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					                                                     ARVO Commercial Relationships Policy
                                                    ARVO Commercial Relationships Policy

This ARVO Commercial Relationships Policy (“Policy”) for authors and                       with which a commercial relationship(s) exists for the First Author and each Co-
presenters and anyone in a position to influence the content of an educational             author. Conformity with this Policy is a requirement.
activity is intended to clarify and simplify the reporting procedures with respect              Bias in research, presentation and publication can arise from various forms of
to financial interests of educational activity planners and directors, authors             self-interest. The desire for professional recognition is inherent in academic activ-
and presenters in order to promote a better understanding of, and enhanced                 ity, often with the indirect fringe benefits of increased stature and authority, aca-
compliance with, the Policy.                                                               demic appointment or promotion, more patient referrals, higher income, more
     Each educational activity planner and or/director, or anyone in a position to         travel, or other perquisites. These potential rewards for academic success can be
influence the content of an educational activity must disclose any relevant finan-         strong sources of bias. They are omnipresent and should not be overlooked or
cial relationship(s) relevant to the subject matter of the presentation. In addition,      excused, however intangible they may be.
each educational activity planner and/or director must disclose the name of the                 More tangible financial benefits can also accrue to the First Author or
firm with which a commercial relationship exists. All disclosure information is            Co-author in some cases. The ARVO Board of Trustees believes that financial
communicated to participants in advance of the start of the educational activity,          interests should not restrict presentation or publication, but that the audience is
and published in relation to the educational activity.                                     entitled to know that such interests exist. Therefore, authors of abstracts, articles
     It is the responsibility of the First, or Presenting, Author to assure that each      and other communications published in Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual
Co-author is aware of the Policy and to list on the abstract, manuscript, or               Science (IOVS) or the Journal of Vision (JOV), as well as Presenters at the
poster any relevant commercial relationships code. In addition, for each abstract          ARVO meeting (including poster sessions) and other educational activities are
submission and presentation, the First Author must also disclose the name of the           required to provide disclosure of financial interests pursuant to this Policy.
firm with which a commercial relationship exists for the First Author and each                  The Commercial Relationships Committee monitors compliance with the
Co-author. Each Paper Presenter is to orally state and display on a slide at the           Policy on behalf of the ARVO Board of Trustees and recommends action for
beginning of the presentation all applicable commercial relationship codes, as             non-compliance, which may include disqualification. Concerns about the ad-
well as the name of the firm(s) with which a commercial relationship(s) exists for         equacy of disclosures in publications and presentations should be directed to the
the First Author and each Co-author. At a poster presentation, the presenter must          Commercial Relationships Committee through the ARVO Office.
display the relevant commercial relationship(s) code and the name of the firm(s)

Disclosure Codes Definitions
Code                                                                    Specific Financial Interests
F                (Financial Support) Indicates if you have received through your employing institution support from a for-profit company, or competing company, in the
                 form of research funding or research materials or services (e.g., protein sequencing) at no cost, such support being the subject matter of your presentation
                 or publication.
I                (Personal Financial Interest) Indicates if you are an investor in a company or competing company, other than through a mutual or retirement fund, which
                 provides a product, service, process or equipment that is the subject matter of your presentation or publication.
E                Indicates if you are an employee of a company or competing company with a business interest that is the subject matter of your presentation or publication.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Relationships Index
                                                                                                                                                                                   ARVO Commercial
C                Indicates if you are, or have been within the last three years, a consultant for a company or competing company with a business interest that is the subject
                 matter of your presentation or publication.
P                Indicates if you are an inventor/developer designated on a patent, patent application, copyright, or trade secret, whether or not the patent, copyright, etc.
                 is presently licensed or otherwise commercialized, which is the subject matter of your presentation or publication or could be in competition with the
                 technology described.
R                Indicates if you have received gifts in kind, honoraria or travel reimbursement valued at over $1000 in the last twelve months from a company or compet-
                 ing company which provides a product, service, process or equipment that is the subject matter of your presentation or publication.
N                (No Commercial Relationship) Indicates there is no commercial relationship relevant to the subject matter of the abstract/article/presentation.

Definition of a Commercial Interest
Any entity, producing goods with intellectual property or services, which is               Example 2       Small, medium or large biotech company either domestically or
engaged in an endeavor for commercial gain, so long as the act is in furtherance                           internationally based
of the entity’s legitimate business. Legitimate business objectives may include            Example 3       Small, medium or large medical device company either domesti-
(1) pre-clinical development of a product or therapy, (2) clinical evaluation of a                         cally or internationally based
product or therapy whereby the entity has some potential gain and (3) educating            Example 4       Small, medium or large HMO (Health Maintenance
and enlightening students and faculty participating in these projects. These proj-                         Organization)
ects may also serve, for example, to increase the status of the institution and lure       Example 5       Small, medium or large PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Manager)
lucrative research grants, talented students and talented faculty.                         Example 6       Principal investigator for a research project
Example 1         Small, medium or large pharmaceutical company either domesti-
                  cally or internationally based

Definition of a Financial Relationship
Relationships in which the individual benefits by receiving a salary, travel benefits,     Example 5       Licensing agent involved with negotiations of a related patent
intellectual property rights, royalties, honoraria, stocks (excluding diversified mu-      Example 6       Speaker on behalf of a company
tual funds), stock options, consulting fees, speaking fees, a fee for membership on        Example 7       Advisory committee member or chairperson of an advisory com-
an advisory committee or review panel, or any other financial benefit. Financial                           mittee to a company
relationships pertain equally to a spouse or domestic partner, or dependent child.         Example 8       Owner of specific stocks, stock options, or restricted stock units,
Example 1       Employee of a company                                                                      e.g. Merck, Pfizer, Allergan, etc., which may convey a conflict of
Example 2       Consultant to a company                                                                    interest
Example 3       Named inventor on an invention disclosure or on a patent application,      Example 9       The subject matter of the presentation is funded by a company
                including U.S. Provisional, Non-Provisional or PCT applications                            with proprietary interests in the research
Example 4       Patent assignee or anyone who may derive financial benefit from
                intellectual property
Revised and Approved: Board of Trustees, April 30, 2008

                      CR Disclosure 5 –222

                                                                     ARVO Commercial Relationships Index

                      This	is	a	numerical	listing	by	program	number	of	the	commercial	relationship(s)	and	names	of	the	firm(s)	with	which	commercial	relationship(s)	exist	for	
                      each First Author and Co-Author as indicated at the time of abstract submission. First Authors, Co-Authors or symposia speakers who indicated “none” for
                      commercial relationship at the time of submission. See ARVO Commercial Relationships Policy on the previous page. Commercial Relationships for Workshops
                      and SIGs are listed by session on the last page of this index.

                      5      P.P. Lee , Alcon, Allergan, Pfizer,          95      F. Panetsos, MAPFRE-Medicina                 156     T.A. Shazly, None; M.A. Latina,
                             Genentech (C); Alcon, Allergan, Pfizer,              Foundation and Spanish National                      Consultant for lumenis (C); Inventor of
                             Merck (R); Alcon, Allergan, Pfizer, NIH,             Organisation of Blinds (O.N.C.E.) (F); E.            SLT and has financial interests in SLT
                             Genentech (F); Duke Eye Center (P);                  Diaz-de Cerio, None; A. Sanchez-                     technology (P)
                             Pfizer, Merck (I)                                    Jimenez, None; C. Sanchez-Ramos,             157     J.A. Donnelly, None; E.B. Moses,
                      10	    J.G.	Hollyfield, Some of the presentation            None; J. Navarro-Valls, None; J. Vega,               None; E.M. Miglino, None; L.F. Jindra,
                             describes intellectual proprety protected            None; I. Diaz-Guemes, None                           Ellex (R); Lumenis (C, R)
                             for commercialization by the Cleveland       102     A.K. McAuley, None; L.A.B. Hodgson,          165     D.B. Rootman, None; D. Howarth,
                             Clinic. (E)                                          None; N. Cheung, None; H. Hamzah,                    None; J. Kerr, Patent holder on barriers
                      12     C. Romano, Alcon (E)                                 None; W. Hsu, W. Hsu (P); Q.P. Lau,                  studied (P); J.G. Flanagan, None; G.E.
                      13     P.J. Rosenfeld, Alcon (F);                           None; M.L. Lee, M.L. Lee (P); R.                     Trope, None; Y.M. Buys, None
                             Bausch&Lomb (R); Carl Zeiss Meditec                  Kawasaki, None; J.J. Wang, None; T.Y.        176     K. Kawana, None; T. Kiuchi, None; Y.
                             (R); CoMentis (F); Genentech (F);                    Wong, T.Y. Wong (P)                                  Yasuno, Nidek (C); Tomey Corp (C);
                             Neovista (R); Oraya (R); Othera (F, R);      111     A.M. Wilson, None; A. Almasieh,                      TOPCON Corp (C); T. Oshika, None
                             Potentia (F); Quark/Pfizer (F); Sanofi-              None; M. Zummo-Soucy, None; E.               194     I. Zucchiatti, None; D. Veritti, None;
                             Aventis (R)                                          Alpert, Quark Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E); H.           P. Lanzetta, Allergan (R); Iridex Co
                      28     J.J. Araiz, None; E. Arnal, None; M.                 Ashush, Quark Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E);              (P); Neovista Inc (C); Novartis Pharma
                             Miranda, None; S. Johnsen-Soriano,                   H. Kalinski, Quark Pharmaceuticals Inc.              AG (C, R); Optimedica Co (R); QLT Inc
                             None; M. Diaz-Llopis, None; F. Bosch-                (E); E. Feinstein, Quark Pharmaceuticals             (R); F. Bandello, None
                             Morell, None; F.J. Romero, Kemin                     Inc. (E); A. Di Polo, None                   196     P.E. Stanga, Optimedica Corp. (F,
                             Health Inc provided free DHA (F)             113     H. Saragovi, Patents, Issued and                     R); M.M.K. Muqit, None; D.B. Henson,
                      35     M. Tikhonenko, None; A.                              Applications (P); P. Dergham, None; S.               None; J.C.B. Gray, None; L.B. Young,
                             Bhatwadekar, None; N. Yakubova,                      ZhiHua, None; K. Burgess, Patents,                   None; S.J. Charles, None; G.S. Turner,
                             None; M. Opreanu, None; S. Bozack,                   Issued and Applications (P); K.E.                    None; G.R. Marcellino, Employed by
                             None; S. Duclos, Biomedical Research                 Neet, None; H. Mehta, None; S. Woo,                  Optimedica (E)
                             Inc (E); D.L. Guberski, Biomedical                   None; Y. Zhuo, None; Y. Bai, None            199     Y.M. Paulus, None; H. Nomoto,
                             Research Inc (E); M.B. Grant, None; J.       114     W. Lu, None; H. Hu, None; A.M.                       None; A. Jain, None; C. Sramek,
Relationships Index
ARVO Commercial

                             Busik, None                                          Laties, Penn (P); J. Sévigny, None; C.H.             None; R.F. Gariano, None; G.
                      55     N. Tsivkovskaia, Sirion Therapeutics                 Mitchell, Penn (P)                                   Schuele, OptiMedica (E); D. Palanker,
                             (E); T.V. Bui, Sirion Therapeutics (E); Y.   117     E. Alpert, Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc                OptiMedica (C, P)
                             Han, Sirion Therapeutics (E); N.L. Mata,             (E); Z. Ahmed, None; H. Ashus, Quark         200     M.M. Muqit, None; J.C.B. Gray,
                             Sirion Therapeutics (E, P)                           Pharmaceuticals, Inc (E); I. Spivak,                 None; G.R. Marcellino, Employee
                      56     S. Narayan, Sirion Therapeutics                      Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc (E); H.                   of Optimedica (E); D.B. Henson,
                             (E); S.N.M. Reid, None; N.                           Gottlieb, Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc                 None; L.B. Young, None; S.J. Charles,
                             Tsivkovskaia, Sirion Therapeutics (E);               (E); A. Rozen, Quark Pharmaceuticals,                None; G.S. Turner, None; A.D. Dick,
                             T.V. Bui, Sirion Therapeutics (E); N.L.              Inc (E); H. Kalinski, Quark                          None; P.E. Stanga, Optimedica Corp. (F,
                             Mata, Sirion Therapeutics (E)                        Pharmaceuticals, Inc (E); A. Di Polo,                R)
                      60	    A.	Shafiee, Bausch & Lomb (E); K.W.                  Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc (F); A.           204     G. Chidlow, Ellex R&D Pty Ltd (F);
                             Ward, Bausch & Lomb (E)                              Logan, Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc (F);               J.P.M. Wood, Ellex R&D Pty Ltd
                      69     P. Bargagna-Mohan, Patent Pending                    E. Feinstein, Quark Pharmaceuticals,                 (F); R.J. Casson, None; M. Plunkett,
                             (P); R.R. Paranthan, None; V. Neamtu,                Inc (E)                                              Ellex R&D Pty Ltd (E, P)
                             None; G.I. Elliott, None; R. Mohan,          131     A.F. Thompson, None; C.J. Lieven,            205     C.A. Sanghvi, None; M. Muqit,
                             Patent Pending (P)                                   None; L.A. Levin, Wisconsin Alumni                   None; R. McLauchlan, None; C.
                      71     A. Dracopoulos, None; R. Buffa,                      Research Association (P)                             Waterman, None; L. Young, None; S.
                             None; H. Wang, None; X. Zhao,                136     J.S. Mumm, Luminomics (I, C, P); J.                  Charles, None; G. Marcellino,
                             None; M.E. Ward, None; S.R. Boyd,                    Ariga, None; S. Walker, None; S. Berl,               Optimedica (I); P. Stanga, None
                             Ortho-Biotech (F)                                    None; M. Parsons, None; E. Schroeter,        213     P. Lanzetta, Allergan (R); Iridex Co
                      73     K. Januschowski, Acri.Tec® (Germany)                 Luminomics (I, C, P); M. Saxena,                     (P); Neovista Inc (C); Novartis Pharma
                             (F); R. Madani, None; M. Warga,                      Luminomics (I, E)                                    AG (C, R); Optimedica Co (R); QLT
                             None; M.S. Spitzer, None; M.                 141     J.D. Ribich, None; C.J. Lieven,                      Inc (R); D. Veritti, None; I. Zucchiatti,
                             Schultheiss, None; E. Yoeruek, None;                 None; A.L. Kloosterboer, None; L.A.                  None; C. Savorgnani, None; D. Drigo,
                             K.U. Bartz-Schmidt, Acri.Tec®                        Levin, Wisconsin Alumni Research                     None; F. Bandello, None
                             (Germany) (F); M. Lueke, None; P.                    Foundation (P)                               215     H. Nomoto, None; Y.M. Paulus,
                             Szurman, Acri.Tec® (Germany) (F)             146     J. Xia, None; W. Lu, None; A.M. Laties,              None; R. Dalal, None; R.F. Gariano,
                      81     S. Traustason, Oxymap (E); S.H.                      UPenn (P); C.H. Mitchell, UPenn (P)                  None; D. Palanker, OptiMedica (C, P);
                             Hardarson, Oxymap (E, P, I); M.S.            154     K. Lim, Ellex (R); S. Goyal, Ellex (R); S.           M.S. Blumenkranz, OptiMedica (P)
                             Gottfredsdottir, None; T. Eysteinsson,               Rashid, None; L. Beltran-Agullo,             222     D.V. Palanker, OptiMedica Inc. (F,
                             Oxymap (I, P); R.A. Karlsson, Oxymap                 None; R. Nath, None; S. Shah, None                   C, P); C. Sramek, None; H. Nomoto,
                             (I, E, P); E. Stefansson, Oxymap (I, P);                                                                  None; Y.M. Paulus, None; J. Brown,
                             A. Harris, Oxymap (C)                                                                                     None; P. Huie, None

                                                                                                                                CR Disclosure 230 – 396

230   R.U. Desai, None; R. Charalel, None; A.       287   E. Hatef Naimi, None; C. Macahilig,             344   Q. Zhou, Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc. (E);
      Jain, None; D. Feliciano, None; S.R.                Market Certitude, LL.C. (E); B. Kayen,                B.P.W. Lo, Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc. (E);
      Sanislo, ad hoc consultant to Genentech             Market Certitude, LL.C. (E); Q.D.                     R.W. Knighton, Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc. (F);
      (C); D.M. Moshfeghi, ad hoc consultant              Nguyen, None                                          S.W. Cousins, Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc. (F)
      to Genentech (C); M.S. Blumenkranz,           304   F.A. Bucci, Vistakon (R); R. Evans,             345   W.H. Merigan, Bausch and Lomb
      ad hoc consultant to Genentech (C); D.              None; L. Amico, None; P.G. Ambrose,                   (F); J.I.W. Morgan, None; J.J. Hunter,
      Vollrath, None                                      None; B.L. Schwam, Vistakon                           None; R. Wolfe, Bausch and Lomb
237   N. Kapoor, None; M.A. Weisbrod,                     Pharmaceuticals, LLC (E)                              (F); R.T. Libby, None; D.R. Williams,
      None; F.Y. Chien, None; P.J. Rosenfeld,       313   C. Agurto rios, University of New                     Optos (C); University of Rochester (P)
      Alcon (F); Bausch & Lomb (R); Carl                  Mexico (F); M.S. Pattichis, University of       347   L. Tollot, None; E. Cappello, None; M.
      Zeiss Meditec (R); Comentis (F);                    New Mexico (F); S. Murillo, University                Zemella, None; C. Luiselli, None; G.
      Genentech (F); Neovista (R); Oraya (R);             of New Mexico (F); V. Murray,                         Staurenghi, Heidelberg engeneering (R)
      Othera (F, R); Potentia (F); Quark/Pfizer           University of New Mexico (F); M.D.              348   M. Mkrtchyan, None; S.M. Sundquist,
      (F); Sanofi-Aventis (R)                             Abramoff, None; S.R. Russell, None;                   None; A. Solovyev, None; B.J. Lujan,
238   B. Madjarov, None; P.J. Rosenfeld,                  H.T. Davis, VisionQuest Biomedical (I);               None; Y. Zhang, None; C.E. Thirkill,
      Carl Zeiss Meditec, Othera, Neovista,               S. Barriga, University of New Mexico                  None; J.L. Duncan, None; A. Roorda,
      Bausch&Lomb, Sanofi-Aventis, Oraya                  (F); P. Soliz, VisionQuest Biomedical (I)             University of Houston, University of
      (R); Genentech, Alcon, Quark/Pfizer,          317   A. Schwartz, Pfizer Inc. (C, P); R.                   Rochester (P)
      Othera, Potentia, CoMentis (F)                      Bernardes, Pfizer Inc. (F); S. Carvajal-        352   W.H. Seiple, None; P. Garcia, None; R.
241   G.E. Panagakis, Novartis Germany                    Gonzalez, None; L. Jolin, Pfizer Inc. (F); D.         Rosen, Consultant for Opko (C)
      (F); K. Hufendiek, None; K. Hufendiek,              Moore, Pfizer Inc. (F); U. Chakravarthy,        353   N.J. Mehta, Optovue, Inc (C); Optovue,
      None; R. Birngruber, None; C.                       Pfizer Inc. (F); G. Staurenghi, Pfizer Inc.           Inc., Novartis (R)
      Framme, Novartis Germany (F)                        (F); G. Coscas, Pfizer Inc. (F); J. Cunha-      354   R. de Kinkelder, Topcon Europe Medical
246   M.J. Tolentino, Sight Path (R); SightPath           Vas, Pfizer Inc. (F)                                  b.v. (E); J. Kalkman, None; D.J. Faber,
      (C); N. Mehta, Sight Path (C, R); P.          318   M. Hanebuchi, NIDEK Co., Ltd (E);                     None; P.H.B. Kok, None; F.D. Verbraak,
      Harrell, None; M.J. Espiritu, None                  N. Suzuki, NIDEK Co.,Ltd. (E); Y.                     None; T.G. van Leeuwen, Topcon Europe
248   J.S. Ehrlich, Genentech, Inc. (E);                  Yamada, NIDEK Co.,Ltd. (E); H.                        Medical b.v. (F)
      K. Zhang, Acucela (C); Alcon (R);                   Mukai, NIDEK Co.,Ltd. (E); S. Oshima,           356   O. Tan, Optovue (F, P); V. Chopra,
      Genentech, Inc. (F, C, R); T. Ianchulev,            NIDEK Co.,Ltd. (E); H. Huang,                         None; R. Varma, None; D. Huang,
      Genentech, Inc. (E); H. Shapiro,                    Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (E); K.                      Optovue (F, I, C, R); Optovue, Zeiss (P)
      Genentech, Inc. (E); R. Graham,                     Takeno, None; S. Ooto, None; M.                 359   B. Beutler, Pfizer (F, C)
      Genentech, Inc. (E)                                 Hangai, None; N. Yoshimura, None                360   J. Ambati, Allergan (C, R); Genentech
253   V. Silvestri, None; K. Megaw, None; E.        321   A. El-Rafei, None; T. Engelhorn,                      (C); Novartis (C); Pfizer (C); QLT (C);
      Moore, None; C. McAvoy, None; G.S.                  None; S. Wärntges, None; J.                           Quark (C); University of Kentucky (P)
      Hageman, Ophtherion (I); G. Silvestri, None         Hornegger, Siemens AG (F); G.                   361   R. Dana, Genentech, Vegenics (F)

                                                                                                                                                              Relationships Index
254   S. Colman, Genentech (E); C. Dolan,                 Michelson, None; A.	Dörfler, None               365   D.C. Hood, Topcon (C)

                                                                                                                                                              ARVO Commercial
      Genentech (C); I. Suner, Eyetech (C);         323   R. Zeimer, EyeTel Imaging, Inc. (F, C, P)       371   O. Zeitz, Berlin-Chemie Menarini (F); L.
      Genentech (C, R); Pfizer (C, R); P. Lee,      324   R. Bock, None; J. Meier, None; L.G.                   Wagenfeld, None; S. Weiß, None; P.
      Alcon (F); Allergan (C, R); Genentech (C);          Nyúl, None; J. Hornegger, Siemens                     Galambos, Berlin-Chemie Menarini
      Merck (I); Pfizer (I, C, R); N. Bressler,           (F); G. Michelson, None                               (F); R. Praga, None; A. Wiermann,
      Allergan (F); Bausch and Lomb (F);            325   A. Budai, None; J. Hornegger,                         None; C. Rebel, None; G. Richard,
      Genentech (F); Jerin (F); Notal Vision              SIEMENS AG (F); G. Michelson, None                    None; M. Klemm, Berlin-Chemie
      (F); Novartis (F); Othea (F); QLT (F);        326   M. Moscaritolo, None; R. Zeimer,                      Menarini (F)
      Regeneron (F); Stebal (F); Zeiss (F); K.            EyeTel Imaging, Inc. (F, C, P)                  378   D.M. Rosenbaum, None; J. David,
      Wyrwich, Genentech (C); D. Revicki,           328   J. Meier, None; R. Bock, None; J.                     None; A. Melamud, None; L. Kesner,
      Genentech (C); N. Harnam, Genentech (C)             Paulus, None; J. Hornegger, Siemens                   None; P.S. Rosenbaum, None; F.C.
255   C.I. Frennesson, Novartis (R); U.L.                 AG (F); G. Michelson, None                            Barone, None; A. Stracher, Pro Tor
      Nilsson, None; B. Bourghardt Peebo,           329   T.P. Karnowski, ORNL (P); E. Chaum,                   Pharma Corp (P)
      Novartis, Alcon (R); Pfizer (C); S.E.G.             M.D., PhD, ORNL (P); K.W. Tobin,                380   R.A. Karlsson, Oxymap ehf. (I, E, P);
      Nilsson, Novartis, Pfizer (R)                       PhD, ORNL (P); L. Giancardo, None; Y.                 S.H. Hardarson, Oxymap ehf. (I, E, P);
257   C.D. Robison, None; R.V. Jivrajka,                  Li, PhD, None                                         J.M. Beach, Oxymap ehf. (P, I, E); T.
      None; S.R. Bababeygy, None; W. Fink,          331   H. Patel, None; S. Nath, None; J. Boneta,             Eysteinsson, Oxymap ehf. (I, P); J.A.
      Caltech (P); A.A. Sadun, Caltech (P); J.            None; S. Burmy, None; D. Layliev,                     Benediktsson, Oxymap ehf. (P, I); E.
      Sebag, None                                         None; W. He, None; J. Sherman, Carl                   Stefánsson, Oxymap ehf. (P, I)
269   A. Geirsdottir, None; F. Jonasson,                  Zeiss Meditec (R); Optos (R)                    385   K. Christian, Optical Imaging, Ltd (E);
      None; D. Cairns, Optos Plc (E); I.            332   M.J. Ogidigben, F (F); A. Coimbra,                    H. Barash, Optical Imaging, Ltd (E);
      Lengyel, None; A. Cairns, Optos Plc                 F (F); L.A. O‘Neill-Davis, F (F); M.A.                Z. Burgasnky-Eliash, Optical Imaging,
      (E); H. Sasaki, None; T. Peto, None                 Holahan, F (F); C. Thut, F (F); J.J.                  Ltd (E); D.A. Nelson, Optical Imaging,
273   D. Vollman, None; S.M. Kymes, Pfizer,               Cook, F (F); D. Williams, F (F)                       Ltd (E); M. Neudorfer, None; A.
      Allergan (C); M.A. Brantley, None             335   I.M. Lanzl, Technical University of                   Barak, None; A. Lowenstein, None; A.
277   A.E. Millen, None; R. Voland, None; R.B.            Munich (P); W. Vilser, IMEDOS Ltd.,                   Grinvald, Optical Imaging, Ltd (I, P)
      Wallace, None; G.S. Hageman, Optherion              Jena, Germany (P); K. Kotliar, Technical        396   H. Khayi, None; M. Tonini, None; J.
      (E, P); M.L. Klein, None; G.E. Sarto,               University of Munich (P)                              Pepin, None; E. Renard, None; J.
      None; R.J. Chappell, None; N. Parekh,         339   S. Nath, None; J. Sherman, Lecturer for               Baguet, None; M. Geiser, Inventor (P); J.
      None; J.A. Mares, None                              Optos (R); S.M. Hossain, None                         Romanet, None; C. Chiquet, None
282   C. Chua, None; F. Mackensen,
      Heidelberg Engineering (C); J. Xie,
      None; L. Lim, None

                      CR Disclosure 402 – 591

                      402    J.K. Adleman, None; S. Dorner,              470   S.P. Bartels, Bausch & Lomb                    541   K.K. Nichols, Inspire, Allergan, Alcon,
                             Thornhill Research Inc. (E); J.A. Fisher,         Incorporated (E, P); X. Xi, Bausch &                 Pfizer (C); L.A. Jones, None; M.
                             RespiractTM TRI, Toronto, Canada                  Lomb Incorporated (F); G. Lehmann,                   Thangavelu, None
                             (P); T. Wong, None; G.E. Trope, None;             None; S.E. Feldon, Bausch & Lomb               542   K. Seifert, None; A. Matherly,
                             C. Hudson, RespiractTM TRI, Toronto,              Incorporated (F); R.P. Phipps, Bausch &              None; K.S. Bower, None; D. Sediq,
                             Canada (P)                                        Lomb Incorporated (F)                                None; R.L. McKown, EyeRx Research
                      408    V. Vinh, None; H. Khayi, None; M.           496   O.S. Bond, OPKO Health (I, E, P); N.S.               Inc (F); Office of Tech Transfer, JMU and
                             Geiser, Inventor (P); J.P. Romanet,               Dejneka, OPKO Health (I, E, P); J.M.                 UVA Patent Fdn (P); G.W. Laurie, EyeRx
                             None; R. Hera, None; J.Y. Millet,                 Nigro, OPKO Health (E); N.K. Shams,                  Research, Inc. (F); UVa Patent Foundation
                             None; C. Chiquet, None                            OPKO Health (I, E, P)                                and Office of Tech Transfer, JMU (P)
                      411    A. Grinvald, Optical Imaging, Ltd (I, P);   513   J.R. Valentine, Employee of Tulane             544   J.A. Gow, ISTA Pharmaceuticals (E);
                             Z. Burgansky-Eliash, Optical Imaging,             School of Medicine with portions of my               G.L. Torkildsen, ISTA Pharmaceuticals
                             Ltd (E); D.A. Nelson, Optical Imaging,            salary possibly from the named hospitals             (F); J.I. Williams, ISTA Pharmaceuticals
                             Ltd (E); H. Barash, Optical Imaging, Ltd          as part of general medical education pay             (E); P.J. Gomes, ISTA Pharmaceuticals
                             (E); A. Barak, None; A. Lowenstein,               (E); R. Ayyala, MD, FRCS, FRCOphth,                  (F); M.B. Abelson, ISTA Pharmaceuticals
                             None                                              Employee of Tulane Hospital and Clinics (E)          (F); T.R. McNamara, ISTA
                      418    G. Kobelt, Allergan (C); B. Richard,        517   R. Reinoso, None; M. Calonge, IOBA,                  Pharmaceuticals (E)
                             Allergan (C); P. Buchholz, Allergan               Ocular Surface Group, Valladolid, Spain        548   Z. Bor, Advanced Medical Optics (E);
                             (E); A. Bron, Allergan (C); J. Renard,            (C); E. Castellanos, None; Y. Diebold,               M. Brownell, Advanced Medical Optics
                             Allergan (C); J. Rouland, Allergan (C);           None; H. Martínez-Osorio, None; I.                   (E); C.	Garufis, Advanced Medical
                             J. Nordmann, Allergan (C)                         Fernández, None; M. Martino, None;                   Optics (E); J. Martiz, Advanced Medical
                      441    K. Barton, AMO (R); New World                     M.E. Stern, Allergan Inc., Irvine, CA                Optics (C); A. Chyaet, Arturo Chayet (C)
                             Medical (R); D.L. Budenz, Unrestricted            (E); A. Corell, None                           555   S.M. MacRae, Bausch and Lomb (C);
                             Research Grant from New World               521   M. Yamaguchi, None; S. Kawasaki,                     Patent applied (P); Travel funds (R)
                             Medical, Inc. (F); R.A. Puertas, None; J.         None; T. Kamao, None; M. Matsumoto,            558   R. Solomon, None; E. Donnenfeld,
                             Schiffman, Unrestricted Research Grant            None; Y. Yamamoto, None; Y. Hara,                    AMO, Allergan, Alcon (C); H. Perry,
                             from New World Medical, Inc. (F); W.J.            None; A. Shiraishi, None; T. Uno, None;              None
                             Feuer, Unrestricted Research Grant from           H. Kataoka, Hisashi Kataoka (E); Y.            562   W. Jackson, AMO (C, R); S.V.
                             New World Medical, Inc. (F)                       Ohashi, None                                         Kulkarni, None; G. Mintsioulis,
                      451    J.S. Hoop, None; P.L. Tsai, None; L.B.      522   G.W. Ousler, Ora (E); M.W. Canova,                   None; S.E.J. Taylor, None; M.D.
                             Cantor, Optonol. Ltd (F); L.S. Morgan,            Ora (E); B.H. Nentwig, Ora (E); D.                   Lafontaine, None; R. Munger, None
                             None                                              Welch, Ora (E); M.B. Abelson, Ora (E)          568   L.J. Nagy, Bausch & Lomb (F); L. Ding,
                      452    D.S. Minckler, NeoMedix (C); L.             525   J.S. Lee, Cetero Research (E); A.                    Bausch & Lomb (F); T. Bubel, None; J.
                             Dustin, None; S. Mosaed, NeoMedix                 Salapatek, Cetero Research (E); P. Patel,            Swanton, None; W.H. Knox, Bausch &
                             (C); B.A. Francis, NeoMedix (C)                   Cetero Research (E); F. Soong, Cetero                Lomb (F); K.R. Huxlin, Bausch & Lomb (F)
Relationships Index

                      453    C.B. Okogbaa, None; A.L. Chaudhry,                Research (E)                                   572   L. Chen, Advanced Medical Optics, Inc.
ARVO Commercial

