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					               Corporate Services

               Service Plan
               Version 3.0
               Reviewed May 2006

1.   INTRODUCTION                                              3

2.   STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF SERVICE                        4



5.   REVIEW OF PERFORMANCE                                    10

6.   REVIEW OF EXISTING SERVICE PLAN                          17

7.   RISKS                                                    21

8.   CHANGES TO RESOURCES                                     22

9.   ACTIONS                                                  25


 Owner:              Alistair B. Dodds
 Held:               Personnel Intranet
 Administrator:      Matthew Vogan
 Version:            0.6

Corporate Services in the Highland Council provide a wide range of services, both
internally, and to the public. These include:

      The operation of District Courts, the Licensing Board and council house sales
      Civic government licensing
      Registration of births, deaths and marriages
      Specialist professional services in Legal, Personnel, Employee Development,
      Health and Safety and Occupational Health
      Committee services and election support
      Services to Elected Members and other support services

Corporate Services contributes to the aims and objectives of the Council through its
support of the Corporate Plan. This Service Plan is the link between the Council's
Corporate Plan which details what the Council wants to achieve and the actions
which must be undertaken by Corporate Services and our staff to achieve these

The Service Plan also includes other Council and Resource Committee priorities, for
example, from the Employee Survey, the Women in Management Group, Risk
Management analysis, and the Code of Corporate Governance.

This plan should be seen as a working paper, which will help our staff focus on
priorities in service delivery and improvement over the next three years, and beyond.
It will also allow elected members to scrutinise what is being achieved by the

Our focus for 2007-8 is to support the Council in progressing its major initiatives
while continuing to provide high quality services. The efficiency agenda will continue
to be a driver for improving the ways that we do things. Major change events such as
the forthcoming political and management restructuring, the transfer of housing stock
and the implementation of job evaluation/single status will influence many of our key

The Council agreed on 29th June 2006 that Corporate Services and the Chief
Executive’s Service would merge by April 2007. During the period of this plan,
therefore, Corporate Services will work to ensure that this merger occurs effectively
and efficiently, creating a structure and organisation of work activities that best
supports the Council’s objectives.

This 2007-08 update sets out our achievements over the past year. Some of these
were objectives in the Service Plan but others have arisen from issues that required
to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

Corporate Services in the Highland Council provide a wide range of services, both
internally within the Council, and also to the public. The range of services includes:

       Legal Services, including the operation of District Courts and the Licensing
       Board and Council House Sales
       Personnel Services
       Employee Development
       Health and Safety
       Committee Services
       Civic Government Licensing
       Member Services
       Support Services
       Registration of Birth Deaths and Marriages and
       Elections Support

Service Goals and Service Objectives

The Service Plan will provide a focus for continuous improvement in the
management of our Service. It will give a framework for dealing with the impact of
key issues such as the Modernising Government Agenda, new legislation and single
status employment.

Service Goals
The Corporate Services’ goals reflect our long term Service targets. They have
developed as a result of consultation and underpin everything that we do. They are
to –

     1. Enable the Highland Council, through its Services, to act ethically, legally and
        effectively in all aspects of its work for the people of the Highlands.
     2. Develop our people fairly and equitably, valuing and recognising their
        contribution to the performance of our Council.
     3. Support and facilitate the Council’s decision making process through the
        provision of advice and appropriate Committee and Administrative services.
     4. Provide clear and appropriate guidance to the Council and the public on the
        impact of legislation on Council Services.
     5. Deliver a professional, efficient and sympathetic registration service, resulting
        in the accurate recording and preservation of all events of birth, death and
     6. Manage key facilities and functions in support of Council Services
     7. Support Elected Members to discharge their duties in an efficient and effective
     8. Create and sustain a culture of learning and continuous improvement within
        the Council.
     9. Ensure compliance with Health and Safety legislation, assisting the
        development of an effective safety management system for the Highland
10. Support and facilitate the effective management of staff within a framework of
    fair and transparent employment practices.
11. Administer effectively the conduct of elections at Parliamentary, European,
    Local Government and School Board level.
Staff Profile

Corporate Services employs 255 people (including Parlour Registrars). The
following breakdown also includes posts currently held vacant pending service and
management changes.

