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									GERMANNA COMMUNITY COLLEGE                                                                            Parts I, II, III, and IV are written or reviewed by the
                                                                                                      supervisor and discussed with the employee at
EMPLOYEE WORK PROFILE                                                                                 the beginning of the evaluation cycle.
                                               PART I – Position Identification Information
1. Position Number and Employee Name:                                      2. Agency Name & Code; Office:
                                                                              GCC – 297; Institutional Advancement Office
3. Location Code:                                                          4. Occupational Family & Career Group:
Orange County -- 137                                                          Administrative Services
5. Role Title & Role Code:                                                 6. Pay Band: 3
Administrative & Office Specialist III, 19013
7. Work Title:                                                             8. SOC Title & Code:
   Institutional Advancement Specialist
9. Level Indicator: (Check only 1 box below)                               10. FLSA Status: (Check only 1 box below)
         Employee        Supervisor       Manager
                                                                                                    Exempt             Non-Exempt
    Does the employee supervise 2 or more employees?
    Check the applicable box.    Yes       No

11. Supervisor’s Position Number: FA061                                    12. Supervisor’s Role Title & Code:
                                                                               Director of Institutional Advancement
13. EEO Code:                                                              14. Effective Date: February 2008

                                             PART II – Work Description & Performance Plan
15. Organizational Objective:

As a public, comprehensive community college, Germanna provides accessible, quality educational and training
opportunities that meet our communities’ changing learning needs.

16. Purpose of Position:
Performs special event support, office and financial duties for the Educational Foundation. Supports the Executive Director and the administration of
programs including scholarship, fundraising and alumni.

17. KSA’s and or Competencies required to successfully perform the work (attach Competency Model, if applicable):
Computer knowledge. Windows and Microsoft Office proficiency (Excel, Word, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint). Donor management and bookkeeping
competency. SIS & AIS knowledge, internet navigation and advanced research skills, ability to provide excellent customer service, good written and oral
communication skills, strong finance/accounting/bookkeeping skills, ability to maintain confidentiality of information.

18. Education, Experience, Licensure, Certification required for entry into position:
High school diploma required. Working knowledge of AIS and SIS. Accurate record keeping and data entry. Courses in accounting. Experience
working in customer service environment. Demonstrated ability to manage multiple functions. Accurate record keeping and data entry. Commonwealth
of Virginia Driver's License

 %                     19. Core Responsibilities                                 20. Measures for Core Responsibilities

 20%    A. Manage Scholarship Program                                               Disseminate information, prepare and collect scholarship
                                                                                    Maintain scholarship disbursements in compliance with
                                                                                     donors’ requests
                                                                                    Handle the scholarship process by maintaining and
                                                                                     updating the scholarship application.
                                                                                    Manage and keep the scholarship database up to date.
                                                                                    Work with Webmaster to update the scholarship portion
                                                                                     of the website and keep information current.
                                                                                    Maintaining ACCESS scholarship data base, processing
                                                                                     acceptance forms/contracts and notify the Financial Aid
                                                                                     and Business Office of award amounts and proper
                                                                                    Coordinate with the Scholarship Committee to have the
                                                                                     applications scored in a timely manner.
                                                                                    Send out scholarship recipient information to include
                                                                                     name, address, contact information, thank you letters and
                                                                                     copies of student’s essays to each scholarship donor.
                                                                                    Coordinate the Scholarship Luncheon – bringing
                                                                                     together scholarship donors and recipients.

50%   B. Budget and finance responsibilities
                                                  Support the college’s fund raising activities by managing the
                                                   Foundation’s donor management system to include: maintaining
                                                   accurate data and records, preparing weekly, monthly and quarterly
                                                   reports, developing and maintaining process for managing alumni
                                                   information and managing gift processing, including online giving.

                                                  Have working knowledge of database software management,
                                                   including data entry, query and report generation in order to develop
                                                   and manage a variety of data and automated reports.

                                                  Ability to independently perform a variety of complex tasks
                                                   associated with maintaining the fiscal integrity of confidential donor
                                                   related data.

                                                  Enter donations into donor management system, complete
                                                   Contributions Received report for signature by Executive Director
                                                   and bring donations to VP of Finance for deposit into appropriate
                                                   Foundation accounts. Enter all contributions into Foundation
                                                   accounting spreadsheets and post donations into bookkeeping system
                                                   to update project balances.

                                                  Prepare, review, edit and mail thank you letters to donors on an as
                                                   needed basis.

                                                  Prepare, review, edit and mail pledge reminders on a monthly and/or
                                                   quarterly basis to ensure prompt retrieval of funds.

                                                  Enter invoices into Cougar Mountain, ensuring appropriate
                                                   distribution to appropriate funds, accounts and projects. Prepare
                                                   Authorization for Payment Form to be signed by Executive Director
                                                   and write checks for proper payment. Enter all expenses into
                                                   Foundation accounting spreadsheets.