                             MD, None; R.S. Ayyala, MD, FRCS,            526   D. Sobti, None; D.M. Kleinman, Bausch                (E); D.A. Chernyak, Advanced Medical
                             FRCOphth, C (iSciences Interventional)            and Lomb, Inc. (C); Eyeon Therapeutics,              Optics, Inc. (E)
                             (C)                                               Inc. (I, E, P); W. Gensheimer, None; M.        578   J. Buehren, None; L. Nagy, None;
                      455    D. Spiegel, Glaukos Corp. (R); J.                 Gonzalez, None; S. Koh, None; A.                     G. Yoon, Bausch & Lomb; Rochester,
                             Garcia-Feijoo, None; J.M. Martinez de             Loxley, Particle Sciences, Inc. (E, P); M.           NY (C); S. MacRae, Bausch & Lomb;
                             la Casa, None; J. Garcia-Sanchez, None            Mitchnick, Particle Sciences, Inc. (I, E,            Rochester, NY (C); K. Huxlin, Bausch &
                      456    C.E. Traverso, Optonol Ltd, Glaukos               P); J.V. Aquavella, None                             Lomb; Rochester, NY (C)
                             Inc. (F, R); F. De Feo, Optonol Ltd,        527   M. Teson, None; E. Castellanos,                579   P.S. Binder, AMO (C, R)
                             Glaukos Inc. (F, R)                               None; M.J. González-García, None; I.           581   G.O. Waring, Alcon (R); D.S. Durrie,
                      457    G. Olea Zorita, None; J. Garcia Feijoo,           Fernández, None; J.M. Herreras, None;                Alcon (C); R.T. Smith, None; J.E. Stahl,
                             Alcon (F, C); Allergan (F); Glaukos (F,           M.E. Stern, Allergan Inc. (E); M.T.                  Alcon (C)
                             C); ISC III RD07/062 (F); MSD (F, C);             Coroneo, None; S.C.	Pflugfelder, Allergan      585   D. Mutyala, None; N. Menon, None; L.
                             Pfizer (F); Solx (F); J. Martinez de la           Inc. (C); M. Calonge, Allergan Inc. (C)              Padnick-Silver, None; M. Macsai,
                             Casa, Alcon (F); Allergan (F); Glaukos      534   A. Tomlinson, Allergan, Pfizer, SIFI (F);            Eyeonics (C, R)
                             (F); ISC III RD07/062 (F); Pfizer (F, C);         Birmingham Optical (R); Pfizer, Ciba Vision,   587   T.A. AlMahmoud, None; R. Munger,
                             Solx (F); C. Mendez Hernandez, Alcon              SIFI (C); L. McCann, None; E.I. Pearce,              None; M. Lafontaine, None; S. Taylor,
                             (F); Allergan (F); Glaukos (F); ISC III           Allergan, Pfizer, SIFI (F); Pfizer (R)               None; W.B. Jackson, consultant for
                             RD07/062 (F); Pfizer (F); Solx (F); A.      535   N.L. Himebaugh, None; C.G. Begley,                   AMO (C); travel for VISX/AMO (R)
                             Fernandez Vidal, Alcon (F); Allergan              Vistakon, Johnson & Johnson Vision             589   C.R. Salaroli, None; Y. Li, Optovue, Inc.,
                             (F); Glaukos (F); ISC III RD07/062 (F);           Care, Inc.; Alcon, Inc. (C); Z. Wu, None;            Fremont, CA, F; Optovue, Inc., Fremont,
                             Pfizer (F); Solx (F); F. Saenz-Frances,           R.L. Chalmers, Vistakon, Johnson &                   CA, R; (F); J.L.B. Ramos, None; D.
                             Alcon (F); Allergan (F); Glaukos (F);             Johnson Vision Care, Inc.; Alcon, Inc.;              Huang, Optovue, Inc., Fremont, CA, F;
                             ISC III RD07/062 (F); Pfizer (F); Solx            Ciba Vision (C); K. Moody, Vistakon,                 Optovue, Inc., Fremont, CA, R; (P)
                             (F); J. Rodriguez del Valle, None; M.             Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. (E)        591   D.D. Bogorad, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
                             Jerez Fidalgo, None; M. Jimenez             539   S.J. Spurr-Michaud, Alcon Research                   Corporation (F); T. Sponseller, Novartis
                             Santos, None; J. Garcia Sanchez, Alcon            Ltd (F); M. Senchyna, Alcon Research                 Pharmaceuticals Corporation (F); Y.M.
                             (F); Allergan (F); Glaukos (F); ISC III           Ltd (E); S. Srinivasan, Alcon Research               Khalifa, None
                             RD07/062 (F); Pfizer (F); Solx (F)                Ltd (F); R. Ritter, Alcon Research Ltd
                      459    D.D. Hayes, None; R.F. Rothman,                   (E); E. Heikkila, Alcon Research Ltd
                             iScience Interventional (C); C.H.                 (F); M. Heynen, Alcon Research Ltd (F);
                             Marcus, iScience Interventional (C)               L. Jones, Alcon Research Ltd (F); I.K.
                                                                               Gipson, Alcon Research Ltd (F)

                                                                                                                            CR Disclosure 594 – 791

594   T.B. Porter, ReVision Optics (E); N.       698   R. Lai, Allergan (E); G. Wu, Allergan          762   F. Prager, None; E. Goetzinger,
      Schneider, ReVision Optics (E); A.               (E); D. Sao, Allergan (E); J. Edelman,               None; C. Ahlers, None; M. Pircher,
      Lang, ReVision Optics (E); K. Holliday,          Allergan (E)                                         None; B. Baumann, None; W.
      ReVision Optics (E); T. Miller, ReVision   702   J.F. Tucker, None; B.W. Jones,                       Geitzenauer, None; C. Schütze,
      Optics (E); A. Le, ReVision Optics               None; C.D. Gerstner, None; T.P.                      None; C. Hitzenberger, None; U.
      (E); A. Vatz, ReVision Optics (E);               Kennedy, GlycoMira Inc. (P);                         Schmidt-Erfurth, Carl Zeiss Meditec
      D. Johnson, ReVision Optics (E); E.              ParinGenix Inc. (P); N.V. Rao,                       (F); Heidelberg Engineering (F)
      Barragan, Laser Ocular Hidalgo (E);              GlycoMira Inc. (P); ParinGenix Inc.            763   S. Ooto, None; M. Hangai, None; A.
      ReVision Optics (C)                              (P); G.D. Prestwich, GlycoMira Inc.                  Sakamoto, None; Y. Ojima, None; A.
613   M.O. Price, None; K. Fairchild, None;            (P); B.K. Ambati, None; R.E. Marc,                   Tsujikawa, None; A. Otani, None; S.
      F.W. Price, Moria (R)                            Signature Immunologics (E)                           Oshima, NIDEK Co.,Ltd. (E); T. Inoue,
640   A.K. Shah, None; N. Shamie, None; D.       722   M. Neuner-Jehle, Novartis (E); B.                    Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (E); K.
      Davis-Boozer, None; M.A. Terry,                  Scassellati-Sforzolini, Novartis (E);                Takeno, None; N. Yoshimura, None
      Bausch and Lomb Surgical (P)                     T.P. Dryja, Novartis (E); C. Paulding,         771   E. Vandewalle, Arresto Biosciences (F);
674   T.J. McGill, StemCells Inc. (F); R.D.            Novartis (E); S. Lewitzky, Novartis (E);             T. Van Bergen, Arresto Biosciences (F);
      Lund, StemCells Inc. (F); C. Tian,               Y. He, Novartis (E); L. Farrer, Novartis             S. Van de Veire, Arresto Biosciences
      StemCells Inc. (F); B.L. Cottam,                 (C); J. Meyer, Novartis (E)                          (F); L. Moons, None; S. Fevery,
      StemCells Inc. (F); S. Wang, StemCells     727   R.Y. Kim, Eyetech (R); S. Francom,                   Arresto Biosciences (F); V. Smith,
      Inc. (F); B. Lu, StemCells Inc. (F); A.          Genentech, Inc. (E); L. Tuomi,                       Arresto Biosciences (F); S. Ogg, Arresto
      Capela, StemCells Inc. (E); P. Francis,          Genentech, Inc. (E); L. Scott, Genentech,            Biosciences (F); I. Stalmans, Arresto
      StemCells Inc. (F, C)                            Inc. (E)                                             Biosciences (F)
675   R.J. Collier, Alcon Research, Ltd (E);     728   J.G. Edwards, AdaptRx (P); Apeliotus           773   G. Inana, Inventor (P); iTherapeutics,
      E.A. Martin, Alcon Research, Ltd (E);            Vision Science (I, E); G.R. Jackson,                 Inc. (I); C. Murat, None; M.J. McLaren,
      C. Cully-Adams, Alcon Research, Ltd              AdaptRx (P); Apeliotus Vision Science (I, E)         Inventor (P); iTherapeutics, Inc. (I, E)
      (E); O. Dembinska, Alcon Research, Ltd     729   P.S. Bernstein, Kemin Health and               776   M. Ni, Allergan (F); K. Lalwani,
      (E); H. Hoang, Alcon Research, Ltd (E);          Kalsec (C); Spectrotek (P); F. Ahmed,                Allergan (F); G. Rodrigues, Allergan (F);
      M. Hellberg, Alcon Research, Ltd (E);            None; A. Liu, None; M. Sharifzadeh,                  L. Wheeler, Allergan (F)
      S. Krueger, Alcon Research, Ltd (E);             Spectrotek and Imagetek (P); I.                779   N.M. Buchanan, Novartis Insititutes
      M. Kapin, Alcon Research, Ltd (E); C.            Ermakov, Spectrotek and Imagetek                     for Biomedical Research (E); Novartis
      Romano, Alcon Research, Ltd (E)                  (P); W. Gellermann, Kemin Health                     Institutes for Biomedical Institutes
676   M. Sasaki, Wakasa seikatsu Co.,Ltd.              (C); Spectrotek and Imagetek (P); X.                 (I); Novartis Institutes for Biomedical
      (F); Y. Ozawa, Wakasa seikatsu Co.,Ltd.          Sheng, None; K. Zhang, Genentech (F);                Research (F); C.E. Bigelow, Novartis
      (F); T. Kurihara, None; S. Kobayashi,            Genentech and Acucela (C); Genentech                 Insititutes for Biomedical Research
      Wakasa seikatsu Co.,Ltd. (E); K. Noda,           and Alcon (R); S. Allman, None; J.                   (E); Novartis Institutes for Biomedical
      None; S. Ishida, None; K. Tsubota,               Harmon, None                                         Research (F, I); S.H. Poor, Novartis

                                                                                                                                                         Relationships Index
      Wakasa seikatsu Co.,Ltd. (F)               730   F. Sabeti, Seeing Machines (F); T.L.                 Institutes for Biomedical Research (I,

                                                                                                                                                         ARVO Commercial
677   K.L. Rhoades, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);          Maddess, Seeing Machines (F, I, C, P,                E, F); J. Demirs, Novartis Institutes
      Y. Patel, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); R.J.         R); R.W. Essex, None; A.C. James,                    for Biomedical Research (F, I, E);
      Collier, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); C.            Seeing Machines (F, I, C, P)                         G.S. Bounoutas, Novartis Institutes
      Romano, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E)           736   V.R. Perez, None; R.B. Rosen,                        for Biomedical Research (F, I, E); I.L.
678   S. Hayes, Acucela Inc (E); K. Lieu,              OTI,Genetech, Allergan (C); D.N.                     Jones, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical
      Acucela Inc (E); C. Bavik, Acucela Inc           Hu, None; A. Grant, None; K.W.                       Research (F, I, E); B. Jaffee, Novartis
      (E); R. Kubota, Acucela Inc (E)                  Tai, None; M. Chen, None; I.                         Institutes for Biomedical Research (F, I,
679   B.E. Uygun, Lumenis, Inc. (F); Q.                Aass, None; M.P. Patel, None; S.A.                   E); M.E. McLaughlin, Novartis Institutes
      Zhang, Lumenis, Inc. (F); M. Yarmush,            McCormick, None                                      for Biomedical Research (F, I, E)
      None; M. Latina, Lumenis, Inc. (F)         739   K.A. Muldrew, None; U.                         785   Z. Yao, Genentech, Inc (I, E); D.A.
681   K. Renganathan, Alcon Research LTD.              Chakravarthy, Bausch and Lomb (C,                    West, Genentech, Inc (I, E); P. Kuebler,
      (R); J. Gu, None; R. Collier, Alcon Inc.         R); Educational grant from Dr Mann                   Genentech, Inc (I, E); A. Bricarello,
      (E); C. Romano, Alcon Inc. (E); R.G.             Pharma (F); S. Beatty, Bausch and Lomb               Genentech, Inc (I, E); J.M. Miller,
      Salomon, Franz Biomarkers (F); M.                (C, R); Educational grant from Dr Mann               Covance Laboratories, Inc (E); V.
      Rayborn, None; J.G.	Hollyfield, None;            Pharma (F)                                           Bantseev, Covance Laboratories, Inc (E);
      J.W. Crabb, Franz Biomarkers; Alcon        742   L. Pearce, None; S. Sivaprasad, None;                P.E. Miller, Comparative Ophthalmic
      Research LTD. (F)                                V. Chong, Novartis (R)                               Research Labs (E); T. Nork, Comparative
685   Y. Wang, Alcon Research, LTD (E); E.       744   D. Weaver, Optherion, Inc. (E); G.                   Ophthalmic Research Labs (E); L.
      Martin, Alcon Research, LTD (E); H.              Ligon, Optherion, Inc. (E); K. Hade,                 Damico, Genentech, Inc (I, E)
      Hoang, Alcon Research, LTD (E); R.               Optherion, Inc. (E); L. Perlee, Optherion,     791   H. Takahashi, the University of Tokyo
      Rector, Alcon Research, LTD (E); S.              Inc. (E); D. Grant, Optherion, Inc. (E);             (P); N. Yagi, Kyowa Hakko Kirin (E,
      Morgan, Alcon Research, LTD (E); C.              M. Patel, Optherion, Inc. (E); M. Modi,              P); M. Yamauchi, Kyowa Hakko Kirin
      Romano, Alcon Research, LTD (E); R.              Optherion, Inc. (E)                                  (E, P); Y. Yanagi, None; Y. Tamaki, the
      Collier, Alcon Research, LTD (E)           746   D.M. Moshfeghi, Oraya Therapeutics,                  University of Tokyo (P); I. Manabe, the
688   L.D. Marchette, None; M.A.                       Inc. (C); K. Pan, Oraya Therapeutics,                University of Tokyo (P); R. Nagai, the
      Babizhayev, Innovative Vision Products,          Inc. (E); E. Chell, Oraya Therapeutics,              University of Tokyo (P)
      Inc. (E, P); A. Kasus-Jacobi, None               Inc. (E); S. Hansen, Oraya Therapeutics,       793   G. Legge, licensing agreement between
697   C. Isiegas, None; M. Marchena, None; E.          Inc. (E); P.K. Kaiser, Oraya                         University of Minnesota and Optelec for
      Ayuso, None; V. Gómez-Vicente,                   Therapeutics, Inc. (C); M. Gertner,                  MNREAD Acuity Chart (P)
      None; R. Blanco, None; F. de Pablo,              Oraya Therapeutics, Inc. (E)                   798   S.M. Kymes, Allergan (F, C); Pfizer (F, C)
      CSIC (P); F. Bosch, UAB (P); P. de La      751   V.A. Forsaa, Novartis (R); D.H.                799   K.D. Frick, Allergan (C)
      Villa, UAH (P); E. de La Rosa, CSIC (P)          Engelsvold, None; J.H. Seland, None

                      CR Disclosure 800 – 1078

                      800    R. Klein, DIRECT/AstraZeneca (C, R);        902   M.S. Raam, None; F.W. Medeiros,              1054   R.D. Ferguson, Physical Sciences Inc (P);
                             Pfizer (C, R)                                     None; A. Sinha Roy, None; K.M.                      D.X. Hammer, Physical Sciences Inc (P);
                      801    A. Chakravarti, Affymetrix (C)                    Hallahan, None; W.J. Dupps, Received                M. Mujat, Physical Sciences Inc (E); N.V.
                      803    U.M. Schmidt-Erfurth, Bayer Schering              $1,000 travel grant from Reichert, Inc. in          Iftimia, Physical Sciences Inc (E)
                             (C); Genentech (C); Heidelberg                    2008 (R)                                     1056   B. Lamory, Imagine Eyes (E); K.
                             Engeneering (C); Novartis (C)               919   M. Dutot, YSLAB (C); R. Fagon,                      Gocho-Nakashima, None; O. Roche,
                      804    M.S. Blumenkranz , allergan, genentech            YSLAB (E); D. Rousseau, None; P. Rat,               None; X. Levecq, Imagine Eyes (E); F.
                             (R); Allergan, Genentech, ISTA (C);               None                                                Harms, Imagine Eyes (E); J.	Dufier,
                             optimedica corporation (P); optimedica      921   C. Cejka, None; J. Luyckx, employee of              None
                             corporation, macusight corporation (I)            Thea (E); J. Cejkova, None                   1059   C. Torti, None; B. Povazay, None; B.
                      805    L.P. Aiello, Alcon (F); Allergan (R); Eli   926   S.C. Anderson, None; M.J.                           Hofer, None; A. Unterhuber, None; J.
                             Lilly (C); Genentech (C); Genzyme (C);            Kupersmith, Teva Pharmaceutical                     Carroll, None; C. Egan, None; A. Bird,
                             Merck (C, R); Novartis (C); OPKO (I);             (C); G. Mandel, None; R. Kardon, None               None; P. Ahnelt, None; W. Drexler, Carl
                             Pfizer (C, R); Thrombogenetics (R)          946   P. Fonseca, None; A. Santos, None; R.               Zeiss Meditec Inc. (C)
                      806    P. Lanzetta, Allergan, Novartis Pharma            Bernardes, None; R. Silva, None; S.          1060   N.M. Putnam, None; A. Roorda,
                             AG, QLT Inc, Optimedica Co (R); Iridex            Carvajal-Gonzalez, Pfizer, Inc. (E); R.             University of Houston, University of
                             Co (P); Neovista Inc, Novartis Pharma             Buggage, Pfizer, Inc. (E); J. Cunha-Vaz,            Rochester (P)
                             AG (C)                                            Allergan (C); Eli-Lilly (C); Merck (C);      1061   D. Gray, Optos plc (E); B. Wall, Optos
                      809    L.M. Highstrom, None; D.F.                        Pfizer (C); Servier (C); Zeiss (C)                  plc (E); C. Robertson, Optos plc (E); D.
                             Woodward, Allergan (E); W.D. Stamer,        950   R. Gulati, None; M. Roser, The Results              Cairns, Optos plc (E)
                             Allergan (F)                                      Group (E); S. Torr-Brown, None; A.           1062   N. Doble, Iris AO Inc (I); S. Choi, None
                      812    S. Fan, Pfizer (F); L.S. Stapp, Pfizer            Jeong, None; G. Dagnelie, None               1066   K. Nakashima, None; O. Roche, None; N.
                             (F); G. Prasanna, Pfizer (E); A. Krauss,    954   J.M. Mones, Notal Vision (C); L.                    Massamba, None; B. Lamory, Imagine
                             Pfizer (E); S. Anderson, Pfizer (E); C.B.         Amselem, None                                       Eyes (E); F. Harms, Imagine Eyes (E); G.
                             Toris, Pfizer (F)                           961   A. Iannaccone, Bausch & Lomb; Kemin                 Soubrane, None; J.	Dufier, None
                      813    L. Kagemann, None; G. Wollstein,                  Foods (F); K. Spencer, None; L.M.            1070   L.S. Folio, None; G. Wollstein, Bioptigen
                             Bioptigen (P); Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);            Olson, None; J.T. Armstrong,                        (P); Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); Optovue
                             Optovue (F); H. Ishikawa, Bioptigen               None; K.C. Johnson, None; E. Kenyon,                (F); H. Ishikawa, Bioptigen (P); R.A.
                             (P); R.A. Bilonick, None; M.L.                    None; S.	Satterfield, None; E.J.                    Bilonick, None; L. Kagemann, None; J.
                             Gabriele, None; L.S. Folio, None;                 Johnson, DSM (F); S.B. Kritchevsky,                 Kim, None; J.S. Duker, Alcon (C);
                             J.G. Fujimoto, Carl Zeiss Meditec (P);            None; J.L. Haines, None                             Genentech (C); Heidelberg Engineering
                             Optovue (I); J.S. Schuman, Alcon (R);       964   B.D. Kuppermann, Ophthotech,                        (F); Optovue (F); Paloma Pharmaceuticals
                             Allergan (R); Bioptigen (P); Carl Zeiss           Genentech, Allergan, Neovista, B                    (C); Zeiss (F); J.G. Fujimoto, Carl Zeiss
                             Meditec (P, R); Heidelberg Engineering            Braun, ScyFIX, CoMentis (C); S. Patel,              Meditec (P); Optovue (I); J.S. Schuman,
                             (R); Lumenis (R); Merck (R); Optovue              Ophthotech (I)                                      Alcon (R); Allergan (R); Bioptigen (P);
Relationships Index

                             (R); Pfizer (R)                             965   T. Alasil, None; P.A. Keane, None; O.               Carl Zeiss Meditec (P, R); Heidelberg
ARVO Commercial

                      819    P. Gjorstrup, Resolvyx (E, P); A.                 Yeh, None; A. Salem, None; M. Wang,                 Engineering (R); Lumenis (R); Merck (R);
                             Dubrovskiy, Resolvyx (E); D. Dodge,               None; A.C. Walsh, Co-inventor of                    Optovue (R); Pfizer (R)
                             Resolvyx (E); A. Savinainen, Resolvyx             Doheny intellectual property related         1076   P. Sitwala, None; S. Kim, None; H.
                             (E); T. Crandall, Resolvyx (E); L. Wu,            to optical coherence tomography                     Ishikawa, Bioptigen (P); G. Wollstein,
                             Resolvyx (E, P); S. Qin, Resolvyx (E, P)          that has been licensed by Topcon                    Bioptigen (P); Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);
                      839    P.S. Cheung, InSiteVision (E); E.C.               Medical Systems (P); member of the                  Optovue (F); R.A. Bilonick, None; L.
                             Si, InSiteVision (E); K. Hosseini,                scientific advisory board for Heidelberg            Kagemann, None; P. Brennen, None;
                             InSiteVision (E)                                  Engineering (C); S.R. Sadda, co-                    J.S. Schuman, Alcon (R); Allergan (R);
                      862    M.K. Wirtz, None; J. Charlesworth,                inventor of Doheny intellectual property            Bioptigen (P); Carl Zeiss Meditec (P, R);
                             None; J.R. Samples, Alcon, Merck,                 related to optical coherence tomography             Heidelberg Engineering (R); Lumenis
                             Allergan (R); Allergan (F); D.G.                  that has been licensed by Topcon                    (R); Merck (R); Optovue (R); Pfizer (R)
                             Mikropoulos, Alcon Allergan (R); A.               Medical Systems (P); member of the           1077   A. Domalpally, None; S. Gangaputra,
                             Economou, None; A. Dimopoulos,                    scientific advisory board for Heidelberg            None; Q. Peng, None; R.P. Danis,
                             None; J. Blangero, None; T. Dyer,                 Engineering (C)                                     Topcon Medical Systems (F)
                             None; A. Haidich, None; A.G.P.              967   K.G. Locke, None; G. Caniano, None;          1078   A. Baranano, None; P.A. Keane,
                             Konstas, Konstas Alcon, Allergan, Merck           R. Tzekov, Acucela Inc. (E); R. Kubota,             None; P.S. Mand, None; S. Liakopoulos,
                             Pfizer (R); Merck Pfizer (F)                      Acucela Inc. (E); D.G. Birch, Acucela               None; A.C. Walsh, co-inventor of
                      867    N.G. Ziakas, Alcon (R); M.K. Wirtz,               Inc. (C, R)                                         Doheny intellectual property related
                             None; J.R. Samples, Alcon, Allergan,        969   I.M. MacDonald, None; N. Smaoui, E                  to optical coherence tomography that
                             Merck (R); Allergan, NEI (F); Aquasys,            (E); R. Sui, None; D. Stiles, None; N.              has been licensed by Topcon Medical
                             Refocis (C); J. Blangero, None; J.                Gordiyenko, None; N. Stunnikova,                    Systems. However, it is not related to the
                             Charlesworth, None; D.G. Mikropoulos,             None; Y. Sergeev, None                              article‘s subject matter. (P); member of
                             Alcon, Allergan (R); G. Moumtzis, None;     970   N. Wang, None; H. Fine, None; S.                    scientific advisory board for Heidelberg
                             K. Kaltsos, Alcon (R); A. Papanastasiou,          Chang, Alcon Surgical (E); C. Chou,                 Engineering (E); S.R. Sadda, co-inventor
                             None; A.G. Konstas, Alcon, Allergan,              None; W. Cella, None; J. Tosi, None; C.             of Doheny intellectual property related
                             Merck, Pfizer (F, R)                              Lin, None; T. Nagasaki, None; S.H.                  to optical coherence tomography that
                      873    J.S. Crabb, None; X. Yuan, None; G.               Tsang, None                                         has been licensed by Topcon Medical
                             Dvoriantchikova, None; D. Ivanov,           983   D.C. Hood, Topcon,Inc. (C); M.A. Lazow,             Systems. However, it is not related to
                             None; V.I. Shestopalov, None; J.W.                None; C.E. Lin, None; K.G. Locke,                   the article‘s subject matter. (P); member
                             Crabb, Allergan Inc (C)                           None; X. Zhang, None; D. Birch, None                of the scientific advisory board for
                                                                                                                                   Heidelberg Engineering (E)

                                                                                                                              CR Disclosure 1079 – 1164

1079   J. Ho, received honoraria for work on        1100   D.A. Tolliver, None; H. Ishikawa,              1114   B. Hermann, None; B. Povazay,
       Optovue RTVue OCT Primer: Retina                    Bioptigen (P); J.S. Schuman, Alcon                    None; B. Hofer, None; M. Esmaeelpour
       (R); A.C. Sull, None; L.N. Vuong,                   (R); Allergan (R); Bioptigen (P); Carl                Hajyar, None; N. Sheen, None; R.
       None; Y. Chen, None; J. Liu, None;                  Zeiss Meditec, Inc. (P, R); Heidelberg                North, None; W. Drexler, Carl Zeiss
       J.G. Fujimoto, has stock options in                 Engineering (R); Lumenis (R); Merck                   Meditec (C)
       Optovue, Inc. (I); receives royalties from          (R); Optovue (R); Pfizer (R); G.L.             1117   R.L. Woods, Johnson & Johnson Vision
       intellectual property owned by MIT and              Miller, None                                          Care Inc. (F); C.R. Colvin, Johnson
       licensed to Carl Zeiss Meditech, Inc. (P);   1101   M.A. Mayer, None; J. Hornegger,                       & Johnson Vision Care Inc. (C); C.
       J.S. Schuman, receives research support             Siemens AG (F); C.Y. Mardin,                          Gambacorta, Johnson & Johnson Vision
       and royalties from intellectual property            None; F.E. Kruse, None; R.P. Tornow,                  Care Inc. (F); F.A. Vera-Diaz, Johnson
       licensed to Carl Zeiss Meditech, Inc. (F);          None                                                  & Johnson Vision Care Inc. (F); E. Peli,
       J.S. Duker, receives research support        1102   K. Lee, None; M. Niemeijer, University                Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc. (F)
       from Carl Zeiss Meditech, Inc., Optovue,            of Iowa (P); M.K. Garvin, University of        1120   S. Manzanera, AMO (F); P.M. Prieto,
       Inc., and Topcon Medical Systems, Inc. (F)          Iowa (P); Y.H. Kwon, None; M. Sonka,                  AMO (F); C. Canovas, AMO (F); H.
1086   A.I. Kim, None; K.A. Townsend, None; J.             University of Iowa (P); M.D. Abràmoff,                Weeber, AMO (E); P. Piers, AMO (E);
       Baird, None; G. Wollstein, Bioptigen (P);           University of Iowa (P)                                P. Artal, AMO (F, C)
       Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); Optovue (F); R.A.    1103   M. Niemeijer, Zeiss Meditec (F); M.K.          1121   F. Harms, Imagine Eyes (E); K. Maia
       Bilonick, None; H. Ishikawa, Bioptigen              Garvin, layer segmentation (P); Zeiss                 Rocha, None; L. Vabre, Imagine Eyes
       (P); L. Kagemann, None; J.S. Duker,                 Meditec (F); K. Lee, Zeiss Meditec (F);               (E); N. Chateau, Imagine Eyes (E); R.R.
       Alcon (C); Genentech (C); Heidelberg                M. Sonka, layer segmentation (P); Zeiss               Krueger, None
       (F); Optovue (F); Paloma Pharmaceuticals            Meditec (F); B. van Ginneken, None;            1124   M. Aldaba, None; S.O. Luque,
       (C); Zeiss (F); J.G. Fujimoto, Carl Zeiss           M.D. Abramoff, layer segmentation (P);                Visiometrics (E); F. Díaz-Doutón,
       Meditec (P); Optovue (I); J.S. Schuman,             Zeiss Meditec (F)                                     Visiometrics (E); M. Arjona, None; J.
       Alcon (R); Allergan (R); Bioptigen (P);      1104   J. Xu, None; H. Ishikawa, Bioptigen                   Pujol, None
       Carl Zeiss Meditec (P, R); Heidelberg               (P); D.A. Tolliver, None; G. Wollstein,        1125   A.C. Kingston, Bausch & Lomb (E);
       Engineering (R); Lumenis (R); Merck (R);            Bioptigen (P); Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.               I. Cox, Bausch & Lomb (E); T. Green,
       Optovue (R); Pfizer (R)                             (F); Optovue (F); G.L. Miller, None; R.A.             Bausch & Lomb (E)
1090   M. Esmaeelpour, None; B.	Považay,                   Bilonick, None; L. Kagemann, None;             1133   S.M. Couch, None; S.J. Bakri, Novartis,
       None; F. Bounaparte, None; B. Hofer,                J.S. Schuman, Alcon (R); Allergan (R);                Genentech, Alcon (C); C.A. McCannel,
       None; B. Hermann, None; A.R.                        Bioptigen (P); Carl Zeiss Meditec (P);                Genentech (C); A.O. Edwards, None
       Tumlinson, None; R.V. North,                        Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. (R); Heidelberg       1141   R.W. Frey, LensAR Inc (P, E);
       None; S.L. Hale, None; N.J.L. Sheen,                Engineering (R); Lumenis (R); Merck (R);              E.V. Teuma, LensAR Inc (E); D.
       None; W. Drexler, WD is a consultant of             Optovue (R); Pfizer (R)                               O’Suilleabhain, LensAR Inc (E); D.
       Carl Zeiss Meditec (C)                       1105   N. Jain, None; A.A. Khanifar, None; S.                Elliot, LensAR Inc (E); G.R. Downes,
1091   V. Chaturvedi, None; N. Nandakumar,                 Farsiu, application (P); Bioptigen (F);               LensAR Inc (E); G.R. Downes, LensAR

                                                                                                                                                            Relationships Index
       None; J. Ho, for work on Optovue RTVue              S. Bearelly, Genentech (F); S.J. Chiu,                Inc (E); J. Bielitzki, LensAR Inc (E)

                                                                                                                                                            ARVO Commercial
       OCT Primer: Retina, R (R); J. Lui, None;            application (P); K.P. Winter, None; J.A.       1145   R. Yeilding, LensAR Inc (C); J. Villar-
       J.G. Fujimoto, receives royalties from              Izatt, application (P); Bioptigen (I, C, P);          Kuri, None; R. Naranjo-Tackman,
       intellectual property owned by MIT and              C.A. Toth, Alcon (F, P, R); application (P);          LensAR Inc (C); E. Stangogiannis,
       licensed to Carl Zeiss Meditech, Inc.               Bioptigen (F); Genentech (F, C); Sirion (F)           None; Y. Martinez, None; S. Garcia,
       (P); stock options in Optovue, Inc (I);      1106   R.M. Wainess, None; P.A. Keane,                       None; R. Olmstead, LensAR Inc (E);
       J.S. Schuman, receives research support             None; F.K. Chen, None; A. Tufail,                     T. Bunch, LensAR Inc (E); K. Liedel,
       and royalties from intellectual property            None; S.C. Ongchin, None; F. Ikeji,                   LensAR Inc (E); N. Quezada, LensAR
       licensed to Carl Zeiss Meditech, Inc (F);           None; A.C. Walsh, Doheny, licensed                    Inc (E)
       J.S. Duker, receives research support               by Topcon (P); Heidelberg Engineering          1147   M.B. Tassignon, patent (P); F. Van
       from Carl Zeiss Meditech, Inc., Optovue,            (C); P.J. Patel, None; S.R. Sadda,                    de Velde, None; J. Rozema, None; L.
       Inc., and Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.              Doheny, licensed by Topcon (P);                       Gobin, None; L. Werner, None
       (F); Y. Lui, None                                   Heidelberg Engineering (C)                     1153   E.A. Villegas, Calhoun Vision (F); E.
1096   E. Marziani, None; P. Ramolfo,               1109   F.D. Verbraak, None; H. de Vries,                     Rubio, None; E. Alcon, Calhoun Vision
       None; C. Mariani, None; S. Pomati,                  Topcon Europe Medical BV (E); R. de                   (F); C. Canovas, Calhoun Vision (F); S.
       None; A. Giani, None; M. Cigada,                    Kinkelder, Topcon Europe Medical BV                   Manzanera, Calhoun Vision (F); J.M.
       None; G. Staurenghi, Heidelberg                     (E); T.G. van Leeuwen, Topcon Europe                  Marin, None; P. Artal, Calhoun Vision
       Engineering (R)                                     Medical BV (F)                                        (F, C)
1098   S. Ricco, None; M. Chen, None; H.            1110   B. Povazay, None; B. Hofer, None; C.           1158   T. Padrick, WaveTec Vision Systems (E);
       Ishikawa, Bioptigen (P); G. Wollstein,              Torti, None; C. Egan, None; A. Bird,                  E. Sarver, WaveTec Vision Systems (C);
       Bioptigen (P); Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);              None; W. Drexler, Zeiss meditec (C)                   M. Hall, Wa veTec Vision Systems (C)
       Optovue (F); J. Xu, None; J. Schuman,        1111   J.J. Liu, None; B. Potsaid, Thorlabs,          1162   K. Saito, None; M.E. Kleinman,
       Alcon (R); Allergan (R); Bioptigen (P);             Inc. (E); Y. Chen, None; I.	Gorczyńska,               None; H. Kaneko, None; K. Yamada,
       Carl Zeiss Meditec (P, R); Heidelberg               None; V.J. Srinivasan, None; J.S.                     None; R. Albuquerque, None; J.	Baffi,
       Engineering (R); Lumenis (R); Merck                 Duker, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. (F);                  None; W. Cho, None; M.G. Rich, None;
       (R); Optovue (R); Pfizer (R)                        Optovue Corporation (F); Topcon (F);                  J. Ambati, Allergan, Novartis, Quark
1099   M.K. Garvin, CZMI (Carl Zeiss                       J.G. Fujimoto, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.               (C); University of Kentucky (P)
       Meditec, Inc.) (F); Patent application              (P); Optovue Corporation (I)                   1164   R. Formica, None; J. Shen, None; Y.
       (P); M. Niemeijer, CZMI (F); Patent          1112   M. Akiba, TOPCON (E); C. Reisman,                     Gong, None; C.P. Seidel, None; S.F.
       application (P); R.H. Kardon, CZMI (F);             TOPCON (E); Z. Wang, TOPCON (E); J.                   Hackett, None; K. Kesavan,
       M. Sonka, CZMI (F); Patent application              Yan, TOPCON (E); Y. Fukuma, TOPCON                    TransMolecular, Inc. (E); D.B.
       (P); M.D. Abràmoff, CZMI (F); Patent                (E); M. Hangai, None; N. Yoshimura,                   Jacoby, TransMolecular, Inc. (E); P.A.
       application (P)                                     None; K. Chan, TOPCON (E)                             Campochiaro, None