 Location                        Staff Employed

 Headquarters                    96

 Caithness                       17

 Sutherland                      11

 Skye and Lochalsh               16

 Lochaber                        27

 Badenoch and Strathspey         9

 Nairn                           6

 Inverness                       46

 Ross and Cromarty               27

 Total                           255

 Section                         Number of Staff

 Director                        1

 Law and Admin                   140

 Employee Development            21*

 Health and Safety               8

 Personnel                       28

 Registrars                      57**

 Total                           255

* Figures for Employee Development include 5 staff funded by Social Work
** Figures for Registrars include 13 Parlour Registrars

     3.1 Corporate Plan

   • Representing the Highlands
   • Working with Communities and Partners
   • Improving the Quality of Life
Corporate Services provides support to the Council’s priorities in these Corporate
Plan themes through:
       Legal services to support new legislation, organisations, PPP and other
       Personnel services for key developments such as Housing Stock
       Employee development activities supporting priorities such as
       Community Engagement, Gaelic Language and Energy Management

   • Being Open, Fair and Accountable
Corporate Services is accountable for:
      the Council’s compliance with the Code of Corporate Governance and
       the development of Members’ roles.
Corporate Services supports:
      the delivery of the Council’s Equalities and Diversity Agenda through
       Personnel policies and services and the delivery of appropriate
       training and development
      effective complaints handling through managing complaints to the
      Ombudsman and providing appropriate training
      legal services to support Freedom of Information and Data Protection

   • Delivering Services Effectively
Corporate Services is accountable for:
      the Corporate Plan targets on improving staff’s perceptions on how
      change is managed
Corporate Services supports:
      the Council’s customer service agenda through joint working between
       the Registration service and the Service Point Network and training
       and change management support for the CRM roll-out
      the Council’s performance management improvements through the
       provision of specific management skills development

   • Valuing and Involving Staff
Corporate Services is accountable for:
      Meeting the revitalising Health & Safety targets
      Improving Occupational Health through investment and achieving
      SHAW award
      Increasing the number of women managers
      Increasing staff satisfaction with the Council as an employer
      Implementing flexible working
       Developing a human resource strategy
       Increasing Service commitment to learning and development including
        the roll-out of personal development plans to all staff

In addition, the key areas for Corporate Services in the Corporate Plan going forward
               Equal Pay
               Job Evaluation
               Workforce Planning.

3.2    Best Value Audit Improvement Plan
Corporate Services will lead on and contribute to a number of objectives and tasks
as part of the Improvement Plan:
       Supporting the strategic role of Elected Members through providing
       appropriate training and development plans and developing opportunities for
       joint training with other Councils and Improvement Service
       Improving management capability through use of management competencies
       and management passport and extending business improvement skills
       Planning for medium and long term workforce requirements through workforce
       planning strategy and action, supported by the new Pay and Personnel
       Delivering the Staff Incentive Scheme to support service improvement and
       Supporting the delivery of the Race Equality Scheme through workforce
       monitoring and providing training on the Equalities Impact Assessment tool

3.3   Employee Survey
Corporate Services is responsible for undertaking the Council’s Employee Survey,
promoting the results and ensuring that improvement actions are agreed and
Key objectives for the Service from the corporate Employee Survey improvements
      The implementation of the Highland Council’s Internal Communication
      The mainstreaming of the Management Competency Framework and
      Management Passport and the provision of develop opportunities
      The review of the personal development plan process

3.4    Efficiency Agenda
Corporate Services will identify potential opportunities and benefits from shared
       Working with neighbouring Councils to delivering Elected Member and
        management training
       Identifying opportunities for ‘shared services’ within the Council,
        particularly in personnel and training and development activities.

The key emerging issues for the Service are:
   • Modernising Service Delivery – Equal Pay and Job Evaluation
   • New Council and committee restructuring
   • Consequences of Housing Stock Transfer – both internally to the Service and
      corporately across the Council
   • Changes to District Court and Liquor Licensing
   • Efficiency agenda – both internally to the Council and external opportunities
   • The merger of Corporate Services and the Chief Executive’s Service

Deliver ‘Modernising Service Delivery’ – Equal Pay and Job Evaluation
A new grading structure is under development and will be introduced as part of the
completion of Job Evaluation and Single Status.
The Service will be involved in managing the associated Trade Union negotiations,
staff communications, appeals and training to minimise red circle posts.

Support new Council and political restructuring
The new Council in 2007 will require considerable training and support to ensure
compliance with statutory requirements and effective working. Electoral reform may
provide a political council which will involve new committee membership

The political restructuring of the Council in terms of its Area and HQ political
management systems will require new ways of organising committee and member
support to reflect the new structures.

Complete internal restructuring in response to Area and Service restructure
The Service will be required to identify the most efficient structures and ways of
working to support these changes, particularly if Housing Stock transfer is agreed.

The Service will also have to provide change management support across a range of
personnel and employee development services to address similar changes across
other Services

Create opportunities for efficiencies in the delivery of functions, particularly
personnel, training and health and safety.
The Service will review the delivery across the organisation of training and health
and safety and recommend ways to increase efficiency. Plans are also underway for
joint working with Moray Council for specific issues, such as Member training.

Implement the merger between Corporate Services and the Chief Executive’s
The Service will carry out the merger efficiently and effectively whilst ensuring the full
involvement of all staff, especially those most affected by any changes.

