceutical Inc. (F, C)                    3931   D. Myung, VISX, Inc. (P); W. Koh, VISX,              R. Anderson, None; D.L. Budenz, Carl-
                      3860   R.L. Avery, Alcon, Genentech, Eyetech,               Inc. (P); N.	Farooqui, VISX, Inc. (P); J.            Zeiss-Meditec (R); Welch-Allyn, Carl-
                             Neovista (C); Genentech, Eyetech, QLT,               Ko, VISX, Inc. (P); J. Noolandi, VISX,               Zeiss-Meditec (F)
                             (R); J. Pearlman, None; A.A. Castellarin,            Inc. (P); M. Carrasco, VISX, Inc. (P);        3999   C. Boden, None; E.M. Hoffmann, None;
                             None; M.A. Nasir, None; A. Patel,                    C.W.	Frank, VISX, Inc. (P); C.N. Ta,                 L.M. Zangwill, Carl Zeiss Meditec,
                             None; R.T. Wendel, None; B. Reed,                    VISX, Inc. (P)                                       Heidelberg Engineering (F); Heidelberg
                             None; R. Equi, None; M.D. Rabena,             3937   H. Sugiyama, None; M. Yamato, CellSeed               Engineering (R); R.N. Weinreb, Carl Zeiss
                             None; D.J. Pieramici, Genentech,                     C (P); Y. Hayashida, None; T. Soma,                  Meditec, Heidelberg Engineering (F, R);
                             Novartis, QLT, Neovista (C, R)                       None; R. Hayashi, None; H.	Takayanagi,               P.A. Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Welch-
                      3877   I.B.	Lobov, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals,               None; A.	Kikuchi, CellSeed C (P); T.                 Allyn, Haag-Streit (F)
                             Inc. (E); R.A. Renard, Regeneron                     Okano, CellSeed C (P); Y. Tano, None; K.      4001   M.	Fingeret, Carl Zeiss Meditec, inc.
                             Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E); N.                        Nishida, CellSeed C (P)                              (C); M. Verghese, None; L. Torres, None
                             Papadopoulos, Regeneron                       3943   N. schrage, ex vivo chamber system on         4002   T. Kim, None; L.M. Zangwill, Carl Zeiss
                             Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E); G. Thurston,              eye irritation research (P); S. Langefeld,           Meditec (Dublin, CA) (F); Heidelberg
                             Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E);                 None; M.	Frentz, None; M. Reim,                      Engineering (Dossenheim, Germany)
                             N.W. Gale, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals,                None; J.	Becker, None                                (F, R); C. Bowd, None; P.A. Sample,
                             Inc. (E); G.D. Yancopoulos, Regeneron         3953   J.M. Castro, None; W. Lee, None; G.E.                Carl Zeiss Meditec (Dublin, CA) (F); N.
                             Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E); S.J. Wiegand,             Noguera, None; B. Soltz, Tissue Adhesive             Shah, None; R.N. Weinreb, Carl Zeiss
                             Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E)                  Technologies, Inc. (P); R. Soltz, Tissue             Meditec (Dublin, CA) (F, R); Heidelberg
                      3882   T.W. Olsen, iScience Surgical Corp. (F);             Adhesive Technologies, Inc. (P); A. Kim,             Engineering (Dossenheim, Germany) (F, R)
                             X.	Feng, iScience Surgical Corp. (F); K.             None; R.S.	Chuck, None; A. Behrens,           4004   A.P. Tanna, Carl Zeiss Meditec (C); J.
                             Wabner, iScience Surgical Corp. (F); S.R.            None                                                 Kahn, None; A.W.	Rakemaker, None; T.
                             Conston, iScience Surgical Corp. (E); D.      3955   O. Stachs, None; A. Zhivov, Heidelberg               Sharma, None
                             Sierra, iScience Surgical Corp. (E); T.S.            Engineering (R); R.	Kraak, None; R.F.	        4007   V.C. Greenstein, None; X. Zhang,
Relationships Index
ARVO Commercial

                             Chang, iScience Surgical Corp. (I, C); M.            Guthoff, Heidelberg Engineering (R)                  None; B.	Wangsupadilok, None; R. Ritch,
                             Smith, None; J.D. Cameron, iScience           3976   D.	Wroblewski, BioFormatix, Inc. (E);                None; J. Liebmann, None; T.M. Grippo,
                             Surgical Corp. (F)                                   Developer (P); B.A.	Francis, BioFormatix,            None; D.C. Hood, Pfizer (F); Zeiss (F)
                      3884   I.	Falkenstein, None; L. Cheng, None;                Inc. (C); D.S.	Minckler, BioFormatix,         4009   L.M. Ventura, None; R. De Los Santos,
                             T.R. Jones, Angstrom Pharmaceutical,                 Inc. (C); P. Quiros, BioFormatix, Inc. (C);          None; N.	Sorokac, None; W.	Feuer, None;
                             Inc. (P); G. Lam, MicroConstants (E); I.	            V. Chopra, BioFormatix, Inc. (C); R.K.               V. Porciatti, Lace Elettronica, Pisa, Italy
                             Kozak, None; A.M. Tammewar, None;                    Massengill, BioFormatix, Inc. (C)                    (F)
                             W.R.	Freeman, Angstrom Pharmaceutical,        3978   E. Blumen-Ohana, None; M. Mesbah,             4010   A. Klistorner, c (C); S. Graham, C
                             Inc. (C)                                             None; G.	Berdeaux, Alcon, France (F); J.             (C); J. Grigg, None; H. Arwind, None; I.	
                      3887   L.A. Damico, Genentech, Inc (E);                     Nordmann, None                                       Goldberg, None; F.	Billson, None
                             Genentech, Inc. (I); P.C. Haughney,           3981   M.H. Goldbaum, None; J. Hao, None; C.         4015   S.	Radhakrishnan, Carl Zeiss Meditec,
                             Genentech, Inc (E); Genentech, Inc.                  Bowd, None; T. Lee, None; L.M.                       Inc (C); J. See, None; P. Chew, None; W.
                             (I); L.T. Berleau, Genentech, Inc (E);               Zangwill, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Heidelberg             Nolan, None; Z. Ce, None; D.S.
                             Genentech, Inc. (I); J.C. Beyer, Genentech,          Engineering (F); K.E. Harvey, None; H.A.             Friedman, None; T. Aung, None; S.D.
                             Inc (E); Genentech, Inc. (I)                         Ferreya, None; R.N. Weinreb, Carl Zeiss              Smith, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc (F)
                      3895   L. Bielory, Sanofi-Aventis, Glaxo,                   Meditec, Heidelberg Engineering (F, R);       4018   J.P. Garcia, None; P.M.T. Garcia, R
                             Astellas, Novartis, Genentech, Merck,                P.A. Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Welch-              (R); R.B. Rosen, None
                             Schering-Plough, Inspire Pharmaceuticals,            Allyn, Haag Streit (F)                        4023   J.Y. Yu, None; T.R.	Friberg, Optos (F); S.
                             Medpointe Pharmaceuticals, Alcon (C, R)       3982   M. Monhart, Haag-Streit (E); E.	Buerki,              D. Schwartz, None; C.A.	Puliafito,
                      3896   N.P. Barney, Alcon (R)                               Haag-Streit (C); H. Bebie, Haag-Streit               None; A. Gupta, None; I.J.	Suner, None
                      3905   C. Cursiefen, None; L. Chen, None; M.                (C); A.	Palmowski-Wolfe, None                 4039   W. Geitzenauer, None; C. Simader,
                             Saint-Geniez, None; P. Hamrah, None;          3987   R.O. Duncan, None; P.A. Sample, Carl                                 ˇay,
                                                                                                                                       None; B.	Povaz None; B. Hermann,
                             B.	Pytowski, ImClone Sytems (E); W.                  Zeiss Meditec, Welch-Allyn, Haag-                    None; S. Michels, None; C. Ahlers, None;
                             Streilein, None; R. Dana, None                       Streit (F); R.N. Weinreb, Carl Zeiss                 W.	Drexler, Carl Zeiss Meditec (C); U.
                      3906   R. Mohan, patent application (P); P.                 Meditec, Heidelberg Engineering (F,                  Schmidt-Erfurth, None
                             Bargagna-Mohan, patent application (P)               R); L.M. Zangwill, Carl Zeiss Meditec,        4042   B.A. Bower, Bioptigen, Inc. (C); J.A.
                      3907   T. Dietrich, None; J.	Onderka, None; F.	             Heidelberg Engineering (F); Heidelberg               Izatt, Bioptigen, Inc. (I, P); Southeast
                             Bock, None; G. Zahn, E (E); R. Stragies,             Engineering (R)                                      Techinventures, Inc. (C, P)
                             E (E); F.E.	Kruse, None; C. Cursiefen,

