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Feb 05


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									ST CATHERINE’S SAILING CLUB NEWS                                                                           February 2005

COMMODORE’S OPENER                                   OOD’s – The club programme will be out
                                                     shortly and this will list when the OOD duties
Enclosed with this newsletter is our 2005 fixture    are. If you cannot do your duty then can you
list. Once again we have a very                      please let the others you are doing it with know
comprehensive schedule of activities ranging         and then swap with someone else. If it is not
from our ever popular regattas, series races         possible to find a swap then can you please let
and training days plus we have included a rally      me know so I am at least aware. Also if you
to a special location for lunch; should be lots of   have been an OOD before or would like some
fun. Dot and her committee have also                 hints and tips then please come along on
organised plenty on the social side, so lots of      Sunday 20 March to the maintenance day
good reasons to come down to the club.               where the sailing committee and I will be
                                                     providing some OOD training.
This year we are hosting the first stage of
Trophee Des Isles. Last time we ran this             Racing – This season opens with the club’s
regatta we had an excellent turnout of boats         Easter Regatta on Monday 28 March. This is a
from Jersey, Guernsey and St Malo. I am sure         day of racing starting in the morning with a
this year will be just as successful. The club       break for lunch and some more racing in the
will also be well represented off island with a      afternoon. It promises to be a great days
junior squad competing in the Jeux Des Isles in      racing and a brilliant way to start the season.
sunny warm Crete and our Island Games
seniors in hopefully sunny warm Shetland!            Thanks

A little reminder, I hope many of you have sent      Joel
back your subscriptions and berthing fees; it
really does help us if we can avoid                  TRAINING REPORT
unnecessary administration and costs chasing
for payment.                                         On Wednesday 9 March we are very fortunate
                                                     to have Nick Rogers coming to the clubhouse
Finally, I look forward to see as many of you as     to give a talk on dinghy sailing. This informal
possible on the water or maybe just down at          talk will be aimed primarily at junior sailors but
the club enjoying the relaxed atmosphere             all are welcome so please come along. The talk
having a cup of tea and making the most of our       will start at 5pm and we aim to have a short
facilities and excellent location.                   talk and then a question and answer session.
                                                     Tea and cakes will also be provided so please
Good sailing!                                        come along, whatever your sailing ability, all
                                                     are welcome.
                                                     At 8pm Nick will also be giving a talk at St
Shetland Ahoy!                                       Helier Yacht club on his Olympic campaign and
                                                     St Helier have extended a warm invitation to all
Well done to Joel Lucas, Jeff Speller, David         our members.
Carter and Martin Speller for qualifying to
represent Jersey in this years Island Games
being held in Shetland.                              Training Weekend 16 / 17 April

Joel and Jeff will compete in the Laser              We are hoping to kick start the sailing season
standard rig with David and Martin in the Radial     this year with a weekend of training for all
fleet.                                               except beginners. We are fortunate to have two
                                                     RYA coaches across from the UK who along
SAILING SECRETARY’S UPDATE                           with the club coaches will provide a weekend of
                                                     sailing. The cost will be £20 to include two days
Sailing Instructions – There have been some          coaching, lunches and snacks during the
changes made to the sailing instructions since       weekend. If you are interested please return
last season. The main change for which I wish        the enclosed form with your cheque made
to make everybody aware is about the                 payable to St Catherine’s Sailing Club. Closing
qualification for the Hardy Cup. The format for      date for this weekend is 10 April. A letter of
this year’s club championship has changed to         confirmation with final times, details of the night
try and allow for a more competitive                 out on the Saturday will be sent out then.
competition. This years qualifying will allow all
sailors who complete more than 12 races              TRAINING COURSES
throughout the season to compete for the
trophy. For a full set of sailing instructions see   Following the feedback received from the last
either the copies in the club or on the club         newsletter it has been decided to offer the
website where it will be posted shortly.             following courses during the summer term.
                                                     Once again I would ask you to fill in the
ST CATHERINE’S SAILING CLUB NEWS                                                                         February 2005