Absence Indicator for Highland Council

                     2005/2006                               Percentage of Days Lost - Previous
 Employee            Total        Total       Percentage     2004/      2003/      2002/   2001/   2000/
 Group               Working      Sick        of Days        2005       2004       2003    2002    2001
                     Days         Days        Lost
 Chief Officers,     1,693,104    78,261      4.6%             4.90% 4.05%         4.2%    4.0%    4.9%
 APT&C Staff
 and Manual
 Craft               29,821        2,820      9.5%             6.20% 5.45%         6.0%    5.4%    5.2%

 Teachers            556,912      15,016      2.7%             3.40% 2.9%          2.7%    2.6%    2.5%

 TOTALS              2,279,837    96,097      4.21%            4.62% 4.18%         4.4%    4.1%    4.4%

Equal Opportunities Indicator for Highland Council

                                  Total Number of         Total Number of          Women as a % of
                                  Employees               Women                    total

 In top 2% of all employees       In top 2% of all
                                                                              60                   30.9
 In top 5% of all employees       In top 5% of all
                                                                             196                   35.7

Notes: Figures are draft subject to final confirmation from Internal Audit
       Teachers are excluded
       Top 2% are those with salaries equal to or greater than £36807
       Top 5% are those with salaries equal to or greater than £30288

                                  Total Number of         Total Number of          Women as a % of
                                  Employees               Women                    total

 In top 2% of all employees       In top 2% of all
                                                                              47                   25.5
 In top 5% of all employees       In top 5% of all
                                                                             183                   34.7

         Teachers are excluded
         Top 2% are those with salaries equal to or greater than £36807
         Top 5% are those with salaries equal to or greater than £30288
                                Total Number of        Total Number of    Women as a % of
                                Employees              Women              total

 In top 2% of all employees     187                    35                 18.7%
 In top 5% of all employees     474                    141                29.6%

Notes: Teachers are excluded
       Top 2% are those with salaries equal to or greater than £33729
       Top 5% are those with salaries equal to or greater than £27873

                                Total            Total Number of         Women as a % of
                                Number of        Women                   total
 a) Chief Officials
    Salary Band A               17               2                       11.8%
 b) Other Employees
    Salary Band A               109              14                      12.8%
    Salary Band B               979              459                     46.9%

Notes: Teachers are excluded
       Band A £36132 and above
       Band B between £22938 and £35343
Registration Service Statistics

                          2001    2002       2003           2004          2005
Registrars                78      78         78              93 (see       96 (see
                                                            notes)        notes)
Number of                 47       47        47              47            47
Registration Districts
Births Registered         2186    2037       2143            2230         2218
Deaths Registered         2404    2405       2420            2360         2264
Still Births Registered   12      11         7               11           7
Marriages                 1497    1545       1644            1701         1750
Civil Marriages           568     568        623             828          831
Religious Marriages       929     553        1021            873          919
Civil Partnership                                                         2
Entries Without Errors    96%     95%        96%             91%          N/A *
Extract Requests          9500    9700       10100           10530        11840
Genealogical              1600    1825       1300             1300         1160

       Within the Registration Service:
       23 staff are dedicated within the Service, plus 24 support staff, of which 22
       are additional Assistant Registrars who conduct civil ceremonies , only when
       38 staff are multi-functional within the Service Point network
       13 staff are Home-based Registrars.

       The Registration Service in Highland is ranked 7th in Scotland in terms of
       volume of events.

   * not available from the General Register Officer Examiner until September
   Legislation Prescribed Statistics

District Court Activities

                                  2001/2     2002/03         2003/04      2004/05     2005/06
 Administering New Court Cases    3263       3042            4130         3856        3452
 lodged by Procurator Fiscal
 Numbers of new and continued     5508       5238            8328         9591        6844
 cases called in court
 Number of trial diets            857        893             948          1728        611
 Total of fines imposed           2514       2641            2998         2832        2199
 Fines Collected                  £222,044   £286,523        £390,557     £422,094    £295,619
 Registered Fines Collected       546        583             612          401         550
 Compensation Orders              151        164             233          157         123
 Fiscal Fines                     1931       1903            1893         2626        1778
 Road Traffic Fixed Penalties     6545       6861            5447         5988        10,537

Civic Government Licences Administered

                        2001/02   2002/03    2003/04    2004/05        2005/06       Issued
 Taxi Operators         513       532        n/a        545                589                277
 Private Hire Car       116       116        n/a        112                139                 69
 Taxi Driver            928       983        n/a        959                969                403
 PHC Driver             106       129        n/a        179                192                 53
 Street Traders         124       111        n/a        142                152                 62
 Public Entertainment   166       210        n/a        260                283                152
 Window Cleaners        86        83         n/a        86                  95                 27
 Second Hand            38        29         n/a        34
 Dealers                                                                    26                   9
 Second Hand Motor      106       91         n/a        88
 Dealers                                                                    79                 41
 Other                  124       118        n/a        109                196                104
 Total                  2306      2401       n/a        2514              2720               1197