                                                                                                                                CR Disclosure 4051 – 4472

4051   R.B. Rosen, None; P.M. Garcia,                  4173   J. Gu, None; J.S. Crabb, None; E. Bala,      4350   M.J. Sinai, Heidelberg Engineering (E); C.
       Ophthalmic Technologies Inc (C); M. Van                None; K. Renganathan, None; X. Gu,                  A.	Girkin, None; D. Garway-Heath,
       Velthoven, None; R. Canovas, None; S.                  None; S.A. Hagstrom, None; H. Lewis,                Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C); Heidelberg
       Lalin, None; T.O. Muldoon, None; J.                    None; R.G. Salomon, Franz Biomarkers                Enginering (F); R. Thomas, None; A.
       B. Walsh, None; J. Rogers, Ophthalmic                  (P); J.W. Crabb, Alcon Research LTD                 Scheuerle, Heidelberg Engineering (F);
       Technologies Inc (E); J. Pedro, Ophthalmic             (C); Alcon Research LTD, Merck & Co.,               D. Volz, Heidelberg Engineering (E); G.
       Technologies Inc (E); R. Weitz,                        Johnson & Johnson (F); Franz Biomarkers             Zinser, Heidelberg Engineering (E)
       Ophthalmic Technologies Inc (E)                        (P)                                          4351   T. Gardner, Novartis, Eli Lilly (C)
4052   R.D.	Ferguson, Physical Sciences Inc            4175   M. Ju, (OSI) Eyetech Pharmaceuticals         4354   L.P. Aiello, Alcon (C); Eli Lilly (C, R);
       (E); PSI (P); D.X. Hammer, PSI (E); N.V.               (E); C. Mailhos, (OSI) Eyetech                      Eyetech (C, R)
       Iftimia, PSI (E); C.E. Bigelow, PSI (E); T.            Pharmaceuticals (E); M. Ganley, (OSI)        4363   J. Gao, Allergan, Inc. (E); K.F.	Siemasko,
       Ustun, PSI (E); B. Cense, None; J.F.	de	               Eyetech Pharmaceuticals (E); T. Dowie,              Allergan, Inc. (E); C. Vu, Allergan, Inc.
       Boer, MGH (P, E)                                       (OSI) Eyetech Pharmaceuticals (E); G.               (E); J.Y.	Niederkorn, Allergan, Inc. (C);
4053   M. Georgopoulos, None; W. Geitzenauer,                 Cook, (OSI) Eyetech Pharmaceuticals (E);            S.C.	Pflugfelder, Allergan, Inc. (C); M.
       None; C. Simader, None; B.	Povaz      ˇay,             P. Calias, (OSI) Eyetech Pharmaceuticals            Calonge, Allergan, Inc. (C); V.L. Calder,
       None; B. Hermann, None; C. Ahlers,                     (E); A.P. Adams, (OSI) Eyetech                      Allergan, Inc. (C); M.E. Stern, Allergan,
       None; C. Scholda, None; W.	Drexler, Carl               Pharmaceuticals (E); N. Lange, None; G.S.           Inc. (E)
       Zeiss Meditec (C); U. Schmidt-Erfurth,                 Robinson, (OSI) Eyetech Pharmaceuticals      4370   Y. Sun, F (F); C. Kalsow, C (C); E.
       None                                                   (E); D.T. Shima, (OSI) Eyetech                      Pearlman, F (F)
4056   S. Jiao, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); University            Pharmaceuticals (E)                          4378   G. Sosne, RegeneRx (P); M.K. Wheater,
       of Miami (P); C. Wu, Carl Zeiss Meditec         4196   S.L. Bernstein, None; Y. Guo, None; L.              None; P. Qiu, None
       (F); X. Huang, None; G. Gregori, Carl                  E.H. Smith, None; S. Russell, ITSI           4379   Y.	Nakamura, Senju Pharmaceutical
       Zeiss Meditec (F); University of Miami                 Biosciences (E); L. Brinster, None; G.              Co., Ltd. (E); Y. Lu, None; K.	Fukuda,
       (P); R. Knighton, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);              Miller, None; R.I.	Somiari, ITSI                    None; T.	Chikama, None; N. Kumagai,
       University of Miami (P); C.A.	Puliafito,               Bioscience (E)                                      None; T. Nishida, None
       Carl Zeiss Meditech (P)                         4245   D.L. MacKenzie, None; J.L. Olson,            4384   R. Toyos, Alcon (R); A. Kulshreshtha,
4057   M. Stopa, co-inventor on a patent                      None; M.Y.	Kahook, None; N.                         Alcon (E); M. Cagle, Alcon (E)
       application (P); B.A. Bower, Bioptigen                 Faberowski, None; N. Mandava, Eyetech        4395   G.F.	Schwartz, Pfizer, Allergan, Santen
       (F, I); co-inventor on a patent application            Pharmaceuticals (C)                                 (F); Pfizer, Merck (R); G. Reardon, Pfizer,
       (P); J.A.	Izatt, Bioptigen (F, I); C.A. Toth,   4249   D.N. Sang, Eyetech (R); Novartis (R); M.S.          Inc (C); S.N. Shah, Pfizer Inc (E)
       co-inventor on a patent application (P);               Hughes, Eyetech (R); Novartis (R)            4396   J.G. Walt, Allergan, Inc. (E); T.H. Chiang,
       Dr. Toth receives royalties through Duke        4259   C.R. Beals, Pfizer (E); N. Ting, Pfizer             Allergan, Inc. (E); L.S. Stern, Analytica
       University Patent Policy for technology                (E); M. Patel, Pfizer (E); B. Katz, (OSI)           International (C); L.R. Siegartel, Analytica
       licensed by Duke to Alcon (P)                          Eyetech (E); M. Goldbaum, (OSI)                     International (C); J.J. Doyle, Analytica
4060   N. Hutchings, None; C.J.	Cookson,                      Eyetech (E)                                         International (C); L.M. Katz, Analytica

                                                                                                                                                                 Relationships Index
                                                                                                                                                                 ARVO Commercial
       None; J.J. Hunter, None; M.L.	Kisilak,          4270   R. Reddy, None; M.S. Alomram,                       International (C)
       None; Q. Liang, None; J.M. Bueno, N/A                  None; M. Diaz, None; S. Huang, Bausch        4404   K. Baggesen, None; S. Arnavielle,
       (P); M.C.W. Campbell, N/A (P)                          and Lomb, Genetech, DRCR Net, Itech (F)             None; A. Bron, None; J. Thygesen, None;
4062   A.E. Elsner, Indiana University (P); D.A.       4273   D.	Iturralde, None; R. Spaide, Consultant           P. Buchholz, Allergan (E); U.	Griffiths,
       VanNasdale, None; A. Weber, None; M.                   to Genentech, Novartis, QLT, Eyetech,               Mussmann (C); M. Aagren, muusmann (C)
       Miura, None                                            Miravent, ISTA (C); C. Meyerle, None; L.     4409   G.P. Matthews, Alcon Research, Ltd. (F);
4071   M.C.	Mauck, None; J. Neitz, None; T.B.                 Yannuzzi, None; Y.	Fisher, None; J.                 J. Schmier, Alcon Research, Ltd. (F); M.
       Connor, None; W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC                     Sorenson, None; J.	Slakter, None; J.                Halpern, Alcon Research, Ltd. (F); D.
       (P); M. Neitz, None                                    Klancnik, None                                      Covert, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E)
4075   D.H. Sliney, Advanced Medical Optics,           4279   J.A. Wells, Eyetech and Pfizer (R, C)        4411   G. Reardon, Pfizer Inc (C); G.F.	
       Inc. (C); M. Lowery, Advanced Medical           4296   M.S. Benz, Eyetech (C); Genentech                   Schwartz, Pfizer, Allergan, Santen (F);
       Optics, Inc. (E); C. Reisin, Advanced                  (F); Novartis (C, R); Pfizer (C); A.G.              Pfizer, Merck (R); S.N. Shah, Pfizer Inc (E)
       Medical Optics, Inc. (E); L. Gruber,                   Strickler, Genentech (F); R.Y. Kim,          4412   J.A. Stewart, Merck, Pfizer, Alcon (F);
       Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. (E); R.                  Genentech (F); R.H.	Fish, Genentech (F);            M.	Mychaskiw, Pfizer (E); W.C. Stewart,
       Jain, Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. (E)                T.P. Wong, Genentech (F); D.M. Brown,               Merck, Pfizer, Alcon (R, F)
4114   S.J. Mangers, None; B. Kramer, None;                   Genentech (F, C)                             4414   B.L. Nordstrom, Pfizer (F); S. Shah, Pfizer
       N.M.	Holekamp, Alcon (C); Y. Shui,              4330   R.R. Krueger, IntraLase (F, R); I.L.	               (E); E. Kim, Pfizer (E); A.M.	Walker,
       None; D.C. Beebe, Othera Pharm. (C)                    Thornton, None; T.J. van den Berg, None             Pfizer (F)
4122   J.R.	Trevithick, BDH Canada, Merck              4332   P. Titze, None; F.	Majo, None; W.G.          4432   C. Linden, Bioresonator AB (C); P.
       Darmstadt (F); T.M.	Dzialoszynski, BDH                 Bernau, CEO (E); P. Othenin-Girard,                 Hallberg, None; K. Santala, None; A.
       Canada, Merck Darmstadt (F); M.M.                      None                                                Eklund, Bioresonator AB (P)
       Collins, None; J.	Foster, None; M. Hirst,       4333   Y. Li, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); M. Tang,      4437   R.D. Johnson, None; C.J. Roberts,
       BDH Canada, Merck Darmstadt (F); S.E.                  Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); D. Huang, Carl              Consultant for Ziemer (C); A.M.
       Sanford, None; S.E. Sanford, None                      Zeiss Meditec (F, P)                                Mahmoud, None; P.A. Weber, None
4123   M. Zhang, None; T. Xiao, None; G.               4346   O. Tan, None; V. Chopra, None; D.            4459   N. Lee, None; R. Zeimer, Ran Zeimer
       Campbell, None; N.H. Ansari, F (F)                     Huang, Carl Zeiss Meditec (R); R. Varma,            (P); S. Vitale, None; S. Asrani, None; J.
4134   M.B. Datiles, None; R.R. Ansari, P (P);                None                                                Wilensky, None; D. Gieser, None
       K.I.	Suh, P (P); G.F.	Reed, None; S.            4348   D.F.	Garway-Heath, Carl Zeiss (F,            4472   E.	Yoeruek, None; P. Szurman, Acri.Tec
       Vitale, None; J.F.	King, P (P); F.L.	Ferris,           C); Heidelberg Engineering (F); A.                  GmbH (F); S. Grisanti, None; H. Jagle,
       None                                                   J. Patterson, None; N.G. Strouthidis,               None; M. Warga, None; K.U. Bartz-
4148   Y. Chen, None; T.S. Acott, Alcon (F); M.               Heidelberg Engineering (F); D.P. Crabb,             Schmidt, Acri.Tec GmbH (P)
       L. Klein, None; M.J. Kelley, None                      None

