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Full name: Steven Paul Jobs

Birthdate: 24 February 1955

Birth location: San Francisco, California

Social background: lower middle-class. Father was fixing cars for a living.

Education: high-school certificate. Dropped out of Reed College after one semester.

Occupations: chairman & CEO at Apple Inc. + Director at The Walt Disney

Net worth: $5.5 billion according to Forbes' 2010 ranking — 136th richest man on

Annual salary: $1

Biological parents: Joanne Simpson and possibly Abdulfattah Jandali, political
sciences professor from Syria

Adoptive parents: Paul and Clara Jobs, both deceased

Siblings: adoptive sister: Patti Jobs (born 1958), biological sister: Mona Simpson
(born 1957)

Spouse: Laurene Powell (born 1964), married in 1991

Children: Lisa Brennan-Jobs (born 1978), with unmarried girlfriend Chris-Ann
Brennan. Reed (born 1991), Erin Siena (born 1995) and Eve (born 1998) with wife

Personal tastes & opinion
Political orientation: Democrat. Steve funds the Democratic Party (using his wife’s
name) for each Presidential election, and he entertained the Clintons several times
at his home in Palo Alto. Steve himself thought of running for the office of governor
of California after he left Apple in 1985 — but gave up in the end. He knew Gov.
Jerry Brown from his days at the Los Altos Zen Center in the 1970s.
Spirituality: Steve studied Zen Buddhism in his youth. He often said that he thought
of becoming a monk up in a monastery in Japan instead of starting Apple, but his
guru Kobun Chino convinced him otherwise. That same Zen master was a spiritual
adviser at NeXT and married Steve and Laurene in Yosemite in 1991.

A lot of critics of Steve’s tough management style point out: “Imagine what he’d be
like if he hadn’t studied buddhism...” This is one of Steve’s many paradoxes: how
could a real Buddhist make a living out of selling gadgets to the masses?

Favorite places: We know from Steve himself and the story of his life that he loves
Yosemite, in which he demanded to be married, as well as Europe in general and
Paris in particular. He said to French journalists that one of his biggest pride was to
see an Apple billboard next to the Louvre.

Yet his favorite place on earth is probably his home, Silicon Valley. He reportedly
delights in driving on the scenic I-280, and spending hours hiking on the hills
surrounding Stanford campus in Palo Alto.

Favorite music: Steve’s favorite musician is definitely Bob Dylan, whose tunes he
played throughout his youth with his guitar at home. He would discuss their lyrics
with his friends, such as Bill Fernandez or Woz. Some people believe he dated Joan
Baez mostly because she was Dylan’s ex.

Steve also loves The Beatles and Grateful Dead, all part of the rock scene of the
1960s (thus before he came of age). He describes himself as an audiophile: after he
became rich, one of the only pieces of furniture he bought was a $100,000 stereo
system. It is still true today.

Favorite art: we can’t say for sure but we know that Steve loves photography. For a
long time his home was only decorated with large black-and-white photographs of
cultural icons such as Einstein, or the California landscape, mostly by Ansel Adams.
He also had Japanese prints.

Steve Jobs was the co-founder and CEO of Apple and formerly Pixar.
Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California to Joanne Simpson and a Syrian father. Paul
and Clara Jobs of Mountain View, California then adopted him. In 1972, Jobs graduated from
Homestead High School in Cupertino, California and enrolled in Reed College in Portland,
Oregon. One semester later, he had dropped out, later taking up the study of philosophy
and foreign cultures.
Steve Jobs had a deep-seated interest in technology, so he took up a job at Atari Inc, then a
leading manufacturer of video games. He struck a friendship with fellow designer Steve
Wozniak and attended meetings of the “Homebrew Computer Club” with him.

After saving up some money, Jobs took off for India in the search of enlightenment. Once he
returned, he convinced Wozniak to quit his job at Hewlett Packard to join him in his venture
that concerned personal computers. They sold items like scientific calculators to raise the
seed capital.

In 1976, Jobs and Wozniak founded Apple Computer in the Jobs family garage. The first
personal computer was sold for $666.66. By 1980, Apple had already released three
improved versions of the personal computer. It had a wildly successful IPO, which made
both founders millionaires many times over.

A tiff with the Apple’s Board of Directors and John Scully led to Jobs’ resignation. Steve Jobs
decided that he wanted to change the hardware industry. The company was called
NeXTStep, which produced the NeXT Computer. The machine was a commercial washout
but helped with future work in object-oriented programming, PostScript, and magneto-
optical devices. Jobs returned to his original company after Apple acquired NeXT in 1996.

Steve Jobs also started Pixar, which has produced multiple blockbuster films, including Toy
Story (1995); A Bug’s Life (1998); Toy Story 2 (1999); Monsters, Inc. (2001); Finding Nemo
(2003); and The Incredibles (2004).

In 2004, Jobs was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his pancreas, which was successfully

Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple on August 24, 2011 and subsequently assumed the role of
Chairman of the Board.

On October 5, 2011, Jobs passed away.

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