                      CR Disclosure 1167 – 1389

                      1167   S. Recalde, None; P. Fernandez-             1255   J.S. Heier, Alcon Laboratories (F, C);        1350   P.K. Gupta, None; J.W. Bryant, None;
                             Robredo, None; P.J. García-Gomez,                  Genentech, Inc (F, C, R); Genzyme                    I.J. Suner, Eyetech (C, R); Genentech
                             None; M. Moreno-Orduña, None; J.                   Corporation (C); iScience Surgical Corp              (C, R); Optos (C, R); Pfizer (C, R)
                             Dotor, Digna Biotech (E); A. Garcia-               (C); Jerini Ophthalmics (F, C, R); LPath,     1352   J.A. Wells, Eyetech, Jerini, Pfizer (R); M.
                             Layana, None                                       Inc (C); NeoVista, Inc (F, C, R); Novartis           Driver, None
                      1170   A. Hosseini, None; F.A. Lattanzio,                 Pharmaceuticals (C); Oxigene, Inc (C);        1362   G.R. Jackson, AdaptRx (P); Apeliotus
                             OcuCure Therapeutics (F); S.S.                     Paloma, Inc (C); Pfizer Ophthalmics                  Vision Science (I, E); I.U. Scott,
                             Samudre, None; C.M. Greven, OcuCure                (C); Pfizer, Inc (F); Regeneron                      None; D.A. Quillen, None; L.E. Walter,
                             Therapeutics (C); P.B. Williams,                   Pharmaceuticals (F, C, R)                            None; M.E. Wilmarth, None; T.W.
                             OcuCure Therapeutics (C)                    1257   U. Chakravarthy, Bausch and Lomb                     Gardner, None
                      1183   S. De Falco, None; V. Tarallo, None; O.            (C, R); Educational grant from Dr Mann        1375   D.V. Vasudev, None; M.P. Blair,
                             Capasso, None; H. Kaneko, None; K.                 Pharma (F); S. Beatty, Bausch and Lomb               Research Support from Genentech (F); J.
                             Saito, None; M.T. Esposito, None; L.               (C, R); Educational grant from Dr Mann               Galasso, None; R. Kapur, None; T.
                             Pastore, None; L. Zentilin, None; J.               Pharma (F); M. Stevenson, None                       Vajaranant, None
                             Ambati, Allergan, Novartis, Quark (C)       1258   U. Schmidt-Erfurth, Novartis,                 1382   A. Szkulmowska, None; D. Szlag,
                      1188   T. Nakajima, Senju Pharmaceutical                  Genentech, Heidelberg Engineering,                   Optopol Technology SA (C); M.
                             Co., Ltd. (E); E. Nakajima, Senju                  Bayer-Schering (F); B. Baumann,                      Szkulmowski, Optopol Technology SA
                             Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (F); T.R.                 None; C. Ahlers, None; M. Pircher,                   (C); A. Kowalczyk, Optopol Technology
                             Shearer, Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.            None; E. Götzinger, None; C. Schuetze,               SA (C); M. Wojtkowski, None
                             (C); M. Azuma, Senju Pharmaceutical                None; F. Sulzbacher, None; M. Munk,           1383   Y. Wang, Optovue inc. (P); A. Fawzi,
                             Co., Ltd. (E)                                      None; C.K. Hitzenberger, None                        None; D. Aggarwal, None; O. Tan,
                      1189   W.G. Cho, None; M.E. Kleinman,              1259   A. Capone, Jerini Ophthalmic (F); V.H.               Optovue Inc. (P); A.A. Sadun, None;
                             None; R.J. Albuquergue, None; J.Z.                 Gonzalez, Jerini Ophthalmic (F); J.S.                D. Huang, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc (P);
                             Baffi, None; H. Kaneko, None; K. Saito,            Heier, Jerini Ophthalmic (F, C); J.A.                Optovue Inc. (F)
                             None; M.G. Rich, None; J. Ambati,                  Wells, Jerini Ophthalmic (F, R); S.S.         1384   I. Gorczynska, None; I. Grulkowski,
                             Allergen (C); Novatis (C); Quark (C);              Patel, Jerini Ophthalmic (F); D.S. Boyer,            None; D. Szlag, Optopol Technology
                             University of Kentucky (P)                         Jerini Ophthalmic (F); A.J. Berman,                  S.A. (C); M. Szkulmowski, Optopol
                      1191   Y. Qiu, Novartis (E); A. Woolfenden,               Jerini Ophthalmic (C); D.T. Shima, Jerini            Technology S.A. (C); J.G. Fujimoto,
                             Novartis (E); H. Gupta, novartis (E);              Ophthalmic (E); G. Zahn, Jerini AG (E);              Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. (F, P); Optovue,
                             S.H. Poor, novartis (E); B. Jaffee,                A.P. Adamis, Jerini Ophthalmic (E)                   Inc. (F); A. Kowalczyk, Optopol
                             novartis (E)                                1260   D.S. Boyer, Alcon (C, P, R); Allergan (C,            Technology S.A. (C); M. Wojtkowski,
                      1194   J.F. McGinnis, P (P); X. Zhou, None; L.            P, R); Genentech (C, P, R); Novartis (C, P,          None
                             Kong, None; S. Sezate, P (P); S. Seal, P           R); Ophthotec (F)                             1385   C.K. Hitzenberger, None; B. Baumann,
                             (P); L.L. Wong, P (P)                       1261   S.W. Cousins, Ophthotech (C); K.G.                   None; E. Götzinger, None; M. Pircher,
                      1217   C. Bavik, Acucela Inc. (E); K. Murata,             Csaky, Ophthotech (C)                                None; C. Ahlers, None; C. Schuetze,
Relationships Index

                             Acucela Inc. (E); T. McGinn, Acucela        1271   A.S. Viczian, Research Foundation, State             None; W. Geitzenauer, None; U.
ARVO Commercial

                             Inc. (E); S. Zhong, Acucela Inc. (E);              University of New York (P)                           Schmidt-Erfurth, Novartis, Genentech,
                             S. Hayes, Acucela Inc. (E); K. Lieu,        1300   W.J. Brunken, Patent Awarded (P); G.                 Zeiss, Heidelberg Engineering, Bayer-
                             Acucela Inc. (E); I. Scott, Acucela Inc.           Bachay, None; G. Gnanaguru, None; S.                 Schering (F)
                             (E); R. Kubota, Acucela Inc. (E)                   Varshney, None; G. Pinzón-Duarte,             1386   W. Suzuki, None; Y. Kazato, None; T.
                      1230   S. Koh, None; C. Tung, None; J.V.                  None                                                 Nanjo, Nidek Co., LTD (E); N. Shibata,
                             Aquavella, None; G. Yoon, Bausch and        1319   L. Yeung, None; V.C. Lima, None; P.                  Nidek Co., LTD (E); K. Ito, Nidek Co.,
                             Lomb (F, C)                                        Garcia, None; G. Landa, None; R.B.                   LTD (E); T. Ueno, Nidek Co., LTD (E);
                      1232   G.M. Perez, None; M. Fernandez,                    Rosen, OTI-OPKO, Optical Imaging, and                J. Nishiyama, Nidek Co., LTD (E); M.
                             None; S. Mirabet, None; F. Diaz-                   Clarity Medical (C)                                  Tanifuji, None; K. Tsunoda, None
                             Douton, Visiometrics (C); J. Pujol,         1327   A. Barak, None; Z. Burgansky-Eliash,          1387   A.R. Tumlinson, Zeiss Meditec. (C); B.
                             Visiometrics (I, P); J.M. Marin, None; P.          Optical Imaging, Ltd (E); D.A. Nelson,               Hermann, None; B. Hofer, None; J.
                             Artal, Visiometrics (F, I, P)                      Optical Imaging, Ltd (E); M. Goldstein,              Osborne, None; B. Povazay, None; W.
                      1233   Y. Yuan, None; J. Wang, NIH/NEI                    None; A. Lowenstein, None; A.                        Drexler, Zeiss Meditec (C)
                             (F); Q. Chen, None; A. Tao, None; S.               Grinvald, Optical Imaging, Ltd (I, P)         1388   F. Forooghian, None; P.F. Stetson, Carl
                             Jiao, None; M. Abou Shousha, None           1328   S.H. Hardarson, Oxymap ehf. (I, E,                   Zeiss Meditec Inc. (E); S.A. Meyer,
                      1234   T.J. Millar, Alcon (F); S. Khanal, None            P); O.B. Olafsdottir, Oxymap ehf. (F);               Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc. (E); E.Y. Chew,
                      1236   M.A. Terry, Bausch and Lomb Surgical               R.A. Karlsson, Oxymap ehf. (I, E, P);                None; W.T. Wong, None; C. Cukras,
                             (P); N. Shamie, None; A.K. Shah,                   J.M. Beach, Oxymap ehf. (I, E, P); T.                None; C.B. Meyerle, None; F.L. Ferris,
                             None; D. Davis-Boozer, None; D.J.                  Eysteinsson, Oxymap ehf. (I, P); J.A.                None
                             Friend, None                                       Benediktsson, Oxymap ehf. (I, P); E.          1389   T. Mihashi, Topcon Corp. (E); Y.
                      1247   F. Stapleton, CIBAVision (F); T.                   Stefánsson, Oxymap ehf. (I, P)                       Hirohara, Topcon Corp. (E); T.
                             Naduvilath, None; Y. Wu, None; N.           1332   A. Bell, Seeing Machines (F, C); A.C.                Yamaguchi, Topcon Corp. (E);
                             Carnt, None; L. Keay, None; K.                     James, Seeing Machines (F, I, C, P); M.              K. Yoshida, Topcon Corp. (E); Y.
                             Edwards, None; A. Ho, None                         Kolic, Seeing Machines (F); T. Maddess,              Kitaguchi, None; T. Morimoto, None; T.
                                                                                Seeing Machines (P, R, F, I, C)                      Miyoshi, None; T. Fujikado, None
                                                                         1345   E.F. Kadrmas, ISTA Pharmaceuticals (F)
                                                                         1347   J. Jonisch, None; P.J. Ferrone, research
                                                                                grant (F)
                                                                         1349   J.M. Garcia-Gonzalez, None; A.
                                                                                Emanuelli, None; M.H. Berrocal, Alcon

                                                                                                                              CR Disclosure 1390 – 1646

1390   D.A. Nelson, Optical Imaging, Ltd. (E,          1466   G. Prasanna, Pfizer (E); A. Krauss,         1557   D. Thapa, None; A. Fleck, None; V.
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       None; A. Grinvald, Optical Imaging,             1467   J.A. Boehme, Covance Laboratories, Inc.            Hirohara, Topcon,Co. (E); T. Fujikado,
       Ltd. (I, P)                                            (E); K. Perronne, Covance Laboratories,            None; T. Mihashi, Topcon,Co. (E)
1391   M. Hammer, Imedos GmbH, Jena,                          Inc. (E); H. Christenson, Covance           1572   C.D. Pinto, Bausch & Lomb (E)
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1393   Y. Hirohara, Topcon Corp. (E); T.                      Bausch&Lomb (E)                                    Prieto, Voptica SL (P); S. Manzanera,
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1401   T. Jittpoonkuson, None; R.B. Rosen,                    Inc. (C); M. Taschwer, Covance                     Grinspan BA, Pfizer (C); T. Ciulla MD,
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1402   D. Izhaky, Optical Imaging Ltd. (E); Y.                Christian, Covance Laboratories Inc.               Pfizer (E)
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1404   A.H. Kashani, Reichert Inc. (F); G.                    (F); R. Wang, Danube Pharmaceuticals               Iannaccone, None; S.	Satterfield,
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       Inc. (C); W. Johnson, SnapShot Spectra                 Danube Pharmaceuticals Inc (E)                     M.A. Pericak-Vance, Arctic Dx (C);

                                                                                                                                                             Relationships Index
       (E); G. Bearman, Snapshot Spectra Inc.          1476   S.M. Podos, Speedel Experimenta Ltd                patent (P)

                                                                                                                                                             ARVO Commercial
       (E); M.S. Humayun, Reichert Inc. (C)                   (F); R. Wang, Speedel Experimenta Ltd       1622   P.A. Barrionuevo, None; E. Colombo,
1407   M.H. Karakossian, Allergan Inc. (E);                   (F); J.B. Serle, Speedel Experimenta Ltd           None; M. Villaseca, None; J. Pujol,
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       (P); W.A. Hare, Allergan Inc. (E)                      Ltd (E)                                     1623   M.C. van Bree, None; T.J.T.P. van den
1419   J. Jeng, None; N.J. Desai, None; J.F.           1497   R. Pineda, None; J.D. Ament, None; Y.              Berg, Netherlands Academy of Arts and
       Rizzo, 6324429 (P); 6976998 (P); BRIP                  Tilahun, None; I. Behlau, None; C.H.               Sciences (E); B.L.M. Zijlmans, None
       (I); S.I. Fried, None                                  Dohlman, Gifts in kind, honoraria or        1624   H. Zhao, Advanced Medical Optics Inc. (E)
1429   B.B. Thomas, None; T. Matsuda,                         travel reimbursement valued at over         1625   J.D. Aaker, None; R. Sabesan, None; S.
       None; D. Cholakian, None; F. Yong,                     $1000 (R); Inventor (P)                            Boghani, None; G. Yoon, Bausch and
       None; S.R. Sadda, None; M.S.                    1508   P. Fagerholm, None; N. Lagali, None;               Lomb (F, C)
       Humayun, Second Sight Medical                          M.	Griffith, Patent,licensing (P)           1626   E. Alcon, Calhoun Vision (F); C.
       Products, Inc. (F, I); J.D. Weiland,            1525   F. Mackensen, Heidelberg Engineering               Canovas, Calhoun Vision (F); E.A.
       Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. (F)                (R); J. Xie, None; C. Chua, None; C.               Villegas, Calhoun Vision (F); J.M.
1448   A. Dibas, None; H. Oku, None; M.                       Setiobudi, None; T. Wong, None; L.T.               Marin, None; E. Rubio, None; P. Artal,
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       Ltd (E); T. Yorio, None                                None; L.L. Lim, None                               P.A. Piers, Advanced Medical Optics (E)
1450   M.C. Peden, None; C. Meyers, None;              1539   C.E. Thirkill, Athena Diagnostics (C, P)    1631   J.R. Anderson, None; B.W. Jones,
       R. Yamamoto, i-Science Interventional           1540   D.G. Bartsch, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); I.           None; D. Mastronarde, None; P.
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       Lewin, None; W. Hauswirth, AGTC                        Mojana, None; M. Brar, None; M.                    Yang, None; T. Tasdizen, None; R.
       Inc. (P); R. Ratnakaram, None; M.                      Gomez, None; W.R. Freeman, None; L.                Whittaker, None; J. Spaltenstein, None;
       Sherwood, None                                         Dustin, None; S. Azen, None                        R.E. Marc, Signature Immunologics (E)
1460   D.H. McGee, Acucela (E); E.I.                   1549   T.J.T.P. Van Den Berg, Oculus C-Quant       1634   N.J. Desai, None; D.K. Eddington,
       Goldenthal, MPI (E); D. Gauvin, MPI                    (P); J.E. Coppens, None; L. Franssen,              None; J.F. Rizzo, BRIP (I); US Patent #
       (E); R. Kubota, Acucela (E)                            None                                               6324429, US Patent # 6976998, (P); S.
1461   W.F. Stringer, Sirion Therapeutics (E);         1554   D. Compertore, Bausch and Lomb (E);                Fried, None
       R. Bryant, Sirion Therapeutics (F)                     A. Kingston, Bausch and Lomb (E); I.        1646   E. Alfonso, Alcon, Inspire, Allergan,
1465   R. Wang, Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc (F);                Cox, Bausch and Lomb (E)                           Bausch & Lomb (R)
       J.B. Serle, Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc (F); C.   1555   G. Takahashi, None; K. Ohno, None; Y.
       Kopczynski, Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc (E)             Fujiike, None; M. Henmi, None; T.
                                                              Noda, None; K. Ohnuma, Topcon Co. (C)

                      CR Disclosure 1657 – 1892

                      1657   B.J. Lujan, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.        1712   J.T. Landrum, Four Leaf Japan, Ltd. (F);      1783   E. Tan, TissueTech, Inc. (E); H. He,
                             (F); P.F. Stetson, Carl Zeiss Meditec,             R.A. Bone, Four Leaf Japan, Ltd. (F);                TissueTech, Inc. (E); S.S.C. Tseng,
                             Inc. (E); J.L. Duncan, None; A.                    D.O. Babino, Four Leaf Japan, Ltd. (F);              TissueTech, Inc. (I, P)
                             Kaines, None; S. Sundquist, None; A.               F. Huffman, Four Leaf Japan, Ltd. (F); J.     1795   S.C. Tseng, Tissue Tech Inc (I, E, P);
                             Soloyevev, None; M. Sato, None; S.D.               Guralski, Four Leaf Japan, Ltd. (F); K.              Y. Zhu, Tissue Tech Inc (E); S. Chen,
                             Schwartz, None; A. Roorda, Carl Zeiss              Estrada, Four Leaf Japan, Ltd. (F)                   Tissue Tech Inc (E)
                             Meditec, Inc. (F); Univ of Houston and      1719   S. Beatty, Bausch and Lomb (C, R);            1813   M.A. Greven, patent application in
                             Univ of Rochester (P)                              Educational grant from Dr Mann                       progress (P); J.S. Choi, Ocular Systems
                      1658   T. Nouchi, TOPCON Corp. (E); S.                    Pharma (F); M. Stevenson, None; J.M.                 Inc. (E); P. Laber, patent application
                             Makita, None; M. Miura, None; K.                   Nolan, None; J. Woodside, None; U.                   in progress (P); K.A. Walter, medical
                             Kawana, None; F. Okamoto, None; T.                 Chakravarthy, Bausch and Lomb (C,                    director/consultant - Ocular Systems
                             Oshika, None; Y. Yasuno, TOPCON                    R); Educational grant from Dr Mann                   Inc. (C); patent application in progress
                             Corp. (C, P)                                       Pharma (F)                                           (P); K. Williams, patent application in
                      1660   A. Loewenstein, Notal Vision (C); J.        1723   R.L. van der Veen, None; P. Charbel                  progress (P); S. Soker, patent application
                             Ferencz, None; Y. Lang, None; I.                   Issa, Lowy Medical Research                          in progress (P)
                             Yeshurun, None; A. Pollack, None; R.               InstituteLowy Medical Research Institute      1819   Y. Zhu, Tissue Tech Inc (E); S. Chen,
                             Siegal, None; J. Karp, None; T. Lifshitz,          (F); A. Stijfs, None; F.G. Holz, Lowy                Tissue Tech Inc (E); S.C.G. Tseng, Tissue
                             None                                               Medical Research Institute (F); H.P.N.               Tech Inc (I, E, P)
                      1669   D.P. Crabb, Pfizer; Heidelberg                     Scholl, Lowy Medical Research Institute       1821   S. Chen, Tissue Tech Inc (E); Y. Zhu,
                             Engineering (F); D.F. Garway-Heath,                (F); T.T.J.M. Berendschot, None                      Tissue Tech Inc (E); S.C.G. Tseng, Tissue
                             Allergan; Carl Zeiss Meditec; Pfizer;       1725   T.T. Berendschot, None; R.L.P. van der               Tech Inc (I, E, P)
                             Heidelberg Engineering (F); Carl Zeiss             Veen, Cognis GmbH (F); M. Makridaki,          1829   E. Chaum, Alcon Research Ltd. (P, F);
                             Meditec (R); Optovue; Ziemer; Reichert             Cognis GmbH (F); D. Carden, QuantifEye               J. Yin, Alcon Research Ltd. (F); W. Huo,
                             (F); Pfizer (R)                                    (P); I.J. Murray, QuantifEye (P)                     Alcon Research Ltd. (F); J.C. Lang,
                      1673   H. Levkovitch-Verbin, None; O. Sadan,       1736   M.S. Gorbatyuk, None; T.J. Knox,                     Alcon Research Ltd. (E)
                             None; S. Vander, None; Y. Barhum,                  None; J.H. Lin, None; M.M. LaVail,            1835   A.K. Salz, None; C. Maltusch, None; E.
                             None; E. Melamed, Brainstorm (P); D.               None; W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC (P); A.S.                 Peters, None; A.C. Rieck, None; A.
                             Offen, Brainstorm (P); S. Melamed,                 Lewin, None                                          Gaebler, None; S. Johnen, None; A.
                             None                                        1740   J. Pang, None; B. Lei, None; S. Mao,                 Walz, None; P. Walter, None; G.
                      1676   P.A. Campochiaro, Alimera (F); G.                  None; D. Everhart, None; W. Deng,                    Thumann, RESORBA Wundversorgung
                             Hafiz, None; S.M. Shah, None; Q.D.                 None; L. Liu, None; Q. Li, None; B.                  GmbH + Co. KG (F)
                             Nguyen, None                                       Chang, None; R. Barlow, None; W.W.            1844   J. Yin, Alcon Research Ltd. (F); W. Huo,
                      1679   A.K. Sjolie, Astrazeneca and Takeda (R);           Hauswirth, AGTC (P)                                  Alcon Research Ltd. (F); J.C. Lang,
                             R. Klein, AstraZeneca and Takeda (R);       1750   D. Gatinel, Alcon, Bausch and Lomb,                  Alcon Research Ltd. (E); E. Chaum,
                             N. Chaturvedi, AstraZeneca and Takeda              Zeiss, Reichert (R); Zeiss, Physiol, Bausch          Alcon Research Ltd. (F, P)
Relationships Index

                             (R); M. Porta, AstraZeneca and Takeda              and Lomb (C); D. Luce, Reichert (E)           1856   S. Guha, None; J. Liu, None; W. Lu,
ARVO Commercial

                             (R); J. Fuller, AstraZeneca and Takeda      1758   D.P. DeVore, Euclid Systems                          None; A.M. Laties, UPenn (P); C.H.
                             (R); T. Orchard, AstraZeneca and                   Corporation (C, P); B. DeWoolfson,                   Mitchell, UPenn (P)
                             Takeda (R); R. Bilous, AstraZeneca and             Euclid Systems Corporation (E, P)             1866   C.L. Decatur, None; R. Teeple,
                             Takeda (R); H. Parving, AstraZeneca and     1759   A. Sinha Roy, Co-Inventor in a Pending               None; J.B. Stanton, None; A.D.
                             Takeda (R)                                         Patent Application on FEM modeling                   Marmorstein, None; D.S. Rice, Lexicon
                      1687   X. Wang, ED Laboratories Inc. (F); R.              of Corneal Biomechanics (P); W.J.                    Pharmaceuticals (E); B.S. McKay, None
                             Patil, ED Laboratories Inc. (F); C.R.              Dupps, Co-Invenor in a Pending Patent         1867   N.S. Dejneka, OPKO Health (I, E); J.M.
                             Yates, ED Laboratories Inc. (P); D.D.              Application on FEM modeling of corneal               Nigro, OPKO Health (E); O.S. Bond,
                             Miller, ED Laboratories Inc. (P); E.E.             biomechanics (P)                                     OPKO Health (I, E); N.K. Shams, OPKO
                             Geisert, ED Laboratories Inc. (P)           1765   S.S. Perry, Alcon (F); F.T. Limpoco, Alcon           Health (I, E)
                      1694   M.C. Ashwin, None; K. Zhang,                       (F); J.M. Payne, Alcon (F); N.V. Dolgova,     1869   N.B. Caberoy, University of Miami (P);
                             None; D. Rushlow, None; H. Dimaras,                Alcon (F); B.G. Keselowsky, Alcon (F);               Y. Zhou, University of Miami (P); W. Li,
                             None; B.L. Gallie, Retinoblastoma                  W.G. Sawyer, Alcon (F); H. Ketelson,                 University of Miami (P)
                             Solutions (I)                                      Alcon (E); D. Meadows, Alcon (E)              1870   W. Li, Inventor (P); N. Caberoy,
                      1706   S.P. Rothenbuehler, Novartis (R);           1771   S. Chen, None; Y. Chen, None; S.C.G.                 University of Miami (P)
                             C.K. Brinkmann, Novartis (R); S.                   Tseng, Tissue Tech Inc (I, E, P)              1883   L.I. Tjelta, None; J.H. Seland, None;
                             Wolf, Allergan (C); Novartis (F, C, R);     1773   S. Raeder, Patent application (P); T.                V.A. Forsaa, Novartis (R)
                             Pfizer (C); Takeda (C); U.E.K. Wolf-               Paaske Utheim, Patent application             1887   D.V. Do, Regeneron (F)
                             Schnurrbusch, Novartis (F)                         (P); O. Olstad, None; M. de la Paz,           1888   M. Engelbert, Genentech (C); S.A. Zweifel,
                      1707   M. Neuringer, Wyeth (F); R.A. Bone,                None; T. Lyberg, None                                None; K.B. Freund, Genentech (C)
                             Wyeth (F); B. Jeffrey, Wyeth (F); J.        1777   F. Majo, None; M. Clavien, None; A.           1890   J.S. Slakter, Alcon Laboratories (F, C,
                             Bettler, Wyeth (E); J.P. Zimmer,                   Luciola, F (F); E. Luciola, F (F); D.                R); Allergan (F); GlaxoSmithKlein (C);
                             Wyeth (E); P. Wallace, Wyeth (F); P.A.             Thalmann, None                                       MacuSight (F); NeoVista (F); Novartis
                             DeRusso, Wyeth (E)                          1778   T.P. Utheim, Ullevaal university                     Pharmaceuticals (F, C, R); Pfizer/Quark
                      1708   C.K. Brinkmann, Novartis (R); S.P.                 Hospital, Oslo, Norway and Medinnova,                (F); Potentia Pharmaceuticals (I); QLT,
                             Rothenbuehler, Novartis (R); U.E.K.                Oslo, Norway (P); S. Raeder, Ullevaal                Inc. (R); Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (F,
                             Wolf-Schnurrbusch, Novartis (F); S.                university Hospital, Oslo, Norway and                C, R); TargeGen (F)
                             Wolf, Allergan (C); Novartis (F, C, R);            Medinnova, Oslo, Norway (P); J. Eidet,        1892   J.H. Lim, None; S.S. Wickremasinghe,
                             Pfizer (C); Takeda (C)                             None; C. Stormo, None; M. de la Paz,                 Novartis (R); D.S. Chauhan, None; J.
                                                                                None; O.A. Utheim, None; B. Roald,                   Xie, None; L.D. Robman, None; A.J.
                                                                                None; T. Lyberg, None                                Richardson, None; P.N. Baird, None;
                                                                                                                                     R.H. Guymer, Novartis Australia (C)

                                                                                                                               CR Disclosure 1895 – 2118

1895   M. Timmermann, None; H. Gerding,              1922   T.G. Sheidow, Novartis (R); QLT,              2024   R.W. Lee, Research Fellowship
       Honorarium by Novartis (R)                           Novartis (C); P.L. Hooper, None; P.J.                supported by Astellas Pharma Ltd. (UK)
1901   M.H. Nelson, Novartis (R)                            Kertes, None; C.E. Schwartz,                         (F); R. Greenwood, None; R. Amer,
1903   M.S. Hughes, Eyetech (R); Novartis (R);              None; D.A.L. Maberley, None; P. Ma,                  None; S. Biester, None; J. Plskova,
       Ophthotech (R); QLT (R); D.N. Sang,                  None; B.J. Hinz, None; M. Greve,                     None; J.V. Forrester, None; A.D. Dick,
       Eyetech (R); Novartis (R); Ophthotech                None; M.T.S. Tennant, None; S.G.                     Research funding from Astellas Pharma
       (R); QLT (R)                                         Shortt, Novartis (R)                                 Ltd. (UK) (F)
1904   P.B. Henrich, Novartis AG (F); K.B.           1923   K.B. Hatz, Novartis Switzerland, Bayer        2030   G. Yoon, Bausch & Lomb (F, C)
       Hatz, Novartis AG (F); U. Schneider,                 (F); U. Schneider, Novartis Switzerland,      2031   C.B. Toris, Pfizer (F); S. Fan, Pfizer (F);
       Novartis AG (F); B. Braun, Novartis                  Bayer, Alcon (F); B. Braun, Novartis                 T.V. Johnson, Pfizer (F); G.L. Zhan,
       AG (F); S. Sacu, None; C.F. Pruente,                 Switzerland (F); P.B. Henrich, Novartis              Pfizer (F); C.B. Camras, Pfizer (F)
       Novartis AG, Alcon Inc., Carl Zeiss                  Switzerland, Bayer (F); S. Sacu, None; G.     2037   Y. Zhang, None; B. Bakall, None; A.D.
       Meditec (F)                                          Fuchsjaeger-Mayrl, None; C.F. Pruente,               Marmorstein, ALCON (F)
1905   C.C. Bailey, Novartis UK (F, R); S.                  Novartis Switzerland, Alcon, Carl Zeiss       2050   C.M. McVicar, Shire Pharmaceuticals
       Banerjee, None; K. Mandal, None; A.                  Meditec, Heidelberger (F)                            (F); L. Colhoun, None; T. Gardiner,
       Cole, None                                    1925   K.W. Small, KWS (R); R. Silva-Garcia,                None; C. Kitson, None; A.
1907   S.S. Park, Genentech (F, C); Oraya (C);              None                                                 Bhatwadekar, None; R. Medina, None;
       PFizer (I); I. Daftari, Oraya (C); T.         1927   D.N. Sang, Novartis, QLT, Eyetech,                   A. Stitt, Shire Pharmaceuticals (F)
       Phillips, None; J. Ryu, None; R.G.                   Ophthotech (R); M.S. Hughes, Novartis,        2051   J.T. Durham, None; I.M. Herman, Ira
       Flocchini, None; L.S. Morse, Genentech               QLT, Eyetech, Ophthotech (R)                         M. Herman, Tufts University (P)
       (F, C); Oraya (C)                             1939   K. Ohashi, Santen Pharmaceutical              2053   S. Caballero, None; Y.P.R. Jarajapu,
1908   D. Veritti, None; P. Lanzetta, Allergan              Co LTD (E); Y. Fujita, Santen                        None; A. Bhatwadekar, None; E.
       (R); Iridex Co (P); Neovista Inc (C);                Pharmaceutical Co LTD (E); S. Hirai,                 Guerin, None; P. Iversen, AVI-
       Novartis Pharma AG (C, R); Optimedica                Santen Pharmaceutical Co LTD (E);                    Biopharma (E); G. Gannon, BetaStem
       Co (R); QLT Inc (R); M.L. Cascavilla,                K. Shinomiya, Santen Pharmaceutical                  Therapeutics (E); A. Afzal, None; D.
       None; D. Drigo, None; F. Bandello, None              Co LTD (E); O. Katsuta, Santen                       Kent, None; S. Bartelmez, BetaStem
1910   L. Bertazzi, None; C. Eandi, None;                   Pharmaceutical Co LTD (E); K. Kawazu,                Therapeutics (E); M.B. Grant, None
       C. Veronese, Novadaq Technologies                    Santen Pharmaceutical Co LTD (E); K.          2068   V.H. Gonzalez, Eyetech (C); Genentech
       Inc. (E); G. Staurenghi, Novadaq                     Endo, Santen Pharmaceutical Co LTD (E);              (C); Ista (C)
       Technologies Inc. (F)                                M. Kageyama, Santen Pharmaceutical            2071   L.Q. Shen, None; M. Gonzalez, None; F.
1912   M. Goldbaum, Eyetech, Jerini,                        Co LTD (E); M. Nakamura, Santen                      Yu, None; A. Bhat, None; A. Marvasti,
       Ophthotech (C)                                       Pharmaceutical Co LTD (E)                            None; M. Sami, None; S.K. Law, None;
1914   D.S. Dyer, Eyetech (C, R)                     1946   A.A. Amelinckx, None; C.A. Medina-                   J. Caprioli, Alcon, Allergan, Pfizer (C);
1920   E. Chen, Genentech (F); Novartis (F);                Mendez, None; R.E. Martinez, None; Y.                Pfizer (F); A.L. Coleman, Alcon (F);
       D.M. Brown, Alcon (F, C); Allergan                   Tan, None; V.L. Perez, IOP Inc. (F)                  Science Based Health (C)