                      CR Disclosure 4482 – 4802

                      4482   T. Lin, Allergan Inc. (E); B.	Jackson,         4667   P. Danzi, None; F.	Morescalchi, None; F.	    4761   M. Palaiou, Iridex Corp (F); R.W. Bremer,
                             Allergan Inc. (E); K. Zhang, Allergan                 Gandolfo, None; E. Gandolfo, None; G.               None; T.R.	Friberg, None
                             Inc. (E); W. Orilla, Allergan Inc. (E);               Staurenghi, Ocular Staurenghi 230 SLO        4762   N. Gotoh, None; M. Hangai, None; M.
                             R.	Tzekov, Allergan Inc. (E); J.	Burke,               Retina lens (P)                                     Sasahara, None; S.	Makita, None; M.
                             Allergan Inc. (E); L. Wheeler, Allergan        4673   J. Zacharias, Patent Application (P)                Yamanari, None; Y. Yasuno, None; T.
                             Inc. (E); S.M. Whitcup, Allergan Inc. (E)      4674   R.A. Bhatti, None; L. Chong, None; R.               Yatagai, None; T. Kigawa, TOPCON (E);
                      4491   J.A.	Burke, Allergan, Inc. (E); T. Lin,               Freida, None; O. Magalhaes, None; C.                Y.	Fukuma, TOPCON (E); N. Yoshimura,
                             Allergan, Inc. (E); K. Zhang, Allergan,               DeBoer, None; P. Bhadri, None; M.                   None
                             Inc. (E); W. Orilla, Allergan, Inc. (E); C.           McCormick, None; A. Barnes, None; M.         4763   A.S. Neubauer, None; R.W. Strauss,
                             Spada, Allergan, Inc. (E); M. Escobar,                Humayun, Bausch & Lomb (F)                          None; F.	Scholz, Inventor/Software
                             Allergan, Inc. (E); C. Ghosn, Allergan,        4677   C. Haritoglou, Patent application (P); R.           Developer (P); M.W. Ulbig, None; A.
                             Inc. (E); R.	Tzekov, Allergan, Inc. (E);              Tadayoni, None; C.A. May, None; W.                  Kampik, None
                             L. Wheeler, Allergan, Inc. (E); S.M.                  Freyer, Patent application (P); A.	Kampik,   4765   J.G. Browne, None; S.L. Ho, None; S.
                             Whitcup, Allergan, Inc. (E)                           None                                                Kadare, None; R. Kane, None; N. Oliver,
                      4495   Q. Peng, None; T. Lin, Allergan, Inc. (E);     4679   J.A.	Mackiewicz, None; W. Hiebl, Fluoron            Fibrogen Inc (E); A.F.	Clark, Alcon
                             W. Orilla, Allergan, Inc. (E); C. Ghosn,              GmbH (E); H. Meinert, Fluoron GmbH                  Research Ltd. (E); J.K. Crean, None; C.J.
                             Allergan, Inc. (E); C. Spada, Allergan,               (C); B. Muhling, Fluoron GmbH (C); K.               O’Brien, None
                             Inc. (E); R.	Tzekov, Allergan, Inc. (E);              Maaijwee, None; C.	Luke, None; N.            4771   A.F.	Clark, E (E); C. Millar, E (E); I.	
                             J.	Burke, Allergan, Inc. (E); R. Lyons,               Kociok, None; Z.	Zagórski, None; B.                 Pang, E (E); N. Jacobson, E (E); A.R.
                             Allergan, Inc. (E); B. Kuppermann,                    Kirchhof, None; A.M. Joussen, None                  Shepard, E (E)
                             Allergan, Inc. (E)                             4681   O.	Dembinska, Alcon Research, Ltd.           4772   G. Schmid, Vision CRC, University of
                      4539   K.G. Ooi, Inventor on a patent application            (E); K. Stout, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);            New South Wales, Australia (F)
                             (P); G. Galatowicz, Developer on a patent             J.	Griffin, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); D.     4774   N.S. Logan, UK patent application filed (P)
                             application (P); V.L. Calder, Developer               Rodeheaver, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); J.     4776   E. Smith, Earl Smith (P); L. Hung,
                             on a patent application (P); S. Lightman,             Heaton, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); R. Rice,          None; Y. Qiao-Grider, None; R.
                             Developer on a patent application (P)                 Alcon Research Ltd. (E); J. Hiddemen,               Ramamirtham, None; J. Huang, None; D.
                      4554   B. Tam, TargeGen Inc. (E); J. Hood,                   Alcon Research, Ltd. (E)                            K. Coats, None; E. Paysse, None
                             TargeGen Inc (E); Z. Chen, E (E);              4682   R.K. Shuler, None; M. Stopa, None; K.        4790   C.L. Passmore, None; S. Diafas, Merck
                             K. Barret, TargeGen Inc. (E); S. Yee,                 Winter, None; M. McCall, None; C.A.                 (F); D.G. Day, Merck (F); J.A. Stewart,
                             TargeGen Inc. (E); R.M. Soll, TargeGen                Toth, Alcon Laboratories (P)                        None; W.C. Stewart, Merck (F, R)
                             Inc. (E)                                       4727   S. Vitale, None; M.B. Datiles, None; R.R.    4792   G.	Fuchsjaeger-Mayrl, Honoraria for
                      4562   G. Sarra, Teva Pharmaceuticals Inc.                   Ansari, P (P); K.I.	Suh, P (P); G.F.	Reed,          presenting at MSD meeting in Poland
                             (P); S. Eigeldinger-Berthou, Teva                     None; J.F.	King, P (P); F.L.	Ferris, None           (R); Unrestricted grant from MSD
                             Pharmaceuticals Inc. (P); P. Trittibach,       4729   F.	Stapleton, Ciba Vision (F); L. Keay,             (F); B. Wally, None; C. Vass, None;
                             None; C. Meier, None; A.D. Olac-Gaona,                None; S. Katiyar, None; K. Edwards,                 L. Schmetterer, Honoraria and travel
Relationships Index
ARVO Commercial

                             None; S. Wolf, None                                   None; T. Naduvilath, None                           reimbursement from MSD and Novartis
                      4587   A.L. Webber, Merck & Co., Inc. (E); P.         4739   D.C. Beebe, Othera Pharm. (C); N.M.                 (R); Support from Allergan, MSD,
                             Hodor, Merck & Co., Inc. (E); T. Zhang,               Holekamp, Alcon (C); Y. Shui, None; B.              Novartis, Pharmaselect (F)
                             Merck & Co., Inc. (E); D. Holder, Merck               Kramer, None; S. Mangers, None               4793   M.T. Nicolela, Merck Froost; Allergan;
                             & Co., Inc. (E); K.	Petrukhin, Merck &         4741   M. Wormstone, Cambridge Antibody                    Pfizer (R); K. Wallace, None; M.L.
                             Co., Inc. (E)                                         Technology (F); L.J. Dawes, Cambridge               Archibald, None; T.L. LeVatte, None;
                      4595   T.V. Bui, Sytera Inc (E); Y. Han, Sytera Inc          Antibody Technology (F); J.A. Eldred,               R.P. LeBlanc, Pfizer; Allergan (R)
                             (E); R.A. Radu, None; N.L. Mata, Sytera               None; J.R. Reddan, None; I.K.	Anderson,      4795   C.	Zawinka, None; S. Orguel, Alcon Labs
                             Inc (I, E)                                            Cambridge Antibody Technology (E); M.               (F); G. Reinhard, None; R. Katamay,
                      4603   W. Dailey, Beckman Coulter (F); K.                    Sleeman, Cambridge Antibody Technology              None; J.	Flammer, None
                             Drenser, Beckman Coulter (F); P. Doshi,               (E); G. Duncan, Cambridge Antibody           4796   D. Descovich, None; D.	Papamatheakis,
                             None; M. Trese, None                                  Technology (F)                                      None; M. Wajszilber, None; P.J.
                      4636   K. Rhodes, None; J.H. Smith, None; L.          4742   A.S.	Menko, provisional patent (P); I.	             Harasymowycz, Alcon Canada (R); M.R.
                             Padnick-Silver, None; A.C. Newlin,                    Wolff, None; L. Zhang, None                         Lesk, Alcon Canada (R)
                             None; W.S. Rubinstein, Myriad Genetic          4758   V.J. Srinivasan, None; M.D.                  4801   A. Laabich, Acucela Inc (E); G.P.
                             Laboratories (C)                                      Wojtkowski, None; J.J. Liu, None; J.S.              Vissvesvaran, Acucela Inc (E); K.L. Lieu,
                      4646   M.J. Ward, None; L. Rao, None; F.	Seffo,              Duker, None; A. Clermont, None; S.E.                Acucela Inc (E); K. Murata, Acucela Inc
                             None; K. Jamal, None; S. Huang, Alcon,                Bursell, None; J.G.	Fujimoto, Carl Zeiss            (E); T.E. McGinn, Acucela Inc (E); C.C.
                             Bausch & Lomb (C); Genentech, Bausch &                Meditec (P)                                         Manmoto, Acucela Inc (E); J.R. Sinclair,
                             Lomb, Cambridge Antibody Technologies,         4759   J.G.	Fujimoto, Carl Zeiss Meditec (P); M.           Acucela Inc (E); I.	Karliga, Acucela Inc
                             Eyetech/Pfizer (R)                                    Wojtkowski, None; V.J. Srinivasan,                  (E); R. Kubota, Acucela Inc (E); A.	Fawzi,
                      4655   B.L. Davis, None; D.S. Dyer, Alcon (C,                None; B. Monson, None; A.J.	Witkin,                 Acucela Inc (E)
                             R); Novartis (C, R); OSI / Eyetech (C,                None; C.R. Baumal, None; T. Hedges,          4802   T.	Oka, Senju Pharmaceutical (E); T.
                             R); G.M.	Fox, None; B.A. Cooper, None                 None; E. Reichel, None; J.S. Schuman,               Nakajima, Senju Pharmaceutical (E); T.R.
                      4661   L.F.	Hagemann, Alcon Surgical (R); L.                 Carl Zeiss Meditec (P); J.S.	Duker, None            Shearer, Senju Pharmaceutical (C); M.
                             E.A. Marques, None; B.D. Kuppermann,           4760   B.K. Monson, None; V.J. Srinivasan,                 Azuma, Senju Pharmaceutical (E)
                             Alcon Surgical (R)                                    None; M.D.	Wojtkowski, None; J. Liu,
                      4663   L.J. Rao, None; M. Ward, None; F.	Seffo,              None; J.S.	Duker, None; J.G.	Fujimoto,
                             None; K. Jamal, None; S. Huang, Alcon                 Carl Zeiss (P); Meditec (P); J.S. Schuman,
                             (C); Bausch & Lomb (C, R); Cambridge                  None; H.	Ishikawa, None; A.	Witkin,
                             Antibody Technologies (R); EyeTech/Pfizer             None
                             (R); Genentech (R)