Highland Licensing Board

                                  2001/02     2002/03         2003/04      2004/05    2005/06
 Hotel                            417         411            408          405         399
 Restricted Hotel                 123         126            125          102         113
 Public House                     189         210            218          211         227
 Restaurant                       136         138            140          154         146
 Entertainment                    25          29             34           34           32
 Refreshment                      55          59             68           73           66
 Off-Sales                        414         439            423          421         427
 Total                            1359        1412           1416         1400        1410
Disabled Persons Parking Badges (Blue Badge Scheme)

                            2001/02   2002/03        2003/04     2004/05   2005/06
Total Number of Badges in   8643      9075           7714        8538      7966*

* number of parking badges in circulation in Ross & Cromarty to be added

Council House Sales

                            2001/02   2002/03        2003/04     2004/05   2005/06
Caithness                   86        121            76          58        66
Sutherland                  50        41             22          57        40
Ross and Cromarty           134       157            141         166       125
Skye and Lochalsh           18        36             29          23        20
Inverness                   140       195            193         142       123
Nairn                       27        26             36          25        20
Badenoch and Strathspey     27        38             44          32        22
Lochaber                    85        75             96          67        74
Total                       567       689            637         570       490

                                           2004/05          2005/2006
         Council House Sales
No of Sales                                  570               491
% of Sales Complete within 26 weeks        53.40%            58.00%
Average No. weeks to complete Sales         28.2              27.2
Complaints to the Ombudsman

              BROUGHT                                      NOT ACCEPTED                                  DECISIONS         CARRIED
   YEAR       FORWARD       RECEIVED      TOTAL                                         LOCAL               TO            FORWARD
                                                      WITHOUT           AFTER        SETTLEMENTS        INVESTIGATE           AT
                                                     ENQUIRIES         ENQUIRY                                            31 MARCH

  2000/01          7            41           48           23               8                7                  1                9

  2001/02          9            41           50           20               7                8                  3                12

  2002/03         12            37           49           28               7                4                  0                10

  2003/04         10            76          86**                  65                        13                 0                8

  2004/05          8            78          86                    72                        4                  0                10

Note ** -     The total number of complaints received in 2003/04 cannot be compared to previous years because of a change in
the Ombudsman’s method for collection of statistics. (The new Scottish Public Services Ombudsman’s office came into existence
in Oct 2003.)
Employee Development and Health and Safety

                          2001/02   2002/03     2003/04     2004/05     2005/06
Total Staff Training      3065      3580        3965        4493        5758
Delivered The             1817      1362        1497        973         1307
Corporate Priority
Candidate Numbers         291       219         125         207         153
for The Council's
Completion of             97        106         75          176         SVQ 145
Vocational                                                              ILM 62
Completion of             61        56          373         521         529
European Computer
Driving Licence
modules (core and
Delivery of Health and    598       243         401         1221*       1908*
Safety related training
Delivery of in-house      45        821         1853        1648        1792
IS workshops
Minibus Assessments       180       188         214         184         224

Total Processed           2900      3100        2687        2863        2793
Accident Reports
Accident Reports          501       695         809         832         663
relating to Staff
Accident                  276       289         286         264         273
Investigations on Site

* includes Moving and Handling, Violence at Work, First Aid, Stress Awareness and
Risk Assessment (delivered by Employee Development). Does not include Health
and Safety Team delivered training


Valuing and Improving Staff
     increased investment in occupational health
     implemented Internal Communication Standards Framework
     developed and implemented a mentoring scheme for staff
     implemented a system of management competencies and the Management
     Competency Framework
     implemented the Diversity training programme for the Council
     completed the job analysis phase of the Job Evaluation process
     completed training in recruitment and selection for elected Members and
     implemented training for managers
     completed stress risk assessment pilots
     numbers of accidents and working days lost has fallen for year 04/05 in line
     with Health and Safety Executive “Revitalising” targets
     completed critical incident audit
     promoted the findings of the Management Development Programme (MDP 3)
     project group working assessment techniques for partnerships
     supported the Joint Future initiative in relation to health and safety training
     implemented actions in response to Women in Management (WIM) action plan.
     developed and delivered training to support complaints handling
     provided training and support for Digital Highland and other business
     improvement activities
     implemented the Management Development Programme 4
     improved and rationalised the Legal filing arrangements to improve the working
     environment for our people.
     Develop and implement a scheme of referral to Employee Development and
     Personnel (Organisational Development) at specified gateways within the
     Highland Council Project/Programme Administration process
     Promote the role of ED and Personnel (OD) in advising Project Managers on
     Stakeholder Plan, Communications Plan & its implementation, consultation &
     staff involvement
     Provide training and support to key individuals within change projects, e.g.
     ‘change managers’, process owners
     Communicate change management guidance to staff
     Develop guidance to support directors in addressing areas of recruitment
     difficulties esp. professional staff
     undertaken 3rd Employee Survey
     supported implementation of improvement actions arising from 3rd Employee
     reviewed progress against H.S.E's Revitalising Health and Safety targets
     implemented changes arising from review of Smoking at Work Policy
     submitted portfolio of evidence for Bronze level accreditation in Scotland's
     Health at Work Scheme (SHAW)