                                                  Consults with VP Finance to set up new funds, accounts and projects
                                                   in Cougar Mountain as requested by Foundation Executive Director
                                                   or Coordinator.

                                                  Ensure expenses and revenue are recorded accurately and reports on
                                                   internal accounts presented to the Executive Director for review.

                                                  Runs reports for Executive Director and creates new reports on an as
                                                   needed basis.

                                                  Disburse funds according to allocation pools for investment income
                                                   and expenses in coordination with VP Finance
                                                  Monitors Foundation budget
                                                  Prepare year end statements for payroll deduction donors for IRS tax

25%   D. Assists in providing back up to the Foundation        Assist the Foundation Coordinator by providing back up to,
      Coordinator in managing alumni affairs and point of       including: collecting data, researching students/donors, entering data,
      entry events, supervise work study students, as           packing materials for events, welcoming at events, travel
      necessary.                                                authorizations, vouchers, and requisitions.
                                                               Be responsible for all information contained on the Foundation’s
                                                                section of the website to include updating forms, announcements,
                                                                master calendar entries and general Foundation information.
                                                               Supervise and direct activities of Work Study students, as needed
 5%   E. Assists with conference/meeting arrangements,         Assist the Foundation Coordinator by providing back up to,
      recognition programs and special events as needed         including: catering arrangements and orders, room scheduling,
                                                                prepare and set-up of location as requested, registration and name
                                                                badges/plates; invitations and guest lists as needed; research and
                                                                establish criteria for Alumni & special events;
                                                               Coordinate holiday visits with donors


    23. Agency/Departmental Objectives                    24. Measures for Agency/Departmental Objectives
A. Planning/Analytical Skills/Decision
Making Factors                                      Independently manages time wisely, adhering to college deadlines
                                                    and ensuring timely delivery of services during peak periods
                                                    Establishes daily priorities and makes adjustments to
                                                    accommodate PeopleSoft project and management requests,
                                                    communicates problems and conflicts to supervisor
                                                    Maintains highly organized work station/office; and properly
                                                    record/document work actions, special requests, and problems for
                                                    improved handling in the future or to aid in research
                                                    Utilizes sound judgment based on thorough knowledge of policy,
                                                    procedures, and course offering to respond to information
                                                    requests and policy interpretation
B. Communication/Interpersonal Skills               Demonstrates a high level of customer service skills at all times,
                                                    provides assistance as needed to meet the customers level of
                                                    understanding and needs; refers customers to supervisor for
                                                    additional assistance based on assessment of needs; follows up
                                                    on special requests to ensure customer satisfaction.
                                                    Provides a high level of cooperation and assistance, as requested,
                                                    in order to assist other members in the work unit.
                                                    Resolves internal and external customer questions and requests in
                                                    a timely, accurate and courteous manner
                                                    Establishes a positive and professional working relationship with
                                                    all college personnel
                                                    Effectively expresses ideas orally and in writing as required to
                                                    perform assigned job.
                                                    Participates in unit’s staff meetings or conducts unit staff meetings
                                                    in order to foster open communication of information among staff
C. College Goals and Objectives                     Learns and understands college’s mission, vision and values
                                                    Learns and understands the college’s strategic priorities and
                                                    Exemplifies the college’s leadership expectations and
                                                    demonstrates leadership skills in daily work activities
                                                    Increases knowledge of academic and service offerings of the
D. Attendance and Punctuality                       Reports to work as scheduled
                                                    Submits requests for leave in advance, seeks supervisor approval
                                                    before taking leave
                                                    If unable to report to work, contacts his/her supervisor prior to the
                                                    start of the employee’s work schedule

E. Safety                                           Follows established safety practices at all times.
                                                    Corrects unsafe work practices immediately; cleans up minor
                                                    safety problems or blocks off area until help arrives
                                                    Contacts housekeeping, maintenance, and/or security staff to
                                                    report unsafe environmental issues immediately
                                                    Reports all employee accidents to supervisor and the College’s
                                                    Human Resource Office
                                                    Makes suggestions to improve employee work areas to supervisor

F. Diversity                                        Promotes and practices workplace behaviors in support of college
Germanna embraces diversity as encouraging          diversity activities
and promoting positive interactions that value      Participates in college diversity activities
the similarities and differences of all people in
achieving our common goals

G. Civility and Citizenship-                        Promotes and practices workplace behaviors and actions which
Civility is treating others the way we would like   support the definition of civility among all college groups, including;
to be treated through behavior that conveys         colleagues, supervisors and managers, students, contractors and
mutual respect, sensitivity and tolerance of our    the general public
differences, resulting in a productive learning
and working environment


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