                                                                                                                              CR Disclosure 4815 – 5102

4815   T.J. McGill, None; G.T.	Prusky,               4935   M.	Nakamura, Santen Pharmaceutical           5024   C.R. Green, CoDaTherapeutics (NZ) Ltd.
       CerebralMechanics (P); D. Yasumura,                  Co. Ltd. (E); Y. Shichijo, Santen                   (I, P); S. Cheung, None; C.N.J. McGhee,
       None; K.M. Donohue-Rolfe, None; M.                   Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (E); A. Dota,               None; D.L.	Becker, CoDaTherapeutics
       T. Matthes, None; G.C. Nune, None; D.                Santen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (E);                 (NZ) Ltd. (P); T. Sherwin, None
       Niculescu, None; W.W. Hauswirth,                     K. Shinomiya, Santen Pharmaceutical          5027   P. Qiu, None; G. Sosne, RegeneRx (P)
       AGTC (P); J.L. Duncan, None; M.M.                    Co. Ltd. (E); O. Katsuta, Santen             5051   A. Vogel, Jerini AG Berlin, Germany (F);
       LaVail, None                                         Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (E); T.	Ikuse,              G. Zahn, Jerini AG Berlin, Germany (E);
4817   D.W. Leung, employee of Acucela Inc. (E);            Santen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (E)                  F.G.	Holz, Jerini AG Berlin, Germany
       L. Lindlief, employee of Acucela Inc. (E);    4937   A. Enriquez, None; J. Gao, Allergan Inc.            (F); K.U.	Loeffler, Jerini AG Berlin,
       A. Laabich, employee of Acucela Inc. (E);            (E); V. Calder, None; G. Galatowicz,                Germany (F)
       R. Kubota, employee of Acucela Inc. (E);             None; K.F.	Siemasko, Allergan Inc. (E); C.   5052   K.U.	Loeffler, Jerini AG, Berlin, Germany
       A.	Fawzi, employee of Acucela Inc. (E)               García-Vázquez, None; M.E. Stern,                   (F); G. Zahn, Jerini AG, Berlin, Germany
4818   G. Vissvesvaran, ACUCELA INC                         Allergan Inc. (E); M. Calonge, Allergan,            (E); A. Vogel, Jerini AG, Berlin, Germany
       (E); A. Laabich, ACUCELA INC                         inc (C)                                             (F); M. Wills, Charles River Laboratories,
       (E); J.R. Sinclair, ACUCELA INC               4938   M.C. Calonge, Allergan, Inc (C); A.                 NV (E); F.G.	Holz, Jerini AG, Berlin,
       (E); K.L. Lieu, ACUCELA INC (E);                     Enríquez de Salamanca, None; C.                     Germany (F)
       K. Murata, ACUCELA INC (E); I.	                      García-Vázquez, None; M.E. Stern,            5053   A. Oyejide, Allergan Inc. (E); J.	Burke,
       Karliga, ACUCELA INC (E); T.E.                       Allergan Inc. (E)                                   Allergan Inc. (E); B. Short, Allergan Inc.
       McGinn, ACUCELA INC (E); M.                   4956   T. Nishida, None; K. Kimura, None; M.               (E); L. Wheeler, Allergan Inc. (E)
       Graham, ACUCELA INC (E); R.                          Tanaka, Nitten Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.        5078   K.	Cockerham, Inventor on the Provisional
       Kubota, ACUCELA INC (E); A.	Fawzi,                   (E); Y. Morihara, Nitten Pharmaceutical             Patent of the Device Which is the Subject
       ACUCELA INC (E)                                      Co.Ltd. (E); S.	Takamiya, Nitten                    of Presentation (P); A. Liu, Co-Inventor on
4820   M.	Belokopytov, None; S. Shulman,                    Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. (E); M.	Sakaguchi,           the Provisional Patent of the Device Which
       None; G.	Dubinsky, None; I.	Gozes, Allon             Nitten Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. (E); T.               is the Subject of Presentation (P)
       Therapeutics, Inc (P); M.	Belkin, None; M.           Chikama, None                                5083   M. Higashiyama, Senju Pharmaceutical
       Rozner, None                                  4958   E.E.	Protzko, None; M. Abelson, ORA                 Co., Ltd. (E); A. Ohtori, Senju
4821   C. Nucci, Visufarma Italy (F); R.                    (C); A. Shapiro, ORA (C)                            Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (E); K. Tojo,
       Tartaglione, None; A. Cerulli, None; A.       4965   S.S. Rhee, None; F.S.	Mah, Alcon Labs,              None
       Spanò, None; G. Bagetta, Visufarma,                  Inc. (F); Allergan, Inc. (F)                 5084   A.L. Weiner, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);
       Italy (R)                                     4970   C. Bucolo, Bausch & Lomb (E); A.                    P.J. Missel, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); J.E.
4827   X. Yang, None; K.D. Rhee, None; M.M.                 R. Qasem, None; M. Baiula, None; G.                 Chastain, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); Y.
       LaVail, None; W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC                   Farruggia, None; P. Govoni, None; S.                Yaacobi, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); A.K.
       (P); D.	Bok, None                                    Spampinato, None                                    Mitra, Alcon Research, Ltd. (C); U.B.
4829   E. Ng, (OSI) Eyetech (E); K. Nishijima,       4973   C. Beauregard, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);            Kompella, Alcon Research, Ltd. (C); V.
       (OSI) Eyetech (E); G.S. Robinson, (OSI)              D. Stephens, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);              Kansara, None; S. Duvvuri, None; A.