Best Value and Performance Management
     implemented actions in preparation for Best Value Review
     implemented improvements arising from Best Value Review

     introduced internal management Performance Indicators (PIs) for our Service
     and its seven functions.
     continued to improve Statutory PIs.
     established priorities for achieving efficiencies with partners in relation to
     Efficient Government (e.g. Occupational Health, Training, Contracts and
     ensured that the Council's targets for the Code of Corporate Governance are
     met targets for efficiency savings from overall Corporate Services budget
     successfully managed Temporary Agency Worker Tender
     renegotiated Advertising Contract with supplier offering best value service

Legislative and Policy/Procedural Development

     developed guidance on emerging Age Discrimination legislation
     guided other Services on the legal requirements and management implications
     of the Local Government in Scotland Act 2003
     guided other Services on the legal requirements and management implications
     of the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Bill
     guided other Services on the legal requirements and management implications
     of the Proposed Strategic Transport Authority
     provided Legal and Personnel Resources for Housing Stock Transfer
     submitted comments on Licensing (Scotland) Bill
     supported processes for ensuring SSSC registration of Social Workers
     serviced newly-established Local Access Forums
     agreed new Health and Safety partnership arrangements with trades unions
     piloted Exit Interview policy
     reviewed Vetting Procedures in order to ensure compliance with the new
     Protection of Children Act.
     redeveloped recruitment application materials
     provided training and support for Elected Members in relation to IT,
     Recruitment and Selection, Equalities and Diversity, Scrutiny and Appeals
     completed annual review of Scheme of Delegation and Standing Orders
     reviewed Disclosure Scotland Procedures to take account of changes in
     legislation and best practice
     organised second round of workshop sessions and on-line support in relation to
     the Code of Conduct for Elected Members
     minimised (through training and new procedures) the number of negative
     judgements by the Standards Commission and to the Ombudsman
     reviewed procedures for scrutiny of committee reports to ensure openness
     guided and managed in relation to the legal requirements and management
     implications of the Education PPP
     facilitated the Affordable Housing Land Bank
     reviewed Code of Conduct for Employees

Business Change through ICT
    trained committee staff on web publishing software in order to maintain Minutes
    and Agendas Online and improved availability of Minutes and Agendas Online
    extended broadband to all Elected Members

      increased used of electronic publications in Legal Offices.
      developed e-systems for capturing, monitoring and reporting on key
      performance indicators.
      adopted ‘e’ procurement practices

Customer Focus
    civil marriages in approved venues have doubled in Highland and we have the
    largest number of approved venues in Scotland.
    conducted over 40 Citizenship Ceremonies in Highland


      participated actively in Business Improvement Projects
      supported Social Work Capital refurbishment programme
      supported Race Relations and Employment Tribunals
      supported EDRM project developments prepared Business Case for Action
      Sheets Project
      reviewed printing provision at HQ
      established email alert for website users to be alerted automatically by email
      when jobs page is updated – 927 subscribers Jan-April 06.
      managed site issues relating to closure of Eden court and construction work
      implemented additional methods of recruiting to Social Work posts
      reviewed Council’s Policy on Gas Safety
      implemented the removal of 16 and 17 Year Old Rates of Payment, for Manual
      and APT&C staff
      implemented protocol for informing and consulting with employees
      implemented Cycle to Work Scheme
      implemented Equalities Monitoring framework and process
      revised Travel and Subsistence scheme
      developed violent persons database
      explored development of an Occupational Road Risk Policy.
      produced pro forma title examination enquiry form
      computerised all HQ Council title record cards
      piloted Disability Confident e-Learning with partners
      implemented Joint Partnering Arrangement with HSE
      implemented New Performance System
      assisted in improved debt collection performance
      serviced the Shadow Board for the New Highland Landlord
      refurbishment of Members area and enhancements to audio-visuals
      implemented new Home Office tests on “Life in the UK” for potential citizens
      commenced on 1 November 2005.
      implemented Personnel Procedure manual for new recruits to
      Personnel explaining acting up, new contracts etc.
      developed and implemented new ILM Certificated Team Leader course for
      front-line supervisors.
      implemented suite of customer care training.
      reviewed Highland Council Induction
      implemented Gaelic learning opportunities
      examined the implications of District Court unification
      concluded Raasay Harbour Appeal successfully