                                                                                                                                                               Relationships Index
       (F, C); CoMentis (F); Genentech (F, C);       1957   T. Caillaud, Laboratoires Théa, France (F);   2078   D.M. Marcus, Alcon (F); Alimaera

                                                                                                                                                               ARVO Commercial
       Jerini (F); Neovista (F, C); Neurotech (F);          K. Viaud, Laboratoires Théa, France (F); P.          (F); Allergan (F); DORC (F); Eli Lily
       Novartis (F, C); Othera (F); Oxigene (F);            Elena, Laboratoires Théa, France (F)                 (F); Eyetech (C, F); Genentech (F, C);
       Pfizer (F, C); Regeneron (F, C); Steba        1965   R. Albuquerque, University of Kentucky               Neovista (F); Ophtho Tech (F); OPKO
       (C); T.P. Wong, Alcon (F); Allergan                  (P); W. Cho, None; M. Kleinman,                      (F); Pfizer (F); Regeneron (F); Schlering-
       (F); CoMentis (F); Genentech (F, C);                 None; H. Kaneko, None; M.G. Rich,                    Plough (F); Thrombogenics (F)
       Jerini (F); Neovista (F); Neurotech (F);             None; K. Saito, None; J.	Baffi, None; J.      2079   W.R. Freeman, OD-OS (C); A.S.
       Novartis (F, C); Othera (F); Oxigene (F);            Ambati, Allergan, Novartis, Quark (C);               Neubauer, OD-OS (C); U. Weber, OD-
       Pfizer (F); Regeneron (F); M.S. Benz,                University of Kentucky (P)                           OS (E); B. Liesfeld, OD-OS (E)
       Alcon (F, C); Allergan (F, C); CoMentis       2005   G.L. Giraudet, ESSILOR (E); C.                2081   N. Eter, None; I. Hahn, None; F.
       (F); Genentech (F, C); Jerini (F);                   Chauviré, None                                       Levold, None; J. Groll, None; H.
       Neovista (F); Neurotech (F); Novartis (F,     2010   D.A. Valenti, Equipment received from                Keul, None; G. Huettmann, None; T.
       C); Othera (F); Oxigene (F); Pfizer (F);             Welch Allyn (F); S. Auerbach, None                   Sandrock, Ceram Optec (E); C. Stute,
       Regeneron (F); E. Kegley, None; J. Cox,       2019   S.T. Lee, Genentech (F); L.L. Lim,                   Ceram Optec (E); E. Endl, None
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       CoMentis (F); Genentech (F); Jerini (F);             (F); T.L. Liesegang, Genentech (F);                  None; Y. Pina, None; H. Boutrid,
       Neovista (F); Neurotech (F); Novartis                S. Pasadhika, Genentech (F); J.R.                    None; E. Hernandez, None; M.
       (F); Othera (F); Oxigene (F); Pfizer (F);            Smith, Genentech (F); J.T. Rosenbaum,                Ruggeri, None; S. Jiao, None; T.G.
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       (F); Novartis (F); Othera (F); Oxigene               & Lomb, Abbott, Allergan, Genentech,                 None; K. Herrmann, None; M. Saeger,
       (F); Pfizer (F); Regeneron (F)                       ESBA, Therakine (C)                                  None; J. Roider, None; R. Birngruber,
1921   B.P. Larsen, None; S.S. Mudvari,              2022   E.B. Suhler, Abbott (F); D.A. Goldstein,             None
       None; M.W. MacCumber, Allergan (F,                   Abbott (F); C.Y. Lowder, Abbott (F);          2086   A. Gwon, Advanced Medical Optics (F,
       C); Genentech (F, C); Optos (F, C); P.T.             T.R. Giles, Abbott (F); T.L. Liesegang,              I); Arlene Gwon (P); B. Gray, Advanced
       Merrill, Novartis (F)                                Abbott (F); S. Pasadhika, Abbott (F);                Medical Optics (E); L. Gruber,
                                                            S.T. Lee, Abbott (F); A.K. Lauer,                    Advanced Medical Optics (F)
                                                            Abbott (F); J.R. Smith, Abbott (F); J.T.      2118   L. Kessel, None; L. Eskildsen, None; M.
                                                            Rosenbaum, Abbott (F)                                van der Poel, None; M. Larsen, Inventor
                                                                                                                 of patent (P)

                      CR Disclosure 2156 – 2366

                      2156   W. Lui, Fluoron GmbH (F); C. Williams,      2247   M.A. Fallon, None; E. Ayala, None; A.        2265   J. Grimm, None; H. Yang, None; N.G.
                             Fluoron GmbH (F); D. Ma, Fluoron                   Antón-Lopez, Heidelberg Engineering                 Strouthidis, None; C.F. Burgoyne,
                             GmbH (F); D. Wong, Fluoron GmbH (F);               (R); Heidelberg Engineering, Zeiss,                 equipment and unrestricted research
                             A.C.Y. Lo, Fluoron GmbH (F); K.K.W.                Bloss. (C); A. Morilla, None                        funds from Heidelberg Engineering
                             Li, Fluoron GmbH (F)                        2248   G. Vizzeri, None; C. Bowd, Lace                     (F); B. Fortune, None
                      2163   P.K. Mukherjee, None; K. Meerovitch,               Elettronica (F); M. Balasubramanian,         2289   P.J. DeMarco, None; J.W. Ross,
                             Mimetogen Pharmaceuticals (E); T.                  Heidelberg Engineering (F); R.N.                    None; M.A. McCall, None; K.
                             Lama, Mimetogen Pharmaceuticals                    Weinreb, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C);                 Narfstrom, RetVetCorp, Inc. (P); R.S.
                             (E); H.U. Saragovi, McGill University              Heidelberg Engineering (F); Paradigm                Prather, None; M. Samuel, None; E.M.
                             (P); N.G. Bazan, None                              (F); Topcon (F); F.A. Medeiros, Carl                Walters, None; J. Jianguo Zhao,
                      2185   S. Elderkin, None; A. Djalilian,                   Zeiss Meditec (F, C, R); Reichart (R);              None; H.J. Kaplan, None
                             None; E. Tu, None; J. Sugar, None; S.              P.A. Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);         2302   G. LaRosa, Bikam Pharmaceuticals (E);
                             Reddy, None; A. Kadakia, None; R.                  Haag-Streit (F); Welch-Allyn (F); L.M.              N. Sharma, Bikam Pharmaceuticals (E);
                             Ramaswamy, None; O. Lopez, ? (C)                   Zangwill, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);                   R. Miller, Bikam Pharmaceuticals (E);
                      2197   E.B. Price, None; T. John, ASICO, Inc.             Heidelberg Engineering (F); Nidek (F);              S. Min, Bikam Pharmaceuticals (E); K.
                             (P); K.R. Kenyon, None                             Optovue (F)                                         Mudunuri, Bikam Pharmaceuticals (E);
                      2225   S. Srisamran, None; L.M. Alencar,           2249   N. O‘Leary, None; M.                                T. Quach, Dalton Chemical Laboratories
                             None; L.M. Zangwill, Carl Zeiss                    Balasubramanian, Heidelberg                         (E); L. Frye, Schrodinger (E); J.
                             Meditec (F); Heidelberg Engineering (F);           Engineering (F); D.F. Garway-Heath,                 Greenwood, Schrodinger (E); R. Farid,
                             Nidek (F); Optovue (F); C.A. Girkin,               Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, R); Heidelberg               Schrodinger (E); D. Garvey, Bikam
                             Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); Heidelberg                 Engineering (F); D.P. Crabb, Heidelberg             Pharmaceuticals (E)
                             Engineering (F); Optovue (F); J.M.                 Engineering (F)                              2330   J.W. Crabb, Alcon Research, LTD (F,
                             Liebmann, Carl Zeiss Meditec (R);           2250   W.J. Feuer, None; M. Durbin, Carl                   C); Allergan, Inc (C); Frantz Biomarkers,
                             Heidelberg Engineering (R); C. Bowd,               Zeiss Meditec, Inc (E)                              LTD (P); Johnson & Johnson (F); Merck
                             Lace Elettronica (F); F.A. Medeiros, Carl   2251   D.S. Grewal, None; M. Sehi, None; D.S.              & Co (F, C); J. Ni, None; X. Yuan,
                             Zeiss Meditec (F, C, R); R.N. Weinreb,             Greenfield, Carl Zeiss Meditec (C)                  None; J. Gu, None; R.H. Nagaraj, None
                             Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C); Heidelberg       2252   L.M. Alencar, None; R.N. Weinreb,            2342   S.A. Hagstrom, None; J. Gu,
                             Engineering (F); Paradigm (F); Topcon              Carl-Zeiss Meditec (F, C); Heidelberg               None; G.J.T. Pauer, None; X. Yue,
                             (F); P.A. Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);          Engineering (F); Paradigm (F); Topcon               None; U. Narendra, None; G.M.
                             Haag-Streit (F); Heidelberg Engineering            (F); G. Vizzeri, None; L.M. Zangwill,               Sturgill, None; N.S. Peachey, None;
                             (F); Welch-Allyn (F)                               Carl-Zeiss Meditec (F); Heidelberg                  R.G. Salomon, Frantz Biomarkers
                      2226   J. Bardavio, None; B. Martín, None; M.             Engineering (F); Nidek (F); Optovue                 LTD (P); J.W. Crabb, Alcon Research
                             Ayala, None; A. Morilla, None; A.                  (F); C. Bowd, Lace Elettronica (F);                 Laboratories LTD (F, C); Allergan Inc.
                             Anton, Consultant for Zeiss (C)                    P.A. Sample, Carl-Zeiss Meditec (F);                (C); Frantz Biomarkers LTD (P); Johnson
                      2227   A.P. Tanna, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); J.             Haag-Streit (F); Welch-Allyn (F); F.A.              & Johnson (F); Merck & Co. (F, C)
Relationships Index

                             Bandi, None; D.L. Budenz, Carl Zeiss               Medeiros, Alcon (F, C, R); Allergan (C,      2343   X. Gu, None; X. Yuan, None; J.S.
ARVO Commercial

                             Meditec (F); W. Feuer, None; R.M.                  R); Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C, R); Pfizer            Crabb, None; K. Shadrach, None; J.G.
                             Feldman, None; L.W. Herndon,                       (F, C, R); Reichert Inc. (R)                        Hollyfield, Genentech (F); J.W. Crabb,
                             None; D.J. Rhee, None; J. Whiteside-de      2253   G. Williams, Heidelberg Engineering                 Genentech (F)
                             Vos, None; D.R. Anderson, Carl Zeiss               (F); N.G. Strouthidis, Heidelberg            2346   P.M. Joshi, None; M. Franco, None; S.
                             Meditec (C)                                        Engineering (F); B. Fortune, None; H.               Dubovy, None; S.K. Bhattacharya,
                      2237   M.L. Goodkin, None; D.S. Grewal,                   Yang, Heidelberg Engineering (F); J.                None; W. Lee, research funding (F)
                             None; M. Sehi, None; D.S.	Greenfield,              Grimm, Heidelberg Engineering (F);           2353   U.L. Kelly, None; J. Ding, None;
                             Allergan (C); Lace Ellectronica (F)                J. Reynaud, Heidelberg Engineering                  G.S. Hageman, Ophtherion (C); V.
                      2241   K. Kishor, None; D.S. Grewal,                      (F); G. Cull, None; L. Wang, None; C.F.             Arshavsky, None; H. Jiang, None; M.
                             None; M. Sehi, None; C.D. Quinn,                   Burgoyne, Heidelberg Engineering (F)                Hauser, None; M. Frank, None; C.
                             None; D.S.	Greenfield, Carl Zeiss           2255   D.P. Castro, None; L.C. Castro,                     Bowes Rickman, None
                             Meditec (C)                                        None; C. Krishnan, None; C. Mattox,          2356   B.G. Busbee, Genentech (C, R); C.C.
                      2242   D. Xin, None; V.C. Greenstein,                     Alcon (F, R); Allergan (R); Merck (R)               Awh, Genentech (R); Genentech,
                             None; G.V. De Moraes, None; J.M.            2258   M.L. Gabriele, None; H. Ishikawa,                   Neovista (C); P.L. Sonkin, None; G.S.
                             Liebmann, None; R. Ritch, None; D.C.               Bioptigen (P); R.A. Bilonick, None;                 Gutow, None
                             Hood, Pfizer Inc. (F)                              G. Wollstein, Bioptigen (P); Carl            2358   L. Feiner, Genentech, Inc. (C, R);
                      2243   N.M. Radcliffe, None; M. Sehi, None;               Zeiss Meditec (F); Optovue (F); L.E.                Novartis (R); J. Ehrlich, Genentech, Inc.
                             I.B. Wallace, EyeIC, Narberth, PA                  Kagemann, None; J.G. Fujimoto, Carl                 (E); J. Ward, Genentech, Inc. (E); L.
                             (P); D.S.	Greenfield, None; T. Krupin,             Zeiss Meditec (P); Optovue (I); J.S.                Tuomi, Genentech, Inc. (E)
                             None; R. Ritch, None                               Schuman, Alcon (R); Allergan (R);            2362   P.J. Rosenfeld, Alcon (F); Bausch&Lomb
                      2246   B.E. Neal, None; M. Balasubramanian,               Bioptigen (P); Carl Zeiss Meditec (P, R);           (R); Carl Zeiss Meditec (R); CoMentis
                             Heidelberg Engineering (F); C. Bowd,               Heidelberg Engineering (R); Lumenis                 (F); Genentech (F); Neovista (R); Oraya
                             Lace Elettronica (F); G. Vizzeri, None;            (R); Merck (R); Optovue (R); Pfizer (R)             (R); Othera (R); Othera, (F); Potentia (F);
                             P. Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);          2260   A. Garas, None; M. Tóth, None; P.                   Quark/Pfizer (F); Sanofi-Aventis (R); H.
                             Haag-Streit (F); Welch Allyn (F); R.N.             Vargha, None; G. Holló, Carl Zeiss                  Shapiro, Genentech, Inc. (E); L. Scott,
                             Weinreb, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C);                Meditec, Inc. (F); Optovue, Inc (F)                 Genentech, Inc. (E)
                             Heidelberg Engineering (F); Paradigm        2262   F. Bertuzzi, None; S. Bochicchio, None; F.   2364   A. Weichselberger, Novartis (E); P.
                             (F); Topcon (F); L.M. Zangwill,                    Verga, None; R. Angeli, None; M. Suzani,            Mitchell, Novartis (C); K. Bartz-Schmidt,
                             Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); Heidelberg                 None; E. Rulli, None; S. Miglior, Zeiss,            Novartis (F); F. Holz, Novartis (C)
                             Engineering (F); Nidek (F); Optovue (F)            Heidelberg , Optovue (C)                     2366   B. Kirchhof, Novartis (F); U. Kellner,
                                                                                                                                    None; F.G. Holz, Novartis (C); R. O.
                                                                                                                                    Schlingemann, Novartis (C, R)

                                                                                                                             CR Disclosure 2367 – 2547

2367   R.H. Guymer, Novartis (C); R.O.            2423   F. Viola, None; C. Mapelli, None; D.          2480    D.G. Mikropoulos, Allergan, Alcon (R);
       Schlingemann, Novartis (C, R); R. Axer-           Galimberti, None; G. De Martini,                      A.G. Konstas, Alcon, Allergan, Merck,
       Siegel, None; B. Eldem, None                      None; R. Esposti, None; L. Moneghini,                 Pfizer (F, R); G. Hollo, Alcon, Allergan,
2368   M.D. Bennett, Alcon, Genentech, OSI/              None; P. Braidotti, None; M. Cresta,                  Pfizer, Santen (F, R); S. Tsironi, Alcon,
       Eyetech (C); Alcon, Genentech, Pfizer,            None; M.R. Gasco, Solid lipid                         Allergan (R); A.B. Haidich, None; T.
       OSI/Eyetech (F); P.H. Scharper,                   nanoparticles by Nanovector (P); R.                   Embeslidis, None; I. Georgiadou,
       None; R.E. Atkinson, None; J.S. Bryan,            Ratiglia, None                                        Alcon (R); M. Irkec, Allergan (R); S.
       None                                       2427   R.R. Paranthan, None; P. Bargagna-                    Melamed, Allergan (R)
2369   L.C. Castro, None; C. Baumal,                     Mohan, patent pending (P); C.                 2481    C.F. Bosworth, Pfizer Inc. (E); M.
       None; R. Chen, None; J.S. Duker, Carl             Srinivasan, None; D.L. Lau, None; R.                  Zhang, Pfizer Inc. (E); R. Courtney,
       Zeiss Meditec (F); Genentech, Inc. (C);           Mohan, Patent Pending (P)                             Pfizer Inc. (E); S. Raber, Pfizer Inc. (E);
       E. Reichel, Genentech, Inc. (C); A.H.      2438   D.A. Mackey, Pfizer Australia Research                D. Eveleth, Pfizer Inc. (E); M. Beekman,
       Rogers, Genentech, Inc. (C)                       Fellowship (F); L.S. Kearns, None; C.                 NicOx SA (E)
2372   N. Lemanski, None; J. Schartman,                  Wilson, None; G. Silvestri, None; A.W.        2486    L. Rossetti, Allergan (R); P. Fogagnolo,
       None; N. Falk, Genentech (F); C.                  Hewitt, None; J.B. Ruddle, None; N.G.                 Allergan (R); M. Sacchi, None; C.
       Hartman, None; P. Beer, Genentech (F)             Martin, None; J.E. Craig, None; C.J.                  Karabatsas, None; F. Topouzis, None;
2374   M.B. Eldem, None; K. Bartz-Schmidt,               Hammond, None                                         M. Vetrugno, Allergan, Pfizer (R); M.
       Novartis (F); R. O. Schlingemann,          2450   A.L. Hennessy, None; A.L. Robin,                      Centofanti, Allergan, Pfizer (R); A.
       Novartis (C, R); R. Guymer, Novartis              Alcon Laboratories (I, C, R); Anterior                Boehm, None; C. Vorwerk, None; D.
       (C); R. Axer-Siegel, Novartis (C, R)              Juxtaslceral Delivery (P); Cascade (C,                Goldblum, None
2376   D. Mathapati, Novartis & Pfizer                   R); Glaucos (C); Glaukos (R); Inspire         2489    D. Jinapriya, Pfizer (F); T. Alasbali,
       (F, R); M. Chandran, None; A.                     Pharmaceuticals (I); Ista (C, R); Merck               None; A. Anraku, None; G.E. Trope,
       Venkataramaiah, None; G. Ansari,                  (I, C, R); Pfizer (C, R); J. Katz, None; D.           Pfizer (F); Y.M. Buys, Alcon (C);
       None; J. Jarzabek, None; L. North,                Covert, Alcon Research, Ltd (E)                       Allergan (C); Pfizer (F, C)
       None; B. Mathapati, None; N. Sangha,       2453   K. Kashiwagi, Jpn. Pat. #3878164              2496    K.D. Frick, Allergan (C); R. Massof,
       None; G. Menon, None                              (P); Z. Pan, None; T. Furuya, None; T.                None; L. Grover, None
2379   N.J. London, None; A.E. Fung,                     Tsumura, None; F. Mabuchi, None; S.           2500    I.E. Zimmer-Galler, Advanced
       Genentech (F); P.U. Dugel, Genentech              Tsukahara, None                                       Diagnostics, LLC (F); EyeTel Imaging,
       (F); S.J. Bakri, Genentech (F); R.E.       2455   A. Anton-Lopez, Alcon (R); F. Duch,                   Inc. (C); J. Handa, None; M. Wieland,
       Shaw, None; J.L. Miner, None; D.Y.                Alcon (R); Staar (R); M. Callizo,                     None; V. Yano, None; K. Quinn, Advanced
       Kunimoto, None                                    None; A. Punti, None; J. Bardavio,                    Diagnostics, LLC (C); R. Zeimer,
2382   R.O. Schlingemann, Novartis (C, R); U.            Alcon (R)                                             Advanced Diagnostics, LLC (F, P)
       Schmidt-Erfurth, Novartis (C, R); B.       2458   T. Chan, Alcon Canada, Inc. (F);              2513	   J.G.	Hollyfield,	Alcon, Allergan, and
       Eldem, None; R. Guymer, Novartis (C)              Allergan Canada, Inc. (F); C.M.L.                     Lux BioSciences, C; Alcon, Allergan,
2383   R.W. Chen, None; J.S. Duker, Alcon                Hutnik, None                                          and Lux BioSciences, P; Alcon, Allergan,

                                                                                                                                                             Relationships Index
       (F); Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. (F);         2469   M.E. Gordon, None; C. Sarli,                          and Lux BioSciences, R.

                                                                                                                                                             ARVO Commercial
       Genentech, Inc. (F); Optovue, Inc. (F);           None; E.K. Dubinsky, None; E. Long,           2514    A. Bird, None
       Paloma (F); Topcon (F); E. Reichel,               None; C. LaRue, None; M.A. Kass,              2526    R. Beaubien, None; M. Catrinescu,
       Genentech, Inc. (F); C. Baumal, None;             Allergan (F); Pfizer (R, F, C)                        None; A. Kanamori, None; L.A. Levin,
       A.H. Rogers, Genentech, Inc. (F)           2471   A. Shwe Tin, Procyon Instruments Ltd                  Assigned to Wisconsin Alumni Research
2391   J. Combette, ribOvax Biotechnologies              (F); D. Taylor, Procyon Instrument Ltd                Foundation (P)
       S.A (E); M. Berdugo, ribOvax                      (I, E); G.T. Smith, None; I.E. Murdoch,       2536    F.J. Giblin, Vistakon, Division of
       Biotechnologies (F); P.P. Sanna, None;            None                                                  Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.
       C. Abadie, ribOvax Biotechnologies (E);    2476   L.E. Pillunat, Merck, Allergan, Santen,               (F); L.R. Lin, None; V.R. Leverenz,
       Z. Chen, Calmune Corporation (E); R.A.            Pfizer (C); M. Haustein, None; K.                     None; L. Dang, None
       Williamson, Calmune Corporation (E);              Hornykewycz, None; A.G. Böhm,                 2537    U.P. Andley, Vistakon®, Division of
       J.M. Jeanny, ribOvax Biotechnologies              Allergan, Pfizer, Merck (C); E. Spörl,                Johnson and Johnson Vision Care, Inc. (F)
       (F); C. Stella-Deutsch, ribOvax                   None                                          2544    K.M. Haworth, None; J.J. Nichols,
       Biotechnologies (F); R. Gurny, ribOvax     2477   A.G. Konstas, Alcon (F); Alcon,                       None; M. Thangavelu, None; L. Sinnott,
       Biotechnologies (F); F. Behar-Cohen,              Allergan, Merck, Pfizer (R); S. Tsironi,              None; H.L. Chandler, None; K.K.
       ribOvax Biotechnologies (F)                       Alcon, Allergan (R); I. Georgiadou,                   Nichols, Inspire, Alcon and Allergan (C)
2399   M.C. Callegan, Allergan Inc. (C); B.J.            Alcon (R); M.B. Nasr, None; D.                2546    F.H. Grus, Alcon Laboratories, Ft.
       Wiskur, None; D.C. Woods, None; N.R.              Mikropoulos, Alcon, Allergan (R); A.T.                Worth, TX, USA (F); N. Boehm,
       Wheatley, None                                    Dimopoulos, Pfizer (R); V. Toumanidou,                None; S. Berneiser, None; J.
2411   R. Iezzi, Wayne State University (P); I.          None; A.B. Haidich, None; B. Sleath,                  Lamparter, None; M. Wiegand,
       Glybina, None; B. Raja Guru, None; A.             None; A.L. Robin, Alcon (R)                           None; N. Wiegel, None; N. Pfeiffer,
       Kennedy, None; R. Kannan, Wayne            2478   L.M. Baiza-Duran, Laboratorios Sophia                 None
       State University (P)                              S.A de C.V. (E); R. Varma, Allergan,          2547    R. Sack, suny research foundation (P); S.
2421   C. Durairaj, Visionary Therapeutics               Alcon, Pfizer, Laboratorios Sophia (C)                Sathe, suny research foundation (P); A.
       Corporation, Richmond, VA (F); P. Tyagi,   2479   D. Nickens, Pfizer (E); J. Mandema,                   Beaton, None; D. Dartt, None; K.
       Visionary Therapeutics Corporation,               Quantitative Solutions (E); R. Courtney,              Bower, None; C. Coe, None; D. Sediq,
       Richmond, VA (F); J. Chandler,                    Pfizer (E); S. Raber, Pfizer (E); C.                  None; J. Edwards, None; L. Peppers,
       Visionary Therapeutics Corporation,               Bosworth, Pfizer (E)                                  None; P. Iserovich, None
       Richmond, VA (F); U. Kompella,
       Visionary Therapeutics Corporation,
       Richmond, VA (F)

                      CR Disclosure 2548 – 2780

                      2548   M. Calonge, Allergan Inc, CA (C); E.        2621   K. Rosen, None; S. Samudre, None; F.            2675   W. Haas, Bausch & Lomb (E); L.S.
                             Castellanos, None; I. Fernández,                   Lattanzio, None; P. Williams, None; J.                 Brunner, Bausch & Lomb (E); C. Pillar,
                             None; C. García-Vázquez, None;                     Sheppard, Alcon (C, R); Allergan (C, R);               Eurofins Medinet, Inc. (E); T.W. Morris,
                             M.E. Stern, Allergan Inc, CA (E); J.M.             Bausch & Lomb (C, R); In Site (C, R);                  Bausch & Lomb (E)
                             Herreras, None; A. Enriquez-De-                    Inspire (C, R); Isis (C, R); Ista (C, R); Lux   2676   G.N. Foulks, Inspire Pharmaceuticals,
                             Salamanca, None                                    (C, R); Santen (C, R); Vistakon (C, R)                 Inc (F, I, R); Inspire Pharmaceuticals,
                      2571   C.K. Leung, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);         2629   A.K. Chappa, Bausch & Lomb Inc (E);                    Inc; Collagenex, Inc (C); D. Borchman,
                             Pfizer (C); C.Y. Cheung, None; S. Liu,             J.W. Proksch, Bausch & Lomb Inc (E)                    Inspire Pharmaceuticals, inc (F); M.
                             None; D.S. Lam, None                        2659   J.L. Boyer, Inspire Pharmaceuticals Inc.               Yappert, None
                      2572   H. Zhu, None; D.P. Crabb, None; D.                 (E); W. Bodnar, Inspire Pharmaceuticals         2678   E.G. Romanowski, Inspire
                             Anderson, Carl Zeiss Meditec (C); Pfizer           Inc. (E); C.S. Crean, Inspire                          Pharmaceuticals (C, F); R.P. Kowalski,
                             (F); M.J. Fredette, None; D.F. Garway-             Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E); L.M. Guogas,                 Inspire Pharmaceuticals (C, F); F.S. Mah,
                             Heath, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C, R);               Inspire Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E)                       Inspire Pharmaceuticals (F, C); K.A.
                             Optovue (F); Pfizer (F, R)                  2660   E.C. Si, InSite Vision, Inc. (E); P.S.                 Yates, Inspire Pharmaceuticals (F); Y.J.
                      2573   M. Balasubramanian, Heidelberg                     Cheung, InSite Vision, Inc. (E); L.M.                  Gordon, Inspire Pharmaceuticals (C, F);
                             Engineering (F); C. Bowd, Lace                     Bowman, InSite Vision, Inc. (E); K.                    R.M.Q. Shanks, Inspire Pharmaceuticals
                             Elettronica (F); P.A. Sample, Carl Zeiss           Hosseini, InSite Vision, Inc. (E)                      (F, C)
                             Meditec (F); Haag-Streit (F); Welch-        2661   D. Touhey, Ora (E); A. Shapiro, Ora             2681   L. Van Steensel, None; D. Paridaens,
                             Allyn (F); R.N. Weinreb, Carl Zeiss                (E); G. Torkildsen, Ora (C); R. Haque,                 None; G.M. Dingjan, None; P.L.A.
                             Meditec (F, C); Heidelberg Engineering             Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc (E); R.C.                 van Daele, None; P.M. van Hagen,
                             (F); Paradigm (F); Topcon (F); L.M.                Zink, Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc (E);                Novartis Consultant (C); W.A. van den
                             Alencar, None; G. Vizzeri, None;                   R.P. Kowalski, Inspire Pharmaceuticals,                Bosch, None; H.A. Drexhage, None; H.
                             L.M. Zangwill, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);             Inc (F, C, R); F.S. Mah, Inspire                       Hooijkaas, None; W.A. Dik, None
                             Heidelberg Engineering (F); Nidek (F);             Pharmaceuticals, Inc (F, C, R); S.C.            2688   M. Zierhut, None; D. Doycheva,
                             Optovue (F)                                        Pflugfelder, Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc              None; E. Altpeter, None; S. Biester,
                      2575   C.C. Teng, None; C.G.V. De Moraes,                 (F, C, R)                                              None; N. Stuebiger, None; C. Deuter,
                             None; T.S. Prata, None; C. Tello,           2663   J.L. Jacot, Inspire Pharmaceuticals                    Research Funding from Abbott (F)
                             None; R. Ritch, None; J.M. Liebmann,               (F); T.A. Jacot, None; S. Hahto, None; J.       2692   D. Callanan, Alcon, Allergan, Bausch &
                             Heidelberg Engineering (R)                         Helis, None; C.J. Sheppard, None;                      Lomb (C, R); T. Landry, Alcon (E); J.
                      2576   U.M. Schmidt-Erfurth, Bayer Schering               J.D. Sheppard, Insite Pharmaceuticals                  Dickerson, Alcon (E); M. Bergamini,
                             (C); Genentech (C); Heidelberg                     (F); Inspire Pharmaceuticals (F); F.A.                 Alcon (E)
                             Engeneering (C); Novartis (C)                      Lattanzio, Inspire Pharmaceuticals (F);         2697   R.J. DaVanzo, Sirion Therapeutics (C)
                      2577   Q.D. Nguyen, Genentech, Inc. (F); Pfizer,          P.B. Williams, Inspire Pharmaceuticals (F)      2699   R. Kacmaz, None; J.H. Kempen,
                             Inc. (F); Regeneron, Inc. (F)               2666   R.P. Kowalski, InSite Vision (F, C);                   None; C. Newcomb, None; R.B.
                      2578   P. Lanzetta, Allergan, Novartis Pharma             E.G. Romanowski, InSite Vision (F, C);                 Nussenblatt, None; J.T. Rosenbaum,
Relationships Index

                             AG, QLT Inc, Optimedica Co (R); Iridex             F.S. Mah, InSite Vision (F, C); R.M.Q.                 received ≤ $10,000 for consulting fees or
ARVO Commercial