                                                                                                                                                              Relationships Index
                                                                                                                                                              ARVO Commercial
       Eyetech (E); A.P. Adamis, (OSI) Eyetech              L. Roberts, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); D.            Amrite, None; N. Cheruvu, None
       (E); D.T. Shima, (OSI) Eyetech (E)                   Gamache, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); J.        5086   T. McNamara, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®,
4838   E.E. Sutter, P (P); A.	Berezovsky,                   Yanni, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E)                     Inc. (E); G.A.	Baklayan, ISTA
       None; S.R. Salomao, None; J.M. Pereira,       4975   K.	Brubaker, Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc.          Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E); H.M.
       None; P.Y. Sacai, None; A.A. Sadun, None             (E); B.R.	Yerxa, Inspire Pharmaceuticals,           Deshmukh, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®,
4849   Y. Matsumoto, TissueTech, Inc. (F, E); W.            Inc. (E); J.L. Boyer, Inspire                       Inc. (E); H.M. Patterson, ISTA
       Li, TissueTech, Inc. (F, E); S.C.G. Tseng,           Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E)                           Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E); J.A. Gow,
       TissueTech, Inc. & Ocular Surface Center      4989   P. Pouliquen, Laboratoires Thea (E); M.             ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E)
       (I, E, C, P)                                         Bortolotti, None; I.	Fregona	PhD, None;      5089   M.	Abdulrazik, None; L. Rabinovich-
4866   H.	Okamoto, None; S. Umeda, None; M.                 L. Delval, Laboratoires Thea (E); D.                Guilatt, Novagali Pharma (E); G.
       T.	Suzuki, None; K. Terao, None; T.                  Violato, None; A. Leonardi , None                   Lambert, Novagali Pharma (E); S. Benita,
       Nozawa, AMR Inc. (E); Y.	Yoshikawa,           4993   P.J. Maris, None; H.D. Perry, Allergan;             Hebrew University of Jerusalem (P);
       None; Y.	Miyake, None; T.	Iwata, None                Novartis; ISTA (C); ISTA Pharmaceuticals            Novagali Pharma (C)
4882   M. Singh, Potentia Pharmaceuticals Inc.,             (R); E.D. Donnenfeld, ISTA; Allergan;        5093   D.	Bucks, Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences,
       Louisville, Kentucky, USA (E); Z. Zhang,             Alcon; Bausch and Lomb (C); T. Chou,                Inc. (E); T. Lund, Dow Pharmaceutical
       Potentia Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E); F.	               None                                                Sciences, Inc. (E); G.	Winckle, Dow
       Grossi, Potentia Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E);    4995   H.D. Perry, ISTA Pharmaceuticals (F);               Pharmaceutical Sciences, Inc. (E);
       S.	Dick, Potentia Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E);          ISTA; Allergan; Novartis (C); P.J. Maris,           B. Marshall, Dow Pharmaceutical
       P. Olson, Potentia Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E)          None; E.D. Donnenfeld, ISTA; Allergan;              Sciences, Inc. (E); C. Richardson, Dow
4890   E. Chaum, Alcon Research Ltd. (F);                   Alcon; Bausch and Lomb (C); T. Chou,                Pharmaceutical Sciences, Inc. (E)
       Author (P); H. Yang, None; X. Yang,                  None                                         5094   P. Elena, None; P. Roy, EyeGate Pharma
       None; J.C. Lang, Alcon Research Ltd. (E);     5001   V. Papa, SIFI SpA (E); S. Russo, SIFI               (E); K. Viaud, None; T. Caillaud, None
       Author (P)                                           SpA (E); D. Rasà, SIFI SpA (E); P. Russo,    5099   S. Yee, TargeGen Inc (E); L. Dellamary,
4893   B.	Appukuttan, None; T.J.                            SIFI SpA (E); A. Di Bella, SIFI SpA                 TargeGen Inc (E); D. DeLarosa, Genentech
       McFarland, None; Y. Zhang, None; L.                  (E); F.	Faraldi, None; P. Vaona, None; G.           (E); J. Key, TargeGen Inc (E); A. Kousba,
       Atchaneeyasakul, None; T. Acott, Alcon,              Milazzo, SIFI SpA (E)                               TargeGen Inc (E); G. Noronha, TargeGen
       F (F); J. Stout, None                         5010   A. Zhivov, Heidelberg Engineering (R); O.           Inc (E); S. Hu, TargeGen Inc (E); R. Soll,
                                                            Stachs, None; R. Guthoff, Heidelberg                TargeGen Inc (E); A.	Tabak, TargeGen Inc
                                                            Engineering (C)                                     (E); J. Yu, TargeGen Inc (E)
                                                                                                         5102   K. Kawazu, Santen Pharmaceutical Co.,
                                                                                                                Ltd. (E); Y.	Fukano, Santen Pharmaceutical
                                                                                                                Co., Ltd. (E)

                      CR Disclosure 5104 – 5406

                      5104   J.J. Arnold, None; Y.	Choksi, None; X.       5124   C. McGovern, Neurotech USA (F); S.             5252   T.S. Chang, Genentech, Inc. (C); Novartis
                             Chen, None; A.	Shimazaki, Santen                    Sherman, Neurotech USA (F); P. Stabila,               (C); J.T.	Fine, Genentech, Inc. (E); N.
                             Pharmaceutical Company, Limited (E); E.             Neurotech USA (F); J. Lydon, Neurotech                Bressler, Genentech, Inc. (C)
                             Toone, None; D.L. Epstein, patent (P); P.           USA (F); A. Lee, Neurotech USA (F); B.         5254   C. DeBoer, None; A. Barnes, None; J.
                             Challa, None                                        Dean, Neurotech USA (F); K. Kauper,                   Lescoulie, None; S.	Fang, None; O.
                      5105   G.	Baklayan, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc.            Neurotech USA (F); D.	Litvak, Neurotech               Magalhaes, None; P. Bhadri, None; M.
                             (E); B.A. Aird, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®,              USA (F); W. Tente, Neurotech USA (F);                 McCormick, None; L. Chong, None;
                             Inc. (E); T.W. Joe, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®,          W. Tao, Neurotech USA (F)                             T. Hassan, Bausch and Lomb (F); M.
                             Inc. (E); J. Yang, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®,    5126   D.P. DeVore, CLN Diagnostics &                        Humayun, Bausch and Lomb (F)
                             Inc. (E); T.L. Thetford, ISTA                       Therapeutics (I, P); Xium, LLC (E);            5259   F.	Seffo, None; L. Rao, None; M. Ward,
                             Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E); E.C. Collins,           R.A. Eiferman, CLN Diagnostics                        None; K. Jamal, None; S. Huang, Bausch
                             ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E)                     & Therapeutics (P); E.U. Keates,                      & Lomb, Alcon (C); Bausch & Lomb,
                      5106   U. Pinninti, ISTA Pharmaceuticals (F); S.           CLN Diagnostics & Therapeutics (I);                   Genetech, DRCR Net, Eyetech/Pfizer (R)
                             Mansour, ISTA Pharmaceuticals (F)                   R. Nordquist, CLN Diagnostics &                5260   B.A. Aird, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®,
                      5108   W. Higuchi, Aciont Inc. (P); A.L.                   Therapeutics (I)                                      Inc. (E); T.R. McNamara, ISTA
                             Tuitupou, Aciont Inc. (E); R.P.              5130   R.J.	Suverkrup, US 6,228,381 B1 (P); O.               Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E); J.A. Gow,
                             Kochambilli, Aciont Inc. (E); D.C.	Mix,             Krasichkova, None; M. Diestelhorst, US                ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E); C.K.
                             Aciont Inc. (E); G. Yan, Aciont Inc. (E);           6,228,381 B1 (P)                                      Song, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E);
                             J.W. Higuchi, Aciont Inc. (E); S.K. Li,      5184   J. Hood, TargeGen (E, P); N. Umeda,                   T.W. Joe, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (E);
                             Aciont Inc. (E)                                     TargeGen (F); P. Campochiaro, TargeGen                G.A.	Baklayan, ISTA Pharmaceuticals®,
                      5109   T. Caillaud, None; P. Roy, EyeGate                  (F); S. Yee, TargeGen (E); K. Barrett,                Inc. (E)
                             Pharma (E); K. Viaud, None; P. Elena,               TargeGen (E); G. Noronha, TargeGen (E);        5263   L.P. Chong, None; O. Magalhaes,
                             None                                                R. Soll, TargeGen (E)                                 None; C. DeBoer, None; P. Bhadri,
                      5111   R.A.P. De Carvalho, 3T Ophthalmics (E,       5196   S.H. Hardarson, Oxymap ehf. (E, P);                   None; J. Lescoulie, None; M.
                             P); M. Durst, None; M. Krause, None; J.             R.A. Karlsson, Oxymap ehf. (E, P);                    McCormick, None; A. Barnes, None; M.
                             Hanes, None; I.	Maumenee, None; P.                  G.H. Halldorsson, Oxymap ehf. (E,                     Humayun, Bausch and Lomb (F)
                             Campochiaro, None                                   P); S.R. Joelsson, Oxymap ehf (E); T.          5264   K. Teruya, Genzyme Co. (F); N.
                      5115   P. Margaron, QLT Inc. (E); R. Li, QLT               Eysteinsson, Oxymap ehf. (I, E, P); J.A.              Tsurumaru, Genzyme Co. (F); J. Sueda,
                             Inc. (E); L. Hong, QLT Inc. (E); R. Boch,           Benediktsson, Oxymap ehf. (I, E, P); J.M.             Genzyme Co. (F); M. Arai, Genzyme Co.
                             QLT Inc. (E); J. Houle, QLT Inc. (C); L.            Beach, Oxymap ehf. (I, P); E. Stefansson,             (F); R.	Yamakawa, Genzyme Co. (F);
                             Sojo, QLT Inc. (E); C. Lindemann, QLT               Oxymap ehf. (I, E, P)                                 A. Hirata, Genzyme Co. (F); T. Hirose,
                             USA Inc. (E); E. Dadey, QLT USA Inc.         5211   D.S. Rho, Ista Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (F); S.          Genzyme Co. (F)
                             (E); J. Sanghera, QLT Inc. (E)                      M. Soll, None; B.J.	Markovitz, None            5284   H. Karacal, None; R.S. Apte, Eyetech,
                      5116   L. Hong, QLT Inc./ (E); R. Boch, QLT         5226   L. Wu, Pfizer (C); H. Quiroz-Mercado,                 Novartis (C)
                             Inc. (E); E. Dadey, QLT Inc. USA (E); N.            None; J. Roca, Pfizer (C); F.	Arevalo,         5291   J.	Fuller, Alcon (F); Bayer (F); M. Lott,
Relationships Index
ARVO Commercial