enclosed form and return it to me together with      TROPHEE DES ISLES
payment - all cheques made payable to St
Catherine’s Sailing Club.                            This year the first leg of this three way junior
                                                     competition is to be held in Jersey. This will be
Novice - Children                                    held over the weekend of 7 / 8 May. Racing will
                                                     be in three classes, Laser Radials or 4.7,
This will be an eight-week course commencing         Toppers and Optimist. This is a fun event and
on Monday 16 May in Oppies. Start time will          although we would like to beat Guernsey and
be 6pm until 8pm and will cost £45. The group        St Malo of course, we would rather see as
size will be a maximum of ten. You must be in        many of our junior sailors as possible on the
year three or above and have done none or            water. We are hoping to run a regatta class -
very little sailing. It is a Beginners course.       that is coached racing for the more novice
                                                     Optimist sailors - so please give it a go. It
Improver - Children                                  promises to be a fun weekend with prizes
                                                     galore, good food and the opportunity to make
This course is aimed at those children who           new friends.
have already done some sailing with us or at St
Aubin’s. Its aim is to progress with sailing and     We shall also be looking for volunteers to host
assumes the basics are understood. Sailing           visiting children, help both on the water and in
will be in Oppies or Toppers. Numbers will be        the kitchen so please keep this weekend free
limited. Start time will be 6pm commencing on        and return the slip below.
Wednesday 11 May and will again run for eight
weeks. Cost for the course is £45.                   The second leg for those of you who are keen,
                                                     will be in St Malo over the Bank Holiday
Race Beginners – Adult / Children                    weekend in August.

This course is aimed at those who have sailed        MAINTENANCE DAY
with us before, can sail upwind and would like
to break onto the racing circuit gently! It can be   As mentioned in the last newsletter, we’re
a daunting prospect to move into club racing         having a maintenance day on Sunday 20
and so the idea here is to have some specific        March. Please come along and help us
race coaching finishing in time for you to put it    prepare for the new season. There will be
all in practice in the evening race. This course     plenty of varied work – something for everyone.
will be run every Thursday an evening race is        And more hands make light work.
scheduled in the programme until the end of
July. The cost is £30 and numbers will be            Refreshments will be available to keep us all
limited. Start time will be 5.30pm ON THE            going and it will be a great opportunity to renew
WATER!                                               friendships.

Adult Beginner / Improver                            FITTING OUT SUPPER

Again we shall be running an adult ‘learn to sail    And yet another reminder and date for your
and improve your sailing’ course hopefully           diary – Saturday 19 March. Dot and the
towards the beginning of the season. Please          House Committee team will be serving up both
return the form to me and I shall contact you        a quiz and food to get the new season off to a
with the dates as soon as I can finalise them.       winning start.

Sunday Training                                      Although numbers are limited tickets are
                                                     available at £8 per head. Please contact Dot
After feedback from this new initiative last year    on 767984 if you’d like join in. The event starts
we shall be running a training course on the         at 7.30pm.
four Sundays indicated in the programme.
Again this will be aimed at all levels except
complete beginners. It is open to both adult
and children. Training will start at 10am and be
finished at 4pm. These four days will provide
structured coaching and will include some mini
races. The cost for this course is £30.

Well hope there is a course there for you.
Looking forward to hearing from you in the not
too distant future, as I do follow a first come
first served procedure!

ST CATHERINE’S SAILING CLUB                                                           February 2005


(Check, circle or highlight what training course/event you require)



Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)

Contact Number                                     Tel -

Training Weekend (16 /17 April)                    £20

Novice Children (Monday)                           £45

Improver Children (Wednesday)                      £45

Race Beginners (Thursday)                          £30

Adult Beginner / Improver (Day TBA*)               £TBA*

Sunday Training                                    £30

* Louise Perkins will provide further details

All cheques payable to St Catherine’s Sailing Club



Contact Number                                     Tel -

Class (please circle)                              Laser Topper Optimist Regatta

I can / cannot* help with catering, hosting, RIB

* Delete as appropriate

Please return to Louise Perkins, The Post House, La Rue es Picots, TRINITY, JE3 5JG

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