      successful partnership with Finance in the increased number of sequestrations
      reviewed Taxi conditions and fares
      implemented training in Company Directorship for Members
      supported IIE Project
      managed redeployment of switchboard staff
      managed challenges to Registration service in relation to new immigration rules
      managed Redeployment/Redundancy of Corsee staff
      produced revised procedures for approval of new posts
      managed increased numbers of employment tribunal claims
      agreed strategy for pupil work placement assessments with ECS
      Smoking policy and guidance issued to all employees,
      Smoking cessation support database established.
      Implemented monthly performance sheets for Health and Safety staff


      Guide other Services on the legal requirements and management implications
      of the Single Correctional Agency
      Achieve 10% decrease in occupational health related absence by 31 March
      2006 against figures as at 31 March 2001.
      Implement consistent and compliant practices across the whole of Corporate
      Services for information management.
      Profile the Highland Population and seek to mirror the proportion of ethnic
      groupings in our staffing profile at both Council and Corporate Services level.
      Promote through Staff newsletter Corporate Services staff suggestion scheme
      to effect real efficiency savings.
      Implement the transfer of paper data to PDF file and encourage their use in
      Legal Offices.
      Review progress with computer based title index in partnership with Property
      and Architectural Services
      Undertake formal IIP assessment for Corporate Services in March 2006.
      Develop standard risk assessment form for Joint Futures initiative
      Achieve targets for Corporate Services Improvement Projects
      Establish and implement a system for recording and reviewing minimum
      standards of training input per person within Corporate Services of not less
      than 10 hours per person per annum

7.      RISKS

Corporate Risks
The Highland Council has a Corporate Risk Management Plan and Corporate
Services has responsibility for the following corporate risks . These have been cross
referenced to the relevant actions outlined in the Action Plan in Section 9.

     Risk Group                     Corporate Relevant Action IDs from
                                    Risk No.  Corporate Services Action Plan
     Provision of core              C1        5.4 5.6 6.5 6.6 6.7 6.12 6.13
     management skills                        6.16

     Implementation of robust       C2          5.7 5.8 6.12 6.15
     Health & Safety policies

     Implementation of job          C3          6.8 6.9 6.10 6.11
     evaluation, single status
     and equal pay

     Management of major            C4          1.1 1.2 4.7     5.6   6.1    6.2   6.5
     change programmes                          6.13 6.16

     Retention of PPP2 skills       C5          5.4 6.1 6.2

Service Risks
Corporate Services has also undertaken a risk assessment of its service specific
risks as detailed below. These have been cross referenced to the relevant actions
outlined in the Action Plan in Section 9.

     Risk Group                     Corporate   Relevant Action IDs from
                                    Services    Corporate Services Action Plan
                                    Risk No.
     Provision of management        S7          5.3

     Development of staff skills    S1          5.2 6.1   6.2   6.3   6.14

     Provision of employment        S12         5.3 5.7 5.8

     Prioritisation of activities   S21,S9      Action Plan


    Activity     Gross Expenditure          Income   Net Expenditure
                       £’000                 £’000        £’000
Members                1,674                  203         1,471

Director of Corporate         218             15          203
Personnel                     873            218          655
Training &                    706            190          516
Health & Safety                297            0            297
Legal Services                1,277          497           780
Committee Services            1,524          310          1,214
Support Services               888           103           785
Licensing                      238           354          -116
Registrars                     475           308           167
District Courts                875           999          -124
Children’s Panel               106            0            106
Elections                       52            0             52
TOTAL CORPORATE               7,529         2,994         4,535

TOTAL INCLUDING               9,203         3,197         6,006

       Activity         Gross Expenditure   Income   Net Expenditure
       By Area                £’000          £’000        £’000
Headquarters                  5,926          1,284        4,642
Total of Areas                3,303          1,696        1,607
TOTAL CORPORATE               9,229          2,980        6,249

Analysis of Areas       Gross Expenditure   Income   Net Expenditure
                              £’000          £’000        £’000
Badenoch &                     318            295           23
Caithness                      300           145           155
Inverness                      998           467           531
Lochaber                       354           180           174
Nairn                          128            51            77
Ross & Cromarty                826           394           432
Skye & Lochalsh                173            88            85
Sutherland                     206            76           130
TOTAL AREA                    3,303         1,696         1,607

                Corporate Services Gross Expenditure by Activity 2006-07

                                Children’s Panel
                     District Courts         Director of Corporate Services
       Registrars         12%                              3%
                                                                                      Training & Development
    Licensing                                                                                   9%