                             Co (P); Neovista Inc, Novartis Pharma              Shanks, InSite Vision (F, C); E.C. Si,                 paid advisory boards for both Novartis and
                             AG (C)                                             InSite Vision (E); L.M. Bowman, InSite                 Abbott Laboratories, and having a research
                      2579   B.D. Kuppermann, Alcon (C); Alimera                Vision (E); K. Hosseini, InSite Vision                 grant pending from Abbott Laboratories
                             (C); Allergan (C); Bausch and Lomb (C);            (E); Y.J. Gordon, InSite Vision (F, C)                 (C); E.B. Suhler, received a research
                             Fovea (C); Genentech (C); Glaukos (C);      2667   T.L. Comstock, Bausch & Lomb (E);                      grant from Abbott Laboratories (F); J.E.
                             Novagali (C); Regeneron (C)                        M.R. Paterno, Bausch & Lomb (E);                       Thorne, None; D.A. Jabs, received
                      2580   J.S. Heier, Alcon (F, C); Allergan (F,             J.A. Lynch, Bausch & Lomb (E); D.W.                    ≤ $10,000 for consulting fees or paid
                             C); Genentech (F, C, R); Genzyme                   Usner, Bausch & Lomb (E)                               advisory boards for Novartis. (C); G.A.
                             (C); iScience (F, C); ISTA (F, C);          2669   M.E. Marquart, Bausch & Lomb (F);                      Levy-Clarke, None; C. Foster, None
                             Jerini Ophthalmic (F, C, R); LPath                 M.E. Sanders, Bausch & Lomb (F);                2700   A. Heiligenhaus, Novartis Germany
                             (C); Neovista (F, C, R); Novartis (C);             E.W. Norcross, Bausch & Lomb (F);                      (F); B. Zurek-Imhoff, None; H. Maren,
                             Optherion (C); Oraya (C); Oxigene (C);             Q.C. Moore, Bausch & Lomb (F); A.                      None; M. Roesel, None; C. Heinz, None
                             Paloma (C); Pfizer (F, C); Regeneron (F,           Shafiee, Bausch & Lomb (E)                      2701   A.C. Plumer, Ora (E); A. Rosenthal,
                             C, R); Resolvyx (C); Scyfix (C); Steba      2670   W.C. Stewart, CS Crean (E); DG Hwang                   Ora (E); A. Gulati, Ora (E); P.J. Gomes,
                             (C); VisionCare (F, C)                             (C, R); R Haque (E); RC Zink (E); C.S.                 Ora (E); D.L. Welch, Ora (E); M.B.
                      2582   J. Ambati, Allergan (C, R); Genentech              Crean, CS Crean (E); R.C. Zink, RC                     Abelson, Ora (E)
                             (C); Novartis (C); Pfizer (C); QLT (C);            Zink (E); R. Haque, R Haque (E); D.G.           2743   M. Crochet, None; X. Zanlonghi, None;
                             Quark (C); University of Kentucky (P)              Hwang, DG Hwang (C, R)                                 J. Charlier, metrovision (E)
                      2587   D.R. Lazzaro, None; Y. Li, None; G.A.       2672   J.L. Vittitow, Inspire Pharmaceuticals          2748   N. Shibata, NIDEK CO., LTD. (E);
                             Pinzón-Duarte, None; A. Lee,                       (E); A.J. Parham, Inspire                              T. Nanjo, NIDEK CO., LTD. (E); Y.
                             None; R. Pointdujour, None; P.                     Pharmaceuticals (E); W.M. Bodnar,                      Kazato, None; G. Hanazono, None; W.
                             Chamnongvongse, None; R.T. Libby,                  Inspire Pharmaceuticals (E); C.S. Crean,               Suzuki, None; M. Tanifuji, None; K.
                             None; W.J. Brunken, Patent Awarded (P)             Inspire Pharmaceuticals (E)                            Tsunoda, None
                      2606   J. Li, None; L. Liang, None; S. Safran,     2673   J.W. Proksch, Bausch&Lomb (E); A.               2760   J.C. Morrison, Alcon (F); Y. Guo,
                             None; Y. Gao, None; H. Sheha, None;                Chappa, Bausch&Lomb (E); W. Haas,                      None; J.A. Dyck, None; W.O. Cepurna,
                             S. Tseng, TissueTech Inc.,Miami,                   Bausch&Lomb (E); T.W. Morris,                          None; T. Doser, None; E.C. Johnson,
                             Florida (I, E, P)                                  Bausch&Lomb (E)                                        None
                      2612   M.B. Pantcheva, None; D. Chang,             2674   M.R. Paterno, Bausch & Lomb (E);                2780   X. Wang, None; M.L. Archibald, None;
                             None; E.C. Wu, None; P.V. Morgan,                  T.L. Comstock, Bausch & Lomb (E);                      B.C. Chauhan, Alcon (F)
                             None; R.J. Noecker, Allergan (C)                   J.A. Lynch, Bausch & Lomb (E); D.W.
                                                                                Usner, Bausch & Lomb (E)

                                                                                                                          CR Disclosure 2782 – 2049

2782   H. Kyung, None; K. Park, None; Y.           2886   E.E. Birch, Stereo Optical Corporation      3014   W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC (P); H. Petrs
       Kim, None; J. Jeoung, None; M.                     (F); J. Wang, Stereo Optical Corporation           Silva, None; A. Verma, None; A.
       Seo, None; H. Park, None; M. Park,                 (F); S.R. Hatt, Stereo Optical                     Dinculescu, None; J. Pang, None; Q. Li,
       Mazence incorporation (P); S. Kim, None            Corporation (F); A.R. O‘Connor, Stereo             None
2785   P.J. Mackenzie, None; H. Pham, None;               Optical Corporation (F); J.R. Drover,       3020   A. Dinculescu, None; H. Petrs-Silva,
       N.G. Stouthidis, Heidelberg (F); S.L.              Stereo Optical Corporation (F); J.M.               None; Q. Li, None; J. Pang, None; V.
       Mansberger, Heidelberg (C, R); S.K.                Holmes, Stereo Optical Corporation (F)             Chiodo, None; L. Zhong, UF Office of
       Gardiner, None; C.F. Burgoyne,              2901   J.W. Shaw, None; A. El-Bash, None; M.              Technology (P); S. Zolotukhin, UF Office
       Heidelberg (F)                                     Gaffar, None; R.A. Prince, None; A.                of Technology (P); A. Srivastava, UF
2796   A.L. Sheppard, Bausch and Lomb                     Schrier, None; E.F. Smith, Alcon Inc. (F)          Office of Technology (P); A.S. Lewin,
       (F); L.N. Davies, None                      2907   B.A. Aird, ISTA Pharmaceuticals                    None; W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC (P)
2800   L. He, None; S.B. Stevenson, None; A.              (E); J.D. Dahlstrom, None; G.A.             3024   S. Philippe, CNRS (P); Y. Arsenijevic,
       Glasser, None; W.J. Donnelly, Breault              Baklayan, ISTA Pharmaceuticals (E);                None; C. Kostic, None; C. Serguera,
       Research Organization, Inc. (E)                    J.A. Gow, ISTA Pharmaceuticals (E)                 CNRS (P); J. Mallet, CNRS (P); C.
2801   J.F. Bille, 20/10 Perfect Vision AG (C);    2928   G. Gnanaguru, None; G.A. Pinzón-                   Sarkis, CNRS (P)
       H. Zhang, 20/10 Perfect Vision AG (E)              Duarte, None; G. Bachay, None; W.J.         3026   S. Hamirally, Oxford Biomedica
2802   W. Riha, Acufocus Inc. (F); A.K. Dexl,             Brunken, None (P)                                  (UK) Ltd (E); A. Fernandes, Oxford
       Acufocus Inc. (F); O. Seyeddain,            2943   E. Cheung, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals               BioMedica (UK) Ltd (F); P. Wong,
       Acufocus Inc. (F); G. Nix, Acufocus Inc.           (E); K. Myers, Regeneron                           Oxford BioMedica (UK) Ltd (F); J. Yan,
       (F); G. Grabner, Acufocus Inc. (F)                 Pharmaceuticals (E); G.D. Yancopoulos,             Oxford BioMedica (UK) Ltd (F); W.
2804   W. Trattler, Advanced Medical Optics               Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (E); I.B.                Gao, Oxford BioMedica (UK) Ltd (F);
       (F, R); Lenstec (F); D. Neal, Advanced             Lobov, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals                   T. Aaberg, Oxford BioMedica (UK) Ltd
       Medical Optics (F); D. Neal, AMO                   (E); S.J. Wiegand, Regeneron                       (F); C. Bergstrom, Oxford BioMedica
       Wavefront Sciences (F)                             Pharmaceuticals (E)                                (UK) Ltd (F); H. Grossniklaus, Oxford
2806   D.M. Win-Hall, None; A. Glasser,            2961   Y. Qazi, None; L. Luo, None; S. Singh,             BioMedica (UK) Ltd (F); K. Binley,
       Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG (F)                   None; N. Singh, Medical College of                 Oxford Biomedica (UK) Ltd (E)
2843   M.A. Latina, None; T.A. Shazly, None;              Georgia (P); University of Nebraska         3027   P. Widdowson, Oxford BioMedica
       R. Iospa, Bicom, Inc. (E); E.E. Chynn,             (P); U. Kompella, Medical College of               (UK) plc (E); S. Hamirally, Oxford
       None                                               Georgia (P); University of Nebraska                BioMedica (UK) plc (E); K. Binley,
2846   A.S. wang, None; G. Vizzeri, None; S.              (P); B.K. Ambati, Medical College of               Oxford BioMedica (UK) plc (E); M.
       Deokule, None; A. Tafreshi, None; L.M.             Georgia (P); University of Nebraska (P)            Nork, Covance Laboratories Inc (F); P.
       Alencar, None; R.N. Weinreb, Carl           2962   H. Salehi-had, None; T. Hisatomi,                  Miller, Covance Laboratories Inc (F); V.
       Zeiss Meditec (F, C); Heidelberg                   None; J.W. Miller, None; S. Guccione,              Bantseev, Covance Laboratories Inc. (E);
       Engineering (F); Paradigm (F); Topcon              Stanford University (P)                            B. Christian, Covance Laboratories Inc.
       (F); F.A. Medeiros, Carl Zeiss Meditec      2965   Y. Zhou, None; W.C. Gordon,                        (E); S. Iqball, Oxford BioMedica (UK)

                                                                                                                                                         Relationships Index
       (F, C, R); Reichert Inc. (R)                       None; J.R. Elison, None; P. Gjorstrup,             plc (E); S. Naylor, Oxford BioMedica

                                                                                                                                                         ARVO Commercial
2856   L. Zhong, Toxikon Corporation (E); C.              Commercial (I); D.R. Bergsma, None;                (UK) plc (E)
       Kos, Toxikon Corporation (E); L. Desai,            N.G. Bazan, Financial (C)                   3029   Y. Ikeda, None; T. Tabata, DNAVEC
       Toxikon Corporation (E)                     2966   D. Huang, None; Y. Li, None; L. Luo,               Corporation (E); K. Mitomo, DNAVEC
2858   R.E. Frenkel, Inventor/developer                   None; C. Liang, Xcovery Inc (E); R.                Corporation (E); M. Miyazaki, None; R.
       designated on a patent (P); M. Jaeger,             Wen, None                                          Kohno, None; Y. Murakami, None; Y.
       Inventor/developer designated on a patent   2967   K.G. Sheets, None; Y. Zhou, None; J.R.             Yonemitsu, None; M. Inoue, DNAVEC
       (P); R. Kline-Schroeder, Inventor/                 Elison, None; P. Gjorstrup, Commercial             Corporation (E); M. Hasegawa,
       developer designated on a patent (P);              (I); W.C. Gordon, None; D.R. Bergsma,              DNAVEC Corporation (E); T. Ishibashi,
       M.A. Latina, Inventor/developer                    None; N.G. Bazan, Financial (C)                    None
       designated on a patent (P); J.M. Parel,     2974   P.B. Williams, OcuCure (F, C); F.A.         3031   V.L. Perez, Alcon (F); Biolux (F);
       Inventor/developer designated on a patent          Lattanzio, OcuCure (F, C); S.S.                    Cleveland Clinic Foundation (P); Y.
       (P); M.P.C. Frenkel, None                          Samudre, None; A. Hosseini, None;                  Tan, None; M. West, None; E.J. Ewald,
2864   E.Y. Chow, SOLX , Inc. (F); A.                     C.M. Greven, OcuCure (C); J.L. Jacot,              None; J.J. Echegaray, None; P.P.
       Chlebowski, SOLX , Inc. (F); S.                    OcuCure (F)                                        Truong, None; D. Huang, None; R.
       Raghunathan, SOLX , Inc. (F); B.N.          2976   R.P. Singh, Oraya Therapeutics (C); E.             Wen, None
       Fogle, SOLX , Inc. (F); G. Simon,                  Shusterman, Oraya Therapeutics (E); D.      3042   T.H. Cronin, None; R.W. Hertle,
       SOLX, Inc. (C); J.M. Clevenger, SOLX,              Moshfeghi, Oraya Therapeutics (C); T.A.            None; H. Ishikawa, Bioptigen (P); J.S.
       Inc. (E); B. Ziaie, SOLX , Inc. (F); P.P.          Gardiner, Oraya Therapeutics (F); M.               Schuman, Alcon (R); Allergan (R);
       Irazoqui, SOLX , Inc. (F)                          Gertner, Oraya Therapeutics (E)                    Bioptigen (P); Carl Zeiss Meditec (P, R);
2871   J.C. Lin, Bausch & Lomb (F); P. Chen,       2979   J. Cao, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals,                 Heidelberg Engineering (R); Lumenis
       Bausch & Lomb (F); California Institute            Inc. (E); Y. Liu, Regeneron                        (R); Merck (R); Optovue (R); Pfizer (R)
       of Technology (P); S. Saati, Bausch &              Pharmaceuticals Inc (E); W. Xiao,           3047   F.A. Vera-Diaz, Johnson & Johnson
       Lomb (F); R. Varma, Bausch & Lomb                  Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc (E);                 Vision Care Inc (F); E. Peli, Johnson &
       (F); D. Rodger, Bausch & Lomb (F);                 R. Wen, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals                  Johnson Vision Care Inc (F)
       California Institute of Technology (P);            Inc (F); G.D. Yancopoulos, Regeneron        3048   R. Sabesan, None; G. Yoon, Bausch and
       M. Humayun, Bausch & Lomb (F);                     Pharmaceuticals Inc (E); S.J. Wiegand,             Lomb (F, C)
       California Institute of Technology (P);            Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc (E)           3049   K.M. Rocha, None; L. Vabre, . (F); N.
       Y. Tai, Bausch & Lomb (F); California       3011   J. Liu, None; A. Horsager, Eos                     Chateau, . (P); R.R. Krueger, None
       Institute of Technology (P)                        Neuroscience, Inc. (P); M. Ding,
                                                          None; S. Mani, None; V.A. Chiodo,
                                                          None; E.S. Boyden, Eos Neuroscience,
                                                          Inc. (P); W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC Inc (P)

                      CR Disclosure 3051 – 3269

                      3051   C.F. Carle, Seeing Machines (F); T.L.         3141   K. Wong, None; K.D. Cocker, None; J.        3231   N.G. Bazan, Resolvyx Pharmaceuticals,
                             Maddess, Seeing Machines (F, I, C, P,                Ng, City University, London (P); A.L.              Inc. (C); M.K. Ertel, None; E.J.
                             R); M. Kolic, Seeing Machines (F, E,                 Ells, Clarity Medical System (C); A.R.             Knott, None; J.R. Elison, None; Y.
                             R); R.W. Essex, None; A.C. James,                    Fielder, City University, London (P);              Zhou, None; D.R. Bergsma, None; P.
                             Seeing Machines (F, I, C, P)                         C.M. Wilson, City University, London (P)           Gjorstrup, Resolvyx Pharmaceuticals,
                      3064   A.S. DeSantis, None; R.A. Hahn,               3142   R.A. Silva, None; Y. Murakami,                     Inc. (I); W.C. Gordon, None
                             None; J. Beloni, None; D.R. Gerecke,                 None; A. Jain, None; D.M. Moshfeghi,        3241   J.E. Boneta, None; J. Sherman, Lecturer
                             None; K.K.H. Svoboda, None; M.K.                     Clarity Medical Systems (C)                        for Zeiss and Topcon (R); S. Nath,
                             Gordon, None; G. Schultz,                     3144   M.F. Chiang, MFC is an unpaid member               None; T. Eleff, None; A. Chandra,
                             quickMed Technologies and Excaliard                  of the Scientific Advisory Board for               None; V. Wong, None
                             Pharmaceuticals (C)                                  Clarity Medical Systems (Pleasanton,        3243   J. Sherman, Lecturer for Zeiss
                      3081   N.G. Congdon, Pfizer (R); R.                         CA). (C); P.J. Thyparampil, None; D.               and Topcon (R); S. Nath, None; R.
                             Krishnadas, None; D. Friedman,                       Madigan, None                                      Madonna, Lecturer for Zeiss (R); J.
                             Pfizer, Alcon (R); R. Ramakrishnan,           3146   R.V. Chan, None; G.M. Richter,                     Boneta, None; Y. Bababekova, None
                             None; M.A. Kader, None; J. Tielsch,                  None; G. Sun, None; T.C. Lee,               3244   H.W. Van Dijk, None; P.H.B. Kok,
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                             None; H. Quigley, Alcon, Pfizer (C)                  None; M.F. Chiang, Unpaid Member of                Sonka, Patent (P); R.O. Schlingemann,
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Relationships Index

                             Inc. (E); L. Scott, Genentech, Inc. (E)              None; A.A. Polinkovsky, None; A.D.                 None; A. Giani, None; G. Staurenghi,
ARVO Commercial

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                      3103   Q.C. Moore, Bausch & Lomb (F);                       None; L.A. Levin, Wisconsin Alumni                 OCT Primer: Retina, R (R); L. Smithen,
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                             Nidek (C); G.E. Quinn, None                                                                             Galler, EyeTel Imaging, Inc. (C); R.
                                                                                                                                     Zeimer, EyeTel Imaging, Inc. (F, C, P)

                                                                                                                             CR Disclosure 3271 – 3463

3271   A. Giani, None; M. Cigada, None; C.           3306   S. Westhouse, None; T. Stone,                3349   Y. Yasuno, Tomey Corp. (C, P); K.
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3272   P.M. Garcia, OPKO/OTI (C); T.                        Isernhagen, None; W. Wood, None                     Miura, None; S. Fukuda, None; T.
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3274   E.S. Barriga, University of New Mexico               Sternheim, P (P)                                    None; K. Bang, None; S.H. Ong, None;
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       University of New Mexico (F); V.M.                   Nabholz, None; E. Bousquet, None; A.         3352   A. Narayanaswamy, None; L.M.
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       (F); H.T. Davis, VisionQuest Biomedical,             speaking honoraria (R); T. Stone,                   Baskaran, None; D.S. Friedman, Carl
       LLC (I); M.D. Abramoff, None; P. Soliz,              Consultant (C); S. Westhouse, None; D.              Ziess Meditec (F); P.J. Foster, None; T.
       VisionQuest Biomedical, LLC (I)                      Sommerville, None; R. Isernhagen,                   Aung, Carl-Ziess Meditec (F, R)
3279   W. Geitzenauer, None; E. Goetzinger,                 None; W. Wood, None                          3353   L.M. Sakata, None; R. Lavanya,
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       Erfurth, Bayer-Schering (F); Genentech               (C, R)                                              Medited (F, R)
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3281   S.J. Bass, None; J. Sherman, Topcon,          3321   M. Wang, None; D.C. Hood, Topcon                    D.S. Friedman, Carl-Zeiss Meditec
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3282   J. Gregush, None; F. Wang, Carl Zeiss                None; G.V. De Moraes, None; X. Zhang,               Zeiss Meditec (F, R)
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3283   Y. Ouyang, None; P. Keane, None; S.           3328   H. Ishikawa, Bioptigen (P); R.A.                    Meditec, Inc. (C, R); T.A. Tun, None; C.
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       Engineering (C, R); A. Walsh, Topcon (P);            (P); Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); Optovue         3385   B. Esmaeli, None; M.D. Williams,

                                                                                                                                                             Relationships Index
       Topcon, Heidelberg Engineering (C, R)                (F); J. Xu, None; L. Kagemann, None;                None; A. Soheili, None; D.S. Gombos,

                                                                                                                                                             ARVO Commercial
3291   M.L. Gomez, None; F. Mojana, None;                   J.S. Schuman, Alcon (R); Allergan (R);              None; R. Simantov, Curagen
       D.U. Bartsch, Heidelberg Engineering                 Bioptigen (P); Carl Zeiss Meditec (R, P);           Corporation (E)
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       (I, P)                                               Harasymowycz, None                                  Tufts Medical Center (P)
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       None; G. Soubrane, None                              Aung, None                                          Pittsburgh (P); Y.P. Conley, University of
3303   G. Muyo, None; I. Alabboud, None; A.          3347   W. Khor, None; R. Lavanya,                          Pittsburgh (P); R.E. Ferrell, University
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       None; A.I. McNaught, None; A.R.                      Zeiss Meditec (F, R)                                Abecasis, None; A. Swaroop,
       Harvey, QinetiQ (F)                           3348   S.P. Deokule, None; G. Vizzeri,                     None; A.O. Edwards, None; D.E.
3304   T.W. stone, Consultant (C); J. Kitchens,             None; L.M. Alencar, None; R.N.                      Stambolian, None; D.E. Weeks,
       Consultant (C); S. Westhouse, None; D.               Weinreb, Carl Zeiss Meditec (C); Carl               University of Pittsburgh (P)
       Sommerville, None; R. Isernhagen,                    Zeiss meditec, Heidelberg Engineering,       3453   J.M. Seddon, Tufts Medical Center (P); R.
       None; W. Wood, None                                  Paradigm, Topcon (F); F.A. Medeiros,                Reynolds, None; J. Maller, None; J.
3305   M.S. Muller, Aeon Imaging LLC (E);                   Pfizer, Alcon, Allergan, Carl Zeiss                 Fagerness, None; M. Daly, Tufts Medical
       IURTC (P); A.E. Elsner, Aeon Imaging                 Meditec (C); Pfizer, Alcon, Allergan, Carl          Center (P); B. Rosner, None
       LLC (I); IURTC (P); D.A. VanNasdale,                 Zeiss Meditec, Reichert Inc. (R); Pfizer,    3463   Y.J. Liao, None; K. Kaur, None; S.
       None; B.P. Haggerty, None; T.D.                      Alcon, Carl Zeiss Medited (F)                       Ousman, P (P); L. Steinman, P (P); S.
       Peabody, None; R.C. Gustus, None;                                                                        Pangratz-Fuehrer, None
       B.L. Petrig, Aeon Imaging LLC (E);
       IURTC (P)

                      CR Disclosure 3484 – 3689

                      3484   B.C. Gilger, Patent (P); J.L. Davis,         3521   B. Rohrer, WO 2007149567 20071227               3648   K.F. Siemasko, Allergan, Inc. (E); C.S.
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                      3511   G. Wollstein, Bioptigen (P); Carl            3571   M. Crowley, Novartis (E); O. Delgado,                  Patent (P)
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                             (R); Merck (R); Optovue (R); Pfizer (R)             None; A.D. Dick, Shares revenue from                   (C); G. Cumberlidge, Mimetogen
Relationships Index

                      3512   W.H. Swanson, Zeiss-Meditec (C); V.E.               a patent for the use of anti-CD25 Abs in               Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E)
ARVO Commercial

                             Malinovsky, None; M.W. Dul, None; K.                steroid resistant inflammatory diseases (P);    3662   F.J. Lopez, Bausch & Lomb (E); A.
                             Holopigian, None                                    R.W. Lee, Shares revenue from a patent for             Shafiee, Bausch & Lomb (E); S.C.
                      3513   M.V. Boland, None; H.A. Quigley, Carl               the use of anti-CD25 Abs in steroid resistant          Uhrinek, Bausch & Lomb (E); K.W.
                             Zeiss Meditec (F)                                   inflammatory diseases (P)                              Ward, Bausch & Lomb (E)
                      3514   H. Bagga, None; G. Vizzeri, None; L.M.       3600   X. Dai, None; B. Lei, None; B. Chang,           3663   M. Hornof, Croma-Pharma (E); S. Goyal,
                             Zangwill, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C);                None; W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC (P); J.                     None; R. Dana, Croma-Pharma (F)
                             Heidelberg Engineering (C); Nidek (C);              Qu, None; J. Pang, None                         3666   A. Salapatek, Cetero Research (E); F.
                             Optovue (C); F.A. Medeiros, Alcon (F, C,     3603   S.S. Samudre, None; F.A. Lattanzio,                    Soong, Cetero Research (E); D. Wilson,
                             R); Allergan (C, R); Carl Zeiss Meditec             OcuCure Inc. (F); A. Hosseini, None;                   Cetero Research (E); L. Pozza, Cetero
                             (F, C, R); Pfizer (F, C, R); Reichert Inc.          P.B. Williams, OcuCure Inc. (C)                        Research (E); P. Patel, Cetero Research (E)
                             (R); P.A. Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec         3605   F. Jammoul, YES (P); P. Gondouin, yes           3671   A.N. Kuo, None; M. Zhao, None; J.A.
                             (F); Haag-Streit (F); Welch-Allyn                   (P); J. Dugardin, yes (P); D. Pain, yes                Izatt, Bioptigen (I, C, P)
                             (F); C. Bowd, Lace Elettronica (F);                 (P); R. Caplette, yes (P); M. Simonutti,        3675   J.B. Chan, None; E.H. Huang,
                             J.M. Liebmann, Carl Zeiss Meditec                   yes (P); C. Craft, yes (P); S. José-Alain,             None; L.H. Yuen, None; H.M. Htoon,
                             (R); Heidelberg Engineering (R);                    yes (P); S. Picaud, yes (P)                            None; M. He, None; T. Aung, Dr. Aung
                             C.A. Girkin, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);         3615   H. Zhang, Okuvision GmbH (F);                          has received instruments loaned by
                             Heidelberg Engineering (F); Optovue (F)             A. Messias, Okuvision GmbH (F);                        Zeiss-Meditec and has received research
                      3516   T. Redmond, None; R.S. Anderson,                    A. Schatz, Okuvision GmbH (F); E.                      assistance from Zeiss Meditec (F); D.T.
                             None; M.B. Zlatkova, None; D.P.                     Zrenner, Okuvision GmbH (F); K.                        Tan, None; J.S. Mehta, None
                             Crabb, None; D.F. Garway-Heath,                     Bartz-Schmidt, Okuvision GmbH (F); F.           3682   R.A. Leitgeb, FEMTOLASERS (F); T.
                             Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C, R); Heidelberg            Gekeler, Okuvision GmbH (F)                            Schmoll, None; C. Kolbitsch, None; T.
                             Engineering (F); Optovue (F)                 3629   S.K. Bhattacharya, There is a patent                   Le, FEMTOLASERS Inc. (E); A. Stingl,
                      3519   H. Kaneko, None; M.E. Kleinman,                     pending about PAD2 inhibitors for                      FEMTOLASERS Inc. (E)
                             None; W. Cho, None; J.Z.	Baffi,                     treatment of optic nerve diseases, in           3683   A.M. Abbey, None; R.H. Silverman,
                             None; K. Saito, None; M.G. Rich,                    particular for glaucoma (P)                            Artemis-2 (P); C.E. Starr, None
                             None; R.J.C. Albuquerque, None; J.           3639   A.J. Bron, Allergan (R); Novagali (C);          3689   D. Dangl, Croma-Pharma (E); M.
                             Ambati, Allergan, Novartis, Quark (C);              Novartis (C); OcuSense (C); Pfizer                     Hornof, Croma-Pharma (E); M. Hoffer,
                             University of Kentucky (P)                          (C); J.M. Tiffany, None; E. Gaffney,                   Croma-Pharma (E); C. Kuntner, Croma-
                                                                                 None; N. Yokoi, None                                   Pharma (F); T. Wanek, Croma-Pharma
                                                                                                                                        (F); H. Kvaternik, Croma-Pharma (F)

                                                                                                                            CR Disclosure 3698 – 3913

3698   E.H. Huang, None; L.H. Yuen,                  3775   A.M. Pleil, Pfizer (E); S.M. Szabo,         3804   T. Royama, Topcon Medical Systems,
       None; M. He, None; H.T. Aung, None;                  Oxford Outcomes (E); K.M. Beusterien,              Inc. (E); A. Kotchkin, Topcon Medical
       T. Aung, Zeiss-Meditec (F); D.T. Tan,                Oxford Outcomes (E); G. Zlateva, Pfizer            Systems, Inc. (E); Y. Huang, Topcon
       None; J.S. Mehta, None                               (E); M.J. Potter, Oxford Outcomes (F);             Medical Systems, Inc. (E)
3703   S. Marcos, CSIC (P); J. Requejo-Isidro,              T.G. Sheidow, Oxford Outcomes (F);          3806   Y. Ikuno, None; Y. Yasuno, NIDEK (F);
       CSIC (P); A.U. Acuña, CSIC (P); L.                   A.R. Levy, Oxford Outcomes (E)                     Tomey Corp (F); TOPCON Corp (F); T.
       Rivas, CSIC (P); F. Amat-Guerri, CSIC         3776   A.M. Bhorade, Pfizer (F); M.S.                     Nouchi, TOPCON Corp (E); Y. Lim,
       (P); E. Carrillo, CSIC (P); V. Hornillos,            Perlmutter, None; S.T. Chang,                      None; F. Gomi, None; M. Tsujikawa,
       CSIC (P); J. Merayo-LLoves, UVA (P);                 None; M. Pekmezci, None; B.S. Wilson,              None; Y. Tano, Optovue (I)
       C. Aguila de la Puente, CEU (P)                      None; J.D. Kambarian, None; M.O.            3813   R. Weleber, Haag-Streit (R); VFMA
3705   V. Morales-Canton, None; G. Salcedo-                 Gordon, None                                       (P); P. Francis, None; E. Chegarnov,
       Villanueva, None; M.E. Shusterman,            3778   B. Baumann, None; M. Pircher,                      None; S. Gardiner, None; J. Dietzsch,
       Oraya Therapeutics, Inc. (E); J.                     None; E. Götzinger, None; H.                       Heidelberg Engineering (F); U. Schiefer,
       Dalma-Weiszhausz, None; D. Ochoa-                    Sattmann, None; C. Schütze, None; J.               Haag Streit (C); C. Johnson, None
       Contreras, None; H. Quiroz-Mercado,                  Lammer, None; W. Geitzenauer,               3843   A.M. Demetriades, None; H. Liu,
       None; R. Velez-Montoya, None                         None; C. Ahlers, None; U. Schmidt-                 None; P.L. Gehlbach, None; T. Deering,
3706   T.J. Holmes, Lickenbrock Technologies                Erfurth, Bayer-Schering (F); Genentech             None; L.L. Wei, GenVec, Inc. (E); P.A.
       (E); M. Pellegrini, None; S. Luccarelli,             (F); Heidelberg Engineering (F); Novartis          Campochiaro, None
       None; C. Miller, Lickenbrock                         (F); Zeiss (F); C.K. Hitzenberger, None     3853   S.M. Wu, None
       Technologies (E); S. Larkin,                  3781   M.A. Ibrahim, None; S.M. Shah, None;        3854   M.E. Burns, None
       Lickenbrock Technologies (E); T.                     D.V. Do, Heidelberg, Inc. (F); R.A.         3859   M. Rabena, None; D. Pieramici,
       Epplin-Zapf, Lickenbrock Technologies                Symons, None; Y. Sepah, None; Q.D.                 Genentech (C); S. Soudry, None; E.
       (E); G. Staurenghi, Lickenbrock                      Nguyen, Heidelberg, Inc. (F)                       Zemel, None; A. Loewenstein, None; I.
       Technologies (C)                              3784   M. Zhao, None; J.A. Izatt, Bioptigen (I,           Perlman, None; P. Beer, None
3759   S.J. Robbie, None; S.E. Barker,                      C, P)                                       3879   Y. Li, None; W. Tao, Neurotech USA
       None; D.A. Copland, None; J. Phillips,        3785   M. Yamanari, None; S. Makita,                      (E); L. Luo, None; D. Huang, None; K.
       SP Biopharma (E); Y. Duran, None; H.V.               None; M. Miura, None; Y. Yasuno,                   Kauper, Neurotech USA (E); P. Stabila,
       Tran, None; A.J. Smith, None; R.R.                   Topcon Corp. (C)                                   Neurotech USA (E); R. Wen, None
       Ali, None; A.D. Dick, None; J.W.B.            3786   A.C. Walsh, Topcon (P); Topcon,             3883   G.P. Lewis, None; G. Luna, None; J.
       Bainbridge, None                                     Heidelberg Engineering (C, R); S.                  Byun, None; E.A. Chapin, None;
3760   J. Kowalski, Allergan (E); J. Walt,                  Williams, None; P. Keane, None; S.                 D. Sherris, Paloma Pharmaceuticals
       Allergan (E); B. Nafees, Allergan (C);               Sadda, Topcon (P); Topcon, Heidelberg              (E); S.K. Fisher, None
       A. Rentz, Allergan (C); D. Revicki,                  Engineering (C, R)                          3884   L.L. Wong, * (P); L. Kong, None; X.
       Allergan (C); J. Brazier, None; R. Hays,      3787   H. Helb, Heidelberg Engineering (F); P.            Zhou, None; D. Hancin, None; S.
       None                                                 Charbel Issa, Heidelberg Engineering               Sezate, * (P); S. Seal, * (P); J.F.