                             Dhatt, QLT Inc. (E); K. Grant, QLT Inc.             Pfizer (C, R); M.	Farah, None; J.	Fromow,             None; N. Henson, None; A. Bhaati, None;
                             (E); R. Li, QLT Inc. (E); P. Margaron,              None; V. Morales-Canton, Pfizer (C, R); J.            M. Curtis, Alcon (E); H. Singh, Alcon (F);
                             QLT Inc. (E); G. Moore, QLT Inc. (E);               Jimenez, None; J. Guerrero, None                      Bayer (F); D. Marcus, Alcon (F); Bayer (F)
                             K.	Nelkenbrecher, QLT Inc. (E); J.           5230   A.J. Williams, None; S.	Fekrat, Genentech      5319   B.J. Kim, None; N. Waheed, None; A.
                             Sanghera, QLT Inc. (E)                              (C)                                                   Hafezi-Moghadam, None; D.J. D’Amico,
                      5118   K.A. Kauper, Neurotech USA, Inc (F);         5232   W.F.	Mieler, Novartis Pharmaceuticals                 Alcon Laboratories, Inc. (C); Eyetech
                             P. Stabila, N eurotech USA (F); J. Mills,           Corporation (R)                                       Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (C)
                             Neurotech USA, Inc (F); A. Lee, Neurotech    5233   M.S. Hughes, Eyetech (R); Novartis (R);        5340   C.D. Reiter, GenVec Inc. (E, P); M.M.
                             USA, Inc (F); D.	Litvak, Neurotech USA,             D.N. Sang, Eyetech (R); Novartis (R)                  Hamilton, GenVec Inc. (E); C.R. King,
                             Inc (F); J. Lydon, Neurotech USA, Inc (F);   5236   K.	Kulkarni, None; J.L. Prenner, Yes (C,              GenVec Inc. (E, P); D.E. Brough, GenVec
                             P. Heatherton, Neurotech USA, Inc (F);              R); D. Roth, None; M. Wheatley, None; B.              Inc. (E); L.L. Wei, GenVec Inc. (E, P);
                             W. Tao, Neurotech USA, Inc (F)                      Keyser, None; E.	Friedman, None; S.                   M.E. Carrión, GenVec Inc. (P, E)
                      5119   R.F.	See, None; J.J. Peairs, None; S.               Leff, None; D. Yarian, None; S. Green,         5384   H.A. Gussin, None; I.D.	Tomlinson,
                             Srivastava, None; P. Mruthyunjaya,                  None                                                  Vanderbilt Univ. (P); D.M. Little, None; H.
                             None; S.S. Stinnett, None; H. Guo,           5237   M.S.	Ip, Genentech (C); M. Patel, (OSI)               Qian, None; S.J. Rosenthal, Vanderbilt
                             Control Delivery Systems (E); M. Nazzaro,           Eyetech (E); M. Goldbaum, (OSI) Eyetech               Univ. (P); D.R. Pepperberg, None
                             Control Delivery Systems (E); P. Ashton,            (E); B. Katz, (OSI) Eyetech (E); C. Beals,     5394   T. Euler, None; P.B. Detwiler, None; D.J.
                             Control Delivery Systems (E); G.J. Jaffe,           (OSI) Eyetech (E)                                     Margolis, None; S.E. Hausselt, None; W.
                             Bausch and Lomb (C); Control Delivery        5243   G. Soubrane, Eyetech (F); Novartis,Pfizer,            Denk, Sutter Instrument (P)
                             Systems (F)                                         Allergan,Alcon (C, R); F.	Coscas, None; V.     5402   E.A. Rossi, None; A. Roorda, University
                      5123   G.P.	Cook, (OSI) Eyetech (E); L. Burgess,           Colasse-Marthelot, None; N. Benyelles,                of Rochester, University of Houston (P)
                             (OSI) Eyetech (E); J. Wing, (OSI)                   None; V. Parier, None; W.M. Haddad,            5405   A.J. Ahumada, None; A.B. Watson,
                             Eyetech (E); T. Dowie, (OSI) Eyetech                None; K. Atmani, None; A. Glacet-                     NASA (P)
                             (E); P. Calias, (OSI) Eyetech (E); D.T.             Bernard, None; E. Souied, None; G.             5406   D. Goren, None; J.G.	Flanagan, Carl
                             Shima, (OSI) Eyetech (E); K. Campbell,              Coscas, None                                          Zeiss Meditec (C); Heidelberg Engineering
                             PR Pharmaceuticals (E); D. Allison,          5251   A.E.	Fung, Eyetech, Pfizer Inc (R);                   (C)
                             PR Pharmaceuticals (E); S.	Volker, PR               P.J. Rosenfeld, Alcon (F); Eyetech
                             Pharmaceuticals (E); P. Schmidt, PR                 Pharmaceuticals (F, R); Genentech, Inc (F);
                             Pharmaceuticals (E)                                 Novartis Ophthalmics (F, R); QLT (F); E.Z.
                                                                                 Reichel, Eyetech Pharmaceuticals (R, C);
                                                                                 Genentech, Inc (C, R); Iridex (C); Novartis
                                                                                 (R, C)

                                                                                                                               CR Disclosure 5440 – 5646

5440   L.P. Aiello, Lilly Research Laboratories      5520   H.	Fong, None (P); M. Lin, None; S.           5589   M. Shibuya, OPHTECS (E); H.
       (C); L. Vignati, Lilly Research                      Pandey, None; H. Kochounian, None                    Nakashima, OPHTECS (E); S.
       Laboratories (E); M.J. Sheetz, Lilly          5532   J. Sanderson, None; J. Eldred,                       Nakamura, OPHTECS (E); T.	Imagawa,
       Research Laboratories (E); X. Zhi, Lilly             AstraZeneca (F); V. Tovell, None; R.                 None; M. Uehara, None; K. Tsubota,
       Research Laboratories (E); A. Girach, Lilly          Smolenski, None; R.L. Burton, None; G.               None
       Research Laboratories (E); M.D. Davis,               Duncan, AstraZeneca (F)                       5590   H.	Nakashima, OPHTECS (E); M.
       Lilly Research Laboratories (F); R.C.         5535   D. Simic, Pfizer Inc. (E); D.	Baltrukonis,           Shibuya, OPHTECS (E); R. Hisamura,
       Milton, Lilly Research Laboratories (C)              Pfizer Inc. (E); S.	Sokolowski, Pfizer Inc.          OPHTECS (E); N. Masuda, OPHTECS
5441   M.M. Altaweel, Eyetech (C)                           (E); C. Somps, Pfizer Inc. (E)                       (E); S.	Nakamura, OPHTECS (E); T.
5442   P. Pearson, Bausch and Lomb (R); Bausch       5539   M. Shibuya, None; H.	Okamoto, None; T.               Imagawa, None; M. Uehara, None; K.
       and Lomb, Contol Delivery Systems (C);               Nozawa, AMR Inc. (E); Y.	Tanaka, None;               Tsubota, None
       Control Delivery Systems (I); University of          J. Utsumi, Toray Industries, Inc. (E); V.N.   5591   S.	Nakamura, OPHTECS (E); M.
       Kentucky (P); B. Levy, Bausch and Lomb               Reddy, None; H. Echizen, None; T.	Iwata,             Shibuya, OPHTECS (E); H.	Nakashima,
       (E); T.	Comstock, Bausch and Lomb (E)                None                                                 OPHTECS (E); K. Tsubota, None
5443   P.A. Campochiaro, Genentech (C, R);           5558   M.	Ayaki, Johnson and Johnson KK (F); K.      5593   L. Molina, Lantibio (E); T.W. Laliberte,
       Research support from Genentech (F);                 Shimada, None; H. Nishihara, None; S.                Lantibio (E); T. Gartner, None; R. Vogel,
       Q.D. Nguyen, Genentech (F, R); S.                    Yaguchi, Johnson and Johnson KK (F); A.              Rx Development Resources (E); T.M.
       Tatlipinar, None; S.M. Shah, None; J.A.              Iwasawa, Johnson and Johnson KK (F)                  Lehman, Rx Development Resources (E);
       Haller, Genentech (F, C, R); P. Singletary,   5559   J.D. Bartlett, Bausch & Lomb (C);                    L.H. Butler, Rx Development Resources
       None; D.V. Do, None; J. Handa, None                  E. Holland, Bausch & Lomb (C); M.                    (E)
5445   A.W. Hewitt, None; S.L. Bennett,                     Pribadi-Behm, Bausch & Lomb (E); D.           5595   R. Vogel, Rx Development Resources
       None; J.L. Poulsen, None; J.H.	Fingert,              Usner, Bausch & Lomb (E); M. Paterno,                (E); T.R. Walters, None; L. Molina,
       None; P.M. McCartney, None; E.M.                     Bausch & Lomb (E)                                    Lantibio (E); T.W. Laliberte, Lantibio
       Stone, None; J.E. Craig, None; D.A.           5564   C.F.	Radford, None; F.	Stapleton,                    (E); S.J. Augello-Vaisey, Rx Development
       Mackey, Pfizer Research Grant (F)                    CIBA Vision (F); S. Verma, None; D.C.                Resources (E); L.H. Butler, Rx
5456   R.A. Stone, Univ Pa (P); Valley Forge                Minassian, None; J.K.G. Dart, None                   Development Resources (E); T.M.
       Pharmaceuticals (C); J.S. Criss, None; L.     5572   C.G. Connor, Patent / Inventor (P)                   Lehman, Rx Development Resources (E)
       B. Wilson, None; G.E. Quinn, None; G.         5576   C. Yabuta, Senju Pharmaceutical               5598   J.L. Vittitow, Inspire (E); W.A.	Eckert,
       S. Ying, None; C. Liu, None; J. Orlow,               Co., Ltd. (E); Y.	Takayama, Senju                    Inspire (E); J.A. Ezzell, Inspire (E); R.S.
       None; J.M. Lindstrom, Univ PA (P)                    Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (E); T.	Nakajima,           Verhoeven, Inspire (E); W.M. Peterson,
5458   G. Simon, SOLX (E); S. Melamed, SOLX                 Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (E); Y.               Inspire (E); S.A. Anderson, Inspire (E)
       (C); J.A. Lowery, SOLX (E)                           Minagawa, Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.      5601   E.I.	Pearce, None; C.V. Archer, None; M.
5462   N. Prasad, None; M. Latina, Lumenis (C);             (E); T.R. Shearer, Senju Pharmaceutical              A. McWilliams, None; A. Tomlinson,
       SLT (P); J. Dagianis, None                           Co., Ltd. (C); M. Azuma, Senju                       None; J.R.	Fuller, Inventor/developer
5478   B. Mani, None; F.T.S.	Oen, None; Y.                  Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (E)                         EyeCalm (P)