                                                                                        Health & Safety
Support Services                                                                              4%
                                                                                Legal Services
                    Committee Services                                              17%

                      Corporate Services - Gross Expenditure by Area, 2006-07

                                            Sutherland                       Badenoch & Strathspey
                    Skye & Lochalsh
                                               5%                                    10%
Ross & Cromarty

                     4%          Lochaber


                     Service Revenue            Members’             Total Budget
Financial Year           Budget                 Services
                           £’000                 £’000                   £’000

2005 – 2006                4,669                  1,580                  6,249

2006-2007                  4,817                  1,623                  6,440

2007-2008                  4,970                  1,666                  6,636


Corporate Services have consistently come within budget since the Service was
formed in 1998.

This has been achieved through Corporate Services' budget-holders being
responsible and accountable in relation to their budgets. Budget-holders have
identified where efficiency savings could be made and have maximised income
generation, and these have been used to provide improved services, to meet
changes in service demands without the need to seek Council funding, and to meet
the sustainable savings required to meet cash-limited budgets.

There are increasing demands on the Service to address ever-increasing legislation,
from the Scottish; UK and European Parliaments. There are also increasing
demands on Personnel and Employee Development to ensure that the Council's
staff are equipped to meet the proposed changes in service delivery, both
managerially and functionally.

The Council has provided some additional funding to assist with diversity training, e-
learning, elections, and management development. Certain of these areas will
require further corporate support in the future, particularly in relation to e-learning
and management development.

The above provides a summary of known and predicted budgets for the period 2004-



This section contains the Action Plan for Corporate Services. It is a result of the review of performance, corporate priorities and the
key objectives of the Service.

The actions are organised under the six themes of the Council’s Corporate Plan and specify the action, who is responsible and the
target or review date. The actions are also cross-referenced to the Corporate and Service Risk Management Plans as outlined in
Section 7.

The Action Plan also outlines indicative resources and indicates where there is a specific target for improving performance such as
increasing or reducing something.

ID  Action                                                                 Owner   Date due   Indicative              Target      Risk ID
                                                                                   or for     Resources
                                                                                              £            Time
1.1   Create and implement plans for management of the forthcoming         ELM     31/03/07   £10k         2.0 FTE                   C4
      local government elections in accordance with the outcomes of the                                                  N/A
      Local Governance (Scotland) Act 2004
1.2   Increase legal and personnel professional support to the Community   HOP     31/12/06                2.0 FTE                   C4
      Ownership Programme                                                                                                N/A
1.3   Create and deliver support materials for new Council (including      HOC     30/04/07                4.0 FTE
      handbook, technology etc.)                                                                                         N/A        N/A

1.4   Create and deliver induction and other training for new Council      HOC     31/12/07   £5k          0.5 FTE
                                                                                                                         N/A        N/A
1.5   Ensure full compliance with statutory requirements and timescales    HOC     30/06/07
      for new Council/members                                                                                            N/A        N/A
1.6   Appoint and maintain new committees and Boards                       HOC     30/06/07
                                                                                                                         N/A        N/A
ID Action                                                                   Owner     Date       Resources          Target   Risk ID
                                                                                                 £         Time
2.1   Create and deliver training to support implementation of Community    EDM       31/12/06   £500     0.1 FTE   N/A      N/A
      Engagement standards

ID  Action                                                                  Owner     Date       Resources          Target   Risk ID
                                                                                                 £         Time
3.1   Create a revised Youth Recruitment Policy                             EDM       31/10/06            0.1 FTE   N/A      N/A
3.2   Reduce paper purchases                                                DCS       31/03/08            0.1 FTE   6.25%    N/A
3.3   Create an ancestry research centre through the Registration Service   CR        31/03/07   £4k      0.2FTE    N/A      N/A
      in partnership with others

ID  Action                                                                  Owner     Date       Resources          Target   Risk ID
                                                                                                 £         Time
4.1   Reduce the number of negative judgements from the Standards           HOL/HOC   31/03/07            0.1 FTE   N/A      N/A
      Commission and to the Ombudsman
4.2   Create and deliver diversity awareness training to all front line     EDM       30/06/07   £2K      2.0 FTE   N/A      N/A
      Council staff
4.3   Create and deliver training to support complaints handling and        EDM       31/10/06   £200     0.2 FTE   N/A      N/A
      customer service
4.4   Increase the accessibility and quality of minutes and agendas on-     HOC       31/10/06            1.0 FTE   N/A      N/A
      line in relation to the new website.
4.5   Increase scrutiny of committee reports to ensure openness             HOC       30/09/06            0.1 FTE   N/A      N/A