                                                                                                                                                          Relationships Index
3761   M. Blundell, Bausch and Lomb (F);                    (F); C.H. Meyer, Heidelberg Engineering            McGinnis, * (P)

                                                                                                                                                          ARVO Commercial
       Stereo Optical (R); E.J. Mayer, Bausch               (F); F.G. Holz, Heidelberg Engineering      3898   A. Horsager, Eos Neuroscience, Inc.
       and Lomb (F); Stereo Optical (R); N.                 (F, C); Zeiss Meditec (F)                          (E); Patents (P); J. Liu, None; E.S.
       Knox Cartwright, None; L. Hunt,               3789   M.E. Arnoldussen, Oraya Therapeutics               Boyden, Eos Neuroscience, Inc. (E);
       None; D. Tole, None; A.D. Dick, None                 (E); M. Shusterman, Oraya Therapeutics             Patents (P); A.C. Arman, None; B.C.
3767   I.J. Suner, Eyetech (C, R); Genentech                (E); D. Fletcher, Smith-Kettlewell                 Matteo, Eos Neuroscience, Inc. (E);
       (C, R); Pfizer (C, R); P.P. Lee, Alcon (F);          Institute (F); L. Renninger, Smith-                Patents (P); A.P. Sampath, None; W.W.
       Allergan (C, R); Genentech (C); Merck                Kettlewell Institute (F); L. Dang, Smith-          Hauswirth, AGTC, Inc. (E); Patents (P)
       (I); Pfizer (I, C, R); N.M. Bressler,                Kettlewell Institute (F); I. Koruga,        3899   P.A. Degenaar, NVidia (R);
       Allergan (F); Bausch & Lomb (F); Carl                Oraya Therapeutics (E); M. Firpo,                  STMicroelectronics (R); N. Grossman,
       Zeiss Meditech (F); Genentech (F);                   Oraya Therapeutics (E); J. Liang, Oraya            None; B. McGovern, None; R.
       Jerini (F); Notal Vision (F); Novartis               Therapeutics (C); M. Gertner, Oraya                Berlinguer-Palmini, None; M. Neil,
       (F); Othera (F); QLT (F); Regeneron (F);             Therapeutics (E)                                   None; E. Drakakis, None
       Steba Biotech (F); S. Colman, Genentech       3790   S. Gangaputra, None; A. Domalpally,         3908   S.D. Georgoulas, None; Q. Ru, None; D.
       (E); C. Dolan, Genentech (E); J. Ward,               None; Q. Peng, None; R.P. Danis,                   Paull, None; L. Murray, Promedior,Inc.
       Genentech (E)                                        Topcon Medical Systems (F)                         (E); S. Brocchini, None; P.T. Khaw,
3772   I.C. Tran, Genentech, Inc. (E); S.            3793   R. Dunavoelgyi, None; S. Sacu,                     None
       Colman, Genentech, Inc. (E); N.                      None; G. Matt, None; W. Geitzenauer,        3912   E. Arrieta, None; M. Aguilar, None; C.
       Bressler, Allergan (F); Bausch & Lomb                None; W. Buehl, None; U. Schmidt-                  Medina, None; E. Hernandez,
       (F); Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); Genentech,              Erfurth, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);                   None; M. Celdran, None; P. Lamar,
       Inc. (F); Jerini (F); Notal Vision (F);              Heidelberg Engineering (F); C. Pruente,            CromaPharma, Austria (F); M. Hornof,
       Novartis (F); Othera (F); QLT (F);                   Heidelberg Engineering (F)                         CromaPharma, Austria (F); S. Dubovy,
       Regeneron (F); Steba Biotech (F); I.          3794   H. Narasimha-Iyer, Carl Zeiss Meditec              None; F. Fantes, None; J. Parel, None
       Suner, Eyetech (C); Genentech, Inc.                  Inc (E); M. Durbin, Carl Zeiss Meditec      3913   J. Garcia-Feijoo, Solx, Glaukos (F);
       (C, R); Pfizer (C, R); P. Lee, Alcon                 Inc (E); J. Oakley, Carl Zeiss Meditec             J. Martinez de la Casa, Solx, Glaukos
       (F); Allergan (C, R); Genentech, Inc.                Inc (E); M. Everett, Carl Zeiss Meditec            (F); G. Olea, None; F. Saenz Frances,
       (C); Merck (I); Pfizer (I, C, R); R.                 Inc (E); T. Callan, Carl Zeiss Meditec             None; C. Mendez Hernandez, None; A.
       Rubio, Genentech, Inc. (E); J. Ehrlich,              Inc (E); M. Horne, Carl Zeiss Meditec              Fernandez Vidal, None; J. Garcia
       Genentech, Inc. (E); K. Fitzgerald,                  Inc (E); T. Abunto, Carl Zeiss Meditec             Sanchez, Solx, Glaukos (F)
       Genentech, Inc. (C)                                  Inc (E)
                                                     3802   Y.K. Tao, None; W. Choi, None; J.A.
                                                            Izatt, Bioptigen (I, C, P)

                      CR Disclosure 3914 – 4211

                      3914   S. Schmitz-Valckenberg, Heidelberg            4045   S. Nizari, None; L. Guo, None; W.           4075   B.A. Pfeffer, Bausch & Lomb, Inc. (E);
                             Engineering, Topcon UK (F); G.J. Jaffe,              Cheung, None; M.F. Cordeiro, Allergan              C.A. DeWitt, Bausch & Lomb, Inc. (E);
                             None; M. Fleckenstein, Heidelberg                    Inc (F); Patent application (P)                    D. Meyer, Bausch & Lomb, Inc. (E); M.
                             Engineering (F); P. Kozma, Alcon              4046   M.F. Cordeiro, Visufarma srl (F); S.               Salvador-Silva, Bausch & Lomb, Inc.
                             Research Ltd. (E); T. Hohman, Alcon                  Nizari, None; W. Cheung, None; L.                  (E); M. Cavet, Bausch & Lomb, Inc. (E);
                             Research Ltd. (E); F.G. Holz, Heidelberg             Guo, None                                          F.J. López, Bausch & Lomb, Inc. (E);
                             Engineering (F); Heidelberg Engineering,      4052   M. Pease, None; D.J. Zack, None; C.                K.W. Ward, Bausch & Lomb, Inc. (E)
                             Zeiss MediTec (C)                                    Berlinicke, None; K. Bloom, None; F.        4085   M. Fredette, Alcon (R); Allergan (R);
                      3916   J.S. Sunness, None; S. Schmitz-                      Cone, None; Y. Wang, None; R.L.                    Merck (R); Pfizer (R); M. Roussel,
                             Valckenberg, Heidelberg Engineering                  Klein, None; W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC,                 None; G. Desmeules, None; L.
                             (F); C.A. Applegate, None; M.                        Inc (C); H.A. Quigley, None                        Razafindrabe, None
                             Fleckenstein, Heidelberg Engineering          4054   A. Jimenez, Sylentis (E); A. Mediero,       4086   Y. Ou, None; D. Grossman, None; F.A.
                             (F); N.M. Bressler, None; F.G. Holz,                 None; P. Loma, None; J. Pintor,                    Sloan, None; P.P. Lee, Alcon (F);
                             Heidelberg Engineering (F); Heidelberg               None; A. Peral, None; V. Gónzalez,                 Allergan (C, R); Genentech (C); Merck
                             Engineering, Zeiss Meditec (C)                       Sylentis (E)                                       (I); Pfizer (C, I, R)
                      3919   G.J. Jaffe, Neurotech (C); W. Tao,            4058   M.A. deLong, Aerie Pharmaceuticals (F);     4087   J.F. Casiraghi, Allergan, MSD, Poen,
                             Neurotech (E); S. Stinnett, None; R.                 J.M. Sturdivant, Aerie Pharmaceuticals             HLB, (R); D.E. Grigera, Allergan, Poen
                             Burns, None; M. Stockman, None; E.                   (F); S.M. Royalty, Aerie Pharmaceuticals           (R); P. Hernandez, None; A. Peyret,
                             Young, None                                          (F); G.R. Heintzelman, Aerie                       Poen (R)
                      3920   A.R. Santos, None; R. Bernardes,                     Pharmaceuticals (F); J.D. Yingling, Aerie   4088   S. Kotak, Pfizer (E); G.F. Schwartz,
                             None; R. Silva, None; S. Nunes, None; P.             Pharmaceuticals (F); C.L. Laethem,                 Pfizer (C, R); J. Tan, HealthCore (E)
                             Fonseca, None; S. Carvajal-Gonzalez,                 Aerie Pharmaceuticals (F); B.W.             4091   V. Toumanidou, None; M.K. Wirtz,
                             Pfizer, Inc. (E); R. Buggage, Pfizer, Inc.           Sherman, Aerie Pharmaceuticals (F);                None; J.R. Samples, Alcon, Allergan,
                             (E); J. Cunha-Vaz, Allergan (C); Eli-                C.C. Kopczynski, Aerie Pharmaceuticals             Merck (R); Allergan, NEI (F); Aquasys,
                             Lilly (C); Merck (C); Pfizer (C); Servier            (F)                                                Refocis (C); A. Economou, None; J.
                             (C); Zeiss (C)                                4059   G.J. McLellan, Alcon Laboratories, Inc.            Charlesworth, None; I. Georgiadou,
                      3934   L. Hung, None; J. Huang, None; Y.                    (F); T. Lin, None; S. Hildreth, None; C.           Alcon (R); T. Embeslidis, None; D.G.
                             Qiao-Grider, None; T.L. Blasdel,                     Petersen, None; A. Leon, None; J.K.                Mikropoulos, Alcon, Allergan (R); J.
                             None; T.L. Humbird, None; K.H.                       Jens, None; N.M. Ellinwood, None                   Blangero, None; A.G. Konstas, Alcon,
                             Bockhorst, None; E.L. Smith, Anti-            4061   N. Kim, Inotek Pharmaceucticals (E); C.            Allergan, Merck, Pfizer (F, R)
                             myopia related lens design (P)                       Crosson, Inotek Pharmaceuticals (F, C);     4147   G.M. Acland, Optigen, LLC (I, C); O.
                      3939   B. Drobe, Essilor Int. (E); P. Koh, Essilor          C. Supuran, Inotek Pharmaceuticals (F);            Goldstein, None; A.V. Kukekova, None;
                             Int. (E); G. Giraudet, Essilor Int. (E)              T. McCauley, Inotek Pharmaceuticals                G.D. Aguirre, Optigen, LLC (I, C); S.E.
                      3940   P. Kang, Bausch & Lomb, BE                           (E); G. Southan, Inotek Pharmaceuticals            Pearce-Kelling, Optigen, LLC (E)
                             Enterprises, Capricornia Contact Lens                (E); R. Baumgartner, Inotek                 4171   K.B. Phan, Sirion Therapeutics (E);
Relationships Index

                             (F); P. Gifford, Bausch & Lomb, BE                   Pharmaceuticals (E); W. McVicar, Inotek            Y. Han, Sirion Therapeutics (E); N.
ARVO Commercial

                             Enterprises, Capricornia Contact Lens                Pharmaceuticals (E)                                Tsivkovskaia, Sirion Therapeutics (E); S.
                             (F); P. McNamara, None; J. Wu,                4063   J.D. Yingling, Aerie Pharmaceuticals,              Narayan, Sirion Therapeutics (E); T.V.
                             None; S. Yeo, None; B. Vong, None;                   Inc. (F); J.J. Arnold, Aerie                       Bui, Sirion Therapeutics (E); N.L. Mata,
                             H.A. Swarbrick, Bausch & Lomb, BE                    Pharmaceuticals, Inc (F); M.A. deLong,             Sirion Therapeutics (E)
                             Enterprises, Capricornia Contact Lens (F)            Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc (F); C.W.        4176   H. Kochounian, None; L.V. Johnson,
                      3942   G.F. Schmid, Vision CRC, Australia (F)               Lin, Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc (F); C.C.          None; H.K.W. Fong, None (P)
                      3973   A.Y. Fong, Singapore Eye Research                    Kopczynski, Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc      4182   H. Vittal Rao, None; J. Cai, None; A.
                             Institute (F); D.T.H. Tan, Singapore                 (F)                                                Afzal, None; M. Grant, None; D. Akin,
                             Eye Research Institute (F); L.K.H. Lee,       4064   T. Saeki, None; H. Tsuruga, None; M.               None; W. Dunn, None; J. Kim, None;
                             None; L. Tong, None; A. Yang, None                   Aihara, None; M. Araie, None; K.                   G.S. Hageman, Optherion, Inc. (I); M.E.
                      3974   K. Ian, E (E); D. Tan, None; A. Fong,                Rittenhouse, Pfizer Inc (E)                        Boulton, None
                             None; W. Chua, None                           4065   M. Abdulrazik, Inventor (P)                 4187   M.N. Bauler, GTx Inc. (E); A.
                      3977   S.H. Sinclair, Vimetrics, LLC (I, P); W.      4067   M. Aihara, None; H. Kurashima,                     Giddabasappa, GTx Inc. (E); M.
                             Gutstein, None; R.V. North, None                     Santen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (E); N.             Yepuru, GTX Inc (E); D. Srivastava,
                      3979   D.S. Landmann, None; J.L. Stejna,                    Ishida, Santen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.             GTx Inc (E); J. Dalton, GTx Inc (E);
                             None; W.A. Allam, None; H.K. Wu,                     (E); M. Ichikawa, Santen Pharmaceutical            J.R. Eswaraka, GTx Inc (E)
                             Refractec (C)                                        Co. Ltd. (E); M. Araie, None                4188   T.V. Bui, Sirion Therapeutics (E); N.
                      3981   D. Vazquez, Rodenstock GmbH (E);              4069   S. Villaron, None; M. Lopez, None; A.              Tsivkovskaia, Sirion Therapeutics (E);
                             A. Seidemann, Rodenstock GmbH                        De la Mata, None; V. Saez, None; R.                N.L. Mata, Sirion Therapeutics (E)
                             (E); H. Altheimer, Rodenstock GmbH                   Reinoso, None; A. Corell, None; J.M.        4195   J.A. Fortun, None; G.B. Hubbard,
                             (E); F. Schaeffel, None; D. Uttenweiler,             Herreras, None; M. Calonge, None;                  Consultant (C)
                             Rodenstock GmbH (E)                                  M.E. Stern, Allergan (E); R.M.              4200   P.K. Kaiser, Alcon (C, R)
                      4024   D.T. Nguyen, None; Y. Emoto, None; H.                Corrales, None                              4205   L.Y. Ho, None; M.K. Walsh, None; T.S.
                             Emoto, None; M. Wang, None; T.                4070   P.O. Pellinen, Santen Oy (E); H.T.                 Hassan, Bausch & Lomb (C)
                             Zavora, Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc               Uusitalo, Santen Oy (F); A.M. Huhtala,      4210   M.R. Barakat, None; P.K. Kaiser, Alcon
                             (E); A. Avakian, None; D. Aggarwal,                  Santen Oy (F); A. Tolonen, Novamass                (C)
                             None; D.J. Levendowski, Advanced                     Ltd (E)                                     4211   M.A. von Fricken, Alcon (C); N.
                             Brain Monitoring, Inc. (I); J. Sebag,                                                                   Kunjukunju, None; G. Ko, None
                             None; A.A. Sadun, None
                      4032   E.A. Dale, None; K.Y. Kay, None; J.G.
                             Odel, None; V. Greenstein, None; D.C.
                             Hood, Topcon, Inc (C)

                                                                                                                            CR Disclosure 4214 – 4420

4214   H. Sakaguchi, None; K. Nishida,             4297   M.I. Dorrell, None; E. Aguilar, None;        4331   S. Wolf, Novartis, Allergan, Pfizer, Takeda
       None; P. Xie, None; Y. Terasawa,                   A. Ramirez, Ceregene (E); M. Gasmi,                 (C); Novartis, Allergan, Takeda (R);
       NIDEK Co., Ltd (E); M. Ozawa, NIDEK                Ceregene (E); T.U. Krohne, None; M.                 Novartis, Pfizer (F); P. Massin, Novartis
       Co., Ltd. (E); M. Kamei, None; Y. Tano,            Wang, None; K. Bishop, Ceregene                     (R, F); Novartis, Takeda, Solvay, Allergan,
       NIDEK Co., Ltd. (P)                                (E); R.T. Bartus, Ceregene (E); M.                  Elli Lilly (C); F. Bandello, Novartis,
4218   M.A. Tarbell, Caltech (P); W. Fink,                Friedlander, None                                   Allergan (F); Novartis, Pfizer, Baush &
       Caltech (P)                                 4298   J.W. Miller, Genzyme - ad hoc                       Lomb, Solvay, Allergan, Alcon (C); D.
4220   T. Matsuo, Hayashibara Biochemical                 consulting and research support; Baush              Sharp, None; P. Lanzetta, Iridex (P);
       Laboratories (P); K. Takarabe, None; T.            and Lomb - consulting (F); patent interest          Novartis (F); Novartis, Allergan, QLT
       Uchida, None                                       in PDT (owner Mass Eye and Ear) (P);                (R); Novartis, Neovista (C); M. Larsen,
4222   W.I. Al-Atabany, NVIDIA (R);                       T. Maclachlan, Employee of Genzyme                  Novartis (F, R); U. Wolf-Schnurrbusch,
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4226   M. Keserue, None; N. Post, IMI                     Hauswirth, Genzyme - research support               Cantrill, None; T. Mahmoud, None; R.
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4229   L.A. Hruby, None; P. Hottowy,                      Genzyme (E)                                         Hodgkinson, Co-inventor on a patent
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                                                                                                                                                            Relationships Index
       None                                               Rothenberg, None; J. Ambati, Allergan               (F); C. Bowd, Lace Elettronica (F);

                                                                                                                                                            ARVO Commercial
4258   C.A. Blackie, Kolis Scientific (E); E.M.           (C); Novartis (C); Quark Pharmaceuticals            P.A. Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);
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4264   R.L. McKown, EyeRx Research Inc.                   Patent Pending (P)                                  C.A. Johnson, Pfizer Inc (F); N.G.
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4276   S. Makita, None; M. Miura, None; Y.                                                                    Pfizer Inc (C); M. Mwamburi, Pfizer Inc
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4296   Q. Li, None; A. Verma, None; P.                                                                        Pfizer Inc (C); M. Hernandez-Medina,
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       None; W.W. Hauswirth, AGTC (P)                                                                         Pleil, Pfizer Inc (E); P. Mitchell, Pfizer
                                                                                                              Inc (C)

                      CR Disclosure 4423 – 4647

                      4423   A.E. Fung, Genentech (F); R.S. Apte,        4569   M.R. Behrend, None; A.K. Ahuja,              4595   R. Wilke, Retina Implant AG (P); K.
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                             None; I. Piano, None; P. Gasco,                    N. Post, IMI Intelligent Medical Implants           Corporation (E)
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                             Inventor (P); R. Ghidoni, Inventor (P)             C, P, R); R. Wilke, Retina Implant AG        4636   S.L. Maskin, Steven L. Maskin MD (P)
Relationships Index

                      4464   R. Ghidoni, Inventor (P); G. Sala,                 (P); K. Bartz-Schmidt, Retina Implant        4637   L.C. McCann, None; A. Tomlinson,
ARVO Commercial

                             None; P. Signorelli, None; E. Novelli,             AG (C, P); RetinaImplant AG (F); H.                 None; E.I. Pearce, None; V. Papa, SIFI
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                      4508   M.B. Jeong, None; Y.J. Pak, None; K.               Implant AG (C); J. Miltenberger,                    Narayan, Biopolymer Innovations (P)
                             Narfström, Inventor/developer of the               None; H. Luedtke, None; H. Wilhelm,          4645   M.T. Christensen, Alcon Research
                             HMsERG through RetVetCorp., Inc. with              None; B. Wilhelm, Retina Implant AG (C)             LTD (E); W.F. Davitt, None; M.
                             patent pending (P)                          4589   M.J. McMahon, SS (E); J.D. Dorn, SS                 Bloomenstein, None; A.E. Martin,
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                      4558   K.L. Briggman, None; M.                            A. Caspi, SS (E); E. Filley, None; G.               Inc. (E)
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                             Denk, Gatan (P)                                    (E); M.J. McMahon, SS (E)                           Kleinman, Bausch and Lomb, Inc. (C);
                      4568   S.I. Fried, None; N.J. Desai, None; D.K.    4593   H. Benav, Retina Implant AG (R); R.                 Eyeon Therapeutics, Inc. (I, E, P); M.O.
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                             (P); 6976998 (P)                                   Retina Implant AG (P); E. Zrenner,                  Loxley, Particle Sciences, Inc. (E, P); M.
                                                                                Retina Implant AG (F, I, C, P, R)                   Mitchnick, Particle Sciences, Inc. (I, E,
                                                                                                                                    P); J.V. Aquavella, None

                                                                                                                           CR Disclosure 4648 – 4798

4648    C.A. Kirby, Lantibio/River Plate (R);       4676   V. Gonzalez, Sylentis (E); T. Martínez,     4768   J.L. Walker, Thomas Jefferson
        RX Development Resources (F); Sirion               Sylentis (E); A. Jímenez, Sylentis (E)             University (P); L. Zhang, None; I. Wolff,
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4649    G. Torkildsen, Ora (C); M.T.                       Paugh, Alcon Research, Ltd. (R); J.                Research Institute (P); M. George-
        Christensen, Alcon (E); A.E. Martin,               Webb, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E); M.                 Weinstein, Lankenau Medical Research
        Alcon (E); M. Tudor, Alcon (E); J.                 Christensen, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E)              Institute (P); A. Menko, Thomas
        Griffin, Alcon (E); G.W. Ousler, Ora        4680   J. Austin Clayton, US Government                   Jefferson University (P)
        (E); D. Welch, Ora (E); M.B. Abelson,              patent (P); C. Perry, None; M.              4770   K.Y. Li, None; P. Tiruveedhula, None;
        Ora (E)                                            Robinson, US Government patent (P)                 A. Roorda, University of Houston,
4652    M.B. McDonald, Pfizer (F); E.D.             4681   A.C. Ramsey, Alcon Research, Ltd.                  University of Rochester (P)
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4653    G.F. Schwartz, Pfizer (C, R); J. Fain,             Verbraak, None                                     Gao, None; D.T. Miller, AO-OCT (P)
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4654    T. Hongyok, Croma-Pharma (R); M.                   Inc. (P)                                    4776   Y. Chen, None; J.J. Liu, None; B.
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4655    J. Garrec, Croma-Pharma (E); D. Dangl,             (P); C. Poulter, None; J. Clark, None              Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.; Merck;
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        Pharma (E)                                         U. Bartz-Schmidt, Retina Implant AG                Carl ZeissMeditec, Inc. (P); J.S. Duker,
4656    C.G. Connor, Patent Holder (P)                     (P); F. Gekeler, Retina Implant AG (F);            Optovue (F); J.G. Fujimoto, Carl Zeiss
4657    F. Soong, Cetero Research (C); P.                  D. Besch, Retina Implant AG (F); U.                Meditec, Inc. (P); Optovue (F)
        Patel, Cetero Research (E); J.S.Y. Lee,            Brunner, None; B. Wilhelm, Retina           4781   H. Liang, Dr. Liang H was supported by
        Cetero Research (E); D. Wilson, Cetero             Implant AG (F); W. Wrobel, Retina                  a grant of the « Conventions industrielles
        Research (E); A. Salapatek, Cetero                 Implant AG (I, E); R. Wilke, Retina                de formation par la recherche (CIFRE)
        Research (E)                                       Implant AG (F); V. Gabel, Retina Implant           » from the « Association nationale de
4660	   B.H.	Koffler, Alcon Laboratories, Inc.             AG (P); E. Zrenner, Retina Implant AG              la recherche technique (ANRT) » by
        (R); Aton Pharma, Inc. (C); Paragon                (F, P)                                             Novagali Pharma S (F); F. Brignole-
        Vision Sciences (R)                         4743   P.G. Finlayson, None; G. Abrams,                   Baudouin, None; M. Faure, None; G.

                                                                                                                                                           Relationships Index
4661    S.J. Curwen, Ora (E); G. Torkildsen,               Patent on neurotransmitter prosthesis              Lambert, None; C. Baudouin, None

                                                                                                                                                           ARVO Commercial
        Ora (C); G.W. Ousler, Ora (E); B.                  (P); R. Iezzi, Patent on neurotransmitter   4784   M. Yang, None; N. Amerasinghe,
        Nentwig, Ora (E); D. Welch, Ora (E);               prosthesis (P)                                     None; M. He, None; Y. Chan,
        M.B. Abelson, Ora (E)                       4744   M.S. Humayun, Second Sight Medical                 None; L.S. MohanRam, None; T. Wong,
4662    V. Lossen, None; S.S. Samudre,                     products (F)                                       None; P.J. Foster, None; T. Aung, Carl-
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4663    S.C. Kaufman, Allergan (F, C); D. Raja,     4747   J. Loudin, None; R. Dinyari, Stanford              None; D.S.	Greenfield, None; C.A.
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4666    P.A. Asbell, Aton Pharma, Inc. (C); S.             Johns Hopkins University School of          4789   J. Kim, None; H. Ishikawa, Bioptigen
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4667    R. Quispaya, None; E. Castellanos,          4763   I.M. Wormstone, Co-inventor on a                   Bioptigen (P); Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);
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4674    E.I. Pearce, None; A. Tomlinson,                   inventor on a patent application relevant   4798   J. Isaacs, Genzyme (C); GSK (C);
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        Inventor/developer (P); A.C. Fisher,               None                                               inflammatory arthritis (P); Roche (C, R)
        Inventor/developer (P)

                      CR Disclosure 4818 – 5070

                      4818   R. Reddy, None; S. Huang, Alcon,             4913   M. Fleckenstein, Heidelberg Engineering        5006   S.A. Zweifel, None; S. Khan, None; M.
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                             Beverley, None; R.D. McCarty,                       Gregush, None                                         Othera (F, R); Potentia (F); Quark/Pfizer
Relationships Index

                             None; M.J. Nolan, None; B.Y.J.T. Yue,        4930   X. Yang, None; Y. Li, None; M.E.                      (F); Sanofi-Aventis (R)
ARVO Commercial

                             None; J.R. Samples, None                            Rayborn, None; K.G. Shadrach,                  5021   H.D. Perry, Allergan (F); G.S.
                      4886   R.J. Wordinger, None; T. Tovar-                     None; V. Bonilha, None; J.G.	Hollyfield,              Stoller, None; K.B. Carnevale,
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                      4895   S. Estermann, None; K. Yuttitham,                   None; B. Seitz, None; V. Borderie,                    (F); S. Beatty, Bausch and Lomb (C, R);
                             None; R.L. Stamper, Optonol Ltd (R)                 None; B. Früh, None; M.A. Thiel, None;                Educational Grant Dr Mann PHarma (F)
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                      4903   A. Eilaghi, None; J.G. Flanagan,                    Psivida, Inc (I, E, P); G. Cynkowska,                 (R); Pfizer (R)
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                      4909   D. Luce, Reichert Inc. (P); M. Shimmyo,             Inc. (F, C, R); Allergan, Inc. (F, C, R);             Alcon (R); Allergan (R); Bioptigen (P);
                             None                                                Genentech, Inc. (F); MacuSight (C);                   Carl Zeiss Meditec (P, R); Heidelberg
                                                                                 Neurotech (F); Novartis Pharmaceuticals               Engineering (R); Lumenis (R); Merk (R);
                                                                                 Corp. (F); NuVue Technologies, Inc. (I,               Optovue (R); Pfizer (R)
                                                                                 P); OptiMedica (C); Thrombogenics (C);
                                                                                 W. Tao, Neurotech USA (E)
                                                                          5005   C.E. Fishman, GlaxoSmithKline (E);
                                                                                 T.K. Hart, GlaxoSmithKline (E)

                                                                                                                          CR Disclosure 5080 – 5258

5080   J.J. Snellenburg, VU University             5166   A.A. Fawzi, Reichert, Inc (F); G.           5224   C. Pruente, Novartis Pharma, Alcon,
       Amsterdam (P); B. Braaf, None;                     Martin, Reichert, Inc (E); A. Kashani,             Carl Zeiss Meditec, Heidelberg
       R.G.L. van der Heijde, VU University               Reichert, Inc (F); W. Johnson, SnapShot            Engineering (F); K. Hatz, Novartis
       Medical Center Amsterdam (P); V.A.D.P.             Spectra (E); D. Wilson, SnapShot Spectra           Pharma, Bayer Schering (F); P.B.
       Sicam, i-Optics BV (E); VU University              (E); G. Bearman, SnapShot Spectra (E);             Henrich, Novartis Pharma, Bayer
       Amsterdam (P)                                      M.S. Humayun, Reichert, Inc (F)                    Schering (F); B. Braun, Novartis
5081   V.D. Sicam, i-Optics BV (E); VU             5168   J.J. Hunter, None; J.I.W. Morgan,                  Pharma, Bayer Schering (F); S. Sacu,
       University Amsterdam (P); K.A.                     University of Rochester (P); J.L. Norris,          None; U. Schneider, Novartis Pharma,
       Vermeer, i-Optics BV (E); J.J.                     None; D.R. Williams, Optos, Inc. (C);              Bayer Schering (F)
       Snellenburg, VU University Amsterdam               University of Rochester (P)                 5227   P.A. Weber, Pfizer, Eyetech (C, R)
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5085   M. Ito, None; N. Maeda, Topcon (F); R.             (E); E.N. Pugh, None                        5233   R.N. Belfort, None; K. Sayanagi, None;
       Higashiura, None; T. Nakagawa,              5182   J.A. Moncaster, None; R.D. Moir,                   P.K. Kaiser, Heidelberg - Scientific
       None; Y. Hori, None; T. Inoue, None; Y.            None; A.G. Mocofanescu, None; R.                   Advisory Board (honoraria) (C); A.D.
       Tano, None                                         Webb, None; M.A. Burton, None; N.                  Singh, None
5087   H. Mori, None; Y. Sakurai, None; S.                Casey, None; J.G. Ghosh, None; J.I.         5244   C. Luiselli, None; A. Giani, None; P.A.
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       Yasuno, Nidek (C); TOMEY Corp (C);                 Neuroptix Corp (C); L.E. Goldstein,                Cigada, None; G. Staurenghi, travel
       TOPCON Corp (C)                                    Neuroptix Corp. (C, P)                             grant (R)
5097   G. Patel, None; M.A. Qazi, None; A.M.       5183   P.F. Kador, P (P); I.D. Bras, None; T.R.    5246   D.M. Brown, Alcon, Allergan, Carl
       Mahmoud, None; P.S. Kollbaum, None;                Webb, None; K. Ketring, None; M.                   Zeiss Meditec, Genentech, Heidelberg
       M.M. Merchea, Bauch & Lomb (E); C.J.               Wyman, P (P)                                       Engineering, NeoVista, Novartis,
       Roberts, None; J.S. Pepose, Bauch &         5184   C. Troesse, None; R. Waagboe, None;                Regeneron, Steba (C); Alcon, Allergan,
       Lomb (C)                                           O. Breck, Marine Harvest Norway                    CoMentis, Genentech, Jerini, NeoVista,
5099   S. Farrer, Advanced Medical Optics                 (E); A. Stavrum, None; K. Petersen,                Neurotech, Novartis, Othera, Oxigene,
       (F); T.D. Raymond, Advanced Medical                None; P.A. Olsvik, None                            Pfizer, Regeneron (F); S. Francom,
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       Optics (F); D.R. Neal, Advanced Medical            Limited (P); H.Y.Y. Lee, Douglas            5247   C.A. Briceno, None; P.A. Keane,
       Optics (F); D. Baer, Advanced Medical              Pharmaceuticals Limited (P); J.D.                  None; P.J. Patel, None; F.K. Chen,
       Optics (F); K. Lombardo, Advanced                  McDermott, None; L.J.G. Robertson,                 None; Y.L. Ouyang, None; F. Ikeji,
       Medical Optics (F); C. Campbell,                   Douglas Pharmaceuticals Limited (P); R.            None; A.C. Walsh, Co-inventor of
       Advanced Medical Optics (F)                        Bickerstaffe, Douglas Pharmaceuticals              Doheny intellectual property related
5100   M. Shirayama, None; L. Wang, Ziemer                Limited (P); M.A. Jones, Douglas                   to optical coherence tomography
       (F); D.D. Koch, None                               Pharmaceuticals Limited (P); J.M.                  that has been licensed by Topcon
5101   L. Wang, Ziemer (F); D.D. Koch, None;              Coxon, Douglas Pharmaceuticals Limited             Medical Systems (P); Member of the

                                                                                                                                                        Relationships Index
       A.M. Mahmoud, Ziemer (P); C.J.                     (P); A.D. Abell, Douglas Pharmaceuticals           scientific advisory board for Heidelberg