                                                                                                                                                                Relationships Index
                                                                                                                                                                ARVO Commercial
       Huak	Chan, None; S. Tien Hoh, None; C.        5579   C.S. De Paiva, None; A.L. Villarreal,         5605   I.A.	Butovich, None; M.A. Di Pascuale,
       Lin Ho, None; K. Kashiwagi, Japanese                 None; R.M. Corrales, None; H.T.                      None; E. Uchiyama, None; J.D.
       patent application no for SPAC - 2003-               Rahman, None; V.Y. Chang, None; W.J.                 Aronowicz, None; J.P. McCulley, Alcon
       111322 (P); P.J.	Foster, None; T. Aung,              Farley, None; M.E. Stern, Allergan Inc,              (C)
       None                                                 Irvine, CA (E); J.Y.	Niederkorn, None; D.     5608   R.M. Schiffman, Allergan Inc (E); R.
5481   W.P. Nolan, None; J. See, None; P. Chew,             Li, None; S.C.	Pflugfelder, None                     Bradford, Allergan, Inc (E); B. Bunnell,
       None; Y.H. Chan, None; Z. Ce, None;           5580   S. Song, None; P.B. Thomas, None; Z.                 Allergan, Inc. (E); F.	Lai, Allergan, Inc.
       S. Smith, Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc. (F); S.            Zhu, None; S. Selvam, None; D.                       (E); P. Bernstein, Allergan, Inc. (E); S.W.
       Radhakrishnan, Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc.               Stevenson, None; A.K. Mircheff, None; J.             Whitcup, Allergan, Inc. (E)
       (F); P.	Foster, None; D.	Friedman, None;             E. Schechter, None; M.D. Trousdale,           5622   S.	Ioannidou, (OSI) Eyetech (F); K.
       T. Aung, Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc (R)                  Allergan (C)                                         Deinhardt, None; J. Miotla, None; J.
5490   R.J. Goulet, None; D. WuDunn, Pfizer          5581   A.R. Spitze, None; J.D. Sheppard, EyeRx              Bradley, (OSI) Eyetech (F); E. Cheung,
       (C, R); L.B. Cantor, AMO (C, R); A.                  (F); P.B. Williams, None; K.	Pelosky,                (OSI) Eyetech (F); A. Snodgrass, (OSI)
       Phan, None; J.T. Lind, None; A. Cortes,              None; G.W. Laurie, UVA (P); R.L.                     Eyetech (F); S. Samuelsson, (OSI) Eyetech
       None; B. Wu, None                                    McKown, None; F.A.	Lattanzio, None                   (F); Y. Ng, (OSI) Eyetech (F); G.S.
5493   C. Ustundag, None; M.M. Hermann,              5583   A. Dota, Santen Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.               Robinson, (OSI) Eyetech (F); D.T. Shima,
       no company (P); M. Diestelhorst, no                  (E); M.	Nakamura, Santen Pharmaceutical              (OSI) Eyetech (F)
       company (P)                                          Co.Ltd. (E)                                   5625   B.A. Pfeffer, Bausch and Lomb (E); S.A.
5497   C.J. Lieven, None; L.A. Levin, Wisconsin      5586   R.A. Rosenthal, Alcon Laboratories Inc.              Bernstein, QualTek Molecular Laboratories
       Alumni Research Foundation (P)                       (E); B.A. Schlech, Alcon Laboratories Inc.           (E); S.P. Bartels, Bausch and Lomb (E)
5502   K. Nishijima, (OSI) Eyetech (E); D.                  (E); S.L.	Buck, Alcon Laboratories Inc. (E)   5639   H. Sato, None; R.	Kawasaki, None; G. Ji,
       Krilleke, (OSI) Eyetech (E); G.S.             5587   F.C.	Figueiredo, Allergan Limited (C, F);            HuBit Genomix (I); B. Taylor, None; J.
       Robinson, (OSI) Eyetech (E); A.P.                    C.S. Steeds, Allergan Limited (C); M.S.              J. Wang, None; T.Y. Wong, None; H.
       Adamis, (OSI) Eyetech (E); Y. Ng,                    Figueiredo, Allergan Limited (F); D.E.               Yamashita, None; P. Mitchel, None
       (OSI) Eyetech (E); D.T. Shima, (OSI)                 Irwin, Allergan Limited (C); P. Buchholz,     5646   A.M. Laties, Pfizer Inc (C); R.E. Sobel,
       Eyetech (E)                                          Allergan Europe (E); T. Chris, Astra                 Pfizer Inc (E); K. Hvidsten, Pfizer Inc (E);
5516   A.C. Clermont, None; B. Gao, None; S.                Zeneca (E)                                           L.	Gorkin, Pfizer Inc (E)
       Rook, None; V. Srinivasen, None; J.           5588   H.M. Hoffman, Alcon (F); J.H. Choi,
       Fujimoto, Carl Zeiss Meditec (P); S.                 Alcon (F); D.P. Clousing, Alcon (F); J.L.
       Bursell, None; L.P. Aiello, None; E.                 Ubels, Alcon (F, C); D.L. Meadows, Alcon
       Feener, None                                         (E)

                      CR Disclosure 5651 – 5908

                      5651   G.H. Halldorsson, Oxymap ehf. (E); S.R.        5686   R.A. Karlsson, Oxymap ehf. (E, P); J.A.          5792   Y.	Ikeda, None; Y. Yonemitsu, None; M.
                             Joelsson, Oxymap ehf. (E); R.A. Karlsson,             Benediktsson, Oxymap ehf. (I, E, P);                    Miyazaki, None; R. Kohno, None; T.
                             Oxymap ehf. (E); J.A.	Benediktsson,                   S.H. Hardarson, Oxymap ehf. (E, P);                     Murata, None; Y. Goto, None; K. Terao,
                             Oxymap ehf. (I, E); S.H. Hardarson,                   G.H. Halldorsson, Oxymap ehf. (E, P);                   None; M. Hasegawa, DNAVEC Research
                             Oxymap ehf. (E); T. Eysteinsson, Oxymap               T. Eysteinsson, Oxymap ehf. (I, P, E); A.               Inc. (E); K. Sueishi, None; T.	Ishibashi,
                             ehf. (I, E); J.M. Beach, Oxymap ehf. (I); A.          Harris, None; E. Stefansson, Oxymap ehf.                None
                             Harris, None; E. Stefansson, Oxymap ehf.              (E, P, I)                                        5796   C.E.	Thirkill, Athena Diagnostics (C); M.
                             (I, E)                                         5692   J.A. Elledge, None; M.K.W. Webster,                     Osaka, None; N.	Fazel, None; M. Spitzer,
                      5655   G. Schuele, Lumenis (E); Stanford                     None; M. Altaweel, None; M. Goldbaum,                   None
                             University (P); F.E.	Molnar, Stanford                 (OSI) Eyetech Pharmaceuticals (E);               5808   S.R. Russell, Kestrel Corporation (C); A.
                             (P); P. Huie, None; D.V.	Palanker,                    E.T. Cunningham, (OSI) Eyetech                          H.	Durukan, None; H.T. Davis, Kestrel
                             Stanford University (P)                               Pharmaceuticals (E); M.D. Davis, None; B.               Corporation (C); S.C. Nemeth, Kestrel
                      5656   R. Sofroni, None; M. Glanc, None; F.	                 Katz, (OSI) Eyetech Pharmaceuticals (E)                 Corporation (C); G. Zamora, Kestrel
                             Lacombe, Mauna Kea Technologies (E); C.        5697   J.A. Ezzell, Inspire (E); W.M. Peterson,                Corporation (E); P.	Fournier, Kestrel
                             Bellmann, None; R. Tadayoni, None; A.                 Inspire (E); C.S. Crean, Inspire (E); J.L.              Corporation (E); B.K. Taylor, None; J.M.
                             Gaudric, None; J.A. Sahel, None; J.                   Vittitow, Inspire (E)                                   Reinhardt, None; M.D. Abramoff, None
                             LeGargasson, None                              5703   S.	Iyengar, None; D. Dyer, Alcon (C, R);         5822   J.B. Ruddle, None; A.W. Hewitt, None; L.
                      5659   S. Sacu, None; W. Geitzenauer, None; B.               Novartis (C, R); OSI/Eyetech (C, R); G.                 S. Kearns, None; J.R. MacKinnon,
                             Povaz None; S. Michels, None; B.                      Fox, None; B. Cooper, None                              None; S.A. Brown, None; N.G. Martin,
                             Hermann, None; P. Vécsei-Marlovits,            5717   J.	Inoue, None; H. Cheng, None; F.J.	Van	               None; D.A.	Mackey, Pfizer Australia Grant
                             None; W.	Drexler, Carl Zeiss Meditec                  de Velde, NIDEK (C); T. Hirose, None                    (F)
                             (C); U. Schmidt-Erfurth, None                  5721   P. Lanzetta, Iridex co (P); Optimus srl (F, I,   5830   S. Cheung, None; M. Kwon, None; G.E.
                      5663   A. Obana, Kemin Health Asia (R); Y.                   E, R); A. Polito, None; D. Roman Pognuz,                Legge, Optelec US Inc, Massachusetts,
                             Gohto, None; T. Hiramitsu, Kemin Health               None; D. Veritti, None                                  USA (P)
                             Asia (R); T. Hirano, None; Y. Hotta,           5760   J. Greenwood, None; A.A. Vugler, None;           5849   J. Pepose, None; A. Glasser, None; M.
                             None; A. Ohira, None; K.	Iseki, None; S.              E. Miljan, ReNeuron, Surrey Research                    Qazi, None; I.	Cox, Bausch & Lomb
                             Mizuno, Kemin Health Asia (E); H.	Fujii,              Park, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7AF, UK                     (E); S. Kasthurirangan, None; D. Win-
                             Kemin Health Asia (E); P.S. Bernstein,                (E); S. Hassan, None; M. Patel, None; S.                Hall, None
                             None                                                  Hines, ReNeuron, Surrey Research Park,           5851   D.G. Brady, Advanced Medical Optics,
                      5666   W. Gellermann, Spectrotek, L.C. (F); M.               Guildford, Surrey GU2 7AF, UK (E); J.                   Inc. (E); A. Gwon, Advanced Medical
                             Sharifzadeh, None; P.S. Bernstein,                    Sinden, ReNeuron, Surrey Research Park,                 Optics, Inc. (E); R.F.	Steinert, Advanced
                             Spectrotek, L.C. (F)                                  Guildford, Surrey GU2 7AF, UK (E); S.E.                 Medical Optics, Inc. (C); R.L. Woods,
                      5667   J.L. Duncan, None; Y. Zhang, None; A.                 Moss, None                                              Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. (C); L.
                             Roorda, University of Houston, University      5766   M.E. Zuber, RF-SUNY (P); A.S. Viczian,                  Gruber, Advanced Medical Optics, Inc (E);
                             of Rochester (P)                                      RF-SUNY (P); E.C. Solessio, None; N.                    R. Jain, Advanced Medical Optics, Inc (E)
Relationships Index
ARVO Commercial