4.6   Create training programme for Elected Members in relation to IT,      HOC/EDM   30/04/07            0.1 FTE   N/A      N/A
      Recruitment and Selection, Equalities and Diversity, Scrutiny and
4.7   Maintain compliance with Code of Corporate Governance                 DCS       31/03/07            0.1 FTE   100%     C4
ID   Action                                                                     Owner   Date       Resources             Target     Risk ID
                                                                                                   £         Time
5.1    Increase efficiency savings from overall Corporate Services budget       DCS     31/03/07               0.1 FTE   N/A        N/A

5.2    Increase desk based/PC based learning through e-learning                 EDM     31/03/07   £2k         0.2FTE    N/A        S1

5.3    Create and implement an integrated employee database                     DCS     31/03/07   £100, 000   1.0 FTE   N/A        S7, S12

5.4    Create a toolkit to enable the transfer of skills and knowledge to our   EDM     31/03/07   £200        0.1 FTE   N/A        C1, C5
       staff before the retirement of key personnel.
5.5    Increase uptake of monies when there are specific funded initiatives     DCS     31/03/06                         N/A        N/A
       in other Services that rely upon Corporate Services staff for
       successful delivery
5.6    Create and deliver training and support for Digital Highland and         EDM     30/04/07   £15k        1.0 FTE   N/A        C1,C4
       other business improvement activities
5.7    Increase efficiency of contract administration procedures                HOP     31/12/06               0.1 FTE   N/A        S12

5.8    Increase efficiency of recruitment administration procedures             HOP     31/12/06               0.1 FTE   N/A        S12

5.7    Increase efficient delivery of Occupational Health through Best          DCS     31/07/06               0.5 FTE   Report     C2
       Value Review                                                                                                      Produced
5.8    Increase efficient delivery of corporate training through Best Value     EDM     31/12/06               0.5 FTE   N/A        C2
5.9    Create protocols for new liquor licensing procedures                     HOL     31/12/06               0.1 FTE   N/A        N/A
5.10   Create standard conveyancing instructions in agreement with PAS          HOL     31/12/06               0.1 FTE   N/A        N/A
5.11   Increase efficiency in the delivery of Vocational Qualifications (VQs)   EDM     31/12/06               0.1 FTE   N/A        N/A
       under Efficient Government
5.15   Create a permanent base for the Registration Service in a prime          HOC     31/03/07               0.1 FTE   N/A        N/A
       location in Inverness Centre, incorporating the proposed ancestry
       research centre
5.16   Eliminate barriers to joint working between Service Point Network,       HOC     31/03/07               0.1 FTE   N/A        N/A
       Registration Service and Civic Government functions acknowledging
       the need for multi-functional Service delivery
ID  Action                                                                 Owner     Date       Resources           Target        Risk ID
                                                                                                £         Time
6.1    Create a human resources strategy for the Council                   HOP       31/08/06            0.05 FTE   N/A           C5, S1
6.2    Create and deliver workforce planning tools and guidance for the    HOP       31/12/06            0.1 FTE    N/A           C4, C5,
       Council                                                                                                                    S1
6.3    Create and deliver workforce plan for Corporate Services            HOP       31/03/07            0.1 FTE    N/A           S1
6.4    Create and deliver Council Staff Incentive Scheme                   DCS       30/09/06            0.1 FTE    N/A           N/A
6.5    Increase use of management competencies and management              EDM       31/10/07   £700     1.5 FTE    N/A           C1, C4
6.6    Create and deliver management induction programme                   EDM       31/10/07   £500     0.1 FTE    N/A           C1
6.7    Increase the availability of the mentoring scheme to Council        EDM       31/10/07            0.1 FTE    N/A           C1
6.8    Create a new pay structure that supports the Council’s objectives   HOP       31/03/07            1.3 FTE    N/A           C3
6.9    Create and implement a Job Evaluation appeals procedure             HOP       31/03/07            0.2 FTE    N/A           C3
6.10   Create harmonised terms and conditions for Manual and APT & C       HOP       31/09/06            1.0 FTE    N/A           C3
6.11   Create and deliver Equal Pay resolution and manage ongoing          HOP       31/09/06            0.1 FTE    N/A           C3
6.12   Create and deliver stress management and awareness training         EDM       31/12/06   £500     0.2 FTE    N/A           C1, C2
6.13   Create and deliver a strategic leadership programme for senior      EDM       31/12/06   £10k     0.2 FTE    N/A           C1, C4
6.14   Create Corporate Services Learning Plan through PDP process         EDM       31/03/07   None     0.1 FTE    N/A           S1
6.15   Create and deliver a Corporate Services Health and Safety Risk      HSM       31/12/06   None     0.1 FTE    Database      C2
       Assessment database                                                                                          established
6.16   Increase focussed and effective change management support to        EDM/HOP   31/03/07   £300     0.1 FTE    N/A           C1. C4
       Council staff

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