                                                                                                                                                        ARVO Commercial
       Roberts, Ziemer (C, P, R)                          Limited (P)                                        Engineering (E); A. Tufail, None;
5104   T.D. Raymond, AMO WaveFront                 5193   C.M. Gelfman, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals              S.R. Sadda, Co-inventor of Doheny
       Sciences (F); S. Farrer, AMO WaveFront             (E); P. Vogel, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals             intellectual property related to optical
       Sciences (F); W. Xiong, AMO WaveFront              (E); C. Jones, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals             coherence tomography that has been
       Sciences (F); D. Baer, AMO WaveFront               (E); D. Rice, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals (E)          licensed by Topcon Medical Systems (P);
       Sciences (F); K. Lombardo, Advanced         5198   G.M. Yanochko, Pfizer (E); M.G. Evans,             Member of the scientific advisory board
       Medical Optics (F); S. Bentow,                     Pfizer (E); S. Khoh-Reiter, Pfizer (E);            for Heidelberg Engineering (E)
       Advanced Medical Optics (F); D.R. Neal,            B.A. Jessen, Pfizer (E)                     5250   S. Liakopoulos, None; N.F. Mokwa,
       AMO WaveFront Sciences (F)                  5203   A.Y. Hu, None; J. Bourges, None; S.P.              None; P.A. Keane, None; S. Fauser,
5110   P.J. McDonnell, Developer/Patent                   Shah, None; A. Gupta, Alcon, Bausch                None; A.C. Walsh, Heidelberg
       (P); S. Martins, None; J. Castro-                  and Lomb (C, R); C.R. Gonzales, Alcon,             Engineering (C); Topcon (R); Topcon,
       Combs, None; W. Camacho, None; P.                  Bausch and Lomb (C, R); S.C.N. Oliver,             Heidelberg Engineering (P); S.R. Sadda,
       Whittman, None; J.L. Hicks,                        None; S.D. Schwartz, Alcon, Bausch and             Heidelberg Engineering (C); Topcon (R);
       None; A.M. De Marzo, None; C.G.                    Lomb (C, R)                                        Topcon, Heidelberg Engineering (P); B.
       Eberhart, None; A. Behrens, Patent (P)      5204   M. Taban, None; A. Ventura, None; S.               Kirchhof, None
5112   A.R. Caballero, Alcon Laboratories (F);            Sharma, None; P.K. Kaiser, Advisory         5258   M.E. Clark, None; G. McGwin, None;
       D.W. Stroman, Alcon Laboratories (E);              board of Alcon (C)                                 C.A. Girkin, Carl Zeiss Meditec;
       J.G. Bartell, Alcon Laboratories (E);       5219   A. Kotecha, None; E. White, None; P.G.             Heidelberg Engineering; Optovue (F); B.
       C.L. Balzli, Alcon Laboratories (F); R.J.          Schlottmann, None; D.F. Garway-                    Ozaydin, None; D. Neely, None; J.O.
       O‘Callaghan, Alcon Laboratories (F)                Heath, Reichert Inc. (F); Ziemer                   Mason, None; M.F. White, None; R.
5158   J.H. Nathans, Merck Research                       Ophthalmics (F)                                    Feist, None; M. Thomley, None; C.
       Laboratories (C); Novartis Institutes for   5221   R.E. Lehman, None; G. Vizzeri, None;               Owsley, Patent designee (P)
       Biomedical Research (C)                            C. Bowd, Lace Elettronica (F); F.A.
5159   L. Cheng, None; M. Brar, None; R.                  Medeiros, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C, R);
       Yuson, None; F. Mojana, None; P.S.                 Reichert Inc. (R); L.M. Alencar, None; A.
       Gill, I (E); W.R. Freeman, None                    Tafreshi, None; R.N. Weinreb, Carl Zeiss
5164   T. Nivaggioli, MacuSight, Inc. (P); J.X.           Meditec (C, F); Heidelberg Engineering
       Bao, MacuSight, Inc. (E); S. Farooq,               (F); Paradigm (F); Topcon (F)
       MacuSight, Inc. (E, P); D.A. Weber,
       MacuSight, Inc. (I, E, P); J. Naor,
       MacuSight, Inc. (E)

                      CR Disclosure 5259 – 5367

                      5259   A. Khondkaryan, None; P.A. Keane,            5277   B. Potsaid, Thorlabs, Inc. (E); J.J. Liu,    5290   A. Morilla-Grasa, Indo (F); A. Anton,
                             None; S. Liakopoulos, None; A.C.                    None; Y. Chen, None; J. Ho, None; I.                Bloss (R); Indo (F); Zeiss (C, R); S.
                             Walsh, Co-inventor of Doheny                        Gorczynska, None; V.J. Srinivasan, None;            Santamaria, Indo (F); P. Capilla, Indo
                             intellectual property related to optical            J.S. Duker, Alcon, Inc. (C); Carl Zeiss,            (P); Universitat de Valencia (P); J.
                             coherence tomography that has been                  Inc. (F); Genentech, Inc. (C); Heidelberg           Gomez-Chova, None; M.J. Luque, Indo
                             licensed by Topcon Medical Systems.                 Engineering, Inc. (F); Optovue, Inc.                (P); Universitat de Valencia (P); J.M.
                             However, it is not related to the                   (F); Paloma Pharmaceuticals (C); J.G.               Artigas, Indo (P); Universitat de Valencia
                             article‘s subject matter. (P); Heidelberg           Fujimoto, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. (F, P);          (P); A. Felipe, Indo (P); Universitat de
                             Engineering (C); S.R. Sadda, Co-                    Optovue, Inc. (F)                                   Valencia (P)
                             inventor of Doheny intellectual property     5278   S. Ishiko, Nidek, Inc (F); A. Yoshida,       5292   G.M. Verdon-Roe, Moorfields MDT
                             related to optical coherence tomography             None; T. Nagaoka, None; Y. Kato,                    (P); C. Bergin, Moorfields MDT (P); T.
                             that has been licensed by Topcon Medical            None; H. Kagokawa, None; A.                         Redmond, None; N. Nathwani, None;
                             Systems. However, it is not related to the          Takamiya, None; M. Kawai, None; K.                  D.P. Crabb, Moorfields MDT (P); R.S.
                             article‘s subject matter. (P); Heidelberg           Fukui, None; F. Van de Velde, Nidek,                Anderson, None; D.F. Garway-Heath,
                             Engineering (C)                                     Inc (C)                                             Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C, R); Heidelberg
                      5261   G. Landa, None; P.M. Garcia, OTI,            5279   B.L. Petrig, Aeon Imaging, LLC                      Engineering (F); Moorfields MDT (P)
                             Toronto Canada (C); R.B. Rosen, OTI,                (E); Indiana University Research and         5295   Y. Ho, None; P. Artes, Heidelberg
                             Toronto, Canada (R)                                 Technology Corporation (P); M.S.                    Engineering GmbH (F); M. Chaglasian,
                      5264   A. Grac, None; W. Geitzenauer,                      Muller, Aeon Imaging, LLC (F); Indiana              Heidelberg Engineering GmbH (F); G.
                             None; U. Schmidt-Erfurth, Novartis,                 University Research and Technology                  Comer, Heidelberg Engineering GmbH
                             Genentech, Zeiss, Heidelberg                        Corporation (P); A.E. Elsner, Aeon                  (F); M. Fingeret, Heidelberg Engineering
                             Engineering, Bayer-Schering (F)                     Imaging, LLC (I); Indiana University                GmbH (F); M.D. Twa, Heidelberg
                      5266   P.A. Keane, None; P.J. Patel, None; Y.L.            Research and Technology Corporation                 Engineering GmbH (F); C. Prokopich,
                             Ouyang, None; F.K. Chen, None; F.                   (P); D.A. VanNasdale, None; B.P.                    Heidelberg Engineering GmbH (F); K.A.
                             Ikeji, None; A.C. Walsh, Co-inventor                Haggerty, None; R.C. Gustus,                        Dumbleton, Heidelberg Engineering
                             of Doheny intellectual property related             None; E.J. Kollbaum, None                           GmbH (F); J.G. Flanagan, Heidelberg
                             to optical coherence tomography that         5280   M. Kolic, Seeing Machines (F); T.                   Engineering GmbH (F, C, P, R)
                             has been licensed by Topcon Medical                 Maddess, Investor (I); Seeing Machines       5296   C.A. Johnson, Welch Allyn (F,
                             Systems (P); Member of the scientific               (F, C, P, R); R.W. Essex, None; A.C.                C); M. Wall, None; K.R. Woodward,
                             advisory board of Heidelberg Engineering            James, Seeing Machines (F, I, C, P)                 None; C.K. Doyle, None
                             (C); A. Tufail, None; S.R. Sadda, Co-        5281   T.L. Maddess, Seeing Machines (C,            5301   A. Tafreshi, None; L. Racette, None;
                             inventor of Doheny intellectual property            P, F, I, R); M. Kolic, Seeing Machines              P.A. Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);
                             related to optical coherence tomography             (F); R.W. Essex, None; A.C. James,                  Haag-Streit (F); Welch-Allyn (F); L.M.
                             that has been licensed by Topcon                    Seeing Machines (F, I, C, P)                        Zangwill, Carl Zeiss Meditec (C, F);
                             Medical Systems (P); Member of the           5282   A.C. James, Seeing Machines (F, I, C,               Heidelberg Engineering (F); Nidek (F);
Relationships Index

                             scientific advisory board for Heidelberg            P); X. Goh, Seeing Machines (C); M.                 Optovue (F); F.A. Medeiros, Alcon (F, C,
ARVO Commercial

                             Engineering (C)                                     Kolic, Seeing Machines (E); R.W. Essex,             R); Allergan (C, R); Carl Zeiss Meditec
                      5268   S. Reddy, None; A. Kaines, None; A.                 None; T. Maddess, Seeing Machines (I,               (F, C, R); Pfizer (F, C, R); Reichert Inc.
                             Hu, None; S.D. Schwartz, Optos (C)                  C, F, P, R)                                         (R); R.N. Weinreb, Carl Zeiss Meditec
                      5269   L. Mutapcic, None; M.G. Gendy, Carl          5283   P.A. Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);                (F, C); Heidelberg Engineering (F);
                             Zeiss Meditec, Inc. (F); G. Gregori, Carl           Haag-Streit (F); Welch-Allyn (F); G.                Paradigm (F); Topcon (F); C. Bowd,
                             Zeiss Meditec, Inc. (F); J.L. Goldberg,             Jang, None; T. Jung, None; J. Hao,                  Lace Elettronica (F)
                             None                                                None; C. Bowd, None; L.M. Zangwill,          5304   A. Whitlock, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals
                      5270   D.S. Gallagher, None; T.R. Friberg,                 Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); Heidelberg                  (E); K. Corcoran, Lexicon
                             Optos (C); R.E. Coffee, None; S.D.                  Engineering (F); J. Liebmann, Carl Zeiss            Pharmaceuticals (E); D.S. Rice, Lexicon
                             Schwartz, Optos (C)                                 Meditec (R); Heidelberg Engineering                 Pharmaceuticals (E)
                      5271   R.E. Coffee, None; S.C. Oliver, Optos               (R); C.A. Girkin, Carl Zeiss Meditec         5331   G.A. Zikos, Essilor (F); R.J. Nason,
                             (C); S.D. Schwartz, Optos (C); T.R.                 (F); Heidelberg Engineering (F); Optovue            Essilor (F); J. Robilotto, Essilor (F); A.
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                      5273   C.F. Arndt, OPTOS (R); F. Nguyen,                   (F, C); Heidelberg Engineering (F); M.       5344   R.R. Dubielzig, None; R. Leedle,
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                      5275   S.G. Rosolen, None; B. Lamory,               5286   M. Ng, None; L. Racette, None; J.P.                 Nork, None; J.A. VerHoeve, None; B.J.
                             Imagine Eyes (E); F. Harms, Imagine                 Pascual, None; L.M. Zangwill,                       Christian, Covance Laboratories Inc N (E)
                             Eyes (E); N. Chateau, Imagine Eyes                  Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); Heidelberg           5354   U. Schiefer, Haag-Streit, Koeniz,
                             (E); S. Picaud, None; J. Sahel, None; J.            Engineering (F); C.A. Girkin, Carl Zeiss            Switzerland (C); S. Frick, None; J.
                             Le Gargasson, None; S. Picaud,                      Meditec (F); Heidelberg Engineering                 Nevalainen, None; J. Grobbel, None; E.
                             None; J. Sahel, None; S. Lavillegrand,              (F); J.M. Liebmann, Carl Zeiss Meditec              Krapp, Haag-Streit, Koeniz, Switzerland
                             None                                                (R); Heidelberg Engineering (R);                    (F); B. Selig, None; R. Vonthein,
                      5276   M. Miura, None; S. Makita, None; Y.                 R.N. Weinreb, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F,                None; R.G. Weleber, None; J. Paetzold,
                             Yasuno, Nidek (C); Tomey Corp. (C);                 C); Heidelberg Engineering (F); P.A.                Haag-Streit, Koeniz, Switzerland (F)
                             TOPCON Corp (C)                                     Sample, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); Haag-        5355   J. Dietzsch, Heidelberg Engineering (F); J.
                                                                                 Streit (F); Welch-Allyn (F)                         Grobbel, None; J. Nevalainen, None; S.
                                                                          5289   E.M. Hoffmann, Optovue Inc. (F); J.                 Frick, None; E. Krapp, None; B. Selig,
                                                                                 Lamparter, None; S. Aliyeva, None; N.               None; R. Vonthein, None; R.G. Weleber,
                                                                                 Pfeiffer, None                                      None; J. Paetzold, Haag-Streit (F); U.
                                                                                                                                     Schiefer, Haag-Streit (C)
                                                                                                                              5367   G.E. Lang, Norvatis Pharma GmbH (F);
                                                                                                                                     H.L. Deissler, Novartis Pharma GmbH (F)

                                                                                                                            CR Disclosure 5372 – 5635

5372   J. Wang, None; Y. Le, Reagent from           5547   J. Zhang, Bausch & Lomb (E); K.R.            5619   J. Schwiegerling, Alcon Laboratories (F,
       Genentech Inc (R)                                   VanDerMeid, Bausch & Lomb (E); M.                   R)
5376   Y. Le, Reagent for Genentech Inc (R); J.            Salvador-Silva, Bausch & Lomb (E);           5621   P.J. Buckhurst, None; J.S. Wolffsohn,
       Guo, None; M. Zhu, None                             M.E. Cavet, Bausch & Lomb (E); S.M.                 Advanced Medical Optics (F); S. Shah,
5384   A.A. Kramerov, None; A.G. Golub,                    Volhejn, Bausch & Lomb (E); K.L.                    None; S.A. Naroo, None; L.N. Davies,
       Otava Ltd. (F); V.G. Bdzhola, Otava Ltd.            Harrington, Bausch & Lomb (E); Y.                   None
       (F); S.M. Yarmoluk, Otava Ltd. (E); A.V.            Lin, Bausch & Lomb (E); F.J. López,          5622   R. Stupplebeen, Bausch & Lomb (E);
       Ljubimov, None                                      Bausch & Lomb (E); K.W. Ward,                       I. Cox, Bausch & Lomb (E); T. Green,
5391   B. Kinge, Novartis (F, C, R); P.                    Bausch & Lomb (E)                                   Bausch & Lomb (E); C. Pinto, Bausch
       Stordahl, Novartis (F); Novartis, Alcon      5554   J.L. Lin, None; J. Lin, None; E.B.                  & Lomb (E); C. Schoof, Cascadia
       (R); V. Forsaa, Novartis (F); Novartis,             Lavik, None; S. Saluja, None; J.P.                  Engineering (C); A. Vogt, Bausch &
       Alcon, MSD (R); K. Fossen, Novartis                 Bertram, None; J.C. Tsai, None; J.J.                Lomb (E); J. Zuba, Bausch & Lomb (E)
       (F); Novartis, Alcon (R); M. Haugstad,              Huang, Allergan (F)                          5624   H.A. Swarbrick, Bausch & Lomb, BE
       Novartis (F); Novartis, Alcon (R); O.H.      5556   E.P. Horn, RealisticEye (I); S.R. Young,            Enterprises, Capricornia Contact Lens
       Helgesen, Novartis (F); Novartis, Alcon             RealisticEye (P)                                    (F); K. Watt, Bausch & Lomb, BE
       (R); J. Seland, Novartis (F); Novartis,      5557   R. Suverkrup, German Patent                         Enterprises, Capricornia Contact Lens
       Alcon (R); I. Stene-Johansen, Novartis              Application (P); K. Gruner, None; M.                (F); A. Demir, Bausch & Lomb, BE
       (F); Novartis, Alcon, Pfizer (R)                    Diestelhorst, None                                  Enterprises, Capricornia Contact Lens
5395   J.I. Lim, None; M.R. Wieland, None; A.       5558   P. Wynn, None; R.B. Bhisitkul,                      (F); C. Jung, None; M. Xiao, None; N.
       Fung, None; D.Y. Hung, ICON                         Company founder, Structus Medical,                  Li, None; C. Leung, None
       Bioscience (F, I, E); V. Wong, ICON                 Inc (I); On advisory boards of Pfizer,       5626   M. Willcox, CIBA Vision (F); CIBA
       Bioscience (I, E, P)                                Santen, Alcon (C); O. Lee, None; S.                 Vision, Alcon, Institute for Eye Research
5399   J. Basefsky, None; D. Peiramici, Alcon              Thoongsuwan, None; M.R. Steedman,                   (C, R); Institute for Eye Research
       (C); Genentech (C); Novartis (C); QLT               None; T.A. Desai, Company founder,                  (E); J. Ozkan, CIBA Vision (F, C);
       (C); R. Avery, Alcon (C); Genentech                 Structus Medical, Inc (I)                           CIBAVision, Institute for Eye Research
       (C); Novartis (C); Pfizer (C); QLT (C);      5560   E. Shay, Tissue Tech, Inc. (E); H. He,              (E); B. Phillips, CIBA Vision (F); E.
       Replenish (C); M. Nasir, None; A.                   Tissue Tech, Inc. (E); S. Zhang, Tissue             Papas, CIBA Vision (F, P, R); CIBA
       Castellarin, None; M. Rabena, None; S.              Tech, Inc. (E); S.C.G. Tseng, Tissue                Vision, Institte for Eye Research (C); L.
       Risard, None                                        Tech, Inc. (I, P)                                   Meagher, CIBA Vision (F)
5406   M. Goettner, None; M.D. Bennett,             5561   H. He, Tissue Tech, Inc. (E); W. Li,         5627   L.C. Huang, Advanced Medical Optics,
       Eyetech (C, R); P.H. Scharper, None; E.             Tissue Tech, Inc. (E); D.Y. Tseng,                  Inc. (E); K. Datta, Advanced Medical
       Atkinson, None                                      None; A.J. Day, None; S.C.G. Tseng,                 Optics, Inc. (E); J.M. Lally, Advanced
5407   S.M. Whitcup, Allergan, Inc (E); J.                 Tissue Tech, Inc. (P); TissueTech, Inc (I)          Medical Optics, Inc. (E)
       Heier, Allergan (C); Genentech (C); Ista     5602   S. Kasthurirangan, Visiogen Inc (E);         5629   P. Gifford, Bausch & Lomb, BE
       (C); J. Haller, Allergan (C); M. Jacques,           L. Vargas, Visiogen Inc (E); S. Evans,              Enterprises, Capricornia Contact Lens

                                                                                                                                                           Relationships Index
       Allergan (E); X. Li, Allergan (E); H. Cui,          Visiogen Inc (E); V. Portney, Visiogen              (F); A. Alharbi, Bausch & Lomb, BE

                                                                                                                                                           ARVO Commercial
       Allergan (E)                                        Inc (C)                                             Enterprises, Capricornia Contact Lens
5412   L. Naycheva, Okuvision GmbH (F); A.          5603   M. Bird, AMO Groningen BV (E); S.                   (F); H. Swarbrick, Bausch & Lomb, BE
       Messias, None; T. Röck, Okuvision                   Norrby, AMO Groningen BV (E); L.                    Enterprises, Capricornia Contact Lens (F)
       GmbH (F); H. Zhang, Okuvision GmbH                  Wang, Baylor College of Medicine (C);        5630   D. Tilia, CIBA VISION (F); R. Weng,
       (F); K.U. Bartz-Schmidt, None; E.                   D. Koch, Baylor College of Medicine                 CIBA VISION (F); V. Evans, CIBA
       Zrenner, Okuvision GmbH (C); F.                     (C); P. Piers, AMO Groningen BV (E)                 VISION (F); T. Naduvilath, CIBA
       Gekeler, Okuvision GmbH (F)                  5604   P.A. Piers, Advanced Medical Optics Inc.            VISION (F); B. Holden, CIBA VISION
5478   M.R. Ford, Cleveland Clinic Innovations             (F); M. Bird, Advanced Medical Optics               (F)
       (P); A.S. Roy, None; A.M. Rollins,                  Inc. (F); L. Wang, Advanced Medical          5632   J. Ozkan, Institute for Eye Research (F);
       Cleveland Clinic Innovations (P); W.J.              Optics, Inc (C); D. Koch, Advanced                  H. Zhu, Institute for Eye Research (F);
       Dupps, Cleveland Clinic Innovations (P)             Medical Optics, Inc. (C); H. Weeber,                M. Willcox, Institute for Eye Research
5483   R.R. Krueger, . (F); A.J. Kanellopoulos,            Advanced Medical Optics Inc. (F)                    (F)
       None                                         5606   L.G. Vargas, Visiogen (E); S.                5633   J. Diec, IER receives royalties from
5495   R.T. Kashiwabuchi, None; G.G.                       Kasthurirangan, Visiogen (E); G. Lau,               CIBA, B&L and CooperVision (E);
       Quinto, None; J. Castro-Combs, None;                Visiogen (E); S. Evans, Visiogen (E); V.            Research funding from CIBA VISION
       A. Behrens, Financial interest in this              Portney, Visiogen (C)                               (F); V.E. Evans, IER receives royalties
       technology (F)                               5607   I. Raveh, Xceed Imaging (E)                         from CIBA, B&L and CooperVision (E);
5530   P. Steven, Bausch&Lomb/Dr. Mann              5609   J.S. Wolffsohn, Bausch and Lomb (F, C,              Research funding from CIBA VISION
       Pharma (R); G. Huettmann, None; A.                  R); K. Edwards, Bausch and Lomb (E)                 (F); Up to Nov 2006, was employed by
       Gebert, None; S. Siebelmann, None; N.        5610   K.H. Edwards, Bausch & Lomb (E); J.                 CIBA VISION (C); T.J. Naduvilath, IER
       Koop, None; P. Chen, None; J.Y.                     Kwartz, Bausch & Lomb (R)                           receives royalties from CIBA, B&L and
       Niederkorn, None                             5611   O.A. Hunt, None; J.S. Wolffsohn,                    CooperVision (E); Research funding from
5545   N. Zhou, Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc               Bausch and Lomb (F, C, R); K. Edwards,              CIBA VISION (F)
       (F); P. Ma, Inspire Pharmaceuticals,                Bausch and Lomb (E)                          5634   V.B. Tran, None; S.M.J. Fleiszig,
       Inc (F); D. Li, Inspire Pharmaceuticals,     5613   E.J. Sarver, WaveTec Vision (C); T.D.               None; D.J. Evans, None; C.J. Radke,
       Inc (F); S.C.	Pflugfelder, Inspire                  Padrick, WaveTec Vison (E); M.T. Hall,              Alcon (F)
       Pharmaceuticals, Inc (F)                            WaveTec Vision (C)                           5635   Y. Zhang, CIBA Vision Novartis (F); M.
                                                    5616   M. Van der Mooren, AMO Groningen                    Mowrey-Mckee, CIBA Vision Novartis
                                                           BV (E); H. Weeber, AMO Groningen BV                 (E); M.M. Gabriel, CIBA Vision
                                                           (E); T. Terwee, AMO Groningen BV (E);               Novartis (E); L.D. Hazlett, CIBA Vision
                                                           P. Piers, AMO Groningen BV (E)                      Novartis (F)

                      CR Disclosure 5639 – 5821

                      5639   L.D. Murphy, None; S. Schatz, AMO           5693   E. Feinstein, Quark Pharmaceuticals Inc     5792   K.A. Soules, Carl Zeiss Meditec (E);
                             Inc. (C); H. Laubach, AMO Inc. (C); C.             (E); H. Ashush, Quark Pharmaceuticals              T. Abunto, Carl Zeiss Meditec (E);
                             Wenger, None; A. Rogerson, None                    Inc (E); M.E. Kleinman, None; M.                   A. Walia, Carl Zeiss Meditec (E); K.
                      5642   J. Tsukiyama, None; Y. Miyamoto,                   Nozaki, None; H. Kalinski, Quark                   O‘Hara, Carl Zeiss Meditec (E); J.
                             None; M. Fukuda, None; Y.                          Pharmaceuticals Inc (E); I. Mett, Quark            Straub, Carl Zeiss Meditec (E)
                             Shimomura, None; J. Tsuchiya,                      Pharmaceuticals Inc (E); J. Ambati,         5793   T.A. Abunto, Carl Zeiss Meditec, INc.
                             Employee of a company (E); H. Miura,               Quark Pharmaceuticals Inc (F, C)                   (E); K. O‘Hara, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.
                             Employee of a company (E)                   5710   P.P. Lee, Alcon (F); Allergan (F, C, R);           (E); M. Durbin, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.
                      5646   D.L. Leiske, Alcon Research, Ltd. (F); B.          Duke University (P); Genentech (F, C,              (E); V. Atkinson, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.
                             Meckes, None; H.A. Ketelson, Alcon                 R); Merck (I); Pfizer (F, I, C, R); W.             (E); K. Soules, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.
                             Research, Ltd. (E); G.G. Fuller, Alcon             Rafferty, None; D. Lobach, None; S.                (E); A. Walia, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. (E)
                             Research, Ltd. (F)                                 Asrani, Alcon (R); Merck (R); Pfizer        5797   I. Grulkowski, None; M. Gora, None;
                      5647   M.F. Mowrey-McKee, CIBA Vision                     (R); S. Keatts, None; J. Caldwell, None            M. Szkulmowski, Optopol Technology
                             Corporation (E); C.F. Morgan, CIBA          5714   S.M. Kymes, Allergan (F, C); EMMES                 S.A. (C); I. Gorczynska, None; D.
                             Vision Corporation (E); L. Alvord,                 (C); Pfizer (F, C); S.V. Kotak, Pfizer             Szlag, Optopol Technology S.A. (C); S.
                             CIBA Vision Corporation (E); K.B.                  (E); D.L. Lambert, None; D.L. Stwalley,            Marcos, None; A. Kowalczyk, Optopol
                             Sentell, CIBA Vision Corporation (E); B.           None; C.J. Siegried, None; P.L. Lee,               Technology S.A. (C); M. Wojtkowski,
                             McCarey, CIBA Vision Corporation (C)               Alcon (F); Allergan (C, R); Genentech              None
                      5650   T.O. Salmon, CooperVision Japan (F, C,             (C); Merck (I); Pfizer (I, C, R); D.C.      5798   M. Gora, None; I. Grulkowski, None;
                             R); S. Yamada, CooperVision Japan (F)              Musch, Pfizer (F); C.A. Johnson, Pfizer            M. Szkulmowski, Optopol Technology
                      5652   D.L. Meadows, Alcon Labs, Inc. (E);                (F); J. Fain, Pfizer (E); M.O. Gordon,             S.A. (C); B.J. Kaluzny, None; M.
                             A. Ramsey, Alcon Labs, Inc (E); R.                 None                                               Sylwestrzak, None; S. Marcos, None;
                             Garofalo, Alcon Labs, Inc (E); H.           5715   B.C. Samuels, None; Y. Ou, None; C.                A. Kowalczyk, Optopol Technology S.A.
                             Ketelson, Alcon Labs, Inc (E); R.                  Migdal, Alcon (C); Allergan (C); Merck             (C); M. Wojtkowski, None
                             Desousa, Alcon Labs, Inc (E); J. Baker,            (C); Pfizer (C); Santen (C); P.P. Lee,      5801   M. Mueller, None; C. Schulz-
                             Alcon Labs, Inc (E)                                Alcon (F); Allergan (R, F, C); Duke                Wackerbarth, None; P. Steven, None; E.
                      5653   S. Schatz, AMO Inc. (C); L.D. Murphy,              University (P); Genentech (F, C); Merck            Lankenau, None; T. Bonin, None; A.
                             None; H. Laubach, AMO Inc. (C); C.                 (C, F); Pfizer (R, C, F)                           Brüggemann, None; R. Birngruber,
                             Wenger, None; A. Rogerson, None             5723   C.M. Wilson, City University, London               None; S. Grisanti, None; G. Hüttmann,
                      5654   H. Sheardown, Johnson and Johnson                  (P); K. Wong, None; K.D. Cocker,                   Thorlabs HL AG (C)
                             Vision (C); L. Liu, None                           None; J. Ng, City University, London        5802   H. de Vries, Topcon Europe Medical
                      5655   C.A. Woods, CIBA VISION (F, R); J.                 (P); A.L. Ells, Clarity Medical Systems            BV (E); F.D. Verbraak, None; R. de
                             Varikooty, CIBA VISION (F); N. Keir,               Inc (C); A.R. Fielder, City University,            Kinkelder, Topcon Europe Medical BV
                             CIBA VISION (F); D. Fonn, CIBA                     London (P)                                         (E); T.G. van Leeuwen, Topcon Europe
                             VISION (F)                                  5725   P.J. Thyparampil, None; Y. Park,                   Medical BV (F)
Relationships Index

                      5657   L.J. Wardell, AMO (F); R.W. Snyder,                None; M. Martinez-Perez, None; J.T.         5803   D.J. Mordant, None; I. Al-Abboud,
ARVO Commercial

                             AMO (F); L.S. Powers, MicroBio                     Flynn, None; M.F. Chiang, MFC is an                None; G.D. Muyo, None; A.R.
                             Systems (P)                                        unpaid member of the Scientific Advisory           Harvey, Holds a related patent (P); A.I.
                      5661   K.S. Ambrus, Advanced Medical Optics               Board for Clarity Medical Systems                  McNaught, None
                             (E); M. Nikolic, Advanced Medical                  (Pleasanton, California). (C)               5808   R.A. Stone, None; G. Ying, None; D.
                             Optics (E); P. Juarez, Advanced Medical     5728   R.S. Maldonado, None; S.H. Chavala,                Pearson, None; M. Bansal, Sarnoff
                             Optics (E); A. Lam, Advanced Medical               OSI Eyetech (R); S. Farsiu, Bioptigen              Corporation (E); M. Puri, Sarnoff
                             Optics (E); N. Brady, Advanced Medical             Inc. (F); D.K. Wallace, Alcon                      Corporation (E)
                             Optics (E); S. Kilvington, Advanced                Laboratories (R); NEI (F); RPB (F); S.F.    5816   E. Trastman-Caruso, Merck (F); A.P.
                             Medical Optics (E)                                 Freedman, Pfizer (C); C.A. Toth, Alcon             Jindal, Merck (F); S.K. Jadico, Merck
                      5664   M.J. Kupersmith, Teva Pharmaceutical               (R); Bioptigen (R); Genentech (C)                  (F); J. Molineaux, Merck (F); B.E.
                             (C); Q. Zhou, Zeiss Meditec, Inc (E); G.    5777   M.M. Nentwich, None; A. Muacevic,                  Leiby, Merck (F); M.J. Pro, Merck (F);
                             Mandel, None; V. Atkinson, Zeiss                   European CyberKnife Center, Munich                 M. Moster, Merck (F); L.J. Katz, Merck
                             Meditec, Inc (E); S. Anderson, None; R.            (C); B. Wowra, European CyberKnife                 (F); G.L. Spaeth, Merck (F); J.S. Myers,
                             Kardon, None                                       Center, Munich (C); A. Kampik,                     Merck (F)
                      5671   A. Miyazawa, None; M. Yamanari,                    None; U.C. Schaller, None                   5817   D.R. Lally, None; G. Wollstein,
                             None; S. Makita, None; M. Miura,            5780   R. Ursea, None; M. Feng, None; R.H.                Bioptigen (P); Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);
                             None; K. Kawana, None; T. Oshika,                  Silverman, ArcScan, Inc (I)                        Optovue (F); D. Danks, None; H.
                             None; Y. Yasuno, Tomey Corp. (C)            5782   N. Nakakuki, None; K. Kawana, None;                Ishikawa, Bioptigen (P); L. Kagemann,
                      5676   D.R. Williams, Optos, Inc. (C);                    Y. Yasuno, Nidek (C); Tomey Corp (C);              None; J.S. Schuman, Alcon (R);
                             University of Rochester (P)                        TOPCON Corp (C); T. Oshika, None                   Allergan (R); Bioptigen (P); Carl Zeiss
                      5679   F.G. Holz, Acucela (C); Carl Zeiss          5785   Y. Li, Optovue, Inc., Fremont, CA (F, R);          Meditec (P, R); Heidelberg Engineering
                             Meditec (C); Heidelberg Engineering (C);           D. Huang, Optovue, Inc., Fremont, CA               (R); Lumenis (R); Merck (R); Optovue
                             Sirion Therapeutics (C)                            (F, C, P, R)                                       (R); Pfizer (R)
                      5681   G. Staurenghi , Heidelberg Engineering      5788   L.N. Davies, None; C.J. Evans, None;        5821   A. Iwase, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); M.
                             (C); Ocular Instrument (P); Optovue,               A.L. Sheppard, Bausch & Lomb                       Araie, None; R. Gurses-Ozden, Carl
                             Zeiss (F)                                          (F); K.D. Singh, None                              Zeiss Meditec (E); K.A. Soules, Carl Zeiss
                                                                         5791   M. Tang, Optovue Inc. (F); Y. Li,                  Meditec (E); Q. Zhou, Carl Zeiss Meditec
                                                                                Optovue Inc. (F); D. Huang, Optovue                (E); V. Atkinson, Carl Zeiss Meditec (E);
                                                                                Inc. (F, C, R)                                     Y. Duh, Carl Zeiss Meditec (E)