                      5668   K. Gallaher, None; M. Mura, None; J.                  Schmidt, None                                    5857   H.A. Weeber, AMO (E); G.L. van der
                             Armstrong, None; W.A. Todd, None; S.           5779   D. Raz, None; R. Ayyagari, None; R.N.                   Heijde, None
                             Satterfield, None; E. Kenyon, None; T.                Fariss, None; M.A. Mandal, None; V.              5858   Y.	Takahashi, (C); M.	Igaki,
                             Harris, None; K.C. Johnson, None; S.                  Vasireddy, None; A.L. Webber, Merck            (E); A.	Suzuki, (E); G.
                             B.	Kritchevsky, None; A.	Iannaccone,                  Research Laboratories (E); R.A. Bush,                   Takahashi, None; M. Dogru, None; K.
                             Bausch & Lomb; Kemin Foods (F)                        None; N. Salem, None; K.	Petrukhin,                     Tsubota, (C)
                      5669   M. Pircher, None; E. Götzinger, None; S.              Merck Research Laboratories (E); P.A.            5861   B. Drobe, Essilor (E); I.	Lombo, Essilor
                             Michels, None; W. Geitzenauer, None; O.               Sieving, None                                           (R); S. Marié, Essilor (E)
                             Findl, None; U. Schmidt-Erfurth, None;         5780   A.K. Hennig, None; M. Griffey, None;             5867   L. Chen, None; H. Gardner, Biogen Idec
                             C.K. Hitzenberger, Carl Zeiss Meditec AG              M.S. Sands, research funding from the                   (F, I, E, R); A.R.	de	Fougerolles, Biogen
                             (C)                                                   Genzyme corporation (F); R.L.	Gunkel,                   Idec (I); S. Barabino, None; R. Dana,
                      5674   J.E. Legarreta, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);               None; M.K. Murphy, None; J.M. Ogilvie,                  Biogen Idec (F, C)
                             R.W. Knighton, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);                None                                             5884   V. Justilien, None; J. Pang, None; X. Qi,
                             University of Miami (P); G. Gregori, Carl      5781   C.M. Gelfman, Lexicon Genetics (E);                     None; W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC (P); A.S.
                             Zeiss Meditec (F); University of Miami                T.M.	Issa, Lexicon Genetics (E); M.                     Lewin, None
                             (P); G. Lalwani, None; C.A.	Puliafito,                Wiggins, Lexicon Genetics (E); H.A.              5891   A. Ho, None; L. Donovan, None; V.
                             Carl Zeiss Meditec (C); University of                 Jones, Lexicon Genetics (E); P. Vogel,                  Fernandez, None; T. Hughes, None; X.
                             Miami (P)                                             Lexicon Genetics (E); D.S. Rice, Lexicon                Zhong, None; E. Smith, None; J. Ge,
                      5677   M.S. Ward, None; D.Y. Zhao, None; I.                  Genetics (E)                                            None; J. Parel, Patent: mini-valve (P); B.
                             V.	Ermakov, None; W. Gellermann,               5788   S.K. Mistry, Inventor (P); Johnson                      Holden, None
                             Spectrotek (P); P.S. Bernstein, Spectrotek            & Johnson (E); D. Messina, Inventor              5892   T. Terwee, AMO Groningen BV (E); S.
                             (P)                                                   (P); Johnson & Johnson (E); I.	Harris,                  Koopmans, AMO Groningen BV (F)
                      5680   G.H. Bennett, designated on patent                    Inventor (P); Johnson & Johnson (E); T.          5893   J.X. Kusari, Allergan, Inc (E); S. Zhou,
                             (P); P.W. Kramer, None; V.L.	Lubkin,                  Kihm, Ethicon Inc. (E); Inventor (P); Y.                Allergan, Inc (E); E. Padillo, Allergan, Inc
                             designated on patent (P); T. Cappo,                   Sauve, None; S. Wang, None; S. Girman,                  (E); D.W. Gil, Allergan, Inc (E)
                             designated on patent (P); M. Orr,                     None; T. Holmes, None; L. Bin, None; R.          5907   R.S. Ramchandran, None; S.S. Stinett,
                             designated on patent (P); R.B. Rosen, None            Lund, None                                              None; G.J. Jaffe, Bausch and Lomb (F, R)
                      5682   G. Dagnelie, Optobionics Corp. (F); R.         5789   M. Dittmar, None; F.	Li, None; M. Elliott,       5908   J.A. Haller, Allergan, Inc (C); D.
                             W. Massof, None; K.A. Turano, None;                   None; M. Tanito, None; R.E. Anderson,                   Weinberg, Allergan, Inc (C); C. Chou,
                             A.K. Kiser, Optobionics Corp. (F); R.A.               Othera Pharmaceuticals (F)                              Allergan, Inc (E); M.	Ip, None; M. Davis,
                             Schuchard, Optobionics Corp. (F); J.S.                                                                        Grant from Oculex, Inc (C); S.M. Whitcup,
                             Pollack, Optobionics Corp. (F)                                                                                Allergan, Inc (E)

                                                                                                     CR Disclosure 5909 – 5913; 118 – 452

5909   M. Rabena, None; D.J. Pieramici,             Workshops	and	SIGs
       Genentech, Novartis, QLT, Neovista (C,
       R); A.A. Castellarin, None; M.A. Nasir,      118   S.	Tamaki; Stem Cells; Inc. (E)
       None; M.J. Giust, None; R.L. Avery,          121   M.D. Abramoff; Michael Abramoff (P)
       Alcon, Genentech, Eyetech, Neovista (C);     250   F.	Stapleton; Ciba Vision (F)
       Genentech, Eyetech, QLT (R)                  250   O. Schein; Ciba Vision (F)
5912   M.J. Tolentino, Eyetech (R, C); Pfizer (I,   251   P. Campochiaro; Regeneron;
       C, R); D.M. Misch, None; A.S. Berger,              Genentech (F)
       None; S.J. Moon, None                        251   Q. Nguyen; Regeneron; Genentech (F)
5913   B.D. Kuppermann, Allergan, Inc (C);          251   J.S. Heier; Genentech (F)
       G.A. Williams, Allergan, Inc (C); M.S.       251   P.J. Rosenfeld; Genentech; Zeiss (F)
       Blumenkranz, Allergan, Inc (C); P. Dugel,    252   R.	Iezzi; P (P)
       Allergan, Inc (C); J.A. Haller, Allergan,    252   S.I.	Fried; F (F)
       Inc (C); C. Chou, Allergan, Inc (E); S.M.    252   M.A. McCall; C (C)
       Whitcup, Allergan, Inc (E)                   252   M. Humayun; P (P)
                                                    254   M.D. Menz; EDI (E)
                                                    353   J.S. Schuman; Carl Zeiss Meditec; Inc.
                                                          (F); Heidelberg Engineering (F)
                                                    354   N. Acharya; Genentech (F)
                                                    354   J. Rosenbaum; Amgen; Medarex;
                                                          Therakine; Novartis (C); Centocor;
                                                          Genentech; Abbott (F)
                                                    358   J. Ambati; Quark Biotech Inc. (C);
                                                          University of Kentucky (P)
                                                    358   P.A. Campochiaro; GenVec (F); Oxford
                                                          Biomedica (F); Glaxo Smith Kline (C, F);
                                                          Novartis (C,F); Genentech (C,F); Merck
                                                          (F); Alimera (C,F); Alcon (C,F); Sirna
                                                          (C,F); Inspire (C,F); Cellgate (F)
                                                    449   J.M. Miller; Eidactics (E)
                                                    452   C.J. Roberts; Reichert (C); Ziemer (C)

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