                                                                                                                             CR Disclosure 5822 – 5992

5822   C.Y. Cheung, None; C.K. Leung, Carl          5879   J. Patel, Diopsys (E); C. Tello, Diopsys,     5962   L.A. Wheeler, Allergan, Inc. (E); M.R.
       Zeiss Meditec (F); K. Qiu, None; R.N.               Inc. (R); P.H. Derr, Diopsys (E); C.G.V.             Robinson, Allergan, Inc. (E); M. Attar,
       Weinreb, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F); S.                 De Moraes, None; E. Kim, None; T.S.                  Allergan, Inc. (E); K.F. Siemasko,
       Liu, None; H. Li, None; M. Zhang,                   Prata, None; J.M. Liebmann, Diopsys                  Allergan, Inc. (E); W. Blanda, Allergan,
       None; C.P. Pang, None; D.S.C. Lam,                  (R); R. Ritch, Diopsys (R)                           Inc. (E); S.M. Whitcup, Allergan, Inc.
       Carl Zeiss Meditec (F)                       5885   V. Trubnik, None; V.C. Lima, None; T.S.              (E); M.E. Stern, Allergan, Inc. (E)
5824   B. Fortune, Equipment, Carl Zeiss                   Prata, None; C.G. De Moraes, None;            5963   L. Tang, Alcon Laboratories (F, C); Y.
       Meditec, Inc (F); H. Yang, None; N.G.               P. Derr, E (E); C. Tello, R (R); J.M.                Tsai, None; W. Hu, Progenitec (E, P)
       Strouthidis, None; G.A. Cull, None; J.L.            Liebmann, R (R); R. Ritch, R (R)              5969   R.A.P. De Carvalho, 3T Biopolymers
       Grimm, None; J.C. Downs, None; C.F.          5886   P.H. Derr, Diopsys, Inc. (E); C. Tello,              (I, E, P); 3T Ophthalmics (I, E, P);
       Burgoyne, Equipment and unrestricted                Diopsys, Inc. (R); C.G.V. De Moraes,                 G.G. Gum, Biological Test Center
       research support from Heidelberg                    None; J. Patel, Diopsys (E); T.S. Prata,             (E); T.M. Fife, None; G.C. Matsutani,
       Engineering, GmbH (F)                               None; J. Siegfried, Diopsys, Inc. (R);               3T Biopolymers (E); C. Mendes,
5825   X. Huang, Named inventor on a patent                J.M. Liebmann, Diopsys, Inc. (R); R.                 3T Biopolymers (E); P.M. Evans,
       application (P); R.W. Knighton, Named               Ritch, Diopsys, Inc. (R)                             None; R.H. Scagliotti, None; M.C.M.
       inventor on a patent application (P)         5892   L.F. Kehler, Diopsys, Inc. (F); L.A.                 Vargas, 3T Biopolymers (E)
5827   L. Guo, None; W. Cheung, None; S.                   Fraine, Diopsys, Inc. (F); P.H. Derr,         5971   U.B. Kompella, F (F); X. Li, None; G.
       Nizari, None; D. Lara, None; M.F.                   Diopsys, Inc. (E); D. Lepone, Diopsys,               Zhan, None; S.S. Lee, None
       Cordeiro, patent application (P)                    Inc. (E); J. Patel, Diopsys, Inc. (E); S.P.   5972   Q. Zhang, Lumenis, Inc. (F); N.
5830   J.H.K. Liu, Pfizer (F); L.M. Alencar,               Donahue, Diopsys, Inc. (C)                           Michaud, None; S. Bennett, None; B.
       Pfizer (F); F.A. Medeiros, None; R.N.        5895   K. Noda, None; S. Nakao, None; S.                    Uygun, None; M.L. Yarmush, None;
       Weinreb, None                                       Zandi, None; Y. Mashima, R-tech Ueno,                M.A. Latina, Lumenis, Inc. (F)
5831   F.A. Medeiros, Alcon, Inc. (F, C);                  Ltd. (E); A. Hafezi-Moghadam, R-Tech          5974   S.A. Molokhia, None; H.J. Sant,
       Alergan, Inc. (F); Allergan (C); Carl-              Ueno, Ltd. (F)                                       None; M.C. Hanson, None; R.M.
       Zeiss Meditec, Inc (R); Carl-Zeiss           5896   A.F. Ambrosio, OM PHARMA (F); E.C.                   Burr, None; A.E. Poursaid, None; C.J.
       Meditec, Inc. (F); Pfizer, Inc. (F, C);             Leal, None; J. Martins, None; C.                     Bishop, None; J.M. Simonis, None;
       Reichert, Inc. (F); L.M. Alencar,                   Chiavaroli, OM PHARMA (E); J.                        B.K. Gale, patent application (P); B.K.
       None; D. Chao, None; A. Tafreshi,                   Cunha-Vaz, OM PHARMA (F)                             Ambati, patent application (P)
       None; P.A. Sample, Carl-Zeiss Meditec,       5899   Y. Bai, None; J. Ma, None; Y. Le,             5981   S. Pershing, Alcon Laboratories (F);
       Inc. (F); Haag Streit (F); Welch-Allyn              Reagent from Genentech Inc. (R)                      Bausch and Lomb (F); R. Charalel,
       (F); C. Bowd, None; L.M. Zangwill,           5908   A. Verma, None; P. Han, None; T.                     Alcon Laboratories (F); Bausch and
       Allergan (F); Carl-Zeiss Meditec, Inc.              Nakagawa, None; R.J. Johnson,                        Lomb (F); N. Banaei, Alcon Laboratories
       (F); Heidelberg Engineering (F); Optovue            None; M.B. Grant, None; M. Campbell-                 (F); Bausch and Lomb (F); Y. Liao,
       (F); R.N. Weinreb, Alcon, Inc. (C, R);              Thompson, None; M.A. Atkinson,                       Alcon Pharmaceuticals (F); Bausch
       Allergan (C, R); Carl-Zeiss Meditec,                None; M.S. Segal, None; W.W.                         and Lomb (F); A. Shrivastava, Alcon

                                                                                                                                                             Relationships Index
       Inc. (F, C); Heidelberg Engineering (F);            Hauswirth, AGTC (P); Q. Li, None                     Laboratories (F); Bausch and Lomb (F)

                                                                                                                                                             ARVO Commercial
       Pfizer, Inc. (C, R)                          5918   M. Hennig, Novartis Germany (F); D.           5982   M.A. Patane, EyeGate Pharmaceuticals
5833   D.C. Musch, Glaukos (C); L.M. Niziol,               Bauer, None; S. Wasmuth, None; M.                    (E); T. Blalock, EyeGate Pharmaceuticals
       None; B.W. Gillespie, None; G.L. Skuta,             Busch, None; K. Wahlscheid, None; A.                 (E); T. Sanford, EyeGate
       Alcon (F, R); Alcon, Glaukos, Pfizer                Heiligenhaus, Novartis Germany (F)                   Pharmaceuticals (E); M. Manzo,
       (C); P.R. Lichter, None                      5943   L.M. Guogas, Inspire Pharmaceuticals                 EyeGate Pharmaceuticals (E); B. Ruiz-
5836   L. Kankipati, None; P.D. Gamlin,                    Inc. (E); J.L. Boyer, Inspire                        Perez, EyeGate Pharmaceuticals (E)
       None; C.A. Girkin, Carl Zeiss Meditec,              Pharmaceuticals Inc. (E)                      5983   K. Kauper, Neurotech (E); S. Sherman,
       Optivue, Heidelberg Engineering (F)          5944   J.M. Blondeau, Allergan, Inc. (F); S.D.              Neurotech (E); J. Mills, Neurotech (E);
5838   J.M. Arias Bernal, None; L.M. Alencar,              Borsos, None; C. Hesje, None                         M. Rivera, Neurotech (E); C. Bray,
       None; D. Chao, None; R.N. Weinreb,           5945   T.W. Morris, Bausch & Lomb (E);                      Neurotech (E); C. McGovern, Neurotech
       Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C); Heidelberg               W. Haas, Bausch & Lomb (E); L.S.                     (E); B. Bouchard, Neurotech (E); P.
       Engineering (F); Paradigm (F); Topcon               Brunner, Bausch & Lomb (E); G.E.                     St. Germain, Neurotech (E); W. Tao,
       (F); C. Bowd, Lace Elettronica (F);                 Zurenko, Bausch & Lomb (C); J.C.                     Neurotech (E)
       L.M. Zangwill, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F);              Lee, Bausch & Lomb (C); D.W. Usner,           5985   J.R. Crison, Simulations Plus (E); S.
       Heidelberg Engineering (F); Nidek (F);              Bausch & Lomb (E); M.P. Paterno,                     Chaudhuri, Simulations Plus (E); V.
       Optovue (F); P.A. Sample, Carl Zeiss                Bausch & Lomb (E); T.L. Comstock,                    Lukacova, Simulations Plus (E); M.B.
       Meditec (F); Haag-Streit (F); Welch-                Bausch & Lomb (E)                                    Bolger, Simulations Plus (E); W.S.
       Allyn (F); C.A. Girkin, Carl Zeiss           5948   H. Sheha, None; L. Liang, None; J. Li,               Woltosz, Simulations Plus (E)
       Meditec (F); Heidelberg Engineering (F);            None; S. Tseng, TissueTech Inc., Miami,       5989   P. Ashton, F (F); I (I); P (P); H. Guo, IP
       Optovue (F); J.M. Liebmann, Alcon Inc.              Florida (P)                                          (F); J. Chen, I,P (F); L. Canham, I, (F)
       (C); Allergan Inc. (C); Carl Zeiss Meditec   5957   T. Ruez, None; M.E. Mathews, Buckeye          5990   Q. Ru, None; C.T. Li, None; P.T. Khaw,
       (R); Heidelberg Engineering (R); Pfizer             Ocular (E); M. Kaufman, Buckeye                      Patent (P); S. Brocchini, Patent (P)
       Inc. (C); F.A. Medeiros, Alcon (F, C, R);           Ocular (E); A. Riga, Buckeye Ocular (P);      5991   C. McGovern, Neurotech (E); K.
       Allergan (C, R); Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C,          R.P. Singh, Buckeye Ocular (P)                       Kauper, Neurotech (E); S. Sherman,
       R); Pfizer (F, C, R); Reichert Inc. (R)      5958   J.H. Boatright, ORA (R); SMG                         Neurotech (E); S. Mateus, Neurotech
5849   M. Park, Merck (F); J. Moon, Merck (F)              Therapeutics (P); S.S. Sidney, None; E.S.            (E); P. Stabila, Neurotech (E); A. Lee,
5856   G.A. Cull, F (F); Y. Liang, F (F); C.F.             Kim, None; J.M. Nickerson, SMG                       Neurotech (E); B. Bouchard, Neurotech
       Burgoyne, None; L. Wang, F (F); G.A.                Therapeutics (P); H.F. Edelhauser, None              (E); W. Tao, Neurotech (E)
       Cioffi, None                                                                                      5992   A. Khalili, None; D. Paull, None; J.S.
5858   L. Wang, F (F); Y. Liang, F (F); G.A.                                                                    Ellis, None; S. Dhingra, None; P.T.
       Cull, F (F); C.F. Burgoyne, None; G.A.                                                                   Khaw, Patent (P); S. Brocchini, Patent (P)
       Cioffi, None

                      CR Disclosure 5993 – 6204

                      5993   M. Berdugo-Polak, None; E. Furrer,           6051   M.E. Patron, None; A.J. Witkin,              6163   X. Wei, Indiana University (P); L.
                             ESBATech (E); C. Stella, None; R.                   None; L.C. Castro, None; E. Reichel,                Thibos, Indiana University (P)
                             Gurny, None; U. Feige, ESBATech AG                  None; A.H. Rogers, None; C.R.                6185   S.J. Driscoll, None; K.S. Klein, MD,
                             (E); P. Lichtlen, ESBATech AG (E);                  Baumal, None; J.S. Duker, Alcon Labs,               None; M. Walsh, None; T.S. Hassan,
                             D.M. Urech, ESBATech AG (E); F.                     Inc (C); Carl Zeiss Meditech, Inc (F)               MD, None; L.S. Halperin, MD,
                             Behar-Cohen, None                            6052   A.J. Witkin, None; L.C. Castro,                     None; A.A. Castellarin, MD, None; D.
                      5995   S.R. Erickson, SurModics (E, P); C.                 None; E. Reichel, None; A.H. Rogers,                Roth, MD, None; J.L. Prenner, MD,
                             Hagemeier, SurModics (E); J. Missling,              None; C.R. Baumal, None; J.S. Duker,                Genentech, Ophthotech, Neovista (R);
                             SurModics (E); T. Klaiber, SurModics                Alcon (C); Carl Zeiss Meditech (F)                  Opko (P); Opko, Genentech, Ophthotech,
                             (E); C. Monasco, SurModics (E); S.           6093   M.E. Steen, Advanced Medical Optics                 Neovista, Alcon (C)
                             Fuller, SurModics (E)                               (E); T. Smith, Advanced Medical Optics       6193   X. Zhang, LKC Technologies, Inc
                      5996   J.W. Higuchi, Aciont Inc. (E); W.I.                 (E); R. Raney, Advanced Medical Optics              (C); M. Wang, None; D.C. Hood, None
                             Higuchi, Aciont Inc. (I); K. Papangkorn,            (E); A. Gwon, Advanced Medical Optics        6196   C. Bergin, Moorfields MDT (P);
                             Aciont Inc. (E); S.K. Li, Aciont Inc. (C);          (E); W. Fishkind, Advanced Medical                  D.P. Crabb, Moorfields MDT (P); R.
                             R.P. Kochambilli, Aciont Inc. (E); A.L.             Optics (C)                                          Moosavi, None; M.C. Westcott,
                             Tuitupou, Aciont Inc. (E); D.C. Mix,         6096   B. Lundgren, Advanced Medical Optics                Moorfields MDT (P); G.M. Verdon-Roe,
                             Aciont Inc. (E)                                     Inc. (E); M. Lundqvist, Advanced                    Moorfields MDT (P); D.F. Garway-
                      5999   S.M. Hariprasad, Alcon Research, Ltd.               Medical Optics Inc. (E); S. Nilsson,                Heath, Moorfields MDT (P); Pfizer (F)
                             (C, R); M. Sanders, Alcon Research, Ltd.            Advanced Medical Optics Inc. (E)             6198   L. Racette, None; J.M. Liebmann,
                             (E); J. Chastain, Alcon Research, Ltd.       6099   S. Norrby, Advanced Medical Optics                  Carl Zeiss Meditec (R); Heidelberg
                             (E); M. Curtis, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);           (E); R. Guthoff, Advanced Medical                   Engineering (R); C.A. Girkin, Carl Zeiss
                             R. Faulkner, Alcon Research, Ltd. (E);              Optics (F); O. Stachs, Advanced Medical             Meditec (F); Heidelberg Engineering (F);
                             D. Dahlin, al (E)                                   Optics (F); R. Bergman, Advanced                    Optivue (F); L.M. Zangwill, Carl Zeiss
                      6001   M. Manzo, EyeGate Pharmaceuticals                   Medical Optics (C)                                  Meditec (F); Heidelberg Engineering
                             (E); B. Ruiz-Perez, EyeGate                  6112   S. Nilsson, Advanced Medical Optics Inc.            (F); Nidek (F); Optovue (F); S. Jain,
                             Pharmaceuticals (E); T. Blalock, EyeGate            (E); M. Lundqvist, Advanced Medical                 None; F.A. Medeiros, Alcon (F, C, R);
                             Pharmaceuticals (E); M. Patane,                     Optics Inc. (E); B. Lundgren, Advanced              Allergan (C, R); Carl Zeiss Meditec (F,
                             EyeGate Pharmaceuticals (E); E. Arrieta-            Medical Optics Inc. (E)                             C, R); Pfizer (F, C, R); Reichert Inc (R);
                             Quintero, None; I. Nose, None; M.            6115   P.P. Banerjee, ImmersiveTouch-                      C. Bowd, Lace Elettronica (F); R.N.
                             Aguilar, None; V. Perez, None; S. Yoo,              Sensimmer (I, P); S. Liang, Sensimmer               Weinreb, Carl Zeiss Meditec (F, C);
                             None; J. Parel, Eyegate Pharmaceuticals             (P); D.P. Edward, Sensimmer (P); P.A.               Heidelberg Engineering (F); Paradigm
                             (C)                                                 Palmieri, None; S. Batt, None; R.                   (F); Topcon (F); P.A. Sample, Carl Zeiss
                      6002   P. Elena, Iris Pharma, France (E); C.               Mudumbai, None                                      Meditec (F); Haag-Streit (F); Welch-
                             Pollin, Iris Pharma, France (E); F.          6121   L. Ibares-Frias, None; P. Perez-Merino,             Allyn (F)
                             Bermon, Iris Pharma, France (E); T.                 None; P. Gallego, None; S. del Olmo,         6199   P. Charbel Issa, Novartis Ophthalmics
Relationships Index

                             Amar, Iris Pharma, France (E); T.                   None; B. Vazquez-Lasa, None; J. San-                (F); R.P. Finger, Novartis Ophthalmics
ARVO Commercial

                             Caillaud, Iris Pharma, France (E); H.               Roman, None; N. Garagorri, Inasmet.-                (F); K. Kruse, Novartis Ophthalmics (F);
                             Polzer, MEDproject Pharma (E)                       Tecnalia. (F); E. Larra, AJL Opthalmics             H.P.N. Scholl, Novartis Ophthalmics (F);
                      6004   S. Logan, None; M. Agbaga, P (P); R.S.              Spain (F); J. Merayo-Lloves, None; E.               F.G. Holz, Novartis Ophthalmics (F)
                             Brush, P (P); K.R. Henry, None; J.                  Hernandez-Galilea, None                      6200   M.N. Lott, None; H. Singh, Alcon (F);
                             Tran, None; R.E. Anderson, P (P)             6126   D.M. Kleinman, Bausch and Lomb, Inc.                Alimaera (F); Allergan (F); DORC (F);
                      6006   M. Agbaga, P (P); M.A. Mandal, None;                (C); Inventor (P); D. Sobti, None; T.S.             Eli-Lilly (F); Eyetech (F); Genentech (F);
                             R.S. Brush, P (P); L. Zheng, None; K.               Rowe, Rowe Technical Design (E)                     Neovista (F); OphthoTech (F); OPKO
                             Henry, None; M.H. Elliott, None; V.          6128   C.C. Hull, None; G. Cleary, None; J.J.              (F); Pfizer (F); Regeneron (F); Schering-
                             Vasireddy, None; K. Petrukhin,                      Zhang, None; D.J. Spalton, Alcon (C);               Plough (F); Thrombogenics (F); J.
                             None; R. Ayyagari, None; R.E.                       J. Marshall, AMO (C)                                Singh, None; D.M. Marcus, Alcon (F);
                             Anderson, P (P)                              6129   S.N. Mathur, None; S.S. Huang, Alcon                Alimaera (F); Allergan (F); DORC (F);
                      6009   G.D. Aguirre, Optigen, LLC (I); S.J.                (F); Bausch and Lomb (F, C, R); Dorc                Eli-Lilly (F); Eyetech (F, C); Genentech
                             Lindauer, None; K. Wickström,                       (F); Insight Instruments (F); Synergistics          (F, C); Neovista (F); OphthoTech (F);
                             None; S. Ahonen, None; H. Lohi,                     (C); M. Harrod, None; B.A. Benetz,                  OPKO (F); Pfizer (F); Regeneron (F);
                             None; A. Gupta, None; G.M. Acland,                  None                                                Schering-Plough (F); Thrombogenics (F)
                             Optigen, LLC (I); K. Guziewicz,              6132   V. Teuma, LensAR Inc (E); G. Gray,           6204   I.K. Kim, Genentech (C); Genentech,
                             None; B. Zangerl, None                              LensAR Inc (E, P); J. Bielitzki, LensAR             Genzyme, Momenta (F); J.S. Heier,
                      6019   K. Papangkorn, Aciont Inc. (E); W.I.                Inc (E); S. Bott, LensAR Inc (E); R.                Genentech, Novartis, Oxigene,
                             Higuchi, Aciont Inc. (I); S.K. Li, Aciont           Frey, LensAR Inc (P, E); J. Kuszak,                 Regeneron (C); Genentech, Novartis,
                             Inc. (C); D.J. Miller, Aciont Inc. (C);             LensAR Inc (C, P)                                   Regeneron (F); Genentech, Regeneron
                             R.P. Kochambilli, Aciont Inc. (E); A.L.      6133   S. Schumacher, None; M. Fromm,                      (R); D.M. Brown, Genentech, Novartis,
                             Tuitupou, Aciont Inc. (E); D.C. Mix,                None; U. Oberheide, Uwe Oberheide                   Regeneron (C); Genentech, Novartis,
                             Aciont Inc. (E); J.W. Higuchi, Aciont               (P); H. Hoffmann, None; G. Gerten,                  Oxigene, Regeneron (F); Genentech,
                             Inc. (E)                                            None; A. Wegener, None; H.                          Regeneron (R); T. Ciulla, Genentech,
                      6024   R.G. Josephberg, Patent holder and                  Lubatschowski, Holger Lubatschowski                 Regneron (F); Regeneron (C); P.
                             royalties from INSIGHT Instruments                  (P)                                                 Abraham, Alcon, Alimera, Allergan, Eli
                             (P); D. Esposito, None                       6155   M.G. Rich, None; M. Kleinman,                       Lilly, Genentech, Jerini, Novartis, Opko,
                      6027   H. Koizumi, Topcon (F, C); K.                       None; H. Kaneko, None; R.                           Pfizer, Regeneron, Schering Plough,
                             Maruyama, None; S. Kinoshita, None                  Albuquerque, None; K. Saitio,                       VRT (F); Alcon, Genentech, Novartis
                                                                                 None; W. Cho, None; J.	Baffi, None; J.              (C); J.M. Bankert, None; S. Chong,
                                                                                 Ambati, Allergan, Novartis, Quark (C);              None; P.E. Daniel, None
                                                                                 Univ. of KY (P)

                                                                                                                            CR Disclosure 6217 – 6362

6217   F.A. Lattanzio, OcuCure Inc. (F); S. Hahto,   6315   A. Fujii, Senju Pharmaceutical Co.,         6337   R.L. Chalmers, Vistakon, CIBA Vision,
       None; S. Helke, None; C.J. Sheppard,                 Ltd. (E); T. Kida, Senju Pharmaceutical            Alcon (C); C. Begley, Vistakon, Alcon
       None; J.L. Jacot, OcuCure Inc (F)                    Co., Ltd. (E); H. Sakaki, Senju                    (C); K. Moody, Vistakon, a Johnson &
6218   Y. Fukuma, Topcon Medical Systems                    Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (E)                       Johnson Company (E)
       (E); Y. Okazaki, Topcon corporation           6323   C. Bucolo, None; J.Z. Zhang, Zhang          6339   S. Rae, UltraVision CLPL Ltd (F); D.
       (E); T. Shioiri, Topcon Corporation                  (E); K.W. Ward, Ward (E); A. Spartà,               Austin, UltraVision CLPL Ltd (F); A.
       (E); Y. Iida, None; H. Kikuta, None; M.              None; M. Baiula, None; S. Spampinato,              Holland, UltraVision CLPL Ltd (F, E); S.
       Shirakashi, None; K. Yaoeda, None; H.                None                                               Pardhan, UltraVision CLPL Ltd (F)
       Abe, None; K. Ohnuma, None                    6324   F.K. Kurata, ISTA Pharmaceuticals (F);      6341   J. Wang, Vistakon (F); Q. Chen,
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6236   A. Franken, None; B. Plum, None; G.                  Pharmaceuticals (F); E.B. McLaurin,                funding (F); S. Rae, Research materials
       Mihov, None; T. Handels, None; W.                    ISTA Pharmaceuticals (F); J.I. Williams,           and funding (F); A. Holland, Employee
       Wetzels, None; A. Dias, None; S. Reiver,             ISTA Pharmaceuticals (E); J.A. Gow,                of the University and research funding
       None; S. Wise, DSM Biomedical-sponsor                ISTA Pharmaceuticals (E); M.B.                     company (E); S. Pardhan, Research
       (E); M. Bussieres, DSM Biomedical-                   Abelson, ISTA Pharmaceuticals (F); T.R.            materials and funding (F)
       sponsor (E)                                          McNamara, ISTA Pharmaceuticals (E)          6347   P. Situ, Alcon Research Limited, USA
6237   M.D. de Smet, Thrombogenics (P,               6325   E.E. Protzko, ISTA Pharmaceuticals (F);            (F); T.L. Simpson, None; L.W. Jones,
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       Thrombogenics (E)                                    Abelson, ISTA Pharmaceuticals (F); T.R.            Anastasopoulos, Alcon Laboratories
6240   J.A. Burke, Allergan, Inc. (E); K.                   McNamara, ISTA Pharmaceuticals (E)                 (F); C. Terry, Alcon Laboratories (F); R.
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                                                                                                                                                           Relationships Index
       R.L. Peiffer, Merck & Co Inc (E); W.O.               Inc. (F); T.R. McNamara, ISTA               6355   M.E. Cavet, Bausch & Lomb (E); K.

                                                                                                                                                           ARVO Commercial
       Cook, Merck & Co Inc (E); S. Mittal,                 Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (E)                          Harrington, Bausch & Lomb (E); K.W.
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6259   M.J. Seiler, Ocular Transplantation LLC              USA, Inc. (E); M. Yamaji, Teikoku           6357   F.R. Gill, No 7. Contact Lens Laboratory
       (P); B.W. Jones, None; R.B. Aramant,                 Pharma USA, Inc. (E); T. Kamakura,                 Ltd (F); P.J. Murphy, None; C. Purslow,
       Ocular Transplantation LLC (P); H.S.                 Teikoku Seiyaku Co., Ltd. (E); T.                  None
       Keirstead, International Stem Cell                   Matsubara, Teikoku Seiyaku Co., Ltd. (E)    6358   J.R. Paugh, Research Funding (F);
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       Immunologics Inc. (P)                                Co.,Ltd. (E); T. Kida, Senju                       Nguyen, None; A.C. Ramsey, Employee
6262   P.B. Yang, None; M.J. Seiler, Ocular                 Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. (E); A. Isowaki,           (E); D.L. Meadows, Employee (E)
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6280   P. Margaron, QLT Inc., Charlesson LLC                Inc. (E); M. Yamaji, Teikoku Seiyaku               D.L. Meadows, Alcon (E)
       (E); L. Castaner, None; K. Narfström,                Co., Ltd. (E); T. Matsubar, Teikoku
       None                                                 Seiyaku Co., Ltd. (E)
6285   F. Bucher, funding of materials and           6334   C.H. Powell, Advanced Medical Optics
       services (F); B. Bachmann, None; F.                  (E); L.D. Hoong, Advanced Medical
       Bock, None; D. Gross, employee of                    Optics (E); S.W. Huth, Advanced
       Ursapharm (E); C. Cursiefen, None; F.E.              Medical Optics (E)
       Kruse, funding of materials (F)               6336   T.Y. Edwards, None; J. Levet, None; K.
6289   A. Enriquez-De-Salamanca, None; C.                   Kura, None; D. Nissanke, Alcon
       García-Vázquez, None; M. Benito,                     Research Laboratories (E); H. Ketelson,
       None; M.J. Maldonado, None; L. Cocho,                Alcon Research Laboratories (E); J.T.
       None; J. Dotor, Digna Biotech, Madrid                Jacob, None
       (E); M.E. Stern, Allergan Inc, CA (E); M.
       Calonge, Allergan Inc, CA (C)

                      Workshops and SIGs 134 – 436

                      Workshops and SIGs                                   335   D.L. Farkas, inventor, P.
                      134   M.S. Blumenkranz, optimedica                   335   J.G. Fujimoto, Optovue, I; Carl Zeiss
                            corporation, macusight corporation,                  Meditec, LightLabs Imaging, P.
                            I; Allergan, Genentech, ISTA, C;               335   D.F. Garway-Heath, Optovue, F;
                            optimedica corporation, P; allergan,                 Heidelberg Engineering, F; Carl Zeiss
                            genentech, R.                                        Meditec, F; Carl Zeiss Meditec, C;
                      134   D. Epstein, Glaukos Scientific Advisory              Moorfields MDT, P; Carl Zeiss Meditec, R.
                            Board, C; Duke University, P; Aerie            335   J.S. Schuman, Heidelberg Engineering,
                            Pharmaceuticals, R.                                  GmbH, F; Optovue, Inc., C; Carl Zeiss
                      134   S.D. McLeod, Visiogen, Inc., F;                      Meditec, Inc., P; Bioptigen, Inc., P; Carl
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                            Laboratories, Inc., Pfizer Ophthalmics,              Merck, Pfizer, Santen, Serono C; Patent
                            Bausch & Lomb, Glaukos Corporation                   assigned to Wisconsin Alumni Research
                            and G.B. Bietti Eye Foundation, F;                   Foundation P;
                            Allergan, Inc., Alcon Laboratories,            338   I. Chowers, patent application P;
                            Inc., Pfizer Ophthalmics, C; Allergan,         338   A.O. Edwards, patent application P;
                            Inc., Alcon Laboratories, Inc., Pfizer         340   F. Holz, Sirion Therapeutics C; Carls
                            Ophthalmics, R.                                      Zeiss C; Acucela C; Heidelberg
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                            Inc., C.                                       340   F.G. Holz, Sirion Therapeutics C;
                      137   F.H. Grus, Alcon Laboratories, Ft.                   Carl Zeiss C; Acucela C; Heidelberg
                            Worth, TX, USA, F.                                   Engineering C;
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                            Kalsec, Inc. C;                                431   C.F. Burgoyne, Unrestricted research
                      140   J.M. Seddon, Tufts Medical Center P;                 support Heidelberg Engineering F;
                      230   R.J. Andrews, Patent pending on carbon         431   D. Garway-Heath, Carl Zeiss Meditec,
                            nanotubes for neuromodulation thru                   Optovue, Heidelberg Engineering F; Carl
                            NASA, P.                                             Zeiss Meditec C; Carl Zeiss Meditec R;
Relationships Index

                      230   R. Iezzi, Patent Pending, P.                   434   J. Izatt, Bioptigen, Inc. I; Bioptigen, Inc.
ARVO Commercial

                      230   B.A. Parviz, microsoft, F; inventor on               C; Bioptigen, Inc. P;
                            multiple patent applications, P.               434   Y. Yasuno, Topcon Corp C; Topcon Corp
                      233   S.H. Yoo, AMO/IntraLase & Carl Zeiss                 P;
                            Meditec F; AMO/IntraLase, Alcon Labs,          435   P.A. Campochiaro, Alimera Sciences,
                            Carl Zeiss Meditec R;                                Inc. F; Genentech, Inc. F; Regeneron, Inc.
                      233   S.H. Yoo, AMO/IntraLase & Carl Zeiss                 F;
                            Meditec F; AMO/IntraLase, Alcon Labs,          435   D.V. Do, Genentech, Inc. F; Regeneron,
                            & Carl Zeiss Meditec R;                              Inc. F;
                      235   P.J. Coffey, University College London P;      435   J.S. Heier, Genentech, Inc. F; Regeneron,
                      235   M. Friedlander, Pfizer C; Scripps                    Inc. F;
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                      240   J.F. de Boer, NIDEK, F.                              F; Pfizer, Inc. F;
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                            Light Labs, F; Optovue, I.                           F;
                      240   Y. Yasuno, TOPCON Corp F; Tomey                435   Q.D. Nguyen, Lux Biosciences, Inc. F;
                            Corp F; NIDEK F;                                     Bausch and Lomb, Inc. C;
                      333   M. Brigell, Novartis, E.                       436   A. Clark, F F; C C;
                      333   L.A. Levin, Allergan; Danube; Inspire;         436   P. Kaufman, C C; R R;
                            Serono; Pfizer; Ovation, C; Patents assigned   436   V. Rao, C C;
                            to Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation,       436   H. Tanihara, C C;
                            P; Allergan; Serono; Pfizer, R.
                      333   S.M. Whitcup, Allergan, E.
                      334   D. Epstein, Glaukos Scientific Advisory
                            Board, C; Duke University, P; Aerie
                            Pharmaceuticals, R.
                      335   W. Drexler, Allergan, Inc.; Carl Zeiss
                            Meditec, Inc. and Pfizer, Inc., R;
                            Allergan, Inc.; Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.
                            and Pfizer, Inc., F.


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